The Complete Packing Guide For Your Baby Or Toddler's First Cruise

toddler holding hands on cruise

Becoming a parent doesn't mean the end of your life as an explorer, as there are plenty of ways to travel with a baby and as a whole family. While road-tripping with a toddler is as challenging as it is rewarding, taking a cruise with a baby or toddler is much more simple.

Your baby will need to be at least six months old for most cruises that don't require a passport , and if you're planning a more extensive cruise that crosses the ocean or is a more international destination, then you'll need to wait under your child is at least a year old by the time your ship departs — make sure to check your particular cruise line's policy. Traveling with a baby or toddler who is more mobile and developed than a newborn actually could be a bit more involved than traveling with a baby fresh to this world.

Packing light is typically a positive thing, but don't be afraid to pack extra things you think you will need when packing for your baby, especially if you are a first-time parent and haven't locked down your parenting style or needs quite yet. Don't fret, though, because we are here to help! Our packing guide for cruising with a baby or toddler will help you make all the right packing decisions for a fun-filled family vacation.

Comforts from home

Babies are resilient, and as long as they have their trusted care providers, they can adjust to pretty much anything. However, the transition from being at home to traveling on board a huge cruise ship with different air and motions surrounded by a ton of people is a pretty big one. You can help your little one ease into the big change by bringing some of their favorite items from home. Whether it be a blanket that they've slept with every night since birth or a few toys they enjoy, making sure to pack it and even have it on them while boarding the ship can be a comfort that makes all the difference.

Additionally, if one care provider is not making the journey with you, bringing something with their scent can bring a sense of their presence along for the trip. It may also be helpful to keep a video of that person on hand so that your baby can hear their voice, especially if that care provider sings or reads the child to sleep on a regular basis. Prerecording some songs or stories will help soothe your child if they have a rough transition and helps to keep the missing loved one relevant in their mind as a somewhat active presence during the trip.

So many diapers

You can't count on much once you enter the ever-changing world of parenthood, but the need for diapers is one constant. While the cruise ship may have a store with some necessities, it's wise to not have to rely on them for anything. Yes, it's possible diapers may be available for purchase, but storage is limited on a cruise ship and there may be other passengers onboard who are wanting baby items as well. It's best to pack more diapers that you will need, just in case. The average baby or toddler uses anywhere from six to 10 diapers a day, so it's best to go with something in the upper range – you can probably get away with less if you have an older toddler. Also, don't forget the wipes!

If you are on a cloth diapering journey, we highly recommend you take a break from it during your cruise and pack disposables. While Mother Earth thanks you for lessening your and your baby's carbon footprint, this choice will make life more difficult while onboard a cruise ship. The dirty diapers stacking up in your cabin you'll become a stinky situation sooner than later, so save yourself where you can.

Something to carry your baby

Baby will need to go pretty much everywhere you go as they're too young for kid's club and you'll be exploring quite a bit, so you will need to find the best way to tote around your little one – and trust us, that's not by carrying them in your arms. Strollers are allowed on cruises and can be a great way to bring your baby along everywhere you need to go, and all you really need is a small, light stroller. While this may come in handy on the ship, it will be worth gold once you leave the ship and explore a port town.

Some cruise lines provide strollers that families can use on board and at port, and some do not. If you do not want to worry about packing and dragging your own stroller from home along for the trip, check with your specific cruise to see if they have their own available and if they are limited. Packing your own, of course, ensures that you are granted one and that your little one is comfortable in it.

Baby carriers are also incredibly valuable, as they free your hands, allow your baby to stay snuggled close to you, and can go a long way in easing your mind that your baby is safe in a crowded place. Utilizing a baby carrier, stroller, or both while exploring the ports is the sweet spot for some, but whatever feels most comfortable is the best for you and your family.

Plenty of clothes

Babies and toddlers can go through a good amount of clothes. It's not abnormal for a baby to go through three sets of clothes in a day, and once children get mobile, their clothes are likely to go through the ringer with everything they crawl, run, and play through. You'll likely want to bring plenty of clothes for your baby, and you'll also want to be sure that they are appropriate for the weather. Take a look at what the weather is supposed to be like at all your destinations, and also consider what it'll be like on the ship.

If you're traveling somewhere warm, bring breathable clothing for your child that is easy to layer, as well as warmer clothing for the ship. If your child is walking, you'll need to bring one or two appropriate pairs of shoes as well.

If you don't want your luggage packed down with tiny sets of shirts and pants along with everything else your child will need, bring some portable laundry detergent packs in order to do some light laundry in your cabin's bathroom sink to help reuse some clothing items. Fortunately, tiny human clothes are small enough to dry quickly and not take up too much cabin space when hung up. A lot of cruises do offer laundry services as well, but maybe not often enough for the constant rotation of clothing small children go through.

Protection from the wind

Something a lot of travelers may not consider when taking a baby on a cruise is the wind that may occur once on board. While the long-standing idea that wind causes ear infection if a baby's ears are exposed on a windy day is, fortunately, a myth, it certainly is not comfortable for a baby to have the wind blowing around their faces and ears and it can actually irritate their skin. Even if it is a warm day, covering a baby is still pretty wise if there is a constant breeze or heavy winds.

Whether it's a headband, a hat, or a thin blanket, make sure to pack something that could act as a kind of shelter for your baby from the wind. Depending on your destination, having something that is appropriate for the cold, the heat, or even both would be wise. Cruises cover a lot of area and weather conditions could change drastically as you travel, so it's best to be prepared for whatever may come.

Noise machine

Sleep is one of the most important things to a baby and a new parent. While on vacation especially, you want to up the odds of having a decent amount of rest so that you haven't dumped a bunch of money into a trip that you're dragging through exhausted. A sleep machine or white noise can be beneficial to a child's sleep and especially help them adjust to a new setting. If your child doesn't normally sleep with a noise machine, you may want to start it at home a week or two before you head out. Feel free not to take this tip if you don't want to risk starting a habit that might not be easily stopped once you get home, but the increased sleep you may get just might be worth an added step in the nighttime routine.

If you don't want to take up space with a noise machine, your phone will likely work just fine. You can get an app, download white noise, or even use YouTube to play a sound to soothe your baby. Using your phone for your child's sleep time routine will of course mean that you do not have it, though, and it's perfectly reasonable to not want to give up your communication device for the many hours small children need to sleep.

Protection from the sun

As the care provider, you need to ensure your child doesn't get too much exposure to the sun, which can be especially damaging to their brand-new skin. Fortunately, there are a few ways to help keep your baby out of the sun's harmful rays. It's probably been drilled into you that, while vacationing out in the sun, you need to lather on the sunscreen. The only thing worse than the pain of being sunburnt on vacation is a burnt baby, however, it isn't recommended to apply sunscreen to an infant younger than six months old. Even though your baby will need to be at least six months old if they're on a cruise, you may want to limit its use until they are a little older. 

Bringing a hat or two that has full courage and flaps around the neck can help protect them from the sun, especially since a lot of babies don't have a ton of hair to protect their scalps. The sunshade of a stroller can be helpful here as well, or even bringing a little umbrella could be helpful. These sun-blocking items are still useful if you do lather sunscreen on your baby, as the more precautions you take, the less sun exposure your child will get.

Bathing necessities

Something you may not think about when packing for your little one's first cruise is how you will bathe them. Unfortunately, your child is likely too big for the cruise cabin's sink, meaning the most simple solution to the bathing predicament is just out of reach. Most cabins on a cruise ship will also only have a shower unless you choose to upgrade your room, so you can't bank on having an accessible bathtub, either. 

Unless you want to hold your little one while taking a shower yourself, which can be tricky, very slippery, and all around not a fun time, we'd recommend bringing your own baby bath. Inflatable baths are ideal for cruises, as they don't take up a ton of room in your pack. Think about sacrificing some packing room for a couple of bath toys as well, because keeping bath time a fun and interactive time goes a long way in making sure your baby has a great vacation as well.

Feeding essentials

If you are traveling with a baby who is under a year old, you'll need to make sure you pack enough formula and bottles if you are not breastfeeding. Some cruises will have formula available to buy, but it's best to come prepared with plenty of formula for your baby's needs. Tap water on a cruise ship is typically safe to drink, but formula is meant to be made with purified water. Bringing distilled water in your carry-on luggage to make bottles is wise, though it does add a decent amount of weight to your bags. Distilled water may be provided by the cruise line, but we would recommend you check before heading out so you know whether you need to pack it.

Breastfeeding, unless your baby is exclusively nursed, will take much more packing space. If your baby takes pumped milk, you'll need to consider everything you need at home for pumping and cleaning the pump parts, as well as bottles and milk storage. Also make sure to bring anything you think will make you the most comfortable nursing or pumping on a cruise ship, whether you like wearing a cover or using a boppy pillow.

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks

Since babies have to be at least six months old on a cruise, they are likely already eating some solids and chances are, your little one snacks out at home — especially if you've got one who is already walking or running around! Luckily, cruises will allow you to bring packaged foods on board. While this doesn't include any homemade food items your little ones may love, you can probably compile a good collection of snacks they'll enjoy over the course of the cruise.

Freeze-dried fruit is a great option, as well as yogurt bites and nuts if you've already introduced them and ruled them out as allergens. Speaking of, it's a great idea to only bring snacks you know your child has already had. While the early introduction of the main allergens is now recommended to help children avoid developing allergies, it's wise to do so when prepared for things to go wrong. You will want to ensure there is little chance of your baby having an allergic reaction when out at sea on a cruise ship, away from major hospitals.

Will your baby need a swimsuit?

If you plan accordingly, yes! Most cruise lines won't allow a baby or child who is not yet potty-trained to swim in the pool. It makes sense, as there are a lot of people who have paid for the chance to have a nice swim and they don't want waste to end up in the pool. However, some cruise lines have a place for younger children and babies to get in the water as well — but it's still important to be mindful of potty time and dirty diapers, though!

MSC Cruises, Disney, and Royal Caribbean are generally all family and small children-friendly cruise lines, but they still only have certain ships that have splash pads and smaller pool areas that are specifically meant for babies and toddlers. If you are set on your child getting to have a fun pool experience, make sure to research your ship to ensure they'll have a place to get in the water.

Be mindful that even though a ship has pools and pads for young children to have fun it doesn't mean that all pools are baby friendly. It's also likely that lifeguards will not be present and water is particularly dangerous for small children – it only takes seconds to drown, so understand that full attention has to be on children in the water., especially in crowded places with plenty of distractions.

What about sleeping arrangements?

Parents, especially new ones, know that sleep is absolutely vital to a happy, healthy baby as well as fully functioning care providers. It can be difficult in perfect conditions to get some much-needed sleep when a baby is involved, and even harder when in a setting like a cruise ship. That's why it's so important to make sure your baby has a comfortable and relaxing sleep situation on board.

Those who co-sleep with their little ones may not be too worried about the sleeping arrangements on the cruise ship, but it's important to remember that beds on a cruise will likely be different than you are used to at home. A lot of cabins have two twin-sized beds that you are welcome to push together, but that may leave you less than thrilled about a safe spot for your little one to sleep.

Some cruise lines will automatically provide a crib or safe sleep space for a baby that is booked for a cruise, but it's best to speak to someone about whether a space can be provided. If a bed for your baby isn't provided or you'd rather bring your own, you can tote in a travel crib. It may be a good idea to bring your baby or toddler's own sheets from home, to help with transitioning into a different space. Also, don't forget their favorite stuffy!

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What to Pack for a Cruise with a Baby – Important Essentials to Bring On Board

Wondering what to pack for a cruise with a baby or toddler? Rompers and onesies are great, a reclining travel stroller for deckside napping is wise, but be sure to also bring these important items on board, too!

Important Baby Essentials to Pack for a Cruise with a Baby

If you’ll be cruising for a week or more with an infant or toddler, it is not unreasonable to expect you will need an entire suitcase devoted to baby essentials. Really. As a general rule, cruise lines do not stock baby food, formula, diapers, or wipes on board, except in very rare cases. Here are two exceptions:

For a fee, Holland America Line will arrange for you to have commercial baby food, diapers, and a mini refrigerator in your cabin by advance request through the ship’s services department—you can preview the Holland America Line Infant Request Form here .

Disney Cruise Line sells some baby essentials, including baby food, diapers, and wipes, on board all of its ships. However, they are only for sale “subject to availability.” As you can imagine, if every parent on the ship planned to buy diapers on board it could be quite a mess.

Quick! Pin it to your travel board. This feature continues below…

In addition to the most basic supplies, you’ll want to bring along any baby bottles or sippy cups, toddler utensils, bibs, and related paraphernalia you may need to help make it a comfortable voyage. Just remember, as your supply of diapers and baby food diminishes you’ll be freeing up lots of room for souvenirs—which are much more fun to hunt for in port cities than diapers for your child.

inflatable bathtub to pack for a cruise with a baby

In addition to all the usual travel togs and sun hat you’ll be packing for your wee cruiser, don’t forget to pack these essentials for your cruise vacation with a baby or young toddler:

Packing List for Baby or Toddler: You’d better bring it onboard ( click here for printable ):

  • Swim diapers (if needed)
  • Bottles, nipples (or disposables)
  • Toddler silverware, etc.
  • Travel bottle of dishwashing soap, bottle brush
  • Baby sun block
  • Baby shampoo
  • Preferred lotion
  • Baby bathtub inflatable insert (most cabins do not have tubs)
  • Antibacterial hand wipes

For more help planning your family’s cruise vacation:

See part vii: travels by cruise ship in travels with baby: the ultimate guide for planning travel with your baby, toddler and preschooler., five things you should know before planning a cruise with a baby or toddler, ten things you should know before planning a cruise with kids, have you subscribed to travels with baby tips .

More tips and advice are on the way! For help for planning travel of every kind–with babies and children of every temperament–in Travels with Baby: The Ultimate Guide for Planning Travel with Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler.

Where will you travel next? Stop by our sister site and get inspired!

cruise packing list for baby

The 411 on Grapevine with Kids

Six Great MEXICO Family Vacation Destinations

The 411 on Quebec City with Kids

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Adventure Ocean Boy Playing inside Tunnel

How To Pack For A Family Cruise

By Cynthia J. Drake | Published on March 17, 2022

Royal Caribbean's Instagram for Live Updates

It was not the best way to start our family cruise : My husband and I had packed our suitcases meticulously with everything we needed — except we'd left our bags in the care of the luggage porters at the pier and only now, staring down our 18 month old, did it dawn on us that there were no diapers to be found in our carry-on bag.

Mishaps happen, but packing with a plan and following a few key tips can help you start your trip with ease.

What To Pack For A Cruise – Packing List Essentials

Adventure Ocean Boy Playing inside Tunnel

Having cruised with small children across the globe for a decade now, I've developed some foolproof strategies for how to pack for a family cruise. I've certainly had my share of "fails" when it comes to planning, packing and preparing, but I still love cruising with my family as a way to reconnect and explore the world together as well as get a little relaxation time myself (as opposed to just momming it up in another setting).

Whether you have babies, school-aged kids or teens, these tips will help you to ensure your cruise is set for smooth sailing with your whole crew.

Packing For A Cruise With Babies And Young Children

1. check out the cruise ship’s childcare facilities.

Oasis of the Seas Adventure Ocean Tots Playing Legos

2. Consider A "Baby Concierge"

3. involve your kids in packing for their cruise.

Young Family with a Child Packing for Holiday

4. Throw In A Little Extra For The Necessities

Packing for pre-k to elementary age kids on a cruise, 1. prepare for all occasions (and weather) when you pack.

Boy Playing on the Mini Golf

2. Don't Forget The Special Cruise Package Items

3. throw in some handy extras.

Family Cruise Packing List Essentials include Reusable Water Bottles

What To Pack For The Rest Of The Family

Tweens, teens and all ages, 1. plan your family photo.

Oasis of the Seas Family Boardwalk Ultimate Abyss

2. Think Through Communication

3. pack for independence, 4. leave room for souvenirs.

Packing Souvenirs from your Cruise Travels




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Family Fun at the Beach,  St. John's, Antigua

5 Reasons Why Cruises Are Great For Families

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14 Best Family Vacation Spots To Visit With A Cruise

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Top 10 Family Spring Break Vacation Destinations

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What to Pack for Kids on a Cruise: Kid’s Cruise Packing List

Kids Cruise Packing List

Sharing is caring!

Are you going on a family cruise and wondering what to pack for your children? This kid’s cruise packing list has everything you’ll need to bring for your cruise vacation.

Whether you’re going on a Caribbean or Bahamas cruise , or any other destination, this cruise packing guide for children will help.

Here’s what to pack for kids on a cruise, so you’ll have everything you need.

