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31 Travel Journal Prompts + Creative Travel Journal Ideas

Looking for travel journal prompts and creative travel journal ideas ?

Then you’re in the right place! 

Especially right now as travel is limited and people are searching for ways to travel at home, such as through relaxing staycations , keeping a travel journal can be a great way to relive your favorite trip memories. 

Moreover, it can keep travel alive, allow you to explore the world from home, and help you stay curious. 

Keep reading for a list of fun journal writing prompts related to travel as well as tips for creating something tangible that truly helps you feel inspired. 

Table of Contents

Downloadable Travel Journal PDF

Before we dive into the post, though, I want to offer you the chance to grab my free printable travel journal . 

printable travel journal prompts

The trip journal includes 56 prompts in total. 

This inspiring printable and fillable journal is great for exercising your creativity while traveling from home as you remember your favorite trips. 

Grab it, and then feel free to message me on Instagram ( @jessieonajourney ) to let me know which travel journal writing prompts were your favorite and why.

I plan to update the journal in the future — and you’ll get any revisions I make — so your feedback is appreciated!

What Is A Travel Journal?

A travel journal is a place where you can document your trip memories, whether you’re spending 7 days in Cancun , going on a solo USA road trip , off completing the world’s best hiking trails , or something else.

These can be paper or digital, bound or looseleaf, thin or thick. And— when it comes to how to write in a travel journal — it can include just text or a variety of mediums.

The point is, it offers a way to record what happens to you on the road — though you’re welcome to take your entries and give them a fictional twist for fun! 

creative travel journal ideas

Choosing Your Travel Journal

I may be a little biased, but if you’re looking for the best travel journal with prompts, I recommend grabbing my free printable journal here . 

Because I made it fillable, you can also use it as a travel journal online!

Additionally, there are loads of inspiring options online if you’d prefer to purchase one. A quick note that the below journal links are affiliate links. 

On Amazon, I love this vegan leather option as well as this mindful travel journal .

Additionally, I’m a huge fan of the travel journals at Modcloth. Click here and search “journals” to view their latest collection.

Creative Travel Journal Ideas

Wondering how to be creative in your journal?

First of all, remember that a journal doesn’t just have to be writing. Use markers, paints, stickers, glitter, and even momentos from your travels to really bring the text to life. 

Of course, don’t forget about travel-themed accents, too, like stamps, tickets, postcards, and maps — you can even cut out sections of a map to showcase your favorite destinations. 

travel journal writing prompts

If you’re artistic, you might also consider bullet journaling and other techniques to make your journal more visual. 

In terms of keeping your travel writing fresh, having details to pull from can be a huge help.

When possible, try to experience a place with all five senses so you have more to draw from later. I personally like to take notes right after any experience I think I may write about later. 

Keep in mind, being fully present in this way is also just an overall healthy practice. 

If you’re having trouble remembering details, try to sit in silence and do a visualization. Personally, when I do this exercise I aim to not only see myself in a place, but to put myself back in the place so that I am seeing the scene through my own eyes. 

Feeling writer’s block?

Sometimes all that it takes is a change of scenery to get inspired again. Try going for a walk or trying a new cafe to see if that helps.

If not, put the journal away, give yourself some mental space, and pick it back up tomorrow. 

And if you’re proud of what you’ve written, feel free to post it on social media, share it in an email with friends or, of course, keep it to yourself. 

travel journal examples

How To Keep A Travel Journal: Quick Tips 

As an avid journaler myself, these are some of my personal tips for having fun, feeling creative, and staying inspired while writing.

As with travel tips and trip styles, everyone has their own process when it comes to journaling, and something that works for me may not work for you. Feel free to try out this advice, keep what works, and let go of what doesn’t.

Overall, the goal is that you get something beneficial out of these pages.

Tip #1: Journal when you feel most creative.

For instance, you might choose some mindful ways to start your day and have completing daily journal prompts be one of your morning rituals. 

However, if you find you feel more creative in the afternoon or evening, plan your writing for then.

Tip #2: Don’t edit as you write.

Allow your first draft to be all about getting your ideas and thoughts down onto the paper and getting into a creative flow state.

You can always tweak things later.

Tip #3: Remember the power of lists.

This is one of my favorite trip journal ideas!

Writing in lists can be helpful when you’re:

  • having trouble getting started
  • wondering what things to put in a travel journal
  • feeling like your sentences just aren’t flowing together

This way, you can at least get your ideas down and edit them together in a cohesive manner later on.

Tip #4: Write stories.

While this isn’t mandatory, those who are curious how to write a travel journal that’s worth reading should consider writing your thoughts as stories instead of in a stream-of-conscious fashion. 

To write a story, make sure you have a beginning, middle, and end. Actually, if you really want to do it right, you should also consider character, plot, setting, and tension.

For a lesson in storytelling, make sure to check out this video on how to improve your creative storytelling skills for more engaging writing:

Tip #5: Go beyond text.

Wondering what to put in a travel journal?

Realize there is no right or wrong answer to this question!

Keep it text-based, or add paintings, drawings, stickers, momentos from your trip, and more. 

Personally, I’ve started writing out my journal entries and then drawing them to add some additional creativity and really bring the pages to life. 

travel journal template

The Best Travel Journal Apps

Prefer a digital journal option over paper? 

There is an app for that! 

I’ve talked about my favorite travel safety apps before, but here are a few of my favorite apps for keeping a travel journal:

Travel Diaries .  This free app allows you to create both public and private journals. The layouts are customizable, and you can easily add text, photos, and even maps. 

One really neat feature of this app:

You can turn your travel diary into a physical creation to be shipped to your home!

Day One Journal . This is another great travel journal app that makes it simple to record your memories using photos, videos, drawings, and even audio recordings. 

The “On This Day” feature allows you to go back in time to revisit your favorite trip moments, while automatic backups ensure your content never gets lost. 

Unique app feature:

You can handwrite in your journal using your finger or Apple Pencil. 

This travel app has both free and paid premium versions. 

how to keep a travel journal

Polarsteps . Dubbed “the personal travel log in your pocket,” Polarsteps is an app that helps you plan your trips as well as record them along the way in a visually-appealing manner.

In fact, this app puts an emphasis on adding experiences to maps and using video to document, so you can really bring your trips back to life later on. 

A feature I love:

You can turn your travel memories into a stunning hardcover book to keep!

Unique Travel Journal Examples

Looking for some travel journal inspiration?

Here are some mood boards with journal examples to help get your creative juices flowing.

These are also helpful if you’re wanting to learn how to make a travel journal.

By the way:

Check out the bottom right photo in the top collage if you’re looking for travel journal layout ideas.

travel journal examples

Travel Writing Prompts – Quick Picker 

If you’re like me and often feel indecisive when choosing a prompt, I’ve got a fun little tool that can help:

The above video moves through the list of writing prompts quickly.

To use it as a quick picker, press play, turn your gaze down, and then stop the video at a random moment.

Then, voilà , you’ve got your travel writing prompt chosen for you! 

31 Travel Journal Prompts

Whether you’re physically traveling or at home dreaming of the road, use these travel prompts for your journal.

I love these prompts for when I’m feeling stuck and am searching for things to write in a travel journal:

1. Remember a time when you met people while traveling that felt like family. Describe your time with them in great detail.

2. Write a postcard to a friend from a place you’ve loved visiting.

3. Think about a problem that exists in travel. Now, invent a solution to the problem. Hey, could this journal help you come up with your next million-dollar idea?

4. If you could go on a trip with anyone, dead or alive, who would you go with? Where would you go and what would you do?

5. Share a time you were lost or that you lost something while traveling. 

6. How has travel changed or shaped you? Note: This is one of my favorite self-discovery journal prompts!

7. Start your travel story with the following: “It was a dark and stormy night…”

8. What is the first vacation memory that comes to mind? Come up with your memory in 10 seconds or less!

9. Think back to the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to. Now, describe it using all five senses.

10. Write about a multi-destination trip — from the perspective of your backpack.

11. What is a sticky situation you’ve gotten out of on the road? Hint: Allow this to also be a reminder of your strength!

12. What is a fear you’ve overcome while traveling? How?

13. Take your story from the previous prompt about overcoming a fear while traveling and rewrite it from the perspective of an onlooker.

14. What has been your craziest transportation experience?

15. Write a review of the best hotel you’ve ever stayed in.

daily journal prompts

16. Write a review of the worst hotel you’ve ever stayed in using humor.

17. Write a letter of gratitude to someone who showed you an act of kindness on the road .

18. Write about the last trip you took — from the perspective of yourself in the year 2600.

19. Write about a hike you loved doing using all five senses.

20. “Travel makes me feel _____.” Why?

21. Write about a trip you took last year from the perspective of your favorite book or movie character.

22. What is the biggest lesson that travel has taught you? Share a story that brings this to life.

23. Pretend that you were given an extra day on a trip you loved. What would that day have looked like?

24. Choose a trip you haven’t written about yet. Now choose a different time period, and write about the trip as if it happened in that time period.

25. In your opinion, what is the biggest misconception about travel?

26. Think back to an interesting conversation you’ve had while traveling and begin your story with that dialogue.

travel journal writing

27. Transport yourself to a beautiful beach you’ve visited. Suddenly, a message in a bottle washes up onto the shore. What does it say? How do you react?

28. Here is a road trip journal idea! Write about a road trip you went on, but have someone else from the trip be the narrator. Hint: If you traveled solo, have the car or an onlooker be the narrator.

29. Think of a time you went on a trip that took you out of your comfort zone. Write the end of the story, then the middle, then the beginning.

30. What is one piece of advice you’ve been told by a local while traveling? Have you applied it to your life? Why/why not?

31. If you were to write a travel memoir, what would the first chapter look like?

Bonus: Pair Your Journal Prompts With Self-Care

In my opinion, the best way to enjoy time spent journaling is by pairing it with other self-care activities.

In the video above, I share my top 10 favorite self-care tips and rituals for travelers — though they can also be enjoyed at home!

My recommendation:

Make a day of it! Use the journal prompts and the self-care rituals to create your own DIY retreat .

Want more travel-themed prompts?

Don’t forget to grab my free downloadable Inspired Storyteller Travel Journal — featuring inspiring quotes, writing tips, and 56 fun prompts to help you recount your favorite trip memories and write creatively. 

best travel journal with prompts

Do you have any travel journal prompts to add?

What are your favorite creative travel journal ideas, related posts:.

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These prompts are just the inspiration I needed to capture my thoughts about travel. Not only do they tap into my travel memories, but they feed my creative spirit. Who says you have to actually go anywhere to be well-traveled? 😉

I have trouble keeping a journal, but have always want too – these are such good prompts ill have to give it another try!

Wow, what an incredible article! I’m so grateful to have come across this treasure trove of travel journal prompts and ideas. The suggestions provided here are truly inspiring and have sparked my wanderlust even more. From capturing the sensory details to reflecting on personal growth, these prompts cover every aspect of a fulfilling travel journal. The beautiful descriptions and practical tips have motivated me to start documenting my adventures with a renewed passion. Thank you for sharing such a valuable resource that will undoubtedly enhance my future travel experiences. Keep up the fantastic work!

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flatlay of a traditional travel journal ideas with a coffee and flowers

33 Terrific Travel Journal Ideas, Tips + Prompts!

Looking for the best travel journal ideas to help you remember your next trip–plus some prompts to help you think of what to write?

You’ve come to the right place!

As a lifelong lover of both journaling and travel, I have experimented with all kinds of travel journals over the years, ranging from the time-consuming to the simple, from the unique to the very basic.

I absolutely love the travel journaling system that I use now (more on that below), but depending on your habits and writing style, there is no limit to the number of ways to preserve your travel memories on the written page.

person writing in one of the best travel journals with photos and a cup of tea spread out next to them

Some links in this post may be affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please see our disclosure policy for more detail.

This guide to travel journal ideas and prompts covers everything from the physical kind of travel diary to use, to tips on journaling effectively, to travel journaling prompts to help you get your writing started.

Remember, though, that the #1 rule of travel journaling is that there are no rules!

Anything that helps you preserve the intense memories of your travel experiences counts.

That being said: here are some of the best travel journal ideas out there!

Table of Contents

Terrific Travel Journal Ideas

Travel journaling tips, inspiring travel journal prompts, planning a trip.

Kate Storm in a blue skirt standing in front of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. She's looking away from the camera.

While there are plenty of beautiful travel journals on the market, don’t feel like you need one to keep a memorable travel diary!

I’ve kept travel journals in everything from a $0.99 composition notebook to elaborate leather-bound notebooks to the Notes app in my phone, and I can confidently say that the best travel journals come from the heart–the physical place you put them is the least important function.

That being said, if you are looking for beautiful travel journal examples, I highly recommend these!

View from Santa Maddalena Church near Bolzano Italy, as seen during an amazing Italy road trip

One Line a Day Journal

This is my current favorite travel journaling system, and I’ve been using it for nearly 5 years now!

Here’s the format: each page in this diary has a date at the top (say, August 17), and 5 small sections to write 1-2 sentences below it.

For 5 years, keep a daily journal of a memorable moment, and at the end, you’ll be able to look back and, on a single page, see what you did on all your August 17ths.

While this isn’t specifically a travel journal, I absolutely adore using it as one: the tracking of time through both days and years simultaneously is incredible, and the short time commitment is perfect for my lifestyle that already includes lots of writing.

I do still try to keep a long-form travel journal once a week or so, too, but I love my One Line a Day Journal so much that I recently bought two more, just to ensure I have the next decade covered if they stop making them!

one line a day journal being held up in front of greenery, one of the best travel journal ideas

Page A Day Travel Journal

Looking for something formatted for you, but with more of a travel theme and more of a long-form approach?

The Page A Day Travel Journal is perfect for that!

In addition to space to write about your day, there are spaces to note your destination and event the weather.

woman sitting in a cafe with coffee writing in a travel diary

Classic Leather-Bound Journal

What reading-and-writing nerd among us hasn’t dreamed of owning a leather-bound journal to track their travels in?

I have always enjoyed this journal style and have owned a few in my life!

There are tons of similar ones on the market these days, given how popular they are, but I love the compass detail and great reviews on this one .

leather bound travel diary with a compass on the front

Postcards To Yourself

Looking for more unique travel journal ideas?

Consider sending postcards to yourself from the road!

In many destinations, you can mail yourself (or someone else) a postcard right from the souvenir shop where you purchase it–so bring a pen along, write some quick thoughts about your day, and drop it in the mail.

By the time you get home, you’ll have a collection of memories delivered right to your front door that you can save forever.

The Ultimate Packing List for Italy: postcards from Lucca

Travel Checklist Journal

If you’re the kind of traveler who wants to make sure they don’t forget a thing, the Travel Checklist Journal is the perfect choice!

With daily prompts covering everything from the restaurants you ate at that day to your most memorable moment of the day, it’s an in-depth log of your adventures.

I’ll be honest: I could never keep up with this much travel journaling on a daily basis.

But, some people absolutely can!

If you find yourself not sure what to put in some sections, though, don’t worry about it–better to skip a prompt than make your journal feel like work instead of fun.

beautiful travel journaling prompt space with tulips in a vase

Bullet Journal

A classic bullet journal like this makes a fantastic travel journal idea!

In addition to writing, consider including drawings, hand-drawn maps, charts, and more.

Standard Notebook

You don’t need anything fancy to keep a beautiful, memorable travel journal!

Anything from a simple composition notebook to the back of a receipt will do in a pinch, and I would never recommend putting off writing because you don’t have the “perfect” vessel to store your memories in.

If you’re looking for a fairly standard, lined notebook that is durable without including much formatting to get in the way of your creativity, though, I love these notebooks .

I’ve owned them in various colors and designs for years, going out of my way to replace my old ones with the same brand when they get full.

Photo of a Macbook Pro, a notebook with mountains on the cover, and a red pen. A copy of Moon New York City is laying on top of them--use this to find some of the best things to do in MIdtown NYC!

Buy one on the road!

While I definitely recommend keeping a travel journal from hour one (airports and train stations are great places to write!), there’s also something special about buying a diary on the road.

If you find a journal you love while you’re traveling, consider picking it up and journaling there from then on.

pile of travel journal ideas in a market

On Your Computer or Phone

I’ll admit, I’m very biased toward analog travel diary ideas–it’s just my style!

But if you prefer typing to writing, or you just don’t want the hassle of carrying a physical journal on the road, you can easily keep a detailed travel journal on your phone or laptop!

Evernote is a fantastic app for journaling on your phone, though a basic Notes app works fine too.

A Word document or Google Doc can work as well.

Alternatively, you can type and send emails to yourself and store them in a certain folder in your inbox!

jeremy storm working on a macbook on a train in italy, combining work and traveling

There is no wrong way to keep a travel journal–whatever works for you, is more than fine.

That being said, based on my personal experience of keeping travel journals over the years, here’s my best advice for preserving your memories!

inspirational spread travel journal prompts and postcards with notebook in the center

Try to write as often as possible.

Here’s the sad truth: you will forget much of your vacation.

Even if you remember the basics such as where you went, what you did, and who you were with, the passing years will steal the sensory details from your memory, jumble the order of events, and soften the edges of your stories, making it hard to recapture the emotions of your travel experience.

While some of that is the inevitable result of living a full, exciting life packed with beautiful memories, a travel journal can absolutely help preserve those experiences for you for decades to come.

The period of time that I was worst at keeping a travel journal– the first year of our full-time travels –is also the one where memories have faded the most.

It’s my #1 travel regret that I didn’t keep a detailed travel journal that year!

kate storm overlooking the bay of san juan del sur nicaragua

Imperfection is better than procrastination.

Don’t have time to write pages and pages?

Can’t find the right words to capture exactly how you felt seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time?

Don’t worry about it: a couple of sentences jotted down that afternoon while waiting for your coffee to arrive will capture your emotions far better than waiting weeks to find the right words.

flat lay of a travel diary with a map and coffee cup

Write what you can’t see.

Photographs and videos can do a lot to preserve visual and even auditory memory–but they can’t capture scents, or the feeling of the humidity lingering in the air, or how soft the dog you stopped to pet was, or the expression on the waiter’s face as you managed to order lunch in a language that you barely speak.

These kinds of recollections, paired with photos and videos, are invaluable for helping place you back in that moment of travel, even years after it has passed.

How to Ethically Visit Elephants in Thailand

You don’t have to be a “good” writer.

Forget the English essays of your youth: whether you consider yourself a skilled writer or not, you can absolutely keep the world’s most perfect travel journal for yourself.

Because travel journaling is nothing but a conversation with your memory, and you know exactly how to talk to yourself!

It doesn’t matter if you wouldn’t want to publish it as a memoir or that other people wouldn’t understand what you’re trying to say, because you’re the only audience!

Trust me, as a professional writer of sorts, the things that I write publicly–even in more personal blog posts like this –are not nearly as unguarded as the conversations I have with myself when preserving my own travel memories.

kate storm standing on top of a staircase of books at libreria acqua alta venice italy

Don’t edit yourself.

This goes somewhat with what I wrote about being a “good” writer, but it’s a solid tip for travel journaling even if you’re a very confident one.

Each of us sees the world in a completely unique way and will use entirely different experiences and criteria to jog our memories.

If none of the travel journal prompts in this blog post speak to you, ignore them.

Write about literally anything you like–anything that speaks to how you experienced your day.

The uniqueness of how we each see the world is never more obvious to me than when I compare the things that Jeremy writes in his travel journal to what I write in mine–many times, we each remember things that the other person didn’t even notice!

person writing travel journal examples in a notebook with laptop open

Save more than words.

Ticket stubs, brochures, boarding passes, postcards, even foreign currency–anything small and tactile that you can tuck into your travel journal is a fantastic addition.

If you print out any photos along the way or purchase any of the cheesy-but-fun souvenir photos for sale around the world, those can be great components of a travel diary, too.

Full maps are often too big to save in a traditional travel journal, but you can save them separately–or cut out your favorite section(s) and place them in your journal!

Kate Storm in a black coat standing on a brick footbridge in Brugesduring a trip to Belgium

Sadly, the ink on receipts tends to fade within a couple of years, but you can try storing a few memorable ones for a while as well.

Depending on your travel journaling style and how much you collect, you may want to tape these extra items to individual pages or keep them tucked into a separate pouch (cheap and fun cloth zip pouches can be found at souvenir markets across the world–maybe you can buy one along the way!).

For something more fun than basic tape, buy a few souvenir stickers along the way and use those to secure your mementos to the page!

Second Trip to Paris: Books on Banks of the Seine

Avoid spiral notebooks.

If you want a very inexpensive place to save your memories, opt for a composition notebook over a spiral one–trust me.

Between the spirals being pulled out of place from being moved around so much during your adventures to the fact that they’ll scratch up anything they’re stored near (like your laptop, for example), they’re just not worth the trouble.

I learned this lesson the hard way and will never use a spiral notebook (without a cover, that is) for anything while traveling again!

young woman writing travel writing prompts in the mountains

Always keep your travel journal in your carry-on.

I’ll admit, I’ve broken this rule before, but it’s terrifying checking your travel journal–especially when, like my current one, it contains years worth of irreplaceable memories.

Much better to keep careful watch over it in your carry-on/hand luggage!

Kate Storm wearing a brown coat and blue backpack, looking up at a departures board in an airport. Her purse holds some of her long haul flight essentials!

Wondering what exactly to write down in your travel diary?

These travel journal writing prompts will get you started!

Choose any of these travel journal topic examples from below and expand upon it in detail, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself jotting down details of memories that would otherwise be lost to time.

As always, the point of travel writing prompts like this isn’t to limit what you write–it’s to provide a jumping-off point.

If you find yourself veering off in a different direction after a few sentences, just roll with it!

woman writing a travel diary using travel journal prompts at a table with coffee and flowers

What did you do today that you’ve never done before?

Make a list of everything you bought today, from food items to metro tickets.

Describe the most memorable person you interacted with today.

What was your favorite thing you ate today?

Full Irish breakfast served in Dublin, one of the best things to try when looking for the best food in Ireland

What new thing did you learn today? How did you learn it?

Describe your morning routine in detail: what was different from home?

What was your most memorable form of transport today?

What animals did you see or interact with today?

ranger storm sitting in a square in savannah georgia

What was the weather like? How did it impact your day?

What were you wearing today? How did it impact your day?

Did you use any words in a language you don’t speak today? What were they?

What’s the big news where you are right now? Is it the same as at home?

Jeremy Storm climbing a pyramid at the Becan Ruins in Mexico, wearing a black t shirt and pulling on a rope for support

What’s the funniest thing that happened today?

What’s the most memorable thing that you physically touched today?

What did you eat for breakfast?

Look up, and describe everything that you see in detail.

kate storm standing in front of 3 blue domes on Santorini, Honeymoon in Santorini

If you took a tour: describe your tour guide, including their name!

What did you do today that you didn’t expect to do before your trip?

What’s an interesting story or legend from your destination?

Describe your route from where you’re staying to your first destination of the day.

One Day in Paris: Metro Sign

What’s your favorite word to say in the language of your destination?

What was your least favorite moment of the day?

What was the most surprising thing you saw today?

What interesting conversation did you overhear today?

cozy cafe with coffee and a leather chair in iceland, a great place to try out travel journal prompts and other travel journal ideas

None of these travel journal ideas or prompts speak to you?

Have something different in mind?

There’s no wrong way to keep a travel diary–whatever feels right when you’re on the road, that’s the best travel journal for you.

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two photos of travel journal examples, black and red text on a white background reads "33 travle journal ideas and prompts"

About Kate Storm

Image of the author, Kate Storm

In May 2016, I left my suburban life in the USA and became a full-time traveler. Since then, I have visited 50+ countries on 5 continents and lived in Portugal, developing a special love of traveling in Europe (especially Italy) along the way. Today, along with my husband Jeremy and dog Ranger, I’m working toward my eventual goal of splitting my life between Europe and the USA.

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Our experts at Good Housekeeping Institute extended our expertise in the best photo book makers and best wedding planning books to research the best travel journals, a category we have not yet formally tested. We rounded up the best travel journals of 2023, whether you want a self-designed bullet journal or a notebook with fun maps and stickers. At the end of our list, you can find advice on how to start your travel journal as well as read more about why you can trust Good Housekeeping. And if you have a frequent traveler in your life besides yourself, check out our guide to the best travel gift ideas (although a journal is a great idea too!).

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Moleskine Traveller's Journal

Traveller's Journal

Moleskine, the established brand that has been around for over two decades, is synonymous with traditional, high quality notebooks — and this travel-specific journal is no different. There are three sections for a travel wish list, short trips and long trips plus two sheets of stickers and a ribbon bookmark. The journal has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon across over 3,200 consumer ratings. One five-star review calls this notebook "the traveler's best friend," and notes how helpful it can be to keep track of places, restaurants and sites so you don't forget.

Compendium Everywhere You Go

Everywhere You Go

We have included travel journals on this list that have prompts but none like the unexpected ones in this notebook that will get your creative wheels turning. The questions may catch you off guard, but prompt thoughtful reflection: they range from "If this place had a perfume, it would smell like..." to, "If this place had a soundtrack, these songs would be on it." The notebook is Amazon's Choice and has a 4.5-star rating, with multiple customers calling it the perfect gift for the traveler in your life, whether you need a gift for a teen or a present for a thirtieth birthday .

Duncan & Stone Paper Co. World Trip Adventure Book

World Trip Adventure Book

An almost-perfect five-star rating on Amazon and the titular Amazon's Choice badge is enough to make you add this travel journal to your cart. The layflat design makes it easy to open and write on, and you'll have enough pages to reflect on 15 trips plus a back pocket for extra photos and blank pages for notes and random musings. What we love most about this journal are the helpful prompts that guide newbies through the process of journaling, with questions like "Where did you stay?." and "Something I learned from this destination/culture..." From basic to more thought-provoking questions, you'll have a boost of inspiration to help you document your journey.

Peter Pauper Press Page-A-Day

Journals can ring in at a variety of prices, but you can find a great travel journal for under $10 that will still give you enough space to write about your wanderings around the world. This leather-bound journal dedicates one page to each day of your trip, with spaces to add in the date, location and weather conditions (we especially like the delicate drawings for types of participation which you can circle with your pencil or pen). Dotted lines on the page will keep your entries neat and organized and an included ribbon bookmark will keep track of where you left off last. Even though this journal is pretty basic in design and on the smaller side, we think it's a great option for someone who doesn't want to spend too much on their first travel journal.

Deanna Didzun The Traveler's Playbook: A World Travel Journal

The Traveler's Playbook: A World Travel Journal

Journaling of any kind can be intimidating as you don't always know where to start — even a notebook with guiding prompts can lead to partial writer's block. If this sounds like you, then opting for a book that has more structure and a variety of templates is the way to go. This popular travel journal has a 4.3-star rating on Uncommon Goods is designed by explorer Deanna Didzun who created illustrations and lists to help jog your memory of your most recent journey. You can give overall star ratings for each destination and write down food and drink highlights if you so please.

DesignWorks Ink Suede Travel Journal

Suede Travel Journal

If you or a friend is traveling to Santorini, Mexico and/or Sydney in the near future, you may want to opt for this travel journal inspired by each of those stunning cities. You can add personal information in the first page of the notebook and the 240 pages are lined with spaces to include the subject and date. Although the journal does not include prompts or templates, we love the eye-catching gold design and appreciate the ribbon bookmark to keep track of your last entry.

