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Home » Budget Travel » Top 50 Best Travel Instagrams Active Today

Top 50 Best Travel Instagrams Active Today

Are you an aspiring travel photographer looking to up their game? Do you use social media as a means of posting your photos as well as gain insight into the traveling world? If so, you need to check out these  50 photographers  who have some of the best travel Instagram accounts in existence right now!

Instagram has become more than just a space to share your casual, everyday eye candy. It is now one of the leading platforms for sharing professional work and multimedia from both artists and journalists.

More than just moments, many of the photos found on the best travel Instagram accounts are testaments to the travel lifestyle…

If you want to take better travel photos and become a  more successful photographer in the community, then take inspiration from these awesome Instagram personalities. I myself am not that into social media, but these are the Instagrammers I enjoy following and find inspiration from for my own travels. 🙂

Some of these guys will undoubtedly be big names in the near future. Others have already established themselves as the best travel photographers on Instagram without any signs of slowing down.

Please understand that  these Instagram accounts are listed in no particular order . We love all of out Instagram compatriots equally 😉

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Top 50 Best Travel Instagram Accounts

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Find travel inspiration and plenty of valuable Insta travel captions in all of the following…


Obviously, I’m going to start with The Broke Backpacker’s very own (and new!) IG. Now you can get a fix of your favorite travel blog across multiple platforms, how sweet is that?

Expect travel inspiration, stories of debauchery, killer IG destinations , and sweet tips on how you too can travel on the cheap–forever!

#1 @themanwiththetinyguitar

Stringed-instrument extraordinaire as well as a savant with stringing together words, Ziggy is the definition of a broke backpacker if I’ve ever seen one. And a damn impressive adventurer at that.

From dumpster diving, to vanlife, to truly hardcore India travel, this man has truly done it all. And now you can find raw adventure, doobies, and a whole lot of candid moments shared on Zigz’ IG.

Aside from giving the rest of us dirtbag standards to look up to, Ziggy also wears many hats here at The Broke Backpacker. From daily admin to serious fiascos, the entire team would be a whole lot worse off without him.

Always fond of a good smoke sesh, you’d also be a fool not to eat up Ziggy’s sage (and thoroughly detailed) advice on the wild, wondrous world of drug tourism!

#2 @Altitude.wanderer

Sima is one epic young lady on a mission to inspire others to hit the road in search of adventure… She’s Iranian and she specialises in MOUNTAINS! Usually, she’s found climbing, hiking and taking photos in high up places.

Her mountain shots are simply stunning and she’s a self-taught photographer so if you’re looking to learn the craft yourself or simply up your game, follow her for plenty of inspiration!

#3 @roamingralph

Ralph Cope aka Roaming Ralph began his career as a traveling content creator but was soon discovered by The Broke Backpacker to be a solid photographer.

He has since worked with the company in developing not only their photography department but also as an official photographer marketing content. We consulted him, of course, on the assembly of this article.

He’s a talented and dedicated landscape photographer who stays true to his craft without playing into the overdone post-processing trends. He’s currently leading tours into the Karakorum Mountains in Skardu and expanding trips into other remote mountain places. Check out this guy!

#4 @intentionaldetours

Besides being one of our beloved team members, Samantha is one of the most offbeat travelers I know. She’s based in Pakistan, and her Instagram account features dope travel photography along with hella’ informative captions.

Instead of continuous selfies, you can find a whole host of portraits, landscapes, shrines and whatever else Samantha happened to find inspiring while adventuring in Pakistan .

Aside from producing epic content here at The Broke Backpacker, Samantha also has her own travel blog and has been published in some pretty impressive travel publications.

#5 @lostwithpurpose

Hands down, Alex is one of the most adventurous solo female travelers I know. She has traveled solo in Pakistan, like me and she knows her shit. She also takes incredible photos and her IG lives are pretty fucking hilarious… I dig her sense of humour. She’s doing pretty amazing things 🙂

#6 @gettingstamped

Hannah and Adam are two globetrotting travel bloggers from the USA. They go to some of the most insane looking places you’ve ever seen. I’m very jealous of their incredible USA travels … I love these guys and we’ve gotten smashed together many a time.

#7 @scottjonphotography

I have never seen a photographer create such sublime and surreal photos like Scott. His photos are beautifully abstract, being mostly aerial… they are unlike anything else on social media.

Even when he isn’t in the air, his groundwork is just as stunning and of has a revelatory quality. Scott is of my favorite photographers and definitely one of the best travel Instagrammers out there.

#8 @elialocardi

Elia is a kind of guru in the travel photography community, one who teaches just as much as he creates. He is a great photographer, to be sure, but more importantly, he is a great educator who supplies eye candy to supplement a good helping of food for thought.

Follow Elia for the occasional morsel of photographic enlightenment and be sure to check out his tutorials with Fstoppers and the like.

