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Carnival Spirit Deck Plans & Reviews

carnival spirit cruise to alaska reviews

Carnival Spirit

carnival spirit cruise to alaska reviews

Activities & entertainment

  • Art Auction *
  • Beauty Salon Classique *
  • Carnival WaterWorks
  • Dance Classes
  • Deck Parties
  • Dancin Dance Club
  • Louis XIV Casino *
  • Evening Kids Programs *
  • Fitness Center
  • Fitness Classes *
  • Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast *
  • Groove For St Jude *
  • Ice Carving Demonstrations
  • Jogging Track
  • Photo Portraits *
  • Whirlpools (3)
  • Seuss_A_Palooza Parade and Storytime
  • Retail Shops *
  • Spa Carnival *
  • Spa Parties *
  • Sports Court
  • Steam Room *
  • White Party
  • Wine Tasting *
  • Waterslides (2)
  • Serenity _ Adults_Only
  • The Warehouse *
  • Circle C _ Tweens Club
  • Camp Ocean _ Kids Club
  • Club O2 _ Teens Club
  • Carnival Seaside Theater
  • Comedy Shows
  • Live Nightly Music
  • Outdoor Movies
  • Pharaohs Palace Main Lounge
  • Empire Restaurant - Main
  • La Playa Grille Lido Restaurant - Buffet
  • Fountain Cafe - Coffee & Pastries *
  • Guys Burger Joint - Pool Grill
  • Bonsai Sushi - Sushi *
  • Alchemy Bar - Cocktail Bar *
  • BlueIguana Cantina - Mexican
  • Shanghai Piano Bar - Piano Bar *
  • Pizza - Pizza
  • RedFrog Rum Bar - Pool Bar *
  • BlueIguana Tequila Bar - Pool Bar *
  • RedFrog Pub - Pub *
  • Deli - Sandwiches
  • Ol Fashioned BBQ - Barbecue
  • SkyBox Sports Bar - Sports Bar *
  • Nouveau Restaurant - Steakhouse *
  • Room Service *
  • Excellent 17
  • Very Good 20
  • All languages ( 59 )
  • English ( 59 )

Upcoming itineraries

The map for this itinerary is not available at this time.

carnival spirit cruise to alaska reviews

  • Carnival / Cruising / Ship Reviews

Carnival Spirit Review: 20 Things I Loved and 5 Things I Didn’t Love

by Prof. Cruise · Published August 31, 2022 · Updated August 31, 2022

Three photos of the exterior of the Carnival Spirit with text that reads: Carnival Spirit Ship Tour and Review


There’s something you should know about me. In high school I was in the Pep Club, which was a fallback for those who weren’t coordinated, pretty, or popular enough to be a cheerleader. We wore outfits that looked just like cheerleader outfits though, so when someone would approach me in the grocery store and say, “oh, you’re a cheerleader for Skyview?,” I’d totally lie and say I was. Shrug. Anyway there’s this cheer we used to do that went like this:

We’ve got spirit, yeah, yeah

We’ve got what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what what

We’ve got SPIRIT!

So fast forward about 15 years (or maybe closer to 20, okay, 25) and now I’m the mom of a 9-year-old wannabe teenager who gets embarrassed by everything I do (short of adding money to his ship card for the arcade, then all-of-a-sudden we’re best friends). I’m really not mad at this, because embarrassing your kids is one of the few perks of parenting. And I went all in as we crossed the threshold of the Carnival Spirit for our latest mother/son cruise when, you guessed it, I launched into my SPIRIT cheer, dramatic arm motions, spins and kicks, and all! I would have worn the outfit too, but it’s shrunk like 6 sizes since high school (just smile and nod and pretend like you believe the skirt got smaller instead of my waistline growing wider).

In any case, that’s how our cruise onboard the Spirit started. Stay tuned to find out how it ended.

And read on for the highlights of what happened in between. But first, a ship tour (don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel):

A Tour of the Carnival Spirit

20 Things I Loved about the Carnival Spirit

Here are 20 things I particularly loved about the Carnival Spirit:

1. Design and Furnishings on the Carnival Spirit

There are lots of words that come to mind when attempting to describe the design and decor choices on the Carnival Spirit. For this Instagram reel, I went with “understated:”

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Prof Cruise (@profcruise)

I dunno, it must have been Opposite Day or maybe I was blitzed out of my mind on my new favorite Carnival cocktail (stay tuned). In any case, I returned home to undergo expensive plastic surgery to remove an elongated nose. And to avoid it growing right back, here’s how I’d really describe the design and decor on the Carnival Spirit: garish, flamboyant, loud, gaudy, splashy, and ostentatious.

But I mean that in the BEST possible way, because I LOVED it! Not because I have terrible taste (no offense to my 9-year-old or anyone else who finds this ship beautiful!), but because I appreciate irony. Trust me, this ship will have you talking and laughing and shielding the eyes of young children (there are a LOT of naked women around the ship and you can make a game out of finding them – kind of like the cruise ducks).

Speaking of naked women, I gave a crew member quite the shock when I stepped out of the bathroom in my birthday suit to discover him working on the tender boats right outside my window. Which brings us to one of the things I loved most about my sailing on the Spirit…

2. My 4K Cabin on the Carnival Spirit

A photo of an interior 4k cabin on the Carnival Spirit.

This will go down as my favorite “interior” cabin ever! Why? Because it had a giant floor-to-ceiling window with a (bit of a) view! Before you conclude, once and for all, that I have no credibility, see a tour and read my full review HERE . You might still think I have no credibility, but I wasn’t lying about the window, right?!?

3. The Crew on the Carnival Spirit

Say what you will about Carnival, but I’ve sailed 30ish times on most non-luxury cruise lines and can tell you that the crew on Carnival is always the best. Our sailing on the Spirit was no exception. They were kind, friendly, high energy, patient, and efficient.

Dining room crew on the Carnival Spirit.

I brought along some of these cute cards (available on Amazon HERE if you want to pick up a pack before your next cruise) and passed them out at the end of our sailing with a personalized thank you note and an extra cash tip:

carnival spirit cruise to alaska reviews

I’m always amazed at how hard ship crew work (especially post-Covid) to make our vacations so special.

4. The Glass Whale Tail on the Carnival Spirit

Glass whale tail on the Carnival Spirit.

Looking at the exterior of whale tail on the Carnival Spirit from the outside, you might get the impression that this ship is classy. But step inside the funnel, where the Nouveau steakhouse is located, and you might find yourself wondering if a renaissance painting threw up in there:

Nouveau steakhouse on the Carnival Spirit.

Lol, just kidding (it’s pretty cool actually). But seriously, I adore the glass whale tail funnel on the Spirit – it’s beautiful and unique. It’s also featured on the Carnival Miracle, which I sailed on last summer, so I was happy to see it again on her sister.

5. The Heated Pool on the Carnival Spirit

Main Lido pool on the Carnival Spirit.

The pool on the Spirit was so warm that we elected to stay on at port in Juneau where it was chilly and rainy and go swimming instead! And I don’t mean warm to a 9-year-old who refused to wear pants for the entire duration of his 8th year, it was warm to someone (me) who owns a pair of heated gloves she wears to walk the dog anytime the temp dips below 60 degrees. We had the entire pool deck to ourselves and had a blast!

6. The Basketball Court on the Carnival Spirit

While the basketball court was small, it did the trick and was my son’s favorite spot to hang with friends. Sometimes I’d pretend to walk the track to spy on him, but I’d barely make it one (very short – stay tuned) lap before he’d notice and accuse me of being the most embarrassing mom. Not just on the ship, but on all ships, in all lands, throughout history. I asked if he’d print me a certificate for the wall saying that.

Prof. Cruise's son shooting a basket on the basketball court on the Carnival Spirit.

7. The Serenity Deck on the Carnival Spirit

Fine kid, if you need me, I’ll be on the Serenity deck, so find a cooler mom to stand in the pizza line for you!

The Serenity deck on the Carnival Spirit.

Located aft, the adults only serenity deck features comfy loungers and clamshells, a pool, two large hot tubs, a bar, and a coffee shop. A perfect spot to pretend you’re hiding from your kid who is really hiding from you!

8. Window Seats in the Jungle on the Carnival Spirit

The large porthole windows in the “Jungle” area made for a perfect spot to sit and read, play video games, gaze out at the scenery, complain about unruly teenagers (stay tuned), and take ironic photographs for Instagram.

Window Seat in the Jungle on the Carnival Spirit.

9. Complimentary Gym/Spa Amenities on the Carnival Spirit

While most newer ships require guests to purchase a spa pass in order to use saunas, steam rooms, and indoor hot tubs, these amenities are available for free on the Carnival Spirit. There are also huge showers and locker rooms offered in the spa/gym area. These are some of my favorite features of the Spirit class ships on Carnival.

Large shower in the gym on the Carnival Spirit.

10. Spin Bikes in the Gym on the Carnival Spirit

Before we move on to food, I should mention that because I cruise so frequently and eat so prolifically, I begrudgingly visit the gym most days. And if I’m lucky I can sneak onto a spin bike (usually only available if you pay to take a cycle class) for 30 minutes before gym staff notice and kick me off. But for the FIRST TIME EVER, spin bikes were available for anyone to use at any time, no class required (or available – so not so great for those who prefer to take a class) on the Carnival Spirit. There are 4 bikes and I never had trouble, even at the most crowded times, getting one.

Spin bikes in the gym on the Carnival Spirit.

Now, onto the reason I needed those spin bikes…FOOD!

11. Main Dining Room Desserts on the Carnival Spirit

Carnival chocolate melting cake with two ice creams on the Carnival Spirit.

While those of us who cruise frequently are hoping Carnival will roll out some new dinner menus soon (only because we’re getting bored of the same selections on every cruise), there are some classic items that NEVER get old. High on the list are my two favorite desserts: Carnival Chocolate Melting Cake (you can find out how to make this at home HERE ) and Bitter and Blanc. And remember what I said about the amazing crew earlier? Well I forgot to order two ice creams with my melting cake one night and my waiter read my mind and brought me two anyway (try it with peanut butter too, if you’re a peanut butter/chocolate fan).

You can see the current Carnival dinner menus HERE .

12. Coffee Shop Desserts (extra charge) on the Carnival Spirit

Coffee shop pastry display case on the Carnival Spirit.

I’ll discuss the disappointing buffet cakes later, but thankfully the chocolate cake available at the coffee shop for a small extra charge ($2.25, but we had a ton of onboard credit to burn through, so it didn’t cost us anything out-of-pocket) is rich, moist, huge, and delicious! My son also loved the doughnut he ordered, but nothing tops the chocolate cake in my (sugar addicted) mind.

