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The 9 Best Makeup Cases for Travel in 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Our picks fit all of your favorite accessories and stand up to drops and shakes.

travel makeup case on wheels

In This Article

  • Our Top Picks
  • Others We Liked

Our Testing Process

  • Tips for Buying
  • Why Trust T+L

Travel + Leisure / Alli Waataja

If you wear even a small amount of makeup, you likely own some form of a makeup bag to use while traveling. But if your go-to makeup bag is hard to see into, has a janky zipper, or is just a plastic bag, it’s time for an upgrade. Lucky for you, we thoroughly tested 26 popular makeup bags in our New York City studio to find out which ones are actually worth traveling with. 

Over the course of five months of tests both in our New York City lab and during our real travels, we stuffed each makeup case to the brim with cosmetics, packed them into luggage, and threw them around the room (yes, really). And when all was said and done, there were 9 makeup cases we liked enough to permanently add to our luggage collections and recommend to you. Based on factors like quality, capacity, design, portability, value, and ease of use, here are our 9 favorite makeup bags and cosmetic cases.

Best Overall

Béis the cosmetic case.

  • Ease of Use 5 /5
  • Quality 5 /5
  • Capacity 5 /5
  • Design 5 /5
  • Portability 5 /5

It’s durable, capacious, and nice to look at — plus, it has a large built-in mirror.

We feel it could benefit from interior straps to hold products down.

Reliable, stylish, and compact yet spacious, it’s no wonder this easy-to-pack cosmetic case from luggage brand Béis impressed us the most. The main compartment opens and closes smoothly, while a center compartment for brushes and other smaller items can be removed in a snap. There are even multiple additional pockets, pouches, and subtle slots in the bag, so there’s truly a place for everything. We also noticed that, because the interior of the case is so roomy, it’s incredibly easy to see every item inside when fully opened. And speaking of the interior, the bag actually boasts a large attached mirror on the inside, which comes in handy for in-transit makeup application — though some might still prefer to also pack a lighted travel makeup mirror .

During our five months of tests, the PU leather and hardware worked together to create efficient padding that kept the contents of the case safe and intact through bumps and drops — not to mention, the bag itself still looked good through the wear and tear. On many occasions, we tossed this case in a duffel before going through airport security and boarding a flight, and it still looks good as new. Though $68 may feel a bit pricey for a makeup bag, we felt this case’s thoughtful design and durable construction is worth it. You can grab the case in eight colors ranging from beige to berry.  

The Details: 9.5 x 4 x 7 inches | PU leather, nylon, PVC, poly | Zipper closure

Travel + Leisure / Jhett Thompson

Travel + Leisure / Leticia Almeida

Best for Organization

Relavel travel makeup case.

It’s one of the roomiest bags on our list and it’s lightweight.

It does take up a bit of space in your luggage.

While this case is on the larger side, we felt that ended up being more helpful than hurtful while traveling. We could fit pretty much everything in this thing: a whopping seven palettes, a whole brush collection, two foundation bottles, five toiletry bottles, over 15 lipsticks, an eyelash curler, hair spray, and a travel-sized moisturizer bottle, to be exact. Despite its size, the train case actually remains quite lightweight as well as organized thanks to its adjustable dividers and stretchable pouches on the inside. During our five-month test, we even ended up using this for both makeup and toiletries, since it provides plenty of space.

The interior additionally features layers of protective foam-like material that expertly keeps makeup bottles from cracking. We also found that both the interior and exterior of this case are easy to clean, should a spill or outdoor drop occur. Because it’s a little big, though, we’d recommend packing this case in a carry-on suitcase or even checked luggage rather than a tote or backpack. You can pick this case up in 20 different colors and prints. 

The Details: 10.3 x 9 x 3.7 inches | Nylon | Zipper closure

Best Compact

Dagne dover mila toiletry organizer.

Dagne Dover

  • Capacity 4 /5

It’s the tiniest bag on our list, but it still fits a lot — plus, it’s easy to flatten when packing or storing.

It does, of course, fit less makeup than the larger bags on our list.

If you prefer to travel with something more compact, Dagne Dover’s Mila Toiletry Organizer is the best tiny makeup bag we tried. Though it’s by far the smallest pick on our list, we were surprised at just how much it could actually hold. Not only do plenty of palettes, lipsticks, and other essential cosmetics fit inside, but so do full-size makeup brushes. It comes with a removable mini divider set that helps hold items in place, though we liked how much more we could fit in the organizer if we skipped using the dividers. Because it fit so well in the palm of our hands, we had a good time whipping it across the room during our tests — and after being pelted against the wall and floor multiple times, we were amazed to find the organizer still looked fantastic and its contents barely budged. Even when wedged into an absolutely-stuffed-to-the-brim suitcase during our five-month test, the inside is so well-padded that all of our items remained protected and secure. We decided it’s the ultimate makeup bag for shorter trips since it takes up such little space and is super soft and squishable for easy packing. 

The Details: 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches | Polyester, zinc alloy | Zipper closure

Best Budget

Narwey travel makeup bag.

  • Design 2 /5

It’s spacious, easy-to-clean, and more affordable than any other makeup bag on our list.

It could use a little extra padding for protection against drops.

There was something about this bag that just made us feel like we could easily access everything inside — there were no hidden pockets, no tight openings, and no unnecessary flaps that covered up the contents (other than one to protect makeup brushes, but it’s see-through). The zipper opening is easy to maneuver and appears to be well-made, while the canvas frame feels sturdy and protective. The bag got a bit dirty during our tests, but it cleaned up beautifully with minimal effort. We especially loved just how much it could fit: multiple brushes in each of its eight brush pockets, three palettes, three eyeliners, four lipsticks, a mascara, and a lash curler. Perhaps that’s why we were so shocked to discover the bag doesn’t take up much space in our luggage, and it is a fraction of what many other bags on our list cost. 

The Details: 9 x 6.7 x 3.5 inches | Canvas | Zipper closure

lululemon Go Getter Pouch

  • Ease of Use 4.5 /5
  • Design 4 /5

It’s sleek, water-repellant, and capable of holding way more than you’d expect given its compact size. 

After five months of testing, it is showing makeup stains.

The feature we found most interesting about this bag is that, when empty, it appears very thin and compact. However, once stuffed with makeup, it actually holds a crazy amount of stuff, including larger items like perfumes, dry shampoos, lotions, and creams. We love the pouch’s nylon construction, which looks sleek and allows dirt and liquids to slide right off. The bag’s lack of padding keeps it lightweight and flexible; we wouldn’t recommend keeping any glass bottles or jars in it, but it’s also not likely to tear, stretch, or snag (that’s lululemon for you!). Because there’s no true framing, the bag is easy to flatten or mold to any space or suitcase. While there is a small exterior zip pocket and an interior mesh one, the pouch really has no built-in organization — though we don’t think that’s a deal-breaker. Get it in gray sage or black.

The Details: 8.7 x 3.3 x 6.3 inches | Polyester, nylon | Zipper closure

Best Train Case

Leatherology train case.


The leather exterior is soft to the touch and the interior is deceptively roomy.

During our five-month test, we found the tall design to be awkward for packing.

Easy to clean and pack, we’re obsessed with this cute and compact train case from ultra-reliable Leatherology. It zips open in a way that allows you to see everything inside, plus there are interior pockets of all sizes to help keep everything organized. Though we felt it was slightly flimsy when we first picked it up, we quickly realized it’s sturdier than it looks, and only becomes more so when filled with makeup. Its subtle padding is also no joke, as it completely protected the contents while being thrown around, shaken, and dropped. The exterior leather is soft and supple, the interior lining is high quality, and the main compartment is deep and spacious despite its overall compact size. If you’re looking for a smaller makeup bag that’ll still fit more than just the essentials, we recommend this train case in one of 14 available colors. 

The Details: 7.5 x 5 x 5.2 inches | Leather, nickel | Zipper closure

Best Hanging

Boacay hanging travel toiletry bag.

  • Quality 4 /5
  • Capacity 3.5 /5
  • Portability 4 /5

It holds so many products, and it folds up nicely and easily. 

Even when folded, it takes up more space than most makeup bags on our list.

Travel hanging organizers are a whole different ball game — and once you use one, you may never go back. This one opens up into four large sections, each with a transparent, zippered sleeve to store (and easily see) your makeup and toiletries. Two of the sections have straps to hold products in place, and a hook on the top section allows you to hang the bag anywhere. During our tests, we discovered the bag is sturdy and easy to clean in addition to being large enough for different types of products, from makeup brushes to hairspray.  Even when we packed it to the brim, it still folded up with minimal effort and kept our makeup in place during drop tests. While it’s relatively thin, it is somewhat long and space-consuming, so we’d probably only pack this in a checked bag rather than a carry-on, or use the makeup bag itself as a personal item. Throughout our five months of testing, we did notice that bottles can easily slip out of the plastic pockets if the case is hung up without first zipping the pockets.

The Details: 11.4 x 3.8 x 7.5 inches | Zipper closure

Cuyana Leather Travel Case Set

During our five months of tests, all stains and smudges were easily cleaned to keep the case looking new.

It doesn’t have organization features or particularly thick cushioning.

