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Blue Lagoon Malta: Boat Trips & 10+ Tips Before You Go

The Blue Lagoon Malta is a small bay with relatively shallow, azure-coloured water located on the West coast of Comino island, between Malta and Gozo.

Visiting Malta’s Blue Lagoon offers one of the most spectacular sights around the Maltese islands, attracting hundreds of tourists daily during the busy summer months. It’s without a doubt the biggest attraction that brings people to Comino during that time of year.

It’s a great place to spend a day relaxing, swimming and snorkelling and the views never tire. However , this place gets  BUSY in summer (July-September), and your best bet is taking a boat trip there later in the day or going early in the morning . (More on that further below!).

On this page, you’ll learn everything you need to know about whether, how and when best to visit the Blue Lagoon Malta.

Blue Lagoon Malta tours

How to get to Malta’s Blue Lagoon

There are two popular ways you can get to the Blue Lagoon:

1) Boat trips and tours

Taking a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon in Malta is by far the most popular and comfortable option, with many opting to take an organised boat trip from one of the tourist hotspots (usually Sliema and Buġibba, Qawra and St. Paul’s Bay) and spending a day (or afternoon) there.

Food and drinks are usually available on board, the cost is somewhere between €25-35 per person, and you can get a transfer to/from the departure point to/from your place of stay easily.

Good to know about this option:

  • Day trips and cruises usually only run  between April and October , depending on the demand. At the busiest part of the year, operators usually also offer a sunset cruise (which I highly recommend)
  • Operators offer different types of boats. Generally speaking, the cheaper the ticket, the busier the boat .
  • Most operators offer easy online booking and full refunds if, for example, the weather conditions on the day mean that trips must be cancelled.
  • Since capacity on most of these boat trips is limited , it pays to plan and buy tickets online in advance .

The catamaran with slide of Sea Adventure Excursions.

Recommended Boat Tours to visit the Blue Lagoon

Here are a few recommendations for boat tours to take you there.

TIP:  All boat tour providers offer an option to pick you up from your place of accommodation (usually at a surcharge).

Private boat charters

You can get a private boat charter for you and your travel companions at different times of the day. Although it’s not the cheapest method, you have a lot more flexibility and it’ll be a much quieter experience away from the crowds. The tried-and-tested operator for private charters is I Malta Boat Trips – You can charter one of their boats to spend 2-6 hours at Comino or combine it with a longer cruise around Gozo. Highly recommended!

Regular boat tours departing from Buġibba/St. Paul’s Bay:

The best tour operator in this area is an excellent choice for families and couples operating different types of boats. I’ve taken their trips myself and have never been disappointed.

  • You can also go for a Sunset Cruise in summer on the larger catamaran, which departs at 5 pm and helps you avoid the crowds and intense summer heat – highly recommended !
  • Option 2: Beaches and Bays day trip , which takes you to the Blue Lagoon and some of Malta’s best beaches on a large catamaran. ( Highly recommended – More spacious, quieter! )

TIP: Get 5% off using coupon code MALTA5

Regular boat tours departing from Sliema:

  • Blue Lagoon Cruise  – Full-day boat trip
  • Spirit of Malta Catamaran tour – This full-day boat cruise takes you to the Blue Lagoon and stops at several little bays along Gozo’s coastline.

(If you’re staying in or near Valletta: You can easily take a ferry to Sliema and get the above boat trips. A ferry ride takes 5-10 minutes across Marsamxett Harbour).

All-inclusive Blue Lagoon & Gozo combo tours

Gozo tour specialist Yippee organises combo tours in summer (15th May – 15th October) that combine a 2+ hour visit to the Blue Lagoon with a land tour of Gozo—an excellent way to combine both destinations, with a quality tour provider that gets rave reviews. Transfers to/from Malta are included so they take care of your full day out.

  • The Sunset tour by Tuk-Tuk
  • The Sunset tour on Quad bikes

2) Ferries from Ċirkewwa

The cheapest way to get there is to take a ferry from near Ċirkewwa (the far Northern tip of the main island Malta, Gozo ferry terminal) or from the nearby place called Marfa and get dropped off at Malta’s Blue Lagoon.

They run according to a regular schedule, and the last return trips to Malta are between 5 and 7 pm, depending on the operator. The actual ferry trips take around 20-25 mins, and round-trip ticket prices are €13 for adults and €7 for children.

  • Getting to Ċirkewwa takes a while unless you decide to stay in Mellieħa (which is just a 10-min drive away). Although various public transport bus routes (which also pass through Mellieħa) stop at Ċirkewwa, it can be a long ride (around one hour from Sliema or St. Julian’s, for example)
  • These small ferry boats fill up quickly in the summer, while pre-booked boat tours guarantee you’ll get to the Blue Lagoon.

That also applies on the way back, with full buses taking people back to the bigger resorts after a day at the beach up North.

Still prefer this option and need public transport? Bus route 222 offers a direct connection if you stay in Sliema, St. Julian’s, St. Paul’s Bay, Buġibba and Qawra.

You can find more detailed info here: How to get to the Blue Lagoon from Sliema, St. Julian’s, St. Paul’s Bay, Buġibba and Qawra .

The hop-on-hop-off ferry at Malta's Blue Lagoon.

How to get to the Blue Lagoon from Gozo

You can get to the Blue Lagoon from Gozo with a few ferry operators at Mġarr Harbour (like  Bella Comino Ferry ) that offer trips at around €7 for a return trip. Operating hours are typically between 8 am and 6 pm.

Alternatively, local Gozo tour specialist Yippee offers two (all-inclusive) summer tours (15th May – 15th October) that combine a land tour of Gozo and serves people staying there (as well as in Malta):

  • The Two Island tour on Tuk-Tuk in Gozo (guided in multiple languages) and boat tour to Comino
  • The Sunset tour on Quad bikes (self-drive, following lead driver guide) and boat tour to Comino

With both these tours, you get 2+ hours at the Blue Lagoon , which is enough time and an excellent way to combine a visit here with a tour of Gozo.

Use coupon code MALTA5 for 5% off!

You can find more detailed info here: How to get to the Blue Lagoon from Gozo .

What to expect when you get there

Malta’s Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and I definitely recommend that you make a visit part of your itinerary. However, I want you to be well-informed so you know what to expect.

  • During the high season, it gets very crowded between 10 am and 4 pm. Because there are only a few small patches of sand, any space there will have been taken up early on by other visitors who usually head there for a day trip at the small sandy beach.
  • With thousands of other tourists flocking there, apart from space being limited, don’t expect tranquillity.
  • There are other (rocky areas) where you can leave your stuff while you dive in, but the most comfortable option remains to have a boat to use as a base while you’re there.
  • Despite the business and the inevitable litter left by tourists, the authorities ensure daily cleaning is carried out and the water remains clean. Unlike a regular bay, there’s a constant current of water flowing through the lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon at the height of summer: Busy!

5 Interesting Facts about Blue Lagoon Malta

  • The Blue Lagoon is one of the most naturally beautiful places to visit in Malta
  • It’s a shallow beach with white sand and crystal clear water in between Comino Island and the tiny islet of Cominotto
  • The surrounding area is a great place for snorkelling , as well as scuba diving, with many little inlets and caves around
  • Featured in blockbuster films like Troy (2004, starring Brad Pitt)
  • It’s the #1 reason why people flock to Comino Island, Malta’s third-largest island, which is a mostly rural landscape with just three permanent residents. The island’s name is derived from the Maltese word kemmun or cumin in English, a herb commonly found on the island.

