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singapore airport layover tour

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Free Singapore Tour

Free Singapore Tour


If you are transiting through this tiny island-state, you can discover Singapore’s sights and sounds, and rich heritage with the Free Singapore Tour. For travellers with at  least 5.5 hours to 24 hours to spare till your connecting flight, join one of our free 2.5-hour guided tours. 

Enjoy the three bus tour itineraries, which include two short photo stops at famous landmarks.


  • You are a transit or transfer passenger at Changi Airport.
  • Your checked-in baggage should be through checked to your end destination.
  • Your layover period is at least 5.5 hours but less than 24 hours, and your flight schedule fits with our tour timings (refer to Tour Itineraries below). 
  • Please take note of the reporting time (refer to Tour Itineraries below) and ensure there is sufficient time upon plane disembarkation to reach the registration counter.
  • Passengers with a non-transit hotel booking are not allowed to join the Free Singapore Tour.
  • You can make a pre-booking of one (1) tour itinerary up to fifty (50) days prior to your intended tour date by clicking “ Book Now ” below. 
  • Or, upon arrival you may approach our tour booth(s) in the transit area for assistance (seats are subjected to availability). 
  • Upon arrival at Changi Airport, please remain in the transit area and do not clear Arrival immigration as the Free Singapore Tour booths are located within the transit area.
  • The Free Singapore Tour booths are located at:

Level 2, Departure Transit Hall (Near Gate F50)

Opening hours: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Level 2, Departure Transit Hall (Near Gate A1-A8)

  • Passport, boarding passes, valid entry visa and tour booking confirmation are required for registration. Eligibility to participate in the tour is subject to entry requirements stipulated by the  Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore .
  • If you have bulky or wheeled cabin baggage, alcohol or duty-free items, you must leave them at a  Baggage Storage counter  (fees apply) in the transit area before checking-in for the tour.
  • Electronic devices are not permitted to be stored. They must be hand-carried during the tour.
  • Availability of seats is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Tour itinerary may change, depending on weather and traffic conditions.
  • Transit passengers are allowed to enter and exit Singapore once during their layover period, as per guidelines stipulated by the  Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore.
  • Items such as Tobacco, cigarettes, vaporizers and e-cigarettes are not allowed on all tours, as the listed items are either banned or taxable upon entry into the Republic of Singapore.
  • There are food sampling segments on some of the tour itineraries. If you have any food allergies, please take precautions and  inform the tour guide before the tour starts.

Tour Timings and Itineraries

singapore airport layover tour

Changi Precinct Tour

Experience what it feels like to live as a Singaporean, through an exploration of the charming east side of Singapore, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

singapore airport layover tour

City Sights Tour​

See modern Singapore. Get a photo of the Merlion against the city skyline and marvel at the magical, Avatar-like Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay. 

singapore airport layover tour

Heritage Tour

Discover Singapore's colonial past and cultural heritage through a visit to the historic Civic District, Chinatown, and the picturesque Kampong Gelam.

Frequently Asked Questions​

The tours are available daily, including weekends and public holidays. 

The Free Singapore Tour booths are open daily. The operating hours are:

Level 2, Departure Transit Hall (Near Gate A1 - A8)

singapore airport layover tour

Our tours are conducted in English. 

Depending on the issuing country of the passport you are holding, passengers of eligible nationalities enjoy visa-free entry into Singapore. Please click  here to find out if you require a visa to enter Singapore. Possession of a valid visa does not guarantee entry into Singapore. Please refer to the entry requirements for more information. 

Visa Free Transit Facility (VFTF)

Passengers of eligible nationalities may also qualify for VFTF if prevailing entry requirements are met. Assessment for entry is determined by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers at the point of entry. For more information, please click  here .

Please note that extension of stay for transiting travellers under the VFTF is strictly not allowed.

Yes, as you will be required to clear through Arrival Immigration. For a seamless experience, you are encouraged to complete the online  Singapore Arrival Card  within three (3) days prior to the date of arrival in Singapore.