Upon testing, this stood out for two reasons: it comes with not one, but two luxe pouches, and the interior is lined with the same soft leather featured on the exterior. We appreciated how wide both bags open, despite their top-zip construction, making it easy to see everything inside. The larger of the two bags is so spacious, we were able to fit an impressive amount of makeup inside — in fact, we felt we realistically probably wouldn’t even need the smaller bag for makeup, and could instead use it for small toiletries or loan it to a travel companion. There aren’t any dividers or straps inside these bags, so the products inside may shift in-transit if not packed to the brim. Still, we loved the set because it’s one of the nicest-looking options we tried (plus, it comes in 14 gorgeous colors). 

The Details: 12 x 7 x 3.5 inches (large), 8 x 5 x 2.5 inches (small) | Leather | Zipper closure

Best Splurge

Cuyana travel beauty case.

  • Quality 4.5 /5
  • Portability 4.5 /5

It has a pocket for everything and will hold up through years of travel.

It’s on the heavier side and the most expensive bag on our list. 

If you’re looking for something that does it all and is built to last, consider Cuyana’s Travel Beauty Case. It’s the most expensive option on our list, but after putting it to the test, we believe it’s worth the hefty price tag. The zipper glides smoothly when opening and closing it, the construction is super sturdy, it’s not bulky, it’s packed with pockets as well as a removable pouch, dirt and scuffs are easy to wipe off — we could truly go on and on about this case. But let’s go back to the interior: Though the case is on the smaller side, it boasts plenty of slots for products, including a dedicated pocket and four straps for makeup brushes, a leather flap to protect contents, a small removable pouch for your tiniest cosmetics, and an additional elastic pocket. We felt the leather was quite stiff, which prompted us to get a little rougher with it during our drop and shake tests. Sure enough, it effectively protected the many palettes, lipsticks, tools, and more we placed inside. Even after five months of using the case during our travels, it still looks good as new and has protected all of our items.

The Details: 10.2 x 6.2 x 3.1 inches | Leather | Zipper closure

Other Makeup Bags We Liked

Several other makeup bags almost made our list, but were cut due to issues revealed during testing.

Béis The Hanging Cosmetic Case : This bag is super sturdy, protective, and well made. However, the actual makeup section of this multi-paneled case managed to feel both bulky and too small to fit all our makeup products. 

Away The Cosmetics Bag : We liked the sleek, minimalist design; a unique interior that features makeup storage with a clear zippered divider; and five heavy-duty makeup brush slots on the opposite side. But during tests, it fit considerably less makeup than many others on our list and it didn’t keep products very secure.

Vera Bradley Women's Recycled Lighten Up ReActive Cosmetic Makeup Organizer Set : This set proved to be spacious, easy to clean, and convenient thanks to two transparent side panels on the larger of the two bags. Still, we feel the design is very basic and it lacks organization features, straps, and pockets.

To thoroughly and accurately test each of the 26 makeup cases in our lab, we filled them with various props (including four makeup brushes, two makeup palettes, one bottle of foundation, one eyelash curler, one mascara, one lipstick, four pre-filled toiletry bottles, and one hairspray) to see how much they could truly hold. We then placed the filled makeup bags into both a half-packed backpack and carry-on luggage, making note of how much space each bag took up. Next, we took the makeup bags out of the luggage and dropped them, shook them, and tossed them in the air to test how much the contents inside moved or if there was any damage. 

Throughout our tests, we rated each makeup bag based on ease of use, quality, capacity, design, portability, and value. The makeup bags included in this article are the picks that scored highest in each category. Testers will continue using the bags and collecting insights for six months following our initial tests.

Tips for Buying a Makeup Bag for Travel

Decide how much space you need.

If you like to wear a full face of makeup on your travels, you should seek out a larger makeup bag with built-in organization (think pockets, brush straps, dividers, and removable pouches). If you’re more of a mascara-and-go kind of person, a super roomy cosmetic case is unnecessary — it’ll just take up extra space in your luggage, and your few makeup products inside will likely move around too much, increasing their chances of breaking.

Prioritize organizational features

While a makeup case with one large, main compartment might sound sufficient, you may want to reconsider. If you plan on packing multiple types of products (like palettes, brushes, bottles, and tubes), a makeup bag with organizational features, such as a train case , will come in handy more than you’d think. As explained above, bags with extra slots, pockets, straps, and compartments help you keep track of all your cosmetics and do your makeup quickly. 

Determine the best material

Before buying a makeup bag, think about potential travel mishaps that could occur. Are you prone to spills? Do you tend to overpack? What if your luggage takes a beating in the cargo hold? Keeping that in mind, choose a cosmetic case material that works for you. Leather and nylon handle makeup spills and dirt well, while cases made of neoprene or mesh will keep your luggage lightweight. It’s hard to completely avoid scuffs and scratches, but materials such as polyester and high-quality leather hold up better than others. And if you’re someone who hates rummaging through a dark makeup bag? Go for a clear material or a bag that opens like a clamshell so you can easily see all of its contents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important not to overstuff or understuff your makeup bag. Overstuffing can cause spills and stretching/ripping of the makeup bag itself, while understuffing allows your makeup bag’s contents to move around more, increasing their chances of breaking. It’s also wise to take special care of more delicate items like brushes and glass bottles. Brushes should be strapped down and covered by a flap if possible, and you shouldn’t have to bend the bristles to make them fit. If your cosmetic case has smaller interior pockets or slots, keep glass bottles in there — if not, stand them up straight rather than laying them down, and pack other products around them to keep them from sliding around. 

Yes — just keep TSA liquid rules in mind. Like any other liquid container, makeup containers (like liquid foundation bottles, moisturizer tubes, etc.) should not exceed 3.4 fluid ounces each. If your liquid makeup goes over that limit, you’ll have to store it in your checked luggage.

Use a wet cloth, a wipe, or even an antibacterial spray and a paper towel to wipe your makeup bag clean. Just make sure you’re not using anything with bleach!

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

For this article, associate commerce editor Hillary Maglin used her extensive knowledge of makeup bags, makeup products, and traveling, as well as the T+L team’s extensive makeup bag tests, to compile a list of the best options on the market. 

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travel makeup case on wheels

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Are you a beauty entrepreneur in need of a superior cosmetic storage solution? Or a professional makeup artist requiring a more efficient way to transport your make up trolley case filled with basic makeup essentials? A high-quality makeup trolley is the answer. In this article, we’ll explore the top makeup trolleys that can double as a storage trolley or trolley case, providing an all-in-one solution for your beauty storage needs.

Make up trolley on wheels - review

Why a Make up Trolley?

repurposing make up cases to hairdressing trolleys

A makeup trolley is essential for both budding and professional makeup artists. It’s not just a storage box but a versatile cosmetic case on wheels that provides ample space for all your beauty storage needs. With dedicated sections for different makeup items, these trolleys help keep everything organised and within reach.

Features of an Ideal Make up Trolley Case

The ideal makeup trolley case should have abundant storage space, quality construction, durability, and easy manoeuvrability. These features make it not just a cosmetic case but a perfect beauty trolley, offering a comprehensive beauty storage solution.

Top Makeup Trolleys for Beauty Entrepreneurs

Songmics professional makeup trolley case, 4-in-1 travel beauty trolley.

SONGMICS offers a makeup trolley case with a 4-in-1 design, providing plenty of room for all your cosmetic storage needs. It functions as a storage and trolley case, but it may be bulky for small spaces.

  • 4-in-1 design for organised storage
  • High-quality waterproof ABS plastic surface
  • Durable with aluminium straps and plastic corner protectors
  • Versatile top makeup case that can be used separately or combined with other dividers
  • Lockable with four keys and easy to move with four 360° castors
  • Bulky for small spaces or travel.

Kemier Professional Makeup Train Case, 2-in-1 Makeup Trolley Case with Omni-Directional Wheels

The Kemier Makeup Train Case is a cosmetic case that doubles as a makeup trolley case, offering ample storage space and easy manoeuvrability. 

  • High-quality nylon finish for a professional look
  • Heavy-duty handle for comfort and mobility
  • Sturdy, spacious, and cleverly designed for optimal storage
  • L-shaped retractable handle and 4 detachable wheels for durability and easy rolling
  • Ample storage space with 2 makeup cases, including extendable trays and 8 removable drawers
  • 2 detachable brush holders neatly lined beneath the lids
  • Can become heavy when fully loaded

Yaheetech Professional Makeup Trolley Case, 3 in-1 Extra Large Cosmetic Case Beauty Nail Rolling Trolley

The Yaheetech Makeup Trolley Case is a 3-in-1 beauty trolley that’s robust and stylish, making it an ideal choice for a cosmetic case or storage trolley. 

  • Durable construction: MDF case, water-resistant PVC veneer, and wear-resistant 210D polyester lining with reinforced metal edges and corners.
  • Smooth operation: aluminium pull handle with innovative hexagon tube.
  • Stylish design: cool and chic contemporary minimalist style with black and red combination.
  • Easy to move: four high-quality wheels for quiet and labour-saving rolling, with detachable options.
  • Convenient to carry: comes with a shoulder strap.
  • Versatile: ideal for makeup artists, hairstylists, beauticians, and nail tech students.
  • Highly popular and often unavailable.