#9 @chrisburkard

I suppose no list of the top Instagram travel photographers would be complete without a mention of Chris Burkard, the current darling of the travel photography world. Every photo he puts out, be it from an epic surf trip in the Arctic or one from his backyard in California, is significant.

I personally look forward to every one of Chris’ posts and have no problem saying that he is one of the best travel Instagrammers, hands-down.

Bordering the line between reality and surrealism, Robert creates digital art through his use of photoshop and photography. His posts are dreamy and borderline lucid. He uses a lot of tones between red and yellow.

Robert is one of the best digital art Instagrammers, so check him out!

#11 @ccracken

Lots of travel photographers like to talk about how amazing life can be; few actually talk about how it can all go to shit.

Connor McCracken uses his Instagram to promote open dialogue about mental health problems and how travel can remedy them. He is one of the best travel Instagram photographers because of his candor and sincerity.

#12 @coryrichards

Cory Richards is a legend – a free camera wheelin’ son of a gun with a penchant for wool jackets and perfectly trimmed facial hair.

His photos are among the most narratively rich and dramatic that I’ve seen, blending photojournalism and storytelling with travel, perfectly. He is certainly one of the best travel photographers on Instagram, ever.

#13 @Renan_ozturk

Renan Ozturk received a great deal of attention for his role in Jimmy Chin’s epic Meru . Before the fame, he was a rambler, and, most importantly a damn good painter (think Ansel Adams meets Ralph Steadman). His attention has since shifted to photography and between the two, his Instagram is full of amazing travel moments.

#14 @earthwanderess

Evelina is an eco-travel Instagrammer, dedicated to making travel more sustainable. She’s one of the only travelers making a point to travel without flying in order to keep her carbon footprint minimal.

If you are interested in travel BUT also strive to be a sustainable and conscious human, then give Evelina a follow and follow her advice.

Her content includes adventure travel inspiration, light packing, slow fashion, minimal living, slow travel, zero waste, and more!

#15 @nikkibigger

Nikki is awesome… She’s lived in a van for many years and posts some of the most incredible van-life stuff you’ve ever seen. She’s now working on building an online income whilst driving her brand new, custom made, van all over Canada and the states with her very cute dog. I love Nikki big time and we had a lot of fun hanging out in Thailand together 🙂

#16 @juliathompson

Julia, with the help of her boyfriend, Chris ( chrisrlocke ), is taking the West Coast by storm with their snapshots, which are among the best travel photos on Instagram. Their work is characterized by epic vistas and the intimate moments that they share with it.

Having traveled quite a bit through New Zealand, Asia, and Europe, they’re now back in the PNW.

#17 @stephen_matera

Stephen Matera is one of the most reputable landscape photographers in the United States today. His work has taken him to some of the country’s most magnificent corners, several times over. Every time he posts, he manages to discover something fresh about the US, making

#18 @kyleobermann

In an age where many travel photographers are capturing the same, repetitive photos of the same, growingly-monotonous subjects, a couple of people like Kyle, are managing to be novel.

Working primarily as a conservationist in China, Kyle ventures out into the Chinese wilderness and captures some stunningly original photos. Still untouched by Western tourism, the Chinese wilderness is exotic and Kyle does great justice to it.

#19 @thomaschuphoto

Thomas is perhaps the only fine art landscape photographer (that we know of) that ventures to Pakistan, which is one of our favorite regions!

His work is glorious and is comparable to many of the best travel Instagram photographers out there. He also visits Greenland, Patagonia, Southeast, and many more adventurous destinations.

#20 @jerometheworld

Jerome is currently on an epic trip through Central Asia and is putting out some of his best work yet! With his trusty 4×4 and camera both on hand, he is helping to blaze new trails in a region that sees little tourism. We also appreciate his own self-proclaimed broke backpacker roots 🙂

#21 @sorelleamore

Sorelle is a next level human, and I have been extremely impressed by her depth, wisdom, and humor on what can sometimes be a superficial app…

She is best known for her #advancedselfie; you would never know her photos are taken with a timer and tripod if she didn’t tell you! She shares tutorials and behind the scenes content on YouTube too. You should follow her; everybody should follow her.

#22 @rachel.pohl

Rachel Pohl and her husband @charles_post live and travel around the USA, specifically in the mountains and around Montana, where they hunt, fish, camp, and conserve. Yes, conserve.

Charles is a professional conservationist, and together he and his wife share thought-provoking conversations on Instagram about preserving wild lands and participating in the eco-systems around you.

Rachel is an artist and incredible painter as well. Together, Charles and Rachel’s photos, work, and art are as mesmerizing as they are inspirational.

#23 @marcograssiphotography

Having worked with many of Instagram’s best travel photographers already, Marco is quickly making a name for himself as one of the leaders.