13. Bonsai Sushi (extra charge) on the Carnival Spirit

Looking for other fun ways to burn through our onboard credit, we ate twice at Bonsai Sushi. Perhaps an odd choice for two vegetarians who don’t eat seafood, but we really enjoyed the light and tasty soup, salad, and noodle dishes we ordered.

Prof. Cruise's son eating noodles at Bonsai Sushi on the Carnival Spirit.

But the desserts were the highlight, both excellent!

Yuzu Custard from Bonsai Sushi on the  Carnival Spirit.

14. Deli on the Carnival Spirit

While the buffet can be hit or miss on Carnival (usually miss, although it was better on the Spirit than it had been onboard my prior Carnival cruise on the Panorama), the deli is always a winner! Keep in mind that you can order a custom sandwich or wrap (as long as they have the ingredients, they’ll make you whatever you want).

Deli menu on the Carnival Spirit.

15. Blue Iguana Cantina on the Carnival Spirit

The Blue Iguana Cantina is another one of my favorite complimentary dining options on Carnival ships. I especially love the breakfast burritos and arepas!

Blue Iguana Cantina on the Carnival Spirit.

16. Sea Day Brunch on the Carnival Spirit

But perhaps my favorite feature on Carnival, and something no other line can compete with, is the Sea Day Brunch.

Fettuccine from the Sea Day brunch on the Carnival Spirit.

Here’s the menu:

Carnival Sea Day Brunch Menu

Carnival Sea Day Brunch Menu from the Spirit.

17. Spicy Chipotle Pineapple Martini on the Carnival Spirit

I always like to try something new on every cruise, so this time I opted for a new cocktail in the dining room for our traditional last night toast. I went with the Spicy Chipotle Pineapple Martini and loved it. Sweet pineapple with a hint of chili flavor. It reminded me of stopping at a roadside stand in Costa Rica to sample fresh pineapple brushed with chili powder. Delicious!

Spicy Chipotle Pineapple Martini on the Carnival Spirit

Here’s the cocktail menu in the main dining room where you can find it (the Carnival Cosmo, Espressotini, and Chocolate Martini are also excellent choices):

Cocktail menu in the main dining room on the Carnival Spirit.

Let’s move on from food to entertainment…

18. 88 Keys Production Show on the Carnival Spirit

While Carnival can’t really compete with other lines when it comes to production shows, I thought all the shows on the Spirit were quite good, I think mostly due to one of the lead male vocalists who was OUTSTANDING. He played the “piano man” in my favorite of the 3 shows we saw: 88 Keys. Don’t miss it, especially if you like Elton John and Billy Joel (if you haven’t figured out my age yet, that’s a big clue…lol).

88 Keys Production Show on the Carnival Spirit.

19. Naturalist on the Carnival Spirit

Chris Mirabal was our onboard naturalist and, while he wasn’t the best naturalist I’ve ever had on a cruise, I was just SO HAPPY to have a naturalist (they’ve been hit or miss on my post-Covid cruises to Alaska and they make such a difference in the experience). He gave several presentations and broadcast regular commentary over the ship’s P.A. system in public areas of the ship. He also made an announcement anytime he spotted wildlife.

Naturalist on the Carnival Spirit giving a presentation.

20. Towel Animals on the Carnival Spirit

I listed this one under “entertainment,” because we spent a long time trying to figure out what the animal in the first photo was. I posed this question on my Instagram page and the consensus was that it was an elephant. But I disagreed and then we got an actual elephant (in the second photo), so it definitely wasn’t that. Post your guess to the comments. There was also a towel animal folding class that we attended. Even though it was fun, I didn’t post a photo because my son told me my bear was “so embarrassing!”

Prof. Cruise's son with a towel animal on the Carnival Spirit.

5 Things I Didn’t Love about the Carnival Spirit

No cruise is perfect, but thankfully there were many more things I loved about the Spirit than things I didn’t love. Here are a handful of things that could have been better:

1. Buffet Cake on the Carnival Spirit

First, some context for the below photos. Just a few days before embarking on this cruise, I spent the night in the emergency room with my 3rd bout of severe stomach pain followed by days of debilitating illness (body aches, fever, nausea, chills, etc). Long story short, I was poisoned by a now recalled “health food” (a vegan lentil crumble made by Daily Harvest – Google if you’re interested…it’s quite the thing!). Anyway, on embarkation day I ordered every one of the cakes on the buffet for two reasons. First, to test out my stomach. And second, to stick it in the eye of everyone who’d been teasing me for being poisoned by vegan health food: “oh yeah, well look at my diet now!”

carnival spirit cruise to alaska reviews

Anyway, I’m heartbroken to report that the buffet cakes, which are normally excellent on Carnival, were dry and lacked flavor. My in-laws who’d been on the Spirit a few weeks before us told me this and I refused to believe them (they can be particular when it comes to food and I usually like everything). But it was true. Didn’t stop me from eating them though (but if you want excellent cake, go with the chocolate from the coffee shop).

And I’m happy to report that my stomach cooperated and I’ve given up on “healthy” vegan food at home in favor of cake!

2. Gym Hours on the Carnival Spirit

Gym hours on Carnival are always so bad. The gym didn’t open until 7am on the Spirit, which is pretty late for those who like to get a workout in before heading out to port or before their kids wake up. Considering how much food is available on a cruise ship, the gym should really be open 24/7 to keep as many people as possible from the medical unit. Maybe they’ve got a kickback deal with the ship doctor. I dunno. But this is one thing that really irritates me about Carnival versus other cruise lines. And I’m not alone – there is always a huge line of people by the time the gym opens, some arriving as early as 6am expecting it to be open.

carnival spirit cruise to alaska reviews

3. The Promenade Deck on the Carnival Spirit

Those who follow my blog know how much I love a wide, wraparound promenade deck. One of my favorite (nerd alert) cruise activities is to walk the promenade deck while listening to an audio book and looking for wildlife. And while the Spirit had a decent promenade deck (although it didn’t go all the way around the ship), most of it was blocked off with “crew only” signs and seemed to be used as a crew hangout spot and smoking area. I’ve never seen this before and it was very disappointing.

carnival spirit cruise to alaska reviews

4. The Jogging Track on the Carnival Spirit

And if you’re thinking, “I don’t care about the promenade deck or gym hours because I’ll just get up early and hit the jogging track,” you’ll find it so tiny that you’ll need to maintain a turtle’s pace to avoid becoming dizzy and so narrow that the only soundtrack you’ll hear is, “passing on your left!” A sign posted said “60 times around = 1 mile” (that’s an exaggeration, but only a slight one).

Obviously, what you should be thinking is, “I don’t care about the gym or promenade deck OR track because I’m on vacation and only plan on leaving my lounger to pee (what are husbands and kids for if not to bring you more pizza and soft serve, right?).

carnival spirit cruise to alaska reviews

5. Rowdy Teens on the Carnival Spirit

It was bad enough that I had to sail with my own pint-sized teen impersonator, but the legit teen crowd on the Carnival Spirit was the rowdiest and most disrespectful I’ve ever experienced on my 30ish cruises. Now while I’m old enough to qualify as a curmudgeon, I’m pretty laid back and don’t mind kids and teens having a good time (in fact, it makes me happy to see them having fun). But some (certainly not all) of the teens on the Spirit were painting the walls of the Jungle with ice cream, sitting in the middle of the basketball court vaping, using racist language, and loudly insulting people as they walked by. If you ever see my kid doing any of that, please alert me so that I may box his ears before banishing him to our cabin closet with no screens for the remainder of the sailing. Actually his life. Thanks!

I concluded this cruise on the Carnival Spirit much like I started it, with a few modifications to fit my somber mood as we disembarked:

We had spirit, yeah, yeah

We had what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what what

We had spirit. But now we have to go home.

Then I started sobbing, my head hung low and arms drooping. And my son, whom I swear popped out of the womb embarrassed because my face was red and I was out-of-breath from pushing (get it together MOM!) responded with, “OMG mom, you’re sooooooooo embarrassing!”

But even he will admit that we had a great time on the Spirit together. And I hope you do too, if you’re lucky enough to be booked on her. And with that…

Class Dismissed.

Don’t forget to PIN and share to your social media groups!

Homework (10 points) : Post any questions about or experiences with the Carnival Spirit to the comments. Then check out my Guide To Complimentary Dining Venues On Carnival .

And don’t forget to subscribe to the blog (scroll up to the top right if on a computer or keep scrolling down if on a mobile device) and follow  Prof. Cruise  on your favorite social social media sites:

Twitter  (@cruiseprof)

Instagram  (@profcruise)

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Mystery towel animal…Jar Jar Binks

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You win! LOL!

Please accept a virtual ship on a stick! Congratulations! LOL!

' src=

I had one of those cabins on the Carnival Miracle this year to Alaska. We snagged one between the lifeboats too and, as long as they are available, I would definitely get one. I agree with you on the repetitive menus! The only different food I’ve had on Carnival in years was eating at the alternative restaurants on the Mardi Gras. Planning on going back again in two months.

I also agree on those horrible cakes on Lido at lunch. I’ve tried several and the only one that doesn’t suck in my opinion is the German chocolate cake… Only because the moisture from the coconut mixture kind of helps moisten up the dry chocolate cake. I believe they must have them on made at some bakery because they are all identical from ship to ship! They should find a new bakery.

[…] (10 points): Read my recent review of the Carnival Spirit. Wait, who am I kidding? Save yourself some time and finish reading War and Peace. Or just check […]

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carnival spirit cruise to alaska reviews

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carnival spirit cruise to alaska reviews

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Carnival Dinner Menus 2022

Forever Karen

Carnival Spirit Ship Review: An Oldie But A Goodie!

Carnival Spirit's Green Thunder waterslide

While the Carnival Spirit isn’t Carnival Cruises’ newest ship, with a few refurbishments (the last one in 2018), it provides a fantastic cruise experience for families and those on a budget.

A Spirit-class vessel, the Carnival Spirit provides guests with twelve decks of venues, which are easy to access in their well-laid-out design.

Initially, this vessel provided sailings in North America. Then, it repositioned to Australia and offered South Pacific itineraries from Brisbane. With cruising uncertainty in Australia, Carnival offers Alaska and Mexican Riviera sailings in summer and Caribbean itineraries in winter.

I sailed on the Carnival Spirit during one of her repositioning crossings. While I didn’t complete the entire journey to Australia, I cruised the first leg, a 12-day cruise  from Vancouver to Hawaii . 

So, this is my Carnival Spirit review of the vessel, including stateroom, entertainment venues, and dining options.