JB Leather Personalized Travel Notebook

Personalized Travel Notebook

For a personalized touch, this pick lets you choose from over 1,000 charm and stamp combinations including astrological charms, meaningful quotes and more . There are also three different vegan leather hues to choose from: cinnamon, cedar and sandy brown. The notebook has 18 plastic card slots, a zippered pocket for storage and a total of 152 lined pages. You can also refill the notebook as you cross places off your travel wish list. A best-seller on Etsy with a perfect five-star rating, this customizable notebook is popular among customers. Multiple reviews comment on the fast delivery, and its high-quality, beautiful appearance.

Transient Books Custom Travel Journal for Kids

Custom Travel Journal for Kids

With this journal, you can customize the cover color, font and cover map, as well as choose between 100- and 200-page books with lined, unlined and prompts variations. We love the various ways you can personalize this kid-friendly journal, making little ones that more excited to explore new places. The five-star seller has over 3,000 customer reviews on Etsy. And the travel journal doesn't just have to be a gift for the kids: Adult customers also said they enjoyed using the notebook for camping trips and vacations around the globe.

Clever Fox Vacation Planner

Vacation Planner

Amazon's Choice with a 4.6-star rating across over 900 customer reviews, this travel journal comes with more than just a notebook. You'll also get 150+ fun stickers to embellish your entries, plus the journal also has a pocket to hold the pages of stickers and an elastic band for your pen. But what makes this journal really stand out is its extensive range of templates geared towards helping you plan your trip. For five trips, you'll get pages for research and budget, a packing checklist, transportation and accommodation details and an expense tracker, plus a map and more journaling pages. If you like to plan out every detail, this is the perfect travel journal for your needs. We wish you could fit more than five trips in the journal, but for the price, it's a great value.

Extreme Assistants Classic Notebook

Classic Notebook

If you travel a lot, or tend to squish as much as you possibly can into your carry-on (we have all been there), you'll want a durable journal that can withstand being tossed around and bumping against other items in your bag. A faux leather hardcover and thick paper ensure your journal will stay intact as you travel to and fro. The manufacturer adds that the cover is designed to be easy to clean, which is helpful if you are journaling on the airplane or train and accidentally spill your drink. We also appreciate that you can add a photo or logo to the cover for an element of personalization, especially since the notebook is more basic in style.

PAPERAGE Dotted Journal Notebook

Dotted Journal Notebook

Keeping a bullet journal is a popular trend that can easily translate to an aesthetic yet meaningful travel journal. This popular bullet notebook has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon with over 18 color options to chose from including mustard yellow (pictured), burgundy, lavender, royal blue and more. The 5.7-by-8-inch dotted pages lend themselves to open-ended creativity. While it can be hard to start designing and writing a journal from scratch, you have the benefit of customizing how much space you want for each list or entry.

Mark and Graham Leather Bound World Travel Journal

Leather Bound World Travel Journal

This beautiful leather bound journal not only has pages for writing about your trips, but it also includes full-color maps of major cities plus world weather information, international dialing codes and more. A perfect gift for the international traveler, you can also add a foil debossed monogram to the cover if you want to add a personal flare to the notebook. We wish that the journal was available in more than one color, but the rust orange is a versatile enough choice that will stick out in a dark suitcase or bag.

Glad & Young Studio The Traveler's Journal

The Traveler's Journal

If you have a bookshelf with rows of novels, photo albums and notebooks, you may want an aesthetic-looking travel journal that fits your style. This leather notebook has 60 pages to document your travels, and is available in a neutral shade (pictured) as well as two marbled patterns that are unique to each purchase. We personally love the brightly colored assorted pattern that has swirls of lavender, yellow, fuchsia and blue. The lined pages are great for daily entries and you can also note the day and weather. Note that to clean, you'll want to wipe away and spills or messes with a soft cloth.

Day One Day One

Day One

While the majority of picks on this list are physical journals, you can also document your trips through an app if you prefer a digital format or have minimal space in your luggage . Chief Technologist & Executive Technical Director at the GH Institute Rachel Rothman , says Day One is a solid choice with ample positive reviews from consumers. You can download the app for free on your iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. You'll get one journal for one device with the ability to add a photo per entry, plus templates, export capabilities and tags. If you want unlimited journals, devices and photos plus the option to add videos, audio recordings and more, opt for Day One Premium which rings in at $2.92 per month.

Smythson Travels and Experiences Panama Notebook

Travels and Experiences Panama Notebook

There are journals and then there are journals — and this beautiful handcrafted leather journal falls into the latter category. Bound in crossgrain lambskin and available in a light blue or scarlet red, you'll have 128 pages of lined Featherweight paper to fill. This notebook is all about quality and is designed to last, but with that comes a higher price tag. It would be a great gift for the writer in your life who loves to travel, but given its simple layout and lack of templates other travel journals can have, it may not be splurge-worthy for every traveler.

Polarsteps Travel Tracker

Travel Tracker

Physical journals are not everyone's cup of tea, which is where an app like Polarsteps comes into play. Available for iOS and Android devices, Polarsteps lets travelers track their journeys. You can utilize over 300 helpful guides created by travel editors, as well as use the itinerary planner to dream up your perfect vacation and check the transport planner when unsure of what mode of transportation to use from one destination to another. Once you begin your trip, plot each site you visit and slowly form a personalized map that you can embellish with photos and videos. From there, share your map with friends and family or turn it into a travel book to look back on for years to come.

Peter Pauper Press Kids Travel Journal

Perfect for the adventure-inclined kiddo, this 96-page travel journal lets young travelers record everything from general entries about a trip to a packing list. Kids can even paste in photos, tickets and more and store the rest in the journal's back pocket. The journal is also full of games, maps, helpful phrases in other languages, metric information, quotes and fun facts. Not only is this kid-friendly journal a creative means to document their early adventures, but its accessories encourage international learning.

Leatherology Medium Spiral Snap Journal

Medium Spiral Snap Journal

Available in four hues including black onyx (pictured), brown, azure and lilac, this journal is made from gorgeous dyed leather with light gold hardware. You can choose from a spiral or bound format, but note that the spiral option has 130 perforated pages while the bound journal has 265 ruled sheets (or 128 pages). Regardless of which style you choose, you'll will get the benefit of a snap closure and a built-in pen loop, although the writing utensil is not included. We appreciate the versatility of this journal given the blank pages that let you doodle and write freely over the course of your next trip.

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Traveling Tulls

Eco-Travel in Retirement – Nature and Sustainable Luxury Travel

travel diary ideas

101 Travel Journal Ideas & Creative Prompts to make journaling fun

101 travel journal prompts. image:journals with colored pencils

My mother insisted we keep a journal on our childhood trips. I love looking through those travel logs, seeing my little girl handwriting and reading the entries. But even with Mom’s urging, my entries all grow shorter as the trip progressed. Fifty some years and many trips later, I’ve returned to keeping journals, but have come up with journal prompts and fun travel journal ideas to keep up my enthusiasm throughout the trip .

Travel diary beside laptop. Choose the method of journaling you prefer.

This post includes affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking on one of these links. Unless noted, we have not received products for review. We suggest items we have enjoyed and hope you will too.

A travel journal is one of the best souvenirs you can bring home. In it you capture feelings and travel memories as they happen. Opening that journal years later will transport you back to that trip and let you savor the experience all over again. But that is IF you are diligent in keeping your journal. Many of us begin with enthusiasm, only to drop off as the week goes on. It’s not easy to begin writing at the end of a long day of touring.

Table of Contents

Find a style and create a schedule to keep you on track.

Travel journal ideas: the medium.

Consider a format that works best for you. Some enjoy the traditional travel diary, but some are more comfortable using technology for their notes. A video diary might be the best travel journal for you!

image of phone camera amalfi coast

Journaling with technology – platforms and apps

A plus for using technology for journaling is luggage space. You already have your phone, so there’s nothing more to pack!

Mobile device apps for journaling

  • note taking apps . Tried and true apps like Evernote , OneNote, or Google Keep , are easy to use for your personal journal entries. If you use these at home, you’ll feel comfortable using them on the road.
  • We recommend: Polarsteps – tracks your trip on a map with images and brief captions. This app has a private option which is great. Travel photo books can be created after your trip. (We haven’t tried the photo books so cannot comment on quality.)
  • another popular and well-reviewed app is Journi’s Travel Blog which also allows for a printed book after the trip.
  • itinerary based apps . These allow you to upload information ahead of time re. flights, hotels, etc. and you’ll get notifications if there’s a change in plans. These are great for staying organized on a long trip . Some of these will allow you to add notes, eg., journal-like comments as you travel.

Blogging platforms for journaling

  • Set up a simple blog –, blogger, etc. offer free blog options. It’s easier than you might think to set up your blog, and you can easily share with friends and family. Again, try this at home before you go. (Be forewarned… this website started as a way to keep in touch with family on a trip to Egypt in 2012 …)

I try to write on my WordPress itinerary blog at the end of each day. If I’m really tired, I dictate my thoughts from my phone. Fortunately, these late-night ramblings go into the private blog until I’ve had a chance to review and correct any mistakes. (The transcription of the dictation is often strange, so enjoy a laugh, but remember to edit.) I also carry a notebook, for quick entries and information. The important thing is to try to preserve those memories. More on that later!

Say yes to new adventures - travel journal prompts and ideas

Paper travel journals

Some people just prefer the feel of paper and pen. And most of us know it’s smart to carry paper documentation in case phone batteries die, or there’s no internet available.

There are many options for buying a travel diary . The benefits of a printed journal is that the pages are preformatted and often include pages for contact info, itinerary, etc.. It’s easy to just pick up the journal and begin to write.

But consider designing your own travel journal. Creating a trip journal is a great option for filling those exciting weeks before your trip. Your journal can be as detailed or as freewheeling as you like it. With your own self-created book, you will not end up with empty pages reminding you when you hadn’t the time or inclination to write every day.

a variety of simple notebooks made into travel diaries.

How to set up your own travel journal

  • Choose a notebook. Use one you have at home or buy something special. To save space I use either a Field Notes book for a short trip, or a Leuchtturm 1917 A6 notebook for a longer, more important adventure. Both of these are small enough to fit easily into my bag. But if space isn’t a problem, choose a larger traveler’s notebook or similar.
  • Outline the pages you’d like to include. Suggestions: index page, itinerary, contact info, a world map, etc.
  • If you plan to keep a travel diary in your book, designate blank pages ahead of time. Note any travel prompts you think you’d like to write about on a back page to refer to as you go. Leave space for travel photos you can add later.
  • Decorate as much or as little as you choose! I’m not artistic, so I personalize my journal with washi tape and 1-2 stickers before the trip and add any cute stamps or stickers I come across while traveling.

Keep going: strategies to encourage journaling

Ok. So, you’ve got the journal. Now how to stay motivated to write in it?

Add some lists, prompts, and fun activity pages to your book. Some of these ideas only require checkmarks or quick dashed off notes. But knowing you need to check off that place, or write what you had for supper, will keep you coming back to the journal.

If you’re artistic, bring sketching materials, use paint, and fill your pages with images. No room for colored pencils and paints? A multi-colored pen takes up little space and will brighten your pages.

If you’re a collector, adding ticket stubs or postcards is a great way to preserve a memory. Bring along a glue stick if there’s room in your luggage. These little details will be fun to see in years to come.

Travel journal ideas and prompts to make keeping a travel diary fun.

101 Travel Journal Prompts

Some people are naturally creative. They need no suggestions for their evening journaling. But for most of us, it’s helpful to have some writing prompts to get us started. Here are some of my favorites:

Important information for your journal’s front pages

Be sure to share your travel plans with a family member before leaving home!

  • Your travel itinerary
  • Transportation and Flight details
  • Accommodations with address and contact information
  • Booked tours and guides with contact information

Travel Planning and Brainstorming Lists

  • Your packing list and pre-trip to-do list
  • Your destination bucket list? What are you most excited about doing or seeing?
  • Foods and drinks you want to try
  • Travel budget & ongoing expenses
  • Souvenirs you plan to buy and for who (leave room for spontaneous purchases)
  • Books (or movies) about your destination.
  • Some basic words in the language – please, thank you, etc.
  • Cultural customs to understand and respect.
  • What advice have you read or been given about your destination?
  • Inspirational quotes: your favorites or something you hear and want to remember.
  • Plan a playlist for your trip.

Destination bucket list - a travel journal prompt in every trip diary.

Travel journal prompts: on your way

These are great prompts to work on during those never-ending days before the trip, or on the flight.

  • Facts about your destination
  • What are your expectations of the destination or experience?
  • What made you choose this destination?
  • What part of this trip have you enjoyed planning for the most?
  • Have there been any pre-trip disasters? 
  • Is there anything about the trip that worries you or makes you anxious?
  • What do you want to learn on this adventure?
  • How will you prioritize your health while you are traveling?
  • Make a list of things you can do for self-care while on the trip.
  • What an essential thing you pack that you will never travel without?

Add a map to your travel journal and other travel journal ideas.

Daily prompts for your travel journal

  • Gratitude pages (or add a bit of gratitude to every day’s entry)
  • How did you travel to your destination?
  • What was your first reaction upon arrival in this new place- joy, surprise, disappointment?
  • What did you do today?
  • What will be your favorite memory of this day?
  • What was the most amazing thing you did today?
  • Did anything embarrassing happen today?
  • What made you laugh today? Or was there something that made you cry?
  • Was there an uncomfortable or difficult moment today? How did you handle it? 
  • Did you try something new today? If you’re on a big trip, you could designate a whole page in the journal for new experiences!
  • What’s the biggest challenge about being in this destination?
  • What did you eat today? Did you try a local delicacy?
  • Are you maintaining a balanced diet? How does it make you feel?
  • Did you meet some interesting people today? What did you talk about? If you think you’d like to keep up with them, make a note of their contact information or tuck business cards into your journal.
  • Did anything go wrong today? How was it resolved and how did you react?
  • What cultural experience did you experience today? How did it impact you?
  • What makes this place similar or different from your home?
  • Is your destination being affected by any current events? How is it impacting your trip
  • Do a self-check. Are you feeling relaxed and happy or tired and stressed?
  • What exercise did you get today? How many steps have you logged? 
  • Did you take time for self-care today? How will you prioritize yourself tomorrow?
  • What did you do today that energized you? What drained your energy?
  • What did you wear today? Make a list of what you packed and check items off as you wear them. See what can be left at home next trip.
  • Make a timeline of your day.
  • What local traditions might you like to adopt at home.
  • Consider the environment at your destination? Is there a problem with litter or smog? What is being done to fix this.
  • What challenges are the local people facing?
  • How do the locals live? What’s the top industry?
  • Make a prompt based on your hobbies, e.g. Wines you’ve tasted, art museums you’re visiting…
  • What’s working for you on this trip? Do you like the pace of travel? The people you’re with?
  • Describe your hotel/accommodation as if you were reviewing it for Travel and Leisure
  • Make a list of the interesting animals and wildlife you see on the trip. This is one of my favorite things to keep track of in my journal.
  • Travel stats: distance traveled, weather, etc.
  • What can’t you wait to share with your friends back home?
  • What music have you listened to today?

Creating sketches in your travel journal is a fun was to capture a scene.

Some creative travel journal ideas to keep things fun

  • Describe where you are in right now using as many of your senses as you can.
  • Draw a famous landmark you saw today.
  • Sketch the inside of your hotel room or the view out the window.
  • Share a story or legend about your destination.
  • If you were to write a book about this trip, what would the title be?
  • Draw a map of your travels.
  • Make a rainbow or an ABC page – (these is a fun travel journal ideas if you’re traveling with kids!) Note things you see of every color in the rainbow (or every color of the alphabet), take pictures, or sketch what you saw.
  • Make a photography (or wildlife) BINGO game .

Make journaling easy with prompts and creative ideas

Travel reflections

  • What advice do you have for others who visit here?
  • What is something special to do here that isn’t in the tour guide?
  • What was the most memorable meal from the trip?
  • What were the favorite places you visited during the trip?
  • Make a list of all the places you stayed.
  • Words you’ve learned in the local language. Or regional expressions!
  • What is the biggest lesson that this trip taught you? 
  • Am you any different when you travel? Do you have more or less – energy, creativity, irritability, etc.?
  • What is something you did that you are proud of?
  • What local traditions resonated with you most?
  • What about life here is better than life at home?
  • What are you most grateful for about this trip?
  • Was there a moment that impacted you more than you expected?
  • What do you miss most from home?
  • Do you think this trip will change your life for the better? Will tourism help the community you’re visiting? 
  • Could you live in this foreign country? Would you like to?
  • What advice have you been told by a local while on this trip? Can you apply it to your life?

101 travel journal prompts including creative ideas like maps and sketches.

Travel journal prompts: after the trip

Some ideas to reflect on during your flight home.

  • What is something new you learned from this trip?
  • Is there anything about this trip that didn’t meet your expectations?
  • What was the highlight of your trip?
  • What was the worst thing that happened on your trip?
  • Would you visit here again?
  • Is there anything you would do differently next time you visit? Experiences you missed or style of travel?
  • Has your perception of the destination changed because of this trip?
  • Has this trip inspired you to make changes in your life at home?
  • What did you wish you’d pack and what could have been left at home?
  • What has been the most rewarding travel experience of your life?
  • If you could go on a trip with anyone, who would you go with and where would you go? 
  • What is a fear you’ve overcome while traveling? How?
  • What have you learned about travel that will impact how you travel next and how?
  • How has your travel (past and present) changed you? 
  • Did this trip challenge your limits physically or put you out of your comfort zone? Will you make changes on your next vacation?
  • Where do you plan to go next?

BINGO – A fun idea for your travel journal – photography, wildlife sightings, etc.

travel journal ideas - create a photo challenge

One of our favorite travel journal pages is the bingo page. You’ll probably remember this from the road trips we took as kids where we checked off signs or other roadside things to make BINGO.

As we love to take pictures when we travel, I make a photography game. This can be an individual challenge or a competition among traveling companions. Though in my travel I’m usually doing this solo, the benefit of the photography game is that it encourages me to look at my surroundings in a deeper way. As my game ‘card’ get filled up, I find myself focusing on finding that elusive image. This is a creative and fun idea to include in your own journal.

Create your own photography challenge

  • simple things – sunsets, hotel room, or food
  • artistic ideas – black & white, close-ups, or low light
  • things that elicits a feeling – funny signs or something scary.
  • randomize the list (we have our list in excel which has a randomize option but you can do it manually just by mixing up your list)
  • create ‘bingo’ cards in your journal, with 5 or 6 squares across and down.
  • write the list, as randomized, on as many ‘cards’ as there are participants. (everyone’s card should be different)
  • at the end of each day, or when you’ve got some downtime, fill in the boxes where you’ve captured images. See who gets bingo first!

If you’re not a photographer, you can do this with highway sightings or whatever. On our recent safari we made grids of animals and birds we hoped to see.

author's travel journal from Africa, a favorite keepsake.

Travel Journal Ideas – make it easy, make it personal

Whatever medium you choose, make it something that you’ll enjoy, that will add to the trip, and not become a burden. Keep it close, so you can note things in it when there’s quiet time. Air travel is a great time to work on it.

I hope I’ve given you suggestions that will make keeping a travel journal easy and relevant. Remember, this journal is for you. Have fun!

For more suggestions, Megan from Cullessense has a great list of travel journal ideas .

Do you keep a travel log when you travel? What do you do to keep your interest from flagging? We’d love to add your suggestions into our next travel diary!

This post is part of our Travel 101 series of posts that will prepare you for your trip.

Creative travel journal ideas and prompts

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Amy’s dedication to sustainable travel practices, including efficient packing techniques, ensures that every adventure leaves a positive impact on both the environment and the traveler's well-being. Trust Amy to guide you towards meaningful and eco-friendly travel, making the most of your retirement years.

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Love the Photo Bingo Challenge! I’ll definitely be adding this to my own travel journals

Wrote a similar post not long time ago. Wish I was more organized when writing my journal

I’ve never been successful at keeping a regular journal. But I so enjoy making my own travel journal that I keep at it.

I need to do more of this! If only to remember for when I come to writing blog posts and knowing what the heck that photo is of! Inspired! Alison

Yes!! I use excerpts from my journal if we make a photo book after the trip. It’s interesting sometimes to read things that we’d completely forgotten.

Great post! I made a paper journal last year but got addicted to putting so much into it that it got too heavy to carry!

Ha ha! I love that! We do tend to accumulate as we travel, don’t we?

Yes it’s terrible!!

I do a mix of several things (paper notebook, notes on phone, journaling on my tablet with keyboard) and yet, I am not always successful at getting it all down so I can write about it later. The best laid plans… One thing I do that helps me is that I take more photos than you might think necessary of things like signs explaining the site we are seeing or of menus in restaurants. This helps with reference later.

I am going to start doing this! Will come in very useful when I am trying to recall details of when I was “there”!

I do keep a paper travel notebook, but it’s very basic, more my thoughts and impressions on the road rather than a journal. You have given me some great ideas to make more of my on the road notes – thank you.

Great! Let me know if you come up with other good ideas!

Wow! a lot of interesting ideas. Thanks for sharing!

This is something I majorly struggle with when traveling. I like that you included the various mediums because sometimes I feel like “journaling” is more paper. Thank you. I am going to try some of these strategies during my next big trip.

I struggle too. I really, really try to get down thoughts at the end of each day, but sometimes I’m just too tired. That’s why I like having easy options in my journal to just jot something down quick.

I really love journaling. But with no success. I would follow yours. Thanks a lot!

I think as travel bloggers we are all biased by the fact that we enjoy writing. I finished a full notebook on my last trip, while for some people in my group, keeping a journal ment only to write what they ate and what they saw. And… I am a classy journalist (?), only paper, and then once I am back I write on the blog a less chaotic version of it. Love this type of posts! Thanks for sharing =)

That’s amazing! I do a great job most days but there are times when I lag behind and just jot down a few things. I wish I wrote down what I ate!

Some great ideas here Amy. We take a lot of photos and videos but I am afraid I have never bee ngreat about taking detailed notes. I like your idea of dictating them. Even though mine would likely be rambling musings it would help sort things out later on.

I love this post – I really struggle with journalling, I always go on and off. Lots of great ideas – I am going to try some out for my NY resolutions next year 🙂

When I first started travelling I kept paper journals. But the photos were in a separate place. I finally decided I wanted to bring the words and pics together and created a blog to do that. We still create a planning journal that capture all of our travel plans, things to see and do, photo ideas, contacts and more. Some good ideas here for blog topics.

That’s how this blog got started too! But, like you, I still carry a small notebook.

I do love to have a travel journal and it has to be a new one for every trip. I love that photo bingo idea, thats cool!

I create a travel journal as a planning guide before we travel listing what we must do and what is optional. Then comes the photos. I download the pics at the end of every day under the rightly named folder. That makes it easier later when we are writing blogs. I also tried the voice recording in our Australia trip at every destination. Thanks for the tips. 🙂

I love, love, love this post! I always bring a journal with me and recently spent about 2 hours journaling in the Rodin sculpture garden in Paris. One of my favorite prompts is “Has this trip inspired you to make changes in your life at home?” which, to me, is sort of the essence of traveling. I’ll definitely use some of these on my next trip.

Thanks Amber! What a wonderful place to journal!

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101 Travel Journal Ideas: Page Examples, Inspiration & Prompts

Use these 101 travel journal ideas as prompts and inspiration to fill your travel journal no matter where your next adventure might be.

' src=

These 101 Travel Journal ideas will help you fill up a notebook of all sorts of adventures – whether it’s an exotic voyage or the everyday journey in life. 

And of course, please, please, please DO NOT feel like you have to do every single thing I put on this list – especially all in one journal. {That would be one awfully big, heavy book to lug around!} 

Whether you’re off to a grand exotic adventure, dreaming of places you want to go or maybe just enjoying a stay-cation and local points of interest, I hope you will find this post of travel journal ideas inspiring to document your next creative adventure.

101 Travel Journal Ideas: What to Put in a Traveler’s Notebook

1. start with a map.

Maps are always great in a journal. You can paste or tape them in or even make pockets and envelopes with them. Drawing maps can be a lot of fun also.

There are also a lot of ways to get maps:

  • Google Maps: You could even print out a satellite/street view version or the directions.
  • Maps Category on Wikimedia Commons : Lots of great free maps you can download and print out.
  • Old Books & Atlases: If you have an old set of encyclopedias that’s way outdated and not of collector value, there are likely a lot of great maps to use in your journals. I love finding an old atlas at the thrift store or book sales.
  • Marketing Maps: Many welcome centers, tourist agencies and travel rest stops have all sorts of maps available in marketing brochures. 

Staying local? Why not make a map of where you live? It could be your neighborhood, the backyard or even your kitchen. Doodles and sketches are perfectly 100% awesome here.

Another idea is to cut out shapes from old outdated maps you have. I sometimes buy old atlases and books with maps just for this purpose! These hearts shown below were cut out using a heart shaped punch similar to this one on Amazon .

I love scrapbook punches for so many different things in my art journals – you don’t even need that many of them and you can get perfect cut-outs anytime. These are great to make in advance before you travel somewhere – and you can get all sorts of different shapes! Circles, tags, you name it.

SICOHOME Paper Punches,Pack of 3,Heart,Circle,Star

2. Can’t Decide Where to Go? Make a Mind Map

As creative people, making plans and staying organized is sometimes a challenge. I know when I go anywhere it sometimes feels overwhelming to keep track of all the details or even just decide what I want to do. Sometimes I don’t even know where I want to go or what I want to do. 

Mind Maps are great for easily mapping out ideas, dreams, plans, thoughts – especially if you’re not sure how to really organize them. You can draw them out on paper or even use mindmap software to create one you like and then print out and decorate.

Sometimes just making a mind map of an ordinary place can be fun – this mindmap of things to do in Ohio actually makes me excited to go there this summer. {Living next door in PA sometimes causes me to take all the neat things to explore in Ohio for granted.}

Even if you’re only going as far as your imagination, a mind map is a great way to explore all sorts of different ideas and concepts.

3. Packing List & Trip Prep

If you are using your travel journal as part planner, part journal, making a packing list and a to-do list before leaving is a great idea.

This is not only practical, as it will hopefully help you remember everything, but it can also help document some of the excitement and anticipation for the trip before you even arrive at your destination.

4. What’s In Your Bag?

While similar to a packing list, it can sometimes be fun to either snap a quick photo or sketch and doodle a picture of your suitcase and bags.

This can also be a fun way to document different day trips – it’s always interesting to see what sorts of things you consider essential to carry with you – especially if you find yourself looking back 5 – 10 years later. I am still in awe that fanny packs are coming back in style . 

5. Make a Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of all the things you want to do. Maybe this is a list for while you are at a specific location for a period of time – or this could even be a list of all the different places you want to visit during your lifetime.

Some of the examples of things you could create for a bucket list:

  • Places you want to go
  • Region Specific Foods you want to try
  • Things you want to do
  • People you hope to see 

6. Found Things: Collecting Ephemera & Other Treasures

Lately I’ve been keeping my eyes on the ground whenever we go places. I’ve found all sorts of very interesting things by keeping my eyes and my head open to finding stuff at random.

I’ve found old coins and pennies, tokens, dropped business cards – all sorts of interesting stuff. A lot of times people may think this stuff is just trash, but if it’s flat enough it can fit into a journal and a great way to document things you’ve encountered while out exploring the world. You never know what you might find on a sidewalk.

7. Save Those Receipts

Receipts are a great way to keep track of different things you do and need during your trip. Maybe you need a special airline approved travel bag you buy before the trip, or it’s the receipt for lunch at that adorable sea-side cafe you stumbled across.

Usually these sorts of things also have geographic information printed on them, so it can make even the national/international chains a little more interesting.

