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Israel Farm Tour of Holy Land

Jerusalem - kibbutz - dead sea - high tech greenhouses - irrigation.

farm tours israel


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Trump Tours has been welcoming farm groups to the US since 1999. Have your group’s tour organized by professional tour operators with agricultural expertise! OUTSTANDING AGRICULTURAL TOURS WORLDWIDE Agricultural tours, conferences, ag study tours, fact finding missions, technical programs, agritravel professionally organized worldwide. Trump Tours, based in the United States, is a creative and engaged company that focuses on the unique and specialized needs for Agricultural group tours.

farm tours israel

Trump Tours is a US based company specializing in agricultural tours. We take pride in our personal service and customized itineraries. Established in 1999, we have 25 years of experience in providing quality study tours and educational focused tours worldwide. Trump Tours has no association to the Donald Trump Organization. Copyright 2023. Trump Tours Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Dairy Farm Tours: Experience Israeli Innovation and Excellence in Action

Dairy farm tours in israel: a deep dive into sustainable practices, discovering the essence of israeli dairy farming.

Dairy Farm Tours in Israel offer an unparalleled experience, especially when you visit the Strauss family-owned dairy farm. With a legacy spanning over 70 years since its inception in 1951, this farm stands as a testament to high-quality dairy production achieved through innovative and sustainable farming methods.


The strauss family and their commitment.

The Strauss family, now in its third generation with Arya, Yacoub, and Joel at the helm, welcomes visitors with open arms. Their farm, home to 200 milking cows and 170 replacement heifers, is supported by a dedicated team of five. Producing an impressive 11,900 liters of milk per cow annually, the farm boasts a butterfat content of 3.8% and a milk protein content of 3.4%. Their commitment to quality is further evidenced by their somatic cell count (SCC) of 220 and a farm milk quota of 2.2 million liters.

Feeding and Nutrition

Feeding is a cornerstone of dairy farming. At the Strauss farm, cows are milked thrice daily and are provided with feed sourced from a local feed center. Milking cows are fed once daily, while dry cows and heifers receive food thrice weekly. This meticulous feeding schedule ensures that the cows receive optimal nutrition, which in turn guarantees the high quality of milk produced.


Maximizing production and quality.

To achieve such commendable results, the Strauss farm has adopted a rigorous routine. Cows are milked thrice daily and are provided with nourishment sourced from a local feed center. Furthermore, milking cows are fed once daily, while dry cows and heifers receive their feed three times a week. This meticulous approach ensures that the cows are always in prime health, leading to consistent and high-quality milk production.

Educational Tours

Learning through experience.

A visit to the Strauss farm is more than just a tour; it’s an educational journey. At the Strauss farm, visitors dive directly into various facets of dairy farming, ranging from animal welfare and food safety to environmental sustainability. The farm proudly showcases its innovative practices that aim to maximize milk production and quality. Every aspect of the tour emphasizes sustainability, underscoring the farm’s belief in the pivotal role of education in achieving this goal.

A Family-Friendly Experience

Engaging and informative.

The Strauss family believes in sharing their passion for dairy farming. Their farm, designed to be family-friendly, welcomes visitors of all ages. Guests can interact with the cows, taste the fresh milk, and gain insights into the farm’s innovative dairy farming techniques. For those who wish to delve deeper into the world of Israeli dairy farming. We invite you to join our YouTube channel.

Education via dairy farm visits 

Education is fundamental to sustainability..

Therefore, our tours offer a comprehensive learning experience. Topics such as animal welfare, food safety, and environmental sustainability take center stage. Additionally, we proudly share our innovative practices that maximize milk production and quality.

A visit to our farm is not only informative but also a fun and engaging experience. We take pride in our dairy products, and we love to share our passion with others. Our farm is a family-friendly environment. We welcome visitors of all ages to come and see our cows, taste our delicious milk, and learn about our innovative approach to dairy farming.

Excpiriance the Israeli dairy farming firsthand

Visiting family-owned dairy farm in israel is a great opportunity..

You will experience the beauty and efficiency of Israeli dairy farming firsthand. We invite you to join us for an on-site tour and discover the innovative and sustainable farming practices that have made us a leader in the dairy industry. Come and experience the love, care, and dedication that goes into producing high-quality dairy products at our farm.

Learn about our next seminar >> press here

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farm tours israel

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farm tours israel

Eshkolot Orchard was established in 2009 by the Marom family. The orchard is located at Ruhot Junction at the foot of an ancient cistern and archaeological ruins from the Israelite Period. Most of the orchard consists of olive trees with a section planted with the Seven Species, with which the Land of Israel is blessed. There is also a display of early farming systems around the premises. Groups and family tours can be arranged. Local artisan products from the Negev and Eshkolot's award-winning olive oil are also sold on site. 

farm tours israel

Marom Olive Oil

Excellent extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed, up to 0.5% acidity%.

Our acclaimed Marom Olive Oil is extracted from olive trees grown in extreme desert  conditions and is characterized by its distinct, rare aroma.  This excellent extra  virgin olive oil is produced from three varieties of olives - Syrian, Picual and Barnea.  Marom Olive Oil has won various awards at national and international competitions.  The oil can be bought on site at Eshkolot Orchard and pre-ordered by telephone.

Article in Masa Acher Magazine about Marom Olive Oil

Order Marom Olive Oil

farm tours israel

Mishor Wine

Adjacent to the olive grove is an organic vineyard boasting quality Shiraz and Cabernet grapes. The vines are grown  in optimal conditions thanks to the vineyard's high altitude, dry climate, vast diurnal-temperature variations, cold bursts during the winter, and other parameters  that help the vines thrive.    The grapes are harvested  anually and are meticulously processed   into high quality wine by one of Israel's top-class winemakers.

farm tours israel

"Learning Field" Tours

Take a fascinating tour into the world of desert agriculture.

What does the tribe of Judah and the Ruhot plateau have in common?  How are vineyards and orchards grown throughout the Negev Highlands?  How does technology influence agriculture today?  What has Zionism to do with it all, along with the choice to live a meaningful  life away from Western consumer culture?

Meet with the farmers, enjoy a tour of the vineyard, hear the story of its  establishment, the challenges of farming in the desert and see   models  of ancient agricultural systems.

In season, y ou can also experience hands-on olive harvesting at the farm.

Duration of tour: 1 hour. Suitable for families and groups of up to 50 people.

Book your tour

farm tours israel

New!!! Experience in the vineyard 

Navigation and thinking challenges throughout the Eshkolot vineyard. You will get a kit include a map to walk the way between points, at each point you will have a thinking challenge.

Suitable for small groups. The activity is only in Hebrew.

