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Saturday 28 October 2023

Shpongle , The Trifinity , Yheti , Mt. Analogue , Ahee , and Miraja

Shpongle live

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1510 Clarkson St. 80218 Denver, CO, US 303-837-0360

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Doors open: 19:00

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7 people were there.

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Shpongle at Fillmore Auditorium

Shpongle tickets, fillmore auditorium | denver, colorado.


Joining Shpongle in Denver will be special guests Android Jones, The Trifinity, and AHEE. Dubbed one of the main figures in the visionary arts movement, Android Jones is a digital and multimedia artist who experiments with fantasy and psychedelic art. Meanwhile, Yheti, Toadface, and Mt. Analogue make up The Trifinity who blur the lines between DJ sets, performance art and ritual ceremonies, taking audiences into a new, triangular dimension. And let’s not forget AHEE, the iconic artist known for high-energy dubstep and hypnotic sonic exploration.

With this collection of special guests and Shpongle’s track record of sold out events, we’d secure tickets right now!!

Shpongle at Fillmore Auditorium


Latest Setlist

Shpongle on may 2, 2024.

Spotify O-EAST, Tokyo, Japan

Note: Live DJ set by Simon Posford, billed as "Shpongle LAST GIG". He was scheduled to perform as Shpongle for 1.5 hours followed by 1 hour as Hallucinogen, but he instead mixed the songs together into one set.

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20 Questions With Shpongle’s Simon Posford: How Quarantine Influenced His Meditative Debut Solo LP

Simon Posford of the iconic psytrance duo Shpongle answers 20 questions on psytrance, quarantine and his debut solo album Flux & Contemplation - Portrait of An Artist In Isolation. 

By Katie Bain

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Simon Posford

Simon Posford has never headlined a mainstream dance music festival, but for those familiar with his name and output, the English musician is nothing less than a major electronic scene star.

Posford and his collaborator Raja Ram began making music as Shpongle in the mid-’90s, using the project as a vehicle to pioneer the “psybient” genre that melded psychedelic trance, ambient music and world music into a mind-melting sound that many Shpongle devotees have described as nothing less than a religious experience.

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Spatial, heady and transportive, the music has been a longstanding soundtrack to the psychedelic culture existing in the more “transformational” realms of the global electronic music scene. In the last 25 years, Shpongle — playing both as a duo and with DJ sets performed solo by Posford — has dropped jaws at many of the world’s most crucial psychedelia-infused electronic music gatherings. (“Like what the f–k even was that?” wrote a Reddit commenter in regard to Shpongle’s 2015 Electric Forest set. “I have seen a lot of s–t but I have never even experienced anything like that in my f–king life.”)

Electric Forest Founder Jeremy Stein Says Festivals Are Like Families -- Here's How He Maintains His

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Last May, Posford and Ram performed what were billed as the last Shpongle live shows at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The two-night run sold out in eight minutes. (The duo have said that they will continue to record music in the studio together.)

But while Posford is off the road as Shpongle — and like everyone else currently off the road entirely due to the pandemic — he’s still exerting his heady influence. This past Friday (July 3), he released his debut solo album Flux & Contemplation – Portrait of An Artist In Isolation via his own Twisted Records label.

Recorded, as the title suggests, while under lockdown at his home in England, the album’s 10 tracks range from meditative sound effects layered with distorted spoken word clips about doing mushrooms, to pretty piano meanderings to high-vibe, high BPM productions that would be effective at any given jungle rave, Burning Man set or socially distanced backyard gathering.

“Now is the best time to release the album,” Posford tells Billboard Dance , “because it is very much a ‘lockdown album.’ It (hopefully) captures an essence of the isolation and lockdown experience, and hopefully provides an escape for people in this already surreal situation.”

Here, Posford talks about growing up in a musical household, the process behind his new album and the ideal mind-state in which to listen to it.

1. Where are you in the world right now, and what’s the setting like?

I’m lying in a half-full bathtub of tepid water. It’s not ideal — my boiler has been broken for a month, and I can’t quite get enough hot water for a full bath. I’m not sure why I thought this would be a relaxing place to answer these questions, but here we go …

2. What is the first album or piece of music you bought for yourselves, and what was the medium? 

I think it was Complete Madness , by Madness. On cassette.

3. What did your parents do for a living when you were a kid, and what do they think of what you do for a living now?

My grandfather was a composer in the 1940s. He wrote mainly musicals, and had some tracks performed by Vera Lynn, Bing Crosby and other luminaries of the time; so music was always playing in the house, and my family is still very supportive of what I do. I think they were probably worried about drugs, but they seem to like some of my more psychedelic music.

4. What was the first song you ever made?

I wrote a song on the piano aged about 8 with my dad called “Chicken Vindaloo.” I think we’d been watching Peter Sellers …

5. If you had to recommend one album for someone looking to get into dance music, what would you give them?

Tricky, there are so many genres of dance music … and I’ve never particularly liked any of them! I had many people tell me that my first Hallucinogen album, Twisted , “got me into dance music” or “got me into trance,” but I’m not sure I would recommend that, as it might be a bit weird for some people and it now sounds a bit irritating to me. I’m a big fan of the early Trentemøller stuff, so maybe Early Worx or something. Possibly Underworld or Leftfield.

20 Questions With Underworld: The Dance Icons on '90s Raves, EDM & Their Upcoming Tour

6. What’s the first thing you bought for yourself when you started making money as a DJ/producer?

When I got my first record deal advance, I bought a Roland Sh101 — something I still use to this day. I didn’t start DJing for a quite a while after that, so I would have bought more studio gear.

7. What’s the last song you listened to?

I went on Spotify to check how the encoding and mastering sounded on my lockdown album that was just released. I was concerned about a loss of 3D and depth. Before that I was listening to “ On My Radio ” by The Selector. I’m enjoying a bit of a 2 Tone Records renaissance at the moment.

8. What’s one song you wish you had produced?

“ Mr Blue Sky ” – ELO

9. How are you filling your time during quarantine?

Much as I fill my time out of quarantine: playing a bit of piano, pottering around the garden and jamming in the studio. I’m quite surprised an album came out of it, honestly.

10. What’s distinctive about the place you grew up, and how did it shape you?

I grew up in the countryside, and it gave me an appreciation of nature.

11. What’s the first dance music show that really blew your mind?

Probably one of the underground acid house warehouse raves I went to around 1990.

12. What, exactly, is a shpongle?

Shpongle is my band with flautist Raja Ram. Last year we sold out Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, in eight minutes. Yet nobody has seemed to have heard of us …

13. What is the first thing you do when you get back to your hotel room after a show?

Have a shower.

14. What is the most memorable thing you’ve ever seen happening in the crowd during one of your sets?

A giant inflatable spaceman tea-bagging my mates in the crowd.

15. Your music is firmly entrenched in psychedelic culture. What does the word “psychedelic” mean to you?

Mind expanding.

16. You’ve been playing shows for a long time. How have you seen the festival scene and the psychedelic culture therein transform in the last 20+ years?

I suppose I’ve seen it grow in popularity. The themes remain the same.

The 20 Best Psytrance Songs Ever

17. Psytrance is one of the more misunderstood electronic genres. What’s great about this music?

The community. At psytrance parties there isn’t the prevailing alcohol and sex vibe that you get with more mainstream events. As for the music, I haven’t really listened to much psytrance since the early 2000s, so I couldn’t say. But in the early ’90s it sounded fresh and cutting edge at the time, and way more trippy than the other dance music I was hearing back then.

18. What’s the ideal setting in which to listen to your new album?

In a hammock with a great sound system or pair of headphones, and maybe a little stoned.

19. This album sounds like it took a great amount of time and attention. How do you stay focused while making music?

Not really. It was the fastest album I’ve ever made, because it was all live dub mixes on my mixing desk, so it’s sort of creating itself as it plays along. I’m not very good at staying focused, that’s why this method works for me.

20. One piece of advice you’d give to your younger self?

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Get Inside the Mind of Shpongle and Expand Your Own

Jared "JSkolie" Skolnick

Psychedelic music makers Shpongle tell us all about their craft and their relationship with psychedelics may not be what you think!

UK-based Simon Posford (Si) and Raja Ram (Raj) are the core of the living, breathing organism we know as Shpongle . So much individual talent goes into their creations resulting in music and shows that go well beyond the two founders, requiring many others to pull off the final product. Yet the bond between the founders, and pure love of their craft, is what makes Shpongle so unique.

Recently they released the Carnival Of Peculiarities EP and it is both purely Shpongle, yet also a departure that longtime fans are sure to notice. This release is a single example of a larger theme between the founders – how they each push boundaries to explore new directions while the other is ready to reign it in when needed. These two artists balance each other in a natural way that is hard to find in independent creative types like musicians – and Shpongle has done this successfully for a quarter-century now. Pretty impressive!

Luckily, we had the chance to chat with these two creatives and jumped at the opportunity. The discussion is packed with exploring their evolution, as well as how psychedelic culture plays a significant role in their music, but it isn’t about substances. As Simon puts it, psychedelic culture is about expanding the mind and that can be achieved in different ways, many of which do not involve chemical substances. The culture becomes a virtuous cycle where Shpongle can tap into other artistic creations to inspire their music which may then inspire other artists to create and so on.

Give their new EP a listen below or on your favorite platform , and read on for the full interview with Shpongle for a breath of fresh air in an otherwise often repetitive industry.

Stream Shpongle – Carnival Of Peculiarities on Spotify:

Hey Simon and Raj, it’s great to talk to you both today! While I have a deep fondness for Shpongle, my connection doesn’t date back to your origins. Can you tell us how you met and formed Shpongle back in 1996?

Simon Posford: Well, you’ll hear two different stories. I’ll let Raj go first and then I’ll tell you the truth.

Raja Ram: Nah, I’ll let Simon tell you the fantasy version first!

S: [Laughs] We met at Butterfly Studios which belonged to the producer Youth who was in Killing Joe and also produced the last Floyd album. I passed this mad-looking, sort of cartoon Dali creature on the stairs and said, “who the fuck is that?” The nice thing about these studios, we would all meet for lovely Indian vegetarian food dinners and get chatting. Raj was throwing parties in London at the time and this was the early years of the burgeoning trance scene, what became the psytrance scene. We had crossed paths at parties and then made a bit of psytrance together, along with his partner Graham Wood. 

Then we were at Glastonbury Festival, having a whale of a time, and we might have ingested certain things, or not, and Raj said to me “Ah, Si, I’m really shpongled!” It was a sort of mixture of words that he was trying to say, like stoned, mong, spangled – all these words that just kind of fell out as one. I thought, “Ah, that’s, that’s good! We should use that for a band name!” 

Later we had this wonderful experience watching this Celtic harp player. It was a fantastic moment and a very peaceful, serene vibe. At that moment we decided when we go back to the studio we’ll pause all this trance dance floor hectic music and do something that captures this serene moment. Not worrying about the dance floor or what other people think. Let’s make music that we want to hear that doesn’t necessarily have to be for the dance floor. That’s my version of how Shpongle started.

R: My God, I nearly fell asleep listening to that! It was so inaccurate, I don’t even know where to start. I mean, first of all, 96 was when we did the Glastonbury thing, but we’d had years of recording together before that. But that was way after I met him, which was earlier in the 90s when I saw this young, handsome guy in the studio. We struck up a conversation and we had a lot in common, so we started recording together. But basically, the story is correct and the Glastonbury thing was a turning point. When we went into the studio, we did “Rumours of Vapour” it was sort of like we surprised ourselves. 

