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Tour promoted as European Christmas markets

Tour was specifically promoted as European Christmas Markets, however, the dates of the tour did not coincide in the opening dates of most of the markets. That soured the entire aspect of the tour. When weather in connecting city caused cancellation of return flights which had been originally been made through Collette, Collette said they could do nothing to assist and dumped the problem in our laps.

Date of experience : November 25, 2023

Worst tour I have ever taken

Worst tour I have ever taken. We paid for an escorted tour but were essentially provided with a Bed and Breakfast. No guided tours in a the capital city of Lisbon on our 3 day stay. Limited admissions to other sites on the 16 day journey. Very poorly planned tour. Will never travel with them again. Do not use them...find another company

Date of experience : October 01, 2023

Not Worth The Hype And Money

I booked The Treasures Of Egypt tour for May and paid over $5000 as a single traveler minus the airfare. The experience got to a rough start when the person who arranged for my transfer to the hotel in Cairo failed to pick me up as we agreed. In fact, he did see me arrive and gave me the option to wait in the car or in the coffee shop, which I chose latter. After waiting for a couple of hours, the man never showed up and I had to look for him all over the area near the terminal entrance. After several attempts and with some help from a few strangers, I finally found him. The trip initially went well until midway when I caught a bad cold from some travelers who went on the trip despite being sick. They were coughing and were not masked. I was bedridden and was unable to see Abdul Simbel, the Sphinx, and most importantly, the interior of the Great Pyramid—my main reason for going on this trip. Worse of all, the tour director had us wake up as early as 3:00 in the morning and was very overprotective of me. Some of the travelers were rude to me and made jokes about me. The Galebeya party was not what I expected. Instead of folk entertainment by native dancers, it was only the travelers that provided the entertainment. When the tour ended, I had a very hard time getting home as the airline (a Middle Eastern carrier) I booked with banned me from traveling for being “a risk to my own health and safety” and it took me a couple of days before I was able go home on a Western carrier. If you ever decide to go to Egypt and take a tour, please do yourself a favor and book with another tour company, and if you do become sick BEFORE the trip, please do yourself and your fellow travelers a favor and stay home. That’s what travel insurance is for. You will save your fellow travelers and avoid the horrible agonies that I went through.

Date of experience : May 12, 2023

Toured London and Paris with Colette

Toured london and Paris with Colette.I booked and paid for a Louve tour and later told it was not available it was later refuned and I had to book on my own. I paid for airport tranport and no one was there to get me. I called the office and was told to take a taxi and Daniel our tour director would pay for it. We arrved at the hotel and Daniel did pay for the taxi. Not a very good start to a dream vacation.the hotel in London was quite nice. The hotel in Paris the Pullman the elevators would take 15 minutes to get down. There was no water in the room and it was 6 Euro per bottle. The elevator was stuck not on a floor with door partialy open for about 5 minutes. Be assured the rooms that they book do not have a view at all. We went to the Eiffel Tower for dinner and had the worst seat in the house. There was a handicap lift in front of us. We sat alone at a table just the 2 of us. I previously dined at the same restaurant as an individual with my husband and had a far better experience. It was quite evident at dinner the clients that were going on to another city had the best and only window seats. Due to the cost of this tour it was a bit disapppinting. I would say overall the experience rated a 3. My suggestion as an avid traveler do your research and ask questions in advance.

Date of experience : June 24, 2023

Dishonest practices!

Unreputable and dishonest! Deserves less than 1 star! I have previously been on 2 tours with Collette which were wonderful, but with my most recent experience with Collette, I will never give them another penny of my money. I booked in 2019 what would have been a lovely tour in Europe for 2020, which also included the Oberambergau Passion Play. Unfortunately due to Covid, the tour was rescheduled for 2022. By the spring of 2022, all the countries included in the tour had rescinded their requirement to receive the Covid "vaccine,"in order to enter their borders, however Collette was still requiring the injection in order to participate on their tour. I had checked with my travel company, (RCI) 9 months prior to the departure date to see when I needed to cancel the trip before inccurring a penalty. I was incorrectly told I had until 30 days before departure to cancel. Just after the 4 months to departure date, I recontacted RCI, and found that if I cancelled at that time, I would incur a 75% penalty. (Due to the inclusion of Oberambergau on the tour, Collette had imposed a high penalty for cancellation.) I spoke with my travel agency, (RCI), Collette, and my travel insurance company, (Generali) about this issue. Each entity pointed to one of the other entities to provide any recompense, but NONE took any responsobility. When I spoke with a high level rep at Collette, I was told they had inccurred a penalty regarding the Oberambergau portion "due to my cancellation," so they would not refund me any $$. IF they did have some sort of penalty, they did not lose a penny by my cancellation, as they RESOLD my spot, and at a HIGHER price. Despite the assertion of that high level rep that I spoke with, the spot I gave up WAS RESOLD; I know because I checked right BEFORE I spoke with her and again right AFTER. The tour was SOLD OUT for my travel date. Losing $7500 is a lot of $$ for me, but apparently Collette could care less how it treats its (now former) customers!