I always joke that doesn’t matter where we go or how well I plan I usually end up at a Wal-mart buying supplies we forgot – but hey, at least it’s fun to see your Wal-mart receipt has a different city and state printed on it. 

8. Attach an Envelope or Pocket for Collecting & Storing Supplies 

Speaking of ephemera and found things, another great idea for things to include in your journal is an envelope you can use as storage. The pocket for collage supplies is one of my favorite things about Dylusions Art Journals – so handy for holding stuff!

Since most of my journals are either 7×10″ or 6×9″,  I like to use the 6×9″ mailing envelopes and glue them or tape them into my notebooks and journals to use as a pocket for holding stuff. They are great for fitting all sorts of paper scraps and other things you might find on the trip!

If you are like me and realize what a deal it is to buy 100 clasp envelopes on Amazon , you can use the envelopes to make many, many more junk journals and art journals in the future! 

Simple Stories 6x8-inch Page Protectors with (2) 4x6-inch Divided Pockets, 10-Pack

Beyond just envelopes, there are also a lot of other ways to display and store things inside of a journal, and one of the great things to use for this are the pocket page protectors often used in pocket scrapbooks.

If you are trying to keep things small and simple while traveling, Simple Stories is one brand with a wide variety of differently configured 6×8″ Pocket Page Protectors that can be a great way to hold and display items you might find in your adventures. Bonus : No glue stick needed. 

Field Artist Pro 12HP Urban Series - Complete Travel Watercolor Set with 12 Half pan Colors and Travel Brush, and a Classic Metal Field Box, All fits in Your Pocket!

9. Keep a Record/Log of Daily Events

I know sometimes when I actually DO go on a real vacation, I don’t always have time to keep track of everything we do. One good way to get around this, without necessarily having to write a whole lot or spend the day drawing and gluing things in the book is to keep a very simple log each day. 

This doesn’t have to be elaborate. Keep it simple – use the actual date or the day of the week and challenge yourself to j ust write one word for each day . This will help you remember details of the trip long after it happens. 

  • Monday – Beach
  • Tuesday – Friends
  • Wednesday – Museum

Keeping a log helps you remember things so that you can continue to fill the book up with memories and ephemera from the trip long after you return.

10. Method of Travel: Document Your Transportation

There are plenty of ways to get from one place to another. You can ride a bus, take a train, or fly up high in a fancy jet plane! 

Once you arrive at your destination, there can also be a lot of additional things to note about getting around town, especially if you are traveling somewhere that drives on opposite sides of the street or relies primarily on bicycles or scooters for transportation. 

All of these things make for great ideas for stuff to doodle, sketch, and write about!

11. Accommodations – Where Are You Sleeping?

Whether you’re staying in a hotel, airBNB, fancy resort or maybe your RV, there are plenty of things to document about where you are staying during the trip. 

Some ideas for ephemera might be brochures, print-outs of your reservation confirmation, map directions to the location. You can also always do a sketch of your room or view out the window. 

12. How’s the Weather?

Weather is one of those things that might be considered “small talk” but it’s also something I know can really influence what types of activities we do when we are on a trip.

We do a lot of camping – so if it’s warm and sunny, you’ll find us hiking, kayaking, and fishing. If it’s rainy, you might find us playing card games, visiting shops, or checking out area museums.

Sometimes bad weather can even make a trip more fun than expected – you might check out something new you ordinarily would have skipped, or maybe you will come home with a funny story of events.

You can record different weather events bullet journal style in your notebook or just draw different weather related symbols whenever you jot down any notes.

13. First Impressions – Any surprises?

Once you arrive at your destination, take a note of some of the things you notice right away or any different thoughts you might have about the trip there so far. This is especially a good idea if you are going somewhere completely new that is not like anything you have done before.

You might also want to take note of what expectations you had prior to leaving the trip – Is there anything that surprised you once you got there? Did you over estimate or under estimate what it might be like? Sometimes the anticipation before a trip can be much different than the actual reality once you get there!

14. Paint Backgrounds in Advance to Pack Less Art Supplies

Something I like to do in art journals when I’m traveling is to paint the pages before I go with acrylic paints I like to use. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate – maybe some simple stripes for writing on, or you can even use by block-by-block art journal technique to prep different page sections in advance.

This gives your pages a nice background and start for any type of journaling or doodles – and you don’t have the hassle of having to pack or carry around a whole lot of supplies. All you need from there is a couple of favorite pens and maybe a glue stick.

15. Try Watercolors for Compact & Portable Art Supplies

If you do want to paint while you are on your trip, a set of travel watercolors is a great option because they are generally very compact and easy to clean up and carry around – some pocket field sets could literally fit in your pocket and are smaller than most cell phones!

Watercolors are a great fun way to give your pages a little hint of color – and of course you can always use the opportunity to try out some new and different watercolor painting techniques !

16. Portrait Sketches

Meeting new people, or sometimes just seeing new people can be very inspiring to practice sketching different portrait drawing techniques. 

Portraits of new faces and people can be a great way to practice and hone in on your skills in drawing and painting faces – it can also serve as a springboard for additional art to make even when you return from the trip.

If the idea of sketching or painting a portrait makes you nervous, do not worry – there are lots of great resources to help you out here, like Mixed Media Portraits With Pam Carriker – Jane Davenport also has lots of great books such as this one which can be a wonderful resource to start with.

Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces: A Mixed-Media Portrait Workshop

17. Draw & Sketch Landmarks

No matter where you go, there are sure to be landmarks. These can be great sources of inspiration for stories and drawing practice. 

Some landmarks are famous {such as The Statue of Liberty in NYC or The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City} – other landmarks are more of directional markers or might have personal significance to you. One example is a water tower we always look for when we drive past it on the highway.

18. Architecture

Wherever you find yourself, take some time to notice different architectural details such as windows, doors, gates, fences and roofs. Make a page inspired by the different things you see! This can be a detailed sketch or simply a whimsical doodle like the photo shown above.

19. Make a Cityscape

After you pay some attention to the different architectural details, it can be fun to incorporate this into cityscape art.

It can be a very fun challenge to recreate a drawing or doodle of the places you visit in your journals, and of course you can always combine these with other drawings or collage and ephemera.

Many of the Watercolor Doodle Cities here and other city-inspired paintings I make start from inspiration from real-life cities and towns I’ve visited.

20. Capture the Landscape

Sketching or painting the landscape can be a wonderful way to document all the beautiful views in nature. You can also photograph these scenes to inspire you to make more art when you get back home.

Maybe it’s an early morning sunrise or a field you drive past on the highway, the waves at the beach or even the way the mountains look in the distance.

21. Use Whatever You Can Find for Art Supplies  

I like to pack light when I’m traveling, and so that usually means sadly most of my art supplies have to stay at home. The good news is the lack of supplies can push you to try using everyday materials in creative ways.

For example, say you go out for tea – you can use the tea in your cup or a used tea bag to create tea stains on your papers. {Just be careful not to smear any ink from pens unless that is your desired effect!}

Over the years I’ve used all sorts of things to create with in my journal beyond traditional materials. A dandelion can often be used to get yellow coloring on paper – you could even use makeup like lipstick or eye shadow and blush on your pages.

22. Pay Attention to Special Events & Holidays

While you don’t need a special event or holiday as an excuse to explore the world, often times we do go places depending on the season and traditions we like to celebrate. 

If your journaling happens to fall around a certain holiday or you attend a special event in your adventures, there can be all sorts of seasonal things you can add onto your pages – hearts for Valentine’s Day, Flowers in the Spring, Pumpkins for Halloween, Christmas Decorations, etc.

23. Everybody Eats: Food is Never Ending Inspiration

There are some places I would visit again just with the sole purpose of eating amazing food. Food also makes for an endless source of things to put in your journal. You might not need to record every single meal or snack, but if you enjoy something good – make a note of it or use it as inspiration for art.

Another thing you can do, especially if you visit different countries is save food wrappers. Different languages, different wrappers – all these things can easily be added into your journal and will even help you remember what foods and restaurants you like if you should visit that place again.

24. Street Signs & Names

As someone who loves all things words, letters and numbers, I can’t help but feel gravitated towards interesting signs we see in different places. These can be great starting points for drawings, sketches or even things to photograph and add to your pages at a later time.

25. Read any good books?

Sometimes the books we read can inspire our travels – or a book can help us pass the time on a long bus ride or flight. Vacation is also a good time to catch up on books you’ve been wanting to read.

I love books so some of my favorite places to visit while traveling are small bookstores and libraries – I always find some nice treasures that way!

26. Foreign Language

If you’re traveling to a country where English is not the native language, it can be very fun and interesting to find different things that have the country’s language in your journal.

Whenever I’m shopping at used book sales, I often find a lot of foreign language dictionaries. These make for excellent paper backgrounds to use in junk journals, or you can always have fun copying the words to practice your foreign language skills.

Staying local in your own hometown? Have some fun visiting regular mundane places by learning or practicing a different language. 

¡Vamos a cocinar papas en la estufa!

Even a place as mundane your kitchen can be more fun if you learn fun ways to explore it as a traveler. This can also be a great way to help your kids practice their foreign language skills. 

27. Everyday Life

What do the people who call the place you are visiting home everyday? Take some notes, sketches or photos of a day in the life of a local.

Another thing that can be fun to do is to imagine for a moment if this place was your home, and not just a place you were visiting. What might you like or dislike about staying in that one place long-term?

28. What are other tourists doing?

Every time we’ve visited tourist-destination types of places it is always fascinating to watch the other travelers and what they are doing. Maybe you see hundreds of people with cameras, or you see people waiting in line to get their picture taken next to a certain attraction.

29. Trees & Flowers

I spend most of my vacations immersed in nature and I love drawing and painting trees and flowers. You might also want to keep some wax paper in your notebook – this can be a great way to preserve flowers or leaves.

30. Birds of a Feather

When we visit cities I always notice pigeons, and I always see seagulls at the beach. I love photographing ducks! Sometimes places we go have aviaries to visit. When we go camping, we love looking for woodpeckers, cardinals, and other birds.

You can fill your journal with bird related images or just make a list or doodles of the different birds you might encounter.

31. Animals

If you love animals, this is another great source of inspiration while you are traveling. Maybe you go to a nearby zoo, or maybe friends you are staying with have a friendly cat. 

Some places you visit may even have animals you don’t typically see that often. I remember when I visited Toronto in Canada I saw so many moose statues everywhere we went!

32. Notes From History

Most places have historical centers – even small towns often have an interesting past. If you enjoy historical points of interest, there all sorts of ways to incorporate this on your pages.

Use cut outs from brochures or old books, record facts, or even attempt to recreate a scene from history in your journal. This is a great way to use up some of your favorite vintage ephemera also!

33. Famous People / Persons of Interest Who Lived there

Almost every place has people who are famous or played an important role in the history of the area. It can be very interesting to research before you go some different people who have lived in that place – and maybe even tour some of the different things that would have been part of their daily life.

One example of this is when a friend of mine in high school was slightly obsessed with all things Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. She had learned he grew up in boring old Mercer, PA {not so far from the same boring town we lived in} – so we decided to go up one day to check it out.

It was very neat to think hey, here’s this little town in Pennsylvania just like our little town in Pennsylvania, he was a band dork, we were band dorks. It is always neat to see these sorts of places, especially if it someone who is inspiring to you, because in a way you can see the kind of environment that inspired them to become the creative person they are.

34. Music Playlist

Speaking of Trent Reznor – let’s talk about another favorite aspect of traveling for me – plenty of opportunity to listen to music!

I can’t think of a better way to enjoy a long ride than to come prepared with a good music playlist.  If you’re riding passenger on long trips, a good music playlist and a sketchbook is a great way to help pass the time.

I also like to listen to different music that is popular in different areas. It’s way more fun to listen to Blue Grass music if you are in the Mountains of Virgina or a little country music on the city streets of Nashville.

There are so many different types of music around the world, and all of it can be very inspiring to listen to while writing or creating.

Need more ideas for how to incorporate music into your journals? Our list of creative music inspired art prompts can help inspire you!

35. Textures

Make a page about different textures you might encounter on your trip. Maybe it’s the sand between your toes, the concrete on the sidewalks or the familiar softness of your favorite shirt in a place where everything is different. 

You can even optionally include some of these textures into your journal, especially if you encounter things like fabric swatches or handwoven items.

Another idea is to use different textures from objects around you as unique stencils and stamps. You can do all sorts of mark making with different textures in your book!

While I suppose this could fall under “food” – coffee for me is more than just a tasty caffeinated beverage. Draw a Picture of Coffee with the different backdrop of the place you visit. Save ephemera like napkins, coffee stirrer or receipts from shops you visit.

Pay attention to ways coffee is prepared and served. If you are visiting a place that grows and produces coffee, this too can be very fascinating to learn about and try different flavors native to the area. 

37. Souvenirs

Do you collect anything? Some people collect pennies, spoons, key chains, salt shakers – you name it! Collecting is a fun low-stress hobby and traveling can be a great way to find new things.

If you are a collector of something, it can be fun to make a page about different sorts of things you like to collect. If you don’t have a collection yet – what is one you might you be inclined to start or find interesting? 

Many different places you might visit often also have souvenir shops with all sorts of interesting things for the area. Even if you’re not a collector, you may enjoy sketching or making a list of the sort of things you notice. 

 38. Pick Up a Newspaper – Local, National & Global News

It’s always interesting to read the news somewhere you aren’t. It gives you a greater understanding of what types of things the residents who live in a place might experience on a regular day to day basis and what is important to them.

Another bonus is often times when you visit a new area the newspaper may syndicate different feature columns than your papers back home. This could mean new recipes, different horoscopes, puzzles, comments, and opinion pieces.

Newspapers are also great to use in collage and art you might be inspired to create, especially if you have very limited access to art supplies.

What does the place you’re visiting smell like? Maybe you can smell freshly baked bread drifting across the plaza, or it’s the smell of the ocean next to you, or even just the smell of pine trees in the woods. 

Paying attention to how all of your different senses experience the place can help you remember the adventure all that much more.

40. Include Conversations With the People You Talk To

One thing I enjoy doing when traveling is meeting and talking to new people and listening in on what people might be saying at the different places we visit. 

It’s funny, but some of the conversations I remember are not exactly quotable, but totally memorable enough to document in a journal. One time when we were at a beach an old man was talking to us and told us we needed to visit a place that was about 6 hours away.

“They have the most unbelievable peaches! Miles and miles of orchards…” he said. Well, after talking to him we decided to go that way the next day and yes, they did have peaches, but we were mostly awed by the unbelievable beautiful beaches!

Had we not talked to that stranger on the beach that day we never would have discovered one of our favorite beaches in the U.S.

41. The Local Dialect

I live in the Pittsburgh area and we are sorta famous for our unique dialect. Many local shops sell Yinzer stickers and other Pittsburghese types of things that are always popular with tourists and would make great journal fodder.

If you happen to be somewhere, pay attention to different words and phrases people use for things. You might be surprised how many sayings and words you pick up that aren’t in any foreign language dictionary!

42. Quotes About the Area and/or General Traveling

There are all sorts of great quotes that can be a great way to add to the journal. You can include general travel quotes in your journal while you are getting ready for the trip – or of course you can always add these once you are back. 

43. Interview The People Traveling With You

It’s always interesting how two different people can have two different options and memories about a trip! Traveling with kids? Ask them their thoughts – and of course don’t forget to encourage them to create their own travel journals!

44. Hidden in Plain View – Important or Sensitive Information 

It’s always a good idea to have a paper copy of important info while you are in a different place – especially if WiFi access or phone reception might be hard to come by. 

While I don’t recommend keeping sensitive info in plain sight in a journal, sometimes you can give yourself cryptic ways only you would know to have a reference for things like addresses or bank account info.

Some ways you can do this is by drawing the numbers in a certain specific pattern, or you could even make up your own secret code. 

45. Reference Lists & Safety Info

I’m sorta neurotic about safety, so I like to include helpful safety info in my notebooks, especially because we spend so much time outdoors. This might be something as simple as a mini first aid guide or a list of emergency numbers for the area. If you are traveling in a foreign place, you may even want to list some emergency contacts in the notebook.

I also like to print out this type of information to keep in planner binders. For the planner I keep in our camper, I included printed information for dog medications and first aid, since our dog has a habit of finding bees nests, eating fishing rods and getting into all sorts of trouble.

46. Currency From Different Countries

Many foreign countries have different types of currency that can be very interesting to keep in a journal. If you have a few smaller value notes leftover from a trip they can be a great thing to put in a journal or slip into a clear pocket you attach to the pages.

47. Track Your Budget

Budgeting might not seem exciting, especially while supposedly on a vacation! Still, it is definitely an inevitable part of life that doesn’t go away just because you are somewhere different! 

Fortunately, it can be way more fun to do when you find a way to express your creativity in your journal or planner. Keep records of expenses while you are traveling and think about different ways you can save money.

If you haven’t left for your destination yet, there are lots of great ways to plan a trip without spending a lot. Make a page about how you will save for an upcoming trip or make a list of ways to you can see the world without going into debt.

48. Random Fun Facts

Do you enjoy games like trivial pursuit? Something that can be fun to do before you leave is read up on different fun facts about an area, or you can even just jot down these things as you experience them in the place you visit.

Random Fun Fact Example: We can thank computer scientist Scott Fahlman at CMU in Pittsburgh for the widespread use of the smiley face symbol . 🙂 Pittsburgh is also home to another famous smiley face – the Eat ‘N Park Smiley ! 

49. Local Business & Industry

Do you ever need to travel for work? Business travel can sometimes create all sorts of new interesting opportunities to see sights and document parts of a place that don’t exactly make it to the city guides!

Many cities are also famous for different things related to businesses and industries. Factory Tours can be super fascinating and educational – they also make for a great activity during rainy day travels.

50. Movies, Plays & Film

Many places you wouldn’t expect have been featured in movies – other times there may be films or movies that take place in the very same places you visit.

One example is the time we visited Savannah, Georgia. My husband loves the movie Forest Gump so naturally this meant we had to visit Chippewa Square and the famous park bench at the Savannah History Museum when we explored the city.

51. The Clothes We Wear

Just like food and money, most of the time we typically need to also wear clothes. You don’t have to be a fashionista to appreciate unique clothing styles in different places you visit.

Depending where you travel to, the culture and weather can be very different from where you live and so the style of clothes and things people wear and do can be fascinating. 

Don’t forget to also pay attention to the clothes you are wearing. Maybe it’s a raincoat because it’s raining or you bought something special to wear for the trip.

52. Travel Shoes

Going places usually means lots of walking and standing – which means the pair of shoes you wear can make all the difference! Sketch a pair of your shoes and take note of whether they have reliably served you well in your travels, or if they’ve caused you pain, agony and misery. 

53. Hobbies & Interests

When I visited NYC my top must-see destination was the Sketchbook museum at the Brooklyn Art Library of course!

One of the ways I documented that visit was to put a safety pin in one of my pages once I got home because I noticed one of the journals there was completely bound with safety pins and I thought that was pretty unique and I didn’t want to forget it! 

Your different hobbies and interests can always overlap in travel – and sometimes in the most of unexpected ways. If you have a specific hobby or interest you enjoy, take some time to research different clubs and organizations in the area. You can find groups and points of interest for almost anything!

54. What’s Trending Now

Do you notice any interesting trends about the place you visit? Maybe there is an activity that is popular or something you notice everyone is doing.

This could be something like a TV show everyone is watching, something seasonally related or it could even be many of the homes decorated with certain pieces or in a certain style.

55. Funny Stuff

One thing you should always bring along any adventure is a good sense of humor. I love this one picture we snapped while we traveled through VA – antique tables made daily!

There are also lots of great travel-themed jokes you could use in your journal.

What travels around the world but stays in one corner? A stamp.

{Sorry, I couldn’t resist, I love punny bad jokes!} Speaking of stamps…

56. Postage Stamps: Send Yourself Some Mail Back Home

Postcards and foreign stamps can make for an excellent addition to any type of travel journal. You can mail yourself a letter or post card, or even pick up some post cards where you are visiting to add to your pages.

Shown above: A photo of some of the vintage postcards I have in my ephemera collection. If you have friends and family members who travel a lot, be sure to offer to pay for postage and ask them to mail you things!

57. Color Combos

Do you love color? Different places can be great inspiration for unique color combinations or even noticing things you may ordinarily ignore. Take a look at your surroundings and try to create a color palette based on what you see around you.

58. Rainbow Page

Another fun travel journal idea is to try to make a page that includes something of every color of the rainbow you see while you are on a trip. This could be done with ephemera or even just making notes and drawing in your sketchbook to add in photos later.

59. Inspiration is Everywhere

What do you see that inspires you to create while you are traveling? Maybe you notice an interesting pattern on textiles being sold at a shop or you like the way the vase on your table looks at a restaurant.

Take note of these little details that inspire you and sketch or jot them down. These can be great sources of inspiration for those days you need a little kickstart to create.

60. Bottle Caps, Drink Labels and Coasters

Many bottled beverages have labels and unique bottle caps that can make for great things to include in a journal. You may also notice several restaurants have coasters that are nice to save after your meal.

Bottle labels and coasters are two types of things that are normally thrown away but can make for great ephemera to include in your journal and help document the trip.

61. All the Different Shapes

Another idea for different places you visit is to create pages based on different shapes. For example, you could have a page for things that are round, such as wheels, windows, or stones.

You could also easily do this for things that are square, rectangles, triangles, etc.

62. Define Some Travel Words

What does adventure mean to you? What do you consider to be a journey?

There are lots of different travel-themed words and they often mean different things to different people. Write your own definition for words, or you could even find these words in a dictionary and cut them and paste them to the page in your book.

Here’s a couple more words you could use on the page or define:

63. Why do you love travel?

People travel for different reasons, and of course the reasons we enjoy it are also usually unique to us. What do you like the most? Is it meeting new people? Seeing something different? Learning new things?

Write or illustrate your favorite things and the reasons you enjoy discovering new places.

64. Stickers

Stickers can be found anywhere, whether it’s a price sticker on something you buy or even a marketing sticker they give away at a promotional event. Some places you visit may even have shops that sell unique stickers for the area.

65. Technology & Apps

There are many apps and websites that can make traveling a lot easier, and it can be something fun to document in your journal. These apps can help you find new places or even possibly read reviews and get special coupons and deals. 

Another thing to think about is how the place you are visiting uses technology. Do they seem advanced or are they behind compared to where you currently live?

66. Trip Stats

Another fun thing to record in your journal are trip stats. Your might record your odometer reading, number of miles you traveled, or if you have a fitbit you could make a note of how many steps you walked that day.

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch, One Size (S & L bands included)

67. Try Zentangle

Zentangle is a super portable form of art and very relaxing so perfect if you’re going on vacation to unwind. All you need is some paper and your favorite Micron 01 pen.

You can start with basic shapes or just tangle freely on the pages of your journal. Who knows – some places you visit may even be home of certified Zentangle instructors and classes may be available during your trip!

Sakura Pigma 30062 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set, Black, Ass't Point Sizes 6CT Set

68. Practice Creative Lettering

There are so many great ideas and ways to have fun with creative lettering in your journal. You can try different styles of letters, mix up big and small writing. 

Hate your handwriting? Our post on creative lettering ideas can give you lots of inspiration for ways to add unique text without necessarily mastering calligraphy.

Hand Lettering 101: An Introduction to the Art of Creative Lettering (Hand Lettering Series)

69. Stencil It

Stencils are flat and portable – so very easy to bring with you along your travels and keep right inside your notebook. There are TONS of inexpensive stencil sets on Amazon or you could even try making your own journal stencil templates.

A couple of stencils can definitely can help you with making shapes, layouts, and different designs in  your journal – no fine art skills required!

20 PCS Journal Stencil Plastic Planner Set for Journal/Notebook/Diary/Scrapbook DIY Drawing Template Journal Stencils 4x7 Inch

70. Bodies of Water

Water is always a source for inspiration, relaxing, and feeling refreshed – and where there is life, you are sure to find water! As the author of How to Read Water points out, you can learn just as much about water from a puddle as you can from the sea. 

Create a page in your journal based on what you like to do in the water – whether you go fishing, swim laps in the pool on a cruise ship or just admire the sailboats out on the bay.

71. Make a List of Things to Research

While you are on your trip, you might find yourself curious to learn more about stuff you encounter. Make a list or note of this in your journal so you can read up on it when you come back home.

Before you go somewhere new it’s also a very good idea to research different laws, customs and practices. This to-research-list can be a great thing to add in your journal before you leave to remind you to actually learn about these things before you get there!

72. Visiting a Sports Town?

Sports teams around the world have some very loyal fans and this can be another thing worth documenting if you are in a place that takes their sports seriously. In some areas it’d be impossible not to take note of arenas and stadiums!

Even if you’re not a sports fan, you may notice where you are visiting what important sports games are happening and what teams people proudly wear on their t-shirts, jerseys and hats. If you do visit an event, don’t forget to save your ticket stubs and program with the team roster!

73. Stick to the Grid

Grid lined pages can be nice to have when you are writing or drawing, because they also make it super easy to try to draw things when you want to be mindful of things like ratio and perspective relationships.

You can also have fun just arranging different elements in a grid-like fashion – draw your own freehand grid and fill each box with different memories or images you cut and tear out of a local magazine or newspaper.

74. What Are You Really Good At When Traveling?

Do your planning skills shine as you come up with the perfect trip itinerary? Have you mastered the fine art of packing a suitcase with all the right things? Have a knack for strumming up conversation with the locals? Or, maybe you’re just really good at getting lost! 

Whatever your strengths and skills are when it comes to travel, these should be celebrated and certainly worthy of being documented in your travel journal! Draw yourself an award, make a list of your best strengths, and celebrate all the hard work that goes into exploring.

75. Gratitude

You can never go wrong keeping track of things you are thankful for. See our list of gratitude journal prompts for even more ideas of ways to incorporate thankfulness in your journal pages.

76. No Place Like Home

Sometimes distance makes us all the more appreciative of home. What things do you miss the most while you are away from home? Draw pictures, doodle, paint, or make a list! 

77. Wish You Were Here

Sometimes when we go someplace new we can’t help but think of family or friends back home. Is there anything specific where you are that reminds you of someone? Write about it or tuck those little pieces of ephemera you find on a page.

78. What Went Wrong

It’s tempting to only document the good parts of a trip but sometimes the mishaps of travel become great funny stories after a few years…like my husbands famous melt down over a lack of parking or that time we went camping and got flooded out. 

These sorts of things aren’t exactly fun in the midst of the trouble, but years later we can look back and at least say the trips were memorable!

79. What Did You Learn?

Every trip is an opportunity and discovery is synonymous for learning. What did you learn during your trip?

Maybe you learned something new about the cultures, customs and history of the place. Or, if staying local… maybe you learned to always bring sunscreen or bug spray or how to avoid rush hour traffic.

80. Document Digitally

While I will forever be a pen and paper kind of girl, I know I also enjoy the convenience of digital art journaling – especially when it’s not always easy to pack lots of supplies! This is especially true for trips that aren’t necessarily for fun or I know I’ll be spending a lot of time indoors.

You can edit and arrange photos in a photo editing app or software program, or you can even enjoy the creative fun of painting digitally. I love using my laptop and Wacom Intous tablet to paint with Photoshop. You can also have a lot of fun creating designs with an iPad and Apple pencil. 

81. Draw a Clock

Clocks are fun and easy enough to draw – all you need is a circle! It can be fun to compare clock times all around the world, especially if you have ventured to a different time zone.

Another idea is to doodle clocks for when you want to make note of times on your itinerary and schedule.