The artistic styling of Shpongle is undoubtedly psychedelic, and while attention on psychedelics is on the rise lately, its heyday was inarguably in the 1960s. One of you lived through this period and the other wasn’t even born yet. How have these different experiences, and the generational differences, played into your music and live show productions?

R: When I was living in New York at that time they were handing out acid on sugar cubes. Timothy Leary hadn’t even been around yet. I started experimenting in New York and taking this acid which was completely legal. I started to think about consciousness. And that’s part of Shpongle’s mission –  to tickle the amygdala to get the consciousness going. We went into a realm that we didn’t understand ourselves. It was like sort of being cast adrift in a small boat at midnight, with no compass, and there was a storm. But somehow, Simon, unlike the guy in the Titanic, pulled me up, and we drove that raft together to the next level.

S: That’s exactly how it happened. [Both Laugh]

Well, when consciousness connects, everything aligns, right? 

S: Precisely. I mean, what is psychedelic? At it’s in its most basic form, it’s mind expanding. That’s something we’ve always been interested in, whether it’s expanding your mind, spiritually, chemically, or, however. That’s what the music aims to support.

That’s a perfect segue because a lot of attention around Shpongle focuses on psychedelics, and the connection is valid. However, you’re on record as not using substances during music creation or performance, and that you want to curate that type of experience on its own. What are the other influences that help you reach this goal?

R: Just one minute, Jared? Who said that? I want to see the quote! [Laughs] You know, I’ve always been an advocate, but not a proselytizer. We thought acid was going to change the world and everyone was going to be a solicitor and change the laws. And now you’ll see it sort of happening in America, you’ve got a much more liberal attitude. So things are loosening up, slowly.

S: Again, the music is mind-expanding. If we can just take it back to that, then that is basically the core thing. Raj was in a band in the 60s, Quintessence, that was doing exactly that – spiritually mind-expanding music.

R: It’s not all fun and games, like, let’s have a trip and have fun! It’s hours and hours of exploration and tending the hemorrhoids of love. That’s not easy to do with all the distractions and noises of life.

How did Carnival of Peculiarities come to be? How did this carnival theme come into play?

S: We first wrote “Dr. Vinklestein Says” which is the third track of the EP and I initially wrote it to make my ex-girlfriend’s son laugh. I was reminded of the gait of my dog, the way he sort of trots along like a lurch. So I’d start playing that carnival sound – “um bah um bah um bah” as he walked in and it made us all laugh. 

We had the Red Rocks gig coming up and we wanted to do this show as a psychedelic circus. You know, all kinds of crazy audio and visual stuff. I wanted to make that piece quite circusy with things flying out everywhere and sounds coming out of nowhere left and right. That craziness was the seed and that was the first track that we wrote. We had Sylvan Carton, who plays with Beats Antique, and he is just so astoundingly good at all instruments. He plays all the clarinets and saxophones and all that stuff.

does shpongle still tour

Carnival of Peculiarities EP is only three songs, yet it’s over 25-minutes in length. I can think of some LPs that are barely that length and these tracks seem true to your comprehensive “storytelling through sound” style. How do you decide that each song’s story has been told? Do you keep track length in mind?

R: Well, there are many versions to each track – there must have been 10 different versions to each story. We were thinking about a small canoe going down the Amazon passing little villages as the beginning of the EP. On the river banks they were having Ayahuasca ceremonies with exotic birds flying past and we met the tribes and we danced with them.

So the track starts to open up with sounds like a lotus flower. Then you hear the beat and the drums and the animals, everything becomes organic and the mushrooms start talking, too. The whole thing is sort of like a trip down something to go to another destination and we finally get to that destination. Then Simon adds this idea of a Jewish wedding on acid. You have to strap me down if I hear it because something happens to the neurons that just makes you dance! He followed it through and played it amazingly. 

But it’s a departure from Shpongle and I think a lot of people are gonna say, what’s happened to Shpongle? It’s not the Shpongle I knew six albums ago. Every album with Si and me has been a blank canvas and we start with just a dot. Sometimes we end up with just a dot! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work. I just feed that activity as much as possible by being a rebel, you know, irreverent – or maybe irrelevant is more like it!

S: Raj has some pretty hot flute playing on this new one. I have to say, certainly some of your best work.

R: Well, my best work is only attainable by you, because you make me sound good! It’s like you just bring out the best because you push me so hard. Then, technically, the way you record it, the way you process it, the little delays, the little nuances. It’s like a presentation signature dish with your, all your styles. And I mean, without you I’d really lost in the negative.

This EP has a beautiful balance between the very natural and organic themes often present in your and something more synthesized and melodic, too. Did you set out with that goal in mind or is this what came out of something less structured? 

S: A little bit of both. Like you say, the organic with the electronics, that has always been Shpongle’s strong points. One of our features is the way we integrate organic, real instruments with electronics. From the early days, we were using live drums and it was hard to get live drums with electronic music because it needed to be tight and quantized. We were doing stuff like that before you could even quantize. Now we have so many great musicians from Pete Callard on guitar, Harry Escott on cello, and our vocalist Michele Adamson, all on the new EP. That’s always been a part of Shpongle – mixing that organic human element with electronics. That’s sort of our superpower – mixing those genres into a new homogenous thing that doesn’t sound like any of them really.

R: You mentioned that evolution important and you either evolve or dissolve and most musicians crumble by their third album. It’s really hard to come up with a fifth and let alone a sixth. This EP has something we haven’t done in the past which is much more of a jazz flavor. I’m a jazz musician, at least always aspired to be and studied jazz. But when I say jazz, it’s not that this EP is jazz, obviously, but there are certain elements. For instance, it’s very unusual for Shpongle to use an extended chord pattern. Yet this time you’ll notice the chord patterns are quite evolved. There are various time signatures, they really can throw you so It almost feels like you’re on a ship going out of time backward through the cosmic mirror. 

Si sets the framework so it’s possible for me as a flute player to improvise and Si repairs all the damage later. But basically, this is a challenge for us to be able to go into almost another genre, whether it’s opera, or jazz, or very, ultra ambient. We’re exploring all of these things because they’re our emotions. And we feel we play very much with our emotions and consciousness. And that’s why we’ve always done this music for ourselves, basically. Haven’t we, Si?

S: Yeah, that’s always the only rule for Shpongle – we just do something that we like and that we want to hear.

R: And then maybe give it the acid test, anyhow. [Laughs]

The producers I talk to that say, “I’m making music for myself, whether it fits into a genre or not,” are the ones that seem to have longevity. You seem to be on that path as well.

S: I like to think that our taste in music is broad enough that the music we want to hear isn’t going to be so weird and avant-garde that it’s going to put everybody off. There will be many like-minded souls who are looking to hear exactly the same thing that we want to hear.

R: Our essence is “music to have fun to” in any situation. Hopefully, it takes you away from yourself and your problems. We’re setting a very high standard between ourselves and we reject a tremendous amount of material. We’re never happy. I mean, I’m not happy, entirely happy with everything on the EP or every inflection, but we get as close as we can until we move on to record soon something else.

Shpongle in Moscow

Simon, you once said that “Breakfast in America” by Supertramp is some of the least trippy music you’ve enjoyed. Like you, that’s an album I grew up with. How did this and other early music listening steer you to the music you produce today?

S: I don’t know how much the sort of music I listened to when I was ten or eleven still has an influence. But I guess there’s a little bit of everything in there. You can’t help but soak up all these influence influences from everything you hear – snippets of conversation, albums, movies, and stuff. It all fills the well of inspiration

R: You mean we rip everybody off?!?

The essence of art is balancing theft with creation.

R: I like that, I need to remember that one! Nothing’s new under the sun. How is it possible we have this world music all around as brilliant musicians, incredible bands, and they’re all on this tiny little spectrum of notes yet everybody can be individualistic, like a fingerprint or a snowflake? 

A lot of people have used psychedelics and surrounding culture, like your music to help cope with our pandemic times. What has kept you guys grounded? What has helped you get through this last year? 

S: I’m very lucky. I live in a beautiful house with a garden and I’ve got a dog. So my daily life is just going out into the woods walking the dog. We were lucky to have a hot summer, and a hot spring. So I’ve just been growing things in the garden and going back to nature and to myself. That combined with creativity. 

I also had a solo album out during the lockdown. I just played around in the studio and I wasn’t expecting or planning to make an album. But suddenly after all these hours of sitting around here, I said, “Oh, I guess that’s sort of an album worth, so let’s put it out!” Creativity can get you through hard times as any poor starving artist will attest. I’m sure that creativity really feeds the soul somehow.

R: Ah, soul yes. Well, I have a different approach to all of that. I have to say, nothing is something worth doing, as we all know! I have been in this house for a year now after my last gig in Brazil. I have only been out to take the rubbish twice. I swear! I have not left this house, this neighborhood, this street, nothing. And how do I pass my time? I don’t really know how I passed the time. It just passes every day. I say it’s another Friday, Shalom! I’m really appreciating the world. I’ve got a beautiful house. My wife is here. I see my family on occasion. It’s the best! This lockdown has been, absolutely, number one!

That is fantastic. 

S: Don’t forget, as musicians, Raj and I had been DJing and traveling so much. You don’t get a lot of time to settle in at home and really get into a project or anything before you have to go pack your gear up and go off to play a gig somewhere. So I think it’s been nice for both of us to not be on the hamster wheel of gigs.

R: I’ve also been getting back into oil painting every day and stuff like that. You find yourself leaning towards different things, listening to music, listening to what other people suggest to us – a whole plethora of incredible music out there. It really is a turn-on to have the time to listen to it all.

Aside from sharing your magical creations live in a post-pandemic world, what’s something else you are really looking forward to when we can behave more freely once again?

S: Having a hug!

R: Yeah, and seeing my grandchild more often. You know, all those things you take for granted. It’s like when we have a meal all together. Now you appreciate everything every second, every nanosecond because you just don’t know what’s gonna go next. 

Well, that was my final question. You guys are wonderful. I really appreciate this and the love for your art and each other is so obvious here. It’s beautiful.

R: Thank you, Jared. Before we sign off, I’d like to thank all our fans and people and friends and family and all our American Shpongloids. I don’t get to know or see or meet you all. But I know in that realm of disembodied consciousness, we’re all rocking to the big tune and we will meet somewhere sometime. In the meantime, it’s a giant cosmic hug for the whole world!

S: What he said! [Laughs]

Follow Shpongle on Social Media:

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Jared "JSkolie" Skolnick

Jared, aka JSkolie, was introduced to electronic music in the 1990’s by way of Orbital. He raved in parks and fields in South Florida where the entirety of the production was a DJ in a box truck. Now living in NYC, he attended his first Above & Beyond show in 2016 and his life has never been the same. Jared has been energized by the Trance community and its PLUR ethos. He is a supporter of harm reduction and is a DanceSafe volunteer. Jared enjoys endurance events and has danced for 12-hours straight while often recovering from raves with bike rides just as long. Or longer.


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Journeying with Shpongle: A Lifelong Fan’s Top 10 Tracks

Psy Station

Are You Shpongled?

It was a crisp autumn evening in 1998. I found myself at a small, underground music shop in downtown London, chasing the notes of an unfamiliar tune that slipped through the gaps of the old wooden door. The store was a maze of vinyl records, vintage posters, and an aura of yesteryears. My curiosity led me deeper into the shop, passing by genres I thought I knew well, until I reached the source of the captivating sound.

Behind the counter was Neil, the store owner, with his signature unkempt beard, always ready with music recommendations. He was playing something that sounded like a fusion of tribal beats, ethereal notes, and whispers of an alien language. The music seemed to tell stories of far-off lands, of dreams, and realities blending into one.