In this post we go over:

  • What clothes to pack for your children
  • Kids cruise essentials
  • Babies & toddlers cruise essentials
  • Must have items for families

This post contains affiliate links which means if you click and buy that I may make a commission, at no cost to you. Please see my disclosure policy for details.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Cruise Packing List For Kids

family packing for cruise

If you’re going on a cruise with kids, you’ll want to plan and pack for sea days , days in port and evenings on the cruise ship.

Most cruise lines are casual during the day and have a dress code in the evening in the main dining room and nicer restaurants. Resort casual attire is perfect for most nights.

Some cruise lines have a formal or dressy night , where passengers will dress up a little bit more. However for children, dress codes are pretty relaxed.

This cruise packing list of clothing for kids is a good planning guide, that will help you to bring everything you need for your family cruise . Please adjust the list of clothing to the length of your cruise, your itinerary and your child’s preferences.

Cruise Packing List for Kids:

  • 4-5 pairs of shorts
  • 2-3 bathing suits
  • 3-4 polo shirts or nice tops (evening)
  • 2 long sleeve shirts or sweatshirt (for cooler days or evenings)
  • 2-3 casual dresses or sundresses for girls
  • 2 pair of leggings or sweat pants (comfy clothes)
  • 1-2 fancy dresses for formal nights for girls
  • 1 suits or dress pants and 2 shirts for formal nights for boys
  • Undergarments
  • Belt and tie (optional)
  • Hair accessories
  • Baseball cap or sunhat
  • Rain poncho
  • Pool and brach sandals
  • Dress shoes (evening)

Cruise Line Specific & Itinerary Packing Lists

  • What to Pack for a Royal Caribbean Cruise
  • What to Pack for a Carnival Cruise
  • What to Pack for a Princess Cruise
  • What to Pack for a Caribbean Cruise
  • What to Pack for a Bahamas Cruise
  • What to Pack for a Bermuda Cruise
  • What to Pack for an Alaska Cruise
  • What to Pack for a Mediterranean Cruise

Kid’s Cruise Essentials

family cruise on beach

Although there are a lot of activities for kids on a cruise , it’s a good idea to bring a few small toys to keep your child busy in the cabin or even on the airplane.

You won’t have room for a lot. However, consider allowing each child to pack a small backpack with some toys, books and markers to keep them occupied.

If you’re going on a Caribbean, Bermuda or other warm weather cruise, sand toys are a great item to pack for beach days and shore excursions.

These collapsible sand toys take up less room and are easier to pack for your family cruise.

cruise packing list for baby

Recommended: Collapsible sand toys (check price & 4.5 Amazon reviews here)

It’s a good idea to bring mesh beach bags to carry sand toys and other items between the cruise ship and beach.

cruise packing list for baby

Recommended: Mesh bags for sand toys (check price & amazon reviews here)

2. Water Shoes

For the lido deck and pool, beach or shore excursions, water shoes are a necessary cruise essential for children.

cruise packing list for baby

Recommended: Water shoes (great for kids of all ages)

If you’re visiting the Caribbean islands, Hawaii or Bermuda, you can expect sunny and warm weather. If you have young kids, bringing a sun hat with UV protection is a great idea. A baseball cap for older children and teens is great too.

cruise packing list for baby

Recommended: Sun hat with UV protection (see different cols on Amazon)

4. Closed Toe Shoes

A standard pair of sneakers is perfect for a cruise. Remember that your child will need closed toe shoes to participate in some of the cruise ship activities and sports (don’t forget socks!).

5. Swim Goggles

kid on a cruise

Since the oceans and pools on the cruise ship are salt water, it’s important to pack a pair or two of swim goggles . Goggles don’t take up much room in your luggage, but will be used a lot throughout your cruise vacation.

cruise packing list for baby

Recommended: Swim goggles (check price, style options & size on Amazon here)

6. Children’s Medication

Remember to pack pain reliever and fever reducing medication, as well as any other children’s medication you may use in your household.

Something to note is that cruise ships will have a limited supply of over the counter medications and first aid products , so be sure to pack what you may need.

7. Band-Aids

Consider packing a mini first aid kit with band-aids and antibiotic ointment to take care of any small cuts and scratches.

cruise packing list for baby

Recommended: Travel first aid kit (see 3000+ 4.5* amazon reviews here)

9. Umbrella Stroller

Having a lightweight stroller both on the cruise ship and in ports will be a lifesaver (even if your child doesn’t usually use a stroller anymore).

An umbrella stroller is the easiest to pack and bring on a cruise – and is affordable.

cruise packing list for baby

Recommended: Umbrella stroller (compact & lightweight – see price & over 10,000 amazon reviews here)

11. Children’s Sunscreen

On your family vacation, you will be spending a lot of time under the sun. Getting some children’s sunscreen is a great way to protect your kids from getting sunburned.

If your children like spending time in the pool or ocean, getting a reef safe, water resistant sunscreen is a great idea.

cruise packing list for baby

Recommended: Reef friendly sunscreen

12. Children’s Insect Repellant

Picking up some children’s insect repellant is a good idea. Although there aren’t insects on the cruise, there may be mosquitos in some cruise ports (research before you go).

13. Packaged Snacks (Optional)

Although there are plenty of included food options onboard your cruise, bringing packaged snacks on a cruise can be practical.

Whether if it’s because your child is hungry after dinner or needs a small snack in a port of call, packaged snacks like granola bars can be handy.

Please note that you ports restrict the food you’re allowed to take off the cruise ship (usually fruit, vegetables and meats). Always check the rules before bringing anything off the ship.

Related: Can You Take Food Off a Cruise Ship While in Port?

14. Thermometer

Packing a lightweight thermometer in your mini first-aid kit is a good idea in case your children feels under the weather.

cruise packing list for baby

Recommended: Thermometer for travel

Get The Ultimate Cruise Planner

Regular price: $27 now just $17.

cruise packing list for baby

15. Plastic Baggies

Whether if it’s for bringing toys, snacks or miscellaneous items, ziploc style plastic baggies will be useful during your family cruise. Always pack a few resealable bags, as you never know when they’ll come in handy.

16. Small Inflatable Pool / bathtub (optional)

A genius cruise cabin hack for parents is to pack small inflatable pool or bath when cruising with babies or toddlers. These can placed at the bottom of the shower stall in your stateroom bathroom, since most do not have bathtubs.

cruise packing list for baby

Recommended: Small inflatable pool bathtub (check price & 2000+ reviews on Amazon)

Babies & Toddlers Cruise Essentials

kid on beach essentials

If you’re cruising with babies or toddlers, here are some things to add to add to your cruise packing list (as needed):

  • Diapers / pull-ups / swim diapers
  • Diaper creme
  • Baby food / formula (if needed)
  • Sippy cups / bottles
  • Blanket or favorite stuffed animal (optional)
  • Car seat for travel (optional)
  • Baby carrier (optional)
  • Children’s books

Must Have Items to Pack for Families

family cruise mother and daughter

1. Packing Cubes

Having packing cubes for each family member is a great idea. Using packing cubes to strategically pack your clothing will help kee the whole family organized.

Packing cubes are a must have cruise essential items that are loved by all cruisers.

cruise packing list for baby

Recommended: Packing cubes (best seller – check price & see over 18,000 Amazon reviews here)

2. Sunscreen

Make sure to pack enough sunscreen for the duration of your trip. Reef safe sunscreen is preferred for Caribbean and Bahamas cruises.

3. Refillable Water Bottles

Packing some reusable water bottles for your family vacation is a great idea. This way, you can bring water off of the cruise ship and you won’t have to purchase water bottles when you are onboard the ship.

cruise packing list for baby

Recommended: Refillable water bottles (collapsible to save space)

4. Motion Sensor Night Light

A battery powered motion sensor night light is a cruise cabin essential that is perfect for families. In the evening time, if the lights are off in your cabin, your stateroom will get very dark (especially an inside cabin).

If you or one of your family members gets up in the middle of the night, a night light will come in handy.

cruise packing list for baby

Recommended: Motion sensor nightlight (check price & 1400+ Amazon reviews here)

5. Magnetic Hooks

A cool thing that new cruisers don’t know about cruises, is that the cruise cabin walls are usually metal. Magnet hooks can be used to add extra storage, making the most out of a small cruise ship cabin.

Using magnetic hooks is a real space saver and they’re super useful. You can hang up your cruise lanyards, sunhats or wet bathing suits on the magnetic hooks.

cruise packing list for baby

Recommended: Magnet hooks (note, the higher the weight, the more hold you will get)

6. Power Bar (Non-Surge Protected)

Most cruise ship cabins will only have one or two outlets, and may not have any USB outlets (unless the cruise ship is new). Many cruisers like to pack a non-surge protected power bar .

Please note that surge protected power bars (ones like at home) are prohibited on cruise ships and they are likely to be confiscated. Only bring non-surge protected approved power strips on a cruise.

cruise packing list for baby

Recommended: Cruise ship power bar non-surge protected (this one has 9000+ 5* Amazon reviews)

7. Luggage Tag Holders

Cruise ship luggage holders can be used to hold your printed paper luggage tags. They’re reusable and even make a great gift for cruise lovers !

cruise packing list for baby

  • Royal Caribbean luggage tag holders
  • Carnival luggage tag holders
  • Norwegian luggage tag holders
  • Princess luggage tag holders
  • Celebrity luggage tag holders
  • Holland America luggage tag holders
  • MSC luggage tag holders

Read more: 50 Best-Selling Amazon Cruise Essentials

Luggage for the Family

Level8 hardside luggage.

Level8 Hardside luggage is lightweight, has smooth spinner wheels, and a built in TSA approved combination lock. I have the “textured luggage” in a 21″ carry on size and 24″ checked bag and love them!

Level 8 luggage ready for a cruise

Recommended: Level8 Hardside luggage (save 10% with code LIFEWELLCRUISED10)

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Final Thoughts on What to Pack for Kids on a Cruise

Well there it is, the ultimate kids cruise packing list!

If it’s your first cruise , knowing what to pack for your children can be a real challenge. As a parent, the last thing anyone wants is to forget something important before going on their cruise.

In this post, we went over what clothes to pack for your children, children’s cruise essentials, toddler and baby items, and things to pack for the family.

What cruise line are you cruising with on your upcoming vacation? Please let me know in the comments below.

Happy Cruising!

P.S. If you found this helpful, please don’t keep it to yourself ;-). Please share on Facebook or PIN to your favorite Pinterest board (share buttons at the top). Thanks so much!

Author Bio: Ethan Schattauer writes about fashion, travel and college advice on the website . As a frequent cruiser, Ethan shares his unique perspective on what cruising is like for teens and young adults.

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THE Cruise Packing Checklist: 85 Items To Bring (Printable)

Searching for a cruise packing checklist you can trust? Look no further. The staff at Cruzely has taken cruises from Miami to Vancouver, including trips done solo, as a couple, and with a family.

In other words, when it comes to packing for a cruise, nobody has the expertise — and the experience — that we do.

And if you think packing for a regular vacation can be daunting, then try packing for life on the ship.

List of things to pack for a cruise

What’s so challenging about cruise packing? Well, when you cruise you have some unique situations that you don’t find on any other vacation.

First, you have so many different scenarios to pack for . Sure you might think that it’s tossing some shorts and a swimsuit into a suitcase. On a cruise, however, you’re hanging out by the pool in a swimsuit, dressing up for dinner, wearing casual clothes to the buffet, and putting on something warm for a show in the theater.

In other words, you need to pack for a lot of different situations.

Second, in the middle of the ocean it’s tough to run out for anything that you forgot . Yes, you can wait until you get to port to pick up things you meant to bring, but that’s not always convenient. And while the ship will have some sort of small shop you can purchase things you forgot, these spots are notorious for being expensive for basic items (seriously, we’ve seen an $18 bottle of cold medicine).

That’s why we’ve put together this packing checklist for your next cruise. It covers everything that you might need to bring, all broken down into easy sections. It’s not saying you have to bring everything on the list, but it offers up a lot of ideas that you’ll want to consider.

Note: This article contains links to Amazon. As an Amazon affiliate we earn a portion of each sale at no extra cost to you.

Download the Printable Checklist

Our checklist of things to pack for a cruise is completely free. While we cover all the items in detail below, you can click the image (or click this link ) to download the printable PDF.

While many items on the list are self-explanatory, we go into more detail below about what’s included on the checklist for your cruise.

Cruise Packing Checklist: Clothes

Clothing will make up the bulk of what you’ll bring on a cruise, and rightly so. With so many different scenarios to dress for on a cruise, it’s helpful to bring a little bit of everything.

Of course, how much you’ll bring depends on how many days you’ll be at sea. Shorter cruises obviously require fewer items. Also, it’s ok if you wear the same thing twice on a cruise. For a 7-day cruise, having 3-4 outfits is a good idea.

Casual Clothes

  • T-Shirts (at least one for every two days of your cruise)
  • Shorts (at least one pair for every two days of your cruise)
  • Long pants (at least one pair for nights on the ship)
  • Long-sleeve shirt (at least one for nights on the ship)
  • Swimsuit (At least two, so that one can dry when you wear the other)
  • Swimsuit cover-up
  • Light jacket or hoodie (evenings on the ship can be cool)
  • Sleep clothes
  • Athletic shorts
  • Flip-flops (be sure they have tread; wet decks can be slippery)

Formal Clothes for Men

  • Dress shirt
  • Dress pants
  • Dress shoes
  • Blazer (optional, if you want to be more formal)
  • Tie (optional)

Formal Clothes for Women

  • Evening gown or cocktail dress
  • Dress blouse
  • Shoes/sandals
  • Jewelry/accessories

Cruise Packing Checklist: Items For the Cabin

Balcony cabin on a cruise

Think you only need to pack things to wear? The following items are ideal for a cabin to make it more comfortable during your cruise. Don’t think you have to pack all of these items, but those that catch your interest should be brought along.

  • Small fan (cabins don’t have fans to circulate air)
  • Nightlight (interior cabins are especially dark)
  • Magnetic hooks (to hang from the ceiling to dry swimsuits)
  • Outlet adapter (to provide more outlet spaces in the cabin; those with surge protectors aren’t allowed)
  • Shoe organizer (hangs over the door for storage of small items)
  • Alarm clock (alarm on the phone is just fine)
  • “ Poopouri ” (bathroom smells can linger)

Cruise Packing Checklist: Personal Items

In addition to clothes, you need to pack a few other items with you to make your cruise go smoothly. This includes everything from your boarding documents to your toothbrush.

  • Boarding documents
  • Luggage tags
  • Passport/birth certificate
  • Copy of passport/birth certificate (carry a copy of your passport with you in port; keep the original in the cabin safe)
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Cash ( we’ve written about how much you need here )
  • Backpack ( a light backpack is perfect for taking into port)
  • Prescription medicines
  • Over-the-counter medicines (headache, stomachache)
  • Motion sickness pills/patches
  • Phone charger
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Ziploc bags (these bags have numerous uses)

Toiletries/Personal Care

  • Cotton swabs
  • Feminine products
  • Hair straightener/curling iron
  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • Hair products
  • Glasses/contact lenses
  • Wet wipes (cabin toilet paper is thin, 1-ply product; do not flush wipes)

Cruise Packing Checklist: Kids Items

Child with cruise ship

Obviously not everyone packs for a cruise with kids. But if you are packing for a family, then there are some things that good to bring. See our full list of ideas here .


  • Silicone place mat
  • Umbrella stroller
  • A new toy (great for when kids are fussy and need a distraction)
  • Swim diapers
  • Bottles/water bottle
  • Diapers and wipes

One thing to know is that cruise lines will provide a crib for sleeping in your cabin at no charge. Just let the staff know you need one.

  • Handheld video games
  • Playing cards
  • Snorkel gear
  • Water shoes

Cruise Packing Checklist: Other Items to Bring

While we’ve covered a number of things to pack for your cruise, there are some other miscellaneous items that are a good idea to bring.

  • Wine/champagne ( a bottle or two is allowed )
  • Non-alcoholic drinks ( if allowed by your cruise line )
  • Towel clips
  • Wristwatch (set to the ship’s time when leaving for port)
  • Lanyard (for holding your room keycard)
  • Books/magazines
  • Wrinkle-release spray
  • Refillable bottle

Cruise Packing Checklist: Not Needed/Not Allowed

The following items may be tempting to bring, but cruise lines either take care of these for you or they aren’t allowed on the ship.

  • Hair dryer (already provided in each cabin)
  • Liquor/beer
  • Homemade snacks (not allowed; pre-packaged snacks are ok)
  • Towels (beach towels are supplied on the cruise)
  • Clothing iron
  • Weapons (including small knives and pepper spray)

Cruise Packing Tips: Beyond the Checklist

Suitcase packed for a cruise

As we’ve mentioned, packing for a cruise is a little different than any other vacation. While you need to prepare for lots of different situations — everything from hanging out by the pool to formal night — we actually think it can be easier to pack for a cruise than other trips. That’s because the rules for packing are more relaxed than if you are flying for a vacation.