 Book Activity

farm tours israel

The vineyard was planted in 2010 by the Marom family in a plot next to Mitzpe Ramon.  Our vision is to create a "learning field" of ancient, desert Hebraic agriculture,   for travelers, tourists

farm tours israel

Directions to Eshkolot Orchard

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Eco Israel Tours logo

Israel Agricultural Technology Tour

farm tours israel

Israel is a world leader in advanced agricultural technologies. This tailor-made tour will give participants the opportunity to visit organic farms, agricultural technology companies, and more.

We arrange appointments with selected farmers and agriculture experts in order for you to get an insight into the practical aspects of Israel’s farming culture. 

Topics include (click for more information):

Drip irrigation

Wastewater-to-agriculture reuse

Hydroponics and Aquaponics

Desert farming practices

High Yield Dairy Farming

High Yield Vegetable & Fruit Production

Tours range from several days to two weeks, depending on the interest of the client. The price of the Israel Agricultural Technology Tour is based on the length of the tour and well as the number of people participating. 

Get in touch with us today and we will help you plan your trip!

Eco Israel Tours works with groups and individuals from around the world.

Chai Goat Farm

farm tours israel

Top ways to experience nearby attractions

farm tours israel

Also popular with travelers

Chai goat farm - all you need to know before you go (with photos).

Touchpoint Israel

8 places to pick fresh produce in Israel

farm tours israel

Fruit and veg play an important part of not only the Israeli diet, but also its agricultural history. Roll up your sleeves and find out more with these eight great guided farm tours or workshops.

Luscious local vegetables and fruits always await vacationers in Israel, starting each morning at our famous  hotel breakfast  buffets.

But why settle for a passive produce experience? Pick it yourself on a guided tour, in English, at farms throughout the country.

This is a great opportunity to get to know growers, get your hands dirty in a good way, and taste the nutritious and delicious goodness of the land.

Shirat Ha’Midbar  (Song of the Desert), Halutza

8 places to pick fresh produce in Israel

Permaculture designer and alternative medicine therapist Golan Cohen will give your group a fascinating tour of the medicinal herbs, spices, argan trees, grapes, and other fruits that he and his wife, Noa, have been raising sustainably on this organic western Negev desert farm since 2007.

In addition to the 90- to 120-minute tour of the plants and produce with an explanation of their folklore and medicinal uses, your group can request special workshops and/or healthful lunches served onsite.

Each visit (recommended for ages 10 to adult) begins with a cold or hot drink under the shady palm trees.

To arrange a tour at Shirat Ha’Midbar, click  here .

Five Senses Greenhouse  and Sunshine Chef, Kibbutz Elifaz

8 places to pick fresh produce in Israel

Discover the wonders of solar energy in the Five Senses Greenhouse and sample the harvest in culinary creations from the Sunshine Chef solar oven at Kibbutz Elifaz in the southern Arava, about 20 minutes north of Eilat.

This “greenhouse to plate” tour begins in an indoor complex with cups of herbal tea and breathtaking views. Next comes picking produce from the greenhouse, slicing and seasoning the vegetables, seasoning them with herbs and placing them on special trays to slide into the unique Sunshine Chef vacuum tube system run on solar power.

8 places to pick fresh produce in Israel

While the veggies are roasting, you get a guided tour of the growing fields and fruit tree groves, picking seasonal crops and herbs as you learn about desert agriculture. The visit includes a demonstration at the kibbutz’s essential oil distillery. A shop onsite sells spices, dates, coffee, herbs and fresh pita as well as crafts and produce from other area farms.

The one-hour group tours run daily from October to May and are suitable for all ages. There are plenty of places to sit and relax in the shade and kids can join a tractor ride.

To arrange a tour at Five Senses Greenhouse, click  here .

Root and Leaf Farm  (Havat Shoresh V’Aleh), Moshav Ben-Shemen

8 places to pick fresh produce in Israel

Root and Leaf Farm in central Israel features a hydroponic greenhouse growing a variety of lettuces and other vegetables sold directly to restaurants and at the local farmers’ market on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Visitors (ages three and up) are welcome to join a guided tour of the greenhouse and the organic garden – including samples, of course — followed by a sprout-growing workshop. Each participant prepares a tray of sprouts from sunflower seeds, radishes and beans to take home.

To arrange a tour at Root and Leaf Farm, go to the farm’s  Facebook page  and send a message (the Facebook page is in Hebrew but you can message in English).

The Salad Trail , Moshav Talmei Yosef

8 places to pick fresh produce in Israel

Agronomist Uri Alon and his team of professional guides will show you their cutting-edge agricultural technologies in the northern Negev and invite you to pick and sample produce along the way.

You’ll see tomatoes growing upwards, strawberries growing in the air, medicinal herbs and multicolored carrots.

Suited to all ages around the year, the Salad Trail offers activities such as making a Hawaiian style necklace from kumquats, sending a message on the leg of a homing pigeon, finding your way through a passionfruit maze, baking pita and more.

To arrange a tour of the Salad Trail, click  here .

Pull Carrot Farm  (Mashoch B’Gezer), Moshav Tzofit

Carrots, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, celery, sweet potatoes and other veggies are waiting for you to harvest them at this guided pick-your-own farm just north of Kfar Saba.

It’s open on Saturdays from September to May and on weekdays during Sukkot and Hanukkah. There are picnic tables, a playground and an exhibition of tractors and agricultural tools. You can buy Druze foods including pita, plus soft drinks and popsicles.

For more information on Pull Carrot Farm, click  here  or call 053-360-0175.

The Spice Way  (Derech HaTavlinim), Bethlehem-of-the-Galilee

8 places to pick fresh produce in Israel

If you have a group of 10 or more, an English-speaking guide can be arranged to take you on a tractor tour of this herb and spice farm and its large market/visitors center, where there are cooking activities and explanations centering on some 1,000 varieties of spices and herbs for sale there.

Activities for kids, picnics, live performances and other special events take place at The Spice Way throughout the year.

To arrange a tour of The Spice Way, click  here .

Idan Fruit , Moshav Betzet, Western Galilee

8 places to pick fresh produce in Israel

Your group will tour the banana plantation and then proceed to the visitor center to learn how owners Idan and Nadav prepare dried fruit.

In addition to tasting the fruits with a cup of herbal tea, you can choose among a variety of 90-minute workshops in which you can make chocolate-fruit-and-nut treats, fruit-and-nut stuffed dates, fruit leather, a sushi fruit platter, energy bars or granola.

To book a visit to Idan Fruit, click  here  or email  [email protected] .

Leket Israel , Rishon LeZion

8 places to pick fresh produce in Israel

Here is an opportunity to join about 54,000 annual volunteers – Israelis and visitors — in harvesting produce from farms in Rishon LeZion grown exclusively for distribution to Israelis in need through charitable organizations.

Suitable for all ages, the gleanings take place on Sunday to Thursday during three two-hour time slots.

To sign up for gleaning vegetables at Leket, click  here .