Date of experience : September 20, 2022

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Anyone heard of Collette for tours.

We received a brochure from a company named Collette. They have a tour/cruise of Egypt that has great prices. Anyone know of this firm?

Yes, I have had brochures from them in the past, though have never travelled with them. An acquaintance regularly travels with them, and only has good things to say about them, most recently about a tour in the US. Katy

Collette is a family owned tour company based in the USA (with offices in other countries) that has been operating for many decades. Reputation is positive. Accommodation and meals are likely more moderate than the higher end Tauck tours company, for example (hence the prices you referenced).

Collette Tours is based in Rhode Island, USA. They have offices in other parts of the World too.

Collette is a third generation, family-owned company with offices in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

They have been around for eons. At times, they do mailers to certain demographic areas to amp up interest or business.

Here is a sample of their tours -

History -

I've not done a Collette tour. I have done 11 Rick Steves tours and 10 Road Scholar tours with #11 coming up in October.

I looked at the Collette website and looked at the Italy tour just because that is what came up and because I'm not familiar with Egypt. What I see right away is that they have a number of "optional" tours which includes some of the good stuff you'd hope would be included on any tour. Price these out along with the base tour price to see what you will really be paying. Tour companies like Rick's and Road Scholar are very upfront with what they include on tours and don't have optional charges. We did have an option of a gondola ride in Venice when I took the 21 Best of Europe. The guide hired the number of gondolas needed plus musicians and we divided the cost and paid him back. I think it was 25 or 26E per person.

I did find an FAQ section as I was searching to see if tips for the guide are included. They are not. Here's what their verbiage says:

"The land price does not include air travel, airline fees, airport or departure taxes, transfers, visas, customary end-of-trip gratuities for your Tour Manager, driver, local guides, hotel housekeepers, cruise ship waitstaff, and any incidental charges."

I think the going rate for tips for a guide is $5-7/day per person and $3-5/day per person for the bus driver. You'll also be responsible for tipping local guides (not sure, maybe a couple of Euro since you're in a big group?), housekeeping maybe a Euro a day. This will figure into your bottom line budget.

I didn't explore the website enough to see what the normal group size is but take that into consideration.

Good luck with your search! I am not an expert on Egypt but this is not a country I'd go for the least expensive tour. I'd probably go as high end as you can manage just assuming they would have the best security in place.

I used to work in the travel industry. They have been around forever. My mom took one of their tours and enjoyed it.

As the others have mentioned, Collette has been around since 1918, so they've been offering tours for awhile. The reviews on this site seem generally good - .

I've researched Collette in the past, but my impression is that their tours are structured somewhat like Trafalgar , with 50+ tour members in each group. I much prefer the "Rick Steves model" with smaller groups of about 30, but of course those tend to be a bit more expensive since there's fewer tour members to split the cost of a full size coach, tour guide, driver, etc.

I would recommend taking a look at Scenic USA for the Egypt tour. They are an Australian company with branches in the US. The Egypt tour is a small group tour (24 or 26 people). We have travelled with them twice (Cambodia/Vietnam and Egypt/Jordan) and have been very pleased. There are no hidden costs. Our tours included airfare, transfers, tips and the visa in Jordan. The group will mainly be Australian with some Americans. I wouldn’t go cheap on a tour to Egypt.

I have looked at Viking as well as Vantage World Travel (we have done 3 great cruises/tours with them). Also, some of the other big name river cruise lines. Going rate for a 10-11 day tour is a little less than $6000 pp. Scenic seems to be even more at $6,395. All seems to include five star hotels and I am sure quality tours. Some include airfare from NYC to Cairo.

I took a closer look at Collette's tours and the hotels that are included are what I would call 4.5 star. Not Hilton, but not far below. Perhaps their tours include a full tour bus instead of half a tour bus, but other than that, the differences are minor.

When Collette gets it done for about $2500, it is appealing.

I have already done Egypt (been there twice) and the second time did Cairo and that area again, then did the Nile river cruise. At the time (1985), most of the cruise ships were owned by hotels. The one that I did cost about $300 pp in a triple room. It was with the Marriott Hotel chain and we stayed in the Marriott in Cairo as well. The Hilton cruse was about 50 % more, but went to the same places. I agree that one doesn't want to do Egypt on the cheap. However, it appears that Collette is not cheap, just more moderately priced for a few reasons that don't seem problematic. My wife has never been to Egypt and I want her to enjoy the trip. It appears that Collette would fit our expectations.

You might also have a look at Insight Vacations as their tours feature smaller "Rick Steves" type groups (they actually remove some of the seats from the coach to make sure the group stays small).

Let me chime in since I used to work as a tour director and I'm familiar with Colette. (And I can counter some of the things the Rickniks have said.)