Luggage Rules Are Fairly Simple Want to bring a large suitcase? Or two large suitcases? Or two carry-ons and several large bags? It’s all ok. The luggage rules surrounding cruises are nothing like you’ll find with airlines. Cruises don’t charge for luggage and there are no weight limits (within reason) .

In short, you can bring as much as you want. That’s one less thing to worry about when packing for your cruise and very convenient for passengers who are driving to the port.

Remember You Have to Carry Everything to the Ship While the rules surrounding luggage mean you can bring as much as you want, remember that whatever you bring, you will have to get it to and from the port. So if you are flying to the cruise port, then you’ll have to pay any baggage fees your airline might charge. You also have to carry your bags to the terminal to drop off for the luggage handlers.

Instead, keeping your bags manageable will save you a lot of hassle when you head to the ship.

Liquids Are OK Another way cruise packing is easier is that there aren’t rules regarding liquid sizes. You likely know that airlines limit you to three ounces of liquids to get through security. There are no such limits with cruise security .

So if you have a bottle of your favorite shampoo you want to bring or simply have an 8-ounce bottle of sunscreen, go ahead and pack it. There is no need to put it into smaller travel-sized containers.

Keep Anything for the First Day in Your Carry-On You don’t have to check any bags at the port if you don’t want. If you can carry it with you to your cabin, you are welcome to take it aboard. Still, many people choose to check larger or heavier bags instead of carrying those by themselves. It’s just easier. These bags are then delivered to your room later in the afternoon or evening.

If you check a bag, be sure to bring a carry-on that has anything in it you might need for the first day. So you’ll want a change of clothes, swimsuit, toiletries, boarding documents, and any valuables. If you bring on wine or champagne, also pack it in your carry-on so that it doesn’t accidentally get broken.

For more things to pack, don’t miss our 39 Useful Things to Pack for a Cruise (Including 17 You Might Not Think Of) .

Popular: 39 Useful Things to Pack (17 You Wouldn't Think Of)

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THE Cruise Packing Checklist: 85 Items To Bring (Printable)


Bringing water or soda on a cruise ship (carnival, royal caribbean, norwegian, and more), 39 useful things to pack for your cruise (including 17 you’d never think of), 25+ must-have cruise packing tips, 9 unexpected things you didn’t know you could bring on a cruise, 20 things to always pack when cruising with kids, luggage and baggage rules for taking a cruise (how much can i bring), 10 comments.

Thank you – this was very helpful – much appreciated!!!

That’s very good information 👌

Great list – getting ready for a cruise in May. Question, can you bring two bottles of wine or just one. Thanks for the tips.

Depends on the cruise line. In general, however, if you are traveling with two adults, you can bring two bottles of wine.

Thank you so much! This is a super helpful list!

quit telling people to bring wipes! THEY ARE NOT FLUSHABLE AND WILL CLOG THE SYSTEM AND FLOOD.

Nobody said to flush them. You place them in the trash.

Very useful tips for someone (like me) going on their first cruise.

This information was very helpful.

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cruise packing list for baby

simply sid family travel

The Ultimate Toddler Cruise Packing List: Pack With Confidence!

You’ve bought your cruise now it’s time to pack! Here is a must-have toddler cruise packing list to make sure you don’t forget anything for your little people!

I can’t tell you how excited it makes me that you are here and prepping for your first cruise with a toddler! We have loved taking Ollie on cruises for so many reasons that I wrote a whole post about it! Some of our favorite things about a cruise are the experiences we can have as a family and the fun shore excursions we can take him on. Packing for a family vacation with a toddler can feel a little overwhelming. It can feel like there is so much to bring! Don’t worry though because although the toddler cruise packing list may be long, I promise it won’t take up much space.

Clothes for young kids are so tiny! For a week-long vacation with Ollie, I can share a suitcase with him and have room for all of my stuff. No joke! His clothes are so small that most of his clothes can fit in one packing cube and the extra stuff can just be split between mine and Josh’s suitcases. Easy peasy! So easy in fact that sometimes I pack with one eye closed just to make it more challenging 😉 

The challenge does come in the non-clothes-related items for sure. Let me guide you through that! I will help you be prepared but not over-pack for your cruise. This post is all about the must-have toddler cruise packing list.

If you are looking for more help on going on a cruise with a toddler, you don’t want to miss this blog post.


Toddler cruise packing list.

(Based on a five-day cruise to a warm location, like a Caribbean cruise)

Just click on each item on the table of contents below if you want some more information on it!


cruise packing list for baby


Deep Dive into the Toddler Cruise Essentials

I’m not going to lie, that list probably seems overwhelming, huh? Well, let’s break it down!

Depending on the cruise you are going on will depend on the clothes you bring for your little toddlers. The length of the cruise will also play a part in this. Here is a toddler cruise packing list that I recommend for a five-day cruise with a toddler to a warm location.

2 pairs of pants

2 pairs of sandals, 1 pair of tennis shoes, 1 pair of water shoes, 25-30 diapers, 7-10 swim diapers, 1 pack of wipes, 3-4 jammies, 1 pair of sunglasses, 2-3 swimsuits, 1 nice outfit for formal night, 1-2 hats/sun hats.

cruise toddler essentials


what to pack for a toddler on a cruise


All right, first on our toddler cruise packing list is sleeping arrangements. Most cruise lines will provide a crib (pack-and-play) for your little toddler. You just need to be sure to request it when you book your cruise or at least 2 weeks before your cruise. You don’t need to bring a pack-and-play unless you want to which makes one less thing you need to worry about! But if you do and are looking for a good one, we love this pack-and-play! It’s perfect for travel.

If you were going to be using the crib that the cruise provides or bringing your own and it is a standard size, I really recommend SlumberPod! The SlumberPod is like a little tent that goes over the crib and creates a dark environment for your toddler to sleep in.

It might feel a little unnecessary to bring this and add it to your toddler cruise packing list, but trust me it’s not. It’s great in general, but is even better on cruise lines! It makes it so you don’t have to go to bed when your young kids are going to bed. It also makes it easier for them to sleep in the same cruise cabin as you. I’ve even seen people use their SlumberPod at the airport, so their little toddler can get a nap in during a layover before a flight.

Inflatable Travel Bed

If your little toddler is no longer sleeping in a crib, then you can utilize the sofabed. You usually don’t need to worry about making the bed either! Your stateroom attendant will make the bed for you on the first night and keep it as a bed unless you ask them otherwise.

If your little toddler or young kid is going to be sleeping on the sofabed, and you are worried about them falling off, I recommend bringing some travel bumpers that you can put on each side of the bed underneath the fitted sheets. There are little bumpers for your little toddler to make sure that they won’t roll off. If you don’t mind inflatable bumpers, this is a great set of inflatable bumpers that are very travel-friendly . If you prefer a pillow-like bed bumpers, then this set is very good ! 

This varies between cruise lines, but I would recommend that you bring your own fitted sheets for sure if you are going to be using the crib/pack-and-play sleeping option. I’ve seen some cruise lines provide just a twin fitted sheet and others do not have any so it’s best to be on the safe side!

Comfort blanket or stuffed animal

Because your little toddler is going to be experiencing a lot of new things, it’s always helpful to add one of their comfort stuffed animals or blanket to your toddler cruise packing list. This helps them have a little bit of home and something they know with them to help them feel secure despite the changing scenery around them. Especially bring their comfort item if they sleep with it!

Sound machine

Cruises, like most hotels, can have a lot of noise that can come in through your door from people walking by. Adding a sound machine to your toddler cruise packing list is so helpful in making sure that these little noises don’t wake your toddler in the middle of the night when they (and you) are trying to sleep.

Night light

Some little kids still need a night light, so don’t forget to add one to your toddler cruise packing list! Some sound machines come with a nightlight, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone!

Travel Power Strip

Cruise cabins on a lot of the older ships do not have a lot of plugs so I would highly recommend adding a travel outlet extender to your toddler cruise packing list . You will be plugging in a lot of things and you don’t want to have to unplug a nightlight or a sound machine because you need it for something else! This travel power strip is great for cruising because it doesn’t have a surge protector, which most cruise ships do not recommend bringing.


cruise packing list for baby

What to Do in Nassau With Toddlers: Cruise Guide

Travel Items

Birth certificate/passport.

I’m adding your toddler’s birth certificate and passport in the travel section because you can’t travel if you don’t have those! If you are staying within the country, you may not need a passport, but you always want to have a copy of your toddler’s birth certificate with you when you travel.

Chances are that if you are going on a cruise, you will most likely need to fly there. For the airport and longer flights, I recommend the JetKids Bedbox . It’s great for airports that require a long walk to or from your gate, like the Salt Lake Airport. The JetKids Bedbox allows your toddler to ride on it while you pull them along or they can pull it along themselves. It’s also perfect for on the airplane so they can put their feet up and maybe even take a nap!

Car Seat (or Travel Car Seat)

I would also recommend adding a car seat to your packing list whether it’s your car seat or a travel car seat. I know, the groans. I get it. Traveling with a bulky car seat is not always fun. Let’s talk about why it may be a good idea to bring it though.

If you are flying, you will most likely be getting an Uber or taking a shuttle to the cruise ship and we want to make sure that your little toddlers are safe! Some Ubers and shuttles will have car seats available, you just need to plan ahead and request them. If there are none available though, bringing your own car seat or a travel car seat will keep your little toddler safe on the way to and from the airport. 

Baby carrier

If your little toddler is still small and not super comfy in their little walking feet, adding a baby carrier to your toddler cruise packing list is a good idea . Especially when you are going on excursions where a stroller isn’t very well suited, or if you are just going around exploring and don’t want to worry about a stroller.

Comfortable Stroller or Umbrella Stroller

Your little one may be napping on the go in the stroller, so having a comfortable one that will recline so that they can get a good nap is going to do wonders for you. Oliver didn’t do so hot on the flight over for our first cruise, so he ended up sleeping in the stroller at the airport while we waited for our shuttle for several hours! He also slept while we were out and about on our sea days which made bringing our stroller so worth it.

cruise packing list for baby

Bibs will be really helpful to keep with you to keep your little toddler clean! The cleaner you keep your toddler, the fewer clothes you have to go through! Especially if you are eating in the main dining room for your meals, it will help contain the mess so your toddler doesn’t walk out looking like they had a food fight with themselves!

Travel Utensils

Most cruises won’t have toddler-sized utensils, so adding kid-friendly utensils to your toddler cruise packing list is so helpful. I can’t tell you the stress that it reduced when I was able to give our toddler utensils that were his size rather than trying to manage with the metal utensils during meal times.

Bottles/Sipp y Cups/Water Bottles

For sure you will want to bring your own bottles and sippy cups. Preferably some that don’t leak! You don’t want to be worrying about leaking sippies when you are out and about on your sea days or exploring a new city. If your toddler can drink from a water bottle, don’t forget that either!

Formula  and Baby Food

If your little toddler is still drinking formula, don’t forget to add extra formula to your toddler cruise packing list! It can be so stressful to run out and then have to find a store at a port city that has formula for your toddler. If your toddler still eats baby food, pack it up! The cruise lines will not mind if you bring that onboard.

Even though cruises have plenty of food, I would still recommend adding packaged snacks to your toddler cruise packing list. We have found that the best types of snacks are your child’s favorite snacks. Don’t try to get too fancy on your toddler because it’s possible they won’t eat it if they don’t recognize it. I’m sure you know, but a fed toddler is a happy toddler.

This isn’t food, of course, but it will come in handy! You will want to clean your bottles/sippies and utensils (if you bring some), so having dish soap on hand will help make sure your items stay clean. Adding dish soap to your toddler cruise packing list will be really helpful!

Travel-Sized Laundry Detergent / Stain Remover

Here’s another item for your cruise packing list that you may not have thought of: laundry detergent and stain remover. Kids are messy. Young kids are messier. Toddlers are the messiest of all. Having some stain remover or travel-sized laundry detergent handy will help avoid stains and even clean some clothes in the laundromat if you need to.

cruise packing list for baby

Flying with a Baby Part 1 // How to Best Prepare

Adding a travel bathtub to your toddler cruise packing list might seem like a funny thing to add. Let’s talk about it! Most cruise cabins that you will be staying in do not have a bathtub, so if your little toddler is used to taking baths and not super sure about showers, bringing a travel bathtub will make keeping your little toddler clean so much more enjoyable!

Ziploc Bags

Bringing Ziploc bags on a cruise may sound funny, but they come in so handy! Whether you have snacks that you want to store from the dining rooms or you need to keep some toddler beach keepsakes safe, bringing Ziplocs will be worth it.

Temporary tattoos or Safety Wristbands

OK, these aren’t real tattoos, they’re just temporary tattoos that you can put on your little toddler with your name and phone number so that if they get lost, your little toddler will be able to find a way back to you! We love these for travel, especially for trips like cruises and Disneyland! We also found some safety wristbands that are just as effective too !

Swim diapers

Most swimming pools on cruise ships do not allow little toddlers and swim diapers to swim in there. However, there are usually little splash pads or toddler pools that your little toddler will be able to play in on the cruise. So don’t forget to pack swim diapers ! You can also buy reusable swim diapers as well if you want to save yourself some money!

For cruise ships going into tropical places, having a beach bag for beach days is super helpful! I love this type of beach bag because it folds up pretty small so that it can just fit in your suitcase when you’re not using it.

Magnetic Hooks

I’m sure you’ve heard that there is not much room in cruise cabins. Like, they can be really small. So if you want to maximize your space, bringing magnetic hooks can be really helpful for hanging stuff! Some of the walls and the ceiling is metal, so the magnetic hooks will stick really well and keep stuff better organized.

cruise packing list for baby

Even though they may not be able to swim in the pool, it’s still always good to be safe and have them in a floatie when they are in the kittie pool or even on the beach near the ocean. The cruise ships will have some life jackets available, so if you don’t want to add a floatie to your toddler cruise packing list, then you should be fine. If you have a very particular toddler though, bringing the one they are used to may be a good idea.

Don’t forget the sunscreen! Your little toddler’s skin will need all of the protection from the sun , especially if you’re going somewhere warm and sunny. For little faces, we love using sunscreen sticks . They are amazing!

You never know what could happen so adding some basic medicine to your toddler cruise packing list with you can be really helpful and prevent any unnecessary stress if your little toddler starts to not feel well.

Cruise ships will have first aid if you need it. However, I like to bring a little first aid kit so that if we are ever on an excursion or need something really fast, we can access it.

A lot of time in the sun and the water can dry out your toddler’s skin! Don’t forget to add lotion to your toddler cruise packing list.

Don’t forget the sand toys! These silicone toys are super easy to clean and really great to have on beach days!

Small Travel Toys

Even though you are on vacation, your little toddler will still want to play! Don’t forget to add some small toys to your toddler cruise packing list that they can play with on the go or in your cruise cabin. It’s helpful to keep some with you as you walk around the boat or on your excursions so that you can keep them entertained.

Especially if your little toddler has a night routine that includes a book, don’t forget to add a few to your toddler cruise packing list to try to keep some of the routines alive!

Toddler Camera

How cute would it be to see the world through your toddler’s eyes?? You can with a little toddler camera! We got Ollie one and it was so fun to see the things he took pictures of and how different everything looked from his perspective! This is something that isn’t necessary to add to your toddler cruise packing list, but it could be a fun one to add.

We like to bring an iPad or an Amazon kids tablet and download some movies and shows so that we can have some things accessible if we want to give some screen time. It’s also good to put some non-wifi-friendly educational games for Ollie to play every now and then.

Best Cruise Lines with Toddlers

I would be remiss if I didn’t offer some advice! I have a full guide on taking toddlers on a cruise that you can look at, but the most common question I get that I want to mention here is what the best cruise line is for toddlers.

My answer, hands down is going to be the Disney Cruise Line. They just add the Disney magic to their cruises and it is nonstop entertainment. I’m pretty sure you could just be going locally and it would still be the most fun cruise. Disney Cruises has a kids club too that is unlike any other. The downside is the price.

My second recommendation is Royal Caribbean. They have amazing entertainment and great activities for small children and kids. We have taken more Royal Caribbean cruises and would go back again in a heartbeat. They also have some pretty good deals where kids sail free which is hard to beat.

There you have it! That is the ultimate must-have toddler cruise packing list! Although you may not need everything that we listed here, I really hope that this helps you with your next cruise packing list to make sure you don’t miss anything and have a great cruise!


family cruise packing list

Meet the travel guru behind Simply Sid & Co! With extensive knowledge of Europe, South America, U.S., cruises, and enchanting cities, Sid the go-to expert for family adventures. From navigating travel with kids and finding travel hacks, to unlocking the magic of Disney, her passion for exploration knows no bounds!

