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  • Oct 16, 2020
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3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide for the Ultimate Movie Fans

Universal studios hollywood, warner bros. studio tour, and the glamourous beverly hills our 3-day los angeles (la) guide brings movie fans to the ultimate hollywood experience complete with public transportation guide on getting around la..

Universal Studios Hollywood, Warner Bros. Studio Tour, and the glamourous Beverly Hills! Our 3-Day Los Angeles (LA) Travel Guide.

Hollywood Dream Vacation

Visiting Hollywood is every movie fan’s dream!

Stepping off the plane in LAX after a 16 hours flight from Singapore, I remembered the dizziness of being swept off my feet like a starstruck child excited to rub elbows with the celebrities in no time. Or, perhaps it is the severe jet lag???

Universal Studios Hollywood, Warner Bros. Studio Tour, and the glamourous Beverly Hills! Our 3-Day Los Angeles (LA) Travel Guide.

Oh yes! I did walk on “a” red carpet; but did I meet my favourite celebrities?

Sadly, no. While my fantasy of meeting David Beckham, Britney Spears and Elton John did not come true, our Los Angeles trip did fulfil our dream of learning so much about Hollywood’s global film-making industry!

Hence, we hope our itinerary guide below can help like-minded Hollywood Movie Fans make the most out of your next LA trip!

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │Hollywood and Warner Bros. Studio Tour | Singapore Travel Blog

Read on below for details on attractions and our step-by-step public transport guide to each attraction.

Los Angeles Is Huge but Getting Around Via Public Transportation Is Possible!

I do not drive and my hubby does not like to drive overseas (with the left-hand drive); hence, our 3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide is completely based on travelling by public transportation.

A Google search and you will see numerous comments saying the most convenient way to explore Los Angeles is by renting a car. Yes, Los Angeles is huge, its sightseeing attractions are spread out over tens of km apart, eg: Santa Monica is 38km away from Hollywood Blvd (that is like one end to the other end of Singapore), and you can’t expect Los Angeles’ public transport to be as convenience as Singapore’s.

However, we were able to get around our trip by public transit system consisting of Metro Rail Trains, Metro Buses, DASH Buses, Big Blue Bus, and most importantly Uber and Lyft. The only complain I have is the amount of transfers between some locations as well as a good amount of walking (5 - 15mins) from the bus stop/metro station to some attractions. Do also note that for some attractions, it is more practical to take Uber, Lyft, or drive.

Coming to the question of whether LA’s public transport is safe? Well, we had a few encounters of homeless people and individual who seem to be talking to himself, but we too had similar encounters on Hollywood Blvd as well as during our last trip in Europe. The bottom line is to be vigilant; and they don’t typically bother you if you don’t stare or go near them.

On the other hand, if you do drive, Los Angeles’ traffic can get pretty jammed during rush hour. Hence, do give yourself some extra travel time when getting to and from attractions at peak hours.

Day 1: Hollywood | Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood | Griffith Observatory

Breakfast at the griddle café.

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │The Griddle Cafe | Singapore Travel Blog

Start your day with an all-American breakfast; and where is better than the popular The Griddle Café at Sunset Blvd!

Famously acclaimed as the Willy Wonka of breakfast, this is no ordinary breakfast experience. Here, you can expect humongous serving of pancakes which seem to be the size of truck tires! PS: 1 serving can be shared by 4.

The flavours are just as fun and witty. There is the Yellow Brick Road Butterscotch Pancakes; and the Saturday Morning Fever Pancakes - where you can have Baileys Irish Cream Kahlua soaked pancakes for breakfast!

Besides being a LA hot spot, if you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of celebrities! We would advise to arrive early else you got to be prepared for a long queue.

Opening Hours: Weekdays: 7am – 4pm | Weekends: 8am – 4pm

Getting there: If you are staying at Hollywood Blvd area, walk to Sunset Blvd. As Sunset Blvd is a long stretch of road, you might need to take Metro Bus 2 and align at the junction of Sunset Blvd and N Fairfax Ave.

After breakfast, it is time to visit Hollywood.

Hollywood Blvd

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │Hollywood Blvd | Singapore Travel Blog

There are several attractions at Hollywood for you to spend your entire morning till lunch time.

How to get to Hollywood:

From The Griddle Café, take Metro Bus 2 to Sunset Blvd/N Orange Drive bus stop (you will see IHOP). Thereafter, walk from Sunset Blvd to Hollywood Blvd. Alternatively, take Metro Bus 217 or Metro Bus 780 that will stop you at Hollywood Blvd.

From Denny’s, walk to Hollywood/Vine Station. Take the Metro Red Line for 1 station to Hollywood/Highland Station. Alternatively, take Metro Bus 2 to Sunset Blvd/N Orange Drive bus stop (you will see IHOP) and walk from Sunset Blvd to Hollywood Blvd.

1st Attraction: The Hollywood Walk of Fame

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │Hollywood Walk of Fame | Singapore Travel Blog

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is probably the most famous sidewalk in the World. It features over 2,500 stars (embedded along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street) honouring the accomplishments of actors, musicians, directors, producers and others in the entertainment industry.

We would recommend to make this your first attraction at Hollywood Blvd and to head over there before 8am to avoid the tourist crowd. It would be quite difficult to search or take photos of your favourite celebrity’s star on the ground with tons of people walk arou nd. To find the exact location of your favourite star, visit the Official Hollywood Walk of Fame ‘s Star Map.

If you are not bend on finding your favourite star, we would recommend to visit the area at the TCL Chinese Theatre which features the big-name celebrities’ star.

Tip: It is possible for public to view the complimentary star ceremonies. On average, there are about 24 ceremonies held each year, the dates are announced 10 days ahead, and most ceremonies start at 11:30am, and end by 12:15pm (unless otherwise stated). Hence, before your visit, do keep an eye out on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ’s website for the announcement of upcoming ceremonies.

Opening hours: All-day

2nd Attraction: TCL Chinese Theatre and Forecourt of the Stars

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │TCL Chinese Theatre Hollywood | Singapore Travel Blog

The TCL Chinese Theatre is opened as the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in 1927. The Chinese palace-type architecture was commissioned by Sid Grauman following the success of the nearby Grauman's Egyptian Theatre. Since then, it has hosted many movie premieres and events including three Academy Award ceremonies.

Today, besides holding the single largest IMAX auditorium in the world, it also functions as a regular movie theatre featuring one of the largest movie screens in North America.

The theatre also offers a 30-minute walking tour that features stories and fun facts from the theatres beginnings as well as original costumes from films. You can pre-book the individual tickets with Klook or buy them onsite. It is also included in the Go Los Angeles All-Inclusive Day Pass which is cheaper to get through Klook .

Opening hours: 10.00am -7:00pm, last admission 5.30pm; hours might change due to events, please check before going.

Cost Saving Tip: Instead of going for the tour, you could also return later in the night (if time permits) to catch a movie. Similar to the tour (minus the guide’s introduction), you will be able to see the same interior architecture in the lobby and in the auditorium.

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │Forecourt of the Stars Hollywood | Singapore Travel Blog

The TCL Chinese Theatre has its own tributes to the stars named the Forecourt of the Stars - the courtyard out front of the theatre. Here you can find more than 200 famous celebrities’ hand- and footprints; and perhaps, fulfil your wish to “hold hands” with your favourite star!

3rd Attraction: Dolby Theatre

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │Dolby Theatre | Singapore Travel Blog

Right beside the TCL Chinese Theatre is the familiar Oscars "red carpet" location that you have watched countless times in television - the Dolby Theatre (formerly named as the Kodak Theatre). Home of the Oscars for nearly two decades, the Dolby Theatre also host big movie premiers and countless events alongside the TCL Theatre next door and the El Capitan Theatre across the road.

Similar to the TCL Chinese Theatre, the Dolby Theatre also offers a 30-minute guided tour that will take you through backstage rooms and to the inside of the venue where the Academy Awards are held. You can pre-book the individual tickets with Klook or buy them onsite. It is also included in the Go Los Angeles All-Inclusive Day Pass which is cheaper to get through Klook .

Opening hours: Departs every half hour from 10:30am - 4:00pm; hours might change due to events, please check before going.

Cost Saving Tip: We would recommend you to go for this tour if you are holding the Go Los Angeles All-Inclusive Day Pass or if you love cinematography and adore the Academy Awards.

4th Attraction: Hollywood Sign Photo Spot

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │Hollywood Sign Hollywood & Highland shopping mall | Singapore Travel Blog

Walking along The Hollywood Walk of Fame, from the right of the Dolby Theatre’s front façade, is the Hollywood & Highland shopping mall. From the northern corners rear of the mall, you can take the escalators up to the viewing bridges, where you can see the Hollywood sign on the hillside.

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon - Sat); 10am – 7pm (Sun)

To set your expectation, you are not going to see the Hollywood sign the size you would imagine it to be on television. It is actually quite tiny from the distance. Griffith Observatory kind of offers a better view.

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │Hollywood Sign Hollywood & Highland shopping mall | Singapore Travel Blog

5th Attraction: El Capitan Theatre and Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │El Capitan Theatre | Singapore Travel Blog

Just across the street of Hollywood & Highland shopping mall is the El Capitan Theatre. Opened on May 3, 1926, El Capitan was dubbed "Hollywood's First Home of Spoken Drama". It was bought over by Paramount Pictures in 1941 and then by The Walt Disney Company in the late 1980s. It now serves as the venue for a majority of the Walt Disney Studios' film premieres, house live shows, and movies for kids.

If you are a Disney fan like us and wishes to tour the theatre, you can either buy a movie ticket for a show or join their USD$9 Express Tour. You can book the tour onsite or check out El Capitan’s website for more information.

We would highly recommend this tour because it is the most value for money theatre tours in this area. The tour highlights include seeing the backstage controls, dressing rooms, and “Mickey Lift” glass elevator that transports cast members to the stage. Yes, you can also find “hidden Mickeys” here!

At the end of the tour, you will also get a box of freshly popped popcorns – which is a perfect snack to munch along as you exit to the adjacent Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop for more sweet treats! PS: Everyone who enters gets a sample square of the tasty chocolate.

Opening hours: Full tours are given daily at 8:30 a.m. Express Tours are given throughout the day.

Note: This tour is not included as an itinerary attraction in the Go Los Angeles All-Inclusive Day Pass .

6th Attraction (optional): Museums on Hollywood Blvd

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │Madame Tussauds Hollywood | Singapore Travel Blog

If you have not went for any of the theatre tour and have more time to spare, just before lunch, you could visit one of the Museums on Hollywood Blvd to relive the Golden Age of Hollywood.

There is the Madame Tussauds Hollywood located just west of the TCL Chinese Theatre. What is unique about Madame Tussauds Hollywood vs Madame Tussauds Singapore is that it is more Hollywood/movie themed. You can find exhibits like A-list Party, The Spirit of Hollywood, Making Movies and a new VR game where you could be a hero in your own VR time travel mission.

Alternatively, there are The Hollywood Museum and the Guinness World Records Museum just around the corner of Hollywood Blvd and N Highland Ave.

Note: Madame Tussauds Hollywood and The Hollywood Museum are attractions inclusive in the Go Los Angeles All-Inclusive Day Pass which is cheaper to get through Klook .

If museum is not your thing, you can take the Metro Red Line for 1 station (from Hollywood/Highland Station to Hollywood/Vine Station) to Amoeba Music , the world largest independently owned record store to hunt for oldies classics CDs.

Lunch at In-N-Out Burgers or Musso & Frank Grill Hollywood

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Lunch at In-N-Out Burgers | Singapore Travel Blog

As we didn’t have much time for lunch and were still incredibly full from the breakfast, we opt for America’s famous fast-food chain, In-N-Out Burgers for lunch instead of the authentic Old Hollywood dining at Musso & Frank Grill Hollywood (dubbed the oldest restaurant in Hollywood, opened in 1919). We certainly hope to try Musso & Frank Grill Hollywood in our next visit.

Opening Hours: Sun - Thu: 10.30am – 1am; Fri - Sat: 10.30am – 1.30am

How to get to In-and-Out Burger: From Hollywood Blvd (from Madame Tussauds Hollywood cross the road), walk down N Orange Drive (10 mins) towards Sunset Blvd. In-and-Out Burger is just around the corner of N Orange Drive and Sunset Blvd.

After lunch, we would recommend you to go behind the Hollywood movie-making scenes at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour!

Warner Bros. Studio Tour

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │Warner Bros. Studio Tour | Singapore Travel Blog

Offering an immersive experience of Hollywood at work, Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is definitely one of the better studio tours in Los Angeles. Compared to Universal Studios Hollywood’s studio tour which is a little more theme park based, The Warner Bros. Studio Tour has a more intimate tram experience and it includes walking segments.

The 2-hour guided tour and a 1-hour self-guided tour will take you through famous backlots (Gilmore Girls, ER, etc) and an actual working set soundstage. The soundstage you will visit depends on what is not filming during your time there. Here, you will also experience the film production process at the interactive Stage 48: Script to Screen and see old sitcom favourites’ sets such as The Big Bang Theory and Friends’ Central Perk; and visit the Central Perk Café and Studio Store.

If you are a fan of DC, you will like the DC Universe: The Exhibit and Batman vehicles. There is also a level dedicated to The Wizarding World: "Fantastic Beasts" & Harry Potter!

Do you book the tickets (with your selected timeslots) in advance and arrive 30 minutes before your tour starts. You can book the individual tickets with Klook . It is also included in the Go Los Angeles All-Inclusive Day Pass which is cheaper to get through Klook . You can also buy them online at Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood .

Tip: If you are booking through Klook/ Go Los Angeles, please call +1 (877) 492-8687 or email [email protected] to clarify that your ticket is from Go Card, and to book your desired date, timeslot, and party size. We would recommend to reserve weeks in advance as there will be no guaranteed entry for visits without prior reservation, even if you have the Go Los Angeles voucher.

Opening Hours: 8.00am to 4:30pm (first tour starts at 8.30am) every day except Christmas Day, with extended hours during the summer

How to get to Warner Bros. Studio Tour:

From In-and-Out Burger, walk along N Orange Drive (towards Hollywood Blvd’s direction) and turn to the bus stop at Hawthorn Ave (behind the El Capitan Theatre; in front of the football field). Take Metro Bus 222 and stop at Hollywood Way/Riverside. Thereafter, walk along W Riverside Dr and Warner Bros. Studio Tour is the building after next. Alternatively, you can Uber there (cost around USD $25).

Griffith Observatory and Dinner at Café at the End of the Universe

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Griffith Observatory | Singapore Travel Blog

There is no better place to take in the Los Angeles sunset and night view than Griffith Observatory . It offers an excellent panoramic breath-taking view of the city from Downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood; and yes, you can get a good view of the Hollywood sign here!

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Griffith Observatory (Hollywood Sign) | Singapore Travel Blog

The history of the Griffith Observatory is just as cool. The 12.20 km2 of land surrounding the observatory was donated to the City of Los Angeles by Griffith J. Griffith, an American industrialist and philanthropist who wishes to make astronomy accessible by the public and not restricted just to scientists. Since its opening in 1935, admission to the observatory has been free.

The Griffith Observatory has been used to train pilots in celestial navigation and Apollo program astronauts for the first lunar missions. Another cool fact is that many movies such as the Terminator, Charlies Angels, and Transformers are shot here!

Besides the picturesque view and beautiful history, what we were most amazed of is their space science and astronomy exhibit as well as interactive experiences like the various telescopes. There are real actual meteorites; and you can even physically touch a piece of the moon and Mars!

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Griffith Observatory | Singapore Travel Blog

If you are feeling a little hungry at this point, we would suggest to grab some simple sandwiches and coffee at the ‘Café at the End of the Universe’ by Wolfgang Puck while enjoying the stunning view of the outdoor café.

Other free activities include the public telescope viewing offered each clear evening from 7.00pm - 9.45pm; and the ‘The Once and Future Griffith Observatory’ hourly show at the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theater that you can catch on the hour, starting one hour after the Observatory opens. The 24-minute film will present you the history, recent renovation, and future of the Observatory in a tale of observation and inspiration. On the first Friday of every month (7.30 pm to 9.45 pm), there is also the All Space Considered presentation where Observatory curatorial staff and special guests bring visitors up to date on current events in astronomy and space.

The only paid attraction is the Samuel Oschin Planetarium with its three exciting shows: (1) Centered in the Universe which take you on a journey of cosmic exploration and discovery; (2) Water Is Life which explore the possibly of life - beyond Earth; and (3) Light of the Valkyries which reveals the wonders of the northern lights. Tickets are sold at the observatory at USD$7 (adult). Click here for showtimes.

Opening Hours: Tue – Fri: 12pm – 10pm | Sat – Sun: 10am – 10pm

How to get to Griffith Observatory:

If you wish to avoid multiple transfers and long walks, from The Warner Bros. Studio Tour take Uber to the Griffith Observatory (cost around USD$20).

If not, from Warner Bros. Studio Tour, walk to the cross junction at W Riverside Dr and N Hollywood Way (in front of Chervon petrol kiosk) and take Metro bus 155; or walk to the cross junction of W Olive Ave / N Hollywood Way and take bus Burbank Bus PR Pink Route. For both buses, you can transfer at Universal City/Studio City Metro station (Metro Red Line) to Vermont/Sunset Station. Thereafter, transfer again to the DASH Observatory/Los Feliz bus at the bus stop in front of N Vermont Ave/Sunset Blvd. The bus will take you right at the entrance of the Griffith Observatory.

Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood (optional)

trip to la movie

If you still have energy to end the night with some rock 'n' roll and signature cocktails, just steps away from the TCL Chinese Theater and Hollywood’s Walk of Fame is the Hard Rock Café which offers incredible live music!

Opening Hours: 11.00am -11.00pm; closes 12.00am on Fri and Sat

How to get to Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood: From Griffith Observatory take DASH Observatory/Los Feliz bus to the junction of N Vermont Ave/Sunset Blvd. Thereafter at Vermont / Sunset Station take Metro Red Line to Hollywood/Highland station. Alternatively, take Uber back (cost around USD$20).

Day 2: Universal Studios Hollywood | Universal Citywalk

Breakfast at universal citywalk hollywood.

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Universal CityWalk Hollywood │ Singapore Travel Blog

Universal CityWalk Hollywood is an entertainment, dining, shopping promenade area located adjacent to the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park.

Typically, a day in Universal is mostly spent in the theme park; hence, we would advise to take the breakfast and dinner time to walk around Universal Citywalk before the park opens or after it closes. You will be able to find more than 30 F&B restaurants, cafes, and food outlets; movie theater featuring IMAX; 7 night spots; an indoor skydiving and more than 30 retail shops at Universal Citywalk.

Though not all the F&B outlets are opened for breakfast, there are a good selection of breakfast choices.

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Voodoo Doughnut, Universal CityWalk Hollywood | Singapore Travel Blog

Our no.1 favourite is the Voodoo Donut (in fact it is probably our all-time favourite donuts shop) because there are so many crazilicious flavours to choose from. Besides the flavours, you can also choose your preferred donut bases from the hand-cut raised yeast donuts, the smaller, denser and richer cake donuts to their specialty donuts. In total, you have more than 40 types of donuts choices for your breakfast!

If you prefer a savoury breakfast, the Breakfast Plus crepe loaded with mozzarella, eggs, and ham at The Crepe Café is perfect! If you miss your regular Starbucks or Subway breakfast, you will be glad to find them here at Citywalk as well.

After breakfast it’s time for the movie action in Universal Studios Hollywood!

Universal Studios Hollywood

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Universal Studios Hollywood | Singapore Travel Blog

If you have been to other Universal’s parks before, you could plan 1-day to complete Universal Studios Hollywood as you would be able to skip some rides. However, if you have not been to any Universal’s parks, we would recommend you to take 2 days for this park.

On the topic of whether should you get an Express Pass, our recommendation is ALWAYS YES unless you have visited Universal Orlando, Universal Studios Hollywood, or Universal Studios Japan multiple times. I would not count Universal Studios Singapore in as Universal Studios Hollywood at 1.7 km² it is about 8.5 times the size of Universal Studios Singapore and some of the rides’ experience for similar rides are completely different.

In addition, besides the rides, there are lots of shops and attractions that you would rather spend your time at (eg: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) then waiting in lines. Hence, we would also recommend to start your day there as early as possible.

Tips: We would recommend to buy the ticket s online . You can pre-book the individual tickets with Klook or buy them onsite. It is also included in the Go Los Angeles All-Inclusive Day Pass which is cheaper to get through Klook .

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Universal Studios Hollywood | Singapore Travel Blog

We will also be doing a Complete Universal Studios Hollywood Guide which includes (1) itineraries on how long to stay; (2) advice on whether to stay onsite Universal official hotels or offsite and (3) rope drop strategy. Do follow us on our Facebook or Instagram (@mytravelkakis) for more updates on this guide.

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Universal Studios Hollywood | Singapore Travel Blog

Besides the rides, like Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood offers an array of exciting thematic food. We would definitely recommend the famous Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice at The Three Broomsticks in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Butterbeer, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios Hollywood | Singapore Travel Blog

If you like The Simpsons, you will be glad to find the gigantic The Big Pink donut at Lard Lad Doughnuts, the iconic Chicken & Waffle Sandwich at Cletus’ Chicken Shack and Duffy Beer at Duff Brewery Beer Garden.

There is also the weirdly but deliciously green El Macho Nachos at Gru’s Lab Café! We certainly hope to try the Pomegranate Guacamole with Plantain Chips at the Costa Rican-inspired food at Jurassic Café in our next visit.


Dinner and Entertainment at Universal Citywalk

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Universal CityWalk Hollywood │ Singapore Travel Blog

There are 27 sit-down restaurants and F&B outlets to choose from for your dinner.

For sit-down dinner, the one that we have personally tried and really enjoyed are Bubba Gump Shrimp Co . inspired by the film Forrest Gump. This laid-back beach themed restaurant with displays of the movie memorabilia serves up a sumptuous menu of fresh shrimp dishes and other seafood. You can also spot dishes named after characters in the movie. We also love the authentic Mexican street fare from the Antojitos Mexican restaurant!

If you are looking for a quick bite while shopping around Universal Citywalk, we would strongly recommend the famed Pink’s Famous Hot Dogs where you can skip the queue from its original store at Hollywood location. Serving more than 20 hotdog flavours, Pink’s Famous Hot Dogs started out as a little hot dog stand in 1939 that grows into a Hollywood landmark popular among celebrities and with regular features in movies, TV shows, as well as the food and travel channel.

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Universal CityWalk Hollywood │ Singapore Travel Blog

Before heading back to your hotel, do check out the shops and entertainment.

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Popcornopolis, Universal CityWalk Hollywood │ Singapore Travel Blog

Grab packets of flavourful gourmet popcorns from Popcornopolis - there are awesome flavours from Cinnamon Toast popcorns, chocolate and toffee Zebra Popcorn, to the colourful America popcorns!

Opening Hours: Please check Universal Studios Hollywood’s website for actual opening hours. The theme park typically opens at 8am-10am and at selected dates closes at 6pm or 8pm-10pm. Universal Citywalk typically opens till 9pm-10pm with selected restaurants and entertainment open till late night.

How to get to Universal Studios Hollywood: From Sunset Strip take bus 2 to the junction of Sunset Blvd and N Orange Dr, walk and transfer to Metro Red Line at Hollywood/Highland Station and travel to Universal City/Studio City Station. Thereafter transfer to the Universal Studios Shuttle Bus (frequency every 10-15 min).

Day 3: Sunset Strip | Sony Pictures Studio Tour | Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive

Breakfast at denny’s.