Collette is an excellent company with a very good reputation. Yes, they do try to fill a coach but that may not happen. Some sightseeing is included and some is optional which means you have the choice of doing that--for an extra fee--or doing something else on your own. You can get a list of these before you book to see what they cost or they may already be listed in your tour brochure. Tipping is not included but seriously, is it that earthshattering? The tour documents you get will suggest tipping amounts for your tour director and bus driver. The tour director will tell you the suggested tip amount for everything else. And remember, tipping is always optional. (On Rick Steves tours, all of this is included whether you like it or not.)

But since RS doesn't go to Egypt, I don't understand why it was even brought up. It's like someone asking for a recommendation of a Chinese restaurant and someone else responding saying they like Indian food. How does that help the person asking the question?

" But since RS doesn't go to Egypt, I don't understand why it was even brought up. It's like someone asking for a recommendation of a Chinese restaurant and someone else responding saying they like Indian food. How does that help the person asking the question? "

My word, Frank. I brought it up because if someone has never been on a tour then it is helpful if they understand "tour brochure language". By reading what is included on RS tours one can compare to other companies to see what they do and do not list. It doesn't matter if it's the same place but it's easy to pick out the differences comparing the brochure language in an Italy vs Italy tour.

If cost is a concern, then yes on a 13 day tour where you are with the guide and driver for maybe 12 of those days then $70 for the guide ($140 per couple) + $48 for the driver ($96 per couple) plus misc. tips can make a difference if a traveler is not expecting it.

From the extra info the OP added after I posted, it's clear they've done tours before and are experienced in the ways of tour brochure language so they'll know to have cash on hand.

I have only heard good things about Collette tours. As for Egypt, we went in February with Trafalgar Tours "Wonders of Ancient Egypt." The tour and guide were excellent. Yes, there were 39 people in our group, but we never felt like we were a "herd." Tips were not included in the VERY reasonable price, but we expected that, as tips usually aren't. I would recommend the tour we did of Egypt (2 nights Cairo, 7 nights on a cruise ship on the Nile, and 2 more nights in Cairo). All our accomodations were excellent, meals were superb (especially on our ship), and our guide not only discussed the history of Egypt, but gave us insights into the culture, the religions and the more recent history of Egypt. We all felt safe and I have to say the whole group was congenial and delightful to sightsee with. Some of us took the one optional tour to Abu Simbel (well worth it!) which entailed a round trip flight from Aswan to Abu Simbel. That was about $300.00 pp extra, but our tour cost was in the very reasonable range, but not cut-rate. We checked out Insight, as we had toured Turkey with that company and liked it very much, but they only had pricier tours for Egypt (10-12 people). That group shared our boat for the cruise portion, and they all looked gloomy all the time. I do believe we had more fun, saw more, and liked each other better! We went at a good time of the year for the weather. Summer prices were less, but the weather is much hotter then. If you go to Egypt, have a great time. (And do some research before you go. You get more out of the trip.)

For an Egypt tour, look at Odysseys Unlimited. They offer two different tours there.

I often hear offers from Collette tours, in our area they work with groups to run essentially charter tours, likely their standard tour, but maybe the local TV Anchorman, Weather guy or Football Coach goes along and does the advertising to fill the tour. I may be wrong, but I got the impression that they probably have larger groups, try to hit the highlights in lots of places, and maybe more of a commodity experience (moderate hotels, moderate meals (if included))

I have not been on an organized tour, but I would make sure it fits your travel style. Though for Egypt, I would resort to a tour for safety reasons, and probably tolerate more imposition to my travel style than for a Europe trip.

Hi geo, I took a tour (solo) with Collette a few years ago, the Pacific Northwest and California. It really wasn’t a good fit for me. There were 2 large busses traveling together. Both busses were full with 2 people in each seat. We had assigned seats and sat next to the same person all week. At each stop, 100 people piled out of the busses to use the rest room.

With one exception the hotels were fine, we ate breakfast and a buffet dinner there. Lunches were not included. On one occasion, some of my tour-mates cleaned out the entire breakfast buffet and stuffed their purses full of muffins for lunch (no kidding).

The tour was basically a drive-by. We were told “Mount Hood is over that way. We don’t have time to stop but you can get a postcard at the gift shop.” I think we stopped at every gift shop between Seattle and San Francisco.

The travelers were 70+ years old, mostly women. Tips for the driver and guide were expected.

I would definitely use a tour company to see Egypt, but based on my experience, I can’t recommend Collette.

Collette also has a 'small group' division called Explorations. We wert to Italy with Explorations this Summer and there were only 9 of us on the tour - it was amazing and so easy to move from one place to the next. I now can't do a larger tour, as I think you lose the personalization. I think 19 is their max and I believe Rick Steves is 28 - much better than 40.

I have taken two Collette tours with my mother, who loves Collette. As others have said, it is a reputable company that has been in business forever. My thinking is that they are at their best with relatively inexperienced/insecure groups who live a long way from major airports. They work a lot with local organizations --- churches, chambers of commerce, banks, and such --- to arrange tours. A representative from Collette comes to the town several months before the tour and provides a seminar on what to expect, how to pack, and how to handle money --- basically, the same stuff that you would get from reading Rick Steve's travel tips. They provide transportation from your home town to the airport, which is a really big deal to my mother, who lives in a rural area. Basically, they take care of you from the time you leave home until you return from your trip.

