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Your Trip to Barbados: The Complete Guide

trip to barbados

Barbados is located in the West Indies, in the southeastern Caribbean , between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This unique position just below the Caribbean's hurricane belt protects Barbados from storms but guarantees enticing surfing. The entire island of Barbados is 21 miles long and is relatively flat, with no shortage of things to do. From trip-planning logistics to island activities, where to stay and what to do, read on for your ultimate guide to your next Barbados vacation.

Planning Your Trip

  • Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit is from mid-April to June after peak tourist season has already occurred on the island and before the wet season from June to November.
  • Language: English
  • Currency : The Barbadian Dollar is the main currency, pegged to the U.S. dollar at a fixed exchanged rate of US $1: BDS $1.98, and the U.S. dollar is widely accepted.  
  • Getting Around: The Grantley Adams International Airport in Christ Church is the international airport where you will arrive in Barbados, and the 21-mile-long island is navigable by taxi and by rental car. 
  • Travel Tips : Travelers on a budget should consider visiting during the off-season, from mid-April through November, to save on airfare and hotel costs. If you are planning on visiting the island during the holiday season, or from mid-December through mid-April, then plan on scouring the web for travel deals in advance to minimize increased costs. There are also plenty of cost-effective ways to explore the island, including guided hikes led by the Barbados National Trust on Sundays at various locations around the island, and food tours that take travelers to a variety of Bajan restaurants in a single afternoon.
  • Tipping: 10 to 15 percent is standard.
  • Weather: Barbados is temperate year-round thanks to moderate trade winds off the Atlantic Ocean, but there is a wet and a dry season as the island is so close to the equator. Located just south of the Caribbean's hurricane belt, severe storms on the island are unlikely.

Things to Do

From idyllic beaches and breathtaking sea cliffs to world-class surfing and kite-boarding, Barbados is the perfect place for an active vacation in the tropics. (Though, if you'd rather lounge on the beach all day instead, we don't blame you. Especially if it's Crane Beach or Bottom Bay Beach in Saint Philip Parish.) Alternately, visitors should explore the local museums and sign up for a food tour or a rum tasting on the island to get a better appreciation of the nation's history.

  • Explore the Animal Flower Cave in the island's North Point to witness one of the most beautiful sites in Barbados. But if you don't trust us, trust Rihanna: The Bajan legend filmed a campaign in this very spot.
  • A trip to the Caribbean wouldn't be complete without a sunset sail. We recommend a trip aboard the Tiami Catamaran Cruise for some snorkeling and rum punch while you witness the blazing hues of the setting sun as it sinks into the Caribbean Sea.
  • Thanks to the island's unique location, jutting out to the east of the Caribbean island chain, Barbados is home to legendary swells that make the beaches here a surfer's paradise. (Kelly Slater is known to be a fan.) Waves usually max out at 6 feet (1.8 meters) but can get as high as 12 feet (3.6 meters) from October to March   . Sign up for a lesson with Burkie's Surf School —the founder, Alan Burke, is the first professional surfer from Barbados.

Explore more attractions with our full-length articles on the best things to do in Barbados, top activities to do with kids , the best things to do along the west coast of Barbados, and the best beaches in Barbados.

What to Eat and Drink

A visit to the Oistins Fish Fry on Friday night is an absolute must. While the tradition of the weekly fish fry is prevalent throughout the Caribbean, this iteration in Barbados is one of the absolute best. Make sure to dance to the live music, and grab a bite to eat (and something to drink) at Angel's Cafeteria or Pat's Place beforehand. For a fancier option for a night out, consider paying a visit to Daphne's, a gorgeous seaside restaurant in the House Barbados, or booking a reservation at the Fish Pot Restaurant or The Tides.

Explore the island's culinary scene with food tours via the Pigtails and Breadfruit Tour, Lickrish Tours, and Lick De Bowl Food Tours. Additionally, Barbados is considered the birthplace of rum with the first distillery on the island, Mount Gay Rum Distillery , first opening in 1703.   Since the island is famous for its rum, it only makes sense to take a tour at either the Mount Gay Rum Distillery,  St. Nicholas Abbey,  or the Foursquare Rum Factory ; it is the perfect way to learn more about the local history of the island. For expert rum-drinkers (or merely rum aficionados), a rum pairing dinner at the Rum Vault in the Colony Club simply mustn't be missed. (Just remember to make a reservation in advance.)

Explore our articles on the  rum lover's guide to Barbados and check out our recommendations on delicious Caribbean cocktails and recipes as well as our Barbados honeymoon tips for more romantic selections.

Where to Stay

The island of Barbados is filled with luxurious seaside resorts that capitalize on its lush tropical surroundings. If you're in the mood for stylish sophistication, then a stay at the adults-only The House Barbados  is the perfect solution. The Colony Club is another chic resort that's part of Elegant Hotels (a Barbados Luxury Hotel collection) located nearby, and it features the Rum Vault, which is mentioned above. Little Good Harbour in the parish of St. Lucy (home of The Fish Pot Restaurant) is another picturesque seaside option. If you're booking with a larger group or focusing on family travel (and minimizing meal costs), then consider booking an all-inclusive resort to accommodate those needs.

Check out our recommendations on the best all-inclusive resorts , the best resorts for families, and the best resorts to visit in Barbados, as well as an article on the best time of year to visit the Caribbean.

Getting There

Grantley Adams International Airport in Seawell, Christ Church, is the central hub in Barbados, and both cabs and rental cars are plentiful once you arrive on the island. The main roads are relatively easy to navigate, though the further you get into side streets on the island, they become more difficult for drivers. For travelers looking to have every element of their trip accounted for (and handled in style), consider booking a vacation with Blue Isles, a full-service destination management company in Barbados that specializes in unique (and uniquely luxurious) on-island experiences.

Check out our article for tips on how to pick the Caribbean island that's right for you and peruse our safety tips for Barbados travelers .

Barbados Culture and History

There's no shortage of diverting events and festivities in Barbados, ranging from the annual Crop Over Festival, the crown jewel of Bajan celebrations that occurs during July and August. Still, other key highlights throughout the year include the Food and Rum Festival in October and the National Independence celebrations that have been held in November every year since 1973. There is also an array of holiday festivities that travelers should check out if visiting during peak season in the winter months, including a New Year's Eve party locally known as Old Year's Night.

Check out our article on the Crop Over Festival in Barbados and our overview of the top Barbados events and festivals as well as our monthly Caribbean event calendar for more information.

Money-Saving Tips

  • Visit in the off-season when it's less expensive, from mid-April through early December, when airfare and hotel bookings are less expensive. Tourists planning on visiting during peak season should scour the web for flight deals and reservations months in advance for the best price.
  • Be sure to avail yourself of the street festivals and parades held throughout the year, and consult our list of events on the island to see if any seasonal activities are occurring while you are visiting.
  • Check to see if the hotel or restaurant has included a service fee in your bill. Otherwise, a 10-15 percent tip is customary.
  • For larger groups, consider booking an all-inclusive resort in Barbados to save on food and drink (especially helpful for larger groups); Almond Casuarina is a popular option.
  • Consider staying in less touristy parts of the island, including in the parish of St. Lucy (home to the natural island beauty including the picturesque Animal Flower Caves)
  • Sign up for one of the free hikes with The Barbados National Trust that occur every Sunday all across the island.
  • Consider reserving your spot on a food tour, which exposes you to a rich array of Bajan cuisine without paying individual restaurant prices.
  • Additionally, entrance fees for museums on the island are quite reasonable, and the exhibits are illuminating, bringing the island's culture and history alive. You can review current prices online.

Learn more about the cheapest ways to have fun with our Barbados budget travel tips (and be sure to check out our safety tips for Barbados travelers , too.) For more information, explore our story on Caribbean budget travel tips and destinations .

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Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. "Birthplace of Rum."

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Wanderlust Chloe

Barbados Travel Guide – Barbados Travel Blog Filled With Ideas

Beautiful views at Cherry Tree Hill, Barbados

This detailed Barbados travel guide has all the information you need to plan a great holiday on the island, including top things to do, restaurants, hotels and plenty more.

Just a few weeks ago I returned from Barbados in the Caribbean . It was my first time on the island, and while I’ve been to a few of the Caribbean islands, I just love how varied they are. They have their own characters, landscapes and traditions.

Is Barbados Worth Visiting?

Barbados is relatively flat compared to others, as its one of the few without a volcanic origin. It’s also famed for its bright turquoise water, paradise beaches and killer rum punch! I mean, just take a look at this gorgeous view over Crane Beach – isn’t it stunning?

Crane Beach, Barbados

A few weeks before visiting, I learned that more Brits travel to the island, than any other nationality. Most visit for the (almost) guaranteed warm weather and fantastic beaches.

If you’re reading through Barbados reviews online, you might find a slightly divided opinion. Some love it so much they go back year after year, while others prefer the less developed / touristy Caribbean islands

Being an adventurer and foodie at heart, I wanted to get beyond the beaches and find out what else this island offers. I wanted to taste the food, see the landscapes and feel the heart beat of this independent nation. From the south coast to the north, Saint Lawrence Gap to Crane Beach, the fun of Crop Over Festival to the rich history of the island, I couldn’t wait to explore in detail. 

Bridgetown in Barbados, Caribbean

Fittingly, our trip was designed to appeal to the five senses. So from tasting the local rum, to seeing the incredible underground caves and even hearing Rihanna herself (yes really!) – it’s time for sensory overload in Barbados! So whether you’re looking for adventure, food, culture or relaxation, I’ve got you covered with lots great ideas packed into my Barbados travel blog. 

As a quick aside, if you’re still deciding which island to visit, don’t miss my comparison of Barbados vs Antigua !

Sunset in Barbados, Caribbean

Best Time To Visit Barbados

If you’re wondering when to visit Barbados, there are a few things to think about. It’s warm all year round in Barbados with temperatures between 23 – 30 Celsius. There’s a wet and dry season across the Caribbean, with December to March being a good time to visit for rain-free sunshine-filled days.

It tends to get busy around Christmas though, so if you can time your visit for out of the key holiday periods, you’ll have a more relaxing experience.

May to October is when rainy season hits the Caribbean, which brings with it heightened humidity too. It’s also important to be aware of hurricane season, from June to November, although tropical storms are more likely to be an issue.

Lots of people rate March to May as a great time to visit. It’s a shoulder season, so crowds are lower, but it’s still lovely and warm.

Wondering when to go to Barbados? How about shoulder season

Things To Do In Barbados For Adventure Lovers

Prepare yourself for some serious fun on this island! You’re about to engage all five senses with these adventures in Barbados…

Snorkelling in Barbados

When we were planning a trip to Barbados, I’d heard the snorkelling was incredible, with numerous opportunities to spot turtles around the south and west of the island. I love that you don’t need to book onto a tour to spot them.

Snorkelling in Antigua, Caribbean

You can just wander out from beaches such as Paynes Bay, Sandy Lane or Folkstone Marine Park and you’re likely to spot a few. For an extra special experience, book onto a catamaran trip and be shown some of the best spots on the island! 

Check prices for snorkelling tours in Barbados.


Diving in Barbados

My partner plunged deep into the ocean to dive amongst some impressive wrecks. His favourite was the sunken submarine, not far from St Peter’s Bay. Along with plenty of colourful exotic fish (including lion fish), there were a few turtles down there too. Adventure holidays in Barbados are popular, and this is the perfect activity to include in your itinerary!

Check prices for diving in Barbados.

Diving in Barbados (Photo: Macca Sherifi)

Animal Flower Cave

I had no clue what animal flowers were (what comes to your mind?!) but they’re a type of small sea anemone which live in the waters of these caves. Right on the northernmost tip of Barbados, this is the rugged Barbados.

As I stood on the cliff edge listening to the crashing waves, took photos of the epic jagged rocks and explored the rough caves carved over hundreds of years – I couldn’t believe this was the same island known for paradise beaches. It’s such a wonderful contrast!

Macca snapping pics at the Animal Flower Cave, Barbados

Considering other islands in the Caribbean? Check out these guides to St Kitts , St Martin , Antigua and Cuba . Also, order a copy of the Lonely Planet Barbados guide before you go.

Paddle Boarding in Barbados

One of my favourite adventures of all was hopping on a paddleboard and cruising the shoreline. It was a way to see the coastline and reflect on the beauty of the island. Most hotels on the west coast have a stack of paddle boards and kayaks, and there’s a lovely feeling of liberation as you glide across the turquoise waters. 

Paddle boarding in Barbados

Island Safari

Woohoo, well wasn’t this a lot of fun…? Until it rained anyway, but let’s forget that part for now!

How long does it take to drive around Barbados? Approximately three hours. Although this island tour doesn’t take you to every spot, it gives you a great overview of what the island is like. 

I’d recommend you book this for one of your first days in Barbados, as it gives you an intro to the island’s geography, history and culture, all while showing you some top places to return to later in the week.

Coastline in Barbados, Caribbean

The Barbados tour guides are super enthusiastic, love sharing their home with visitors and are happy to answer all the questions you’ve been dying to ask. They’re also keen to get you away from the east coast with its cruise ships and resorts, and to show you the rugged east and less-developed centre of the island. Trips to Barbados often only give you the glossy view of luxury resorts and high end restaurants, but seeing more of the island left us with a better idea of what life is like here.

Oh and they also ply you with rum punch, which makes the off-road parts even more fun! Check availability and latest prices here.

Taking in the views of East Barbados on our island safari

Harrison’s Cave

Delve deep into the core of Barbados with this interactive tour of Harrison’s Cave. After swotting up on the history and geology of the island, it’s time to board a cute little train to drive around the cathedral-like chambers.

With underground waterfalls, crystal clear pools, and stalagmites and stalactites formed over thousands of years, it’s somewhere you’re guaranteed to engage all five senses.

Check prices for a tour of Harrison’s Cave.

Harrison's Cave, Barbados

Things To Do In Barbados For Foodies

Next up, it’s time to smell and taste your way around the island. These Barbados trip ideas are guaranteed to make you hungry! 

Mount Gay Rum Tour

It’s a given that any visit to Barbados is going to involve a fair amount of rum. It’s the drink of the island. At most places, you’ll be welcomed with a rum punch, and you’ll soon that there are good ones, and there are REALLY good ones. People have their own recipes.

THE way to truly get into the spirit (!!) is with a trip to Mount Gay . They run tours every hour, which strike just the right balance between informative and fun. And great news, they start with rum punch and end with tastings of three of the distillery’s top sellers.

Check prices for the Mount Gay Rum Tour.

Mount Gay Rum Tour, Barbados

Agapey Chocolate Tour  

Your nose will guide you to Agapey – a cute chocolate shop in Bridgetown! This isn’t Willy Wonka style, but they do have a small chocolate factory on site, and it’s certainly worth booking onto a chocolate tour to find out more about the processes and see the machines up and running.

The chocolates filled with Mount Gay were my favourites, and a box of those would make a great present.

Check prices for a Barbados Chocolate Tour.

Barbados, Caribbean

Oistins Fish Fry

You guys recommended we add this to our itinerary, and we listened! Every Friday, hundreds of tourists and locals gather in the small fishing village of Oistins for a big old knees up.

The rum punch flows, the seafood stalls serve up mountains of grilled tuna, flying fish, swordfish and more, and as the night wears on, performers take to the stage to throw some shapes to the DJ’s tunes. It was a highlight of our week in Barbados and certainly a way to FEEL the island’s beat!

Tasty food at Oistin's Fish Fry, Barbados

Restaurants In Barbados

There are plenty of top restaurants on the island. For fine dining, book a table at The Cliff , Daphne’s or Cin Cin . For flavoursome cajun shrimp, I loved The Waterfront in Bridgetown.

There was a huge menu, the service was friendly and the location was lovely, overlooking the capital’s marina.

Cajun shrimp and rice at Waterfront Cafe, Barbados

Juma’s in Speightstown is another top choice with a tasty menu (the blackened mahi mahi was delicious!) and a great location overlooking the beach. Décor was eclectic with a beach shack roof and lava lamps dotted around the restaurant – it felt fun with that real holiday vibe!

Blackened fish at Juma's Restaurant, Speightstown, Barbados

Our meal at The Fishpot was one of our favourites, again right on the beach just a little way north of St Peter’s Bay. The seafood was excellent, and we enjoyed big grilled shrimps, and tasty Asian tuna for mains. Any of these would be great at lunch too, especially with those dreamy beach views.

Shrimp at The Fishpot, Barbados

If you’re visiting Barbados as a big group or would like the option to self-cater some of your trip, I’d recommend taking a look at Airbnb. Usually the properties are owned by locals so you can enjoy an authentic experience and ask for lots of expert tips for the area. You can claim £35 / $45 off your first trip by clicking here .

Things To Do In Barbados For Culture Vultures

Gospel breakfast at the crane.

Hearing the voices of a group of gospel singers at breakfast time is a special experience. This is how our Sunday morning began at The Crane Resort – the Caribbean’s oldest continually operating hotel and one of the best places to stay in Barbados.

It’s a standard hotel buffet where you pile your plate high with sausages, bacon, eggs and pancakes, but the ambience is anything but standard. During our visit in December, we enjoyed a few festive numbers along with some gospel classics.

Gospel Breakfast at The Crane, Barbados

St Nicholas Abbey

Built in 1658, St Nicholas Abbey is a beautifully preserved plantation house. It’s fascinating to see the island’s history through the ages, and walking through the house really is like turning back the clock.

One of my favourite parts of my visit was exploring the forest outside, and even if you don’t fancy adventuring into it, you can enjoy lunch on the terrace overlooking the jungle floor.

Check prices for a tour of St Nicholas Abbey.

Exploring the forest near St Nicholas Abbey, Barbados

Rihanna Drive

When you ay Barbados to many people, they think of Rihanna. She’s an international superstar who well and truly flies the Barbados flag around the world. Our trip to Barbados coincided with the island’s Independence Day which was extra special, as Rihanna’s home street was renamed Rihanna Drive. 

It’s already somewhere tourists love to visit, but now there’s even more reason! It was absolutely amazing to see the community turn up to the event, and to hear Rihanna’s pride for where she grew up. 

Rihanna attending the opening of Rihanna Drive, Barbados

Things To Do In Barbados For Relaxation Seekers

Many people visit the island for a week of R&R. You want to kick back and relax, with a drink in one hand and a book in the other. That’s fine – we all need down time!