Blue Lagoon FAQs

Where in malta is the blue lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is located on the West coast of Comino island, the smallest of the islands of Malta. It’s located between main island Malta and Gozo and is easy to reach by boat from various locations.

How do I get from Malta to the Blue Lagoon?

You can either take a ferry from Cirkewwa (North of Malta), or from Sliema, Buġibba or Gozo if you want to visit on your own. You can also take a boat tour that berths there for a period of time during the day. More info here: How to get to The Blue Lagoon .

Is the Blue Lagoon worth it?

Yes, it’s an absolutely stunning place to visit and spend some time at. However, because of its popularity, it does get very, very busy in summer (Jul-Sep), so don’t expect to find tranquillity if you visit during that period. More info here: When best to visit the Blue Lagoon .

Are there sharks in the Blue Lagoon?

Around the Maltese archipelago, there are various species of sharks, however, the chances of being attacked are negligible, especially at the busy and shallow waters at the Blue Lagoon. There are only a handful of shark attacks recorded since 1890 so it’s not even something locals are wary of at all.

Are there any hotels near the Blue Lagoon?

There’s one (3-star) hotel on the tiny island of Comino, which is a 20-minute walk away. It’s called the Comino Hotel and isn’t the most modern of places. Don’t expect restaurants, amenities or lively nightlife. It only makes sense to stay there if you want to be in the middle of nowhere. Do not expect a luxury resort!

When’s the best time to go?

Malta’s Blue Lagoon is hugely popular among tourists and locals alike, and your best bet is to choose a weekday, although in July and August every day is a busy day.

In fact, if you’re staying in Malta during these months you should carefully consider whether it’s worth going, especially if you’re in Malta for a limited time.

My suggestions:

  • Go late in the day.  If you’re travelling with children or absolutely hate crowded places, go later in the afternoon when it’s quieter, or  pay a visit to Gozo  instead.
  • Go early in the day.  If you’re very much into sun and sea and don’t fit the above criteria, definitely consider paying a visit but know what to expect and  go early – before 9 am . (More on that below, in the tips section).
  • Avoid weekends.  This hotspot isn’t just popular among tourists, locals also enjoy a visit there, particularly on weekends and with the whole family in tow.
  • Visit off-season.  If you’ve yet to decide on travel dates, late May-June is the best time of year, before the summer season and while the early-summer weather is pleasant and most tourists won’t yet have arrived for their holiday. Alternatively, late September and October will also be a lot quieter.

St. Mary's watchtower overlooking the Crystal Lagoon in Comino.

Practical tips

  • If you’re spending the day,  it’s always wise to bring a large bottle of water with you , particularly in summer. Although the (single) hotel on the island offers food and drink it’s not located close to the beach. It’s within walking distance, but in the hot summer sun, a hike will be the last thing on your mind.
  • Even if you decide to go for a day trip by boat, it pays to be on board early to get a good seat for the day. With the huge popularity of its destination, these trips tend to be sold out to capacity on most occasions in peak season.
  • The same rule of timing applies here as it does for the rest of Malta: If sun and sea are important to you,  May, June and October  are better (and sometimes cheaper) months to visit the Malta Blue Lagoon in. Great sunny and warm weather, less busy.
  • If you’re on a short holiday, you haven’t visited Gozo yet and you  have  to choose between whether to go there or Comino island and its Blue Lagoon,  Gozo is the better choice to go sightseeing, for most travellers . Alternative, take a boat trip which combines the two destinations.
  • If you’re heading there for the day and worried about the kids getting board, you can opt to get a speedboat tour around the island and its main sights as well. You can usually find the operator near the main jetty.
  • Dare-devils tend to want to dive off one of the high cliffs opposite the main part of the bay. It might impress your friends, but why risk permanent disability or worse ?
  • If you decide to go for a swim at Malta Blue Lagoon,  be careful crossing over to Cominotto  (a small islet next to Comino). Although it’s definitely safe to swim there between June and August (peak summer), sometimes strong undercurrents in this straight between the main island and its islet can bring even experienced swimmers in difficulty. Although a lifeguard is present during the summer months (between mid-June and the end of September), it’s best to avoid swimming that stretch altogether.
  • Although not very common, jellyfish can be found around the Maltese islands. If you want to be safe, buy some  jellyfish sting protection cream or hydrocortisone cream  in case you do get stung from a pharmacy before you head to Comino.  There are only a few food trucks and beach kiosks around there and it’d be a shame to have a day out be spoiled by a little jellyfish sting. ( TIP: If you don’t have any cream with you and you get stung, the best thing to do is to scrape the poison off with something like a hard plastic card. That usually helps you avoid the worst of the uncomfortable pain and skin irritation.).

Looking for tours and excursions in Malta and Gozo?

Get my recommendations on the best day trips, boat trips, excursions and activities and book in advance!

Book tours and excursions in Malta.

What to bring with you

  • Drinks and food can usually be bought from nearby food stalls, on boats or (if you’re set on a short hike) from the nearby hotel. You will be charged a premium and choice will be limited, however. So if you want to be frugal or you’re picky with food, make sure to  bring your own food and drink with you . The benefit of buying drinks on location is that they’ll be nice and cold. Definitely a BIG plus in summer. If you do bring your own, make sure to get  plenty of water  with you.
  • If you decide not to take a boat trip: Shade is hard to come by, so  always bring sun protection if you plan to go during the day. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who manage to get there early enough to be able to rent an umbrella, you’ll be out in the hot sun. While it’s the main objective for some, don’t underestimate just how hot it gets. Not to mention that sun exposure during the day in summer (10+ UV index levels are common) are dangerous.
  • If you have  snorkelling gear , definitely get it with you. Malta Blue Lagoon and its surroundings are great for snorkelling. With some boat tour operators, you also get the option to hire gear for the day, but it’s best to check that with your operator of choice beforehand.
  • Some entertainment while you relax. A good book or magazine, for example, for while you catch up on being lazy.
  • If you plan to wander around a little while on Comino island, be sure to wear sturdy (closed) shoes . There aren’t any paved roads around the island, so the surface is pretty rocky/sandy and you’ll need them to be comfortable. Going on a little hike is a great idea (also because of the island’s small size – it’s hard to get lost) but avoid long walks in the hot summer heat in the middle of the day.
  • If you plan on finding a spot on the water’s edge for the day, bring at least a thick towel to sit on, or maybe a small inflatable cushion.
  • If you’re not taking a boat trip,  bring a disposable bag  with you as there are few bins around and littering is a real issue. Look after the environment!

Other places to visit while in Comino

Sailing back from Comino as the sun sets.

A few tips before I get into the sights to see:

  • Although the island is small, don’t underestimate the walking time needed, especially if you need to be back at the Blue Lagoon by a particular time (for example when on a boat trip). To give you an idea: to get to the Santa Marija Battery (historical building) on the opposite side of Comino, it’ll be a 35-minute walk
  • There are no paved roads as such, so wear sturdy shoes
  • Most of the island is a barren landscape, so make sure to get some water and food with you and think twice about a long hike in the middle of summer
  • Springtime is the best time of year to explore the island, without a doubt.

St. Mary Tower at Comino, seen from the West.