“Neil, what’s that you’re playing?” I asked, my interest piqued.

He grinned, holding up a CD with an intricate cover art. “Ah, this? It’s called ‘Are You Shpongled?’ – the debut album of a duo named Shpongle.”

That was my first taste of Shpongle’s music. Little did I know then, this chance discovery would spiral into a decades-long love affair with one of the most enigmatic and transformative music acts I’d ever come across. The very next day, that CD was playing on repeat in my cramped apartment, pulling me into a psychedelic journey that I would ride for years to come.

Shpongle: Pioneers of Psychedelic Fusion

In the ever-evolving world of music, there have been few acts as transformative and boundary-pushing as Shpongle. Since their inception in the late ’90s, Shpongle has been a beacon in the psychedelic music scene, their name synonymous with a unique and undefinable genre of their own creation.

At the heart of Shpongle’s distinct sound is their masterful fusion of traditional world music with the cutting-edge beats of electronic trance. Their tracks are a kaleidoscope of sounds, seamlessly weaving together instruments like the sitar from India, didgeridoo from Australia, and flutes from South America with synthesized beats and ethereal vocal samples. It’s a sound that not only resonates in the ears but deeply within one’s soul, evoking feelings of universal connection and spiritual awakening.

But beyond their musical compositions, Shpongle’s influence extends to the ethos of the psychedelic culture. Their tracks, laden with layers of meaning and intricate sound design, have become staples in trance festivals, meditation sessions, and even therapeutic settings worldwide. Their music isn’t just heard; it’s experienced. It’s a journey through different dimensions of consciousness, emotions, and realms of imagination.

Their audacious blending of global sounds with electronic undertones has not only earned them a devout fanbase but also paved the way for other artists. Many have been inspired by Shpongle’s blueprint, but the duo’s originality remains unmatched. The world of psychedelic music, one could argue, has its modern roots deeply intertwined with the enigmatic soundscapes of Shpongle.

In a landscape saturated with fleeting trends and momentary hits, Shpongle’s commitment to authenticity and innovation has cemented their legacy as trailblazers. They are more than just music; they are a movement, a philosophy, and for many, a way of life.

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The Genesis of Shpongle: Simon Posford and Raja Ram’s Psychedelic Brainchild

The origin story of Shpongle is as mystical as their music. It was the serendipitous convergence of two extraordinary musical minds: Simon Posford and Raja Ram. Each brought a unique flavor to the mix, resulting in a musical alchemy that would redefine the boundaries of psychedelic music.

Simon Posford, also known to many as Hallucinogen, was already making waves in the psytrance scene during the early ’90s. His technical prowess was evident. Posford had an uncanny ability to meld futuristic, high-energy electronic beats with intricate, layered soundscapes. His music had an intellectual depth, often intertwined with experimental and unpredictable patterns that kept listeners on the edge of their trance.

On the other side was Raja Ram, an Australian-born musician with a rich tapestry of life experiences. A founding member of the 1960s band Quintessence, Raja Ram’s influences ranged from jazz to rock, and his soul was deeply embedded in the world of flute. His transition from the rock and roll world to the psychedelic scene showcased his versatility and boundless passion for exploration.

The Shpongle story began in a quaint studio in England. Legend has it that during a shared session, Posford and Raja Ram discovered a shared vision: to create a genre of music that was as limitless as their imaginations. Their goal wasn’t just to produce tracks but to craft auditory experiences that would transport listeners to different dimensions.

What set Shpongle apart was their refusal to be boxed into a singular genre. At a time when electronic music was becoming increasingly formulaic, Shpongle dared to defy. They introduced instruments and sounds from far-flung corners of the globe, infusing their tracks with a universal, timeless quality. Their music was a bridge — between the ancient and the modern, the organic and the digital, the terrestrial and the cosmic.

Their live performances further cemented their legendary status. The iconic Shpongletron Experience, a mesmerizing visual feast, became a sought-after event. The combination of their groundbreaking music with visually stunning art installations made a Shpongle concert more than just a show; it was a rite of passage for many in the psychedelic community.

In the vast ocean of the music industry, Shpongle emerged as an island of originality. They didn’t ride the waves; they created them. Through their fearless experimentation and deep reverence for global sounds, Simon Posford and Raja Ram birthed a legacy that continues to inspire and mesmerize audiences worldwide.

The Evolutionary Soundscape of Shpongle: A Journey Through Time

To trace the musical journey of Shpongle is to embark on a transformative odyssey, one that is constantly evolving, reshaping, and redefining the realms of psychedelic sound. Over the years, the dynamism of this duo has made them not just pioneers but also eternal students of the art, never ceasing to innovate and inspire.

The Beginnings – Organic Fusions: With their debut album, “Are You Shpongled?”, the world was introduced to a novel synthesis of electronic and global rhythms. There was an undeniable rawness, an organic fusion of traditional instruments like sitars and flutes with cutting-edge psychedelic trance beats. This foundational work set the tone for what Shpongle would become, but it was merely the first chapter.

Diving Deeper – Emotional Resonance: As the new millennium dawned, Shpongle delved into deeper emotional territories. Albums like “Tales of the Inexpressible” exhibited a more profound emotional resonance. The tracks weren’t just about sonic journeys; they began to mirror the complexities of human emotions, from euphoria to introspection.

Technological Evolution: With “Nothing Lasts… But Nothing Is Lost” and subsequent albums, the influence of advancing music technology became evident. Shpongle embraced these tools, layering their tracks with even more intricate sound design. They began to play with auditory spaces, creating multi-dimensional soundscapes that felt both expansive and intimate.

Return to Roots with a Modern Twist: In more recent works, there’s been a noticeable nod to their roots, but with a contemporary twist. There’s a maturity in their music, a refined quality that comes from decades of experimentation. While the global instruments and ethereal voices remain, they’re intertwined with futuristic sounds, creating a beautiful juxtaposition of the ancient and the modern.

The Live Experiences: Of course, Shpongle’s evolution isn’t just confined to their recorded music. Their live performances have continually evolved, offering fans new experiences with every tour. The Shpongletron Experience, for instance, merged visual art with their auditory masterpieces, creating immersive environments that turned concerts into transcendental journeys.

Continued Exploration: The beauty of Shpongle lies in their insatiable curiosity. Even after decades in the industry, they remain explorers, forever seeking new sounds, stories, and experiences to share with their listeners. As the world of music changes, so too does Shpongle, but they’ve managed to maintain their unique essence throughout these shifts.

In essence, Shpongle’s musical evolution is a reflection of life itself — a blend of constancy and change, tradition and innovation, introspection and outward exploration. They remain a testament to the power of music as a force of evolution, transformation, and eternal wonder.

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Divine Moments of Truth – A Personal Dive into Shpongle’s Timeless Anthem

Every so often, there comes a track that defines not just an album or an artist, but an entire generation of listeners. For many Shpongle enthusiasts, “Divine Moments of Truth” (often abbreviated as DMT) is that anthem. An emblematic representation of Shpongle’s ethos, this track is a masterclass in storytelling, musicality, and transcendence.

Album Backstory: “Tales of the Inexpressible” “Divine Moments of Truth” hails from Shpongle’s second album, “Tales of the Inexpressible.” Released in 2001, this album took listeners on an even deeper journey than its predecessor. It was clear that Posford and Raja Ram were not content to rest on their laurels; they were pushing boundaries, exploring new sonic terrains, and diving into the vast ocean of human consciousness. Within this context, “Divine Moments of Truth” emerged as a beacon.

Track Analysis: From its opening moments, the track envelops listeners in a warm embrace. The ethereal sounds of water, distant chimes, and an unmistakable tribal rhythm set the tone. As the track progresses, we’re introduced to a melodic flute sequence – a signature of Raja Ram. The spoken words “Divine Moments of Truth” soon follow, echoed and layered in a manner that feels both grounding and otherworldly.

The title itself is a play on the acronym for the psychedelic compound DMT, known for inducing intense and transformative experiences. Much like a DMT journey, the track is a layered expedition through various states of consciousness. There are peaks of intense, rhythmic energy followed by valleys of introspection and serenity.

The first time I listened to “Divine Moments of Truth,” I was on a solitary night drive. The city lights merged with the track’s pulsating beats, creating an almost hypnotic effect. It felt like the universe was whispering its age-old secrets, and for those few minutes, everything made sense. Each subsequent listen has offered a different revelation, a unique perspective, making it a track that never grows old.

Legacy and Impact: “Divine Moments of Truth” has become more than just a fan favorite. It’s a rite of passage for anyone new to the psychedelic music scene. Its influence can be seen in numerous remixes, covers, and visual art inspired by its themes. For many, it’s not just a track; it’s a spiritual guide, a sonic representation of life’s mysteries and wonders.

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Star Shpongled Banner

When discussing Shpongle’s illustrious catalog, it’s impossible to overlook the magnetic allure of “Star Shpongled Banner.” A track that impeccably marries the mysticism of ancient sound with the vigor of modern electronica, it stands as a testament to Shpongle’s unparalleled artistry.

Album Backstory: “Tales of the Inexpressible” Housed within their seminal album “Tales of the Inexpressible,” “Star Shpongled Banner” is one of the cornerstones of Shpongle’s sonic tapestry. Released in 2001, this album was a daring exploration into realms unknown, an audacious foray into the myriad facets of human emotion and cosmic consciousness.

From its incipience, “Star Shpongled Banner” intrigues the listener. The track starts with an eerie, almost otherworldly ambiance that soon gives way to a cascading array of instruments. A captivating blend of haunting vocals, rhythmic percussions, and enchanting flutes creates an environment of exploration and wonder.

There’s an ethereal cadence to the track that makes it both an introspective journey and an invitation to dance. As the name suggests, “Star Shpongled Banner” feels like a celestial anthem, a hymn sung by galaxies and stars in a universe where everything is interconnected.

Personal Notes: My first experience with “Star Shpongled Banner” was during a sunrise hike. As the first rays of dawn painted the horizon, this track serenaded the world awake. The mountains, the sky, the very air seemed to pulsate with Shpongle’s rhythms. It was an epiphany, a realization that music can be a bridge between our earthly existence and the vast cosmos.

“Star Shpongled Banner” is not just another track in the annals of psychedelic music. It’s an experience, a meditation, and for many, an awakening. The track’s legacy can be witnessed in the myriad of live performances, remixes, and the visceral reactions it evokes from audiences worldwide.

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Nothing is Something Worth Doing – An Ode to the Stillness Within

Shpongle, over the years, has mastered the art of speaking to the soul through sound. Among their repertoire of transformative tracks, “Nothing is Something Worth Doing” emerges as an evocative reflection on stillness, silence, and the beauty of simply being.

Album Backstory: “Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland” Situated within Shpongle’s 2009 album, “Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland,” this track is a gentle departure from the duo’s traditionally vibrant psychedelic offerings. The entire album carries an aura of introspective exploration, and “Nothing is Something Worth Doing” sits at its contemplative heart.

“Nothing is Something Worth Doing” unravels gradually, like a delicate dawn. Its primary instrument, the hang drum, introduces a serene rhythm that feels both ancient and modern. The mellifluous notes echo like whispers from a bygone era, transporting the listener to a space of quiet reflection. Gentle electronic elements and ethereal vocalizations intertwine with the hang drum, creating a sonic tapestry of peace and profundity.

Unlike many other Shpongle tracks that take listeners on intense, whirlwind journeys, this piece invites them to sit, to breathe, and to revel in the majesty of the present moment.