Serenity Spa at The Crane

For a treat, book in for a treatment at The Crane, easily one of the most stunning resorts on the island. Located on the south, the cliff top location has incredible views down to Crane Beach with its ferocious waves and soft white sand. The spa is excellent too, and a massage will certainly leave you feeling relaxed.

The Crane, Barbados

Seaduced Catamaran Trip

Seaduced catamaran Barbados

This luxury catamaran experience was another highlight. Sailing along the west coast at sunset is stunning enough, but with a cocktail in hand it’s even better! The crew pride themselves in delivering incredible high-end service, from the food and drink to the general ambience – it was all top notch and a wonderful way to see more of the island.

Hunte’s Gardens

Genuinely one of the most relaxing spots in Barbados, Anthony Hunte has created a gorgeous garden up in the lush hills in the middle of the island. Tall palms sit next to colourful orchids while exotic birds fly through the air.

As you explore, you stumble across secret seating areas – places perfect to enjoy the views, the sounds and the scents of nature. When you need a refreshment, head to Mr Hunte’s lodge for a rum tasting or a cold drink, and a chance to chat to the nature-lover responsible for the garden.

Check prices for a tour of Hunte’s Gardens .

Exploring Hunte's Gardens, Barbados

Barbados Beaches

I’ve mentioned them already, but the beaches are as good as you’ve heard! Top marks for Crane Beach for its epic landscape, Mullins Beach for being lively and St Peter’s Bay for being nice and quiet. On a bright sunny day, the water is an insanely bright shade of turquoise that looks photoshopped!

Enjoying the beaches in Barbados

Where To Stay In Barbados

If you are looking for your own home away from home,  Top Villas  offer vacation rentals in various locations across the island.

We stayed at Port Ferdinand in the north west of Barbados. They have a range of 1, 2 and 3-bed apartments, each with stunning terraces, lounges and full kitchens. The enclosed marina has moorings and also offers a water taxi to sister property St Peter’s Bay (perfect as Port Ferdinand isn’t right on the beach).

There’s a restaurant/bar area on the ground floor overlooking the boats, and a great floating pool area with a bar which you reach along a jetty. It’s one of the best places to stay in Barbados if you’re considering self-catering options, and plan to hire a car to get around. It’s also about to be even more desirable with the upcoming opening of Nikki Beach, moments away from the property. 

Port Ferdinand view

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With a passion for food, fun and adventure, Chloe is the content creator behind one of the UK's top travel blogs Wanderlust Chloe. From volcano boarding in Nicaragua, to sailing around Sicily and eating her way around Japan, her travels have taken her to some of the coolest spots on the planet. Named Travel Influencer of the Year in 2022, Chloe regularly works with a number of tourism boards, producing inspirational travel content across multiple platforms. Find out more about Chloe here.

6 thoughts on “Barbados Travel Guide – Barbados Travel Blog Filled With Ideas”

Great travel guide on Barbados with useful information and gorgeous photos. Thanks for your help with my trip planning!

Thanks Krishna – so happy you found it helpful. Glad you had a great trip too!

Barbados is such an amazing destination to spend the vacation.

Thanks for your amazing travel guide and photos are mind-blowing.

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! It was wonderful out there.

I loved visiting Barbados and can entirely agree with you that Oistin’s Fish Fry is amazing on Fridays. I’m so glad I was able to experience it. I was interested to learn that Barbados is popular with fellow Brits but it has a lot going for it so I guess that’s why. I think I need to return to explore more of the island after reading your post.

Love this guide! We are big Barbados fans too and agree it’s got so much to offer alongside just beaches (although they are beautiful!) We also did the Seaduced trip which we loved. We stayed in Port St Charles (next to Port Ferdinand) in the past so it’s interesting to hear how you found staying there. So many good options in Barbados!

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Barbados   Travel Guide

trip to barbados

Courtesy of Getty Images |

trip to barbados

Why Go To Barbados

Barbados is a vibrant island known for its friendly people and delectable food, especially its fish. You can find a white sand beach, a sprawling golf course or a duty-free shopping plaza just about anywhere in the Caribbean, but in Barbados, visitors can taste the bittersweet Mount Gay Rum , dance to the thrum of a calypso song or take in a polo or cricket match. And though you  could  spend all your time on the beaches, you'll find plenty more to do when exploring this Caribbean paradise. This luxurious island is brimming with breathtaking architecture, a passionate sports culture and a party-loving attitude. 

The easternmost island in the Caribbean, Barbados juggles two different cultures to create a distinctly Bajan personality. Even after gaining its independence from Great Britain in 1966, this island still holds tight to British traditions like afternoon tea, cricket and horse races. Trademarks of the Caribbean and West Africa are still evident, however, in the island's sugar cane fields, rum distilleries and lush landscapes. And then there are the many beaches. While all of Barbados' shorelines boast picturesque views and calming ocean breezes, some of the country's must-visit beaches include  Dover Beach ,  Bathsheba Beach  and the sands overlooking  Carlisle Bay .

Find Flight and Hotel Deals

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Navigate backward to interact with the calendar and select a date. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates.

  • # 7 in Best Caribbean Honeymoons
  • # 7 in Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean for 2023
  • # 8 in Best Cheap Caribbean Vacations

See All 8 Rankings

Best of Barbados

Best hotels in barbados.

  • # 1 in Sandy Lane
  • # 2 in Fairmont Royal Pavilion
  • # 3 in The Sandpiper

Best Things to Do in Barbados

  • # 1 in Carlisle Bay
  • # 2 in Hunte's Gardens
  • # 3 in Bathsheba Beach

Popular Tours

Barbados Catamaran Turtle and Shipwreck Snorkeling Cruise

Barbados Catamaran Turtle and Shipwreck Snorkeling Cruise

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Barbados Travel Tips

Best months to visit.

The best time to visit Barbados is between July and November. Though these months fall within the Caribbean's hurricane season, hurricanes rarely hit the island, and you could attend one of the lively Crop Over Festival activities if you vacation during this time of year. Temperatures stay between the mid-70s and mid-80s year-round, so there's little reason to travel during the peak season, which occurs from late December to mid-April.

Weather in Barbados

Data sourced from the National Climatic Data Center

What You Need to Know

This is Little Britain Though island attire is acceptable at the beach, thanks to its colonial history, Bajans are fairly conservative in attitude and dress. Don't be surprised to see men wearing pants and women in dresses.

This is rum country  White, aged and flavored are just some of the rum varieties you'll find produced on the island. To sample some of Barbados' best, take an interactive tour of a top-notch distillery like  Mount Gay Vistior Center  or  St. Nicholas Abbey .

This is where the sun lives Barbados is only 13 degrees north of the equator, meaning you'll likely enjoy plenty of sunshine and hot weather during your visit. To avoid dehydration, heat strokes and sunburns, apply sunscreen regularly and drink plenty of water.

How to Save Money in Barbados

Be mindful of the exchange rate  The Barbadian or Bajan dollar (BBD) is permanently fixed at Bds$2 for every $1. Although most establishments accept U.S. currency, you should pay in Barbados dollars – your money will go further.

Visit in the offseason  Though you may face a hurricane, visiting between May and November will save you some coin on airfare and hotels .

Go for an all-inclusive  To avoid added food, drink and activity expenses, consider staying at one of the island's all-inclusive  resorts .

Culture & Customs

Independent since 1966, Barbados has maintained a political system similar to that of Britain, with a constitutional monarchy and a democratic parliamentary government. Bajan customs and ways of life are also similar. You should bring light colors and fabrics to wear on your vacation but note that Bajans tend to dress conservatively. Long pants for men and dresses for women are not uncommon.

Throughout the country, the Barbadian dollar (BBD) is used (Bds$2 equals $1). When tipping in Barbados, travelers should expect to add an additional gratuity based on the service received. However, unlike the U.S., some restaurants will include a 10% to 15% gratuity in food bills, so be sure to check your receipt before you pay.

And though English is the official language in Barbados, the Bajan dialect, which is typically used in casual conversations, may confuse some foreigners. Key phrases to remember include "wha gine on" (what's going on), "aight" (how are you) and "ga so" (go this way).

What to Eat

An array of Caribbean and international cuisine, with African, Indian and British influences can be found in Barbados, though the island's fresh seafood is the focal point of many restaurant menus. Look for sweet plantains, rice and peas, curries and rotis (flatbread) on menus. Gourmet chefs have opened the most sophisticated establishments in the St. James and Bridgetown areas, but you should expect to pay a pretty penny for the experience.

Popular fine dining restaurants include Champers Restaurant , The Tides and The Cliff . Make sure to plan ahead at these eateries since most require a reservation to get in the door. Recent visitors to Barbados mention that the food in St. Lawrence Gap is well worth the price; reasonable prices can also be found in Holetown on the central west coast.

Getting Around Barbados

The best way to get around Barbados is by car or bus. Taxis are an option; fares are set by the government. For example, it'll cost between 26 and 179 Barbadian dollars (about $13 to $89) to get from Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) to various parts of the island. There is also a public bus service that takes visitors to popular spots across the island, including Bathsheba and Harrison's Cave. 

Barbados is also a popular port of call for  cruise ships  sailing to the eastern or southern Caribbean. Cruise ships dock at the Bridgetown pier, which is located about 3 miles from downtown Bridgetown.

Entry & Exit Requirements

U.S. citizens will need a passport to enter Barbados; a visa is not required unless you plan to stay more than six months. One blank page is required in each passport. Visit the U.S. State Department's  website  for the latest information on foreign exit and entry requirements.

Head to any of Barbados' beaches for sublime sunset views.

Explore More of Barbados

Hunte's Gardens

Things To Do

Best hotels.

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my beautiful passport

Best of Barbados Itinerary: 5 Days in Barbados

Are you ready to see the best of Barbados in 5 days? This tiny and beautiful island, only 34 km in length and 23 km in width, has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Whether you enjoy beaches, culture, food, or natural attractions, there is guaranteed to be something here that you will love. After visiting Barbados, I put together this 5-day Barbados itinerary which includes must-do activities and travel tips to help you plan a trip to Barbados.

Fun Fact: Barbados is the most eastern country in the Caribbean.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links; if you click on the link and purchase the item, I may receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

Table of Contents

Is 5 Days in Barbados Enough?

Home to many beautiful beaches and natural attractions, you will want to spend at least 3-5 days in Barbados . While one week would be even better as you can see and do more things, any less than 5 days and you will have to pick and choose what to visit. I found five days, including travel time to and from Barbados, to be a good amount of time to explore without rushing. 

Outside of the Atlantic hurricane belt, the lovely weather makes this island a popular destination for cruises and honeymoons. If visiting Barbados in a day by cruise, you will not have time to explore the whole island, but you can still enjoy your time in Barbados. If you have less than 24 hours in Barbados, you can choose to explore Bridgetown and visit one of its beautiful beaches.

How many days in Barbados will depend on what you wish to experience, but this travel guide will help you plan up to 5 days in Barbados.

Bathsheba barbados

5-Day Barbados Itinerary: 

This 5-Day Barbados Itinerary will cover most of the island, and includes some of the most fun things to do in Barbados . You will visit the north, south, east and west coasts of Barbados in 5 days. The interior of Barbados is excluded.  

You will need a rental car for the first part of day two . If you cannot rent a car, some of these places are hard to reach by public transportation, and you will have to adjust day two of your Barbados itinerary.

Day 1 in Barbados – Bridgetown and Oistins

Today will take you to the Saint Michael and Christ Church parishes of Barbados. 

You’ve arrived in Barbados, and it’s time to explore. You will most likely stay in or near Bridgetown. Hit the beach closest to your accommodations to begin your trip.

Once finished at the beach, begin this Barbados itinerary. 

oistins pier barbados

Oistins Fish Market

Oistins Fish Market is a market in a small fishing village along the south coast of Barbados. A local tradition and taste of Bajan culture , the fish market is enjoyed by locals and tourists, who gather to enjoy a delicious seafood dinner. The most popular time to visit the Oistins market is Friday and Saturday nights. 

Seafood dinner options include tuna, marlin, lobster, mahi-mahi, red snapper, and swordfish. Other food options include chicken and steak. There are multiple vendors at the market, each preparing their fish a different way, whether grilled or fried and top it with unique sauces to add a delicious flavour to the seafood. 

In addition to food, there are also local arts and crafts vendors at Oistins Fish Market. 

Visiting the Fish Fry and the pier makes for a lovely relaxing evening in Barbados. I would highly recommend visiting Oistins Fish Market on your trip to Barbados. 

Hours of Operation: Daily for lunch and dinner Cost: Approximately 15-17.50 USD for a plate of food and a beverage

Day 2 in Barbados – Self-Guided Island Tour and Carlisle Bay

Today will take you to the Saint Philip, Saint John and Saint Michael parishes of Barbados. 

Self-Guided Barbados Tour 

One of the best ways to explore Barbados is by driving around. A self-guided island tour will help you see more of Barbados in less time. Choose individual sites from the list that interest you, or visit them all. This self-guided island tour will show you the east and south-eastern sections of Barbados. 

The driving portion of this tour from start to finish is about 2 hours; this time frame does not include time spent at each location. 

What to See and Do on a Barbados Roadtrip – Self-Guided Tour

foul bay barbados itinerary

Foul Bay 

Foul Bay is an expansive beach located in south-eastern Barbados . With stunning white sand and palm trees for shade, Foul Bay Beach is a popular spot for a picnic and sunbathing. The waves can be rough, so it’s better for body surfing than swimming. 

While its name is not appealing, Foul Bay Beach itself is beautiful. The beach stretches long and wide , so there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy. 

Foul Bay is also a nesting site for hawksbill turtles ; be cautious not to disturb their nests. Please keep the beach clean and take all litter with you. 

shark hole barbados

Shark Hole 

Shark Hole is a small secluded beach along the south-eastern coast of Barbados. This tiny spoon-shaped inlet is a unique geological feature in Barbados. The beach is protected from the rough waves of the Atlantic by a coral ridge, so the waters are calm at Shark Hole. Named after an old fishing tale, you won’t find any sharks at Shark Hole. 

Shark Hole is popular with locals; the beach can get crowded on weekends. Being a small beach, only about 40 ft at its widest, it fills up quickly. It is best to visit Shark Hole on a weekday, if possible. A hidden gem of Barbados, it is worth visiting.

Note: If you swim, do not pass the coral ridge, as the waves are stronger and there are riptides below.

bottom bay barbados

Bottom Bay is a beautiful beach semi-enclosed by a cliff, lined with palm trees. Tucked away in Barbados’s south coast, Bottom Bay is a popular picnic spot. It is not recommended to swim due to the strong waves. Enjoy this secluded beach by taking a stroll or packing a picnic. 

deebles point barbados

Deebles Point 

Deebles Point, also known as Ragged Point, is a cliffside in the most eastern part of Barbados . Found on the Atlantic side of the island, Deebles Point offers panoramic views of the coastline and East Point light-house. 

When visiting Deebles Point, be careful of the wind. Do not get too close to the edge of the cliff. At Ragged Point, you can walk down a set of stairs to reach a viewing platform.

When you look directly out at the ocean from Deebles Point, you see nothing but water and know that the next land-mass on the other side is the continent of Africa. You are standing at the most eastern point of the Caribbean. 

codrington college barbados

Codrington College

Codrington College is an Anglican theological college in Saint John, Barbados. The college is built on the former site of a sugar cane plantation. An impressive property, you are greeted by an entranceway lined with Royal Palm trees. 

You can take a self-guided tour of the campus. Codrington College campus grounds include a lake, a chapel, picnic tables, and benches overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. While I didn’t tour the campus, the entry was picturesque and Codrington College offers some fun photo opportunities. 

Hours of Operation: Daily 10 am – 6 pm 

Cost: 10 BBD per adult for entrance plus 5 BBD per vehicle for parking

Once you have completed your Barbados road trip, head to Carlisle Bay. 

carlisle bay - barbados itinerary

Carlisle Bay

Connected to Bridgetown, Carlisle Bay is the heart of Barbados , known for its white sand and beautiful calm Caribbean waters. Carlisle Bay features six shipwrecks spread across the bay, at depths between 12 m and 55 m. 

Activities to do in Carlisle Bay include snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming with turtles , and enjoying a boat ride on a yacht or catamaran. This was my favourite beach in Barbados, and the fact I saw turtles made it even better than my trip to Aruba .

snorkle barbados

How to Snorkel Carlisle Bay, Barbados 

There are multiple ways to snorkel Carlisle Bay: you can bring your snorkel gear from home and swim out from the beach, or you can take a snorkelling tour that includes a boat ride and snorkel gear rental. 

Being a strong swimmer, I knew I would be okay to leisurely swim out to the shipwrecks and snorkel on my own. I had packed my snorkel set, and I didn’t need a lifejacket to remain afloat in the water. While snorkelling across the shipwrecks in Carlisle Bay, I saw three starfish, turtles, and many kinds of fish. I had such a fun time and found three shipwrecks!

trip to barbados

If you wish to book a snorkel tour, here are some options:

How to Get to Carlisle Bay, Barbados 

From Bridgetown, you can visit Carlisle Bay by taxi, local shuttle bus, or on foot. There is public beach access as well as a private beach club available. The beaches of Carlisle Bay are called Pebbles Beach and Brownes Beach. 

Day 3 in Barbados – North Coast and Speightstown

Today will take you to the Saint Lucy and Saint Peter parishes of Barbados. 

animal flower cave - barbados itinerary

Animal Flower Cave 

Animal Flower Cave is a natural sea cave located under the cliffs near North Point, Barbados. The cave was discovered in 1780 by English explorers and sits above sea level. The name Animal Flower Cave comes from sea anemones; they can be found in the cave and are known as animal flowers by locals.

Animal Flower Cave features the sea cave and a cliffside restaurant serving lunch. The restaurant serves fresh and local Bajan dishes. 

You can tour Animal Flower Cave with a local guide and will also have an opportunity to swim in the natural pool if you wish. Make sure you bring or wear your bathing suit if you plan to swim. As part of the tour, the guide explains the history of the cave and shows you the best photo spots. Within Animal Flower Cave, you will have scenic views of North Point and the ocean.

trip to barbados

During my visit, we toured the cave and swam in the natural pool. We had the cave to ourselves for most of our visit. It was one of the most memorable moments of our Barbados trip to swim inside Animal Flower Cave. 

