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The 7 Best Travel Podcasts

Best Travel Podcasts 2023

T he landscape of tourism will change in the coming decade, and I’m not just talking about Venice being underwater. Before the pandemic, back when the worst thing you could catch on a plane was food poisoning, we traveled to find connection, discover new cultures, and take out our anger on taxi drivers who sped away with our change. The appeal of travel was just as much about risk as relaxation, making it mildly concerning that many travel podcasts end after only two or three episodes.

So now you’re looking for a recommendation, a bit of local knowledge to tell you which of the countless travel podcasts are worth your time. A good travel show must do one essential thing: transport its listener to a new destination, whether that place is the Serengeti or a state park outside of Sacramento. Each podcast on this list captures, in its own way, the thrill of an adventure. By effectively adapting their formats during the pandemic, they prove there is longevity to the travel podcast format, no matter what turbulence comes their way.

You don’t have to like flying to enjoy the Layovers podcast, but it definitely helps. Centered around air travel, the show takes what might be a niche subject and turns it into an entertaining lens through which to analyze geopolitics and current affairs. Where many podcasts zoom in when exploring a topic, hosts Paul Papadimitriou and Alex Hunter zoom out, giving a broader view of the global map. For example, in a recent episode, Paul and Alex ask if we might have been in a golden age of international travel and didn’t even know it. How do we move forward in an era of infection and tighter borders? How will political tensions affect free movement? These are the sorts of questions we’re all asking, but Layovers isn’t afraid to answer.

For fans of: Being the “airport dad,” no matter your age

Pushkin has discovered a winning formula with Not Lost , a travel show hosted by podcasting veteran Brendan Francis Newnam. You may also know him from his writing for The New York Times Magazine and Saveur. After ending a long-term project (and a long-term relationship), Newman decided to do what most of us would in his situation — start a podcast. Just kidding. He actually embarked on a foodie adventure in some of the world’s best culinary destinations. The podcast, I’m sure, was just an afterthought.

Not Lost employs an effective mix of auteur direction, snappy writing, and spontaneous comedy — and that’s before you get to the heart of the show: food. A co-production of Pushkin, Topic Studios, and iHeartMedia, the show is as slick as you would expect; any sense of “rough-and-ready” adventure is purely varnish. At its core, Not Lost celebrates people, stories, and the rapidly changing world that can only be experienced through extensive travel.

For fans of: Eat Pray Love — but, like, for dudes

You Should Have Been There

You should have been there is a hidden indie gem from across the pond, with a name that pokes fun at the obvious fact that no travel podcast will ever make you feel like you were actually there, but that doesn’t mean this pair won’t try. Hosted by journalist Simon Calder and BBC producer Mick Webb, this is a show that isn’t afraid to get a little erudite about adventure, exploring an impressive range of topics, from layover-friendly airports to an entire episode dedicated to the niche subject of “psychogeography.” Walter Benjamin, anyone?

Calder and Webb have natural chemistry. Sure, the audio quality is basic, but what the show lacks in volume, it more than makes up for in clarity. The show is meticulously scripted, but that’s hardly surprising given its hosts’ experience. By combining the enthusiasm of a kindly neighbor nattering about his caravan with the delivery of professional radio presenters, You should have been there can seem a touch more of a ramble than a romp. But that’s exactly what makes it delightful. Of course, I’d love to be walking the Pyrenees with Calder and Webb, but their show does something rare: it makes me feel totally comfortable just where I am.

For fans of: Always straying off the beaten track

Abroad in Japan

Chris Broad and Pete Donaldson’s cult podcast grew from a mutual fascination with their new home. Abroad in Japan isn’t what you might expect from a travel podcast, but who said adventure only comes from fleeting visits? Living abroad is an immersive way to understand and appreciate the delights of another culture, and these British guys are ready to dive deep into all the nerdy parts of Japanese life. But Chris and Pete aren’t just any old expatriates. Chris is an award-winning filmmaker. Pete’s an accomplished broadcaster. Together, they spend their free time bringing their podcast listeners a taste of a dynamic and complex country through travel tips, current events and topical reports. Why are $75 Tamagotchis making a comeback? What is it like in the country’s worst Love Hotel? And, most importantly, how much do you tip? No, they’re not locals, but Abroad in Japan brings an outsider’s eye to a fascinating country many of us have always wanted to discover.

For fans of: E ating your ramen like a local

Join The Washington Post ’s Lillian Cunningham on a different type of travel podcast: an audio journey through America’s national parks. After a strong first season, Field Trip has earned fans for its richly drawn landscapes, with many writing that the show transports them out of their normal lives and into the wilderness. If that isn’t travel podcasting, we’d like to know what is. From White Sands to Yosemite, Cunningham makes an effort to depict conservation efforts alongside historical details, bringing a level of human interest into a show that could otherwise be called nature programming. It is yet to be seen whether Field Trip will return for a second season. So far, the show has drawn enough admiration to justify an episode for all sixty-three national parks. Throwing in a few listener stories wouldn’t go amiss either.

For fans of: Wishing you were still in the Girl Scouts. Cookie, anyone?

Greetings From Somewhere

Zach Mack is road tripping through America. From the first green light, Greetings From Somewhere has proven itself to be a slick production, blending travel narrative with investigative journalism. With flavors of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown , Mack takes his listeners on an immersive journey through some of the country’s most engaging destinations. The first episode, “Marfa TX,” sets a high bar for the rest of the series, and it’s clear that Mack is no amateur. By detailing the town’s history and exploring its controversies, the show neatly weaves interviews with local characters into an addictive narrative.

As everyone who has read Steinbeck or Kerouac will know, life on the road has become a fixed part of America’s mythology. In his episode “The Myth of American Road Trip,” Mack deconstructs these tropes, asking us why, with so much displacement and inequality around the world, we still romanticize this lifestyle. These “detour” episodes add an extra dimension to an already multifaceted show — a real breakout star of the genre.

For fans of: Saying “Anthony Bourdain is my hero”

JUMP with Traveling Jackie

Since 2014, Jackie Nourse has been a mainstay of travel podcasting. First, she was host of the Budget Minded Traveler , a show dedicated to the noble pursuit of cheap travel. Now, Jackie has expanded her podcast to include an online community and travel programs with one clear message: if you want adventure, you have to take the jump. With her new vision comes a new name, though Jackie’s focus remains making travel affordable for those willing to plan ahead and make sacrifices.

Of course, there are more barriers to adventure than just the show’s call to action might suggest, but Jackie isn’t naive. Despite her sometimes-rambling delivery, she addresses her listeners’ concerns on topics like financial viability and safe solo travel with confident pragmatism. If you are embarking on a budget trip around the United States, JUMP will have particular appeal. With dozens of episodes on destinations including Utah, Oregon, and Southern California, the show is just the ticket for aspiring adventurers.

For fans of: Not letting little things, like being broke, hold you back

Alice   Florence   Orr  is a staff writer for  Podcast Review  and is based in Edinburgh . Her work has appeared in  Scottish Review ,  Like The Wind , and  Nomad Journal . You can connect with her on  Twitter  or  Instagram .

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Travel Advice

23 of the best travel podcasts to listen to now.

Bringing you entertainment, humour and a wealth of knowledge for your next journey, take a listen to these inspirational travel audio chats from the world’s top podcast presenters…

1. Wanderlust: Off the Page

travelling podcast

Wanderlust ‘s very own podcast is now on its second series!

Each episode takes a deeper dive into the pages of Wanderlust magazine, featuring chats with Wanderlust editors and award-winning writers, and interviews conducted by Aaron Millar.

Destinations highlighted include Easter Island, Mississippi, Northern France, Switzerland and New South Wales.

Listen here

2. The Travel Diaries

travelling podcast

Presenter Holly Rubenstein describes The Travel Diaries as the travel version of Desert Island Discs , where celebrity guests reveal the travel experiences that shaped them rather than songs.

It’s the UK’s number one travel podcast and has featured guests such as Dev Patel, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Tony Wheeler, Simon Reeve, Michael Palin, and Wanderlust’ s very own Lyn Hughes.

3. Not Lost

travelling podcast

When both his popular culture podcast and long-term relationship come to an end, journalist Brendan finds he has the time — and freedom — to pursue his dream: a travel podcast where he goes places, and learns about them, by getting invited to a stranger’s house for dinner.

A friend joins him at each destination and they drink, dance, and eat their way from Montréal to Mexico City, often learning as much about themselves as the place they’re visiting. Not Lost is both a delightful travel escape and an insightful look at people — locals and visitors alike — trying to make sense of a constantly changing world.

4. Armchair Explorer

travelling podcast

Each episode of the Armchair Explorer podcast sees one of the world’s great adventurers or travellers tell their best story from the road.

Hosted by award-winning travel writer Aaron Millar, every tale is inspiring, action-packed and thrilling. Aaron has a magical way of drawing the best out of his guests.

5. No Shitting In The Toilet

travelling podcast

Get ahead of the curve and enjoy this podcast from Peter Moore, best-selling travel author and former Wanderlust Associate Web Editor.

Expect irreverent humour and gritty tales of the highs and lows of independent travel, from Peter himself and a range of expert guests.

The first episode took its theme from the title, but don’t worry, they’re not all about toilets…

6. Zero To Travel

travelling podcast

With over 15 years experience travelling the world, Jason Moore shares his passion for all things travel in his weekly hour-long podcasts.

Take a listen as he interviews fellow explorers on their epic journeys, from walking across America to visually impaired cyclists embarking on a 16,000-mile journey from Argentina to Alaska.

Other weekly posts include tips on how to budget, travel safety tips, as well as how to find work while on the road.

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7. you should have been there.

travelling podcast

Enjoy travellers tales, relaxed banter and opinion from Simon Calder, one of the most respected voices in travel, and author/former BBC producer Mick Webb.

It’s essentially the equivalent of sitting in a bar with a couple of fun and slightly geeky travel chums. Perhaps the best-named travel podcast in the history of travel podcasts, too.

8. JUMP With Traveling Jackie

travelling podcast

Formerly known as The Budget-Minded Traveler, Jackie has revamped her podcast to JUMP with Traveling Jackie – partly inspired by photos of her leaping mid-air at some of the world’s most iconic landmarks.

Jackie’s podcast has a distinct focus on off-the-beaten track travel and highlights insider tips, as well as hidden gems of travel across several continents.

Those with travel-related questions also have an opportunity to engage, as her regular ‘ask Jackie’ sessions aim to give in-depth answers to her online community.

9. Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

travelling podcast

If you loved Wanderlust’s article on the 20 most astonishing holiday complaints , you’ll love the Beach Too Sandy podcast.

Presenters Alex and Christine Schiefer scour the Internet for one-star reviews for travel related services and read them out in dramatic voices.

10. A Girls Guide to Travelling Alone

travelling podcast

Gemma Thompson’s podcast features a different perspective each episode, whether the mental health benefits of travel or travelling with kids.

Gemma’s a likeable host, and the result is an enjoyable mix of travel inspiration whether you are a solo traveller or not.

11. Wander Woman

travelling podcast

In her award-winning podcast, travel writer, author, photographer and former Wanderlust editor Phoebe Smith offers a behind the scenes journey to a different destination which features interviews with locals, audio clips and vivid descriptions to make the listener feel like they are there too.

Each episode also includes a Travel Hack of the Month, a Wander Woman of the month, and various tips and tricks.

12. Travel Goals

travelling podcast

British travel writer Pip Jones hosts a lively and informative podcast which covers a wide range of travel topics from breaking into travel writing and connecting with nature to whether you should quit your job to travel.

Expect interesting experts, advice and lots of actionable tips.

13. Alice in Wanderland

travelling podcast

Scottish adventurer Alice Morrison lives in a village in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains and her fortnightly podcast gives an insight into daily life there when she’s at home. However, older episodes cover her Sahara expedition, when she trekked 2,000kms with camels, while more recent ones cover her Atlas Expedition when she took camels 1,400kms across the Atlas Mountains.

Producer Vic interviews her and teases great tales out of her. Highly enjoyable.

14. The First Mile

travelling podcast

We’ve seen plenty of travel podcasts launch and then peter out but here is one launched in 2020 that we think will last the course.

A two-hander from adventurers Ash Bhardwaj and Pip Stewart, Season 1 featured the likes of Levison Wood, Leon McCarron and Rhiane Fatinikun, the founder of Black Girls Hike, interspersed with dispatches from Ash’s travels, and a look at how to make travel a lifestyle. The two are warm and intelligent hosts who you want spend time with.

15. The Big Travel Podcast

travelling podcast

The Big Travel Podcast features an eclectic mix of politicians, paralympians, philanthropists, famous faces from TV, radio, music, books, journalism, sports, stage and screen.

Hosted by Lisa Francesca Nand, expect fascinating travel tales whatever the background or day job of the guest.

16. Travel With Rick Steves

travelling podcast

Rick Steves is an American travel writer, guidebook author, television personality and podcast presenter.

While Rick’s main podcast covers weekly one hour conversations with guest experts about culture, travel and people, his podcast collection extends to audio tours, European videos and live recordings from the travel classics.

17. Indie Travel Podcast

travelling podcast

Whether you’re looking for advice on the best things to do in New Zealand, the essentials to pack in your carry-on bag, or the cheapest way to get around on your next city break, tune in to Craig and Linda Martin who are the masterminds behind the Indie Travel Podcast .

Each 20 to 30 minute episode brings insightful and entertaining stories from backpackers, expats and digital nomads who share a passion for travel.

18. Amateur Traveler

travelling podcast

Host Chris Christensen hones in on specific travel destinations and why they appeal to visitors.

Each 40 to 60 minute clip centres around a particular country or experience, such as a safari in Botswana, or travelling Hawaii’s Big Island, and is joined in conversation by people who have lived in or are well-travelled in the topical destination.

19. We Travel There

travelling podcast

Go beyond the basic tourist attractions and discover the best things to do, eat, drink and see from a local’s perspective.

That’s the aim of host Lee Huffman’s audio series, which talks with locals from around the world to discover the hidden treasures of the cities they call home.

20. Travel Today with Peter Greenberg

travelling podcast

Join one of America’s most esteemed travel journalists, Peter Greenberg, as he airs his weekend podcast from different locations around the world.

Each episode reveals the fascinating history and scenery of the destination at hand, whether it’s learning the Napoleanic past on the remote island of St Helena, or on board Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer train from Banff to Vancouver.

21. Extra Pack Of Peanuts Travel Podcast

travelling podcast

Hosts Travis and Heather Sherry aim to share their knowledge on everything for a life worth travelling more and spending less.

Listen in as they share insider travel tips on how to go the extra mile with frequent flyer deals to packing like a pro, alongside fellow iconic travel podcasters and bloggers who also feature in the interviews.

22. Living Adventurously

travelling podcast

Alastair Humphreys has himself inspired many people to live a more adventurous life, such as by taking microadventures. This particular podcast strand talks to ordinary people living extraordinary lives, whether that involves travel or not.

The second series features people with a purpose, and makes a thoughtful and inspiring listen.

23. Where to Go

travelling podcast

Created to help people who have had their travel plans scuppered by COVID-19 and are unsure of where to go next, Where to Go launched in 2020 from the team behind the DK Eyewitness travel guides. As well as speaking candidly about the impacts the pandemic has had on destinations around the world, the hosts ensure each episode is a real celebration of the destinations covered and what makes them so special.

Destinations covered to date include the USA’s national parks; Italy; Dublin; London and Paris.

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15 Best Travel Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

These travel podcasts will both inform and inspire.

Evie Carrick is a writer and editor who’s lived in five countries and visited well over 50. She now splits her time between Colorado and Paris, ensuring she doesn't have to live without skiing or L'As du Fallafel.

travelling podcast

There’s a lot to know about travel, from finding the best-priced plane tickets to packing like a pro to optimizing every vacation day . But with busy schedules, it can be hard to find time to stay updated on the ins and outs of everything. That’s where podcasts come in. With the help of a good travel podcast, you can nail down those travel hacks, discover your next destination, or daydream about future trips, whether you tune in while doing household chores, driving in the car, or even during an evening jog.

In addition to providing helpful tips and advice, these travel podcasts will transport you away from your current reality to a world of exploration and adventure. You’ll hear from people who quit their jobs to explore the world full-time and other inspiring individuals who are breaking barriers and stereotypes when it comes to travel. We’ve done the research and found the best travel podcasts, so all you have to do is subscribe and get ready to be inspired.

Lost Cultures: Living Legacies

Travel + Leisure ’s podcast, Lost Cultures: Living Legacies , explores what happens to a place when the cultures within it change over time. This season, we're spotlighting destinations that have experienced significant cultural shifts, and how people are preserving their time-honored traditions to ensure their culture lives on for generations to come. Through conversations with archeologists, academics, artists, and local members of the communities, we recount the evolution of enduring cultures, including the Ainu in Japan, the Maya in Mexico, the Tongva in California, the Nubians in Egypt, and more. New episodes drop every Wednesday .

The Travel Diaries

Join journalist Holly Rubenstein every week for a new episode of The Travel Diaries, an interview series podcast that highlights a special guest and their unique adventures around the globe. In each episode, guests also share more about their favorite travel destinations to inspire your wanderlust, too.

Out Travel the System

Planning a complicated trip? Booking a short weekend jaunt? Either way, let host Nisreene Atassi help you navigate it all in Expedia’s podcast, Out Travel the System , which offers tips and tricks for all aspects of travel. And we mean all — each episode dives deep into a topic, from the intersection of travel and astrology to the best time to book a vacation.

Head out with journalist Brendan Francis Newnam as he explores the world and hopes to get invited to strangers' homes for dinner in each location in the podcast Not Lost . What makes this series so special is it not only looks at visitors who love to travel to new destinations, but it also spotlights the locals who make those places so special.

Extra Pack of Peanuts

Buying plane tickets with miles, never checking a bag, and yes, squirreling away an extra pack of peanuts is part of traveling on a budget. If you love to save a buck (and really, who doesn’t?), tune into Extra Pack of Peanuts , where Travis Sherry interviews nomads, bloggers, and entrepreneurs who will inspire you to set out on your own affordable adventures.

Wild Ideas Worth Living

This REI podcast is hosted by journalist Shelby Stanger and features conversations with people who opted to take the path less traveled and managed to bring their wildest ideas, goals, and passions to life. On Wild Ideas Worth Living , you’ll hear from athletes like Alex Honnold, environmentalists like Helen Lowman, and everyone in between.

Zero to Travel

In this podcast , Jason Moore and his interviewees dig into the big questions surrounding travel — why we do it, how we can do it better — and some of the feelings it can bring up. In each episode, listeners will hear actionable advice to help them travel better and smarter.