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Denny’s at Sunset Blvd │ Singapore Travel Blog

With lots of attractions to cover today, we would suggest to start your day very early.

You can grab a quick breakfast at Denny’s at Sunset Blvd . This 24-hour restaurant serves comforting diner-style breakfast round the clock. It is our favourite childhood restaurant that we miss dearly when it closed its door in Singapore in 2002.

Opening Hours: 24-hour daily

Getting there: If you are staying at Hollywood Blvd area, walk to Sunset Blvd. As Sunset Blvd is a long stretch of road, you might need to take Metro Bus 2 which stops the junction of N Gower St and Sunset Blvd.

After breakfast, travel to Culver City to take the 9.30am Sony Pictures Studio Tour!

Sony Pictures Studio Tour

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Sony Pictures Studio Tour │ Singapore Travel Blog

A 2-hour walking tour, Sony Pictures Studio Tour offers quite a different experience from other studio tours.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour and Universal Studios Hollywood’s ‘The World-famous Studio Tour’ are more organised and commercialised with scripted entertainment throughout the tour and you will visit places that production has occurred. On the other hand, Sony Pictures Studio Tour seems to be an afterthought, more raw but real as you are actually backstage where production is occurring – you get to see costumed extras walking around, you will pass by production crews and vehicles, and perhaps have a higher chance to catch a glimpse of celebrities. That is perhaps what makes this tour so cool!

Compared to the other studio tours, while Sony Pictures Studio Tour does not have a huge backlot with various streets used for filming, you will however get to experience the scenes of the former MGM studios, which is one of the most famed studios of the old Hollywood.

You will get to visit the various sound stages where they recorded classic films such as Wizard of Oz, Men in Black, and Spider-man. What we love most is the set of our childhood favourite show, Wheel of Fortune! You can also spot cars that were used in Sony productions like the RV and SUV from Breaking Bad as well as Ghostbusters’ cars!

Do you book the tickets in advance and arrive 30 minutes before your tour begins. This attraction is included in the Go Los Angeles All-Inclusive Day Pass which is cheaper to get through Klook . You can also buy the tickets online at Sony Pictures Studio Tour’s website .

Tip: If you are booking through Klook/ Go Los Angeles, please call (001) 310 244-8687 to make your reservation between 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday – Friday to clarify that your ticket is from Go Card, and to book your desired date, timeslot, and party size. We would recommend to reserve weeks in advance as there are only a handful of tours per day.

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9.30am, 10.30am, 1.30pm, and 2.30pm

How to get to Sony Pictures Studio Tour:

From Sunset Blvd, we would strongly recommend you to take Uber there (cost around USD $20) in order to catch the 10.30am tour.

If not, take bus 2 to the junction of S Westwood Blvd and Weyburn Ave. Thereafter, transfer to the Big Blue Bus Rapid 12 and alight at the junction of Washington Blvd and Overland Ave. Walk along Overland Ave to Sony Pictures Studio Tour’s entrance.

After the studio tour, it is time for an afternoon tea at the renowned Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills

Lunch at beverly wilshire, a four seasons hotel.

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Beverly Hills, Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel │ Singapore Travel Blog

A luxurious lunch at one of iconic hotels at Beverly Hills definitely felt elaborate, glamorous, and celebrated.

The Beverly Wilshire has hosted celebrities, presidents and foreign dignitaries; and the sophisticated The Blvd , serves fresh and local California cuisine where you dine under the lofty ceilings, crystal chandelier, and oversized windows overlooking the picturesque famed Rodeo Drive.

Rodeo Drive and Two Rodeo Drive

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Rodeo Drive, Two Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills │ Singapore Travel Blog

After lunch/ afternoon tea, visit Rodeo Drive, one of the most famous streets in the world known for its collection of high-end designer and boutique shops.

The three blocks of Rodeo Drive, including the cobblestone-lined Two Rodeo Drive with a beauteous landscaped outdoor mall oozing with the European charm, is probably the most charming section for your luxe window shopping.

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Rodeo Drive, Two Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills │ Singapore Travel Blog

Featured in many Hollywood films from Pretty Woman, Beverly Hills Cop, to Clueless, this area is full of pretty spots for your Instagram photos! Do also check out the Walk of Style (plaques on the ground similar to Hollywood Walk of Fame) which commemorates important people in the world of fashion and design.

While we might not exactly go on a fashion shopping spree at Beverly Hills, we do love the great chocolate and confectionary stores at Canon Drive and Beverly Drive. Here, you can find family-owned chocolate store such as andSons Chocolatiers , to the famous Edelweiss Chocolates , which has been a Beverly Hills tradition since 1942. Edelweiss Chocolates’ handmade chocolates are also popular among Hollywood celebrities since the Golden Age of Hollywood!

Beyond shopping and food, there are also several art galleries such as Mouche Gallery , Galerie Michael , and Gagosian Gallery .

Location and Opening Hours: Two Rodeo Drive, 9480 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, United States| Mon – Sun: 9.00am – 5.00pm

How to get to Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills:

From Sony Pictures Studio Tour, walk to the junction of Washington Blvd and Overland Ave, take Culver City Bus Line 3 to the junction of Santa Monica Blvd and Ave of the Stars. Thereafter, transfer to Metro Bus 4 and alight at the junction of N Santa Monica Blvd/ N Camden Dr and walk to Rodeo Dr.

Sunset Strip

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Sunset Strip │ Singapore Travel Blog

The Comedy Store Stand-up Comedy

Los Angeles is a known breeding ground for new comedic talent and if you name the comedy stars from the last 30 years, chances are they have performed at one of LA’s comedy clubs which have brought the biggest names in stand-up comedy to Hollywood's doorstep.

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Sunset Strip, Stand-up Comedy │ Singapore Travel Blog

Hence, one of the best ways to end the evening and our 3-Day Los Angeles Hollywood Itinerary is to laugh the night away at one of the best comedy clubs along Sunset Strip. There are several good ones to choose from at the Sunset Strip, from the Comedy Store to the Laugh Factory .

Please book your tickets in advance. Do note that besides the ticket price, 2 drink minimum charge applies.

If this is your first time watching a stand-up comedy show in Los Angeles, I found a cool video online (see below) on informative tips on what to do and expect for first-timer.

Location and Opening Hours: 8433 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069, United States | Mon – Sun: 7pm – 2am; please check exact showtimes on website.

How to get to The Comedy Store:

From Rodeo Drive, walk to Santa Monica Blvd, take Metro Bus 4 and transfer to Sunset Trip Bus (only available on Fri and Sat from 5pm – 1.30am) at the junction of Santa Monica Blvd and Crescent Heights Blvd. For weekdays, we will recommend you to Uber (USD$10) as you will either need to make more than 1 transfer or walk for more than 15 minutes.

Dinner at Mel's Drive-In

3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide │ Mel's Drive-in, Sunset Strip │ Singapore Travel Blog

Our dinner/supper after the stand-up comedy show is at the iconic Mel's Drive-In . Yes, the actual Mel's Drive-In, not the one in Universal Studios!!!

Besides the classic America fare of great burgers and milkshakes, what we really love about this place is the ambience setting. It is not just nostalgia, but you will feel that you have walked straight into a 1960s movie set.

Location and Opening Hours: 8585 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069, United States | Mon – Sun: 24-hours.

How to get to Mel's Drive-In:

From the Comedy Store along Sunset Blvd you can walk 15 mins to Mel’s Drive-In or take Sunset Trip Bus (only available on Fri and Sat from 5pm – 1.30am) or Metro Bus 2.

Extra Tips:

We wrote about the use of the Go Los Angeles All-Inclusive Day Pass that is cheaper to get through Klook . So, is it ultimately worth it to get the pass? Based on our 3 Days Itinerary, if you are visiting all the following tours below, YES, you will save around $60 per pax. Even if you decided not to go for the TCL Chinese Theatre Tour and Dolby Theatre Tour, you will still save around $8 per pax.

TCL Chinese Theatre Tour = $27.19

Dolby Theatre Tour = $32.00

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour = $93.79

Sony Pictures Studios Tour = $67.74

Universal Studios Hollywood (based on lowest rate date) = $147.68

Total Cost: $368.40

3-Day Go Los Angeles All-Inclusive Day Pass = $300.80

The catch however is that:

· For the Warner Bros. Studio Tour and Sony Pictures Studios Tour you will need to separately contact the studios to book the tour dates and timing

· For Universal Studios Hollywood as it only includes the general admission ticket, you will need to queue and buy the Express Pass onsite if you wish to get one. We would advise you arrive very early in the park as in rare occasion, Express Pass do get sold out.

That concludes our 3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide for the Ultimate Movie Fans. If you are intending to stay for more days, do looking out for our upcoming suggested 5-Day Best of Los Angeles Itinerary Guide that will bring you to Santa Monica as well as Downtown LA.

My Travel Kakis Singapore Travel Blog - 3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary Guide

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A trip to Hollywood: Movies and shows that transport you to Los Angeles

By Vaishnavi Gupte

A trip to Hollywood Movies and shows that transport you to Los Angeles

Most of the world is under lockdown and there's mild panic about the coronavirus outbreak. In the midst of this chaos, we have travellers yearning for glimpses of the outside. These movies and shows on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube bring you the warmth and glamour of Los Angeles.

Films on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube based in Los Angeles

Once upon a time in hollywood (amazon prime video).

Actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) gained fame and fortune starring in a television Western, but he's now struggling to find meaningful work in Hollywood . He spends most of his time drinking and palling around with Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), his easygoing best friend and longtime stunt double. Rick also happens to live next door to filmmaker Roman Polanski (Rafał Zawierucha) and actress Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie). All their lives are forever altered with the entry of the “Manson Family”, a cult infamous for murders in the 1950s-60s.

End of Watch (Netflix)

This action thriller will take you through the everyday lives of the Los Angeles Police Department. Longtime friends and partners in the LAPD, Brian Taylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Mike Zavala (Michael Peña) patrol one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods of the city. Though they bend the rules, their honour and dedication to the job are unquestioned, and they always have each other's backs. All hell breaks loose when they run into conflict with a vicious Mexican cartel.

Drive (Netflix)

Driver (Ryan Gosling) is a skilled Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver for criminals. Though he likes to project an icy exterior, he begins to warm up to his neighbour, Irene (Carey Mulligan), and her son, Benicio (Kaden Leos). When Irene's husband gets out of jail, he enlists Driver's help in a million-dollar heist, but the job goes horribly wrong. You'll catch glimpses of downtown LA , Echo Park, Park Plaza Hotel Apartments, Staples Centre and MacArthur Park.

La La Land (YouTube)

Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) are drawn together by their love for performing. But the dreams they worked so hard to achieve begin to wear out their love affair. Gosling, Stone, Los Angeles and an extraordinary storyline make this movie a must watch.

Pretty Woman (YouTube)

A modern-day Cinderella story set in the Los Angeles of the 1990s. Edward (Richard Gere), a corporate raider, hires Vivian (Julia Roberts), a sex worker, while on a business trip to Los Angeles. Unexpected events bring the two closer, giving us a movie that tops every list of rom-coms ever made.

9 breathtaking celeb-approved wedding destinations

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The best restaurants, bars & cafes in Galle, Sri Lanka

Zinara Rathnayake

8 homestays in India for an immersive learning holiday

Nightcrawler (Netflix)

This movie shows the beauty of Los Angeles in the night. Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal), a petty thief, stumbles upon a new career. Armed with a camcorder and police scanner, he takes nocturnal trips across the city in search of grisly crimes to capture, eventually going to extreme lengths to catch the money shot.

LA Confidential (Netflix)

The LA of the 1950s is the seedy backdrop for this noir of police corruption and Hollywood sleaze. Three very different cops are after the truth, each in their own way: Detective Lieutenant Exley (Guy Pearce), the golden boy of the police force, is out to avenge his detective father's murder; Officer Bud White (Russell Crowe), ever ready to break the rules for justice, struggles to rein in his violent streak; and Sergeant Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey), is always looking to earn a quick buck, until his conscience drives him to join Exley and White down the path to uncover the truth behind the dark world of LA crime.

Clueless (Netflix)

Cher (Alicia Silverstone), a teenager from Beverly Hills, is rich, pretty and popular at her high school. For better grades, she plays cupid and coaxes two teachers into dating each other. Encouraged by her success, she decides to give hopelessly klutzy new student, Tai (Brittany Murphy), a makeover. As the story unfolds, we're taken through sights of one of LA's poshest areas.

Shows on Netflix that bring Los Angeles to you

Selling sunset (netflix).

Selling Sunset gives us an insight into the luxe lives of realtors at The Oppenheim Group and their clientele, the most affluent of the lot in Los Angeles. The drama ramps up when a new agent joins the team.

Shot in the Dark (Netflix)

This American documentary series follows three rival stringers who scour the streets of Los Angeles at night to film crime scenes, fires, accidents—anything they can sell to news organisations.

trip to la movie

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15 Certified Fresh Road Trip Movies

For the 25th anniversary of thelma & louise , we look at some of the best-reviewed road trips put on film..

trip to la movie

TAGGED AS: Certified Fresh

Twenty-five years ago today, Thelma and Louise jumped behind the wheel in search of a little freedom — and although the trip didn’t turn out quite the way they’d planned, their movie has enjoyed a far smoother journey, becoming one of the best-reviewed (and most popular) road trip movies of the last quarter-century. In celebration of Thelma and Louise ‘s latest milestone, we’ve compiled a list of audience-tested and critic-approved road trip movies that’ll keep you going for hours.

The Blues Brothers (1980) 72%

The Roadblocks:  Unfortunately, the brothers embark on their journey with a suspended license, and they aren’t about to slow down for a little inconvenience like the police (or mall pedestrians). Meanwhile, one of Jake’s spurned girlfriends (a bazooka-toting Carrie Fisher) is hot on their tail, and has no intention of letting the Blues Brothers reunite — or, for that matter, letting Jake live. Confined to the highways and byways of Illinois, The Blues Brothers  doesn’t cover as much ground as most road movies, but it’s a high-speed trip — and it culminates in one of the most righteous car crashes ever filmed.

Notes from the Road:  “Constantly hilarious, with a comic supporting cast to die for.” — Jeffrey M. Anderson, San Francisco Examiner

Watch Trailer

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006) 91%

The Roadblocks:  Borat is essentially his own roadblock — if he isn’t shocking and/or offending middle Americans with his witless comments about women and minorities, he’s picking an epic, distressingly naked fight with his best friend and producer (Ken Davitian). It will not surprise you to learn that things don’t go according to plan.

Notes from the Road:  “Although I knew it was dishonest, cynical, and the ultimate in cheap-shot humor, I laughed more at Borat  than at any other film this year. So I guess the joke is on me.” — Peter Keough, Boston Phoenix

Easy Rider (1969) 84%

The Roadblocks:  It’s the establishment, man. Okay, so they might be biking across the country with drug money stuffed in a tube, but Wyatt and Billy aren’t bad guys. Problem is, their scruffy appearance and relaxed attitude toward local customs have a way of attracting untoward attention from The Man.

Notes from the Road:  “This is a glorious widescreen vision of a hot and bothered America, at once beautiful and lost.” — Ian Nathan, Empire

Grandma (2015) 91%

The Roadblocks: They’re both broke and the girl needs $850, for starters — and then there’s the complicated tangle of personal relationships that forces its way into their path at seemingly every turn, initiating a series of uncomfortable reckonings along the way.

Notes from the Road: “ Grandma is a small film, but one with huge things to say about the meaning of family and the value of living on one’s own terms.” — Calvin Wilson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

It Happened One Night (1934) 98%

The Roadblocks:  Screenwriter Robert Riskin pulled out all the stops for Colbert and Gable’s journey, including a series of screwball misunderstandings, the most famous hitchhiking scene in movie history, and an added dash of last-minute wedding excitement in the final act. If its ingredients all seem overly familiar now, it’s because they worked so brilliantly here.

Notes from the Road:  “ It Happened One Night  is a true classic in every sense of the word, one that withstands the test of time and indeed defies it completely.” — Scott Nash, Three Movie Buffs

Little Miss Sunshine (2006) 91%

The Roadblocks:  The Hoovers are on a tight 48-hour timetable, for starters; making matters more difficult is their lack of funds, as well as the gloomy presence of Sheryl’s brother (Steve Carell), who recently tried to commit suicide, and Richard’s father (Alan Arkin), whose heroin habit just got him kicked out of a retirement home. And then there’s the matter of that ancient yellow Microbus…

Notes from the Road:  “This inspirational, hilariously sad dysfunctional-family-road-trip dramedy offers absolutely everything — except pretension.” — Brian Marder,

Midnight Run (1988) 95%

The Roadblocks:  Once Mardukas loudly feigns fear of flying and gets them kicked off their flight to L.A., he and Walsh are forced to embark on a hellish cross-country journey that finds them dodging interference from the mob, a competing bounty hunter (John Ashton), and their own loathing for one another. A sequel is reportedly in the works; here’s hoping the decades in between haven’t softened their mutual disdain/begrudging respect.

Notes from the Road:  “When it comes to odd-couple action comedies, this is pretty much the epitome of how to do it.” — Luke Y. Thompson, New Times

The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) 83%

The Roadblocks:  As pretty much everyone who watched it already knew, Ernesto grew up to be the revolutionary Che Guevara — and The Motorcycle Diaries  dramatizes his political awakening on the trip, sparked by firsthand experience with systemic corruption and a poverty-stricken populace.

Notes from the Road:  “You get so caught up in the beauty of the images, and lost in the weathered faces found along the way, you quite forget that you’re traveling with Che Guevara — which is, of course, exactly what the original experience would be.” — Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times

The Muppet Movie (1979) 88%

The Roadblocks: Unfortunately, Kermit also attracts the attention of Doc Hopper (Charles Durning) and his mealy-mouthed sidekick Max (Austin Pendleton), whose frog legs restaurant franchise needs a new spokesman — and who doesn’t take kindly to being spurned by a banjo-playing frog.

Notes from the Road:  “Still one of many great reasons to be a movie buff.” — Rory L. Aronsky, Film Threat

National Lampoon's Vacation (1983) 94%

The Roadblocks: Things go wrong early and often, from the eight-headlighted lemon Clark buys from an unscrupulous car salesman (Eugene Levy) to an ill-advised pit stop at the depressing Kansas homestead of Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) and his off-putting clan. It doesn’t help that beneath Clark’s family values exterior lurks the heart of a drooling lech; his panting pursuit of an unnamed beauty (Christie Brinkley) causes almost as many problems as his refusal to ask for directions.

Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985) 88%

The Roadblocks: Well, for starters, the Alamo doesn’t have a basement. And then there’s the biker gang, and the fire at a pet store, and the former child star in possession of the bicycle… what doesn’t  stand between poor Pee-Wee and his bike?

Notes from the Road:  “It’s a true original — a comedy maverick that looks and feels like no other movie I know.” — David Steritt, Christian Science Monitor

Rain Man (1988) 88%

The Roadblocks: Cruise’s efforts to get back to Los Angeles by plane are thwarted by his brother’s phobia, forcing the two to travel by car (and make regular stops for viewings of The People’s Court ). Naturally, the slow journey in close quarters brings the two closer together — and brings up long-buried family secrets.

Notes from the Road:  “A fascinating, often very moving, frequently funny film.” — Jay Boyar, Orlando Sentinel

Sideways (2004) 97%

The Roadblocks: Sideways is full of messy detours and unfortunate events, including a broken nose for Jack, a car crash, and a howling early-morning pursuit by a naked giant (memorably played by Lost ’s M.C. Gainey) — but they can all be traced back to one thing: Jack’s fear of commitment and unquenchable thirst for sexual conquest.

Notes from the Road:  “From its first minutes, maybe even from the credits, you know you are seeing something very special.” –Terry Lawson, Detroit Free Press

Thelma & Louise (1991) 86%

The Roadblocks: Men, mostly. After Louise fatally intervenes in an attempted rape on Thelma, the duo turn fugitive — and their journey is further complicated when a run-in with a hunky young thief (Brad Pitt) leaves them caught for cash and stuck in an increasingly desperate spot.

Notes from the Road:  “Their adventures, while tinged with the fatalism that attends any crime spree, have the thrilling, life-affirming energy for which the best road movies are remembered.” — Janet Maslin, New York Times

Y tu mamá también (2001) 91%

The Roadblocks: To begin with, the idyllic secluded beach they’ve promised their female companion doesn’t exist — which actually isn’t as big a problem as the hornet’s nest of secrets and repressed desires that’s knocked over after they all start fooling around. It’s the end of an era for Mexican politics, and for our protagonist’s relationships.

Notes from the Road:  “Easily one of the sexiest and funniest films about class struggle ever made.” –Manohla Dargis, L.A. Weekly

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Take a "La La Land" Tour of Los Angeles

If the movie "La La Land" got you excited to explore Los Angeles and see all the places featured, this photo tour will show you exactly where to find all the real landmarks and shooting locations.

The movie is a love letter to Los Angeles and the dream of making it big in the city. It shows off some of the city's major landmarks and some often neglected gems. You can visit most of the places yourself, including shooting locations that stood in for fictional settings. 

The LA Traffic Jam in La La Land

The movie opens with a song and dance number in a traffic jam on a freeway ramp. The scene was filmed on the eastbound 105 freeway transition to the 110 freeway. You can't stop there to take a photo, but if you take the Metro Green Line to the Harbor Freeway Metro Station or park near 11500 S. Figueroa and walk or take the elevator up to the platform, you can get a similar view over the freeway.

Mia's Job at the Warner Bros. Cafe

The Warner Bros. Cafe where Mia works does not really exist. It's a set created on the Warner Bros. Studios backlot. They recreated it briefly to be part of the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour Hollywood , and if you go on the tour after it's gone, they'll point out where it was, but it won't look like the set anymore. You could conceivably run into an occasional celebrity at the Warner Bros. Cafeteria, which is in the same building as the Visitor Center where tours begin.

Later in the film, Mia takes Sebastian on a tour of the backlot and soundstages, which you can also visit on a studio tour.

Mia's Pink Apartment Building in La La Land

Kayte Deioma

The exterior shots of Mia's pink apartment building were shot at El Cordova apartments, a condominium building on 3rd Street in Long Beach  (1728 3rd Street). They filmed a much longer sequence of the girls dancing down the stairs from apartment 16 and through the courtyard to the street, which you can see in a video about Long Beach filming locations , but only a quick clip of them dancing out into the street was kept in the film. 

The colorful interior apartment shots were filmed elsewhere. If they had lived in apartment 16, it would have been very cramped since that's a one-bedroom apartment.

If you stop by for a selfie, be sure to head around to Bird Lane, the alley in back, where Sebastian picked up Mia in his red convertible and turned the wrong way onto one-way Gaviota Street. But be sure to turn the right way!

They never specify what neighborhood Mia lives in. Would a budding actress be living in Long Beach? There certainly are some who do because of the more budget-friendly rents, but most prefer to live north of the 10 Freeway for easier access to auditions, which tend to be in the Valley.

The Neon Montage from La La Land

There are several montages in the movie that pack a lot of landmarks and sights into just a few seconds. The first one is as the girls are driving along the 101 freeway through Hollywood we see a montage of iconic neon signs— Paty's Toluca Lake , Musso & Frank Grill , and the Roxy, which are all real places that you can check out for yourself. However, while Formosa, which was also featured in the film, closed in early 2017, it's expected to reopen in late 2019. There are a couple of other neon signs like the Wilshire Royale and the Knickerbocker that are private apartment buildings.

