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Visiting the prison

Booking a visit - domestic visits (Family & Friends)

Prisoners are responsible for booking their own visits; this is done by using an application on the Central Management System (CMS) – accessed via touchscreen computer terminals that are located on each unit in the establishment. Once a visit has been approved it is up the individual prisoner to inform his family and friends of the date and time of the visit.

The maximum time a visit can be booked is 14 days in advance and the minimum is 3 days in advance.

Prisoners can book up to 3 adult visitors per session and 3 children less than 18 Years of age. However, if the child is over 17 they will be classed as an adult.

It is the responsibility of the prisoner to book and inform friends and family of the time and date of visits.

Staff are not responsible for booking or informing family and friends of visits or cancellation of visits.

It is also the responsibility of the prisoner to inform visitors of correct identification requirements as well as other visit regulations, however visitors are encouraged to check the website for further details.

For sending correspondence / emails to your family or friend in prison, you can take advantage of the emailaprisoner.com system. Please log on to https://www.emailaprisoner.com and follow the instructions.

Domestic visitors’ identification

All visitors to closed prisons, both Adults and Children, whether visiting for social or official purposes must be required to prove their identity on Reception. (Children’s birth certificates are suitable to prove the name and date of birth).

Two separate forms of up-to-date identification will be required to gain entry to the prison, including one photographic identification and two proof of address:

  • Driving Licence - Acceptable on its own if photograph and the address matches the address provided by the prisoner on CMS.
  • Passport - Including foreign passports and time expired passports where the photograph is still recognisable.
  • Bus Pass (elderly only) - Must have been issued by the Local Authority. Photograph must match.
  • Student / Employers I.D. - Must clearly show the name of the visitor and educational establishment / employer. Photograph must match.
  • Citizen Card - A Citizen Card is an official UK ID / proof of age card recognised as such by the Home Office. Obtained online. A Standard application costs £15 and takes 21 days (card posted by Royal Mail 2nd class); an Urgent application costs £30 and takes 1-2 workingdays (subject to verification; card posted by Special Delivery guaranteed Next Day by 1pm). you can find out more at www.citizencard.com. Must be official, the photograph must match.

Two Proof of address can include: (No more than 6 Months old)

  • Utility bill
  • Benefit book / Letter
  • Council tax/tax credit award
  • Household bill or statement with the address on

For other forms of ID that may be acceptable please ensure you contact the prison Visits Booking line for advice.

If a visitor is unable to produce ID as above, staff may accept combinations of two or more of the following below, but must also include two proof of addresses:

  • ‘Birth/marriage certificate
  • ‘Rail or bus pass with photo
  • ‘Cheque book or credit/debit card (counts as one, do not accept as two)
  • ‘Employer’s pass or ID or student ID card not acceptable under paragraph 2
  • ‘Young person’s ‘proof of age’ card
  • ‘Trade Union or National Students’ union membership card
  • ‘Library card, if it has a signature that can be compared with the visitor’s signature
  • ‘Rent book
  • ‘Foreign identity or resident’s card (other than EC ID cards acceptable in their own right)
  • ‘Expired documents from the above lists that appear satisfactory in other ways
  • ‘ID Card from Prison Visitors Organisations

You may be refused entry if you do not have sufficient ID. This will be decided by the Visits Manager on duty. The Director has the discretion to accept any form of identification that clearly identifies the visitor in a satisfactory way.

Having had ID checked all visitors will have their photograph taken, fingerprints and hand stamped with UV ink.

All adults and children over 10 years of age will have their finger-prints taken.

Booking a visit - legal/officials only

Our dedicated booking line is staffed: Monday to Friday between 0830-1630 hrs.

Official visitors can book by phone or via email.

[email protected]

To book by phone call: +44(0) 151 522 2196 / +44(0) 151 522 2047

For non-confidential correspondence to your clients, you can take advantage of the emailaprisoner.com system. Please log on to https://www.emailaprisoner.com/ and follow the instructions.