Amateur Traveler

If you have a specific destination in mind, this is the podcast for you. In each episode, host Chris Christensen will guide you through a destination, providing a one-week itinerary of what to see, do, and eat. Thanks to the podcast’s longevity (it started in 2005), Amateur Traveler has mor ethan 600 episodes and destinations waiting to be discovered.

Travel With Rick Steves

Rick Steves is often thought to be the godfather of travel. The American travel writer, author, and television personality has extensively covered worldwide travel, encouraging devotees to explore less touristy destinations in order to experience a country’s true culture. In this weekly podcast , Rick chats with guest experts and callers about culture, people, and all things travel.

Looking for a hefty dose of inspiration? Well, that’s Jackie Nourse’s specialty. The active, adventure-loving host is all about motivating her listeners to get out and see the world. You’ll get plenty of travel advice and are practically guaranteed to finish each episode inspired — and one step closer to taking the leap.

Indie Travel Podcast

This podcast is all about giving listeners boots-on-the-ground advice and information. From how to choose your next travel destination to what to pack in your carry-on, your hosts, Craig and Linda, have you covered.

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

There’s nothing like a well-told travel story. Tuning into The Thoughtful Travel Podcast feels like sitting in a room of well-traveled friends as they recount their funniest and hairiest travel stories. Host Amanda Kendle interviews her fellow travel addicts about their experiences and digs up some of their best stories.

Flight of Fancy

Travel journalist Ben Groundwater guides listeners through the world of travel in his podcast Flight of Fancy . In each episode, he interviews travel professionals and offers helpful tips, like how to travel without ruining the world and what to do when something goes wrong.

The Offbeat Life

If you’ve ever fantasized about leaving your nine-to-five and living life on the road, you’ll probably want to listen to this podcast . Host Debbie Arcangeles keeps listeners inspired with interviews with other travelers who’ve figured out how to make a living while traveling the world.

Armchair Explorer

Let travel writer Aaron Millar tell you a story with the Armchair Explorer podcast. Every episode is told in documentary style, set to music, and complete with cinematic effects to truly immerse the listener in the travel experience. Expect action and thrills in every episode.

Related Articles

Intrepid Travel Blog

10 awesome travel podcasts that you should listen to right now

Girl holding mobile phone

The world is divided into those obsessed by podcasts and those who will one day become obsessed with podcasts. 

Catering to lovers of themed storytelling , true crime accounts and creepy cults , podcasts are also a great asset for travellers. Long haul flights, airport delays, overnight sleeper trains or pre-trip research – all good times to chuck in the earbuds, kick back and soak up some travel wisdom. And these are the places to do it:

1. Flight of Fancy

Hosted by travel journo Ben Groundwater, Flight of Fancy offers 30-minute episodes on just about everything you could want to hear in a travel podcast. Each episode he interviews travel professionals on topics like terrifying border crossings, cliched travel experiences (that are still totally worth doing) and how travel can mend a broken heart.

2. JUMP with Traveling Jackie

Formerly known as the Budget-Minded Traveler, JUMP with Traveling Jackie offers listeners destination inspiration and practical tips to get their travel goals off the ground, without blowing their whole budget. Hosted by Jackie Nourse, each episode interviews guests about their super-interesting travel experiences.

Girl getting off a bus in Thailand

Photo by Damien Raggatt

3. The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Listening to The Thoughtful Travel Podcast feels like sitting down with a bunch of friends and sharing your best (and hairiest) travel stories. Amanda interviews fellow travel addicts about their travel experiences, like getting lost, navigating different cultures, and meeting the locals. Definitely well worth a subscribe.

4. Women Who Travel

Hosted by the editors of Conde Nast Traveler, Women Who Travel is a high-five to globe-trotting women around the world, and deep dives into what it’s like travelling as a woman. It started out as a Facebook group, where women could share stories, advice and ask questions, but quickly grew into a fortnightly podcast about the highs (and lows) of travel. It’s fun and informative, and covers a HUGE range of topics.

5. Wild Ideas Worth Living

If there was ever a podcast that’ll make you want to hand in your notice, book a flight, and get out into the world, it’s Wild Ideas Worth Living . This is all about having a wild idea – and acting on it; each episode feature interviews with various excellent legends, like pro-climbers, ultra-marathoners, authors and photographers.

A young woman taking a photo in Egypt

Photo by Patrick O’Neill.

6. Travel Goals Podcast

Host Portia Jones deep dives into dream destinations and travel tips from industry experts. Portia’s Travel Goals Podcast brings you on-location insights from the next place you didn’t know you needed to visit, and chats with those in the know about what’s new and notable, including that one time she sat down with Intrepid’s own CEO, James Thornton, to talk about how travel can be a force for good .

7. Zero to Travel

If your ears are after something a bit more esoteric, Jason from  Zero to Travel regularly digs down into what travel is, why we do it and how we can do it better. Throw in a few tips on off-beat travel methods and episodes devoted to answering listener questions and you’ve got an inspiring mix for the train commute home.

8. Amateur Traveler

Amateur Traveler is all about destinations, which makes it pretty handy for those suffering from the travel version of kid-in-a-candy-store syndrome. Chris started the show in 2005 and he’s racked up an amazing database of over 600 episodes, all chock-full of useful info on a particular spot.

9. Extra Pack of Peanuts

Another good one for those on a shoestring budget (whatever that means – are shoestrings the only thing you can afford?) Travis, who hosts  Extra Pack of Peanuts , interviews travellers, bloggers and entrepreneurs to find out how to get around for cheap.

A group of travellers jumping in the middle of the road on Route 66.

Photo by Phoebe Escott-Kenny.

10. This Week in Travel

This Week in Travel  keeps up with all the industry gossip and news, via a weekly chat with travel industry heavyweights. If you want to keep your finger on the travel pulse, tune in to Chris, Gary and Jen as they chew the fat on what’s going on in the world of adventure and travel trends.

Now you’ve got the podcasts, it’s time to book the trip! Check out our range of small group adventures now . 

Feature image by  Melanie Pongratz  on  Unsplash.

Feeling inspired?

travelling podcast

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid has been leading small group adventures for over 30 years. We’re a certified B Corp, which means we want to be the best travel company not just in the world, but for the world. To create positive change through the joy of travel. You can read our latest adventures right here.

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10 fantastic travel podcasts to whisk you away

James Gabriel Martin

Dec 2, 2020 • 7 min read

Microphone in the old studio with on air sign

Travel podcasts can inform and inspire © Carol Yepes / Getty Images

Travel is off the cards for the moment, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t invest some time in learning about new places, dreaming about future trips or even planning those bucket list adventures. With that in mind, Lonely Planet has rounded up some of the most informative and inspiring podcasts on all things travel that will be sure to help.

Listening to a podcast can be great entertaining or educational distraction while at home. Here are some of the best travel-themed ones we've found.

The Trip That Changed Me

Featuring conversations and interviews with people whose lives were quite literally changed by travel, The Trip That Changed Me covers everything from the beginnings of long-term romances to the foundation of businesses, and includes authors, entrepreneurs, creatives and activists.

“For many of us, travel provides more than just respite from the daily grind: it gives us the headspace to problem-solve, leaves us open to connection and serendipity, and reinvigorates us creatively – spawning new ideas and businesses,” host Esme Benjamin told Lonely Planet. “Our guests will draw you in with captivating personal stories while painting a sensorial picture of the place that changed their world. During these monotonous indoor days, I hope the podcast will allow listeners to travel vicariously and dream about the amazing experiences they’ll have when we emerge from this thing.”

A stand out episode features New York Times bestselling author and anonymous poet Atticus, who discusses how a chance meeting with actor Michael Madsen and a trip to Paris led to him writing his first ever poem.

Woman traveling by plane and listening to music

North Americana

Focusing on the shared history between Americans and Canadians, North Americana features an array of fascinating storytellers and expert guests. Joined by award-winning writers and journalists, host Liz Beatty dives into the connections between the US and Canada through intriguing stories and characters.

Episodes run the gamut from the surprising origin of Rosie the Riveter (hint: she was Canadian) to the story of the American dissidents of "Resisterville" in British Columbia. Our favorite episode, " How Did Siberian Reindeer Get to Canada's Arctic? ," features Lonely Planet editor Alexander Howard recounting the epic tale of how a herd of reindeer were driven 1500 miles from Alaska to Canada's Northwest Territories in the 1930s.

Out Travel The System

Online travel agency Expedia entered the podcasting game in 2019 with " Out Travel The System ." Host Nisreene Atassi chats with industry experts and insiders, as well as regular travelers to reveal smart insights about travel, like how to avoid crowds and score the best deals.

An episode from November called "A Trip Down Food Travel Memory Lane" is a delectable examination of how the food we eat while traveling has a powerful impact on how we remember our trips. Nisreene is joined by Top Chef-alum and Food & Wine Magazine Editor-in-Chief Nilou Motamed to talk about re-living big travel memories by cooking destination-inspired food at home.

Women Who Travel

Condé Nast Traveler editors Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey focus on the realities of traveling as a female today in a thoughtful, compelling and engaging way. Within the podcast is the How I Became series, which includes episodes like “How I Became a Photojournalist with Lynsey Addario” , while other episodes tackle interesting subject matter like how travel can teach us to love our bodies, and how to make the most of family vacations. 

An episode from October 2019 called "Why We Need to Slow Down When We Travel"  is a timely reminder about appreciating the simple joys of the French art of flaneuring;  wandering without intention or destination.

The Travel Diaries

This weekly interview series sees entertainment and travel journalist Holly Rubenstein chatting to a special guest about their adventures around the world and the travel experiences and destinations that shaped their lives. Previous guests have included Poppy Delevingne, Jo Malone, Dan Snow, Dev Patel and Sir Richard Branson.

The perfect place to start is the episode featuring an interview with Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler about how the company got started back in the 1970s.


Zero to Travel

While traveling and living nomadically for over a decade, Zero to Travel ’s Jason Moore was continually amazed and inspired by people from all walks of life who found a way to see the world despite personal obstacles. He felt that sharing their stories and advice would be a good way to help others achieve their travel dreams, so in 2013 his podcast was born.

“ Zero To Travel is a community-powered show that exists to help people travel the world on their own terms. Listeners tell me that the show makes their ‘crazy’ ideas seem normal,” Jason said. With over 6 million downloads in 195 countries, the podcast has proven a hit, and Jason’s guests include a mix of bestselling authors, adventurers, creators and everyday explorers with inspiring tales to tell.

Episodes range from "How to Surround Yourself With What You Love" to "How to Overcome Travel Anxiety and Fear of Flying" . 

JUMP with Traveling Jackie

Host Traveling Jackie explores lifestyle, adventure and travel in a way that aims to inspire listeners to get out and explore the world. 

The episode "Don’t forget to pack these five things" is broken up into five categories (so 25 items in total) and has suggestions for adventure travelers (batting gloves for horseback riding, kayaking and paddle boarding, for instance), digital nomads (privacy screen and a portable charger), health-conscience people on the move (nutritional supplements) and the every-day traveler (reusable water bottles and earplugs). 

As a frequent traveler, Jackie draws on her own experiences and knowledge to inform in a conversational way. Other episode themes include "How to Become Fluent in Any Language with Polyglot Benny Lewis", "Walking the Camino de Santiago" and "How to Plan a Trip to Patagonia".

America’s National Parks Podcast

This podcast does exactly what it says on the tin; sheds light on the history and uniqueness of the US National Park system. Each destination is celebrated in an absorbing way, whether it’s the spooky ghost stories and lore of Yellowstone , the story of contributions made by Chinese Americans to Yosemite National Park , or the journal kept by Narcissa Whitman while on the Oregon Trail in the 1800s.

A good place to start is with the episode titled “ Prometheus ,” which tells the story of how one man accidentally killed the oldest tree in the world at Great Basin National Park .

Flight of Fancy

Hosted by Ben Groundwater, Flight of Fancy prides itself on being fun, funny and wise, and looks at and discusses travel under a diverse range of topics. Episodes include "Things That Surprise First-Time Visitors to Antarctica" , "How to Travel Without Ruining the Planet", "Australia’s Amazing, Undisturbed, Outback" and "The Best Destinations for Solo Travelers".

“ Flight of Fancy was inspired by the desire to share the sort of experiences and knowledge that can’t always be included in traditional newspaper feature stories. The podcast is like a pub chat with travel experts – a mix of tips and anecdotes delivered in a relaxed setting,” Ben told Lonely Planet. 

The Thought Card: A Travel Finance Podcast

A podcast with the budget traveler in mind, The Thought Card offers helpful advice on how to have a great time while spending less money in diverse destinations all over the world. 

Each episode, Danielle Desir tackles a different topic, whether it’s giving “Practical Tips for Saving Money in Iceland” or “Exploring the Racial Wealth Gap”. Guests provide further insight on specialist subjects and destinations.

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This article was originally published on March 2020. It was updated December 2020.

This article was first published Mar 26, 2020 and updated Dec 2, 2020.

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Nomadic Matt: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Better

11 Travel Podcasts That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust

Man wearing a pair of over ear headphones while looking out over the skyline of Chicago

I love podcasts. As someone who travels often, they’re a great way to stay informed and entertained while you’re on the go. To help me highlight some of the best podcasts in the industry, I’ve invited Debbie from The Offbeat Life to share her favorites. She’s a podcaster herself and knows what it takes to run a great travel podcast!

Podcasts have exploded in popularity in recent years, especially in the travel niche. After all, who doesn’t love to travel?

Unique travel stories, helpful tips, information on creating a nomadic lifestyle, and inspiration on the go — there are podcasts for them all!

I started my own podcast, The Offbeat Life , to discuss the stories of the people I met during my travels who were able to become location independent and create their ideal lifestyle. I was in awe of their adventurous nature and wanted to inspire myself and others to follow in their footsteps, take more chances, and learn what it takes to create a balanced life.

As a podcaster and traveler, I often look to other podcasts for inspiration. To help you get inspired for your next trip or your foray into nomadic life, here are the best travel podcasts!  

1. The Thought Card

Hosted by Danielle Desir, this podcast focuses on world travel, paying off debt, and building wealth. Danielle gives her audience the confidence to make smart financial decisions that will allow them to accomplish both their travel and financial goals.

Where to Start : Give the episode with Denis O’Brien a listen. He is the founder of Chain of Wealth and shares his tips on how to create passive income.  

Formerly known as the Budget-Minded Traveler, Traveling Jackie inspires others to get out and see the world through travel and adventure. She provides valuable, actionable information that will allow you to take the leap and explore.

Where to Start : Check out her interview with the Bensons , a family of five who were able to travel the world after they sold all their belongings. They explain the impact of travel on their lives and how it changed them upon returning home.  

3. Extra Pack of Peanuts

This is a great podcast for travelers who want to stay on a budget while on the road. Travis, who hosts the show, interviews nomads, bloggers, and entrepreneurs who give insight and firsthand tips on how to embark on your own affordable adventures.

Where to Start : Give the “ 7 Lessons Learned ” episode with Travis and Heather a listen. They share what they have learned from living a location independent life for seven years.  

4. As Told by Nomads

Host Tayo Rockson features incredible stories from individuals who are nomads and entrepreneurs, with a focus on leaders in business, culture, travel, and global affairs.

Where to Start : Check out the episode with Zahra Rasool , who discusses authenticity, diversity, and collaborative journalism in storytelling.  

5. Ticket 2 Anywhere

This podcast is hosted by Leah and Trizzy, two female travelers with full-time jobs who love to get out and see the world as often as they can. Their podcast is bursting with tips, advice, and anecdotes to help you make the most of your travels, live your life to the fullest, use all your vacation days and get the most out of your weekends!

Where to Start : Start with their first episode , which covers a lot of ground. They talk about the places they’ve been, how they travel, and destinations that didn’t live up to the hype.  

6. The Offbeat Life

Hosted by me, this podcast highlights the stories of digital nomads and location-independent entrepreneurs. It digs deep into the realities of starting a remote business and how to create a sustainable nomadic lifestyle.

Where to Start : To get started, jump into my episode with Joni Sweet . She is a remote writer and gives valuable insights on surviving as a freelancer. She also discusses how to build a portfolio that will land you writing gigs that can take you all over the world!  

7. Everyday Badassery

Recorded and filmed on location from wherever dynamic host Christine happens to be on her current epic adventures, Everyday Badassery aims to help you be “1% more badass than yesterday.” Each episode features a different badass traveler and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. The episodes are also posted on YouTube too.

Where to Start : Start with Nomadic Matt team member Erica (Virvo) Hackman’s very own episode , where she shares her experiences living in Qatar, a hut in Africa, a commune, and how following her curiosity and saying YES has never led her astray.  

8. Amateur Traveler

Started in 2005 by veteran travel journalist Chris Christensen, Amateur Traveler is closing in on 1,000 episodes. In each episode, Chris interviews a destination expert who shares local tips and insights to inspire and help others visit their beloved city, state, or country.

Where to Start : Pick the destination that you’re headed to next (or one you’d like to visit) and start listening!  

9. The Atlas Obscura Podcast

Atlas Obscura finds and showcases the world’s weirdest, bizarre, and most interesting places and foods through their website, app, books, and podcast. Learn more about the world’s hidden wonders in these short (around 15-minute) episodes that dive deep into one peculiar place.

Where to Start : The Last Big Mac in Iceland encompasses everything that Atlas Obscura is all about: discovering something strange while traveling, learning its history and background, and coming away with a deeper understanding of another culture in the process.  

10. Zero to Travel

With over 10 million downloads, Zero to Travel is one of the most popular travel podcasts — and for good reason. Host Jason interviews adventurous travelers, expats, digital nomads, and wanderers of all kinds to deliver practical advice and motivation to start living and traveling on your own terms.

Where to Start : Learn the story behind cheap flight membership website Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) , how to find cheap flights yourself, and much more in this interview with the illustrious Scott himself .

11. Radio Vagabond

In 2016 and at the age of 50, Palle Bo sold everything and uprooted his life in Denmark in order to hit the road full time. Since then, he’s traveled to 118 UN nations and 48 states – and counting! The Radio Vagabond chronicles his adventures with both solo episodes as well as interviews with locals and fellow travelers he encounters. As an award-winning Danish radio producer, the production quality of this podcast is top-notch and worth a listen for that alone!

Where to Start : Check out the episode Advice for Wannabe Digital Nomads , part of his miniseries interviewing seven digital nomads at Bansko Nomad Fest in Bulgaria.