Animal Flower Cave

Hours of Operation: Tues-Sun 9:30 am – 4:30 pm, waves permitting. 

Cost: 25 BBD per adult

How to Get to Animal Flower Cave 

From Bridgetown, take the bus heading to Animal Flower Cave. Make sure the bus is going to Animal Flower Cave and not Flower Forest Botanical Garden, we accidentally took the wrong bus on our trip, had to backtrack, and switch buses. If you have a rental car, there is parking available at Animal Flower Cave.  

Beside Animal Flower Cave is North Point, the next stop for today.

north point barbados

North Point 

North Point is a cliffside in the most northern part of Barbados. Found where the gentle Caribbean Sea meets the rough Atlantic Ocean, North Point offers panoramic views. From North Point, you can see the seaside entrance to Animal Flower Cave, one of Barbados’s most visited attractions. 

When visiting North Point, be careful of the winds. Don’t go too close to the edge of the cliff. It was a neat experience to say I’ve visited the most northern point of a country. 

On your way back to Bridgetown, pause at Speightstown. 

barbados sunset


Speightstown is a historic colonial town in northwest Barbados, the second largest town to Bridgetown. A former port, Speightstown has transformed into an active and vibrant community, featuring: street vendors, art, and historic architecture. 

Take a stroll along the colourful streets, enjoy a nice meal, or relax at one of its beautiful beaches. During my visit to Speightstown, I dined at a restaurant overlooking the ocean and watched the sunset. Just look at that colourful sunset!

Day 4 in Barbados – Bridgetown

Today will take you to the Saint Michael parish of Barbados. 

bridgetown barbados itinerary

Bridgetown Walking Tour – Self-Guided 

One of the best ways to experience Bridgetown is to explore the city on foot via a self-guided walking tour. During your walking tour, you can explore the city of Bridgetown and see its historic attractions, and visit local markets. Select items from the list below that interest you, or choose to visit them all. 

What to See and Do in Bridgetown – On Your Walking Tour 

Independence square .

Independence Square is a small public square in the heart of Bridgetown . A quiet little spot, the plaza features a water fountain and benches with a view of Parliament and National Heros Square. While wandering around Bridgetown, Independence Square is a good place for a quick rest.

Independence Arch 

Independence Arch is an important landmark at the sound end of Champlain Bridge in Bridgetown. The arch was built in 1987 to celebrate 21 years of Barbados’ independence from Britain. It displays important parts of Bajan culture, including carvings of two national symbols, the flying fish and pelican. Each November, the arch is lit up with blue and gold lights to celebrate Barbados’ independence. 

Chamberlain Bridge 

Chamberlain Bridge is a lift bridge in Bridgetown, one of two active bridges in the capital city.

Originally built as a swing bridge in 1872, the bridge was rebuilt in 2006 to be decorative and allow pleasure crafts to pass. The Chamberlain Bridge connects the outer and inner basins of the Careenage. You will find Chamberlain Bridge near the Barbados Boardwalk and Independence Arch. 

National Heroes Square 

National Heroes Square is a triangular-shaped public square in central Bridgetown. Formerly called Trafalgar Square, the plaza was built in the early 1800s following the Battle of Trafalgar. In 1999 the plaza was renamed National Heroes Square to honour the national heroes of Barbados. National Heroes Square features a fountain celebrating running water in Barbados.

Wickham Lewis Boardwalk – Barbados Boardwalk

The Wickham Lewis Boardwalk, commonly known as the Barbados Boardwalk, is a waterfront trail passing through Bridgetown , Barbados. Running east to west along the water, the Barbados Boardwalk is a perfect place for an afternoon stroll. You will find the boardwalk lined with colourful buildings and see many docked ships along the path. The Barbados Boardwalk is very picturesque.

Along the boardwalk are benches, which are a good place to relax, watch the sunset, and see boats pass by. During my visit, we walked along the Barbados Boardwalk, admiring the beautiful buildings of Bridgetown.  

Cheapside Street Market 

Cheapside Street Market is a local Bajan farmer’s market. At the market, you will find fresh fruit, vegetables, and meats, as well as vendors serving local cuisine. The market is open to locals and tourists and operates Monday through Saturday.  

Are you looking for more things to do in Bridgetown? Try these activities. 

  • Blackwoods Screw Dock Barbados  
  • Mount Gay Rum Distillery
  • Rihanna Drive Monument 
  • Queen’s Park
  • Montefiore Fountain
  • Old Town Hall 

Note: The Lord Nelson statue is no longer in National Heroes Square. The statue was moved to the Barbados Museum and Historical Society in 2020. 

Day 5 in Barbados – Bridgetown 

Today you will leave Barbados and either head home or continue with your travels elsewhere. Your 5 days in Barbados are coming to an end. Depending on your flight or cruise time, you may decide to relax or explore more of the island. 

I chose to go to Carlisle Bay once again to get one last beach morning in before flying out in the afternoon. We don’t have beaches like this back in Canada , so I took every opportunity I could to soak it all in.

trip to barbados

If you choose to get some last-minute exploring in, you can explore more of Bridgetown using yesterday’s list, or try one of these activities: 

More Things to Do in Barbados

Richard Haynes Boardwalk – a 1.2km boardwalk connecting Sugar Bay to Rockley Beach

Harrison’s Caves Eco-Park Adventure – an underground cavern in the central uplands

St.Nicholas Abbey and Steam Railway – a heritage steam train that transverses a plantation 

Morgan Lewis Windmill – a historic windmill from the last sugar mill in Barbados 

Harrison’s Point Lighthouse – an 85ft lighthouse in northwest Barbados, no longer in use

Safe travels home, and I hope you enjoy your 5 days in Barbados.  

trip to barbados

Is Barbados Safe? 

In general, Barbados is a safe place to visit. Barbados is considered one of the safest countries in the Caribbean. Local Bajans are very relaxed, helpful and friendly. 

There is a low crime rate on the island, but that doesn’t mean no crime happens. As with other destinations, be observant, don’t leave valuables unattended, and watch for pickpockets. 

During my visit to Barbados, I didn’t once feel unsafe. Barbados was one of the safest places I’ve visited thus far, and I would happily return. 

Is Barbados Expensive? 

In general, Barbados can be an expensive place to visit.  Most items on the island need to be imported from the USA or the United Kingdom. 

The west coast tends to be more expensive compared to south Barbados. While Barbados can be pricey, it is possible to make your trip to Barbados affordable and for you to see the island on a budget. 

You will find luxury and budget options available in Barbados, from food to accommodations. Barbados is a fun place to visit, and whether you spend a little or a lot, you can enjoy its beauty.

Getting Around Barbados

There are a few different ways to get around Barbados: rental car, bus, walking, or taxi. The local buses are small cargo vans or school buses that drive around various places on the island. Even though they are private, they have set routes. The bus cost is $2 in Barbados and will cover all major tourist areas. 

Make sure to ask the driver if the bus will take you to your destination. If it’s not the right bus, the driver or passengers will direct you to catch the right one. Locals are very helpful with directions, especially if you can show your destination on a map. 

One thing to note, the cargo van buses will try and fit as many passengers into the vehicle as there are seats. Being a larger-built girl, it got a little squished at times, but nothing too uncomfortable. 

Renting a car is another good way to get around the tiny island. You will be able to rent a car at the airport. Renting a car would allow you the freedom to travel anywhere on the island at any time, and in comfort. 

trip to barbados

How to Get to Barbados

To get to Barbados, you can arrive by plane or via cruise. Flying to Barbados, you will land at Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) along the south coast. Flights arrive from Canada, the USA, Europe, and other Caribbean islands. From Toronto or New York, a direct flight to Barbados is approximately 5 hours. 

If you are on a cruise, and Barbados is one of the destinations, you will arrive in Bridgetown on the west coast. There are over 20 cruise lines that stop at the port in Barbados. 

How to Get to Bridgetown from the Airport 

Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) is the primary airport in Barbados. The best way to get to Bridgetown from BGI airport is by taxi or local bus. Buses and taxis run daily and will take you towards Bridgetown and its surrounding areas. 

A private local bus ride takes about 20-25 minutes and costs $2 each way. You can pay for your fare with USD bills. I did not take a taxi in Barbados, so I am unsure of the rate.  

Another way to get from Barbados airport to Bridgetown is by rental car. It takes approximately 20 minutes to drive to Bridgetown. 

trip to barbados

What Language Do They Speak in Barbados? 

They speak English in Barbados . Bajan, an English-based Creole language based on British and African influence, is also widely spoken by locals. 

Helpful Tips for Visiting Barbados

  • There are fewer crowds in Barbados on days when cruise ships are not docked.  Check the cruise schedule before your trip.
  • The official currency of Barbados is the Barbados Dollar (BBD); the BBD is tied to the USD at a rate of 2 BBD is 1 USD. You can use either BBD or USD while in Barbados. 
  • Barbados tap water is safe to drink .
  • The drinking age in Barbados is 16 years old.  

FAQs about Planning a Trip to Barbados

What is the best time to go to barbados.

The best time to visit Barbados is from November to May when temperatures are the most pleasant and there is the least amount of rain. I visited in the shoulder season in September and lucked out with no rain and no cruisers on the island, so it felt like I had the island almost tourist-free.

What is the Best Part of Barbados to Stay in?

The best part of Barbados to stay in is along the west and southern coasts of the island. Here you will find more accommodation options and food choices, and it’s closer to the calmer water beaches. I stayed at a hotel on the beach along the west coast, just south of Bridgetown. 

What is Barbados Hottest Month?

The hottest month in Barbados is August. Make sure you drink plenty of water and liquids if you visit during summer.

What is the Nicest Beach in Barbados?

In my opinion, the nicest beach in Barbados is along Carlisle Bay. The water is beautiful: calm and clear, and the sand is so powdery and soft. No matter the other beaches I explored on the island, I kept coming back here.

Is the Ocean Warm in Barbados?

Yes, the water is warm in Barbados, and it feels so pleasant! The water is warmest in September, averaging 29.4 celsius, and coolest in February, averaging 27.1 celsius. Both of those are still way warmer than the waters found in Canada and the US in summer.

Can You Walk Around the Whole Island of Barbados?

Well, it is technically possible to walk around the whole island of Barbados, the journey would take over 24 hours to complete. I wouldn’t recommend walking around the entire island. If you really want to, plan to do so over multiple days and bring plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. 

How Long Does it Take to Drive Around the Whole of Barbados?

Without stopping, it would take approximately 3 hours to drive around the whole island of Barbados. I recommend including a Barbados road trip on your itinerary if you can get a rental car for a day.

With so many beautiful places to see and delicious food to eat, you will have a memorable time on this gem of an island following this travel guide. Relax on their famous beaches, see the most eastern point in the Caribbean and more, during your 5 days in Barbados. And have fun on my favourite island so far!

Hope this information helped you plan your 5-Days in Barbados Itinerary.

Happy travelling!

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Melissa is the founder of My Beautiful Passport. A Canadian who has explored 15+ countries on 4 continents, she enjoys combining adventure and affordable luxury. Through sharing her own experiences, travel tips, and destination itineraries, she helps others plan their unique adventures whether it be at the beach, in the city, or in the mountains.

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The 9 best places to visit in Barbados: rum, flying fish and Rihanna

Nasha Smith

Nov 17, 2022 • 6 min read

Photo taken in Bridgetown, Barbados

From being the birthplace of rum and Rihanna to pristine beaches and beautiful cultural traditions, here are all the reasons to visit Barbados now © Ingar Madrid / EyeEm via Getty Images

Barbados is one of the most visited islands in the Caribbean for good reason.

The newly minted republic is blessed with naturally occurring marvels, a network of architectural and historical attractions, exotic wildlife, a wealth of water sports, and pristine beaches. It’s why favorite daughter Rihanna doesn’t stay away from home for too long and why you’ll keep coming back. Here are the best places to visit in Barbados . 

Explore Barbados’ rum history at Mount Gay Distilleries

Barbados’ legacy of sugar cane production and the ideal tropical weather conditions for alcohol maturation converge to produce the perfect rum at Mount Gay Distilleries . 

Mt. Gay Rum is Barbados' most popular rum

Founded in 1703, the most renowned spirits producer on the island is also the world's oldest commercial rum distillery. Their signature tasting explores Barbados’ history as the birthplace of rum and offers a sampling of the premium rums the vaunted brand is known for. Cocktail crafting classes are also available along with a Bajan lunch pairing featuring local specialties and an unlimited supply of rum punch. 

Experiences start at USD$20 and transportation is free from hotels. The Mount Gay Visitors Center is conveniently located in central Bridgetown, the largest city and country capital. 

Hike up Mount Hillaby 

Barbados is a relatively flat landmass with very little mountainous terrain.  Mount Hillaby is the exception. The peak in St. Andrew parish is the highest point on the island at 1115 ft above sea level. Mount Hillaby  it the optimal spot for panoramic views of the surrounding Scotland District and Bathsheba Beach — a popular surfing destination with dramatic rock formations. 

Hikers of all skill levels will appreciate the low-intensity trek up Mount Hillaby’s trail. Look out for the white coral stone and volcanic rock. Unlike neighboring islands, Barbados has no volcanoes so this is the only area on the island with this type of rock. 

Visit Rihanna Drive 

Before Rihanna became a global pop superstar and successful businesswoman, she was known simply as Robyn. The little girl from Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary School who lived in one of the colorful houses along Westbury New Road in St. Michael. 

Exterior shot of the multi-colored house of international pop star Rihanna's childhood home in Barbados.

In 2017, on the country’s Independence Day, that stretch of street was renamed Rihanna Drive. Every year, visitors flock to the modest but brightly painted green and orange house on a blue surface to see where Barbados’ biggest star grew up. 

There's a plaque on the street corner but, sometimes, if you're lucky, a few neighbors might be willing to provide a few tidbits of little Robyn Fenty too. 

Go snorkeling at Carlisle Bay

Crescent-shaped Carlisle Bay sits on the southern edge of Bridgetown .  A strip of pillowy, white sand hugs calm turquoise waters to make this one of Barbados's most breathtaking beach experiences. 

The nearby shipwrecks — some from unfortunate accidents and others specifically to facilitate coral reef growth — make this a snorkeler's paradise. Visitors will spot various fish species, lobsters and turtles. The one downside is that the Bay is not well shaded so umbrellas and sunscreen are a must. Restaurants, watering holes and restroom facilities are close by. 

Barbados’ 14 best beaches to find sun, fun and food  

Stop for something to eat at Animal Flower Cave

Animal Flower Cave is perched on the tip of the northernmost part of Barbados in the St. Lucy parish. Inside you will find reflective pools and several large jagged openings that act as windows looking out over the ocean and offering enough natural light to ward off claustrophobia. 

The sea cave has been in the Ward family since 1927. Short, guided, cave tours are available. Above the cave is a cliff-side restaurant bearing the same name and known for its homemade, hand-squeezed, fresh lemonade. 

The best time to visit is between February and April when you’re more likely to catch a glimpse of humpback whales from an open-deck viewing area above the restaurant. 

Preparing fresh flying fish for sale at the Bridgetown Fish Market.

Experience the legendary Friday fish fry at Oistins

Fish is a staple throughout the Caribbean and in Barbados, flying fish is king. It’s the most popular catch and makes up one-half of the island’s national dish, flying fish and cou cou (a mixture of cornmeal and okra). 

You’ll find heaps of flying fish, as well as tuna, mahi-mahi, swordfish, marlin, lobster and even chicken, at Oistins Fish Fry . 

The fishing village of Oistins provides a slice of Bajan life. It’s a relaxed setting, with the old heads breaking into intense dominoes competitions among the diners feasting on freshly caught grilled and fried fish. In the background, calypso or old-school tunes inspire impromptu spurts of dancing. 

Seating is plentiful but the food is in high demand so show up early. It starts from 7pm and by 8pm, the lines are extensive. A generous meal with a beer should set you back USD$15 to $20. 

Harrison's Cave on the Caribbean island of Barbados

Scope out Harrison's Cave

Harrison’s Cave is one of the natural wonders of the Caribbean. The caves are the product of water eroded limestone rock, with calcium-rich waters forming unique stalactites and stalagmites. A tour is as simple and accessible as sitting in a tram, meaning that the magical caverns and crystallized formations remain virtually undisturbed. 

Barbados’ best road trips take you away from the tourists spots

Get a taste of the nightlife at St. Lawrence Gap

The Gap, as it’s known locally, is less than a mile long but the hub for shopping, restaurants and nightlife. It’s just about 20 minutes outside of Bridgetown in the Christ Church parish. The small street comes alive in the nighttime, particularly on the high octane west side where you will find the bulk of the eateries and nightclubs.

Primo Bar & Bistro is an affordable waterside dining option for a casual atmosphere with tasty seafood and pizzas. The east end is populated with residential homes as well as hotels and guesthouses for every price point. 

There are a few bars with a noticeably more laid-back vibe. Grab some local street food and coconut water from one of the multiple vendors in the area and head to the short boardwalk to enjoy a front-row seat to a glorious sunset. 

Bright image of wooden promenade at the waterfront of Bridgetown in Barbado

Step back in history on a visit to Bridgetown

The Barbados capital makes sightseeing easy, with several major attractions conveniently located within close proximity to each other.  The Parliament buildings sit in the city center flanked by the National Heroes Square .

A couple of miles south of the National Heroes Square is the Garrison Historic Area , a collection of sites that make up the largest British military complex constructed in the Caribbean. This includes the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, the George Washington House , The National Army and St. Ann's Fort, Garrison Savannah, and Pavilion. 

Carve out a few hours to truly appreciate this area of historical and architectural significance. The 1,000-year-old Queen's Park baobab tree, Nidhe Israel Synagogue, and St. Michael's Cathedral round out some of the must-see monuments. 