The first time “Nothing is Something Worth Doing” graced my ears, I found myself in a tranquil garden. The track seemed to blend with the symphony of nature around me – the rustling leaves, the distant chirping, and the gentle embrace of the breeze. It felt like a reminder that sometimes, amidst the chaos of life, there’s profound wisdom in pausing, in doing ‘nothing,’ and just being.

Legacy and Impact: For many enthusiasts, “Nothing is Something Worth Doing” has become a meditation anthem. It’s a track that encourages introspection, urging listeners to find joy in simplicity and solace in silence. Its impact goes beyond the realms of music, seeping into spiritual practices and mindfulness routines of many across the globe.

“Nothing is Something Worth Doing” stands as a gentle reminder of the sacredness of stillness. In Shpongle’s universe of sound, it is a luminous beacon of peace, proving that sometimes, the most profound truths are found in the simplest of moments.

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No Turn Unstoned – A Transcendent Dance Through Reality and Illusion

Within the expansive universe of Shpongle’s sonic masterpieces, “No Turn Unstoned” stands as an intoxicating mix of rhythm, revelation, and reverie. It’s a testament to the duo’s ability to evoke powerful emotions while inviting listeners to question and explore the very fabric of reality.

Album Backstory: “Nothing Lasts… But Nothing Is Lost” Hailing from their 2005 album, “Nothing Lasts… But Nothing Is Lost,” “No Turn Unstoned” plays a pivotal role in Shpongle’s musical narrative. This album, in its entirety, is a celebration of transience and the eternal cycle of creation and dissolution. Within this grand theme, “No Turn Unstoned” weaves its unique tale.

Beginning with a hauntingly beautiful melody, the track soon engulfs the listener in a cascade of rhythmic beats, hypnotic vocals, and layered electronic elements. The play of words in the title itself, “No Turn Unstoned,” suggests a dual theme of exploration and altered states of consciousness.

This piece carries the hallmark of Shpongle’s genius: the ability to fuse various musical genres, from trance to world music, into a cohesive and entrancing narrative. The track journeys through peaks of energetic crescendos to valleys of introspective pauses, taking the listener on a roller-coaster of emotions and realizations.

My encounter with “No Turn Unstoned” was during a desert campfire gathering. As the flames danced to the track’s beats and the vast starry sky served as a backdrop, the music seemed to blur the boundaries between the real and the surreal. The track’s pulsating energy was contagious, turning the evening into an ecstatic dance of shadows and light.

“No Turn Unstoned” is a favorite at many of Shpongle’s live performances, not just for its captivating melody, but for the communal experience it fosters. It has an uncanny ability to resonate with diverse audiences, making it both a dance floor anthem and a meditative retreat.

I Am You – A Profound Exploration of Self and Oneness

Shpongle, in its rich tapestry of soundscapes, often takes listeners to places they’ve never been, both externally and internally. “I Am You” stands out as a monumental expression of identity, interconnectedness, and the profound realization that in the vast cosmos, we are not separate entities but reflections of one another.

Album Backstory: “Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland” Nestled within the transformative terrain of their 2009 album, “Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland,” “I Am You” carries the weight and wisdom of the album’s overarching themes. This release was an open invitation to journey deeper into the mysteries of existence, and “I Am You” serves as its soulful manifesto.

“I Am You” unravels with a sense of grandiosity. A symphonic introduction paves the way for a series of haunting, ethereal voices and intricate electronic layers. The lyrics, though sparse, are powerful – “I am you and you are me” – a reminder of the shared essence that binds every living being.

Musically, the track is a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western influences, with tablas and sitars juxtaposed against modern synthesizers and beats. This fusion not only exemplifies Shpongle’s signature style but also symbolizes the track’s message: unity amidst diversity.

My tryst with “I Am You” was during a time of introspection. The track served as a mirror, making me ponder my place in the universe. As the song progressed, the boundaries of self began to blur, and the realization dawned that we’re all fragments of the same cosmic puzzle.

“I Am You” transcends mere music; it’s a philosophical stance, a spiritual awakening. Its message of unity and oneness has resonated deeply with fans, making it a staple in meditation circles and psychedelic gatherings alike.

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Beija Flor – First Time When I Felt Like I Am Leaving My Own Body – Floating in the Sky Meets Brazil’s Biggest Party

Ever listened to a song that makes you feel two completely different things at once? “First Time When I Felt Like I Am Leaving My Own Body” does just that. It’s a song that lets you float high above and then pulls you right into a buzzing street party in Brazil.

How It Sounds: The song starts off slow and gentle. It’s like you’re lying on a cloud, watching the world below. But not long after, things change. You start to hear the lively beats that Brazil’s Carnaval is famous for. The drums are fast, the rhythm is catchy, and it feels like you’ve been dropped into the middle of a huge celebration with music, dancing, and lots of colors.

My Thoughts: Every time I hear this track, it’s an adventure. First, I get lost in the calm parts, where everything feels distant and dreamy. But then, the Carnaval beats kick in, and I can’t help but want to move and dance. It’s like going from a quiet dream to the most fun street party ever.

Why It’s Unique: This song is special because it doesn’t stick to just one feeling. It brings together the calm, floaty feeling with the energy of a big celebration. That’s not something you hear every day. It can be great for times when you just want to relax, but also for when you’re in the mood to get up and dance.

Why People Might Like It: Many might enjoy the song because it’s like a musical journey. It takes you from quiet moments of reflection to the heart of a joyful, lively party. Whether you’re looking to chill out or find a track that gets your feet moving, this song has something for everyone. Shpongle’s second album, “Tales of the Inexpressible,” released in 2001. The album itself is a daring dive into a myriad of emotions, with each track painting its own vivid landscape. Within this tapestry, “Beija Flor” shines with a unique luminosity, capturing the essence of the natural world.

“Beija Flor,” which translates to “Hummingbird” in Portuguese, begins with a sense of calm, like the quiet moments before dawn in a rainforest. Gentle instrumentals, intertwined with soft, bird-like sounds, create a sense of being enveloped by nature. As the track progresses, it incorporates layers of traditional instruments, rich vocals, and ethereal echoes, giving the sensation of a journey through a vibrant and mystical forest.

This track doesn’t just offer music; it creates an ambiance, an environment. It’s as if Shpongle is channeling the very spirit of the hummingbird – graceful, fleeting, and mesmerizing.

The first time I immersed myself in “Beija Flor,” it felt as though the walls around me dissolved, replaced by towering trees and the distant calls of exotic creatures. The track had an uncanny ability to transport me from the confines of my room to the heart of a pulsating jungle.

Legacy and Impact: While Shpongle has always been known for crafting auditory experiences, “Beija Flor” stands out for its natural simplicity and depth. It has become a favorite among fans seeking a meditative retreat or simply a touch of nature’s magic in their daily lives.

Around the World in a Tea Daze – A Sonic Journey through Shpongle’s Psychedelic Landscape

Around the World in a Tea Daze” is one of Shpongle’s most iconic tracks, embodying the duo’s knack for melding world music with trippy soundscapes. It’s not just a piece of music; it’s a ticket to a global, auditory voyage.

Album: “Tales of the Inexpressible” This track is a gem from Shpongle’s second album, “Tales of the Inexpressible,” released in 2001. The album, as a whole, delves deep into a myriad of emotions and experiences, blending genres and instruments from different corners of the globe. “Tales of the Inexpressible” marks a significant point in Shpongle’s career, further cementing their reputation as pioneers in the psychedelic music domain.

“Around the World in a Tea Daze” serves as a representation of the album’s essence, taking listeners on a musical trip across continents. One can almost imagine sipping various teas from around the world, each sip revealing a different culture, sound, or emotion.

The song itself is an evolving tapestry of sounds. It smoothly transitions from haunting chants to vibrant instrumentals, all the while retaining an entrancing beat. There’s a sense of movement, of travel, and of discovery embedded in every note.

Significant Events: Post the album’s release, Shpongle’s popularity saw a surge, leading them to feature in various international music festivals and events. Their live performances, especially renditions of “Around the World in a Tea Daze,” became renowned for their immersive visual elements and captivating stage presence.

Every time I listen to “Around the World in a Tea Daze,” it feels like an exploration of global cultures and traditions. It’s a track that never gets old; with each listen, there’s something new to discover, a hidden layer or nuance that wasn’t apparent before.

“Around the World in a Tea Daze” encapsulates Shpongle’s gift for creating multidimensional music that speaks to the soul. It’s a reminder of the vastness of our world, the beauty of its cultures, and the universal language of music that connects us all.

Brain in a Fish Tank – A Dive into Shpongle’s Profound Sonic Depths

When discussing the evolution of psychedelic music, the conversation is incomplete without acknowledging the genius of Shpongle. One track that resonates with this statement is “Brain in a Fish Tank,” offering a mind-bending auditory experience like no other.

Album Context: “Museum of Consciousness” The track finds its home in Shpongle’s fifth studio album, “Museum of Consciousness,” released in 2013. This album, living up to its title, is an exploration of human perception, consciousness, and the myriad ways we interpret and understand the world around us. It takes listeners on a reflective journey, challenging them to look inward and outward simultaneously.

“Brain in a Fish Tank” stands out as a piece that encapsulates this ethos, weaving an intricate tapestry of electronic synths, rhythmic beats, and global instrumentals.

The song begins with an almost hypnotic tune that gradually layers and builds, mimicking the ebb and flow of consciousness itself. The unique fusion of sounds and instruments transports listeners to various realms, from underwater scenes to vast cosmic expanses.

High Demand for Vinyl Edition: A testament to the track’s and album’s significance in the psychedelic music scene is the surging demand for its vinyl edition. Collectors and enthusiasts have particularly sought after the vinyl release of “Museum of Consciousness,” often citing its rich sound quality and the tactile experience it offers. This heightened demand is not just a nod to the album’s sonic brilliance but also to the tangible connection fans feel towards Shpongle’s work.

Every spin of “Brain in a Fish Tank” is a fresh dive into a profound world of sound. The track has an innate ability to conjure vivid imagery, making each listen an introspective journey. With the vinyl edition in hand, this journey is even more tactile and intimate.

“Brain in a Fish Tank” is more than just a song; it’s a portal to Shpongle’s intricate world of sound and emotion. Whether experienced digitally or through the much-coveted vinyl edition, it’s a track that leaves an indelible mark on the psyche.

And the Day Turned to Night – A Timeless Odyssey in Electronic Music

In the vast realm of electronic music, certain tracks stand as towering monoliths, testaments to the genre’s expansive range and emotive power. Shpongle’s “And the Day Turned to Night” is undoubtedly one of these tracks. An opus in every sense of the word, it’s a journey that demands attention from anyone who claims a love for electronic sounds.

Album: “Are You Shpongled?” Emerging from Shpongle’s debut album “Are You Shpongled?” released in 1998, “And the Day Turned to Night” is the concluding track, but by no means an afterthought. It encapsulates the innovative spirit of the album, representing a culmination of sounds that had been experimental for their time.

The track, with its runtime surpassing 20 minutes, unfolds like a cosmic narrative. From its gentle, atmospheric opening that paints a dawn-like scene, to its evolving crescendos filled with tribal beats, distant chants, and swirling synths, it’s an odyssey through day and night. By the time the track closes, listeners feel as if they’ve journeyed through time and space.

A Must-Know for Electronic Enthusiasts: For anyone delving into electronic music, this track is more than a recommendation; it’s a rite of passage. Its seamless fusion of ambient sounds, world music elements, and pioneering electronica sets a standard. It’s a testament to the potential of electronic music not just as a genre for dance or background, but as a medium for storytelling and evoking profound emotions.