Walking Home from the Party

The location of the modern Hollywood Hills mansion where Mia and her roommates attend a flashy party is a mystery, but her route home is clearer.

After Mia's car is towed, she walks home from the party down the curve of Vine Street overlooking the 101 Freeway. We see her walk by the Castle Argyle apartment building, then she turns right on Argyle, where she passes a mural on the wall of Hollywood Bowl Self Storage under the freeway underpass. The mural was originally painted in 1986 by Dan Collins. The panel of the mural that we see her walk by depicts actress Louise Brooks and Fatty Arbuckle. Cut off on the top of the mural are Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz and their kids in a car. Other famous figures in the mural include John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dean.

Mural of Stars Restaurant Exterior

Mia walks by the "You are the Star" mural , which, in the movie is on the outside of the restaurant where Sebastian is playing the piano. In reality, the mural is a little over half a mile west of Argyle, where she was walking, at 1665 Wilcox Avenue, just south of Hollywood Boulevard . The mural was painted by Tom Suriya, designed to place you on the stage or screen with an audience of movie stars watching you. The building itself has a cool Art Deco facade.

Seb's Christmas Carol Debacle

Smoke House

When Mia steps inside the restaurant, she's actually in Burbank. The Smoke House restaurant (4420 West Lakeside Drive) next to Warner Bros. Studios was used to film the scene where Sebastian is fired for playing jazz instead of Christmas carols, and where he rudely pushes past Mia, who was drawn inside by his playing. 

There's not usually a piano in the middle of the room at the Smoke House, but there is live entertainment on a little stage area off to the side, which for the movie, was a dark corner with a Christmas tree in it.

The Retro Dairy Mart

Retro Dairy Mart

We don't know where Sebastian's apartment is, but he says he goes five miles out of his way to get his coffee at the Retro Dairy Mart so he can look across the street at the former Van Beek jazz club, which has been turned into Van Beek Tapas & Tunes, a samba, and tapas club.

The Retro Dairy Mart is a real place you can visit in Burbank. It opened in 2015 on the site of a former Alta Dena Drive-In Dairy shop at 4420 West Magnolia Boulevard.

Van Beek Tapas & Tunes

Screenshot of Google Street View

Van Beek is fictional, but the location used to represent the club is, in fact, across the street from the Retro Dairy Mart at 4403 West Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank. They show Sebastian drive by it as he pulls into the Retro Dairy Mart, and then you see him sitting and looking across at it.

The Van Beek location is a couple of buildings down, and Retro Dairy Mart is back from the street, so they had to do a bit of cinematic cheating (movie jargon) for him to be able to see it from a table at the Dairy Mart.

The Scenic Overlook in La La Land

The scenic overlook where Sebastian and Mia sing and dance is supposed to be just down the road from the party they just left, but in reality it's a relatively remote curve in Mt. Hollywood Drive called Cathy's Corner  that overlooks the Valley. You'd have to walk an awful long way to find a house party from here. The wooden posts were already there, but set decorators added the bench and lamppost. 

Discovering Jazz at the Lighthouse Cafe

If it's jazz, it must be Wednesday happy hour at The Lighthouse Cafe  (30 Pier Avenue), a live music venue in Hermosa Beach. Wednesday Jazz Happy hour is from 6 to 9 p.m., which fits right in with Mia's after-work excursion with Sebastian so he can introduce her to the wonders of jazz.

The Lighthouse Cafe used to have a huge neon sign out front advertising Jazz Concerts, but the sign is long gone, and these days, you can hear all kinds of music there. Wednesday Happy Hour and Saturday and Sunday Brunch are still reserved for jazz. Even though they're no longer exclusively a jazz club, they're on several lists of the best places to listen to jazz in LA.

A Stroll on the Hermosa Beach Pier

Keith Yahl / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Which pier is that where Sebastian takes a stroll after leaving the Lighthouse? A lot of Angelenos weren't quite sure. The reason being that "La La Land" set decorators decided to add lamp posts in addition to the low lights that normally illuminate the Hermosa Beach Pier , so it didn't look quite like itself. 

The Hermosa Beach Pier is just a few steps from the Lighthouse Cafe at the end of Pier Avenue.

Date at the Rialto Theatre

Dean Terry / Flickr / CC By-NC-ND 2.0

The Rialto Theatre in South Pasadena is open and playing the classic movie, Rebel Without a Cause, when it first shows up in the movie. Later, it's closed when Mia drives by. The 1925 theatre is, in fact, now a church.

While you can still rent it out for things like filming a blockbuster movie or for hosting a wedding service, you'll have to attend the church itself or go during normal office hours (generally from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays) to see the inside of this historic building yourself.

Dinner With Greg at Jar Restaurant

The restaurant where Mia has dinner with Greg and friends is Jar  in the Beverly Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles south of West Hollywood . It's not specifically identified as Jar in the movie, so you can imagine it being a restaurant that's in closer proximity to the Rialto, because in real life, it would take her 40 minutes to an hour to drive between the two at dinner time.

Mia and Sebastion Explore the Griffith Observatory

After watching Rebel Without a Cause , Sebastian and Mia follow James Dean's example and drive up onto the walkway at the Griffith Observatory and then spend a romantic time exploring the deserted campus and museum.

You won't be so fortunate to find the place empty during open hours, but you'll get the same stunning views.

The filmmakers chose to recreate the original Observatory Planetarium in the studio, rather than using the more modern version that is there now, so when you check out the show at the Samuel Oschin Planetarium, it won't look quite the same. The original Zeiss Mark IV planetarium projector, which was up in the planetarium from 1964 to 2006—and looks like the one in the movie—can be seen in the Observatory Museum. 

Later in the movie, we see Sebastian and Mia on a bench that reveals a view looking up at the Observatory. That bench is fictional, so don't bother looking for it.

Strolling Down Fern Dell Trail at Griffith Park

Rachael Moore / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0

The dating montage in La La Land includes many beloved attractions. It starts with a stroll along the Fern Dell Trail in Griffith Park  (5375 Red Oak Drive). This shady trail, which is part of the The Ferndell Nature Museum , includes over 50 fern species from suspended baskets of ferns to giant tropical ferns. It is just off of the west end of Los Feliz Boulevard. There are flowering plants in this part of the park, but flowers along the trail in the movie were added by the set decorators.

A Twilight Walk Across Colorado Street Bridge

Karol Franks / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena is another setting for a twilight stroll. Built in 1912 as part of the original Route 66, the bridge became known as the "suicide bridge" during the depression due to the number of people who leaped to their death. This unfortunate practice continued periodically until they put up a suicide barrier in 1993. The bridge is purported to be haunted, but that doesn't make it any less popular for a romantic stroll. 

A Stop at Grand Central Market

Christian Hundley / TripSavvy

Sebastian and Mia grab a bite at Saritas Pupuseria at Grand Central Market . This Downtown Los Angeles public market has been open continuously since 1917 but has undergone a major hipster transformation in the last decade. 

Exploring Watts Towers

Sebastian and Mia explore the Watts Towers in South Central Los Angeles, and it looks like they're on their own. However, guests can no longer enter the structures—even on guided tours—until some time in 2022 as Watts Towers complete renovation projects for structural integrity.

Still, you can take a peak at them through the outside gate, which is located at 1765 East 107th Street in Los Angeles. Also, there's a quick flash of Paul Botello's mural "Muro que Habla, Canta y Grita" (The Wall That Speak, Sings, and Shouts) at Ruben F. Salazar Park at Whittier Boulevard and Alma Avenue in East L.A. 

Taking a Ride on Angels Flight

Sebastian and Mia take a ride on Angels Flight in Downtown LA . The funicular railway runs one block from Hill Street up to California Plaza, and despite being out of commission for several years, the City returned the Angels Flight to full service on Labor Day in 2017. Board the train at 351 South Hill Street in downtown Los Angeles and climb to the top of the hill with ease.

The Messengers Concert at El Rey Theatre

Clay Lancaster / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Messengers' big concert scene with John Legend was filmed inside the Art Deco  El Rey Theatre on Wilshire Boulevard on the Miracle Mile  in the Mid-Wilshire neighborhood of LA. The El Rey is one of the numerous rental venues for live music in LA. It is reputed to be haunted.

Mia's Theatre at Club Fais Do-Do

When Mia decides to put on a one-woman show, the theatre she rents is part of New Orleans-themed Club Fais Do-Do in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles, south of the 10 Freeway, west of La Brea Avenue. They're known for their Boogie Down Sunday Brunch and live music on weekend nights. Club Fais Do-Do is located at 5253-5257 West Adams Boulevard.

Arriving in Style at Chateau Marmont

Francisco Antunes / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Five years later Mia turns into the Chateau Marmont where her husband and daughter await. Staying at this storied Sunset Strip landmark is a definite sign that Mia has "arrived".

The interior shots for the Chateau Marmont were filmed at Orcutt Ranch in West Hills. 

Black Plays Seb's in La La Land

 A bar called Black  at 6202 Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood was used to shoot the exterior of Seb's jazz club in "La La Land." We see a movie billboard featuring Mia on the side of the building as Sebastian walks around the corner into the bar, and Mia and her husband walk in from the other direction.

The Blind Donkey Plays Seb's Interior

The Blind Donkey

The interior of Seb's jazz club was filmed at the Blind Donkey  (149 Linden Avenue), a basement bar in the East Village Arts District in Long Beach, which is about 30 miles south of the exterior shots in Hollywood.

The archway at the bottom of the stairs is where they put the Seb's sign that Mia designed. They built out the stage to accommodate the grand piano, which they had to maneuver down the narrow staircase. If you're planning on visiting all these sites, you'll probably want to see this one when you visit Mia's apartment location, which is about a mile from here.

19 Fun Things to Do in Los Angeles with Teenagers

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Hollywood Studio Tours

Which are the best.

trip to la movie

This post covers the most enjoyable movie studio tours in and around Hollywood.

With so many historic studios in the area, it might be difficult to pick just one to visit.

Taking a studio tour is one of the top things to do in LA .

  • Studio Tours
  • Celebrity Homes Tours
  • Ways to Save on Tours
  • LA TV Show Tickets
  • Things To Do in Hollywood
  • Tips from Locals and Travelers

Disclosure:  While our recommendations are always unbiased, we may receive a small share of sales through some of the links below at no cost to you. See the  full text .


Interestingly enough, there are quite a few differences between the tours offered at each studio, and that should make it easier to figure out which tour best fits your expectations.

Ticket prices vary from $62 per person to literally thousands of dollars.

However, 3 of the tours, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, and Universal Studios are included for free or at a lower cost in several tourist attraction passes. 

It's also worth noting that the length of these tours can run from roughly an hour to almost a week.

With all of that said, let's start talking about what each movie studio offers with their tours.

  • Warner Bros.
  • Sony Pictures
  • Universal Studios
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Adventures by Disney: Disney Backstage

At the bottom of this post , we share some thoughts and opinions from members of our Los Angeles Travel Tips group on Facebook.

Our group comprises roughly 9,000 locals (like our tour guides), tourists, returning visitors, and newbies to LA.

You don't need to be a member to read the posts, comments, and recommendations.


Below is a summary of our post on Warner Brothers Studio tours , where we also provide tips on planning your trip.

If you're in the market for a somewhat normal tour on the backlot, this might be one of your best bets.

In addition to seeing movie sets and sound stages from some of the most notable movies in film history, you'll also have the opportunity to enjoy a few specific activities.

trip to la movie

  While on this movie studio tour, you'll be able to re-create a famous scene from the hit television show Friends , climb aboard Harry Potter 's broomstick, and even create your own Batmobile.

Warner Bros. even offers an interactive sound stage that explores the entire process of making a film from start to finish.

At three hours in length, this tour is probably the longest duration of all of the options in Hollywood.

  • $70/adult | $60/child
  • Availability: Thursday - Monday
  • Hours: Every half hour from 9 am - 3:30 pm
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Available in both English and Spanish
  • Click here for more information .

TIP: This tour is included for free with the purchase of the Go City Los Angeles Explorer Tourist Pass .

With an overall score of 4.5 out of 5 stars , it's fair to say that this Hollywood studio tour is very well rated ( read reviews here ).

Some guests have gone so far as to suggest that this trip is worth every single penny.

Visitors were typically very happy with their tour guides, referring to them as both friendly and informative. 


This might be the most affordable movie studio tour in Hollywood, and it's also one of the most historic. Do note, that is is a walking tour.

While on this tour, you'll see the sound stages where they recorded classics such as The Wizard of Oz and superhero flicks like Spider-man .

Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to see where Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune are recorded.

Although they don't make any promises, there's always a chance that you'll run into someone famous on this active studio back lot!

They also offer a premium tour which includes transportation via golf cart, access to the Sony Museum, a free souvenir photo, a complimentary beverage, and lower prices at the Sony Studio Store.


  • $55 per person | $150 for the Premium tour
  • Availability: Monday – Friday at 10:30 am, 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm
  • Duration: 2 hours

Tip: Admission is usually included for free with the purchase of at least one Los Angeles tourist pass .

With an overall score of 4 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor, it's clear that this is a pretty popular Hollywood studio tour.

Customers really appreciated the opportunity to see several historic filming locations and learn a lot about the process of making a movie.

Although some reviewers were unhappy that this is a walking tour, others simply appreciated the opportunity to see where film history was made.


This is where things get interesting, as Universal Studios has essentially made their tour one of the services offered at their amusement park.

In other words, you need to buy a ticket for Universal Studios Hollywood in order to experience this studio tour.

Clocking in at only one hour in length, this is definitely the shortest studio tour available. Check out this video of Stephen Spielberg giving a tour of the site.

In addition to seeing the back lot, you'll also experience attractions such as the Jaws ride, King Kong 360 in 3D, Bates Motel and Fast & The Furious : Supercharged.

Although it will cost more to take this tour, it's worth noting that your ticket lasts all day and guarantees access to all of the rides. 

  • $119-$139/adult | $109-$129/child
  • Availability: Daily from 8 am - 6 pm
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Click here for ticket information .

TIP:   Universal Studios Hollywood is included for free with the purchase of a tourist pass. Read about all the opportunities for deals in our full post .

Despite the higher price tag, this movie studio tour has still received quite excellent ratings ( read reviews here ). The overall Universal Studios Hollywood experience has a score of 4.7 out of 5 stars .

A few visitors have even suggested that this trip around the studio is worth the price of admission.

Although most customers feel that the ticket price is a bit high, even the critics can't deny that they had a blast. 


Unlike the other movie studios, Paramount Pictures offers three different studio tours.

The main tour is 2 hours long and covers quite a lot of ground on the backlot.

However, if you want to experience more, their VIP tour lasts for 4 ½ hours and includes access to several additional areas.

The VIP tour also provides a gourmet lunch at a unique location in the studio.

Alternatively, you can also choose a 2 ½ hour night tour that reveals a lot of historic locations such as notable theaters and original film vaults.

No matter which option you choose, you'll learn a lot about the history of Paramount.

  • $65 for the studio tour | $215 for the VIP tour
  • Availability of Studio tour: Mon-Fri, every half hour from 9 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Availability of VIP tour: Mon, Wed, Fri at 9:30 AM
  • Duration of Studio tour: 2 hours
  • Duration of VIP tour: 4 ½ hours
  • Click here for additional information .

Reviews for the Paramount Pictures Studio tours are very positive, averaging a rating of 4 ½ out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor. 

Some visitors referred to the excursion as a movie buff's dream, while others were just impressed with how much they learned and discovered.

Some reviewers indicated that Paramount alters the tour slightly depending on the season, ensuring a nice variety of topics and locations to cover no matter when you decide to buy a ticket.


You had to figure that Disney was going to be a little more expensive, but the actual cost of this week-long experience might shock you.

To be fair, the package includes meals and accommodation at both the Loews Hollywood Hotel and Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

This Disney backstage adventure includes a tour of the Walt Disney Studios & Archives, an Imagineering tour, a Hollywood walking tour, and a tour of the Jim Henson Company.

Most of these tours are only available via this week-long package. The entire itinerary takes six days to complete, and it will keep you busy with plenty of fun activities from start to finish. 

  • $4,999 for Adults | $4,749 for Children
  • Availability: 2-4 times per month
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Hotel accommodation included
  • 11 Meals included
  • VIP Disneyland ticket included

As you can probably imagine, the testimonials for this experience are quite positive ( read reviews here ).

Some guests even noted that they made friends with their tour guides and continue to stay in touch with them to this very day.

Additionally, customers also appreciated the opportunity to see some behind-the-scenes areas that bring the history of Walt Disney to life.

One visitor even suggested that this trip allowed them to become kids again as they explored secret and wonderful locations at the happiest place on earth.


If you're looking for a better price on these tours and other activities in Hollywood, you might want to consider one of the following combo packages.

Studios like Warner Bros. and Universal often work with tour companies to provide their services at lower prices.

There are several options to mull over, and almost all of them provide additional tours and services.

If you plan on spending more than one day in Hollywood, these combo deals are definitely worth a look.


There's a reason that this is one of the premier attraction passes in Los Angeles.

In addition to offering access to a variety of notable locations, they also provide admission to some studio tours.

In particular, you can enjoy the Universal Studios tour, the Warner Bros. Studio tour and (sometimes) the Sony Pictures Studio tour with one version of this pass or another.

The Warner Bros. Studio tour is currently only offered with their Explorer Pass, and you'll need to purchase at least a 3-Day All-Inclusive pass to get admission to the Universal Studios tour .

Given that this tourist pass also supplies tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain and Knott's Berry Farm, it's fair to say that the Go City Los Angeles All-Inclusive Pass could be a real bargain.

  • $109 for 1-day pass
  • $164 for 2-day pass
  • $284 for 3-day pass
  • $344 for 4-day pass
  • $374 for 5-day pass
  • $434 for 7-day pass
  • $99 for 2 choices
  • $119 for 3 choices
  • $144 for 4 choices
  • $154 for 5 choices
  • $189 for 7 choices
  • This attraction pass is available every day of the week
  • Includes up to 3 movie studio tours

Read our post comparing the different tourist attraction passes available in Los Angeles.


If you're looking for transportation to and from each movie studio tour, the following services are available.

The advantage of these combo deals is that you won't have to pay for parking, gas, or car rental in order to visit each location.

Hotel pickup and drop-off are included with each package.

Take your time and enjoy the studio tour without having to worry about anything else!

  • Not currently available as of January 2024

Universal Studio Tours Sign


These combo deals provide both a celebrity home tour and a movie studio tour.

Each option includes transportation not only around Hollywood but also to and from the studios.

While some of these services use a mini-bus, others drive you around town in a luxury sedan or an SUV.

Each company offers both hotel pickup and drop-off.

Expect these outings to last for between 6-8 hours on average.

  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour & Movie Star Homes Tour (Starline Tours) - $119/Adults | $99/Children
  • Alternatively, we offer our own self-guided celebrity homes tour .

This might be a good way to save even more money if you don't mind doing a bit of driving around Hollywood and Beverly Hills.


While we provide the details of what each tour offers, costs, and other information, here you can see what members of our Los Angeles Travel Tips group on Facebook have to say.

There are plenty of fans of the Warner Brothers tour.

trip to la movie

And some enjoyed Paramount as well.

trip to la movie

If you have to choose only one, between Warners or Paramount, these members’ insight may help.

trip to la movie

Universal Studios received mixed reviews. Some people felt it was a waste of time and money.

trip to la movie

On the other hand, Issa had a fantastic time, so much so that she wrote a very long post detailing her time there and how to make the most of your visit.

trip to la movie

Take a look at our Los Angeles Travel Tips group for more recommendations, opinions and advice.

You don't need to join to read comments, but if you do join you can post a question regarding the studios!

los angeles travel tips


  • Top Things to Do in LA
  • TV Show Tapings in LA
  • Things to Do in Hollywood

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10 Places Movie Buffs Need To Visit While In Los Angeles

If you're visiting LA, then chances are you're going to want to see what Hollywood has to offer. Give these movie specific locations a shot.

Los Angeles may be known as the city of angels, but it’s also the city of stars. Film buffs and movie fans have been trecking to Los Angeles for decades now just trying to get a glimpse of some of the stars and sights that make Hollywood such a picturesque location. Los Angeles may be a great place for any visitor, for cinephiles, in particular, Los Angeles with some of the most important sites in Cinema history. Some of the greatest films ever written were written right in Los Angeles. Many of the greatest films ever recorded, shot right in Los Angeles. So let’s take a look at what it has to offer to the movie buff in us all.

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10 The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is perhaps the most obvious place in Los Angeles to visit for anyone hoping to see the stars. They may not be in person, or alive for that matter, but stars from back in 1958--when the Walk of Fame was first unveiled-- can all be found on this 1.3 miles of sidewalk that stretches across Hollywood boulevard. Most people know about the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but many just let it pass by beneath their feet without ever learning more than what’s on the surface. So before visitors stop by this Hollywood landmark, take a moment to get to know the history that’ll rest just beneath their feet.

9 Universal Studios Hollywood

Much like Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood has been bringing film fans into the world of cinema for decades now. Unlike Disneyland, Universal Studios is actually where the magic happens. They give tours of the stages, have rides, do haunted mazes themed as horror icons in pop culture such as Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, and Saw. Universal Studios is an experience perfectly tailored to the movie fans in every Los Angeles visitor and local alike. While Disneyland is meant to be an immersive experience that brings you into the world of Disney, Universal Studios has given movie fans a peek behind the scenes.

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8 Griffith Observatory

Not only is Griffith Observatory a setting for many an icon scene (Rebel Without A Cause, La La Land, The Terminator-- just to name a few), but it’s also the site of a tribute to one of Hollywood’s fallen stars, James Dean. The story of the bust is actually a very interesting one. One that interested parties should definitely lookup, but for now let’s just start with the fact that the artst, Kenneth Kendall, actually began work on the sculpture the night that Dean lost his life in a tragic car accident. But that’s only the beginning. Stop by Griffith Park to discover more or the story in person.

7 Union Station

Like Griffith Observatory, Union Station has been the site of many iconic scenes throughout cinema history. From Bladerunner and The Dark Knight Rises to films like Catch Me If You Can and Pearl Harbor, Union Station is not only a hub for different worlds in cinema, but the trains that pull in and out every day can get you just about anywhere an intrepid cinephile may want to visit (like Universal Studios. Just a few short stops away on the red line).

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6 Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

On May 18, 1927, the grand opening of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre was one of the most spectacular and star-studded events in cinema history. People line the streets in thousands to see the stars that showed up to the premiere of Cecil B. Demille’s “The King Of Kings”. Since then Grauman’s has premiered films like Star Wars and host numerous Academy Awards ceremonies. While cinephiles may not get the star-treatment that some have grown accustomed to at Grauman’s, they can still get some fresh popcorn and catch up on the latest and greatest feature films at a Los Angeles Landmark.

5 Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Many film fans will be love coming to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for the films they play throughout the year. They’ll love grabbing a blanket, some close friends, some food from the food trucks and pop-ups set up at the event, and maybe even a few drinks. Others will enjoy the cemetery for its more...historic qualities. While it does host events like films, live music, and more, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is an actual cemetery. With actual celebrities buried on its grounds. Celebrities like Cecil B. Demille (who was mentioned earlier), Judy Garland, and even Anton Yelchin are all buried there.

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4 Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre

Grauman’s is that larger than life, lavish theatre that visitors imagine when they think of old Hollywood. In fact, Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre is crediting with hosting the first Hollywood premiere ever. On Wednesday, October 18, 1922, Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre premiered Robin Hood starring Douglas Fairbanks. After the decline of Hollywood in the late 80s early 90s (with which the theatre followed suit), the Egyptian Theatre was sold for a whopping one dollar to the American Cinematheque on the condition that it was returned to its former grandeur. Pretty good deal for everyone involved. Especially film fans.