SONGMICS Professional Makeup Train Case, 3-in-1 Travelling Beauty Trolley

SONGMICS offers another makeup train case that can be converted into a 3-in-1 beauty trolley, designed for aspiring and professional makeup artists. It features a silver aluminium strip, a black ABS surface, and fan-shaped metal corners to protect your valuables from damage. The trolley has four accordion-style trays for storing lipsticks, brushes, eye shadows and a bottom shelf for larger items like UV nail lamps and hairdryers. It also has a thickened hexagonal telescopic rod for smooth operation and four universal casters for easy mobility.

  • 3-in-1 design for versatile storage
  • Durable construction with silver aluminum strip and black ABS surface 
  • Fan-shaped metal corners for extra protection 
  • 4 accordion-style trays and bottom shelf for ample storage 
  • Thickened hexagonal telescopic rod for smooth operation 
  • Equipped with 4 universal casters for easy mobility 
  • Some users find it too heavy, which may affect portability.

Joligrace Professional Makeup Trolley – Cosmetic Vanity Box 

  • Extra large storage space for UV lamps and hair dryers
  • Four 360 degrees wheel spinner suitcases for easy movement in any direction
  • High-quality metal clasp locks for secure storage
  • Durable telescope handle for easy pulling
  • Exquisite workmanship with top carrying handle for comfortable lifting
  • Eye-catching aluminum outer styling

Yaheetech Professional Large 4-in-1 Makeup Vanity Case

  • 4-in-1 makeup case with detachable compartments for customisation.
  • Top compartment can be used as a small carrying case.
  • Middle drawers can be removed for a 3-in-1/2-in-1 option.
  • High-quality wheels for quiet rolling; detachable and replaceable.
  • Smooth sliding pull handle with innovative hexagon tube.
  • Top handle for convenient carrying.
  • Contemporary black and red design.
  • Difficult to drag on uneven terrain; may scrape floor if tilted.

Caring for Your Makeup Trolley: Maintenance Tips to Extend Your Trolley Case’s Lifespan

Preserving the lifespan and aesthetics of your makeup trolley case goes beyond choosing the right product. Proper care and maintenance are paramount to ensuring your beauty trolley remains functional and visually appealing for an extended period. Here are a few tips on how to look after your cosmetic case or makeup trolley case.

Regular Cleaning

Your makeup trolley case is a storage trolley for all your makeup products, and naturally, it can get dirty over time. Clean your cosmetic case regularly to prevent the buildup of makeup residue and bacteria. Use a soft cloth and mild soap or disinfectant wipes to clean the interior and exterior surfaces. Ensure you dry it thoroughly after cleaning to prevent any potential damage or mould growth.

Keep it Organised

Makeup case to hairdressing trolley

A well-organised makeup trolley will not only make your work more efficient but will also prevent any unnecessary damage to your products. Arrange your basic makeup essentials neatly, and avoid overpacking to prevent pressure on the trolley case, which could lead to breakage.

Protect from Extreme Conditions

Exposing your makeup trolley case to extreme temperatures or moisture can cause damage to both the trolley and the makeup stored inside. When not in use, store your beauty trolley in a cool, dry place to preserve the quality of your cosmetic storage.

Handle with Care

Even the most durable makeup train case or trolley case can get damaged with rough handling. Always be gentle when opening and closing your cosmetic case and when moving it around. Remember to lock it properly before transport to prevent the contents from moving around and causing damage.

Regular Check-up

Regularly check the condition of your makeup trolley case. Look for any signs of wear and tear, especially on the wheels, handles, and locks. Timely replacement or repair of these parts will prolong the lifespan of your cosmetic case.

Use Appropriate Cleaning Solutions

When cleaning your makeup trolley case, ensure the cleaning solution is suitable for the material of your trolley. Some solutions may be too harsh and cause discolouration or damage to the material. Always do a patch test if you’re unsure.

By following these simple yet effective tips, you can ensure that your makeup trolley case stays in top condition for years, making your investment worthwhile. Remember, a well-cared-for makeup trolley doesn’t just look good – it also helps you be at your professional best.

Maintaining your cosmetic case isn’t just about preserving its physical appearance. It’s also about ensuring it remains a reliable, functional tool in your professional makeup kit. So, take good care of your makeup trolley case, and it will take good care of your makeup essentials.

Choosing the right makeup trolley case can significantly impact your work as a beauty entrepreneur. These top 7 makeup trolleys provide a range of options to suit different needs. Choose one that best fits your requirements and elevate your makeup game to the next level!

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The 10 Best Travel Makeup Bags for Organized Chaos

From brands like Away, Beis, and Calpak.

dagne dover hunter toiletry bag

If you buy something from the links on this page, we may earn a commission. Why Trust Us?

The best travel makeup bags of course come in many shapes and sizes, but our team of editors and experts came together to find the most incredible options for every type of makeup lover out there. Whether you only have a couple of staple products or have had to seriously consider bringing an additional carry-on to fit all of your beauty favorites during your travels, we've included options for you. Below, read on to find the best travel makeup bag for you.

The Best Travel Makeup Bags

  • Best Overall: The Small Toiletry Bag
  • Best Budget: Queboom Travel Makeup Bag
  • Best Organizer: Hunter Neoprene Toiletry Bag
  • Best Multi-Compartment: The Dopp Kit
  • Best Bulk: Skkn by Kim Vanity Bag

What to Consider

When selecting the best travel makeup bag for yourself or for a giftee, you have a few things to consider before pressing "add to cart." First, you should check out how much space you really have in your travel backpack or carry-on to fit additional storage essentials. Then, you have to think about what you're putting in the bag. Will it only be small makeup items, or will you also want to throw in skincare essentials, small toiletries, and hair accessories? Once you have figured that out, consider the type of material your makeup bag should be. How important is it for you to be able to wash this? If it's a must, you'll obviously want something waterproof.

How much space do you have in your luggage to add a travel makeup bag? Will you mostly be throwing it into a weekender or a large suitcase that has miles of space inside? Consider what you're working with on the road (and in your perhaps very full closet), then peep at the travel makeup bag's dimensions to ensure it'll fit easily into your packing routine.

Laura Geller , a New York City-based makeup artist and entrepreneur who has her own namesake makeup brand filled with editor-loved products, says size is perhaps the most important factor shoppers should consider.

"I tend to travel with a lot of makeup so I can switch up my looks when I’m on my trips. I find a lot of the ones on the market are very small and only hold a few things, so I’m always on the hunt for one that can hold a lot," she explains. "Additionally, I like one that can lay flat ( hanging organizers work here, too) so that I can easily find everything, and I’m not rummaging for a product at the bottom of a bag."


Are you a Type A traveler who needs everything divided into certain spaces? For example, will you want your blushes to stay in one pocket, your concealers to stay in another, and your brushes securely placed in built-in brush holders? Or, could you care less and just want something that'll fit everything?

"I love one where you don’t have to be worried about organizing all of your makeup, that holds a lot of product and is easy to find your items once it’s been opened," said Geller.

Either way is right, so long as it's what you or your giftee want. When looking for a travel makeup bag, make sure that it has enough compartments, pockets, and dividers to fulfill your needs.

Washable Material

If you or your giftee have experienced an exploded concealer or liquid blush from time to time, then you know how important a washable (specifically, a machine-washable) travel makeup bag is. Many of the best travel makeup bags on the market are made with at least wipeable material that makes for an easy clean-up.

How We Selected

Our product experts tested these travel makeup bags at home, on the road, and, of course, in the air and at hotels. We judged makeup bags for their organizational features, space, material, and giftability. Some of these selections have been used for years and years, while other newer ones have been put through the wringer for at least a few weeks. When we weren't traveling, we simulated the experience by bringing these travel makeup bags with us to the gym and to the office to determine how well they fit into commutes and luggage.

If we weren't able to test a bag, we conducted thorough research, vetted the brand, or took our expert's recommendations on what features a good travel makeup bag needs to be useful.

Why Trust Us

I have more than half a decade's worth of experience professionally testing and reviewing travel essentials and makeup. Additionally, I reached out to our beauty editor for her expert picks, as well as professional makeup artists who travel a lot to include their choices.

Away The Small Toiletry Bag

The Small Toiletry Bag

I wasn't at all shocked at the high quality of Away's Small Toiletry Bag — the beloved travel brand is known for its innovative creations that combine organization and aesthetics to create truly remarkable accessories, bags, and luggage .

What makes this travel makeup bag the best of the best is its sleek and useful features. The zip-up bag has two sections each with zip-up mesh enclosures that allow you to see your contents without having them spill on top of each other. One section is a deep pocket that is capable of fitting bigger items like hairbrushes, serums, or cleansers. The other side includes five brush holders as well as more open space for any additional items.

While the name says it's small, I found I was able to fit a lot of products inside, including several blushes, five brushes, cleansers, foundations, serums, and more.

The shape of the bag as well as the nylon material it's made with make for a sturdy traveler that can be smooshed a bit to fit into tight bags, but will keep its shape enough so that your items won't be crushed throughout your journey.

But, if any travel mishaps do occur and foundation spills or powder gets everywhere, you can easily wipe off smudges and stains since the interior is coated for easy wipe-downs.

This makeup bag comes in four chic and aesthetically-pleasing colorways. The white option would make a great gift for brides before they embark on honeymoons and the black would be a great gift for your boyfriend and his toiletries (he could use the brush holders for combs and other essentials).

When it comes to travel makeup bags, you'll be hard-pressed to find one more dependable than this.