The Carnival Spirit Deck Plan

With a capacity of almost 2,124 guests, Carnival has packed a lot into its mid-sized ship. I liked the ship’s design and found it easy to navigate from one area to another.

Unlike the  Carnival Glory ship , which has its galley in its middle, the Spirit’s deck flow is much better.

Jungle Interior Promenade

Some areas I especially liked included hidden places not always found by guests. The Jungle Interior Promenade on either side of the theatre was a great place to read a book or enjoy some quiet time.

I found a great hot tub rarely used (or located) by other cruise passengers in the spa.

The jogging track on deck 11 didn’t run by the loungers by the pool, which is sometimes problematic.

The Spirit’s Promenade deck has a partial outdoor circuit. However, it has a large outdoor walking path that connects to an indoor area called the “Jungle interior promenade.”

Like most Carnival vessels, the Spirit dons a colorful décor. While the wild décor didn’t bother me, those tacky birds featured by the pools just didn’t fit the overall design.

Weird bird sculpture next to the pool

She looks almost brand new with her recent refurbishment and new exterior hull color to match that of the Mardi Gras. Let’s hope on the next upgrade, they refresh the outdated staterooms. 

The Carnival Spirit has a great deck plan, making it easy to find venues.

My 4K Interior Cabin Review

Launched in 2001, the vessel doesn’t have the overly large suites or lavish staterooms found on newer ships. In fact, its largest cabin, the Grand Suite, is relatively small at 300 sq. feet.

While newer vessels have mostly cabins with verandas, the majority of Carnival Spirit cabins fall in the interior and ocean view categories.

Even though the rooms are dated, I enjoyed the larger space with plenty of storage. Carnival Spirit’s interior, outside, and balcony cabins measure 185 sq. feet, which is quite sizable by today’s standards.

With plenty of connecting staterooms, families can choose two rooms next to each other and enjoy the luxury of double the space.

Carnival Spirit's waterslide, serenity pool and Guy's burger

Unique to the Spirit-class ships, Carnival Cruise Line describes its 4K cabin as an interior with a window offering an obstructed view. I booked one of these cabins. In reality, it’s a Juliette balcony where you can’t step outside.

I appreciated the larger space as I’ve seen the 140 sq. foot inside cabins on competitor lines. While they call them interior staterooms, I call the 140 sq. foot spaces shoeboxes!

The 4K rooms on deck 4, or the main deck, have a set of French doors that you can open. Since the lifeboats are positioned outside the rooms, you don’t have any views, but you can enjoy the fresh air, daylight and hear the ocean waves.

If you dislike air-conditioning as I do, you’ll appreciate the ability to turn off the AC and enjoy ocean breezes.

While guests can find a few of these 4K cabins next to the lifeboats, some offer ocean views. Staterooms 4122, 4123, 4140, 4141, 4148, 4149, 4196, 4197, and 4203 fall between the lifeboats.

These cabins sell out fast, but I lucked out on booking 4149 after someone canceled their booking. While I prefer to book a balcony simply for the fresh air, I could enjoy the fresh air without paying for a balcony cabin.

🛳️ Haven’t booked your cruise yet?

Find your perfect cruise with Cruise Critic . It features more than 650,000 cruise reviews, advice and information from the team of cruise experts on everything you need to know. The site also offers itinerary and pricing information, deals and money-saving tips.

Cabin 4149 has staterooms above and an open Promenade area below. I found the cabin very quiet during the cruise.

My 4K inside cabin had a full-sized couch so I could watch TV from the sofa or the bed.

The bathroom was also outdated, and the shower had the curtain that we all love to hate.

Outdoor Spaces

The Carnival Spirit has three pools on deck 9 or the Lido deck. The Sun Forward Pool and the Dome Main Pool are located back-to-back in the center of the deck, with a couple of hot tubs.

With a sliding dome to cover one of the pools, it’s an ideal vessel for cold-weather destinations like Alaska. The Blue Iguana Tequila bar and Red Frog Rum bar sit between them and are always busy with guests.

Serenity adult-only area

Plenty of loungers are around the pools, and I never had to worry about finding an empty one. At the aft, the Serenity Pool is reserved for adults only.

The large Serenity area has its own bar and always hops with live entertainment. In fact, it was my favorite place to hang out on the ship, especially on sea days. The comfy loungers are a great place to read a book or relax.

Carnival Waterworks on deck 11 provides entertainment for hours for the little ones. Next to the Waterworks, two waterslides offer fun for children and adults alike. The yellow slide provides a calmer ride for the young ones.

However, the  “Green Thunder”  swirling slide whips guests out over the ocean at 65 km an hour. It’s the fastest slide at sea and promises to get your heart racing. I loved the sign underneath the slide that says, “Scare yourself silly.”

When I first saw the slide on embarkation day, I couldn’t wait to try it. And let me tell you, I was with the minority. The thought of the floor dropping away and having the person freefall down the slide at high-speed scared passengers away.

With cool days and a bit of wind, I had to wait until day four of my cruise for the Green Thunder to open. With only two other guests willing to try, I had multiple runs on the Green Thunder.

Carnival Spirit's Green Thunder waterslide

You’ll find the jogging track, mini-golf, and sports court, two decks up from the pools.

Dining And Food Choices

Guests aboard Carnival Spirit cruises have many options for meals. The Empire Restaurant, the main sit-down venue, offers complimentary food choices.

The La Playa Grille and the Ol’ Fashioned Bbq on the higher decks offer buffet-style selections if you prefer something more casual.

Like many other lines, the dress code is quite relaxed. Even on optional formal nights, expect fewer guests to dress their best.

The Empire Restaurant on the Carnival Spirit

The Lido restaurant is a casual buffet-style dining venue that serves a wide array of dishes throughout the day. It offers a variety of cuisines, including international fare, comfort food, salads, soups, and desserts.

Also, it featured a pizza station and tastes of the nation. The featured food changed each day, offering cuisine from different countries.

The Blue Iguana Cantina offers a taste of Mexican cuisine with a selection of tacos and burritos. Passengers can choose from a range of fillings, salsas, and toppings to create their own flavor combinations. The venue also serves freshly made tortillas and chips.

As with most Carnival ships that have undergone an upgrade, this vessel features Guy’s Burger Joint on the Lido deck. Created in partnership with Food Network’s Guy Fieri, Guy’s Burger Joint serves delicious, juicy burgers and hand-cut fries.

Guests can customize their burgers with a variety of toppings and sauces. While I don’t tend to eat burgers, Guy’s burgers are fresh and full of flavor. As someone with celiac, I was surprised I could order one gluten-free.

Guy Fieri's burger

Other complimentary venues include the Red Frog Pub, and pastries and sweet goods at the Fountain Café. Pizza and ice cream lovers can get pizza and soft-serve almost any time they want without a surcharge.

I ate most of my meals in the main dining room because it’s the safest place when  cruising with multiple food allergies.   My waiter was excellent and made daily recommendations.

He often brought things to the table that no one had ordered in an attempt to get everyone to experiment with flavors. I tried the frog legs, alligator, and escargot during that cruise. 

While these items were pre-pandemic, it’s unlikely you’ll find such unusual food options now.

You can choose from Bonsai Sushi Express, Nouveau Restaurant, and The Chef’s Table for those who prefer specialty dining. Although the Chef’s Table comes with sticker shock, the meal is gratifying. 

Located on deck 11, the Nouveau Steak House charges USD 38 for an   appetizer, salad, entrée, and dessert. I ate here one evening, and the steaks were done to perfection, and the meal was well worth the surcharge.

With windows all facing the ocean, you can enjoy your steak dinner with sea views.

Bar Options

The Carnival Spirit features an array of bars, whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor venue. Outside, there are plenty of places to get a drink. Choices include the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar and Red Frog Rum Bar on deck 9.

The RedFrog Pub is a Caribbean-themed bar serving up a variety of tropical cocktails and beers, including the popular RedFrog Ale. It’s a vibrant relaxing spot and especially popular in warmer destinations.

Shanghai Piano Bar

Deck 2 has the Red Frog Pub, Skybox Sports Bar, Louis XIV Casino, Alchemy Bar, and Shanghai Piano Bar one level up. The Alchemy Bar is a sophisticated venue where mixologists craft customized cocktails based on guests’ preferences.

For sports enthusiasts, the Sports Bar is the ideal spot to catch live games on large screens while enjoying a cold beer or a refreshing cocktail. It’s a lively atmosphere where guests can cheer for their favorite teams.

The Piano Bar offers a cozy and intimate setting with live piano performances. If you’re a fan of Billy Joel, Elton John, or other talented piano players, you can unwind and sing along while sipping on your favorite beverage.

If you prefer to try your luck at various gaming tables and slot machines, the Casino Bar is conveniently located nearby and will keep your glass filled.

Carnival Spirit's atrium

Although less spectacular than newer vessels, the atrium was a great place to hang out.

Should you purchase the USD 59.95 Cheers Beverage Package, you can enjoy drinks up to USD 20 each. These include cocktails, wine by the glass, beer, specialty coffees, and Zero-proof frozen mocktails.

However, you cannot use your package on bottles of wine, gangway beverages, drinks in souvenir cups, or stock your stateroom mini-bar.

Spa And Fitness Center

The spa on the Carnival Spirit offers a tranquil retreat where guests can indulge in a variety of rejuvenating treatments. You can choose from soothing massages to invigorating facials. 

Treatments also include teeth whitening, acupuncture, body wraps, exfoliating scrubs, and detoxifying therapies to enhance your spa experience further.

Like most spas at sea, expect to pay up to double what you pay on land. If you’re not ready to splurge on an expensive treatment, you can unwind in the steam room or sauna, which are complimentary. 

The spa's hot tub

The saunas and steam rooms are especially welcoming after a day of glacier viewing in Alaska.

Additionally, a well-equipped fitness center is available for those seeking to maintain their exercise routine while onboard.

Carnival Spirit Entertainment

While Carnival markets its line as having “fun ships,” the Spirit was way more fun than some other vessels. There was no end to dancing on the dining room tables and getting the guests to follow along in their silliness. 

In fact, I still remember most of the dining room getting up and dancing to YMCA and doing the Macarena.

The fun continues outside the dining room with the Lip Sync Battle, Love and Marriage show, and the popular Hasbro Game Show.

On the pool deck, the fun continued with the men’s hairy chest contest and another contest that challenged guests to build a vessel to float across the pool while carrying cans of beer.

On my warm weather sailing, I often enjoyed the sounds of a live band on the top deck and live music in the atrium.

The entertainment never ends on a Carnival cruise, and being on the Spirit was no different. From the sail-away party to the deck party in Hawaii, I enjoyed it all. 