3 Warner Bros. Studios

Warner Brothers Studio tours give movie lovers a chance to get behind the scenes and really learn what’s going on in their favorite films and series. From tours of the sets of The Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, DC universe and even tours of the backlots and sound stages, Warner Bros. Studios is doing a terrific job of showing what it takes to create some of Hollywood’s biggest films. Anyone looking to get to know some of their favorite series just a little better should definitely check out some of their tours.

RELATED: 9 Vegan Pop-Ups You Need To Try While in Los Angeles

2 The New Beverly Cinema

7165 Beverly boulevard has a long and storied history. At different times before 1978, it was a nightclub, a candy store, a beer parlor, a french restaurant, any number of things. But, in 1978, when it was purchased by Sherman Togan, it would take on it’s most recent identity, A movie theatre. Back in 2007, Quentin Tarantino purchased the building that the New Beverly is located in, ever since then Tarantino has spent his time making the theatre a bastion of 35mm film. A shrine to a time before the digital age.

1 The Margaret Herrick Library

Fans of both film and literature will enjoy the Margaret Herrick Library. Not only is the Margaret Herrick Library home to over 80,000 screenplays, 35,000 posters, 32,000 books, and 10 million photographs, it’s also one of the largest research libraries in the country. Los Angeles is great place to get lost in the art of cinema, but it’s also one of the best places in the world to learn the art of cinema, to understand how and why it works the way it does. This library is a cornerstone of that of the endeavor.

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Sheats-Goldstein Residence

The Dude Abides in Los Angeles

The Big Lebowski  is through and through a Los Angeles classic. “They call Los Angeles the City of Angels,” the initial voiceover declares. “I didn't find it to be that exactly, but I'll allow as there are some nice folks there.” After 117 minutes with The Dude, Walter and Donny, moviegoers all over the world have agreed. A Lebowski Tour of Los Angeles includes public and private locations, and also places that have vanished in the last 20 years. Remember: Los Angeles sometimes celebrates its past and architecture, and sometimes physical and demographic change alters everything: it is what makes it a living city and not a European-style museum town.

Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard in "Blade Runner" (1982)

Discover "Blade Runner" Locations in LA

As the stunning images unfold for  Blade Runner ,   the pulse of any movie-loving Angeleno quickens. Ridley Scott’s mind-blowing original that stars Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, outlived its ho-hum box office returns and rose to classic status. The 1982 sci-fi film is among the most defining works of art ever created about our city - no other modern film uses the backdrop of our city with as much as imagination and flair. We may not have flying cars - yet - but there are plenty of places in Los Angeles that will make you feel like you've stepped into that dystopian world. Here’s a guide to recreating the Blade Runner experience in LA, from its real-deal locations to inspired-by settings and events.

Season 6B poster | Photo courtesy of “Pretty Little Liars,” Facebook

The Ultimate "Pretty Little Liars" Guide to Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

The vast majority of the locales featured on the hit Freeform series Pretty Little Liars can be viewed at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. Read on for a list of 36 can't-miss spots. Just be sure to be on your best behavior when visiting the WB, because in Rosewood you never know who may be watching.

Samuel Oschin Planetarium at the Griffith Observatory

The Best Film & TV Locations for a Rainy Day in LA

Los Angeles is world-famous for its year-round sunny weather. For those days when LA gets some much-needed rain, Angelenos and visitors alike will surely be looking for ways to keep dry. Catching a movie is one good approach to beating the rain. The following ten filming locations can also provide respite on a rainy day.

“Touch of Venice” | Photo courtesy of Karen A. Romanko, Flickr

Film Noir Locations in Los Angeles

The landscape of Los Angeles has been captured in countless film noirs over the years. Though many of the shadowy alleyways, smoke-filled buildings and dark corners featured in them no longer stand, there are a few locales that remain intact. You’d better read on for a list of ten LA film noir locations - if you know what’s good for you.

Property of Discover Los Angeles

LA Locations from The Fast and the Furious Movies

The Fast and the Furious movies boast a strong connection to Los Angeles. Fans can discover many iconic locations from the films throughout LA, from Downtown to Malibu. Read on for 20 Fast and Furious locations in LA County, including the site of the unforgettable “One Last Ride.”

Photo courtesy of “Clueless,” Facebook

The Ultimate Guide to "Clueless" Movie Locations

Written and directed by Amy Heckerling, the hit comedy Clueless premiered July 19, 1995 and introduced countless catchphrases and slang into the common lexicon. ("Monet," "Baldwin," "buggin'" anyone?) The way popular modern adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma, which centered around Beverly Hills teen Cher Horowitz (played by Alicia Silverstone), was lensed in and around Los Angeles in early 1995. Read on for the ultimate guide to each and every locale featured in the movie – like, all 40 of them.

Property of Discover Los Angeles

Famous Film & TV Restaurants in LA

From Downtown to Hollywood, Santa Monica and Pasadena, there is a unique bistro, café, delicatessen or gastropub situated on virtually every street corner ready to welcome a hungry patron. For those who prefer their meals with a side of show biz history, here are 11 famous film and TV restaurants that you can visit in LA.

Union Station ticket concourse | Photo courtesy of Candice Montgomery, Discover Los Angeles Flickr pool

The Best Movies & TV Shows Starring Los Angeles

While many movies and television shows are set in Los Angeles and countless more have filmed here, only a handful of productions focus as much on the city itself as the characters who live here. Read on for LA locations featured in movies and TV shows that prominently showcase Los Angeles.

The Gamble House | Photo by Lindsay Blake

Top 10 Totally Awesome 80s Movie Locations

Ah, the 1980s. Not only did the decade gift us with a vividly colorful clothing scheme and a plethora of catchy pop ballads, but it also endowed us with one of filmdom’s most beloved genres. Here’s a list of ten '80s movie locations that are found in Los Angeles.

Property of Discover Los Angeles

Los Angeles Hotels Featured in Film & TV

Many Los Angeles hotels boast resumes that would be the envy of most actors. Read on for a guide to Los Angeles hotels that have been immortalized on screen, along with the productions that made them famous.

Property of Discover Los Angeles

The Best Action Movie Locations in LA

Los Angeles sees a lot of action when it comes to filming, especially when it comes to filming, well, action movies. From 80s classics like "Commando" and "Beverly Hills Cop" to more modern features like "Iron Man" and "Transformers," the LA area has been home to some of cinema’s biggest adrenaline-filled moments. Read on for a list of locations where some of the genre’s most memorable scenes were shot. Lights, camera and…action!

Hiker at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area

Top 10 Science Fiction Movie & TV Locations

Los Angeles boasts a variety of unique, otherworldly and sometimes bizarre landscapes and structures. Over the years, science fiction film and television makers have flocked to these mystical locales to lens some of the genre’s most iconic productions. Read on to learn about ten of the most extraordinary LA locations that have been immortalized in science fiction films and TV series.

Property of Discover Los Angeles

Iconic Horror Movie Locations in LA

The late 1970s through the early 90s was a golden age of the horror/slasher flick, and nowhere was filming of the genre more prevalent than in the City of Angels and its environs. Many horror locales from that time period remain unchanged today, still possessing the power to give those in the know a good spook. Read on for a guide to some of the most iconic horror movie locations in Los Angeles.

Property of Discover Los Angeles

LA Movie Locations in the Great Outdoors

Though Los Angeles boasts sunshine and blue skies practically year round, there is something extra magical about summer in LA. What better way to embrace the season than by spending it outside? Read on for movie and TV locations that celebrate LA’s Great Outdoors.

Photo courtesy of Mad Men, Facebook

"Mad Men" Locations in Los Angeles

The Emmy® and Golden Globe® Award-winning AMC TV series Mad Men takes place in the high-powered advertising world of 1960s Manhattan and in later seasons the bohemian vibe of Los Angeles as well. The show’s main sets were located in Los Angeles and many of the on-location scenes were filmed in the LA area. To celebrate one of the most acclaimed TV series in history, we round up the top Mad Men locations in Los Angeles.

Jerry Gergich house from "Parks and Recreation" | Photo by Lindsay Blake

Holiday Movie & TV Locations in LA

Get into the spirit of the season by taking a tour of iconic holiday movie and television locations. Though it hasn’t snowed in L.A. since 1962 and the city’s massive concentration of palm trees doesn’t exactly scream winter, Los Angeles is home to many classic Yuletide filming sites. Read on for 10 famous holiday movie and TV locations.

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Top LA Sightseeing Tours for Movie Lovers

Top LA Sightseeing Tours for Movie Lovers

Add these three iconic actions to your next Los Angeles Group Trip

There’s something very special about LA. As a pop culture destination, no city offers such an abundance of film locations and celebrations of the wonders of the Hollywood dream machine. For those with a love of the movies , a trip to Los Angeles is an opportunity to snoop on celebrities and visit those locations that have become part of the global consciousness thanks to the ever-popular stream of blockbusters that have sprung from the city’s major studios. The tricky part is choosing which sights to see and the best places to go. To make it easier for movie-buffs to see the best sights, here are the top three places to check out when you’re in the Hollywood setting of LA.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

No trip to LA is complete without a stroll up and down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With stars on the floor for everyone from Humphrey Bogart to Cher, Charlie Chaplin to Walt Disney, the Walk of Fame is an essential slice of Hollywood history . Make sure that you take the time to check out the front of Mann’s Chinese Theatre too because even the outside is rife with the opportunity to compare foot sizes with some of the most famous people who have ever graced the big screen. You can tell a lot about a person by the stars that they take photos of, and everyone will find an idol that they adore among the stars on this famous sidewalk.

The Griffith Observatory

There are a few reasons why a visit to the Griffith Observatory should be on your list of places to check out in LA. Not only is a grand building filled with wonderful celebrations of science, but the observatory is also one of the most prominent landmarks of LA. This is partly due to its long history of appearing in Hollywood classics, and for those who love a little bit of James Dean, the observatory is a must. As the setting for the final scene in Rebel Without a Cause, the observatory has become as iconic as Dean himself. With films like The Terminator and Jurassic Park making use of the stunning building too, it’s well worth taking the time to explore this unique destination.

The Vasquez Rocks

Even if you’ve never heard of them, the chances are that you’ve seen the Vasquez Rocks onscreen. They may be a little way out from the center of LA, but the trip is an absolute must. It’s worth making the decision to charter a bus for the day because you’re going to want to spend a good amount of time here if you’re a fan of Star Trek, Bill and Ted, or classics like Blazing Saddles. With over fifty films and TV shows using the rocks as a shooting location, no movie buff worth their salt is going to want to miss the chance to recreate some of their favorite movie moments. It’s impossible to run out of things to do in LA, and unless you’re going there for a very long time, you might struggle to cram everything in that you want to see. Prepare accordingly and you could even spot some real-life stars as you wander sun-soaked Los Angeles.


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Sunset at Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

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Welcome to la la land! Los Angeles is one of California’s most popular travel destinations. The vast, sprawling city is home to the world’s movie industry, and a little of that Tinseltown magic can be felt all over the city.

However, there’s much more to Los Angeles than Hollywood – it’s one of the coolest and most vibrant cities in California. You’ll find gorgeous beaches, a great music scene and some of the best museums in the United States.

Palm tree lined roads in LA - a common view if you follow my Ultimate Los Angeles Itinerary

There’s no shortage of things to do in Los Angeles, and it’d be impossible to fit everything into one short trip. To help you plan your LA city break, and find the coolest things to do in 2 days in Los Angeles, I’ve popped together this Los Angeles itinerary – happy travelling!

Los Angeles at night

When Is The Best Time to Visit Los Angeles? 

Southern California is well known for its sunshine, so it’s a popular place to visit all year round. I’d recommend visiting in spring, when temperatures hover around the low 20s, the days are sunny, and the crowds scarce.

It's always sunny in California

Summer brings warmer weather, but also lots of tourists, so try to avoid if you can. Autumn is usually dry, hot and can be windy. Winter brings the chance of rain, although not much – this is Southern California after all!

Tour Hollywood

If you’re a first time visitor, start your Los Angeles itinerary in Hollywood, LA’s most iconic and stylish neighbourhood. Visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where the star-studded sidewalks are a glittering reminder that this is a town filled with movie magic.

Hollywood, L.A.

Don’t miss the Chinese Theatre, Paramount Studios, the Sunset Strip, and of course, the iconic Hollywood sign – one of the most popular things to see in Los Angeles.

If you start to get a little tired, there are plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants to choose from. 

Hollywood Walk of Fame, L.A.

Grab Lunch at Grand Central Market

LA’s iconic food hall, Grand Central Market, regularly tops the list of fun things to do in Los Angeles. After a busy morning of sightseeing in Hollywood, it’s a great place to stop and sample some of the best food in the city.

The beauty of this bustling food market is that you’ll find a little bit of everything inside. Whether you’re into tacos, BBQ, dim sum or Italian meatballs, Grand Central Market is the place for you!

Go Shopping in Beverley Hills

LA is the shopping capital of California, and Beverley Hills is home to some of the swankiest shops you’ll find in the city. Whether you like to window shop, or are prepared for a big splurge, wandering through Rodeo Drive and the boulevards of Beverley Hills is a real treat. 

You won’t just find clothes stores either – this is a great place to come for local produce, books, homewares, wine and beauty products.

Beverly Hills, L.A

Go On A Walking Tour Of Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a fun way to explore the city on foot, take a look at Around walking tours in Los Angeles . Pick one of the self-guided walking tours, which has been put together by an LA expert. The movie history one sounds particularly interesting. These tours are great if you want a flexible way to explore a destination on your own time, with no strict schedules or big tour groups!

Ride The Ferris Wheel At Pacific Park

Pacific Park, located on the Santa Monica Pier, is one of LA’s top attractions.

This theme park has everything you need for a fun afternoon, including some adrenaline-fuelled rides and roller coasters.

The park boasts the only solar-powered ferris wheel in the world, lifting passengers 130 feet in the air and offering unbeatable views of the Los Angeles shoreline.

Santa Monica pier, LA

Visit One Of LA’s Museums

LA is home to some fabulous museums, and at least one should feature on any Los Angeles itinerary. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is one of the best, and boasts a large collection of modernist masterpieces.

For something a little unusual, head to the Getty Center, for wonderful impressionist collections and fabulous ocean views.

Alternatively, book-lovers will marvel at the Huntingdon Library, Art Collection and Botanical Gardens – a wonderful green space with countless treasures to uncover.

Stroll Along Venice Beach Boardwalk

If the Hollywood glitz and glamour isn’t for you, head to Venice Beach for something a little more bohemian. The Venice Beach boardwalk is an ocean front promenade packed with performers, musicians, magicians, skaters, restaurants and shops.

This is the perfect place to come for an antidote to LA city life and to soak up the fabulous ocean views.

Walk along the boardwalk in Venice Beach - a must on any Los Angeles itinerary

Explore Griffith Park

One of the best things about Los Angeles is the easy access from the city to some beautiful natural spots. Griffith Park, spanning more than 4,000 acres of urban wilderness, provides a great contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Take a hike along one of the many walking trails, visit the Griffith Observatory (yep – that’s the place from the movie La La Land ), or visit Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Garden. Whatever you choose, a visit to Griffith Park is a real breath of fresh air on any Los Angeles itinerary.

Incredible views from Griffith Observatory, L.A.

Stay at a Luxurious Hotel in Los Angeles

If you’re visiting Los Angeles for a special occasion, how about living the true movie star life with a stay at one of the top-rated hotels in the city. Here are a few of my favourites…

The Peninsula Beverly Hills

A stone’s throw from the main shopping drag of Rodeo Drive, the Peninsula Beverly Hills offers decadent luxury in the heart of one of Los Angeles’ chicest neighbourhoods.

This stunning hotel, built in a French style, is gorgeous inside and out, especially at night when it’s all lit up.

There’s a fabulous spa, luxurious rooms, and wonderful fine-dining restaurant, The Belvedere. However, the real stand-out feature of this place is the service – you’ll be made to feel like a star, so enjoy it!

Check availability and latest prices at the Peninsula Beverly Hills here

The Peninsula Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Shutters on the Beach

Santa Monica is one of Los Angeles’ finest beach towns. It’s where you’ll find locals, celebrities and Hollywood stars soaking up a little sun, sand and surf.

Shutters on the Beach is one of the best 5-star hotels in Santa Monica, and it has everything you’ll need for a luxurious beach holiday. With uninterrupted beach views, beautifully decorated interiors, and world-class facilities, this is the place to come for some seaside downtime.

Check availability and latest prices at Shutters on the Beach here

Shutters On The Beach, Santa Monica

1 Hotel West Hollywood

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to indulge, why not try 1 Hotel West Hollywood, a new addition on the Sunset Strip known for its eco-friendly ethos. You won’t find any single-use plastics here and much of the striking décor is made from naturally fallen trees and other sustainable products.

However, this doesn’t mean you’ll be scrimping on luxury. Enjoy the fabulous valley views from the rooftop pool, and make the most of a whole range of wellness facilities, or indulge at one of the excellent restaurants, which serve fresh, local produce.

Check availability and latest prices at 1 Hotel West Hollywood here

1 Hotel West Hollywood, L.A.

Tours in Los Angeles

Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood Tour

For over a century LA has been the heartland of movie making, and you can’t visit without a taste of what it’s like to get in front of the cameras on a real life movie set.

This tour will take you behind the scenes of epic films, where you can ride the Batmobile, try out Harry Potter’s broomstick, and even re-enact your favourite scene from Friends’ in Central Perk. 

Check availability and latest prices here

Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood Tour

Los Angeles Helicopter Night Flight

To really get the best view of Los Angeles, take to the skies and view the City of Angels from the air.

This 30 minute night flight will take you over the city to see the illuminations from above. You’ll cruise over the downtown skyline as it glows, spotting familiar landmarks such as the iconic Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Sign, Sunset Boulevard and more.

Incredible views over Los Angeles

Looking for other cool places to visit in California? Don’t forget to check out my San Francisco itinerary , which is packed full of amazing food recommendations, fun day trips and great views.  

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Ultimate Los Angeles Itinerary

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World of Lina

The Perfect Los Angeles Itinerary for 5 Days

trip to la movie

Best Los Angeles Itinerary For First-Time Visitors!

City of stars, are you shining just for me?

I bet you just sang it instead of reading it, right? Oh and please don’t tell me you haven’t seen the movie La La Land because that’s an absolute MUST if you visit the sunny city in Southern California.

Ever since I saw the movie, it was my biggest dream to visit LA – one of THE most famous cities in the world!

No joke, but I almost cried when I finally booked the flight and planned my Los Angeles itinerary for 5 days. One of my biggest dreams came true and the feeling was simply overwhelming.

We had a total of 6 full days in Los Angeles, however, we decided to plan a day trip to San Diego as well.

Initially, we even thought of doing a proper California road trip to visit other places like San Francisco or Joshua Tree as well but then decided against it. Six days just weren’t enough so we stayed in LA.

I probably don’t have to tell you that the city is huge and it’s simply impossible to see and do all the cool stuff in only 5 days.

I’m still quite astonished by how many things we covered in such a short time. We never felt rushed or stressed tho and spent enough time at every place.

So if you want to make the best out of your time in the “City of Angels”, here’s your perfect Los Angeles itinerary for 5 days. Packed with all the must-see’s and -do’s, it guarantees you an unforgettable time!

(This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a certain percentage of a sale if you purchase after clicking.)

BTW, you can totally change the order of the days, it’s just an example of how we planned them. Don’t hesitate to adjust the itinerary as you like it! 🙂

Day 1: Beverly Hills, LACMA & Melrose Avenue

On our first day, we decided to visit one of the fanciest and most expensive parts of Los Angeles: Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills

Home to many Hollywood stars and only the most expensive boutiques it’s almost impossible to not feel super poor in this area – unless your name’s Kim Kardashian.

Let’s start your journey through this extraordinary part of LA at the iconic Beverly Hills Sign.

Beverly Hills Sign

The 12 meters long Beverly Hills sign in Beverly Gardens Park is one of the most recognized sights in this area. The small pond in front of the sign is especially beautiful in spring and summer with countless blooming water lilies.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to snap a photo as evidence you’ve really been there!

Beverly Hills sign

Rodeo Drive

Walk along Beverly Gardens Park with the main street to your left and you’ll reach Rodeo Drive. Turn left and you’ll find yourself at the beginning of the famous and expensive shopping street.

Just wander along, admire the unaffordable goods in all the shop windows and feel a bit like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Los Angeles itinerary for 5 days

If you turn around and make your way back to Beverly Gardens Park, keep on following Rodeo Drive to reach the most iconic hotel nearby: The Beverly Hills Hotel.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

On your way to the hotel, you’ll pass numerous very impressive villas – one bigger and more beautiful than the other one.

Some of them have a very modern architectural style whereas others almost look like Greek temples with huge columns at the entrance.

The Beverly Hills Hotel is a 5-star hotel and has been a hot spot for many celebrities – old and young – since 1912. So keep your eyes open, maybe you’ll see someone familiar entering the “Pink Palace” at Sunset Boulevard.

Los Angeles itinerary for 5 days

Tours you might find interesting :

Will Rogers Memorial Park

Right across the street from the iconic hotel there’s the lovely Will Rogers Memorial Park – a very beautiful and also historic place with a small fountain and huge palm trees.

It’s the perfect place to sit back, relax and watch some ducks play and swim in the water.

Will Rogers Memorial Park

Alright, time to leave Beverly Hills and all the fanciness because it’s time to head to the next stop on our Los Angeles itinerary: Melrose Avenue!

Melrose Avenue

Melrose Avenue is one of LA’s most famous streets where you can find unique vintage shops, a lot of different dining places and some awesome wall paintings .

I really recommend you to just take your time, stroll around and enjoy the relaxing and cool atmosphere at Melrose Avenue. Don’t hesitate to visit some of its clothing stores , you can find many creative and unique pieces there!

Melrose Avenue Los Angeles

Lunch at Fala Bar (optional)

No matter what part of Melrose Avenue you’re at, you’ll always find some great restaurants nearby.

If you want to have some nice vegan food in LA tho, I have the perfect address for you.

Fala Bar is a stylish vegan cafe offering a menu of organic falafels, sandwiches, and salads. It’s rather small and there are only a few tables outside so it’s likely you’ll have to wait to get a free one.

Trust me, the yummy food is definitely worth waiting tho!

The last stop of the day is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, short LACMA. This art museum is the largest of its kind in the western part of the US and features more than 150,000 works.

No matter if you prefer Modern and Contemporary Art, Greek art, Islamic art or Asian art – LACMA has it all! There are even parts of the museum entirely dedicated to photography and film.

Directly in front of the entrance to the museum, you can find a permanent art installation called “Urban Lights” .

202 fully functional street lights from cities in and around Los Angeles make an awesome photo opportunity during the day as well as in the evening when they’re turned on.


If you’re not a fan of visiting museums and want to do something fun and exciting instead, head over to the neighborhood of Century City where you find The Escape Game , America’s #1 escape room!

Day 2: Warner Bros Studio Tour, Hollywood Sign & Griffith Observatory

You’re probably already familiar with the fact that Hollywood is home to the famous U.S. film industry. Thus visiting at least one of its historic film studios is an absolute must!

Day 2 of this Los Angeles itinerary takes you to the Warner Bros Studio , one of the oldest and most popular film studios in the world!

Warner Bros Studio

Warner Bros Studio Tour

The Warner Bros Studio Tour is an awesome and fun way to experience the production of different movies and series close up.