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Jerusalem’s Tower of David Named One of ‘World’s Greatest Places’ by TIME

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farm tours israel

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Educational Israel Agricultural Tour Package Rated 4.7 /5 (based on 8 reviews) Educational Israel Agricultural Tour Package

Educational Israel Agricultural Tour Package 6 Days & 5 Nights

View on agriculture valley in Israel

View on agriculture valley in Israel

Beautiful waterfall and small scenic lake with clear water in the national park Ein Gedi, Israel

An experimental research area on kibbutz magal in israel

Capture the surreal beauty of the beaches in Tel Aviv

Dead Sea with mountains from Israel in the background

Hotel included in package:

  • Tel Aviv (2D)
  • Tiberias (1D)
  • Jerusalem (3D)

Starting from:

Per Person on twin sharing

Price For The Month

TravelTriangle has served 3000 + travelers for Israel

A great learning experience awaits you as you set off with this 5 nights 6 days Israel agricultural tour package. This well-designed agro tourism to Israel introduces you to the landscapes of the country as well as the respective techniques implemented for the best agricultural yield. Here, you will come across some amazing examples of up-to-date technology that are instrumental in boosting agriculture as well as enhancing the vitality of this sector in the country.

Bestselling Israel Tour Packages

Designed especially for executives and personnel of agricultural and mechanical industries, every agricultural farm visit in Israel is like an enlightening experience. This agricultural trip takes you across the significant spots such as Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center and Netafim. Other important places where you will get insight regarding agriculture are Kibbutz Hydroponic Farm, Eden Farm, Kibbutz Degania. At Naan Dan Jain Irrigation, and Arava Research & Development Center, you will get to know more about the ingenious approaches to boost harvest.

By visiting Shvil Hasalat and Ein Gedi, you will be introduced to fruitful desert agriculture approaches. Witness eco-friendly and awe-inspiring farming techniques with this 6 days Israel agriculture tour itinerary. Apart from being introduced to revolutionary agricultural techniques, you will get enough opportunities to explore the beauty and attractions of the country such as Dead Sea, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. Get to enjoy breathtaking views of hills and valleys, ancient walls and pathways of Nazareth and Jerusalem, the multi-coloured canyon of Makhtesh Ramon, and the eerie stillness of the Dead Sea. Unwind at the riveting beaches and savour exotic wines in the bars of Tel Aviv and Haifa, and cherish your leisure time to the fullest. You will get to see the most interesting places related to agriculture and mechanical industries from our 6 days Israel agro holiday packages and it will bring you the most exciting experiences during the time you spend here.

So, book this easily affordable 5 nights, 6 days agricultural tour package to Israel now and delight in the unique amalgamation of learning and sightseeing experience. With such an all inclusive offer, there’s no chance you would like to neglect this exotic tour package! If you want an idea of how your day-wise itinerary look like, scroll below and go through our detailed itinerary plan. Let us know your choice of attractions and activities to be included to create a budget package for you. And, we will be happy to provide you with our assistance. As this package is created for a particular group, you will be able to learn a lot from it. The places and activities you experience will become an important part of your expertise and you can get the best 5 nights 6 days Israel agro vacation packages.

Therefore, make sure you waste no time and book the most remarkable Israel 6 days agro packages to experience all the features.

  • Admire Bauhaus architecture while on a city tour of Tel Aviv
  • Visit the farming research institute & have an insightful day
  • Visit Hydroponic Farm in Kibbutz for a new method of growing crops
  • Enjoy a ride to Shvil Hasalat, an agriculture site in Jerusalem

Tel Aviv: Arrival and leisure day

  • Leisure Day

Other Benefits (On Arrival)

Your Israel agricultural tour begins with arrival in Tel Aviv today

As soon as you reach Ben Gurion International airport, an agent’s representative will greet and escort you to the hotel. Complete the check-in formalities at the hotel reception and get over the jet lag. Rest of the day is free for you to enjoy it your way. You can choose to enjoy a city tour to admire Bauhaus architecture, rent bikes and set off exploring the city, visit the adjacent town of Jaffa, or buy souvenirs at the Caramel Market.

After a day enjoyed to your preferences, come back to the hotel and hop on to your cozy beds for the night.

Optional: Leisure activities (charges extra)

Tel Aviv: An insightful day

  • Agricultural Research Organization

Israel agro tourism will take you to places of agricultural importance

Kickstart your day with a satisfying breakfast and set off for a guided tour to various sites of agricultural significance. First up, you will be taken to exhibition and visiting center of the main agriculture and farming research institute of State of Israel Agriculture Ministry Volcani Center, now known as Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center. Here, you will come across the latest developments and innovations of Israel agriculture. The visit will help you get acquainted with the technology that helps in cultivation of crops like pomegranate and grapes. Experts will also deliver an insightful lecture on Water and Nutrition Management on these crops.

From here, you will be taken for a Kibbutz tour to Netafim in Kibbutz Hatzerim. Netafim is the country’s leading manufacturer of irrigation equipment, crowned with the credit of manufacturing the world famous dripper. Once your day is enriched with in-depth agricultural insight, head back to the hotel in Tel Aviv for a restful night.

Tip: Do take time to enjoy at Tel Aviv’s beaches such as Hilton, Frishman, and Gordon.

Tiberias: A visit to Hydroponic farm

  • Kibbutz Hydroponic Farm
  • Kibbutz Degania

The next leg of your Israel agriculture tour will take you to Tiberias

Savor a delicious morning meal, followed by the hotel checkout as you will be transferred to Tiberias. But before that, your day will be enriched with a Kibbutz trip, where you will be taken to the Hydroponic Farm in Kibbutz. In this Farm, you will be introduced to greenhouses and hydroponics - a new method of growing crops without soil. Here, you will be made acquainted with Nursery specialized Hydroponic plantation. From here, your day trip will continue to valley of springs Eden Farm – a testing farm for agriculture.

Your agricultural farm visit will now take you to Kibbutz Degania, where you will get to know about cultivation of dates and pomegranates. In addition, you will also visit fish pools in kibbutz kfar rupin before heading to Tiberias. Once you reach Tiberias, check-in to the hotel for a restful night.

Distance from Tel Aviv to Tiberias: 133 km (approx.) Travel Time: 2 hours (approx.)

Jerusalem: Acquaintance with a vital agricultural aspect

  • Naan Dan Jain Irrigation
  • Arava Research & Development Center

Your farm tour now proceeds to Arava

Savor a lovely morning meal and set off for another informative day to Naan Dan Jain Irrigation, after you have completed check out formalities at the hotel. Here you will be introduced to technologies such as Fertigation and Comprehensive Irrigation as well as greenhouses climate control technologies. From here, you will proceed to Arava Research & Development Center. The center specializes in planning and implementation of agricultural Turnkey projects. Its expertise in intensive agriculture catering to desert and semiarid areas, as well as in regions of difficult climates and salt water. Personnel here have hands-on expertise with crops such as mangoes, tomatoes, flowers, fodder, and corn.