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This article was first published February 2022 and updated November 2022

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Bridgetown which includes heritage architecture, religious aspects and a church or cathedral

St. Lawrence Gap

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Silver Sands

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  • Christ Church : With so much to see and do in this thriving destination, you can easily spend a week or longer here. For some of the best stays in town, check in to THE Abidah BY Accra , The Abidah by Accra - All Inclusive - Adults Only or the Little Arches Boutique Hotel Barbados - Adults only . Some popular attractions are Dover Beach, Silver Sands Beach or Rockley Beach. Need more sightseeing inspiration? Miami Beach, Worthing Beach and Surf in Barbados Surf School are also worth adding to your itinerary.
  • St. James : With fantastic attractions like Sandy Lane Beach, Paynes Bay Beach and St. James Parish Church, you'll soon see why so many people love to come here. Holetown Beach, Royal Westmoreland Golf Course and Gibbes Beach are just the cherry on top. Reputable hotels here include The Sandpiper , the Starfish Discovery Bay Resort Barbados and the Cool top Floor 1 bed Apartment With Shared Pool .
  • St. Peter : If you're new to this destination and are uncertain where to spend your nights, we've got you covered. The Sugar Cane Club Hotel And Spa - Adults Only , the Villa With Private Pool, Sea Views And Tropical Breezes and the Portzvuetwo Bedroom Apartment With Optional Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Spa Access are great choices. All offer excellent service and are near iconic attractions like St. Nicholas Abbey.
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  • St. Michael : Get set to soak up the atmosphere of one of the most unique destinations in Barbados. Kick-start your adventures at Kensington Oval, then discover everything else this great place has on offer. The Suburban Paradise in Bridgetown Barbados , the Melbourne Apartments and the Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados all promise a restorative sleep here.
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Home » Blog » Caribbean » Barbados » Barbados Itinerary: One Week in Barbados

Barbados Itinerary: One Week in Barbados

By Author Macca Sherifi

Posted on Last updated: January 2, 2024

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Are you looking for an amazing Barbados itinerary? From the best beaches to island safaris to drinking rum, this is how to spend one week in Barbados!

barbados itinerary

If you’re looking at what to do in Barbados then you’ve come to the right place! My Barbados itinerary is packed full of all the best things to do on the island with a day by day breakdown, so make sure you keep on reading!

There are a few places around the world synonymous with beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters a thousand shades of blue, glorious sunshine all year long and a level of luxury rarely seen anywhere else. Yep, Barbados is a place that really has it all.

With hotels like Sandy Lane, without a doubt one of the most prestigious in the world, to fine dining at The Cliff restaurant, it’s easy to think Barbados is inaccessible to us mere mortals.

Yet after spending one week in Barbados there’s a lot more to this paradise island than meets the eye. It’s one of those places that you’ll never get bored in. Unless you want to be bored on a beautiful beach. Then it has that too.

7 days in barbados

I’m not someone who likes sitting in a hotel knocking back the cocktails for a week. Instead, I really wanted to experience as much of Barbados as possible.

I really wanted to immerse all my senses to get under the skin of the island and to see what this country is really like. I didn’t just want to see the country but I wanted to feel it too, to taste it and to hear it.

So, with that in mind, if you’re looking for that full body experience of this jewel in the Caribbean , here is a one week Barbados itinerary. Just get ready for one of the best weeks of your life!

When is the best time to visit Barbados?

best time to visit barbados

This is always a good place to start when planning your Barbados vacation.

The best time to visit Barbados is  between mid-December and mid-April , during dry season. This is when you’ll get the best temperatures of around 30 degrees every day.

The good news is you can visit Barbados at any time of the year. Even if it rains, it clears quickly and the sun is soon out again. As an example of this, I visited in September and it didn’t rain once, so there really isn’t a bad time to visit!

Tours in Barbados

7 days in barbados itinerary, morning: take a long walk on one of the many beautiful beaches.

To start your perfect one week in Barbados, the first thing you’re going to want to do is head straight to the beach and see the colour of the sea.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen so many different shades of blue than in Barbados. The beaches are famous for a reason so get yourself down to Mullins Beach, grab yourself a sun lounger and feel yourself start to unwind.

what to do in barbados

Afternoon: Explore Harrison’s Cave and learn all about the history of the island

Right in the heart of the country, Harrison’s Cave is where it all began in Barbados.

Located in the central uplands of the island, this crystallized, limestone cave is characterized by flowing streams, deep pools of crystal clear water and towering columns of stalagmites and stalactites.

At Harrison’s Cave you can learn all about how Barbados was formed as an island, and wandering around these caves really makes you feel like you’re an explorer for the day.

This is one of my favourite places to visit in Barbados so I really hope you enjoy it!

Harrison's Cave, Barbados

Evening: Head to the Salt Cafe then wander around Bridgetown

If you’re looking for one of the best restaurants in Barbados, then I’d really recommend the Salt Cafe in Bridgetown. This is an amazing spot where they do good honest cooking with that Caribbean flare.

The menu is quite small, but everything packs a punch and is delicious. You can expect things like tuna poke bowls, spicy chicken wings and coconut shrimp. Their fried fish is brilliant too which you can’t go wrong with.

The rum punch and piña coladas get a special shout out here too. Also, it’s great walking around the colourful capital of Bridgetown to get a feel for what this place is like. In one word – vibrant!

food in barbados

Morning: Jump in an island safari and drive around the island

Whenever I get to a new country I always like exploring it as much of it as possible to orientate myself so I know where I’m going. The perfect way to do this is with Dwayne from Island Safari.

This is an safari tour all around Barbados where you’ll learn all about the history of the island and where some of the best spots are too. Dwayne, one of the tour guides, is the most enthusiastic person ever and he knows so much about his country. Also, as you’ll quickly find with all tours in Barbados, there’s an abundance of rum punch.

I can’t recommend this island safari tour enough and it was one of my favourite activities while in Barbados!

one week in barbados

Afternoon: Step back in time at St. Nicholas Abbey

Continuing with the beautiful views, in the afternoon head up to St Nicholas Abbey in the north of the island. This is another one of the top places to visit in Barbados.

Dating back to 1658, this is one of the oldest properties on the island; it’s also one of the most beautiful too. Here you can have a sandwich and a rum punch on a quaint veranda on the edge of a forest – it really is like stepping back in time and a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

things to do in barbados

Evening: Eat at Juma’s in Alleynes Bay

Juma’s is the pick of the bunch when it comes to restaurants in Alleynes Bay. Overlooking the sea, Juma’s is a cross between hearty classics like bbq ribs and chicken wings and amazing seafood with fresh fish every evening. Also, the wine selection here is top notch without being too expensive.

Juma's, Barbados

Morning: Go diving with a sunken yellow submarine

Barbados is renowned all around the world for it’s diving, so if you’re up for an underwater adventure then go diving with Reefers and Wreckers . There are no fewer than 17 wrecks all around the island, and even though I only managed to see three of them, one was the best I’ve ever seen – a sunken yellow submarine. How many places can you see that!?

If you’re not into your diving then there’s also some world-class snorkelling in Barbados too. Down at Carlisle Bay in the south of the island you can snorkel with turtles, and there are a number of wrecks there too. Either way, an underwater adventure is a must while you’re in Barbados.

If you’re into your diving, you can check out some of the best dive sites in Barbados here.

Diving in Barbados

Afternoon: Find a beach bar and relax for the afternoon

If you’ve been diving or snorkelling you’re going to be feeling pretty tired, so it’s best to find yourself a little beach shack for the afternoon and polish off a few rum punches.

Mullins Beach Bar is one of the most popular on the west coast, and The Cliff is one of the most prestigious. Down south, Surfer’s Bay Beach Bar is a fantastic choice.

barbados what to do

Evening: Eat at Fish Pot on the north west coast

Without a doubt one of the best restaurants on the island is Fish Pot . Located up on the north west coast, this is a really cute restaurant right on the water that specialises in fish and seafood (hence the name).

One of their signature dishes is the tuna, and if you’ve got time then grab a drink on the veranda afterwards and take it the sounds of the ocean.

Fish Pot, Barbados

Morning: Start the day standup paddle boarding

Most hotels have their own standup paddleboards, so take one out for a spin in the morning before the sun gets too hot. I stayed at Port Ferdinand and they had free water taxis to St Peter’s Bay on the west coast.

There you could use the paddleboards and cruise along the coast searching for wrecks and turtles. Honestly, it is such a relaxing way to start the day. Oh, and you get to work on your tan too! Win win! For me, this is one of the most relaxed things to do in Barbados.

2 weeks in barbados

Afternoon: Hear the waves crashing at the Animal Flower Cave

At the very north tip of Barbados you’ll find Animal Flower Cave . This place gets its name from the tiny Christmas tree worms (they look like Christmas trees) that live in the cave, but it’s more popular for the incredibly dramatic scenery where there’s a window to the rough seas beyond.

This is wild Barbados and you really can hear the waves crash on the rocks right below you. Also, just above the cave mouth there’s a restaurant with some of the best views around – the Animal Flower Cave is well worth visiting for this restaurant alone!

Because this place is very unique and unlike anywhere else on the island, I really recommend adding it to your Barbados itinerary.

how many days in barbados

Evening: Try affordable luxury at St Peter’s Bay

Forget Sandy Lane where you pay $2,000 a night just to stay there; head to St Peter’s Bay instead. Again on the west coast, St Peter’s Bay is affordable luxury. The restaurant is set in gorgeous gardens right on the beach and the food is top class too. The seared, herb-crusted tuna was one of the best meals I had in Barbados and that’s really saying something!

St Peter's Bay, Barbados

Morning: Get lost in Hunte’s Gardens and feel like you’re in a Dickens novel

Mr Hunte is a genius, because either knowingly or unknowingly, he has created a real-life time machine. Stepping into Hunte’s Gardens is like stepping back in time, and here you can walk around an old 17 th century style garden with lots of little hideaways where you can pause and watch the world go by.

At the top of the gardens in the house where Mr Hunte lives and he’s an antique himself. Just ask him to join you for a glass of rum (he has his own rum of course) and listen to his stories from a bygone era. It’s like stepping straight into a Dickens novel! This is a place that should be on every Barbados travel guide.

Hunte's Gardens, Barbados

Afternoon: Learn all about liquid gold on the Mount Gay Rum Tour

You can’t come to Barbados without trying a few different types of rum, but by far the most famous is Mount Gay. At the Mount Gay Distillery you can learn all about how they make this liquid gold.

As soon as you walk through the door they hand you a rum punch (as they do everywhere here) and then they take you through their range of rums. Be warned: you will have a very good time here!

You can check out and book your tickets for the Mount Gay tour here. This is where you’ll learn all about how they make rum here while trying a fair few different rums too.

Mount Gay Rum Tour, Barbados

Evening: Immerse your senses at Oistins Fish Fry

If you’ve only got 1 week in Barbados then I really recommend stopping by the Ostins Fish Fry.

Every Friday the place comes alive with everyone on the island heading here for Ostins Fish Fry , a huge grill party right by the beach. With extremely cheap fish and dangerously strong rum punch, Oistins is a hit with locals and tourists alike, and it was an amazing experience immersing myself in the festival atmosphere with live music and dancers.

Oistins Fish Fry, Barbados

Morning: Smell fresh chocolate being produced at Agapey’s

Even though Barbados isn’t known for producing chocolate, at Agapey they’re breaking that mold by creating some of the finest chocolate in the whole Caribbean.

You can pop in and buy a few bars, or you can book a tour and learn all about how they go from bean to bar. It’s kinda a given, but their best chocolates are the ones with a liquid rum centre (trust me on that one!) This is one of the best things to do in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Agapey, Barbados

Afternoon: Live the life of luxury on board the Seaduced catamaran

Do you want to go on the boat party to end all boat parties? Then make sure you check out this incredible tour . They run luxury catamaran trips and while you’re on board you’ll be treated like you own it.

This is one of the best ways of seeing Barbados from a different perspective and it’s a great way to meet some fellow sailors. While on board Seaduced we stopped off at a couple of places to snorkel just as the sun was setting before enjoying the free bar long into the night.

1 week in barbados

Evening: Watch the sunset with a gin and tonic in hand

With Seaduced the party goes long into the evening too. As the sun sets, grab yourself a G&T and really feel yourself start to unwind.

Not only did I enjoy the amazing free bar (the guys at Seaduced make a damn good cocktail too), but the food is surprisingly good too – better than some restaurants in fact! This really is an amazing way to end the day and was by far one of my highlights on my one week itinerary in Barbados.

Sunset in Barbados

Morning: Have a breakfast like nowhere else in the world

If you’re in Barbados over a weekend then make a reservation for the gospel breakfast at The Crane Hotel . The Crane is the oldest continually running hotel in the whole Caribbean and it is just simply stunning.

Every Sunday morning, from 10am till 11am, they have their gospel breakfast, a breakfast buffet with gospel singers serenading as you eat. It’s very unique and an amazing way to start the day!

Gospel breakfast at the Crane Hotel, Barbados

Afternoon: Relax and reflect on the perfect 7 days in Barbados

As I’ve already mentioned, The Crane is one of the most beautiful hotels in Barbados – the views from the balcony overlooking the beach are just to die for.

As you’re already at the hotel, spend some time down on Crane beach soaking up the sun or by the five-tiered pools. Very luxurious without costing you an arm and a leg. In my eyes, this is such a wonderful place to end your stay in Barbados and to reflect on that perfect holiday in paradise.

The Crane Hotel, Barbados

Where to Stay in Barbados

I’ve listed a few of the most popular hotels below, but if you’re travelling in a big group or as a couple of families, then hiring a villa in Barbados is a great option. This could be your home away from home and means you’ll have a lot more space to spread out.

Waves Hotel and Spa by Elegant Hotels

where to stay in barbados

Situated in Saint James, 0.6 miles from Paradise Beach, this is a really lovely 4* all-inclusive hotel that is perfect for those looking for a mid-level budget option. Among the various facilities are a bar, a garden, as well as water sports facilities. 

Bougainvillea Barbados

best hotels in barbados

This property is 1 minute walk from the beach. Located on the white shores of Maxwell Beach, this tropical resort provides access to a variety of watersports, massage services and dining options. It features a swim-up bar, 3 pools and a spa.

Beach View Hotel

barbados accommodation

This gorgeous hotel is located on the west coast of Barbados and overlooks the picturesque Paynes Bay. This means you’re really close to some of the top attractions on the island.

This hotel is aimed more at families as each villas has its own fully-equipped kitchen with oven, stovetop and dishwasher. This means you can keep some of the expensive eating out costs to a minimum by cooking at home.

Alternatively, homemade banana bread, salads, and paninis are just some of the items available at The Sugar Apple Café, open for breakfast, lunch and, dinner.

How long do you need in Barbados?

barbados travel blog

One of the questions I often get asked is how long do you need in Barbados?

Obviously a lot of the cruise ship passengers will only visit for a day or two. Even though this will give you a enough time to visit one or two places on the island, it really isn’t enough time to do the island justice.

Personally, when planning a trip to Barbados, I would say 5 days minimum, but 7 days in Barbados is the perfect amount of time.

Barbados really is a place that has it all and more. The thing is, even though I’ve written about my perfect one week itinerary in Barbados, I could’ve easily made it two weeks – there really is so much to do on the island!

Whatever you decide to do, whether that’s relax on all the beautiful beaches or pack in as much as I did, you’re guaranteed to have a holiday to remember!

Barbados packing list

1 week in barbados itinerary

As you can imagine, I travel a lot. It comes with the territory of being a travel blogger! That being said, there are some things that I now can’t travel without. If you’re planning your Barbados itinerary, I’d really recommend taking these items with you:  

  • Sunglasses: Mens | Womens – These are an absolute must as soon as you step off the plane!
  • Beach towel – I find it’s always useful having a good quick dry towel in my beach bag. They usually pack down very small too.
  • Flip-flops – I am a Havaianas boy through and through.
  • Straw hat – Again, a must on any beach holiday, especially for those beautiful beach photos!
  • Sunscreen – The sun can be brutal here, so I’d recommend at least SPF30. Also, I now only buy reef-safe sunscreen to protect the coral reefs. It’s a bit more expensive but I promise you it really does make a difference!
  • Aloe vera – And this is incase you get things a little wrong!

packing list

  • Water bottle – I am a water bottle convert and I barely leave the house without one now. This is a great water bottle with a built in straw – it’s surprisingly handy!
  • Mask and snorkel – I love diving and snorkeling, so I always travel with my own these days. If you get a good quality one that actually fits then it’ll make snorkeling so much easier.
  • Waterproof phone carrier – Another game changer. I always use this when I’m on the beach to protect my phone from sand or when I’m kayaking to protect it from water.
  • Portable charger – Does anyone travel without these now? This one is my favourite – just make sure you charge it before you get on the plane!
  • Multi-adapter plug – This is the one item you’re most likely to forget.

My trip to Barbados was in association with Visit Barbados flying with British Airways as a part of their ‘5 Senses Campaign’ truly immersing yourself in all the country has to offer. As always, views are entirely my own and without bias.

Are you looking at spending one week in Barbados? What are you most looking forward to doing? Let me know what you got up in the comments below!

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From some of the world's best diving to sailing on a luxury catamaran, here is your ultimate one week itinerary for Barbados, the jewel of the Caribbean.

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Wednesday 25th of January 2023

For 7 days, how much did you spend for round trip flight, hotel, food, drinks, & entertainment? I spent 31 days 3/1-3/32/22. I had a blast. The people are so friendly. It was an experience of a life time for me.

Macca Sherifi

Wednesday 1st of February 2023

I think prices are a bit more now than when I went, but I think it was about £2K all in per person. It was such an amazing experience though, Barbados is a brilliant place to travel around.

Romuald Nadjie Kom

Saturday 21st of January 2023

Hello, Reading your article has really got me mouth watering and exited to take the adventure. I wish to take my vacation any time soon and will need a place to go too. My worry is that I have looked around and it seems no consulate nor Barbados embassy if found here in Cameroon. Where do we get a visa from, and if possible, how much is the flight? Blessed day to you!

Hi there! Good question. I have just checked and it says you don't need a visa to enter Barbados from Cameroon, you just get a stamp on arrival for free. In regards to how much flights are, a good place to look is skyscanner or someone like that. I hope that helps!

Wednesday 13th of October 2021

I’m here in Barbados now and really learnt a lot from this post, thank you! Definitely going to hunt out that chocolate place in bridgetown tomorrow and I’ll be checking out the fish fry on Friday!!

@Rachel, I ate at the Oistins Fish Fry almost every day. OMG So good.

Monday 25th of October 2021

I was going to send this post over to you before you left, so I'm glad you found it! The fish fry is really good fun - hopefully it's still going on at the moment!

Sunday 16th of February 2020

Hi there! Any suggestions for hiring a car service?

@Tim Morris, public transportation is $3.50 Bajan or $1.75 USD. Smaller van was $5. Bajan. $2.50 USD. CABS ARE $40 Bajan, $20 USD.