Led by an experienced tour guide, the tour usually takes between 2-3 hours and you’re in a small group together with a few other people.

During this time you’ll see different sets where series like The Big Bang Theory or Two and a Half Men were filmed . Moreover, you can have a look at the original requisites from their latest productions.

The time we went there, their latest popular movie produced was Crazy Rich Asians so we could admire all the colorful dresses and other interesting stuff used in the movie.

It’s a very popular tour to take so you should buy tickets online to avoid queuing.

Los Angeles itinerary for 5 days

After the Warner Bros Studio Tour, grab something to eat at the Whole Foods Market close by and make your way to the iconic Hollywood Sign!

Hollywood Sign (Hike)

Hiking up the Hollywood Sign was my absolute favorite activity during my time in LA. Don’t worry, the hike is not as exhausting and long as it may seem at the beginning.

Hollywood Sign

TIP: I recommend you start from Lake Hollywood Park and simply follow Mulholland Highway until you reach a fork. There, take a left and continue on Mount Lee Drive.

After a while, you’ll spot another fork with a snake-warning sign – keep on walking straight ahead and you’ll reach the sign.

The entire hike takes around 50 minutes and is a bit steep sometimes, but trust me, the view is definitely worth it. Standing up there and looking down at the City of Angels is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget!

Los Angeles itinerary for 5 Days

Griffith Observatory

Very close to the Hollywood Sign you can find Griffith Observatory – the next and final stop of this day.

It’s a public observatory on the southern part of Mount Hollywood offering a spectacular view of downtown LA, the Hollywood area and the Pacific Ocean.

Besides enjoying an amazing view, you can see live shows in the Planetarium, look through telescopes and visit different exhibitions to learn more about our planet and the universe.

Get more information about the Griffith Observatory and its exhibitions + tours .

Griffith Observatory

Plus I highly recommend staying until it gets dark. You really don’t want to miss one of the most stunning sunsets!

Los Angeles itinerary for 5 days

Day 3: Hollywood, Runyon Canyon

Alright, day 3 of my Los Angeles itinerary for 5 days and now it’s time to explore the “glamorous” Hollywood a bit more!

This day isn’t as packed as the others so you’ll have enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the many cafés on Hollywood Boulevard.

If there’s one part of Los Angeles EVERYONE knows, it’s Hollywood. In my opinion highly overrated and not glamorous at all yet not to miss during your time in LA.

Walk of Fame

Start your journey through Hollywood by taking a casual stroll at the popular Walk of Fame. More than 2,600 celebrities were honored by writing their names on stars embedded in the sidewalk.

It’s more than 2.1 kilometers long so it can take some time until you finally spot your celebrity crush!

Walk of Fame

Dolby Theatre

I bet you’ve seen Dolby Theatre on TV already because it’s where the famous Oscars ceremony takes place. Once a year, it gets prepared to welcome the high society of the film industry.

On all other days tho, Dolby Theatre functions as a shopping and entertainment mall.

Fun fact: The Academy Awards took place the day we left LA. Thus the entire theatre was covered and everyone was working hard to get ready for the important awards. That’s also the reason why I couldn’t take a proper picture of it.

TCL Chinese Theatre

Right next to the Doby Theatre, you find the grand TCL Chinese Theatre .

Is there a new movie you desperately want to see? There’s no better place than in this impressive movie palace shaped like a Chinese temple.

Chinese Theatre

Don’t wonder about the masses of people staring at the ground in front of it tho. The floor at the entrance is filled with the hands and footprints of famous actors and actresses.

Even if you don’t want to see a movie or do a tour inside, it’s fun to stand in the footprints of George Clooney & Co. and compare them with your own feet size!

Los Angeles itinerary

After casually walking around Hollywood, it’s time to get more active again. If you follow this Los Angeles itinerary, the next place to check out is Runyon Canyon.

Runyon Canyon

This 160-acre park at the end of the Santa Monica Mountains is a very popular hiking destination. Moreover, it’s also one of the most dog – friendly places in Los Angeles so be prepared to see many furry friends there!

You can either use the entrance at Mulholland Drive or the one at North Fuller Avenue as we did. It’s your choice where to go, the park is big and there are many awesome viewpoints.

However, keep in mind it’s not an easy climb to reach them so wear appropriate shoes. Once at the top, you’ll be rewarded with another breathtaking view of the city.

Moreover, the sunset up there is to die for so definitely deserves to be among the best places to watch the sunset in LA !

Runyon Canyon

PSSST: Rumors say it’s a hotspot for celebrities so keep an eye open. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll see a familiar face.

Dinner at Firefly (optional)

If you’re hungry and want to have some really fancy dinner, check out the restaurant Firefly in Studio City. It belongs to the more expensive sort of restaurant, but the food and the ambiance make an excellent dining experience.

Day 4: Downtown LA

Day 4 of my Los Angeles itinerary for 5 days is all about exploring Downtown LA.

This part of the city has long been and still is an area not many people decide to visit. Frankly, I haven’t been the biggest fan of it either and preferred other parts of LA more.

Nevertheless, there are some really awesome and fun activities you shouldn’t miss. In fact, it has so much to offer that I wrote an entire blog post including all the best things to do in Downtown LA .

I have some photos for you, just to give you a little foretaste of what awaits you there.

Downtown LA

Day 5: Santa Monica & Venice

Oh how much I hate to tell you but we reached the last day of my Los Angeles itinerary already.

Now it’s time to explore – in my opinion – the two coolest, hippest and simply best parts of Los Angeles: Santa Monica & Venice!

Santa Monica

Right at the Pacific Ocean and to the west of Downtown LA lies the coastal city of Santa Monica. It is mostly famous for the iconic Santa Monica Pier with the Pacific Park amusement park.

Before you’re going to spend some time here tho, make your way to the neighboring beach town Venice.

The best way to get there is to rent a bike from one of the rental stations near the pier. Then follow the cycle path along the beach until you reach the popular Venice Skatepark where you can park your bike.

So get on that bike, enjoy the sea breeze and dig in all the stunning views on the way!

Venice Beach

For me, Venice felt so different compared to the rest of LA . Everyone was super chilled and it almost seemed life happens slower than everywhere else in the city. No matter where you go, you’ll feel the relaxing atmosphere.

The best way to get an authentic experience of Venice is by taking a casual walk through the colorful beach town.

Start at the Venice Skatepark where you can see both, beginners and professionals, do some laps on their skateboards. It’s really fun to watch all the different tricks they perform!

Venice Skatepark

Then continue your way to the central part of the town where you can find the iconic Venice Sign . It’s a great photo opportunity so make sure you click some good ones before heading to the Venice Canals!

Los Angeles itinerary for 5 days

The Venice Canals are beautiful, man-made canals off 25th street. They’re not easy to spot so if you didn’t know about this place, you would probably just walk by.

Along the canals, you can find gorgeous houses, easily walkable sidewalks, and many connecting bridges. It’s a truly peaceful area and perfect for a leisurely stroll .

Venice Canals

Lunch at Tocaya Organica (optional)

If you’re looking for a nice place to have lunch, I highly recommend the restaurant Tocaya Organica nearby. It’s an organic Mexican restaurant chain founded in Venice which has now locations all over Los Angeles.

Check out: Vegan Food Guide Los Angeles

After lunch, make your way back to the promenade and spend some time there before heading to Santa Monica again. If you want, you can also follow the cycle path in the other direction to see a bit more of Los Angeles’ coastline.

Back in Santa Monica, you can now do all the fun activities at Santa Monica Pier. Whether you’re brave and try the rollercoaster or enjoy the breathtaking view from the Ferris wheel – it won’t get boring at all!

Los Angeles itinerary for 5 days

Is there a better way to end the last day of your Los Angeles trip than with a sunset at Santa Monica Beach ? I doubt it! So walk down to the beach, sit down and watch the sun disappear behind the horizon of California’s coastline.

Santa Monica Beach sunset

Drinks at The Misfit & Shangri-La Rooftop Bar (optional)

Oh, I almost forgot one thing to make it a great last day! In downtown Santa Monica, only a few minutes from the pier, you can find some awesome bars to have a drink (or two.)

My recommendations are The Misfit (awesome atmosphere) and the Shangri-La rooftop bar (best views of Santa Monica Pier). So cheers to unforgettable 5 days in Los Angeles!

How to Get Around in Los Angeles

Do you believe me if I tell you it’s not necessary to rent a car in LA?

Although everyone recommended renting a car, we decided against it. Instead, we mainly used public transport to get around the city and it was really simple!

Only a few times we had to order an Uber to reach places such as Hollywood Lake Park or Griffith Observatory. So if you don’t want to get stuck in the horrible traffic of LA, give public transport a chance!

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Los Angeles Itinerary

Do you want to travel like me? Here are some of my favorite travel tips and resources:

Flights: I prefer using CheapOair or Skyscanner to book flights. The destination everywhere feature is perfect for finding some cheap deals! Accommodation: is my favorite site to find some great hotel deals. I do love staying at a local place as well, thus I book an Airbnb every now and then. Travel Insurance: There are many reasons why travel insurance is important and I never travel without having one. I use the simple and flexible one from World Nomads to be protected against unforeseen events. Tours: I love taking tours to explore destinations like a local. My favorite website to book them in advance is GetYourGuide . Camera Gear: I use a Nikon D5300 camera with an 18-105 mm and a 10-20 mm wide-angle lens to take my photos.   

trip to la movie

Hey and welcome to my blog! I’m Alina, an Austrian travel addict and vegan food lover who has a passion for exploring new destinations and trying out the best plant-based food around the world. Come and join me as I share exciting bucket list experiences and provide helpful travel guides for your own adventures!

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This is an amazing itinerary Alina! I love SoCal, but I do need to get back to LA to do all the Hollywood stuff such as Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills Hotel, etc. I did do the hike to the sign and visited Santa Monica, which I loved! I loved all of your photos. 🙂

Thank you Taylor, really appreciate your comment! I also feel that I missed so much. Need to go back and explore Malibu for example 🙂

What a complete guide! 🙂 Los Angeles is in our bucket list and we hope it will be the first destination that we will visit in North America 😀 There are so many places here that look so colorful and alive!

Thanks guys ☺️ I hope you can make it there very soon, it’s an awesome city!

I’ve never been to LA but your post is definitely making me want to go there! 🙂

It’s a cool city!

I live in CA and have still never done an proper LA trip. Pinning for later!

Time to do so 🙂

I have been to LA a number of times but always looking for new things to see there when I will inevitably go back. I’m there for a long layover in May so planning my day already. I’ve never been to the Griffith Observatory so that’s high on my list.

Griffith Observatory is great, you’ll love it!

Awesome itinerary! Really great photos! The trip included a variety of aspects, which is awesome. I really hope to visit one day!

Thanks Jean-Marie! Glad you like it 🙂

Loved this itinrary for Orange county! I went there in 2010 and I’m hoping to get back there. This is a great breakdown for a second visit!

Thanks! Glad you like it 🙂

Ahh I’ve always wanted to go to LA! 5 days sounds awesome there! I’d definitely go by Melrose’s – it looks so iconic and just Hollywood!

So much to see hehe

This is an amazing itinerary! I’ve been to LA 6 times and can completely agree with the statement about downtown LA, haha no one likes to go there but I guess you have to go there once to see what it’s like! Also totally agree about Santa Monica & Venice – absolutely love them both!

Thanks Jasmine! 🙂 Haha yeah downtown is not the greatest of LA but there’s still much to see 🙂

Great post! I’ve been to most of these but this definitely makes me want to go back ? LA is such a fun city!

Thanks a lot! 🙂

Great itinerary! We are passing though LA this summer. Would love to go to see the LACMA – those lamp post photos are fab.

Love this guide so much! I have never been to LA but this makes me want to go even sooner.

Thanks, glad you like it 🙂

I felt a little overwhelmed when we visited Cali trying to figure out what to do in LA. Wish I had this a few months ago! But I’ll be saving for a future trip because I plan to return soon.

Hope you can make it there again soon!

I am a local and some of the restaurants I had no idea even existed. I am not vegan but love vegan food and love some of the spots you mentioned!

You’ll definitely like them!!!

Ya know, I’ve been to California so often and you found some gems I haven’t heard of or been to yet. Great post! Can’t wait to return now!

Thanks a lot 🙂

I live down in San Diego, but LA seems so far thanks to the traffic involved in getting there. More exploration time is definitely in order!

Oh yeah the traffic can be horrible but it’s worth exploring it 🙂

Beautiful and I think you’ve covered a lot of the most famous and must-go places in LA. Definitely a bible for the first-timer like me!

Oh yes we really did and saw a lot! 🙂 Glad you find it helpful

I have never been to LA, but this is such a great itinerary! Absolutely love your photos and would love to visit LACMA! Great article!

Thanks a lot Polly ☺️ Happy you like it!

Great post! I am going to LA in a few weeks so this guide was very helpful. Will pin so I have a reference. Thank you!

Glad you can use it! Have an amazing time you’ll love it 🙂

What an action-packed itinerary! There is so much to do in LA, I have a feeling you could spend a lifetime there and still not do it all!

Omg yes totally haha

Heading here later this year! Definitely saving this for later! Thanks for all the tips!!

Oh you’ll love it!

Great detailed post! I love reading itineraries that people have done themselves.

Thanks Lauren 🙂

How timely! I’m heading to LA next week. Can’t wait.

Perfect, hope you can use this 🙂

Wow this itinerary is super!!! I can’t wait my LA trip, and I was actually really struggling to plan my itinerary. Thanks, saving it! xx

Glad you can use it! 🙂

You are making me want to go to LA!!! Love this guide so helpful

Thanks Dana 🙂

Wow, this is such a detailed itinerary! We are hoping to head back to LA soon and will deffo use these tips! I MUST head to Santa Monica next time!

Thanks Katie! Santa Monica was really one of my favourite places 🙂

Thanks for a helpful post! I wish I had more time to visit LACMA when I was visiting LA, it looks lush! And Venice Beach was a hotspot for all fit hotties and athletes hahah xx

Omg yeeees haha! Loved Venice 😀

This post made me think of loads of fun I could have in the City of Angels with my BFFs. There would be plenty of things to do and see with a group as diverse as ours. Can’t wait to follow your itinerary!

LA is so high on my bucketlist! This itinerary looks perfect, has the right amount of everything! Definitely going to use this when I visit soon!

Thanks Emma! 🙂

It seems you had a great time.

I had, thanks 🙂

So many things I still haven´t seen in LA! I´d love to visit Runyon Canyon next time. Spending 5 days in Los Angeles seems like the best way to see most of the city!

Yes definitely! It’s a good amount of time 🙂

A very detailed and thorough itinerary. Thanks so much for the valuable information!!!

Glad you find it useful Michelle 🙂

This is a great guide! When I was in Los Angeles we were only there for a couple of days so sadly only got to see a fraction of these. I’d love to go back and see more though, especially the coast! My favourites were definitely the Warner Bros studio tour and the Griffiths Observatory. I’m going to save your recommendations for my next visit!

Hannah |

I loooved the view from the Griffith Observatory so much ?

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Movie Studios To Visit in Los Angeles in 2024

I f you consider yourself a bit of a movie fanatic and are planning a trip to Los Angeles, then you have to check out some of the most famous movie studios in the entire world. Here, you will see things from popular movies, like props and iconic sets, and gain a deeper understanding of how the entertainment industry runs during your behind-the-scenes tour. Several movie studios in Los Angeles run tours for the public that provide insight into the craftsmanship and artistry that bring movie concepts to life. Below, we will go through some of the most popular movie studios you can visit in Los Angeles in 2024.

Universal Studios (Universal City)

First up on this list is the Universal Studios tour in Universal City — a theme park ride at the Universal Studio Hollywood theme park. It’s one of the most famous Hollywood movie studios known as the place where many classic movies were made, including the massively popular casino movie Ocean’s Eleven . Join Jimmy Fallon — your virtual tour guide — for an hour-long tour as he takes you on a journey through the 400-acre studio lot. The studio was built with creative consultation from Steven Spielberg, providing guests with a memorable experience.

On the tour, you will be shown movie sets from timeless classics such as The Bates Motel and Psycho House by the world-renowned director Alfred Hitchcock. If you’re a fan of Spielberg’s work, you will be excited to know that you will also see the crash site from the movie War of the Worlds. As you continue on the tour, enjoy the biggest 3D experience in the world, which features Peter Jackson’s King Kong 360 3D and Fast & Furious: Supercharged . It provides viewers with a short but exhilarating show filled with action. If you want a more exclusive insight into the studio, you can go on a VIP guide, which gives you several additional perks. These include the chance to explore restricted areas and priority admission to rides in the theme park, valet parking, and a private lunch where you’ll be served gourmet food. This will provide you with a unique glimpse into the workings of Hollywood, but it will also make you feel like a movie star for the day.

Warner Bros. Studio (Burbank)

Up next on this list is the Warner Bros. Studio tour in Burbank, which offers guests a fantastic experience telling the story of Warner Bros., from the day it started to the present day. The Warner Bros. Studio is one of the busiest in all of Hollywood and is still being used to this day. If you have a love for the DC Universe, Fantastic Beasts , and the Harry Potter universe, then you will be in for a treat on the Warner Bros. Studio tour. You will get the chance to visit sets from famous movies that have been recreated, look at authentic costumes and props, and take some fantastic photos. If you’re looking to take a trip back in time and appreciate some of the movies that made Warner Bros. so famous, there is the Classics Tour. This takes you right back to the Golden Age of Film, where you look at some of the award-winning titles from the early days through the 1970s. You also have the option to upgrade your experience and enjoy an extended tour and lunch at the famous Central Perk Café from the iconic sitcom Friends . For those who consider themselves movie fanatics, the Deluxe Tour might be the perfect option as a six-hour-long experience that combines additional elements of the Studio Tour with another hour of exploration and a fine dining lunch hosted at the Commissary.

Sony Pictures Studio (Culver City)

The final studio tour on this list is held at Sony Pictures Studio in Culver City. Here, you will get behind-the-scenes access to some of the most famous scenes and sets in all of film history, including the Yellow Brick Road from The Wizard of OZ and battle sets from Men in Black . If you’re a fan of Marvel, then you have come to the right place as the Sony Pictures Studio was where Spider-Man performed some of his famous acrobatics, swinging from building to building. In addition to the Sony Pictures studio tour, you can explore several soundstages and visit sets from popular shows such as Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy !

Book Your Studio Tour Now

If any of the Studio Tours mentioned above sound like something you would be interested in visiting, don’t hesitate to book your place on the tour. They’re incredibly popular and can book up very quickly, so don’t hesitate; otherwise, you may run the risk of missing your opportunity to witness some of the fantastic behind-the-scenes action that goes on in Hollywood.

The post Movie Studios To Visit in Los Angeles in 2024 appeared first on hoopLA .

If you consider yourself a bit of a movie fanatic and are planning a trip to Los Angeles, then you have to check out some of the most famous movie studios in the entire world. Here, you will see things from popular movies, like props and iconic sets, and gain a deeper understanding of how […]

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A Trip to the Moon

1902, Adventure/Fantasy, 14m

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Where to watch a trip to the moon.

Watch A Trip to the Moon with a subscription on Max, rent on Amazon Prime Video, or buy on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV.

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A trip to the moon   photos.

Astronomers go on an expedition to the moon.

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi

Original Language: French (France)

Director: Georges Méliès

Producer: Georges Méliès

Writer: Georges Méliès

Release Date (Theaters): Oct 4, 1902  original

Release Date (Streaming): Aug 27, 2016

Box Office (Gross USA): $45.4K

Runtime: 14m

Production Co: Star Films

Cast & Crew

Jeanne d'Alcy

Secretary, Star, Rocket Attendant

Georges Méliès

Prof. Barbenfouillis

Victor André

Bleuette Bernon

Lady in the Moon

Henri Delannoy

Captain of the Rocket


Octavio Vázquez

Original Music

News & Interviews for A Trip to the Moon

The Moon in the Movies: 10 Giant Leaps From the Silent Era to First Man

Critic Reviews for A Trip to the Moon

Audience reviews for a trip to the moon.

I just knew this was gonna have a high score on letterboxd. Yo, it's important, it's visionary, it's observable history, it's revolutionary for it's time, all that jazz. But guess what else? I don't for a minute believe those people actually went to the moon. Should still be required viewing for film classes though.

trip to la movie

Seventeen minutes of film that changed the then newly burgeoning medium forevermore.

A Trip to the Moon is worth the short runtime. It's the first sci-fi film and has been an influence to everything that has come after it. This is a nice little imaginative sci-fi film from one of filmmaking first pioneer. Putting into context when this was made and how short a period of time it had been since making films had even been possible, is pretty crazy to think about. Definitely give this one a look. It's nice to see where cinema started.

You have to wonder what Georges Melies would do with the full range of film making techniques that exist today. Considering that he was operating at the birth of cinema, what he has come up with is marvelously creative with fun imagery.

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trip to la movie

Entertainment News


The 25 best films set in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a vast and diverse city. You could shoot five different movies in five different areas and get completely different looks. Movies set in LA are probably only second to movies set in New York. There have been a variety of excellent films set in the City of Angels. These are the 25 top movies that are located in Los Angeles. This is the city. These are the films.

“Die Hard” (1988)

Sure, most of “Die Hard” takes place in a building. However, Nakatomi Plaza is in Los Angeles, and that’s a key part of the plot. John McClane is a New York cop who has flown across the country to be in L.A. for Christmas. “Die Hard” is thus an iconic Christmas film, but also an iconic Los Angeles film.

“ Repo Man ” (1984)

“Repo Man” is a great film to see parts of Los Angeles you don’t see in a lot of movies. It’s an all-time cult classic that features a young Emilio Estevez and the legendary Harry Dean Stanton. The punk rock film has a memorable aesthetic and a great L.A. vibe.

“Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood” (2019)

Quentin Tarantino made a concerted effort to replicate the Los Angeles of 1969. The film looks great, and from what we can tell he did a pretty accurate job of bringing classic Hollywood back. That’s not just the set design, either. There’s also the recreation of movie stars, and the TV and film of the era.

“The Long Goodbye” (1973)

The crux of “The Long Goodbye” is Robert Altman taking the character of Phillip Marlowe out of the hardboiled Los Angeles of the 1940s and plopping him into 1970s Los Angeles. Elliott Gould plays Marlowe as a man out of time surrounding by wealthy Malibu types and health nuts. It’s a fascinating juxtaposition that makes for a fine noir film.

“Sunset Boulevard” (1950)

There are a lot of successful people in the movie industry in Los Angeles, but there are also screenwriters just trying to get by and former stars fading into the background. In “Sunset Boulevard,” these two types run into each other with disastrous results. The movie begins with William Holden’s screenwriter character dead in a pool, and we then go back to find out how he got there.

“The Big Sleep” (1946)

Speaking of Marlowe, like we said he traditionally is a hard-boiled private eye doing his thing in Los Angeles. That’s the case in “The Big Sleep,” where Humphrey Bogart plays Marlowe. “The Big Sleep” famously has a dense, almost impenetrable plot, but it’s still considered one of the best noir films ever.

“The Big Lebowski” (1998)

Yes, the title – and some of the plot – of “The Big Lebowski” is a riff on “The Big Sleep.” However, it’s a decidedly different movie. The beloved Coen Brothers classic is also quintessentially a Los Angeles film. It begins with The Dude, an Angeleno if there ever was one, shopping at a Ralph’s. Just don’t mess with the man’s rug, please. It really ties the room together.