After this knowledgeable desert agriculture session, you will proceed to the Dead Sea region for an exceptional experience. Float in the mineral rich waters of the sea and surrender your body to ultimate relaxation. Delight in a soothing spa by smearing the rejuvenating sea-mud all over your body. Once the day has treated you well, proceed to Jerusalem and check-in to the hotel for a peaceful sleep.

Distance from Tiberias to Jerusalem: 177 km (approx.) Travel Time: 2 hours (approx.)

Jerusalem: An insightful and refreshing day

  • Qumran Caves
  • Shvil Hasalat

The penultimate day of your agro tourism in Israel, takes you to agricultural sites and Dead Sea

Relish a toothsome breakfast and get ready for another day to gain further more insights into agriculture. You will enjoy a smooth ride to Shvil Hasalat – an Agriculture site in the southern Israel. Located in the heart of the desert, this farm will throw immense light on Organic Farming, herbs, spices as well as water management. In addition, you will also get to know about the “high tech” agricultural technologies.

After this farm trip , you will move to Desert greenhouses, followed by a trip to Ein Gedi – country’s natural reserve and oasis. The Kibbutz is the world’s only populated botanical garden. From here, you will continue to Dead Sea to visit Qumran cave, where Dead Sea scrolls were found. Later, return to the hotel and slip into your comfortable beds for the night.

Tip: Don’t forget to buy Dead Sea cosmetics when you are in Israel.

Jerusalem: The agricultural tour ends

Farewell Israel!

Your day begins with a filling breakfast, followed by some leisure time, which you can enjoy just as you wish. Later, get transferred to the Ben Gurion International airport and catch your flight back to India.

Note: Our agents will provide you these or similar hotels depending on availability

Royal plaza hotel

Royal plaza hotel

Ganei Menorah Blvd Tiberias - 14100, Israel

Trip Advisor

Prima city hotel

9 Mapu Street Tel Aviv - 63577, Israel

Grand court jerusalem

Grand court jerusalem

15 Saint George St Jerusalem - 91002, Israel

  • All sightseeing as per the itinerary
  • Accommodation on twin sharing at Bed & Breakfast basis
  • All entrance fees as per the itinerary
  • English speaking Guide for the entire tour
  • A water bottle daily per person/day
  • Air Tickets (available on request)
  • Israel Visa (available on request, to be organized from India)
  • Travel insurance (available on request)
  • Tips to guide & driver
  • Personal expenses

Your Preferences

Where do you want to go?

FAQs for Israel

Can tourists pay for this 5 nights, 6 days israel agricultural package in installments.

Yes, tourists can certainly pay for this package in installments. All they have to do is to pay a booking amount. For the rest of the payment process, they have to get in touch with their respective travel agents who will guide them regarding further payment proceedings.

What should tourists pack to Israel?

While traveling to Israel, tourists should pack comfortable light-weight walking shoes, water bottle, backpack to carry essentials, sunscreen, sunglasses, and loose-fitting cotton clothes that cover hands and legs.

Where can tourists go shopping in Tel Aviv?

There is no dearth of bustling market places in Tel Aviv. The most hip and happening ones include:

  • Nachalat Binyamin
  • Caramel Marke
  • Shuk Levinsky
  • Flea Market

How can tourists enjoy leisure time in Jerusalem?

Tourists can delight in their leisure time in Jerusalem by shopping in Mahane Yehuda Market and visiting the Garden of Gethsemane, Jews Palace, Dung Gate or Garden Tomb.

What is the best time to visit Israel?

The best time to enjoy this trip to Israel include Spring and Fall as the country remains pleasantly warm during these seasons. Also, tourism is not at its peak at these times, except Rosh HaShana-Yom Kippur and Passover, so it is convenient to visit sites that are not full of tourists.

Where can one go in Tel Aviv to see the best of it?

these are the best attractions in Tel Aviv where travelers should definitely visit:

  • Jaffa’s Old City and Port
  • Tel Aviv Port
  • Neve Tzedek
  • HaBima Square
  • Tel Aviv Museum
  • Bauhaus Center
  • Bialik House

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Bee and Honey Farm – Kfar Chabad

November 10th 2013

Kfar Chabad Bee Keepers

For an extra fee, groups can bake pita bread, take a ride on a tractor and play in the well-equipped Gymboree area. The Bee and Honey Farm has an eating area, and with its indoor and outdoor activities, the area is perfect for keeping kids happily buzzing for several hours. Each child takes home a certificate of completion for the M’Achoray Hadavash beekeeping program and the beeswax candles they made.

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farm tours israel

Let’s Go Touring!

Shalom Israel Tours | Group Tours & VIP Travel in Israel


featuring Jerusalem & The Sea Of Galilee

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8th to 17th April 2024

Flights from the UK and all transport within the itinerary

Quality Accommodation of 4* and above

Experienced Tour Guide from the UK

All gratuities

We are pleased to announce our second tour to Israel, after our 2023 departure was a great success. Israel is a country steeped in history with a fascinating agricultural heritage. Located on the south eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea & the northern shore of the Red Sea this unique country is considered the most advanced country in Western Asia & the Middle East for industrial development. Intensive development of both the industrial & agricultural sectors over decades has made the country almost self-sufficient in food production.

What's Included


Register Interest

2 nights in 4* hotel, Jerusalem

1 night in 4* hotel, Yerucham

2 nights in 4* hotel, Tiberius

3 nights in 4* hotel, Tel Aviv

Guided walking tour of Jerusalem

Visit to the Israel Museum & The Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition

Visit to Machane Yhuda Jerusalem’s famous market

Visit to Dead Sea

Visit to winery

Visit and boat ride on the Sea of Galilee

Tour of Caesarea

Walking tour of Jaffa

Breakfast each day

8 Evening dinners

Water with lunch

Tea & coffee with evening dinners

All farm/technical visits including vegetable, vineyard, fruit, arable, dairy, pigs and biogas

Modern touring coach to support the full itinerary

Baggage handling on arrival and departure at each hotel

Bay Farm Tours tour manager

Local English/Hebrew speaking guide 

Gratuities for the National Tourist Guide and Coach driver for the full duration of the tour.

How to book

Contact us for a full itinerary by email or post and as soon as it is ready we will send it to you by email or post. Then, if you want to book, just fill in the booking form and we will organise the rest.

We would love to hear from you so please do not hesitate!

[email protected]

01524 423 444



The majority of the farms in Israel are based on cooperative principles such as kibbutz where members work and production benefits all in the community. There are also ‘farming villages’ known as moshav’s, each family maintains their own land though purchasing and marketing are done cooperatively. We visit a kibbutz and learn more about the agricultural systems of this productive country. Our visits also include a vineyard, a micro irrigation establishment and a company specialising in dairy herd management & monitoring.