For more information, please visit:  https://www.ica.gov.sg/enter-transit-depart/entering-singapore/sg-arrival-card

Yes, you can make a pre-booking of one (1) tour itinerary up to fifty (50) days prior to your intended tour date. Check if your layover coincides with the tour schedules before proceeding to our FST online booking page. You can select the preferred itinerary, date and time and proceed with your booking. Upon arrival, please report to the nearest Free Singapore Tour booth in the Transit Area (do not clear Arrival Immigration) at least 90 minutes prior to your tour timing.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Free Singapore Tour. 

All Free Singapore Tour participants are required to sign off on an Indemnity Form when they report at the Free Singapore Tour service counter before your tour begins.

For all tours, passengers are required to report to the Free Singapore Tour booth(s) in the Transit Area 90 minutes before the start of the tour to check in and confirm their attendance. Tour check-in will close 75 minutes before the tour starts. After a short briefing, you will clear Arrival Immigration as a group. 

The Free Singapore Tour is a guided tour for transit and transfer passengers of Changi Airport. If you are visiting Singapore, you are not eligible for the Free Singapore Tour.

No, passengers who participate in the Free Singapore Tour are required to complete the entire tour programme without breaking away from the group. 

Participants will be transported back to Changi Airport. The drop-off points will include Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and Jewel. 

All passengers are responsible for their subsequent flight check-in and security procedures in the respective terminals.

No, passengers with a non-transit hotel booking are not allowed to join the Free Singapore Tour.     As this is a complimentary service for transit and transfer passengers at Changi Airport, passengers with a long layover may wish to consider booking accommodation at Changi Airport’s full-fledged transit hotels . These transit hotels offer flexible block-hour rates and can be accessed easily before (if you arrive early) and after the tour (if you depart late).  

The Changi Precinct, City Sights, and Heritage Tours are not recommended for wheelchair users and stroller use due to the tour route.

You may join only one tour because transit passengers can only enter and exit Singapore once , as per guidelines by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA). More information on each of the tour itineraries are available on the Free Singapore Tour website.

Passengers below 18 years old are not allowed to join the tour alone unless accompanied by an adult. All passengers have to sign an indemnity form prior to the tour and the indemnity requires signatories to be 18 years old and above.

In the unlikely event that participants are separated from the tour group, the particpant has to make his or her own way back to the airport at his or her own cost.

If you have further enquiries, please email  [email protected] . We will get back to you within 7 working days.

free singapore tour

Free Singapore Tour by Singapore Airlines

  • Plan travel

Free Singapore Tour

Capture the spirit of singapore during your transit.

Be enthralled by the sights, sound and colours of Singapore during your next layover. Take a walk through history at the Merlion Park. Experience a multi-sensory buzz in vibrant Chinatown. Enjoy a panoramic view of the city, with a backdrop of the Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay. Discover what it feels like to live as a Singaporean at our Changi Precinct or discover a wondrous world and immerse into a lush green sanctuary at Jewel Changi Airport. 

Choose between four different tour routes during your transit if your transit is more than 5.5 hours and within 24 hours. Each tour is 2.5 hours long, and jointly organised by Singapore Airlines, Singapore Tourism Board and Changi Airport Group. Tours are conducted in English only. 

Tampines landscape

Changi Precinct Tour

Once covered by forests, swamps, rubber plantation and sand quarries, Tampines today is one of four regional centres in Singapore. This special town won the United Nations World Habitat Award, for being an exemplar of high-quality, high density and affordable housing. 

Our Tampines Hub community center

City Sights Tour

City skyline of Central Business District

The Jubilee Bridge connects two famed landmarks - the Esplanade Theatres and the Merlion, giving you an unhindered view of Marina Bay.

Merlion at Marina Bay

Heritage Tour

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple at Chinatown

Who is eligible for the tour?

The Free Singapore Tour is open to all travellers transiting in Changi Airport. Valid for passengers with layover of at least 5.5 hours, and less than 24 hours, and with flight schedules that fit the tour timing requirements.

How To Register ?