His work is mostly concerned with the mountains and tundras of the Arctic as well as his home in the Dolomites. The landscapes that he creates are near-flawless being both dramatic and vivid. For wilderness photographers, Marco is an inspiration.

#24 @artwolfe

Art Wolfe is one of the great masters of modern travel photography so it makes sense that he’d have one of the best travel Instagram accounts! His work is superlative, celestial, even, and he has set the bar for most of the world’s current travel photographers. No matter what the subject – be it human, animal, or Earth – Art Wolfe is one of the best at capturing them.

#25 @jaydabliu

Joe is a traveling street photographer that has done a great job of bringing style and elegance to otherwise decrepit or oppressive objects. Being raised in Nairobi, Kenya, which is a city with plenty of grit of its own, Joe has had a lot of inspiration and subject matter to work with over the years. For streets artists, Joe is one of the best travel Instagrammers that you can follow.

#26 @federiclagrange

Frederic is a different photographer. His photos are not the most attractive and certainly have a griminess that many find unappealing. Both haze and noise (the photographic kind) are readily apparent in his work, which can be off-putting.

I just can’t help but feel like this guy is refreshing though. Like a good Schopenhauer thesis, Frederic manages to make photography interesting again with the frankness and brutality of his work. Go check out how is style earned his place among the best travel Instagrams.

#27 @andrewstuder

Andrew is a traveling professional who specializes in nature photography and has worked with brands, such as Nat Geo, Yeti, Land Rover, Columbia, and more.

He has accomplished a lot, to be sure, but many photographers in this list have too. Here’s the thing – Andrew is only 21 years old. Fuck, he makes me feel like a wash-up, and I’m not even 30 yet! If we could give Andrew any title, it’d be the best travel Instagram photographer who still has to pay extra for a car rental.

#28 @johnpricephotography

Like much of social media, John Price popped-up on my radar a couple of years ago out of seemingly nowhere. At the time, his photography, which concerned mostly alpinism and climbing, intrigued me.

Unlike most others on social media, he has consistently improved and keeps wowing me. His alpine photography is some of the most dramatic out there, which makes him, deservingly, one of the best travel Instagrammers today.

#29 @jodymacdonaldphoto

Jody is a special photographer who is able to blend narrative, journalism, and aesthetics seamlessly into her photos. Her work is varied but, in my opinion, has a profound sense of isolationism. Many of her subjects: man, beast, or land, feel cut-off from their world, and in doing so achieve a certain beauty.

#30 @rannveigaamodt

For all you rockhounds out there that daydream about that epic send against the most stunning backdrop, Rannveig is the best travel Instagrammer for you.

This girl has journeyed to some of the best climbing sites in the world, like Maiorca, the Chinese Karstlands, and the Norwegian fjords; her photos are stunning. Props to the photographer(s) that she works with, but she’s no slouch behind the lens either.

#31 @bentibbettsphotography

If you are a yeti (like me) who either lives or dreams of being in the mountains 24/7, then there’s no better travel Instagrammer then Ben Tibbetts.

A mountain guide as well as a photographer, Ben mostly stick to the Alps though he constantly finds ways of reimagining these sometimes overly familiar mountains. His work is more akin to portraiture and does a great job of capturing the inner essence of each peak.

#32 @travelfreak

I have a hard time keeping up with this guy because he just goes to some many goddamn countries! Judging from his feed, there are few photographers who are as well traveled and active as this guy. If you’re looking for an account that is consistently churning out diverse and high-quality photos, Jeremey @travelfreak is a great choice.

#33 @shannon__wild

What makes Shannon one of the best travel Instagram photographers? Maybe it’s that winning smile; maybe it’s that charming Aussie accent, or maybe it’s that she’s one of the most active and passionate wildlife photographers on the ‘gram.

We have to admit that Shannon’s wildlife photography is astounding and speaks for her and itself.

#34 @michaelclarkphoto

If I were an outdoor retailer looking to photograph some adventure gear in epic fashion, I would reach out to Michael Clark immediately. This guy does such a good job of getting action shots, particularly those involving water sports.

His images are crispier than a bag of fresh chips and pop with vibrant, yet truthful color. Solid work, Michael.

#35 @dynamoultima

Alex and Cody are digital nomads who travel in their own customized Mercedes van. Aside from their usual gigs (gotta pay the bills somehow), they do a great job of educating people about how they fabricated their vehicle and about what “the van life” is like.

For those curious about what it’s like to live on the road and how to do it themselves, this couple has one of the best travel Instagrams for the nomadic lifestyle.

#36 @rawmeyn

One of the most popular styles of photography these days involves creating photos with subdued and permeating shadows, which is achieved using a technique referred to as “crushing the darks.” The result is a dusky-looking shot with a deep, brooding mood.