82. Make a Chart

Charts are a creative visual way to display information and a great idea for adding some art to your travel journal. You could create a table of train and bus times, a pie chart for how you spent your time on the trip, or a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting your first trip somewhere to the second trip there.

For those who are particularly dorky like me, you might even consider making a histogram or scatter plot in your journal!

83. Healthy Matters

If you are into all things health, wellness and fitness in everyday life, it would only make sense for this to overflow into your journals while traveling.

Whether you note healthy foods you eat, exercise, changes in your mood, how much you sleep, number of glasses of water you drink each day, or have a list of medications to take daily, noting these things in your journal can help you stay on track with all the excitement and routine disruptions from traveling.

84. Design Your Own Travel Symbols & Icons

There are many common symbols and icons used for travel – an airplane, a map, a suitcase, a backpack, a compass, cars, directional arrows, trains, etc. 

All of these things are a great starting point to give you some ideas for things to doodle in a travel journal. You can make them flat, line-art style, or even make them 3-D complete with shading. 

85. Travel Role Models

Do you know someone who is a great inspiration for your travel aspirations? This could be a person who inspired you to be more courageous and explore new foreign places, or could just be someone you know who has real-world experience in traveling the globe and taught you a lot of things. 

86. Favorite Travel Blogs

Speaking of people who inspire us to travel – I know many of the places I find inspiration are various travel blogs I like to follow! Seeing their pictures is always great motivation and inspiration to go to new places I may not have considered on my own.

Whenever I am not sure of where I might like to go or what to do when visiting an area, I also love to read different blogger’s guides on attractions to visit and travel tips to make it a smooth trip.

87. The Road Not Taken – Add Some Poetry to Your Pages

There are lots of great travel inspired poems you can include in your journal, or you can even try your hand at writing your own poems.

Not a natural wordsmith? Prefer to stick to something more visual? Check out our post on found poetry in your journal pages.

88. Challenge Yourself 

Sometimes a little bit of a challenge can make even the most mundane of places a bit more exciting. You could challenge yourself to take a photo every day, or challenge yourself to visit a different neighborhood or part of town each day you are in the city.

You could also challenge yourself to commit to a certain type of art each day – a doodle a day, or a watercolor a day, or a pencil sketch a day.

Challenges should be fun – so if the idea of this sounds like a chore or one more thing to add to already a jam packed schedule, skip it or save it for the next adventure.

89. Paper Clips & Binder Clips Are Your Friends

Paper clips, binder clips and other page fasteners are wonderful and practical things to include in your journal. They are super handy when you are on the go to attach all sorts of papers and notes – no glue stick required!

Also, they make TONS of travel themed paper clips. I mean, I don’t know if you would really need 40 of them, but how adorable are these airplane shaped paper clips ? They also make ones that come in assorted animal shapes ! 

So many different styles of paper clips, I actually made an Amazon Idea List with some of my handpicked favorites – I couldn’t believe I found over 40! See all my favorites on my list: All the Pretty Paper Clips . 

Z Zicome 50 Pack Colorful Printed Binder Clips, Assorted Sizes (Floral)

90. Pins, Patches & Badges

I love collecting small novelty pins, patches and badges – but I don’t always have a great way to display or wear them. One way around this is to add them to your journal pages!

You can decide to either pin or sew the item directly onto the page, or you can attach it to a small piece of fabric that you attach into the page. You can often find these at gift shops or even while you are at different places that give them away for free as promotional materials.

91. Have a Stamping Good Time

There are LOTS of ways to use rubber stamps and ink pads in a journal. But… I also like to keep my supplies very minimal, especially when on the road. Something I like to do to prep my journal pages is stamp things in advance. 

You can use simple ink dabbers to create patterns or add a distressed effect to your empty pages – and of course if you already have travel themed stamps this is a great opportunity to put them to good use, whether before or after the trip!

In the page above I tried to use some of my rubber stamps and realized one of my very well-loved ink pads was finally starting to dry out after years of use.

I used the ink pad itself to stamp the page with the remaining ink on the edges to create journaling block areas. I also used the edge of the ink pad to make the lines – perfect for impromptu lists or quick daily notes.

Hero Arts LP396 Kelly's Travel Day Craft Supplies

92. Travel Tags

There are all sorts of tags that can be useful while traveling. Luggage and suitcase tags are also a great way to add some interesting stuff to your favorite journal pages. 

You can also opt to use paper tags – I love to start with small round tags like these ones and use them for doodles or quotes. Standard shipping tags like these are also like mini blank canvases waiting for your creative touch! 

93. Travel Bingo: Inspired by My Favorite Road Trip Game as a Kid

A long time ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth without technology, we played a game called Auto Bingo in the car. If you drove past something like a railroad crossing or a cow, you would slide the little marker over the picture when you spotted it and try to get them all before the end of the trip. 

This gave me a great idea to make a list of different things to look for while I’m at a certain place and then check it off if I saw that thing. It’s a like a scavenger hunt game – can you find these things in your surroundings?

94. A Boost of Encouragement

We tend to glamorize travel a lot – but sometimes it can be hectic, chaotic, stressful and even a little bit scary.

As much as I love traveling, I don’t always like the packing & preparing, and I also admittedly have no sense of direction – I still get lost on roads less than 10 minutes away from my house!

If this sounds like you, adding some encouraging words and positive affirmations can be a wonderfully uplifting thing to see if you are in unfamiliar territory or stressed out.

95. Spiritual Sense

If you are a spiritual person, or maybe just someone curious to learning about the different spiritual practices of different cultures, there are many ways this can be reflected in your journal.

You could include prayers and blessings for travelers, visit spiritual places of interest, or even just spend a few moments in quiet meditation. It can also be interesting to explore and document the various practices and traditions in the culture you are visiting. 

96. Which Way Up? Arrows & Directional Signs

I love the treasure-map style dashed and dotted lines with arrows. They really grab a person’s attention when they look through your completed journal. It makes one ask: now where does this lead?

Arrows can be used in so many different ways for a lot of different travel journal page ideas. Call attention to a specific phrase or photo, or add them to continue a story on another page. In some ways, you could make your journal a sort of “Choose Your Own Adventure Book” where the reader {or even yourself} – can explore a place in a different kind of way.

97. Attention Please! Highlights

If you are the sort of person who might fill an entire page with a LOT of words while journaling your thoughts and experiences, highlights are a fun way to call attention to things that are important or most notable.

You can choose to highlight things like dates, or just pick words and phrases you like. If you don’t have or want to use highlighter markers, you could also accent different things by using colored pencils and pens or simply by circling and underlining different things. 

This can also be a very fun thing to do with newspapers or other printed ephemera style things you might find in your travels.

98. If You Had to Do It Again…

Would you go on this trip again? Do you want to go back? What would you want to do differently? What would you want to do the same? These are all great questions to think about while you reflect on the trip on the return back home.

99. Return to Reality

What did you have it do when you got back from your vacation? Sometimes remembering responsibilities and “real life” can make us all the more appreciative and nostalgic for the time spent away!

100. Actually Print Out Your Vacation Photos

I’m totally guilty of taking a bazillion pictures…and then never printing them. They go on my external hard drive/cloud storage to never be seen by another human being again…that’s not good!

One of the things I’m making a more concentrated effort to do is actually print out photos we take. You can choose to print them from home on your own home printer, or upload them to your favorite photo print website.

101. Where to Next?

Did this trip make you want to visit any other new places you hadn’t considered before? Where do you want to go next? Or, perhaps, after all these adventures, maybe you are content to stay-cation for awhile?

I know this is a super long list, and if you made it this far, I hope you found these ideas inspiring and encouraging! Travel journals are a ton of fun to make and I’d love to see what you create!!

And of course, if you have ideas for things to include that aren’t on this list – I’d love to hear your creative ideas in the comments below!

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Thanks Andi, glad you enjoyed it!

What an absolutely FANTASTIC list! I do a lot of journaling when I travel and already do several of the things on this list, but there are tons I’d never even thought of. I’m particularly in awe of the color palette idea. Brava!

Thank you Naomi, glad it inspired you!

This is the BEST post – thank you sooooo very much! Although it is overhwhelming how much there is because I am a newbie when it comes to this kind of art form, it has given me so many awesome ideas and inspiration and I will try to do some but not all LOL! Thank you again!

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Travel Journal: Ideas, Tips, and How To Write a Travel Diary

  • Travel Journal

Traveling has the potential to be wildly fulfilling. It exposes you to new cultures, different perspectives and unique experiences. The further you travel the more you are pushed out of your comfort zone. And the more you are pushed out of your comfort zone, the more you learn about yourself and the world around you.

One of the most popular types of journals is a travel journal. By having a travel diary, you can keep all these new experiences and knowledge in one place where you can reflect on them.

What is a travel journal?

Travel journals are a place where you can write about trips you have taken, what you learned during and the experiences you had. It is a collection of adventures, stories, memories and discovery.  It doesn’t matter where you're going or who you’re traveling with, an online trip journal can come anywhere. 

Why Write A Journal When Traveling?

There are many benefits of keeping a journal when traveling, but here are a few to start with:

Remember More

By writing down the things you want to do on your trip and the things you have done during it, you won’t forget the reasons you wanted to go and will remember more of your visit.

When traveling somewhere new, you will learn a lot about that place’s culture, customs and people. By having a place to write down your observations, you will absorb more of your surroundings.

Reflect More

A journal is a place to record new things you have discovered while exploring various places you visit. By having all these new findings in one place, you will be able to look back and reflect on what you have learned and apply it to other parts of your life.

How To Write Travel Journals: 5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Journaling

You don’t need to be traveling to Timbuktu to write a travel diary. Your writing can start with a family vacation or a weekend getaway. All you need is a destination and your holiday journal can begin!

1. Use your journal to plan your trip

Your trip journal can begin before your trip has even started. Use your journal to start planning the things you want to do. It can be anything from a cool restaurant you want to eat at, a hike you want to go on or different sights you want to see. Write down whatever is on your trip check-list, so you don’t forget it.

Once you know what you want to do, do some research and figure out the best way to do it. If you want to go see a special monument, figure out the best way to get there and put it in your journal. If you want to do some cool activities, write down the contact information of the people, places or tours that facilitate them. Your journal is also a great place to keep the contact information of your accommodations and transportation.

2. Write about what you imagine it will be like

Sometimes when you travel, your destination is wildly different than what you expected. Maybe you expected the local food to be bad and it turned out to be delicious. Maybe you imagined the town to be smaller than it actually is. Maybe you thought you would be more comfortable with the language. Whatever it is, think about writing it down before you arrive. It will be interesting to compare these predictions to what you actually experienced.

3. Write during your trip

It is always easier to remember things when they are fresh in your brain, so try and write as much as you can while traveling; every day if you can. Your journal entries don’t have to be long, but let them highlight what you feel was most important or exciting. How did you feel during your visit to the local market? What did you smell, taste and hear? Did you learn something new from the person you spoke to at the bar? Were you surprised by the clothes people were wearing? What was the view from the top of the mountain like? Before you go to bed, try and recall what you did that day, what you thought and how you felt. This will serve as a great way to remember more from your trip, but will also help you reflect and grow from what you encountered.

4. Add pictures to your journal

Even though your journal is meant for writing, pictures are still worth a thousand words. Combining pictures with your first-hand accounts of what they represent, or what happened when they were taken, will make for an even more comprehensive narrative of your travels. Don’t worry about glueing or taping anything either. Penzu allows you to upload pictures straight into your online travel journal, so you can keep your pictures and words connected and organized.

5. Write about your trip after you leave

Since you write about your trip before you arrive, you should also write about it after you leave.

  • What was it like?
  • What did you learn?
  • What surprised you?
  • What disappointed you?

It is important to reflect on your travels, so you can retain new understandings and apply them to future adventures. This is also a great way to learn about yourself, other people you may have travelled with and how you can grow. Step back from all the things you did and try to see the big picture. It may surprise you.

10 Travel Journal Ideas To Inspire You

The blank pages of your travel journal may not be serving as great inspiration, but your new trip should! Here are 10 travel journal ideas to get those creative juices flowing, kick-start your writing and help you get the most out of your travels. We hope these journal prompts help!

1. Why are you going?

Not every trip needs an explanation and not every vacation needs a justification. People travel for all sorts of different reasons or for no reason at all, but if your travel has purpose, write about it. Even if you’re traveling for the sake of it, that is a reason worth talking about too.

2. Write about your expectations.

As we mentioned above, expectations can wildly differ from reality, especially when going somewhere you’ve never been or going with someone you have never travelled with before. Jot down what you think the trip will be like, or hope it will be like.

3. What are you going to do?

Write about the things you want to do, the sights you want to see, the music you want to dance to, the food you want to taste. Writing it all down will get you excited and help you not to forget.

4. Write about the people.

Did you meet anyone new? Did you make a new friend? Were the locals welcoming? Did you learn something new from a stranger? Did you learn something new from a friend? People can really make a trip. Whether you came with them, or met them there, write about how the people you encountered affected your experience.

5. Write about the food.

Just because you call it your travel diary, doesn’t mean it can’t double as a food diary . If there are any foods you loved, dishes you hated or recipes you can’t live without, write them down to remember them all. Maybe some new fare you tried will influence your tastes when you return home.

6. The ups and the downs.

What did you like most about the trip? What did you like the least?

7. Write about yourself.

Reflect on the new experiences you had, what made you uncomfortable and what enticed you. Did you learn anything new about yourself on the trip? Did being somewhere else expose something you hadn’t seen in yourself before? Traveling can help people grow. Think about your journey and if it helped you grow in any way.

8. Write a travel guide.

If you knew friends were going to the same place, what would you tell them to do? Write down your recommendations and the stuff that should not be missed.

9. What would you have changed?

Is there anything about the trip you would have changed? Is there anything else you wish you did? Anything you wish you didn’t do? Write about your travels and how you can improve them for the next time you go away.

10. Where do you want to go next?

We all have a wish-list of places we want to go. Write yours down and try to start checking them off.

Using Penzu for Your Travel Journal

Penzu’s journal software allows you to access your journal from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Penzu will be your travel journal app ; all you need is your mobile phone or tablet and can write in in it, with or without wifi. You never have to miss an entry or forget a moment, as Penzu can come with you around the world. No internet necessary.

Now that you know what to write in a travel diary and how to write one, all you need to decide is where to go. Pick a place get start your online journal today!

There's no time like the present - start your free online journal today!

Penzu Mobile Phone apps

Loved by millions!

Get access to your diary wherever you are – download the free Penzu app for your all of your iOS and Android devices today!

Penzu Apple App Store link

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Keeping a Travel Journal: 100+ Prompts, Ideas, and Tips

' src=

  • March 30, 2023

Home » Day One Blog » Keeping a Travel Journal: 100+ Prompts, Ideas, and Tips

Keeping a travel journal can be an incredibly rewarding and transformative experience, whether you’re an avid traveler or someone who’s embarking on a new adventure. From documenting unforgettable memories to fostering personal growth and reflection, a travel journal can be a window into the unique journeys you take in life.

In this guide, we’ve put together an extensive list of 100 travel journal prompts, tips, and ideas to help you create a travel journal that truly captures the essence of your adventures. Get ready to explore new cultures, savor the beauty of the world around you, and create a one-of-a-kind keepsake that will forever be a reminder of your incredible experiences.

What is a Travel Journal?

A travel journal is simply a personal record of your experiences, thoughts, and feelings during your travels. Travel journaling is a wonderful way to document and reflect on your travel experiences, capturing memories of the places you visit, the people you meet, and the adventures you have.

Travel journaling can take various forms, depending on your preferences and needs. You can choose to write in a traditional notebook or sketchbook, or create a digital journal or blog. Some people use their travel journals not only to record their experiences but also to plan their trip, track expenses, and organize important information such as flight details, reservations, and contact information for locals they meet along the way.

Keeping a travel journal can be a valuable tool for reflecting on your travels, preserving memories, and sharing your experiences with others.

A person sits on an overlooking writing in a travel journal

10 Convincing Reasons to Keep a Travel Journal

Keeping a travel journal or travel diary offers several benefits, both during the trip and long after your travels have ended. Some of the key reasons to keep a travel journal include:

1. Preserve your memories.

A travel journal helps preserve memories of your experiences, sights, and encounters that might otherwise fade with time. You can look back and reminisce about your adventures, learning from and enjoying them all over again.

2. Be more present.

When you write about your travel experiences in real-time, you tend to be more focused on the present moment. This can help you to be more present and mindful during your travels, and can also improve your memory of the trip.

3. Sharpen your observational skills.

Journaling pushes you to pay closer attention to your surroundings, which can improve your observational and descriptive abilities. This heightened awareness can lead to a more enriching travel experience.

travel diary ideas

4. Organize your thoughts and experiences.

A travel journal serves as a central location to record important information, such as trip itineraries, contact details, and to-do lists. This can help you stay organized and focused during your travels.

5. Enhance your creativity.

Writing about your experiences encourages creativity and storytelling skills. You can experiment with different writing styles, descriptions, or even drawings to capture the essence of your trip. Since traveling has links to creativity , keeping a travel journal allows you to expand these benefits in both ways.

6. Encourage self-reflection.

Traveling can be a transformative experience, and a travel journal can serve as a tool for self-reflection . Writing about your experiences can help you process your emotions, thoughts, and feelings, and gain insights into yourself and your place in the world.

7. Boost your personal growth.

Recording your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to new experiences can provide insight into your own personal growth and development. You can track how your perspectives and attitudes have evolved over time and learn more about yourself.

8. Reduce stress.

Studies have shown that even short vacations can improve stress levels , and writing in a travel journal can be therapeutic, allowing you to process your emotions and experiences in a healthy way. Travel journaling can also help you work through challenges and setbacks that may arise during your trip.

9. Create a unique keepsake.

A travel journal is a personalized souvenir that tells the story of your adventures. What you write can become a special item to share with friends and family or pass down to future generations.

10. Encourage deeper gratitude and appreciation.

Writing about your experiences while traveling can foster a deeper sense of gratitude for the opportunities and experiences you’ve had, helping you appreciate the journey and the people you’ve met along the way.

a person holds a map on their phone while travel journaling

What to Write About In A Travel Journal

There are many things you can write about in a travel journal. A travel journal usually involves writing a personal record of your thoughts, feelings, and observations throughout your journey. You can also include details about the food you try, the sights you see, the cultures you encounter, and the emotions you experience.

Here are a few things to write about in a travel journal:

  • Daily activities: Write about what you did each day, including any sights you saw, people you met, and activities you participated in.
  • Observations: Record your observations of the places you visit, including the landscapes, architecture, and culture.
  • Food and drink: Describe the local cuisine and drinks you try, and note any favorites or new discoveries.
  • Thoughts and feelings: Reflect on your thoughts and feelings about your experiences, including any challenges, surprises, or moments of joy.
  • Cultural insights: Document your learnings about the local culture, customs, and traditions.
  • Travel tips: Share any travel tips or advice that may be useful for others planning to visit the same places.
  • Accommodations: Write about your accommodations, including any interesting details or experiences you had there.
  • Write about the people you meet: Describe the locals, fellow travelers, and any interesting characters you come across. Note any conversations or interactions you have with them.
  • Reflect on your growth: Traveling can be a transformative experience, and writing about the ways in which you’ve grown and changed can be a powerful exercise in self-reflection.
  • Budget and expenses: Keep track of your expenses and budget, including any unexpected costs or money-saving tips.
  • Memorable moments: Jot down any particularly memorable moments from your trip, including those that took you by surprise or left a lasting impression on you.
  • Challenges and triumphs: Write about any challenges you faced during your trip, and how you overcame them. Celebrate your triumphs, big and small, and the sense of accomplishment they brought.
  • Sights, sounds, and smells: Use all your senses to describe the places you visit. Write about the sights, sounds, smells, and textures that make each destination unique
  • Overall impressions: Sum up your overall impressions of each place you visit, including what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what surprised you the most.

an example of a digital travel journal on the Day One app

13 Tips for Keeping a Travel Journal

Keeping a travel journal can be a great way to document your experiences and memories from your travels. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Find a travel journal that suits your needs.

When choosing a travel journal, consider not only the size and weight but also the durability of the journal. If you plan to carry it with you all the time, it’s best to choose one that can withstand wear and tear. Additionally, think about whether you want a plain notebook or one with prompts and questions to guide your writing. Some journals may have pre-designed sections for you to fill in with information about the places you visit, what you did there, and what you learned.

2. Consider a journal app with travel journal features.

Using a travel journal app like Day One is an excellent way to capture your travel experiences conveniently. You can quickly jot down notes, take pictures, and record your thoughts and feelings, even if you don’t have your physical journal with you. The app’s Map View is especially useful, as it allows you to see where you’ve been and what you’ve done in each location. Plus, if you’re traveling internationally and plan to limit your data usage, Day One will store your entries and uploads locally on your device until you connect to WiFi.

A woman uses a travel journal app while traveling.

3. Decide on your travel journaling style.

When deciding on your travel journaling style, consider what you want to focus on. Do you want to describe the places you visit in detail, or do you want to focus more on your thoughts and emotions during your travels? Writing daily entries can be a great way to capture everything that happens, but if you prefer to write less frequently, consider making notes of significant events or experiences.

4. Set a journaling goal.

Setting a goal for your travel journal can give you a sense of direction and purpose while writing. Your goal could be as simple as writing in your journal every day during your trip, or more specific, such as recording a unique experience or learning something new about the culture of the places you visit. Create a list of goals before you begin your travels so you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your journal.

5. Slow down.

When traveling, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of new sights and experiences. However, taking the time to slow down and observe your surroundings can help you appreciate the small things that you might otherwise miss. Take a moment to sit down and watch the world go by, or go for a leisurely stroll to take in your surroundings.

6. Include as many details as possible.

Include details such as the names of the places you visit, the foods you eat, and the people you meet. The more specific and detailed your writing is, the more vividly you’ll be able to recall your experiences later.

7. Use your senses.

Using your senses is a powerful way to immerse yourself in your surroundings. Try to pay attention to the smells, sounds, textures, and tastes of the places you visit. Describe the scent of a local market, the sound of a street musician, or the texture of a historic building’s walls. Using your senses to describe your experiences can help bring your travel journal to life.

8. Ask questions.

Asking questions can be an excellent way to learn more about the places you visit. Locals and tour guides can provide valuable insights into the history, culture, and traditions of the places you’re exploring. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations on things to see and do, or for tips on where to find the best local cuisine.

travel diary ideas

9. Stay in the present moment.

When you travel, it’s easy to get caught up in planning, taking photos, and checking items off your bucket list. However, it’s important to take the time to slow down and appreciate the present moment. Take a few deep breaths and focus on your senses, noticing the sights, smells, sounds, textures, and tastes around you. Take time to observe the people you meet and the interactions you have with them. Engage with the local culture and try to understand their way of life.

10. Take photos and videos.

Taking photos and videos can be a great way to capture details that you may not be able to describe in words. Use your camera or phone to snap pictures of interesting sights, people, and places. These photos and videos can provide valuable inspiration when you’re writing in your travel journal later.

11. Stay curious.

Staying curious while traveling means keeping an open mind and embracing the unknown. Try new things, explore new places, and take risks. Step outside your comfort zone and embrace the unfamiliar, whether that’s trying new foods or engaging in new activities. Keeping a sense of curiosity can inspire your writing and help you capture unique experiences that you may have otherwise missed.

12. Keep your journal safe.

Your travel journal is a precious record of your travels and experiences, whether it’s in a physical or digital format. Consider investing in a sturdy, waterproof journal or storing your journal in a plastic bag or waterproof cover to protect it from moisture. It’s also a good idea to keep your journal in a safe place when you’re not using it, such as a backpack or hotel safe. Consider making a backup copy of your digital travel journal, whether it’s on your phone, tablet, or laptop. For example, the Day One app offers secure cloud-based backups and file exports. Additionally, you can encrypt your digital journal to protect it from unauthorized access. This way, you can ensure that your journal is safe and secure, and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your memories are protected.

13. Make it fun.

Remember that travel journaling should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Use your journal as a creative outlet to express yourself and capture your unique perspective on the world. Experiment with different writing styles and formats, such as poetry, short stories, or essays. You could also include sketches, paintings, or other visual art to enhance your journal entries. And most importantly, don’t worry too much about making your writing perfect or adhering to a strict structure. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the process of documenting your travels in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling to you.

a woman sits on a bridge with her travel journal

20+ Travel Journaling Ideas

A travel journal is a fantastic way to capture memories, thoughts, and experiences from your trips. To get started, here are some creative travel journal ideas to help you get started with travel journaling:

1. Record your itinerary and travel plan.

Record your trip itinerary, including transportation details, accommodations, and planned activities.

2. Organize your packing list.

Create a packing list for your trip and reflect on what items were useful and which ones you could have left behind.

3. Create a bucket list.

Create a bucket list of activities or experiences you want to have during your trip, and check them off as you complete them.

4. Recap each day.

Write about your daily experiences, such as the places you visit, the people you meet, and the local cuisine you try.

5. Use journal prompts.

Using journal prompts can be a helpful way to spark creativity and reflection in your travel journal. Choose a travel journal prompt below that resonates with you and write freely without worrying too much about structure or perfection.

travel diary ideas

6. Sketch and doodle.

Illustrate your memories with drawings of the landscapes, architecture, and other interesting sights.

7. Capture quotes and phrases.

Jot down memorable quotes from locals or interesting phrases you learn in the local language.

8. Include your favorite travel photos.

Include photographs of your favorite moments, places, and experiences from your trip.

A woman looks at a map while traveling

9. Collect ticket stubs and mementos.

Attach ticket stubs, maps, postcards, brochures, or other small mementos to help you remember your trip. If you prefer to go the digital route, scan items or take a photo of these items.

10. Write about your feelings.

Traveling can be an emotional experience, and writing about your feelings can be a cathartic and introspective exercise. Reflect on how the trip is making you feel and what emotions are arising.

12. Go deeper by reflecting.

Write about your personal growth and what you’ve learned during your travels. Reflect on how your travels have impacted you, whether it’s a new perspective on a cultural issue, a realization about yourself, or an enhanced sense of empathy and understanding. Think about the ways in which your travels have shaped your worldview and how you can apply these lessons to your life back home.

13. Express your gratitude.

Express gratitude for the experiences you’ve had and the people you’ve met along the way.

travel diary ideas

14. Keep a food diary.

Record the local dishes you’ve tried, including their names, ingredients, and your thoughts about them during your trip.

15. Add notes on culture and customs.

Describe the local culture, traditions, and customs that you encountered and found fascinating.

16. Write about your travel challenges.

Write about any challenges you faced during your trip and how you overcame them.

17. Include maps and routes.

Trace your travel route on a map, or draw your own maps to remember the places you’ve visited.

A photo of a person used in a travel journal.

18. Write about the people you meet.

Traveling provides opportunities to meet new people and learn about their lives. Use your journal to document these interactions and what you’ve learned from them.

19. Use poetry and creative writing.

Use your travel experiences as inspiration for poems, short stories, or other creative writing exercises.

20. Keep track of your budget and expenses.

Document your travel expenses to help you plan better for future trips, or to help stay on track with your budget.

20. Include ratings and reviews.

Rate and review accommodations, restaurants, attractions, and other experiences to help you remember the highlights of your trip.

21. Make a travel wishlist.

Write a list of destinations you’d like to visit and why they appeal to you.

22. Plan for a post-trip recap.

After returning home, reflect on your trip as a whole, including your favorite moments, any personal growth, and what you’ll take away from your journey.