  • Singapore Airlines and Scoot passengers can pre-book the tour via online booking page . You may scroll down to view and book all the tour types.
  • Please note that while making the booking, you will have to input the name of all passengers going on the tour so that we can reserve the corresponding number of spaces.
  • When you arrive at Changi Airport, please remain in the transit area and do not clear immigration as the registration booths are located at the transit area.
  • Terminal 2 transit, Near Skytain to Terminal 3, Gate F50
  • Terminal 3 transit, Near Transfer Lounge A, Gate A1-A8

Important Things To Note:

  • Registration will close 1 hour before the tour start time and participants will be guided as a group to clear immigration before the tour starts.
  • Availability of seats is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Transit passengers are allowed to enter and exit Singapore only once during their layover period, as per guidelines stipulated by Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore. Therefore, passengers are not able to join more than one tour.
  • Tour itinerary is subject to changes, depending on weather and traffic conditions.  
  • Should you have cabin baggage, you are encouraged to leave them as Left Baggage counter located here prior to registration at the Free Singapore Tour booth.
  • There are food sampling segments on some of the tour itineraries. If you have any food allergies, please take precautions and sign up at your own discretion. Please also inform the tour guide before the tour starts. 

Free Singapore Tour logo

More in this section

All about Kris+ privileges

Kris+ privileges

Singapore Airlines' travel insurance

Travel insurance

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You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience.

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All about the airport that's won the world over.

How to score a free tour of Singapore while transiting through Changi Airport

  • Singapore Sightseeing | Free tour of Singapore while transiting through Changi Airport

How to score a free tour of Singapore while transiting through Changi Airport

12 Dec 2019


Heard about Singapore,  but haven’t had the opportunity to visit? Or perhaps you’ve transited at Singapore Changi Airport, but never got to see the country? Well, don’t miss out the next time you have a stopover at the airport in Singapore!

This ethnically diverse island city-state is culturally rich with lots to see, eat and do. Given its small geographical size, you can actually get to do quite a bit of sighting-seeing while on a layover ! Simply sign up for a free city tour when you’re at Changi Airport. And who knows, this glimpse of the city may just inspire you to plan for a proper trip to Singapore in the future!

The Free Singapore Tour is a special programme for Changi Airport’s transit passengers. It brings tour participants who have a minimum of 5.5hrs of transit time on a 2.5hr guided tour of Singapore. There are seven daily tours to choose from and seats are on a first-come-first-served basis.

There are two types of bus tours to choose from – a Heritage Tour that offers a glimpse of the different cultures that can be found in Singapore; and a City Sights Tour that offers a quick summary of key tourist attractions.

1. Heritage Tour – for an immersive, cultural experience

Chinatown in Singapore

Get a glimpse into Singapore’s various cultures on the Heritage Tour route.

As the name suggests, this tour gives you a glimpse of the various cultures that make Singapore a melting pot. This tour brings you to Chinatown, Little India, Kampong Glam and the Merlion Park, with a short stop at Kampong Glam and Merlion Park for photo-taking! Chinatown, like all other international cities around the world, is where you’ll get a full-blown experience of the local Chinese community and its heritage. Little India is the heart of the Indian community and Kampung Glam is the Malay-Muslim quarter in Singapore. Each of these places has unique characteristics representing the different cultures – a must visit if it’s your first time here!

Pro-tip: if you are transiting through Singapore during the festive periods of Lunar New Year, Deepavali or Ramadan/Hari Raya, these areas will be decked out with colourful lights along the streets. There will also be night markets set up to celebrate these important cultural events. Tours to these locations will give you a fantastic opportunity to take lots of photos as you breeze through the streets in the Free Singapore Tour bus.

2. City Sights Tour – for lovers of modern architecture

Be mesmerised by Singapore’s skylight at night.

Night shot of Singapore’s CBD area at night

The Singapore skyline is a sight to behold and you’ll be amazed to hear the story of how this bustling modern city was once a small fishing village. Singapore is also often voted as one of the best cities for international businesses. This tour route will bring you to the Central Business District, parts of the renowned Orchard Road shopping belt, the Merlion Park and Gardens by the Bay . Participants can expect a short stop at Merlion Park and Gardens by the Bay for photo-taking.

Excited to hop onto the Free Singapore Tour bus? Here are some other information you’ll need to know before your adventure begins.

How do I register for the Free Singapore Tour?

Image of the Free Singapore Tour sign up booth

In case you’re wondering how the sign up booth looks like, this is it!