During my 12-day cruise, there were three formal or elegant cruise nights. You can expect two on a seven-night sailing.

On the last night, guests could dress up or wear Hawaiian attire. After all, we were in Hawaii. Almost all passengers chose to follow the Aloha dress code, and it was nice to see the colorful clothing.

The ship may feature other themed nights such as Silent White Hot Night, Superhero Music Party, or 80s Rock’n’Glow in other destinations. 

Pharaoh’s Palace Lounge

I attended most Playlist Production shows in the Pharaoh’s Palace Lounge, and they did not disappoint. Afterward, I enjoyed the late-night comedy at the Punchliner Comedy Club below the theater. The comedian was so impressive that the venue filled up fast. 

Around the ship, there were live bands, piano playing, strums from a guitar, and singers. The choice of music varied, so there was something for everyone’s tastes.

Other Venues

The Dancin’ Dance Club keeps the party-goers dancing on decks 1 and 2. Check out the Cherry on the Top candy store on deck 3 if you have a sweet tooth.

Deck 12, or the aft sun deck, features mini golf, which was rarely ever busy. Being an older ship, the Glory doesn’t have any of the characteristics of the more popular mega-ships. 

However, you get what you pay for, and those vessels command higher prices.

Like all Carnival vessels, the Spirit has self-serve laundry rooms. While none of us likes to do laundry on vacation, they come in handy on long journeys. 

Also, I can pack less and not worry about having overweight luggage at the airport with the ability to do laundry.

Kids Programs 

Carnival is a family-friendly cruise line and provides kids programs for different age groups. Camp Carnival offers simple games, art supplies, and scavenger hunts for children aged two to eleven.

For young teens (aged 12 to 14), Circle “C” offers more hands-on sports, video games, pizza parties, movie nights, and more group interaction.

Camp Carnival kids area

Club 02 is more of a hang-out space for older teens aged 15 to 17. Here, they can chat, listen to music, or choose to play video games.

There are Dr. Seuss-themed events during the cruise, including the iconic breakfasts. Green eggs and ham, anyone? Children can take a Build-a-Bear workshop to make a special animal of their choice.

Around the ship, kids can enjoy a pool, waterslide, basketball court, and miniature golf.

Exceptional Staff

The biggest plus on this cruise was the Carnival staff. While all cruise line staff are trained to be courteous and helpful, I felt many gave exceptional service. 

As a Celiac, I have to watch what I eat. However, my servers were always helpful and ensured my food never contained any allergens.

There were also a couple of photographers who were terrific at portrait pictures. While most cruise passengers shy away from photographers, I like to get at least one photo from each cruise. 

One photographer did such an excellent job capturing my “best side,” and I ended up going home with eight large prints.

Pros And Cons Of The Carnival Spirit

Carnival Spirit Lido deck

Here are the hits and misses for me:

  • Budget-friendly and a great option if you’re looking for a cruise ship without the bells and whistles.
  • Larger staterooms, which can easily accommodate more than two.
  • Complimentary steam rooms and saunas, which have been removed on newer vessels.
  • 4K cabins make an excellent alternative to a balcony stateroom.
  • Inexpensive to eat at the Nouveau Steakhouse.
  • Domed pool, ideal for cold weather areas.
  • You don’t have to pay to use the serenity retreat.
  • Water slides and Waterworks are great for families.
  • Shower curtain instead of a glass shower door.
  • Onboard venues and cabins need to be updated.
  • Few options for specialty restaurants.
  • No wraparound Promenade deck for those who like to walk.

Final Thoughts

The Spirit is popular for budget-conscious travelers seeking a memorable cruise experience. 

With larger accommodations, families will benefit from more storage when cruising with more than two to a stateroom.

Being an older vessel, she doesn’t offer the new venues of the latest vessels; however, if you’re focused on your destination, this ship provides exceptional value for money. 

The cruise line understands the importance of providing budget-friendly options without compromising quality or entertainment.

On board, guests can enjoy various complimentary activities, including live performances, poolside fun, and delicious dining options. There is no pressure to upsell specialty dining, racing cars, and other fee-for-use, like on competitor lines.

I enjoyed the Carnival Spirit cruise ship so much that I later took a Mexican Riviera cruise on her sister’s ship, the Carnival Miracle . So, if you’re seeking a budget-friendly cruise with tons of fun, this “fun ship” delivers.

If you reside in North America, you can enjoy the Spirit before she repositions back to Australia again.

Happy travels ~ Karen

Carnival Spirit cruise ship, Waterworks and Serenity pool

Wednesday 13th of July 2022

I went on the carnival spirit in 2019 was so excited to get an upgrade right underneath the night club thumping away until the early hours very dissapointing

Forever Karen

If you're sensitive to noise, it's best to opt out of upgrades. A cruise line's idea of an upgrade is a higher deck but not necessarily in a good location.

Privacy Overview

Carnival Spirit

carnival spirit cruise to alaska reviews

Courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line |

carnival spirit cruise to alaska reviews

Find a Cruise on Carnival Spirit

with a cruise advisor

Traveler Reviews

A ship’s traveler rating is provided under license by Cruiseline.com , which manages one of the largest databases of cruise reviews and ratings by travelers. A total of 939 guests have reviewed Carnival Spirit , giving it a rating of 3.9 on a scale of 1-5.

Cruiseline Travel Rating:

Reviews by traveler type, most recent reviews.

Second on Spirit

Jan 31st, 2024

You can't go wrong on the Spirit!! Loved our cruise on her.

Traveler Type

awesome cruise

Jan 27th, 2024

This was wonderful cruise we went on with our daughter and son in law and grandson. We were celebrating my wifes graduation her masters in nursing.

Family (young children)

Nice relaxing

Jan 23rd, 2024

Great destination!!!! Keep this route . Not a fan of Mexico only so love this route

Large Group

50th Birthday Cruise

Jan 18th, 2024

I'm a solo cruiser, celebrated my 50th birthday, meet some good people and had a great time, the drink package was my best friend ????


Great cruise

Jan 9th, 2024

The Spirit is a nice older ship. We had a wonderful time. We plan to go again on this ship sometime soon.

Family Christmas Cruise

Jan 7th, 2024

Carnival Spirit is a fun ship and the crew are professional. There was a lot of entertainment and activities to do on the ship daily. The Burger, Pizza and Sandwich bar options were a nice change of pace to the single buffet onboard which routinely had the same food options as the main dining hall, Empire Lounge. It wasn't advertised, but there was midnight snacks in the buffet after midnight which we learned about on night 3...glad we found that out. If you are on the Spirit you should check out the shows in the Pharaohs Theater and don't miss one single night of Curtis Labelle in the Shanghai Piano Lounge...it was the highlight of all the ships entertainment and the most fun we've ever had on a cruise ship.

Family (older children)

2-3 cruises

our experience

Dec 30th, 2023

I loved sailing to Alaska. It had been a dream. I want to go back, just not on this ship. Mostly it was the crew. Mainly, the MDR. Which has always been one of my favorite parts of a cruise. But, not with this staff at that time.

Much needed getaway

Dec 26th, 2023

Nice relaxing annual holiday cruise for my Mom & I. A few inconveniences, but nothing that spoiled our wonderful time together doing what we love.

Fun Family Cruise

Dec 24th, 2023

Took a family cruise with people ranging from ages 1 to 60s. Had a wedding while onboard, went great. Food was amazing. Crew is very sweet. Had lots of fun at soulplay and watching the shows.

4-6 cruises

Dec 23rd, 2023

Long story as to how we ended up on Spirit (after Panorama cancelled). The ship is smallish, and dated. And Mobile is tough to get to if you cant drive there. That said, we are still on the ship, crew is great; steakhouse, chefs table, dining room (Polly, Jenny, Dilip) and bars, very friendly staff. Bartenders; Andi, Haryassa, Maliwana, Julius, and others. Spent a lot of time in the casino, very friendly staff! I'm gonna mention them (and I'll forget a few) as what these folks do to make us feel welcome and comfortable is severely under appreciated by most traveller's. So I'll start with Jerby, Vilburn, Rochelle, Lorie and Amy, all great leaders. Also; outstanding crew of; Shuby, Melissa, Tee, Fortunate, Alameda, Maricris, Mark, Saheel. I am sorry to those I missed here. Can't wait to see them tonight one our last night! Also, our room attendant Cerawan was on top of it!

Disclaimers about ship ratings: A ship’s Health Rating is based on vessel inspection scores published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If a ship did not receive a CDC score within 22 months prior to the calculation of its Overall Rating, its Health Rating appears as N/A; in such a case, the ship’s Overall Rating is calculated using the average Health Rating of all CDC-rated ships within the cruise line. All ship Traveler Ratings are based on ratings provided under license by Cruiseline.com.

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cruise news

11 First Impressions of Carnival Spirit

  • Doug Parker
  • May 3, 2022
  • Cruise Reviews

I recently had the chance to sail Carnival Spirit when it arrived in North America. Previously the ship had been sailing in Australia for the past 10 years, so it always seemed out of reach.

carnival spirit jacksonville florida

In early 2022, Carnival announced it would be shifting some ships out of Australia for the summer season and moving them to Alaska. Part of that redeployment brought Carnival Spirit to Jacksonville, Florida for several weeks before going to Alaska.

Since I live so close to the port, I decided it was time to board the ship for a short Bahamas cruise.

For context, Carnival Spirit is the flagship of Carnival’s Spirit class, and debuted in 2001. Ships that followed were Carnival Pride , Carnival Legend, and Carnival Miracle .

Here are my first impressions of Carnival Spirit .

In this article:

1. Unique Layout

2. never seemed crowded, 3. secret hallway, 4. three main lido swimming pools, 5. great observation areas, 6. connecting with the water, 7. adults rule the aft, 8. fun waterslides, 9. hot tub in the gym, 10. steakhouse in the funnel, 11. slow wi-fi.

carnival spirit deck 3

The ship is a departure from the eight Fantasy-class ships that were launched in the 90s and the Conquest-class ships that started entering service in the early 2000s. All the action happens down on decks one, two, and three on this ship, and then on the Lido Deck.

On most every Carnival vessel, the promenade is one deck that goes from the front to the back of the ship. Ships in this class have two promenades that run the length of the vessel, making it easy to bypass the casino if you’re sensitive to smoke.

carnival spirit life ring

The guest-to-space ratio on Carnival Spirit is very high. The Spirit-class has the most footage in this ratio in the Carnival fleet, which is 40 cubic feet.

(Note: Guest to space ratio is found by taking the gross registered tonnage of the ship and dividing it by the number of guests the ship carries.)

