1. Uber will not pay begin/end trip mistake!

    uber driver won't end trip

  2. Uber’s Trouble In New York City Won’t End With Drivers Guild

    uber driver won't end trip

  3. It’s Not the End of the Road for Uber Drivers

    uber driver won't end trip

  4. Uber stop wasting ur time and mine i wont accept 2$ trip

    uber driver won't end trip

  5. Uber, Lyft drivers won’t pick up passengers at LaGuardia Airport on

    uber driver won't end trip


    uber driver won't end trip


  1. Reckless Driver Won't Miss Their Exit

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  1. My driver didn't end the trip at the destination

    My driver didn't end the trip at the destination. This form is for reporting cases when your driver didn't end the trip at the destination entered by you in the Uber app. This may happen in a few ways: Continued Trip: Once a rider is dropped off at their destination, the driver does not immediately end the trip as expected and continues ...

  2. My driver didn't end the trip at the destination

    Continued Trip: Once a rider is dropped off at their destination, the driver does not immediately end the trip as expected and continues driving. Time Abuse: After dropping off a rider, the driver unnecessarily stays at the drop-off location instead of ending the trip immediately and ends the trip after some time.

  3. Issue with ride (driver never ended our trip)

    The initial estimate was roughly $32.00 and the trip took a total of 36 minutes from the airport to my apartment. It's clear that the driver never ended our trip as my receipt notes the trip was 6.91 miles and length of time of 5 hours and 6 minutes. I tried the "help" in the app and received an immediate email from Uber stating "we understand ...

  4. My driver refused my destination

    If you believe you were incorrectly charged a cancellation fee, go back in your trip history and select the trip in question. Under the trip, select Review my cancellation fee and we'll look into it. Explore Uber help resources or contact us to resolve issues with our products and services including Uber Rides, Uber Eats, Uber for Business or ...

  5. Help with a trip

    Safety. Frequently asked questions. My Shuttle trip was cancelled. I am requesting a new route or providing feedback on an existing route. Jump and Lime trip issues. I had an issue with a co-rider. Driver asked to book outside the Uber app. Uber. Explore support and customer service resources to find solutions to issues related to Uber rides.

  6. Uber driver did not end trip after dropping me : r/uber

    At this point, you might not be able to resolve this because you don't have proof to show Uber when they ask for it. Also, the driver may have changed your destination, during the trip or after you got dropped off, but you should've been notified on your end, for the change, so you could've done something about it before it got worse. 1 ...

  7. Account Issues Not able to end Trip

    Try logging into the online portal with a web browser and check on the trip from there. and log in as a driver. Armida909$. Like. Armida909$ Discussion starter. 11 posts · Joined 2022. #14 · Nov 23, 2022. couldn't do anything I tried everything; Uber had to fix on their end. All is good now.

  8. How to Take Trips

    Picking up your rider. You can use the Driver app to call or message your rider. Once you've attempted to contact them, a 2-minute timer will begin. If the timer runs out or they cancel, you could be paid extra for your time.

  9. Ending a trip

    Ending a trip. A trip ends when you arrive at a rider's last stop. When your vehicle comes to a complete stop, swipe "COMPLETE". Your app will prompt you to rate your trip experience. Stop or park as close as possible to the final destination address. While many riders will input an exact destination address into the app, it's good ...

  10. How do I escalate an issue? Uber driver didn't end trip until ...

    Just for clarity, the extra 1.5hrs wasn't necessarily driver malice. In some circumstances, the driver loses contact with the Uber hub and can't get it restored. I've been helplessly, hopelessly trying to end a trip, or reconnect with the mothership, before with no luck. Nothing to do but turn everything off and go do something else.

  11. After dropping off the passenger, can the Uber driver keep driving

    Occasionally what happens, is if a driver dropped you off and it happens to be an areas with poor reception, passenger already existed. Though the driver is frantically trying to end the trip in the app, so he can start getting new pings, the reception does not allow him to do so, so the driver tries to move away from the bad reception area while still trying to end the trip he keeps driving ...

  12. Driver Did Not End Trip : r/uber

    Driver Did Not End Trip. Trip was suppose to be $17 but shows $114 now. Sent Uber support a message and they replied with: "Thanks for providing your perspective and the additional details about this incident. We are not in the vehicles and therefore do rely on the perspectives of both parties." Not sure what they have to check with the driver ...

  13. Using the "End Trip" option to cancel a ride may no longer be ...

    this was implemented to avoid drivers accidentally ending a trip before they do the trip. Once you start a trip, there no way to cancel. You can only end trip. When you get that message, you have to drive several blocks from the point where you hit begin trip to end it. Because of course nomrally, nobody orders an Uber and goes no where

  14. My uber driver didn't end the trip when I got out of his car ...

    Happened to me last night and I raised hell with Uber. The driver is a scammer when he does not end the trip after drop off. The $22 fare was up to $92 by the time I realized it (went to leave a tip). I canceled the ride and was hit with a $92 charge. Now when I informed Uber, the fare was adjusted down to where it should have been.

  15. Uber Rider Support & Customer Service

    Eat. Uber for Business. Uber Freight. Safety. Diversity. Transparency. AI. Explore Uber help resources or contact us to resolve issues with our products and services including Uber Rides, Uber Eats, Uber for Business or driver issues.

  16. Why Your Uber Driver May Force You to Cancel Your Ride and Pay a Fee

    Uber's policy states you won't be charged a fee "if your driver is late by 5 or more minutes. The time is based on the ETA that's displayed when your trip is first accepted." Prince Kohli, a former Uber driver who drove with the company for four years in Pennsylvania and New York City, confirmed Genter's suspicions.

  17. How to Tip Your Driver

    Tipping is optional. You are free to add a tip, and drivers are free to accept tips. How do I leave my driver a tip? Down Small. The easiest way to tip your driver is through the app. At the end of your trip, you'll be prompted to rate your driver. Once you provide a rating, you'll be given the option to add a tip.