Tuesday 7th of June 2022

@Macca Sherifi,

I know time has moved on quite a bit since this Post, but car hire in Barbados is not a good option. It's very expensive, and cars are usually not the best. Unless there are several people sharing the cost it's not worth it. Buses up and down the West Coast are cheap as chips and an experience not to be missed. Organised tours are also expensive, and it's better to just have a deal with a nice taxi.

Hope this helps someone.

Sunday 8th of March 2020

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Monday 12th of August 2019

Hi there great blog and report. BUT when i looked at the prices to stay at st peters bay, cheapest is £500 per night. we are going for 14 nights and we are are working couple with decent jobs etc BUT, I would not say £7000 just for 2 weeks accommodation is AFFORDABLE luxury. I'm not sure which working peoples planet you live on my friend but its not mine nor many others. Thanks for the rest of the great article. Regards. Lee

Saturday 28th of September 2019

Thanks for the comment Lee! I agree, £7,000 for weeks' accommodation is by no way affordable luxury! I know prices vary a lot in Barbados but there's no escaping it - if you're there for a holiday the costs can quick mount up. I'll make sure I amend my guide to reflect that so people are more aware of it all. Thanks for pointing it out though - I appreciate it!

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Organize the chaos into calm

Plan A Fun Trip To Barbados: Everything You Need To Know

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Planning a trip to Barbados? If traveling to the destination of your dreams is on your bucket list, then you need to see all my insider tips and things to do on the island. #barbados #vacation #travelling #traveller

Planning a trip to Barbados? Here’s everything you need to know to enjoy a fun vacation in this beautiful Caribbean island.

Planning a trip to Barbados? Here's everything you need to know to enjoy a fun holiday in this beautiful Caribbean island. #barbados #vacation #travelling #traveller

Barbados is a tiny gem of an island with an impressive number of white and golden sand beaches, turquoise waters, friendly locals and mouth-watering food.

How do I know this?

Because I live there!

If you’re planning a Barbados getaway, I’m going to give you an insider’s guide about everything you need to know. I’m a firm believer that when you plan ahead and you’re organized, things run so much smoother. So, let’s do this!

What You Need To Know Before You Book A Trip To Barbados

Weather on the island.

Barbados boasts a temperature that rarely falls below 70 degrees Farenheit (21 degrees Celsius) all year round. This makes it very appealing to anyone who lives in a temperate climate and suffers through freezing cold winters or the chilly fall and spring seasons. For this reason, it’s very popular with British tourists in particular but the island also gets lots of traffic from the US and Canada.

There are only two real seasons to speak of—dry and wet. The Caribbean does have a hurricane season which falls during the Summer months. However, the location of Barbados, being the most easterly of all the West Indian islands, means it falls outside of the usual course of most storms and they seldom make landfall.

Best Time To Visit Barbados

If you’re looking to get away from the cold in your country, November through June is a great time to travel to Barbados. You’ll enjoy blue skies and mostly sunny days. Of course, Christmas and New Year result in peak numbers of people visiting the island which means prices of flights and accommodations are higher than normal.

During July to August, you can take part in some of the country’s famous Crop Over festivities. This is a traditional celebration of the sugar cane harvest and it always ends with a carnival called Grand Kadooment on the first Monday of August. On this day, people wear colorful costumes accented with sequins and feathers. The revelers party in the streets to sweet soca music blasting from speakers on trucks. It’s really a sight to behold if you’ve never seen anything like it.

Looking for the perfect mix of great weather, affordable prices and activities? The best time to go to Barbados is probably May. Many attractions are available and the rainy season has yet to set in. Meanwhile, the majority of the winter crowd will have gone.

Barbados Activities

There are so many things to do in Barbados:

Of course, I have to start with the beaches. You can relax and enjoy the sea, sand and sun from the South Coast to the West Coast (also known as the Platinum Coast). Some beaches I love include Accra Beach, Carlisle Bay, Coach House, Folkestone and Port Ferdinand. There, you’ll find the opportunity to participate in water sports like kayaking, snorkeling and diving or even take a ride on a jet ski.

The more popular beaches do have life guard towers but not all of them, so be cautious. Please take note of any flags you see along the beaches as well. Red ones mean danger—possibly strong undercurrents or large swells.

If you’re a daredevil, the more turbulent seas in Soup Bowl, Bathsheba on the East Coast is a surfer’s paradise. Many local and international competitions have been hosted there. The relaxed atmosphere, natural and unspoiled beauty of this side of the island is quite a change from the bustle in the rest of the country.

Check out this awesome Beach Vacation Packing List to be sure you have everything you need to enjoy the island’s sandy shores to the fullest.

Other Things To Do

Besides beaches, some activities I would highly recommend are the Island Safari, Harrison’s Cave and the Animal Flower Cave (one of my favorite spots). You can also book a catamaran cruise and go out to sea or view the marine life on a submarine.

Quite honestly, there are entirely too many for me to mention so here’s a list of more activities and attractions .

You can’t visit Barbados and not try the local cuisine. The food is absolutely delicious and is flavored with lots of herbs and spices.

Fish cakes are a personal favorite and great as an appetizer but if you’re looking for a main meal, Cou-Cou and Flying Fish is the national dish. It’s made of cornmeal and okras and has a similar consistency to polenta or grits. Then, it’s smothered in gravy and topped with steamed flying fish.

Pepper sauce is a condiment served at most restaurants. Word to the wise—stay away from it if you can’t handle the heat. Don’t say, I didn’t warn you!

If food is what you’re after, there are a ridiculous number of restaurants everywhere from small family run establishments to five-star dining experiences. But, there’s nothing quite like Oistins Fish Fry on a Friday or Saturday night. There you can consume freshly grilled fish along with your choice of side dishes or even whole lobsters slathered in butter.

What to Drink

Rum punch is very popular with tourists and that’s no surprise as Barbados is known as the birthplace of rum. And, even as the local sugar industry declines, the country still manufactures excellent rums recognized worldwide as some of the finest and strongest there is. In fact, there are tons of rum shops where locals congregate in every parish.

Mount Gay Distillery, founded in 1703, has a Visitor Center where guests can learn the secrets of making rum and sample some of the award-winning liquors. There’s also Cockspur Rum and Foursquare Distilleries.

In addition to rum, the island is home to Banks Beer Brewery which has produced its distinctive lager since 1961.

Prefer a non-alcoholic beverage? Try some refreshing coconut water. Simply stop at one of the vendors selling this natural drink roadside. They’ll cut the coconuts fresh for you. Sip it right out of the shell or buy a whole bottle and take it back to your accommodation.

On a particularly hot day, purchase a snow cone from the “Snow Cone Man” (women sell them too). You’ll find lots of these carts in Bridgetown. This iced treat definitely hits the spot with sweet syrup and optional condensed milk dribbled over the top. My favorite flavor is coconut and it MUST have milk! Yum!

Where to Stay

There’s no shortage of accommodations to suit your pocket in Barbados. Places to stay range from self-catering apartments to hotels to luxury villas. Click to view this list of island accommodation .

You can also book a place to stay on Airbnb .

Getting Around Barbados

In order to make your way around the island, rent a vehicle, take a taxi or make use of the much cheaper bus service. Taxis are not metered and all legal taxi cars have a license plate starting with the letter “Z”.

The Government-owned Barbadian buses are hard to miss as they are painted blue with a yellow stripe down the sides. Privately owned mini-buses are yellow with blue stripes down the side. Finally, there are smaller ZR vans which are white with maroon stripes. At the time of writing this, the bus fare is BDS$2 per person.

Travel Tips

Of course, there are other things to consider when planning a trip to Barbados:

Is Barbados Safe?

Any time you travel, you want to ensure that you and your family will be safe. Well, there is crime in every country and Barbados is no exception to that. However, the crime rate in the country is much lower when compared to some of its Caribbean neighbors.

Be smart and vigilant as you enjoy your vacation. Don’t walk along lonely, unlit areas at night on your own and avoid carrying large amounts of money or expensive accessories like jewelry. Safeguard your valuables while on the beaches. Basically, act like you would at home or anywhere else in the world.

All drugs, apart from cigarettes and alcohol, are illegal.

Alert your hotel security or the Royal Barbados Police Force of any suspicious activity or anyone who might be hassling you.

Emergency numbers are as follows:

  • Police – 211
  • Ambulance – 511
  • Fire – 311

Here are 19 Things Not To Do In Barbados that will help you stay safe and avoid breaking any local laws.

Do You Need Vaccinations for Barbados?

There are no specific vaccinations required for travel to the island. But, you should make sure that you are up-to-date on routine immunizations e.g. chicken pox and measles.

Be aware, though, that there are mosquitoes and biting flies. Mosquitoes carry diseases such as Dengue Fever so pack insect repellent. Here’s a complete Travel Checklist you can use so you don’t forget to pack anything important for your holiday.

Entry Requirements

When traveling overseas, there are some international travel preparations you should make. Things like checking that your passport has not expired and whether you need a visa are vital.

For most countries, the only entry requirements you will need are a passport that’s valid for the duration of your stay, proof of address for your accommodation and a return ticket. Check to find out if you  require a visa for entry to Barbados .

Barbados Currency

The Barbados dollar is pegged to the US dollar at an exchange rate of US$1 = BDS$1.98. US dollars are accepted island-wide and most stores and restaurants accept major credit cards and traveler’s checks.

Taking a trip to Barbados is one you won’t soon forget. But, don’t take my word for it! Plan your own holiday and come see for yourself!

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Planning a trip to Barbados? If traveling to the destination of your dreams is on your bucket list, then you need to see all my insider tips and things to do on the island. #barbados #vacation #travelling #traveller

Two Monkeys Travel Group

Travel Guide to Barbados – How, Where & Frequently Asked Questions

The island is a famous tourist destination, and it welcomes millions of visitors every year. To know more, take a look at our travel guide to Barbados !

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, 100 miles (161 km) due east of St. Lucia, the island of Barbados stands apart from its neighbors in the Lesser Antilles archipelago, the chain of islands. It stretches in a graceful arc from the Virgin Islands to Trinidad. Barbados is a sophisticated tropical island with a rich history, lodgings to suit every taste and pocketbook, and plenty to pique your interest both day and night. The island of Barbados that is situated on the eastern Caribbean Sea is an independent island nation within the British Commonwealth. Locals are crazy for afternoon tea, cricket (which is also their national sport), golfing and scuba diving.

trip to barbados

The island of Barbados is such a wonderful and beautiful Island. Even though Barbados is especially known for its fantastic beaches, its warm climate, and polite friendly locals, the country is also a very scenic island. As the country is very small, the island is approximately only 14 miles by 21 miles. This gives a great advantage to being able to explore it. The island of Barbados is a green and luscious island full of vegetation as well as the sugar cane fields. The country is also made up of hills and valleys as well as the low calm clear beaches of the Caribbean Sea and the rugged cliffs and shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean.

Table of Contents

Questions and Answers about Barbados

Where is barbados.

If you’ve got a map of the world or a world atlas, take a look at South America. Right at the tip of South America, pretty much in the center, is Venezuela. And off the north coast of Venezuela is the island of Trinidad. Trinidad and its tiny neighbor, Tobago, are the southernmost of the Caribbean Islands. A little further north of them and to the east you will see the small island of Barbados that is the easternmost of the Caribbean islands. Closest islands to Barbados are St Vincent and the Grenadines, great to cruise to by yacht if you are on vacation in Barbados.

trip to barbados

Is it safe to travel to Barbados?

The island of Barbados is generally a safe place to travel. Like in most places, crime and drugs are present in the country. Tourists, though, are not usually victims of violent crime and generally enjoy better security than local residents. However, there have been incidents of crime including armed robbery and sexual assault. Females should travel in groups and avoid walking home alone at night. Gap is one place where you can expect a hassle. Several reports indicate that at night, this restaurant/bar/nightclub strip tends to attract hustlers who may offer you illegal drugs and beggars who may pester you for money. Few reports also mention that some areas of The Gap are a bit run down, not well lit at night, and may not be family-friendly.

How to Change Money in Barbados?

Barbadian dollar is the local currency of Barbados. Tourists can use US dollars everywhere in Barbados but they’ll get their change in Barbados dollars. The majority of the places also accept credit or debit cards, although there may be a small charge for using credit cards. Travelers can bring your dollars and sterling to change at the banks in Barbados, or they can withdraw cash at one of the many ATMs on the island which tend to offer better rates than most currency exchanges (do check with your own bank regarding what charges they apply).

trip to barbados

What is Unique about Barbados?

As a matter of fact, it is not prominent anymore; however, a long time ago people would travel from all over the world to come to Barbados for its healing properties. The individual seeking healing would be cover from the neck down in the sands of Cattlewash Beach in St. Andrew. This unique sand treatment was believed to cure a wide variety of illnesses. However, with the passage of time, the popularity of this treatment waned.

The island of Barbados exports $57 million worth of rum across the world every year. The country is known as the land of the flying fish, no coincidentally, half of the nation’s national dish is also flying fish (the other half is cou-cou). In Barbados, there is a Lord Nelson statue in Bridgetown’s Trafalgar Square that was erected in 1813, which predates the Lord Nelson statue found in London, England. The island of Barbados is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

trip to barbados

What is the culture of Barbados?

Local culture emerged out of the plantation slavery economy as a distinctive synthesis of West African and English cultural traditions. This mixture of cultural influences makes the learning of Barbados a fascinating and unique melting pot. Race, regional, and class cultural variants exist, but all locals identify with the national culture. In line with the historical significance of the sugar cane crop, the major annual cultural festival of the island is called Crop Over that signifies the end of the sugar cane crop harvest. In the lead up to the Grand Kadooment Day finale parade, the festival features numerous calypso and soca music competitions amongst other events and cultural activities, all of which have historical ties back to the original African slaves.

What is the Geography of Barbados?

The country is the most easterly in the Caribbean chain of islands (Lesser Antilles). Barbados’ splendid isolated location is at Latitude 13 10 N and Longitude 59 32 W. Measuring 23km (14 miles) at its widest point, 34km (21 miles) long and a mere area of 430 square km (166 sq miles). The highest point is 1,100ft (336m) above sea level at Mount Hillaby in St Andrew and the lowest in the Atlantic Ocean (0 m). The population of Barbados is approximately 280,946 (2007) and growing.

trip to barbados

How to travel to Barbados?

If you are planning to travel to Barbados, here are some of the airlines that will take you to Barbados from these countries.

  • London: TUI, Thomas Cook Airlines, British Airways, Air Canada, Virgin Atlantic, and American Airlines offer flights from London to Barbados.
  • USA: American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, Jet Blue, US Airways, Air Canada, and West Jet offer flights from the USA to Barbados.
  • Dubai: Air Canada, Virgin Atlantic, and American Airlines offer flights from Dubai to Barbados.
  • Singapore: Air Canada, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic offer flights from Singapore to Barbados.

How to travel in Barbados-Transport in Barbados

  • Air Travel:  When flying to Barbados, passengers will arrive at the Grantley Adams International Airport on the south side of the island. About 20 flights arrive in Barbados on a daily basis.
  • Taxis:  Taxis are easy to find at all major international entrances and hotels, enabling visitors to take advantage of a government-monitored flat rate system.
  • Public buses:  Public buses are a good transportation choice for visitors on a budget and those eager to experience the customs and hospitality of the local people .
  • Bikes and Mopeds:  Bikes and mopeds are also widely available and are a perfect option for a day trip through the scenic countryside .
  • Private transfers:  A rental car is the most convenient way to locate on Barbados.

trip to barbados

What’s the food like in Barbados?

Bajan food and drinks make culinary arts in Barbados truly stand out. An amalgamation of a strong Indian, English and African influence fused with the availability of freshly grown local produce has added further impact to what we now know as our very own Bajan food and drinks. If tourists want to eat like a local then ask for the staple food of ‘Bakes’, which is also known as survival food. It is made up of just three ingredients – sugar, water and flour, and other staple ingredients of the local cuisine include rice, vegetables, chicken and fish.

What is the weather like in Barbados?

The country’s weather is generally warm and sunny all year round with an average daytime high of 30°C / 86°F. As a matter of fact, the island of Barbados has over 3,000 hours of sunshine each year! The prevailing northeast trade winds blow steadily so that although it is bright and sunny, it is not unbearably hot. In Barbados, nights are usually slightly cooler. The rainfall typically comes in quick showers while the dry season lasts from January to June.

trip to barbados

Important things to pack for a trip to Barbados

  • Clothing:  Bring natural fabrics, like cotton, t-shirts, tanks, shorts, and khakis. Never forget to pack your swimsuit,
  • Shoes:  Athletic shoes and hiking boots will provide you with the most support on long walks .
  • Toiletries:  Bring toiletry bag (and ziplock bag per TSA regulations for any liquids/soaps).
  • Health kit:  It is always advised to bring first aid kit and essential medicines with you.

10 Amazing places to see and things to do in Barbados

1. touring downtown bridgetown.

trip to barbados

Bridgetown, the nation’s capital, is home to a wealth of attractions, but it’s also simply a beautiful place to wander around.

Suggested Tour: Bridgetown Walking Tour in Barbados

2. The Beaches of Carlisle Bay Trip

One of the most “Intagrammable” destinations in Barbados is Carlisle Bay. Its gorgeous blond beaches and long stretches of clear turquoise waters make this one of the most visited areas to dive in the sea or set up a beach chair .

Suggested Tour: Barbados Shore Excursion: Carlisle Bay Turtle and Shipwreck Adventure

3. Explore Animal Flower Cave

trip to barbados

At the northern tip of Barbados, the Animal Flower Cave is one of the must-visit, not just for the cave, but for the magnificent views. A short stair takes you down into this unique cave. Large natural openings offer views of the ocean outside. These openings also provide light and will remove the claustrophobic feeling that is often found in dark caves.

Suggested Tour: Animal Flower Cave Shore Excursion

4. Bathsheba Bay Trip

trip to barbados

Bathsheba Bay offers a wonderful glimpse of the ocean. The beach here is popular with surfers and not a place for swimming. These rocks are created by the remains of the earliest coral reefs.

Suggested Tour: Half-Day Barbados Tour: Harrison’s Cave, Hunte’s Gardens and Bathsheba

5. Barbados Wildlife Reserve

trip to barbados

Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a great place to see and enjoy some of Barbados’ most notable creatures, including the island’s famous green monkeys.