Whenever I encounter someone new to the world of electronic music, “And the Day Turned to Night” is among the first tracks I introduce. It’s not just a song, but an experience, a journey that showcases the depth and breadth of what electronic music can achieve.

“And the Day Turned to Night” stands tall in the annals of electronic music. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the genre, this Shpongle masterpiece is a musical journey that resonates, enlightens, and transcends time.

does shpongle still tour

A New Way To Say ‘Hooray!’ – Shpongle’s Crowning Jewel in Electronic Music

Amid the vast pantheon of electronic tracks, few stand out with the luminous intensity of Shpongle’s “A New Way To Say ‘Hooray!'” Heralded by many as perhaps the zenith of Shpongle’s musical creations, it has earned its place as a timeless fan favorite, representing the very soul of the psychedelic electronic genre.

Album Context: “Tales of the Inexpressible” Housed within Shpongle’s acclaimed 2001 album, “Tales of the Inexpressible”, this track is an exhilarating showcase of the duo’s prowess in blending global sounds with groundbreaking electronica. This album, with its diverse sound palette and emotional depth, already set the bar high, but “A New Way To Say ‘Hooray!'” managed to push boundaries even further.

Aptly titled, the track is an innovative celebration of sound. From its intricate, layered opening to its rhythmically charged middle, and its reflective end, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions and sonic textures. Ethereal vocals, unconventional instrumentals, and mind-bending electronica merge to create an experience that’s both transcendent and grounding.

Fan Reception: The Undisputed #1? Over the years, dedicated Shpongle fans have often championed “A New Way To Say ‘Hooray!'” as the track, the magnum opus of the duo’s creations. While opinions on the best Shpongle track vary, the reverence for this piece is undeniable. It’s frequently cited in fan forums, discussions, and polls, cementing its status as a contender for the #1 spot in Shpongle’s repertoire.

Listening to “A New Way To Say ‘Hooray!'” is like attending a global festival where every culture, sound, and emotion comes alive in harmony. It’s a testament to Shpongle’s genius and a reminder of why they’re celebrated as trailblazers in the electronic world.

“A New Way To Say ‘Hooray!'” is not just a track; it’s an anthem for all Shpongle enthusiasts. It’s a melodic embrace of the world’s beauty, a sound journey that resonates deeply, and for many, the pinnacle of Shpongle’s musical genius

Shpongle: The Psytrance Titans Redefining Festival Soundscapes

In the annals of electronic music, especially within the realms of psychedelic trance ( psytrance ), few names resonate as profoundly as Shpongle. Their arrival on the scene didn’t merely supplement the genre; it transcended, transformed, and essentially redefined it.

When one traces the lineage of psytrance, its roots steeped in the vibrant raves of the ’90s, the trajectory is marked with numerous artists who brought in their unique flavors. However, among these names, Shpongle’s influence is particularly paramount. Their music wasn’t just about driving beats and trippy soundscapes; it was a narrative, a journey, an experience that took listeners through dimensions of sound previously uncharted.

One might wonder, what exactly set Shpongle apart in a scene already brimming with talent and innovation? The answer lies in their unparalleled fusion of traditional global sounds with contemporary electronica. Each track they produced was an auditory tapestry, rich with sounds from corners of the world many had never been exposed to. Shpongle wasn’t just another act; they were educators, storytellers, and sonic explorers. They took the essence of psytrance, merged it with world music, and gave birth to an entirely new sub-genre.

Their innovative approach garnered more than just a dedicated fanbase; it ignited a paradigm shift. Soon, Shpongle wasn’t just a band; it was a movement. And with this movement came an unsurprising, yet utterly astonishing demand for them at every major electronic and psytrance festival. From the sun-soaked beaches of Goa to the vast expanses of Burning Man, from the heart of European raves to the vibrant festivals of Australia – wherever there was a call for mind-bending music, Shpongle was a name that echoed with insistence. Event organizers and festival curators knew the allure of Shpongle. Having them on the roster wasn’t just a crowd-puller; it was a statement – a testament to the event’s commitment to providing a transformative musical experience.

Furthermore, their live sets became legendary. Shpongle wasn’t merely about playing tracks; they transported attendees to different realms. With intricate stage designs, mesmerizing visuals, and a sound that seemed to envelop and uplift, Shpongle’s presence became synonymous with an otherworldly experience. This reputation solidified their status as a mandatory act, an entity that no major event felt complete without.

In the broader context of electronic music, where genres evolve rapidly and sounds often get lost in the cacophony, Shpongle ’s legacy is monumental. They are not just remembered for their tracks but hailed for the pathways they paved. In shaping the classic goa psytrance scene, they reminded artists and fans alike of the limitless horizons of music, of the magic that ensues when boundaries are blurred, and genres meld seamlessly.

Shpongle’s impact on the psytrance scene is both indelible and awe-inspiring. From their innovative fusion of world music with electronic beats to their unparalleled live performances, they’ve established themselves as not just pioneers but legends. Their influence extends beyond the creation of tracks; they’ve shaped a cultural movement, redefining what psytrance could be and where it could go. In the ever-evolving landscape of music, Shpongle stands tall, not just as artists but as visionaries, who reminded the world of the boundless possibilities of sound. Their legacy is not merely one of musical excellence but of transformation, exploration, and unending wonder.

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Shpongle vinyl LP reissues starting June 2022

Shpongle vinyl LP reissues starting June 2022

Cosmic Trigger - The Shpongle Remixes, available on vinyl from 1st Oct 2021

Cosmic Trigger – The Shpongle Remixes, available on vinyl from 1st Oct 2021

Shpongle is pleased to announce that Cosmic Trigger’s hit album of Shpongle remixes is available on vinyl from Friday October 1, 2021.  

Producer Jamie Grashion’s masterfully crafted productions present different facets of beloved jewels from Shpongle’s output in revisionings that are as diverse in style as the ... >

Shpongle - Carnival of Peculiarities -  released 5th March 2021

Shpongle – Carnival of Peculiarities – released 5th March 2021

Simon Posford - New Album released 3rd July 2020

Simon Posford – New Album released 3rd July 2020

The Shpongle Book is here

The Shpongle Book is here

 At last, the official Shponglography is here! After years of taking inner flight with their legendary music, now you too can take a personal tour through the inner workings of the magical minds that are Shpongle with this brand new guide to the Shpongle universe.

Raja Ram & ... >

Shpongle Droid (Simon Posford Live Set) US 2019 Tour Dates announced

Shpongle Droid (Simon Posford Live Set) US 2019 Tour Dates announced

Shpongle - Nothing Lasts Deluxe Remastered LP now available

Shpongle – Nothing Lasts Deluxe Remastered LP now available



Imagine Festival, Hampton, GA, USA (Simon Posford DJ Set) 23 Sept 2018

Imagine Festival, Hampton, GA, USA (Simon Posford DJ Set) 23 Sept 2018

Astral Lights, Astral Valley, MO with Shpongle (Simon Posford Live Set) 28-29 Sept 2018

Astral Lights, Astral Valley, MO with Shpongle (Simon Posford Live Set) 28-29 Sept 2018

does shpongle still tour

Shpongle – Nothing Lasts Deluxe Remastered

Codex VI

Shpongle – Tales Of The Inexpressible Deluxe Remastered

Limited Edition Remastered Super-Deluxe Triple Vinyl Set.

Limited Edition Remastered Super-Deluxe Triple Vinyl Set.

New limited edition shpongle t and hooded sweat shirt.

Museum of Consciousness

Museum of Consciousness

Ineffable Mysteries

Ineffable Mysteries

Nothing Lasts...

Nothing Lasts…

Tales Of The Inexpressible

Tales Of The Inexpressible

Are you shpongled?

Are you shpongled?

does shpongle still tour


Shpongle tour dates

  • On tour: No
  • Concertful ranking: #1350
  • Category: Electronic Music / Dance

Similar artists on tour

Shpongle past concerts.

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Shpongle’s “Last Gig” at Spotify O-East

April 26, 2024

Shpongle’s “Last Gig” at Spotify O-East

Experience the psychedelic resurgence

By Jessie Carbutt

This May, Tokyo’s electronic music scene is buzzing in anticipation of “Last Gig” and the long-awaited return of the legendary psychedelic band, Shpongle. Hailing from the UK, the duo is widely recognized as one of the progenitors of the psybient genre. The festival at Spotify O-East, promises an immersive audiovisual spectacle like no other. Aptly named “Last Gig,” the event is scheduled for May 2nd.

A Kaleidoscope of Sound and Vision

Shpongle is renowned for blending eclectic elements of rock, dub, trance, ambient, and tribal music into a kaleidoscope of sound that transcends all boundaries of genre, age, and ethnicity. Simon Posford’s performances are known for their geometric sonic worlds that captivate and elevate the spirits of their audience. For his return to Japan, expect a performance that merges beloved tracks with spontaneous improvisation and real-time music creation—a truly unique experience dubbed as “Simon World.”

does shpongle still tour

A Fusion of Music and Traditional Japanese Art

The evening will also blend Japanese traditional performing arts, modern art, and belly dancing. This cultural fusion highlights Shpongle’s commitment to not only entertaining but also creating deep, meaningful connections with local cultures.

A Star-Studded Lineup

Adding to the excitement, Simon Posford will also perform under his Hallucinogen moniker, bringing to the stage some of the most iconic tracks in trance music history, like “LSD” and “Gamma Goblins.” Furthermore, the chillout scene’s pivotal figure, Mixmaster Morris, is set to deliver two stellar performances, enhancing the night’s vibrational energy across multiple floors of the venue.

Tickets and Venue

The event will take place across three floors at Spotify O-East, ensuring an expansive yet intimate setting for every attendee. General admission tickets are priced at ¥10,000, with a special early bird discount available.

Tickets went on sale on April 4th and have been selling fast. Given the rarity and significance of this event, a sell-out is anticipated, so immediate booking is advised. Special seating in the second-floor area includes exclusive access to a viewing space and a drink bar for ¥15,000, providing an elevated experience for those seeking something extra special.

Don’t Miss Out

“Shpongle’s Last Gig” is more than just a concert—it’s a landmark event in Tokyo’s music and cultural scene. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the world of psychedelic music, this performance promises to be an unforgettable night of auditory and visual delight. Make sure not to miss Simon Posford’s return to Japan, as it’s set to be a dazzling celebration of music, culture, and art.

Event Details

  • May 2nd, 2024
  • Starts at 11pm
  • Spotify O-East, Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Tickets and more information

Avatar photo

Jessie Carbutt

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DI softball super regionals resume

🥎 Re-ranking super regional teams

🏆 Stanford captures DI women's golf title

⚾️ Baseball bracket picks | May 19, 2024

2024 ncaa di men's lacrosse championship: bracket, schedule, scores.

does shpongle still tour

The 2024 NCAA DI men's lacrosse championship began with the selection show on Sunday, May 5. The tournament continues through the title game on May 27 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

👉 See the full list of selections here

2024 NCAA DI men's lacrosse championship bracket 

➡️ Click or tap here for the interactive bracket

2024 DI men's lacrosse tournament bracket.

2024 NCAA DI men's lacrosse championship schedule 

All times Eastern

Saturday, May 25 - Semifinals | ESPN2

  • Noon| (1) Notre Dame vs. (5) Denver
  • 2:30 p.m. | (7) Maryland vs. (6) Virginia

Monday, May 27 - Championship | ESPN

  • TBD | National championship game

Wednesday, May 8 — Opening round | ESPN+

  • UAlbany 13, Sacred Heart 7

May 11 — First round (Day 1) | ESPNU

  • (6) Virginia 17 , Saint Joseph's 11
  • (2) Duke 19, Utah 7
  • (5) Denver 16, Michigan 11
  • (7) Maryland 16 , Princeton 8

May 12 — First round (Day 2) | ESPNU

  • (3) Johns Hopkins 13 , Lehigh 10
  • (8) Georgetown 12 , Penn State 9
  • (1) Notre Dame 14, UAlbany 9
  • (4) Syracuse 20, Towson 15

May 18-19 — Quarterfinals | ESPNU

  • (5) Denver 10 , (4) Syracuse 8
  • (6) Virginia 11 , (3) Johns Hopkins (2OT)
  • (1) Notre Dame 16 , (8) Georgetown 11
  • (7) Maryland 14 , (2) Duke 11

2024 NCAA DI men's lacrosse championship history

Notre Dame captured its first title in DI men's lacrosse last season after defeating Duke, 13-9. Syracuse leads all programs with 10 national championships including their most recent championship win in 2009. 

