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to travel or migrate slowly or with difficulty, often through rough or unsettled territory: He managed to escape from a Siberian labor camp and trekked to Iran, a three-year journey.

to hike long distances as a recreational activity, especially over rough terrain: He's trekked through the Himalayas and summited Mt. Kilimanjaro.

to make a short but difficult trip on foot: We trekked back to our hotel in the pouring rain.

South Africa . to travel by ox wagon.

South Africa . (of a draft animal) to draw (a vehicle or load).

a slow or difficult journey, hike, or trip.

South Africa .

a migration or expedition, especially by ox wagon.

a stage of such a journey, between one stopping place and the next.

Origin of trek

Other words from trek.

  • un·trekked, adjective

Words Nearby trek

  • Treinta y Tres
  • trelliswork

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How to use trek in a sentence

Writer Leath Tonino devised a 200-mile solo desert trek , following the path of the legendary cartographer who literally put these contentious canyons on the map.

So, we just made the decision to continue on with the trek , but to do it as conscientiously and as low-impact as possible.

He says that the team was able to show microbes would be able to survive the trek from Mars to Earth without shielding from the dangers of space if they clump together.

During their latest trek they checked these survey stakes and determined the speed with which the ice masses creep.

Until now, measuring these effects has required arduous treks through trackless swamps.

During his trek , Brinsley twice passed within a block of a police stationhouse and he almost certainly saw cops along the way.

The audience--tout Hollywood--stands to cheer his slow and painful trek from the wings to the table.

Overall, few travelers have made the trek into the desert of Sudan to see these architectural wonders.

In fact, some feminist critics have pointed to a long history of objectification in Star trek .

Horst Ulrich, a 72-year-old German on a trek with a group of friends, watched four Nepali guides swept away by an avalanche.

If his partner's impedimentia was not too bulky, the ancient model was ready for another trek to the hills.

The mountaineers, indeed, suffered less than the townsfolk as being more accustomed than they to conditions of trek and battle.

The cool morning air made it bearable for man and beast to trek .

By the third day of their trek southward along the Great River, the soles of Redbird's moccasins had worn through.

Once more was there a cracking of whips, and the oxen, straightening out along the trek -touw (Note 3), moved reluctantly on.

British Dictionary definitions for trek

/ ( trɛk ) /

a long and often difficult journey

Southern African a journey or stage of a journey, esp a migration by ox wagon

(intr) to make a trek

(tr) Southern African (of an ox, etc) to draw (a load)

Derived forms of trek

  • trekker , noun

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

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Definition of 'trek'

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trek in British English

Trek in american english, examples of 'trek' in a sentence trek, cobuild collocations trek, trends of trek.

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  • mountain trek
  • the Great Trek
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English [ edit ]

Alternative forms [ edit ].

  • treck ( archaic )

Etymology [ edit ]

From Afrikaans trek , from Dutch trekken , from Middle Dutch trekken ( weak verb ) and trēken ( “ to trek, place, bring, move ” , strong verb ) , from Old Dutch *trekkan , *trekan , from Proto-West Germanic *trekan , from Proto-Germanic *trekaną , *trakjaną ( “ to drag, haul, scrape, pull ” ) , from Proto-Indo-European *dreg- ( “ to drag, scrape ” ) .

Pronunciation [ edit ]

  • enPR : trĕk , IPA ( key ) : /tɹɛk/
  • Rhymes: -ɛk

Noun [ edit ]

trek ( plural treks )

  • ( South Africa ) A journey by ox wagon.
  • ( South Africa ) The Boer migration of 1835-1837.
  • 1943 November and December, G. T. Porter, “The Lines Behind the Lines in Burma”, in Railway Magazine , page 327 : Early the next morning I set off on the long and hazardous trek through jungles and hills into Assam, and regretfully said "good-bye" to the gallant little Burma Railways, which had functioned to the last and played a big part in evacuating many thousands of refugees and wounded soldiers in the path of the rapidly advancing Japanese.
  • A long walk. Synonym: slog I would drive to the shops from here; you can walk, but it's quite a trek .

Verb [ edit ]

trek ( third-person singular simple present treks , present participle trekking , simple past and past participle trekked )

  • 1892 , Robert Louis Stevenson , The Beach of Falesá : Before that they had been a good deal on the move, trekking about after the white man, who was one of those rolling stones that keep going round after a soft job.
  • ( intransitive ) To journey on foot , especially to hike through mountainous areas .
  • ( South Africa ) To travel by ox wagon .
  • ( Nigeria ) To travel by walking .