Legal visitors’ identification

The forms of identification set out below are acceptable. If the visitor does not possess such identification then the forms of identification for social visitors are also acceptable. If in doubt, Visits staff may telephone the visitor’s employer (e.g. solicitors office, barrister’s chambers, probation department) to check the visitor is bona fide. Get the telephone number from the phone book or direct enquiries, not from the visitor:

  • Members of either House of Parliament: Houses of Parliament ID card.
  • Legal Advisers: identity card issued by firm/ chambers, or introductory letter on headed letter paper of firm/chambers.
  • Police, Immigration and Customs Officers: warrant card.
  • Probation Officers: probation department ID card.
  • Staff from other prisons, HQ or Home Office Staff: prison service security pass or home office pass.
  • Consular Officials: consular ID card.
  • Other public officials: departmental or local authority pass or ID card (but only if it shows the name of the visitor and the name of the department or local authority).
  • Social workers: identification cards.
  • Researchers: Security Photo pass or official letter (visits must be pre-arranged) and
  • NHS: photographic identification badge/card. Independent sector healthcare photographic identification badge/card.

Visitors Centre

Safe Ground is the organisation responsible for the day to day running of the Visitors Centre at HMP Altcourse where our team is working hard to create a space and a service which is welcoming, comfortable, efficient, and conducive to meaningful engagement. In time, visitors also have the opportunity to access therapeutic spaces facilitated by a specialist member of the team based on site.  Alongside our day-to-day delivery of the Visitors Centre service and family support work, Safe Ground is delivering therapeutic group work programmes to men in custody. Together, our services represent the movement of the establishment towards a model of best practice in implementing ground-breaking person-centred interventions. For more information visit  Safe Ground - Social Interest Group - Social Interest Group

Visiting times until 1 st October

Visitors will need to arrive at the visits centre at least one hour prior to the visiting time in order to be processed in time for the visit to commence.

Monday to Friday

13:30-14:30 (BOOKING - VISITORS TO BOOK IN 12.15pm)

15:15-16:15 (BOOKING - VISITORS TO BOOK IN 14:15hrs)

18:15-19:15 (BOOKING - VISITORS TO BOOK IN 17:00hrs)

09:15-10:15 (BOOKING - VISITORS TO BOOK IN 08:15hrs)

11:00-12:00 (BOOKING - VISITORS TO BOOK IN 10:00hrs)

14:00-16:00 (BOOKING - VISITORS TO BOOK IN 13:00hrs)

13:45-14:45 (BOOKING - VISITORS TO BOOK IN 12:45hrs)

15:30-16:30 (BOOKING - VISITORS TO BOOK IN 14:30hrs)

Visiting times from 2nd October

Official Visits Monday to Friday

AM Sessions

1 st Session. Solicitor Arrive at search area 08:30. Visit Time 09:00 to 10:00

2 nd Session. Solicitor Arrive at search area 10:00. Visit Time 10:30 to 11:30

PM Sessions

1 st Session. Solicitor Arrive at search area 14:00. Visit Time 14:30 to 15:30

2 nd Session. Solicitor Arrive at search area 15:30. Visit Time 16:00 to 17:00

NB Duration of each session is 1 Hour. A request for an extended 2 Hour session can be authorised subject to availability.

On arrival Legal Visitors do not need to go to the Visits Centre. Report directly to the main reception with your ID.

Social Visits Monday to Sunday

1 st Session. Visitor Arrives in VC 08:00. Visitor comes through search area 08:30. Visit Time 09:00 to 10:00.

2 nd Session. Visitor Arrives in VC 09:30. Visitor comes through search area 10:00. Visit Time 10:30 to 11:30.

1 st Session. Visitor Arrives in VC 13:30. Visitor comes through search area 14:00. Visit Time 14:30 to 15:30.

2 nd Session. Visitor Arrives in VC 15:00. Visitor comes through search area 15:30. Visit Time 16:00 to 17:00.

Purple Video Visits

Purple Visits will take place on a Saturday and Sunday only and the times are the same as the Social Visits Sessions and will be booked in the usual way.

All of the above Visiting Times will come into effect from the 2 nd October 2023.

Visits Staff retain discretion to accept any other forms of identification, singly or in combination, that clearly identify the visitor in a satisfactory way.