As this tour is highly popular, reservations are not allowed to avoid no-shows. You are encouraged to head to the tour counters as soon as you arrive to book the tour slots. If you have some time before the tour, you can also explore other parts of the airport to find out why it’s been so highly rated by travellers around the world.

Pro-tip: if you’re flying with Singapore Airlines or SilkAir, you can contact your local Singapore Airlines office to make a booking for you.

Do I need a visa?

Citizens of certain nationalities require a visa for the Free Singapore Tour, while some nationalities are eligible for a Visa Free Transit Facility. You may visit the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority’s website to check on visa requirements.

Can I leave the tour midway and venture around Singapore on my own?

You are not allowed to leave the tour midway as the tour operator must send everyone back to the airport. However, once you return to the airport, you are free to continue your adventure in Singapore should you wish to. Wherever you go, please ensure that you factor enough time to return to the airport for your connecting flight.

Plan early for best results

To make the best of your Free Singapore Tour, do plan your trip early and do some research. Check out what other tour participants have posted on Instagram using #FreeSingaporeTour and on TripAdvisor - both are good resources for reading about their experiences. (P/S: Do share the love by contributing a review on TripAdvisor so other travellers can hear about your experience too.)

Got more questions?

Most of the commonly asked questions and answers on Changi’s website should address your needs. If you have other questions on the tours which are not found online, send your questions to [email protected] and the team will be happy to assist.

Happy travels!

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Shop before you fly!

Shop 30 days in advance and up to 12 hours before your flight at the comfort of your own home. Plus, enjoy tax and duty-free prices and online-exclusive offers.  Shop now at iShopChangi!

Be rewarded when you shop at Changi!

Leap into a world of exclusive privileges as a Changi Rewards member. Enjoy GST-absorption for your purchases at participating outlets in the public areas of the airport and more.  Sign up for the FREE membership here .

WiFi routers, travel insurance, attraction tickets and more!

Specially curated to meet your travelling needs, Changi Recommends offers an extensive range of travel necessities such as WiFi routers, travel insurance and more to help you get ready for your holiday.  Shop now at Changi Recommends!

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Gallery image

  • All destinations
  • Escape the airport: see Singapore on your layover, Singapore

What you’ll do

Forget about sitting around in the airport on your layover - that’s for time-wasters, and you’re not one of those. Get out there and explore Singapore instead! Your local host will meet you at the airport and take you on a whirlwind adventure of the city.

You could breeze through Gardens by the Bay or even sip a Singapore Sling with a view from the rooftop of the iconic Marina Bay Sands - home to the best view in the city - or if time is on your side, you could even make the trip to explore one of Singapore’s lesser-visited islands.

Just don’t miss a visit to a hawker center, the food complexes where locals come almost daily for their favorite dishes - your host will know just the dishes to recommend!

Where you’ll go

Sure, Singapore airport has a butterfly garden, but there’s more to life. You could explore Singapore’s most iconic districts, like Marina Bay and the futuristic Supertree Grove - all the more mesmerizing if you can catch the Gardens by the Bay lights show.

If it’s street eats you’re looking for, look no further than Chinatown, or you could ask your host to show you one of the city’s more alternative neighborhoods, like bohemian Tiong Bahru, which is creeping onto the radar of Singapore’s coolest neighborhoods.

You could head afield and discover the shophouse (buildings that are a fusion of Western and local architecture) restoration wave in Geylang or head north of the tourist districts and feast on authentic cuisine in Little India. 

Private experience, tailored to you

Matched to your ideal host

Walking tour (may use public transport)

Hosted in English (On request: Arabic, Cantonese, French, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian)

Your host will meet you at the airport

Experience outline

  • Make the most of your layover in Singapore with a local host to guide you through the city
  • However long you’re touching down for, your host will create an itinerary which is customized to your time and interests
  • You could see the city’s highlights, visiting Marina Bay where you’ll find many of the city’s top attractions
  • Visit a hawker center with your host and try Singapore’s favorite street foods
  • Explore lesser-known neighborhoods and see the real Singapore if that’s your style, or even head to the beach on one of Singapore’s islands!
  • Your host will meet you at the airport, and make sure you’re back there in time for your connecting flights

Things to know

What’s included.