Related terms [ edit ]

Translations [ edit ], anagrams [ edit ], afrikaans [ edit ].

  • IPA ( key ) : /træk/

Etymology 1 [ edit ]

From Dutch trekken .

trek ( present trek , present participle trekkende , past participle getrek )

  • to move (moving house)

Descendants [ edit ]

Etymology 2 [ edit ].

From Dutch trek .

trek ( plural trekke )

Derived terms [ edit ]

Dutch [ edit ].

  • IPA ( key ) : /trɛk/
  • Hyphenation: trek

From Middle Dutch trec , from trecken .

trek   m ( plural trekken , diminutive trekje   n )

  • ( uncountable ) appetite Ik heb trek in een reep chocola — I could (now) have a chocolate bar Ik heb geen trek in deze klus — I have no mind to carry out this task
  • ( countable ) journey , migration
  • ( uncountable ) animal migration
  • ( uncountable ) draught , air current through a chimney.
  • ( countable ) feature , trait

See the etymology of the corresponding lemma form.

  • first-person singular present indicative

French [ edit ]

trek   m ( plural treks )

Ternate [ edit ]

  • IPA ( key ) : [ˈtɾek]

References [ edit ]

  • Rika Hayami-Allen (2001) A descriptive study of the language of Ternate, the northern Moluccas, Indonesia , University of Pittsburgh, page 30

trek definition english

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trek definition english

Meaning of "trek" in the English dictionary

Etymology of the word trek, pronunciation of trek, grammatical category of trek.

See the conjugation of the verb trek in English .



Definition of trek in the English dictionary

The first definition of trek in the dictionary is a long and often difficult journey. Other definition of trek is a journey or stage of a journey, esp a migration by ox wagon. Trek is also to make a trek.


Conditional, words that rhyme with trek, words that begin like trek, words that end like trek, synonyms and antonyms of trek in the english dictionary of synonyms, synonyms of «trek», words relating to «trek», translation of «trek» into 25 languages.

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Examples of use in the english literature, quotes and news about trek, 6 quotes with «trek», 10 english books relating to «trek», 10 news items which include the term «trek».

Synonyms of trek

  • as in to travel
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Thesaurus Definition of trek

 (Entry 1 of 2)

Synonyms & Similar Words

  • peregrination
  • commutation

Thesaurus Definition of trek  (Entry 2 of 2)

  • peregrinate
  • road - trip
  • knock (about)
  • perambulate

Thesaurus Entries Near trek

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“Trek.” Merriam-Webster.com Thesaurus , Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/trek. Accessed 26 Jan. 2024.

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Nglish: Translation of trek for Spanish Speakers

Britannica English: Translation of trek for Arabic Speakers

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Definition of trek verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

  • I hate having to trek up that hill with all the groceries.
  • Finally, we trekked across the wet sands towards the camp.

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trek definition english

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Meaning of what goes around comes around in English

What goes around comes around.

  • all's fair in love and war idiom
  • anti-discrimination
  • anti-egalitarian
  • anti-nepotism
  • due process
  • egalitarian
  • egalitarianism
  • it's a fair cop idiom
  • sportsmanlike
  • sportsmanship

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trek definition english

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  1. TREK

    to walk a long distance, usually over land such as hills, mountains, or forests: We spent the day trekking through forests and over mountains. informal I trekked (= walked a long and tiring distance) all the way into town to meet him and he didn't even turn up. Thesaurus: synonyms, antonyms, and examples to walk

  2. Trek Definition & Meaning

    ˈtrek trekked; trekking Synonyms of trek intransitive verb 1 : to make one's way arduously broadly : journey 2 chiefly South Africa a : to travel by ox wagon b : to migrate by ox wagon or in a train of such trekker noun trek 2 of 2 noun 1 : a trip or movement especially when involving difficulties or complex organization : an arduous journey 2

  3. TREK Definition & Usage Examples

    the act or utterance of one who warns. any apparel worn over other clothing for warmth. generosity of spirit or attitude. TAKE THE QUIZ TO FIND OUT Origin of trek 1 First recorded in 1845-50; from Afrikaans and Dutch noun trek "a tug, pull, march"; verb from Afrikaans trek "to draw, pull, migrate," from Dutch trekken

  4. TREK definition and meaning

    noun 1. a long and often difficult journey 2. South Africa a journey or stage of a journey, esp a migration by ox wagon verb Word forms: treks, trekking or trekked

  5. Trek

    A trek is a long and difficult journey. The word trek implies an extended trip that is hard — a climb up a mountain or a journey through dense forests. In Star Trek, the crew of the Enterprise is on a journey through space that will last a long time.