More about your tour

Sky Full of Light

Jerusalem in April has very pleasant temperatures up to an average of 21.5°C. Expect blue skies and sunshine throughout your tour.

Variety of Coins

The shekel is divided into 100 agurot.

Advanced Registration.jpeg

All of our tours are graded A to D according to the pace of the tour, with A being the least active. To find out more, please click here.


Breakfast each morning

7 Evening Dinners with tea & coffee


Israel is regarded by Jews, Christians & Muslims as the Holy Land, there are of course many sights linked to all these faiths. Our tour will encompass visits with familiar names such as the Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the Wailing Wall.

We include a tour of the Old City of Jerusalem reputed to be one of the most interesting places in the world. Visits to the Dead Sea & the Negev Desert two natural wonders of the world and we take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.

More to expect

A trip to Israel would not be complete without experiencing the local cuisine and culture, our various activities will explore these aspects of the country including lunch on a Kibbutz, a Shabbat dinner and lunch in a Bedouin Tent.


Once more Bay Farm Tours scored

10 out of 10

with the Lake Garda holiday.  I enjoyed every minute. The friendship and atmosphere amongst the group was exceptional.

Your Tour Manager never stopped working to make sure everything went according to plan, and it did, along with lots of fun and laughter, which made it

a wonderful tour


Where in the world?

farm tours israel

Back up to what's included

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farm tours israel

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Fruit and Vegetable Picking in Israel

Farming is a big deal in Israel. No, seriously! The first Jewish immigrants to the country (decades before the State of Israel was established) went not just to cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv but also to remote areas across the country, with the deliberate aim of settling and cultivating the land. Whether it was the barren Negev desert or swampy malarial parts of the Galilee and Jordan Valley , they were determined to make things grow.

Lemons grown in Israel

Lemons are grown in Israel. Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Today, just over a century later, for Israeli farmers living on kibbutzim and moshavim (collective and semi-collective settlements) their work is, in some ways, still a way of fulfilling the dream their forefathers had of being a free people in their own land. Israeli farmers, today, are not just growing produce to be self-sufficient but they also feel a strong connection to their land. Oh, and they’re contributing to Israel’s economy too! And when you travel out of Israel’s big cities, you can see the fruits of their labor (no pun intended!) everywhere. Israel’s a world leader in new and innovative agricultural techniques (think hydroponic tomatoes and vertical farming) and when you’re in the Golan Heights , the Galilee, or even the desert, you’re never far from a vegetable field or a fruit orchard.

Cherry orchard in Israel

Cherry orchard in Israel. Photo credit: © Oksana Mats

Tomato greenhouse, Israel

Tomato greenhouse, Israel. Photo by Benjamin Rascoe on Unsplash

Bustan Bereshit Farm, Golan Heights

Located in the Golan Heights, this is probably the largest fruit picking site in Israel. With around 100 dunams of land at their disposal, you can pick all kinds of seasonal fruits, including raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries, sweet and sour cherries, apples (all varieties, even from Asia), figs, grapes, peaches, and nectarines. Once you’ve paid your entry fee, shuttle buses will transport you out to the fields and then you can get picking, straightaway!  Admission is 37 NIS (12 USD) and includes a tour in a tractor car for the entire family. Bustan Bereshit also offers a variety of attractions - rope-climbing, horseback riding (and pony riding for younger kids), an ‘animal corner', and even baking classes. There are shady areas at which you can relax and picnic, as well as a cafe selling coffee and light refreshments. There’s also a store that sells all kinds of produce made in the Golan. Bustan Bereshit, Ein Zivan. Tel: 04 688 3512.

Picking cherries, Israel

Picking cherries, Israel. Photo credit: © Oksana Mats

Strawberries Meshik Farm, Hod HaSharon, Central Israel

Just half an hour's drive from Tel Aviv is this wonderful strawberry farm where there are all kinds of delicious strawberries. Even better, each year they introduce a new variety, so if you come back you’ll never be bored. It’s a little bit more expensive than your average fruit-picking farm but definitely worth it. Tut Meshek, Asirey Tsiyon St, Hod Hasharon. Tel: 052 591 2244

Hapardes Hakasum, Central Israel

Just 15 minutes drive from Tel Aviv, close to the city of Petach Tikva, lies HaPardes Hakasum.  Pardes means ‘ orchard’ in Hebrew and this is a good place for the whole family to spend time. As well as guided fruit picking Israel tours, they also have craft tables, a petting zoo, soft play, and a pita-making class. The function hall is a good place to hold a birthday party for a group of youngsters. HaPardes HaKassum, Hashlosha 1, Kfar Ma'as. Tel: 050 2566 0206.

Picking berries, Israel

Picking berries, Israel. Photo credit: © Oksana Mats

Meshek Levy - Sha’al Berry Picking, Golan Heights

Nestled in the Golan, this farm is run by the Levy family, and here you can pick all kinds of wonderful fruits, including figs, sabras (Israel’s national fruit) and clementines, sweet and sour cherries, blueberries, mulberries, Chinese dates, and both red and yellow raspberries. The site is open from May to October and offers competitive picking prices.  There’s a cafeteria, offering light bites and a sandbox and animal petting corner for young kids.  All produce sold is kosher mehadrin and the site is closed on Shabbat. You can also camp at the Levy family’s moshav (they have a dedicated site) or if you’re looking for a little more comfort, book one of their rustic cabins. They also offer jeep tours and night safaris...a real adventure for those who like to live dangerously…Meshek Levy, Sha’al, Golan, Tel: 052 460 0465.

 Dates on a plate

 Dates on a plate. Photo by Mona Mok on Unsplash

‘Farming Circus’ Moshav Yogev, Emek Israel, Central Israel

Always popular with kids, here your kids can enjoy themselves in more ways than one. This agricultural circus is unique in Israel in that it teams up agricultural activities with a circus show - hilarity, juggling acts, and even a ride on a unicycle! The moshav has organic gardens and if you take the tour, it includes a visit to their greenhouse, where you can learn more about their Italian planting hydroponic system. In the winter, you have the chance to pick all kinds of vegetables, including beetroot, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, lettuce, kohlrabi, and potatoes. You pay for entry to the circus and then have the option after to pay to pick. Agricultural Circus, Moshav Yogev, Emek Jezreel. Tel: 073 374 4211.

Blueberry Picking

Blueberry Picking. Photo by Ava Tayler on Unsplash

The Orchard, Moshav Beit Hillel

Moshav Beit Hillel lies on the banks of the Hasbani river, about 3 kms from Kiryat Shmona in the Golan Heights. It’s a great place to pick your own vegetables and seasonal fruits, and the guides give a lot of detail. After you’ve picked your produce, you can make salads and drink tea. There’s a  picnic area with benches, a coffee shop and a good Italian restaurant called ‘Cheese’ (we’d recommend trying the gnocchi and, for dessert, their delectable cheesecake). They also offer bike trips along the Snir River and Kfar Blum kibbutz, close by, can organize kayaking tours. Moshav Beit Hillel, Upper Galilee Tel:  052 525 7671.