The following list of items must not be brought into or taken out of the prison by staff or visitors:

  • Explosives and other dangerous items
  • Any item of contraband such as illegal or unauthorised substances (including steroids etc)
  • Any article intended for a prisoner
  • Weapons of any description including imitation weapons
  • Alcohol (except Communion wine brought in by Chaplaincy staff)
  • Aerosols (e.g. spray deodorant / hairspray)
  • Cans (e.g. drinks can)
  • Metal Cutlery (beyond P4)
  • Metal nail files
  • Civilian Clothing (if in uniform)
  • Spare uniform
  • Chewing Gum
  • Mobile Phones and associated parts (unless authorised under the Offender Management Act
  • Pagers (unless authorised)
  • Cameras (unless authorised under the Offender Management Act )
  • Video Cameras (unless authorised under the Offender Management Act
  • Any other sound or picture recording devices (unless authorised under the OMA)
  • DVD recorder / players
  • Non healthcare / prescribed drugs
  • Tobacco, lighters, matches or any other smoking paraphernalia
  • Large amounts of money
  • Unofficial tools e.g. personal screwdrivers
  • Tool repair kits

How we collect and use your data

Learn more Close


In order to facilitate your visit to one of our prisons and to ensure that we deliver appropriate levels of security and safety and prevent crime, for identification purposes we shall collect your name, date of birth, address, a biometric template of your fingerprint and a photograph. A series of reference points from a finger print are collected, allowing a unique identification pattern. We do not collect or hold actual fingerprints.

Our prisons operate CCTV and staff may wear Body Worn Video Recording Equipment. We do not collect biometric readings or photographs of children under 16, however with the use of CCTV, images may routinely be captured.


We will only share your information with a third party where there is a legal obligation to do so.


You have legal rights in connection with personal information. Under certain circumstances, by law you have the right to:

  • Request access to your personal information (commonly known as a “data subject access request”). This enables you to receive a copy of the personal information we hold about you and to check that we are lawfully processing it.
  • Request correction of the personal information that we hold about you. This enables you to have any incomplete or inaccurate information we hold about you corrected.
  • Request erasure of your personal information. This enables you to ask us to delete or remove personal information where there is no good reason for us continuing to process it. You also have the right to ask us to delete or remove your personal information where you have exercised your right to object to processing.
  • Object to processing of your personal information by us or on our behalf in certain situations.
  • Request the restriction of processing of your personal information. This enables you to ask us to suspend the processing of personal information about you, for example if you want us to establish its accuracy or the reason for processing it.


We keep personal data in accordance with our clients’ and Sodexo’s retention procedures. These retention periods depend on the nature of the information (e.g. we apply different retention periods to different type of information such as CCTV and your visitor record), and may be subject to change.

If you have any questions or concerns about how long we retain your personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer using the details below.


To exercise your rights, you can contact us by writing to us at the following address: [email protected] or email the Global Data Protection Office at the following email address: [email protected] stating your surname, first name and the reason for your request. We will most likely ask you for additional information in order to identify you and to enable us to deal with your request

You also have the right to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office and file a complaint. ( https://ico.org.uk/concerns/ )

Latest News

Ways to stay in touch... .

  • The weekly online and monthly printed national newspaper for prisoners and detainees

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Hmp liverpool.

  • Inside Time Reports
  • 13th December 2014
  • Male Local , Male YOI , North West , Prison Visit

Prison information

Address: HMP Liverpool, Hornby Road, Liverpool, UK Switchboard: 0151 530 4000 Managed by: HMPPS Region:  Central Category:  Male Link to:   https://www.gov.uk/guidance/liverpool-prison


Liverpool Prison is a men’s prison in the Walton area of Liverpool.

Visit Booking: On-line

Use this online service to book a social visit to a prisoner in England or Wales you need the:

  • prisoner number
  • prisoner’s date of birth
  • dates of birth for all visitors coming with you

The prisoner must add you to their visitor list before you can book a visit.

You’ll get an email confirming your visit. It takes 1 to 3 days.

ID: Every visit

Children’s Visits:

Acceptable forms of ID

Search reports

IMB Reports

Prison Inspectorates Reports

Probation Service Reports

Prisons and Probations Ombudsman

Search the InsideTime library

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If you have any information that you would like to be included or see anything that needs updating, contact Gary Bultitude at  [email protected]

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31 thoughts on “ hmp liverpool ”.

hiya my kids dad in walton on remand how many visits does he get

My husband was convicted and sent to Walton on Friday gone my daughter phoned later that day to book a reception visit on my behalf and was told there was no reception visits… I wouldnt be getting a visit til end next week,is this right? Ive been waiting all day for a call, what time are calls usually allowed please? Also we was told the money he took with him for his canteen was put into his property and we had til 3 oclock to send a postal order or he would miss his canteen friday coming…. Why was that please

I am going on a visit to walton prison and don’t know what I. D I can take. I don’t have anything with my photo on?