*After the 1990 championship, the NCAA Committee on Infractions determined that Paul Gait had played in the 1990 championship while ineligible. Under NCAA rules, Syracuse and Paul Gait's records for that championship were vacated. The NCAA does not recognize Syracuse and coach Roy Simmons Jr.'s 3-0 record, and Paul Gait's 7 goals, 7 assists and his participation in that championship.

does shpongle still tour

This week in DII sports: What to know about the DII baseball super regionals

does shpongle still tour

How to watch, preview and prediction for the DII men’s lacrosse championship game

does shpongle still tour

2024 NCAA DIII men's lacrosse championship: Bracket, schedule, scores

does shpongle still tour

Tiger Woods opens PGA Championship in 1-over 72

Tiger Woods readies to begin Thursday's opening round at Valhalla. (Ben Jared/PGA TOUR)

Tiger Woods readies to begin Thursday's opening round at Valhalla. (Ben Jared/PGA TOUR)

Change Text Size

Tiger Woods knows he's competitively rusty, compared to the vast majority of this week's PGA Championship field. That doesn't mean he expects any less of himself.

Woods opened the 106th PGA Championship in 1-over 72, a mixed bag of a morning in Louisville, Kentucky. He battled through a series of wayward tee shots to remain around par through the majority of his opening round at Valhalla Golf Club, and he caught fire midway through his second nine to move into red figures. Woods, though, closed with back-to-back three-putt bogeys that will leave a sour taste in his mouth overnight. He's 10 strokes off the pace of Xander Schauffele, who carded 9-under 62 to begin the week, the PGA Championship's single-round record low score.

The day resembled his first round at last month's Masters (1-over 73), with an up-and-down cadence but an end result that should fall near the projected cut line. Woods followed with a second-round 72 at the Masters to make the cut, setting a tournament record with his 24th straight made cut. He'll look Friday to play the weekend for a second straight major championship, aiming for a faster start than he accomplished Thursday (where he was lucky to escape his first three holes in just 1 over, before working into more of a flow).

"It took me probably three holes to get back into competitive flow again and get a feel for hitting the ball out there in competition, adrenaline, temperatures, green speeds," Woods said after his opening round. "These are all things that normally I adjust to very quickly, and it just took me a few holes to get into it.

"I am getting stronger for sure ... Each day is a little bit different. Some days, it's better than others. It's just the way it is. My body is just that way. Some days, it feels great, and other days, a bit of a struggle."

Woods' history echoes throughout the grounds at Valhalla, as his 2000 PGA Championship victory here (outlasting Bob May in a three-hole playoff) marked the third leg of the "Tiger Slam," which he completed at the 2001 Masters. Woods won the 2000 U.S. Open and The Open by a combined 23 shots, before the wily veteran May gave him all he could handle for 75 holes at Valhalla. It might be a tall task to expect Woods to hoist another Wanamaker Trophy this weekend, but making the cut for a second straight major championship is certainly in the realm.

"I think that I've made a few cuts in a row, what was it, 140-some odd," Woods said Thursday. "So you have to just grind it out. It's a marathon. Major championships are a long grind. It's just plotting along. It's not a sprint. It's just a grind.

"You can't win a tournament unless you make the cut. That's the whole idea is get to the weekend so that you can participate and have a chance to win. I've been on the cut number and have won tournaments, or I've been ahead and leading tournaments and I've won tournaments. But you have to get to the weekend in order to win a golf tournament."

Read below for hole-by-hole updates from Woods' opening round at the 106th PGA Championship.

1:25 p.m.: It's a disappointing finish for Woods, who closes his round with a second straight three-putt bogey.

He splits the fairway off the tee at the dogleg-right, 411-yard par 4, leaving just 144 yards to the hole, but plays a substandard approach to 34 feet, leaves his birdie putt 6 feet short and cannot convert to save par. It means a 1-over 72 for Woods, featuring some good and some bad. He'll still be within striking distance of the cut line at Valhalla, but he's 10 strokes back of early leader Xander Schauffele, who set a PGA Championship single-round scoring record with a 9-under 62.

1:10 p.m.: Woods plays to the front-left portion of the 169-yard, par-3 eighth, but his birdie putt releases well past the hole to leave a lengthy par attempt from 10 feet. He can't convert. Just like that, after reaching red numbers for the first time on the previous hole, he's back to level par for the day. One hole remains.

12:55 p.m.: After a solid two-putt par from 54 feet at the staunch par-4 sixth, Woods solves the double-fairway, par-5 seventh. He plays to the left fairway off the tee, strikes a 238-yard second shot into the right greenside bunker (a conservative line with flanking down the left side) and gets up-and-down with a birdie from 13 feet.

For the first time today, Woods is under par. It's a testament to his resilience after a shaky start, and his body appears to be holding up respectably. He's 1 under for the opening round with two holes to play. He's eight off the pace of leader Xander Schauffele, but the 15-time major champion is tied for 17th on the leaderboard, comfortably inside the projected cut line.

12:15 p.m.: Woods is finding a groove as the round progresses, but he can't quite get on a birdie run. He strikes a 69-yard wedge to 14 feet on the short par-4 fourth but cannot convert the birdie. He stuffs a 156-yard 8-iron to 9 feet on the scenic par-4 fifth, the approach shot descending down the hill, but cannot convert the birdie. He settles for back-to-back stress-free pars, remaining at even-par on his round with four holes to play. He's eight back of Xander Schauffele, who is threatening the PGA Championship's all-time single-round low of 63 (which has been recorded on 18 occasions).

11:45 a.m.: Tiger is a tactician. He stripes his tee shot on the 194-yard, par-3 third to 5 feet and converts for birdie, returning to even-par on the day. It's his second birdie of the round, accompanying his 3 on the limestone-waterfall par-4 13th. Despite some loose tee shots at times, he's making it work with his trademark grit that has led to a record-tying 82 PGA TOUR titles.

11:30 a.m.: Woods is struggling to find a groove off the tee, but he's making it work anyway. He tugs his tee shot left at the par-4 first hole, his 10th, but muscles out an approach onto the green to leave a 19-foot birdie attempt; he two-putts for par. He over-cuts his tee shot on the long par-4 second, catching a greenside bunker; he plays his second shot to the fairway short-right of the green. He plays a deft 35-yard pitch to 5 feet and saves a crafty par. He's 1 over through 11 holes.

10:55 a.m.: After two big shots at the 571-yard, par-5 18th, Woods faces a straightforward eagle pitch from a collection area just behind the green. He can't take advantage though, as the 56-foot pitch settles 14 feet short of the hole, and he two-putts for a slightly disappointing par. Woods turns in 1-over 37, six strokes behind leader Xander Schauffele, who turns in 5-under 31 from the same nine.

10:35 a.m.: Woods makes back-to-back pars on Nos. 16 and 17, and they come in contrasting styles. His par at the brawny 503-yard, par-4 16th is routine -- fairway, green, two-putt from 24 feet (although the second putt is a 7-foot comebacker after a slick birdie try). He fights harder on the par-4 17th, missing his tee shot into the right rough and his second shot into the left greenside bunker but then getting up-and-down with a 7-footer. He's 1 over through eight holes, headed to the par-5 18th.

10:04 a.m.: Woods falls victim to Valhalla's thick rough on the par-4 15th, as he misses his tee shot into the left rough and is forced to lay up, similar to on No. 12. This time he can't save par, as his 68-yard third shot lands 33 feet past the hole and he two-putts for bogey. Woods returns over par for the day, now 1 over through six.

9:40 a.m.: Woods plays a smart shot to the middle of the green on the 256-yard, par-3 14th, and he comfortably two-putts from 54 feet. Woods stays even-par through five holes, as he has demonstrated good pace on the greens early Thursday in the Bluegrass State.

9:20 a.m.: Woods rolls the momentum from an unlikely par at the 12th into his first birdie of the week. On the iconic limestone-waterfall par-4 13th, he splits the fairway and plays a deft 92-yard wedge to 18 feet. He doesn't miss a beat on the uphill birdie try; it finds the center of the cup. Woods returns to even-par on the day.

9:02 a.m.: Woods is a 15-time major champion for many reasons; among them, he has a propensity to grind out unexpected pars to keep a round on the tracks. The par-4 12th hole is proof positive; after missing the fairway left into thick rough and being forced to lay up, Woods gets up and down from 180 yards, draining a 15-footer to save par from near the green's back edge. He delivers a sheepish salute to the appreciative fans, staying 1 over through three holes.

8:45 a.m.: Woods gets scrappy on the 211-yard, par-3 11th, as his tee shot misses the green long-right and he chips back over the green into a bunker. He saves bogey with a 6-footer, though, limiting the damage. He's 1 over through two to begin the day.

8:32 a.m.: Woods plays a fairway metal to the rough some 50 yards short of the green on his opening hole, the par-5 10th, leaving an awkward angle for his third shot, short-sided. He plays a masterful high flop shot for his third, 12 feet past the hole, and two-putts for an opening par. The 82-time TOUR winner is off and running at Valhalla.

8:15 a.m.: Woods takes driver for his first swing, beginning on the par-5 10th, and uncorks a high fade that splits the fairway. The crowd roars. Woods is sporting a salmon shirt with his new Sun Day Red branding.


Full recap of Thursday and Friday at the PGA Championship

does shpongle still tour

Scottie Scheffler arrested by police before second round

World number one golfer Scottie Scheffler was charged with assaulting a police officer outside Valhalla Golf Club hours before starting his second round at the 2024 PGA Championship.

Scheffler — who was also charged with third-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving, and disregarding traffic signals from an officer directing traffic — was released by police just in time to take to the course for his tee-off time of 10:08am ET. He impressed with a five-under round of 66 that moved him into third, at nine-under for the tournament.

The Louisville Metropolitan Department of Corrections, who posted a mugshot of the 27-year-old, said he was booked in at 7.28am local time and released at 8.40am. Scheffler later described the incident as “a big misunderstanding”.

The start of Friday’s second round was delayed by 80 minutes because of an unrelated crash near the course . Louisville police said a shuttle bus had struck and killed a pedestrian outside the golf club. Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg later named him as local man John Mills.

  • YOU CAN FOLLOW live coverage of day three at the PGA Championship with us right here .

Lukas Weese

Xander Schauffele 36-hole leader at PGA Championship with Morikawa, Scheffler chasing

Xander Schauffele stepped onto the first tee Friday at Valhalla Golf Club after a historic first round at the PGA Championship. He shot a 9-under 62, giving him the 18-hole lead. It tied the men’s major scoring record, the lowest round in PGA Championship history.