I recall when I took my first trip with Collette, my mom and most of the tour group were flying out of one airport, and I was supposed to meet them in Atlanta. Well, their plane was delayed and they all missed the connection. I was the only person from the group on the flight to Rome. I was totally prepared to get public transportation from the airport to Termini and then walk to the hotel, but they took care of me and made sure that I got to the hotel. I didn't have to worry about a thing.

Also, because many of the tours are locally organized, you are often traveling with friends, which is another big deal for my widowed mom.

On the plus side:

Hotels are excellent and centrally located. The hotels were more or less on a par with the accommodations I have had on Smithsonian tours.

Food is excellent.

Tour guides are excellent.

They handle your luggage for you.

On the minus side:

There are a lot of add-on excursions and meals.

You need to budget for tips.

You will see the major sites, which is fine for a first time visitor, but you are not going to get an in depth cultural experience.

You will likely have more people than with a Rick Steves tour.

So, it all depends on what you want. For my mom, Collette is perfect. She doesn't have to worry about any logistics and can relax and enjoy the trip. For me, with easy access to a major airport and no problems navigating new places on my own, there's not as much of an advantage.

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Highly recommended.

We just completed the Peru:Ancient Land of Mysteries tour. Our tour manager, Edward Nuñez, was outstanding! The tour was very well balanced including museums, shoppi...


Great way to celebrate

Steve Mayer was THE best! Organized, knowledgeable, fun to be with. Our driver Michael was an excellent driver. Always felt safe with him. Our group was small (22) s...

Memorable vacation

My husband and I are so happy with our decision to travel with Collette. Things could not have gone better, even the weather cooperated. We had a full and memorable ...

Amazing cultural experience

Overall great tour. You get to see a lot of the country in a relatively short time period. Be ready to do a lot of moving. Some hotels were better than others. To ni...

exceptional tour

exceptional tour guides and very well run.

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an awesome trip

Last year, we travelled to Iceland with the Mobile Alabama Chamber of Commerce - an awesome trip made so enjoyable by Collette and our tour guide Mario Villanis!! Ma...

Happy with trip

Happy with trip, drive Pasquale was excellent in some very tight situations, Rome accomodation Imperial ok, breakfast a bit ordinary with empty plates, Rialto Hotel,...

amazing and beautiful trip

Had an amazing and beautiful trip to Rome and Amalfi Coast. Shout ou...

No I would not recommend this company

No I would not recommend this company. i paid $5000 for a trip up portugal... day 1 .we didnt get to see any of what we should have due to a triathalon. we saw some ...

Wonderful sights

Excellent accommodations, wonderful sights, great food, fantastic driver Robert and fun delightful guide Michelle. The trip felt rushed. Everywhere we went we were i...

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Very good trip.

Service rating : our tour guide was wonderful and the bus driver also, but I though for the meals and length of time it was over priced, the hotel was excellent and...

Awesome Trip

Service rating : Our tour guide, Dario Panniello was excellent! He was knowledgeable, friendly, and enjoyable to be around. The local tour guides were very good as...

Service rating : Excellent,wish the weather had been better Product : Al...

Service rating : Stops at Deadwood and Wall Drug were too long and too commercialized . Enjoyed the trip but not outstanding. Product : Yellowstone vistas thermos an...

Service rating : The tour city bus service always being there and on time for us made the tour easy. I never thought about transfers because they were so automatic ...

Service rating : The guide in Israel and Jordan turned out to be a gift from heaven. They were flexible for the departure time in the morning and everyone without fa...

Service rating : Driver and tour director were professional and provided excellent service. Product : Enjoyed seeing Churchill Downs, horse country, and smoky mounta...

Service rating : The guide in Israel and Jordan were both receptive and thoughtful to our demands and both were extremely knowledgeable. As seniors, we needed more ...

Service rating : The tour was excellent, the driver was awesome and our guide was very organized. It would be nice if there was a 55-65 year old tour for younger pe...

Service rating : Really like the accommodations and restaurants Collette uses, For the most part the locations chosen are very good and the tours are worth the pric...

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Special offers, the collette difference.

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Expertly Designed

We get it. You’re not the homebody type. We aren’t either. Your passion, needs, and desires have shaped our business. Destination experts hand-craft transformative experiences designed specifically with you – our fellow traveler – at heart. We wouldn't trust your experience with anyone else.

Collette Difference guided touring reimagined

Guided Touring Reimagined

We know you want to explore and also dive in. We’re curious travelers, just like you, so rest assured, you’ll experience must-sees and connect with the people and culture that define the destination. You’ll eat in locals’ homes, take cooking classes, travel by trains and tuk tuks, explore cities with food tours, and stay in igloos, castles, and chateaus.

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Confidently Collette

Travel with trust. Because this is your trip - something you've planned for and dreamed about. You should feel confident in your journey every step of the way.