Birth certificate and letters of proof of address or marriage certificate

you need to speak to the govenor at the prison

Hi i have a 2 hr drive to see my boyfriend in prison can i have a double visit?

when you go to the post office u can ask them to put hmp on the front of your postal order then u put your name and addess on the back of it then put his name and number just on the bottom but dont go over the line or it will be no good

Sue I did a postal order for my partner on the 24th I let them fill it out and put his name and prison number on the back I also included letters and pictures I was told by him today he may not get it because it didn’t have my name on the back also but because it’s not over 50 pound it’s exactly 50 he will get it put on his account but if it was over 50 he wouldn’t be able to. When filling it out put both your details on the back.

Hi Please can someone confirm how a postal order should be filled out, I put my brothers name and number on the front and my details on the back

My son went into prison on 13 November and we now have an allocation number to bring in his clothes. Unfortunately, due to staff shortages we have been unable to leave the clothes on 3 separate occasions. I have a visit tomorrow 8.12.15 would you be able to tell me if I will be able to leave his clothes as this is my last visit until 28 December. As I live an hour journey away it is not convenient to just pop in. Awaiting your response thanks

Hi could you tell me wich day is a allowed to bring clothis for prisoner

When I go for a visit, I’ve to take clothing, am I aloud to take toiletries in? or is it strictly just clothing?

This is all new to me and dont have a clue about much lol

Closed prison will only be clothing also your boyfriend will have to fill out a form for the prison to allow you to bring them in for him

Also I’m not sure about open prison but if you ring the prison that he’s in they will tell you

Hiya , my boyfriend is currently on remand an has asked for me to go to the prison an see him , but am unsure what ID I need to take with me as I have no photo ID an am despite to see him , any advice will be very great full , thanks

Two recent letter with your address and name on like a utility bill or bank statement and photograph id with name date of birth and address like a passport or drivers license

What are association times of a sunday. Can prisonsers have association taken away from them.

How many times is a prisoner allowed to use the phone. Is it now on a timer or something. Gettin harder and harder to keep in touch lately and the post is days before he gets my letters.

Wot time ov the day will a prisoner ! Make a phone call . My friend went in on Friday an the prison rang me to tell me he was ok but he has not made a call to me yet an it’s been 5 days

Should of been able to make a call soon as he arrived. It’s their entitlement. May well of used it to call someone else but deffo should of had a call

Sometimes I’ve had calls 2 to 3 times in a day. Morning midafternoon and just before bang up for the night. It Varies

They are supposed to be given a reception call but that doesnt always happen or your friend may have used it to ring someone else. It can take a couple of weeks to set up their pin and then they have to put phone credit on to be able to call the approved numbers on their pin. Generally they use the phone during association but the queues can be lengthy.

Thanks the prison rang me with a masage from him !

How many vo can my brother have. He is enhanced and convicted also has a job. Thought it was3-4 per month but only confirmations for 2

Whilst you can send a cheque to the prison, I wouldn’t recommend it as the prison will take an age to cash the cheque before it shows up as available on your son’s canteen balance.

The quickest way, but again not the most secure, is to send CASH by ROYAL MAIL’S SPECIAL DELIVERY SERVICE. DO NOT use the recorded delivery option, this only guarantees a signature whilst the other guarantees delivery, a signature and you get a full reference number to check the status of delivery. ALWAYS keep any receipts and ALWAYS include your sons prison number and name. Also, you MUST include your full details as the sender.

There are other ways also, you can register to the Email a Prisoner Service who also as a sideline do prisoner payments but I think this is only for privately managed establishments, for now. Postal Orders are another method but remember, cheques and postal orders HAVE to be made payable to ‘the governor’ and NOT to your son although that said, you MUST include your sons prison number and name either as the reference or written on the back.

I hope the above helps, if you have any further questions or queries please feel free to drop me a line directly and I will help as much as I can.

There isn’t a quick method unfortunately. The life of HMP is that five minutes on the outside really does take five minutes, on the inside, five minutes can take 5 hours, days, weeks and in worst case scenarios, months and years.