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Queboom Queboom Travel Makeup Bag

Queboom Travel Makeup Bag

If you're on a tight budget or are perhaps buying a bunch of travel makeup bags to gift your bachelorette party, or group of girlfriends before a trip, or are grabbing several as gifts for teens for your nieces or kids, you won't break the budget with this style.

Under $10, this Amazon favorite is similar to the Away bag in that it has a clamshell opening, a sturdy handle, and makeup brush holders (six to be exact). Though each side of this bag isn't sectioned off with zip-up closures, you will get a detachable zipped-up pouch with this buy. The addition comes in handy for hair ties, bobby pins, or jewelry that can easily be lost during travel.

Additionally, this bag is waterproof on the inside and outside, so you or your giftee can clean it up easily post-travel by simply tossing it in the washing machine.

There are a whopping 25 color options and patterns to choose from, but we're partial to this muted sage green or this bold yellow that would come in handy if you often lose things (nothing's easier to spot in a messy closet than a makeup bag that essentially glows in the dark).

Dagne Dover Hunter Neoprene Toiletry Bag

Hunter Neoprene Toiletry Bag

This travel makeup bag comes with so many goodies inside, you'll feel like it's Christmas opening it up. In addition to the three makeup brush holders, and a built-in mesh pocket, the bag comes with two removable zip-up pouches (the small size only has one). One's long and narrow and is great for holding combs, additional brushes, and mascara, while the other bigger option is stellar for organizing flat products like highlighters and powders.

The washable bag comes in small and large sizes and has three different finishes: neoprene, air mesh, or seasonal. It also comes with a unique locking securing system. Once you zip it up, you can then take each side fold and button it down so it's more compact.

Also, when you buy this bag you'll get a free duster to keep it in while you store it. However, I like this bag so much that I use it as my daily makeup bag. It's big enough to fit the essentials — I have two sunscreens, concealer, foundation, two blushes, a mascara, and a few eyebrow products in now — but doesn't take up a lot of coveted bathroom or closet space.

The quality of this travel makeup bag is impressive. Though it's flexible, the thick fabric keeps glass products protected from breaking during transit while still fitting into tight quarters inside bags or luggage.

Beis The Dopp Kit

The Dopp Kit

If you're looking for a travel makeup bag that will fit a lot of products, look no further. This dual-compartment design from Beis is a big boy with big storage capabilities.

"Even though Beis lists dimensions on their website, I was still surprised by how big the Dopp kit was," said Best Products tester and writer Lauren Gruber . "I was able to fit my daily makeup and brushes in the top compartment and my skincare and perfume in the bottom compartment, which claims to be spill-proof."

She says the separate sections made it easier to organize all of her cosmetics and additional toiletries — there are two interior slip pockets to keep your toothbrush and medications separate.

This travel makeup bag also features a loop at the top that you can use in your bathroom or hotel room on towel hooks. "The design is very attractive and I love how it comes in so many colors coordinate with the rest of your Beis luggage," Gruber continued. "I could also see myself using it to keep my portable chargers, cables, and pens organized for a longer trip. I was packing into the Beis Front Pocket Carry-On Roller and I did find that it was difficult to get the Dopp kit to lay flat inside of my luggage when packed to the brim. For that reason, I would suggest pairing it with a larger piece of luggage like the Check-In Roller. "

Skkn By Kim Vanity Bag

Vanity Bag

To be honest, at first glance, I was thoroughly unimpressed by this $70 travel makeup bag. The floppy construction and minimal pocket and compartment options seemed like proof that it was overpriced and overhyped.

However, after giving this bag a chance, I realized just how useful the XL holder can be — thanks to the elastic loop system inside. The nine loops are meant for the brand's entire skincare system but do a stellar job at holding everything from contact solutions, serums, cleansers, foundations, shampoos, and more essentials. I didn't realize how big of a game-changer this was until I loaded it up on my own for a five-day trip.

Usually, I throw toiletries into my suitcase and hope for the best, but this bag allows for everything I need to stay in one spot. From small concealer brushes to large bottles of lotion, I fit it all.

Will this bag take up a good chunk of space in carry-on bags? Yes. But you'd be using that space regardless, so you might as well do so in an organized fashion.

It only comes in one colorway because Kim Kardashian famously loves muted and matching aesthetics, so don't expect any patterns. It'd make a great luxury gift for somebody who loves to Keep Up and has a mini Sephora store in their home.

Lay-n-Go Lay-n-Go Cosmo Drawstring Organizer

Lay-n-Go Cosmo Drawstring Organizer

Geller recommends a travel makeup bag that's a bit unique to the average consumer. "I love this one from Amazon," she said of the Lay-n-Go. "I love it so much I actually got it for my entire marketing team as a holiday gift one year."

The clever style cinches up into a pouch bag but once loosened, lies flat like a pancake so you can see all of your products easily. Thanks to the dozen+ makeup loops throughout the bag, your concealers, brow gels, and mascaras will remain in place no matter what position the bag's in.

In addition to these holders, the travel makeup bag also has a zip-up pocket to hold smaller items like rings, watches, or hair ties.

This is a great gift idea for makeup lovers who perhaps get a little messy in hotel bathrooms with all of their belongings. They'll be able to see all of their makeup while getting ready for the day without having to take everything out and leave it in the sink... not that this has ever happened.

It comes in 30 pattern options ranging from neutral blacks and blues to eye-catching leopard and camo. Choose whatever fits your giftee's style for a more customized element.

KUSSHI Washable Travel Makeup and Cosmetic Everyday Bag

Washable Travel Makeup and Cosmetic Everyday Bag

The Best Products beauty editor Nicole Saunders has endless knowledge on all things makeup. Seriously. Ask her anything and she'll know the answer and give you 17 recommendations in 16 seconds. So, of course, we had to tap her for some of her most coveted travel makeup bag recommendations.

"I love my Kusshi makeup bags and highly recommend them as a beauty gift to yourself or a loved one," she said. "They're available in two types of materials — fabric and leather — but I prefer fabric because it's cheaper and easy to clean if makeup accidentally gets on the exterior or interior lining. Speaking of, the vast variety of colorways to select ensures it matches everyone's personal style. I'm personally obsessed with the Candy Apple Red fabric with leopard interior because it's easy to spot in my workbag or suitcase."

There are three sizes to chose from, including the Everyday which holds up to 10 products, Signature which fits up to 20 products, and Vacationer which carries up to 30 products.

She says she can fit a good amount of product in the Signature size option, including foundation, powders, blushes, brushes, and lipsticks. We also got our hands on the Vacationer, and wow. That thing will fit your entire makeup collection easily. It just might also take up half of the space in your weekender/ carry-on...

Stoney Clover Travel Large Pouch

Travel Large Pouch

If you're looking for a beauty gift for somebody who loves glitz, glamor, and personal touches, look no further than a Stoney Clover pouch. These have long been loved by the internet for their chic design that photographs super well. You can choose to customize pouches (monograms are an extra $24 and patches are an additional $15) or get pre-made designs like this travel one, which will likely ship faster.

While they're great for holding pretty much everything, from brushes to snacks, expect a bit of chaos inside since there aren't any pockets, pouches, or brush holders to utilize. However, if you're just looking for something cute that'll hold whatever you need, this is a great option.

I've had this travel makeup bag for years and it's so handy at keeping literally everything I own in one spot. I use it as bulk storage for when I'm traveling for a long amount of time and have found it to be great at fitting larger items, like contact lens solutions, serums, and fragrances.

My only major qualm about this bag is that there aren't any pockets, slots, or makeup brush holders that would organize my items. So, when I use it, I expect a bit of chaos and a bit of my time rummaging through it. It's hard to find another makeup bag out there as cute and as giftable, though.

In addition to being a stellar travel makeup bag, this pouch could also be a useful pencil pouch, accessories holder, or desk organizer.

BAGSMART Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag

Hanging toiletry bags are great options that double as travel makeup bags. This best-selling one from Amazon has four different compartments, a bunch of inner pockets, and elastic straps that hold everything from shampoo bottles to eyeshadow palettes. To top it all off (literally) a hanger head is attached so you or your giftee can easily hang the bag on racks at home or in hotels.

The different compartments have useful design features like elastic straps and double zippers to hold large bottles upright and in place. The transparent sides are also great because you can peak inside and note what you have without having to unzip the entire bag and search through it.

Choose from 2 size options and 8 colorways to match your luggage or aesthetic.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Makeup Bag

Pillow Talk Makeup Bag

Another recommendation from Saunders, this travel makeup bag from celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury is compact but chock-full of useful design elements.

"It's the perfect gift for someone like me who has a sizeable beauty collection and wants to keep everything as organized as possible," Saunders explained. "I have a compartment for eyeliners, brow pencils, and mascaras, another for eyeshadow quads and singles, and one solely for my lipsticks. It's a small detail, but I appreciate that the zipper never gets stuck, which has happened more often than not with other makeup bags I've tested. Not only is this bag functional, but it's stunning! The classic pillow talk pink faux leather exterior with the cheeky lip and lipstick print is gorgeous and lives proudly as a display piece on my shelf."

The accordion-style bag has five compartments, a zipper pouch, and a zipper closure. And, perhaps most importantly, it features a bold lip design that's the same color as the brand's iconic Pillow Talk lipstick .