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cruise packing list for baby

Wandermust Family

ULTIMATE toddler cruise packing list

By: Author Wandermust Daddy

ULTIMATE toddler cruise packing list

Going on a cruise with a toddler and wondering what the ultimate toddler cruise packing list looks like? In this guide we will tell you all of the toddler cruise packing list essentials from clothing, shoes to other toddler travel essentials. 

Important Note : This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

Table of Contents

Things to know when packing for a cruise with a toddler

Cruising with toddlers / toddler cruise packing list

Cruising with toddlers. toddler cruise packing list

Before we get into our toddler cruise packing list checklist I thought it would be worth mentioning some things you should consider. 

Firstly when you are considering how much toddler paraphernalia you are packing, I would say take more than you think you are going to need. 

If you toddler is not potty trained for instance or still drinks some formula you will need to pack more than you will need for your cruise. While there is a shop on board the ship you aren’t guaranteed that they will have toddler supplies, or that if they do that they will have the right brand and size. 

Also if you are buying supplies on board the cruise ship you will also be paying a premium for this. 

However if you are doing a fly cruise then you may be worried about taking up too much room in your case. Therefore we recommend using the day before embarkation to stock up on supplies locally. 

The other thing to consider, especially in relation to clothing is whether or not you are sailing on a cruise ship with a laundry. If you have a cruise ship with a laundry you won’t need to pack as many spare clothes. 

However if your ship doesn’t have a laundry I would advise packing ample spare changes of clothes so you don’t have to pay for costly dry cleaning and ship done laundry while on board.

If I can I try to book on a  ship with a laundry room whenever I am a cruising with a baby . That way I only need to take enough clothes for half the week and I will do laundry mid trip. 

Also remember when you pack for a cruise be sure to leave spare clothes and any of your toddler essentials i.e. diapers, swimwear and medications etc that you will need that day. 

On embarkation day you leave your main baggage in the cruise terminal which will be delivered to your stateroom later in the day. If you are lucky it will arrive quickly. If you are unlucky it might not arrive until after you have had dinner. So be sure to have anything you will need in the next 24 hours in your carry on embarkation day luggage. 

What to Pack for a toddler on a cruise (clothing wise)

Holland America Cruise while Pregnant

While below we have made the assumption that you are going on a 7 day cruise, you will need to add and subtract the amounts of each thing if you are a longer or shorter cruise. 

Note : remember if your cruise ship does not have a guest laundry room you may want to pack more spare clothes. 

7 outfits (i.e. tops and bottoms) + spare

If you are traveling on a 7 day cruise with a toddler then I recommend packing 7 outfits plus a couple of spares to ensure they last your entire trip.

If your ship has a laundry and you are happy to do laundry on your vacation you could halve this amount. 

Note : For more information on what to pack for toddlers on an Alaskan cruise check out this post. 

A Formal Outfit

Most cruises regardless of length will have a formal night. And longer length cruises may have 2 formal nights. 

If you plan on attending the formal night, which I admit is one of my favourite nights on  a cruise ship, then be sure to take a more formal outfit for them as well as yourself. 

And if you do get some cute photographs be sure to check out our favorite cruise ship instagram captions . 

Cruises, even hot weather cruises can get chilly when you are out on the deck and in the dining rooms where the air conditioning is fierce. 

I recommend having some casual top layers and a formal cardigan or jumper for the dining room. 

Staterooms can be chilly so you will want a medium weight pair of PJs for your toddler.

If your toddler isn’t fully potty trained and sometimes has nighttime accidents then I would recommend taking a spare pair of PJs with you.

UV Protection Swimwear

cruise packing list for baby

You may find some cruise ships have pools and splash pads (depending on the ship). And if you are traveling to the Caribbean many of the ports will have beaches that you will want to take advantage of with your toddler. 

While you can take any swimwear for your little one, I recommend taking swimwear with UV protection where possible. We usually use Splashabout swimwear for this reason. 

Alongside the swimwear we recommend taking some swim aids and water toys. Swim aids are a great way to make your toddler safe on a cruise with proper supervision and the toys will add to their enjoyment at the pool or beach. 

Click here to shop UV Protection Swimwear

Sun Hat and Sunglasses 

If you are travelling to a warm weather destination then be sure to take a sun hat and sun glasses with you for your toddler. 

And if your toddler is like mine you may want a spare set for when you inevitable lose one. 

Other Toddler Cruise Packing List Essentials 

Taking a toddler on a cruise - tips for cruising with a toddler

Taking a toddler on a cruise – tips for cruising with a toddler

If your toddler is not potty trained then be sure to take plenty of diapers with you. We recommend packing enough for the length of the cruise and enough for a day either side. 

If you are flying to meet your cruise and are worried about packing constraints then you can buy them at your embarkation port. Either way just make sure that you have them when you embark on your cruise.

I also recommend taking anything that you use to combat nappy rash such as Sudacrem or Metanium. 

Swim Diapers 

cruise packing list for baby

Even if you are on a ship that doesn’t have a splash pool for an unpotty trained toddler to use be sure to pack swim diapers for use on shore excursions where you will be on the beach or using a pool in port. 

Wet Wipes and  Bags 

This is pretty self explanatory – no parent wherever they are doesn’t want to be caught without wet wipes. 

Formula Milk If required 

how to fly with formula fed baby / how to travel with baby formula on plane

If you are traveling with a toddler who is still formula fed I would advise taking a supply of milk with you. There is nothing worse than changing formula and baby getting an upset tummy. I always bring a supply with me wherever we travel.

Normally sun screen can be bought on ship but it is expensive. You will likely want a high factor and kids version so be sure to bring this with you. 

Also if you plan on doing any snorkelling with your toddler or sea activities, be sure to pack reef safe sun screen. 

Click here to buy sunscreen

Blanket or Toy

If your toddler has a blanket or toy that they can’t sleep without be sure to pack this and take with you. 

However just be sure you don’t lose it. 

Stoller on cruise ship

Stoller on cruise ship

There is not much space in any cruise cabin whatever the cabin and cruise line. For this reason packing light is always a priority.

Now I have seen people online say to leave a stroller at home when you cruise with a toddler in favour of a carrier however I really don’t advocate this.

Strollers are useful when in port and also for going around the ship. We would also use in the evenings on the ship as toddler could nap in the stroller while we could have a late dinner or drink and meant we weren’t confined in our cabin. 

However I would recommend choosing your stroller wisely as you will need a compact one to make sure it doesn’t take up too much space in your stateroom. 

For more information on the best stroller for cruise ship travel check out this post. 

And if you are visiting during Summer then you should check out the best carriers for hot weather . 

If you use pacifiers at home be sure to take these with you. 

I usually take around three bottle and teats etc with me as this allows for fresh bottles on shore excursions without worrying about cleaning. 

Sterilising Equipment

One of the biggest questions we had when cruising abut a baby was about how we were going to sterilise her bottles. We opted to use a sterilising bag and steriliser tablets on our cruise like this. 

If your child has migrated to a sippy cup be sure to have one with you. 

Children’s Shampoo and Wash

While cruise cabins will provide you with an all in one shampoo and body wash I wouldn’t recommend using on your toddler. I find the toiletries on a cruise ship to be a little abrasive therefore I always take some for my little one especially. 

My favorite brand is Child’s Farm but I recommend using whatever you use at home to prevent any reaction. 

Inflatable Baby Bath

cruise packing list for baby

My number one tip for if you are traveling to a warm weather destination and your baby can’t use a pool is to take an inflatable baby bath with you. It is a great substitute paddling pool. 

Even If you don’t plan on using the bath as a paddling pool I would recommend taking the inflatable baby bath with you anyway as most staterooms don’t have baths only showers. 

Both of my kids as toddlers hated taking showers so having an inflatable baby bath takes the stress out of washing them on a cruise ship. 

First Aid Kit

We take one with us wherever we go! 

Although there is a doctor on board cruise ships, there are not many medications available to purchase in the shop especially for toddlers. 

Therefore we recommend taking medications that you use with your toddler when they feel unwell as well as things to combat things such as teething. 


cruise packing list for baby

Especially if you have some sea days in your itinerary I would recommend having a few (not lots) of toys with you and maybe a play mat if you have space in your case.

Some of my toddlers favorite toys for travel include top and tails jigsaws, some magnetic toys and water wow coloring pads which don’t cause a mess on cruise ships and are a great travel toy. 

For more information on the best toddler toys for travel click here. 

Car Seat 

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The ultimate packing list for a family cruise so you won't leave anything behind

Focus on relaxing – not finding the ship's store – by using this pro-approved family packing list.

Caroline Picard

What to pack for a family cruise 

Tips for packing for a family cruise, free printable family cruise packing list.

This image is forever planted in my brain: my husband walking through the airport wearing a giant car seat backpack on his back and another backpack on his front while rolling two carry-on suitcases, each with smaller bags on top. I was pushing a stroller (with a toddler in it) in one hand and another carry-on suitcase in the other while wearing a diaper bag. We were headed on a family Disney cruise, and in a courageous attempt not to overpack or lose luggage, we carried everything onto the plane.

Packing for a family cruise can be intimidating. You're going on a boat – with your kids – with limited access to items if you run out. While most modern cruise ships come stocked with some version of what you might need, be it diapers or a morning sickness remedy, choices are limited. Having the right supplies on hand can give you peace of mind and allow you to actually relax on the cruise. (Well, that and the kids' club!) Cruises are an incredible way to see different sites, partake in family-friendly activities, and take advantage of an all-inclusive vacation .

Based on my experience as a travel writer and mom of two, I've thought of everything you may need to pack so that you don't have to. Read on for the ultimate packing guide for bringing young kids on a family cruise.

Packing for a cruise is different from preparing for a typical family trip . You're staying in a smaller space (usually under 200 square feet), and you can't just Amazon Prime something to your hotel in a pinch. 

Sleep and travel gear

If your child isn't old enough to walk everywhere, are you doing a travel stroller , a baby carrier , or both? If you pick a stroller, make sure it folds up to save space in your room. Perhaps your school-age child needs a scooter to ride through the airport. Think this all through. And remember: Cruises have a lot of floors, so don't bring anything you can get in and out of elevators or up and down stairs.

Most ships have play yards , cribs, and beds with bumpers available to rent . Look into your options so you'll have a safe sleep space for your little one. (Most cruises have travel restrictions for babies , so if yours is still in a bassinet, they likely won't be old enough to go.)

As with other trips, bring a lovey, sound machine , or any other portable item that may help your child to sleep in a new space.

Essential documents

Make an itinerary listing out flight details, car transfers or rentals, important addresses (such as where to board), and your packing list. You should also bring printed cruise tickets, travel insurance information, health insurance cards, other medical forms, and emergency contact information for all family members. Keep all printed documents together in a folder stored in your carry-on bag.  

Some cruises (such as Disney) have apps where you can store a lot of this information digitally. That said, if you lose your phone or don't have cell service, having printed backups can be a lifesaver. 

If you're cruising internationally , make sure everyone has passports. (Yes, babies need passports !)

Clothing and accessories

One of the best parts of going on a cruise is the dining options. Does your ship offer casual and formal spaces? Research this in advance to ensure you have the proper attire for all scenarios. 

If you’re planning to participate in a fancy dinner or activity, your entire family may need to step it up in evening wear. We had a blast dressing our toddler up in princess dresses for dinner. Pro tip: Cruises can get chilly at night thanks to the ocean breeze and air conditioning, so bring layers, be it a light sweater or denim jacket. 

The ships are also often quite big, so pack comfortable dress shoes for your entire family. The last thing you want is to carry your tired child home from dinner in heels that dig into your feet or have your 3-year-old complain that they can't walk in a pair of sandals they haven't broken in yet. 

During the day, dress skews more casual. You'll likely need pool and beachwear, so pack swimwear , sun hats, rash guards, sunglasses , and life jackets for beginner swimmers. In addition to sandals, water shoes may come in handy for rocky beaches or other outdoor excursions (such as exploring a local waterfall). Everyone needs sneakers.

My advice is to also bring some cozy loungewear. There's nothing like sitting watching the sunset in a soft sweatshirt and drawstring pants. Make sure your little one has these types of layers, too. 

You should also pack the usual: pajamas, socks, underwear or diapers, tees and tanks, shorts, pants, etc. With kids, always bring enough for each day and then at least two extra of everything. For babies, you want two outfits per day, minimum. Laundry may be available, but doing it will take you away from other activities and can be expensive.

Toiletries and personal care 

Sort of like heading to a remote island, a cruise has limited options when it comes to standard drugstore items. Sure, you can buy diapers and wipes, but don't expect to find the hypoallergenic kind. Prices may also be jacked up. Be methodical with what you pack.

If you have a kid in diapers , pack enough for every day plus at least two extra days in case of travel delays. I usually bring two to three packs of wipes – one for the room, one for the diaper bag – as well as a portable changing pad and diaper disposal bags. Some cruises offer diaper pails for the cabin (Disney did), but if not, you'll want a closed-up bag for soiled diapers. Remember to bring diaper rash cream as hot environments can be a breeding ground for flare-ups.

I'd personally save space by using the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion offered on the cruise (if available). If someone in your family has sensitive skin, then bring a travel-size versions of these items, because you don't want to deal with rashes on vacation.

Save space by choosing items everyone can share such as mineral, fragrance-free sunscreen and a simple moisturizer . Aloe vera, deodorant, insect repellent , and powder for chafing are necessary for warm-weather trips. Bring travel-size products for anything else you need or decant favorite formulas in small bottles. 

First aid supplies

There is typically an infirmary on a ship with healthcare professionals and medicine available, but you'll be happy to have some basics on hand.

Create a family first aid kit with items such as bandages, antibiotic ointment, infant and kid pain reliever , kids' Benadryl, a thermometer, bug spray, anti-itch cream, and any prescription medicine. It's always a good idea to include hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes to use around the ship.

If your child struggles with motion sickness , bring your own kids' Dramamine and sea bands for small wrists. We also got our child a prescription for kids' Zofran from her doctor, so talk with yours if you anticipate sea sickness to be an issue. We also always bring vomit bags in the diaper bag. (Insider advice: Request a cabin in the center of the ship closer to the water for a less rocky experience.) 

Electronics, gadgets, and entertainment 

Don't expect to get high-speed wifi in the middle of the ocean. Preload tablets and laptops with shows and movies. Add in kid-sized headphones and a tablet case they can easily grip. This is your friendly reminder to bring chargers for everything. A waterproof phone case may also be a savior during pool days.

There's tons of stimulation everywhere on a cruise – from toddler-friendly splash pads to live dinner shows. Still, pack some books, coloring supplies, and other low-key activities to do in the room during downtime, like when you're getting ready for dinner. 

Cruise-specific items

There are ways families make cruises extra special for their group. Some decorate the door to their room with their kids' artwork. Parents also use lanyards to keep cruise cards handy around wrists or necks.

Since cell phone service can be spotty, some families choose to bring walkie-talkies to stay in touch when they're roaming around the ship separately. 

Again, research your specific cruise for what you might need, especially based on the activities offered on and off-board. Will you be snorkeling? Will you want binoculars to see the stars? Keep in mind cruises provide a lot of gear – for instance, Disney offers free beach strollers at its private island, Castaway Cay – but if there's anything else you think would make your voyage more enjoyable, bring it.

In addition to what to pack, how you pack can make the trip more organized. Some ideas to get you started:

Pack in carry-on luggage

Your cabin will have limited storage. Packing in carry-on bags means the actual suitcases won't take up precious space. Also, if the airline were to lose your luggage, it could really throw a wrench in your plans. Make difficult decisions, re-wear some items, and just pack what you need. 

Pack bags in bags, and then stuff them with socks and underwear. Roll clothes to save space. You don't need as many shoes as you think – bring comfortable beach sandals, a dressy pair for dinners, and sneakers. You've got this.

Use packing cubes to stay organized 

Make unpacking a breeze by keeping similar items together. Divide packing cubes by day clothes, pajamas, dressier looks, etc. Another excellent item to bring: wet bags for the trip home.

Utilize the car seat bag 

If you're bringing a car seat with you (which I highly recommend for all car and plane transfers), store it in a big car seat backpack. Then, add any odd-shaped items in it, such as a pack of diapers or sand toys. This is my family's top hack for living a carry-on-only life: We use every inch of extra space.

Pack a beach bag for excursions

Don't forget to bring a lightweight tote for off-boat fun. I love the Standard Baggu tote Opens a new window , which rolls up to the size of a sock in your luggage but holds quite a lot. It's also super lightweight.

Bring snacks 

Yes, cruises are loaded with tons of complimentary eats, but most of it is prepared food. If you want snacks for the room or on the go – such as puffs, cereal bars, and the like – BYO. 

On the same note, don't forget a favorite sippy cup (to ward off dehydration), a beloved spoon or fork, and kid-friendly containers for bringing snacks around the ship and offsite. 

If you're ready to start gathering your cruise packing supplies, use our official list below to ensure you don't leave anything important behind.

family cruise packing checklist

Was this article helpful?