Now that you have the list of the best travel podcasts, go ahead: download them and satiate your wanderlust! You may even feel inspired to book a ticket and leap into the unknown!

Debbie Arcangeles is the host of The Offbeat Life , a podcast that highlights individuals who are location independent and nomadic entrepreneurs. Her podcast has been featured on Refinery 29 and Mic, among other sites. When Debbie is not writing or interviewing guests for her show, you can find her hiking and exploring new destinations.  

Book Your Trip: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight Find a cheap flight by using Skyscanner . It’s my favorite search engine because it searches websites and airlines around the globe so you always know no stone is being left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation You can book your hostel with Hostelworld . If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, use Booking.com as it consistently returns the cheapest rates for guesthouses and hotels.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection in case anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I’ve had to use it many times in the past. My favorite companies that offer the best service and value are:

  • SafetyWing (best for everyone)
  • Insure My Trip (for those 70 and over)
  • Medjet (for additional evacuation coverage)

Want to Travel for Free? Travel credit cards allow you to earn points that can be redeemed for free flights and accommodation — all without any extra spending. Check out my guide to picking the right card and my current favorites to get started and see the latest best deals.

Need Help Finding Activities for Your Trip? Get Your Guide is a huge online marketplace where you can find cool walking tours, fun excursions, skip-the-line tickets, private guides, and more.

Got a comment on this article? Join the conversation on Facebook , Instagram , or Twitter and share your thoughts!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. I recommend only products and companies I use and the income goes to keeping the site community supported and ad free.

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Best travel podcasts

The Best Travel Podcasts To Fuel Your Wanderlust

Chloe Caldwell

There’s nothing like listening to a well-made travel podcast to get you hyped for your next big adventure . While travel is still somewhat unpredictable and COVID restrictions are shifting daily (though loosening, in general), the auditory travel landscape is thriving.

Whether you need inspiration for where to book your next trip or just an escapist dose of adventure, the 16 podcasts below will inspire your wanderlust and give you vital skills. Some will get you excited for your future travels, some will motivate you to book a flight (and tell you where to do exactly that), and some will provide detailed guides to the world’s most sought-after (and lesser-known) destinations. Check them all out below and find the one that strikes your fancy.


Wild times podcast with forrest galante.

What It’s About:

Outdoor adventurer, TV personality and conservationist Forrest Galante hosts a travel podcast that’ll get you stoked for your next big trip and make you laugh. Every episode combines the outdoors, wildlife, and wilderness with a heaping helping of comedy to keep listeners engaged and entertained. The Wild Times Podcast is ideal for those who are passionate about living life to the fullest and not taking themselves too seriously.

Where To Start:

Well… I say start with “ TWT #91 ,” in which I join Galante and his cohorts to talk about my time spent communing with Komodo dragons on the Indonesian island of Rinca. What I love about this pod is, first and foremost, all the shit talking. But second of all, I think that the show respects ecosystems and cultures when it talks about travel. I often find myself googling destinations I heard about (or animal encounters at certain destinations) after listening to an episode.

Listen Here: Apple Podcasts , Spotify

Globe Thotting with Chelsea Frank

Globe Thotting Podcast

Hosted by comedian and travel writer Chelsea Frank , Globe Thotting with Chelsea Frank is a comedy and travel podcast that features comedians, travel influencers, and other hilarious guests to talk all things travel, leisure, and thirst traps.

With guests like Taylor Tomlinson (Netflix’s Look At You) and Rachel Evans (Netflix’s The Circle, Travel Channel), Chelsea’s extensive network of top comedians and influencers makes for a dynamic travel podcast that puts comedy and epic diarrhea stories at the forefront.

She tackles the big themes like “how to get a perfect vacay thirst trap” with model/influencer Bree Essrig, and dives deep into how she “saved a bunch of marriages” at a Jamaican sex resort. If laughter is as important as packing tips, this is your new favorite travel pod!

Globe Thotting just launched this summer, so it’s definitely worth starting with episode one. The show kicks off with comedian Taylor Tomlinson , and it breaks down the shenanigans of the podcast to come. The pair of funny friends talk about the travel industry, adventurous sex-scapades, crazy vacation stories, and more.

Listen Here: Spotify , Apple Podcasts

The Travel Diaries

Best Travel Podcasts

The Travel Diaries is an interview series hosted by journalist Holly Rubenstein, in which she chats with guests about their adventures around the world and how travel experiences have shaped their lives. Rubenstein will cover everything from their earliest childhood travel memory and the first place they fell in love with travel to their top bucket list destinations.

There are six full seasons of The Travel Diaries , so there’s plenty to listen to. If you don’t want to jump all the way back to the beginning, start with season four. Gregory Porter’s episode , specifically, features a conversation about travel intertwined with music, sports, and the many unexpected twists life can throw at you. The multi-Grammy-winning singer, who was traveling 200 days a year before COVID, shares his most far-out travel experiences and how they’ve shaped him as a person.

Listen Here: Apply Podcasts , Spotify , Castbox

Get Lost Podcast

Best Travel Podcasts

Hosted by travel writer Joe Sills, Get Lost Podcast dives into thrilling stories of exploration and adventure, as told by journalists, explorers, and vagabonds. With former guests like Matthew McConaughey , as well as UPROXX’s own Zach Johnston and Steve Bramucci , it’s easy to get pulled into each episode.

The episode entitled “ Giza ,” which aired in March 2020, is the best way to immediately pique your interest. Sills interviews Egyptologist and Emmy award-winning filmmaker Ramy Romany about the forgotten tunnels beneath the Giza Plateau and how he discovered the likely tomb of an Egyptian God.

Listen Here: Apple Podcasts , Spotify , Castbox

Women Who Travel

Best travel podcasts

On Women Who Travel , Condé Nast Traveler editors Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey talk about the realities of traveling as a woman today. They share their own experiences and interview women from around the globe who are trailblazing their way through the food, hospitality, adventure, and travel journalism industries.

Many women dream of traveling the world but are afraid to go at it alone. “ Remembering How to Solo Travel Again ” is an excellent place to start for any woman who’s ready to take that leap of faith on her own. This episode provides practical solo travel tips, advice on planning your next solo adventure, as well as reflections about the joys of solo travel for women.

The TravelPulse Podcast

Best Travel Podcasts

The TravelPulse Podcast dives into everything from travel news updates and adventure tips to insightful interviews with industry experts and other guests. Hosted by TravelPulse’s Executive Editor Eric Bowman, this podcast gives you everything you need to know about travel today.

“ Social Media’s Place in Travel ” delivers an interesting take on how to utilize the many social media platforms while traveling today. The episode features Tiffany Dowd, a global luxury hotel expert and the founder of Luxe Social Media . She shares her best social media tips and discusses the latest trending topics in the world of travel.

Listen Here: Apply Podcasts , Spotify

Counting Countries

best travel podcasts

Counting Countries is a show for those who are curious about the farthest corners of the planet. Host Ric Gazarian brings listeners the stories from the few adventurers who’ve spent their lives traveling to every country on Earth — something only a couple hundred people have done.

“ Charles Veley … And The Commitment To Travel ” is a great place to jump in. It’s a long episode, reaching almost three hours, but it’s worth the listen. Guest Charles Veley, dubbed an “extreme traveler,” gets real about what it takes to travel the globe and shares some of his most exciting adventures. Save it for a long road trip or flight.

Travel With Meaning

Best Travel Podcasts

Hosted by Mike Schibel, Travel With Meaning tells interesting travel stories that have impacted the lives and careers of everyone from artists, entertainers, and athletes to entrepreneurs, CEOs, and travel experts. It’s a great listen for anyone who’s interested in how intentional travel can make a difference in our everyday lives. Episodes hover around the one-hour mark, making it an excellent commuter podcast.

We’d be remiss not to suggest episode 43 of Travel With Meaning as an ideal starting point, which features UPROXX Life’s own founding editor, Steve Bramucci. He shares all about his incredible travel background and past adventures, then discusses the future of the travel industry.

Travel Tales

Best Travel Podcasts

Comedian and TV host Mike Siegel created Travel Tales to highlight the best and worst experiences that travel has to offer, as told by a variety of adventurous guests, including fellow comedians, actors, producers, writers, and travel professionals. This podcast brings a humorous, lighthearted tone to travel that’s sure to get you stoked for your next big trip.

You gotta love a good music groupie adventure. For Angelyn Rudd , following The Grateful Dead on tour turned into a lifetime of traveling the world. In her Travel Tales episode that aired in August 2021, Rudd dives into the story about how following her favorite band inspired her to visit more than 60 countries (and counting).

Wild Ideas Worth Living

Best Travel Podcasts

Wild Ideas Worth Living , produced by REI, is made for those who love adventure and the outdoors. The show features conversations with people who, “took the path less traveled and brought their wildest ideas to life.” Host and journalist Shelby Stanger interviews everyone from world-class explorers and athletes to authors, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

As travelers, it’s important to consider our lasting impact on the planet and the environments we visit. “ Preserving Our Parks with Keith Eshelman and Sevag Kazanci ” shines a light on conservation. This episode features a conversation with the founders of Parks Project , a brand that donates its proceeds to protecting National Parks and inspires the next generation to take care of our public lands.

This Week In Travel

Best Travel Podcasts

Hosted by Gary Arndt and Jen Leo, This Week in Travel delivers weekly roundtable discussions on travel news and the travel industry with leading travel writers, bloggers, and podcasters. In a time when travel guidelines are constantly changing, this podcast provides necessary information about what’s going on in the travel world.

If you want to be up to date with all the latest travel news, I’d start in March of 2021 with the episode, “ Simon Wright – The Future of Travel .” Simon Wright, is the industry editor at The Economist , and this episode dives into a conversation about predicting what travel will look like in the coming years and how the pandemic has affected different aspects of the travel industry.

Travel With Rick Steves

Best Travel Podcasts

Travel With Rick Steves , who’s a host and writer of over 100 public travel shows and the author of 30 best-selling travel guidebooks, is a weekly one-hour conversation with guest experts and callers, about travel, cultures, people, and the many awe-inspiring things we find around the world. Steves’ immense travel background and industry experience, along with his selection of enticing guests, provides insight into destinations all around the globe.

There are 11 seasons full of episodes to choose from and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. But I especially love the, “ 648 Becoming a Digital Nomad; Window Seat; Spirit of the Grand Canyon ,” which aired in August of last year. More than ever, the digital nomad life is widely accepted and becoming more common as most people continue to work from home. This episode provides tips on becoming a digital nomad for anyone who’s looking to work off the grid, as well as how to get the best view on your next flight.

Like a Local Podcast

Best Travel Podcasts

On Like a Local Podcast , the co-hosts Katie Hylton and Stephanie Girard interview travelers about the places they live. The goal is to create a resource that gives listeners a local’s point of view on their next destination, so they can get the inside scoop on all the best places to eat, explore, drink, and stay.

There are less than 50 episodes since the show just launched at the end of 2020 (with more episodes to come in 2022), so you might as well start from the very beginning. The hosts kick off the show by interviewing Sarah Tahami about her home city of Savannah, Georgia . Throughout the episode, Tahami, a travel influencer who focuses on food and drinks, shares everywhere you need to eat and sip in Lowcountry, Savannah.

Listen Here: A pply Podcasts , Spotify , Castbox

Armchair Explorer

Best travel podcasts

This documentary-style podcast, Armchair Explorer , immerses you straight into the travel experiences discussed on the show using music and cinematic effects, for the ultimate storytelling entertainment fix.

I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with the Titanic, mostly because it reminds me of a young Leonardo DiCaprio. I say start with “ Diving the Titanic with Deep Sea Explorer Rory Golden .” The episode follows deep-sea explorer Rory Golden’s fascinating, once-in-a-lifetime journey to see the Titanic up close, 12,600-feet below sea level.

The Offbeat Life

best travel podcasts

If your dream is to make a living as a full-time traveler, The Offbeat Life podcast is for you. Host Debbie Arcangeles interviews travelers from around the world about how they left their conventional lives to live a nomadic lifestyle.

“ How to Travel for Free Using Miles and Points ” is a practical place to start listening. While we’d all love to work as full-time travelers, this isn’t always possible. This episode teaches you how to make use of your airline miles and credit card points so you can travel the world on a budget.

JUMP With Traveling Jackie

Best travel podcasts

JUMP With Traveling Jackie delivers a collection of guest stories, solo episodes, and often raw and personal accounts from host Jackie Nourse. Throughout the show, she discusses travel and adventure in conversations that are meant to motivate her audience to get out and see the world for themselves. This podcast is ideal for anyone seeking travel advice and inspiration.

If you’re interested in the details behind planning a big trip, listen to “ How to Plan a Long Distance Backpacking Trip, Featuring the Tahoe Rim Trail .” In this episode, avid adventurer Dawn Swinney shares her guide to the iconic Tahoe Rim Trail, while providing useful tips for listeners to plan an epic backpacking adventure of their own.

On She Goes

Best Travel Podcasts

On She Goes is a travel and lifestyle podcast that’s dedicated to inspiring women of color to travel confidently, adventurously, and more often.You’ll hear a range of topics covering what it’s like to travel while Black, travel tips, representation in travel media, diversity in the outdoors, and getting paid to travel.

On She Goes ran from 2017 to 2020, but it’s still relevant and worth listening to in 2022. I’d even recommend starting from the most recent episode and working your way backward. Season 5, Episode 11, “ How NOT to Travel Like a Basic Bitch in the Time of COVID ” talks about the importance of giving back, supporting locals, educational travel, and post-pandemic travel predictions (listen to see if they came true!).

Alpacas, Ceviche, and Homestay in the Peruvian Andes — A Solo Travel Diary

9 travel podcasts guaranteed to spark your wanderlust

Ellie Nan Storck

Even if your next trip isn't on the immediate horizon, it doesn't mean you can't keep the wanderlust alive.

Travel podcasts are a great way to develop your travel expertise and satisfy your cravings for adventure no matter where in the world you are. Hopefully, you're home, as health officials say the fastest way to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus and return to normalcy is to stop coming in contact with others.

For more TPG news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter .

To hold you over until we can all travel again, we rounded up some of our favorite travel podcasts, so you can plug in any time and get your fix of travel advice and inspiration from industry experts and adventurers.

You can also catch up on TPG's own travel podcasts, including Talking Points and Miles Away , hosted by Brian Kelly and Zach Honig, respectively.

If you're finding yourself listening to way more podcasts than usual, consider upgrading to a premium version of your favorite streaming service.

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Just remember to use a credit card that will help you get the most value from your purchase, whether you listen on Spotify, Apple Music, SiriusXM, Pandora or another provider.

Women Who Travel

The women of Condé Nast Traveler host this weekly podcast and discuss topics around the female travel experience . Expect plenty of tips, interviews and lively debates — ranging from the safest places for women to travel , to how women are changing the travel industry. They'll even answer some of your most frequently asked travel questions .

Season Pass

For travelers itching for an adrenaline rush , you're in luck: The Season Pass podcast will teach you everything there is to know about theme park travel. Join theme park enthusiasts from around the world, as well as industry experts Dough Barnes, Brent Young and Robert Coker, as they review different rides, parks and offer plenty of insights to help you have your best vacation ever.

Indie Travel Podcast

Ever think about quitting your job and just hitting the road ? Well, that's what Craig and Linda did all the way back in 2006. Tune in to their podcast to hear about their adventures, as well as their tips and tricks for living (and working) around the globe. Who knows? You may pick up on a tip or two that inspires you to do the same.

Anthony Bourdain's legacy lives on in "The Trip" podcast, where his partners explore destinations around the world through drinking. Here, you'll be whisked away to faraway lands, from Oaxaca to the Himalayas, as host Nathan Thornburgh connects the dots between people, food, drinks and travel. New episodes are out every Monday.

The Dirtbag Diaries

The Dirtbag Diaries surfaces "sometimes serious, often humorous" stories from wild places around the globe. Fitz Cahall, a full-time outdoor enthusiast, started it over 10 years ago — in fact, episodes date all the way back to 2007! Tune in to hear stories about living the adventure lifestyle and exploring the great outdoors .

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Overheard at National Geographic

This podcast from National Geographic will take you on an adventure to the corners of the earth. Discover the world's magic by taking a trip back in time — from the Pyramids in Egypt to the graffiti at Pompeii. Our advice? Grab a blanket and cozy up on the couch . This is one podcast you're not going to be able to turn off.

Airplane Mode

Though it only ran for one season, we loved Airplane Mode. The podcast was started by the founders of suitcase brand Away , and explored what motivates people to travel. From navigating the road to becoming an expat — and even how to find love while traveling — you'll discover an abundance of inspiring stores that will motivate you to hit the road.

Travel with Rick Steves

This hour-long weekly podcast won't fully satisfy your wanderlust, but it's might just be the next best thing. Rick Steves is a host and writer of over 100 public television travel shows and author of 30 best-selling guidebooks, and he'll take you on a journey around the world — through your headphones or speakers, that is. Each week, he brings in experts to discuss travel , and the cultures, people and things that give it meaning.

Travel Genius

This is the podcast all of your savviest travel friends listen to. After each episode, you'll leave with a tip or trick to help enhance your travel experience . Think: How to get a better seat or discover the best local restaurants. It's a must-listen if you're looking to upgrade your travel game.

Additional reporting by Samantha Rosen.

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Young athletic woman with headphones relaxing and resting on the sea background

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The 15 Best Travel Podcasts

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The best travel podcasts can be hard to find. Despite being a trillion-dollar industry, enjoyed by billions of people around the globe, in the world of podcasts travel doesn’t even get its own category. Dig deep in Society & Culture and you might find a couple of gems, but you might also shovel through a lot of dirt.

Fear not, podcast fans. We’ve got our own category here and that’s important. Because travel podcasts, at their best, are more than just information. They’re inspiration. They’re a window into extraordinary lives. They encompass nature, ecology, conservation, adventure and extreme sports. The best travel podcasts inspire us to see the world through different eyes, they bring us closer, they bring wonder to our ears.

And we need that now more than ever. When the world closes the door, open your mind. When it cancels your flights, find another way to soar. Every adventure begins in the imagination. Here are 15 of the best travel podcasts to fire yours up. 

travelling podcast

The Trail Less Traveled

This show documents the stories and lives of some of the world’s most remote cultures through a mixture of in-field recordings, on location interviews and local music. Host Mandela von Eeden, a professional whitewater guide, embeds herself in the destinations she visits for months at a time, becoming a valued member of their community before she even picks up a microphone. The result is heartfelt, personal stories told friend-to-friend. This is the essence of what slow, meaningful travel is all about, and Mandela gives you a front row seat. Check out Aboriginal artist Jandamarra Cadd’s episode for a great introduction to the show.