This made it perfect for doing things around the ship without worrying about hundreds of other people being in the same area.

the jungle hallway carnival spirit

Located on deck three forward is a secret hallway called The Jungle. This space wraps around the outer walls of the main show lounge and is perfect for enjoying some peace and quiet on the ship. It is themed with greenery and jungle animals and has dozens of tables and chairs to read, work, or gaze out at the horizon. A lot of people don’t know about this space and if you’re not looking for it, you may never find it. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a crew hallway.

MORE: Carnival’s Mardi Gras: Is An Aft Excel Suite Worth The Price?

carnival spirit pool

Up on deck nine, you’ll find three main swimming pools. Two of them are located midship by Guy’s Burger Joint and the poolside bars, the other is located on the aft end. The aft one is for adults only but if you have little ones, you shouldn’t have a problem finding space in one of the two family pools.

One of main lido pools is covered, which makes it perfect for chilly or rainy weather. As a bonus, the Dive In Movies is part of the covered area, so even if it’s pouring rain you can still watch the movie without having to seek shelter under deck 10.

carnival spirit outer deck

It didn’t take long to notice there was no shortage of spots to watch sail away on Carnival Spirit. The place that I spent the most time was on deck nine above the navigational bridge. This space is accessible by walking on the lido deck and going all the way forward on either the port or starboard side. There’s an opening at the very front that gives you the same views (if not better) that the team on the bridge on the deck below you has.

Another spot, aside from your typical looking over the railing, is one of the observation points between the two swimming pools. There is a staircase to climb up and be level with the satellite receiver. Or if you want to go even higher, there is a deck at the funnel of the ship that wraps around. This space is really cool if you’re going under a bridge because you think you’re about to hit the bridge. It’s a really cool photo spot.

carnival spirit promenade

I was drawn to deck three on Carnival Spirit. This is the deck where not only the lifeboats are, but also a promenade that wraps almost the entire ship. I say almost, because when the track circles the front of the ship, you are diverted inside in The Jungle and then head back outside again. What was really cool is that you are able to walk to the very back of the ship and be really close to the water.

The aft dining room butts up against windows that look straight down into the water on other ships. On deck three on the Spirit, there’s a walking track outside.

Carnival Spirit cruise ship

The adults-only Serenity area takes up the aft end of Carnival Spirit, which gives a lot of real estate not only to sun lovers, but also to shade seekers. You will find about a dozen clamshells lining the perimeter of the space (also a perfect space for a sail away with windy weather).

There’s also a Serenity pool, hot tubs, a giant Serenity bar, and a coffee shop on the back deck. If there is one downside to the space, it’s that the slides are right above you. However, it really isn’t that bad because the Green Thunder drop slide is enclosed so you can’t really hear people screaming with excitement as they fly down the flume.

MORE: 21 Carnival Liberty Tips [PHOTOS]

Green Thunder Carnival Spirit

During a previous refurbishment, the Green Thunder waterslide was installed. This drop slide is located on deck 11. You enter the slide and wait until the bottom floor drops out (usually you have no clue when). Along with the Green Thunder, there’s also a twisting slide and a kid’s splash zone.

This was a slide that people of all ages were going on again and again.

carnival spirit fitness center hot tub

Something we only see on this class of ships is the hot tub that’s located in the gym. Aside from the sauna and steam rooms in each locker room dedicated to men and women, there is a co-ed hot tub on the second level of the gym. On other ships, you’d need to purchase a spa pass in order to access a whirlpool like this. On Carnival Spirit, it remains complimentary to any guest.

carnival spirit steakhouse

If you ever thought it’d be cool to dine inside the big red funnel of a Carnival Cruise Line ship, this is your chance.

The two-deck steakhouse is located at the very top of the ship, inside of the funnel — literally. You are dining inside the translucent smokestack of the ship.

This is one of the largest steakhouses in the fleet with plenty of window views on both levels. As of May 2022, the cost to dine at a Carnival steakhouse is $42 per guest.

This is by far my favorite class of ship in the Carnival fleet. But it wasn’t all perfect. The Wi-Fi on board was the worst I’ve experienced since the rollout of onboard internet over a decade ago. This makes it an issue for someone who wants to work from their cruise.

It’s also concerning that Carnival is increasing the price of two of its internet packages onboard. Let’s hope they invest some of those extra dollars into bandwidth and equipment to make the internet actually work. It was so slow on my Bahamas cruise that I wasn’t able to even load the SpeedTest website to see exactly how slow it was.

carnival spirit cruise ship

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first impressions carnival spirit

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carnival spirit cruise to alaska reviews

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Carnival Spirit Alaska Review (Long)

By losin , May 26, 2010 in Carnival Cruise Lines

Recommended Posts

Cool Cruiser

This was a round trip cruise out of Seattle, May 18 - 25, 2010. My in-laws (mid 60s) were in an obstructed view balcony (triple length). Myself (37), my husband (39) and my son (7) were in a regular balcony cabin.

We embarked at Pier 91 in Seattle. Followed the directions given on the Port of Seattle website from our home in the area. No problems. My brother in law dropped us off at the Pier around 11:30am. Lines were short and we were through security and on board around noon. Headed to the Lido for lunch. It was crowded as expected since the rooms weren't ready yet. We found a table by the covered pool and went our separate ways to get our lunch. It was a bit overwhelming to navigate around the Lido area and try to see what food was offered. I believe I ended up with a salad from the salad bar and some chicken strips from the Grill. Both were excellent. After we finished lunch, the rooms were ready, so we went to check them out and settle in.

My first impression of the room was that it was smaller than I'd expected, but nice. We found more than enough storage space. TV was older, but functional. Our bags had not arrived yet, so I took some photos of Seattle from our balcony (8B), then headed over to the in-laws to check out their room. Their room was pretty much identical to ours, except they had a triple long obstructed balcony (7A). We ended up spending most of our balcony time at their place since we could all be on the balcony comfortably. It had 3 regular chairs, 1 lounge chair, and a table. Went back to our room and got our luggage around 3:30. Quickly unpacked and then we were called to the muster drill. We weren't required to wear or bring our life vests. Just lined up and listened to the instructions. Quick and painless. My son received his bracelet indicating his muster station.

Quick note regarding baggage. We brought twelve diet pepsi's and 6 root beers in a rolling suit case as a carry on. No problem with that as well as no problem with curling irons. We didn't bring any extension cords or alcohol.

Went back up to the Lido for a swim. The water was very warm in the covered pool. After that, we got a bucket of beer and went back to the room to get ready for dinner. We had dinner in the main dining room every night. We were on My Time Dining and never had to wait for a table. This night, I had the BBQ Ribs with Corn and Fries. Can't remember what appetizer and deserts I had.

After dinner, I took my son to the Camp Carnival orientation. This was nothing more than filling out the registration form and handing it in. They asked if I had any questions and that was it. There were very few kids on this cruise. I would say there were less than 20 total enrolled in the kids club. After orientation, they had a party in disco for about an hour. They did a good job of getting the kids into it and my son had a great time.

We were pretty tired after all the travel and excitement of the day, so we went to bed early.

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We didn't sleep too well the first night. The ship was rocking quite a bit as we were out to sea. Our room sort of creeked whenever we rocked which kept me up. Also, we found the bed to be a little hard for our taste. The bedding was wonderful though. We decided to try the Main Dining Room for breakfast rather than fight the crowds on the Lido Deck. We were seated right away and it was relaxing, however the food left much to be desired. Portions were small and service was spotty. This was the only dining room breakfast we had.

After breakfast, we really didn't know what to do. We aren't much for joining in on the games, etc. We checked out the shops then just went back to our rooms to relax until lunch. The weather was a little rainy and there wasn't much to look at outside on this day. We went to lunch on the Lido deck. Found a table by the pool again. After lunch we went for a swim/hot tub again and then back to the room to relax. I felt a little like this cruise would be nothing more than killing time between meals.

This was the first elegant night. We got ready and headed to the dining room. Everyone was dressed very well. We saw 1 person get turned away because he was wearing jeans, even though he had a button down shirt on. I had the lobster and shrimp and it was pretty good. After dinner, we went to the show. It was a song/dance show and I thought it was quite good. The singers and dancers were impressive.

After the show, I took my son back to the room and my husband went to play a little in the casino. He won a little $$ and a T-shirt playing Wheel of Fortune.

5,000+ Club


I can't wait to hear about more of your adventure. Sounds good so far!

We slept a little better on the 2nd night. The wind was really howling at our door, which drowned out the creaking. I like the sound of the wind, so that was okay with me. Up to breakfast on the Lido deck today. The food was much better than the dining room. We had reached Alaska, so there was much more to see outside on this day. At some point, we passed a large group of humpback whales feeding on krill. Spent most of the morning on the in-laws deck enjoying the view. Went for an early swim and got back to the room just in time to see the first iceberg. We were not able to cruise the Tracy Arm due to ice, so we cruised Endicott Arm instead. It was breathtaking. We cruised this area from about 11am - 6pm. The area is very scenic with waterfalls and wildlife. At the end of the Arm is Dawes glacier. We pulled right up in front of it and the ship turned and stopped on all sides so everyone would have a good view and could get photos. We saw quite a few seals resting on icebergs here. While sailing out, we spotted a brown bear on shore. It was pretty exciting.

As we were leaving this area, we headed to the dining room and got a table by the aft window. Not certain what I had for dinner this night. I think it was the rack of lamb. Very good. After dinner we went to the show, which was the prop comedian. My son and I got a kick out of him, but my husband wasn't impressed.

We slept much better on the 3rd night. We were in calm waters with no howling wind. Went to the Lido for breakfast. It was nearly desserted as most people had already debarked for their day in Skagway. After breakfast, we walked into town for some shopping. Shopped for a couple of hours then went back on board to drop off our packages and grab a little something to eat before our afternoon excursion. Had a slice of pizza and then we went to get our train for the White Pass & Yukon Route. The weather was beautiful and sunny by this time. I highly recommend this excursion. The scenery was really beautiful and our tour guide gave a nice narration on the way up. At the summit, the engine goes to the other end of the train and they head back down. The trip down was scenic, but the breaks were quite loud as it's a steep trip down.

Got back to the cruise terminal around 4:00. Went to our rooms to relax for awhile, then back to the dining room for dinner. The dining room was fairly quiet as many were still in town. I believe I had the flat iron steak for dinner. It was good, but I ordered it medium and it was medium well. No big deal. After dinner was the big band show. I though this was a good show, but not quite as good as the first song/dance show. My son went to the kids club during the show for movie night...Night at the Museum 2. Speaking of movies, there were newer movies running on the TV each day. 2 regular movies and a kids movie each day. Some I remember seeing listed were Twilight New Moon, Ice Age 2, Avatar, Astro Boy, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Fame.