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best baby sleep products

The best toddler table-and-chair sets for dining, crafting, and so much more

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I Used to Work on a Cruise Ship, and These Are the 13 Things You Should Never Leave Port Without

A former crew member reveals the most important packing essentials.

Kelsey’s writing has appeared in outlets like Condé Nast Traveler, TripSavvy, Edible Magazine, and TimeOut. Some of the most standout experiences in her travels include living in Tokyo, abseiling in Vanuatu, surfing in Costa Rica, and cycling through the Pyrenees mountains.

cruise packing list for baby

Travel + Leisure

My first career as a cruise ship entertainer had me sailing all over the world, living and working aboard these large floating resorts for six to eight months at a time. After years of roaming the world’s ports and experiencing every ship and shoreside scenario that you could imagine, I became adept at packing a single suitcase to ensure a comfortable life at sea. 

Although living on a ship long-term is different from taking a 10-day cruise, crew and guest cruise packing lists are similar — emphasizing items that make sailing more comfortable and easy. Whether you’re embarking on a world cruise or just escaping to the Caribbean for a quick trip, these essential travel accessories are what my fellow seafarers and I would suggest bringing to make life on the water all the more comfortable. From versatile travel bags to helpful gadgets and genius seasick remedies , here’s what to pack for a cruise like a pro. 

Travel Voltage Converter

Most ship staterooms are outfitted with a three-prong 110-volt (North America-grounded) and a 220-volt (Europe) outlet. It’s always a good idea to carry an international adaptor and surge protector to safeguard your devices from electric irregularities. What's more, smaller interior cabins may have only two outlets, which could pose a problem if you and your guest have multiple devices to charge at the same time. Useful for more than just onboard, an internal adaptor is also handy for cruise itineraries that drop you off in multiple countries. Keep this adaptor in your day bag so you can plug it in ashore if your tech needs a charge.

Liquid I.V. Packets 

Cruises are vacations, a time to enjoy yourself and indulge. But it’s all too easy to go a tad overboard (ship pun intended) on alcoholic beverages, savory foods, and sunbathing. If you think a hangover is bad, just wait until you have one on a rocky ship at sea. To avoid losing a precious day of your cruise, bring along Liquid I.V. powder, an electrolyte mix that delivers hydration to the bloodstream faster than just water alone. Each bag comes with 16, travel-friendly powder packets and you have your choice between 17 flavors. 

Portable First Aid Kit 

Visits to the ship’s medical center can be pricey. Avoid this unexpected expense if you can by bringing  your own first aid kit. Start by packing your essential prescription medications. Then,  add bandages and antibiotic ointment for attending to small surface wounds. Bring pain relief medication and cold medicine, just in case. Don’t forget antacids and over-the-counter medicines to ease digestion. Sunscreen and aloe vera gel are must-haves  so you don’t spend your whole cruise hiding from the sun. Bug repellent and after-bite lotion will also ease your sleep if you’ve run into sand fleas at the beach. If you have any allergies, make sure that you have an EpiPen or your chosen allergy medication. 

Portable Charger

When I lived on a ship, I would be one of the first ashore and the last back onboard. Exploring new locales is one of the best parts of cruising. If you like to head ashore for the whole day, you’ll want to keep your phone charged so you can navigate your way back to the ship, call for help in case of an emergency, and snap pictures and videos of your destination. Carry a powerful battery bank with you like the Anker Portable Charger so your phone doesn’t die and you’re prepared for long adventures, or fun overnights, in ports of call.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

You’re never far from water on a cruise ship, which means that you’ll want to protect your tech with waterproof gear. Great for island cruise itineraries, this phone bag is watertight and retains touchscreen operations through its polyvinyl shell. It comes with a detachable lanyard should you want to take it into the waves and capture underwater adventures. Even if you’re not going in the water, this pouch will protect your phone from snow and rain, too. Beach-bound cruisers will also find it useful for keeping their phone sand- and salt-free too. 

Collapsible Umbrella

Weather on a cruise can be tough to predict, particularly for various ports of call. Even if the forecast is fair, weather can change in an instant, particularly if you’re cruising near shoulder seasons. You’ll be grateful to come prepared with an umbrella so you aren’t forced to buy the marked-up ones in port or onboard. Even if there’s no sign of rain, a good umbrella doubles as a sun protectant for harsh midday sun.

Formal Evening Attire 

Almost every cruise has a formal night where guests are encouraged to dress in elegant wear. This event usually occurs on a sea day at the beginning of your itinerary. Formal nights are fun and evoke the old-world, slow-travel glamor of cruising. Even the officers dress up and don their formal ship whites. When everyone onboard participates in the formal night dress code,  it makes the event all the more special and luxurious, so remember to bring a few upscale resort looks onboard. This stunning Tadashi Shoji Off-Shoulder A-Line Crepe and Taffeta Gown will do the trick, but if you’re shopping on a budget, there are plenty of swanky cocktail dress options at Amazon; start your search with the Anrabess Pleated Maxi Dress or PrettyGarden One-Shoulder Slit Maxi Dress — starting at $50. 

Sand-Free Beach Towel

Most cruise guests bring the ship’s pool towels shoreside for lounging. But, the terry cloth towels cling to the sand, bringing it back in your bag to be dumped on your stateroom floor. If you want a tidier beach trip, bring along a sand-free beach blanket like this Turkish beach towel. It's made with cotton and folds up slim so it won’t take up too much space in your suitcase. What's more, it dries quickly to prevent your bag and its contents from getting soggy. 

Packing Cubes

When I reached out to a crew member friend to discuss packing tips, his first thought was emphatically packing cubes. Organization is key to enjoying your cruise, particularly on the day that you embark as it’s the most hectic day for all staff onboard. By the time that you’re able to check into your room, it’s almost time to sail away, and you’ll probably want to be on deck with a daiquiri and sweet treat in hand, not organizing your wardrobe — which is why I recommend traveling with packing cubes. They're not only great for condensing your suitcase contents but also keeping them organized and easy-to-spot, so you can spend less time searching for the things you need and make unpacking and getting ready a breeze. 

Collapsible Duffel Bag

One of the perks of cruise ship travel is that, unlike airlines,  most cruise lines don’t have strict luggage policies. For travelers who like to shop or collect souvenirs, this is a huge perk. On itineraries with excellent shopping, cruising can be a great way to source neat gifts. Onboard shopping is also a fun way to pick up items to remember your trip. If you’re worried that you won’t have room in your case for your purchases, bring a collapsible duffel bag like this handy 40-liter version from REI for your treasures. Amazon reviewers also love the Gonex Foldable Travel Duffle Bag and the Vomgomfom Travel Duffle Bag for the same reason. 

Reusable Collapsible Bag

If you’re cruising around islands, you can make this collapsible tote bag your designated beach bag. Its nylon fabric makes it easy to brush off sand and it dries quickly should you need to wash it (or accidentally get it wet while you're at the beach). If you’re cruising around Europe, you’ll quickly learn that single-use plastic bags are often banned. Many markets, shops, and stores expect everyone to come with their own bag to take away their products. This reusable bag folds to a pocket-size when you’re not using it, so you can keep it in your purse or backpack until you need it. 

If you’re a light sleeper, the noises of a ship may come as a shock. Whether it’s the sounds of the anchor dropping at 5 a.m. or your raucous neighbors enjoying late-night revelry, earplugs will help you get restful sleep at sea — no matter the time of day. Make sure you pick up this on-sale pack of 60 at Amazon; they're made with soft foam for a comfortable and adjustable fit and deliver impressive noise-canceling capabilities. 

Non-Drowsy Seasick Patches 

If your itinerary is taking you through rough waters, like the Drake Passage or the Tasmanian Sea, be prepared with remedies to fight motion sickness. More than 11,500 reviewers swear by these seasick patches that use a holistic herbal blend to fight nausea. The onboard medical center offers Dramamine to seasick guests, which will make you sleepy and groggy. If you want to stay alert while fighting the nausea, these non-drowsy patches are the way to go. A few crew tips for fighting sea stomach: stay on the upper levels of the ship, munch on green apples, and keep your eyes on the horizon. 

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cruise packing list for baby

Related Articles

WDW Prep School

What to Pack for a Disney World Trip with a Baby or Toddler

By: Author Heather Thomas

Published: May 31, 2024 Updated: May 31, 2024

What to Pack for a Disney World Trip with a Baby or Toddler

Worried about forgetting something important for your baby or toddler on your next Disney World trip? We totally get it. Little ones require a LOT of stuff, and it isn’t always easy to find the items you’ll need when you’re away from home.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of all the things you MIGHT want to bring with you the next time you head to Walt Disney World with a baby or toddler.

Let’s dive in…

Please pin it, save it, print it. Whatever you like. We hope you find it helpful.

In this article

Packing for Disney World with Babies and Toddlers

It is VERY difficult to travel light when you have a baby or toddler. Here are items you may want to consider packing:

cruise packing list for baby

Don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Disney World Packing List for help packing for your entire family.


  • Diapers and wipes (more than you think you’ll need) OR, if you need to save space, consider ordering them and having them delivered to your resort)
  • Disposable diaper bags
  • Changing pad

packing list checklist

Clothing Items:

  • Lightweight, comfortable clothes
  • Light jacket or sweater (if traveling during the late fall or winter)
  • Swimsuit and swim diapers
  • Shoes & sandals

packing list checklist

Feeding Supplies:

  • Bottles and nipples
  • Formula or breast milk
  • Baby food or snacks
  • Portable high chair or booster seat
  • Wet/dry bags
  • Nursing cover
  • Plastic pool cups w/top & straw

packing list checklist

Stroller and Baby Carrier Gear:

  • Stroller rain cover
  • Stroller fan
  • Stroller tag
  • Stroller organizer or cupholder
  • Baby carrier or sling

packing list checklist

Sleep Items:

  • Portable crib or pack ‘n play (if not using the ones provided by your resort)
  • Favorite blanket or sleep sack
  • White noise machine or app
  • Baby monito r

packing list checklist

Health and Safety:

  • Baby sunscreen
  • Sunblock stick
  • Baby-friendly insect repellent
  • First aid kit
  • Baby-safe pain reliever
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes
  • Baby proofing items (like outlet covers)

packing list checklist

Comfort and Entertainment:

  • Favorite toys and comfort items
  • Teething toys
  • Tablet with kids’ apps and headphones
  • Small, lightweight toys
  • Clips to close curtains tight (to block out the light)

packing list checklist

Packing Tips When Traveling to Disney World with a Baby or Toddler

DIY Diaper Kits:

  • Pre-pack individual diaper change kits in ziplock bags. Include a diaper, a few wipes, and a disposable changing pad. It makes diaper changes quick and easy without rummaging through your whole bag. The Baby Care Centers are a great spot for diaper changes.

Don’t Forget the Soap:

  • If you use bottles or sippy cups, don’t forget to bring soap for cleaning them. We like to put soap on a sponge and then cut it up into small pieces after it dries.

Consider Ordering Some Things:

  • To reduce the amount you’ll need to pack, consider ordering things for your room like diapers and child-friendly food to be delivered to your resort.

Rent a Stroller:

  • If you don’t want to bring your expensive stroller from home, consider renting a stroller for Disney World from a reputable company.

Pre-Pack Snacks and Meals:

  • Bring pre-packaged snacks and easy-to-eat meals for your baby. Disney parks have some baby-friendly food options, but it’s always good to have backups of things you know your little one will eat.

Label Everything:

  • Label all your baby’s items, including clothes, bottles, and toys. This helps prevent losing anything and makes it easier to keep track of your belongings.

Portable High Chair:

  • A portable high chair or booster seat can make feeding times in your room much easier. Look for one that attaches to tables or chairs and is easy to clean.

Plan for Naps:

  • Plan your day around your baby’s nap schedule. Consider bringing or renting a stroller that reclines so your baby can nap comfortably while you continue to enjoy the park.
  • Florida can be very hot, so plan for ways to keep your baby cool. In addition to a stroller fan, consider cooling towels and frequent breaks in air-conditioned areas.

Download Our Packing List

  • Download a PDF

Recommended Products

Before you leave, check the WDW Prep Amazon Shop for recommended products to make sure you have everything you need.

cruise packing list for baby


Thoughts or questions on this ginormous Disney World packing list? Tell us about it in the comments .

Friday 31st of May 2024

This checklist is a godsend, Heather! I’m bookmarking this for our trip next spring. Those feeding supply tips are exactly what I needed. I hadn’t even considered a portable bottle warmer!

Packing cubes! Don't forget packing cubes. They're a lifesaver for keeping baby clothes and stuff organized.

Love this guide! Packing for Disney with a toddler and a baby seemed daunting, but your breakdown makes it doable. Can't wait to try these tips.

Not sure about bringing so much gear to Disney. Anyone else have experience with just renting what you need there? Seems like it'd be easier.

Shannon Albert

You can definitely rent gear! Many of the companies in our stroller rental article also rent baby gear.

This is a lifesaver! Could you also share tips on healthy snacks that are easy to carry around the park? Keeping my toddler's diet balanced while on vacation is always a challenge.

Snack ideas: fruit that doesn't require cutting, fruit snacks, granola bars, nuts, Pringles (so they don't break), and crackers.

cruise packing list for baby

Cruise packing list: The ultimate guide to what to pack for a cruise

P acking for a cruise can be complicated, especially for first-timers who aren't 100% sure what to expect. The task is made even more stressful because you can't run to the nearest shopping mall to pick up something you forgot when you're sailing in the middle of the ocean.

What you need is a cruise packing list that accounts for cruise line dress codes for daywear and evening wear, the various activities you'll do on board and in port, the gear you need for travel and to enhance your cruise cabin, and the necessities you need for daily life and unexpected emergencies.

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We've listed 103 essentials you should always pack for any cruise vacation. Follow our cruise packing list to avoid packing mistakes and be prepared for anything on your next sailing.

Daytime clothing

When packing for a cruise, start with the basics: what you plan to wear each day.

On every cruise line, daytime clothing is casual, and on a big-ship cruise, nearly anything goes. On a more upscale or luxury cruise ship, casual daywear tends to be more fashion-forward and stylish, so you might feel out of place in your cheap tee from Target.

Of course, the destination and weather will dictate what exactly makes it onto your cruise packing list. For a Caribbean cruise , you'll want plenty of beachwear; for an Alaska cruise , you'll want rugged clothes for hiking and warm layers for the frequently changing weather. In the Middle East and Asia, you might need an outfit that covers the shoulders and knees for visiting religious sites.

Remember that any destination can be unseasonably warm, cold or wet, so pack a jacket for that Bahamas cruise or a short-sleeved top for an Arctic sailing — just in case.

If you want to stay fit on your cruise and plan to hit the onboard gym or go biking in port, pack activewear. I once forgot to pack socks on a short warm-weather cruise and was disappointed when I wasn't allowed on the ship's bungee trampoline.

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Cruisers traveling in a group should consider planning matching outfits, especially if they wish to take group photos on board. Group T-shirts are common, as are color-coordinated outfits for everyone from the kids to the grandparents.

Most important of all: Double-check that you've packed underwear. You're welcome.

Pack one outfit for every day, or plan to do laundry on your cruise ship . I like to look for ways to reuse pieces to save space. For example, I'll dress up a top with a skirt or dress pants for dinner, then wear the same shirt with jeans in port the following day. Or, I'll bring one solid color dress and wear it twice, but with different accessories.

Here's your daywear packing list (adjust numbers for the length of your sailing):

  • Casual tops
  • Workout wear
  • Bathing suits and swimwear
  • Cover-up or swim shirt
  • Sweatshirt or sweater

Evening clothing

Some cruise lines, such as Norwegian Cruise Line , have a relaxed attitude toward dinner attire, and you can come as you are. Other lines, especially the more upscale ones, have strict dress codes for dinner. For cruises on those ships, you'll need to add some nicer outfits to your cruise packing list.

Evening wear on cruise ships tends to fall into two categories: resort casual and elegant. For casual nights, think of a date-night style. Some cruise lines do allow jeans in the evening; pair them with cute tops and nice shoes.

Elegant or formal nights bring out cocktail dresses, suits, ties and jackets. If formalwear is not your thing, choose room service, or go to the buffet or a casual restaurant for dinner to skip dressing up. Some luxury cruise lines will not allow underdressed passengers into certain restaurants or entertainment venues on formal nights.

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Pro tip: Many cruise ships turn up the air conditioning at night. Pack a light sweater or dressy shawl to keep you comfortable in cool onboard restaurants and theaters.

Don't forget to pack outfits for cruise ship theme nights. Popular themes include white night, pirate night and Halloween — and, yes, cruisers do go all-out with costumes. Check with your cruise line to see which parties or theme nights will take place, and then pack accordingly.