Banana farm

Banana farm. Photo by Tistio on Unsplash

Shvil HaSalat Farm

Down in the Negev, ‘Shvil ha Salat’ (which means’ Salad Trail’) is the perfect opportunity to tour greenhouses and eat your way through them at the same time!  In their Tomato Greenhouse, you learn about how these sweet treats grow upwards and in the Greenhouse of Flying Strawberries, you’ll find out why water and a certain kind of soil make them such a tasty fruit.  And don’t miss the Orchard or Chinese Oranges either - afterwards, you can make necklaces out of the fruit! Shvil HaSalat also offers kids the opportunity to bake bread with olive oil and za’atar (a local spice) with Bedouins, then head off to the Field of Carrots, where the whole family can pick a bunch of these orange goodies, then take them home and make them into juices, soups or lunch snacks. Fun and nutritious! Shvil HaSalat, Nachal haBasor, Negev region. Tel: 08 998 2225.

Cabbage picking

Cabbage picking. Photo credit: © Oksana Mats

Ktofoti, Bethlehem of Galilee, Galilee

Located in the Galilee near Kiryat Tivon, around 10 ms north-west of Nazareth , this self-picking farm is a wonderful place with all kinds of fruits and veggies - think strawberries, cherry tomatoes, lettuces, potatoes, carrots, onions, cauliflower, and even artichokes. There are also guides in the fields, who are very helpful. Entrance is 45 NIS (14 USD) per person (which includes anyone over two years old) although every fourth family member pays 40 NIS (12,5 USD).

You then pay 30 NIS per family basket or 20 NIS for a small basket. Everybody above two years old must purchase a ticket). And every fourth family member pays 40 NIS. Moreover, you pay 30 NIS per family basket or 20 NIS for a small basket. It’s not super cheap but a lot of fun and, if you look on the web, you might find some coupons, giving you a discount.

A cup of raspberries

A cup of raspberries. Photo by Julia Potatoes on Unsplash

Kurlender Farm, Golan Heights

Situated high up in the Golan region, the Kurlander farm, on the banks of the Hasbani river, has been run for decades by three generations of farmers. They operate a state-of-the-art dairy farm and, for young families, this can be a wonderful day trip. Their English-speaking guides are helpful and informative and on any tour, everyone gets a taste of their chocolate milk and some samples of cheese. You’re even given the opportunity to learn to milk a cow, and the kids can bottle feed the calvers! Kurlender also sells grapefruits, tangerines, and oranges in the winter, and other produce made locally including honey and olive oil.  Oh, and if you travel there on Friday you can sample one of their famous ‘Galilee breakfasts’ - a delicious dairy feast!  There’s plenty of accommodation nearby, including a guesthouse, zimmers and even a spa.

Carrot picking

Carrot picking. Photo by Harshal S. Hirve on Unsplash

Be’er Tuvia, Negev region

When it comes to flowers, who doesn’t love anemones and buttercups?  These gorgeous buds, also known as Ranunculus (‘Nuriot’ in Hebrew), tend to flower at the end of April, for about a month.  Visiting this place is therefore the perfect springtime activity.  Be’er Tuvia is a moshav near Kiryat Malachi, which is about an hour 10 minutes drive from Tel Aviv. The entrance is 40 NIS per family - for this, you will be given some scissors and a plastic can (to put the flowers you’ve picked). If you don’t want to pick, you can just pay 20 NIS and take photos of the masses of red, yellow, pink, and white flowers that surround you. You won’t be disappointed.

To learn more about farming in Israel, feel free to read this article . If you would like to visit a farm in Israel, please book one of our private tours .

farm tours israel

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Farm To Table - Israel

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Farm To Table

Culinary Tours

Farm to table Israel takes you on a culinary journey around the country to get to know our rich traditional foods. We will expand your taste pallets by exploring everything from local oil mills, cheese delis and wineries. 

Join Us Today!

What can you expect from our tours.

In our cooking workshop, you will learn how to prepare raw ingredients which we will collect during the tour. The meal will consist of familiar local Israeli dishes and can be adapted for your personal dietary needs. (Vegetarian, vegan, Kosher, as well as any personal allergies). The workshop ingredients vary depending on the seasons and available fresh vegetation. 

Image by Frank Albrecht


We will visit an olive oil mill to learn about the complete production process and how it effects the local cuisine.


Gather your own fresh vegetables from local organic farms and enjoy the rich selection they have to offer.

Image by Peter Wendt

Join us for a cooking workshop!

You will use all the fresh ingredients we selected earlier that day to make a complete and delicious meal!


Take a unique visit to a cheese deli, together we will taste different types of cheeses and learn about a wide range of cheese types as well as the production process.

Image by Azzedine Rouichi

In Israel wine is an important part of ancient tradition for the past 4000 years. We will learn about the winery and the story behind it. We will also examine and acquire more knowledge about the different types of local grapes and wines. 

Things you should know...

- The tours take place at the Northern part of Israel (Galilee region)

- The cost of the tour varies according to its components and number of participants

- Tours are customized and can be changed accordingly due to seasons

- Suitable for families, tourist groups and corporate fun-days

- A gift for every participant is included

- There is an option to buy additional products at each place we visit

Make sure you keep in touch!

For more information leave your details and we will reach out to you soon, contact us: .

Aviel - 052 - 3255370

Yakir - 050 - 9773181

בוראטה .jpg

farm tours israel


Private tours.

Nof Tours provides numerous tours around Eretz Yisroel.

All trips are suited hashkafically to the frum tourist.

We specialize in customizing trips to suit your preferences.

Choose the area of the country you would like to visit:

Beautiful and fun hikes ranging from easy to very challenging

Water Hikes (Summer trips) - Nachal Elal, Gilboon, Yehudia, Zavitan, Chatzbani, Teldan, Ein Tina, Majersa, etc.

Banyas - gorgeous Waterfalls, without getting wet

Dekarina Chocolate Factory tour and workshop 

Shofar Factory

Via Ferrata - A thrilling hiking experience using special equipment to climb along the side of a mountain, overlooking breathtaking view

Rappelling and/or Rock Climbing (with licensed rappelling guide, separate fee)

Hula Valley - 3D video, museum, biking, golf carts, bird watching

Har Bental - Bunkers and Stunning Views in the Golan

Winery tour

Katzrin Talmudic Village - Ancient Synagogue, Olive Press, etc.

Multi-sensual video on the golan

Kayaking - (Summer) down the Yarden

Ropes Course

ATVing or Jeeping

Hot springs in Chamat Gader

Shooting Range

Shmitta Tour

Fruit Picking (Seasonal)

Beautiful Views 

Hermon - Skiing and Sledding in Winter / Mountain Coaster and Cable car in Summer

Archaeological Sites / Remains from Ancient Shuls

North - Golan

North - upper galil.