  • The  Crystal Lagoon  is located just around the corner (towards the South). Although there’s no easy place to access the water, it makes for another beautiful sight to take in and you’ll find many boats berthing there for the day, to avoid the hustle and bustle
  • Saint Mary’s Tower  is one of the few landmarks around Comino and is clearly visible when you take the ferry from Malta to Gozo. Part of a network of watch towers around the Maltese archipelago, the tower served to monitor the channel between the main islands and would signal the other towers in case of approaching threats. Each watch tower was in direct line of sight with at least two other towers, to be able to pass on the signal across the islands. The tower was built on a site in South of Comino (80 metres above sea level) in 1618 by Grandmaster de Wignacourt (and is referred to as one of six Wignacourt towers, of which four still stand today, at St. Paul’s Bay, Marsaxlokk and Marsaskala).
  • Up in the North of Comino, you can find San Niklaw Bay  and  Santa Maria Bay , both of which offer small sandy beaches and tend to be a lot quieter than the Blue Lagoon, despite the nearby Comino Hotel. To the East of Santa Marija Bay, you can find the  Santa Marija Caves , which is another excellent location for snorkelling and scuba diving in Comino.
  • Saint Mary’s Battery  is at the southernmost part of the island. It’s a recently-restored battery with guns built by the Knights of Malta between 1715 and 1716 and is a Grade 1 protected building that’s open to the public for viewing. Its main function was to protect the South Comino channel and is one of three surviving coastal batteries in Malta.

About the Author: Edward Lansink

Edward is the Founder and Editor of Malta Uncovered and author of two guidebooks on Malta and Valletta.

As a tourist-turned-expat with Maltese roots, he knows the islands inside out and helps thousands of visitors enjoy a memorable trip every year.

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Lovely site! Are there any boat day trips from Gozo to the Blue Lagoon or only from Malta?

Thanks Rita

Hi Rita, yes, I’ve listed two options in the article for combo tours with Gozo. Good alternatives for full day trips I’m not aware of but honestly, 2-2.5 hours is enough for most people.

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Gozo and Comino Blue Lagoon Cruise From Sliema

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This boat tour is specifically designed to give you the opportunity to visit the islands of Gozo and Comino in one day

Cruise description, malta cruise.

During this boat tour, we will cruise along the Northern coast of Malta enjoying the views of St. Paul’s Islands & Mellieha. This gives you a perfect opportunity for good shots on the way to Gozo and Comino Islands.

On Gozo Island

Upon arrival at the sister island of Gozo we will board a bus tour, or on a minibus. After that, we will visit the Capital City Victoria, where we will stop for around 2 hours / free time /. The area around Victoria, situated on a hill near the centre of the island, has been settled since Neolithic times & in its centre lies the Cittadella, which you can visit. The Cittadella is a historic-fortified city, and it is on Malta’s tentative list of future World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. An old prison is located within the city, as are the Courts of Justice. On the way to the port, we will stop for a few minutes at Qala Belveder, which is a popular Gozo spot for taking pictures.

Comino & The Blue Lagoon Cruise

After that, in the afternoon, we will cruise to the famous Blue Lagoon, on Comino Island, where you can spend time exploring the island and swimming in the tranquil turquoise water, for around 45 minutes.

The boat will be anchored at the Blue Lagoon harbour, so you will have full use of facilities on board such as a bar (serving snacks and beverages at reasonable prices), freshwater showers, snorkels & masks (small charge applies), toilet & air-conditioned area.

This is the most popular cruise combining the islands.

Kindly be on the harbour 10-15 minutes before the boat departure, where a host/greeter will accommodate you.

We recommend you have good shoes for rocky soil, a towel, and sun cream.

Kindly listen to the announcements to get the correct departure times, or ask a crew member if you are unsure.

Bookings are accepted till 10 pm, the day before the tour departure, or until it is fully booked!

From June to October, we recommend booking at least 3 days in advance.

Enjoy Malta 🙂

Departure Time

Sliema Ferries at 10:30 hrs

Return Time

Sliema Ferries at 18:30 hrs

Price Includes

  • Cruise/ boat ticket
  • Open top bus or minibus transfer on Gozo
  • Fresh water showers & toilet facilities
  • Air-conditioned area

Gozo Open Top Sightseeing Bus

Map With Departure & Return Location

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Violeta Matei - Inspiration for Independent Travelers

Best Blue Lagoon Malta Boat Trips

by Violeta Matei

#1 top pick

comino Blue Lagoon boat trips

  • Malta Blue Lagoon, bays & beaches catamaran trip
  • -> Modern sailing catamaran boat
  • -> Expert crew on board
  • -> Use of snorkeling equipment (10 Euro cash security deposit)
  • -> Barbecue (if the add-on is selected at checkout)
  • -> Duration: 5-6 hours
  • -> Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (2578 reviews)

Check availability and price

Blue Lagoon Malta boat trips are among the most sought-after summer activities on the island. There’s no wonder this natural pool gets so busy during July-August, considered to be peak season for Malta.

The Blue Lagoon in Malta is a destination that captivates visitors with its pristine turquoise waters, dense marine life, and bare rocks with odd shapes.

This article will guide you through the enchanting Blue Lagoon and provide insights into the boat trips available.

Main Topics of Best Blue Lagoon Malta Boat Trips

What is the Blue Lagoon?

How to get to blue lagoon malta, malta to blue lagoon by ferry, malta to blue lagoon by boat tour or private boat, boat options and tours, 1. malta: blue lagoon, beaches & bays trip by catamaran, 2. bugibba: gozo, comino, and blue lagoon sightseeing cruise, 3. sliema: comino blue lagoon powerboat tour with comino caves, exploring the blue lagoon in malta.

The Blue Lagoon is a breathtaking natural pool located on the small island of Comino, known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters. It has gained popularity as a top destination for locals and tourists alike due to its untouched beauty and serenity.

Located between the islands of Malta and Comino, the Blue Lagoon is a must-visit location for those seeking a memorable boat trip experience.

Do not mistake the Blue Lagoon for the Blue Grotto, as they are two different places in Malta.

blue lagoon malta

The famous Blue Lagoon with its deep blue, clear water

A boat trip to the Blue Lagoon is the perfect way to capture some amazing shots on this beautiful scenery. The water is crystal clear, so you’ll be able to see straight to the bottom of the sea.

Located off the island of Comino, Malta’s Blue Lagoon is accessible by sea only, either by boat taxi or ferry or by private boat.

Ferries to Blue Lagoon depart from Cirkewwa on the main island of Malta. You can also get to Blue Lagoon from Gozo’s main harbor, Mgarr.

This ferry service is called Co-Op Comino Ferries and it operates multiple boats a day between the three islands of Malta. Click here to see the schedule and the current price of a round trip to the Blue Lagoon.

Co-Op Comino Ferries are convenient and inexpensive. We only paid 15 Euros per person for a round trip that included a tour of the caves. The biggest advantage of choosing the ferry was that we got to spend half day on Gozo as well.

Once done on Gozo, we took the regular ferry to get back to Cirkewwa. On the boat, we enjoyed a lovely sunset over Gozo.