Consider an eye patch or swashbuckling hat for Disney Cruise Line 's Pirate Night, a white sundress for Norwegian Cruise Line's White Hot Night and some neon leggings for Carnival Cruise Line 's '80s night.

Definitely don't forget the ultimate evening wear — comfy pajamas — especially if you're sharing a cabin with family or friends.

Here's your eveningwear packing list:

  • Skirt and blouse
  • Wrap or sweater
  • Button-down shirt or polo
  • Dress slacks or nice jeans
  • Suit or tuxedo for formal night
  • Cocktail dress or gown for formal night
  • Theme cruise attire and costumes

It's easy to fill a carry-on with footwear alone when packing for a cruise. The must-have basic is a comfortable pair of travel shoes for the flight, ship and walking in port.

Other types of footwear to add to your cruise packing list are sneakers for athletic activities, flip-flops for the pool and beach, and dress shoes for dinner. (Ladies, try to match your outfits, so you only need to bring one pair of heels.) You might also want casual or athletic sandals, hiking boots or water shoes for rocky beaches.

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Pro tip: Lay out all the pairs of shoes you think you need for the cruise, and then decide which shoes can do double duty and which you can leave at home. For example, on a Caribbean cruise, a sturdy pair of waterproof athletic sandals (like Keens) can multi-task as travel shoes, beach shoes and rugged activity footwear. A comfy pair of flats can pair with your casual daywear and your fancy evening attire.

Here's your footwear packing list:

  • Sneakers or comfortable walking shoes
  • Water shoes
  • Hiking boots
  • Dress shoes for the evening
  • Slippers for in-cabin use

Accessories and gear

Once you've packed all the clothing, it's time to accessorize.

For sunny days, men and women will want to bring hats and sunglasses. On cold-weather cruises, you'll need a warm beanie, scarf, gloves and waterproof gear. (Antarctica and Arctic cruises have unique packing lists, so check with your cruise line.)

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Don't forget belts, jewelry and ties for evening dress. Have a little fun with it — you're on a cruise.

Don't forget to add these accessories to your cruise packing list:

  • Wide-brimmed sun hat or baseball hat
  • Rain jacket and/or pants
  • Pashmina or shawl

Toiletries and medicine

Like hotels, cruise ships typically provide soap and shampoo in your cabin. Some also offer conditioner and body lotion. However, it's hard to know whether your hair will respond well to the onboard products or if you'll hate the scent.

It's always safer to pack your own toiletries. Bring more than you think you'll need because it may be hard to find your favorite brands in foreign ports, and cruise ships sell necessities at inflated prices. (Here are a few more things you should never buy on a cruise ship or in port .)

Although you'll find hand sanitizer stations throughout your cruise ship, you'll still want to pack your own.

Sunscreen is essential; look for reef-safe versions if you plan on swimming in the ocean. Bug spray is also useful, especially in Alaska, where people joke that the mosquito is the state bird.

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It's always smart to pack a first aid kit for your cruise; make sure it contains seasickness remedies if you're sensitive to the motion of the ocean. Over-the-counter medications are pricey on board, so bring the brands you most commonly use. If you take prescription medicine, bring enough for the trip and a few extra days' worth, just in case.

Pack these toiletries and medications for your cruise, preferably in your carry-on bag:

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hair-styling products
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Glasses, contacts and contact lens solutions
  • Razor and shaving cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Body lotion
  • Lip balm (consider one with SPF protection)
  • Soap (if you're picky about scents or ingredients)
  • Feminine products
  • Hand sanitizer (gel or wipes)
  • Seasickness remedies (patches, pills, ginger candies and acupressure wristbands)
  • Pain-relief medication, such as Tylenol or ibuprofen
  • Allergy medication
  • Upset stomach medication

Travel gear

Not all of us are lucky enough to live an hour or two from a cruise port. Many cruisers have to fly or road trip to their departure port and need to pack for this travel as well. Make sure your cruise packing list accounts for your pre- and post-cruise travel needs, as well as items useful for your time on board.

For long and overnight flights to your cruise, pack accessories for the plane. If you've scheduled a pre-cruise hotel stay, consider packing the necessities for that overnight in a separate bag so you don't need to unpack and repack your main suitcase.

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You'll want to pack your tablet, portable video game system and e-reader for both your pre-cruise travel and the sailing itself. Don't forget all the related charging cables. Or, skip the tech and bring a few books, as many cruise ships no longer offer onboard libraries.

It should go without saying, but you are responsible for packing necessary travel documents, including your cruise/flight/tour tickets, passport book or passport card (or birth certificate) and visa paperwork. Do not put these items in your checked bags. Pack them in your carry-on so they're always on hand and less likely to go missing.

I'm a fan of bringing a day bag for carrying things around the ship (like toting my book, water bottle and cover-up to the Lido Deck pool) and a small purse for carrying my key card, lipstick and tissues at night. Some folks prefer to bring a lanyard to keep their cruise room key card close at hand.

If you like to walk about with your morning coffee or tea, you can't get a to-go cup at the buffet unless you're paying extra for a latte or espresso. Pack a travel coffee mug so you can fill up on the free stuff. I also recommend bringing a reusable water bottle and filling it up at the buffet or even a bar. It helps reduce plastic waste, and you don't bust your budget buying bottled water.

  • Neck pillow
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Regular headphones or earbuds
  • Tablet or laptop
  • Portable video game system
  • Playing cards or other small diversions
  • E-reader or physical books
  • Visa documents
  • Cruise ticket or documents
  • Travel insurance information
  • Tour booking information
  • Small purse
  • Water bottle

Cabin enhancements

First-time cruisers don't realize all the cruise ship cabin hacks they can employ to enhance their onboard accommodations. Usually, all you need to pack are a few key items from home.

Many cruise cabin walls and doors are magnetic (Did I just blow your mind?), so I like to pack magnets both as fun decor and for organizational purposes. Magnetic clips and hooks can help keep paperwork and hats off the in-room desk and couch, while a magnetic whiteboard can be useful for leaving notes for your travel companions.

Newer cruise ships are designed so every cabin has enough electrical outlets and USB ports conveniently located throughout the room. However, older cruise ships have a sad lack of outlets. Unless you want to constantly battle your travel companions for charging priority, pack a power strip, multi-prong outlet or power adapter/current converter so you can charge multiple devices at once (and use any 220V European outlets in the cabin).

Just be sure that your power strip doesn't include a surge protector; those are banned from most cruise ships, as are extension cords.

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For evenings on board, pack a night light or battery-operated candles so you can find your way to the bathroom in the dark. A small, portable sound machine is helpful for blocking out hallway noise if your cabin is in a noisy area of the ship, such as close to the elevator banks.

You can sweeten your cabin bathroom by bringing a bathroom spray to mask unpleasant odors. Traveling with babies and toddlers who hate showers? A small inflatable kiddie pool or tub packs down small and can be used to give your little one a bath.

You don't need to pack a clothesline to dry wet items because one is usually hidden in your cabin's shower. However, I do recommend bringing a laundry bag or pop-up hamper to keep dirty clothes separate and off the cabin floor. Chair clips are useful if you plan to dry your clothes on the balcony and don't want them to blow away.

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Pack these items to enhance our cruise cabin:

  • Power strip or multi-pronged outlet without surge protection
  • Power converter
  • Night light
  • Battery-operated candles
  • White noise machine
  • Bathroom spray
  • Inflatable kiddie pool
  • Pop-up hamper or laundry bag
  • Chair clips

Port day gear

You'll want to pack items specific to the activities you aim to do in port. Leave room on your cruise packing list for items that will change based on your destination and planned tours.

No matter where you cruise, you'll want a strong but lightweight backpack to stow everything you want to take off the ship with you. I love the kind with mesh pockets on the side to tuck away a water bottle.

In especially scenic destinations, such as Alaska or Scandinavia, you might want to bring binoculars and/or a DSLR camera (rather than relying on your phone for photos). Don't forget accessories like extra batteries, chargers and memory cards.

On beachy cruises, you'll want a beach bag, sand toys for the kids and perhaps your own snorkeling gear. Wet bags (or even plastic zip-top bags) will keep your wet stuff from leaking onto everything on your way back to the ship.

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For water sports like kayaking, consider a dry bag to stow your camera gear, smartphone and wallet and prevent them from getting wet. Waterproof cases for your cellphone and camera are also useful, as well as "beach wallets" that let you go into the water with your credit cards and cash on your person.

  • Camera, memory cards, portable tripod and other accessories
  • Waterproof dry bag
  • Waterproof phone and/or camera case
  • Waterproof beach wallet
  • Snorkel, mask and fins
  • Beach toys for kids (such as packable pails and inflatable floats)
  • Retractable hiking poles
  • Packaged snacks (such as protein or granola bars) for long excursions
  • Lightweight packable travel towels if you want something that folds up smaller than the bulky cruise ship beach towels

Miscellaneous items to pack for your cruise

Some must-pack items for cruises defy categorization but are important nonetheless. Don't leave them off your cruise packing list.

Cruise lines have strict rules about what types of beverages and alcohol you can bring on a cruise ship . If you're picky about wine, many lines will let you bring on a 750 ml bottle or two. Pack your favorite, but be prepared to pay a corkage fee if you drink it at an onboard bar or restaurant.

If you plan to purchase wine in port to bring home, you'll also want to pack bubble wrap or wine protector bags to get your bottles home safely.

Some lines, such as Holland America and Carnival, also allow you to bring on a limited number of cans of nonalcoholic drinks such as soda, juice or seltzer water. This can cut down on your bar bill or fuel your Diet Coke obsession should your ship carry only Pepsi.

I'm sure I don't need to remind anyone to bring their cell phone on vacation (but remember to pack the charging cables). However, you might not know to download your cruise line's app before you leave home. The app will show you the daily schedule, deck plans, dining reservations, shore excursion options and more. Many apps, like the one from Celebrity Cruises , even allow you to chat with other passengers while you're connected to the cruise ship's internet . (Remember to keep your devices in airplane mode to avoid accruing large at-sea roaming charges.)

You'll want cash, especially small bills, for tipping porters and purchasing small souvenirs in port. Depending on your itinerary, you might want to acquire some foreign currency in advance. Otherwise, you can use an ATM once you arrive in port. (ATMs almost always offer a better exchange rate than airport kiosks.)

Bring a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees, so you don't spend more than you need to abroad. (If you don't have one, consider applying for one of the best credit cards for travel .)

What not to pack for a cruise

Now that you know what to put on your cruise packing list, you'll also want to know what to leave out. Some items you might be tempted to pack are outright banned by the cruise lines . Others simply aren't necessary.

Here's what you can leave out of your suitcase.

  • Linens and towels
  • Hand soap (unless you're picky)
  • High chair and portable crib (your ship will provide these)
  • Coffeemakers and other appliances with heating elements
  • Illegal drugs (including marijuana and CBD products, even if they're legal in your home state or departure port)
  • Extension cords
  • Beverages beyond the modest allotment of wine or nonalcoholic drinks in cans
  • Meat, cheese, fruit or other non-prepackaged food (check with your cruise line if you have dietary restrictions and require special food items)

Bottom line

Many cruisers tend to overpack when it comes to clothes and shoes but sometimes forget about other necessities. When you take your suitcase out of the closet and begin packing for your next itinerary, refer to this list and be sure you're covered when it comes to both clothing and those all-important accessories.

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  • The ultimate guide to choosing a cruise ship cabin

Editorial disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airline or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.

Tourist woman with suitcase at the marina ready for cruise trip


  • Accessibility and Aging
  • For maintaining independence

The Best Adult Diapers

Anna Wenner

By Anna Wenner

A good adult diaper can open up the world for someone with incontinence, making daily life a whole lot easier. A reliable diaper allows you to see friends, go to the gym, and travel without anxiety about leakage, smells, or finding the nearest bathroom to change.

After testing 15 adult diapers, we found that drugstore options are mostly bad. If you’re fully incontinent, we think it’s worth spending more for premium diapers that offer better coverage. And if you need only light protection, say, for after labor, you may prefer incontinence underwear (which we’re currently testing).

Everything we recommend

cruise packing list for baby

InControl BeDry Premium Incontinence Briefs

Absorbent with wetness strip.

These are absorbent and stay secure and leak-proof even during intense activity. Caregivers will appreciate the wetness indicator. They’re pricey, though, and only available from limited online retailers.

Buying Options

cruise packing list for baby

NorthShore MegaMax Tab-Style Briefs

Faster absorbency in more sizes.

These extremely absorbent diapers come in a range of sizes that might be a better fit for smaller and larger people. They don’t come with a wetness strip and are the priciest of our picks, though.

cruise packing list for baby

Beyond XP5000 Plastic-Backed Adult Briefs

Ideal for arthritic hands.

The Beyond XP5000’s thick, sturdy Velcro-style fasteners are easier to use if you have limited dexterity in your hands. But these diapers are less absorbent than some of our other picks.

cruise packing list for baby

Assurance Unisex Stretch Briefs with Tabs

Best of the drugstore adult diapers.

This diaper isn’t nearly as good as our other picks, but if you need diapers urgently, only have mild incontinence, and can’t wait on shipping or want to spend less upfront, they’ll work in a pinch.

How we picked

We looked for adult diapers that don’t leak and that keep you feeling dry, whether you’re going for a run or spending the day in bed.

The best adult diapers fit every body.

A good adult diaper shouldn’t chafe, sag, or feel loose or bulky under clothes.

We looked for diapers that will cost less over time. The more absorbent a diaper, the fewer you’ll need to use.

The extremely absorbent InControl BeDry Premium Incontinence Briefs hold more than 67 ounces (the equivalent of voiding your bladder five to eight times) and didn’t leak in our tests. They’re a good choice if you need maximum coverage and want diapers you only need to change a few times a day.

A wetness indicator strip makes it easy for a caregiver to see whether the diaper needs changing. The refastenable tabs are sturdy and will stay tight even through intense activity, but those with arthritis or other dexterity issues may have trouble with the thin material.

While these diapers are pricier per diaper than many we tested, the overall cost will likely be lower than cheap brands because you’ll need fewer throughout the day. Though the smaller packs (2-count and 16-count) are available on Amazon, we recommend you buy through the InControl website; you’ll get a better deal per diaper and free shipping if you order a case of 48 diapers. They come in four sizes and one color.

We found the NorthShore MegaMax Tab-Style Briefs absorbed just as much as the InControl BeDry diapers (even though they’re advertised as holding less). They come in a wider range of sizes, so they may be a better fit for those who need a smaller or larger diaper.

Because they lack a wetness strip, they’re less helpful for caregivers than the InControl BeDry diapers. The refastenable tabs are very similar to InControl’s in that they will hold tight even with strenuous activity, but they might be hard to use independently if you have arthritis.

Though they cost the most per diaper out of all the diapers we tested, the higher quality means you can change them less often. Unlike the InControl, NorthShore MegaMax diapers are available in five different colors and can be purchased at several online retailers.

The Beyond XP5000 Plastic-Backed Adult Briefs ’ Velcro-style, hook-and-loop fasteners are what sets these apart from our other picks. The tabs require less strength to take on and off and provide a larger and thicker surface to grip, making them easier to use for those with conditions like arthritis. But hook-and-loop fasteners can loosen throughout the day more so than adhesive tabs, so we think they’re best for folks who aren’t particularly active,

They’re also not as absorbent as our InControl and NorthShore picks, struggling especially with a full bladder emptying quickly. With less volume, they absorb decently well and will keep your skin dry.

Most of the diapers that you can buy in the store — including the Assurance Unisex Stretch Briefs with Tabs — hold much less liquid and are more prone to leaking if you have full incontinence. But the Assurance diapers are the best of the lot, holding about 20 ounces more in our stationary tests than diapers from better-known brands like Depend (though they do start feeling wet to the touch at only 8 ounces).

While competitors absorbed less and leaked easily, the Assurance diapers showed no leaks or seepage below 30 ounces of liquid. But we don’t think this diaper will work for anyone who needs to be able to regularly empty a full bladder because the absorbency is so slow.

At a little over $0.50 a diaper (compared to around $1.50 to $3.00 for our other picks), the initial cost of buying these is easier on those with a tight budget. However, long term you may end up spending as much as or more than you would on our other picks because you’ll likely need to change the diaper more often.

The research

Why you should trust us, who this is for, best diaper for active users and caregivers: incontrol bedry premium incontinence briefs, better for smaller and larger bodies: northshore megamax tab-style briefs, best diaper for arthritic fingers: beyond xp5000 plastic-backed adult briefs, best drugstore diaper: assurance unisex stretch briefs with tabs, how we picked and tested, the real cost of low-quality diapers, other good adult diapers, the competition.

I’ve reviewed grab bars , shower mats , and toilet seat risers for Wirecutter, as well as a variety of gear for older and disabled people for USA Today’s Reviewed. I also spent years as a caregiver for my mother while she went through cancer treatments, and I remained her caregiver through the end of her life.