Listen: Apple / Spotify / Stitcher  

travelling podcast

The Adventure Sports Podcast

Want to know what it’s like to bike across South America? Row across the Atlantic? No problem. With more than 600 episodes, think of this like the ultimate resource for any adventure you could imagine; and many that you probably couldn’t (bladepacking anyone? You’ll have to look it up: ep.595). But it’s more than that too. Host Mason Gravely pushes his guests beyond the adrenaline and bravado to what adventure really means, and how it can enhance our lives, even if we’re just stuck in the office, dreaming of that next big trip. Episode 601, featuring legendary rock climber Tommy Caldwell talking about his ascent of the Dawn Wall in Yosemite, is an epic introduction to the show.

Listen: Apple / Spotify / Stitcher

travelling podcast

Wander Woman

Bog walking and beer bathing in Estonia, swimming with Manta Rays in the Maldives and a chat with superstar of nature writing, Robert McFarlan, all in a single episode. This is more than a podcast; this is an audio magazine. Host Phoebe Smith is a British travel writing superstar and produces this show with the same creativity and care she applied ass editor of the award-winning travel mag Wanderlust. Expect off-the-beaten track destinations, interviews with travel celebrities, gear reviews, top tips and more. That bog walking episode, by the way, is called ‘Have You Ever Been Enchanted?’ Start there, because the answer is an emphatic yes, you will be. 

travelling podcast

Zero To Travel

Ready to quit the career ladder and hit the road? This is the show for you. Host Jason Moore has created a fantastic resource of over 300 episodes to help you make the transition from cubicle jockey to digital nomad. Geared towards long-term travel, and life-changing escapes, expect the inside scoop on everything from hacking flights to working abroad. Mostly though it’s about living life on your terms, and to the full, filling your days with as much travel and adventure as you desire. The ‘Transition to Travel: Before and After’ episode about how a round-the-world trip changed one couple’s life forever is a great place to start.

travelling podcast

Wild Ideas Worth Living (Presented by REI)

Adventure journalist Shelby Stanger gets amazing guests: climbing superstar Alex Honnold (of Free Solo fame), Wild author Cheryl Strayed (whose best-selling book was turned into a film starring Reese Witherspoon) are two great examples. But what sets this show apart is that it goes beyond the celebrity to touch upon deeper themes: facing your fears, learning to unplug, mindfulness, letting go. As the title suggests, this isn’t just about wild stories, it’s about being inspired by people who brought their wild ideas to life; and it’s about making your wild dreams come true too. Check out the 2019 recap episode for a quick hit of everything that makes this show unique.

travelling podcast

Immersive soundscapes and incredible storytelling from the crew behind the BBC Earth documentary series, which brought you the likes of Blue Planet and Planet Earth (both starring everyone’s hero, David Attenborough). Each episode features behind the scenes content, and untold stories, from the perspectives of the producers, camera crew and scientists that actually make the show. It’s intimate, inspiring and just about as close as you can get to the real thing. Start at the first episode, ‘Beginnings’: chimpanzees in Senegal, a hilarious bird impression and a story about bees from a military veteran that’ll bring tears to your eyes. 

travelling podcast

Beach Too Sandy, Water too Wet

Irreverent and hilarious: Siblings Alex and Christine Schiefer read actual one-star reviews, mined from the internet, in a dramatic and comedic style. It’s like the audio love child of Trip Advisor and a Chris Rock takedown. The pair are excellent company, the real-life reviews outrageous and the results laugh-out-loud funny. But there’s a (semi) serious side too. In the anonymity of the internet, people are quick to troll – often unfairly, and at the expense of small businesses and service workers. Alex and Christine are like the Judge Dredd of unjustified complaints. Leave your next worst review at your peril. Episode 41 about psychics in Albuquerque, New Mexico is hard to beat (though you think they would have seen that coming).

travelling podcast

The Travel Diaries

British travel journalist Holly Rubenstein asks her celebrity guest to describe the eight travel chapters of their lives, uncovering the seminal travel experiences that have shaped who they are today. From their earliest childhood travel memory, to the place where they learnt the most about themselves, and what’s at the top of their bucket list. It’s like Desert Island Discs of travel podcasts (and if you’re not familiar with that legendary show, check it out here ). If you listen to just one episode, make it explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes’, from climbing Mount Everest to having to saw off his own frostbitten fingertips during a crossing of the Arctic, it’ll have you on the edge of your seat.

travelling podcast

Travel Writing World

Insightful and in-depth interviews with some of the world’s best travel writers. This show stands out because of its emphasis on books and long form literature, which aims to inspire people to cultivate meaning from multi-cultural experiences, whether that’s through their own travels, or just with the written word. Highlights include interviews with stars like Pico Ayer and Paul Theroux, but host Jeremy Bassetti’s pick of the bunch is Indian travel writer Rajat Ubhaykar’s episode, in which he tells the story of hitchhiking through Hindustan. A window into a world, few of us would otherwise see.

Listen: Apple / Stitcher

travelling podcast

Deviate with Rolf Potts

Rolf Potts rose to popularity in the early 2000s with his book Vagabonding, which inspired a generation of people to hit the road not just for a vacation, but because travel, he argued, has the power to change you for the better. This well-loved show carries on that conversation, exploring how adventure can deepen one’s life in countless nuanced ways. But this is more than just a travel show. As the name implies, expect to deviate from the usual subjects into unknown and interesting new avenues, just like any good journey should. Check out the episode with comedian Ari Shaffir about independent travel, and all of the possibilities it can offer to someone who is willing to take things slow.

travelling podcast

Overheard at National Geographic

It wouldn’t be a ‘best of’ travel list without National Geographic. Each episode uses one of the ‘curiously delightful conversations’ that might be overheard at the organization’s headquarters as its basis to transport listeners around the globe. From exploring long lost Mayan caves and scuba diving in a pyramid to discovering zombie mice and listening to the songs of humpback whales, you’ll meet the explorers, photographers and scientists who are pushing back the veil of our world. Check out Season Two’s second episode, The Alien Underground, for a fascinating glimpse into a crystal cave that may just hold one of the clues for life elsewhere in the universe.

travelling podcast

The Wild with Chris Morgan

Exploring the complicated relationship between nature and human society, every episode of this inspiring show immerses you in the wonder of the natural world. Ecologist host Chris Morgan is knowledgeable, passionate and great company. The stories are detailed and fascinating; and the quality of the in-field recordings makes it feel like you’re really there. Highlights include tracking cougars in the wild, discovering polar bears in the arctic and learning what it feels like to look an Orca in the eye (spoiler alert: it’s terrifying, and profound). Chris’ favorite episode is called ‘Finding Peace in the Silence’.  “We live in a noisy human world,” He says. “This episode is a journey back to nature, the place we are all from.”

travelling podcast

Dirtbag Diaries

Launched in 2007, the Dirtbag Diaries is not only one of the longest running adventure podcasts out there, it’s consistently one of the best too. Dedicated to telling stories about some of the wildest places, and people, on the planet, it’s often humorous, occasionally bizarre (donkey racing anyone?) and always inspiring. Featuring a combination of listener written, and read, short essays, and longer form pieces, the magic of the show is how personal, and intimate, each story is – like listening to that perfect campfire tale. Check out the Under Donkey episode to find out what happens when you “combine a love of sport, hard work, a 10-foot lead rope, and a dash of crazy.”

travelling podcast

The Big Travel Podcast

Hosted by British journalist Lisa Francesca Nand, The Big Travel Podcast explores life-stories through the lens of travel. She has great guests, many well known, but the real star is Lisa herself. It’s like hanging out with one of your best friends – if one of your best friends was funny, intelligent and had a rolodex of some of the coolest people on the planet to invite over for tea. Start with one of Lisa’ favorites, episode 57 with BBC foreign correspondent John Simpson talking about his 50 year career, including incredible stories from Iraq, Afghanistan, Tiananmen Square, and watching the Berlin Wall fall.

travelling podcast

Armchair Explorer

Last, but hopefully not least: my show. The premise is ‘the world’s greatest adventurers tell their best story from the road’. Each episode is cut documentary style, and set to music and cinematic effects to create an immersive storytelling experience. No long-winded interviews, just straight to heart of the action. Highlights include, best-selling authors paddling 2,000-miles down the Yukon River, Grammy-nominated musicians recording an around-the-world album, Olympic skiers in the backcountry of Alaska, even an astronaut, taking us for a walk onboard the International Space Station. If you love adventure, inspiring real-life stories and immersing yourself in the wonder of the outdoors, come and hang out. We’ll get on well.

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travelling podcast

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travelling podcast

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Young athletic woman with headphones relaxing and resting on the sea background

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The 10 Best Travel Podcasts

Even when you're not traveling, there are ways to scratch your travel itch from the safety of your house—travel podcasts. You can travel vicariously thanks to audio storytelling. Listen in as others share their stories of offbeat adventures, deep dives into worlds you never knew, or offer fascinating dispatches from around the globe. 

Here are 10 of the best travel podcasts to listen to while you hunker down and plot your next trip.


When Brad and Matt Kirouac decide to pack up their dog and their lives in Chicago to hit the road in an RV, they don’t really know what they are in for, but they can’t wait to find out. Parklandia documents their often hilarious journey through the national parks, spanning from the Florida Everglades to the desert Southwest and the Olympic National Forest in Washington State. Along the way, they re-learn history, find the Mary Kate and Ashley of Arches National Park, and learn what happens when a married couple is cooped up together for weeks on end as they test-drive a nomadic lifestyle.

Start with: The Oscars of Rivers—Cuyahoga Valley National Park


This show from New Hampshire Public Radio crafts portraits of the natural world and how we travel through it. This isn’t just a show for wilderness buffs, though, topics range from traveling to Antarctica to count penguins, the "raw water movement," storm chasing, moose whisperers, and Lyme disease. While the show has a slight New England bent, host Sam Evans-Brown finds topics that are surprising, engaging, and delightful, proving that a love of the natural world is truly universal.

Start with: Now I am an Axolotl

On She Goes

 On She Goes

This podcast is the audio offshoot of the On She Goes travel community, a digital platform created by and for women of color. The show has been around since 2017, so there is a vast back catalog of episodes where guests like The Read's Crissle West, yogi and author Jessamyn Stanley, and "Bad Feminist" author Roxane Gay share their stories of travel and leaving their comfort zones. They cover topics like camping, road trips, the pros and cons of voluntourism, the upside to romance while on the road, the joys of winter travel, and how to satisfy your wanderlust while staying sane.

Start with: What Is Business Travel with guest Roxane Gay

Counting Countries

 Counting Countries

There are 193 sovereign nations in the world, according to the United Nations, and an elite group of privileged travelers are determined to visit all of them—sometimes twice! Each episode, host, Ric Gazarian chats with a traveler who has either visited all 193 or is well on their way to hitting that goal or aiming to break Guinness World Records as they trek. The interviews are fascinating portraits of what happens when travel turns from past time to life's work. Fair warning, though, these stories will make you positively itchy to grab your passport and hit the road as soon as possible.

Start with: Audrey Walsworth

This podcast, hosted by Willow Belden, explores enormous questions of life and how to live it through the lens of traveling through nature. True to its mission, episodes ask big questions like what it means to go on a pilgrimage when you aren't outdoorsy or religious. Other episodes explore what it's like to live so deep in the woods that the only people you meet are strangers passing through on the Appalachian Trail, redefining the word "adventure," and when you're allowed to complain when living a privileged life.

Start with: Everest for a Sherpa Teen

A Different Way of Traveling

 A Different Way of Traveling

People with able bodies tend not to stop and think about, say, hopping into a jeep during a South African safari or strapping in for a zipline through the Costa Rican jungle canopy. Folks living with disabilities though can’t help but think about accessibility, though. This podcast talks to travelers and tour guides who are determined not to let the need for a wheelchair or living with cerebral palsy or a lack of sight or hearing stop anyone from going on safaris, taking up surfing, going on a hajj, or training for a triathlon.

Start with: Let’s Go Ziplining with Angelique Le Roux

Extra Pack of Peanuts

 Extra Pack of Peanuts

One of the OG travel podcasts, fans have been following host Travis and Heather on their nomadic adventures around the world. They’ve been traveling since 2010 and started podcasting about in 2013—so far in the past that they had to explain what a podcast was to their fans. Their specialty is showing people how to travel on a budget without sacrificing any of the fun and as their long track record shows, living a globetrotting life on a budget is entirely possible.

Start with: 7 Lessons Learned

The audio dispatches from Outside magazine make for intriguing listening even if you haven’t stepped foot in nature since a disastrous third-grade field trip. The show features interviews with outdoor enthusiasts, scientists, travelers, athletes, and average folks in extraordinary circumstances. While you may never plan on nearly freezing to death on Mt. Everest, encountering a grizzly bear, or finding a freaky fish in the swamps of Alabama, the Science of Survival series will make sure you know what to do in such an emergency.

Start with: Science of Survival: Snakebit, Part 1

Inappropriate Traveler

 Inappropriate Traveler

Despite what you might see on Instagram, travel is not always a glorious adventure traipsing unencumbered through gorgeous landscapes. That’s where this show comes in. San Francisco Chronicle travel editor Spud Hilton interviews travelers, journalists, influencers, and globetrotters about life on the road, favorite destinations, and what happens when travel goes very, very wrong. While guests share stories of touching moments and poignant encounters, the best episodes feature the sagas of misadventures. It serves as an often-hilarious reminder that travel isn’t always perfect and that almost any nightmarish situation can be funny when it’s in the rearview mirror. Fingers crossed that a second season is coming soon.

Start with: Travel Hookups with Fly Brother Ernest White II

Wander Woman

 Wander Woman

To be clear, this isn’t a podcast, but an “audio travel magazine” created by writer, photographer, and Wanderlust contributing editor Phoebe Smith. Like its glossy printed counterparts, each episode (issue?) offers a variety of stories in various formats. There are field recordings captured during her round-the-world adventures, like when she goes beer bathing in Estonia or hiking through Tasmania. There are interviews with conservationists and trailblazing tour guides, ideas for shopping and beating jet lag, tips from travel writer Bill Bryson, and manatee spotting in Florida. The issues are diverse, informative, and fun to listen to.

Start with: Wild Waters Run Deep

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The 46 Best Podcasts for Your Next Road Trip or Long Flight

The podcasts to listen to on your next long drive or plane ride, whether you’re a history nerd, traveling with kids, or just in need of a true-crime fix..

  • Copy Link copied

Podcasts to download for your next road trip

What takes a road trip from good to great? Hours and hours of top-notch podcasts.

Design by Elizabeth See

Summer is made for long leisurely travels: road trips, week-long beach sojourns, multi-country hops. It’s also made for binge-listening some of the most creative, funniest, and thought-provoking podcasts being produced right now.

But there are a lot of podcasts out there. And the big podcast players only surface a handful, based on algorithms and newsworthiness, not necessarily what best suits you, your friends, or your family.

So we’ve done the work for you. Now that you’ve planned your adventure (or maybe not!), here are some of the best podcasts out there, all perfect for your next extended road trip or plane ride, whether you love a good murder mystery, need a family-friendly listen, or want to laugh for miles.

If you like going to unexpected places

Explore curiosities of the world, download the AFAR podcast, and more.

Explore curiosities of the world, download the AFAR podcast, and more.

Images courtesy National Park After Dark and AFAR

1. The Atlas Obscura Podcast

  • Listen Now : Website | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Did you know you can visit Hitler’s toilet in a New Jersey car repair shop? Or that there’s a 7-Eleven convenience store in Baltimore, Maryland, marking where the Ouija board was invented? These are the strange facts you’ll glean from the 15-minute-or-less episodes of the daily Atlas Obscura podcast, which also ties classic episodes to current events and does the occasional deep dive into travel’s obscurities.

2. Travel Tales by AFAR

  • Listen Now : Apple Podcasts | Spotify | YouTube

In season five of Travel Tales by AFAR , we hit the road again. Travel to northern Canada with a polar bear expert, learn what it was like to cycle across the United States with no money or food, and explore the world of rewilding in Argentina. Our podcast is your ticket to the world—no passport required.

3. Unpacked

In Unpacked by AFAR —our second podcast —we explore life’s big questions. In season three, we unpack eclipse travel, budgeting, building confidence around foreign languages, and much more. Watch for our new series, “Unpacking,” where we dive into cities around the world, including Toronto, Albuquerque, and Madison, Wisconsin. Through a mix of interviews and personal stories, we delve into your deepest travel dilemmas. Because the world is complicated. We’re here to help you unpack it .

4. Outside Podcast

  • Listen Now : Website | Apple Podcasts | Spotify | YouTube

Adventurers yearning to learn about epic rescues, endurance athletes, and what it’s really like to be on Naked and Afraid should tune into this weekly podcast from the team at Outside magazine. In the most recent season, the podcast asks if whales are really gentle giants, why cats are taking over New York City, and if golf can be an endurance sport, among many other fascinating topics.

5. Jump With Traveling Jackie

Jackie is the vivacious host of this long-running podcast, on which she discusses her own travel and brings in guests for tips and conversation. Some of Jackie’s most powerful episodes feature unpolished narration from outside the studio in which she explores her own feelings and experiences on the road, whether walking through Jordan or exploring the truck camper life. Dedicating an hour to each topic allows for a deep and expansive dive.

6. National Park After Dark

If Lore was only about stories that had taken place in U.S. national parks , it would sound like this. Hosts Danielle and Cassie are friends who tell each other true tales set in the parks, such as the horrific medical care given at the Battle of Gettysburg, a runner who mysteriously disappeared in Shoshone National Forest, and Diana of the Dunes, a woman who left society to live off the land in what is now Indiana Dunes National Park.

7. Wander Your Way

A classic weekly podcast with a host (Lynne Nieman) who seems to have been everywhere across the pond. She shares excellent travel tips, but her specialty is pointing listeners to the off-the-beaten-path destinations. With Lynn, you’ll visit the Scottish stone circle site Killmartin Glen instead of Stonehenge, and Umbria instead of Tuscany in Italy. A particularly great listen for those who’ve already been to the tourist traps.

If you like fiction

Dive into fictional worlds, from a world where sleep kills to a desert town where every conspiracy theory is true.

Dive into fictional worlds, from a world where sleep kills to a desert town where every conspiracy theory is true.