Suggested Tour: Barbados Harrison’s Cave & Wild Life Reserve

6. Friday Fish Fry at Oistins

trip to barbados

If you’re wondering what to do in Barbados at night, Oistins’ Friday Fish Fry is the answer. Every Friday night, you can try locally caught fish fresh off the grill. Several vendors set up here and offer a full range of fish and side dishes. Furthermore, locals and tourists come to enjoy the food and atmosphere.

Suggested Tour: Oistin’s Fish Fry and The Barbados Rumshop Tour

7. Enjoy Crane Beach

trip to barbados

Crane Beach is a beautiful soft-sand beach tucked in a cove on the Atlantic coast, surrounded by high natural walls. The white sand, tinged with a hint of pink, looks out over blue and turquoise waters, while offshore waves break on the reef.

Suggested Tour: Barbados 360 Full-Day Island Tour

8. St. Lawrence Gap

trip to barbados

St. Lawrence Gap, about 20 minutes from Bridgetown on the south coast, is a colorful 1.3-kilometer section of the street. It’s known for its restaurants and shops.

Suggested Tour: St Lawrence Dinner and Cocktail Tour

9. Farley Hill National Park

Like an undiscovered Mayan ruin in the jungle, the remains of the great house on Farley Hill are overgrown with trees and vines. It creates a scene perhaps more dramatic than when the hall was in its full glory.

10. Harrison’s Cave

Travel Guide to Barbados – How, Where & Frequently Asked Questions

Harrison’s Cave is a huge underground stream system. Its world-class beauty is unique in all of Barbados. Inside, you can find magnificent caverns and crystallized formations. Upon touring, you’ll be placed on a tram as you are taken through some awesome caves and a guide will teach you about the history of the caves and how they are formed. The tour itself is very educational and enjoyable. Never miss this one out!

Suggested Tour: Harrison’s Cave Signature Tram Tour

Final thoughts on Barbados

trip to barbados

Barbados is a unique and fascinating small island. It’s only 166 square miles, full of rich history, oddities, and wonderful heritage, that we take a special delight and enthusiasm in sharing with you through our hiking and walking tours, scenic bus tours, and fishing trips. We “show and tell”, so that the seemingly “take for granted objects”, take on a fuller meaning within the Barbadian context. In this way, the web of life, and interrelationship is developed in your mind and a resultant higher appreciation for Barbados.

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Travel Guide to Barbados – How, Where & Frequently Asked Questions

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Calling citizens of Barbados polite and friendly sounds very condensing to me.

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Antwaun Sargent’s Lightly Planned, Restorative Week in Barbados

Boat tours, scenic drives, and seaside drinks with rihanna..

trip to barbados

Everyone knows that person who spends weeks sniffing around travel blogs, going deep into Tripadvisor rabbit holes, collecting Google docs from friends of friends, and creating A Beautiful Mind –style spreadsheets to come up with the best vacations/itineraries possible. In this recurring series, we find those people who’ve done all the work for you and have them walk us through a particularly wonderful, especially well-thought-out vacation they took that you can actually steal.

Art critic Antwaun Sargent travels a lot, but almost never for pleasure. “I’m pretty frequently in places people go to vacation, like Italy, but I’m usually working.” But during the last weeks of the year, around Christmas and New Year’s, he gets a rare break. “The art world sort of shuts down, no one’s on email. And honestly, no one cares where I am.” In 2019, he took the opportunity to travel with his friend Miles Greenberg to Barbados , where his family owns a house. “I found a place where people just hang out. I took extremely long walks on the beach , swam , and just cleared my mind. It ended up giving me the moment I needed to take in and process the year.” Last year, he went back, this time with several famous friends in tow, including Jeremy O. Harris and JiaJia Fei . Here, Sargent shares what he’s learned about the island, including why you should rent your own house, what kind of curry to order, and where you might run into Rihanna.

1:30 p.m.: Arrive in the early afternoon 

trip to barbados

There aren’t a ton of flights to and from Barbados. But if you’re in NYC, JetBlue does an easy one from JFK that’s about four and a half hours. It’s pretty comfortable. Once you arrive, the airport itself is tiny, so it’s really easy to find your way around and out. But you will notice that you can easily get outgoing flights to any other Caribbean island, Canada, and a lot of different parts of Europe. One year, after we had spent Christmas in Barbados, we all went to Reykjavik, where New Year’s is a really big deal. If you’re looking to have a hot Christmas and a cold New Year’s, there’s really no better way you can do it.

3 p.m.: Rent a beach house on the Caribbean side 

The main reason I’ve started going to Barbados is because my friend’s family has had a house there for a long time. He’s spent a lot of summers and holidays there. The house is on the water next to Gibbes Beach, which is my main tip: Stay on the water. If you’re there to surf, stay on the East Side, next to the ocean. But if you want those waters to be calm and chill, like I do, stay on the Caribbean Sea side, the West of the island. It should be pretty easy to rent a house on either side, through something like Vrbo or a luxury service like Altman Real Estate , throughout the year that is basically on the beach. If you would prefer to stay at a hotel, there are great ones there. The biggest luxury one is Sandy Lane ( Sandy Lane St. James, BB24024, Barbados ), where Tiger Woods got married. I’ve heard it’s nice, but you have an equally good experience if you just stay at a beach house. Plus, all the houses have a house staff and someone who is managing the property. They’ll cook for you, clean for you, give you recommendations for things to do, and connect you with people who can help you do them.

Altman Villa Rentals Royal Villa 26

4 p.m.: Coordinate your transportation 

trip to barbados

In my experience, most of those houses also come with a driver. Which is great; Barbados isn’t a big place, but it can be tough to get around without a car. There is a bus system, which I’ve taken into downtown, but it doesn’t run that frequently. The driver on staff at Miles’s house was able to take us everywhere we wanted to go during the trip. If you can’t hire someone through your house, Airbnb, or hotel, you should be able to get one either through the staff of your house or through one of the many car services available on the island, like Terrvette Tours , Five Star Fast Track , and Ambitious Tours and Taxi .

5 p.m.: Pick up wine and fancy vinegars for the house

I’m not a big vacation shopper; I’m just super-meticulous about what I require and buy. One thing that’s nice is that the dollar is like, two to one, so the island isn’t that expensive. Everything is really fucking cheap. So we did buy a lot of provisions at this organic food shop called Gourmet Shop ( #5 Chattel Village, Highway 1 ). It’s the place on the island to buy nicer wines, cheeses, special vinegars. It’s like a foodaholic’s dream. That’s where we’d get any of the expensive shit you want that you might be used to in New York, if you’re craving something specific.

10 a.m.: Head to the beach 

Barbados is one of those places where the main activity is just going to the beach. And because all the beaches in Barbados are public beaches, all the beaches are good. It’s not like the best beaches are private, where you’d need something special to get in. I like that because it means that, no matter where you’re staying, you’re not cut off from anything, you’re not cut off from the culture. I spent the most time at Gibbes Beach myself, since it’s next to Miles’s house. But I also like Mullins Beach and Brandons Beach. You can’t really go wrong. There’s nowhere on the island you can’t be. And there aren’t a ton of rules on the beach once you get there. Everyone is BBQing, drinking, in the water, all sorts of things.

trip to barbados

We spent a lot of time just hanging out in the house and on the beach. We played some games, some people read books. But I really like to completely unplug and hang out. I took a lot of extremely long walks, like for hours. As an end-of-year vacation, that lets you take in the year and reflect on what went well, what didn’t, and really process everything, Barbados is a perfect place.

1 p.m.: See the island by car

There’s a lot of touristy stuff on the island, like the downtown and this plantation on the island, but I’m not really big into attractions. What I love to do is take these long drives around the island, mostly from the West where we were staying to the East. It would take you about three hours to do a full loop, but our drives were more in the hour to two-hour range. The island is so beautiful, and the scenery changes so dramatically as you drive from the sea side to the ocean side. You see these incredible landscapes as you drive around the island, without there necessarily being specific places where you need to stop.

trip to barbados

3 p.m.: Take photos at the Animal Flower Cave

This is the one “touristy” thing I would suggest. The Animal Flower Caves ( North Point, Conneltown ) are on the northern tip of the island. It’s this rocky area with a cove. You walk into it and around and you get these super-picturesque views of beautiful water through these dramatic, large rocks. The rocks kind of form into these windows that you can look through. You just get to see the beauty and power of the ocean. Sometimes you can see humpback whales. There’s also some really nice hiking and a decent restaurant.

trip to barbados

7 p.m.: Try the curry … everywhere 

My favorite thing to eat in Barbados is curry. Because the island is part of the West Indies and was a British colony until 1961, there is curry all over the island. It’s a product of that cultural exchange between colonies. And it tastes amazing. I could literally eat curry on the island; I subsist on it. I’m the kind of person who can eat the same thing over and over again, and on this vacation, I got curry everywhere. I like the one at Chutney’s ( The Walk, Welches, St. Thomas ), which is a chain with several locations on the island, but I mostly ate the curry made by the house staff.

11 a.m.: Spend the day out on the water 

This year, on Christmas Day, we rented a boat and drove out into the water. Barbados famously has like one climate, it’s always like 80, 85 degrees. It’s really great, especially out on the water. What’s so nice about the island is that it’s so small, everyone knows everybody else. If you’re staying at a hotel, you can ask the staff of the hotel for a recommendation. If you’re staying at a house, you can ask the person who manages the property. If you don’t have access to either, you can book everything from small sailboats (from $90) to massive catamarans (from $767) from services like Set Sail Barbados and Silver Moon . Usually whatever boat you’ll rent will also come with a crew, too. So you don’t have to worry about driving. We took our boat out and did a tour of the island, since Jeremy and his boyfriend had never been before. We had food on the boat, then swam and saw some turtles, fish. If you want to, you can find fishing boats where you actually catch fish, and then bring it back to have it prepared for you at your house.

trip to barbados

6 p.m.: Try the flying fish at Round House

trip to barbados

Barbados is known for its flying fish, a fish I did not know existed before I started going there on holiday. It does what it sounds like; they hop out of the water and float in the air a bit. It’s usually fried in a batter, kind of like cod. But Barbados is part of the West Indies, so the batter is spiced and has a lot of flavor. It offers just a little bit more than your typical New England fish. One of my favorite places to eat it is Round House ( Highway Z Bathsheba ), which we usually go to after the end of one of these beautiful drives, since it’s a hotel on the ocean side of the island.

8 p.m.: Binge Emily in Paris  

We spent most of our evenings just hanging out together at the house; it wasn’t the kind of vacation where we were going out and partying or anything. Jeremy and his boyfriend are both in the entertainment industry, so we watched a lot of movies. One night we watched the second season of Emily in Paris , because Jeremy is actually in it. It was just a really fun good friend hang. It was totally relaxed.

trip to barbados

6 p.m.: Grab a farewell beer, look out for Rihanna 

Jeremy and Rihanna are friends, and she happened to be in Barbados with her family. So we all got a drink one night at the Sea Shed ( Mullins Beach, Bridgetown ), a bar near Mullins Beach. The beer that Barbados is really known for is Banks Beer, if you’re a beer drinker. If you’re not, I would try any sort of rum drink, like a rum punch. The oldest rum, Mount Gay Rum, is made in Barbados.

Antwaun’s Barbados Packing List

A game-night game.

Monopoly Deal Card Game

It’s a faster version of Monopoly that you play without a board. We played for hours.

Aunt May's Hot Bajan Pepper Sauce

Aunt May’s is an Asian pepper sauce that goes really well in curry. You can get it anywhere now, I’m sure even on Instacart in Brooklyn, but I’m the sort of person where, if I have something on vacation in a place, I like to leave it there.

Biologique Recherche Protection U.V. SPF 25

Barbados is the kind of place where your main activity is the beach. You gotta use sunscreen to protect your skin.

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A protective hat

Esenshel The Russian Cuff Hat in Straw

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Barbados Trip Planning From A to Z (2024 Guide)

' src=

Planning a trip to the stunning island of Barbados? Look no further! With the help of this thorough guide, you will have access to all the information you require to make your trip unforgettable.

But don’t leave yet…we’re just getting started!

This comprehensive guide provides you with lesser-known travel tips on various aspects of planning a trip to Barbados, including transportation options, the best time to visit, accommodation choices, must-see attractions, local cuisine, and dining recommendations.

Getting to Barbados

Getting There

Any Barbados trip planning starts with figuring out the best way to reach this beautiful island. And fortunately for you, there are a ton of alternatives to consider.

Your journey to Barbados most likely begins at Grantley Adams International Airport, situated in Seawell, Christ Church. The primary air transportation hub for the island, having links to several places across the globe. Numerous significant airlines use the airport, including American Airlines, British Airways, and Caribbean Airlines.

It’s crucial to think about if a direct trip best matches your needs or whether you would prefer a journey with a few stops in between, which is frequently a less expensive alternative. You’ll find a range of possibilities, from direct routes from cities like Miami, London, and Toronto, to one-stop connections from more distant locations.

When you arrive, there are several alternatives for getting to your lodging at the airport, including taxis, rental vehicles, and buses.

Don’t overlook the allure of the open sea.

For those who enjoy leisurely travel and stunning views, a cruise to Barbados could be an unforgettable experience. The Bridgetown Cruise Terminal is a favorite stop for many cruise lines journeying through the Caribbean.

Major cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruise Line regularly dock in Barbados. These cruises often include other Caribbean islands on their itineraries, giving travelers the opportunity to explore multiple destinations on one trip.

Depending on the time of year, you may also find repositioning cruises that include Barbados in their journey. These cruises change their homeport and offer extended voyages at reduced rates, an excellent option for those with flexible schedules.

Choosing your mode of arrival ultimately depends on your personal preferences, travel style, and budget. Some prefer the speed and convenience of air travel, while others enjoy the slow-paced luxury that a cruise offers. Whichever way you choose, the charm and beauty of Barbados await you.

Best Time to Visit Barbados

Best Time to Visit

Although Barbados, with its idyllic tropical environment and breathtaking scenery, welcomes visitors all year long, there are specific seasons of the year when a visit to this island may be even more enjoyable.

Peak Season

The peak tourist season in Barbados runs from mid-December to mid-April. This is when the island enjoys its dry season, with less rainfall and plenty of sunshine. Daytime temperatures during this time frame normally range from the upper 70s to the mid 80s (°F), making it a warm and pleasant time of year.

However, with the peak season comes higher prices for flights and accommodations, and popular attractions can get crowded. Booking your ticket and lodging far in advance is thus advised if you intend to go during this time.

Off-Peak Season

The island’s rainy season, which lasts from June to November, is also the off-peak period. Rain showers are often brief and quickly give way to sunshine. Since Barbados is situated in the eastern Caribbean, it often avoids the worst effects of the current Atlantic hurricane season.

One advantage of traveling during the off-peak season is that prices for flights and accommodations are usually lower, and the island is less crowded. This might be the perfect time for budget travelers or those looking for a quieter vacation.

Festivals and Events:

If you’re interested in local culture and festivities, plan your visit around Barbados’ popular events. The Crop Over Festival, usually held from June to the first Monday in August, is a celebration of the sugar cane harvest featuring music, dancing, and a grand parade.

In November, the island hosts the Barbados Food and Rum Festival, where you can indulge in local cuisine and enjoy the world-renowned Bajan rum. Sports enthusiasts might want to time their visit to coincide with the Sandy Lane Gold Cup horse race in March or the Barbados Surf Pro international surf competition in April.

Deciding when to visit depends on what you’re looking for in your Barbados trip. This island offers something for everyone at any time of the year, whether it’s warm beach days, cultural immersion, or inexpensive vacation.

Accommodation Options

Accommodation Options

There are several lodging alternatives available in Barbados for every kind of visitor and price range. You may find everything you’re looking for in Barbados, whether it’s an opulent hideaway, a cozy hotel, or a guesthouse that’s affordable.

Luxury Resorts

Barbados is home to a variety of opulent resorts for people who desire to enjoy in the greatest luxuries. These establishments offer lavish accommodations, impeccable service, and high-end amenities. Some of the top choices include Sandy Lane, a world-renowned resort on the island’s west coast known for its luxurious rooms and spa, and The Crane Resort, perched on a cliff with stunning views and historic charm.

Mid-Range Hotels and Boutique Accommodations

Consider one of the numerous affordable mid-range hotels or a boutique hotel if you want comfort without paying luxury prices. These places offer good value for money with comfortable rooms and standard amenities. Treasure Beach by Elegant Hotels is a charming boutique option, offering an intimate setting with beachfront suites. Another option is Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa, a quiet, adult-only resort tucked away in the lush hills of Barbados.

Budget Accommodations and Guesthouses

Budget-conscious travelers will be pleased with Barbados’ selection of affordable guesthouses and hostels. These accommodations offer basic amenities at a lower cost, and often give a more local, authentic experience. The Pirate’s Inn in Hastings and the Melbourne Inn near Oistins are popular options with budget travelers.

Vacation Rentals

Apartments, villas, and holiday houses may all be rented for a vacation in Barbados if you like the conveniences of home. These are excellent choices for families or groups and are frequently more affordable for stays of a longer duration. Numerous solutions are available on websites like and Airbnb to meet a range of demands and price points.

What you hope to gain from your trip to Barbados will also affect where you stay. The Platinum Coast on the west coast is renowned for its tranquil seas, breathtaking sunsets, and opulent resorts. The south coast offers a more lively vibe with its bustling nightlife and variety of dining options. The east coast is less developed and a haven for surfers and nature lovers.

Must-See Barbados Attractions

Must-See Attractions

Barbados provides a range of activities that are suitable for all kinds of visitors because to its magnificent natural beauty, extensive history, and vibrant culture. The island is bursting with attractions that you shouldn’t miss, whether you’re a history fan, a lover of nature, or a beach enthusiast.

As the island’s capital and commercial center, Bridgetown is a must-visit. Explore its bustling streets and markets, and be sure to visit the iconic Independence Square and the Parliament Buildings, the third oldest legislature in the Commonwealth. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Bridgetown also features historic sites like the Garrison Savannah area and the Nidhe Israel Synagogue, one of the oldest synagogues in the Western Hemisphere.

Harrison’s Cave

One of Barbados’ most popular tourist attractions, Harrison’s Cave is a crystallized limestone cavern featuring stunning stalactites and stalagmites, clear streams, and deep pools. A tram ride takes you through this incredible underground landscape, making for an experience like no other.