  6. trek

    trek - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free.

  7. trek

    trek From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English trek1 /trek/ noun [ countable] 1 a long and difficult journey, made especially on foot as an adventure SYN hike a lonely trek through the forest see thesaurus at journey 2 informal a distance that seems long when you walk it I'm afraid it's a bit of a trek to the station.

  8. TREK

    a long, difficult journey that you make by walking: They started out on the long trek across the mountains. trek verb [ I ] present participle trekking | past tense and past participle trekked (Definition of trek from the Cambridge Learner's Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) Translations of trek in Chinese (Traditional)

  9. Trek Definition & Meaning

    : to walk usually for a long distance We had to trek up six flights of stairs with our groceries. 2 : to travel by walking through an area with many mountains, rivers, etc., for pleasure and adventure On their vacation last year they went trekking in the Himalayas. 3 : to go on a long and often difficult journey

  10. Trek

    1. a long and often difficult journey 2. (Historical Terms) South African a journey or stage of a journey, esp a migration by ox wagon vb, treks, trekking or trekked 3. ( intr) to make a trek 4. ( tr) South African (of an ox, etc) to draw (a load) [C19: from Afrikaans, from Middle Dutch trekken to travel; related to Old Frisian trekka]

  11. trek_1 noun

    (informal) a long walk synonym tramp It's a long trek into town. Oxford Collocations Dictionary Word Origin See trek in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary Check pronunciation: trek Definition of trek_1 noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more.

  12. trek_2 verb

    [intransitive, transitive] to spend time walking, especially in mountains and for pleasure and interest (+ adv./prep.) We went trekking in Nepal. During the expedition, they trekked ten to thirteen hours a day. trek something He spent the summer trekking the Taurus mountains. see also pony-trekking Extra Examples Topics Holidays b2 Word Origin

  13. Trek Definition & Meaning

    Trek Definition trĕk trekked, trekking, treks Meanings Synonyms Sentences Definition Source Word Forms Origin Verb Noun Filter verb To draw (a wagon) Webster's New World To make a slow or arduous journey. American Heritage Similar definitions To travel slowly or laboriously. Webster's New World

  14. trek

    Verb [ edit] ( intransitive) To make a slow or arduous journey . Before that they had been a good deal on the move, trekking about after the white man, who was one of those rolling stones that keep going round after a soft job. ( intransitive) To journey on foot, especially to hike through mountainous areas.

  15. trek

    trek meaning: a long, difficult journey that you make by walking: . Learn more.

  16. trek

    pronunciation: trek parts of speech: intransitive verb, noun features: Word Combinations ( verb, noun ), Word History Word History Trek is a word from Afrikaans, the language of the Dutch settlers in South Africa. It meant "to journey or migrate by wagon." This word entered the English language in the mid-1800s.

  17. TREK

    Definition of trek in the English dictionary The first definition of trek in the dictionary is a long and often difficult journey. Other definition of trek is a journey or stage of a journey, esp a migration by ox wagon.

  18. trek definition

    1 a long and often difficult journey. 2 (S. African) a journey or stage of a journey, esp. a migration by ox wagon. vb , treks, trekking, trekked. 3 intr to make a trek. 4 tr (S. African) (of an ox, etc.) to draw (a load)

  19. TREK Synonyms: 59 Similar Words

    Synonyms for TREK: trip, expedition, journey, excursion, tour, flight, errand, voyage, ride, travel(s)

  20. trek

    trekking - expédition - balade à cheval - faire une excursion - périple - raid - rando - randonnée - randonnée équestre - randonner - tirée - trotte Synonymes : journey, long journey, trip, expedition, travels, Suite...

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    Examples of TREK in a sentence, how to use it. 99 examples: He might even have died from fever had the people not made ' long treks walking…

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    Definition of trek_2 verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. ... English American English. Enter search text. Definition of trek verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. trek

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    WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND meaning: 1. the way that you behave now will affect how you are treated in the future: 2. something that is…. Learn more.