Friday’s round for Schauffele didn’t smash records or set career-scoring bests. But it kept the 30-year-old atop the PGA Championship leaderboard heading into the weekend.

Schauffele shot a second-round 68, giving him the 36-hole lead. It’s the second consecutive week Schauffele led a tournament after 36 holes. Last week, Schauffele couldn’t secure the win, thanks to a dominant performance from Rory McIlroy.

The seven-time PGA Tour winner is looking for a different outcome this week, attempting to capture his first major championship.

Xander Schauffele 36-hole leader at PGA Championship with Morikawa, Scheffler chasing


Justin Ray

Watch out for Bryson

This is the second time Bryson DeChambeau has started a major with back-to-back rounds in the 60s.

The other was his win at the 2020 U.S. Open.

Koepka records 8 birdies in second round

It was a roller coaster second round for Brooks Koepka.

He shot a 3-under 68, which consisted of eight birdies.

But it also included three bogeys and a double.

Koepka sits at 7-under-par, five off the lead held by Xander Schauffele.

Tiger birdies 18 but misses cut

Woods 7-over-par

(Photo: David Cannon / Getty Images)

Tiger Woods finished the 2024 PGA Championship at 7-over-par.

He shot a 6-over 77 in his second round.

But Tiger finished the PGA at Valhalla, where he won this event in 2000, with a birdie on 18.

Woods hasn't made a cut at the PGA since 2020.

Schauffele shoots second-round 68

Best 36-hole score to par in PGA Championship history:

2019 Brooks Koepka, -12 (led by seven)

2024 Xander Schauffele, -12

Here comes Koepka

Brooks Koepka 8-under-par

(Photo: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Brooks Koepka had a double bogey on the par-5 10th.

He's rallied with three birdies since, including one on the par-4 15th.

Koepka has seven birdies on the day and is four off the lead at 8-under-par.

What's at stake for Robert MacIntyre

Robert MacIntyre has never previously been in the top 20 entering the third round of a major.

Where PGA champions need to be after 36 holes

31 of the last 34 winners of the PGA Championship have been in the top 10 through 36 holes.

Over the last 30 years, 91 percent of men's major winners have been in the top 10 entering the third round.

McIlroy going in the wrong direction

Rory McIlroy, who won the PGA the last time it was staged at Valhalla, is going in the wrong direction.

After being 1-under-par through 11 holes, McIlroy records a double-bogey 6 on the par-4 12th.

He is 4-under-par for the tournament, eight back of the lead.

Needs a strong finish coming in to get back in the mix.

Brody Miller

Inside the most bizarre day in major golf with the arrest of Scottie Scheffler

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The most shocking day in golf major championship history began with a tragedy, and saw Scottie Scheffler, the No. 1 male player in the world, arrested, booked into a local jail and released in time to tee off.

It was just after 5 a.m. on a rainy Friday morning that police were called to the street outside of Valhalla Golf Club. A shuttle bus traveling down Shelbyville Road struck and killed John Mills, a local man working the PGA Championship for a tournament vendor.

The fatal wreck caused traffic to be shut down in both directions outside of Valhalla, which is hosting the major championship for the first time in a decade. Scheffler arrived at the scene an hour later, amid a steady rain and flashing police lights, seeking to enter the property and begin preparation for an 8:48 a.m. tee time for Round 2 of the PGA Championship. A police and security presence outside of a major championship routine is typical, even common. “I drive by cops like that probably 10 times a year,” one PGA Tour swing coach said, speaking on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the matter.

What happened next was anything but common. When Scheffler, traveling eastbound, attempted to move his vehicle into the westbound lane, according to the Louisville Police Department arrest report, detective Bryan Gillis attempted to stop the vehicle. The police report said Scheffler continued forward, “dragging Detective Gillis to the ground,” and noted that he suffered injuries that required medical treatment, as well as irreparable damage to his $80 uniform pants. Jeff Darlington, an ESPN NFL reporter assigned to cover the second golf major of the year, happened to be on the scene and watched it unfold, reporting that Scheffler’s vehicle moved 10 to 20 yards before coming to a final stop.

Scheffler’s attorney, Steve Romines, said Scheffler was originally instructed to go in and that the officer directing traffic was not part of the event traffic detail. “So that’s where the miscommunication arose and that’s why we’re here,” Romines said Friday morning.

When Scheffler did stop, he lowered his window and the officer reached in, grabbed Scheffler’s arm and pulled the door open, Darlington reported. The officer then put Scheffler in handcuffs and pushed him against the car. As Scheffler was escorted toward a police car in the rainy dark, a video filmed by Darlington showed Scheffler turning to say, “Can you help?”

“You need to get out of the way,” another officer told Darlington. “Right now, he’s going to jail, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Inside the most bizarre day in major golf with the arrest of Scottie Scheffler

Schauffele drops a shot, lead is 1

Xander Schauffele makes his first bogey of the week.

The last player to go the first 36 holes of a PGA Championship without a single bogey is Hale Irwin in 1993.

Schauffele falls to 12-under-par, one ahead of Collin Morikawa.

Schauffele improves to 13-under-par

Xander Schauffele is now 13-under.

The lowest 36-hole score to par in men's major championship history is 14 under by Jordan Spieth at the 2015 Masters.

Gabby Herzig

Will Zalatoris: Players discussed delaying, canceling PGA Championship second round

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A small group of players discussed not playing the second round of the PGA Championship as scheduled following the death of a pedestrian outside of Valhalla Golf Club, as well as the arrest of world No. 1 Scottie Scheffler.

Will Zalatoris detailed the 20-30 minute conversation, which took place in the Valhalla locker room, to a small group of reporters after his round Friday afternoon. The group of unnamed players considered approaching the PGA of America about the cancellation or delay of Friday’s play, he said.

“Some of the guys were talking about, wondering if we should even play today,” Zalatoris said. “At one point there were a group of guys in the locker room talking about going to the PGA of America about it, but I think it was dead in the water in the locker room. It was bizarre. We just didn’t know … when Scottie was going to get out, any of the details.”

Tee times were delayed by one hour and 20 minutes on Friday after a shuttle bus struck and killed John Mills, who was working for a tournament vendor. The PGA moved the first tee times from 7:15 a.m. ET to 8:35.

Will Zalatoris: Players discussed delaying, canceling PGA Championship second round

Scheffler practicing, signing autographs

Scottie post-round practicea

(Photo: Patrick Smith / Getty Images)

During his Friday post-round news conference, Scottie Scheffler said that he was "going to go back to his normal routine." That includes having a meal, practicing in the afternoon, going to the gym before heading home and getting some rest before the weekend.

Well, the broadcast showed Scheffler practicing bunker shots and signing autographs for fans.

Scheffler shot a second-round 66.

Schauffele solo leader

Xander 12-under-par

(Photo: Michael Reaves / Getty Images)

Xander Schauffele is the solo leader at the PGA Championship.

He fires a 3-under 32 on the front nine, which includes a lengthy birdie on the 9th hole.

Schauffele makes the turn at 12-under-par, one shot ahead of Collin Morikawa.

Scottie Scheffler climbs PGA Championship leaderboard hours after arrest

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Scottie Scheffler, the world’s most dominant golfer, rose up the leaderboard of the PGA Championship on Friday, hours after he was arrested while trying to navigate a traffic backup caused by a crash that killed a pedestrian outside Valhalla Golf Club.

In an extraordinary sequence of events over about three hours, Scheffler was handcuffed while arriving at the course before sunrise, booked while wearing an orange jumpsuit in downtown Louisville and driven back to the course with stunned crowds following his every move as his newly hired local lawyer told reporters that he would comply with an investigation into his interaction with a police officer who was directing traffic. Scheffler faces charges of second-degree assault of a police officer, third-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving and disregarding traffic signals from an officer directing traffic.

Scheffler’s day on the course finally began at 10:08 a.m. ET, when he teed off nearly four hours after his arrest. He went on to shoot a 5-under-par 66, climbing into a tie for third on the leaderboard. Scheffler, who said he began stretching in a jail cell Friday in hopes of returning to Valhalla in time for his tee time, said after the round his head was “spinning.”

“It was a chaotic situation and a big misunderstanding,” Scheffler said.

Scottie Scheffler: A fan favorite

Scottie shoots second-round 66

Following his second-round 66, Scottie Scheffler high-fived fans as he walked off the course to sign his scorecard.

Two spectators had T-shirts with Scheffler's face. One of the tees showed Scheffler's mugshot that the Louisville Metropolitan Department of Corrections posted Friday morning when the World No. 1 was booked in downtown Louisville.

Scheffler was arrested Friday morning while trying to navigate a traffic backup caused by a crash that killed a pedestrian outside Valhalla Golf Club.

Scheffler: ‘I did spend some time stretching in a jail cell’

Scottie post-round news conference

(Photo: Brian Spurlock / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Scottie Scheffler said he feels his head is “still spinning” after the sequence of events he experienced on Friday. He was arrested and handcuffed Friday morning while arriving at the course before sunrise, booked in an orange jumpsuit in downtown Louisville, then returned to Valhalla Golf Club and shot a second-round 66 at the PGA Championship.

Scheffler faces charges of second-degree assault of a police officer, third-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving and disregarding traffic signals from an officer directing traffic. His arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday at 9 a.m., according to online court records, two days after the PGA Championship is scheduled to end.

Asked to encapsulate what transpired, Scheffler described his pre-round routine, which took place in jail.

“I did spend some time stretching in a jail cell that was a first for me,” Scheffler said after his second round.

Scheffler said his “main focus after getting arrested” was whether he could continue playing in the PGA Championship. He said that he was in “shock” when he got arrested and that he was “shaking for an hour,” trying to calm down.

While getting fingerprinted in jail, Scheffler said a police officer offered him a sandwich.

“Sure, I’ll take a sandwich, I didn’t eat breakfast yet,” Scheffler said.

Scheffler teed off at 10:08 a.m., nearly four hours after his arrest. He described Friday's round as “pretty good.”

“It was nice to be able to put together a solid round today for sure,” Scheffler said.

Tiger Woods cards second triple-bogey of round

Tiger Woods cards second triple-bogey of round

Getty Images

This isn’t pleasant to watch: Tiger Woods, a 15-time major winner, has carded his second triple-bogey seven in the space of three holes.

This time his game deserts him on the fourth, having also bogeyed the third. He’s now eight over — seven over for the round — and his hopes of making it to the weekend are long gone.

2024 PGA Championship Round 3 tee times: When and how to watch third-round action Saturday

The 2024 PGA Championship leaderboard is crowded with Americans.

Xander Schauffele is the sole leader at 12-under on the tournament at Valhalla Golf Course in Louisville, Kentucky, after following up his first-round 62 with a second-round 68 on Friday. Schauffele is vying for his first major title . He has a one-shot lead over Collin Morikawa (-11) and a two-stroke lead over Sahith Theegala (-10).

World No. 1 Scottie Scheffler  is tied for fourth place at 9-under after he was arrested and charged with assaulting a Louisville police officer before his tee time.

One American notably missing is Tiger Woods after he failed to make the projected cut line at 1-under.

Before the third round can get underway, 18 golfers still have to complete the second round after play was suspended at 8:41 p.m. ET on Friday due to darkness.

Play to resume at PGA Championship at 9:40 a.m. ET

After being delayed by fog Saturday morning, the second round of the PGA Championship is set to resume at 9:40 a.m. ET, with 18 golfers needing to complete the second round after play was suspended at 8:41 p.m. ET on Friday due to darkness.