Related: Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Foundation Is Our Beauty Editor’s Biggest Makeup Secret

Headshot of Summer Cartwright

Summer Cartwright is senior editor for Best Products and FirstFinds and is based in New York. She has written and edited for sites including Cosmo , People , InStyle , Food & Wine , Real Simple , and StyleCaster . Her interests outside of work include running, eating dessert, and playing with her two cats, Peaky and Polly. She received her master’s degree in magazine writing from New York University, and her bachelor’s degree in public affairs journalism from The Ohio State University.

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travel makeup case on wheels

" Lets Travel The World Travel Essentials " Painting Print on Canvas

by Oliver Gal

Rated 5 out of 5 stars. 1 total vote

FREE Shipping

Get it by Fri. Jun 14

Enliven any space with Oliver Gal's curated collection of unique, contemporary artwork. The perfect piece to add to your home decor collection. Each giclée print is an original edition and displays like fine art, made with a worldwide standard for museum-quality printing, using ultra-premium and fade-resistant inks to guarantee high definition and vivid colors. Printed on gallery-wrapped canvas and framed in a wooden frame, this timeless wall art is ready to hang with a nail and hook included. Oliver Gal is a women-owned and award-winning design house that creates and curates collections of one-of-a-kind artwork and giclées to captivate the most discerning taste.

  • Overall Depth - Front to Back: 1.5''

. Shawna. OR. 2022-08-08 14:05:51

travel makeup case on wheels

" Travel Posts I " by Katie Pertiet on Canvas

  • Canvas options have artist quality canvas
  • Patented warp-resistant construction with solid matboard backing
  • UV & fade-resistant archival inks
  • Easy to hang; hardware included
  • Handcrafted in the USA

travel makeup case on wheels

FAVORITOL 20oz. Stainless Steel (18/8) Travel Tumbler


Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. 9 total votes

Great for both hot and cold, the custom 20 oz. tumbler cup is the perfect custom drinkware for your morning coffee or afternoon cocktail.

  • DuraCoat Color Technology is built to last with no chipping, fading, or cracking. Puncture-resistant and rust-resistant for lasting use.

travel makeup case on wheels

" Travel This World III " by Marmont Hill on Paper

by Ebern Designs

Top quality giclée print on high-resolution archive paper. Hand cut deckled edges. High-quality durable non-warping frame. Arrives ready to hang. Includes a certificate of authenticity. Made in the USA.

travel makeup case on wheels

5 Piece Framed Gallery Wall Art Set - Pink Travel Wanderlust

by Rosecliff Heights

Free shipping

This eclectic gallery wall art set of multimedia was curated to easily decorate any room in your home. Choose to display these pieces separately or arrange them together for a cohesive wall art display.Each set includes:(1) 18X24 Print with mat(1) 11X14 Print with mat(2) 11X14 Print without mat(1) 8X10 Print without mat

  • 5 Piece Gallery Art Set includes five ready-to-hang pieces. Each is printed on high quality paper and professionally framed.
  • Every purchase pays the artist who designed it. Enjoy unique artwork created by independent artists while supporting creativity around the world!
  • Assembled in the USA for best-in-class production

travel makeup case on wheels

" Travel " on Canvas

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. 4 total votes

Be inspired and inspire with 'Travel' inspirational textual art on wrapped canvas. An insightful statement to incorporate positivity and encouragement into your space with the shabby elegance vibe of this unparalleled canvas art. UV-resistant finish and skillfully wrapped on a wood frame finished with a rear saw-tooth hanger for simple installation.

Love the saying and it looks good in the room where it is displayed. I can't give it 5 stars because it is darker than pictured and looks fake rather than its attempt of pretending to be real wood. Looks much better from a distance than up close.. Cathi. Topsfield, MA. 2019-04-29 20:34:33

travel makeup case on wheels

Leather Travel Case +

by Mercer41

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars. 6 total votes

  • Overall: 2.85'' H x 6.5'' W x 4.75'' D
  • Overall Product Weight: 0.65lb.

travel makeup case on wheels

" Wanderlust Travel " on Canvas

by Latitude Run®

Make any space in your home innovative and unique by adding this Modern & Contemporary art piece made by real artists. With an overarching Blue color and Typographic texture that will add a dynamic feel to your home décor. This Map wall décor is printed using ultra-premium and fade resistant inks to guarantee high definition and vivid colors. Each piece is made with museum grade canvas professionally hand stretched in a 1.5 inch-thick wood frame. Our wall art is carefully wrapped with a layer of shrink-wrap that protects the surface and then wrapped with heavy-duty bubble cushion, ensuring its safe arrival to its new home. This Maps and Flags art print is the perfect finishing touch to your home décor theme.

  • It is sustainable and forest friendly.
  • Arrives ready to hang with pre-installed hooks for easy hanging. Nail and hanger also included.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

" Travel Is The Only Thing You Buy " on Canvas

by Williston Forge

" Travel Meaning " by Pixy Paper on Canvas

by East Urban Home

Great art deserves to be on canvas! Unlike thin posters and paper prints, giclée canvas artwork offers the texture, look and feel of fine-art paintings. This artwork is crafted in the USA with artist-grade canvas, professionally hand-stretched, and stapled over North American pine-wood bars in gallery wrap style; a method utilized by artists to present artwork in galleries. Fade-resistant archival inks guarantee perfect color reproduction that remains vibrant for decades even when exposed to strong light. Add brilliance in color and exceptional detail to your space with this contemporary and uncompromising style!

  • Please note, this is a flat print of the original artwork
  • Hand-assembled by highly trained craftsmen

" Lets Travel III " by Pela Studio on Canvas

  • Product Type: Print
  • Frame Construction:
  • Frame Structure: Wrapped Canvas

" Vintage Travel IV " by Anne Tavoletti on Canvas

by Winston Porter

" Travel Posts III " by Katie Pertiet on Canvas

by Breakwater Bay

" Travel A Lifetime " on Canvas

  • Canvas options have artist-quality canvas
  • Patented warp-resistant construction with a solid matboard backing

" Travel " by Igorr1 on Canvas

  • Frame Material:

" Travel S/2 " by Muskovy 2 - Pieces Painting Print on Paper

Urban scenes display the hustle and bustle of city life. Images are matted in white and framed in an antique gold wood with embossed weave pattern.

" To Travel " on Canvas

  • It is sustainable and forest friendly
  • Proudly made in the USA

Great finishing touch to my Traveling Nurses space. Beautiful. Made extremely well. You will be happy with this purchase.. Jacquelyn. Salida, CA. 2019-12-18 15:30:04

HeavyDuty Multipurpose Waterproof Clear Pouch with Sturdy Zipper,Portable Travel Toiletry Makeup Bag (Set of 5)

by Rebrilliant

High-quality material: Our tool pouch is made for all-weather protection with 18 oz PVC heavy-duty material fabric for maximum protection. It comes with smoothly zippered and hanging belts and has a spacious size of 11” x 7” inches.

  • Organize your stuff in an easy way. It allows you to make things organized and easily identifiable.

5 Piece Framed Gallery Wall Art Set - Earth Tones Travel Wanderlust

by Loon Peak®

Portable Travel Camp Cots With Pearl Cotton Pad For Home/Office Nap And Beach Vacation Heavy Duty Sleeping Cots With Carry Bag

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. 608 total votes

Strong, durable steel tube frame & joints fold up in seconds for effortless storage & travel; supports up to 880 lbs.; folds up to fit inside most car trunks. Storage bag included for easy transport and storage. Excellent choice for relaxing on your next road trip, at home, the pool, lake, RV, campsite, patio, deck, tent, or cabin; made of 1200d Oxford cloth for superior strength & easy- cleaning; it is more durable and can last longer. The tilt angle design of the head of the folding bed ensures that there is no back, neck, or shoulder pain! Upgraded with four powerful anti-concave reinforcement belts, which closely fit the human body curve to ensure a more comfortable and healthy sleep. Unfolded dimension: 75" 28"18.5" and folded dimension: 41.3'' 7.9'';

  • Easy To Setup: Compact, incredibly quick, and easy to set up(unfolded
  • This folding bed is a single bed. No larger-size folding bed is available.

from the photo this looked like a really good buy. The topper appeared nice and plump and well-filled, so I wouldn't feel the frame through my back. It almost looked as if you had to blow it up a bit. I was extremely disappointed. The topper is not filled nearly as well as the photo suggests. It's good in a pinch for what I bought it for, but I suggest shoppers look further.. Jody. Philadelphia, PA. 2022-01-24 15:20:39

" A Travel Picture " on Canvas

With an overarching white color that will add a dynamic feel to your home décor, this fine art piece is printed using ultra-premium and fade resistant inks to guarantee high definition and vivid colors. Our wall art is carefully wrapped with a layer of shrink-wrap that protects the surface and then wrapped with heavy-duty bubble cushion, ensuring its safe arrival to its new home. This fine art print features a abstract & fractals and shapes design to bring you the perfect finishing touch to your home décor theme.

  • High quality canvas, professionally hand stretched in a 0.75 inch-thick wood frame
  • Printed using ultra-premium and fade resistant inks to guarantee high definition and vivid colors
  • Arrives ready to hang with pre-installed hooks for easy hanging out of the box. Nail and hanger included
  • Made in the USA.