Industry-Leading Travel Protection

Cancel for any reason (bad hair day applies) up to 24 hours before your tour leaves and get a full money-back refund. Collette issued a record-breaking $185 million cash back to travelers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experience & Expertise

We've been doing this for a long time. Since 1918, in fact. Collette is the most experienced and longest-running tour operator in North America. You choose...

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Our team is on the pulse of world events and protocols, so you are kept fully aware and feel well-prepared for your trip.

reviews of collette travel

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Our Best Moments

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2023 travel weekly readers choice

Featured Tours

Collette travelers choose from 160 tours across all 7 continents, as well as 5 travel styles including small group touring and destination spotlights. Check out some trending tours for inspiration on your next adventure.


reviews of collette travel

A Taste of the Balkans featuring Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina & Slovenia

$3,499 pp* $3,899 pp.

reviews of collette travel

Majestic Cities of Central & Eastern Europe featuring Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest & Krakow

reviews of collette travel

Painted Canyons of the West featuring Utah’s Five National Parks

reviews of collette travel

Flavors of Portugal & Spain: featuring Barcelona

reviews of collette travel

Essence of France Paris, Provence & the French Riviera

reviews of collette travel

Colors of Morocco

$3,179 pp* $3,629 pp.

reviews of collette travel

Discover Croatia, Slovenia and the Adriatic Coast

$7,199 pp* $7,499 pp.

reviews of collette travel

Wilderness of Southern Africa: Safari by Land & Water

$3,299 pp* $3,399 pp.

reviews of collette travel

America's Music Cities featuring New Orleans, Memphis & Nashville

$3,349 pp* $3,699 pp, historical greenbrier featuring washington d.c. & williamsburg, old world sicily & malta.

reviews of collette travel

Spain's Costa del Sol & Madrid

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Spotlight on Tuscany

reviews of collette travel

reviews of collette travel

This trip not available.

  • Sample delectable wines during a wine tasting in the Chianti region.
  • Spend time at a cheese farm to taste flavorful pecorino cheese.
  • Step to the front of the line to see Michelangelo’s famous statue of David.
  • See the Gothic Line, one of the Germans’ last lines of defense during WWII.
  • Visit the Museum of Liberation and see WWII fortifications and bunkers.
  • Stay in the famous spa resort town of Montecatini Terme for seven nights!
  • Journey to Florence for a tour of the "Cradle of the Italian Renaissance."
  • Stop in the medieval city of Lucca, encircled by 16th-century walls.

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Your tour opens in the famous spa resort town of Montecatini Terme, nestled in the heart of the rolling hills of Tuscany. This evening, get to know your fellow travelers during a welcome dinner where regional foods and Italian wines kick off your adventure.

The day is yours to relax and experience the local flavor. Take this opportunity to shop at the local boutiques and dine at one of the many fine local restaurants. Or, perhaps you will choose an optional excursion to Cinque Terre with its rugged coastline dotted with terraced vineyards; explore its string of fishing villages nestled between the mountains and the Mediterranean.

Your journey comes to a close today. Depart with many fond memories of Tuscany.

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The total tour cost includes the tour price (regular or promotional) and the compulsory local payment. The promotional price is subject to change. Check directly with the operator for the latest price offer. The tour operator requires you to pay only the tour price to purchase your travel. The compulsory local payment will be paid when you join the trip. All prices are based on double, twin or triple share occupancy. Solo passengers will be accommodated in a double, twin or triple room according to availability with a passenger(s) of the same gender. Single supplement only needs to be paid if the passenger does not want to share and requests their own room. Discounts can only be applied at the time of booking and cannot be added at a later date, regardless of any changes made to the original booking.

Prices may vary due to local taxes and trip seasonality. Click "Request Info" to inquire directly with the tour operator for the final trip price.

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Other collette reviews, it was a wonderful trip and experience.

It was a wonderful trip and experience! We are still sorting all the pictures and memories about it, and some of them I would like to share with you - read my diary ...

we had an absolute wonderful time

My wife & I just returned from your National Parks tour and we had an absolute wonderful time. Great itinerary, tour director (Merrin) and driver (John). First c...

Worst and most poorly planned guided tour I have evr taken

Do not travel with Collette They area subpar company

This is worst tour I have ever taken. Poorly planned and not worth the money. Collette brought you to Lisbon where we sat for three days because NO TOURS or sited w...

See all Other Collette reviews

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Tour operator.

True adventures go beyond incredible destinations or inclusive packages. Collette delivers a sense of possibility across all seven continents.

Since 1918, we have been sharing our love of travel. Today our worldwide travel collection features comprehensive land tours, river cruises, rail journeys, small group tours, family trips, garden holidays and more. With Collette, wake each morning on tour with a new experience in front of you, and when your head hits the pillow, you will know it has been an amazing day. Best of all - we seamlessly handle the details. All you have to do is enjoy the adventure.