The second round had been schedule to resume at 7:15 a.m. on Saturday before being delayed by fog.

PGA Championship play on Saturday delayed by fog

Resumption of the second round of the PGA Championship has been delayed "until further notice" because of heavy fog. Play will resume 30 minutes after conditions are playable.

Starting Times for the third round will be a split tee start in groups of 3 off No. 1 and No. 10 tees from approximately 11:17 a.m. to 1:40 p.m. ET.

Which golfers still have to finish second round of PGA Championship?

  • Dean Burmester -6 through 16 holes
  • Taylor Moore -5 through 15 holes
  • Erik van Rooyen -2 through 15 holes
  • Jeremy Wells -2 through 16 holes
  • Ben Pollard -1 through 16 holes
  • Zac Blair -1 through 16 holes
  • Adrian Otaegui Even through 14 holes
  • Kyle Mendoza Even through 15 holes
  • Tim Widing +1 through 14 holes
  • Sam Valimaki +1 through 15 holes
  • Andy Svoboda +2 through 16 holes
  • Patrick Rodgers +3 through 15 holes
  • Ryan van Velzen +4 through 17 holes
  • Ben Griffin +5 through 16 holes
  • K.H. Lee +5 through 16 holes
  • Andy Ogetree +7 through 15 holes
  • Jared Jones +7 through 15 holes
  • Preston Cole +14 through 14 holes

How to watch PGA Championship third round

All times Eastern

Saturday, May 18 – third round

  • ESPN+  8:55 a.m.-10 a.m.  ESPN  10 a.m.-1 p.m.  CBS  1 p.m.-7 p.m.

Sunday, May 19 – final round

  • ESPN+  8 a.m.-10 a.m.  ESPN  10 a.m.-1 p.m.  CBS  1 p.m.-7 p.m.

Alternate telecasts can be seen on ESPN+ from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on May 18-19.

How to stream PGA Championship

Viewers can stream the PGA Championship on  ESPN app  and  CBS Sports Live .

2024 PGA Championship tee times for Round 3

Jordan Spieth, Max Homa and Cameron Smith tee off at 11:28 a.m. ET. Here is the complete list of tee times for Round 3 of the  PGA Championship .

Money blog: Two banks paying new customers to join; what now for mortgages after election announcement?

The new energy price cap has been announced, and it means average bills will fall by more than £100 from July. Read about this and the rest of today's consumer and personal finance news - and leave a comment - in the Money blog below.

Friday 24 May 2024 10:00, UK

  • Energy bills to be cheaper from July as price cap falls to £1,568
  • But predictions say cap will rise again
  • What now for mortgages after inflation and election announcements?
  • These two banks are paying new customers to join  
  • 'Are you out of your actual minds?' - Man quoted £780 for two return train tickets to London

Essential reads

  • Savings Guide: Britons urged to act quickly to grab above-inflation savings rates while they last
  • Top Northern Ireland chef picks his Cheap Eats - in Belfast and at home
  • Money Problem : 'My second-hand Ford is being written off with a known issue - but no one is taking responsibility'
  • Best of the Money blog - an archive

Ask a question or make a comment

There is almost zero chance of a cut in interest rates next month, a senior economist has said.

Michael Saunders, an adviser at Oxford Economics and a former member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), said Wednesday's higher than expected inflation figures made it very unlikely.

The rate of price rises dropped to 2.3% in April - but economists had been predicting 2.1% .

The general election, called for 4 July, also makes an interest rate cut unlikely, Mr Saunders said.

"They themselves [the MPC] wouldn't want to be a cause of volatility," he told Bloomberg.

"The MPC would be especially reluctant to do a surprise rate change during an election campaign. 

"But, in practice, a June rate cut is already ruled out by inflation figures."

The first rate cut is likely to come in August, Mr Saunders said.

He added: "I do think over the course of the year, markets may now be slightly under-pricing the extent to which interest rates come down.

"I would still say [there will be] three rate cuts - the first one not until August, and then a couple more later in the year."

Nationwide and TSB have both launched current account switch deals as banks fight to draw in new customers. 

Nationwide announced the deal after recording a £1.77bn profit for the year ending 4 April. 

For existing members who don't have a current account, the building society is offering a £200 switch sweetener. 

To qualify, you need to use the Current Account Switch Service and complete a full transfer. 

There needs to be a minimum of two direct debits from the account and the switch must be complete within 28 days of the request to move in order to qualify for the deal. 

To celebrate its record-breaking profits, Nationwide is also rewarding its customers (who were members as of 31 March) with £100, which will be transferred into their accounts in June.

Meanwhile, TSB is offering £100 to new customers switching to its Spend and Save or Spend and Save Plus current account. 

The accounts can be open in branch, online or via the app.

To grab the deal, the switch needs to be complete through the CASS within 21 days of the request, a minimum of five payments need to be made using your card, and you have to log into the app at least once by 5 July. 

You can also nab £60 cashback if you make 20 debit card payments each calendar month. 

Spend & Save account customers will get £10 per month in cashback for the first six months for new customers, totalling £60.

For those opening the £3 per month Spend & Save Plus account, they will get £10 cashback per month for the first six months before reverting to £5 per month.

Every Friday we get an overview of the mortgage market with the help of industry experts - before honing in on the best deals available right now with the guys at Moneyfacts.

Two major announcements this week are set to have a big impact on mortgages and the housing market in the coming months.

First, inflation came in at 2.3% for April - within touching distance of the Bank of England's 2% target but higher than the Bank and most analysts had anticipated.

The markets instantly scaled back their expectations for a June rate cut - from around 50% to around 15%.

What does this mean for borrowers?

It's probably too early to say - with TSB and Santander announcing cuts on Thursday, but Barclays going the other way.

David Hollingworth, associate director at L&C Mortgages , said: "Mortgage rates have eased back a touch in recent weeks, but [the inflation] figures may well hold back the chance for that to become a stronger trend.  A big fall in inflation was already expected and therefore already priced into fixed rates.

"Holding off in the hope of rates dropping could make for a bumpy ride for homeowners. Those eyeing the end of their current fixed deal may want to secure a rate now. That still leaves the chance to keep rates under close review and switch to a better deal if rates do improve before the end of the current product."

James Hyde, spokesman for , added: "Week on week, the overall average two- and five-year fixed rates remained very steady, currently sitting at 5.93% and 5.50% respectively."

The second big announcement was the general election - which we now know will be on 4 July.

Richard Donnell, executive director at Zoopla , said buyers who are close to agreeing a sale will "ideally want to push through and agree to sales now".

However, those who are "earlier in the process" may try to "delay decisions until the autumn after the election is over", Mr Donnell said.

This election may not have as much impact as previous ones, though.

That is because there is "not a huge divide in policy between the two main parties", Mr Donnell said.

Best rates on offer right now

This week we've asked the independent experts at Moneyfacts to look at the best rates on the market for homeowners who are on the move....

Moneyfacts advises borrowers to always look beyond the best rates as additional costs and conditions mean you could end up paying more.

"Factors such as a low product fee, free valuation or legal fees, and cashback options can mean that certain deals are more cost-effective than those that may have a more eye-catching headline rate," said Mr Hyde.

Here's a look at the deals judged "best buys" by Moneyfacts this week...

As we've been reporting, the energy price cap has been set at £1,568 a year for a typical dual-fuel consumer and will come into force from July. 

The new cap represents a 7% decrease from the current rate of £1,690. 

It has played a significant role in reducing the UK's inflation rate to a near three-year low of 2.3%. 

But respected market researcher Cornwall Insight has predicted the drop in the price cap will be temporary and that bills will likely rise once more in the run-up to winter. 

Its forecasts show a typical bill could increase to £1,762 - even higher than the current rate - from October and remain around this level from January 2025.

The prediction is due to an uptick in the wholesale market.

"It is clear the cap in its current form is not going to bring down bills to pre-crisis levels," Dr Craig Lowrey, principal consultant at Cornwall Insight, said . 

"However, while the general election is likely to put a halt to any immediate reforms to household energy bills, parties may use this opportunity to highlight how they intend to approach this challenge in the future. 

"Whatever the outcome of the election, we hope the government will work with Ofgem to review the current cap and implement changes that not only lower bills but also support struggling customers."

Today's fall in the energy price cap will be "small comfort" for those struggling with the cost of living, the chief executive of Citizens Advice has said.

Dame Clare Moriarty said the organisation's data shows "millions have fallen into the red or are unable to cover their essential costs every month".

She added: "People cannot rely on lower energy prices alone to escape the financial issues they've been experiencing.

"That's why we need better targeted energy bill support for those really struggling to keep the lights on or cook a hot meal."

The cap will fall to £1,568 a year from 1 July - a drop of £122 from the previous quarter. 

The UK's gas prices are now lower on average than in other European countries, the energy secretary has told Sky News.

"If you look at households in this country, 75% of households' heating is gas," Claire Coutinho said.

"And actually that's now significantly lower than the European average."

She also said she was setting out plans for bills to "continue to be lower" - although we are now into a general election campaign, and the Conservatives may soon be out of government.

Ms Coutinho said: "So whether it's standing charges, which we want to be fairer, or more competition and comparison in the market, or better regulation of energy brokers with businesses, today we're setting out further steps to make sure that people can keep their energy bills low."

Today's drop in the energy price cap will be "seized on by the Conservatives", political correspondent Rob Powell  says.

It is likely to be presented as evidence that the economy is "starting to settle down and turn a corner and more evidence of the Conservative plan working".

But, he says, that is "debatable" - because when energy prices spiked initially, ministers suggested it was out of their control, caused primarily by Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

"I think it might be a bit funny for them to try and claim that now they're coming down - that that's due to their plan," he says. 

"In reality, it is down to dropping wholesale energy gas prices."

Energy policy is likely to be the focus of both Labour and the Tories today.

Some more breaking money news this morning.

Retail sales volumes - meaning the amount shoppers bought - fell by 2.3% last month, after a fall of 0.2% the month before.

Sales volumes fell across most sectors, with clothing retailers, sports equipment, games and toys stores and furniture stores doing badly as poor weather reduced footfall.

Economists had expected a fall of 0.6%.

The energy price cap will fall to  £1,568 from 1 July, the regulator Ofgem has announced.

That is a fall of about 7%.

It is £506 less than the cap in July last year, when it was £2,074.

It is also £122 lower a year than the previous price cap, in place from 1 April to 30 June, which is £1,690.

You are covered by the energy price cap if you pay for your electricity and gas by:  

  • Standard credit (payment made when you get your electricity and gas bill) 
  • Direct Debit
  • Prepayment meter 
  • Economy 7 (E7) meter 

We'll find out the new energy price cap at 7am, but the average annual dual-fuel bill for a UK household is still about 40% - or £450 - higher than before the energy crisis, a non-profit organisation has said. 

The Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) said that over the past three years, the average household's dual-fuel bill had reached £6,800.

That is double the cost of energy bills in the previous three years, it said.

Because of the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG), the government paid more than £1,000 of this increase, with households covering another £2,400, the ECIU said.

From 1 October 2022 until 30 June 2023, the government's EPG supported all households with a domestic gas and/or electricity contract.

"Households are still struggling with bills that are hundreds of pounds higher than pre-crisis levels and estimates suggest bills may rise again as we head into winter," Jess Ralston, from the ECIU, said.

"Whatever colour the next government is, we'll be heading into a winter still heavily dependent on volatile gas markets."

She also called for more renewable sources of energy, a move away from gas boilers, and a shift to electric heat pumps.

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