Thank you very much Sott.most helpful. Roy

Postal order from post office fill the bk in with ur name and address it regastered so if it goes missong it can be traced I been doing this for many years

Can you tell me pleaseplease how many vo can my brother have. He is enhanced and convicted also has a job. Thought it was3-4 per month but only confirmations for 2

How do I put credit on a prisoners account

how can I send money to my son can I send a cheque and to who. Roy skuse

Send a uncrossed postal order from the post office that the easiest way to send them money

What can I take in prison for my son on remand

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You can now book a prison visit online

You can now book a prison visit online

Booking a prison visit should be simple and straightforward. Until now that was far from the case. Booking a visit required both prisoner and visitor to jump through hoops: paper forms and drawn-out phone calls. And if the visit date turned out to be impossible, they had to start all over again.

Now you can book a visit online . It takes about 5 minutes. Before, picking an available date was pot luck. Now there's a date-picker that lets you select 3 possible slots instead of 1. It’s a straight-forward service with user-needs at its heart but, if you get stuck, you can call the prison's visits booking line and someone will help you with the booking.

Here's a very short film we've made about it:

By making it easier to book visits, prisoners will see more of their friends and family. Evidence suggests this will help their rehabilitation. Transformation isn't just about websites.

The service was built by the Ministry of Justice, with a combined team from the National Offender Management Service, HM Prison Service and MoJ Digital Services.

For more of the story behind this service, read Mike Bracken's account of his trip to HMP Rochester or check out the service’s transformation page .

Join the conversation on Twitter , and don't forget to sign up for email alerts .

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Sharing and comments

Share this page, 20 comments.

Comment by Pauline posted on 23 August 2015

How do you find out the prisoners number??? so you can go ahead with online booking of a visit?

Comment by Carrie Barclay posted on 24 August 2015

You can find a prisoner using this service: https://www.gov.uk/find-prisoner However it will be the prisoner's responsibility to get in touch with you to let you know their prison number etc.

Comment by linda posted on 15 August 2015

This service does not appear to work this is day 2 trying to use it

Comment by Olivia posted on 30 July 2015

Hi, If a visit is booked and someone cant make it, is it possible to change the name of one of the people to someone else?

Comment by Louise Duffy posted on 30 July 2015

It's best to contact the prison directly if this happens. You can find contact details here: http://www.justice.gov.uk/contacts/prison-finder

Thanks, Louise

Comment by Paige posted on 28 July 2015

Hi my partner was sent to nottingham today, I was on his previous list 4 months ago for a visit. Will that still be on the system all will it have to he put through again if so how long does it take to be approved for a visit? Thanks Paige.

Comment by Louise Duffy posted on 29 July 2015

You might want to get in touch with the prison first before booking a visit. You can find the contact details of the prison here: http://www.justice.gov.uk/contacts/prison-finder

Comment by Debs posted on 27 July 2015

Hello Is there a list of prisons where online booking can't be used?

Comment by Louise Duffy posted on 28 July 2015

According to the information on this page: https://www.gov.uk/prison-visits , you can arrange a visit to any prison in England and Wales through this service. If you're visiting someone in Northern Ireland or Scotland you'll need to contact the prison directly.

This link also lists the type of visits that are not covered by the online service: https://www.gov.uk/prison-visits so you need to get in touch with the prison directly.

Hope that's helpful.

Comment by c.steer posted on 26 July 2015

So how do I find the booking form to fill in I am new to computers

Comment by Louise Duffy posted on 27 July 2015

Here's the link to the booking form: https://www.gov.uk/prison-visits

You'll need this information to complete the form:

prisoner number prisoner’s date of birth dates of birth for all visitors coming with you make sure the person you’re visiting has added you to their visitor list

Hope that's useful.

Comment by Shawnaa posted on 09 May 2015

i have a visit booked which i did online but i do not have a visiting order woll the prison let me in?

Comment by Carrie Barclay posted on 11 May 2015

Your identity will be checked on arrival to make sure you’re on the visitor list.

Comment by jessicca posted on 27 January 2015

What happens after you book the visit and its confirmed by email do you need the visiting order ?

Comment by Carrie Barclay posted on 29 January 2015

The Visiting Order (VO) number is generated by the booking system, it is included in your confirmation email and you will need this to change or cancel a booking.

However, if you're visiting a prison the guidance is that you only need your ID, not the VO number. If when you visit the prison you are asked for the VO number you should report this via the Contact Us link on the Prison Visits Booking form.

I hope that helps.

Comment by Ilysa Mcnally posted on 18 November 2014

How late in advance can I book e.g. book a visit today (Tuesday) for the Sunday coming???