23. Print your digital travel journal.

Having a physical copy of your travel journal can provide a tangible reminder of your travels and serve as a cherished keepsake for years to come. By printing your travel journal, you can create a physical record of your adventures that you can hold in your hands and share with others. It can be a meaningful way to preserve your memories and reflect on your journey, long after your travels have ended.

A woman reflects on the scene while traveling

50 Travel Journal Prompts to Try

Still not sure what to write about in your travel journal? Journal prompts are a great way to spark your creativity and dive deeper into your travel experiences.

These travel journal prompts are designed help you capture the essence of your trip, and encourage introspection before, during, and after your adventure. So, whether you’re exploring new cultures, savoring local cuisine, or simply taking in breathtaking landscapes, let journal prompts guide your writing, enrich your narrative, and ultimately, help you create a captivating and memorable travel journal.

Journal Prompts For Before You Leave

Preparing for a trip can be just as exciting as the trip itself. Before you head out, consider using journal prompts to help you focus your thoughts and prepare for the adventures ahead. The following travel journal prompts can help you dig deeper into your travel expectations, identify potential challenges, and set meaningful goals for your journey. By reflecting on these prompts, you can better prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the exciting journey that lies ahead.

  • What are my expectations for this trip? What do I hope to gain from it?
  • What are the places I want to visit and why are they important to me?
  • What am I most looking forward to experiencing on this trip?
  • How do I think this trip will change me?
  • What are my travel goals, both short-term and long-term?
  • Can I describe my travel companions (if any) and why I chose to travel with them?
  • How am I preparing for my trip (mentally, physically, logistically)?
  • What are my top three fears or concerns about the trip?
  • How will I react if the trip takes an unexpected turn?
  • What am I most looking forward to about this trip?
  • How do I plan to challenge myself during this trip?
  • What role do I hope this trip will play in my personal growth and development?
  • What specific moments or experiences do I hope to capture in my travel journal or through photography?
  • How do I plan to stay open-minded and present during my trip? What steps can I take to cultivate this mindset?

A woman stops to write about a view in her travel journal

Journal Prompts For While You’re Traveling

While traveling, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment and forget to take time to reflect on your experiences. By using travel journal prompts to capture your thoughts and observations during your trip, you can deepen your connection to the places you visit and the people you meet. The following prompts are designed to help you stay present and engaged during your travels, and to encourage you to take a closer look at the world around you. Reflect on these travel journal prompts to create a meaningful record of your journey.

  • How did I feel when I arrived at my destination? What were my first impressions?
  • What was the most memorable moment of my day?
  • What beautiful or interesting sight did I encounter today?
  • What new foods did I try and how did they taste?
  • How would I describe the atmosphere of a specific location I visited today (e.g. café, beach, market)?
  • How have the locals treated me and what are my experiences interacting with them?
  • What was a conversation I had with a local or fellow traveler?
  • What cultural differences or similarities have I noticed during my trip?
  • Can I describe a piece of art, architecture, or natural wonder that left an impression on me?
  • What local tradition, festival, or event have I witnessed or participated in?
  • How is my trip living up to my expectations so far?
  • What were some unexpected challenges I have faced during my trip so far?
  • Can I share an act of kindness I’ve experienced or observed during my trip?
  • What was a moment when I felt outside my comfort zone and what did I learn from it?
  • What’s a funny or embarrassing moment that has happened during my trip?
  • What has been my favorite and least favorite aspects of the destination(s) so far?
  • How has my perception of the world changed during my trip?
  • Who is an inspiring person I’ve met on this trip and what is their story?
  • What new skills or knowledge have I gained on this trip?
  • If I could give advice to someone visiting the same destination(s), what would it be?

A man packs to return home after a trip with his travel journal

Journal Prompts For After You Arrive Home

Returning home after a journey can be bittersweet. While you may be happy to be back in familiar surroundings, it’s also common to experience a sense of loss or nostalgia for the experiences you had while traveling. These travel journal prompts can help you reflect on your journey after you’re home, so you can continue to process your experiences and keep the memories alive. The following prompts are designed to help you unpack your thoughts and feelings about your trip, to identify the ways in which it has changed you, and to set goals for future travel. By reflecting on these prompts, you can continue to grow and learn from your travel experiences long after the journey has ended.

  • What will I remember most about my trip experience?
  • What was the biggest highlight of the trip?
  • What is a food or drink that I tried during my trip that I still think about?
  • What moment from my trip challenged me in a significant way?
  • What did I learn about myself during this trip?
  • How has my trip influenced my perspective on life and my priorities?
  • What souvenirs or momentos did I collect on this trip? What were their significance?
  • What was my favorite photo of the trip? What is the story behind it?
  • What was my favorite destination on my trip? Why?
  • What was the most valuable lesson I learned from this trip?
  • How have my travel goals changed after this trip?
  • What aspects of the local culture would I like to incorporate into my daily life?
  • What places would I I want to visit in the future?
  • What was a place or experience that I wish I had more time to explore?
  • How has my trip influenced my outlook on the world and my place in it?
  • How did my trip impact my sense of identity? Did I discover anything new about myself?

Wrapping Up: Your Travel Journal Awaits Your Next Adventure

Travel journaling is a fun way to preserve your memories, foster personal growth, and enhance your travel experiences. With the travel journal tips, prompts, and ideas we’ve shared in this post, we hope you now feel well-equipped to embark on your own travel journaling journey. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to capture your adventures—the most important aspect is to embrace the process, stay curious, and allow your unique voice to shine through. So, grab your journal, explore the world, and let your creative spirit soar as you document the unforgettable moments, the hidden gems, and the personal discoveries that make each journey truly yours. Happy travels and happy journaling!

About the Author

Kristen Webb Wright is the author of three books on journaling. With a passion for writing and self-reflection, Kristen uses her experience with journaling to help others discover the benefits of documenting their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. In her role at Day One, she helps to promote the power of journaling so people from all walks of life can experience the transformative power of journaling.

travel diary ideas

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The Katie Show Blog

Extraordinary travel experiences for ordinary people.

travel diary ideas

Travel Diary Ideas – 21 Thoughtful Prompts For Your Travel Journal

  • By Katie Mac
  • September 3, 2019

A play by play is a great start when it comes to recording your travels in a journal. But if you want to dig a little deeper and take your reflections to the next level, here are 21 travel diary ideas to prompt you. These thoughtful prompts will serve as a diving board for you to jump off to explore more than just what you did. You’ll be able to delve into meaningful journaling about how you feel, how the experience changed you, record the moments you never want to forget, and build the habit of mindfully observing the places you visit.

A play by play of what you did is a great start, but if you want to dig a little deeper in your reflections, use these 21 travel diary ideas.


As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Why you should use a travel diary or travel journal

My introduction to travel journals came when I was 12.

I was on my first ever semi-solo trip where I traveled alone to New Zealand to visit family. When I arrived and climbed into my nana’s car, she pulled out a red notebook that she had bought for me.

“ Write in this every day “, she told me. It seemed pretty important and I certainly wasn’t going to disagree. So every night I got out my little red book and wrote in it.

I still have the travel journal to this day and it is the best souvenir of the trip. It has preserved moments in time, in a way that photos can’t. When I read it, and the travel journals I’ve had since, I am transported back in time through the words on the page.

Having a travel journal is like having your own personal time machine.

travel diary ideas

The KSB travel journal is lightweight enough to take with you while traveling & snap some pics with of course!

Which travel journal to buy

travel diary ideas

Not only is it super cute, but I made it with the traveler in mind. The journals I had found previously were often bulky, bigger, and not convenient for traveling. Especially traveling with carry on luggage only.

How to use these prompts in your journal

I recommend using the prompt as a heading to get your flow of writing started.

Sometimes with our travel journaling, we want to write everything that happened during the day and end up writing a superficial play-by-play. Using the prompts will help you narrow down and focus on specific topics or moments from the day.

Think of it as a quality over quantity approach.

Write the prompt, start your writing by exploring the prompt, then see where it takes you.

Relatable: Bad Travel Advice That You Should Probably Just Ignore

travel diary ideas

Travel diary ideas

1. [destination] by the senses.

Use the senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste as subheadings and explain the destination based on how they affect your senses.

2. My favorite moment in [DESTINATION] was…

Instead of trying to write all the little parts of each day, pick your favorite moment on of the day and focus on writing about it in detail.

3. Something new I learned in [DESTINATION] was…

Focus on something new you learned today. Whether that is a new skill, something about yourself, historical or cultural information or something else. Describe this new thing you have learned and how it impacted you.

4. Something I never want to forget from today is…

Imagine yourself old and forgetful. Use your journal to document a memory from the day you’d like to look back on.

5. Something that surprised me about [DESTINATION] was…

What is a way that the destination surprised you? How was it different from your expectations? Did it exceed or not meet your expectations?

6. My favorite food in [DESTINATION] was…

Write about the best food you have tried during your trip. Where did you have it? What was the setting like? Why did you like it?

7. I tried [NEW THING] today and here’s how it went

Whether it’s a new class, food, activity, or even a perspective, traveling and trying new things just go together. Pick something new that you tried and document things like what it was, how it made you feel, how it was different to what you expected.

8. A challenge I overcame in [DESTINATION] was…

Challenges are also synonymous with travel which makes traveling a great way to push outside your comfort zone and overcome them. Pick a challenge you encountered and describe what happened, how you overcame it, and how you feel different after it.

9. I’m grateful for…

Gratitude is one of the best ways to start a journal post because it destroys negativity. Simply pick something that you’re grateful for and describe why.

10. An interesting person I met today was…

One of the most rewarding parts of traveling, in my opinion, is the connections you make with people. Write about someone you met today and what made them interesting.

11. [DESTINATION] changed my mind about…

Did this trip expand your view on a certain topic? Perhaps lifestyle, food, politics, habits, culture, religion, public transport, fashion or anything else. Explore how your view has changed through this travel experience.

12. Lightning round – I’m thinking…, I’m feeling…, I’m grateful for…

Use these three headings and do a little brainstorm session for each based on the day you had.

13. A souvenir I bought was…

Did you buy something to take home with you? Document why you chose it, where you bought it, and what the experience was like. If you are a minimalist traveler, perhaps write about the souvenirs you would have bought if you had the luggage space. What caught your eye and why?

14. [DESTINATION] culture is different from home in these ways…

Explore what is different about the place you are visiting compared to your hometown. Think about things like how is the architecture, the culture, the traffic, the food, the people, the weather, the landscape, the wildlife, or the cost different to your home.

15. The best thing I saw today was…

What did you see today that blew you away? Talk about the details. Why was it memorable?

16. An embarrassing moment today was…

We’ve all had these and they are a lot of fun to look back on. Don’t be shy, write down an embarrassing moment from your trip.

17. The streets in [DESTINATION] are lined with…

Describe what it’s like to walk the streets in the place you are visiting. Start with the streets. What are they made of and what are they lined with? Is it noisy or quiet? Are the people in a rush or laid back? Is it poor or wealthy? What smells fill the air? Are there stray animals or anything else noticeable?

18. [DESTINATION] by the feelings

Use happy, sad, excited and angry as headings, or other feelings you might be experiencing, and use them to explore what feelings the travel experience is invoking in you and why.

19. I’d like to incorporate more [FOOD/LIFESTYLE/BEHAVIOR] into my life

What did you fall in love with that you’d like to include more of in your home life? From as big as a lifestyle change, to as small as a food, how will you incorporate this destination into your home life?

20. Five words I’d use to describe [DESTINATION] are…

Not much explanation needed for this one. Pick your five words and explain why you chose them.

21. This is what I’d tell my friends about [DESTINATION]…

What pieces of advice would you give your friends about planning a visit? How would you describe it to them?

travel diary ideas

These travel diary ideas should get you started, but of course, make it your own & document what you feel is memorable.

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100 Travel Journal Ideas & Prompts For Any Adventure

100 Travel Journal Ideas & Prompts For Any Adventure Cover

There’s nothing like traveling somewhere new and experiencing once-in-a-lifetime moments. You can never have enough travel journal ideas to help stretch out those moments a little further, to make them last a little longer.

One way we can remember those moments is with a pen and a journal. Having lots of travel journal prompts is a great way to make sure you can relive your favorite memories you’ve made while traveling. 

Here are 100 travel journal ideas and prompts for any adventure.

We’ve taught you how to create a travel journal , but the list for creating and writing in these little books of paper goes on and on. Whether you want to draw, collage, write, use bullets, or simply write from prompts. There are so many ways to keep a travel journal.

First things first, check out a paper journal or a digital journal app, like Journo.

travel diary ideas

Journals like the Quintessential ‘North Star’ Travel Journal , the Personalized Boarding Pass Journal , and The World is a Book’ Travel Journal are great options for starting your first travel journal.

If you’re looking for something more digital-friendly, download the Journo app . Create your own story with Journo – From classic journal writing to travel maps, and photo books, you’ll be able to document your adventures, print your journals, publish your travels online, and much more.

We give you the tools you need to immediately start writing your own amazing story!

Determine when you want to create your travel journal. 

Do you want to write out prompts before your trip starts? While you are traveling and exploring new places? Or after you come home?

Travel journals are created by you and for you, so you can decide when and where to start creating the perfect journal for you.

Determine the overall layout and aesthetic of the journal.

Before we get to writing, take a look at different creative ideas of physically crafting your journal on Tumblr and Pinterest. Some people turn theirs into a sketchbook of each place they visit, then add more as they go along.

Will you add art? Will it strictly be journal entries or prompts? 

Consider making it a bullet journal, or parts of it. 

travel diary ideas

Bullets and lists are a great way to remember your favorite things about a place or a road trip. But they are also great for writing down before you leave – list things you want to see, experiences you want to have, locals you want to meet.

The opportunities for lists and bullets are endless! You can craft your trip around lists too. Do you want to learn about a new place through their coffee shops? Bars? Parks? Public transportation? I vow to explore London through it’s coffee or tea shops. What’s on your bucket list bullet list?

Be prepared to decoupage.

Decoupage? That sounds like a fancy term, and it is. But this is your journal, so it can be whatever you want it to be! Tape in receipts, notes, and all the little pieces of papers that end up in your carry-on. Include brochures, maps, tickets, and draw sketches too. Make it look pretty, or not. It’s yours! 

Create a photography challenge or photography bingo. 

travel diary ideas

This is a fun way to ensure you see all you want to and take pics of all the fun things at your travel destination. Simple create a bingo board in your journal, and then list things in the boxes that you’d like to have pictures of.

This can include landmarks, sights, street food , nature, textures, flowers, sunset, ‘in my bag’, and so many other fun ideas. A great way to get creative in your travel journal!

Psst! If you’re using a digital journal like Journal, you can add these photos right onto the app whenever you take them. 

Now it’s time to start writing. 

Here are 100 writing prompts to get you started: 

General writing prompts.

travel diary ideas

Write a postcard to a friend or family member from a place you’ll never forget.

You’re traveling around the world in 180 days, what will you bring?

You’re going on a 5-country tour of Europe: What do you eat?

Write a letter home to your best friend describing what you miss about home.

Taking a cruise with your best friend, but when you arrive at the ship you find it’s a senior citizen cruise. Describe your first day.

Your flight is cancelled and you are stuck in the airport for 34 hours. Write about your time at the airport.

How can you feed your sense of adventure, without leaving home?

What’s more important, the journey or the destination?

How has travel changed your life?

What is one event around the world you would love to attend? Why? 

If you were a tourist in your own city for a day, what would you do? 

If you could go on a trip with anyone, dead or alive, who would you go with and where?

Share a time when you got lost while traveling. 

What fear have you overcome while traveling?

Write a review of the best hotel, hostel , or Airbnb you’ve ever stayed in.

Write about a hike or outdoor experience you enjoyed – using all five senses.

If you were to write a travel memoir, what would the first chapter be?

Think of the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to. Describe it using all five senses.

Think back to an interesting conversation you’ve had while traveling and begin your story with that dialogue.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about travel? 

What is the biggest lesson that travel has taught you?

Choose a trip you haven’t written about yet. Choose a different time period, and write about the trip as if it happened in that time period.

Visit a beautiful beach. A message in a bottle washes up onto the shore. What does it say? 

Imagine you had an extra day on a trip you loved. What would you do?

Write a letter of gratitude to someone who showed you an act of kindness while traveling.

Write about a trip with multiple destinations, from the perspective of your backpack.

What is one thing you’ve learned from a local while traveling? 

Write about a road trip you went on, from the perspective of someone or something else (maybe your car, wallet, side mirror, etc.).

Remember a time when you met people while traveling that felt like family. 

Have you gotten out of any sticky situations on the road? Tell us! 

If you could change anything about any of your trips, what would it be and why? 

What languages do you speak?

What countries and places around the world fascinate you?

What is your next adventure? 

Have you fallen in love while traveling? Talk about how you met and how your love progressed. 

What have you explored locally or regionally in your home country that has made you feel adventurous? 

Where would you go to learn more about your ancestors? Is it a dream trip? 

What is one destination that you will never forget?

What is one destination you could permanently move to? 

Where do you get your sense of wanderlust from? 

What’s the weirdest food you’ve tried around the world?

Would you rather see a bunch of cities in one trip for a shorter amount of time or spend more time in each city, and visit fewer? Why?

Have you visited any of the Wonders of the World?

Have you visited any UNESCO World Heritage sites? Which do you want to visit?

Have you visited any sites lived in or frequented by your favorite musicians? Or celebrities?

If you could speak, write, and read one additional language to your own, which would it be? Why?

What is the best local fast food you’ve had in a foreign country?

Do you prefer to travel alone? Or in a group? 

Which literary city would you love to visit? Why? 

What’s your favorite travel show? Why?

Prompts before you go

travel diary ideas

What is on your bucket list at this destination? 

What have you enjoyed about planning this trip the most? 

Why did you choose this itinerary?

What are your expectations of this destination or experience?

What are you most excited about? Why?

Are there any local delicacies you can’t wait to try? 

What is something new you want to try at this destination?

What souvenir do you want to bring home? And for whom?

What do you want to learn on this adventure?

What have you researched about this destination already? 

Is this a solo trip or are you traveling with friends or family?

Are you hoping to relax or go on adventures on this trip? 

What do you know about this destination? 

Give yourself a piece of advice before you leave on the trip. 

Prompts while you’re there

travel diary ideas

What was your first impression of your destination? What did you see, hear, smell first?

Draw a local landmark. 

Describe your hotel lobby/room or Airbnb residence.

What did you experience today that you enjoyed? Even the small things…

What was the worst thing that happened today?

Did anything make you smile, laugh, or cry? 

Did you try something new? 

What has been a total surprise about this destination? 

What are the cultural differences between your culture and theirs?

Which traditions would you like to adopt? 

Describe how people dress for work and play.

What meal can you eat again and again? 

How do the people here spend their time on the weekends?

What emotions have you felt during this trip?

Are there any current events at your destination that are affecting you?

How did an experience, person or place make you feel today?

Have you met any locals? Describe them.

Did you learn any new words or phrases today? How did you learn them? 

Sketch a moment you want to remember.

Describe an everyday activity you observed. 

Have any of your perceptions or opinions changed?

What will you miss when you return home?

Have you tried a local beer or wine yet?

Prompts after you’ve left

travel diary ideas

Overall, would you visit again? 

Would you change anything about the way you visited – the accommodations, the transportation, activities, etc.?

What was your favorite meal? 

What was your favorite tour or activity?

What were the highlights of your trip?

Did this adventure help you grow?

Where do you want to go next and why? 

What is one thing you wish you would’ve done?

Recall something funny that happened on this trip.

Were there any trip disasters?

Describe your favorite day or evening on this trip.

How did you feel when you arrived home? 

What’s one piece of advice you would give someone else going on this trip? 

Now that you’ve seen our list, what do you think? Leave us a comment below! 

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travel diary ideas

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Women Blazing Trails

35 Fun Travel Journal Ideas and Prompts For Your Next Adventure

Pinterest Hidden Image

Now that travel restrictions have been lifted, and more people are traveling, some for the first time, travel journaling has become quite popular. Today I want to share with you some fun travel journal ideas and prompts so you will have lasting memories of your trip.

I remember back in 2015, when I went on my first solo trip, the lady I was staying with gifted me this beautiful travel journal. It was such a special gift for me as this journey was exciting and scary, it being my first one alone.

It never once crossed my mind to have a travel diary. What a fun way to keep track of everything you did, saw, ate, and the people you encountered along the way.

I loved it!

Sadly though, it was one of the things that got packed up and left behind when I moved down to Guatemala. Ah well.

It is definitely something I highly recommend getting and using, especially if this is your first solo trip. I think it’s a great way to store all your fun travel memories in one place so you’ll never forget them.

And don’t forget to check out other blogs on travel journal ideas, not just mine!

(this article contains affiliate links, so if you make a purchase, I may make a small commission- affiliate disclosure here )

Buying Your Own Travel Journal

If you didn’t get a travel journal as a going-away gift and you need to buy your own, there are many on Amazon that I think you might like.

I think buying your own travel journal makes it all that more special because you picked it out, and it has all the little details inside you want to record your journal entries, your trip planning, all the good times you had, and so much more!

Not only that, it’s a wonderful place to hold all your travel memories, so you don’t forget anything.

So without making this a long and boring article about solo female travel , let’s get to the 35 fun travel journal ideas.

Important note~ make sure you share your travel itinerary with a family member or friend back home in case something happens.

35 Travel Journal Ideas You’ll Love

These are some of the fun things I wrote in my travel journal and a few of the other travel journal prompts I got from other travelers. I hope you enjoy this list of travel journal ideas, and if you have a few of your own that aren’t listed here, please drop them down in the comments.

I also think leaving blank pages in your travel journal is a good idea so you can fill in some info when you return home.

1 Your destination

Of course, you have to jot down where in the world you’re going ! The destination is the most important thing if this is your first trip.

2 What you liked the most

You’ll want to jot down everything you loved about this destination. Was it the weather, the people, the food, the water?

3 What you liked the least

I hate to break it to you, but not all trips are perfect. It’s a good idea to jot down things you didn’t like so you won’t forget them. This way, if you decide to return to this place, you’ll know what to expect.

So tell us, how was the weather? I like to note important things like ‘the rain was torrential, and there were many mudslides’ or ‘it was gorgeous every day.’

5 Amazing restaurants

Did you find a fabulous restaurant? Write that out so you’ll know for next time, or better yet, give them a shoutout on social media or Trip Advisor.

6 Foods you loved

What were some of the new foods you tried and loved? Were you able to get a recipe from the cook? Can you make that same dish back home?

7 Foods you hated

Yuck. Gross. Disgusting. Jot that down too. It’s always fun to look back and be reminded of that time you ate goat’s intestines (or whatever) and nearly threw up! Ha!

8 Adventures you went on

Did you go ziplining or scuba diving? Maybe there were some things you didn’t get a chance to do but want to next time you go. Jot those down too.

9 Fun means of transportation

Did you take a donkey, a camel, a rickety old boat, or a decked-out bus? Was transportation easy? Affordable or expensive? Safe or dangerous?

10 Contact information

If you got contact information from Airbnb hosts or taxi drivers, write them all out so you’ll have them in case you go back for a visit.

11 Did you try something new?

I’m sure you did! I hope you did anyway. Maybe you learned how to cook a new dish or beat a drum. Writing out these new skills is good for your self-confidence!

12 Did you fall in love?

Did you meet someone who made your heart flutter? I did on my first solo trip, and my heart was so sad when I had to leave. My travel diary had notes all about him.

13 Critter check

Chances are you’re going to come across critters you thought you’d only see on National Geographic. Name them and do some fun research on them.

14 New words you learned

Did you visit somewhere where English is not the first language? What are some of this country’s most common words and phrases?

15 An unforgettable day

Did one day really stick out as extra special? Maybe you went somewhere breathtaking or bought something amazing.

16 Flight details and transportation

Ok, oops, this should have been the first of the travel journal ideas. Ha! So the first page of your travel journal should include your flight and all the details of your travel to your destination. You might want to include if your travel was good or bad.

17 Places you missed out on

Sometimes we run out of time in our travels and miss things we really wanted to see. Jot them down in your travel diary so you can make time for them next time or at a different destination maybe.

18 Did you make new friends?

One thing about travel is you get to meet other travelers and cool people on your journey. Who did you meet? Did you get their contact info for future trips together?

19 Special events

Did you take in an amazing concert by a famous performer or maybe you saw a spectacular water fountains show? Write it down, and if you have the ticket stub, stick that in there too.

20 Learn new customs

Traveling to foreign countries is very educational and enriching, in my opinion. You learn new cultures and traditions. What did you learn in your travels?

21 Did you get sick?

I did quite a few times. That’s part of traveling, to be honest. Peru wiped me out, Mexico I got covid, Guatemala, and food poisoning. What about you?

22 One special thing you bought

There has to be one. At least one exceptional thing you bought and maybe one unique thing you couldn’t have purchased because you had no room to bring it back or did not have enough money for it. What caught your eye and made you want to buy it?

23 How did this trip make you feel?

Were you scared, happy, sad, lonely, nervous, or full of life and excitement? Were you apprehensive and didn’t fully enjoy the experience? Write out your feelings.

23 What are you grateful for today?

Do you also have a gratitude journal on your trip? If not, that’s ok. You can write down the things you are grateful for during your trip in your travel journal too.

24 What wore you out?

Traveling, while fun, can also be exhausting. What things did you do that wholly exhausted you to the point where you questioned whether you should have done that? For me, it was the climb to Machu Picchu.

25 The vibe of the town

What was the energy and vibe of the town like? Was it a sleepy little village or one that was full of life, colours, and energy? Jot down your favorite things. Regarding travel journal ideas, I love this one because it brings you back to that special place years down the road when you’re looking back through your travel memories.

26 Challenges you overcame

And trust me, there will be challenges. What challenge were you faced with, and how did you manage to overcome it? Was it super embarrassing or did you pull it off like a queen?

27 Going off the beaten path

Did you go somewhere most tourists typically don’t go? Were you super adventurous and went off the beaten path? Write about all that! How exciting.

28 Talk about the accommodations

How was your room/villa? Did you hate it/love it? Was it good value for your money? Was it clean, dirty, safe, etc.?

29 What’s the town famous for?

Does the town have something it’s famous for? Maybe an old legend or some odd history? This will give you something to Google and learn more about when you have time.

30 Journal your mood

Travel journal ideas don’t always have to be about travel only. Try to journal your mood of the day or how you’re feeling. You won’t feel 100% every day, and that’s ok.

31 Lessons learned

One great thing about life is that we learn as we go. We learn about other people, life and even ourselves. What did you learn on this trip?

32 Things you forgot to bring

It happens. Sometimes you can find those things where you are visiting, other times, no. So what did you forget to bring that was kind of important that you must remember next time?

33 What’s the culture like?

How did families interact? Did the children go to school or work? Were there many young moms? Do the women stay home to cook and clean all day while the men work? Are women treated equally? Are they religious? What have your observations been on these topics or others?

34 Would you go back?

Did you love it so much that you want to return, or have you seen enough the first time? Would you highly recommend it to your friends to visit?

35 Intriguing things to note about this destination

Every town is special and different. Was there anything about this place that really stood out to you as special, unique, amazing, or anything else?

Other travel journal ideas and journal prompts

Here are a few more travel journal ideas that might interest you. These actually were really handy for me when I went to Peru.

It’s important to know that transportation can sometimes be confusing and complicated. Keep track of these situations so you know for next time, or you can alert your friends if they are headed there.