Loving this review. Thanks for taking the time to post and keep it coming!! I leave July 6 and I am SO excited to hear more. May I ask what time you got to the terminal on embarkation day? thanks,


Enjoying your review! Looking forward to the rest. :)

We got into Juneau at 7AM. It was a beautiful sunny day. My husband wanted to sleep in, so the rest of us grabbed breakfast on the Lido then went into town for some more shopping. Finished shopping and went back to our rooms to drop off our bags and pick up my husband. Next, we walked towards town and got the $14 round trip shuttle to Mendenhall Glacier. We all enjoyed walking the trail down to the waterfall and got some great photos. There was a mountain goat perched on the cliff right near the glacier. My father in law was able to get us all into the visitor center for free using his National Parks Pass. I don't really recommend paying to use the visitor center, there isn't much in there. Caught the shuttle bus back to the pier and were back on board by about 2pm.

Got some lunch on the Lido deck and then my son and I played some putt putt golf in the warm sun. After that, I enjoyed a few beers and soaked up the sun on the balcony while the inlaws took a nap. This was the one time I wished I'd brought shorts. The weather was fantastic.

Got cleaned up and headed down for dinner. I believe I had grilled shrimp. It was just OK. After dinner, my son went to the kids club again and the grown ups went to the comedy show. We all thought he was pretty funny. The comedy was clean. I would've liked to catch his midnight show on the following night, but couldn't quite stay up that late. The 7AM port times were a bit early for us.

Kelly - We got to the terminal around 11:30 and I think that was a great time to arrive. Have a great trip.


Great review. I wish I done mine is a straight format, rather than blog. It sounds like the cruise was good, I was a little worried since we heard a storm was coming in as we left Seattle.

Up at 7am again today. It was cool and misty out. A far cry from the beautiful weather of the days before. We grabbed a quick breakfast on the Lido and then headed into Ketchikan for shopping. Had to get all the final souvenirs as this was our last Alaskan port. We did quite a bit of shopping, then sent my son and his Grandpa (along with all of our shopping bags) back to the ship as they were tired and it was starting to rain. My husband, mother in law, and I took the funicular up to Cape Fox Lodge and got some photos of the Totem Poles, then to the Married Man's Trail back down to Creek Street. Got back to the ship at about noon...cold and wet. Grabbed lunch on the Lido as usual. After lunch I was really starting to feel exhausted from all the early mornings and excitement. I took a little nap and a hot shower. Son went to kids club for awhile.

This was our 2nd elegant night. People were not quite as fancy tonight (including us), but still dressed nicely. I had the Filet and it was pretty good. After dinner, we went to the Mardi Gras themed show. This was a great song/dance show and everyone loved it, including my son. After the show, I went straight to bed, still feeling tired out.

Finally...no 7AM port. We slept til 10AM!!! Man that felt good. :)

Breakfast in the Lido as usual. The seas were pretty rough on this day. people were stumbling around a bit. The weather was windy and showery. After breakfast, I went to the debarkation talk in the theater. Next, we went to look at the shops and check out the photos that were for sale. Took my son up to the pool for a swim but it was closed due to the rough seas. He settled for the hot tub instead. The rest of us ate a light lunch since we had such a late breakfast and watched an ice carving demonstration and the Chicken Olympics in the Lido pool area.

Went back to the room and packed up most of our stuff as the suitcases had to be outside the door between 9pm and midnight. Then went for our last dinner in the dining room. I had the panko breaded jumbo shrimp and it was really good. After dinner, my son went to the kids club. There was no show as we were in port at Victoria, BC from 8pm - 12am. Instead, we went to the Karaoke bar. There weren't a whole lot of people there, but the singers were entertaining and we had a good time.

We went to pick my son up at the kids club. They gave him a Carnival backpack full of little toys and goodies. We were feeling pretty good and would've liked to stay out later on this night (since we'd slept in), but we had to get up early for debarkation in the morning.

My husband doesn't like to get up early, so he wasn't thrilled that the debarkation process was starting at 7am and we would need to be ready to go when called. I had room service deliver breakfast between 7 - 7:30. It arrived at about 7:15 and I woke the guys up and got them fed. We waited around in the room until 8:30, at which time we were supposed to vacate the room so the stewards could get them cleaned for the next group of cruisers. Went down to deck 2 and found a place to sit and wait for our Zone to be called. We were called at about 8:45. Debarkation was smooth and easy. Very little line to get off the ship and had no trouble finding our luggage and getting though customs.

This was all of our 1st cruise, so I can't do any comparing. I was not disappointed and would cruise with Carnival again. I found all the staff to be excellent and friendly. My son also had a great time...he had more slices of pizza and ice cream cones than I can count.



I was on this cruise. I am trying to place you. Did you guys go to the Meet and Greet? It was a great trip and the weather was incredible. I am debating doing my own pictorial review. Thanks for writing this up. It is always neat to see someone else's perspective.
My first impression of the room was that it was smaller than I'd expected, but nice. We found more than enough storage space. TV was older, but functional. Our bags had not arrived yet, so I took some photos of Seattle from our balcony (8B), then headed over to the in-laws to check out their room. Their room was pretty much identical to ours, except they had a triple long obstructed balcony (7A). We ended up spending most of our balcony time at their place since we could all be on the balcony comfortably. It had 3 regular chairs, 1 lounge chair, and a table.
We didn't sleep too well the first night. The ship was rocking quite a bit as we were out to sea. Our room sort of creeked whenever we rocked which kept me up. Also, we found the bed to be a little hard for our taste.

What cabin number did you have? I have noticed that cabins near the aft of the ship tend to have more vibration and am wondering if that is the case.

Will you be posting photos as well?


Thanks for the review! We board next Tuesday. I get more and more excited as I read the reviews!:)

Good review, enjoy it very much.

We didn't go to the meet & greet.

We were aft...cabin 5247.

I don't know how to post photos as mine are not uploaded to a website anywhere. I have lots though.

Thanks for the review.

Do you know if this cruise went out into the Pacific out of Seattle....or cruised East of Vancouver Island......They usually go this way out of Vancouver...but the Carnival map shows it going the "inland" route.

This is supposed to be "calmer" seas.....but you said the were rocky so I'm wondering if the map is wrong.

Do you know by chance??

We didn't go to the meet & greet.   We were aft...cabin 5247.   I don't know how to post photos as mine are not uploaded to a website anywhere. I have lots though.

That explains it to me about the squeaking you described. I had friends once in the aft cabin on a Spirit class ship. They had so much movement in rougher waters on that sailing that their telephone fell off the desk.

You can find instructions on how to upload pics to CC here:


Thanks for the photo instructions. I'll try to post some.

I believe we went on the west side of Vancouver Island...hence the rough seas.


Which excursions did you choose? like/dislike Would love to hear about it if you get a chance.

Losin....great review thanks for sharing.

We were on a budget, so we only did one excursion. That was the train in Skagway. It was a great excursion and I would recommend it. The $14 round trip shuttle to the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau is a great way to get out of town without spending a lot too.


Great review! Thanks for sharing!:)

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Carnival Spirit

Carnival Spirit cruise ship

Cruise line Carnival Cruise Line

  • Mobile (Alabama)
  • Seattle (Washington)

Carnival Spirit current position

Carnival Spirit current location is at Caribbean Sea (coordinates 17.14723 N / -86.39895 W) cruising at speed of 17.9 kn (33 km/h | 21 mph) en route to HNRTM>USMOB. The AIS position was reported 34 minutes ago.

Current itinerary of Carnival Spirit

Carnival Spirit current cruise is 6 days, round-trip Western Caribbean . The itinerary starts on 28 Jan, 2024 and ends on 03 Feb, 2024 .

Specifications of Carnival Spirit

  •   Itineraries
  •   Review
  •   Wiki

Carnival Spirit Itineraries

Carnival spirit review, review of carnival spirit.

The 2001-built Carnival Spirit cruise ship is the first of four Spirit-class CCL liners, with sisterships the fleetmates Miracle , Pride , and Legend , as well as Costa 's liners Atlantica and Mediterranea .

The vessel (IMO number 9188647) is currently Bahamas- flagged (MMSI 311001095) and registered in Nassau . Previously, the vessel was Malta- flagged  (MMSI 229136000) and registered in  Valletta .

History - construction and ownership

Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) is a US shipping company, trademarked brand and subsidiary of Carnival Corporation (shipowner). CCL was founded in 1972 as an independent company by Ted Arison (1924-1999, co-founder of NCL Norwegian ). Carnival Cruise Lines has the Corporation's largest fleet as both a number of vessels and GT tonnage (ship sizes and capacities). CCL has over 1/5 of the cruise industry's worldwide market.

Carnival Spirit cruise ship

The 2100-passenger ship Carnival Spirit introduced some significant firsts for the company, including onboard wedding chapels and alternative restaurants. Spirit-class ships also boast an impressive 80% ratio of outside cabins and lots of nice little touches such as 'designer' martinis and museum-quality artwork. The cruise vessel, that introduced a whole new class for Carnival, shares its basic design with Costa Atlantica and offers all the best of earlier Carnival ships - a waterslide, lots of bars and extensive kids' facilities.

In early 2012, Carnival Spirit underwent a US$7 million refurb to make her ready for a new home in Australia. Carnival added a new aqua park and waterslide, Green Thunder; a 180-foot-long twister that starts with a near-vertical drop; the Serenity deck space, Carnival's signature adults-only retreat; and a new top-deck barbecue place. Following the last refit in 2015, Aussies also benefit from enhanced coffee, more draught beers and more cabins with interconnecting doors.

Decks and Cabins

Carnival Spirit staterooms (1062 total, in 28 categories) include 50 Suites, 634 Balconies, 171 Oceanviews, 214 Inside cabins. The ship has 17 wheelchair-accessible cabins but no Spa cabins. Most cabins are sized 185 ft2 (17 m2). Most cabin balconies are sized 40 ft2 (4 m2). Suites are 4 types (Grand, Vista, Ocean, Junior), the largest are Grand Suites (300 ft2 / 28 m2, with terrace sized 115 ft2 / 11 m2).

The boat has 12 passenger decks , of which 6 are with cabins.

Shipboard dining options - Food and Drinks

The 1,300-seat, 2-deck Empire Restaurant features Napoleonic splendor, with ceiling domes decorated with murals and crystal chandeliers. Even the portholes are trimmed in gold. The grand circular staircase boasts a sculpture of Napoleon at his coronation. Open seating breakfast is served between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. only on Deck 2 and a Sea Day Brunch is introduced for days at sea between 8:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. to replace breakfast and lunch in the main dining room. La Playa Grill Lido Restaurant situated on Deck 9 is a buffet eatery referred to by both names - Lido and La Playa Grill. It occupies a large area on Lido deck between the adults-only Serenity Retreat and the main Dome pool.