Check out my article about the best sunsets in Malta to get some more ideas.

gozo sunset

The drawback of ferries is that they drop you off in the busiest and craziest spot on Comino, where people look like colonies of penguins or seals.

blue lagoon malta crowds

Brace yourself for some crowds at the Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon sunday crowds

It’s almost impossible to take a picture of the Blue Lagoon without a bunch of people inside it

As you can see from my photos, the Blue Lagoon visiting experience isn’t the best one, especially if you decide to take this trip on a Sunday.

Boat trips to Blue Lagoon Malta usually take you to several swimming and snorkeling spots, so you won’t have to put up with such crowds.

Gozo, Comino, caves and Blue Lagoon boat trips depart from Bugibba Jetty, St Paul’s Bay, St. Julian’s or Sliema Harbor.

Best Blue Lagoon Boat Trips

Various boat options are available for exploring the Blue Lagoon, catering to different preferences and budgets. From large cruise ships to smaller speedboats, catamarans and traditional Maltese boats, you can find a tour that suits your needs. These tours typically depart from the main harbors of Malta or Gozo and take you on a scenic journey to the Blue Lagoon.

Opting for a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon allows you to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. You’ll have the opportunity to witness stunning coastal views, catch glimpses of hidden coves, and appreciate the natural wonders of the Maltese archipelago.

boats blue lagoon comino

Additionally, boat trips often include informative guides who provide interesting facts about the Blue Lagoon and the surrounding areas. Transport by ferry may be cheaper, but it doesn’t come with all of these perks.

Here are three different options of boats and trips. For more details and for booking your spot, click on the blue links below.

Catamarans are such spectacular and convenient craft!

Click here to see this Blue Lagoon Malta boat trip and to book it at the price of today.

This catamaran trip to the Blue Lagoon includes stops in two or three different locations. It is a 5-6 hour activity that starts and ends in Bugibba.

The first stop is Blue Lagoon.

The boat will moor away from the crowds. This is your opportunity to experience the famous turquoise water peacefully, without snorkelers and swimmer splashing around and spoiling your photos.

The stops after the Blue Lagoon depend on weather conditions. Bad weather and rough sea are dangerous, and no captain would risk the lives of their passengers. Just think of these additional stops as bonuses and don’t be sad in case they get cancelled. A few of the possible stops:

1. Crystal Lagoon , surrounded by steep, dramatic cliffs. Its crystal clear waters are much deeper than the Blue Lagoon, making the area fantastic for snorkelling and swimming in and around the caves. During this stop, you can enjoy a barbecue.

2. Anchor Bay to view the film set of Popeye’s Village, tucked away in a charming bay.

Other stops that could be made include Mellieha Bay, Golden Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha Bay , Ramla Bay, Imgiebah Bay, or Half Rock. All of these locations are great for snorkelling and swimming.

Back on the boat, listen to dance music, and buy cocktails at the bar. If you have selected the afternoon option, relax and watch the sunset on the horizon. After a lovely day at sea, you’ll get back to Bugibba.

Check out the rates and the availability of this full-day boat trip here .

This full-day cruise from Bugibba will take you to the Blue Lagoon and to the island of Gozo, where you’ll be able to explore this island on your own.

There are different boats and departure times. You’ll be able to select your desired ones when you do the booking.

You can also select and add on one of the shuttle bus transfer tickets available to Xlendi or to Victoria, in order to make the most of your three hours on Gozo. If you already have the unlimited Tallinja card, you won’t need any transfer tickets, as you’ll be able to use all bus services on Gozo by simply validating your card every time you board a bus.

This Blue Lagoon and Gozo tour begins from the tourist town of Bugibba, where your vessel departs on a scenic two-island cruise.

Malta’s seashore is very beautiful, so you’ll have amazing photo opportunities throughout your entire journey at sea. You will pass the tiny Island of St. Paul’s, with its statue of the apostle St. Paul rising higher than buildings around it.

You will also get to visit the scenic sea caves, with their stunning rock formations and turquoise waters.

The boat features three waterslides, so get ready to have some great fun using them.

You can also jump from the top deck if you dare. I’d stick with the water slides, though.

By the end of your journey, you’ll cruise back to Bugibba, entering the Santa Maria pirate caves and viewing the “Elephant’s Head”, an amazing rock formation that looks just like the head of a giant elephant.

Snorkeling equipment is available and included in your price. I usually prefer to bring my own, just because I like it. However, I’ve been on such boats without my snorkel mask and I’ve used theirs without any issues.

Such boat tours often provide comfortable lounging areas where you can unwind, sip a cool drink, and soak up the idyllic atmosphere. Whether you prefer a sun-soaked deck or a shaded spot, there’s a perfect place for everyone to enjoy moments of tranquility. Keep in mind, though, that the number of padded sun-lounges is limited, so you may not be able to grab one.

Refreshments are available on board, but they aren’t included in your boat ride fare.

If you want to hop on a speedboat ride to see the smaller caves around Comino, you’ll have to pay 15 Euro in cash.

This powerboat tour to Blue Lagoon starts from Sliema Ferries, just opposite the Mc Donald’s by the Sliema waterfront.

Click here to read more about this boat ride and to book your spot.

This Blue Lagoon Malta boat tour consists from the following activities:

  • Powerboat ride from Sliema to Blue Lagoon, Comino
  • Comino Cave Tour to visit the scenic Comino Caves
  • Approx 4 hour stop for swimming, snorkelling and sun bathing

The tour includes full safety equipment, Fuel costs, liability insurance and a local expert captain. It does not include hotel pick-up and drop-off. Also, drinks and refreshments aren’t included. Powerboat tours aren’t suitable for pregnant women, people with disabilities, or elderly people (over 95 years of age).

sliema ferries boat trips malta

You’ll notice lots of colorful craft in Sliema Ferries. The one in the image is a tourist sightseeing boat – if you don’t care about swimming and snorkeling, you may be just fine with this kind of boat trip.

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blue lagoon malta boat trips from sliema

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Boat trip Sliema to Comino - Blue Lagoon - Blue Lagoon

  • Europe    
  • Malta    
  • Comino    
  • Comino - Things to Do    
  • Blue Lagoon

Boat trip Sliema to Comino - Blue Lagoon

As a family we decided to take a round Malta all day cruise and stop-over at The blue Lagoon on Comino. Leaving Sliema with Captain Morgan tours, we headed out of Sliema and along the coat north, towards Gozo and Comino. After dropping a few tourists off on Gozo we made the short trip across to Comino and enter a glorious blue water, sandy bottomed lagoon for a 2 hour stay. The clear waters were inviting and it was a great experience snorkelling among shoals of fish in the hot sun. A rugged island that is a nature reserve there were a few welcome kiosks selling watermelons, drinks and Ices. Although quite busy in summer it was really relaxing, with great viewsacross to Gozo and back to Malta. The trip carried on around the coast of Malta viewing the coast and wildlife and finally back to Sliema after 8 hours total. A truly wonderful day out with a meal and wine included. Our last full day well spent.