Comment by Carrie Barclay posted on 19 November 2014

Hi Ilysa. Thanks for your question. A visit needs to be booked 3 working days in advance. So in this case, the visit request would have to be no later than Tuesday to allow for a visit on Sunday.

Comment by carole posted on 23 October 2014

How far in advance can you book visits

Comment by Carrie Barclay posted on 23 October 2014

Hi Carole. You can book up to 28 days in advance. Thanks for your question.

Comment by kimberly posted on 16 August 2015

does anyone know how to cancel a visit online?

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Liverpool Prison Information

  • Accommodation: The prison consists of multiple residential units with individual cells or shared accommodation for inmates. The cells are equipped with basic amenities, including beds, personal storage, and sanitation facilities.
  • Education and Vocational Training: Liverpool Prison provides educational programs to help inmates improve their literacy, numeracy, and other skills. Vocational training opportunities are also offered to enhance employment prospects upon release.
  • Work Opportunities: Inmates have access to work opportunities within the prison, such as maintenance, cleaning, kitchen, and other designated roles. These work activities aim to develop skills, a sense of responsibility, and a work ethic.
  • Healthcare: Liverpool Prison has an on-site healthcare unit staffed with medical professionals who offer primary healthcare services to prisoners. Mental health support, substance abuse programs, and specialist services are also available.
  • Sports and Physical Activities: The prison promotes physical fitness and well-being by providing access to sports facilities and organized activities. These activities aim to promote positive lifestyle choices and encourage teamwork.
  • Family Contact: Liverpool Prison recognizes the importance of maintaining family relationships and supports visits and contact with family members, subject to specific guidelines and regulations.
  • Resettlement Support: The prison offers pre-release planning and support to help inmates prepare for their eventual release. This may include assistance with accommodation, employment, and access to community-based support services.

Contact Information

Booking a visit to liverpool prison.

Prison Phone Calls

Unlimited Prison Phone Calls Package

DoingTime,  a guide to prison and probation

HMP Liverpool

HMP Liverpool

If you have are concerned for the wellbeing of a  prisoner in relation to vulnerability,  self harm or bullying then call 0800 528 0970. Alternatively you can email [email protected]    

  •    General Details,
  •    Community News
  •    Inspections,
  •    Regimes,
  •    Visits and getting there,
  •    Local News  

Key Contact Details

The prison is run by HMPS as part of the North West region. It has a capacity of 1224, but currently holds around 800 men. The #1 governor is Mark Livingston, who has been in charge since February 2020

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visit hmp liverpool

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  1. Liverpool Prison

    Updated: HMP Liverpool visiting times and visiting procedure changes in line with coronavirus restrictions. 6 August 2020 Added confirmation of secure video calls made available at Liverpool prison.

  2. Visits & Getting there, HMP Liverpool

    If you've made an online visit booking request and haven't received a confirmation email within 1-3 working days, email [email protected]. Don't assume you have booked a visit until you get confirmation from the prison! HMP Liverpool has a visitors centre staffed by a local charity, click here or call 0151 530 4158. You should check into ...

  3. HM Prison Liverpool

    The prison today. HM Prison Liverpool is a local prison for remand and sentenced adult males in the Merseyside area. The prison has eight wings, all of which have been refurbished to include integral sanitation. As of May 2009, its population was 1,184, one of the largest in the UK, but smaller than a peak population of 1,443 in 2008.

  4. Visiting the prison

    Official visitors can book by phone or via email. [email protected]. To book by phone call: +44 (0) 151 522 2196 / +44 (0) 151 522 2047. For non-confidential correspondence to your clients, you can take advantage of the emailaprisoner.com system.


    Visit Booking: On-line. Use this online service to book a social visit to a prisoner in England or Wales you need the: prisoner number; prisoner's date of birth; dates of birth for all visitors coming with you; The prisoner must add you to their visitor list before you can book a visit. You'll get an email confirming your visit. It takes 1 ...

  6. Altcourse Prison

    Altcourse Prison Book a Visit. To book a visit to Altcourse Prison call the dedicated booking line Monday to Friday between 0830-1630 hrs. Official visitors can book by phone or via email. [email protected]. To book by phone call: +44 (0) 151 522 2196 / +44 (0) 151 522 2047.

  7. PDF Visitor Information Hmp Liverpool

    Your visit will be confirmed by email within 3 working days of making your request Alternatively you can book a visit by ringing the booking line at HMP Liverpool on 0151 530 4050. You will need the information outlined above. Please be aware that you need to be over the age of 18 to visit a prisoner.