Everyone at Collette believes travel is vital to a life well-lived and our executive team sets the tone. Drawing on a diverse set of skills that includes operations, sales, information technology, law and financial planning, they work across three offices to bring you the best experience possible.

There are so many benefits to letting someone else take on all the details that come with having The Perfect Trip. See why more and more travelers choose to Go Guided — and why they never go back.

5 Reasons to Go Guided:

Go Tour Managers!

On Day 1 of your trip, you’ll meet a friendly person who sure does know a lot about your tour and the destinations you’re visiting. This highly skilled professional is your tour manage and from the moment you meet this key player on your tour, you’ll know you’re in good hands. With their rich travel backgrounds, as well as their useful information about language, currency, and all things local, you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Go Culture!

Visiting a destination gives you a taste of the local culture. But imagine actually becoming part of that culture. Staying overnight in an Irish castle like Old-World royalty…feeling the cool waters of the Great Barrier Reef envelop you as you snorkel in its turquoise paradise…or rolling dough with an Italian chef to make the perfect pizza. It’s not just about all the iconic spots that will make for the best photos, it’s about diving into another world that makes for the best memories.

Go Product Team!

Our product experts are probably on the road right now — scoping out the best of our worldwide destinations. They go, take it all in, and find the moments they love best. Those are the moments they create for you. Those experiences and sights comprise each itinerary and make each one extra-special. Best of all, you don’t have to plan a thing. You just need to choose which itinerary best suits you.

Travel is social by nature. Guided travel is extra social. Meet a cast of characters: your fellow travelers, tour manager, driver, local guides and more. The social aspect of guided travel is one of the best parts! Many travelers on our tours have forged lasting friendships. Think of all the wonderful people waiting to meet you out in the world.

Go Worry-Free!

Your peace of mind is the most important thing to us. And that starts with our roundtrip home to airport sedan service. Forget taxis, airport fees, or public transportation. We will get you there...and back. And if for any reason you need to cancel your tour, you can do so — right up until the day before departure — and receive a full refund (thanks to our travel protection plan).

There are many ways to experience the world:

Among Collette’s worldwide collection of tours we offer a variety of guided travel choices. No matter where (or how) you want to go, Collette can take you there.

Small Groups, Big Experiences

From vibrant cities to remote villages, immerse yourself in other worlds. As part of a small group, enjoy accommodations chosen to capture the spirit of the destination, savor spectacular local cuisine, and take the time to explore on your own. Along the way Explorations sets the stage for the unexpected moments that make travel so special. With just 12-24 passengers, these are the personal adventures that today’s cultural explorers dream about.

Amazing Family Moments Included

Collette's Family tours bring travelers of all ages together to experience the world’s greatest destinations. There’s no better classroom than the world, no better education than taking a walk through history. Today’s parents — and grandparents — want to share the riches of travel with their children and grandchildren. Each tour in our family line is specially crafted with the best local experiences, iconic must-see's, family-oriented hotels and immersive cultural activities. Children ages 14 and under enjoy substantially discounted rates.


Collette's Cancel for Any Reason Travel Protection Plan

The Traveling Well Experience

Our commitment to your well-being and enjoyment.

There’s no denying that life and travel will likely look a little different for the foreseeable future, which is why we worked with our partners all over the world to create enhanced protective measures for our guests. These measures are intended to help safeguard guests’ health and well-being, while allowing for an enjoyable travel experience.  

From flexible booking to more open space on the coach and much more – all aspects of travel have been considered. This is  The Traveling Well Experience .

  • Travel Protection Plan  – cancel for any reason up until 24 hours before departure, plus provides numerous on-tour protections
  • More Physical Space  – on the coach, in restaurants, and more
  • Wellness Protocols  – for partners like motor coach operators, hotels, restaurants, and airlines
  • Enhanced Tour Manager Training  ­– our tour managers are destination experts and highly equipped to handle a variety of unexpected situations – including illnesses and emergencies

Before Your Tour

Cancel for Any Reason Waiver

Our Travel Protection Plan financially protects you in the event you need to cancel or move your trip to a different date. Learn more here

Pre-Tour Health Screenings

We will ask all travellers to complete a wellness declaration form before joining their tour.

Private Sedan Service

Your ride to and from the airport will be stocked with fresh water for every pickup and all surfaces will be disinfected daily and after every passenger.

Specific details will vary by airline, but standard operations typically include flight attendants wearing masks, sanitizing all surfaces between flights and physical distancing. For links to major airlines, head to the bottom of the page, or visit your airline’s website for specific information.

On Your Tour

Smaller Groups

Tours will operate with a number of empty seats to allow guests to space out for a more comfortable experience.

Your Tour Manager

We have employed new and enhanced hygiene & physical distancing protocols for tour managers. They are local experts and highly trained to handle a variety of unexpected situations — including illnesses and emergencies. They are also available 24/7 for guests throughout the tour should any situation arise.

Use of Face Coverings

Face coverings will be included with your pre-tour documents and will be required throughout many experiences on tour including the motor coach and air travel.