This is a MUST if you are going to Malta. There are plenty of boat trips out and I'm so glad that we came here. The views are amazing and the water is crystal clear. It was busy when we went so it was hard finding an area to keep out bags whilst we went swimming, but we walked further down from the main area to a quieter location. The only downside was that from Melliha Bay it was a long journey (look out for the dolphins)!!

blue lagoon malta boat trips from sliema

one of the best spots in malta... the water is so blue and clear... A must ! unforgettable place on the island

Was I lucky or what!? When I took an excursion to the Blue Lagoon on Comino the other day (March 2nd), there were only three tourists going there: me and a Nepalese couple. The couple soon disappeared behind one of the rocky outcroppings at the lagoon, so I ended up having the entire lagoon area to myself! Not another living soul in sight! My camera went into overdrive! I've read some of TA's negative reviews about the Blue Lagoon and not in a million years would I visit the lagoon during high season. Obviously, my rating of this place as 'excellent' would have very likely been quite different had I visited it during high season, with the hordes of tourists and packs of irritating touts milling about. As the boat pulled into the lagoon, the first words out of my mouth were, 'OMG!!! Is this place for real?' The colours just blew me away. But the icing on the cake was that I was the only one there. Comino does have other attractions, its main one being the 7 km Comino Walk. Along the route, one can see the old Isolation Hospital, St. Mary's Tower (which doubled as the gruesome Chateau d'If in the 2002 film, 'The Count of Monte Cristo', and the Chapel. Low season, the lagoon is heaven; high season, the lagoon must be hell!

blue lagoon malta boat trips from sliema

Beautiful short trip. Excellent value for money. Recommended for all ages. Slightly dodgy slope when wet.

This place is just beautiful, very clear waters and gorgeous views, recommended for snorkelling as well. A must if you're in Malta.

blue lagoon malta boat trips from sliema

Blue Lagoon Malta


Options of transportation to blue lagoon.

The only way to reach the Blue Lagoon is to use a boat service. The most common way is to get a Ferry from Cirkewwa or Marfa. The other common option is to get a day cruise boat from Sliema Ferry or Bugibba. There is also the possibility of hiring a private boat, but this, of course, is the most expensive option.

Visit Blue Lagoon by Ferry

blue lagoon malta boat trips from sliema

Option 1: By bus till you reach Cirkewwa and then catch a Ferry to Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is located on the island of Comino and the very first thing to do is to get to the city of  Cirkewwa  or  Marfa .  From any of these two, you can catch ferries running regularly (more or less every 30 minutes) to Blue Lagoon. Look out for the boats which say “Comino Ferry”. 

  • From Valletta : You can take a direct bus number  41 or  42  that rides for about 90 minutes. Since you are departing from the main station, finding a decent seat is almost guaranteed. 
  • From Floriana : Same as from Valletta you can take the bus number  41  and  42  for a ride of about 90 minutes.
  • From Sliema : take the bus number  222 , this is a direct bus and it drives for about 80 minutes, departing every 15 to 30 minutes and can possibly make 56 stops from Sliema.
  • From St. Julians : take the bus number  222 , this is a direct bus and it drives for about 80 minutes, departing every 15 to 30 minutesand can make about 49 bus stops. 
  • From Bugibba : You can take the bus  221 with about 30 minutes drive. This bus circulates with a frequency of 30 minutes.
  • From Qawra : You can take the bus  221 with about 30 minutes drive. Bus passes every 30 minutes.
  • From Xemxija : You can take the bus  221 with about 30 minutes drive. This bus leaves every 30 minutes.
  • From Mellieha : all the buses with  direction to Cirkewwa are a good.
  • From the Airport : Bus  X1 drives for about 60 minutes and leaves every 35-40 minutes.

What to note:

  • For a bus to stop you should make a clear sign to the driver by raising your hand when the bus is approaching and make yourself visible while staying on the side walk.
  • Buses in Malta are not necessarily stopping on all the bus stops, so remember that even if on the timetable there are many bus stops, in reality they make less. When approaching your bus stop, ring the bell to avoid missing your stop.

Visit Blue Lagoon on a Day Cruise

blue lagoon malta boat trips from sliema

Option 2: Excursions to Blue Lagoon from Sliema, St.Julians and Bugibba.

  • From Sliema by boat : In Sliema Ferry you will find many boats and many offices where you can buy the tickets from. Tickets vary from €25 to €70 when you buy and all-inclusive. Make sure you speak to an official representative of the company you buy your tickets from. Operators are:  Hera Cruises ,  Captain Morgan .
  • From St. Julian’s by boat : From St. Julian’s there are departures with smaller boats, such as speed boats and the usual price is €50 per person. Consider that these boats are faster but also smaller and more prone to be affected by wind and waves.
  • From Bugibba by boat :Bugibba would be a stop for the boats coming from Sliema and St. Julian’s. Prices are a bit cheaper due to a shorter distance, between €15 to €20. The only route operators that depart from Bugibba as main first departure are  Sea Adventure  and  Horn Blower .

Visit Blue Lagoon on a Private Boat

blue lagoon malta boat trips from sliema

Option 3: Visit Blue Lagoon on a Private Boat/Yacht

More people are discovering that for a better experience (with no crowds) of Blue Lagoon, it is best to visit by a chartered private boat. This option particularly suitable for groups as the total expense can be divided between the group members. The prices are between €450 and €700 for a day on a private sailing yacht and usually include skipper and fuel. The price depends on the size of the group.

This option will allow you to visit Blue Lagoon at your own peace and pace. You can still swim to shore and buy food and drinks even though usually this type of boat has both kitchen and fridge on board.

Ask your captain to include the Blue Lagoon in the route and time it when the lagoon is less crowded to enjoy it at its best. Ask him for suggestions about other bays to see on the way.

You can ask for a quotation  here .

Things to note:

  • Ask what is included in the price. 
  • Ask if you can bring your own food and drinks on board if you wish to do so.
  • Ask your captain about his license to avoid having your day ruined by local authorities. Remember that in Malta to have clients on board of a boat the captain must have a Boat Master issued by Maltese authorities.

Ready to visit the Blue Lagoon?

Book your trip today!

Hera Cruises

Hera Cruises Ltd., Sancta Helena, Triq Jannara, Birkirkara, Malta. Tel: +356 21347483, 21330583 Fax: +356 21324978 Mob: +356 7944 5448 E-mail [email protected]

  • Name & Surname *
  • Contact Number

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City tours

Supreme Powerboat Tours

The fastest boat ride on the maltese islands, we have three chaudron power boats, all equipped with twin yamaha 300hp engines., select one of the below tours to book now.

blue lagoon malta boat trips from sliema

Get started with Supreme Power Boats

Important please note:.

  • 1 Booking must be at least 12 hours before the trip
  • 2 Select your preferred tour
  • 3 Read carefully our terms and conditions
  • 4 Purchase tickets online
  • 5 Download and read carefully the waiver form. It will provided by our representative for signature before boarding.

Visit tours Now

Malta-Comino Power Boat Trip

Enjoy an unforgettable ride to comino blue lagoon with the fastest powerboats on the maltese islands., our malta-comino tour includes:.

  • A Power Boat trip from Sliema to Comino, Blue Lagoon
  • A Comino Cave tour visiting the famous Comino Caves
  • Visit the famous crystal clear waters of Comino, Blue Lagoon
  • A 4.5 hour stop to enjoy swimming, snorkelling and sun bathing
  • Power Boat ride from Comino, Blue Lagoon to Sliema

Our Fast & Furious Powerboat Thrill Ride includes:

  • 15-minute powerboat ride filled with excitement and adrenaline rush
  • exciting turns and figures of eight, reaching high speeds
  • playing loud music through the ride

Private Charter:

  • Charter the whole boat your group – which are ideal for team building activities!
  • Experienced Captain
  • Charters can also be organised with our partners that provide other activities such as jeeps, hiking, water sports activities, land transport on the islands, and restaurants
  • Boat Transfers
  • Contact us for further information and availability

Comino Blue Lagoon

Comino is a beautiful island sitting between Malta and Gozo. It is renowned for its crystal clear waters, hence the name of its most famous bay – the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is also referred to as the Crystal Lagoon due to its crystal clear light blue waters.