Images courtesy Welcome to Night Vale and the Edge of Sleep

8. Welcome to Night Vale

One of the best-known fiction podcasts, about a desert town where every conspiracy theory is true , Welcome to Night Vale has been described as “Lake Woebegone as told by Stephen King.” Twelve years in, the series—which has spawned several books and a fervent fan base—is still going strong at almost 250 episodes! Two drop each month.

9. Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books

Zibby Owens is a publishing powerhouse who posts author interviews five times a week. She focuses on books that will appeal to the mom demographic but she casts a wide net, showcasing historical fiction, general interest nonfiction, and self-help as well as the big events in publishing. Each episode introduces listeners to an author and their process, sparking interest in books widely available, making that next to trip to the library or bookstore even more fun.

10. LeVar Burton Reads

  • Listen Now : Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Lovers of short fiction should check out LeVar Burton Reads. Yes, THE LeVar Burton, of Reading Rainbow, Roots, Jeopardy! , and Star Trek fame, whose velvety warm voice encouraged youngster millennials and Gen Z-ers to embrace their love of reading. For each of his 150-plus episodes, he selects a short story he loves and reads it, in episodes that last up to an hour, with immersive audio effects: the snaps of twigs in the woods, the snarl of traffic on a New York City street.

11. Birds of Empire

From Qcode Media comes a fictional podcast set in New Dakota in 15,000 C.E., thousands of years after the fall of human civilization. Four heroes arise, from the tribes of what was once South Dakota, one each from the Wolves, the Bears, the Rams, and the Birds, powered by the myths of the world as it was, seeking what it could come to be. As that description implies, this podcast, now entering its second season, is perfect for fantasy lovers.

If it’s all about the comedy (and culture)

12. don’t ask tig.

Beloved comedian Tig Notaro offers a kind of anti-advice show: She constantly reminds listeners not to ask her for advice and yet they continue to do so, asking questions that range from the silly (Help! I don’t like tea—how do I turn it down?) to the more profound (Help! My mother wants to move in with us. What do I do?). Then she and her celebrity guests give answering them their best shot, anyway.

13. Las Culturistas

Powered by a recent viral Tina Fey appearance, Las Culturistas is hipper than ever. Since 2016, comedians Matt Rogers and SNL ’s Bowen Yang have hosted hundreds of episodes, mixing deep dives into pop culture, fun bickering, celebrity guests, and plenty of criticism (such as the recurring minute-long game “I Don’t Think So, Honey!” about frustrating social and cultural phenomena).

14. Pop Culture Happy Hour

When you need a quick hit of cultural insight, whether it’s an overview of a new movie or TV show, or a read on the newest Taylor Swift re-recording, NPR’s weekday review show will help. A rotating array of hosts with unexpected opinions keeps it fresh, and they shake up the round-table format often enough to keep it an engaging daily listen. Episodes never top 30 minutes.

15. You Are Good

Hosts Sarah Marshall (of You’re Wrong About fame) and Alex Steed discuss popular movies of the last 50 years from a fan’s perspective, leading to thoughtful (and funny) discussions of topics that are cultural, personal, and metaphysical. Marshall and Steed are joined by a writer or fellow podcaster who chooses a favorite film to discuss—topics have included Everything Everywhere All at Once , Newsies , and Jesus Christ Superstar.

16. How Did This Get Made?

In this Earwolf podcast, three popular comedians (Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, Jason Mantzoukas) ask the titular question about recent films. Their famous, funny friends, like Nicole Byer, Cameron Esposito, and Joel Kim Booster, stop by to help analyze “classics” like Road House and Fifty Shades of Grey. Let’s just say that these folks don’t talk like they want to keep working in Hollywood.

17. Talk Art

British actor Russell Tovey and gallerist Robert Diament talk to artists, art fans, and other folks connected to visual art, including big names like Ryan Murphy and Judy Chicago, in hour-long episodes. The unique combination of Tovey’s appreciation for artists of another genre and Diament’s art world experience makes for a winning and educational show.

18. Go Fact Yourself

This hilarious podcast is also a game show that’s recorded live twice a month. Hosts J. Keith Van Strataan and Helen Hong quiz a visiting celebrity (such as Drew Carey) on their self-proclaimed area of expertise (in Carey’s case, the conversation drills down on game shows). In about an hour, you’ll be charmed by the quick wit and erudition. There are some 150 episodes to keep you entertained.

19. If Books Could Kill

Ever wonder if those airport pop-psychology bestsellers are worth your time? Hosts Michael Hobbes ( Maintenance Phase) and Peter Shamshiri ( 5-4 Podcast) are here to tell you that those books are most definitely not. Each episode is a witheringly smart and funny read of such tomes as Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. While their obvious hatred for these books drives the show, Hobbes and Shamshiri’s hilarious, discursive, and digressive banter is what makes the trip fun.

If you like interviews

Listen to conversations about earworms from the 1990s and navigating the world as women of color.

Listen to conversations about earworms from the 1990s and navigating the world as women of color.

Images courtesy Latina to Latina and 60 Songs That Explain the ’90s

20. Ologies

Tune in to science journalist Alie Ward’s fascinating conversations with various researchers who specialize in the “-ology” of each episode. Lately, they’ve delved into ancient Rome, black holes, and capybaras! She also includes “Smologies” in the feed, which are 15 to 30–minute bite-size shows (compared to the hour-plus full episodes) and a good way for new listeners to dig in.

21. Latina to Latina

Journalist and host Alicia Menendez welcomes Latinas like activist Paula Ávila-Guillén, actor Gina Rodriguez, and former U.N. General Assembly President Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garces to talk about life, challenges, and successes while navigating the world as women of color. Latina to Latina ’ s weekly half-hour episodes have been running since April 2018 so there are plenty to choose from.

22. WTF with Marc Maron

Launched all the way back in 2009, this OG podcast remains vital. Comedian Maron’s in-depth interviews with famous guests are funny, compelling, and revealing. The guest list is more diverse these days: Hong Chau, Michelle Yeoh, Lily Gladstone, and Radhika Jones have appeared on the show in recent seasons.

23. 60 Songs That Explain the ’90s

The Ringer staff writer Rob Harvilla wrapped up his exploration into the music that made the 1990s earlier this year. Each episode focused on a classic, like “Whoop! There It Is!” or “Semi-Charmed Life.” (Sorry for the earworms!) Harvilla always included an interview with someone connected to the song, from super-fans who love the artist to music producers who explained why a song is particularly compelling. But the real appeal remains Harvilla’s own heartfelt memories of how these songs shaped him.

Host Cameron Esposito is a comedian and queer activist. In each episode of this now-concluded podcast, they sit down with a fascinating guest to discuss LGBTQ+ issues. From figure skater Adam Rippon to actor/comedian Mae Martin, the guest list is wide-ranging and touches on most aspects of queer identity. Stand-out episodes include a visit from astrologer Chani Nicholas (who discusses Esposito’s birth chart) and drag queen Trixie Mattel (who talks about Provincetown and peeing while dressed in drag). Because the show has finished its run, it feels like a completed body of work.

25. Normal Gossip

Host Kelsey McKinney welcomes a guest to share, discuss, debate, and laugh at a story of utterly banal (and yet somehow deeply juicy) reader-submitted gossip, such as a years-long family contretemps over . . . what to call Grandma? Each episode is equal parts hilarious and confounding and truly leaves no aspect of the gossip undiscussed.

If You’re Traveling With Kids

Among the top podcast for kids are two that place girls firmly at the center, including Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and the Story Seeds Podcast.

Among the top podcast for kids are two that place girls firmly at the center, including Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and the Story Seeds Podcast .

Images courtesy Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and Story Seeds

26. WOW in the World

From Tinkercast, and supported by NPR, WOW in the World is an educational kids show cohosted by Guy Raz and author Mindy Thomas. Learn about black holes, supergerms, AI, and more in every episode, which hits the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of the day’s theme in a tone best suited for elementary grades.

27. The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

This very long-running series—it launched in 2004 and now has 800 episodes—is like an old-timey radio program crossed with Mystery Science Theater 3000 , then given an educational spin. In every episode, Dr. Floyd tries to foil the villain Dr. Steve . . . and laughs (and learning) happen along the way. The evocation of radio sound effects from another era is particularly delightful. And it’s fun for all ages!

28. Who, When, Wow!

An engaging look at obscure historical stories, hosted by “aspiring time travel detective” Carly Q. Recent episodes dug deep into the mysterious disappearance of bank robber D. B. Cooper and why the pineapple is a symbol of welcome. Episodes run about a half-hour and are perfect for kids ages eight and up. The podcast website provides additional activities, too.

29. A Way with Words

Slang, new words, dialects, grammar, and word games are a few of the topics that journalist Martha Barnette and lexicographer Grant Barrett discuss on their long-running podcast. They answer callers’ questions about words, discuss vocabulary that’s appeared in the news, and ponder linguistic curiosities from around the world. While not specifically designed for children, the pair have created a fun, educational, and family-friendly show.

30. Ear Snacks

Roughly once a month, Andrew and Polly pick a topic (fruit! space!) and write a 30-minute episode around it, including original songs. A recent episode exploring colors, rainbows, and the Holi holiday is a true standout . The New York Times says this is one of the best podcasts for kids, and it’s hard to argue with the guaranteed happy ear worms the duo produces—there’s a reason why they’ve been nominated for Grammys.

31. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

These 20-minute-ish episodes featuring narration about the lives of inspiring women are a good listen for kids ages six and up and for grown-ups, too. It’s a self-described “fairy-tale podcast” that explores famous figures like Frida Kahlo , Harriet Tubman, and Celia Cruz. A recent miniseries called “Growing Up Powerful” teaches wellness through several lenses.

32. Brains On!

American Public Media’s science podcast is for curious kids (and adults). Each episode poses an intriguing question—Do plants sleep? How do hearing aids work? Why do we have friends?—and spends a half-hour or so answering it. The series does a good job of publishing in tune with current events, such as a solar eclipse episode this past April.

If you like true crime

33. think twice.

This 10-episode podcast exploring Michael Jackson’s complicated life and myriad controversies is hosted by journalist Leon Neyfakh and hip-hop commentator Jay Smooth, who work through their own complex feelings about the artist and accused child molester. Managing to be both compassionate and hard-hitting, the series will shake your convictions about Jackson, whatever they may be.

34. Last Seen

After spending their first season exploring the famous Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist in Boston, the hosts of Last Seen (all Boston Globe or WBUR journalists) have turned their attention to other mysterious local cases. Each episode takes a deep dive into a particular event or person, from a murder in Haitian Boston to the “Jesse James of New England Community Theatre.” No prior knowledge of Boston is required. Just listen.

As concepts for podcasts go, a show in which a hairstylist and an autopsy technician poke around crime and its many related topics is already a winner. Hosts Ash and Alaina are relatives and friends, both obsessed with the, well, morbid. Each episode is a spellbinding mix of goofy humor, genuine creepiness, and assertive knowledge. Check out the recent episode about the death of Steven Robards for proof. Turns out, his teenage daughter killed him. But was it an accident—or murder?

36. Stuff the British Stole

This popular Australian podcast from the CBC has the tagline: “Throughout its reign, the British Empire stole a lot of stuff.” From that winning premise, the completed series explains why so many treasures from so many other countries ended up in the British Museum and other sites throughout the United Kingdom. Journalist Marc Fennell digs into stories as varied as the real life of Pocahontas (who was infamously stolen by the British, in a sense, from the then-American colonies) and that of an Ethiopian prince—buried on the grounds of Windsor Castle, after he was kidnapped from his home country—with a delightfully cheeky tone.

37. The Murder in My Family

For a different perspective on true crime, try this powerful show, which focuses on the families of murder victims. In each episode, a family member shares the story of how their loved one’s death has affected them. Their ongoing attempts to understand and accept what has happened makes for riveting listening, and the hour-long episodes allow for a more nuanced view.

38. Ridiculous Crime

For those who prefer true crime without all that murder business, we have a podcast for you. Hosts Zaron Burnett and Elizabeth Dutton share hour-long episodes of, yes, ridiculous crimes. Con artists, jewelry thieves, and bank robbers all get their hilarious due. Recent episodes unpacked the weird reasons musicians get arrested and the tiger king of Harlem, who raised a tiger (and a few other wild animals) in his fifth-floor New York City apartment.

If you like stories about famous people

39. comments by celebs.

Specializing in people who are famous (and famous for being famous), this podcast thrives on of-the-moment celebrity gossip, with a heavy emphasis on the Kardashians and any breaking news in the world of Taylor Swift. Hosts Emma Diamond and Julie Kramer are experts on these celebs and provide context and even nuance around the doings of the Vanderpumps, Paris Hilton, Megan Fox, and many other people whose names you know even if you don’t quite know why.

40. Super Soul

Still miss Oprah on your TV? Well, great news: she’s got a podcast, and it feels pretty perfect to listen to her soulful explorations in audio form. The show is meant to help listeners connect with their inner lives and the world around them. Oprah personally selects episodes from her collection of interviews with celebrities, authors, wellness experts, and world leaders—such as Deepak Chopra and Shirley MacLaine—to help you access your best self.

41. Office Ladies

Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer (who played Angela and Pam, respectively, on the sitcom The Office ) are also real-life BFFs. On this warm, cozy show, they discuss each episode of the series—they’re now on Season 9!—sharing both behind-the-scenes details and thoughtful analysis. Their banter is warm and delightful, making this a fun choice even for folks who never got into the show, and the occasional guest star from the series dials up the fun.

If you’re a history buff

Dive into the archives of the Smithsonian, dig into juicy scandals, and explore historical events with comedians.

Dive into the archives of the Smithsonian, dig into juicy scandals, and explore historical events with comedians.

Images courtesy Crash Course Black American History and Sidedoor

42. You’re Wrong About

Hindsight is 20/20—and it’s particularly interesting to revisit the events and public figures of the past with a modern perspective. That’s how host Sarah Marshall approaches her podcast , which reconsiders topics like the Terry Schiavo case, Yoko Ono and the Beatles, and an ongoing, discursive exploration of the O.J. Simpson case. Adventurer Blair Braverman is their “survival correspondent,” and in a recent episode, they took a close look at the Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashed into the Andes—it’s spellbinding listening.

43. Sidedoor

The Smithsonian has more than 157 million artifacts in its collection, and its Sidedoor podcast offers the best possible insider access. Host Lizzie Peabody invites listeners in, speaking with scientists, artists, historians, and others to explore topics like the world’s oldest winery, the life of hip-hop artist J Dilla, and an ingenious machine that harvests algae and converts it to biomass—which could one day power your iPhone. Another plus? It’s family friendly.

44. Slow Burn

Slate’s astoundingly well-researched long-form narrative series has looked at Watergate, the Clinton impeachment, the Biggie-Tupac beef, and the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court hearings. Each season, a different host builds a fascinating, multi-layered look at the topic, bringing in key voices through interviews. No matter what you think you already know about the subject, you’re sure to learn more. Next up? The Briggs Initiative (season nine, launching in May) and the rise of Fox News (season 10, out in late 2024).

45. Crash Course Black American History

Writer Clint Smith hosts this 50-episode podcast, which wrapped at the end of 2022. It provides a nuanced and comprehensive history class on Black America in relatively short (15 minutes long) episodes. Smith starts with the arrival of the first enslaved people to what would become the United States and concludes with the Black Lives Matter movement.

46. The British History Podcast

Setting out on a lengthy road trip? Start at the beginning of this 430-plus-episode (and growing) podcast. Host and writer Jamie Jeffers continues to make his stately, and fascinating, way through British history. He began with the end of the last ice age and recently arrived at Prince Robert’s rebellion against his father, William the Conqueror, in the 11th century. In other words: There are miles to go before the sun sets on the British Empire.

This story originally published in 2018. It was most recently on May 1, 2024, to include current information.

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The 10 Best Travel Podcasts

'  data-srcset=

Adele Chapin

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Need a break from true crime or news podcasts? How about taking a virtual escape instead? Here are 10 of the best podcasts devoted to travel, whether you’re looking to find your next vacation destination, save some money on the road, or live vicariously through someone else’s trip. All you have to do is put on your headphones and start exploring the wide world with these audio series. 

Best Podcast for Disney and Universal Travel: Very Amusing

Smartphone music/podcast player displaying logo for the Very Amusing podcast

Carlye Wisel might have the coolest day job: she’s an amusement park journalist. Follow along with her podcast “Very Amusing” as she travels to Disneyland Paris, talks to the pros who build rides and rollercoasters, and obsesses over the tiniest details about the Happiest Place on Earth.   

Best Podcast for Travel Points: Miles to Memories

Smartphone music/podcast player displaying logo for the Miles to Memories podcast

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at racking up airline miles or you want to figure out the best credit card for travel deals, you’ll want to listen in to the “Miles to Memories.” The podcast airs weekly to discuss the best deals and strategies for loyalty rewards programs.

Best Podcast for the Golden State: California Now

Smartphone music/podcast player displaying logo for the California Now podcast

California dreaming about your next vacation? The “California Now” podcast is hosted by  Soterios Johnson, a former NPR Morning Edition host in NYC who made the move out west and now interviews Californians about their state’s food, history, landscape, and more.   

12 Popular Podcasts to Discover Right Now

Best Podcast for Meaningful Vacations: Thoughtful Travel

Smartphone music/podcast player displaying logo for The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Amanda Kendle talks about cool trips on “Thoughtful Travel,” but she gets into the deeper reasons why we want to leave our homes and experience new cultures. Tune in for episodes on topics like responsible animal tourism, how to meet locals, and traveling with kids.

Best Podcast to Feel Like You’re There: Field Recordings

Smartphone music/podcast player displaying logo for the Field Recordings podcast

If you can’t travel right now, “Field Recordings” lets you drop in on destinations virtually to hear what it sounds like in spots all over the globe. This podcast is a collection of recordings that illustrate what it sounds like when toads sing in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park or a thunderstorm hits in the Congo basin, for example.

Best Podcast for Inclusive Travel: Let’s Go Together

Smartphone music/podcast player displaying logo for the Let's Go Together podcast

The “Let’s Go Together” podcast from Travel + Leisure is hosted by Kellee Edwards and focuses on showcasing diverse voices in the travel world. Recent episodes include chats with globetrotting single moms, Marriott executives, and an adventure traveler who has climbed Machu Picchu while in a wheelchair.  

10 Best Podcasts for Kids and Families

Best Podcast for Female Travelers: Women Who Travel

Smartphone music/podcast player displaying logo for the Women Who Travel podcast

The “Women Who Travel” podcast from Condé Nast Traveler will make you want to plan a trip with your best female friends. Episode topics include advice on how to save money for travel, answering practical travel tips, or interviewing female authors about their favorite vacations.