  • Private and personalized experience
  • 8 hours with a host (including travel time) - this can be customized to fit in with your flights - just get in touch!
  • Pick-up from Changi Airport in Singapore by taxi (max 6 passengers including your host)
  • Walking experience (if required, your host can suggest public transport or private taxi options)

Meeting point

What’s not included.

  • Food and drink
  • Tickets to any attractions
  • Transportation costs other than the trip to/from the airport
  • Gratuities (optional)


Photos taken by our hosts and guests.

Travelers having fun right now!

Singapore City Unscripted guest photo

My tour guide Mark was great. He was very knowledgeable and attentive. Given the time we had to explore he provide a very thorough experience of Singapore and unique qualities the island country had to offer.

February 2024

Despite the pouring rain, our tour guide, Wieben/Jon, went above and beyond. First of all, we had booked a walking tour, and due to the rain, he arrived in a car with umbrellas. He was passionate and engaging and made the best of the weather we were given. He had a sense of humor and answers to all of our questions.

Sophie Elisa A

Despite the pouring rain, Weiben went above and beyond. First of all, we had booked a walking tour, and due to the rain, he arrived in a car with umbrellas. He was passionate and engaging and made the best of the weather we were given. He had a sense of humor and answers to all of our questions.

February 2023

Jimmy had a big knolledge of the Island. Not a moment of silence. Well worth the money. Will definitely do again.

Meet our local hosts in Singapore. One of them will tailor this experience to your wishes!

We’ll expertly match you to your best suited host based on your interests, personality and the experience vibe you’re after.

Other experiences you may be interested in

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Half day in Singapore with a local

Half day in Singapore with a local Singapore

4 hours tailored to what you want to see and do. So whether it's ticking off main sites or discovering hidden gems, it's up to you and your host!

€122.9 per person

Full day In Singapore with a local

Full day In Singapore with a local Singapore

The Singapore you want to experience in a day! Your host will tailor an itinerary to your interests, whether top sites, delicious food, or hidden gems

€225.32 per person

Family day in Singapore with a local

Family day in Singapore with a local Singapore

Discover the best of Singapore with the whole family on an experience tailored to you by a host who knows what the kids will love to explore

singapore airport layover tour

singapore airport layover tour

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singapore airport layover tour

Private Singapore Airport Layover Walking Tour

  • Get the personalized experience of a private guide
  • Turn your long layover into a sightseeing adventure
  • Choose the places you visit based on your interests
  • Stay on schedule with round trip airport transfer

Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Airport pickup and transfer to the city by car
  • Professional guide
  • Walking tour
  • Public transportation used during your walking tour (MRT, bus) 
  • Return taxi to the airport after your tour (estimate approximately SG$40 per car)
  • The costs of drinks or snacks or meals or souvenirs etc are not included and are payable by yourself. These costs are minimal. (estimate approximately SG$15-20 pp for food and soft drinks)
  • If you wish to use a taxi or Uber to travel around these costs are not included and are payable by yourself. Only public transportation costs are included plus one car transfer from the airport into the city.
  • If you wish to ride a bumboat down the Singapore River, ride the Singapore Flyer or visit Gardens By The Bay or any other ticketed attraction the entrance fees are at your own cost and are not included in the tour. 

Departure & Return

Your private guide will meet you at ARRIVALS at the airport. Please contact the tour operator to let them know which terminal your flight lands at.

Any time from 8am to 4pm. Please provide your arrival and departure flight times when booking. Your tour will start 1 hour after your flight is due to arrive.

Additional Info

  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking
  • A moderate amount of walking is involved, please wear comfortable walking shoes
  • When you disembark proceed directly to arrivals. If you go to the transit area or lounges you will end up in departures and WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO EXIT THE AIRPORT FOR YOUR TOUR.
  • Tours will be delivered in English unless requested otherwise at the time of booking.
  • If you wish to buy anything whilst you are in Singapore you will need SG$ in cash. Shops and restaurants will not accept US$ or other currencies. 

Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel at least 7 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is No cancellation fee
  • If you cancel between 3 and 6 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is 50 percent cancellation fee
  • If you cancel within 2 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is 100 percent cancellation fee

Your Contact Details

Questions or requests.

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