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Address : Ex barclays building , Royal Road, 00213, Vacoas-Phoenix

GPS Coordinates : -20.2814 , 57.50257

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Travel agencies in mauritius, tour agencies in mauritius.

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Air tickets information.

by Anonymous  7 months ago

There is a condition that is applicable for air mauritius stating that civil servants and members of mauritius police federation get a 15% discount on all fares while travelling on any air mauritius flight. Does your travel agency take this condition into consideration ? I am hoping to hear your response soon. Thank you.

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Vacoas-Phoenix, Mauritius


No 17 Mohd Iqbal Avn, Claifonds, Vacoas-Phoenix

Travel Agency

Royal Rd,, Vacoas-Phoenix


Phoenix, +230, Vacoas-Phoenix, Mauritius

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  • Monday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
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8 best travel agents in mauritius

8 Best Travel Agents In Mauritius

Hiring a top travel agency is one of the best ways to ensure that your trip to Mauritius is wonderful. Travel agents help you arrange your journey to Mauritius and enable you to acquire a life-enriching experience.

It provides specialized tour packages based on your needs and spending limit with an experienced Mauritius travel agent. So get set to explore Mauritius by packing your bags and working with the top travel agencies there. Keep reading to find out about the best travel agents in Mauritius.

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Table of Contents

Why you need a travel agent.

8 best travel agents in mauritius

  • Accountability : Every journey poses a risk to a travel agent’s employment. Travel agents are either the boss or have a boss to report to; they are real individuals clients can communicate with to resolve issues.
  • Knowledge : Travel advisors have been doing their jobs for years and are experts in every aspect. Are you making your first trip to Mauritius? Speak with a professional who does this for a livelihood and is knowledgeable before making a decision based on anonymous website comments.
  • Additional value for your money:  Travelers want to take advantage of a city’s best attractions when they spend a lot of money on a journey. A travel agent can ensure that travelers’ dollars go a long way and that they can experience the amazing eatery right around the corner or the special event taking place the day they are in town. Travel agents know the locations and timing of trips.
  • Establishing a Schedule:  While some people prefer to “just wing it,” a travel agent can provide a clear daily schedule and maintain accurate records of everything included in the journey.
  • Budgeting : So there are no unpleasant surprises, a travel agent can help determine the actual expense of a trip. For instance, will the food be provided on that trip on Monday, or must you bring your own? Does purchasing a drink package on the cruise ship or paying for trips in advance make sense? You can get advice from a ticket agent and save money.
  • Insurance : Things occur. A travel agency can provide insurance in various ways, from assuring that the hotel is secure and the organization in charge of the excursion won’t rob a visitor to recommending which insurance policies are required, from trip cancellation to medical emergencies. Additionally, they guarantee that passengers have the proper documentation to attend their flight or cruise.

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Best Travel Agents in Mauritius

A company that acts as a middleman between the travel industry (provider) and the traveler is a travel agency (purchaser). Marketing prepackaged travel tours and vacations to prospective travelers is one of the duties of the travel agency. Below is a list of the best travel agents in Mauritius and some details about them.

1. TravelOcat

8 best travel agents in mauritius

TravelOcat is one of the best travel agents in Mauritius. It was founded in 2011 to give everyone a completely new and authentic travel experience. They only employ the world’s most experienced guiding team, making them the only business in India.

People receive the finest possible experiences thanks to our efforts. Nevertheless, the travel agents welcome any task with open arms and enjoy taking on something that has never been done before just to gain loyal patrons.

There is only one way to accomplish that: to seize the chance with both hands and create for each of their clients a ‘ONE BIG EXPERIENCE.’

2. Casela Nature Park

Casela Nature Park is one of the best travel agents in Mauritius. On its 250 hectares of land, the amusement park and travel operator Casela Nature Park in Mauritius offers various activities. Casela, located on the island of Mauritius’ west coast atop sugarcane fields, has unquestionably made a name for itself as a top destination providing various activities for visitors of all ages.

This local tour company is known as one of the most exciting locations in Mauritius, having a reliable team of local experts arranging its experiences. So if you want to experience everything Mauritius offers in one place, it is your one-stop travel and theme park location.

3. Mauritius Attraction Day Tours

8 best travel agents in mauritius

The Mauritius Attraction Day Tours is one of the best travel agents in Mauritius. The company offers a variety of services like tours and excursions.

It also offers adventures in a variety of genres, including sightseeing trips, extreme adventures, spa and massage activities, sea and underwater adventures, sports-focused adventures, and more.

The business employs passionate local experts who strive to create the best Mauritius tours and packages. They also offer first-rate customer support and experiences to meet each customer’s needs.

4. Shamal Travels Ltd

Shamal Travels Ltd. was established in 2006 and is a recognized “Mauritian Travel Agency” and “Tour Operator” with IATA accreditation. It is one of the best travel agents in Mauritius that you can opt for.