More travel journal ideas:

  • Cost of transportation and special notes for trains, buses, planes, etc.
  • Level of safety at night, during the day, in crowds, etc.
  • Important cultural things you should know for next time
  • What the ideal budget for this trip should be
  • Bad things that may have happened to you or in general

I hope you can jot down some travel journal ideas in the comment section. These are just the ones I can think of but maybe you’re into art journaling or bullet journaling or something totally different but you want to integrate with travel journaling!

Share your travel tips below with the others.

Your travel journal ideas make things special

As I mentioned earlier, if this is your first trip, keeping a travel diary will be special. It will hold all your beautiful memories.

Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs at us; sometimes, travel isn’t always on the agenda, or can’t be (remember that nasty virus?). This is why keeping a diary of all your travels is super important.

I hope you liked my list of travel journal ideas and that they help guide your journal entries and travels.

Happy trails to you!!

travel diary ideas

Iva is a retired hairstylist turned freelancer from Northern Ontario Canada living a life of freedom, peace and joy in sunny Guatemala. Her two main goals in life are to inspire people around the world with her blogs and to feed hungry little bellies and street dogs in the town she now calls home, Panajachel. She also runs a keto site, On and Off Keto . Click on the social media icons to follow her around the web!

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  • Iva Ursano 23 Interesting Things Boomers Experienced That Gen Z Would Laugh At
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  • Iva Ursano Keto For Women Over 60: What You Need to Know

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She Goes The Distance

40 Creative Travel Journal Ideas & Writing Prompts to Save Your Best Travel Memories

40 Creative Travel Journal Ideas & Writing Prompts to Save Your Best Travel Memories

Last Updated on January 17, 2024 by Michela

It’s so easy to let our travel photos get buried in our camera roll or to say “I’ll remember this night forever” and forget the details that made it so special just a few months later. That’s where keeping a travel journal becomes such an important part of your trip! These travel journal ideas & writing prompts will make you fall in love with trips all over again and keep your favorite memories alive.

Travel journaling is therapeutic, fun, and provokes self-reflection and creativity. While we travel, we can be pretty busy – exploring different places, sleeping on planes, meeting new people. But just because you’re busy during your trip doesn’t mean you can’t keep a travel journal!

Keeping a travel journal is even more rewarding when you can make it personal with mementos (and other travel journal ideas I’m sharing below!)

travel diary ideas

And if you’re just here for the prompts, you can jump to the bottom of the post or download the free ‘Where She Goes’ Travel Journal Prompts list from The Travel Library .

Email address

Let’s get into everything there is to know about travel journaling and the creative ways you can go about your trip memory-keeping.

Some of these links are affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through that link, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read my full disclosure !

All About Travel Journaling: What It Is, How To Do It, & Should You Keep A Travel Journal?

Keeping a travel journal is simply about recording memories from a trip. You can even keep track of and plan future trips in a travel journal (which I, as someone in love with lists, do often!)

There’s no one way to journal about travels. You could write during or after your trip, keep a travel bullet journal, track you running bucket list, save travel tips for your next trip – the important thing is to be creative and reflective!

Travel journaling is an amazing tool to see how travel has influenced us to grow as a person, from conquering fears to gaining self-confidence.

It can be used to beat the lonely times of solo travel or try to escape the post-trip blues by reliving those memories just made.

While we travel, there are so many highs, lows, emotions, funny moments and more that we say we will never forget. But to really never forget them, we have to reflect on them and document them! That’s where keeping a travel journal comes in handy.

The Best Travel Journals

There are lots of different options for travel journals. You could use a plain basic notebook or write in a travel diary with printed prompts and exercises. So, how do you know which one to choose?

The truth is, you can go through a lot of travel journals. Maybe you’ll get the chance to experience multiple different kinds! If you are naturally more creative, choose a mostly blank travel journal to which you can add personal touches.

If you struggle with what to write about, opt for journals with prompts built into them (or scroll down to the prompts below and download the list!)

Two travel journals that are both cute and interactive are the Wander Always Journal and the Page A Day Journal . These have prompts and activities within them, so there’s a bit less room for creativity. But, it also makes the process easier and faster with these bonuses.

Another travel journal that is perfect for those wanting a more sleek and clean look is the WNDRD Trip Planning Journal . As it says in the name, you can use this notebook for journaling and for trip planning with the specially printed planner pages.

Travel journals can also be great sentimental gifts for friends and family (or for yourself – I won’t tell!)

Travel Journal Apps

Everything has an app these days, right? Travel journaling can even be done on your phone! Some apps for travel journaling include:

  • Travel Diaries

There’s also a sweet app called Journi, where you can create photo albums with diary entries and track your trip on a map. Then you can print or share these mini albums! You can group your photos while traveling or after so that they are easy to find. This way won’t be lost in your camera roll!

Creative Travel Journal Ideas

If you want to do more than just write in your travel journal, then there are many ways to make it special and personalized!

These unique travel journal ideas are meant to get you thinking about how to make your love for travel or the travels themselves come alive.

Look for inspiration everywhere. Maybe you have a ton of extra coins lying around from your trip to Italy . Or you saved those flowers you picked near the coast of France and they are now dried. These can all be accessories used to bring your travel memories back to life in your journal!

Photo Pocket

travel diary ideas

The first travel journal idea is to add a photo pocket to the back or front of your journal. This is a super simple way to create a little storage of your photos without having to spend time doing a complete album!

Simply take a piece of cardstock or stiff paper and cut it into a rectangle large enough to hold your photos. You can even create a scoop like mind so they peek out.

Then add adhesive to the bottom and sides and attach it to wherever there is a sturdy spot on your journal. Voila, you have a place to put all those photos instead of letting them get buried in your phone!

Scrapbook Layout

While the first idea to making your travel journal more creative was a simple way to include photos in your journal, this version takes a bit more time and creativity.

In your travel journal, you can either leave space on the pages as you write or write and layout photos at the same time to create a commemorative mini travel scrapbook.

You’ll need small adhesive, scissors, and some creative juices flowing to transform blank pages into something beautiful.

Decorating your travel journal is another way to give it more personality and bring out the fun of your trips.

You can opt for inexpensive sheets of stickers or find specific decals you fall in love with to tell the story of your trip!

Good places to buy unique stickers and decals are Etsy , Amazon , and Society6 .

Here are some of my favorites for an aesthetic travel journal cover and pages!

  • Go Travel Decal
  • Trip Planning Stickers
  • Vintage Vinyl Stickers
  • Gold & Black Aesthetic Travel Stickers

Add Your Own Art

Take the design of your travel journal to the next level by channeling your inner artist. Use paint to decorate the outside. Doodle your favorite places on the pages or the cover to bring you back to a place.

Whatever artistic addition you can make to your travel journal, the more personal to and reflective of you it will be.

Preserving Tickets, Passes, & Other Mundane Mementos

travel diary ideas

One of the best travel journal ideas is to preserve all of the extra bits from your trip – things like train tickets, museum passes, and local maps – to add to your writing entries.

They may seem useless after your trip, but these tokens of your travels are the real elements that bring your memories to life. Seeing a word can help you imagine a place, but physically touching your metro pass or gallery ticket takes you right back to the moment you used it.

Tape these small papers to page corners, stuff them in the photo pocket, or even use them as little bookmarks to organize your journal.

Choose Something to Collect

Make your travel journal completely unique by sticking with a theme. This idea for travel journals will take some time to execute throughout your travels, but it can be a special way to remember each place you’ve been to.

Whether it is stamps, postcards, or boarding passes, build up a consistent collection of them from wherever you travel.

Then when it comes time to assemble your journal, you have a cute consistent theme and a visually appealing diary to document every place you have been.

Travel Journal Prompts for Reflection & Memory-Keeping

Travel journal prompts are ways to combat writer’s block and inspire creativity. To make these prompts easier to reference, you can download the free printable of ‘Where She Goes’ Travel Journal Prompts from The Travel Library, where you’ll also have access to resources like my girl’s packing list and Lightroom photo presets.

The Journey

  • What was the journey like to be here? What happened on the way to your destination?
  • Did you learn anything new on the journey?
  • Who did you meet while traveling to this place?
  • What was your favorite part of the journey?
  • Did you reach here by car, plane, train?
  • Was it a long journey? How did you feel once you reached your destination?
  • What songs did you listen to on the way that take you back to this trip?

The Destination

  • Describe your current surroundings.
  • How does this place make you feel?
  • Why did you want to be here? Did you want to be here?
  • What surprised you most about this place?
  • Who are you traveling with?
  • What have you learned about this place since arriving?
  • What’s a funny story you would tell your friend about this trip?
  • Where did you explore off-the-beaten-path?
  • Did you try any unique foods?
  • How would you describe this place to a friend or family member?
  • Name one thing you never want to forget about this place.
  • What is a memory you’ll cherish forever from this trip?
  • Did you enjoy your trip? If not, why?
  • What did you learn about yourself after visiting this place?
  • What could have gone better?
  • How do you feel after leaving? Would you return?
  • Name three things you are grateful for from this trip.
  • Describe your favorite photo from this trip.

General Memory-Keeping

  • Write about the first travel memory that comes to mind.
  • Doodle a monument or favorite place you have visited that made you want to pinch yourself.
  • Describe your first travel experience. What were you feeling? Scared? Excited? Anxious?
  • Make a list of all the people you’ve met while traveling.
  • What’s one thing you would change about travel?
  • What’s one thing you want to do better while traveling?
  • Where’s your favorite place to travel with family? Describe it in vivid detail.
  • Describe a place you’ve visited through using all five senses.
  • If you could choose one place you’ve been to stay forever, which one would it be?

Final Tips for Travel Journaling

travel diary ideas

Hopefully with all these travel journal ideas and writing prompts, you feel more comfortable and excited to document your travels! Here are some extra tips to make travel journaling work for you:

  • Keep your travel journal with you as you are on the go. This may seem obvious, but when you think about it, we don’t want to pause our day to go write about what’s happening that very second. Instead, have your journal with you to doodle your surroundings or write down specific feelings you have at the moment. You can elaborate later!
  • Write down keywords to escape writer’s block. If you have trouble getting started, jot down a few words that come to mind when you are looking at a prompt. Often when writing, we get overwhelmed by what the finished product should look like that we can’t even start! Start as small as keywords and as your ideas come in the writing will flow.
  • Use every sense for details. An easy way to get more creative and describe a moment well is to think about it from the perspective of all five senses you experienced with. What sounds did you hear, things do you see, flavors did you taste?

Let me know what you think of these travel journal ideas, prompts, & tips with a comment!

Save this guide to Pinterest for later reference!

travel diary ideas

The more memories we make, the more important it is to jot them down so we have them forever. Tell me if you’re excited about travel journaling like me!

travel diary ideas

Michela is a travel writer and photographer living in northern Italy. She is passionate about helping people make the most of their travels by sharing advice gained from her personal experiences, off-the-beaten-path destinations and time-saving quick itineraries. Browse her top articles or have her help you plan your itinerary to your dream destination!

Find me on: Web | Instagram

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The Travel Tester

10+ Creative Travel Bullet Journal Ideas in the Spotlight That You’ll Love!

Posted on Last updated: February 3, 2023

In my previous post on what a Bullet Journal is , you could read that I’m pretty obsessed by this new way of documenting your life.

While I am not the best designer and I don’t have a great handwriting (even though when I was a teacher years ago, I had to do a handwriting-on-chalkboard-exam and got a B, so it’s not horrible), I still find I like to get creative and find new ways to use the Bullet Journal other than just a monthly and daily bullet journal planner.

Scrolling through Instagram, I found quite a few cool examples of people using their Bullet Journal around travel-related topics, so today I’d like to give you some ideas on how to make your own journal a bit more interesting with these page spreads.

Make sure to pick up your own bullet travel journal , such as the Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook  or the  Moleskine Classic Notebook . 

Let me know what your favourite bullet journal travel layout is!


Ideas for your Travel Bullet Journal || The Travel Tester

  • Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook
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1. Travel Bullet Journal Idea: Trip Planning

Ah, just the thought of a new trip makes my heart always tick faster, how about you?

Here are some great examples of what you can do with a bullet journal for travel by the Bullet Journal “Queen” Kara from @Boho.Berry on how she created a the Bullet Journal Trip Planner to start planning her next vacation.

You can follow the hashtag #BUJOtravel on Instagram for more inspiration on places to go bullet journal spreads. 

What would you include in your bullet journal travel planning? Can you come up with more travel bullet journal spreads yourself?

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Kara 🌸 Boho Berry (@boho.berry) op 10 Mrt 2016 om 6:14 (PST)
            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Kara 🌸 Boho Berry (@boho.berry) op 11 Jun 2016 om 11:10 (PDT)
            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Kara 🌸 Boho Berry (@boho.berry) op 5 Jan 2016 om 8:41 (PST)

Another few great planning pages by Katrin from @plansandletters:

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Katrin (@plansandletters) op 21 Jan 2017 om 6:01 (PST)

Plan your favourite hotspots for your next trip, and create a vacation bullet journal like Jennifer of @inkbyjeng did here:

  Een bericht gedeeld door Illustrator • Jennifer Reyes (@inkbyjeng) op 1 Dec 2016 om 3:48 PST
  Een bericht gedeeld door Illustrator • Jennifer Reyes (@inkbyjeng) op 12 Okt 2016 om 10:36 PDT
  Een bericht gedeeld door Illustrator • Jennifer Reyes (@inkbyjeng) op 22 Nov 2016 om 9:22 PST

2. Bullet Journal Wish List: Create a Travel Log!

I love how Becky of @Painted_Illustrated has created all these pages in her journal where she can record the countries and states she visited on her travels.

Make sure to check her account for other parts of the world and customized bullet journal travel logs!

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Becky (@painted_illustrated) op 11 Jun 2016 om 2:37 (PDT)
            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Becky (@painted_illustrated) op 12 Jun 2016 om 3:12 (PDT)

Another great travel planning bullet journal is by Christina from @christina77star, but of course you need some serious drawing skills to pull this one off:

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Christina (@christina77star) op 13 Apr 2016 om 12:05 (PDT)

If you’re not such a good illustrator as Becky or Christina, you can simply print a world map from the internet and stick it in your journal, like this nice one by Inge from @Pens.and.Planners:

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Inge 📖 (@pens.and.planners) op 5 Mei 2016 om 11:35 (PDT)

Here is another fun travel tracker bullet journal-style, created by Alexandra:

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Alexandra Pflumm (@alexandra_bulletjournal) op 21 Mrt 2019 om 12:29 (PDT)

What I personally do, is keeping track of all flights I go on… it’s a lot, haha!

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Inge 📖 (@pens.and.planners) op 27 Mei 2016 om 1:24 (PDT)

3. Bullet Journal Packing Lists

Nothing better than a good packing list to make sure you don’t forget anything important on your next trip.

If you follow the hashtag #BUJOpackinglist , you’ll find some great examples of BUJO packing list ideas!

Have a look at these black-and-white packing list bullet journal ideas travel by Marie of journalspiration:

  Een bericht gedeeld door Marie (@journalspiration) op 15 Nov 2016 om 8:03 PST

And how about this cute one by Kara from Boho Berry:

  Een foto die is geplaatst door Kara | Boho Berry (@boho.berry) op 27 Feb 2016 om 8:01 PST

4. Bullet Journal Places To Go – Travel Songs

Just by reading this list by Inge from Pens and Planners I feel like going on a road trip, how about you? Check out some more bullet journal travel spreads below on creating a places to visit bullet journal:

  I wasn’t really happy with my last travel music list, so I decided to change it up! :) . . . #bulletjournal #bujo #bujojunkies #dutchbulletjournaling #planner #planneraddict #planwithme #showmeyourplanner #traveling #music #vacation #leuchtturm1917 Een foto die is geplaatst door Inge Rouwmaat (@pens.and.planners) op 27 Mei 2016 om 1:24 PDT

5. Stamp Collection

What better way to invite the world into your home then through a great stamp collection. Love this page by Amanda from banjobaby83:

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Amanda Lynn (@libra_lotus831) op 20 Apr 2016 om 8:00 (PDT)

6. Travel Souvenirs

Just returned from a trip and brought back a souvenir? You can use your bullet journal travel pages to record them (or record gifts you bought for everyone). Here is a peek into my own sand collection overview. Yes, this took me forever to draw, hahaha:

  Een bericht gedeeld door Nick & Nienke (@thetraveltester) op 9 Jun 2016 om 2:50 PDT

7. Creative Travel Journal Ideas

Of course there is nothing wrong with turning part of your travel journal bullet journal into a good old-fashioned journal!

Check the hashtag  #bujotravelersnotebook  to get inspiration for your travel log bullet journal-style.

Get creative, just like Rianne of Making Ideas Happen did here:

  Een foto die is geplaatst door Rianne / Rissy (@makingideashappen) op 9 Jun 2016 om 8:35 PDT

More great travel diary ideas include collecting stamps and postcards in your Travel Bullet Journal, like Carola of lolamamama did here:

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Carola M (@lolamamama) op 25 Okt 2016 om 10:20 (PDT)

Or how cool is this little travel journal inspiration page by Cristina of, where she keeps her memories bullet journal holiday-style:

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Cristina ( op 16 Jul 2016 om 4:21 (PDT)

For a great and simple travel journal template, check out this post by Kiana, who made a love Iceland travel bujo:

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Kiana (@abulletjournaladay) op 3 Apr 2019 om 2:37 (PDT)

I really wish I could draw like José Naranja:

  Een foto die is geplaatst door José Naranja (@jose_naranja) op 19 Okt 2013 om 6:02 PDT
  Een foto die is geplaatst door José Naranja (@jose_naranja) op 19 Okt 2013 om 6:01 PDT
  Een foto die is geplaatst door José Naranja (@jose_naranja) op 29 Sep 2013 om 5:44 PDT

8. Road Trip Book

Going on a Road Trip? Have Kids (or just want to entertain yourself?) Why not create a fun road trip activity book inside your bullet journal (along with your bullet journal travel itinerary), like Kara from Boho Berry did in such a cool way:

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Kara 🌸 Boho Berry (@boho.berry) op 14 Jun 2016 om 7:35 (PDT)
            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Kara 🌸 Boho Berry (@boho.berry) op 16 Jun 2016 om 10:29 (PDT)

9. Bullet Journal Bucket List

Don’t we all secretly love the bucket list? I know I do! Use your bullet journal memories pages to craft your own bullet journal travel bucket list!

Follow the hashtag  #bujobucketlist for tons of bucket list journal ideas. 

This is what Marie of journalspiration put on her London Bucket List bullet journal-style, can you come up with more bullet journal checklists?

  Een foto die is geplaatst door m a r i e (@journalspiration) op 8 Jul 2016 om 11:05 PDT

What do you think of this cute drawing by Bea from beagurban in her own version of a travel bucket list bullet journal-style:

  Een bericht gedeeld door Bea (@beagurban) op 21 Feb 2017 om 2:28 PST

Crossing all the US states of your Bucket List, for many people a dream! Great holiday bullet journal page ideas by Jennifer of inkbyjeng:

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Illustrator • Jennifer Reyes (@inkbyjeng) op 19 Nov 2016 om 8:26 (PST)

If you feel that all these bullet journal vacation planning-pages look too difficult to make, here is a super easy and fun idea by Jessica from @lifeinjournal to record your Summer bucket list:

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Jessica (@lifeinjournal) op 16 Jun 2018 om 4:57 (PDT)

10. Places I Want to Go Bullet Journal

Dreaming of all the places you still want to travel to? Create a spread like Noc Triwina did on this post:

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Noc Triwina (@noctriwina) op 23 Jun 2018 om 1:33 (PDT)

Or create a bullet journal places to visit spread just like Annie from @ajournalbyannie did:

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Annie | Journaling & Artwork (@ajournalbyannie) op 12 Sep 2018 om 12:37 (PDT)

11. Travel Quotes

After all those bullet journal trip planning pages, I feel like nothing is more inspiring than a great travel quote!

I went to the hashtag #BUJOquotes to find inspiration for my own travel planning journal. 

Looking for more inspirational travel quotes? Have a look at this list of best Paulo Coelho quotes on life >>

Here is some inspiration for you, maybe they will give you even more travel diaries ideas:

  Een foto die is geplaatst door Christina (@christina77star) op 19 Nov 2015 om 9:17 PST
  Een foto die is geplaatst door Kara | Boho Berry (@boho.berry) op 21 Sep 2015 om 7:10 PDT
  Een foto die is geplaatst door Kara | Boho Berry (@boho.berry) op 21 Mrt 2016 om 10:42 PDT

Make sure to check the account below for many, many more great Bullet Journal travel ideas for quotes and illustrations:

  Een foto die is geplaatst door Handrian Apriyanto (@hndrntype) op 22 Mei 2016 om 6:37 PDT
  Een foto die is geplaatst door Handrian Apriyanto (@hndrntype) op 11 Apr 2016 om 6:27 PDT
  Een foto die is geplaatst door Handrian Apriyanto (@hndrntype) op 8 Mei 2016 om 7:15 PDT
  Een foto die is geplaatst door Handrian Apriyanto (@hndrntype) op 6 Jun 2016 om 2:52 PDT
  Een foto die is geplaatst door Handrian Apriyanto (@hndrntype) op 2 Jun 2016 om 6:15 PDT
  Een foto die is geplaatst door Handrian Apriyanto (@hndrntype) op 20 Jun 2016 om 2:49 PDT

12. Travel Journal Cover Ideas

Finally, here are some creative ideas to create the cover page for your trip planning bullet journal (by @doodle_book14):

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door Doodle_Book (@doodle_book14) op 20 Mrt 2019 om 6:08 (PDT)

 And by @NadaPersonall

            Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram                         Een bericht gedeeld door NadaPersonal (@nnadapersonall) op 9 Jul 2018 om 9:34 (PDT)

I hope this post has given you plenty of travel notebook ideas! Have you found more great examples on Instagram? Let me know in the comments below!

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> Which Bullet Journal Notebook to Use?

Want to get started with the Bullet Journal Yourself? Here are some great books to kick off!

Because you’ll be drawing your own calendar, a notebook with dotted pages works best in my opinion, especially if you’re looking to get really creative and draw a lot.

But of course any journal will do!

The two journals that I’ve hear recommended the most are these two:

Bullet Journal Tips om je Leven te Organiseren (Ik ben er al Geobsedeerd door!) || The Travel Tester

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Bullet Journal Tips om je Leven te Organiseren (Ik ben er al Geobsedeerd door!) || The Travel Tester

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Ideas for your Travel Bullet Journal || The Travel Tester

Shreya @ The Creatives Hour

Monday 26th of April 2021

These travel bullet journal ideas are super inspiring! Love the overall compilation!

Mateo Pedersen

Tuesday 12th of March 2019

What nice ideas ! Perfect for staying organized and be inspired!!

Wednesday 5th of September 2018

Nice article i loved so much. Thanks for sharing.

50 Bullet Journal Page Ideas (With Examples!) to Inspire You | Simply Brandi Renee

Friday 3rd of August 2018

[…] Source […]

Tuesday 30th of May 2017

Hello, Nice tips and inspiration. I am digital nomad working in travel industry. I always carry my magic book for fresh idea. I believe I have now more than 10 completed with my last 15 years traveling around the world. Keep discovering, Keep Testing. If you pass by Barcelona, this is my base for summer.

Nienke Krook

Thursday 1st of June 2017

Sounds Awesome Vince! So great to read them back after a couple of years!! Happy Travels!!

11 Creative Travel Journal Ideas

By Author Toni Broome

Posted on Published: November 2, 2020  - Last updated: January 15, 2023

Travel journal pinterest poster

Incorporate some of these tips into your next travel diary and you’ll create lasting memories of your trips for years to come. I’m always on the search for creative travel journal ideas and inspiration and these are some of my current favourites.

travel journaling gear

You can always journal when you return home but writing regularly and while in the environment provides inspiration that will help you move beyond how ‘great’ and ‘beautiful’ a place was and capture what it was that stirred your emotions and lock in those moments that made it truly special. I like to take a few minutes in a cafe, over a drink or unwinding back at our accommodation to jot things down. I also often opt for a reporters notebook that fits in my pocket or purse to scribble down my thoughts and use them to create pages in my journal later.

I like my travel journals to be colourful, creative and fun to flip through. Recording my memories is key but I don’t want to spend half my time while I’m travelling writing down facts and figures. When I open it months or years later I want to remember how a place or experience made me feel and not to have it read like Wikipedia.

Finding the balance between creative journaling and not carrying an excess of pens and materials is possible especially with a few innovative ideas and using the tools and decorative materials you naturally come across each day.

To help illustrate some of the ideas and different styles I’ve included images below not only from my own journals but links to travel journal pages on Instagram from others in the community. These links are added with their knowledge and permission so feel free to click through, see more of their great travel journal creations and follow any of them who inspire your own creativity.

Table of Contents

1. Incorporate tickets, brochures and maps

2. collect stickers and washi tape as you travel, 3. include food memories, 4. use journaling prompts, 5. include foreign words and phrases, 6. use feathers, leaves and flowers with care, 7. record your memories, write your stories, 8. include your own art, 9. create a messages page, 10. include a few photographs, 11. look out for tourist stamps as you go, ideas to include in your travel bullet journal.

When I’m travelling I seem to end each day with a treasure trove of ephemera in my day bag. Whether that’s ticket stubs, brochures or paper maps they all add both character and information to your journaling.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jolene Ung (@jolenegoes) on Apr 12, 2019 at 7:26am PDT

I sort through it before we move on to our next stop and don’t carry everything I collect back home with me but I do always keep a couple of plastic envelopes in my suitcase specifically for items that might be added to the journal later.

Something I’ve noticed on recent trips, especially travelling in Asia, is that many tourist attractions, souvenir shops and small local shops sell unique stickers, washi tape and sticky notes showing the destination or something related to the destination.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by nifty (@nifty.theshop) on Jul 25, 2018 at 3:21am PDT

At Fushimi Inari, a shrine in Kyoto famous for its thousands of orange tori gates the washi tape featured those shrine gates and inari zushi, a popular snack served in the area. In Nara where deer wander wild in the park and throughout the temple grounds there were stickers showing deer amongst the cherry blossom trees.

Some of my Japan sticker and washi collection

The strongest memories are those that are triggered by the senses. Taste and smell are some of the strongest so don’t forget to record those great meals, the sights, sounds and smells of the markets. Note down a recipe, sketch an unusual ingredient or dish that keeps cropping up or describe a new food you try from the perspective of each of your senses.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Vân avec un V comme Valérie (@asiancloud) on Oct 6, 2020 at 8:36am PDT

I also collect related items, a wrapper from a sweet I really enjoyed, a cute cardboard coaster from a winebar or the paper chopsticks cover showing the logo and name of a restaurant we would want to go back to one day.

Whether it’s a list of prompts you’ve compiled yourself in advance, something you come up with based on the inspiration of the day or if you borrow from a published list it can help you get the creative flow started.

Some travel journal prompts to try

  • The things I am most looking forward to about …
  • A dish I tried for the first time today
  • An interaction I had with a local
  • A new phrase I learned today
  • Something that surprised me
  • The highlight of today
  • The most useful item I packed
  • The weather today
  • A local custom I’ve noticed
  • The 5 things I liked most about …
  • How much I spent today and on what
  • The funniest thing that happened was
  • My first impressions
  • What people were wearing

I’ve mentioned it as a journal prompt but there are many ways to include foreign words and phrases in your journal. Even in a country where you can easily get by in your native language, it adds to the experience and generally is appreciated by the locals if you try to use a few words of the local language. Even just being about to say hello, please, thank you and express your appreciation of something you saw or experienced it’s going to enrich your experience.