“Singin’ in the Rain” (1952)

Since we’re talking about Los Angeles, needless to say, we had to include a few Hollywood films. The movie industry and LA are synonymous. “Singin’ in the Rain” is a classic musical about the end of the silent film era and the rise of talkies. It’s mostly an excuse for Gene Kelly and company to sing and dance and has a grand old time.

“Heaven Can Wait” (1978)

“Heaven Can Wait” is about an NFL quarterback who is inadvertently taken to Heaven by an overzealous guardian angel and then gets a chance to return to Earth in another person’s body. That body ends up being that of a wealthy businessman, but that doesn’t stop Warren Beatty’s character from trying to be an NFL quarterback again. The team he plays for? Why the Los Angeles Rams of course.

“Terminator 2: Judgment Day” (1991)

The Los Angeles River has been the source of many movie scenes. Most of the year there is barely any water flowing in the river, which leaves a lot of concrete and open space for filming. You’ve definitely seen the basin that the LA River runs through in films, including “Grease” and, of course, “Terminator 2.” You know that big car chase scene in that movie? It’s taking place down by the Los Angeles River.

“ Jackie Brown ” (1997)

We’ve got a second Tarantino movie on this list, in part because we think “Jackie Brown” is the most underrated of the director’s film. It’s a really good movie starring Pam Grier and Robert Forster that got a little overlooked in the wake of “Pulp Fiction.” It’s a different take on LA, though, as Jackie and Max Cherry aren’t rolling in dough or working in showbiz. They are just a couple of people trying to make ends meet in the big city.

“Boogie Nights” (1997)

There’s more than one kind of movie that is made in Los Angeles. The city, specifically the San Fernando Valley, is known for its part in the pornography industry. Paul Thomas Anderson ’s breakout film focuses on the Valley, and the porn industry, in the 1970s heading into the 1980s. Anderson grew up in the city, and he has an eye for the details that make it feel lived in.

“Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” (1989)

OK, so we are stretching just a smidge. Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan live in San Dimas. However, San Dimas is in Los Angeles Country. It’s only about 20 to 25 miles from Los Angeles proper. That’s close enough for us in this case. Mostly we wanted to shout out the three “Bill & Ted” movies, which definitely have Southern California vibes. Plus, they had a machine that could fly through space and time. They could have gone to Los Angeles any time they wanted.

“Point Blank” (1967)

“Point Blank” is a nasty, no-frills movie starring Lee Marvin as a relentless criminal who wants the money he was screwed out of, and he’ll kill anybody who stands in his way. While there are a couple of set pieces at Alcatraz, most of the movie takes place in Los Angeles, including another trip to the Los Angeles River bed.

“Boyz n the Hood” (1991)

Los Angeles is more than Hollywood and Beverly Hills. It’s a diverse city, but a lot of the minority neighborhoods are poorer and disenfranchised. “Boyz n the Hood” was John Singleton’s directorial debut, and he showed his skills right out of the gate. The film is a coming-of-age story set in South Central, specifically the neighborhood of Crenshaw. It’s about young men trying to rise out of the lot in life they have been dealt in a world awash in gangs and gang violence. It’s an important aspect of the city that shouldn’t be swept under the rug.

“Clueless” (1995)

The teenagers of “Clueless” couldn’t have a life any more different from the teenagers in “Boyz n the Hood.” While this is a much frothier film, it’s also a favorite of many as well. “Clueless” spawned many a catchphrase and made Alicia Silverstone a star. It also introduced a lot of people to Paul Rudd, which is a love affair that has lasted for decades at this point. A list of LA movies without “Clueless?” As if.

“Training Day” (2001)

There are a lot of movies about police officers, especially the LAPD. “Training Day” is a film about two LAPD officers, including one played by Denzel Washington. Washington won Best Actor for his tremendous work in “Training Day,” and it really is a performance that stands out even among Denzel’s impressive career.

“I Love You, Man” (2009)

Speaking of Paul Rudd , he stars in “I Love You, Man” as a Los Angeles real estate agent. That gives us a look at a few different LA neighborhoods, not to mention some fancy Los Angeles houses. Also, Lou Ferrigno plays himself, which is the kind of thing that only really happens in movies and TV shows set in New York and Los Angeles.

“Nightcrawler” (2014)

“Nightcrawler” is a different look at the news, as well as a different look at Los Angeles. Jake Gyllenhaal plays an amoral striver who shoots grisly footage for news stations to use. This means a lot of snooping around the city in the middle of the night. There’s no sunshine and beaches in “Nightcrawler.” It’s all much grimier than that.

“Inherent Vice” (2014)

“Inherent Vice” feels like an amalgam of a few films on this list already. Take “The Long Goodbye” and mix in some “The Big Lebowski” with a hint of Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Boogie Nights” and you get this film. Based on a Thomas Pynchon novel, it’s a little dense, but it’s still funny and sharp and it looks absolutely beautiful. Joaquin Phoenix was apparently born to play a stoner private eye.

“The Nice Guys” (2016)

“The Nice Guys” is also about a private eye in 1970s Los Angeles, but also a guy who just works as an enforcer, roughing people up when they need to be roughed up. Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe star as a mismatched pair working the same case, which takes them to some lavish parties and some massive skyscrapers. If you didn’t catch “The Nice Guys” we highly recommend it, as the movie is great and has that Los Angeles feel you’re looking for.

“L.A. Story” (1991)

Hey, the movie has “L.A.” right in its name. How could it not be on this list? Steve Martin stars in this mildly supernatural romantic comedy, but there’s a lot of satire of the city, and of Hollywood, in the film as well. Some of it is a little facile, but a lot of it is fun and funny. If you’ve spent time in Los Angeles, you’ll appreciate the humor.

“Beverly Hills Cop” (1984)

Beverly Hills is the second-most-famous neighborhood in Los Angeles. It’s the place where rich folks live. Axel Foley is not one of them. He’s a cop from Detroit. Fortunately, he’s played by Eddie Murphy, who has the charm and determination to handle himself despite being a fish out of water. The two sequels aren’t so great, but “Beverly Hills Cops” is a quintessential 1980s action-comedy.

“Double Indemnity” (1944)

Most old-school noir films focus on a private eye, especially the Los Angeles-based ones. “Double Indemnity” is a little different, but it still makes use of 1940s Los Angeles for the purposes of telling the story. This tale of murder and betrayal is considered an all-time noir movie, even though the hero of the film is a claims adjuster.

“Fletch” (1985)

Chevy Chase found perhaps the perfect character for himself in “Fletch.” He plays an investigative journalist who plays by his own rules and always has a quip at the ready. Fletch also happens to be a massive Los Angeles Lakers fan, and we even get a dream sequence of him playing in the purple and gold.

Chris Morgan is a sports and pop culture writer and the author of the books  The Comic Galaxy of Mystery Science Theater 3000  and  The Ash Heap of History . You can follow him on Twitter @ChrisXMorgan .

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  • Speak easy: 20 actors who have iconic voices
  • The 20 best actor comebacks

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Home » North America » Los Angeles


Los Angeles is a vibrant, diverse, and creative city. Boasting the perfect balance of scenery, activities, and attractions, there’s something for everyone.

Nicknamed the ‘city of angels’ due to its Spanish roots, this multicultural city has many unique layers and caters to a diversity of tastes, preferences, people, and budgets.

Located in the southern region of California, LA is the epicenter of fame, fortune, and showbiz. There are plenty of other attractions that draw people to this destination each year.

The sprawling metropolis offers something for everyone. From stylish shopping boutiques to massive amusement parks and picturesque beaches, LA is sure to make for a memorable vacation!

Whether you’re spending two days in the city of angels or more, our Los Angeles Itinerary will guarantee the perfect getaway.

trip to la movie

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Best Time To Visit Los Angeles

Where to stay in los angeles, los angeles itinerary, day 1 itinerary in los angeles, day 2 itinerary in los angeles, staying safe in los angeles, day trips from los angeles, faq on los angeles itinerary.

LA is alive with tourism all year! This city doesn’t experience extreme high or low temperatures – the weather stays comfortable year-round. No matter the season, there’s always something to do in LA.

The summer months (June – August) produce the warmest temperatures. This is a great time to travel to LA to enjoy the beaches and long summer days!

when to visit Los Angeles

Fall (September – November) is also a great time to plan a trip to Los Angeles. The crowds thin out and the weather is still very enjoyable.

You’ll want a jacket during the winter months (December – February). Although temperatures never get too cold, the air does get a bit chilly. LA’s limited rainfall is generally seen in the winter months, but it’s rarely intense enough to inconvenience, and the cityscape looks beautiful in the rain!

Spring (March – May) produces warm days and blue skies. If you’re trying to decide when to visit Los Angeles, this is another great time! Really, you can’t go wrong.

trip to la movie

With a Los Angeles City Pass , you can experience the best of Los Angeles at the CHEAPEST prices. Discounts, attractions, tickets, and even public transport are all standards in any good city pass – be sure invest now and save them $$$ when you arrive!

where to stay in Los Angeles

If you’re planning a trip to LA, you’re going to want to stay in a location that will make your Los Angeles itinerary as accessible as possible. This sprawling city is full of culturally rich neighborhoods, and there are plenty of great areas to stay in!

If you want to be close to all the action, Hollywood is the place to stay . The symbol of entertainment, this area houses many of the city’s iconic landmarks. From the Hollywood walk-of-fame to the Dolby Theatre, this is the postcard city of LA!

There are also plenty of retro-cool bars, shopping venues, and vibrant night-clubs. This larger-than-life district is perfect for first-time travelers, especially. Here, you’ll find plenty of vacation rentals to suit all budgets!

Venice Beach is another great area of the city to stay in. Buzzing with bohemian spirit, this beach town has everything from funky shops to stylish boutiques. If you’re looking for cool and unique things to do in LA, Venice offers a vibrant mix of activities and attractions.

Spend a day exploring Venice’s iconic beach and boardwalk. Marvel at colorful murals and interesting street performers, or hit up one of many outdoor farmer’s markets. If you’re spending a weekend in Los Angeles make sure to check out the drum circle at the end of the Venice Beach Boardwalk by Brooks Avenue.

You could easily spend a week or more in LA, which is why I always recommend looking at vacation rentals such as VRBO in LA, because they come with all the facilities you would need to make your accommodation a home away from home.

Best Hostel in Los Angeles – USA Hostels Hollywood

los angeles itinerary

USA Hostels Hollywood has all the components to make your stay in LA as memorable as possible! Enjoy a real hostelling experience and community lifestyle when you stay here.

From the friendly staff to the regularly scheduled hostel events, you’ll feel right at home! Ideally located between Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Strip, it’s close to all the main attractions.

If you prefer hostels, explore even more LA hostel options here.

Best Airbnb in Los Angeles: Private Studio near the Hollywood Sign

Private Studio near the Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles

If location is your top priority, then this Airbnb is a winner. Adjacent to Griffith Park where you can hike to see the Hollywood Sign and Thai Town, where you can taste various authentic Thai cuisine. This studio apartment is conveniently located near the 101 highway, just a 10-minute drive to Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, Walk of Fame and a few blocks from Franklin Village.

Best Budget Hotel in Los Angeles – Ramada by Wyndham Marina del Rey

los angeles itinerary

Located in Venice Beach,  just a five-minute drive to the beach and the Boardwalk, this hotel is perfect for travelers wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center.

All rooms feature a coffee/tea maker, cable TV, and free toiletries. Guests will also enjoy free WIFI, parking, and a continental breakfast served daily! It’s great value for money!  

If you need some more inspiration for places to stay, check out these awesome motels in Los Angeles .

Los Angeles itinerary

No matter how many days you’re spending in Los Angeles, you’re going to need to figure out how to get around! Luckily, this city has a few transportation options to choose from, and they’re all relatively easy and convenient.

The easiest way to get around LA is by car. Fortunately, car rentals in the city are well-priced. Major car rental companies can be found at the airports and can easily be reserved ahead of time.

The Los Angeles Metro is affordable, relatively easy to use, and services most of Los Angeles.  It consists of Metro Buses, DASH Buses, and Metro Rail Trains. Use the metro trip planner to help you plan your route around the city.

Uber and Lyft are popular ride-sharing services and offer travelers an easy and convenient form of transportation. Simply plug-in where you want to go and a driver will pick you up right at your door-step. This app will make getting to every point on your Los Angeles itinerary as convenient as possible! Just don’t forget to tip your driver.

If you want to head offshore and stay in Catalina Island , there are great ferry connections from Long Beach and San Pedro.

Walking in Los Angeles is also a great option in certain areas. There are lots of walkable shopping and beach areas in Hollywood, Downtown LA, Venice Beach, Santa Monica.

Hollywood Walk of Fame | TCL Chinese Theatre | Griffith Park | Griffith Observatory | The Getty Museum | Sunset Boulevard

Spend your first day in Los Angeles checking out the city’s most iconic sights and cultural attractions!

Day 1 / Stop 1 – Hollywood Walk of Fame

  • Why it’s awesome: This is one of the most famous sidewalks in the world! Walk along the sidewalk and see if you can spot your favorite celebrity.
  • Cost: Free!
  • Food recommendations: Check out Hollywood Burger for a quick bite to eat. This gastropub mainly serves gourmet burgers, sandwiches, milkshakes, and beer. Fast service, affordable prices, and large portions. Vegetarian options are available too!

This iconic Los Angeles attraction is a must-see when visiting the city. Walk along the sidewalk stars and check out the names of Hollywood’s elite, past and present. You’ll see everyone from Elvis to The Beatles. Great for a one-of-a-kind LA photo opportunity!

Hollywood Walk of Fame

There are more than 2,600 stars embedded in the sidewalks.  The stars are spread throughout fifteen blocks on Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks on Vine Street in Hollywood. This free attraction has been around since the 1960s. Spend as much time as you’d like exploring the stars and taking pictures!

The long strip of stars is complemented by malls, cafes, restaurants, and an endless number of souvenir shops. It’s also bustling with street vendors and performers.

You’ll find plenty of tour companies on this street covering everything Hollywood related. Cruise Hollywood in comfort on a guided tour, see where celebrities live, and find out more Hollywood history and scandal. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is the perfect place to start your Los Angeles itinerary!

Day 1 / Stop 2 – TCL Chinese Theatre

  • Why it’s awesome: Iconic and historic movie-theatre located on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Cost: $25.00 USD
  • Food recommendations: Pokinometry offers fresh and healthy Japanese and Asian inspired meals. They serve build-your-own style poke bowls. Customize your poke-bowl with your favorite veggies, rice, and seafood! This casual eatery delivers the highest quality of ingredients possible and is perfect for a quick and healthy meal!

The TCL Chinese Theatre is a historic Los Angeles attraction. This impressive movie-palace theatre is styled in Chinese design, gorgeous from the inside out. It opened in 1927 and is steeped in Hollywood history. Today, you can watch a show or take a tour of the theatre.

The theatre has hosted countless premieres, including the 1977 original Star Wars film premiere! It has also hosted the Academy Awards from 1944 – 1946.

hollywood sign road trip in southern california

Learn the theatre’s fascinating history on a guided tour. Hear fun facts about all things Hollywood, including celebrity stories. See the nearly 200 handprints, footprints, and autographs of famous movie stars. The most popular handprint being that of Marilyn Monroe!

This old theatre has converted to modern times. Today, it possesses the world’s largest IMAX auditorium as well as state-of-the-art IMAX laser projection. Watch modern movies while enjoying the sharpest, brightest, and most vivid digital movie experience possible!

A fun experience for all ages! Experience old Hollywood by taking a trip to the TCL Chinese Theatre.

Day 1 / Stop 3 – Griffith Park

  • Why it’s awesome: A beautiful park in Los Angeles offering a break from the busy city. There are lots of activities to choose from and fun for all ages!
  • Cost: It is free to enter the park, and prices vary depending on attractions selected.
  • Food recommendations: Pine and Crane is a trendy Taiwanese restaurant. They specialize in tapas-style Taiwanese food in a casual environment. There are lots of menu options including alcohol and beer.

Perfect for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, Griffith Park is a large municipal park located in Los Angeles. There’s so much to see and do in this spacious outdoor area.  

Watch a show in the open-air at the Greek Theatre. This outdoor venue features a number of live musical performances, comedy shows, and plays throughout the year.

Griffith Park

Visit the LA Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Perfect for families traveling with children, check out the native plant species and exotic wildlife, including elephants, tigers, and hippopotamus!

Griffith Park also offers fifty-three miles worth of hiking trails! One of the most popular hikes starts at the Griffith Observatory (our next stop) and summits Mount Hollywood. Take this hike for spectacular views of the LA basin and the Hollywood sign!

Alternatively you can just relax and have a picnic. There are loads of grassy areas in this park, perfect for enjoying the peaceful ambiance of nature. Grab a blanket and enjoy a quiet reprieve from the busy city.

Day 1 / Stop 4 – Griffith Observatory

  • Why it’s awesome: Great for photo opportunities and scenery, you’ll see wonderful views of the Hollywood Sign, Downtown Los Angeles, and the Pacific ocean!  
  • Food recommendations: The Trail’s Cafe is nestled inside Griffith Park. The location offers scenic views and a relaxed vibe. They have a simple menu mainly featuring sandwiches, pastries, and coffee. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

This facility sits on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park. It provides some of the best views you can find in LA. The Griffith Observatory is a fun place to go and learn about the planets and the solar system; it’s California’s gateway to the cosmos!

Griffith Observatory

This popular tourist attraction has an extensive array of space and science-related displays. Look through telescopes, explore the exhibits, and enjoy panoramic views of LA!

You can check out a Planetarium show in their state-of-the-art dome theater. Take a cosmic journey of exploration and discovery! Tickets to watch a show are $7.00 USD for adults and $3.00 USD for children. They can be purchased at the main box office inside the Observatory.

Day 1 / Stop 5 – The Getty Museum

  • Why it’s awesome: A gem in the heart of Los Angeles. The Getty is one of the premier art museums in the world with a vast collection of precious artifacts curated from around the globe!
  • Food recommendations: Restaurant at The Getty Center offers American style dishes in an elegant dining space adjoining the museum. At this restaurant, you’ll receive top-level service, artfully presented meals, and fabulous views! Their menu does lean toward the pricey side, but the portions are plentiful and the food comes highly rated!

A cultural highlight of LA, the Getty Museum houses a fabulous collection of paintings, photographs, sculptures, and much more! The permanent exhibits at this museum include European and American art from medieval times to present.

See Van Gogh’s Irises , and Rembrandt’s An Old Man in Military Costume . There are rotating special exhibitions on display throughout the museum. The architecture of the building is impressive and the museum’s layout is very well curated. A must-see when touring Los Angeles.

The Getty Museum

Self-guided audio tours are available for free, just submit a form of ID at the front desk in exchange for your device. Walk around the museum at your leisure and enjoy the artwork, sculptures, and artifacts.

This museum also has a large picturesque garden, which is a work of art in itself. Symmetric and well-manicured lawns and flowerbeds form patterns and designs that compliment the masterpieces found inside the museum.

Step outside and you’ll be greeted with relaxing scenery and beautiful panoramic views of Los Angeles.

Day 1 / Stop 6 – Sunset Boulevard

  • Why it’s awesome: This iconic street is full of great places to eat, shop, listen to live music, and people-watch.
  • Food recommendations: For old Hollywood glamour make sure to check out Chateau Marmont. Movie-stars are known to frequent this intimate restaurant. This is the place to go for fine dining and top-notch service. Just make sure to book a reservation before-hand, this place is always busy!

This twenty-two-mile-long road stretches from Hollywood to Malibu, while winding past Beverly Hills and Bel Air. Sunset Boulevard is one of the most famous stretches of pavement in the world, and the options for entertainment along this strip are in abundance!

If you’re in the mood for live music make sure to check out the Roxy Theater. The iconic venue is small and intimate. It has amazing acoustics and has hosted several legends including Frank Zappa and Bob Marley.

Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

Today, you can catch a performance from some of the top indie rock bands! This is the perfect place to go for some instrumental delight and a memorable night.

Or swap a concert for some comedy and check out a show at The Comedy Store. Famous alumni include Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, and Dave Chappelle! See up-and-coming comedians at this historic comedy club, open every day.

For shopping make sure to check out the area of Sunset Boulevard called the Sunset Strip. You’ll find options to suit all budgets and styles.

trip to la movie

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Warner Brothers Studio Tour | Los Angeles County Museum of Art | The Groove and Original Farmers Market | Venice Beach Boardwalk | Santa Monica Pier

Spend day two of your Los Angeles itinerary checking out a few more iconic Hollywood attractions before making your way to the coast!

Day 2 / Stop 1 – Warner Brothers Studio Tour Hollywood

  • Why it’s awesome: Get a behind-the-scenes look into how your favorite movies and TV shows are made, a unique Hollywood experience.
  • Cost: $69.00 USD to $79.00 USD
  • Food recommendations: Head to Don Cuco for fresh and authentic Mexican food. This colorful and upbeat family-run restaurant is great for a casual sit-down meal. The service is friendly, the portions are large, and the margaritas are divine!

For a one-of-a-kind Hollywood experience, take a Warner Brother Studios Tour . Glimpse behind the scenes of one of the oldest and most popular film studios in the world!

Tours are guided by knowledgeable and entertaining guides. Most tours last approximately three-hours and run every half hour from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm.

If you’re a fan of the sitcom Friends , you’ll be able to get up close and personal with the Central Perk Set, including the Friends couch! Fans of Harry Potter will love seeing authentic props used in the movies, including the sorting hat and Dobby the House Elf.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour Hollywood

Experience the golden age of cinema by booking a Classic Tour. This tour focuses on classic-themed Film and TV, from the early days of the studio up to the 1970s.

Walk around the different sets and prop rooms as your favorite movies and TV shows are brought to life! Get the full Hollywood experience by taking a Warner Brothers Studio Tour, a great addition to your Los Angeles itinerary.

Day 2 / Stop 2 – Los Angeles County Museum of Art

  • Why it’s awesome: This museum houses modern and ancient works of art. It is well organized and has an eclectic range of artwork.
  • Cost: $25.00 USD for adults, children 17 and under are free!
  • Food recommendations: Ray’s and Stark Bar is located on LACMA premise and offers Mediterranean fine dining and handcrafted drinks. They have happy hour specials, outdoor seating, and are kid-friendly.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is the largest art museum in the western United States! There are lots of different exhibits to check out, including several interactive exhibits.

This museum houses more than 150,000 works of art spanning the history of ancient times to present. There are permanent installations as well as temporary exhibits, so you can see something new each time you visit.


See famous paintings from Pablo Picasso and Diego Rivera. The museum itself has five different buildings. You could easily spend half a day admiring each piece and reading the information shown next to each piece.

Before you enter the museum you’ll see the Urban Light exhibit at the entrance. This is arguably the most popular exhibit on display. The large-scale assemblage consists of restored street lamps from the 1920s and 1930s. Many of these street lamps were once used to light the streets of Southern California. Great for a unique photo-op!

Day 2 / Stop 3 – The Groove and Original Farmers Market

  • Why it’s awesome: Large retail complex with endless options for shopping, food, and entertainment.
  • Food recommendations: Be sure to stop at See’s Candy and Sprinkles Cupcakes. Both of these sweet shops were founded in Los Angeles and have gone on to franchise across the United States.

This large outdoor mall and farmers-market has endless options for entertainment. It features high-end and budget shops as well as fine and casual dining options. Its modern and artistic architecture ties in perfectly with its pedestrian-friendly atmosphere.

You’ll find all major clothing outlets here, from H&M to Nordstrom. There are ever-changing pop-up shops offering even more shopping options. This is your one-stop destination for clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, and beauty products!