Apart from Comino Hotel, there is only one single family living permanently on the island. Comino has become a favourite destination for tourists from all over the world, particularly cherished for its peace and tranquillity.

St Mary’s Tower is the most visible structure on the island. It dates back to 1416, when the Maltese petitioned their King to build a tower on Comino to serve as an early warning system in case of invasion. At the time they wanted to deter marauding Turks, pirates, smugglers and corsairs from using Comino as a hiding place and staging ground for devastating sorties onto the sister islands of Malta and Gozo.

Chaudron Power Boats

Our Power Boats are custom built by the famous Chaudron boat company, a company established in Malta in 1988 which today is the undisputed top boat-building company in Malta. Among the many prestigious awards won by Chaudron is the SuperSport Championship, which it won for three years in a row: in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Our power-boats are 33 feet long with twin Yamaha 300hp engines and can take over 20 people. Safety is our top priority, and our boats are built with all necessary safety measures to ensure a smooth and safe boating experience.

Chaudron started competing in the Powerboat P1 championship in 2004 with the debut race in home seas.

Chaudron were allowed to compete after being given a wildcard and after the experience the team planned on entering the SuperSport championship with the main aim of securing the world title – an ambition achieved in 2007 and 2008.

  • Video camera

blue lagoon malta boat trips from sliema

Explore the beauty of Malta, Gozo and Comino

The Best Malta Blue Lagoon Tour: A Local’s Advice

Malta Blue Lagoon Tour

Just a quick heads up – some of the links I share on this site are affiliate links. That means if you click on one and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your support through these links helps me create valuable content.

Are you looking for the best Malta Blue Lagoon Tour? You’ve landed in the right place. I’ve lived in Malta since 2011 and tried many tours myself. I know which ones are worth it. Malta’s Blue Lagoon is amazing with turquoise, calm waters and you need to see it.

When choosing a Malta Blue Lagoon tour, the choices can be overwhelming. Each tour promises an unforgettable experience, but how do you know which one is right for you? The key is finding a balance between comfort, cost, and crowds.

I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Here’s a breakdown of top Malta Blue Lagoon tours , based on first-hand experiences and a keen eye for detail.

Don’t have time to read the whole thing? My top pick is the Blue Lagoon & Gozo – 2 Islands Boat Tour because it lets you visit both Comino and Gozo in one trip. Plus, there’s a thrilling 10-meter slide into the water, which is incredibly fun.

On the Malta Blue Lagoon tour, you’ll see some truly spectacular sights. The Blue Lagoon has clear waters and breathtaking sea views. It’s calm, not too deep, and has white sand. It’s like a big, natural pool.

Tours usually stop at more places. My favourite is Crystal Lagoon. It’s surrounded by high cliffs and has a 30-meter tunnel cave with a small sandy beach inside. If the Blue Lagoon gets too busy, Crystal Lagoon is a quiet, pretty spot.

Ready to see all this beauty for yourself? Let’s dive into the Best 7 Malta Blue Lagoon tours . I’ll help you choose the best one. Let’s go!

Table of Contents

My Top 3 Picks: Malta Blue Lagoon Tour


Malta Blue Lagoon Tour

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Blue Lagoon & Gozo – 2 Islands Boat Tour ✔️ Comino and Gozo ✔️ 10-meter water slide ✔️ Good value

Malta Blue Lagoon Tour

Private Boat Tour ✔️ Choose where you go ✔️ Up to 6 people ✔️ From Malta or Gozo

Malta Blue Lagoon Tour

Blue Lagoon & Other Beaches by Catamaran ✔️ Party vibe ✔️ BBQ and cocktails ✔️ Visit three beaches

1. Blue Lagoon & Gozo – 2 Islands Boat Tour

⭐️ Rating : 4.6/5 | 📍 Departure : Bugibba | ⏳ Duration : 7 hours | 👉 Check rates and availability

Malta Blue Lagoon Tour

What you’ll see 🏖️

  • Comino Blue Lagoon: Swim and enjoy the turquoise waters.
  • Gozo: You’ll have 3 hours to explore Gozo. You can either take a transfer bus to Victoria and Xlendi for an extra fee or explore the island by yourself using a taxi or public transport.

Key highlights ✨

  • Sunbeds: Chill on comfy sunbeds.
  • Slide: 10-meter slide into the water.
  • Swimming stops: Comino.

Logistics 🚢

  • Departure: Leaves from Bugibba Jetty.
  • Duration: A fun-packed 7 hours.

What’s included? 🏊

  • Round-trip boat tour with crew.
  • Food and drinks: Available for purchase on board.
  • Transfer in Gozo: Available to be purchased before onboarding (cash only).

What people say 💬

This Malta Blue Lagoon Tour is a big hit, rated at 4.6 stars out of 5. Guests like the captain’s informative explanations and the pretty views. The cruise is fun, with a nice crew and good food and drinks. It’s a great way to see Malta’s islands and well worth the cost.

Get in on this tour before it’s too late. There is a free cancellation 24 hours before so if you can’t make it, you get a refund.

👉 Check rates and availability

2. Private Boat Tour to the Blue Lagoon, Comino, and Gozo

⭐️ Rating : 4.8/5 | 📍 Departure : Mellieha/Cirkewwa or Mgarr, Gozo | ⏳ Duration : 3 hours | 👉 Check rates and availability

blue lagoon malta boat trips from sliema

It’s a private tour, so you can go anywhere. But don’t miss Comino, Blue Lagoon, and Crystal Lagoon.

  • Private boat experience.
  • Swim and snorkel in breathtaking locations.
  • With this small boat, you can get really close to the sea caves.
  • Departure points: Mellieha/Cirkewwa or Mgarr, Gozo.
  • Customisable private tour.
  • Skipper-guided boat tour.
  • Snorkel gear and life jackets.
  • Cooler and ice for drinks.
  • Play your own music with Bluetooth.

Everyone loves this tour, especially the skilled and friendly skippers. They’re thrilled by the beautiful places they visit, like the amazing Blue Lagoon. What stands out is how they can shape the tour their way, staying clear of busy areas, making the experience really special.

This private tour fills up fast, and there’s a free cancellation 24 hours before, so if you can’t make it, you get a refund.

3. Malta Blue Lagoon & Other Beaches by Catamaran

⭐️ Rating: 4.7/5 |📍 Departure: Buggiba |​​ ⏳ Duration : 6 hours | 👉 Check rates and availability

Malta Blue Lagoon Tour - Pick 3

  • Comino Blue Lagoon: Get ready to be wowed by the turquoise waters.
  • Two additional bays (weather dependent): You might also explore Mellieha Bay, Golden Bay, Għajn Tuffieħa Bay, Ramla Bay, Imgiebah Bay or Halfa Rock.

Key Highlights ✨

  • Music: Dance to upbeat tunes.
  • Cocktail bar: Sip drinks from the bar.
  • Swimming stops: Jump into various bays for a swim.
  • Departure: Leaves fro m Bugibba Jetty.
  • Duration: A fun-packed 6 hours.