Best Podcast for Fitness Vacations: Active Travel Adventures

Smartphone music/podcast player displaying logo for the Active Travel Adventures podcast

If you’re not one for laying around by the pool on vacation, the “Active Travel Adventures” chronicles trips devoted to hiking, biking, and paddling—whether that’s in Iceland, Nepal, or Costa Rica. It’s not just for Olympic athletes, either. Host Kit Parks is in her sixties, albeit quite fit, and she only picks activities she could do as well. 

Best Podcast to Find a Destination: Amateur Traveler

Smartphone music/podcast player displaying logo for the Amateur Traveler podcast

Since 2005, the “Amateur Traveler” podcast has zeroed in on different places across the globe to travel to on your next vacation, talking to locals and travelers about why this city or landmark is worth your precious PTO. Listen to episodes on destinations like Benin, Turkmenistan, or Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway, and you are bound to broaden your travel horizons. 

5 Smartphone Essentials You Should Never Travel Without

Best Podcast for Curious Travelers: Overheard at National Geographic

Smartphone music/podcast player displaying logo for the Overheard at National Geographic podcast

If you wish you could give it all up and become a photographer for National Geographic magazine, you’ll want to tune into “Overheard at National Geographic.” Each episode digs into a different fascinating topic, like tracking cheetah smugglers in Somaliland or peering into the darker corners of the drug war in Manila.

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Active Travel Adventures

30 Best Travel Podcasts for 2024

travelling podcast

Top 30 Travel Podcasts for 2024

Here are thirty great travel podcasts to satisfy your wanderlust in 2024.  Travel inspiration, travel tales, travel tips and hacks are just some of the great travel information you can find from our popular annual travel podcast list.

Redirect to Active Travel Adventures podcast

1. Active Travel Adventures 

Hike, bike and/or paddle your way around the world on these exciting travel adventures that regular, reasonaly fit people can do on their vacations.  Hosted by Kit Parks , each episode features truly fun adventure travel trips that YOU can replicate!  Free adventure travel planning checklist available for each show.  Active Travel Adventures

Adventuretired podcast

2. Adventuretired

Hosts Cindy and Curt Liljedahl offer travel inspiration for retirees!  Each show features a guest who is rocking it in retirement. Meet retirees living their best life, often via travel.  Look to it for inspiration on how to make the best of your post-career years.   Adventuretired

Redirect to Amateur Traveler

3. Amateur Traveler

Host Chris Christensen’s long running (since 2005!) Amateur Traveler podcast is your ‘Go To’ podcast for specific destination information.  Each episode focuses on a destination:  what to see and do, where to eat, and more from someone who knows the area well.    Amateur Traveler

Armchair Explorer podcast

4. Armchair Explorer

Host Aaron Millar interviews some of the world’s greatest explorers to take you on some amazing journeys.  You are sure to find travel inspiration listening to this well produced show.  Armchair Explorer

The Atlas Obscure podcast logo

5. Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura’s mission is to inspire wonder and curiosity about the incredible world we all share. Host Dylan Thuras helps listeners discover new and hidden places: perhaps on the other side of the world, or maybe in one’s own backyard. Hear the stories and history which make these places special.   Atlas Obscura

Award Travel 101 podcast

6. Award Travel 101

Starting from a Facebook Group in 2013, now over 100,000 members teach each other how to travel the world using points and miles for travel on this weekly show.   Award Travel 101

Big World Made Small podcast

7. Big World Made Small

Jason Elkins is making a splash with his new hit show where he shares insightful interviews with fellow adventure travelers (usually from the industry) about their favorite places, activities and stories.  Get the inside scoop on cool adventures from experts in the know.   Big World Made Small

Curious Tourism podcast

8. Curious Tourism

Formerly Alpaca My Bags podcast, show topics include dark tourism, sustainable travel, voluntourism, travel privilege, what it means to travel authentically, and so much more.  Get the tools and information you need to travel the world in a mindful way.     Curious Tourism

Flying Smarter podcast

9. Flying Smarter

Get helpful tips on how to navigate the often confusing world of air travel.  Get an inside understanding of how airlines and airports work – especially helpful are tips on what to do when things go wrong, as they seem to more and more these days.    Flying Smarter

Inspire Campfire podcast

10. Inspire Campfire

Host Scott Wurtzbacher interviews interesting but regular people about their extraordinary travel stories of adventure. Scott wants these stories to inspire the rest of us to light the fire within, get outside, follow our dreams and return to tell our own stories.   Inspire Campfire

redirect to JUMP podcast

JUMP offers a mix of guest stories, solo episodes and often raw and personal accounts with host Traveling Jackie .    On this show, you’ll explore travel, adventure, and lifestyle in ways meant to motivate YOU to get out and see the world. JUMP

Live Ultralight podcast

12. Live Ultralight Podcast

A show for hikers and backpackers, this show hosted by Outdoor Vitals , is naturally somewhat gear centered, and features adventurous guests and their stories, plus gear guidance.  Live Ultralight Podcast

Miles To Go podcast

13. Miles To Go 

Hosted by road warrior and travel expert Ed Pizza , this show serves up travel tips, news and reviews for travel newbies and road warriers alike.  Travel experts share their knowledge and insights with you.   Miles To Go

National Parks Explorere podcast

14. National Park Explorer

Grab a quick bite-sized introduction to the US national parks.  Each brief episode gives you a glance of what you’ll see, what you can do and if there are places to stay at a particular park.  National Park Explorer

Out of Office podcast

15. Out Of Office

Get travel advice from seasoned travelers and hosts, Ryan Davis and Kiernan Schmitt.  Ryan is the city guy while his friend Kiernan prefers the outdoors, so you’ll get both perspectives, from the silly to the practical, both local and international, in their friendly exchange.     Out Of Office

Soul Of Travel Podcast

16. Soul Of Travel

Partnered with Journey Woman , on  this woman-focused show you will learn tips and tricks to make sustainable travel easy, how best to travel the world, and learn about the types of travel experiences you can have to improve your mental health and spiritual wellbeing.    Soul Of Travel

10 Adventures podcast

17. 10 Adventures Podcast

Richard interviews outdoor enthusiasts about their adventures and the impact on their lives.  Learn more about hiking, mountaineering, backpacking, trekking, cycling, thru-hiking, skiing and more.  Hear how the outdoors impacts your physical health, mental health, and happiness.    10 Adventures Podcast

The Know Before You Go Travel Show

18. The Know Before You Go Travel Show

Get insight into cruises, regular and all-inclusive resorts, Disneyland and more destinations and packages from the Penyak Travel Company , a zero fee based travel agency.     The Know Before You Go Travel Show

Solo Travel Adventures with Cheryl Esch

19. Solo Travel Adventures with Cheryl Esch

Focusing on women over 50, Cheryl Esch’s show helps give women confidence to explore the world on their own.  Get tips on how to prepare, how to stay safe and how to enjoy your solo adventure.   Solo Travel Adventures with Cheryl Esch

The Solo Travel Woman Podcast

20. The Solo Travel Woman Podcast

Hosted by world traveler and solo travel coach , Sara Straw , this show empowers women to embrace the unknown and travel on their own terms. Through a mix of guest interviews and solo episodes, they chat about solo travel safety, explore beautiful destinations and cultures, discover the life of a digital nomad, combat solo travel guilt, and so much more.   The Solo Travel Woman Podcast

redirect to the thoughtful travel podcast

21. The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Each week, host Amanda Kendle explores a specific travel topic with three guests who share their insights and stories.  The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

The Travel Diaries

22. The Travel Diaries

Check out a UK award winning travel podcast!  Each week, host Holly Rubenstein interviews a major traveler about the  ‘seven travel chapters’ of their life which have made them who they are today.  The Travel Diaries

Travel Tales by AFAR podcast

23. Travel Tales by AFAR

An eclectic show that does a deep dive on unusual travel experiences that may have shaped the guest’s life.  Or it may have a theme, such as eating your way along the France’s Finest Food Trail .   Travel Tales by AFAR

Travel Tales by Mike Siegel podcast

24. Travel Tales by Mike Siegel

Join comedian and host Mike Siegel on his interviews with fellow travellers about the hits and misses of their journeys.  This lighthearted show will entertain you and inspire your wanderlust as you listen in on the reminiscing about favorite travel stories.  Travel Tales

Travel That Matters

25. Travel That Matters

Host Bruce Wallin invites you into a little-known world of luxury travel innovators, world-renowned journalists, connoisseurs, and cutting-edge creatives who offer insider travel knowledge. Discover secret getaways and one-of-a-kind travel experiences.   Travel That Matters

Unfolding Maps podcast

26. Unfolding Maps

Truly compelling and thought provoking travel stories, from living with Sami reindeer herders to exploring the history and troubles of the Congo, host Erik Lorenz showcases the stories of adventurers, travel writers and photographers about their incredible and often life-changing adventures.   Unfolding Maps

We Travel There podcast logo

27. We Travel There

Host Lee Huffman interviews locals to give you the inside scoop of what to see and do in each featured destination so you can travel like a local.  We Travel There

What No One Tells You podcast with Chris and Sara

28. What No One Tells You

World travelers Chris and Sara host a fun conversational podcast with guests sharing their personal experiences, insider tips, and stories of their travels.   What No One Tells You

Whiskey and a Map podcast

29.  Whiskey and a Map

Host Michael J. Reinhart interviews fellow adventurers to hear their amazing stories and tales from the road.  Sure to spark wanderlust!     Whiskey and a Map

Zero To Travel Podcast logo

30. Zero To Travel

Gregarious host Jason Moore and his guests share insights on how you can travel the world, even if you don’t have a lot of money.   Jason often features digital nomads who have learned how to travel while also working.  Zero To Travel

Adventure Travel Show podcast


Many of the podcasts on this year’s best travel podcast’s list cover adventure travel.  But what if you don’t know how to begin to go on an adventure vacation?  Whether new to adventure travel training and planning or a seasoned adventure traveler, you are sure to find tons of helpful skills and checklists on the Active Travel Adventures companion podcast , the Adventure Travel Show podcast.  This show teaches you the “How To’s” of adventure travel .      Adventure Travel Show

Kit from Active Travel Adventures Interviews

If you want a taste of some of the shows listed above, here are podcasts where I have been interviewed:

Zero To Travel : How To Take Cheap Alaskan Cruises

Amateur Traveler : NC’s Crystal Coast

Big World Made Small : Adventure and travel in general

Inspire Campfire : Adventure and travel in general

Adventuretired : Adventures regular people can do

Did I Miss One of Your Favorites?

Let me know – you can reach me here . 

(C) Active Travel Adventures – All Rights Reserved

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nomad flag header logo with icon travel blog

The Best Travel Podcasts of 2024 – Eargasms For Wanderlusters

the best travel podcasts to listen to

There’s no doubt that the popularity of podcasts has exploded in recent years. As it turns out, podcasts about travel work really well on this relatively new medium. Learn about destinations and hear stories about exotic travel from professional and amateur travellers. Hear how people manage to take trips all over the world on a regular basis. Get advice on taking great photographs. Discover the tricks that real people use to find cheap flights, destinations and accommodation. While blogging is still a great way to communicate ideas, tell stories, and teach people, there’s something personal about listening to someone’s voice.

Here’s my list of the best travel podcasts you should subscribe to today. Get inspired by these fun and fascinating shows and episodes for travel addicts.

Destination Eat Drink

Foodies who travel will love this show dedicated to learning about the food of the world and the people that work and live in the food industry.

The show hosts interview people in the most important culinary cities of the world about topics like wine & cheese, coffee, chocolate, meza, pizza, cooking on hot stones, and giant steaks. Travel to Porto in Portugal, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Rome in Italy, the Sonoma Valley, the Camino de Santiago, the Republic of Georgia , and New Zealand .

Personal Landscapes

If you love to travel and are interested in reading about the experiences of others, or if you’re a writer yourself looking for some inspiration, then this podcast by Ryan Murdock is just what you need. The depth of Ryan’s knowledge of notable authors in the genre is impressive. And he seems to have read all the travel books.

Interviews cover topics like travel writing, geopolitics, and anthropology.  Check out Personal Landscapes if you’re looking for a podcast that will inspire you to read more genuine travel books (and fewer blogs like this 😁)!

Here are just some of the fascinating conversations Ryan has with the world’s most interesting writers:

  • Dervla Murphy – 5 decades of travel by bicycle and on foot. One of the world’s most pioneering female travelers.
  • David Eimer – China travel now and then. Border regions and the ethnic minorities of the world’s most populated country.
  • Jeremy Seal – Contemporary Turkey’s hospitality, cultural divides, and the legacy of the 1960 military coup.

A wonderful podcast from the creators of the equally impressive Roads & Kingdoms blog . Discover how creative people live, travel, eat & drink around the world.

The full title of the show is “The Trip: Drinking with Exceptional People Around the World”. So you know what you’re getting. What’s better than conversation with smart, cool, and funny people over drinks? Nothing (change my mind, I dare you!).

The title is cool, the concept is exciting, and the episodes are endlessly fascinating. The Trip began life as a collaboration with Anthony Bourdain , one of the world’s greatest travelers and foodies. Sadly, Bourdain is lo longer with us, but the show lives on in his spirit. Episodes stay true to Tony’s suggestion that “food, culture, people and landscape are all absolutely inseparable.” 

Host Nathan Thornburgh is, like Bourdain, a fan of slow travel. Listeners can experience a deep dive into sparkling winemaking in Catalan, Tijuana’s creative revolution, the art and wine of Porto, LGBTQ rights in Kenya, the food and charms of Chiang Mai, and a discussion on wet markets with high-profile foodies from around the world.

The Travel Diaries

The Travel Diaries podcast has become one of my favorite travel-related shows thanks to host Holly Rubenstein’s engaging questions and the incredibly diverse range of guests. Everyone from the founder of Abercrombie & Kent, to actor Hugh Bonnevill‪e‬, to Sustainable Travel Expert, Juliet Kinsman discuss lives of travel and offer great tips for listeners.

Holly talks to travel professionals and fellow travel addicts about affordable adventures, luxury travel, the offbeat life, and big questions about our impact on the world.

Low Season Traveller Insider Guides

Traveling in the off-season (or the low-season) is the wonderful topic of this new magazine and podcast. If you’re interested in learning about travel to destinations when they’re not overrun with tourists, this is for you. It certainly piqued my interest. Packed with plenty of ideas and inspiration for travellers looking to avoid crowds , save money , and see a different side of popular (and not so popular) destinations.

Particularly interesting are the episodes about travel in Albania , Kerala (India), Sri Lanka, and Greece in the off-season. 

And check out the free magazine download for more great ideas and travel motivation.

The Big Travel Podcast

Host Lisa Francesca Nand talks to some of my heroes (and yours too) in all walks of life in The Big Travel Podcast. The common thread is a love of travel. Lisa is an excellent interviewer and always seems to have a slew of great questions to ask. All delivered with bubbly enthusiasm.

Lisa talks to Kash Bhattacharya, also known as The Budget Traveller about his love of hostels. Comedian and all-round excellent person, Bill Bailey describes his love of travel and adventures around the world. Cosmopolitan Travel Editor Amanda Statham makes us jealous with tales of Costa Rican safaris and New York Rooftop hotel bars.

Armchair Explorer

Host Aaron Millar interviews some of the most adventurous people in travel on this bi-weekly show. Tune in to the Armchair Explorer to listen to the adventures of people who have trekked the Balkans , climbed all 7 highest peaks, and walked the Amazon river.

Deviate with Rolf Potts

Rolf Potts is one of the OGs of the travel writing and travel blogging world. He’s the author of the book Vagabonding , the seminal book on long-term world traveling in the modern age. Many consider Vagabonding to be the inspiration for Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Workweek (Ferriss cites Potts in his book and even bought the rights to Vagabonding)

This show is all about deeper travel, slow travel, life lessons, nostaglia, travelling solo, and travel writing.

Rolf is the kind of guy that you could listen to monologue for hours about the world. And you get plenty of that with this show, but you also get introduced or reacquainted with some of the most interesting people in travel.

Travel Writing World

As a wannabe travel writer, this podcast gets me fired up. But this show is not just for writing nerds—it’s a show for everybody. If you love to travel beyond the tourist humdrum, click subscribe on this show. Travel Writing World is all about meaningful travel and the incredible people that document our fascinating world.

Host Jeremy Bassetti talks to many of the world’s most respected writers about their travel experiences, their most memorable journeys, and their work. Listen to inspirational interviews with Paul Theroux (my personal favorite author), Tim Hannigan (author of “The Travel Writing Tribe”), Stephen Fabes (a doctor who wrote about his six years cycling the globe), Steve McCurry (iconic travel photographer), and Pico Iyer (one of the world’s greatest living travel writers).

True Travel Podcast

The True Travel Podcast, hosted by journalist Laura Sanders, features a new topic every other week ranging from international music tours and long-distance Amazon treks, to travelling flight-free and tips for planning a trip to Greece. Laura is a great host with wonderful questions and fantastic rapport with her guests.

The School Of Travels

For adventure seekers and those looking to take their business on the road, the School of Travels podcast is a valuable resource. Host Becky Gillespie’s passion for travel is evident in every episode as she interviews guests at various stages of their travel journey.

Discover the lessons people with different perspectives, travel experiences, and career stages can teach about work, life, and travel.

There’s a wide range of topics covered in this show, from cryptocurrencies to language learning, to investing in real estate overseas.

Zero To Travel

Zero To Travel is a long-running (in podcast terms) show that serves digital nomads, long-term travellers, and adventure seekers. The topics covered are broad but always of interest to travellers. Host Jason Moore talks to people around the world who have made travel their life or business.

Get advice on traveling with kids, living the nomadic lifestyle, budget travel, touring in camper vans, holistic nomading , finding cheap flights, practical tips on family travel, finding the cheapest places, and language learning. 

Amateur Traveler

For those who want the best things to see and do in a destination.

My go-to show for learning about cities (and countries) is The Amateur Traveler .

When I visited Budapest the first time, I listened to an episode which took the form of an interview with Jennifer Dombrowski from Luxe Adventure Traveller. This really helped me get a feel for the city.

Host Chris Christensen started the travel podcast back in 2005. That officially makes it one of the longest-running podcasts in any genre. The aim of the podcast is to provide high-quality travel information for the average American who enjoys 1-2 weeks of vacation every year. Episodes focus on finding the information that you can use to maximise your time. The interviews are often the most interesting shows. People talk about their travel experiences and travel adventures, but also share plenty of tips and tricks and practical information.

One of the best podcasts for practical advice on travel , as well as travel tales, and inspiration from a well-travelled broadcaster.