Mekomos Hakedoshim in Tiveria, Tzefas, Meron, Amuka

Mekomos Hakedoshim "Off the Beaten Track"  

Tzefas - walk through the old city and visit the Candle Factory, Live Glass Blowing, Artists' Quarter, Famous Shuls, The Arizal's Mikve and Beis Hakvaros. 

Various artistic workshops with Glass, Mosaics, etc.

Pekiin - R' Shimon Bar Yochai's Cave, carob tree and spring

Water Hikes (Summer trips) 

Alma Cave - a challenging caving experience  

Boating - (Summer) Speed Boating, Banana Boating, Pancaking, etc.

ATVing or Jeeping in mountains near Tzefas and Meron

Hot springs in Tiveria

AquaKef - (Summer) a trampoline waterpark on the Kineret - has some separate hours, and separate family hours, most hours are mixed.

Tsippori, Bet Shearim, Tiveria - Shvil HaSanhedrin, Archaeological Sites

North - Lower Galil

Nachal Kibbutzim Water Hike and sliding through Giant Water Pipes


Jeeping, ATVing

Gan HaShlosha / Sachne - Beautiful Natural Springs

Kangaroo Park

Bio Bee and Kibbutz Tour

Archaeological Sites - Bet Shean, Tsippori, Bet Shearim

Shvil HaSanhedrin

Stories in Tanach (Gilboa, War btw Shaul and Plishtim, etc.)

North Coast - Western Galil

Herziliya - Tornado Boating or Net Boating on the Mediterranean

Beautiful Beaches 

Paragliding over the Mediterranean

Netanya - Horseback riding on the beach

Caesarea - Archaeological Site and Ancient Aqueduct Beach

Atlit - Detention Camp under the British - amazing audio visual presentations

Haifa - Mearat Eliyahu, Bahai Gardens, Hiking Trails in Carmel Mountains, Cable Car, Beautiful Views

Acco - Spectacular Tunisian Shul, British Prison, Crusader Fortress,  Fun Tornado Boating

Rosh Hanikra (cable car down to natural caves formed in the rock by the crashing waves of the ocean)

Biking or Golf Carts along the coast

Caves - Climbing and crawling caves

Achziv - Tornado Boat to Rosh Hanikra

Mearat Keshet - Breathtaking hike and viewpoint

Zichron Yaakov Winery Tour

Baron Rothschild Gardens

Central/Southern Coast

  • Blind Museum, Deaf Museum, etc.

Bullet Factory - see the amazing story of the underground secret factory used to manufacture ammunition under the British.

Moshav / Kibbutz Tour -  "מצוות התלויות בארץ" come alive, fruit picking, etc, and tractor ride.

Shmitta Tour and fruit picking (seasonal)

Model of Mishkan and Ketores activity

Fruit and Vegetable Picking - for needy families

Mini Israel - miniature models of famous places in Israel

Sky Town - Exciting Ropes Course

Hot Air Balloon

Variety of Caves and "Dig for a Day" in Bet Gubrin 

Sand Duning in Ashdod

Boating - (Summer) Speed Boating, Banana Boating, Pancaking, etc. 

Beautiful Beaches

Museum of Animals in Tanach

Yaar Kedoshim - Anne Frank Memorial 

Stories in Tanach (Dovid and Golias, Shimshon, etc.)

Beautiful Viewpoints

Crawl through Bar Kochva Caves

Stallectite Caves

Bat Caves, hike and slide

Galita Chocolate Factory and Workshop

Walking Tour of Old City, Churva Shul, etc

Explore עיר דוד and Walk through Chizkiyahu's Water Tunnels

Southwall Excavations - Walk on the steps leading up to בית המקדש

Kosel Tunnels

Machon Hamikdash - Replicas of Keilim from בית המקדש

3D Virtual tour of בית המקדש

Herodian Quarter

Old Yishuv Court Museum - See how people lived in Yerushalaim 500 years ago

Music Museum

Kever Rochel

Kever Shmuel Hanavi

Kever Shimon HaTzaddik

Kever of the Zheviller Rebbe 

Har HaMenuchos Cemetery

Har HaZeisim Cemetery and Viewpoint over מקום המקדש

Tayelet – Promenade -Viewpoint over מקום המקדש

Mount Scopus - הר הצופים - Viewpoint over מקום המקדש

Armon HaNetziv - Segway Tours

Yemin Moshe, Mishkenos Sha'ananim  - first neighborhoods outside the walls

Israel Museum, Model of Yerushalayim from Second Bais HaMikdash, Shrine of the Book, Judaica, etc.

Yad V'Shem Holocaust Museum

Hikes in Mountains around Yerushalayim

Chocolate Factory and Workshop

Mezuzah Worksop

Mearat Hamachpela

Pat B'Melach Bakery Workshop

Biyar Aqueduct - walk through 2000 year old aqueduct which brought water to Yerushalayim

Deer Land Park - Longest Zip line in Israel, Bungee Jumping, Petting Zoo, etc.

Caliber 3 - An Anti-Terror Shooting Adventure

Winery Tour

Tank Museum

Shaar HaGai Museum - Story of the Battle of the Road to Jerusalem in 1948

Castel - Bunkers, Viewpoint, War of Independence Video, Team Building Activities

Yerushalayim Plus

Yam hamelach/dead sea.

Jeeping or ATVing

Techeles Factory

Mezuzah Workshop

Bunkers and Spectacular Viewpoint

Camel Riding and Hospitality in Avraham's Tent 

Ein Gedi - Short hike with waterfalls in middle of desert

Hot Springs 

Massada - incredible archaeology and story

Float in Yam Hamelach  

Rappelling (with licensed rappelling guide, separate fee)  

Exclusive Boat Ride in Yam Hamelach

Visit a farm that grows Balsam, Frankincense and other perfume trees that were probably used for the Ketores

Visit a Shmitta Farm

Hikes with ladders

Har Sedom 

Dead Sea Products - Visitors' Center

Stories in Tanach (Yericho, Am Yisrael crossing Yarden (Jordan River) and entering Land of Israel, Dovid and Shaul, etc.)