Motor Coach

All surfaces will be sanitized often, including regular cleaning of high-touch areas with disinfecting wipes. Hand sanitizer will be available at all times and drivers will wear protective gear when appropriate.

On-Tour Experiences

We work closely with our local partners to ensure adequate physical distancing during meals, experiences, and sightseeing. Guests may be rotated in smaller sub-groups when necessary.

On-Tour Insurance Coverages

When you purchase our Travel Protection Plan, you’ll have access to telehealth services should you need it, plus you’re covered on tour for emergency assistance, baggage loss, trip interruption, medical expenses, and more. Learn more here


We will ask all travellers to monitor their health throughout their tour, with protocols in place in the event someone becomes ill.

Specific protocols will vary from destination to destination, hotel to hotel. Overall, rooms and areas like restaurants, fitness centres, etc. will be deep-cleaned regularly, with rooms disinfected thoroughly between guests. High-traffic areas like lobbies and elevators will be cleaned hourly.

After Your Tour

Post-Tour Survey

After you get home, you’ll be able to share your opinions of your tour experience, allowing us to constantly improve for the benefit of future guests.


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Italy Real Food Adventure

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Italy Signature - 2024

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Private Guided Tours Of Sicily

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Cycling in Sicily

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reviews of collette travel

The Austin Chronicle

Review: Broadway in Austin’s Beetlejuice

There's a lot of life in this show about death, by richard whittaker , 4:40pm, wed. feb. 7, 2024.

reviews of collette travel

Musical versions of successful films are often less like gilding the lily than sewing wings on a donkey. But for a movie like Beetlejuice , where two of the most memorable scenes are song-and-dance routines and the titular character could work the Borscht Belt, that lily is fresh as a daisy.

And lilies are a suitable choice for a floral arrangement: the flower of mourning is only right for this is, as deliciously morbid and hysterical opening number "The Whole 'Being Dead' Thing" points out, a show about death. A riotously funny and clap-along excellent show about death, indeed.

“This is still the Beetlejuice that you have always pressed to your dark little heart like a dying rose. You better believe it: it’s still showtime.” Tim Burton's 1988 horror-comedy about a haunting told from the ghost's perspective was the first time he got to show his ghoulish stylings in a feature, and did as much to define goth culture as the first three Sisters of Mercy albums. Yet it's also a big slice of heartland Americana, as the ghosts are a very average couple who find themselves among the recently departed. Adam (on opening night, Matthew Michael Janisse filled in with aptly awkward gusto for tour regular Will Burton) and Barbara ( an exquisitely goofy and sweet turn from Megan McGinnis ) find themselves sharing their former mortal coil abode with the ever-so-morose teen Lydia Deetz (Isabella Esler, making a cracking main stage debut), her boorish and emotionally remote father, Charles (Jesse Sharp, adding a likable twist essential for this version), and his woo-woo life coach/new love, Delia (Sarah Lizsinger, absolutely relishing every part of her topknotted silliness).

Scott Brown and Anthony King's book is an excellent redevelopment of the original film script by Michael McDowell, Larry Wilson, and Texas' own Warren Skaaren (the latter responsible for much of the film's signature humor). Their version takes a small element of the screenplay's subtext and expands it into a major plot strand about children and parents. The Maitlands having waffled about having a baby (examined in "Ready, Set, Not Yet") interweaves with half-orphaned Lydia's early standout "Dead Mom" and gives an added emotional twist to their interest in this strange and unusual girl in their home.

reviews of collette travel

But this is really Beetlejuice's show, and while it never lags or lacks energy when the bio-exorcist is not around, whenever Justin Collette appears under that green wig the show explodes off the stage as he banters with the audience. Determined to use any manner of tricks and schemes to get back into the land of the living, this Beetlejuice absorbs the side-splitting asides of the pantomime dame in a performance that doesn't need the giant props or chorus line of Beetlejuices to engulf the entire stage. And, yes, even he has some unresolved mommy issues that become much more pressing in the second act's journey into the expressionistic Netherworld.

Subtle changes are inevitable for a touring production, such as the Maitlands' demise no longer being down to an untrustworthy floor, but none are to the detriment of the show. Indeed, David Korins deserves a second Tony for converting his deservedly award-winning set into a version that can be packed up and ported around the country. The performances have also undergone inevitable evolutions: case in point, "Barbara 2.0" now feels more like a coming together of the dearly departed coupe than on Broadway, where it resonated more with a spirit of independence for the late Mrs. Maitland.

But this is still the Beetlejuice that you have always pressed to your dark little heart like a dying rose, even down to the hunter with the shrunken head and the bounce-in-your-seat joy of "Jump in the Line (Shake, Senora)" for which the audience was clapping from the first note. Expensive on-screen VFX may have been replaced with glow-in-the-dark paint and flash paper, but you better believe it: it's still showtime.

Broadway in Austin’s Beetlejuice

A note to readers: Bold and uncensored, The Austin Chronicle has been Austin’s independent news source for over 40 years, expressing the community’s political and environmental concerns and supporting its active cultural scene. Now more than ever, we need your support to continue supplying Austin with independent, free press. If real news is important to you, please consider making a donation of $5, $10 or whatever you can afford, to help keep our journalism on stands.