Fynn Canvas And Faux Leather Pet Carrier Travel Bag - Shoulder Strap Style

This Shoulder Strap style is a top-entry carrier with a shoulder strap that allows for three-way wear. Resembling a handbag rather than a typical pet carrier, this bag is perfect for making a fashion statement without inhibiting comfort.

  • Three-Way Wear
  • All Around Comfort
  • Large, Breathable Mesh Net Windows
  • Easy Care & Clean-Up
  • Compact Storage

" Lets Travel IV " by Pela Studio on

  • Framed (Format: Wrapped Canvas): No

" Travel & Explore " on Canvas

by Wrought Studio™

  • Professionally hand stretched
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity
  • Fine art canvas print
  • Gallery wrapped in sustainable, non-warping wood

" World Traveler I " by Laura Marshall on Canvas

by Zoomie Kids

Rated 5 out of 5 stars. 3 total votes

  • UV and fade-resistant archival inks

" Global Travel I " on

  • Print Type: Graphic Art

" Travel Adventure I " on Metal

Bring contemporary abstraction to your home with this blue vertical metal wall art. This "Travel Adventure I" metal artwork. Elevate your space with our exquisite metal wall decor printed on a sleek aluminum sheet. The marriage of industrial strength and artistic finesse creates a stunning visual impact. This durable, contemporary piece adds a modern edge to any room, effortlessly blending style and substance for a truly captivating home decor experience. A 1-inch mounting frame gives the illusion of artwork floating on the wall. It looks better than any photo paper and will last at least 20 years.

  • White gloss coating ensures colors are extra vibrant with light reflection.
  • Unique metal wall decor with aluminum grade sheet metal.
  • Water, fire, and scratch-resistant HD aluminum panels.

Wood Travel Case + Mirror

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. 3 total votes

Get it by Thu. Jun 13

For the girl seeking her next big adventure! Being a jet-setter isn’t easy but the travel case will make traveling simple. Keep all your jewelry pieces neatly organized among the storage pocket and the divided compartments and ring rolls lined with anti-tarnish felt. The unique bee and chrome snap closure ensures all your pieces stay inside. Through this doll inside your suitcase and hit the road.

  • Overall: 34'' H x 11.9'' W x 8.5'' D
  • Overall Product Weight: 18.5lb.

Fabric Makeup Organizer

by Byootique

Rated 5 out of 5 stars. 4 total votes

This Byootique Rolling Soft Makeup Train Case features a large compartment with 6 removable toiletry bags of different sizes and 1 brush holder, providing convenient separation and categorization of your different cosmetics in a neat and orderly fashion, along with a heat isolation side pocket that protects your cosmetics, lotions, and lipsticks from melting.

  • Overall Depth - Front to Back: 11''
  • Mounting / Installation Type: Freestanding
  • Pieces Included: Bag

I'm not using it for make-up. I'm a documentary/podcast producer and I needed a case to hold my podcasting gear all in one place for remote shoot. This is wonderful. Doesn't look Girly - looks professional and it has all the compartments I need for microphones and other audio gear - Great sturdy quality - Nancy www.NancyMontoyaReports.com. Nancy Montoya. Tucson, AZ. 2022-11-01 20:02:58

" Travel 123 " by Lantern Press on Canvas

Rated 5 out of 5 stars. 8 total votes

Contemporary, rustic, modern, or traditional; whatever your style, they've got your walls covered. The manufacturer offers a huge variety of high-quality, ready-to-hang wall art to compliment any decor. Their abundance of art themes ranges from fascinating abstracts to breathtaking landscapes, in an assortment of sizes and frames. Whether it's hung in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or office, the professionally handcrafted wall decor will be admired for years to come!

  • Subject: Cityscape
  • Made in USA
  • This ready to hang, gallery-wrapped art piece features a night scene in Chicago showing popular architecture downtown
  • Product Type: Graphic Art
  • Print Type: Graphic Art Print

Really cute canvas wrapped art I bought for my daughter’s new apartment. It looks like you can’t see it behind the lamp but it’s just the angle. It’s super cute!! Definitely recommend!!. Margaret. US. 2022-07-09 23:06:11

" Global Travel IV " on

" global travel vii " on, fynn canvas and faux leather pet carrier travel bag - hand carry style.

This Hand Carry style fully opens through both sides for easy wrangling while mesh paneling on the top and sides provide ventilation and visibility. A trolley sleeve allows for the bag to be secured through luggage handles or seatbelts for any airplane or car trips, while a side pocket contains any small items for quick access during travels.

  • Travel in Comfort
  • Solo Wrangling

Polyester Makeup Organizer

Product DesignUnique pattern design, fashionable design, enhance decorative and visual impact. The individual style allows you to have a variety of options, ideal for travel, vacation, travel, fitness, camping, and more. It also makes a good choice as a gift.

" Travel Collage Background " on Canvas

  • Easy to hang, hardware included

Travel Posts " Travel Posts IV " by Katie Pertiet on Canvas

The artwork is crafted with 100% cotton artist-grade canvas, professionally hand-stretched and stapled over pine-wood bars in gallery wrapped style, a method utilized by artists to present artwork in galleries. Fade-resistant archival inks guarantee perfect color reproduction that remains vibrant for decades even when exposed to strong light. Add brilliance in color and exceptional detail to your space with the contemporary and uncompromising style of East Urban Home. Ready to be displayed right out of the box, including free hanging accessories, instructions for a quick and easy hanging process that achieves the best positioning results. Shrink-resistant wooden-bar frame with tensioning wedges that allow for tightening of the canvas from the reverse side.

  • Includes hanging accessories
  • Made with 100% cotton canvas
  • 100% Anti-shrink pine wood bars and Epson anti-fade ultra chrome inks
  • 100% Handmade and inspected in the USA
  • Made in the USA

The wall decor looks perfect on my “The places I have been” wall.. Tina. Braintree, MA. 2020-05-07 17:43:52

" Love To Travel I " by Karen Fields on Canvas

Contemporary, rustic, modern, or traditional...whatever your style, this wall art has got your walls covered! It is a huge variety of high-quality, ready-to-hang wall art to compliment any decor. Whether it's displayed in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or office, this professionally handcrafted wall decor will be admired for years to come!

  • Overall Depth - Front to Back: 2''

" World Traveler II " by Laura Marshall on Canvas

" travel posts ii and travel posts iv " by katie pertiet 2 - pieces on canvas.

by Highland Dunes

Rated 5 out of 5 stars. 5 total votes

Ready to hang! Printed and hand stretched to order. Makes a great addition to any room!

  • Overall Depth - Front to Back: 0.75''
  • Overall Product Weight: 9lb.

Love these framed photos! They compliment my other artwork nicely. They are a good quality frame and picture. Totally happy with this purchase.. Lea. Maryville, IL. 2020-07-09 15:10:39

" Travel In Light V " by Lila Bramma Painting Print on Canvas

by Orren Ellis

  • Artist quality canvas

" Travel Posts II " by Katie Pertiet on Canvas

2 compartment makeup organizer.

by Everly Quinn

As practical as it is beautiful. this makeup bag is created to be the ideal carrier for your beauty essentials. A toiletry bag designed to stand on its own allows you to see and retrieve what you need easily.

2 Tiered Travel Cosmetic Case for Women, Multi Compartments Waterproof Toiletry Storage


Impressions Vanity presents luxurious 2 Tiered Travel Makeup Case. Meticulously crafted with water-resistant materials and adorned with a double zipper closure, this travel makeup organizer case is more than a mere accessory—it's a sanctuary for your most treasured cosmetics. Imagine navigating through unexpected rain with the assurance that your makeup remains pristine, thanks to the impenetrable exterior that guards against liquid leaks. Designed for the connoisseur of elegance, this luxury portable toiletry organizer boasts dual compartments for unparalleled organization. Safeguard delicate jewelry in the top tier while the removable divider in the bottom tier neatly arranges hair and makeup essentials. From makeup brushes and sponges to creams and foundations, every item finds its place in the meticulously arranged multi compartments and dividers. The robust handle adds a touch of convenience to your travel experience, making this cosmetic bag a perfect companion for journeys. Impeccably stitched, this toiletry case is not just a practical accessory but a splendid gift for birthdays or the most romantic Valentine's Day. Elevate your travel journey with our large makeup brush case, featuring a pocket slot, metal zipper, and a matte finish that exudes glamour, captivating both modern and classic sensibilities. Unveil the epitome of luxury with our Toiletry Case—where function meets finesse.

" Vintage Travel I " by Anne Tavoletti on Canvas

Vintage travel i " vintage travel i " on canvas.

Vintage Travel I Gallery Wrapped Canvas is a stunning reproduction featuring a beautiful map of the world. A wonderful conversation piece that will compliment any home or office.

  • Made to order
  • Hand stretched
  • Wrapped Canvas

" Travel The World " by Diego Tirigall on Canvas

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. 16 total votes

Put your sense of style on the map with this charming textual art. Effortlessly blending old-world cartography with rustic farmhouse flair, this artful image depicts the words “travel the world” in faded black print over a faux-planked vintage world map. Made in the USA, this piece is printed using anti-fade inks on artist-grade cotton canvas, then gallery-wrapped over anti-shrink pine stretcher bars, and comes ready to hang. Establish a curated aesthetic in your home office by rolling out a cowhide area rug to define the space, then roll a low-back ergonomic task chair up to a clean-lined wooden desk. Create a well-traveled collage on the wall above by setting this piece among high-res photos of famous destinations, framed plane tickets from your fondly-remembered travels, and a gleaming chrome airplane wall clock for a perfect finishing touch.