Carnival Spirit cruise ship

There are ten food stations serving various food for lunch and dinner, such as Asian, deli sandwiches and wraps, carvery meats, salads, and desserts. The ice-cream and pizza bars, found in the eatery, are open 24 hours.

Follows the complete list of Carnival Spirit restaurants and food bars.

  • Empire Restaurant (1250-seat aft Dining Room, with two fixed dinner seatings, or Your Time Dining; offers Seuss At Sea-themed breakfasts for $5; with the Napoleon Room restaurant annex).
  • Nouveau Steakhouse (156-seat, reservation-only restaurant, serving seafood and prime beef steaks; with dance floor and stage for live performances)
  • La Playa Grille Lido Buffet Restaurant (1458-seat self-service restaurant with complimentary food stations; operates as dinner bistro in the evenings)
  • Sushi Bar (complimentary).

Shipboard entertainment options - Fun and Sport

Carnival Spirit provides cruise experience like taking a journey all over the world. Legendary designer Joe Farcus got inspired to memorialize the "creative spirit" on the liner. The showroom is figured with Egyptian hieroglyphics and murals, the piano bar is a homage to Shanghai and "Chinoise" style, the Artist's Lobby accents famed European artists, the Library of Chippendale is accurate of an English country manor.

Carnival Spirit cruise ship

Carnival Spirit has much day-time fun with a big emphasis on trivia - there will be 3 to 4 games with different themes on any given day. There are also staff-led activities, such as golf chipping competitions, table tennis competitions, family scavenger hunts, along with towel-folding lessons and dance classes. A couple of lectures take place each day, given by the cruise director or by a visiting expert. Sushi-making demonstrations take place in the Bonsai Sushi and ticketed wine-and-cheese tasting in adults-only Serenity (held at least once per cruise).

Carnival Spirit cruise ship WaterWorks aquapark slides

Follows the complete list of Carnival Spirit lounges, clubs and other entertainment venues for kids, teens, and adults.

  • Versailles Lounge (484-seat, hosts Punchliner Comedy Club/brunch)
  • Dancin' Dance Club Disco and Nightclub (118-seat, 2-level Dance Club)
  • Pharaoh's Palace Theatre (1167-seat, 3-level main show lounge, also used for movies, bingo games, game shows)
  • Monarch's Card Room (20-seat)
  • Fountain Cafe (112-seat specialty coffee bar and patisserie)
  • The Champions Bar (67-seat sports bar); Artists' Lobby Lounge (85-seat wine bar); Shanghai Bar (106-seat piano bar); Snack Bar, Towel Bar; Deco Foyer Lounge and Bar (66-seat)
  • Club Cool Jazz Club (135-seat jazz lounge)
  • Louis XIV Casino (278-seat, served by Louis XIV Bar)
  • Spirit Atrium Spirit Lobby (9-deck high midship open area with dance floor and stage, served by 147-seat Spirit Lobby Bar)
  • The Jungle Interior Promenade (52-seat)
  • Deco Walk Upper Promenade (52-seat)
  • The Fun Shops (offers Bon Voyage items, duty-free liquor, jewelry, fashion boutiques, souvenirs, logo items); Formalities Shop (tuxedo rentals, special occasion gifts); Studio Photo Gallery and Shop
  • The Cove (teen-only club lounge)
  • Circle C (kids' lounge complimentary area with video games, parties, movies, planned activities)
  • Camp Carnival (aft located kids' lounge area with complimentary kids programs and supervised activities)
  • Spa Carnival complex (with Steam Rooms, Saunas, Whirlpool, 10 Treatment Rooms, Classique Beauty Salon and Fitness Center)
  • SoulPlay (playroom)
  • Serenity (adult-only relaxation area with Whirlpool, Pool, Bar and sunbathing area with lounges)
  • Sun Pool (with 1 Whirlpool) and Dome Pool (main, with 1 Whirlpool; covered with sliding roof), both served by Canopy Bar)
  • Club O2 (teens club lounge with video games, movies, karaoke, and themed parties)
  • Carnival Waterworks Aqua Park (with Twister Waterslide, PowerDrencher, two mini racing slides, Green Thunder Waterslide, play areas with jets and fountains)
  • Volleyball-Basketball Court; 9-hole Mini Golf Course; Jogging Track, Shuffleboard.

During drydock refit 2022, to the ship were made some changes (see details in the ship's Wiki section ).


Carnival Spirit itinerary program (starting October 2023) is based on homeporting in Mobile Alabama (replacing Carnival Ecstasy ). The 6-8-day roundtrips visit ports in Mexico, Belize, Jamaica, Bahamas ( Half Moon Cay , North Bimini ). The Caribbean deployment is seasonal (5-6-8-day itineraries), alternating with Alaska (during summer) from Seattle .

Previously, Spirit was deployed in Australia (homeported in Sydney NSW in the period 2012-2020), visiting the South Pacific Islands and also operated voyages to Tasmania and cruises to nowhere .

For winter 2017-2018, Spirit was repositioned to Asia and homeported in China following the drydock refurbishment in Singapore . Spirit (the first Fun Ship with roundtrips from China) returned to Australia in spring 2018, and in 2019, to Asia/China was deployed Carnival Splendor .

In 2021, Carnival Spirit became CCL's first liner homeported in Brisbane (Queensland Australia) . The announcement was made in June 2018 (the maiden season was planned for 2022) and followed the approval for building a new terminal in Brisbane QLD. For summer 2020 (April through September ), the ship had to be deployed in Alaska (replacing Carnival Legend ) with homeporting in Seattle WA .

However, due to the Coronavirus crisis, the CCL Spirit ship was paused for 2+ years (March 2020 thru May 2022), with a planned restart from Brisbane QLD on May 29th. In February 2022, the Australian deployment was replaced with the Caribbean (homeporting in Jacksonville Florida , starting on March 7th) replacing Carnival Sensation .

Carnival Spirit's Australia 2022 program was based on the following itineraries:

  • 3-day Getaways (themed cruises to nowhere)
  • 4-day short breaks to Airlie Beach
  • 7-day "Great Barrier Reef" (Airlie Beach, Cairns, Port Douglas, Willis Island)
  • 7-day "South Pacific Islands" (New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji/including Dravuni Island)
  • 10-11-days "Papua New Guinea" (Alotau, Kitava Island-Trobriand, Rabaul, Kiriwina Island-Trobriand, Conflict Islands)

In early-February 2022, the Australian schedules of Carnival Spirit (June 5, 2022, thru October 5, 2023) and Carnival Splendor (June 10 thru Sept 26, 2022) were both canceled. Carnival Spirit was redeployed to the Caribbean and homeported in Jacksonville FL (March 7th thru April 9th), then to Alaska from Seattle (May 3-Sept 13), then in PortMiami (Oct 6, 2022, thru April 16, 2023). Carnival Splendor was redeployed to Alaska (May 2 thru August 30).

In May 2023, CCL scheduled its first-ever voyage from Seattle to Hawaii - Carnival Spirit's 15-day "Carnival Journeys Hawaii Cruise from Seattle" (departure Sept 24, 2024) visiting Honolulu, Kauai/Nawiliwili, Maui/Kahului, Hilo, and Victoria (BC Canada).

Carnival Spirit - user reviews and comments

Photos of carnival spirit.

Carnival Spirit cruise ship

Carnival Spirit ship related cruise news

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CCL's Carnival Spirit ship welcomes first passengers from Mobile, Alabama

CCL's Carnival Spirit ship welcomes first passengers from Mobile, Alabama

CCL-Carnival Cruise Line's vessel, Carnival Spirit, with a capacity of 2,124 guests, marked her inaugural departure from the new homeport in Mobile...

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CCL's ship Carnival Legend cruises from San Francisco to Alaska and Mexico in 2025

CCL's ship Carnival Legend cruises from San Francisco to Alaska and Mexico in 2025

CCL-Carnival Cruise Line is set to introduce a lineup of cruise offerings from San Francisco CA in 2025. Carnival Legend, with a passenger capacity...

CCL-Carnival opens 2025 Alaskan cruises from Seattle (ships Spirit and Luminosa)

CCL-Carnival opens 2025 Alaskan cruises from Seattle (ships Spirit and Luminosa)

CCL-Carnival Cruise Line is expanding its 2025 Alaskan schedule out of Seattle WA with the ships Carnival Spirit and Carnival Luminosa. On offer are...

Carnival Luminosa cruise ship embarks passengers from USA (Alaska) for first time

Carnival Luminosa cruise ship embarks passengers from USA (Alaska) for first time

On Thursday, May 4th, Christine Duffy (CCL-Carnival Cruise Line's President) greeted the initial passengers boarding Carnival Luminosa at Port...

CCL-Carnival Cruise Line opens for booking Carnival Spirit ship's schedule 2024-2025 from Mobile Alabama

CCL-Carnival Cruise Line opens for booking Carnival Spirit ship's schedule 2024-2025 from Mobile...

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San Diego's Coast Guard helicopter crews rescue 4 passengers from 3 cruise ships within 24 hours

San Diego's Coast Guard helicopter crews rescue 4 passengers from 3 cruise ships within 24 hours

US Coast Guard helicopter teams in San Diego CA rescued 4 people with serious medical conditions from 3 different cruise ships within a 24-hour...

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CCL-Carnival repositions 3 ships for Alaska, Europe seasons

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CCL's cruise ship Carnival Spirit rescues 24 people stranded on a small boat

CCL's cruise ship Carnival Spirit rescues 24 people stranded on a small boat

On Tuesday, April 11th, the crew of CCL-Carnival Cruise Line's ship Carnival Spirit rescued 24 people who were stranded on a small boat in the...

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Carnival Spirit Wiki

Fun Ship 2.0 upgrade was done in 2015. Spirit is Carnival's first Spirit-class liner, with sisterships Legend , Miracle , Pride , and the Costa Cruises ships Atlantica and Mediterranea . The vessel was christened by godmother Elizabeth Dole - North Carolina's senator (state's first female senator, mandate 2003-2009).

Spirit was also the first Fun Ship cruising to Alaska and Hawaii. It features world's steepest waterslide at sea ("Green Thunder"). Ship's drydock refurbishment in San Francisco (in 2012) cost USD 7 million. During the drydock were added "WaterWorks" (aquapark) and "Serenity" (adults-only resort deck).