  8. Visits and Getting there, HMP Altcourse

    Pass the Police Station on the left and then turn left at the next traffic lights into Higher Lane. HMP Altcourse is approx. 1/4 mile on your right. from North Wales: Exit Birkenhead Tunnel and take the A59 (signposted Preston). Continue through the shopping area after passing Walton Hospital and HMP Liverpool on the left.

  9. Partners of Prisoners

    Please visit POPS' Facebook page for HMP Liverpool for all the latest information and updates. HMP Liverpool is a category B establishment. POPS delivers the Visitor Centre Services at HMP Liverpool providing a warm welcome and advice and support for all visitors on a range of issues including travel, debt and housing.

  10. You can now book a prison visit online

    Now you can book a visit online. It takes about 5 minutes. Before, picking an available date was pot luck. Now there's a date-picker that lets you select 3 possible slots instead of 1. It's a straight-forward service with user-needs at its heart but, if you get stuck, you can call the prison's visits booking line and someone will help you ...

  11. General Information. HMP Liverpool

    General Information. HMP Liverpool. The prison is near the centre of Liverpool and was built over 150 years ago to replace a much older prison. It has enjoyed numerous refurbishments since construction (!) and sits on a 22acre site. The prison serves the whole of the Merseyside Courts, Wigan Courts & Blackburn Courts catchment area. Accommodation.

  12. Liverpool Prison Information

    Here is important information about Liverpool Prison: Liverpool Prison has a long history dating back to 1855 when it was first opened. It serves as a Category B prison, housing individuals who have been convicted of offenses requiring a controlled and secure environment. The prison's primary purpose is to protect the public by securely ...

  13. Liverpool Prison, Telephone Number, Books Visit, Parking

    Finally, if you are looking to contact liverpool prison you can use the contact details below: Tel 0151 530 4000. Capacity: 1370 Population: 810 (as of August 2021) Security class: Category B Local. 68 Hornby Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L9 3DF. The service we provide can help inmates at HMP Liverpool save on their calls to mobile phones.


    Money can be sent in by postal order, made payable to 'HM Prison Service'. On the back of the postal order write the sender's name and address and the prisoner's name and prison number. Post to: HMP Liverpool, 68 Hornby Road Liverpool L9 3DF Alternatively you can also send money using your debit card or by bank transfer 1.

  15. Liverpool Prison

    Liverpool Prison. Tel: 0151 530 4000 - 68 Hornby Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L9 3DF. HMP Liverpool is in the heart of the city and has a capacity of 1,370. It's a category B/C local men's prison and accepts inmates from Blackburn, Merseyside and Wigan courts. The prison was originally constructed in 1855, replacing the original prison ...

  16. HMP Liverpool: Challenging prison 'making positive progress'

    Inspectors found overcrowded, squalid conditions at HMP Liverpool in 2017. A visit by HM Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP) in July found improvements to the prisoners' living conditions.

  17. HMP Liverpool

    FAO The Governor, HMP Liverpool. 68 Hornby Road, Walton, Liverpool. L9 3DF. The prison has 28 days to respond to your letter. If you are unhappy with the outcome, or if you do not receive a response within 28 working days, please call the Prisoners' Families Helpline for further advice on 0808 808 2003.

  18. HMP Liverpool

    HMP Liverpool. If you have are concerned for the wellbeing of a prisoner in relation to vulnerability, self harm or bullying then call 0800 528 0970. Alternatively you can email [email protected] General Details, Community News Inspections, Regimes, Visits and getting there, Local News Key Contact Details

  19. HMP Liverpool

    Progress monitoring visit: HMP Liverpool, 14 and 15 September 2021 3 Leaders and managers work well with the local city council and other partners to increase the workshop space available in the prison, with the view to developing training that meets the labour market and skills gaps created by the COVID-19 pandemic in the locality.

  20. Hindley Prison

    You can book your visit online, by telephone or by email to [email protected]. Booking line: 01942 663234 or 01942 663492. Find out about call charges. The booking lines are open ...

  21. Miss K Clark v Alur Apartments Ltd: 2401553/2024

    6 June 2024. Country: England and Wales. Jurisdiction code: Redundancy, Unfair Dismissal. Decision date: 16 May 2024. Read the full decision in Miss K Clark v Alur Apartments Ltd: 2401553/2024 ...