St. Nicholas Abbey

Located in Saint Peter, St. Nicholas Abbey is one of the oldest surviving plantations on the island. The Jacobean-style plantation mansion, constructed in the 1650s, provides a window into the island’s lengthy past. Today, the plantation produces award-winning rum, and visitors can enjoy a guided tour of the house, rum distillery, and the beautifully maintained gardens.

Carlisle Bay

For beach lovers, Carlisle Bay is not to be missed. This stunning, crescent-shaped bay boasts clear turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. With several shipwrecks and a wide variety of aquatic life, it’s also a great place for snorkeling.

Animal Flower Cave

The Animal Flower Cave, which located on the island’s north shore, provides breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. The cave, accessible by guided tours, features sea anemones (also known as ‘animal flowers’) and natural, saltwater pools perfect for a refreshing dip.

Andromeda Gardens

Botany enthusiasts will love the Andromeda Gardens. Tropical and subtropical flora may be seen all around this six-acre botanical park in Bathsheba. Wander through the beautiful paths and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Bajan Cuisine

Local Cuisine

The rich and diverse local cuisine of Barbados, also known as Bajan cuisine, is an unmissable part of any visit to the island. With an array of dishes rooted in African, Indian, Irish, Creole, and British culinary traditions, you’re in for a real treat.

National Dishes

Your culinary journey must start with the national dish of Barbados: Cou-Cou and Flying Fish. Cou-Cou is similar to polenta or cornmeal, made with cornmeal and okra, while the flying fish is usually stewed with a spicy and tangy sauce. This delightful pairing is a testament to the island’s rich cultural heritage and its abundant marine life.

Street Food Favorites

For a casual bite, look for popular street foods like fish cakes – deep-fried balls of salted cod and dough – and macaroni pie, a Bajan take on macaroni and cheese, often spiced up with hot sauce or ketchup. Pudding and Souse, a dish made with pickled pork and sweet potato pudding, is a Saturday tradition in Barbados and can be found at various roadside vendors.

Sweet Treats

For something sweet, try a slice of coconut bread, also known as ‘sweet bread.’ Made with grated coconut, flour, sugar, and other ingredients, it’s a Bajan dessert staple. Another must-try is the guava cheese, a fudgy fruit preserve made with guava pulp and sugar.

And let’s not forget about Barbados’ most famous export: rum. Rum is widely recognized as having originated in Barbados, where there is no shortage of locations to try it. Visit a local rum shop for a taste or tour one of the island’s distilleries, like Mount Gay or St. Nicholas Abbey, to learn more about the production process.

Where to Eat

Everyone can find something to enjoy in Barbados, whether they like fine dining or a more relaxed atmosphere. The west side of the island, sometimes known as the “Platinum Coast,” is well-known for its upscale dining establishments, while the south shore is well-known for its laid-back beachfront restaurants. For a truly local experience, check out Oistins Fish Fry, an open-air market that comes alive every Friday night with vendors serving freshly grilled fish and live music.


How Many Days Do You Need In Barbados?

A stay of about 7 to 10 days is recommended for a trip to Barbados. This duration allows ample time to explore the island’s diverse attractions, from its historical sites in Bridgetown to its stunning natural wonders like Harrison’s Cave and the Animal Flower Cave, as well as time to relax on its beautiful beaches.

How Do I Plan A Trip To Barbados?

Planning a trip to Barbados begins with determining the best time to visit based on your preferences for weather and events. Next, book your flights and choose accommodations that suit your budget and lifestyle. Outline an itinerary that includes must-see attractions, local cuisine, and perhaps some local events or festivals. Don’t forget to consider transportation options for getting around the island.

Is Barbados Expensive To Vacation?

Although Barbados can accommodate a variety of budgets, it is typically regarded as a mid-to-high priced resort. The amount you’ll spend may vary depending on the occasion, lodging style, meals, and activities you choose. For example, luxury resorts and fine dining restaurants will add more to your travel budget than guesthouses and street food.

What Is A Good Time To Go To Barbados?

Barbados’ dry season, which lasts from mid-December to mid-April, is the ideal time to come since there is less rain and it is warm and comfortable outside. However, if you’re interested in local culture and festivities, consider timing your visit around popular events such as the Crop Over Festival in the summer or the Food and Rum Festival in November.

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I've been everywhere, man. Crossed the deserts bare, man. I've breathed the mountain air, man. Of travel, I've had my share, man. I've been everywhere!

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Good to know

Faqs - booking barbados flights, are there direct flights from the united states to barbados.

Yes, it’s possible to find nonstop flights between the United States and the Caribbean island of Barbados. There are year-round direct flights from US hubs such as Miami International Airport (MIA), John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), and Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). JetBlue Airlines and American Airlines are the operators of these direct flights.

Which other cities can I visit after landing at Grantley Adams International Airport?

You can fly to Barbados from SLC Airport in the US and then visit several other cities near Grantley Adams International Airport. Oistins, Blackmans, Bridgetown, and Bathsheba are some of the nearby cities you can conveniently visit from BGI Airport. Once you land at Grantley Adams International Airport, you can choose to take a bus, cab, or rent a car to get to these cities.

Is it necessary to have a visa to travel to Barbados?

As a US citizen, it isn’t necessary to obtain a travel visa to go to Barbados as a tourist as long as you don’t intend on staying in the country for more than six months. Nonetheless, travelers may be required to present some form of proof of departure out of the country.

How can I get from Barbados's Grantley Adams International Airport to get to the city center?

The least expensive method for visitors to use to get from BGI Airport to the city center is by bus. Buses run hourly along the highway directly outside the airport, costing roughly Bds$3.50 (US$2.5) to get from BGI to Bridgetown and other locations. If you want to travel to different locations outside of the city center in addition to taking buses, you can rent a car.

Where should you fly into to see the pink sand at Crane Beach?

Barbados is a Caribbean country famous for its stunning beaches. One of these popular beaches is Crane Beach. It’s known for its beauty and unusual pink sand. This beach is located on the southeast coast of Barbados. The closest airport is the main Sir Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI). The drive to the beach is only about 15min long.

Can I find a nearby hotel that offers passengers from Grantley Adams International Airport a free airport shuttle service?

When you arrive at BGI Airport, it would be advantageous not to get worried in case you intend to stay at a hotel that provides a free airport shuttle. Many hotels provide complimentary airport services to visitors from BGI Airport. If you want to avoid having to deal with the trouble of paying the high rates of taxis to travel to your favorite hotel, think about booking a room at this hotel because it offers a free airport shuttle.

What child seat laws are implemented in Barbados?

For those traveling to Barbados with children, if you’re planning on renting a vehicle or moving around by car, all children under the age of five are required to be in an adequate child seat. If you’re renting a vehicle, you may check beforehand if your car rental agency has available child seats. If not, you may need to travel with your own from the United States.

Which airport is widely preferred among travelers going to Barbados from the United States?

Most travelers flying out of the USA to Barbados prefer using John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) as their departure airport. This is because JFK Airport is a major hub for numerous well-established airlines serving international flights, which increases their likelihood of securing cheap flight tickets due to competitive pricing.

How long is the flight to Barbados?

An average nonstop flight from the United States to Barbados takes 9h 17m, covering a distance of 2524 miles. The most popular route is New York - Bridgetown with an average flight time of 4h 34m.

What is the cheapest flight to Barbados?

The cheapest ticket to Barbados from the United States found in the last 72 hours was $145 one-way, and $299 round-trip. The most popular route is New York John F Kennedy Intl to Bridgetown Grantley Adams Intl and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was $376.

Which airlines fly to Barbados?

American Airlines, JetBlue & Qatar Airways fly the most frequently from the United States to Barbados.

How does KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool help me choose the right time to buy?

KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a given destination and date is likely to change within 7 days, so travelers know whether to wait or book now.

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Barbados

  • Looking for cheap airfare to Barbados? 25% of our users found tickets to Barbados for the following prices or less: From Miami $514 one-way - $498 round-trip, from Boston $310 one-way - $578 round-trip
  • Book at least 1 week before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be June, July and August. The cheapest month to fly from the United States is September.
  • Enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates into the search form above to unlock the latest Barbados flight deals.
  • When booking tickets to Barbados, look for flights from the United States to the main airport in Bridgetown. Sir Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) is the airport serving the island of Barbados.
  • If your trip to Barbados from the US is planned to arrive late at night, think about booking a hotel close to Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI). One of the most practical venues for travelers to spend the night after arriving late at Grantley Adams International Airport is the Michand Guest Apartment. This lodging is less than a 2-minute walk away.
  • To find more affordable flights to Barbados, look for routes with one layover. A lot of these journeys make a stop at Miami International Airport (MIA) before landing at Sir Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) near Bridgetown.
  • Most American travelers who fly to Barbados with their kids favor JetBlue over other airlines. With this airline's free in-flight Wi-Fi, kids may easily stream live or download versions of their preferred movies, songs, or even TV series on flights to Barbados from the USA.
  • Remember that Barbados uses a different currency, the Barbados dollar. You can trade your US dollars at the currency exchange kiosks you’ll find upon your arrival at Sir Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI).
  • While awaiting their flights to Barbados from the United States, airport lounges are among the most comfortable places for travelers to relax. The Delta Sky Club is a well-liked lounge for passengers in economy classes departing from Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). Anyone in need of first-class lounge services might consider visiting the SLC's Centurion lounge.
  • Before your flight to Barbados, make sure your passport is valid and not expired, and that you have at least one blank page for any entry or exit stamps.
  • Consider flying into Grantley Adams International Airport if you want to go on a shopping spree after landing in Barbados from the USA. Retailing at this airport is simple and pleasurable due to the abundance of premium shopping facilities that usually have sales deals with discounts.
  • At the main Sir Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI), there are various transportation options to get to your final destination in Barbados. The airport has taxi services and public bus routes, as well as private shuttles and rental car agencies.
  • Individuals traveling to Barbados from the USA can utilize a number of special amenities at Salt Lake City International Airport that are accessible to disabled individuals. The parking garages at this airport have exclusive parking spaces and amenities for people with impairments in each terminal.
  • Landing at Sir Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) in Barbados, you will be right near the southern coast of the island. There are various top attractions and beaches close by, such as the famous Crane Beach, and Bottom Bay.
  • The popular Crop Over Festival celebrated in Barbados, lasting the whole summer, may affect the flight availability and prices from the United States.

Top 5 airlines flying to Barbados

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Professional comfortable flight crew food seat could not have been any better. Sure beats British air !!

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I would prefer if the Exit row seating was treated as priority seating.

The Air Canada Rouge flight is great value with amazing route and punctuality. The ground staffs in YVR and YQB are also extremely pleasant, helpful, and competent! I’m impressed by the value offered by this line. The plane is older, but it has the free movie streaming similar with many of the US airlines equip their domestic jets. While this should be a good overall flight, during my flight, one of the air crew was extremely rude for no reason. When I brought her an empty cup to discard in the galley (at the back of the plane), she refused to throw it away claiming that she’s not taking garbage at that time. Her associate always then kindly hung a trash bag in the galley so passengers could free up their seats from garbage. When they were serving drinks on flight, she repeatedly refused to make way for people to pass such that many passengers m who used the restrooms were trapped behind the plane. She told everyone to wait at the aft until she finished serving the entire plane. Again the other male air crew stepped up by giving way one person at a time. It is odd to see this lady air crew behaving that way. But she gave her phenomenal colleagues a bad name 😢 Having said that, I think the offering is still good. It was relatively on time and deliver the promised value. The experience wasn’t anywhere first class due to this lady air crew’s behavior that may have been ab outlier

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Book Cheap Barbados Plane Tickets

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Barefoot Caribou

Your 2024 Barbados Packing List: What to Bring on Your Trip

  • Updated on January 2, 2024
  • Packing List

trip to barbados

What You Will Learn (Click to Expand)

Introduction to barbados.

Barbados , the easternmost Caribbean island, is a paradise that combines colonial charm with modern flair. Its warm tropical climate and fine white-sand beaches make it the perfect destination for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

The island’s culture is heavily influenced by its British colonial past but also draws from its African heritage. Visitors can expect to indulge in delicious food with a West African twist, enjoy the world-renowned rum, and experience the vibrant outfits worn to festivals and holiday events.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a fun-filled family vacation, Barbados has something for everyone.

So let’s get started with the Ultimate Barbados Packing List .

What to bring and how to dress in Barbados

1. travel documents.

If you’re planning a trip to Barbados, there are some essential travel documents you’ll need to have in order to enter and exit the country smoothly.

Firstly, all visitors to Barbados are required to have a valid passport that doesn’t expire within the next six months. US, Canadian, UK, and EU citizens do not need a visa for stays that are less than 6 months.

It’s a good idea to take photos of all your important travel documents, such as your passport, driver’s license, and travel insurance, and store them digitally (I usually just email them to myself so I can access them from anywhere).

I also bring copies of my passport so I don’t have to carry the original with me while exploring the island. Lastly, make sure to pack all necessary medicine and supplements and copies of all prescriptions.

trip to barbados

2. Cash and Credit Cards

When traveling to Barbados, carrying both cash and credit cards is recommended for convenience. It is best to carry a combination of both, as not all establishments may accept credit cards.

It is recommended to bring around $500 to $1000 in cash, depending on your length of stay and spending habits.

Try to pay with one of your credit cards as much as possible (one that does not have international transaction fees) and keep a small amount of cash on hand.

Keep most of your cash, credit cards, and important documents in the hotel safe. It is also recommended to bring anti-theft bags or neck wallets to keep your items safe.

The official currency in Barbados is the Barbadian Dollar , but most vendors and establishments also accept US Dollars. The exchange rate for USD to BBD is about 1:2.

It is recommended to exchange currency at a local bank or authorized exchange bureau for a fair exchange rate. Avoid exchanging currency at the airport or in tourist areas, as they may offer unfavorable rates.

3. Drivers license

If you plan on renting a car in Barbados, having a valid driver’s license from your home country is important. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Drive on the left-hand side of the road.
  • Speed limits are in kilometers per hour, with a maximum of 60 km/h in urban areas and 80 km/h on highways.
  • Seat belts are required for both drivers and passengers.
  • Drinking and driving are strictly prohibited and enforced, don’t do it!
  • You may encounter roundabouts, which can take some getting used to if you’re not used to driving on the left.

4. Swimsuit

When packing for a trip to Barbados, it’s important to include at least two flattering swimsuits, as you’ll be spending a lot of time soaking up the sun on the island’s many beautiful beaches.

Ladies bring lightweight cover-ups, like kaftans or midi dresses; they are essential for a casual yet stylish look when you’re not in the water. Keep in mind that heavy items will take longer to dry due to the humidity, so choose lightweight and quick-drying materials.

Lastly, remember that swimwear should only be worn on the beach, so be sure to cover up and bring appropriate attire for other activities or cultural experiences.

trip to barbados

5. Flip-flops

Flip-flops are a must-have for any trip to Barbados. They are easy to pack and perfect for the beach or boat. When choosing flip-flops, make sure they are comfortable and durable enough to last the entire vacation.

Flip-flops can be worn during the day and into the night, but remember that some restaurants and bars may have dress codes prohibiting them. When visiting cultural or religious sites, it’s important to dress modestly and remove your shoes before entering.

Overall, flip-flops are a versatile and practical choice for any traveler to Barbados.

Clip-On Baseball Cap Holder

6. sunscreen and suntan lotion.

When visiting Barbados, protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is crucial. Applying sunscreen with a high SPF level is essential, especially when exploring the island, fishing, or swimming.

Look for products that protect against both UVA and UVB rays and have a triple +++ rating for the best protection. Reapply every 20-30 minutes, especially if you’ll be out in the sun for extended periods.

If you are looking for a nice, even tan without burning, suntan lotion is an absolute necessity.

Don’t forget to pack a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes as well. Bringing after-sun cream to nourish your skin after a day in the sun is also a good idea. Remember to stay hydrated and bring plenty of water with you.

When packing for a trip to Barbados, it’s important to bring a hat that protects you from the sun’s rays and matches your style. Wide-brimmed hats made of breathable materials like straw or canvas are perfect for keeping you cool and protected all day long.

Don’t be afraid to choose a hat with patterns or colors that can spice up your outfit without going overboard. Pairing it with sunscreen and sunglasses will ensure maximum sun protection. Don’t forget to bring a light jacket or shawl to cover up in the evenings, and rainwear just in case.

trip to barbados

8. Clothing for the weather

When packing for a trip to Barbados, it’s important to keep the tropical weather in mind. Lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen are ideal for staying cool in warm temperatures. For the beach, pack swimwear, a beach cover-up, and flip-flops.

Opt for casual daywear like shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers for outdoor activities. A light jacket or shawl is essential for cooler evenings, and rainwear is also necessary as showers can strike unexpectedly.

Smart casual pieces like linen trousers or skirts paired with breezy blouses and tailored jackets are a great choice for dinner.

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9. Nighttime and evening attire

When it comes to evenings and nightlife in Barbados, the dress code is generally smart casual.

Ladies can opt for short summer sundresses and pair them with a pashmina or wrap for cooler nights. A light jacket or cardigan is also a good idea to bring along.

For men, collared shirts and dress pants are appropriate for nicer venues.

Lastly, a few accessories or pieces of jewelry can transform any outfit.

trip to barbados

When traveling to Barbados, it’s important to pack comfortable and stylish shoes that are appropriate for various activities.

For beach lounging, flip-flops or durable sandals are a must.

For hiking, pack a pair of comfortable trainers or walking shoes with cushioned soles and adjustable laces.

When dining out, heeled sandals can add glamour to an outfit. It’s important to pack multifunctional shoes to save space in your luggage.

Instead of packing multiple pairs, opt for one pair of flip-flops and one pair of flats that can be worn during the day and into the night.

Pack shoes that are easy to slip on and off for beach activities. Avoid packing fancy clothes and high heels as the island is casual.

11. Bag for beach essentials

When packing for a day at the beach in Barbados, it’s important to keep things light and functional. Here are some must-have items to consider:

  • Sunscreen: protect your skin from the strong Caribbean sun.
  • Towel: a lightweight beach towel is essential for lounging on the sand.
  • Swimwear: pack a bathing suit so you can take a dip in the crystal clear waters.
  • Hat and sunglasses: protect your face and eyes from the sun’s rays.
  • Beach bag: choose a lightweight bag with multiple compartments to keep everything organized.
  • Water bottle: stay hydrated with safe, filtered water.
  • Phone bunjee: keep your phone safe from loss, theft, and damage.