Northern Negev

Mitspeh Ramon - Spectacular Views, Visitor's Center, Rappelling down the Crater Wall, Star Gazing

Colored Sand - fill bottles with colored sand

Stunning Views over Large or Small Crater

Hiking - all levels of difficulty

Be'er Sheva - Avraham's Well and Ancient City

Air Force Museum

Sand Boarding

Kever of Baba Sali

Salad Trail - Agricultural Tourism

Shmitta Tours

Camel Riding

Vidor Center - Agriculture in the Desert

Southern Negev / Eilat

Viewpoints - see 4 countries: Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and trace our forefathers travels from Egypt into the Land of Israel

Hiking, and Sunrise Hikes

Underwater Observatory Museum

Snorkeling, Snuba or Scuba Diving by the Coral Reef Beach

Banana Boating, Pancaking, Jet Ski

Dolphin Reef - Swimming with the dolphins

Ice Skating

Bird Watching


Off the beaten track tours • Visit sites • Meet locals • Discuss Human Rights & Politics

Cultural and political tours to Israel & Palestine

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  • Created with Sketch. Amman
  • Created with Sketch. Petra
  • Palestine and Israel
  • Created with Sketch. Bethlehem
  • Created with Sketch. Dead Sea and Masada
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  • Jerusalem Old City
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    This tailor-made tour will give participants the opportunity to visit organic farms, agricultural technology companies, and more. Eco Israel Tours offers visitors to Israel the opportunity to head off the beaten-path and to experience a side of Israel rarely seen by visitors and students. We expose groups first-hand to Israel's natural beauty ...

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    Dairy Farm Tours in Israel: A Deep Dive into Sustainable Practices Discovering the Essence of Israeli Dairy Farming. Dairy Farm Tours in Israel offer an unparalleled experience, especially when you visit the Strauss family-owned dairy farm. With a legacy spanning over 70 years since its inception in 1951, this farm stands as a testament to high ...

  8. Farming in Israel

    This unique farm stay in Israel has 120 dunams of greenery and orchards, so you'll really be able to relax in peace and quiet. Kurlander Farm, Moshav Beit Hillel - up in the Golan Heights, this fantastic state-of-the-art dairy farm is run by three generations of the Kurlander family.

  9. Eshkolot Farm

    Eshkolot Orchard was established in 2009 by the Marom family. cistern and archaeological ruins from the Israelite Period. with the Seven Species, with which the Land of Israel is blessed. There is also a display of early farming systems around the premises. Groups and family tours can be arranged.

  10. Israel Agricultural Technology Tour

    Israel Agricultural Technology Tour. Israel is a world leader in advanced agricultural technologies. This tailor-made tour will give participants the opportunity to visit organic farms, agricultural technology companies, and more. We arrange appointments with selected farmers and agriculture experts in order for you to get an insight into the ...

  11. Chai Goat Farm

    The farm tour is good for all ages and we are wheel chair accessible. The farm is centrally located between Jlm and Tlv and the air conditioned visitors room makes visiting the farm comfortable in all seasons. Our aim is to bring visitors an insight into Moshav life, Israel nature, goat farming and cheese making in particular.

  12. Beresheet Appl Farm Tour Golan Heights

    Beresheet Appl Farm Tour Golan Heights. November 10th 2013. When it comes to agricultural tourism in Israel, it's all happening in the lush green orchards of the Golan. A great place to start your fruit expeditions is at the Beresheet Visitors' Center, adjacent to the Perot HaGolan fruit packing house near kibbutz Merom Golan.

  13. 8 places to pick fresh produce in Israel

    Owner Guy Horowitz leading a tour of the organic garden at Root and Leaf Farm at Moshav Ben-Shemen. Photo courtesy of Root and Leaf Farm. Root and Leaf Farm in central Israel features a hydroponic greenhouse growing a variety of lettuces and other vegetables sold directly to restaurants and at the local farmers' market on Tuesdays and Fridays.

  14. Astonishing 5 Nights 6 Days Agro Tourism To Israel

    Overview. A great learning experience awaits you as you set off with this 5 nights 6 days Israel agricultural tour package. This well-designed agro tourism to Israel introduces you to the landscapes of the country as well as the respective techniques implemented for the best agricultural yield. Here, you will come across some amazing examples ...

  15. Bee and Honey Farm

    The Bee and Honey Farm hosts school and camp groups during the academic year. The best times to tour the farm with a family group are during the holidays of Pesach, Sukkot and Chanukah or during the summer. The busiest times of year at the Bee and Honey farm are the weeks just before Rosh Hashana, when honey takes center stage.

  16. Israel 2024

    8th to 17th April 2024. We are pleased to announce our second tour to Israel, after our 2023 departure was a great success. Israel is a country steeped in history with a fascinating agricultural heritage. Located on the south eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea & the northern shore of the Red Sea this unique country is considered the most ...

  17. Fruit and Vegetable Picking in Israel

    As well as guided fruit picking Israel tours, they also have craft tables, a petting zoo, soft play, and a pita-making class. The function hall is a good place to hold a birthday party for a group of youngsters. HaPardes HaKassum, Hashlosha 1, Kfar Ma'as. Tel: 050 2566 0206. Picking berries, Israel.

  18. Home

    Farm to table Israel takes you on a culinary journey around the country to get to know our rich traditional foods. We will expand your taste pallets by exploring everything from local oil mills, cheese delis and wineries. ... - Tours are customized and can be changed accordingly due to seasons - Suitable for families, tourist groups and ...

  19. Israel Farm Tour

    Tours escorted by Israeli specialist tour guides (translator available upon request). Exclusive access to special places with farm visits not normally open to the public. Possible tax benefits for primary producers (consult with your accountant). Network with colleagues in Israel. Always check with your accountant.

  20. Nof Israel Tours

    Visit a farm that grows Balsam, Frankincense and other perfume trees that were probably used for the Ketores. Visit a Shmitta Farm. Spas. Hikes with ladders. Har Sedom . Dead Sea Products - Visitors' Center. Stories in Tanach (Yericho, Am Yisrael crossing Yarden (Jordan River) and entering Land of Israel, Dovid and Shaul, etc.)

  21. Galilee Olive Oil Trail

    For those seeking a longer or more comprehensive tour, check our our Israel package tours which range in length from 6-10 days. Right Col. Packages by Length. 3-5 Day Israel Tours; 6-8 Day Israel Tours; 9-13 Day Israel Tours; Multi-Country Packages. Israel Only Tour Packages; Israel & Jordan Tour Packages; Israel, Jordan & Egypt Tour Packages

  22. Israel's Desert Agriculture

    Desert agriculture in Israel is one of the country's greatest successes, and something at which Israel leads the world. The Negev Desert which covers over 60% of the country has actually shrunk in size over the past century as agricultural activity has turned sand into green fields, the opposite to the desertification trend which much of the rest of the world is battling to prevent.

  23. Green Olive Tours

    Introduction to Israel Tour - A 5 Day Adventure. Starts Thursdays . Created with Sketch. from $2,240.00. Popular Day Tours. Banksy Tour. Saturdays & Sundays . Created with Sketch. from $110.00. Jerusalem full-day tour from Jerusalem. Sundays to Thursdays . Created with Sketch. ...

  24. Israel's other Beef: country becomes first to approve sale of

    Aleph Farms was founded in 2017 at the Strauss Group's Kitchen Hub as part of the Israel Innovation Authority's incubator program. Founding the company along with Toubia were Dr. Neta Lavon and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology professor Shulamit Levenberg. It has 130 employees and has raised $140 million.