  • Diego Tirigall collection
  • 100% Handmade
  • Gallery wrapped canvas art

. Vicki. riverside, CA. 2022-02-05 11:59:34

" Travel Makes You Richer " on Canvas

Rated 5 out of 5 stars. 7 total votes

Proudly made in the USA, our stretched canvas, framed giclée and wall plaques are created with only the highest standards. We print with high quality inks . The art comes ready to hang with no installation required.

  • On trend designs make personalizing your home affordable and easy.
  • Our prints are available in a variety of sizes.
  • Ready to Hang.

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Regal 2-Pc Carry-On Set

The World Traveler Chariot Regal 2-Piece Carry-On Luggage Set blends sophistication with functionality, offering a stylish travel solution. Featuring a regal design and practical carry-on dimensions, this set is crafted for those who seek both elegance and convenience on their journeys.

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travel makeup case on wheels

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Calpak Review: Is the Popular Luggage Worth The Hype?

We've put some of the most popular styles from Calpak to the test. These are the picks that we think are worth buying.

calpak reviewa couple of shopping carts

We've been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process.

If you're anything like me and want to travel in style but still need luggage that's going to hold up to your frequent flyer status, look no further than Calpak.

As an analyst at the Good Housekeeping Institute , I test and write about all kinds of luggage — from carry-ons to checked bags , hardside suitcases to softside styles — and I can't get enough of Calpak's pieces, and neither can many of my fellow GH analysts and editors as well as our consumer testers . We've taken the brand's luggage on our own vacations, and it regularly stands out as a top performer in our Lab tests, beating out popular pieces from other well-known brands.

Read on to learn more about some of the most popular pieces Calpak offers and our honest insights into why we think they're worth the investment.

Calpak Ambeur Carry-On Luggage

Ambeur Carry-On Luggage

The sleek and sturdy hardsided suitcases of Calpak's Ambeur collection are designed with wheels that roll effortlessly over carpet, tile and wood floor. Each piece is lightweight with comfortable carrying handles that make it easy to lift, so I don't have to worry about holding up the line when I'm loading my suitcase into the overhead bin on a plane. The polycarbonate and ABS plastic composite material held up well in our drop tests without dents but did show more surface-level scratches than other suitcases we've tested, so there's a possibility you may notice some scuffs and marks after retrieving your bag from the luggage carousel.

I love the interior of the carry-on bag, which unzips to two primary packing compartments: one side with a full zippered panel and another with compression straps to secure your belongings in place. There are plenty of organizational features like two zippered mesh pockets and a removable mesh toiletries bag, and as a self-proclaimed over-packer, I'm especially fond of the 2-inch expansion system so I can fill the suitcase with my favorite vacation clothes and shoes and still have room for souvenirs.

a suitcase set inside of a duster bag from calpak

Calpak Luka Soft-Sided Carry-On Luggage

Luka Soft-Sided Carry-On Luggage

Puffy padding is totally on-trend right now, and Calpak gets it. The brand's Luka collection includes this cute softside carry-on that has a special tapered design to help keep it upright when you stuff it full of your belongings. The carry-on is on the smaller side, so it's not ideal for a long trip, but it's perfect for a weekend getaway or to hold your travel must-haves if you're checking a larger bag. I'm a fan of the two outer pockets that take some of the stress out of the TSA line. Instead of digging through your bag for your laptop or boarding pass, there's a larger front pocket that's equipped to hold a 17-inch laptop and a smaller side pocket that can fit your passport and ID.

Inside, you'll find one main packing compartment with secure compression straps and elasticized mesh pockets built into the lid for more organization. The suitcase is made with a smooth polyester material that should be easy to wipe clean after a long trip. It's equipped with 360-spinner wheels and padded handles to make rolling the bag through a busy airport a little easier.

Duffels and backpacks

Calpak luka duffel.

Luka Duffel

Just as chic as its carry-on counterpart, Calpak's Luka duffel is a favorite of GH analysts and editors and is our number one pick for weekender bags . The trendy duffel fits everything you need for a short trip, and when we packed it with a weekend's worth of clothing, accessories and toiletries, there was room to spare. There's a separate shoe compartment, water bottle pocket and a zippered outer pocket to easily access your essentials. You'll find even more elastic and zippered pockets inside to stash smaller items.

a gh staffer carrying the calpak luka duffel

The padded shoulder straps are comfortable to throw over your shoulder and don't dig in (pictured here). There's a removable crossbody strap too. If you don't want to lug around a bag while you're on the go, you'll find the luggage strap on this duffel to be especially handy. Simply slide the luggage sleeve over your suitcase's telescopic handle, and you can roll it around on top of your suitcase. One GH analyst who brought this duffel on a weekend trip noticed some unraveling at the seams around the luggage sleeve, but it remained in great shape overall. The material was easy to wipe clean, and it's water-resistant to keep your things dry, even if you're traveling in wet weather.

Calpak Terra Large 50L Duffel Backpack

Terra Large 50L Duffel Backpack

Perfect for your next adventure, this travel backpack is made of a laminated polyester ripstop material that's rugged and water resistant. The straps are padded for a more comfortable feel, and there's a sternum strap for extra support. The versatile backpack actually doubles as a duffel bag — just unbuckle the backpack straps, tuck them away and attach the crossbody strap to carry it over your shoulder. And it even has a luggage sleeve to slide over the handle of your favorite suitcase (pictured here).

a pink backpack duffel from calpak on a silver suitcase

Because the sides and bottom of the backpack aren't structured, you're able to fill it with everything you need, but that means it's also easy to overstuff, which can make it difficult to zip or become too heavy, causing the straps to dig into your shoulders. When you're packing the backpack, you'll find that it's completely full of organizational features — inside and out. There are small, zippered pockets on the outside of the bag to stow away your travel necessities, a water bottle pocket on the side and buckles to attach items you may not be able to fit inside, such as a travel blanket or poncho. Inside, there's a padded laptop pocket, along with compression straps and additional mesh zippered pockets.

Calpak Kaya 15 inch Laptop Backpack

Kaya 15 inch Laptop Backpack

If you're traveling for business or want something a little chicer, Calpak's Kaya laptop backpack is for you. This streamlined style is a favorite of GH analysts and editors, earning a top spot as our best work backpack . It's made of faux leather and features elegant details like gold hardware for the zippers and pulls, a rectangular shape and stitched trim. It's available in a collection of seven core colors like grey, black and navy, along with nearly 20 bold limited hues like lavender, bronze and emerald. The straps are thin and unpadded, so they can start to feel uncomfortable with extended wear, and I find the bag is best to use for a shorter commute.

To relieve the stress on your shoulders, there's a luggage sleeve that you can slide over your suitcase handle for easy transport. The backpack is equally as practical as it is stylish and can hold a significant amount of your belongings, including a 15-inch laptop, and there are a lot of small pockets inside for sunglasses, pens and notebooks.

Travel accessories

Calpak packing cubes set (5 pieces).

Packing Cubes Set (5 Pieces)

I bring packing cubes with me on every single trip I take, even when I'm just carrying a backpack or weekender bag. These from Calpak help me keep all my belongings organized and easy to access on my journey and once I reach my destination , so I don't have to rummage through my suitcase to find what I'm looking for. They're not compressive like some of Calpak's other packing cubes , so they do take up more room in my bag than some other styles I've tried. That said, they feature breathable mesh details that help clothes to feel fresh, even after they've been shoved in a bag for days.

a gh analyst filling a suitcase with calpak packing cubes

Calpak Large Clear Cosmetics Case

Large Clear Cosmetics Case

Another one of our staffers' favorites, Calpak's large toiletries case will hold everything you need, including some full-size products. At $95, this isn't the most affordable option on the market, but it's designed with thoughtful details like carrying handles, metal feet to keep it upright and a mesh pocket inside for your smaller items. The transparent case makes it easy to show your liquids during TSA screenings, and you can clearly see everything you packed without having to spend forever digging around to find it. The PVC material also makes it a breeze to wipe clean when your makeup or skincare products inevitably leak in your bag.

Headshot of Amanda Constantine

Amanda (she/her) researches and reports on products in the Good Housekeeping Institute 's Textiles, Paper & Apparel Lab, ranging from clothing and accessories to home furnishings. She holds undergraduate degrees in apparel merchandising and product development and advertising and marketing communications, as well as a master of science degree in consumer sciences from The Ohio State University. Prior to joining Good Housekeeping in 2022, Amanda was a lecturer for the fashion and retail studies program at Ohio State, where she taught fashion and textiles courses.

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5 most interesting routes for a road trip in Russia

travel makeup case on wheels

1. The ‘Golden Ring’

One of the most famous and popular tourist routes among foreigners was created back in the 1960s by journalist Yuri Bychkov. He was first to come up with the idea that a journey through ancient cities to the northeast of Moscow could be looped. Thus the ‘Golden Ring’ appeared. The original route included eight cities: 

  • Sergiev Posad
  • Pereslavl-Zalessky
  • Rostov the Great

Each of the cities has preserved its historic center, ancient churches (starting from the 12th century) and the incredible authentic charm of old Russia. 