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reviews of collette travel

Feb. 9, 2024

reviews of collette travel

Broadway in Austin , Bass Concert Hall , Beetlejuice

reviews of collette travel

Toni Collette to Lead Comedy ‘A French Pursuit’ From ‘Twilight’ Director Catherine Hardwicke

By Alex Ritman

Alex Ritman

  • ‘Rye Lane’ Star Vivian Oparah on Her BAFTA Leading Actress Nomination: ‘I Thought It Was an Extension of My Dream’ 1 day ago
  • ‘One Day’ Star Ambika Mod on How the Netflix Series Differs From the 2011 Film and Almost Turning Down the Role: ‘I Just Didn’t See Myself as Emma’ 2 days ago
  • Naomi Watts, Tye Sheridan, Michael Imperioli and Norman Reedus Set for Psychological Drama ‘The Housewife’; Neon Launching in Berlin 3 days ago

Toni Collette

Toni Collette is set to star in “A French Pursuit,” a comedy based on the French box office hit “Antoinette Dans Les Cévennes,” from “ Twilight ” filmmaker Catherine Hardwicke . HanWay Films is selling worldwide distribution rights and will be taking the project to the European Film Market in Berlin.

The film, due to start shooting in late spring, will mark the third creative alliance between Collette, Hardwicke and Christopher Simon, who produces via New Sparta Productions alongside Collette with her Vocab Films production shingle. The three previously worked together on “Miss You Already” and, most recently, “Mafia Mamma.”

As the synopsis goes, “Zoe thus embarks on a daring pursuit of Jean-Louis in the picturesque Cévennes deep in the South of France. Accompanied by the determined donkey Napoleon, Zoe grapples with the absurdities and challenges of their journey. Along the way, they encounter new friends and perils that draw them closer, prompting Zoe to reevaluate her priorities, confront her life choices, and rediscover her joie de vivre.”

“I’m excited to shoot a new version of Zoe’s crazy journey this spring in the magical scenery of the Cévennes,” said Hardwicke.

“We’re thrilled to be producing this British reimagining with such great colleagues and friends (and a donkey or two!),” added New Sparta.

“A French Pursuit” was developed by CCM, the London-based development company jointly run and owned by distributors Curzon, Cineart and Madman. CCM acquired the remake rights from Chapka Films and La Filmerie, the production companies behind the original film “Antoinette Dans Les Cévennes.” 

The English-language screenplay has been adapted and written by BAFTA nominated screenwriter Olivia Hetreed (“Mrs Harris Goes To Paris,” “The Girl With The Pearl Earring”). 

Maremako Films acted as the exclusive agent for the French producers in negotiating the remake option with CCM.

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Luke combs reflects on ‘unreal’ grammys duet with tracy chapman: ‘a defining moment of my career’, young vintners are making serious wine. now they have to convince their generation to drink it., tennessee deploys heupel to enjoin ncaa nil restrictions, the best dumbbells, according to personal trainers and fitness coaches, percy jackson eps still in a ‘bit of denial’ about recasting the late lance reddick’s zeus, verify it's you, please log in.



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  20. Working at Collette Travel: Employee Reviews

    Collette was a great place to work. Tour Guide Accountant - Temporary Position (Former Employee) - Pawtucket, RI - March 28, 2020. Great environment. Nice People. Focused on giving back to the community. Energy efficient. Professional. Flexible. Paperless.

  21. Collette Travel: Cultural Treasures of Japan Tour

    Set off on an exciting day-long escapade that revolves around the TOKYO SKYTREE, an iconic symbol of modern Tokyo. This itinerary promises a fusion of history, shopping, gastronomy, and the spectacle of Tokyo's skyline from the heights of the TOKYO SKYTREE.

  22. Review: Broadway in Austin's Beetlejuice

    Musical versions of successful films are often less like gilding the lily than sewing wings on a donkey. But for a movie like Beetlejuice, where two of the most memorable scenes are song-and-dance ...

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    Read reviews and enjoy exclusive savings on Collette's 8 Day America's Cowboy Country. Enjoy stunning views of the American West as you make your way through Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park, and more. ... Collette's 106th travel season now offers you 170+ tours to all 7 continents. Your favourites are back with 9 new tours in our lineup ...

  24. Toni Collette to Lead Catherine Hardwicke's 'A French Pursuit'

    By Alex Ritman. Toni Collette is set to star in "A French Pursuit," a comedy based on the French box office hit "Antoinette Dans Les Cévennes" from " Twilight " filmmaker Catherine ...

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    18 Days Hanoi Bangkok. Operated By: Collette. From 4,000. Save 55. Read 4 reviews and enjoy exclusive savings with Global Journeys on Collette's 13 Day Cultural Treasures of Japan beginning your journey in Tokyo and travelling through to Kyoto. 2023 & 2024 season departures.