During winter 2017-2018 season, Carnival Spirit was repositioned to China to offer Asian cruises roundtrip from homeport Shanghai . The seasonal redeployment was due to scheduled drydock in Singapore . Spirit was homeported in Sydney Australia since 2012, performing strongly on the local market. The decision made Spirit the first-ever Carnival ship departing from China. It returned to Australia in spring 2018 to continue the previous year-round itinerary program from Sydney NSW. The other Carnival Asia ship was Carnival Splendor (repositioned in spring 2018). Carnival Asia cruise shipping operations are via the partnership between Carnival Cruise Lines and Carnival Corporation's subsidiary Costa Asia.

Carnival Spirit refurbishment 2022 review

In February 2022, Carnival Spirit was drydocked in  Dubai UAE , mainly for general maintenance works, as well as for changing the old livery with the fleet's new one (blue-red-white).

During drydock refit 2022, to the ship were made some venue changes.

(deck 2) The Taste Bar was replaced with the Art Gallery (moved from deck 3). The Shore Excursions desk was renamed Carnival Adventures.

(deck 3) The Chippendale Library & Internet Cafe (23-seat, 24-hour open) and the Wedding Chapel (30-seat venue) were replaced with a new video arcade The Warehouse. The Photo Gallery was renamed Pixels Gallery. The Conference Room (100 seats) was transformed into the SoulPlay Room (for playing cards, board games, puzzles, arts and crafts activities).

(deck 4) The Techno Video Arcade (forward-portside) was replaced with The Cove (children-only breakout room for arts and crafts).

(deck 9) Asian Corner (Mongolian Wok station for complimentary stir-fry, made-to-order food) was replaced with the Seafood Corner.

(deck 10) The Fat Jimmy's C-Side BBQ was removed.

Carnival Spirit refurbishment 2018 review

Drydock 2018 (May 23 - June 5) was in Singapore . The upgrades included new entertainment options at new clubs for youth activities - kids-only arts-crafts area ("SoulPlay") and teens-only area ("Warehouse Arcade").

Other changes included:

  • redesigned retail area - new duty-free shopping brands - Clinique, Lacoste, Quay Australia, Seafolly, Swarovski, Swatch
  • redesigned Photo Gallery - Pixels Digital Photo Gallery - upgraded kiosk allowing passengers to view then purchase photos through smartphones and iPads
  • updated Fitness Centre (latest training equipment)

In 2017, on the Australia-based Carnival Spirit was introduced new kids programming, that includes new onboard activities, games, themed parties.

  • On the ship were introduced an inflatable bocce court and giant-sized board games (Cranium, Trivial Pursuit, Guess Who).
  • Another 2017 addition is the Cluedo (aka Clue) murder mystery game that is a group activity involving 2-6 players. At the beginning of each cruise, costumed characters present their alibis, and the players attempt to solve the crime mystery through clues given to them throughout the cruise.
  • New themed entertainment events are the shows "80s Rock" (music-themed), "Glow Night" (fashion-themed) and "Lip Sync Battle" (a musical competition involving choreography, costumes, and stage sets).

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7-Day Alaska Cruise

Fun with a capital F is what you can expect on a Carnival Cruise. With the largest fleet at sea Carnival offers sailings perfect for the whole family.

Tundra expeditions and glacier visions—find your adventure with an Alaska cruise.

Known as The Emerald City, Seattle is a beautiful, luscious city with incredible views of the Cascade Mountains and Elliott Bay. The city is full of activities for both water lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Carnival Spirit - Passenger Capacity: 2,124 (double occupancy) Year Built: 2001 Last Refurbished: 2018

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Carnival Cruise Line

Cruise Line

Carnival Spirit

Cruise Ship

Carnival Spirit

Seattle, Washington

Departing From



Ports of call.

Seattle, Washington , Endicott Arm, Alaska , Skagway, Alaska , Juneau, Alaska , Ketchikan, Alaska , Victoria, British Columbia

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  • Itinerary & Pricing

7-Day Alaska Cruise sailing on the Carnival Spirit

Departure dates: may 2024 - sep 2025.

From $1,019

Stateroom prices for May. 7, 2024

Carnival Spirit Inside Stateroom

Published prices from

Based on Inside cabin prices

Carnival Spirit Oceanview Stateroom

Based on Oceanview cabin prices

Carnival Spirit Balcony Stateroom

Based on Balcony cabin prices

Carnival Spirit Suite Stateroom

Based on Suite cabin prices


Sailing Map

*** All itineraries are subject to change without notice. Please confirm your itinerary on the Review page before purchasing your cruise.

Carnival reserves the right to re-instate the fuel supplement for all guests at up to $9 per person per day if the NYMEX oil price exceeds $70 per barrel. Rates & offers are subject to select dates & categories, cruise only, per person, based on double occupancy, in US Dollars, & include NCCF. Government taxes & fees are additional. All rates & offers are capacity controlled, are subject to availability & confirmation, & may change without notice. Additional restrictions may apply. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed -- please confirm details at time of booking. Stateroom photos are for sample purposes only -- actual design and layout may vary.

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  • Carnival Spirit

Carnival Spirit ®

  • Dining & Activities
  • Sails From:
Carnival Spirit is more than a ship, but an unforgettable vacation experience you’ll be reliving for a long time. Whether you’re after something that’s action-packed or just want to relax and unwind, this ship has what you’re looking for. (Our suggestion: choose both!) There’s heaps of fun to be had, and there’s definitely something in it for everyone; little ones, big ones and the whole family. We’re talking about a mini-golf course, two-deck fitness center, jogging track, Serenity Adult-Only Retreat ™ , pools, a spa and more. And playing it cool isn’t hard at WaterWorks ™ — after all, you’re among waterslides like Green Thunder — plus you can always cool down, or warm up, with a dip in our domed swimming pool. Keep the kids entertained with three age-appropriate youth programs that give them plenty of choice on activities and fun chances to make new friends. Our recommendation: sail hungry. After all, you’ll be enjoying meals in three-course style in the Empire Restaurant or just go ahead and build a meal with as many courses as you like at the casual-style, variety-packed Lido Restaurant. Speaking of casual, the trio of RedFrog ® Pub, Guy’s Burger Joint and BlueIguana Cantina ™ each put their own delicious spins on flavor itself. To get a little fancy, sit down at Nouveau Steakhouse. To get a lot un-fancy — and we mean this in the most delicious way possible — check out late-night soft-serve (till midnight) or pizza (till 4 a.m.)! When the sun goes down, the fun’s over. Nope, just kidding! Carnival Spirit features bars and lounges, plus entertainment that’s great for when you’re feeling like live comedy, musical performances and more. Feel like helping out a little? All the vocal cords are encouraged to participate at the piano bar. Feeling lucky? The casino’s right over there. Carnival Spirit is no stranger to amazing vacations… and hopes you won’t be a stranger either!
  • 88,500 Gross Tonnage
  • 2,124 Guest Capacity
  • 963 Length In Feet
  • 930 Onboard Crew


Just like a delicious cake, your ship is made of layers. Find out which fun ingredients — staterooms, dining, activities — go into each deck.

carnival spirit cruise to alaska reviews


Interior with window (obstructed view).

Every room includes:

  • Dedicated stateroom attendant
  • Soft, cozy linens
  • Plenty of closet and drawer space
  • In-room safe for valuables
  • Stateroom climate control

Premium Balcony

Step into a Premium Balcony stateroom aboard Carnival Spirit and it’s easy to see exactly what you’re getting: one seriously spacious stateroom. It’s about more than just the room itself, you’ll find… step onto your oversized balcony and you’ll find that when there’s a sea breeze in your hair, there’s no limit to the relaxation you can have.

Premium Balcony (Obstructed View)

Step into a Premium Balcony stateroom aboard Carnival Spirit and it’s easy to see exactly what you’re getting: one seriously spacious stateroom. It’s about more than just the room itself… step onto your oversized balcony and you’ll find that when there’s a sea breeze in your hair, there’s no limit to the relaxation you can have. (Note that rooms of this type have obstructed views.)

Aft-View Extended Balcony

Aft-View Extended Balcony staterooms feature a larger balcony for more lounge-around room, more kick-back space… not to even mention some of the best stern-side views you'll find anywhere. Get ready to relax as you gaze upon the ship's gentle wake from your spacious balcony.

Extended Balcony

Extended Balcony staterooms feature a larger balcony with more outdoor lounge-around room, more open-air kick-back space… and back inside the room itself, all the comfort you expect with a great view and plenty of sunlight.

Balcony staterooms were designed for maximum sea breeze and the most stunning views, so look to a balcony if you’re looking to cruise aboard Carnival Spirit. Any time you’re in your room, you’re just steps away from your own personal outdoor oasis, featuring the sort of sea view you can also feel.

Balcony (Obstructed View)

An Obstructed View Balcony stateroom on Carnival Spirit provides all the indoor amenities of a Carnival stateroom, as well as some of the outdoor ones as well, including your own personal outdoor space that’s great for stretching out and relaxing.

Grand Suite

A Grand Suite aboard Carnival Spirit features even more space than the standard suite — plenty of room in your room! This stateroom is loaded for an unparalleled experience: VIP check-in, a huge balcony, and even a convenient dressing area with vanity.

Amenities exclusive to suites:

  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • Priority Main Dining Room time assignment
  • Priority debarkation at homeport, and ports of call requiring a water shuttle or with arrival times later than 9:30 Am
  • Two large bottles of water
  • Pillow-top mattress

Plus, every room includes:

Vista Suite

Don’t get us wrong — a Carnival Spirit Vista Suite stateroom is a lovely room with all the suite fixings. But the thing to see here is truly the view that your balcony affords you. A Vista Suite features a wraparound balcony that provides wide, stunning views when you’re outside, and a uniquely panoramic inside view thanks to a wall of windows that brings more of that outside inside.

Ocean Suite

A Carnival Spirit suite is the ultimate way to cruise. With more space for stretching out indoors, plus a large balcony for kicking back outdoors, try an Ocean Suite to experience private, luxurious relaxation. Ocean Suites also include VIP check-in, walk-in closet and bathroom with whirlpool tub.

Junior Suite

As you step into a Junior Suite aboard Carnival Spirit, you can’t help but feel that you’re stepping into full-size luxury in a smaller package. Featuring a standard-size balcony, in a Carnival Spirit Junior Suite you'll find everything else there is to love about a suite, including VIP check-in, a walk-in closet… and even a whirlpool tub for relaxing.


Onboard dining, where to for you.

This ship is always visiting great vacation spots. Where will your next vacation take you?

* Taxes, fees, and port expenses are additional per person.


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