Today, the ‘Golden Ring of Russia’ has become so popular that many cities strive to join it and become part of the main cultural heritage of the middle zone. Among the worthy ones, we will mention Plyos, Rybinsk, Kalyazin, Murom and Myshkin. In any case, in the dozens of settlements along the way, you will see stunning temples and museums of folk crafts and, of course, great restaurants with Russian cuisine. 

Read our full guide to Russia’s ‘Golden Ring’ here .

You can start the trip from St. Petersburg and drive around Lake Ladoga to the town of Sortavala. After spending the night there, early in the morning, go to the Ruskeala Nature Park to enjoy all the variety of Karelian nature (and traditional cuisine) at once (read more about Ruskeala here ). 

Ruskeala park

Ruskeala park

After that, go to Petrozavodsk, the capital of the republic, which is on Lake Onega. Straight from there, you can take a boat or a ferry to Kizhi Island, where the unique wooden churches of the 18th century are located (or you can take a small detour by car, approaching as close as possible, but you still have to take a boat to the island). Petrozavodsk is roughly five hours drive from  St. Petersburg.

Find out about other beautiful places worth visiting in Karelia here . 

3. The Russian North


Right from Karelia, intrepid travelers can go even farther, to the “true north”. Having driven all over the country, Andrey Artyukhov, president of Russia’s League of Caravaners, advises to choose one of two routes, both very beautiful and informative, from the point of view of nature and cultural heritage.

travel makeup case on wheels

The first route runs through all of Karelia and up to the Kola Peninsula and Murmansk Region. “The way from Murmansk to Zapolyarny is the most beautiful road through our northern Arctic tundra,” Andrey says and also advises visiting the famous Teriberka, a village on the White Sea where Andrey Zvyagintsev filmed the movie ‘Leviathan’. “The route turns out to be circular and, on the way back, you can see Karelia from the other side.”

The second route is going to Arkhangelsk. “This is a completely different direction, although it’s also the Arctic zone, but it is the place to enjoy the true ‘Russian North’,” Artyukhov explains. The route runs through ancient cities such as Vologda, Vytegra and Medvezhyegorsk. Along the way, you may see ancient churches and monasteries and also village houses with carved platbands and, of course, the most beautiful northern nature - coniferous forests and lakes. 

4. The Altai

A place of the Chuya and Katun rivers confluence

A place of the Chuya and Katun rivers confluence

The Altai Mountains are a real place of strength and the ‘Chuisky Tract’ highway is considered to be, perhaps, the most scenic road in Russia. You can start your journey from another region, the very heart of Siberia - Novosibirsk - and end up driving almost a thousand kilometers to the border with Mongolia. On the way, you will pass such major cities as Barnaul (the capital of the Altai Territory), beautiful Biysk and, finally, Gorno-Altaisk, the capital of the Altai Republic.

This historic trade road, also called the ‘Siberian Silk Road’, begins in the steppe, runs along the banks of the Ob River and the mountainous Katun River and then crosses the Cherginsky Ridge, leading right into the Altai Mountains.

Watch our adventure on the Chuisky Tract here .

5. To the sea! 

Balaklava, Crimea

Balaklava, Crimea

travel makeup case on wheels

Thousands of caravans with Russians travel south every summer, enjoying the sun and the warm sea (mostly the Black Sea, but also the Azov and Caspian seas). For avid travelers, this road already seems well traveled, but, for the first time, the way to the south leaves an indelible impression. Behind the window, the scenery changes: rivers, forests and steppes, rye fields and sunflower plantations. 

And then, right on the Black Sea coast, you can turn in the direction of Sochi and the Caucasus or, vice versa, rush to the Taman Peninsula and enter Crimea via the newly built bridge. Snaking along its southern coast will give tourists stunning views - mountain and sea landscapes, as well as royal palaces and villas of artists and writers. 


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    travel makeup case on wheels

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    travel makeup case on wheels

  4. AW® 6 LEDs Rolling Makeup Case on 4 360° Removable Wheels Travel Studio

    travel makeup case on wheels

  5. Ver Beauty 7-in-1 Professional 4 Wheels Removable Rolling Cosmetic

    travel makeup case on wheels

  6. AW Pro 2 in 1 Rolling Makeup Case on Detachable Wheels, Soft Cosmetic

    travel makeup case on wheels


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  1. Amazon.com: Travel Makeup Case With Wheels

    Rolling Makeup Case with 4 Removable Bags, Professional Makeup Train Case with Wheels, Makeup Artist Travel Bag with Brushes Storage Section, Black (Patent Design) 4.5 out of 5 stars. 53. 100+ bought in past month. $87.60 $ 87. 60. FREE delivery Thu, Jun 13 . More Buying Choices $70.58 (2 used & new offers)

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    Rolling Makeup Train Case, Aluminum Makeup Travel Organizer Cosmetic Case, Cosmetology Display Suitcase on Wheels, Beauty Storage Luggage Lockable Black. $ 7800. Makeup Luggage with Wheels, Beauty Makeup Case Rolling Makeup Train Case Cosmetic Organizer Travel Makeup Organizer Rolling Cart (Pink) 3. Reduced price. Now $ 10879.

  5. 6 best make up trolley cases: ultimate list + guide

    The benefits of a make-up trolley on wheels for professionals: mobility, organization, and efficiency in the fast-paced world of beauty. ... SONGMICS Professional Makeup Trolley Case, 4-in-1 Travel Beauty Trolley. SONGMICS offers a makeup trolley case with a 4-in-1 design, providing plenty of room for all your cosmetic storage needs. ...

  6. Rolling Makeup Travel Case

    by Byootique. $187.32. Free shipping. Byootique rolling makeup case consists of a makeup case, 8 drawers, 3 brush bags, 1 brush holder and 4 detachable wheels, which can be used for storing and carrying cosmetics and accessory without efforts and ideal for mobile makeup artists, hairdressers, beauticians and more.

  7. Amazon.ca: Makeup Cases For Travel

    Prokva Rolling Makeup Case with 4 Removable Bags, Professional Makeup Train Case with Wheels, Makeup Artist Travel Bag with Brushes Storage Section, Black (Patent Design) 4.6 out of 5 stars 42. $119.99 $ 119. 99. FREE delivery Fri, May 10 . Or fastest delivery Tomorrow, May 7 +4.

  8. Rolling Makeup Case : Target

    Shop Target for rolling makeup case you will love at great low prices. ... Rolling Makeup Train Case, Large Storage Cosmetic Trolley, Lockable Traveling Cart Trunk with Folding Trays, Swivel Wheels and Keys. Homcom. $96.99 - $99.99. When purchased online. ... SHANY Large Travel Makeup Case with Mirror - RED. SHANY. 5 out of 5 stars with 2 ...

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  10. Makeup Case With Wheels

    Aluminum Pro Make Up Case Cosmetics Artist Barber Supply Beauty Hair Nail Lash Tattoo Crafting Professional Organizer - Silver or Leopard. (56) $98.99. FREE shipping. Check out our makeup case with wheels selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our cosmetic bags shops.

  11. Makeup Suitcase With Wheels

    tapestry travel bag, carry on bag, makeup case, overnight floral tote bag, adjustable & removable strap, vintage 80s 90s, Gloria Vanderbilt (868) $ 42.00. Add to Favorites ... Classic Black Suitcase, Travel Bag with Wheels, Carry-On Luggage, Stylish Travel Essential $ 176.78. FREE shipping

  12. Travel Cosmetic Case Wheels

    Travel Cosmetic Storage Bag. by East Urban Home. $75.99. Free shipping. Items Per Page. 48. … 200. Shop Wayfair for the best travel cosmetic case wheels. Enjoy Free Shipping on most stuff, even big stuff.

  13. Amazon.com.au: Makeup Trolley

    Prokva Rolling Makeup Case with 4 Removable Bags, Professional Makeup Train Case with Wheels, Makeup Artist Travel Bag with Brushes Storage Section (Patent Design), Black, Detachable Trolly Makeup Train Case. 4.5 out of 5 stars 51. $314.52 $ 314. 52. FREE Shipping. More Buying Choices $296.53 (7 new offers)

  14. World Traveler Luggage

    Palm Tree 2-Pc Carry-On Set. The World Traveler Palm Tree 2-Piece Carry-On Luggage Set combines practicality with tropical flair, making it an ideal choice for stylish travelers. With its eye-catching palm tree design and convenient carry-on size, it's the perfect companion for your journeys. Let's Take A Cruise.

  15. Shop Bugatti Luggage

    Anywhere in Canada and the United States for orders over $99. 30 DAY RETURN. All items can be returned within 30 days of receiving your order. WARRANTY. Lifetime limited warranty on luggage. 1 year warranty for bags & accessories. Best Sellers.

  16. Calpak Luggage Review 2024: My Honest Take

    Cons. Smaller than other carry-on bags. Dimensions. 21" x 14" x 8.5". Puffy padding is totally on-trend right now, and Calpak gets it. The brand's Luka collection includes this cute softside carry ...

  17. Moscow Travel Art

    Check out our moscow travel art selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our prints shops.

  18. 5 most interesting routes for a road trip in Russia

    1. The 'Golden Ring'. One of the most famous and popular tourist routes among foreigners was created back in the 1960s by journalist Yuri Bychkov. He was first to come up with the idea that a ...