4) What’s included? 🏊

  • Catamaran tour with an expert crew.
  • Snorkelling gear (€10 deposit required).

5) Extras 🍖

  • BBQ Lunch/Dinner: Grab this yummy add-on.
  • Drinks: Available at the bar (cash only).

6) Who is this tour for? 🎉

  • Perfect for fun and dance lovers!
  • It is not recommended for those looking for a peaceful tour, for kids under 12 or for those who use wheelchairs.

7) What people say 💬

This tour is highly rated with 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on thousands of reviews. Many recommend it. Reviewers often highlight the stunning beauty of the Blue Lagoon and the catamaran’s cleanliness and comfort. Additionally, the BBQ offered during the tour is praised as delicious.

This tour fills up fast, but there’s a free cancellation 24 hours before. So, if you can’t make it, you get a refund.

4. Comino, Crystal Lagoon, and Blue Lagoon Tour from Sliema

⭐️ Rating : 4.5/5 | 📍 Departure : Sliema | ⏳ Duration : 7 – 7.5 hours | 👉 Check rates and availability

Malta Blue Lagoon Tour - Pick 4

  • Blue Lagoon: Swim in its crystal-clear waters.
  • St. Nicholas Bay and Crystal Lagoon: seasonal May-October.
  • Comino sea caves: Explore these amazing natural wonders.
  • Swim and snorkel in gorgeous waters.
  • Relaxing sunbathing opportunities.
  • Departure point: Sliema Ferry Terminal.
  • Duration: 7 – 7.5 hours
  • A return trip to Comino Island.
  • Visit Comino’s sea caves.
  • Food and drinks are available for purchase.
  • Optional water slide use.

Visitors rate this tour highly for the chance to swim in the Blue Lagoon and explore Comino Island. They appreciate the friendly staff and value for money. The tour is just right for those wanting sun, sea, and scenic views.

5. Around Comino: Blue Lagoon & Caves Boat Tour

⭐️ Rating : 4.7/5 | 📍 Departure : Bugibba | ⏳ Duration : 7 hours | 👉 Check rates and availability

Malta Blue Lagoon Tour - Pick 5

What You’ll See 🏖️

  • Comino Blue Lagoon.
  • Ahrax Cave (also called Coral Lagoon), Santa Maria Cave, and more.
  • Deck chairs: Relax and sunbathe on the upper deck.
  • Slide: Slide into the Blue Lagoon for extra fun.
  • Departure : Leave from Bugibba Jetty.
  • Tour duration: Spend a full day (7 hours) on a memorable journey.
  • Blue Lagoon stop: 4.5 hours of paradise.
  • Viewing of caves: Explore Comino’s stunning coastal caves.
  • Onboard cafeteria: Purchase lunch and beverages.
  • Speedboat ride: Optional ride near the Comino Island caves (paid extra, cash only).

What People Say 💬

People really like this tour for its efficient planning and service. Everyone enjoys the pretty Blue Lagoon and the nice, helpful staff. The tour offers lots of fun, like swimming and relaxing in the sun, and is worth the money.

6. Malta Blue Lagoon Sunset Tour

⭐️ Rating : 4.6/5 | 📍 Departure : Bugibba | ⏳ Duration : 5 hours | 👉 Check rates and availability

Malta Blue Lagoon Tour - Pick 3

  • Cruise along Malta’s coast.
  • Swim and relax in the Blue Lagoon.
  • Depending on the weather, visit one of these bays: Anchor Bay, Golden Bay, Mellieha Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, Ramla Bay, Imgiebah Bay, or Halfa Rock.
  • Magical sunsets are guaranteed.
  • Optional BBQ on board.
  • Music and party vibe.
  • Cocktails and other drinks are available.
  • Meeting point: Bugibba Jetty.
  • Tour by catamaran.
  • Expert crew on board.
  • Snorkelling equipment (€10 security deposit).
  • BBQ (select during booking).
  • Drinks (purchased at the bar, cash only).

Tour-goers love this cruise for its well-planned route and great value. They’re thrilled by the stunning scenery and the warm, welcoming crew. This trip is all about fun and relaxation, with plenty of chances to swim and soak up the sun. As the sun sets, the mood shifts to a lively party atmosphere, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Malta Blue Lagoon Tour - Sunset Cruise

7. Gozo and Comino Blue Lagoon Tour from Sliema

⭐️ Rating: 4.3/5 | 📍 Departure: Sliema | ⏳ Duration: 7 – 7.5 hours | 👉 Check rates and availability

Malta Blue Lagoon Tour - Pick 7

  • Gozo’s char ming Xlendi Bay and Vic toria’s Citadel.
  • The Blue Lagoon’s crystal-clear waters.
  • Comino caves.
  • Photogenic stops at key Gozo attractions.
  • Swim in the Blue Lagoon.
  • Departs from Sliema Ferry Terminal.
  • Includes land transport in Gozo.
  • Cruise and crew.
  • Visits to Xlendi Bay, Victoria, and the Blue Lagoon.

Guests are thrilled with this tour’s smooth organisation. They find the ferry spacious and the crew’s instructions crystal clear. It’s a full day packed with many stops. Although the stops are brief, you have enough time to enjoy the beauty and glimpse the best of Gozo and Comino.

Malta Blue Lagoon Tour - Tour Boats in Comino

Malta Blue Lagoon Tour: FAQ

Absolutely! The Blue Lagoon is a must-visit in Malta. Its turquoise waters make it a perfect spot for relaxation and swimming. The lagoon is not very deep and features soft white sand, creating a natural, pool-like setting.

Yes, but tours can fill up fast. To ensure a spot, it’s wise to book in advance. Most operators offer a 24-hour cancellation policy, so you can get a refund if your plans change.

Spending a few hours is ideal. If you want a more relaxed time or wish to explore, like visiting the nearby Crystal Lagoon, plan for at least 4 hours. Tour durations vary, with some stopping at Comino for 1.5 hours and others for 4 hours.

Swimwear is essential for enjoying the water. If you’re visiting in the cooler months, bringing a jacket is advisable as it can get chilly on the boat.

Most of the tours start in the morning, during the busy time. However, if you choose the evening tour it will be quieter and you will catch a beautiful sunset.

Yes, swimming in the Blue Lagoon is one of the main attractions. Its clear, calm waters are perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

Yes, there are basic facilities like restrooms and food stalls, but they might be limited. You can also buy drinks and food on board.

Yes, it’s safe for children. The waters are calm and not too deep. Always supervise kids for extra safety.

Yes, snorkelling gear is often available for rent. Some tours include equipment in their package.

The best way is to join a tour from Sliema or Bugibba , easily accessible by bus from Valletta .

The Roundup: Malta Blue Lagoon Tour

Wrapping it up, Malta’s Blue Lagoon Tours have got it all! Want some excitement? Check out the 10-meter water slide on the Two Islands Boat Tour . Prefer something just for you and your friends? The Private Boat Tour is an excellent choice. And if you’re up for a fun party on the water, the Malta Blue Lagoon & Other Beaches by Catamaran is where it’s at. Adventure, chill vibes, or a mix – you’re in for a treat at this beautiful spot in Malta.