The Grove features a large fourteen-screen movie theater. Enjoy a comfortable movie experience with wall-to-wall oversize screens and immersive surround sound. Check out the full-service bar located in the theatre lobby to enjoy a pre or post-movie cocktail, beer, or wine.

The Groove and Original Farmers Market, Los Angeles

You’ll find varying events at the Grove including fitness workshops and family activities. Check out their summer concert series where you can enjoy live music outside in the warm afternoon air.

If you’re hungry, you’ll find a wide range of options to choose from. There’s everything from chocolate shops to cafes to sit-down eateries. Your dining options will be as diverse as your cravings!

The Farmers Market is located directly next to the Grove. This area has food stalls, sit-down eateries, prepared food vendors, and fresh local produce. You’ll find everything from seafood, to wine, to sweets! It has a lively atmosphere and options for everyone.

First opened in July 1934, it is a permanent installation and is open every day of the week. Featuring more than 100 vendors, this is a historic Los Angeles landmark and a big tourist attraction!

This massive complex feels like a city within a city! It’s fun for all ages and has options to keep everyone entertained.

Day 2 / Stop 4 – The Venice Beach Boardwalk

  • Why it’s awesome: This lively boardwalk is filled with performers, vendors, and storefronts. It has an upbeat vibe with lots of activities to keep you entertained.
  • Food recommendations: Venice Ale House is the place to go for great views and great food. They specialize in organic American fare and craft beers. There are options for everyone, from meat-eaters to vegans! The outdoor seating makes it the perfect place to soak up the Venice ambiance.

There’s never a dull moment at this iconic Los Angeles landmark. The Venice Beach Boardwalk is quintessential California.

The beach offers a 1-mile stretch that runs parallel to the ocean. Peruse this path for the full Venice Beach Boardwalk experience. Walk or rent a bike and cruise down the coastline. Electric bikes and scooters are available too!

Make sure to check out Muscle Beach Gym while you’re there. People of all skill levels frequent this iconic ocean-side gym. Back in the day, Arnold Schwarzenegger himself used to pump iron here. People-watch or partake in a gym-sesh. A day-pass to workout is $10.00 USD.

The Venice Beach Boardwalk, Los Angeles

If you want to pick up a unique California keepsake the Venice Beach Boardwalk is filled with anything and everything you could imagine. From clothing to jewelry to recycled trash turned into art, you’ll find it all here.

Watch the most eclectic range of street performers you could image. From singing and breakdancing to performers eating fire and juggling knives, this is an awe-inspiring kind of place.

Make sure to bring an appetite when you visit. From roof-top bars to sidewalk cafes to ice cream stands, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Insider Tip: You can walk from Venice Beach to the Santa Monica Pier and vice versa. Just follow the two and a half mile Ocean Front Walk and you’ll be there in roughly fifty minutes!

Day 2 / Stop 5 – The Santa Monica Pier

  • Why it’s awesome: Located right on the beach, this lively Pier has everything from amusement rides to an aquarium. Soak up the sun and stunning views at one of the most popular Los Angeles landmarks!
  • Food recommendations: Head to Big Dean’s Ocean Front Cafe for a casual beach-side dining experience. This sports bar has a long history of providing seafood pub-grub and cold beer. The prices are reasonable and there’s plenty of outdoor patio seating!

The historic Santa Monica Pier is entertaining in so many ways. From the amazing views of the ocean to the Pacific Park amusement park, to the street entertainers, it’s a non-stop show!

The Pier itself is free to walk across and you’ll find stunning panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and sandy coastline. Take a towel and lay out on the beach, or have a dip in the cool Pacific water. A little beach time is, after all, a must for any Los Angeles itinerary.

Pacific Park is an amusement park located on the Santa Monica Pier and looks directly out to the Pacific Ocean. The park rides are pay-as-you-go, so you can ride as many, or as few as you’d like. Check out the iconic Ferris wheel for stunning views of Santa Monica in every direction. This oceanfront amusement park is vibrant and full of life!

The Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium is located directly under the Pier. This public aquarium operates nonprofit and charges $5.00 USD for admission, kids 12 and under are free!

There are countless restaurants and food stands in and around the Pier. Dine at a restaurant on the beach or grab some fair-food and people-watch. At any time of day you’ll find the air buzzing with live music and lively crowds!

Head to the Santa Monica Pier for some fun in the sun, or watch as the sun sets and the amusement park rides light up the night! This stop is a must if you’re planning a trip or are backpacking through Los Angeles . The views are beautiful any time of day and the open-air activities are fun for all ages!

USA Hostels Hollywood

USA Hostels Hollywood

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Los Angeles Itinerary: Day 3 and Beyond

Disneyland Park | Universal Studios Hollywood | Hollywood Bowl | The Queen Mary | Paradise Cove Beach

If you’re spending three days or more in Los Angeles, you’re going to want to check out a few more of the city’s main attractions! Here are a few extra things we think are great additions to your Los Angeles itinerary:

Disneyland Park

  • The original Disney Theme Park, built under the construction of Walt Disney himself.
  • Open long hours and every day of the year.
  • Firework shows Friday- Sunday night, or every night during summer.

A trip to Disneyland Park is a truly magical experience. It has something for everyone, young and old. From rides to fun-themed eateries, to parades with all your favorite characters, a trip to Disney will make for a nostalgic and spellbinding experience.

Disneyland Park, Los Angeles

There are numerous rides to choose from that combine stimulation with visualization. Each ride tells a story and the attention to detail in every aspect of the park is impressive and enchanting.

This is one of the most popular Los Angeles points of interest and it’s recommended to spend at least a whole day here to get the full experience.

Insider Tip: Download the Disneyland app to see the wait times for all the rides!

Universal Studios Hollywood

  • World-famous film studio and theme park.
  • Perfect for families, thrill-seekers, and movie-lovers.
  • This theme park has state-of-the-art special effects on every ride, show, and attraction!

A trip to Universal Studios is sure to make for an action-packed day full of fun and entertainment. From rides and shows to dining and shopping, this theme park has something for everyone.

Enjoy a world-famous studio tour where you’ll go behind the scenes of iconic Hollywood sets . This sixty-minute narrated tram ride goes through four acres of historic studio lots. Check out the Bates Motel from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho , see the plane crash-site from Stephen Spielberg’s War of the Worlds , and look out for more from your favorite films.

Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles

Immerse yourself in the wizarding world of Harry Potter! Visit Hogsmeade and have a butter-beer, soar over the castle grounds of Hogwarts, and visit the room of requirements!

Insider Tip: Make sure to check out Citywalk Universal, located next door to the park, right before the entrance. Here you’ll find even more shopping, dining, and entertainment options!

Hollywood Bowl

  • Outdoor amphitheater in the Hollywood Hills.
  • Watch a live performance or concert!
  • Wine and dine as you enjoy great acoustics and lively entertainment.

The Hollywood Bowl is a great place to watch a live performance or concert. This outdoor venue has lots of seating options and wonderful views of the Hollywood Hills.

There are many food and drink stands inside the venue to choose from. Pre-order a picnic basket and wine. Hit-up a street food vendor for an easy meal to take back to your seat, 0r simply pack your own snacks to bring along.

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles

This casual venue is the perfect place to go for entertainment and a laid-back vibe, especially in summer. Spend a few hours watching a show and enjoying the wonderful LA weather!

If you don’t have time to catch a show, it is free to go inside and walk around the amphitheater during certain hours of the day.

The Queen Mary

  • Beautiful retired British ocean liner from the 1930s.
  • This large vessel is now open for tourism.
  • Rumored to be haunted, there is a large number of recorded incidents of paranormal activity in the ship’s logs!

The Queen Mary is an iconic vessel stationed on Long Beach, California, twenty-six miles from Downtown Los Angeles. Once an active sailing vessel, today it is permanently docked and open for tourism. The beauty and grandeur of the ship have been well maintained. It invites guests aboard in several capacities.

You can book a room onboard this historic vessel! There are several hotel options to choose from, each offering modern amenities with original 1930s designs. Enjoy casual or fine dining at one of the ship’s restaurants, or have a drink at the Observation Bar, styled in sophisticated 1930s fashion.

The Queen Mary

You can take a guided tour and hear more about this magnificent ship’s history and a few ghost stories. There are several tour options to choose from that cover everything from the ship’s mechanics to haunted encounters.

The Queen Mary is full of history and mystery, paranormal-enthusiasts and history-lovers will especially love this addition to their Los Angeles itinerary!

Paradise Cove Beach

  • Small public beach located beneath the cliffs of Malibu.
  • Rentable private terraces, beach beds, and loungers.
  • You are allowed to bring in your own alcohol, but only beer, wine, and champagne.

No trip to Los Angeles is complete without some beach time, and Paradise Cove Beach is our pick for the best beach in LA! The seclusion of this beach combined with the ability to rent out beach terraces and bring your own alcohol makes for the perfect beach day.

The beach has lifeguards on duty, clean facilities, and a private pier. Paradise Cove sits in front of a privately-owned restaurant, Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, where you can enjoy tropical drinks and American fare. The sandy coastline and pristine ocean waters make this beach perfect for your vacation in Los Angeles.

Paradise Cove Beach, Los Angeles

A trip to Paradise Cove can be pricey, especially if you plan to rent out beach amenities. However, if you are willing to spend a little extra to feel some vacation vibes, this is the place to do it!  

Insider Tip: The beach is public, but you have to pay for parking. Parking price Monday – Friday is $35.00 USD and weekends and holidays $50.00 USD. If you eat at the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, located next to the beach, most of your parking-fee is comped.

Whether you’re exploring Los Angeles in three days or more, safety is an important thing to keep in mind. Generally speaking, most of Los Angeles is considered safe , especially tourist areas and places on the western and northern sides of the city.

The areas of LA that are not considered safe are Skid Row, South Central, and Compton. Not to worry, no places mentioned in your LA itinerary are located in these areas.

Like any big city, crime does occur. Watch out for pickpockets, who are skillfully experienced in taking things undetected. Keep your valuables hidden and try to travel with bags and purses that you can securely close.

If you are traveling solo, make sure to keep to the tourist areas. Try to blend in as much as possible, especially if you’re going out at night. Don’t wear anything that looks expensive (jewelry, cameras, handbags) and again, keep your valuables hidden.

If you are traveling with a car in Los Angeles, never leave valuables in plain sight in your vehicle. Keep them locked in your trunk, or even better, in your accommodation. Car break-ins are known to happen, especially if things are left in view.

Follow these simple guidelines and you should have nothing to worry about. Keep your wits about you and enjoy your time in LA!

Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance for Los Angeles

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trip to la movie

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Day trips from Los Angeles are a great way to pack even more action into your vacation. These trips are a great addition to your Los Angeles itinerary, and there are lots of options to choose from!

Palm Springs Day Tour and Outlet Shopping from Los Angeles

On this full-day tour, you’ll visit the desert oasis of Palm Springs! Ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway 5,000 feet up the cliffs of Chino Canyon. At the top, you’ll be greeted with spectacular views of the Palm Springs Valley.

Palm Springs Day Tour and Outlet Shopping from Los Angeles

Visit the Living Desert Zoo where you’ll learn all about the desert ecosystem! Enjoy lunch in El Paseo, where you’ll have a break to eat, shop, and relax.

Next, enjoy a bus-tour where you can see the homes of Hollywood stars! Finish up with a trip to Desert Hills Premium Outlets before being transferred back to LA.

California Coast Day Tour from LA: Santa Barbara & Solvang

On this fourteen-hour trip, you’ll discover the coastal town of Santa Barbara and the Danish town of Solvang. You’ll drive north as you expand your Los Angeles itinerary. Witness the stunning California coast and enjoy the spread-out scenery as you leave the city.

California Coast Day Tour from LA Santa Barbara & Solvang

Walk along Santa Barbara’s harbor and visit a Spanish Mission Station. Explore charming Solvang, filled with unique European architecture and quaint local shops and bakeries.

Lastly, you’ll visit Hearst Castle, built by newspaper baron William Randolph Heart. Tour this grand and extravagant mansion, a truly magnificent and unique residence.

San Diego Zoo Tickets and Transfer from LA

On this nine-hour tour, you’ll visit the world-famous San Diego Zoo! Discover some of the most exotic creatures from around the globe.

San Diego Zoo

Home to over 4,000 animals, the San Diego Zoo has one of the largest collections of exotic wild animals found anywhere in the world. Check out a show, featuring various species found in the zoo. Take a leisurely guided bus tour or ride the Skysafari tram for aerial views of the animals.

This trip offers convenient round-trip transportation from Los Angeles to the Zoo’s entrance.

Round-trip Transportation to SeaWorld San Diego From L.A.

On this nine-hour day trip, you’ll explore the underwater world of SeaWorld San Diego! Experience a full-day of endless entertainment as you see and learn about underwater creatures.

Round-trip Transportation to SeaWorld San Diego From L.A.

SeaWorld makes learning fun and engaging. Get close enough to touch a dolphin’s fin, watch the penguins play, and stare down a fearsome shark. Watch a theatrical aquatic show where you’ll be mesmerized as you watch Orcas flip through the air and perform high-energy tricks.

Enjoy round-trip transportation from Los Angeles to SeaWorld San Diego. Sit back and relax as your professional driver takes you from LA straight to SeaWorld’s entrance!

Santa Barbara: Wine Country Tour with Picnic Lunch

On this seven-hour tour, you’ll enjoy a relaxing wine country experience. Travel by air-conditioned bus to the Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County.

You’ll visit three wineries and enjoy a private wine tasting at each. Learn about the different wineries and wine from the friendly staff. You’ll enjoy a picnic lunch from a private chef at one of the wineries. Cold beverages are also included.

Santa Barbara Wine Country Tour with Picnic Lunch

Before heading back, explore the small towns of either Los Olivos or Solvang. Wine-lovers especially should make sure to add this day-trip to their Los Angeles itinerary!

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Find out what people want to know when planning their Los Angeles itinerary.

How many days do I need in Los Angeles?

Exploring Los Angeles can be done in two full days, but we’d recommend adding at least 1-2 more to your trip. That way, you get to see the city without any stress or fear of missing out, plus you can add half a day of just chilling to your itinerary.

What are the most popular attractions in Los Angeles?

The Hollywood sign and the Hollywood Walk of Fame are probably the most popular attractions in Los Angeles, but if you ask us, also totally overrated. We’d recommend seeing the Venice Beach Boardwalk instead.

What should I not miss when visiting Los Angeles?

Don’t miss out on these attractions in Los Angeles: – The Venice Beach Boardwalk – Santa Monica Pier – Los Angeles County Museum of Art

What is the best family itinerary for Los Angeles?

Families will love these attractions in Los Angeles: – Warner Brothers Studio Tour Hollywood – The Groove and Original Farmers Market – The Santa Monica Pier

Los Angeles is a popular vacation destination offering the best mix of entertainment, good weather, and iconic attractions. Pulsing with style and energy, it’s a gathering place where people from around the world spend whole days shopping, dining, relaxing, and thrill-seeking.

LA is a coming-together of cultures, cuisines, and scenery. There’s nothing quite like it.  There are so many places to visit in Los Angeles and each one is filled with plenty of sunshine and excitement!

From world-class museums to trendy shopping malls, to quirky beaches, to Hollywood hallmarks, there’s something for everyone. If you’re backpacking California , make sure LA is on your itinerary!

Blessed by an endless coastline and infused with a seductive spirit, it’s no wonder thousands of people travel to Los Angeles every year. Whether you’re spending three days in LA, or more, this itinerary will make sure you make the most of your trip!

trip to la movie

And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links . That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!

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The Essential List of What to Pack for a Trip to Los Angeles

What to pack for a trip to los angeles.

It is simply impossible to create a packing list that will work for every single person. The packing list that will work best for me could be a complete 180 of what works for you. Plus, sometimes it depends on the time of year that your trip takes place or what type of activities you’ll be doing. However, I have done my best to keep all of these things in mind as I have put together this list of what to pack for a trip to Los Angeles.

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Packing List for Los Angeles

The main tool to use in starting to figure out what to pack for your trip to Los Angeles is going to be a weather app. You want to get an idea of whether or not to expect rain & what temperatures you expect. I am constantly amazed by how few people will check the weather before they travel. What ends up happening when you don’t come prepared is that you spend money on things that you most likely already have at home but did not bring. Don’t let this happen to you. Come as prepared for your trip and the weather as possible.

It is easy to be the naive person who assumes that California is always warm and sunny. Are we spoiled by the weather out here? Of course! However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t rain on your trip. Or that you won’t find yourself colder than you anticipated. One of the biggest tips I can give you is that when the sun goes down, even during the summer, most locals like having at least lite jacket with them. It can often be 10-20 degrees cooler once the sun goes down.

Items to Help Make Your Trip to Los Angeles Easier

I am all about consolidating my luggage to make traveling easier & organized. Plus, I love knowing that I have plenty of space for souvenirs. If you can manage to get everything you need to take on the trip into one bag. Consider packing a duffle bag that you can move your clothes & stuff into upon returning. So that way your suitcase is available for the souvenirs. Of course, this suggestion won’t be relevant for everyone as not all will care for that many souvenirs.

One of the tools that help me save the most space & make the most of my suitcase are travel cubes . I currently have three and use at least one on every trip I go on. The cubes allow me to get 5x more clothes inside of my suitcase while taking up less space. I roll up my clothes as I put them inside the cube and then add small items like tank tops on top before I zip it up. To additional space for packing as well as when I reach my destination I also like to use a toiletry bag with a hook so I can hang it up. There is currently a great deal on Amazon where you can get three cubes, a bag for shoes, and the toiletry bag for under $25. You can find that deal here.

Are you planning on going to the beach or a pool on your trip? A wet bathing suit bag might come in handy for you. Especially if you plan on going to the beach before another activity and will need to change. You can find some options on Amazon here .

Things You Could Need For Your Trip to LA

I cannot stress enough how important looking at the weather forecast is prior to your visit. You would be shocked how many visitors wore short-sleeve shirts and did not have a jacket when a high was 60 degrees in LA last week. If these people would have checked the weather they would have come prepared. Please do your research! 

Pack a Lightweight Jacket

Even if you are visiting during the summer you will still want to bring at least a lightweight jacket with you. When the sun goes down in Southern California the air becomes cool. This is something that most visitors are not prepared for. I recommend having a jacket that is small enough you can roll it up and put it in a purse or a bag. Depending on your wardrobe you might want to bring a denim jacket or an easily foldable zip up.

Get An Anti Theft Bag

At least one pair of shorts and long pants.

When it cools down at night you might be very glad to have the pair of long pants. The shorts can also come in handy almost any month of the year.

Sundresses, Rompers, or Semi Formal Wear

I love traveling with a casual dress or romper. They make for great outfits in pictures and can look a little nicer if you visit places like museums. When my parents come to visit normally we see some kind of a show at the Pantages or attend a red carpet movie premiere. Events like that give my parents a reason to need to pack a nicer outfit. Truly give your itinerary some thought. And even if you’re traveling without a set plan it’s always good to have these things for a just in case moment.

Interested in attending a red carpet movie premiere on your trip? Find out how here .

A Fun Themed Shirt

  View this post on Instagram   You can check out the set from the Big Bang Theory at Warner Bros #bigbangtheory #cbsbigbangtheory #wbstudiotourhollywood #wb #warnerbros #discoverla #lostinla #abc7eyewitness #foxla #eyeonla #instaworthyla #welikela A post shared by Michelle Mink (@la.dreaming) on Jun 29, 2019 at 3:07pm PDT

A Good Pair of Leggings/Yoga Pants

Whether you want your leggings to complete an outfit or for exercising chances are they are going to be needed during your trip. There are a lot of great hikes that you can do around the area. I highly recommend adding a sports bra and a tank top to your bag. If you’re going hiking in the winter I would bring a sweater or warm outer layer for the hike. I also like using a flip belt to hold my keys and phone while I hike. The picture above is from my hike to the top of the Hollywood sign .

Beach Towel

tesalate sand free towels

Waterproof Phone Pouch

Bathing suit.

Even if you travel during the winter there is a chance that your hotel will have a heated pool. And some people are determined to get on the beach even when it is cold.

I recommend a good pair of walking shoes, flip flops, and any other shoes that are needed for the activities you have planned. Are you going hiking? Going for a nice evening out? Keep that in mind as you select shoes. I do try and travel with as few shoes as possible because they take up space quickly.

Selfie Stick/Tripod

I used to be anti selfie sticks but I am finally getting on board because I want better photos of my boyfriend and me on our adventures. I was thrilled to find one on amazon that also converts to a tripod! It works really well. You can find the one I use on Amazon here .

California is known as the golden state due to how much sun time we get. Be sure and keep yourself protected with sunscreen.


Another great way to protect yourself from the sun is with sunglasses and hats.

It doesn’t rain incredibly often in Los Angeles but you want to be prepared when it does.

Water Bottle

I highly encourage that you bring a water bottle that will keep your drink cold for hours.

How to Save Money On A Trip to LA

Once you finish packing you should also finish planning your trip. Check out this guide on how to save money on your trip to LA .

' src=

About The Author

Michelle Ares is the founder and creative director of LA Dreaming. I have a passion for Southern California and love sharing my adventures and experiences with you. I love to travel, find new places to check out, and watch movies. You can follow me on Instagram @la.dreaming

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Laura Linney, Maggie Smith Make a Pilgrimage to Lourdes in ‘The Miracle Club’ – First Look (EXCLUSIVE)

By Manori Ravindran

Manori Ravindran

Executive Editor of International

  • Hayley Atwell, Bill Nighy, Mark Rylance & David Harewood Support Green Rider Launch for More Sustainable U.K. Film and TV Productions 6 months ago
  • SAG-AFTRA’s Duncan Crabtree-Ireland Applauds U.K. Solidarity as Equity Boss Warns Britain Could Also Face Industrial Action in Next 12 Months 6 months ago
  • Learning Disabled and Autistic Talent to Lead New Production Company by U.K.’s Access All Areas (EXCLUSIVE) 6 months ago

The Miracle Club

Variety can reveal a first look at Maggie Smith and Laura Linney in the new drama “The Miracle Club,” which has wrapped production in Ireland and is now in post.

The Dublin-shot film, which also stars Kathy Bates, centers on four Dublin women who come together on a pilgrimage to the holy city of Lourdes in France, where they discover the solidarity in their friendship and unveil their own personal miracles.

Directed by Thaddeus O’Sullivan, “The Miracle Club” wrapped over the summer at Ardmore Studios in Dublin.

Linney most recently starred in the last season of Netflix’s “Ozark,” while Smith was last in “Downton Abbey: A New Era,” where she plays the salty Dowager Countess. Bates starred in the 2020 film “Home,” directed by German actor Franka Potente.

“The Miracle Club” is an official co-production between Chris Curling‘s London-based Zephyr Films and Larry Bass’s Dublin production banner ShinAwiL.

It is produced by Josh Maurer and Alix Witlin of City Films Entertainment and Curling. Bass, Aaron Farrell, and John Gleeson and Oisín O’Neill (both from Irish financier BCP) are also producers.

Meanwhile, Embankment, the sales arm of newly formed Free Range Entertainment, are handling worldwide sales and arranged financing, which is provided by Ireland’s BCP, Ingenious Media, Screen Ireland and the BFI. Louise Nathanson and Anna Vincent are executive producers for Hianlo.

Embankment have pre-sold the film to a number of international distributors, including Lionsgate in the U.K.