Oishii japan travel diary page

Other times you will notice a word being used alot or some one might teach you a new word that you could use as a heading, decorate on the page or write the story about. You might also want to include a page of useful phrases in your journal when you are preparing for your trip.

Pressed flowers, a dropped feather or colourful autumn leaves make an interesting tactile embellishment. I know I was would have loved to include maple and ginkgo leaves during the autumn in Tokyo but if you plan to carry those items or your complete journal across international borders you need to be aware of biosecurity restrictions. In Australia and New Zealand, that’s a NO!

My travel journal is a creative outlet just for me, I get pleasure from both creating it and having it to remember our trips and special days. It’s writing just for me not for an audience so I feel I can be completely true to my experience, raw and I can write as little or much as I feel like.

Hobbiton Movie Set layout in travel journal

While I like it to be pretty and a home for photos and other mementos I pick up along the way what matter most to me is capturing the memories and experiences in my words. Sometimes it’s an extended stream of consciousness, other times it’s just a caption but capturing the stories as they happen or through my personal filter of life is part of the process.

You don’t need to be a great artist to make a travel journal. As I mentioned above in point 7, capturing the stories in my own words is essential but the colour, design, mementos, pictures and sketches that I add are also part of that story. They make the journal visually appealing and draw me back to flip through them again and again.

Miyajima japan travel journal layout

I’m no artist but I love the creative process and as my journal is principally for me it doesn’t matter if it looks like a child drew in my diary. Sometimes even the simplest doodles can be powerful memory triggers. We have seen these orange tori gates from Hokkaido to Kyushu but even without the words on this page the simple image makes me think of Miyajima and smile.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Following Foxes ? (@following_foxes) on Mar 23, 2020 at 5:05am PDT

Holly over at Following Foxes has some great inspiration on her instagram account not only for travel journalling but bullet journal layouts too.

If you are travelling with a group of people, staying in share accommodation or meeting a lot of people in the course of your trip, consider creating a messages page similar to what you would have in a high school yearbook for people to leave a note you can look back on. They might leave a message reminding you of where you met, record their social media handles or add a simple sketch to remember your time together.

If you are travelling with a group or family you could create a page around a particular place or event, including images or mementos from the day and have everyone add a sentence or two about something that was particularly memorable for them.

I don’t use my journal as a photo album, I keep most of my photos digitally and occasionally I’ll produce a photobook but sometimes a picture really can convey 1000 words and in that case, I’ll print and include it.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by angie?bobo?wanderlust goods (@bobodesignstudio) on Nov 18, 2019 at 8:30pm PST

There are a few ways to do this. Polaroid cameras have made a bit of a comeback but I had one the first time around and while the new versions are pretty cute I find them too bulky to carry when I already have my phone and my main camera with me most of the time. There is a whole range of tiny portable printers that are ideal for journaling or you can go into many stores around the world and get photo prints done while you wait, it generally quite inexpensive. You could also leave adding the images until you get home if you have a printer there.

If you will be adding the photos later I suggest having a standard size you use. A 2-inch by 3-inch rectangle is common for the mini printers and fits with all sizes of journals. You can also create collages of photos and print them on standard 4″ x 6″ or 6″ x 8″ photo paper at home or in-store then trim them to size. I keep a cardboard template in the back pocket of my journal that I trace around to mark out the spot where the photo will be added when I have it ready and then write a reminder of what photo I intend to include there. The note will be hidden by the photo later.

Some tourist attractions have unique stamps that you can stamp onto scrap paper or into your notebook as you go. I’ve seen them for a variety of places including the National Parks in the USA and in Japan, many train stations or tourist attractions have a stamp that is representative of the local area. You’ll find them near the main info desk at the train stations or near ticket offices at attractions.

Tourist stamp from the ropeway on Miyajima Island, Japan

Just a note that in Japan these are different to the pilgrimage stamps or GoShuin that are available at many temples and shrines. Those include a stamp and calligraphy that is generally prepared by a monk at the temple. They are only added to a dedicated concertina-style book and you should not write in or decorate that book.

Some temples do have normal stamps that can be used too, I know Hongan-ji in Tokyo near the Tsukiji market had these and Todai-ji in Nara has both options.

Stamp it into your book or onto the paper stock provided and build your journal page around it later. This one was at the Ropeway station on Miyajima Island, Hiroshima. It shows the famous tori gate, the maple leaves the area is known for, a costume from a performance at the shrine that we watched and the ropeway car.

If you found this article useful please consider saving it to Pinterest. It makes it easy for you to find it again, it helps us, and it helps other travellers to find the information they are looking for.

Travel journal pinterest poster

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Wednesday 10th of May 2023

This has helped a lot for writing a travel journal even as a beginner

Stuffed Suitcase

15 Easy Travel Journal Ideas to Make Your Trip Diary Look Amazing

By: Author Kim Tate

Posted on Published: June 18, 2019

With the new trend of bullet journaling, creating a trip diary on vacation is becoming a popular activity. They make great memory books from the trip and also help you remember and appreciate each new adventure. But what should you put in your journal? Here are 15 easy travel journal ideas that will help you create an amazing souvenir from the trip.

Snap Instant Photos

Map your journey, add ticket stubs, get creative with watercolor, accent with washi tape, keep a food log.

  • Fun with Hand Lettering

Show Me the Money

Mail a postcard.

  • Hotel Notepad Notes

Organize by Chronological and Thematic

Smell the flowers, time for reflection, just the facts, memorable quotes.

fun travel journal ideas

This post has been written in partnership with Best Buy and Canon. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

One of the best and easiest ideas to add color and dimension to your travel diary is with photos. Traveling with an instant photo camera works perfectly for snapping photos on your trip and quickly adding them on the fly.

travel diary ideas

I recently got the Canon IVY CLIQ camera and love how I can snap a photo and it prints directly from the camera – no ink or separate printer needed! The photos are printed with a heat process so you also don’t need to worry about waiting for ink to dry. And, the special Zink photo paper has a peel-and-stick backing so you can place it directly in your journal.

Pick up your own Canon IVY CLIQ at Best Buy .

travel diary ideas

You can buy a map of your destination or use a printed Google Map to mark spots you visited, or track your road trip journey. If you’re making a creative travel journal you might try drawing a map of your country with colorful pens and pencils.

Hand Lettering Travel Journal Ideas

Often when you think of journaling you imagine a big page of writing. However, having some fun with hand lettering and dressing up your simple text can make your journal look more exciting. You can watch some YouTube videos or check Pinterest for tutorials on brush lettering, or you can just add some color and lines or dots to your normal text.

travel diary ideas

Here’s a super easy thing to add to your journal, ticket stubs. Whether it’s for a fun train ride, great museum you visited, or even your luggage baggage claim ticket, add it to your journal for a fun memory.

If you’re creative and have some art ability, consider adding watercolor sketches to your travel journal. My friend Keryn has a great post about creating a watercolor journal . All it takes is bringing along a watercolor palette or you could even try watercolor pencils .

Watercolor art journal

Washi tape is one of the most fun and inexpensive travel journal ideas. You can add some along the border of your page or use some as a headline box and write on top of the tape. Washi tape is also great for taping your ticket stubs and other collectibles to your journal pages.

Here’s a fun idea for what to write in your journal – make a food log! This could be a simple chart of the name of the restaurant and what you ordered, or you could make it a featured section and list all your memories about the restaurant and what you ate. Food is one of the best things about traveling to new places!

If you’re traveling internationally add some of the local currency to your travel journal. You might glue on a cool looking coin, or add a bill or two to a page. You can also add the conversion math, a fun memory to compare if you plan a return trip or just want to reminisce. You could also keep track of your vacation cost as part of this section.

This is a fun activity we’ve done with our girls on our vacations. You can buy a postcard and add it by itself to your travel journal, however, it’s more exciting to mail it home to yourself. Get a local stamp and mail off your postcard to home, save a page in your journal, and add it once you return home.

Hotel Notepad Notes & Keys

If you’re staying in fun and unique places, you’ll want to make sure you don’t forget where you stayed. Save a room key card to add to your journal. Or make some notes about what you loved about your hotel on the branded hotel notepad, then add that notepad page to your journal.

It seems obvious to create your journal entries in chronological order, however, consider possibly organizing your entries based on a theme. Perhaps you love architecture and want to create a section for entries just based on the amazing design and buildings you discovered. Or perhaps you love color and want to add notes and photos of all the colors you find during your trip.

Of course, the standard chronologically ordered diary also allows you to create a fabulous memory book.

Adding pressed flowers or leaves to your travel journal can add some great dimension and scent to your book. Perhaps there’s a popular tree or plant that is native to your destination. Or perhaps you just fell in love with the way a certain flower smelled. Please just be mindful that you’re not taking or harming the ecosystem by taking a piece of nature for your journal.

This is one of the travel journal ideas that could be the most impactful or important for memory keeping. Be sure you take time to reflect on your travel experiences and make notes about what you felt or the impact a certain experience made on you. Travel should be inspiring and even transformational, take time to be mindful about your emotions and reactions.

Travel also gives us the opportunity to learn! Whenever I travel somewhere new I feel like I’m always learning interesting travel facts and trivia about a destination or about the world. Your travel journal is the perfect place to keep track of all that trivia and it’ll help you recall the facts later on, too!

To wrap up my travel journal ideas list I’m recommending you try to listen more to others. Perhaps you’ll take a walking tour or have a chat with a local chef. Try to be mindful of anything they say that captures the spirit of your destination and make note of that quote in your travel journal. Quotes can be great ways to remember the people you met on your journey.

Using these creative travel journal ideas will help you fill-up the pages in your travel journals giving you long-lasting memories of your adventures. If you’re looking for help planning your trip, check out my travel planning workbook, Wanderlist . And if you want a large memento to track all your trips, check out this fun photo travel map idea !

Travel journal ideas to help you create a travelers notebook to record and remember your trip.

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The 14 Best Travel Journals of 2024

We love the Voyager Refillable Notebook's timeless elegance.

travel diary ideas

In This Article

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  • Our top picks
  • Tips for Buying
  • Why Trust T+L

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Whether you’re climbing some of the world’s tallest peaks , trying the top Michelin restaurants in a specific city, taking a road trip across the United States, or adventuring off the grid in remote locales, a travel journal is always a great item to use to record your journey. Travel journals come in many different forms, some of them basic with lined pages and nothing else, others complete with lined and dotted pages, maps, stickers, and more. Whatever type of traveler you are, there’s a travel journal out there for you.

We’ve chosen our favorite travel journals based on style and specifications, but our number one recommendation is the Voyager Refillable Notebook because of its versatility for writing, drawing, sketching, and more. It comes with lined, dotted, and blank pages, plus pockets for extras. Read on for all of the best varieties below, including those for kids, inclement weather, and more.

Best Overall

Peter pauper press voyager refillable notebook.

You can use it for traveling, daily note-taking, or even drawing. Plus, it’s refillable.

This is a small journal.

Versatility is the name of the game with this timeless refillable notebook from Voyager, and the reason we’ve picked it as Best Overall. It’s not only great for journaling but also sketching, drawing, note-taking, and list-making. Whether you want to let the world’s most impactful artists inspire your sketches or pen a poem on the banks of your favorite lake, this journal is great to have on hand. The cover is made from faux leather, and on the inside, you’ll find three separate 60-page inserts: lined pages, dotted/grid pages, and blank pages. There’s a clear storage pocket inside the front cover and another clear zippered storage pouch inside the back cover. Interior stretch bands with an elastic closure keep the notebook together, and it’s compatible with most modular notebook refills. Multiple colors are available, including classic black and a muted light blue.

The Details: Lined, dotted, blank | 180 pages | 4.75 x 7.75 inches

Best Hardcover

Leuchtturm1917 medium a5 dotted notebook.

Labels and numbered pages keep organization top of mind.

There’s no place to store a pen.

If you're a rugged kind of traveler, safekeeping your memories with a hardcover may be the wisest choice. Made from a durable material to keep your pages protected, this Leuchtturm journal is a great choice to keep in a backpack, purse, carry-on bag, or even in your hiking daypack. The pages are made from Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper , and stickers are included for labeling. There’s a blank table of contents to help keep you organized, and eight detachable sheets make for easy note-taking. There are 251 numbered and dotted pages for your journaling. It's made to open flat, which helps with reading the contents and writing. Two page markers are included, and it’s available in a whole rainbow of colors, including four shades of green like sage, bright lime, and an army-inspired shade.

The Details: Dotted | 260 pages | 5.75 x 8.25 inches

Best Accessories

Clever fox travel journal.

Stickers plus added sections for budgeting and trip reviews? Yes, please.

All of the added sections mean less space for actual journaling.

If you’re into decorating your journal with stickers or even adding on stickers to help you stay organized, you'll love this journal from Clever Fox. It comes with more than 150 stickers plus a user guide full of examples to inspire you to create a one-of-a-kind journal that’s fun to look back on. It also includes a ribbon bookmark, back pocket, and a pen loop. The travel planner pages are great to help you plan your itinerary, and there’s a trip review section that allows you to reflect on your adventures. Added perks include the travel tips section, a glossary, a travel budget section, and an expense tracker spreadsheet.

The Details: Blank, lined, dotted | 120 pages | ‎8.43 x 5.79 x 0.67 inches

Most Sustainable

Rocketbook smart reusable notebook.

This smart journal uses QR codes to safely store your entries in an app.

Some users might be too attached to physical keepsakes to make this eco-friendly move.

Keep this notebook safe and you'll never have to buy another one again. Simply scan the QR code printed on each page of the Rocketbook and your phone will automatically take a picture of your work and upload it to the corresponding app for infinite posterity. Just use the reusable pen that comes with the journal, add a drop of water, wipe with the included microfiber cloth and you'll have a blank page ready to fill with travel memories again. It's perfect if you love the experience of feeling pen on paper but don't want to lug around or waste a ton of pages. Plus, according to T+L commerce editor Lydia Price, using this "magic" notebook is just a ton of fun — as is choosing between the variety of cover options it comes in. There's also a host of different sizes available.

The Details: Dotted | 36 pages | 6 x 8 inches

Best Pocket-sized

Letterfolk trip passport journal.

There are lots of different versions to choose from that fit different trip themes.

There are only 48 pages, so this isn’t really the type of journal for long entries.

At only 3.5 by 5.5 inches, this little journal fits easily in your pocket, backpack, fanny pack, or really anywhere with ease. Letterfolk makes these experience books for numerous occasions, including visiting national parks, states, countries, and even bucket-list trips . The journal has 48 pages, with 20 entry pages to record trip memories, plus eight bonus pages that include bucket lists, checklists, and other fun activities. Each entry page sits next to a blank page so you can draw the scene you’re writing about or attach a photo or memento. The entry logs also include prompts such as date, location, first impressions, sights, wildlife, and who you went with in order to help you remember all the details of your journey.

The Details: Lined, blank | 48 pages | 3.5 x 5.5 inches

Best Prompts

Promptly travel journal.

All of the questions and guided prompts help you remember the special details of your travels.

Each journal only covers one trip.

Sometimes you need a bit of prompting to get the creative juices flowing and to help you remember small details from your travels. Promptly journals are great for this, as they come with loads of prompts and questions to help you record your travels with as much detail as possible like “What did you love about the local culture?” and “What advice would you give others going here?” There are also specific sections such as memorable moments, transportation, food, mishaps, highlights, and travel companions. Plus, there’s room to add photos from your journey, too. Fill it out as you’re on the road, or complete the journal post-trip to take a walk down memory lane.

The Details: Lined, blank | 88 pages | 5.5 x 8.25 inches

Best Leather

Wanderings a5 leather travelers notebook.

Naturally tanned leather gives this journal a vintage look that lasts for years.

The leather can crease over time in the middle due to bending and folding while journaling.

Made from naturally tanned leather, this travel journal has an old-school look and can be used for years to come thanks to refillable pages. Take it with you on a cross-country road trip, while climbing Kilimanjaro , or while visiting bucket-list destinations such as Machu Picchu . Wherever you go, this journal is a classic choice that ages beautifully through the years. The pages that come with the journal are blank, so you can write, draw, make lists, and more, and then you can buy refill pages that are lined if you wish. A strap keeps the journal closed while traveling.

The Details: Blank | 240 pages | 8.5 x 6 inches

Mark and Graham Leather Bound World Travel Journal

Mark and Graham

Full-color, extensive maps are great while wandering new territories.

Refills aren’t available.

For those exploring far and wide, a journal with some great maps is necessary. This one from Mark and Graham comes with full-color maps of major cities, plus world weather information, international dialing codes, and more. It’s leather-bound, a durable choice that helps keep your pages protected, and foil debossed monogramming is available.

The Details: 320 pages | 6 x 4.5 inches

Best Customizable

Andsotheymade personalized notebook.

The minimalist design coupled with custom words makes this a super special journal.

No symbols can be used in custom lettering.

This notebook is available with your chosen printed words on the cover and the spine in numerous colors (the emerald and lilac hues caught our eyes). On the cover, your words are encased within a hexagon shape for a minimalist look, and all words are done in capitalized letters. When ordering, simply send in what you’d like your notebook to say on the spine and cover, and you’ll receive a beautiful, custom notebook in the mail. The paper used is FSC-certified, the cover is soft and wipeable, and all materials are vegan. Use one for each adventure and line them up across a bookshelf or on a coffee table, and check the spines to remember just how far you’ve adventured around the world.

The Details: Dotted, lined, or blank | 160 pages | 5 x 8 inches

Best Refillable

Robrasim refillable travelers notebook.

Three different paper refills are available.

It doesn’t lay flat when opened.

Three different refillable inserts are available for this notebook: lined, blank, and kraft paper, which is great for those wanting to journal, draw, sketch, and attach mementos. The cover is made from naturally tanned leather and includes an elastic and leather closure to keep the contents safe. The paper is acid-free, resists light and air damage, and is suitable for most pen types. One PVC cardholder pouch is attached for all of your cards, receipts, and other small items, and the small journal size means you can take it anywhere.

The Details: Lined, blank, kraft | 64 pages | 5.2 x 4 inches

Best Moleskine

Moleskine city notebook.

Added features like maps and tracing paper make this an enriching journal.

Maps here are extensive, leaving a bit less room for journaling.

If you’re exploring large cities such as Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, New York, or London, a sleek, classic Moleskine notebook is the way to go, and the City Notebooks are excellent. The notebooks come with a map of the city, a street index, and tracing paper so you can note different areas. Mark your favorite restaurants, attractions, or newfound discoveries throughout. There are personalized stickers to use as well, plus tabbed sections and blank pages for drawing, sketching, and list-making. The smaller size of this journal makes it great to stick in your backpack, pocket, or purse, and numerous cities are available.

The Details: Lined | 220 pages | 3.5 x 5.5 inches

Best Weatherproof

Rite in the rain weatherproof side-spiral notebook.

The tough cover comes in nine colors.

You can’t use water-based ink pens with this journal.

If you’re going to be out in rainy, snowy, muddy, or any kind of wet conditions, consider going with a weatherproof journal like this one from Rite in the Rain. It comes with all-weather paper that repels water, mud, and grease and can even survive a spin through the washing machine. The cover is also tough, weatherproof, and flexible to keep your notes free from scratches and stains. The wire binding is impact-resistant unlike standard spiral notebooks, so don’t worry about the journal getting messed up in your hiking bag. It’s recommended to use a standard number two pencil or an all-weather pen with this notebook, but standard ballpoint pens will work when the paper is dry. (Water-based inks will bead off the paper, so steer clear of those.)

The Details: Lined | 64 pages | 6x9 inches

Best for Kids

Peter pauper kids’ travel journal.

Maps, prompts, illustrations, and games make this the ultimate kid-friendly travel journal.

It's most suited for international travel.

Kids love remembering their early travel experiences, and this journal from Peter Pauper makes it to chronicle them, as it’s full of prompts, photos, illustrations, maps, puzzles, games, and more. There’s room to paste in photos and mementos, plus lined pages to write down daily wanderings, packing lists, and experiences. There’s also blank pages for drawing and sketching as well as helpful words and phrases in foreign languages and metric information for easy conversions. Kids will also love the included travel-related quotes from children’s books and interesting world facts listed throughout. A back pocket gives extra room for keepsakes, and an elastic band keeps the journal closed when not in use. It’s recommended for ages 7-12.

The Details: Lined, blank | 96 pages | 6.25 x 8.25 inches

Best Travel Journal App

Day one app.

The app is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, so you can journal wherever you go.

Digital journaling may not be for everyone.

If you're not a fan of shorthand writing, but still want to document all of your memories in a fun journal, consider going digital with this app. Not only is the Day One app compatible with all Android and Apple phones, but you can also get to your account using a tablet or Mac computer, so you can truly make sure you always have access to your notes. This may be a journal — technically — but the app helps you build a digital scrapbook with notes, photos, and even audio clips placed right onto your page. You can also type or handwrite depending on your preference. If you want to share your memories or eventually keep a physical journal, you can even print out the book to look back on again and again.

The Details: Customizable | Unlimited pages | Your screen size

Tips for Buying a Travel Journal

Consider your needs.

Are you going on a road trip? Backcountry hiking? On a month-long ship journey across the ocean? Consider where you’re going and for how long when picking a journal. If you’re going to be in some extreme weather, you might want to pick a journal that has some weather protection. Short on suitcase space? Or maybe you’re only bringing minimal gear? Consider a pocket-sized journal to maximize precious packing room.

Pick the right page format and style

Be sure to look at what types of pages come with your journal, and if it is refillable, what types of page refills are available. If you’re used to writing on lined paper, you’ll want to make sure your journal has that. But if you’re looking for some blank pages so you can sketch or add photos, make sure the journal includes them, too.

There is no right or wrong way to journal. Simply start and just let the words flow onto the pages. Talk about what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, who you're traveling with, the itinerary, what you ate, etc. If you’re not quite sure how to journal, choose a journal with prompts that will help you get started.

A bullet journal is more for to-do lists, scheduling, organizing, and jotting down ideas. Usually, bullet journals include dotted pages instead of lined pages, but you could simply add in your own bullet points to a lined journal if you wish. Bullet journals are great for quick notes while on the go, or for organization in between long journaling sessions.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

For this article, T+L contributor Amanda Ogle used research and her personal expertise as a travel writer to craft the perfect list of journals for your next adventure. While researching travel journals, we spoke with T+L commerce editor Lydia Price .

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travel diary ideas


Travel Journal Prompts: 120 Ideas to Help You Document Your Next Trip

By: Author Valerie Forgeard

Posted on Published: September 21, 2022  - Last updated: December 26, 2023

Categories Travel , Inspiration , Writing

It’s always a good idea to keep a travel journal. It’s a way to document your trip and ensure you don’t forget it later. But it’s also a good way to remember what you saw, who you met, and how you felt.

Take a travel journal with you when you travel, and use these travel journal prompts to guide your writing:

Travel Reflections and Experiences

Preparing for travel.

  • How often do you go away?
  • What do you want to accomplish while you’re away?
  • When was the last time you took a trip, where did you go, and why did you choose that destination?
  • Did it meet your expectations? If not, how could it have been better? If so, what made the trip an enjoyable travel experience for you?
  • Did this trip help bring about other changes in your life (new job, new friends, etc.)? In what way?
  • What would you like to do or see on your trip?
  • How do you prepare for a trip?
  • How do you prefer to spend your time on the plane or train?
  • What’s your favorite way to pass the time on a bus or car ride?

During the Journey

  • What’s the best thing about traveling?
  • What’s the most exciting thing about traveling to another country?
  • What do you like to do when you travel?
  • What would make this trip perfect for you?
  • Do you’ve any fears about going on this trip?
  • How do you feel about taking risks when traveling?
  • What are your expectations for the trip?
  • What would be the worst thing that could happen to you on this trip?
  • How long do you plan to stay in each place you visit?
  • Are there any rules or guidelines to ensure your trip is safe and fun?
  • What was the first word that came to your mind when you exited the plane?

Cultural Observations and Encounters

  • What interesting facts did you find out about your destination?
  • How are the people different from those in your home country?
  • Describe a typical day of your life here.
  • Describe the weather.
  • Describe the first person you met on your trip.
  • Describe the people in this country (or city) compared to your home country (or country). In what ways are they different/the same? Do they seem open or closed to foreign travelers?
  • What do you think of the food culture here – are there dishes that are particularly interesting (or less so)? Or the other way around – do they all seem pretty much the same to you?
  • What’s something you don’t understand about people from other cultures?
  • Describe a place you’ve visited that wasn’t what you expected
  • Describe something you saw in nature that made you stop and wonder
  • Describe a place that makes your heart happy when you think of it
  • Describe the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen in person (not online)
  • Describe a time when you felt safe.
  • Describe a time when you were scared on a trip.

Personal Feelings and Experiences

  • Do you miss home at all? If so, how do you feel about home (and why)?
  • What’s one place you’d recommend visiting?
  • What did you learn from a stranger on your trip?
  • Did anything go wrong on your trip? If so, how did it affect your travel experience, and how did you feel about it?
  • What are your favorite travel destinations?
  • Who travels with you? Is it a partner, family member, or friend?
  • What do you discover about your travel companion(s) as you travel together?
  • Do you prefer to travel alone or with friends/family? And why?
  • Do you prefer public transportation or renting a car when traveling between cities? And why?
  • What makes the place you traveled to similar or different from home?
  • What’s the strangest thing that happened to you on your trip?
  • How would you describe this place to a friend or family member?
  • What songs did you hear along the way remind you of this trip?
  • When did you step out of your comfort zone on a trip?
  • What are the top three things that made this trip memorable for you?
  • In what ways did this trip change your life?
  • What was the biggest challenge during the trip, and how did you overcome it?
  • What was the most surprising thing about the trip?
  • What did you find out about yourself during the trip?
  • What do you wish you’d done differently on this trip?
  • What would it be and why if you could return to one specific trip moment?
  • What was your favorite day on this trip, and why?
  • Who or what inspired you the most on this trip? Why do they inspire you so much? (This could be a person or an object).
  • What activities, sights, sounds, and smells do you experience when you travel?
  • Do you feel relaxed, tense, or somewhere in between?
  • What would the first chapter look like if you wrote a travel memoir?
  • Describe a place you’ve visited that wasn’t what you expected.
  • Describe something you saw in nature that made you stop and wonder.
  • Describe a place that makes your heart happy when you think of it.
  • Describe the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen in person (not online).

You can use any of the travel journal prompts for your travel journal. You can choose one journal prompt or more travel writing prompts for your travel journal. The best travel journal prompts are the ones you choose for yourself.

Why You Should Keep a Travel Journal

A travel journal is a great way to record what you saw and did, your experiences, and the people you met. It’s also an excellent way to remind yourself of the times in your life that are important to you.

Writing down events in your journal helps you remember them later. When you write something down, it solidifies in your travel memory so that later, when someone asks you about your road trip or you want to relive some of those memories, you’ve all those moments fresh in your mind. And if you write down how you felt during those experiences, you can better frame things for future trips!

Keeping a journal during your trip abroad can also be helpful when you need to explain things to friends or family back home. You may not always have time to write an email explaining what happened while they were away! But if they read your journal after returning from their travels, they can understand all the details immediately.

Creative Travel Journal Ideas

Your travel journal can be anything you want it to be.

One of the best things about a travel journal is that it can be as creative as you want. For example, if you’re going on a trip and want to add something special to your journal entry , you can get some bus tickets and receipts.

You can also include business cards from hotels or restaurants. Anything that helps it feel like a natural part of your trip is excellent!