I’ve helped multiple family members navigate bladder and bowel issues, including researching incontinence underwear, colostomy bags (and related accessories), and toilet seat risers . And I’ve seen firsthand how much embarrassment and misinformation there is around buying products for these needs.

For this guide:

  • I read various incontinence resources—including academic studies, articles, blogs, and chat forums—created by and for those who live with all types of bladder incontinence.
  • I interviewed two occupational therapists who specialize in pelvic health to find out what makes a good diaper (as well as the dealbreakers), and I spoke with representatives for adult-diaper manufacturers.
  • I talked with friends and family with bladder incontinence and read online conversations. I also interviewed a man in his late 20s with full bladder and bowel incontinence who helped us test diapers, to get a sense of which ones really work (and which fall far too short).

Incontinence can refer to bladder incontinence (peeing) or bowel incontinence (pooping). Though we focused on the needs of those with bladder incontinence for this guide, our picks will work for bowel incontinence as well.

Bladder incontinence can range from leaking a few drops throughout the day to a complete loss of bladder control. And it can be an issue for everyone from athletes who do high-impact sports to those who just gave birth to people who need full-time care.

Although the recommendations in this guide are geared toward folks with high levels of bladder incontinence up to full bladder incontinence, we also kept in mind the needs of those with moderate bladder incontinence. (If you’re looking for incontinence underwear, as opposed to diaper-style briefs, our guide to disposable and reusable incontinence underwear will be published soon.)

There is a common misconception that bladder incontinence is tied to aging, yet anyone at any age can be (or become) incontinent.

In testing, we made sure that our picks would work for the whole spectrum of people with incontinence—from those who are living independent, active lifestyles to those who receive help from a caregiver for their incontinence needs.

Our pick for best adult diaper for active users and caregivers, the InControl BeDry Premium Incontinence Briefs

The InControl BeDry Premium Incontinence Briefs are some of the highest-quality, most-durable adult diapers on the market. Our tester, a 27-year-old farmer with full bladder incontinence, said he “feels the most secure” in these briefs. “I can live my best life because I’m not chained to my home,” he said. Although full absorbency is not quite as fast with these briefs as it is for the NorthShore MegaMax briefs , the BeDry briefs still offer leak-free, quick absorbency in the same large amounts, at a lower price per diaper.

This brief is extremely absorbent. During testing, this diaper easily held 67 ounces of liquid (the most the average person pees in a day). We were actually able to add up to around 80 ounces before the diaper’s absorbency slowed, and it was able to absorb up to 100 ounces without leaks. So even though you’ll still probably want to change this diaper at least once or twice throughout the day (for hygienic and comfort reasons), it can technically last for a very long time before it becomes ineffective.

The wetness indicator is easy to see and works well. For caregivers, a wetness indicator can be a huge help when they’re taking care of someone who can’t reliably communicate discomfort. The strip on these diapers turns from a pale yellow to a dark black, making it easy to see at a glance when it’s time for a change.

A look at the inside of the InControl BeDry Premium Incontinence Briefs.

The tabs are strong and easily refastenable. This diaper’s tabs have a strong adhesive, with blue strips on the edges that make them easy to see against the white diaper. In addition to that, the plastic-coated fastening areas make it a cinch to put the diaper on, take it off, or reposition it throughout the day. Our tester especially liked the labeled fastening areas because they allowed him to get the fit right the first time without needing to redo the tabs.

The quality is (almost) unmatched. Ultimately, adult diapers still have a long way to go before most are as reliable and durable as they need to be for active users. InControl BeDry and the NorthShore MegaMax stand out well and above the competition; their durability, sturdier materials, and smart designs help prevent leaks and seepage, and they held up to our tester’s active lifestyle and high level of incontinence. This diaper’s Whiff-X core, the specialized absorbency area, helps this brief feel dry and comfortable, even with large amounts of liquid. And the leak guards keep any liquid that isn’t immediately absorbed from ending up on clothing.

The overall price is lower than comparable diapers. Incontinence products add up fast, particularly for those who need to use them 24/7. When calculating cost, it’s important to factor in what you’re paying per diaper and how many diapers you typically need in a day. With the InControl BeDry diapers, our tester with full bladder incontinence needed to use only three over a 24-hour period (he noted that he could have probably gotten by with two, but he prefers a change before bed). This puts the current price per day for a pack of 48 at $5.55 over 24 hours. (Note that shipping from the company is free if you buy the case of 48 diapers, but for the smaller bag, it can add more than $10.)

The sizing is clear and makes reordering easy. Each diaper is labeled with the brand name and size, so reordering is easy. This saves you trying to guess or dig through past orders (and from having to decipher vague descriptions like “I like the gray ones” if you’re ordering for someone else).

Flaws but not dealbreakers

  • We find InControl’s advertised capacity for these diapers confusing. It lists the “theoretical capacity” (this is a measure used in quality control but one that’s not really applicable to real-world use). We wish the company would just list the absorbency before leakage.
  • We found that the plastic in the diaper made some noise, but it wasn’t enough to bother our tester throughout the day.
  • For people with limited dexterity, the thin sticker tabs could be difficult to use.
  • InControl’s diapers are available from fewer online retailers than our other picks. You can buy the smaller packs (two briefs and 16 briefs) on Amazon, but buying the 48-diaper pack directly from the company’s website is a better deal.
  • Although shipping is free if you buy in the largest offered pack, 48 diapers, the smaller packs can come with some fairly hefty shipping costs. Also, if you order from InControl’s website, it can also take more than a week for the diapers to arrive.
  • Unlike NorthShore MegaMax diapers, InControl BeDry diapers come in one color only.
  • Price per diaper: $1.85 at the time of publication
  • Sizes: S (from 27-inch waist/hip) to XL (up to 47-inch waist/hip)
  • Colors: white
  • Wetness indicator: yes
  • Claimed absorbency: 12 hours

Our pick for best adult diapers for smaller and larger bodies, the NorthShore MegaMax Tab-Style Briefs.

If you need petite or larger sizes, or if you tend to release a full bladder all at once, the NorthShore MegaMax Tab-Style Briefs are the best choice. They work just as well as the InControl BeDry diapers , but they cost quite a bit more and don’t come with a wetness strip. Our tester described them as “by far one of the best adult diapers I have ever worn. I can go about my day confidently because I don’t have to be paranoid about this diaper falling off, tearing, or leaking unexpectedly.”

They can absorb a lot of pee very quickly. NorthShore’s MegaMax diapers absorbed even large volumes of liquid faster than every other diaper we tested—beating out the also-fast InControl BeDry diapers. For those who tend to pee a lot at once, this is crucial for avoiding leaks. The diapers advertise an absorbency of 30 to 49 ounces (depending on the size you wear), but our tests found that they could easily hold the full 67 ounces an average person pees in a day. We also like that NorthShore clearly lists the “absorbency before leakage” of its diapers, rather than a theoretical max capacity or other confusing claims.

An inside look at the Northshore’s MegaMax Tab-Style Briefs.

The tabs are strong and easily refastenable. The tabs on NorthShore MegaMax diapers are made of thick, sturdy tape that can be easily refastened, and they have blue edges, so they’re easy to see and find against the diaper. The landing area isn’t quite as cleverly designed as the one on the InControl diapers, however, because it doesn’t have a printed-on reference indicating where to fasten the tabs for the best fit.

The color options are fun. Just because you’re wearing a diaper doesn’t mean it has to be boring. NorthShore MegaMax diapers come in five different colors, including a tie-dye pattern (though all the colors aren’t available for every size).

The quality and durability are impressive. Much like the quality of the InControl diapers, NorthShore’s diapers are top of the line. The MegaMax diapers are sturdy enough to work for even very active users (like our tester) while staying comfortable and leak-free. They’re made of highly durable material, which is on a par with the InControl diapers in keeping moisture away from the skin. And they’re reinforced with double leak guards and plastic backing to prevent any moisture breaking through.

They come in a wide range of sizes. NorthShore MegaMax offers the greatest range of sizes of all of our picks, with its XS starting at an 18-inch waist/hip measurement and its 2XL going up to 76 inches.

  • Because they lack a wetness indicator, NorthShore MegaMax diapers aren’t as ideal for caregivers of folks who can’t communicate when a diaper needs to be changed.
  • MegaMax is one of the most expensive adult diapers we saw. Due to this diaper’s high quality, it will still be cheaper overall than low-quality diapers that you’ll need to change more often, but ultimately the MegaMax didn’t have enough advantages over InControl’s BeDry to justify the increase in the cost per diaper. As with the BeDry diapers, with the MegaMax briefs you’ll get the best deal on cost per diaper and shipping by ordering directly from NorthShore’s website.
  • MegaMax didn’t have enough advantages over InControl’s BeDry to justify the increase in the cost per diaper. As with the BeDry diapers, with the MegaMax briefs you’ll get the best deal on cost per diaper and shipping by ordering directly from NorthShore’s website.
  • Unlike InControl, NorthShore doesn’t have the brand or size listed on its diaper. While this isn’t a dealbreaker by any means, it does make reordering more challenging for those who have tossed the packaging already.
  • As with the InControl BeDry diapers, with the NorthShore MegaMax diapers, the plastic backing creates some noise during wear. But the noise was minimal and wasn’t noticeable under most clothing.
  • Price per diaper: $2.87 for size M at the time of publication
  • Sizes: XS (from 18-inch waist/hip) to 2XL (up to 76-inch waist/hip)
  • Colors: five options (black, blue, pink, white, tie-dye)
  • Wetness indicator: no
  • Claimed absorbency: 30 to 49 ounces

Our pick for best adult diaper for arthritic fingers, the Beyond XP5000 Plastic-Backed Adult Briefs.

Although the Beyond XP5000 Plastic-Backed Adult Briefs don’t offer the same absorbency or comfort as our top two picks, they do use hook-and-loop fasteners (rather than thin adhesive tabs). So they’re a lot easier for those with limited dexterity to use independently.

We don’t necessarily recommend this diaper for active people, however, because the hook-and-loop fasteners can more easily loosen throughout the day, compared with sticker tabs.

The hook-and-loop tabs work well and are easy to use. The hook-and-loop tabs on this diaper are easy to grab, fasten, and refasten. They require less hand strength and dexterity than sticker tabs (though they’re also less secure). So many folks who have arthritis or other conditions will be able to use these independently for longer.

An inside look at the Beyond XP5000 briefs.

The absorbency is good. Though the absorbency isn’t as fast as with the InControl BeDry or NorthShore MegaMax diapers, it’s nonetheless very solid. This diaper absorbed 30 ounces of liquid plenty quickly while still feeling very dry to the touch. However, as it neared the 67-ounce mark, the diaper was noticeably more damp than our other two top picks. Those who tend to release a lot of urine all at once may find this diaper leaks, but for those who release smaller amounts over time (even those with full bladder incontinence), this brief is more than up to the task.

Reordering is simple. The brand and size are both listed on the diaper, so it’s easy to reorder the product online yourself or get help from a loved one.

The materials are durable and will keep you mostly dry. The Beyond XP5000 diaper is made of high-quality materials; for small to moderate amounts of liquid, these diapers stay feeling nearly as dry and comfortable as the InControl BeDry and NorthShore MegaMax (and much more than Assurance). With larger volumes, this diaper still doesn’t leak, but it will feel damper to the touch, and it won’t be as comfortable for as long as InControl or NorthShore diapers.

It has a wetness indicator. Like our InControl and Assurance picks, this diaper comes with a wetness strip that changes color when it needs to be changed—an especially useful feature for caregivers.

  • This diaper was a little louder to put on and take off than our top two picks because of the hook-and-loop strips. While our tester found the noise comparable to our other picks when he was walking around, quietly changing it in a public bathroom was more difficult.
  • Because the tabs fasten with hook and loop, they tend to loosen and stretch over time. This can also cause chafing for especially active wearers.
  • The cost per diaper is around the same price as those of the InControl BeDry and NorthShore MegaMax diapers. However, if you experience full bladder incontinence, there’s a real possibility you’ll be paying more overall because you’ll need to change this diaper more often. (Our tester ended up using five over the course of the day, rather than three.)
  • Like the InControl BeDry diapers, these briefs aren’t available at many online retailers.
  • The diaper packaging lists the absorbency capacity in vague and confusing terms. This isn’t helpful for understanding how much urine the diaper will hold for the average person or comparing across brands.
  • This diaper is available in one only color.
  • Price per diaper: $1.79 for size M at the time of publication
  • Sizes: M (from 31-inch waist) to XL (up to 64-inch waist)
  • Wetness Indicator: no
  • Claimed absorbency: unclear

Our pick for best drugstore diaper, the Assurance Unisex Stretch Briefs with Tabs.

We generally found the diapers available in chain stores like Walgreens or CVS to be nowhere near the quality of the options available online. But if you need diapers last minute and can’t wait for shipping, or shopping online is too much of a hassle, Walmart’s Assurance Unisex Stretch Briefs with Tabs are the best of the worst.

If you’re dealing only with leaks or smaller amounts of urine, and you can change the diapers regularly, these’ll work in a pinch.

The upfront cost is hard to beat. Assurance Stretch Briefs are the cheapest ones we tested, and they’re one of the cheapest that are widely available at just 53¢ a pair. Due to this brief’s lower absorbency, in the long run you could spend the same or more as you would for a higher-quality diaper, since you’ll need to change it more often. However, for those on a tight budget, the lower price can be a huge help.

An inside look at the Assurance diapers.

You can buy these diapers at a physical store. Though they’re also available online, these diapers are the only ones among our picks that you can easily purchase by driving to a nearby store. Because they’re from Walmart’s brand, these diapers can be found at most Walmart stores across the country. When you need a diaper immediately, this is one of the best that you can reliably find fast.

It has a wetness strip. If you’re a caregiver who needs to be able to tell when the diaper needs to be changed, a wetness strip can be crucial. While you’ll want to watch this diaper a little more closely than our other picks to make sure it’s not leaking, the wetness strip was easy to see and use.

  • Compared with our other picks, the Assurance diaper has significantly worse absorbency, durability, and overall quality. If you have the time and budget to trade up for one of our other picks, we recommend doing so every time. But we know that’s not always possible, and for those situations, the Assurance diaper is your best bet.
  • This diaper’s absorbency isn’t high enough or fast enough for those with total loss of bladder control or those who tend to pee a lot at once. Compared with our other picks, this diaper stayed damper during our tests, even with just 8 ounces of fluid (a fraction of what InControl’s or NorthShore’s diapers could hold without feeling damp). So the Assurance diaper should ideally be changed after every use, to avoid health issues and discomfort.
  • Like the Beyond XP5000 diaper’s packaging, this diaper’s packaging doesn’t clearly list its absorbency capacity.
  • This diaper comes in white only.
  • Price per diaper: 53¢ (for all sizes) at the time of publication
  • Sizes: S/M (from 22-inch waist) to L/XL (up to 64-inch waist)

An assortment of the adult diapers that we tested.

An individual’s physical needs and lifestyle will factor into figuring out which diaper works best for them. A diaper that doesn’t leak or seep through is always the top priority, but we also focused on the following criteria:

  • Absorbency volume: We took into consideration the heaviest use cases. And we eliminated diapers that wouldn’t work for those with full bladder incontinence or those who need to wear a diaper for longer stretches of time. We preferred diapers with packaging that explained absorbency in real-world terms, rather than in a theoretical capacity (which is intended as a standard for quality control, not a guidance on how much a diaper will hold).
  • Absorbency speed: We focused on products that could quickly and reliably absorb the liquid as fast as possible, to help avoid leaks and contain smells.
  • Leak-free design: A good diaper will keep even a full bladder’s contents contained—no matter your anatomy—while avoiding dreaded leaks out of the leg holes.
  • Durable construction: We searched for diapers that were durable enough to hold up, whether you’re working outside in your garden or relaxing inside.
  • Fit and comfort: Diapers cover a highly sensitive part of the body. Therefore it’s vital to find a pair that fits correctly, so you remain comfortable and confident throughout your day. A bad fit can lead to chafing, sores, leaks, and worse. To help us decide which models to try, we looked closely at user reviews, online forums, and information from people who use adult diapers.
  • Keeping skin dry: A good diaper is the one you forget you’re wearing. We looked for diapers that wouldn’t feel sopping wet hours after they’re used.
  • Refastenable tabs: One of the huge benefits of a diaper-style brief is being able to adjust the fit; this helps prevent leaks and increase comfort. We examined how each diaper’s refastening method worked, and we checked whether the tabs were easy to use, felt secure, and refastened without damaging the surface beneath.
  • The right price: At a minimum, someone with full bladder incontinence will need to change a good-quality diaper at least three times a day. But with lower-quality and lower-absorbency diapers, you may need to change them as often as 12 times a day. No matter the diaper, the price adds up quickly, so we looked for diapers that cost the least over time.
  • Low noise level: Plastic is essential for many of the highest-absorbency diapers to work well, but it can also be conspicuously loud. We focused on products that didn’t make a lot of noise when the wearer was moving around.
  • Wetness indicator: A wetness indicator is most useful for those who get assistance with changing their diapers, such as from nurses or caregivers. For those changing their own diapers, this may not be a factor, but we kept this feature in mind to find the best option for those who need it.
  • Size range: Though the adjustable nature of diapers means a single size can fit a wider range of bodies, we considered only those diapers that came in a wide range of sizes.