Tim Haslam, co-founder of Embankment, said: “Perhaps the miracles we are searching for are actually right in front of us –– and today, after a couple of years sustained by total determination, Thaddeus and our ladies now perform their own miracle – served up with their own delicious humour.”

Curling added: “Throughout the pandemic, Maggie, Kathy and Laura were collaborative encouraging and above all patient – and what a wonderful experience it was for all of us when everything finally came together this summer. As a team we also thank our fantastically supportive and patient distributors and financiers.”

First look below:

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Bleeding Love

Ewan McGregor and Clara McGregor in Bleeding Love (2023)

A father takes his estranged daughter on a road trip in an effort to get her out of trouble. Along the way they meet all types of strangers, as their strained relationship is put to the test... Read all A father takes his estranged daughter on a road trip in an effort to get her out of trouble. Along the way they meet all types of strangers, as their strained relationship is put to the test. A father takes his estranged daughter on a road trip in an effort to get her out of trouble. Along the way they meet all types of strangers, as their strained relationship is put to the test.

  • Emma Westenberg
  • Vera Bulder
  • Ruby Caster
  • Ewan McGregor
  • Clara McGregor
  • 2 User reviews
  • 1 Critic review

Official Trailer

  • Young Daughter

Kristin K. Berg

  • Motel Employee

Sale Taylor

  • All cast & crew
  • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro

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Land of Bad

Did you know

  • Trivia Clara McGregor is the real life daughter of Ewan McGregor.
  • Soundtracks I'm The One Written by Raven Aartsen , Reynard Bargmann , and Beatriz de Rijke Produced by Raven Artson Mixed by Reynard Bargmann (as Mucky) Mastered by Pete Maher

User reviews 2

  • cinemapersonified
  • Jun 13, 2023

February 2024 TV and Streaming Premiere Dates


  • How long will Bleeding Love be? Powered by Alexa
  • February 16, 2024 (United States)
  • United States
  • You Sing Loud, I Sing Louder
  • Deux Dames Entertainment
  • Black Magic
  • Killer Films
  • See more company credits at IMDbPro

Technical specs

  • Runtime 1 hour 36 minutes

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Ewan McGregor and Clara McGregor in Bleeding Love (2023)

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‘will & harper’ review: will ferrell and harper steele charm their way through an endearing road trip doc.

After the former SNL writer came out as trans, she and the comedian traveled across America to process her transition and reaffirm their friendship.

By Lovia Gyarkye

Lovia Gyarkye

Arts & Culture Critic

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Will Ferrell and Harper Steele appear in Will and Harper by Josh Greenbaum, an official selection of the Premieres Program at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival.

When former SNL writer Harper Steele came out as trans, she told her friends and family via email. “I’m old now,” the letter said, “I’ll be transitioning to live as a woman.” In addition to announcing her plans, she also shared some of her anxieties about the process. Her fear was not about transitioning, but that she might lose some people that she loved. 

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Will ferrell doc 'will & harper' lands at netflix after sundance bow, netflix nabs sundance doc 'daughters,' about girls reuniting with their incarcerated fathers, will & harper.

It can be easy to scoff at the after-school-special-seeming premise of Will & Harper , but at a time when trans people are under threat, the documentary might have a chance of reaching otherwise unengaged populations. Just this week, Republican Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced proposals that could restrict gender-affirming care for adults in the state. Dozens of other states have bans on gender-affirming care for children in place.

Before they set out on the road, Ferrell and Steele discuss this bleak and dangerous climate for trans people. The documentary opens with their separate interviews, in which they express their expectations and anxieties about the trip. They also talk about what kinds of questions they have for each other. Ferrell worries about blundering or offending; Steele wonders if she and Ferrell will remain friends.

The journey yields some surprising revelations as well as predictable responses from people they encounter. Ferrell and Steele start in New York, where they have breakfast with Steele’s kids, and visit their old stomping ground at 30 Rock. After lunch with friends — Tina Fey and Seth Meyers, among others — they head to their first stop: Washington, D.C. 

From over 200 hours of material, Greenbaum shapes a straightforward documentary that moves nimbly. Zoë White’s unfussy cinematography largely keeps attention on the duo, save for the occasional wide shot of the American countryside. Ferrell and Steele’s conversations range from innocuous curiosities to weightier inquiries. Steele talks about when she knew she was a woman and reads from her old journals, some of which are excerpted and displayed. Through these old entries, one can hear the pain of repression and the sadness of self-loathing. 

As Ferrell and Steele journey deeper into the heartland of America, the texture of their conversations changes along with the threat levels. Confederate flags make cameos and the intensity of the stares fluctuates. Although Will & Harper portrays the experience of one trans woman, one can’t help but think about the extra layer of violence these places would present to a person of color. 

Will & Harper works because, at its core, the doc is a tribute to Ferrell and Steele’s evolving friendship. Two weeks on the road help the pair become reacquainted with one another, and their intimacy can be measured by the kinds of jokes they exchange. Early in the film, Ferrell’s humor reads as a coping mechanism, a reflex to lighten too-serious situations. But by the time they reach Vegas — after a vitriolic experience in Texas — Ferrell and Steele have created a shared language based on these new experiences. Their jokes are sharpened by the renewed ease that has settled into their conversations. 

What they talk about changes, too, as Steeles goes from explaining her transition to sharing her hopes, fears and insecurities about living as a woman. Ferrell still asks questions, but he opens up about his own anxieties. This recalibrates the relationship, creating a space where both Ferrell and Steele can be emotional with one another. When the journey in Will & Harper comes to the end, it feels like a new beginning.

Full credits

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New Madea movie by Tyler Perry to film in Las Cruces this year

trip to la movie

The New Mexico Film Office announced this week that a Tyler Perry production will film around Las Cruces . 

The movie, “Tyler Perry’s Joe’s College Road Trip,” has not announced filming dates as of yet. However, the production plans to employ 90 New Mexican crew members and background talent. 

Perry (“A Jazzman’s Blues,” “Mea Culpa”) will direct, produce and star in the film. He will star alongside Jermaine Harris (“Saturdays”), Amber Reign Smith (“The Other Black Girl”), Bethany Anne Lind (“Ozark”), Jeremy Gimenez (“The Shift”), Millie Jackson (“Censor”), Wil Deusner (“Stargirl”), Patricia Williams (“Drugstore June”) and Nickolas Wolf (“The Family Man”). 

Angi Bones (“Single Drunk Female”) will co-produce. 

Las Cruces film news: ‘Hellboy’ Ron Perlman to headline the 2024 Las Cruces International Film Festival

“We are thrilled to welcome Tyler Perry and ‘Joe's College Road Trip’ to Las Cruces,” Sen. Jeff Steinborn of Doña Ana County said in a news release from the film office. “As one of America's most prolific directors, we're excited to be able to offer our great outdoor locations and warm winter filming climate to this prestigious film production.”

According to the news release, the film will follow B.J., who is getting ready to go to college and is planning a cross-country college trip with his friends before they graduate from high school. 

“His father, Brian, is initially excited about the opportunity until he realizes his son has a sheltered and disconnected view of what it means to be Black in America. He takes his concerns to none other than Madea, who quickly confirms that B.J. has a lot to learn about the real world,” the news release reads. “Madea offers a solution: instead of B.J. traveling cross-country with his all-white friends doing all-white activities, he should do the drive with his grandfather Joe. They then embark on a trip that changes the trajectory of both of their lives.”

More film news: ‘I’ll Be Gone in June’ movie to film in Las Cruces this spring

While traveling the country, the duo stop at Joe’s favorite places among the college stops. The struggle to connect at first, but a less than usual pit stop sparks understanding and realizations.

The story is described as one of “self-discovery, cross-generational respect, and connecting to and honoring the past as the purest means of stepping into the future.” 

More information about the production can be found by emailing [email protected]

This is the second production announced in a week with plans to film in Las Cruces this year. Feature film “I’ll Be Gone in June” will film in the area in June.

Leah Romero is the trending reporter at the Las Cruces Sun-News and can be reached at 575-418-3442,  [email protected]  or  @rromero_leah  on X, formerly Twitter .

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12 Facts About Natural Wonders In Lancaster California

12 Facts About Natural Wonders In Lancaster California

13 Facts About Culinary Delights In Elk Grove California

13 Facts About Culinary Delights In Elk Grove California

42 facts about the movie a trip to the moon.

Frederica Hamilton

Frederica Hamilton

Modified & Updated: 30 Jan 2024

Published: 05 Oct 2023

Modified: 30 Jan 2024


The movie “A Trip to the Moon” is a true classic in the world of cinema. Released in 1902 and directed by Georges Méliès, this French silent film tells the fascinating story of a group of astronomers who embark on a journey to the moon. It was one of the earliest examples of science fiction film and remains a groundbreaking work in the history of cinema. With its imaginative special effects and innovative storytelling techniques, “A Trip to the Moon” paved the way for future filmmakers and continues to inspire modern audiences. In this article, we will delve into 42 fascinating facts about this iconic movie, revealing intriguing details about its production, impact, and enduring legacy.

The film was directed by Georges Méliès.

Georges Méliès was a French filmmaker and illusionist who is known as the pioneer of special effects in cinema. He directed and produced A Trip to the Moon, which was released in 1902.

The movie is also known by its French title, Le Voyage dans la Lune.

Le Voyage dans la Lune translates to “A Trip to the Moon” in English.

It is a silent, black and white film.

A Trip to the Moon was made in the early days of cinema when sound and color technology were yet to be developed.

The film is approximately 14 minutes long.

Despite its short duration, A Trip to the Moon is considered a significant milestone in cinematic history.

It is based on Jules Verne’s novel, From the Earth to the Moon.

Jules Verne’s novel served as the inspiration for the storyline of A Trip to the Moon.

The movie features imaginative and groundbreaking special effects.

Méliès used innovative techniques such as stop-motion animation and double exposure to create stunning visual effects in the film.

A Trip to the Moon is one of the earliest science fiction films.

It showcases the creativity and imagination of early filmmakers who explored the possibilities of the medium.

The iconic image of a spaceship crashing into the moon’s eye is from this movie.

The image has become synonymous with A Trip to the Moon and is often referenced in pop culture.

The movie was made on a relatively small budget.

Méliès managed to create a visually stunning film with limited resources.

The cast of the film includes Georges Méliès himself.

Méliès not only directed the film but also played the role of Professor Barbenfouillis, the main character.

The film was originally released in black and white, but Méliès later hand-painted some copies.

This hand-painted version added color to certain scenes and enhanced the visual experience of the film.

A Trip to the Moon is known for its distinct art direction.

The set design and costumes contribute to the whimsical and fantastical atmosphere of the movie.

The film features a combination of live-action and animation sequences.

Méliès seamlessly blended these two techniques to create a unique cinematic experience.

A Trip to the Moon was initially met with mixed reviews.

Some critics praised its technical achievements, while others did not understand its artistic value.

The movie was rediscovered in the 1920s and gained recognition as a cinematic masterpiece.

It is now regarded as one of the most important and influential films in the history of cinema.

A Trip to the Moon inspired many future filmmakers, including Steven Spielberg.

Spielberg has cited Méliès and A Trip to the Moon as a major influence on his filmmaking career.

The film was groundbreaking in its use of special effects.

Méliès’ innovative techniques paved the way for the development of visual effects in cinema.

A Trip to the Moon was highly ambitious for its time.

Méliès pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible in filmmaking and created a memorable and imaginative work.

The film’s plot follows a group of astronomers who travel to the moon.

They encounter strange creatures and face various challenges during their journey.

A Trip to the Moon was a commercial success.

Despite its initial mixed reception, the film attracted audiences with its captivating visuals and storyline.

The movie went on to inspire other filmmakers to explore the possibilities of science fiction in cinema.

It had a lasting impact on the genre and influenced future films such as Star Wars.

A Trip to the Moon is recognized as a significant cultural and historical artifact.

It is included in UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register, which preserves and promotes documentary heritage.

The film showcases Méliès’ skill as a performer and magician.

His background in stage magic and illusion contributed to the film’s imaginative visuals and tricks.

A Trip to the Moon was restored and colorized in 2010.

The restoration process brought the film back to its original glory and allowed modern audiences to experience it as intended.

The iconic rocket ship used in the film was named “La fusée en pétard” (The Fireworks Rocket).

This rocket design has become synonymous with space travel in popular culture.

A Trip to the Moon was considered a pioneering work in the use of narrative storytelling in cinema.

Méliès used visual cues and gestures to convey the story, as there were no dialogues in the film.

The film’s imaginative portrayal of the moon and its inhabitants captured the imagination of audiences.

Méliès’ creative interpretation of the lunar landscape added to the film’s charm and appeal.

A Trip to the Moon was a significant technical achievement for its time.

Méliès’ use of multiple exposures and innovative editing techniques showcased his mastery of the medium.

The film’s success led to Méliès making more fantasy and science fiction films.

He continued to experiment with special effects and create visually stunning works throughout his career.

A Trip to the Moon is often regarded as a precursor to modern science fiction cinema.

Its influence can be seen in later films that explore similar themes and concepts.

The film’s iconic image of the moon with a rocket stuck in its eye has been referenced and parodied in various forms of media.

It has become a symbol of early science fiction cinema.

A Trip to the Moon was one of the earliest films to use a narrative structure in cinema.

Méliès’ storytelling techniques set the foundation for future filmmakers to explore the possibilities of storytelling in film.

The film was a major success in both France and abroad.

It was widely distributed and screened in theaters around the world.

A Trip to the Moon is a prime example of Méliès’ unique filmmaking style.

His blend of fantasy, humor, and visual spectacle is evident throughout the film.

The movie’s success helped establish filmmaking as a legitimate art form.

It showed that films could be more than just simple recordings of reality.

A Trip to the Moon was one of the first films to have a clear narrative structure.

Méliès’ use of storytelling techniques elevated the film beyond a mere visual spectacle.

The film’s success allowed Méliès to expand his studio and produce more ambitious works.

He became one of the most influential filmmakers of his time.

A Trip to the Moon was groundbreaking in its use of special effects.

Méliès’ innovative techniques set the stage for the future development of visual effects in cinema.

The film’s impact can still be seen in contemporary science fiction films.

Its influence can be felt in movies that explore similar themes of space exploration and fantastical worlds.

A Trip to the Moon was named one of the 100 greatest films of the 20th century by Time magazine.

Its inclusion in the list solidifies its status as a significant cinematic achievement.

The film’s success allowed Méliès to establish his own film production company.

He had full creative control over his projects and continued to make groundbreaking films throughout his career.

A Trip to the Moon remains a timeless classic and a milestone in the history of cinema.

Its imaginative storytelling and groundbreaking visual effects continue to captivate audiences today.

In conclusion, “A Trip to the Moon” is a groundbreaking and timeless classic that has left an indelible mark on the history of cinema. From its pioneering use of special effects to its imaginative storytelling, this film continues to inspire and captivate audiences even over a century after its release. Its iconic image of a rocket landing in the eye of the moon remains one of the most recognizable scenes in movie history.With its combination of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure, “A Trip to the Moon” paved the way for future filmmakers to explore new realms of possibility on the silver screen. Its influence can be seen in countless films that followed, solidifying its status as a true cinematic masterpiece.Whether you are a die-hard fan of classic cinema or simply curious about the early days of filmmaking, “A Trip to the Moon” is a must-watch. Its whimsical charm, innovative techniques, and imaginative narrative continue to make it a beloved treasure for movie enthusiasts around the world.

1. When was “A Trip to the Moon” released?

“A Trip to the Moon” was released on September 1, 1902.

2. Who directed “A Trip to the Moon”?

The film was directed by the French filmmaker Georges Méliès.

3. Is “A Trip to the Moon” a silent film?

Yes, “A Trip to the Moon” is a silent film, as it predates the invention of sound in movies.

4. What was the running time of “A Trip to the Moon”?

The original running time of the film was around 14 minutes.

5. Did “A Trip to the Moon” win any awards?

During its time, there were no official film awards, but “A Trip to the Moon” received critical acclaim for its innovative visuals and storytelling.

6. Are there any remakes or adaptations of “A Trip to the Moon”?

While there have been no direct remakes, the film has served as inspiration for various movies, music videos, and artistic creations over the years.

7. Is “A Trip to the Moon” available to watch today?

Yes, “A Trip to the Moon” has been preserved and is available for viewing online and on DVD as part of film history collections.

8. What is the significance of the rocket landing in the eye of the moon?

The iconic image of the rocket landing in the eye of the moon symbolizes humanity’s conquest of uncharted territories and the triumph of exploration over the unknown.

9. How did “A Trip to the Moon” influence future filmmakers?

The film’s imaginative storytelling and pioneering use of special effects opened up new possibilities for filmmakers to explore science fiction and fantasy genres, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

10. Why is “A Trip to the Moon” considered a classic?

“A Trip to the Moon” is considered a classic due to its historical significance, innovative techniques, and enduring influence on the art of filmmaking.

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Anthony Anderson spends night in ER after stunt brawl with ‘two goons and a chair’

Anthony Anderson smiles while posing in a tuxedo

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Anthony Anderson spent the night in a South African emergency room this week after an on-set stunt went wrong.

The “black-ish” star, who recently got glowing reviews for his Emmys hosting gig , said he was hospitalized in Cape Town this week after getting hurt during a stunt fight on the set of his upcoming action-thriller, “G20.”

The 53-year-old actor described the ordeal in a Thursday Instagram post, appearing well enough to make light of the brawl, which apparently involved “two goons and a chair.”

“I spent the night in the emergency room. Movie set fight gone wrong,” Anderson wrote. “Me against two goons and a chair! Guess who didn’t win! Who needs a stuntman? Me that’s who!”

Los Angeles, CA - January 15: Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers, Ellen Pompeo, Katherine Heigl and James Pickens at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, CA, Monday, Jan. 15, 2024. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

Column: Soaked in nostalgia, the best Emmys in years showed how much TV has changed

Steeped in TV history, the delightful, touching 75th Emmy Awards were also a clear-eyed acknowledgment of all the medium has left behind.

Jan. 16, 2024

Anderson, who shared a photo of himself flashing a peace sign and smiling while lying on a gurney, quipped that he’s not as young as he used to be and that his CT scan and X-rays showed nothing fractured or broken in his back. He did, however, come away with “a deep contusion,” which is a bruise.

“That chair will never be the same though! Bloodied and bowed but never broken!” he added, making even more quips in a series of hashtags: “#RQQ #G20 #setlife #moviefights #justakidfromcompton #huskyandhandsome #bidzaddy #acbarbeque”

The actor “is fine and back to work,” a spokesperson for Anderson said Friday in an e-mail to The Times.

Los Angeles, CA - January 15: Doris Hancox and Anthony Anderson arriving at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, CA, Monday, Jan. 15, 2024. (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

Emmys host Anthony Anderson enlists mom to ‘play off’ long-winded winners

The ‘black-ish’ star kicked off the 75th Emmy Awards on an upbeat note Monday, paying tribute to series like ‘The Facts of Life’ and ‘Miami Vice’ and leaning on his mother for laughs.

Jan. 15, 2024

Anderson’s “black-ish” co-star and on-screen wife, Tracee Ellis Ross, was among the first to comment on his post, writing : “you are not made of rubber. Im so glad you are ok.”

“Stay safe big bro. We need you,” added “Supergirl” alum Mehcad Brooks.

“Yeah man...YOU deliver the quips and let a look-a-like fight the chair. Now you know how it feels to get hit in the back crossing the middle😆🏈” wrote former NFL wide receiver Desmond Howard.

“First Alabama, now you. Them folding chairs showing out lately. 🪑 🪑 🪑” joked former CNN journalist Don Lemon, referring to l ast summer’s riverfront melee in Montgomery.

“Stop fighting chairs bruh!” added “Entertainment Tonight” co-host Kevin Frazier.

“‘Nah ! f— it ‘ I can do it!!!! ‘ Cut to … this picture 😂😂😂😂😂 get well my dert!!!!” wrote comedian Cedric the Entertainer.

Kevin Hart sits on a chair surrounded by orange flowers and leans forward onto his knees

Kevin Hart lands in a wheelchair after bet gone bad: ‘Got to be the stupidest man alive’

Kevin Hart, 44, is temporarily in a wheelchair after racing former NFL star Stevan Ridley, 34. ‘Respect that age. Or that age will make you respect it,’ he says.

Aug. 24, 2023

Pointing fingers and pulling up receipts, Anderson affirmed that the perpetrating prop was a force to be reckoned with in a second post about the incident, presenting a photo of the patterned culprit that did him in to his 1.8 million Instagram followers. (He also noted that he was back to work the next day.)

“This is the chair that whooped my ass last night!” he wrote . “Something about it is menacing! It sucker punched me in the kidneys and back with no mercy! When I got on set today it was grinning at me! Little does he know I got something for that ass! He gone learn today! #justakidfromcompton #huskyandhandsome #bigzaddy #acbarbeque”

“G20,” a thriller revolving around a terrorist siege of a G-20 summit, is being directed by Patricia Riggen and also stars Viola Davis, Anderson’s “black-ish” co-star Marsai Martin, Antony Starr, Ramón Rodriguez, Clark Gregg, Sabrina Impacciatore and Douglas Hodge.

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Carrie Bernans wears a black dress and a large gold hoop earring as she poses for photos at a red carpet event

‘Black Panther,’ ‘Color Purple’ actor-stuntperson in critical condition after NYC crash

Jan. 2, 2024

Ian Ziering poses against a Comic-Con backdrop

Ian Ziering goes off on ‘hooliganism on our streets’ after biker brawl leads to battery report

Hollywood, CA - July 12: 2 Chainz brought along his look-alike son Halo Epps to the red carpet at the 2023 ESPY Awards in Dolby Theatre in Hollywood Wednesday, July 12, 2023. The 2023 ESPY Awards will be held, celebrating the biggest moments in sports and athletics over the past year. Lil Wayne and H.E.R. are among those scheduled to perform. The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team will receive the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage; White Sox pitcher/cancer survivor Liam Hendriks will receive the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance; and the Buffalo Bills training staff credited with saving the life of Damar Hamlin after he suffered an on-field cardiac arrest will receive the Pat Tillman Award for Service. The list of presenters includes Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Mike Tyson, Peyton and Eli Manning, Travis Kelce, Quavo, Lil Rel Howery and Chris Berman. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Hip-hop artist 2 Chainz rushed to hospital early Saturday after car accident in Miami

Dec. 9, 2023

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Bill Walton is on the left and Chewbacca is on the right.

Bill Walton claims Chewbacca was modeled after him after auditioning for Star Wars role

In this Oct. 19. 2019 photo, Carl Weathers poses at the Disney + launch event promoting "The Mandalorian" at the London West Hollywood hotel in West Hollywood, Calif. (Photo by Mark Von Holden/Invision/AP)

‘Everyone loved him’: Pedro Pascal, Adam Sandler and other stars react to Carl Weathers’ death

VENICE, CA - OCTOBER 8, 2014 -- Actor Carl Weathers takes center stage at the French Market Cafe in Venice on October 8, 2014. Weathers, who is well-known for playing the character Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies, will make an appearance at a double feature of his movies, "Predator," and "Action Jackson," at the Egyptian Theatre as part of the American Cinematheque on Friday, Oct 24, 2014. (Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times)

Carl Weathers, ‘Rocky’s’ Apollo Creed and ‘Mandalorian’ star, dies at 76

A blond woman in a long leopard-print dress posing next to a man with short hair in a dark blazer, a pink sweater and jeans

Entertainment & Arts

Filmmaker Isabelle Thomas, wife of ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ producer, dies of ‘multiple injuries’

Feb. 2, 2024



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