That’s not all – you can also use postcards or other souvenirs to decorate your page. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can also draw a picture of what you saw or scribble between the lines of your letters. Don’t overdo it, though – you don’t want anything to distract you from being able to read what you’ve written! If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our travels (and from observing the journals of others), it’s that when traveling, it’s best to keep things simple!

Kids Travel Journal

When you travel with your children, they’ll probably be grateful if you get them to keep their travel diary early on. Even if they can’t write yet, they can use some of the travel journal writing prompts above and draw creative travel journal ideas instead of writing.

This way, they can record their favorite trip memories, and you’ll be amazed at how many little details they can remember compared to adults. Children are very efficient at turning a simple prompt into an excellent journal idea.

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Make Moments Matter

Brilliant Travel Journal Ideas For your Next Adventure

Travel Bullet Journal

Travel Diary

Table of Contents

Whether its a  travel bullet journal,  travelers notebook or  travel journal, find out why keeping a  travel diary is a must for your next trip and get some inspiration with the best travel journal examples.

A travel journal is more than a way to remember what you did on a trip. 

The  best travel journals are a mix of travel preparation , travel diary, and travel keepsake.  We think it is one the best items for travel, before, during and after a trip. 

If you put a little time and effort into a  personalized travel journal, it will be something you can look back on and treasure long after your adventure has ended. 

Keep reading to get some ideas on how to create the best travel notebook, then get some inspiration from other travelers with beautiful travel journal examples.  

Why Write A Travel Journal?

In an age when more and more of our lives are online, you may be wondering why bother with a diary?

You can do pretty much everything for your trip online these days, from booking to downloading boarding passes and taking photos on your smartphone. While all this is super convenient it means we no longer have momentoes to keep, or really reflect on our journey with.

Being a little old fashioned and putting pen to paper is a wonderful way to get creative, make lasting memories and to also do some self-reflection. And did you know that writing by hand actually helps you to remember things better? 

I don’t keep a diary when I am at home but ever since my first overseas trip I have kept a travel diary. These take pride of place next to my photo albums. When I look back on a trip in these books, it can be amazing what things I have forgotten. 

When we take travel photos they tend to be of the big sites and the amazing experiences. A travel diary is where you can write all those small details that may not be photo-worthy, the things that didn’t quite go right and more importantly, how you are feeling during your adventure. 

What Do You Write In a Travel Journal? 

Staring at a blank journal can be a little overwhelming. There are so many things you can add!

So, how do you start a travel journal?

A great idea before you put pen to paper in your new journal is to jot down a rough idea of what you would like to include. This way you can decide on the order of your journal. 

For example, you may want to have different sections for trip planning, while you are on your adventure and then post-trip reflections. 

To best decide what you would like to have in your travel diary have a think about why you want to write? Is it to remember your adventure? or maybe to keep you organized while you are planning a trip? or to learn as much as you can about a destination. It could, of course, be all of these reasons. 

Travel Journal Ideas

Here are some  ideas for how to make a travel journal.  Pick and choose the things that suit your style and trip!

Packing list

Make sure you don’t forget anything with a handy packing list. If you are doing long term travel or staying in various accommodation, this list will be a great checklist every time you pack so you don’t leave behind any belongings. 

Trip itinerary

This can be as detailed or as vague as you like. I like to note down things like opening days for museums and other attractions so I can work around them ( there is nothing worse than only have one day in a location and finding out the place you wanted to visit is closed that day!). 

Travel bucket list

I like to do this as part of my travel research. It is always one of the first pages in my travel diary. Then I work my itinerary around what I would love to see or experience at a destination. 

Important things to remember

This could be phone numbers, a hotel address or maybe something important you need to remember to do while you are away like a bill or friends birthday. 

Travel journal prompts

If you struggle to start writing a journal it can be great to read a prompt. You will often find that starting is the hardest part and the words will flow once you begin writing. 

Notes from your travel research online

I can spend hours researching before I travel. It can be easy to forget things or to get mixed up with what there is to see in different towns or places.  You can make your research part of your diary as a memory jogger, keepsake and even help you plan future trips if you decide to return to a destination. 

Travel literature to read about your destination

I love reading, and getting lost in someone else’s words about a destination is a wonderful way to get immersed in a place. You could read travel diaries from the past like Freya Stark or more modern diaries like Bill Bryson . If you prefer fiction there will always be lots of books to choose from too. Outlander for example has inspired so many people to visit Scotland. 

Travel savings goals and tracking

Seeing those savings add up is the best way to make your travel funds goals a reality. 

Tickets, maps and other keepsakes

I love sticking in all the tickets, stamps and leaflets in my travel journal. 

Coin rubbings of the local currency

I actually first got my kids to do this in their diaries but loved it so much I started doing it in my own too. I also stick in lower denomination notes too. 

Words and phrases

Learning a few keywords and phrases such as thank you in the local language of your destination is a wonderful way to connect with the locals.  They can be hard to remember though so jot them down in your journal ( don’t forget to add how they are pronounced too).

A daily diary of your trip

Perhaps the most common thing to have in any travel journal. Try to get in the habit of writing daily, even if it is just notes or bullet points. It can be amazing how much you forget or days blur together when you are on an adventure. 

Drawings and travel doodles

If you are creative then be sure to add some drawings to your journal. It can be a fun way to pass time while you are traveling too. You can take along a travel watercolor set if you love to use color. 

Things you find interesting

Maybe food stickers or funny sayings you come across. 

Travel Budget

Keep travel of your spending while traveling and make sure you don’t blow the budget!

Travel outfits ideas

If you are packing light you can have a quick go-to list of different outfits you can make up. This will save you so much time and effort. 


You can save spots for photos if you have a DSLR or check out some of the ideas further on in this post for creating instant photographs.

If you want to create amazing photographs of your trip, check out these easy travel photography tips. 

Travel Journal Examples

Get inspiration for your own travel diary with these travel journal ideas.

travel diary ideas

Travel Journal Paintings

Make travel memories with sketches and drawings like this stunning Travel Journal

travel diary ideas

Travel Itinerary ideas

Makes sure you don't miss anything while traveling and keep a daily travel plan in your travel diary.

travel diary ideas

Pretty Travel Journal

Mix drawings, thoughts and memories to make a gorgeous travel diary you will love to look back on.

travel diary ideas

How To Keep Travel Memories

This travel journal has a mix of lots of mediums that will bring back travel memories in an instant.

travel diary ideas

How To Keep Track Of Travel Plans

Keeping a simple list of your travel plans in your travel notebook is a great idea and saves you searching around looking for paperwork or emails.

travel diary ideas

Keeping Travel Information Safe

Use your travel journal to keep track of all the important details of your trip.

travel diary ideas

Inspiring Travel Quotes

Add inspiring travel quotes to your diary! We have a whole post on the best travel quotes. Look out for the link at the bottom of this list!

travel diary ideas

Travel Journal Packing List

Never forget to pack anything again by adding a packing list to your travel diary. A travel luggage checklist is also really handy if you are moving around a lot during your travels so you don't leave anything behind.

travel diary ideas

Travel Bucket List

Create a travel destination bucket list and tick off those amazing places after your trips.

travel diary ideas

How To Get Organized For Your Trip

A Travel Bullet Journal is a great way to get super organized before a vacation or adventure.

travel diary ideas

A Travel Wishlist

Create a travel wishlist and then make those dreams happen!

travel diary ideas

Road Trip Diary

A Travel Diary doesn't have to be all about flying somewhere. Keep a travel log of all your local and road trips too.

travel diary ideas

Travel countdown idea

Get excited for an upcoming trip by creating a countdown in your travel journal.

travel diary ideas

Travel Photo Checklist

Make sure you never miss a shot with a travel photography checklist.

travel diary ideas

Beautiful Bullet Journal Travel Spread

A travel journal is anything you want it to be. Draw, take photo's, do some travel writing and create.

travel diary ideas

Beautiful Travel Diary

Get personal in your travel diary. A great idea is to write it for your future self to read.

travel diary ideas

Travel Savings Tracker

Make those travel dreams come true by saving hard and keeping a tracker to stay motivated.

travel diary ideas

Mini Travel Notebook

Using a smaller notebook as your travel diary is a great idea so that you can pack it in your day bag easily.

travel diary ideas

Travel Bujo Ideas

Use stickers and washi tape to make your travel bujo pages look amazing.

travel diary ideas

Record Travel Highlights

Make sure you remember all those special little moments from your travels by writing down your highlights from each of your amazing travel destinations

How to Write A Travel Journal

Okay so you’re brimming with inspiration and have an idea about what to include in your diary, but how do you actually start to write!

Write a list

I don’t know about you, but I feel immediately productive and accomplished when I tick items off my to-do list. You can also be clever and turn this list into a contents page for your journal by just adding page numbers or colored page tabs. Use the previous suggestions to decide what you want to add to your travel journal. For example, you could make a list of all the things you need to have organized before your adventure if you are using your travel diary for planning such as booking accommodation and creating an itinerary.

Start ticking off those items!

Blank journal pages won’t seem so daunting when you know exactly what to write on them. The list will probably help you have some sort of order to your diary too. You may start with a destination wishlist, then all the important booking details, followed by a day-by-day itinerary. If you are creating more of a travel bullet journal then you will divide these up into spreads and collections. 

Write during your travels

There is no set way to write a travel diary. If you are creative you may want to add drawings or write as though you are telling a friend all about the destination. Or you may just like to list down important things you want to remember in bullet form. Don’t overlook recording all the small details, as those are the ones you are more likely to forget. How something smells, or how a site made you feel.

Collect things that interest you, or spark a memory and stick them into your travel journal straight away

This can be boarding passes, menus, tickets, a food wrapper or anything you feel like.

Get into the habit of journaling every day

Setting a particular time to journal ( like at breakfast about the previous day) or just before bed, is a good way to make sure you remember to write in your diary. It can be amazing how quickly places and sites can get jumbled in your mind, especially if you have a busy travel itinerary.

Write a post-trip entry

This is a great way to really wrap up what you thought about a destination, how it might have changed you or helped you to grow. It’s also a great way to see if there are any changes you would make to your traveling style or planning.

If you are struggling to think of things to write in your travel diary here are some journaling prompts that may help.

The Best Travel Journals

Have a think about how you are going to use your travel diary before you purchase one.

  • If you are thinking more of a travel bullet journal you will want a dotted notebook like a leuchtturm bullet journal

travel diary ideas

  • If you want a Travelers notebook that does it all then take a look at a M oleskine travel journal .   This book has a mix of lined, plain and dotted pages which makes it the  best travel notebook.

travel diary ideas

Travel Journal Supplies

HP Sprocket

travel diary ideas

Find one HERE

Polaroid Camera

It’s so much fun to take an imagine and see it appear before your eyes. They are also wonderful for making friends as you can take a photo and gift it to people as you travel. 

travel diary ideas

Find great prices for Polaroid cameras HERE

travel diary ideas

Make sure you take good quality pens with you to get great results in your Travel diary. Here are some of my favorites.

  • Sakura Pigma Micron Fineliners
  • Tombow Twintone Pens

travel diary ideas

Find glue tape HERE

travel diary ideas

Travel quotes to add to your journal

Best Quotes About Travel

The Best Travel Quotes

Safe Travel Quotes and more

Travel Journey Quotes

Find all you need to make a travel journal you love. Travel journal ideas and inspiration. #traveljournal #traveljournalideas #traveljournaldiy #traveljournalinspiration #travelbulletjournal

 The Best Travel Journal Ideas

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Aesthetic And Creative Ideas For Your DIY Travel Journal

  • January 5, 2024
  • No Comments

Are you a travel enthusiast looking for aesthetic and creative ideas for your DIY travel journal ? Deep down, somewhere in our hearts, we all wish we had a time machine to relive those special moments or recollect past experiences to share with others. Unfortunately, time machines don’t exist, but we have an alternative option.

First, we can wait for someone to create and let us use the time machine. Second, we can start keeping records of our daily accounts in a diary about our feelings, incidents, experiences, places, stories, food, etc. 

We know the prior one is not possible any soon, making the latter our best option. That can be done digitally in the video, audio, blog posts, or photos format or manually by maintaining a journal. It is very beneficial for avid travelers. 

A travel leather journal need not include daily life records; one can keep it about their trips and travel instead. If you’re wondering how to start a travel journal or you already have it, just looking for fresh travel journal inspiration, then here we are with some creative travel journal ideas.

  • Table of Contents

Travel Diary

Travel photo book, travel sketchbook, diy travel scrapbook, travel bullet journal/ bujo, 21 things you can add to your travel journal, final words, related posts:.

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If you are more of a writer personality type, then a travel diary is a perfect fit. You can elaborate on each day of your trip like it’s a story. You can mention the people you met, weather, food, places you visited, any special moments or anecdotes from the day, your travel partners , how the journey or destination makes you feel, etc. You can dive into details-rich descriptions of things or mention the happenings of your day to capture the whole trip in words. You can also weave words around your five senses (touch, smell, sight, sound, & taste). Conclusively, Travel Diary is the best way to keep a record of your Aesthetic journal ideas.

Page-A-Day Artisan Travel Journal (Diary, Vegan Leather Notebook)

  • Inc. Peter Pauper Press (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 176 Pages - 05/01/2019 (Publication Date) - Peter Pauper Press (Publisher)

Travel Journals for Women, Men (Sage Green, 110 Pages) by Duncan & Stone – World Trip Adventure Book to Record Trips – Great, Fun Travel Bucket List Journal - Travel Gifts

  • Travel Notebook: A keepsake travel diary, specially created for people who love to travel! Capture all of your favorite adventures and special moments in one book to look back on for years to come. Personalize this memory organizer by writing down your bucket list & special memories from up to 15 trips.
  • Perfect for Capturing Moments: Capture your memories and experiences with our vacation travel planner and photo album with a flat lay spine for easy journaling! This travel journal for men and women includes space to attach photos and notes, and a back pocket for extra pics, making them a great keepsake for any traveler.
  • High-Quality Materials: This simple, easy-to-use sage green travel scrapbook journal is made with a quality linen cloth hardcover with a gold embossed title and spine. Our traveler notebook measures 9.25” x 7.75” inches and contains 110 pages. This travel journal notebook is wrapped in a cellophane bag for protection.

Travel Journal and Travelers Notebook to Record Trips & Memories. Travel Journal for Women, Men. Travel Gifts for Adventurous Souls with Keepsake Pockets

  • Travel Notebook: a keepsake travel diary, created for people who love to travel. This travel journal is a versatile travel scrapbook journal, designed to capture wanderlust-filled moments.
  • Travel Scrapbook Includes: space for 10 trips, prompted questions, "Favorite Things" pages, space for photos and empty pages for own notes and a keepsake pocket for each trip.
  • One Keepsake Pocket for Each Trip: for you to store small mementos such as entry tickets, brochures, extra photos and other small objects. Never lose them again.

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Travel Photo Book

You cannot put the same shoe on every foot. Similarly, not everyone prefers writing when it comes to expressing travel memories . In that case, you can make a photo journal of your own. Add all the amazing pictures you clicked during that fun vacation with family and friends and cute aesthetic polaroids you took on that solo trip. Don’t forget the amazing clicks from your weekend road trips and most recent national park hikes. So, you can flip it open whenever you want to reminisce about those adventures. Isn’t it a nifty idea?

Holoary Photo Album 4x6 160 Photos Two Pictures Per Page, Memo Writing Area for Each Pocket, 160 Pockets 4”x6”, Printed Book Cover Travel Design World Map Adventure Vacation

  • Size: length 8. 5 x width 8.7 x thick 1.5 (inches), with 40 sheets/80 pages of photo page. each page holds two photos of 4x6 inch, memo writing area next to each pocket, total holds 160 photos.
  • Design: Brown color Printed Old Map Adventure Travel Book Cover with gold stamping, slip-in high transparent PP pocket for horizontal or vertical photos, easy to collect your wonderful travel memories.
  • Quality: Archival, photo safe acid, lignin and PVC free, air free and dustproof.

Holoary Photo Album 4x6 160 Photos Two Pictures Per Page, Memo Writing Area for Each Pocket, 160 Pockets 4”x6”, Printed Book Cover Travel Design Natural Beach Vacation Honeymoon Memories

  • Size: length 8.5 x width 8.65 x thick 1.5 (inches), with 40 sheets/80 pages of photo page. each page holds two photos, memo writing area next to each pocket, total holds 160 photos.
  • Design: black and white color printed book cover natural beach design with gold stamping, slip-in high transparent PP pocket for horizontal or vertical photos, easy to collect your wonderful travel memories.

Scrapbook Album DIY Photo Album Leather Scrapbook Memory Book “World Map“ Vintage Up Travel Scrapbook Album for Anniversary Wedding Guest Book 60 Pages

  • 🎁 DIY Handmade Scrapbook Photo Album: Scrapbook size: 8.58" L *6.89" W (22x17.5cm); Refill pages size: 8.27" L *5.9" W (21x15cm). This scrap book with PU leather cover, waterproof and durable. Using embossed design, not just printed.Blank thick carboard Kraft pages, non-fading. [ Package contents: 1 x Vintage Scrapbook Photo album; 2 x Self Adhesive Photo Corners Stickers.]
  • 🎁 Scrapbook Album with Refillable Pages: 30 Sheets refill pages (total 60 Pages) to hold over 120 pieces of 4 "-5" photos. It included 10 Sheets/20 Pages Thick Black Pages + 20 Sheets/40 Pages Thick Kraft paper.Our photo book is bound together with 3 adjustable metal rings which allow you to add or remove pages freely.
  • 🎁 Love Memory Book Scrapbook: This scrap booking album will be a very stylish and classy way to store and present your photos, recording your wonderful moments. Someone regards it as a memory book for couples, friend /couple photo album. It can also be used as a adventure photo album, travel scrapbook album,adventure photo album,wedding guest book, engagement scrapbook,sketchbook,graduation scrapbook,Polaroid photo album, journal notebook, diary book.

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Travel Sketchbook

A picture is worth a thousand words. This adage resonates well with a travel sketchbook where you can draw sketches (colorful or minimalist pencil sketches), doodle object drawings, and scribble whatever you wish related to your tours. Wouldn’t it be amusing to shape and express the places and people from your point of view, just like a photograph but with more control over it? A travel sketchbook page is like a personalized picture of an experience. You are free to add dynamics that convey your mood and the vibe you get.

Handbook Journal Co. Artist Canvas Cover Travel Notebook for Drawing and Sketching, Vermilion Red, Square 5.5 x 5.5 Inches, 130 GSM Paper, Hardcover w/Pocket

  • PREMIUM HEAVYWEIGHT 130GSM PAPER - This sketchbook is made with a high quality buff colored drawing paper that allows for easy erasure. The subtle tooth makes it ideal for a variety of dry media!
  • 64 SHEETS/128 PAGES - Perfect for drawing and sketching with pen and ink, pencil, charcoal and markers
  • DURABLE COVER W/ ELASTIC CLOSURE - Cover is made with finely woven European book cloth with rounded corners for extra durability

RusticVintage Leather Drawing Journal Daily Travel Diary, Antique Handmade Vintage Bound Rustic Writing Notebook, Genuine Leather- Quality Unlined/Blank Cream Paper, Art Sketchbook, 7x10 Inches-Brown

  • DURABLE GENUINE LEATHER made from premium quality leather is second to none – with a wonderful leather smell, it’s soft-feeling, yet super tough. Oil pulled leather finish. Beautifully crafted & unique design: Soft & Supple Dark Brown Genuine Water Buffalo Leather with a real leather scent. Being hand-made from 100% natural leather, our journals can vary in look & shade, producing a unique item, no two are quite the same - a special keepsake for your thoughts, plans & ideas.
  • RUSTIC DESIGN - It has an asymmetric shape at the front as its hand made and decorative leather string stitching on the spine adds antique charm to this lovely keepsake for kids, men, women, students, artists, journalists or travelers of all ages. Long leather strap wraps around the journal to secure the notebook firmly when not in use.Perfect for all your daily writing and drawing needs.This versatile notebook is ideal for a number of uses and allows for easy handwriting, sketching, and drawing
  • EARTH-FRIENDLY: 100 sheets/200 Handmade cotton pages (counting both sides) of Blank/Plain/Unlined/Unruled, brown-colored paper (NON-REFILLABLE), hand-crafted with eco-friendly recycled cotton which is acid-free & tree free - environmentally kind! This rustic leather notebook from Rustic Vintage is the perfect writing companion for journal lovers and anyone with a taste for things with an antique or vintage feel.

Pentalic 3' x 4' Pocket Sketchbook Traveler Journal, 160 Pages, Black

  • DURABLE COVER - Flexible book featuring a water-resistant cover with an heavy-duty sewn binding.
  • ACID FREE - Our paper is made by using alkaline paper making technology which prevents papers from fading or discoloring. Acid-free paper addresses the problem of preserving documents or artwork!
  • RECYCLED PAPER - Our recycled sketch paper is perfect for sketching, notes or field work.

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DIY Travel Scrapbook

A definite thumbs-up to travel scrapbooks or DIY travel journals if you’re looking for a vibrant way to preserve your best times from every city or country you have visited. Scrapbooks involve a liberty element that makes room for a mix of travel photos , clippings, short travel logs, brief writing pieces, poems, travel quotes, doodles, sketches, souvenirs, mementos, currency, checklists, stamps, ephemera, or anything that you’d like to put in it, all arranged in a collage or a manner that pleases you. It is the most common type of travel journal.

Pulaisen Our Adventure Book Pixar Up Handmade DIY Family Scrapbook,Great Gift for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Anniversary, Family Memory,Wedding,Birthday,Valentines Day… (Adventure BOOk)

  • Hard cover with Embossed letters, It feel like 3D, Create a beautiful scrapbook album to showcase your keepsakes using this Romance album.
  • Hold over 100 photos. Large photo album with wrap tie closure.Fill up the pages of this photo album with fond memories of special days.
  • High quality thick pages, you can diy photos/pictures any way you want,Use as travel or wedding planners, surprise your lover.

Holoary Self Adhesive Page Photo Album with Metallic Pen Magnetic Self-Stick Page Scrapbook for 3x5 4x6 5x7 6x8 8x10 Hand Made DIY 40 pages Albums, Printed Kraft Paper Cover Old Map Adventure World

  • Size: Length 10.63 x width 11.5 x thick 1.25 (inches), self-adhesive page 11.03 x 8.86(in). total of 40 pages(20 sheets) of self-adhered pages, large photo albums can accommodate photos of various sizes.
  • Self-adhesive design: Printed Eco-friendly kraft paper cover old map adventure travel design. Fast-stick magnetic pages feature a clear plastic overlay that self-adheres to the page. Package include 1 metallic marker pen(gold color), easy to personalize your pages.
  • Hold Different Size Pictures: This big photo album could hold all size photos of 3x5, 4x6, 5x7 , 6x8 and 8x10, or any tickets and postcards which you want to keep, you can also add inner pages if you have additional needs.

Scrapbook Photo Album Our Adventure Book - DIY Handmade Album Scrapbook Movie Up Travel Scrapbook for Anniversary, Wedding, Travelling, Baby Shower, etc (Travel Scrapbook)

  • SCRAPBOOK PHOTO ALBUM: 10.3"L x 7"W. 20 sheets(40 pages) to hold over 100 photos. Large photo album with wrap tie closure.
  • BLANK SCRAPBOOK ALBUM: high quality thick pages, you can diy photos any way you want
  • SCRAPBOOK PAGES: hard cardboard cover, superior pages, non-fading, thick craft paper.

Travel Bullet Journal

One of the top travel journal tips one can give you is to make a bullet journal . Whenever the travel bug bites, you can rely on this organized kind of bullet list journal format. You can outline your travel itinerary, trip planning, packing list, travel songs/movies list, travel bucket list, wish list/places-to-go, or things-to-do list for a city, country, or continent. Meanwhile, you can also make a collection of travel quotes , gastronomic delights, flights, coins, stamps(postage/ink), etc. It’s a quick way to prepare for a trip and to fuel your wanderlust by keeping track of your travel goals.

Green Leather Dotted Journal Notebook,A5 Dot Grid Notebook with Pen for Work,Note taking ,Travel, Hardcover Journals for Writing Women Men,160 Pages 100 GSM Thick Bullet Paper 5.7' x 8.2

  • 【HARDCOVER DOTTED JOURNAL SET】PERCUN brown dotted journal notebook A5 Medium Size, 5.7 x 8.2 inches, is the perfect note books for note taking, writing journal, daily diary or taking notes in a college class or work meeting. Each notebook comes with a luxury pen, making this one of our best diary set gifts.
  • 【DURABLE LEATHER COVER & U-BUCKLE CLOSURE】The dot grid notebook features a premium vegan leather cover with a beautiful "sailboat" print that is comfortable to the touch. the U-shaped magnetic closure design helps protect the pages inside and provides a comfortable writing surface designed for everyday note-taking, writing, sketchbooks and sketching. A ribbon bookmark inside makes it easy to keep track of queries so you never forget where you are.
  • 【PREMIUM THICK DOT GRID PAPER】PERCUN dotted notebooks are made with 160 pages of 100GSM premium acid-free paper that is smooth to the touch and thicker than typical notepad and writing pads, suitable for most ballpoint, pen or pencil writing without ghosting and bleed-through. The light ivory paper helps prevent light and air damage and makes notes on the page clearer.

STATIONERY ISLAND A5 Bullet Dotted Journal Black Dot Grid Notebook 120gsm Thick Paper 180 Pages in Medium Size Leather Hardcover for Office Work, School Study, Drawing and Travel

  • BE THE BEST YOU EVERYDAY – Our bullet dotted journal notebook is your new inseparable companion! Whether you use it for studying, notes, travel, tracking, planning, doodling or calligraphy, it’s perfectly suited to realise all of your thoughts, ideas and expressions and share them with the world
  • 120GSM PREMIUM PAPER – With 180 pages of thick, high quality ivory paper, our bullet dotted journal is thicker than most brands and can withstand mediums such as brush pens and watercolours with minimal or no bleeding. Separated by dots at 5mm increments, it facilitates neat, concise and organised lines
  • 2 BOOKMARKS, 1 POCKET – Our bullet dot journal lets you create cute or aesthetic spreads and keep tabs of your most important pages with 2 ribbon bookmark dividers, whilst all of your essential accessories and supplies such as stickers, rulers, stencils and tabs will fit neatly into the expandable pocket

newestor Set of 3 A5 Dotted Notebook/Travel Journal - 5.5 x 8.25 Dot Grid Paper for Bullet Notes Journaling, Total 120 Sheets/240 Pages, Black/White/Kraft Brown Cover

  • 3-pack dotted notebook journal, inserts for A5 size travelers notebook
  • 40 sheets/80 pages per notepad, not too thin, not too thick
  • Lay flat sewn binding, round corner, multicolor covers & eye pleasing cream paper
  • Ticket stubs and plane tickets
  • Receipts from restaurants & other shops
  • Pictures of peculiar artworks from a place
  • Tourist stamps(postage/ink) & postcards
  • Business cards
  • Bucket list layouts
  • Currency coins
  • Washi tapes
  • Foreign words/phrases
  • Mini calendar/Important dates
  • Map tracker
  • Leaves & flowers from the location
  • Journaling prompts
  • Random patterns & drawings
  • Snapshots/Polaroids
  • Travel quotes
  • Travel magazine/newspaper clippings
  • Printouts of blogs or your social media accounts

At the end of your journey, whatever it was, it’s important to reflect on what you experienced. In a creative and fun way, this travel journal can help you do just that. The dotted pages make room for you to document your experiences in text, so you can keep track of your research process. These adorable journals are perfect for keeping track of your adventures and will look stylish on your bookshelf alongside your favorite books.

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