Remember to keep things light and pack only what you need to enjoy a day in paradise!

Explore the Best Beach in Barbados.

12. Toiletries

Bring toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizer, and your favorite makeup products.

Other important items include a toothbrush, toothpaste, disposable razor, hair brush, and comb. If needed, remember to pack feminine products and try menstrual cups for added convenience.

While many resorts provide basic toiletries, it’s always a good idea to bring your own preferred products. Consider buying travel-sized items to save space, and bring a hanging toiletry bag for easy access.

Lastly, don’t forget the small details like lip balm. They even make SPF lip balm for more sun protection.

trip to barbados

13. Insect repellent

When visiting Barbados, it’s important to pack insect repellent due to the presence of mosquitoes and sandflies, which can cause itchy and uncomfortable bites.

Mosquito bites can also transmit diseases such as dengue fever, chikungunya, and Zika virus. To protect yourself, choose a repellent with natural ingredients that is safe for both you and the environment.

Additionally, wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants in the evenings and using mosquito nets in your accommodations can also help prevent bites.

Remember to follow the size restrictions for carry-on luggage and leave bug spray in checked baggage.

14. Snorkel and fins

If you plan on snorkeling in Barbados, and you should, there are a few essential items you’ll want to bring along.

First and foremost, make sure to pack a good-quality mask and snorkel.

Additionally, fins can greatly enhance your snorkeling experience by allowing you to swim more efficiently and comfortably. For protection from the sun and to enhance visibility underwater, bring reef-safe sunscreen and an anti-fog solution for your mask.

Remember to always respect the marine environment and its inhabitants by not touching or disturbing them. Happy snorkeling!

trip to barbados

15. Underwater camera

If you’re going to swim, snorkel, or scuba dive, you might as well film it, so don’t forget to pack your underwater camera! With the island’s crystal-clear waters, colorful marine life, and stunning coral reefs, there are plenty of opportunities to capture some amazing underwater shots.

And don’t forget to pack additional memory cards and a waterproof case to keep your camera safe and secure.

I use a GoPro , but there are other brands that have good gear, like Insta360 and DJI Osmo Action .

So, get ready to explore the island’s vibrant marine life and create some unforgettable memories!

16. Raincoat

Packaging a raincoat when visiting Barbados is important, especially if you plan on traveling during the rainy season, which lasts from July to December.

A lightweight raincoat or travel umbrella can protect you from sudden downpours and keep you dry while exploring the city.

Opt for a windproof and waterproof raincoat that won’t take up too much space in your luggage, and consider layering it over a light jacket or sweater for added warmth.

Don’t let the rain ruin your trip – pack a raincoat and enjoy all Barbados offers!

17. Travel umbrella

Barbados is a tropical island that can experience heavy rainfall from July to December, so it’s always a good idea to pack a windproof travel umbrella. It will keep you dry during unexpected rain showers and provide shade during sunny days and protect you from strong winds on the beach.

When choosing a travel umbrella, look for one that is compact and lightweight for easy packing and carrying. With a travel umbrella, you’ll be prepared for any weather and can enjoy your trip to Barbados without any interruptions.

18. Quick-dry beach towel

A quick-dry beach towel is essential to pack when traveling to Barbados. Most hotels and resorts provide beach towels, but they are big and bulky, so if you plan a day trip, pack your quick dry towel.

When choosing a towel, look for lightweight and compact options that are easy to pack. Microfiber or polyester materials are ideal as they dry quickly and are easy to care for.

With a quick-dry beach towel, you can enjoy all the water activities Barbados has to offer without carrying a huge wet towel around.

trip to barbados

19. Reusable water bottle

When traveling to Barbados, staying hydrated is crucial, especially in the tropical climate. Bringing a reusable water bottle can be a game-changer for your trip.

Not only does it save you from constantly buying plastic water bottles, but it also helps reduce the amount of single-use plastic that could potentially pollute the island.

The tap water in Barbados is safe to drink , but I recommend refining your water bottle at the hotel reception. They all provide clean, filtered water for everyone.

By bringing a reusable water bottle, you can keep yourself hydrated while being mindful of waste and the environment.

20. Books or eReader

Let’s be honest, there is nothing better than a good book on the beach. If you’re looking for some reading material to enhance your trip, consider packing books that delve into the island’s past and present:

  • “To Hell with Paradise: A History of the Caribbean” by Gareth Jenkins is a great choice for those interested in the region’s history. It provides an in-depth look at the Caribbean’s origins, colonial past, and modern-day politics.
  • “A Small Place” by Jamaica Kincaid is another must-read. The book is a powerful essay that explores the effects of colonialism on the Caribbean and its people.
  • For a more lighthearted read, “Barbados Bound” by Linda Collison is a fun travelogue that takes you on a journey through the island.
  • If you don’t have the luggage space, get an eReader. You can download “Fodor’s InFocus Barbados & St Lucia” for a comprehensive guide on the island’s culture, history, and geography.

Whatever you choose to read, make sure to take some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery Barbados has to offer.

21. Chargers and travel adapters

Barbados carries Type A and B power plugs (US standard) and sockets; the standard voltage is 115V. If you’re traveling from the US, no adapter is needed as the outlets are the same in Barbados.

However, a universal adapter is necessary if you’re traveling from the UK or Europe. If your devices are not compatible with our sockets or voltage, you may run the risk of damaging your battery.

And don’t forget the all-important charges to keep all your devices topped up: Phone charger and cable, eReader charger, GoPro Charger, wireless headphones, and more.

trip to barbados

22. In-flight essentials

When traveling to Barbados, it’s important to pack some in-flight essentials to make your journey comfortable and convenient.

Bring noise-canceling headphones to block out any unwanted noise, a neck pillow and eye mask to help you rest, and a good book to keep you entertained.

Dress comfortably in breathable clothing appropriate for the tropical climate, but remember that airports and airplanes are pretty cold, so have a hoodie on hand.

Keep your travel documents, medications, and snacks in your carry-on bag in case of any delays or lost luggage.

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23. Optional Extras - if you have the space

If you have extra space in your luggage, consider bringing some optional extras to enhance your Barbados experience:

  • Small first-aid kit
  • Travel laundry bag
  • Car charger
  • SPF chapstick
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Hand sanitizer

Tips for having the best experience in Barbados

1. consider what activities you'll be doing.

When packing for your trip to Barbados, it’s important to consider the activities you’ll be doing to ensure that you have all the necessary items.

  • For snorkeling adventures, don’t forget to pack your snorkeling gear to explore the coral reefs.
  • If you plan on hiking through the island’s lush interior, make sure to bring sturdy hiking shoes.
  • For a day spent lounging on the beach, pack at least two unique bathing suits and a lightweight beach towel.
  • For sightseeing, opt for comfortable and breathable clothing like jeans or casual slacks and lightweight t-shirts.
  • Don’t forget to bring a lightweight, smart jacket and a pair of formal shoes for dressy/formal occasions.
  • Rain gear if traveling in the rainy season.

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trip to barbados

2. Wear comfortable clothing

When visiting Barbados, it’s important to pack comfortable and breathable clothing for warm temperatures. Opt for cotton or linen fabrics in casual daywear like jeans or slacks paired with lightweight t-shirts.

Smart casual outfits with tailored jackets and breezy blouses are perfect for dinner, while formal events call for evening gowns. Don’t forget to bring a light jacket or shawl for cooler evenings and rainwear for unexpected showers.

A pair of comfortable sandals and a wide-brimmed hat are essential for daytime activities, and a flattering bathing suit with a cover-up is a must for the beach.

Finally, remember to pack a statement belt, cardigan, and small crossbody purse for added style and convenience. Keep in mind that Barbados is a casual island, so leave the high heels and fancy clothes at home to blend in with the locals.

3. Pack light

Packing light is crucial to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable experience. With temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s F (25-35 C), packing lightweight layers such as shorts and t-shirts is a must.

Additionally, bringing complete outfits that can be mixed and matched will streamline the packing process and save space in your luggage. Don’t forget to leave room for souvenirs on the way home!

4. Bring a day-trip backpack

A day-trip backpack is an essential item to bring when traveling to Barbados. It allows you to carry all your sightseeing essentials, such as sunscreen, water, and a towel, without having to lug around a heavy suitcase.

Additionally, it provides a safe place to store your valuables while exploring the island. Opt for a lightweight and spacious bag with plenty of pockets to keep your items organized.

With a day-trip backpack, you can enjoy your adventures in Barbados with ease and comfort.

trip to barbados

5. Bring a water bottle and snacks

When traveling to Barbados, staying hydrated and nourished is important to enjoy the island’s activities fully.

Bringing a reusable water bottle is a great way to stay hydrated and reduce plastic waste.

Snacks are also essential for sustaining energy throughout the day. Pack non-perishable options like granola bars, trail mix, and dried fruits.

If you are on a trip and get frustrated and “hangry”, take a break, have some snacks, and drink some water; you will feel so much better.

6. Safety and security

Barbados is a beautiful holiday destination and is considered very safe for a Caribbean island. To have a safe trip, stick to the tourist areas and use your best judgment. Don’t walk alone in dimly lit areas at night and stay with your group or family.

Here are my top safety tips for a wonderful Caribbean vacation:

  • Keep an eye on your belongings at all times to avoid theft and pickpocketing
  • Keep your valuables in zipped pockets inside or on the back of your bag or backpack
  • Don’t leave your belongings unattended on the beach
  • Keep a picture and a copy of your travel documents, and also email them to yourself
  • Keep some emergency cash separate from your main cash in the hotel safe
  • Ask for prices and negotiate before starting any activity or taxi ride
  • Inform your family and friends of your travel plans, hotel name, and flight, and send them updates every day

What clothing should I pack for Barbados?

Barbados is a tropical paradise, and packing for a trip there requires some thought. Lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton are good choices, as they will keep you comfortable all day long.

For women, breathable clothing and a swimsuit cover-up or no-iron shirt for beach restaurants are ideal. Comfy walking shoes are essential because you will do lots of walking. Don’t forget to pack a sweater or jacket for when the sun goes down.

Men should pack a comfy pair of shorts, t-shirts for walking around town, and a polo shirt for visiting historical landmarks or eating in a nice sit-down restaurant. A cardigan, jacket, and pair of long pants are also necessary for chilly evenings.

For a week-long trip, pack two to three swimsuits or bikinis, some day and night clothes. Light formal wear may be required for some restaurants. Stick to casual and comfortable clothing, and you will be ready for some fun in the sun!

trip to barbados

What type of shoes should I wear in Barbados?

Barbados has a tropical climate with year-round temperatures, making comfortable and breathable clothing essential. Good walking shoes, sunglasses, and a hat are also important.

For beach activities, sandals or flip-flops are ideal, while a pair of trainers or walking shoes with cushioned soles and adjustable laces are recommended for hiking or walking around the downtown tourist areas.

For evenings out, women can wear heeled sandals while men can opt for a pair of Toms. Overall, multifunctional shoes that balance comfort and style are the best option for a Barbados vacation.

What to bring back from Barbados?

Barbados offers a treasure trove of unique items that make perfect souvenirs and gifts. Here are some top picks to bring back from your island getaway:

Rum : Barbados is known for its exceptional rum. Bringing back a bottle of local rum like Mount Gay or Cockspur is a must for a taste of the island’s rich history.

Bajan Hot Sauce : For a spicy memento, pick up some Bajan hot sauce. It’s a flavorful reminder of the island’s cuisine.

Local Art and Craft : Support local artisans by purchasing handcrafted items such as pottery, jewelry, or paintings that reflect the island’s culture and beauty.

Spices and Seasonings : Bajan seasonings and spices are perfect for recreating the flavors of Barbados at home.

Conch Shell Decor : Beautifully crafted conch shell souvenirs make for a decorative reminder of the beautiful Barbadian beaches.

Mahogany Carvings : The island’s skilled craftsmen create stunning mahogany carvings, which make elegant home decorations or gifts.

Each of these items captures the essence of Barbados, offering a tangible and memorable piece of your Caribbean experience to take home.

What type of luggage should I bring to Barbados?

Small hand luggage or a small suitcase is sufficient for a trip to Barbados, along with a day bag as carry-on luggage. Packing cubes are a great way to organize your luggage and make packing and unpacking a breeze.

Packaging at least one change of clothes, PJs, and basic toiletries in your carry-on is recommended in case your checked bag gets lost.

Airlines typically allow one free checked bag for international travel, so it is best to pack light. It is important to check size and weight restrictions for both carry-on and checked luggage and any prohibited items.

trip to barbados

What type of sunscreen should I bring to Barbados?

When traveling to Barbados, it’s important to bring broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher to protect your skin from the strong tropical sun.

The sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours and more often if swimming or sweating. Water resistance is also important, especially if planning to spend time in the ocean.

Having sunscreen that is safe for coral reefs is recommended if you plan on snorkeling, as Barbados is known for its beautiful coral reefs.

Additionally, it’s important to bring lip balm with SPF and to wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses for extra sun protection.

What type of insect repellent should I bring to Barbados?

When traveling to Barbados, it is important to bring insect repellent to protect yourself from mosquitoes and sandflies.

However, bug spray may not be allowed in checked or carry-on baggage, so keep it in your checked bag or buy it locally.

It is recommended to pack or purchase Repel Insect Repellent, which uses natural ingredients to keep you and the environment safe. This repellent is also effective against bugs and has a pleasant scent.

Can you take food in your suitcase to Barbados?

If you’re considering bringing food in your suitcase to Barbados, it’s important to be aware of the local customs regulations to ensure a smooth entry.

Here’s what you need to know:

Permitted Items : Packaged, non-perishable food items like snacks, chocolates, and canned goods are generally allowed. These items should be in their original, unopened packaging.

Restrictions : Fresh produce, meat, and dairy products are typically subject to strict regulations due to health and environmental concerns. These items may be prohibited or require special permits.

Declare All Food Items : Upon arrival, you must declare any food items in your possession. Failing to do so can result in fines or confiscation of the items.

Packaging and Quantity : Ensure that all food items are securely packed and in reasonable quantities for personal use. Excessive amounts might raise concerns about the intent of import.

Check Latest Guidelines : Regulations can change, so it’s wise to check the latest guidelines from the Barbados customs authority or consult with your airline before traveling.

By following these guidelines, you can avoid potential issues at customs and enjoy your trip to Barbados with your preferred snacks and food items.

trip to barbados

What to wear in Barbados at night?

Dressing for nights in Barbados combines comfort with a touch of island style. Here’s your guide to fitting in perfectly with the nighttime vibe:

Smart Casual for Dining Out : Most restaurants in Barbados prefer a smart casual dress code. For women, a summer dress or a blouse with a skirt or trousers works well. Men can opt for collared shirts and chinos or stylish shorts.

Light Fabrics : The Caribbean climate is warm even at night, so choose breathable fabrics like cotton or linen to stay comfortable.

Footwear : While flip-flops are common during the day, evenings call for a slightly dressier approach. Sandals for women and loafers for men are appropriate for most settings.

A Light Sweater or Shawl : Occasionally, the evenings can get breezy, especially by the beach, so it’s a good idea to carry something light to cover up.

Accessories : Embrace island flair with colorful accessories. However, keep it simple and avoid anything too flashy for comfort and security.

Beach Parties and Clubs : For more casual or beachfront nightspots, feel free to dress more relaxed. Trendy tops, shorts, and summer dresses are all suitable.

This wardrobe guide will ensure you enjoy Barbados’ vibrant nightlife in style and comfort, blending in seamlessly with the island’s laid-back yet stylish ambiance.

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What can't you wear in Barbados to respect the local culture?

While Barbados is known for its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, being mindful of local customs regarding dress is important for respectful travel. Here are clothing items and styles to avoid:

Camouflage Clothing : Wearing camouflage or military-style clothing is illegal in Barbados for anyone, including children. This law is strictly enforced, as these patterns are reserved for the Barbados Defence Force.

Overly Revealing Clothing in Public Spaces : While beachwear is perfectly acceptable on the beaches, wearing bikinis, swim trunks, or overly revealing clothes in streets, shops, or restaurants is frowned upon. Opt for a cover-up or more conservative attire when away from the beach.

Excessively Casual or Ragged Clothing in Formal Settings : For dining in upscale restaurants, attending church, or visiting government buildings, avoid too casual or unkempt clothing. Smart casual or formal wear is more appropriate in these settings.

Heavy Jewelry and Flashy Items : For safety and to respect the modesty in local customs, it’s advisable to wear minimal jewelry and avoid ostentatious accessories.

By avoiding these clothing items, visitors can show respect for Barbadian culture and norms, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable visit for everyone.

What type of weather should I expect in Barbados?

Barbados has a tropical climate with consistent temperatures ranging from the high 70’s to 80’s F (25-35 C) all year round.

The best time to visit is during the dry season from December to May, which has lower humidity and less rain.

The hottest months are May to August, with an average temperature of 82 F.

The rainy season lasts from June to November, with heavy rains expected daily and high humidity levels. Visitors should pack an umbrella, good water shoes, and cooling towels.

Dress comfortably for the laid-back beach vibe, and wear breathable clothing for tours.

Despite the rain, the wet season is still a good time to visit, with ample sun and beautiful beaches to enjoy.

Made by travelers, for travelers, check out the Barefoot Caribou Products below!

Your 2024 Barbados Packing List

Now that you know what to bring on your trip to Barbados start packing! And don’t forget to leave a comment below to let us know what you’re most excited about for your trip.

Chip Ge

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Top Cities to Visit in Barbados

Bridgetown which includes heritage architecture, religious aspects and a church or cathedral

St. Lawrence Gap

Miami Beach featuring rugged coastline, tropical scenes and landscape views


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Visit and search Plantation Tours for some information.

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    Toiletries. Bring toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizer, and your favorite makeup products. Other important items include a toothbrush, toothpaste, disposable razor, hair brush, and comb. If needed, remember to pack feminine products and try menstrual cups for added convenience.

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    204 posts. 1. Re: Tours. Jan 27, 2024, 12:10 PM. Save. Your best option would be to a private taxi tour. The driver would know the best ones to visit, and in a timelier manner. Many plantations are private residences, and don't allow visitors or tours. Hiring a car is okay, but you'll most probably get lost and very frustrated driving in the ...