One of the best podcasts for practical advice on travel , as well as travel tales, and inspiration from a well-travelled writer and broadcaster. The back catalogue is huge but with a quick search, you are bound to find inspiration in every episode. The latest shows are also a great source of travel news. Explore the world with one of the original travel bloggers and podcasters.

It’s a pretty relaxed-paced podcast with no specific time format so I usually listen at 1.5x speed 😉

The Radio Vagabond

Palle Bo is a Danish broadcaster, digital nomad podcaster , and entrepreneur who sold everything he had to begin a new life as a location-independent business world traveller. He’s a public speaker, an author, and the owner of a production and consulting business.

You can expect the highest quality recording and production on the podcast episodes . Being a professional podcast producer means that Bo has the tools and skills available to him to produce expertly edited and engaging episodes.

Just don’t listen at 1.5x speed or you’ll upset Palle.

This Week in Travel

A podcast by one of the world’s most experienced travel bloggers and photographers Gary Arndt and co-host Jen Leo. Promoted as a roundup show, this week in travel also does straight interviews and explores topics as diverse as as the top 100 things to do in Alaska, the world’s most extreme travelers, travel writing, Disneylang, The Galapagos Islands, and hiking America’s scenic trails.

A wonderful podcast, Passport blends interviews with narrative and storytelling. Stories about fascinating people and incredible places that you might not know. An original podcast for inquisitive travellers.

A podcast of this caliber clearly requires a lot of preparation and research from hosts Neil Innes and Andrés Bartos. As a huge fan of Portuguese wine, I found the episode on the women that helped define the wine region of Douro in Portugal a fantastic listen.

Counting Countries

This is a show all about interesting travel people and less-frequented destinations. While the topic of counting countries (visiting places just to get a stamp or say you where there) doesn’t interest me in the slightest, I admire the passion setting goals and achieving them in the travel world. Host Ric Gazarian talks to people who have visited some of the most interesting cities and countries in the world, many of whom are on a quest of visiting all 193 soverign countries in the world.

Atlas Obscura

The Atlas Obscura show accompanies the website of the same name all about weird and wonderful places and people of this world. This isn’t your average travel podcast. If you’re interested in the esoteric, the unusual, and the downright hillarious aspects of travel, this is the show for you. While you won’t learn about the top 10 bars in Paris, you will find out about the largest pothole in the world, the desert of Badain Jaran in China, the Library of Mistakes, Hitler’s Toilet, and Mike the Headless Chicken.

Podcasting is mainstream, folks. Google is now indexing Podcasts in the search results. Here’s why podcasts are great for consuming travel-related content: Get trip reports, insider guides, and inspiration for long-haul flights, bus journeys, and airports. For those with little time to read or those that prefer the spoken word to the written word, podcasts are great for communicating ideas and as a medium for entertainment.

Extra Pack of Peanuts

The Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast is a long-running show by Travis and Heather with a range of formats (interviews, travelogues, best of xyz, and food). It’s popular with fans of travel hacks and people interested in specific destinations or types of regional foods. Travis also runs the Indie

Rick Steves

It’s hard to talk about travel for long, especially European trips without mentioning Rick Steves, a travel writer whose travel stories have inspired people since 1976. Steves has produced many respected guide books and tv shows, as well as writing columns, blogs, and delivering a weekly radio show. He’s been on the road since before half the readers of this post were born.

Travel with Rick Steves is a podcast and radio show that explores a wide range of topics: hiking in Europe, cultural day trips, road trips, cycling the silk road, eating in Sicily, and surfing in Polynesia. Rick Steves’ trip reports span decades but he also interviews some of the world’s top travel writers and adventurers such as Pico Iyer, Michael Scott Moore, Robert Reid, and the founder of Atlas Obscura.

JUMP with Traveling Jackie

Formerly known as The Budget Minded Traveler podcast, this show by host Jackie Nourse recently hit over a million downloads. She’s obviously doing something right.

Jackie talks about everything from budget travel to photography to sponsorships and life. It’s a thoughtful travel podcast that will inspire you.

One episode gets technical on the camera kit and camera packing tips of professional adventure photographers. In another episode, Jackie interviews fellow Irishman and polyglot Benny Lewis about the best ways to learn languages for travel . Keen walkers should check out the episode on long-distance hikes, a topic I’m passionate about.

Bonus podcast mention

Unpacked Travel – my short-lived (for now) podcast about people doing interesting travel-related businesses. Interviews with people who make money in travel. Let me know what you think? Want to appear on the show? Hit me up

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keith travel writer and blogger

Hi Chris, I updated the logo. Cheers

travelling podcast

How would we go about pitching you a few travel podcasts for consideration for upcoming pieces?

Email me the podcast and I’ll take a look

travelling podcast

Among this captivating lineup, “The Trip: Drinking with Exceptional People Around the World” has me absolutely intrigued. I mean, who could resist smart, cool, and funny conversations over drinks? If someone dares to change your mind about that, they better be ready for a spirited debate! And knowing that it started as a collaboration with the legendary Anthony Bourdain just adds an extra layer of allure.

Thanks for sharing this fantastic list. Now, if only there were more hours in the day to listen to them all! Cheers, Femi.

travelling podcast

Keith, Great list, man! I listen to quite a few of these titles. Hope it’s okay to mention my podcast for future consideration on one of your lists. It’s called Rails, Ales & Old Towns and it’s all about the fun side of seeing Europe. Cheers and here’s to future adventures!

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Traveling Embark on a journey around the world with "Traveling," the podcast that takes you to new and exciting destinations every episode. Discover hidden gems, travel tips, and captivating stories from globetrotters, travel experts, and locals. Whether you're planning your next adventure or dreaming from your armchair, our podcast brings the thrill of travel to you. From bustling cities to serene landscapes, "Traveling" explores the culture, food, and experiences that make each place unique. Tune in to ignite your wanderlust and start your adventure with us! For more info https://www.quietperiodplease.com/

Traveling Quiet. Please

  • JUN 10, 2024

The Unending Journey: Unveiling the Wonders of Traveling

The Unending Journey: Unveiling the Wonders of Traveling In the tapestry of human experience, there is a thread that weaves through the hearts of many, tugging gently at the soul with an insistent call to explore. This is the call of the open road, the siren song of traveling. It is a summons to step beyond the familiar confines of our daily lives and embark on a journey of discovery, both external and internal. For some, the allure of traveling is a whisper, a subtle yearning that lingers at the edge of consciousness. For others, it is a roar, a desperate need to break free from the shackles of routine and embrace the unknown. Regardless of its volume, the call to travel is a powerful force, one that has shaped the course of human history and continues to inspire countless adventurers to this day. At its core, traveling is an act of courage, a willingness to leave behind the comforts and certainties of home in exchange for the unpredictable wonders of the wider world. It is a leap of faith, a belief in the transformative power of new experiences and the resilience of the human spirit. When we set out on a journey, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities, to the chance encounters and serendipitous moments that can change the trajectory of our lives. One of the greatest joys of traveling is the sheer diversity of destinations that await us. From the bustling city streets of Tokyo to the serene beauty of the Swiss Alps, from the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu to the modern marvels of Dubai, the world is a kaleidoscope of cultures, landscapes, and experiences. Each destination holds its own unique charm, its own story to tell. In the vibrant markets of Istanbul, we can lose ourselves in a sensory feast of colors, scents, and sounds, immersing ourselves in the rich tapestry of Turkish culture. On the pristine beaches of the Maldives, we can find solace in the simple pleasure of sun-warmed sand beneath our feet and the gentle lapping of turquoise waves. The diversity of destinations reflects the diversity of the human experience itself. By traveling to different corners of the globe, we gain a deeper appreciation for the myriad ways in which people live, love, and make meaning in their lives. We learn to see the world through new eyes, to challenge our preconceptions and embrace the beauty of difference. Just as the destinations we choose shape our travel experiences, so too do the modes of transportation we employ. Each method of travel comes with its own set of joys and challenges, its own way of coloring the journey. For some, the ultimate form of travel is a long-haul flight, the thrill of soaring above the clouds and watching the world unfold like a map beneath them. There is a certain romance to air travel, a sense of possibility that comes with stepping onto a plane and knowing that, in a matter of hours, you could be on the other side of the world. Others prefer the grounded intimacy of a road trip, the freedom of hitting the highway with nothing but a full tank of gas and a sense of adventure. On the open road, the journey itself becomes the destination, with each mile marked by new sights, sounds, and stories. Still others are drawn to the old-world charm of train travel, the gentle rocking of the carriages and the ever-changing landscape outside the window. There is a timelessness to train journeys, a sense of being suspended between destinations, free from the demands of everyday life. And then there are those who seek out the slow, deliberate pace of walking or cycling, the satisfaction of propelling oneself through the world under one's own power. These modes of travel offer a unique kind of immersion, a chance to engage with the environment on a sensory level and appreciate the subtle details that might otherwise be...

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100 Best Travel Podcasts

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  • Travel Genius
  • Travel Writers Radio
  • Women Who Travel
  • Wild Ideas Worth Living
  • Zero To Travel
  • Eye on Travel with Peter Greenberg
  • Speaking of Travel
  • Travel Squad Podcast
  • Travel with Rick Steves
  • Cruise Radio
  • Skift Podcast
  • The Radio Vagabond
  • You Should Have Been There
  • Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast
  • The Dirtbag Diaries
  • Rick Steves' Europe Video
  • The Informed Traveler
  • Richie Firth: Travel Hacker
  • Wander Woman: A Travel Podcast
  • Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast
  • All Things Travel Podcast
  • Chica Travel with Lelo
  • Geography 101
  • The Travel Brats
  • Travel Like a Boss
  • The Travel Diaries
  • The Catholic Traveler Podcast
  • WanderLearn
  • The RV Miles Podcast
  • The World Wanderers Podcast

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Travel Podcasts

Here are 100 Best Travel Podcasts worth listening to in 2024

1. Travel Genius

Travel Genius

2. Travel Writers Radio

Travel Writers Radio

3. Women Who Travel

Women Who Travel

4. Wild Ideas Worth Living

Wild Ideas Worth Living

5. Zero To Travel

Zero To Travel

6. Eye on Travel with Peter Greenberg

Eye on Travel with Peter Greenberg

7. Speaking of Travel

Speaking of Travel

8. Travel Squad Podcast

Travel Squad Podcast

9. Travel with Rick Steves

Travel with Rick Steves

10. Cruise Radio

Cruise Radio

11. Skift Podcast

Skift Podcast

12. The Radio Vagabond

The Radio Vagabond

13. You Should Have Been There

You Should Have Been There

14. Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast

Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast

15. The Dirtbag Diaries

The Dirtbag Diaries

16. Rick Steves' Europe Video

Rick Steves' Europe Video

17. The Informed Traveler

The Informed Traveler

18. Richie Firth: Travel Hacker

Richie Firth: Travel Hacker

19. Wander Woman: A Travel Podcast

Wander Woman: A Travel Podcast

20. Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

21. All Things Travel Podcast

All Things Travel Podcast

22. Chica Travel with Lelo

Chica Travel with Lelo

23. Geography 101

Geography 101

24. The Travel Brats

The Travel Brats

25. Travel Like a Boss

Travel Like a Boss

26. The Travel Diaries

The Travel Diaries

27. The Catholic Traveler Podcast

The Catholic Traveler Podcast

28. WanderLearn


29. The RV Miles Podcast

The RV Miles Podcast

30. The World Wanderers Podcast

The World Wanderers Podcast

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Pack Your Bags and Press Play: These Are the Best Travel Podcasts Ever

Ready for a road trip? Planning your dream vacation? There's a podcast on this list just waiting to inspire and guide your travels.

Pack Your Bags and Press Play: These Are the Best Travel Podcasts Ever

If you're getting ready to plan a trip or just experiencing the pull of some serious wanderlust after the last couple years of restrictions, travel podcasts are an excellent way to get inspiration for your next adventure. No idea where to get started? Not to worry—we’ve curated a list of 20 of the best travel podcasts available to help make your next dream trip a reality.

Are you a foodie looking to take a culinary tour around the world? Love a solo trip? An outdoor adventure? A trip for business? A trip for pleasure? No matter your travel preferences, there’s a podcast here to suit each and every one of your interests. Happy listening—have fun wherever your travels take you!

Save this list to your Library Collections now.

Chronicles Abroad

Chronicles Abroad

Travel is more than escape and fun. It can be an opportunity for personal growth, and that growth mindset is the focus of Chronicles Abroad . Two middle-aged, single, empty nesters, hosts Nubia and Frantzces started this podcast to chat with people about what they've learned and gained from living, working, and traveling around the world. Each week, tune in to hear their conversations with global explorers, creative wanderers, and digital nomads about all kinds of incredible and inspiring experiences.

Women Who Travel | Condé Nast Traveler

Women Who Travel | Condé Nast Traveler

Hosted by Condé Nast Traveler editors Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey, Women Who Travel opens a window into what it's like to be a modern woman traveling the world on her own. Episodes feature and celebrate women who step out of their comfort zone and defy society's expectations to explore food, hospitality, adventure, and travel journalism in places unfamiliar, exotic, and far from home.

Zero To Travel Podcast

Zero To Travel Podcast

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or have yet to venture beyond your hometown, Zero to Travel has practical travel advice tailored to you. This weekly podcast will help you travel the world on your terms, no matter your previous travel experiences, safely and within your budget. Host Jason Moore covers many types of travel, from crossing the country in an RV to sailing the world, with the help of a wide range of guests.

My Indian Odyssey

My Indian Odyssey

Join Vincent Ebrahim, star of the International Emmy and Peabody Award-winning The Kumars at No. 42 , as he explores his ancestral homeland. Over the course of eight episodes, this podcast takes you along on Ebrahim's travels across India, with stops in Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi, Agra, West Bengal, Darjeeling, Kolkata, and the Himalayas. Along the way, he shares his adventures, from motorbiking through mountain regions to visiting the world's largest outdoor laundry to meeting the monks of the Dalai Lama's monastery, all while searching for answers about his heritage at his grandfather's birthplace. My Indian Odyssey is a deeply personal audio diary and an enthralling listen.

Not Lost

When you're going through a major life change, sometimes the best thing to do is pack your up bags and head out on an adventure. After his popular culture podcast and long-term relationship both came to an end, Brendan Francis Newnam saw an opportunity to follow his dreams of pursuing a travel podcast. In Not Lost , Newnam travels to new places, from Montréal to Mexico City, and learns more about them by getting invited to dinner at a local stranger's house. Heartfelt and sincere, Not Lost is a podcast as much about the people who live in a place as it is about the place itself.

As Told By Nomads

As Told By Nomads

If you're curious about travel from the perspective of global entrepreneurship and international affairs, Tayo Rockson's As Told by Nomads is going to be your new favorite podcast. Every week, Rockson brings listeners the stories of nomadic individuals—technologists, artists, diversity activists, and specialists in consciousness among them—with a focus on business, culture, travel, and making a difference in the world.

Field Guide to Eating in Canada

Field Guide to Eating in Canada

What's most fun about traveling? For many, it's stopping to sample the signature food of every place you visit. Field Guide to Eating in Canada is all about exploring the many different culinary experiences available in one of the world's most diverse countries. Your host is food writer and cookbook author Meredith Erickson, a passionate advocate of Canadian cuisine. From celebrity chefs to family-run restaurants, Erickson covers local dishes and delights across Canada and celebrates the people who make great food.

Globetrotters Podcast

Globetrotters Podcast

Globetrotters Podcast is a podcast for travelers by travelers. This bi-weekly podcast, created and co-hosted by Jonathan Otero, Saskia Hatvany, and Maximille Gonzales, covers everything you might want to know about traveling basically anywhere—from Thailand's secret Monkey City to the Ukraine—featuring a wide variety of fascinating and travel-savvy guests.

The Offbeat Life - Be Free. Work From Anywhere

The Offbeat Life - Be Free. Work From Anywhere

Maybe, like more and more people, you're loving working from home. But why stop there? What if you could work remotely from anywhere? If becoming totally Location Independent sounds like a dream, The Offbeat Life is a must-listen. Host Debbie Arcangeles interviews digital nomads and remote entrepreneurs about finding their purpose, creating income from their passions, freeing up their life, overcoming setbacks, and more, plus practical stuff, like negotiating AirBnB stays. So, stop dreaming, and start listening to this podcast.

Twisted Travel and True Crime

Twisted Travel and True Crime

If you’re obsessed with all things travel and all things true crime, here's the to-die-for podcast for you. Twisted Travel & True Crime combines the two in a way that's utterly gripping. Each week, host Sandi Allen will tell you a true crime story that intersects with a wild travel tale. She provides historical and cultural context to help you better understand the place where the terrible event, from a mysterious disappearance to murder, happened, as well as the victims and the perpetrator.

The Travel Podcast

The Travel Podcast

The Travel Podcast is hosted by a team of experts who love travel just as much as you do. Listen in to get insight, ideas, and advice about where to travel next and what to do while you’re there. Plus, you can expect to hear regular roundups covering what's trending, places you may want to avoid, the top travel news, and great travel tips and possibilities you might not have even considered.

Wanderlust: Off the page

Wanderlust: Off the page

Join the travel experts at Wanderlust magazine as they take you on a sensory journey through some of the world's greatest travel destinations. Canoe through the Mississippi, explore Vietnam by rail, take a 2,800-mile trek across the entire length of Morocco, and much more. Stuck at home but still yearning for adventure? Wanderlust: Off the Page will give you an opportunity to explore the world from the comfort of your couch.

The Travel Diaries

The Travel Diaries

Each week on The Travel Diaries , journalist Holly Rubenstein interviews an exceptional guest—for example, stage and screen legend Miriam Margolyes—about their travel experiences and adventures across the world. The discussions with diverse famous travelers all have one thing in common. On this podcast, you'll be transported to places around the world through the seven chapters of each guest's life's travel diaries—from their earliest childhood travel memory and the first place they fell in love with to their favorite hidden gem and the place at the top of their bucket list.

Armchair Explorer

Armchair Explorer

Explore the world while never leaving your recliner with Armchair Explorer , a podcast the Sunday Times calls thrilling stuff. Every month, get treated to an exciting journey as intrepid travel writers tell stories of their adventures in places from the Andes to the Amazon, from the mountains of Kyrgyzstan to Easter Island. Each episode is cut documentary-style, complete with music and cinematic effects, to create an immersive storytelling experience.