For this guide, we considered only tab-style diapers (commonly called adult diapers). They are more absorbent and leak-proof than pull-up style briefs. They also tend to fit better, since the tab fastener allows you to tighten or loosen the diaper, whereas a pull-up can easily droop, sag, or slide off.

Although we originally considered adding washable, cloth diapers to our testing, we quickly decided against it because they’re less absorbent, more prone to leaking, and difficult to clean.

We selected the highest-absorbency diapers from 15 different brands, including those that are household names to less-well-known brands you can only buy online. We first tried on each diaper, to evaluate how easy it was to use the tabs and follow the instructions for putting it on and fastening it correctly. We then tried out different movements and positions, to determine a diaper’s noise level and comfort.

Next, we put each diaper through a series of absorbency tests, to determine how much water it could hold without it leaking or seeping through and how quickly the absorption occurred. We started by pouring 8 ounces (the average single-urination amount) onto the absorbent part of the diaper while it was lying flat. We then progressively increased the amount to 30 ounces and then 67 ounces (about the most an average person urinates in a day), and then up to the listed maximum capacity for each diaper (or up to 100 ounces, for those that didn’t list the information explicitly).

During these tests, I kept an eye on how well the wetness indicator worked (if the diaper had one), and I took note of any problem areas in the design that left open the possibility of leakage with movement.

From there, we hung each diaper up overnight by its tabs, to see whether it would leak, seep through, or come undone from the weight of the liquid it had absorbed. Realistically, no matter how good a diaper is, it shouldn’t be worn for 24 hours, but we wanted to stress test each product for a worst-case scenario.

We then had a tester—a 27-year-old man who has full bladder and bowel incontinence—use the top four performers that we identified in our testing for 48 hours. (He didn’t test the Assurance Unisex Stretch Briefs because they didn’t work for his needs.)

A livestock farmer by profession, he wore the diapers while going about his work day, which involves constantly bending over, lifting heavy objects, using a chainsaw, and occasionally running to corral an animal who has found a weak spot in the fence. He evaluated each diaper’s absorbency, and he noted whether it leaked or contained odors, as well as how often he needed to change it.

It can be tempting to compare the cost of common incontinence diapers with that of premium diapers and buy the cheaper option. But because premium diapers absorb more, you can use fewer of them, and thus the total cost per day can be less.

Here’s the breakdown of what our tester used over 24 hours while testing premium InControl and MegaMax diapers, compared with the number of less-absorbent Depend Fresh Protection with Tabs we estimate he would have used, based on our own testing. (To be clear, he didn’t test the Depend briefs, because they don’t meet his needs as someone with full incontinence):

To determine the cost of the diaper itself, divide the total cost of the package by how many diapers it holds. In most cases, larger packages will provide a better value (and they often come with free shipping).

Beyond the cost savings, by choosing a high-quality diaper, you’ll spend less time worrying about leaks or finding a place to change. Our tester said that when low-quality diapers were his only option, for financial reasons, “I had anxiety because of the fear of being embarrassed, and I was depressed because the poor-quality diapers available to me limited my ability to be in public.”

An easy-on option for moderate incontinence: The McKesson Extended Wear Stretch Briefs have a single long strip of hook-and-loop fasteners on each side. So for those who have limited dexterity in their hands, this brief is one of the easiest to put on and take off. While the McKesson brief did not hold up well for our active tester with full bladder incontinence, it’s still worth considering for those with moderate bladder incontinence or those who can change a diaper more frequently.

If you want a subtler option: The Tena Proskin Stretch Fully Breathable Briefs leaked a little at 67 ounces, and they absorbed more slowly than some of our other picks. Yet we found them to be the closest to “regular” underwear, due to their quiet, cloth-like material. For those who have moderate incontinence or who are still getting used to the idea of wearing a diaper, this is a good one for making the transition.

The solid, mid-priced Tranquility ATN Disposable Briefs provide impressive absorbency without any leaks. And though it claims to hold up to 34 ounces, when we tested it with 67 ounces, it easily held the full amount. However, we dismissed this brief because it was noisy when our tester moved around, and it had a less comfortable fit.

The Attends Advanced Briefs have a great price, but their slow absorbency, moderate noise level, and less-comfortable feel led us to dismiss them. Yet in a pinch, this product is still a fine choice.

The Abena Abri-Form Comfort M4 and BetterDry Adult Diapers w/ Plastic Backing were both strong options for high-absorbency diapers made from quality materials. However, both had a noticeable leaking issue, so we ultimately dismissed them. The Abena brief’s lack of an elastic waistband around the back led to gapping and leaks for some wearers, and the adhesive tabs tore the plastic during repositioning. And the BetterDry brief’s leak guards were too small for larger volumes of liquid.

We had high hopes for the Depend Fresh Protection with Tabs briefs, given how ubiquitous they were. But we found that the quality didn’t hold up. This brief was less absorbent, durable, and harder to use than others we tested. Whereas some of our briefs could absorb 67 ounces easily, the Depend brief began leaking at only 8 ounces.

We loved the low price of the FitRight OptiFit Briefs and the Walgreens Certainty Unisex Briefs , but we found that both had major leak issues.

Although the Unique Wellness Briefs did hold a lot compared with other briefs we tested, they could not hold the advertised 87 ounces. This product’s packaging was also the least discreet by far.

Prevail Air Plus Daily Briefs had hundreds of good user reviews, but ultimately they couldn’t compete with the other briefs we tested. The mid-range price is decent, but the repositionable tabs consistently tore the diaper during testing. Overall, the quality did not match the price.

This article was edited by Claire Perlman and Christine Cyr Clisset.

Lindsey Vestal, occupational therapist and pelvic health specialist , phone interview , October 10, 2023

Kourtney Randsdorp, occupational therapist and pelvic health specialist , email interview , October 12, 2023

Adam Greenberg, president of NorthShore Care Supply , email interview , April 11, 2024

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    cruise packing list for baby

  2. 10 Free Printable Cruise Packing Lists

    cruise packing list for baby

  3. Not sure what to pack for your Caribbean cruise? Don’t worry! Here is

    cruise packing list for baby

  4. Complete Caribbean Cruise Packing Guide

    cruise packing list for baby

  5. Download this free printable --> cruising packing list for babies and

    cruise packing list for baby

  6. What to Pack for a Cruise with a Baby: Important Items to Bring On

    cruise packing list for baby


  1. Cruise Packing Tips Part 2

  2. (60 Items) Cruise Packing Tips Revealed

  3. Packing for a Caribbean Cruise ✨🌴*First-Time Cruisers MUST Watch* 🛳️

  4. 7 things YOU want to PACK for your cruise!🤔👀✅

  5. 4 things YOU NEED to PACK for your cruise!🤩🤷‍♂️🧳✅

  6. DON’T forget to PACK THIS for your cruise!😩👀🤷‍♂️


  1. Baby and Toddler Cruise Packing List

    The minute my babies turned 6 months old we were on a cruise ship. 6 months is the earliest most cruise lines will allow a baby to cruise at. Whatever cruise line you decide to go on always make sure you check with them prior to booking a cruise. I compiled a Baby and Toddler Cruise Packing List of all the things you will want to think about ...

  2. 12 Most Essential Travel Baby Supplies You Need on a Cruise

    2. Baby Carrier. A sturdy but breathable carrier will free up your hands while you travel and let baby snuggle on the go. The Ergobaby 360 Mesh Baby Carrier can hold kids from 12 to 33 pounds ...

  3. Baby & Toddler Cruise Packing List (Printable) Cruise Mummy

    I've cruised with babies and toddlers and know the perils of both overpacking and underpacking! That's why I've created this free printable baby cruise packing list - so you know exactly what to pack for your family cruise, and what to leave at home. I've listed all of the cruise essentials for toddlers and babies below, including ...

  4. The Complete Packing Guide For Your Baby Or Toddler's First Cruise

    It's best to pack more diapers that you will need, just in case. The average baby or toddler uses anywhere from six to 10 diapers a day, so it's best to go with something in the upper range - you can probably get away with less if you have an older toddler. Also, don't forget the wipes!

  5. 41 Must-Have Tips for Cruising With Babies, Toddlers, or Small Kids

    When it comes to a family vacation with babies, toddlers, or small kids, there's not much that's better than taking a cruise. Cruising offers a chance for the entire family to sail together, with something they will enjoy doing no matter their ages. So whether you're traveling with a one-year-old, a ten-year-old, or something in between, everyone will have a chance to make the most of their ...

  6. What to Pack for a Cruise with a Baby

    Important Baby Essentials to Pack for a Cruise with a Baby. If you'll be cruising for a week or more with an infant or toddler, it is not unreasonable to expect you will need an entire suitcase devoted to baby essentials. Really. As a general rule, cruise lines do not stock baby food, formula, diapers, or wipes on board, except in very rare ...

  7. Baby Cruise Packing List

    What to pack for a baby on a cruise - Baby Cruise Packing List Most cruises regardless of length will have a formal night. If you plan on attending the formal night (which I admit is one of my favourite nights on a cruise ship) then be sure to take something nice for baby to wear.

  8. What to Pack for a Cruise with Your Kids

    3. Pack For Independence. Consider that your older kids will probably spend most of their time exploring the ship away from you and encourage them to pack accordingly — be sure they have their own sunscreen, for example, and a personal phone charger and battery pack so that they can stay in touch. 4.

  9. Toddler Cruise Packing List: Ultimate Checklist

    1. Snacks: Bring along a variety of healthy snacks your toddler enjoys, such as dried fruit, cereal bars, and cheese sticks. 2. Sippy cups: Carry spill-proof sippy cups for mess-free hydration on the go. 3. Bibs and utensils: Don't forget to pack bibs and child-sized utensils for mealtimes.

  10. What to Pack for Kids on a Cruise

    Sun hats, rash guards and cover-ups are all must-pack items for a warm-weather cruise; no one will be happy if your kid gets a bad sunburn on day one and is grumpy all day two. The most important ...

  11. What to Pack for Kids on a Cruise: Kid's Cruise Packing List

    Cruise Packing List for Kids: 7 t-shirts. 4-5 pairs of shorts. 2-3 bathing suits. 3-4 polo shirts or nice tops (evening) 2 long sleeve shirts or sweatshirt (for cooler days or evenings) 2-3 casual dresses or sundresses for girls. 2 pair of leggings or sweat pants (comfy clothes) 1-2 fancy dresses for formal nights for girls.

  12. 115 item Ultimate Cruise Packing List (Printable PDF)

    Unfortunately, some people suffer from sea sickness, but there are a number of well known remedies such as Gravol, wrist bands and patches. Here are some common medications/ first aid items to pack: Sea sickness remedies. Pain and allergy products. After-burn care (aloe), lip balm (SPF), and bug spray.

  13. The Ultimate Cruise Packing List for Toddlers

    Here are a few other items that we feel are helpful on cruises with toddlers: Nightlight (one of the top cruise items we recommend buying at Dollar Tree ). Leakproof Sippy cup. Portable white noise machine or app on your phone. Diaper disposal bags for dirty diapers (these will stink up a stateroom in no time!)

  14. The ultimate kids cruise packing list

    Traveling with younger kids can definitely add more to your packing list. Beyond the standard clothes suggested, consider including: Diapers - pack plenty of extra ones, including regular and swim. Baby and disinfectant wipes. Rash cream. Extra plastic bags for wet items. Light blanket. Bottles. Baby food and formula.

  15. THE Cruise Packing Checklist: 85 Items To Bring (Printable)

    T-Shirts (at least one for every two days of your cruise) Tank tops. Shorts (at least one pair for every two days of your cruise) Long pants (at least one pair for nights on the ship) Long-sleeve shirt (at least one for nights on the ship) Underwear. Swimsuit (At least two, so that one can dry when you wear the other)

  16. The Ultimate Toddler Cruise Packing List: Pack With Confidence!

    Here is a toddler cruise packing list that I recommend for a five-day cruise with a toddler to a warm location. 7-9 Shirts. 7-9 shorts. 2 pairs of pants. 2 pairs of sandals. 1 pair of tennis shoes. 1 pair of water shoes. 25-30 diapers. 7-10 swim diapers.

  17. ULTIMATE toddler cruise packing list

    Things to know when packing for a cruise with a toddler. What to Pack for a toddler on a cruise (clothing wise) 7 outfits (i.e. tops and bottoms) + spare. A Formal Outfit. Layers. PJs. UV Protection Swimwear. Sun Hat and Sunglasses. Other Toddler Cruise Packing List Essentials.

  18. The Complete Baby Packing List for Travel

    Our complete baby travel packing list outlines all the must-have items for traveling with a baby. From diaper-bag necessities to in-flight essential items, we've thought through everything you'll need on your next family vacation. Read on for packing tips, a printable packing list you can customize for each trip, and details about our ...

  19. The Ultimate Printable Cruise Packing List

    Documents. Photo ID (passport preferable) / birth certificate. Photocopies of ID and credit cards. Cruise boarding pass. Printed luggage tags. Flight boarding passes (if applicable) Hotel info (if ...

  20. The Ultimate Cruise Packing List (Free Printable PDFs)

    Get this free pdf cruise packing checklist printable of over 100 items, complete with tips for family travel, vacation essentials, packing hacks, & more! My family really puts an emphasis on travel. ... Baby Powder - If you're planning on going on a beach vacation, make sure you bring the baby powder to get the sand off! Just sprinkle some on ...

  21. Packing Items When Cruising with Babies and Toddlers

    Things to Pack on a Cruise with Babies and Toddlers. Our daughter celebrated her 6th month on a 7-day Alaska cruise over twenty years ago, went on a Southern Caribbean cruise at 17 months and a Mexican cruise at two years old. The hardest trip was traveling when our son was 14 months on an 11-day Hawaiian cruise along with our then 3-year old daughter.

  22. The ultimate packing list for a family cruise so you won't leave

    Based on my experience as a travel writer and mom of two, I've thought of everything you may need to pack so that you don't have to. Read on for the ultimate packing guide for bringing young kids on a family cruise. What to pack for a family cruise Packing for a cruise is different from preparing for a typical family trip. You're staying in a ...

  23. The Ultimate Disney Cruise Packing List: Must-Have Essentials With Free

    Whether you're going on a 7-night cruise, a 5-day vacation, or a weekend Disney vacation on the sea, you can use this Disney Cruise packing list to bring everything you need. Get ready for a massively fun family vacation when you sail on Disney Cruises .

  24. Cruise Packing List: The Essentials Chosen by Experts

    as a remedy for sea sickness as well. Mix-and-match clothing. Pack a variety of mix-and-match items, also known as a capsule wardrobe, for your cruise. To do this, choose a base color - black or ...

  25. What to Pack in Your Cruise Carry On Bag (Free Packing List)

    Here is a list of items to pack in your carry-on bag, to ensure that you have a stress-free first day on the cruise. I made a cruise carry-on bag packing list that you can download for free (see ...

  26. 13 Things to Pack for a Cruise, According to Crew

    Buy on Amazon $29 $19. Most cruise guests bring the ship's pool towels shoreside for lounging. But, the terry cloth towels cling to the sand, bringing it back in your bag to be dumped on your ...

  27. The Ultimate Alaska Cruise Packing List: Free Printable Checklist

    When packing for your Alaska cruise, you will need to bring a lot of accessories. Bring a tote bag or a backpack to carry your accessories when you go on shore excursions, which can last for the ...

  28. What to Pack for a Disney World Trip with a Baby or Toddler

    Packing Tips When Traveling to Disney World with a Baby or Toddler. DIY Diaper Kits: Pre-pack individual diaper change kits in ziplock bags. Include a diaper, a few wipes, and a disposable changing pad. It makes diaper changes quick and easy without rummaging through your whole bag. The Baby Care Centers are a great spot for diaper changes.

  29. Cruise packing list: The ultimate guide to what to pack for a cruise

    On cold-weather cruises, you'll need a warm beanie, scarf, gloves and waterproof gear. (Antarctica and Arctic cruises have unique packing lists, so check with your cruise line.) Related: 20 must ...

  30. The 4 Best Adult Diapers of 2024

    Baby‑proofing tools; Baby gates; Car Seats. ... This puts the current price per day for a pack of 48 at $5.55 over 24 hours. (Note that shipping from the company is free if you buy the case of ...