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Boat Trips in Malta

The Ultimate Guide to Boat Trips in Malta

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The Maltese archipelago comprises three main islands. Malta, Gozo and Comino are true gems of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover their enchanting beauty and admire the rich history surrounding these islands while enjoying our Powerboat Tour Service offered on a daily basis. Our tours depart from Sliema Ferries.

Adventure Cruises Malta


Adventure Cruises Malta




Discover the beauty of malta, gozo & comino.

Adventure Cruises | Powerboat Tours of Malta, Comino & Gozo

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Half-Day Private Boat

Malta private boat trip blue lagoon comino and gozo.

  • Private exclusive Boat (only you and the captain)
  • Boat trip customized to the client needs
  • Blue Lagoon in a more exclusive environment (pick your crystal blue spot with the boat)
  • Swim and snorkel in the fabulous Crystal Lagoon and its caves
  • Caves, including lovers cave and Popeye cave
  • Beat the crowds to visit the famous Blue Lagoon Comino
  • Explore beaches only accessible by private boat

This half-day private boat charter is perfect for those that want to experience the blue lagoon and Comino in the best way possible.

You get to explore the caves, Crystal Lagoon, Blue Lagoon and some fascination-secluded beaches. Get to swim and snorkel in the bluest water in the Maltese island. The boat trip will be customized for you so that we will create the perfect memorable experience

Full Description

Are you after something unique, something special yet still affordable and a lot of fun? Private Boat Charter is the answer.

A private boat charter is the best way to discover the Mediterranean, let your hair down, and feels the salty breeze on your face while exploring Comino Island and the southern parts of Gozo.

Explore the Blue Lagoon without the hustle and bustle, swim in Crystal Lagoon, get your adrenaline pumping and cliff dive in the crystalline waters. Visit places where big films were shot, Count of Monte Cristo, Troy and many more.

No matter if you prefer snorkelling, subwing, swimming, cruising or enjoying the sun and the bays in a tranquil and exclusive environment, we will find the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable day at sea together.

Included you have a local, knowledgeable skipper filled historical wisdom and fun facts about the island, Snorkels equipment, masks and Ice cooler ( you can bring your own drinks )

This is a private tour, Customizable to your needs and wants (extra time on beaches, swimming, cruising, specific places, etc.)

If you have a specific time to start the tour or a place to visit pls contact us, and we try our best to make it happen 🙂

What is Included?

  • Private exclusive boat
  • Knowledgeable, English speaking, local skipper
  • Mask and snorkels
  • Ice cooler (you can bring your drinks on board)
  • Fuel is included
  • All taxes and port fees are included
  • Cooler and ice
  • Life jacket
  • Hidden treasure

Not included:

  • Pickup not included Hotel transfer to/from departure point is not included in trip rates
  • Food & Drinks. In summer, you can find several kiosks in the Blue Lagoon to buy food and beverages. We can also schedule a stop in the marina where there are many restaurants.
  • Subwing water sports (optional)

Departure Time

Given that this is a Private Boat Trip, we have multiple options in the morning and afternoon, contact us for more info

Important Information

  • Our team takes the required COVID-19 precautions as advised by the Maltese government authorities to provide a safe and pleasant tour in times of the coronavirus.
  • Our skipper reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change the private boat trip according to the weather and sea conditions.
  • We reserve the right to alter routes as well as start and end locations when weather conditions, shallows, tide or other legitimate reasons so require.
  • The prices are per boat and not per person.
  • The client should always arrive on time. In the case the client is late, the charter will still finish at the agreed time .

Good to Know

  • Bookings will be confirmed within 48 hours.
  • Deposit has to be paid by PayPal or bank transfer before starting the tour.
  • We advise you to bring a towel, sunscreen and sunglasses.

Frequently Asked Question

View FAQs here

Cancelation Policy

Full refund will be given if you cancel up to 48 hours (2days) in advance. View terms and conditions 

Departure Location

We will start our private boat trips from multiple locations in the North of Malta and also from the island of Gozo.

blue lagoon malta boat trips from sliema

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blue lagoon malta boat trips from sliema

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blue lagoon malta boat trips from sliema


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The Ultimate Private Boat Rental Experience

Catamaran Charter Malta

The Island of Comino & Blue Lagoon

hornblower tours comino

Using the Comino Ferry Services & Boat Trips

When to visit the island of comino & blue lagoon in malta.

Yacht Rental Malta

How to find the right Comino ferry service & boat trip in Malta?

How much does it cost to take a comino ferry or boat trip in malta for a day.

Yacht Rental Malta

How to get to Comino and the Blue lagoon by ferry or boat trip from Malta

How to get to comino and the blue lagoon by ferry or boat trip from gozo, how to get to comino and the blue lagoon with a private boat trip, why you should use the ferry service or a boat trip in malta, tips for using the ferry services or boat trips, comino ferry schedule.

comino island beaches

Places you can go and visit in Comino

blue lagoon beach comino island

Santa Marija Bay


Santa Marija Caves

The elephant rock.

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San Niklaw Bay & Creek

Santa marija chapel.


Santa Marija Tower

Santa marija battery.

Santa Marija Battery

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    Taking a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon in Malta is by far the most popular and comfortable option, with many opting to take an organised boat trip from one of the tourist hotspots (usually Sliema and Buġibba, Qawra and St. Paul's Bay) and spending a day (or afternoon) there. Day trips and cruises usually only run , depending on the demand.

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  13. How to get to Blue Lagoon

    On the island of Malta there are companies offering day cruises to the Blue Lagoon. Departures are at 10.00 and return at 18.00 with fixed time. The prices can vary from €25 to €50 depends on what package and type of boat you choose. Most include food and drinks in the price.

  14. Hera Cruises

    Hera Round Malta Cruise including Comino & Blue Lagoon 2024. Experience Malta differently as we cruise 360 degrees on our luxurious Turkish Gulet whilst enjoying stunning and spectacular scenery. We depart from Sliema Ferries at 09.30hrs and cruise close to shoreline catching glimpse of various villages and attractions that dot the coastline.

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    Our Malta-Comino Tour includes: A Power Boat trip from Sliema to Comino, Blue Lagoon. A Comino Cave tour visiting the famous Comino Caves. Visit the famous crystal clear waters of Comino, Blue Lagoon. A 4.5 hour stop to enjoy swimming, snorkelling and sun bathing. Power Boat ride from Comino, Blue Lagoon to Sliema.

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    The Blue Lagoon is famous for its turquoise, bluish-green crystal clear waters. Departing from Blue Lagoon (5:30 P.M) Stopping at Buġibba (Pick-up / Drop-off) Bugibba is a popular seaside destination. It is also a pick-up / drop-off point for our passengers making use of our services. Arriving back to Sliema. The cruise ends at the Sliema Jetty.

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    7.5 hours from €40.00 Sliema, Malta Comino Day Cruise 0 reviews 7.5 hours from €30.00 Sliema, Malta Afternoon Comino Cruise 0 reviews 7.5 hours

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    This half-day private boat charter is perfect for those that want to experience the blue lagoon and Comino in the best way possible. You get to explore the caves, Crystal Lagoon, Blue Lagoon and some fascination-secluded beaches. Get to swim and snorkel in the bluest water in the Maltese island.

  22. Visit Blue Lagoon in Malta

    Blue Lagoon's official website providing up to date information and a ticketing platform for activities, tours, ferry services and boat rentals. Our platform, makes it easy to find up to date information when booking something you'll love to do when visiting the blue Lagoon in Malta.