Their goal is to offer both departing and arriving travelers high-quality travel and tourism services. By offering specialized services, they strive to be the top travel agency in the area.

They search out and form strategic alliances with like-minded organizations in other nations to guarantee quality service, fostering a relationship of cooperation. We collaborate with hotels, tour operators, and tourism service providers around the globe to create a network of unmatched travel services, all to meet the demands of a rapidly developing country.

As a cost-effective travel service, we strive to maintain a low-cost structure to provide the best prices.

5. Omarjee Holidays

Omarjee Holidays is also one of the best travel agents in Mauritius. It is an online travel agent with the website  www.omarjeeholidays.com . The company is very practical and offers the best prices and services to make your journey unforgettable!

The finest services and rates are offered by Omarjee Holidays, an IATA-accredited travel agency, inbound and outbound trip operator, and DMC in Mauritius.

For those wishing to enter Mauritius, it is ready to offer all assistance feasible. Unfortunately, it is a tourist hotspot, so air, tour, and excursion booking for Mauritius are in high demand during the holiday season. This might be a bummer if you’re hoping to visit this isolated country for a brief vacation. Nevertheless, we urge you to visit if you are desperately attempting to book a flight but have yet to find a way to book a flight.

6. White Sand Travels & Tours

White Sand Travels & Tours is also one of the best travel agents in Mauritius that provides good travel and destination services in and near Mauritius.

The business stands out for providing travel and tour services. It is skilled at planning first-rate activities with a marine theme, boat tours around Mauritius, and other activities on land like sightseeing and shopping tours.

The staff at White Sand Tours is extremely effective, committed, and qualified, so they can create plans that can be customized to meet each person’s needs, whims, or desires.

White Sand Tours will ensure you experience the best of the island nation, whether sailing with dolphins or riding a quad bike through the magic of the southern custom of rum-making.

7. Holidays by BlueSky

Holidays by BlueSky, a division of Rogers Aviation, is a market-leading leisure travel firm that has worked for more than 52 years to give its clients the best possible service. The company is one of the best travel agents in Mauritius.

The customer experience is at the core of their operations, and they offer assistance around-the-clock.

The devoted team offers a thorough service that includes:

  • Booking of travel accommodations  
  • Travel insurance, including Covid-19 coverage
  • Passport and immigration assistance
  • Sales of vacation packages, guided excursions, and group vacations
  • Packages for cruises
  • Pilgrim travel packages

The world’s appetite for travel is as strong as ever, despite the challenges the travel industry has faced due to border closures. At Holidays by BlueSky, we have put everything in place for you to travel stress-free.

8. Atom Travel Services

From its modest origins in a garage in Port Louis in 1961, Atom Travel developed into the leading travel agency in Mauritius and has become one of the best travel agents in Mauritius. This accomplishment can be attributed to Atom’s standard of service and the affordable travel packages and tours it provides to its clients.

The consultants at Atom Travel will be happy to offer advice and assistance as you plan your international journey, helping you with everything from airline tickets, lodging, and airport transfers to coach tours or cruises.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a tour agent earn my trust.

When choosing a travel agency, reputation is among the best and most trustworthy factors. Word of mouth is still the best method to learn about a travel agent. Personal referrals from peers and family make for reliable sources. However, you can also check out internet user reviews of them.

Is working with a travel agency wise?  

Yes, they can assist in locating the finest accommodations, arranging for services you were unaware existed, and bringing a detailed itinerary together. A travel agent can be especially helpful if you don’t need more time to conduct all the study yourself or want assistance finding the best deal.

What are the drawbacks of using travel agents?   Users can change their choices and choose the most alluring travel arrangements, such as flights, rentals, hotels, packages, and cruises. You can discover too many deals on your own to be booked by travel agents. Numerous discounts, coupon codes, Twitter deals, and other promotions must be reserved through the supplier’s website.

Does the travel agent assist with visas?  

You can apply for visas online or at the nation’s mission or consulate by bringing the necessary paperwork. However, asking your local Flight Centre Travel Expert for help is the simplest choice, according to many people who seek assistance from travel agencies regarding visas.

When traveling abroad, is it worthwhile to use a ticket agent?

Nothing to worry about. Your travel agent will become your closest ally if something goes wrong for any cause. It’s worth it just for the assurance that your copy exists. Using a travel advisor when planning a trip makes sense because you also gain access to your agent’s knowledge, independent of Covid.

How can I tell if my travel agency is a real business?

A global network of dependable, qualified, and acknowledged agents can be considered the IATA-accredited agents’ community. The best method to confirm the legitimacy of IATA-accredited agencies is to look up their specific code. When questioned, agencies will divulge their IATA code.

Your travel arrangements may be affected by various factors, including inclement weather, lost luggage, illness in the family, and bad weather. Travel brokers assure you that someone will be there to assist you with any roadblocks and offer advice on how they can help you proceed.

Are you looking for the best travel agents in Mauritius? Then choose from any of the travel agents listed above.



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