JUMP with Traveling Jackie

JUMP with Traveling Jackie

Consider JUMP your personal invitation to go on an adventure. Join host Jackie Nourse, also known as “Traveling Jackie,” through a mix of guest interviews and anecdotes, solo episodes, and raw personal accounts of her travel experiences, from spending a week hiking on Italy's Amalfi Coast to leading a group trip in Croatia. If you dream of traveling, this podcast is dedicated to motivating you to take a leap and see the world for yourself.

Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

Traveling is great fun, right? Well, not always, and not for everyone. On the comedy podcast Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet , listen in as hosts Xandy and Christine Schiefer perform dramatic readings of one-star reviews written by real people with some, uh, not-so-real problems. Wherever you're planning to explore, don't do it before listening to these hilarious reviews! From Michelin Star restaurants to cat cafes, this podcast talks you through the delightfully bad reviews of anywhere you'd like to go (or not).

Travel Goals Podcast

Travel Goals Podcast

Looking to have more exciting travel adventures? Want to travel smarter and cheaper? Travel Goals is a podcast that's going to help you travel better and more purposefully. With the help of intrepid travel journalist Portia Jones, you'll learn everything you need to know about actionable travel hacks and travel inspiration. Jones chats with top travel experts to bring you in-depth discussions about all of the latest travel trends. The podcast also includes on-location episodes in a wide range of exciting destinations.

The First Mile

The First Mile

The First Mile is hosted by Ash Bhardwaj and Pip Stewart, two travel journalists dedicated to bringing you untold stories from the world of adventure. This podcast navigates the ups and downs of world traveling. Renowned experts answer questions about how they got into travel writing, planned remote expeditions, and living a life of adventure. Previous guests include author Monisha Rajesh, explorer Levison Wood, filmmaker Reza Pakravan, and travel writer Leon McCarron. Dispatches have come from Annapurna, Nepal, and Whanganui, New Zealand, among a myriad of exciting locales.

Where to Go

Where to Go

Discover the world from both a local and a traveler's perspective with this podcast. Where to Go is brought to you by the team behind the award-winning DK Eyewitness travel guides. Each fortnight, tune in as hosts James Atkinson and Lucy Richards chat with local experts about the places they have chosen to call their home, from the Caribbean Island of Jamaica to on site at London's Kew Gardens), including their personal connections to their home, what makes it so special, and the best things for visitors to see and do. Atkinson and Richards also invite some very special guests to chat about their favorite travel destinations and travel advice.

The Big Travel Podcast

The Big Travel Podcast

The Big Travel Podcast explores life-stories in travel. Listen in as celebrities, authors, athletes, politicians, television personalities, musicians, actors, soldiers, activists, adventurers, and everyday people from all over the world take you through their life's traveling adventures. Along the way, you'll laugh, cry, and cringe. But through it all, you'll grow a deeper appreciation and love for traveling.

Maejor Frequency

Maejor Frequency

One of these things is not like the others, and in this case, that's a very good thing. Not a travel podcast per se, this groundbreaking audio experience from renowned music producer and performer Maejor offers a globe-hopping tour of healing sounds around the world. From Machu Picchu, Japan, and Jamaica to California, Detroit, and Atlanta, each episode of this ambitious podcast offers a profound journey through specific frequencies to discover and connect to a higher sense of well-being. Whether you want inspiration for your next trip or just want to turn your customary dog walk or morning commute into a trip for all the senses, Maejor Frequency is a fascinating deep dive into the surprising benefits of intentional frequency.

Buckle Up and Listen In to the Best Podcasts for Road Trips

Buckle Up and Listen In to the Best Podcasts for Road Trips

On the road and in need of a good podcast? Look no further. Here are the best podcasts for road trips.

The Best Vacation Listens for the Dwindling Days of Summer

The Best Vacation Listens for the Dwindling Days of Summer

Though we’re swiftly approaching summer’s end, there’s always time for just one more holiday. Whether you’re looking for a Labor Day weekend listen or something special for your September getaway, here are just a few of our favorite audiobooks to take along on vacation.

Hit the red carpet with the best celebrity podcasts

Hit the red carpet with the best celebrity podcasts

Feeling a little starstruck? Not to worry—we’ve sorted through the best of the best celebrity podcasts and gathered an A-list of our very favorites.

Best Travel Audiobooks to Inspire Your Next Adventure

Best Travel Audiobooks to Inspire Your Next Adventure

We carefully selected the best travel audiobooks that allow listeners to live vicariously through both real and fictional adventures from around the world.

travelling podcast

Welcome to The Travel Diaries podcast – the UK’s #1 award-winning travel podcast. Each week, travel and entertainment journalist Holly Rubenstein interviews a different high profile traveller about the seven travel chapters of their life, uncovering the seminal travel experiences that have shaped who they are today.

From their earliest childhood travel memory, to the place where they learnt the most about themselves, and what’s at the top of their bucket list, it’s wanderlust guaranteed.

travelling podcast

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JUMP Podcast Cover Art

Welcome to JUMP Podcast!

Exploring with a mic since 2014

JUMP Podcast is your invitation to adventure. Through a mix of guest stories, solo episodes and often raw and personal accounts with host Traveling Jackie , JUMP explores travel, adventure, and lifestyle in ways meant to motivate YOU to get out and see the world.

Let this show be a source of travel advice and inspiration, and remember that in the end… It’s YOU who takes the leap.

JUMP PodChats are here

Join Us Backstage

Introducing jump podchats.

Who: JUMP Podcast listeners, trip participants, and like-minded adventurers.

What: PodChats are our new style of podcasting (and gathering!) here at JUMP Adventures, where we invite YOU backstage each month to join us for an original podcast recording, PLUS an exclusive follow-up chat session with live attendees, PLUS live giveaways!

Where: JUMP Basecamp – our private platform where we gather, prepare, and GO together.

When: Once per month live, and replays whenever you want.

Why: Because we are all about REAL connection at JUMP Adventures, and this is one more way to create that within our incredible travel community.

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“Jackie, I’ve been listening to your show since 2016. You inspired me to solo travel in 2017 (yep, I quit my job and followed my heart) I just want you to know that you are amazing and you are doing a great job inspiring others!! Also, even though we don’t know each other, I feel like we are friends.”
“I didn’t know I could hear a smile until I listened to your podcast, your energy is contagious!”
“Jackie is an inspiration for aspiring travelers everywhere. She doesn’t just give a run of the mill, “quit my job to travel the world” experience. She interviews families, kids, young and more mature adults alike. This podcast is for everyone. A must if you plan to travel. Thank you Jackie!”
“Jackie’s podcast was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to and I can not recommend it enough. Not only does she help me dream about my next travel destinations, but she and her guests give actionable steps to make it happen! This is everything you’re going to want in a travel podcast!”
“I am truly inspired by her breaking free from traditional norms, and can’t wait to see where she ends up. It’s like a good book that doesn’t end.”
“Jackie, I’m binge listening to your podcast from the beginning and I’m really enjoying your enthusiasm!”
“Best travel podcast on iTunes! I first heard Jackie’s podcast a couple of months ago as I was looking for information as I plan my RTW trip in 2017 and I was instantly drawn into her charm and delivery. After going back and listening to every single episode form front to back, I can say that her content and information in each episode is a little pot of gold each time. Even episodes that didn’t apply to me (i.e. traveling with family) gave me tips and suggestions I can use. Since then I have ventured out to other travel podcasts and have discovered that Jackie’s structure is topnotch. I love that her podcasts are organized and professional and I particularly enjoy the “themes” that she will do for 4 episodes or so. Thank you Jackie for a thoughtful, well executed podcast and I look forward to many more.”
“I “fell” into backpacking and was never the same since, Jackie hits the main points of those with wanderlust who want to start or are already veterans. She’s easy and fun to listen to, driving home the important of travel and pursuing passion. I find myself agreeing with her ideas based on personal experience and often times saying “why didn’t I think of that!” Especially taking notes for when I hit the road as a nomad again. It’s easy to feel “abnormal” in a 9-5 society when everyone thinks you just go on “vacation” all the time. Thanks Jackie for helping provide a network of people who are like minded and inspire more to break the mould.”
“She has a wealth of info about traveling and ways to do it, where to go, how to save money, yet she’s down to earth so you can listen to her for hours!”
“Your podcasts for the last 6-9 months have been absolutely stellar with awesome content and great guests, beyond traveling, but deeper topics like how to live life, environmental sustainability, learning languages and how travel fits into the bigger picture. This is what has made you one of my favorite bloggers and I feel distinguishes you from many of the many other travel bloggers out there. I’ve especially enjoyed listening to your podcast episodes during the COVID-19 situation…”

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travelling podcast

Traveling With AAA podcast

Episode 69: choosing the african safari that’s right for you, with sherwin banda.

travelling podcast

By AAA staff

May 23, 2024

In this episode:

Get the best recommendations on which African countries to visit based on what you want to see and do.

Angie Orth:

The sounds of the bush, the calls of the wild, and the delicious indigenous flavors of Africa, the safari experience has it all. But deciding on where to plan your safari when there's an entire continent of options to choose from? Not easy.

Thankfully, Sherwin Banda is back with us again today to share his favorite safari locales for every level of adventure seeker, lover of luxury, and food and wine connoisseur listening. If you want to plan a safari, but you really need to narrow down your options, then turn up the volume. We've got you covered.

Sherwin, can you tell me about your favorite safari for animal sightings and what you'll see?

Sherwin Banda:

Migration. The wildebeest migration in Kenya and Tanzania. Large herds, epic wildlife viewing.

And usually, what time of year is that?

The migration happens year-round. Regardless of the time of year, you will get to see it. 85% of the migration actually happens in Tanzania, and then in between Tanzania and Kenya, there's the Mara River. Most people, when they see the river crossing, that's when the wildebeests are leaving Tanzania and crossing the river to go to the Mara or leaving the Mara going back to the Serengeti. So it's year-round, regardless of the time of year you go. In Kenya, it's best July through November, and in Tanzania, it is best December through June.

Best safari for exploring unique landscapes.

Let me give you my favorite, going to Rwanda. It's known as the land of a thousand hills, and there are dormant volcanoes and also active ones. What makes the landscape so amazing is that these gorillas and chimps are in a forest, so you're going into a forest and having a completely different safari experience. And then you go to Akagera National Park where you can see the Big Five, and in between all of that, you have coffee plantations. If you like coffee and tea, this makes such a beautiful landscape because not only are the rolling hills just simply iconic, but they're different in every area of the destination. So yes, Rwanda for landscapes.

Tell me about a safari spot for a rugged outdoorsy type.

You can do that in any one of the safari regions, but my favorite is Zambia for 2 reasons. Zambia is often referred to as the last wilderness in Africa, and there are certain parts in Zambia that are so remote that a vehicle cannot pass through, so you are walking through the bush or you're taking a canoe through the waterways. That makes for really cool adventurous experiences you cannot have anywhere else in Africa.

That feels like a real adventure, like you were out there exploring for real. Let's look at the opposite of that. What is your favorite number one most pampered safari spot?

Everyone in Africa will kill me if I just mention one, but I like Botswana. Botswana has always been on the top sustainability lists because the government has limited the size of camps in Botswana, so you wouldn't see large numbers of people when you are out in safari. It feels like it's just you and the wildlife in the bush. I call it my high-touch destination to be pampered in. The luxury of the bush, the infrastructure, and the comfort of the accommodations are simply world-class.

Because we can do all these different sightseeing opportunities, we can also combine Botswana with Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls, as you know, is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and when you see it, you'll understand why. They call it the smoke that thunders because the volume of the water when it's in full flood—it comes over that precipice and it lands at the bottom with a big resounding thunderous sound. It is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful place to visit.

What place would you recommend someone go on safari if they're really into food, culture, and cuisine and the story behind it?

South Africa, 100% South Africa. It has been voted a top destination for culinary experiences. Fun fact, South Africa has 11 official languages. Each one of those languages comes with its own traditions, food, customs, rituals, and flavor. You could literally go through an eating safari in South Africa based on just the unique cuisine there. It is one of my favorite places to visit because South Africa also has one of the world's best wine-producing regions. If you are a wine lover like me, there are wine varietals in South Africa that you cannot get anywhere in the world because of the weather, climate, and soil conditions. Imagine pairing wine, food and indigenous flavors, and unique experiences, and it's a place you just have to go.

Sherwin Banda, thank you for joining us and thank you to our listeners for being with us. If you're planning a trip, please be sure to connect with a AAA Travel Advisor, check out AAA.com/travel, or visit your local branch.

This podcast is a production of Auto Club Enterprises. If you enjoyed it, please subscribe and leave us a review. I'm Angie Orth, thank you for traveling with AAA.

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Dinner SOS: A Podcast From Bon Appétit

Image may contain Advertisement

A last-minute party with no menu inspiration. A kitchen with no space. A toddler who will only eat buttered pasta. Name your dinner emergency—Bon Appétit is here to help.

Dinner SOS is the podcast where we answer desperate home cooks' cries for help. In every episode, food director Chris Morocco and a rotating cast of cooking experts tackle a highly specific conundrum and present two solutions. The caller will pick one, cook through it, and let us know if we successfully helped rescue dinner.

Make sure you’re following Dinner SOS wherever you listen , and email us at [email protected] with your own dinner emergencies—no problem is too big or too small!

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Oropouche Fever in the Americas

Areas of Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, and Cuba with outbreaks of Oropouche fever

Oropouche fever is a disease caused by Oropouche virus. It is spread through the bites of infected midges (small flies) and mosquitoes.

Symptoms of Oropouche fever are similar to dengue and include headache, fever, muscle aches, stiff joints, nausea, vomiting, chills, or sensitivity to light. Severe cases may result in neuroinvasive disease such as  meningitis .

Symptoms typically start 4–8 days after being bitten and last 3–6 days. Most people recover without long-term effects. Treatment is supportive; no specific medications or vaccines are available.

  • There are outbreaks of Oropouche fever in parts of Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, and  Cuba  (see map).
  • Oropouche fever is spread by the bite of infected midges (small flies) and mosquitoes.
  • Illness can occur in people of any age and is often mistaken for dengue.
  • Travelers to affected areas should take steps to avoid bug bites .
  • Travelers should seek medical care if they develop high fever, headache, muscle aches, stiff joints, nausea, vomiting, chills, or sensitivity to light during or after travel.

Traveler Information

  • Health Information for Travelers to Bolivia
  • Health Information for Travelers to Brazil
  • Health Information for Travelers to Colombia
  • Health Information for Travelers to Cuba
  • Health Information for Travelers to Peru
  • Epidemiological Update – Oropouche in the Region of the Americas
  • Information Note from the Cuban Ministry of Public Health

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  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cannot attest to the accuracy of a non-federal website.
  • Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website.
  • You will be subject to the destination website's privacy policy when you follow the link.
  • CDC is not responsible for Section 508 compliance (accessibility) on other federal or private website.

Travel AI Strategies, Orient Express Revival and Thailand’s Scrapped Tourist Fee

Rashaad Jorden , Skift

June 14th, 2024 at 4:33 AM EDT

Today's podcast looks at travel's relationship with AI, LVHM's new Orient Express push, and Thailand's change in fee plans.

Rashaad Jorden

Series: Skift Daily Briefing

Skift Daily Briefing Podcast

Listen to the day’s top travel stories in under four minutes every weekday.

Good morning from Skift. It’s Friday, June 14, 2024. Here’s what you need to know about the business of travel today.

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Episode Notes

The use of artificial intelligence in the travel industry has grown significantly in recent years. However, the industry still has a lot of work to do to get the most out of AI. Vivek Bhogaraju, advisory partner of data and AI at Skift, provides travel companies with ideas on how to develop AI strategies.

Bhogaraju writes that this is just the beginning of the AI era. He urges companies to be flexible when using the technology, noting that new regulations will eventually be introduced. Bhogaraju also emphasized the importance of hiring the right chief data officers, who he said need extensive technical knowledge and a background in the travel industry. 

Although Bhogaraju writes that successful data and AI execution requires urgency and efficiency, he notes that projects that succeed take time and persistence. 

Next, LVMH said on Thursday it reached a deal with Accor to speed up the revival of the hotel company’s Orient Express brand, reports Senior Hospitality Editor Sean O’Neill.  

LVMH said it would make an unspecified strategic investment in the Orient Express brand. O’Neill notes the joint venture will include ships in addition to trains and hotels. Meanwhile, LVMH downplayed rumors it would open a Louis Vuitton-branded hotel in Paris.

Finally, Thailand has decided to scrap a proposed $8 fee on international tourists arriving by plane, writes Asia Editor Peden Doma Bhutia.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin recently said his administration would abandon the previous government’s plan, which was approved in February 2023. Thai officials intended to use the revenue from the tourism fee to fund the management of insurance for international visitors. 

However, Bhutia notes the tourism fee faced significant opposition from private stakeholders. Plus, Thavisin said eliminating the tourist fee could produce greater economic benefits. 

Producer/Presenter: Jane Alexander

Have a confidential tip for Skift? Get in touch

Tags: accor , ai , AI in travel , artificial intelligence , data , louis vuitton , lvmh , skift podcast , thailand

Photo credit: https://stock.adobe.com/uk/contributor/206124983/moofushi?load_type=author&prev_url=detail moofushi / Adobe Stock

  • Cast & crew

Podcast 11: Revealing Secrets: Air Hostess's Journey in Telugu

  • Podcast Episode

Telugu Podcasts by Satish Reddy (2023)

Check out the latest Telugu podcast episode #11. In this episode, we discuss air hostess Christiana Sharika, an experienced lead flight attendant. Christiana gives valuable advice on coping ... Read all Check out the latest Telugu podcast episode #11. In this episode, we discuss air hostess Christiana Sharika, an experienced lead flight attendant. Christiana gives valuable advice on coping with crises, managing difficult situations, and ensuring passenger safety while flying. Le... Read all Check out the latest Telugu podcast episode #11. In this episode, we discuss air hostess Christiana Sharika, an experienced lead flight attendant. Christiana gives valuable advice on coping with crises, managing difficult situations, and ensuring passenger safety while flying. Learn about Christiana's daily activities, as well as the wonderful perks like income and tr... Read all

  • Satish Reddy
  • Christiana Sharika
  • Self - Host
  • All cast & crew
  • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro

User reviews

  • April 21, 2024 (India)
  • Watch on You Tube
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  25. Episode 69: Choosing the African Safari that's Right for You ...

    May 23, 2024. Traveling with AAA. Choosing the African Safari That's Right for You, with Sherwin Banda. 00:00. |. In this episode: Get the best recommendations on which African countries to visit based on what you want to see and do. Angie Orth: The sounds of the bush, the calls of the wild, and the delicious indigenous flavors of Africa, the ...

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