Now I don’t know who started this trend but I can tell you who perfected it: Roman Königshofer. For as long as I’ve been following this guy, his work has been stylish and deeply pronounced thanks to his mastery of the shadows. Roman is the best travel Instagrammer for this particular school of photography, in my opinion.

#37 @paleyphoto

This guy is an awesome photojournalist who has the ability to capture some of the most personal photos I’ve seen. Most impressively, he goes to some very off-the-beaten-path places like the Wakhan Corridor and the Karakorum.

If anyone has been to places like these, they will know how difficult it is to capture the local life, either out of lack of cultural comprehension or just being stonewalled. Koodos to Mathieu for doing these people justice.

#38 @michaelgeorge

            View this post on Instagram                     Sunlight is scarce in the Financial District. It was built before zoning laws limited buildings from turning streets into lightless canyons. I have always loved how this creates dramatic slices and shapes of harsh sunlight, and I always dreamed of working with dancers to highlight this phenomenon. Luckily, two of my best friends ( @sam_and_brian ) are always willing to help bring my vision to life. A post shared by Michael George (@michaelgeorge) on Oct 19, 2017 at 6:25am PDT

There’s a certain vulnerability to George’s work that I can’t put my finger on. Though his subjects often seem detached or distant in many ways, there’s a certain playfulness to them as well.

Regardless of where Michael goes – he’s primarily based in SoCal – his work is always fresh and I enjoy it quite a lot.

#39 @jackson.groves

Jackson is one of the leading figures in the young travel photography world. He works harder, longer, and in more creative ways than many of his peers and you can see it in his photos. If he’s not showing you some new clean-up campaign, he’s posting an epic shot from some gorgeous island or beach. That’s an Aussie for you, I guess.

#40 @jeffcarlsonphoto

Feeling anxious to get outdoors? Do you have the irrational desire to hang on precarious ledges or over fatal cliffs? Well, Jeff feels the same way! This IGer is all about escaping to the wild places and getting his kicks in, both figuratively, and sometimes literally! Check out his page for some adventure inspiration.

#41 @marco_grilli_

Two traveling Italian lovers rediscover the beauty of their own country – shocking News: Italy is gorgeous – and that of several countries abroad…what’s not to love?

Thankfully, Marco takes beautiful photos, with a dreamy, Barbara Walters-like effect, and often travels to lesser-known places. He is one of the rising stars in social media and soon to be one of the best travel Instagrammers in the business.

If you need some more inspiration for traveling in Italy , check out these love birds!

#42 @difruscia

Patrick has been making rounds in the international photography world for some time and has definitely established himself as one of the best working travel Instagrammers. He is primarily a landscape photographer and has a great eye for composition and dramatic lighting. He is definitely one of the best travel Instagrams if you’re interested in fine art photography.

#43 @bejamin

            View this post on Instagram                     Passing shapes in the desert… Inspiration is an important part of the creative process. We build on each other’s work, we add our uniqueness to the conversation, and attempt to move it forward. This week on @imaginarymagnitude, I’m sharing a few photos that cause me to pause, listen, think, and hopefully create in ways that are not derivative, but cumulative. . #imaginarymagnitude A post shared by Benjamin Everett (@bejamin) on Jul 5, 2017 at 6:46pm PDT

Benjamin’s work is not like the usual travel photographers who shoot sweeping landscapes or romantic getaways. Instead, his photos are very abstract, surreal in a way because of their color palette and composition. He is so unorthodox that I think his work belongs in an art show more so than a travel Instagram page.

#44 @jaydickmanphoto

Jay is a fantastic photojournalist who has captured some of the most unique and downright dizzying photos that I have seen on Instagram. Somehow, someway, Jay is able to capture singular moments in the midst of what looks like sheer chaos.

His portraits are ecstatic, his wildlife photos are dynamic, and his still lifes are revelatory. All-in-all, he is definitely one of the best travel Instagrams that you can follow.

#45 @everchanginghorizon

Quinn AKA @everchanginghorizon is another leader in the travel photography community that seems to be everywhere at once. His work is epic and dramatic sometimes but it never takes itself too seriously.

Like the wanderer that he is, Quin’s photography is joyous and free. His hard work has definitely earned him the right to be called one of the best Instagram travelers today.

#46 @roundtheworldgirl

Much like @everchanginghorizon, Elise AKA @roundtheworldgirl just appears to be a lady having fun with her camera. Granted, she’s traveled to lots of amazing places and has taken some equally amazing photos, but I guess that’s why she’s one of the best travel Instagrammers right now. If only we could all be as carefree and wild as Elise.

#47 @jimmy_chin

Jimmy Chin has become an icon of sorts in the adventure community. From skiing to climbing to photography to filmmaking, his work spans multiple mediums and multiple subjects. Jimmy Chin can seemingly do it all, capturing incredible adventures through his camera lens.

He is an inspiration to all fledgling adventure enthusiasts and definitely one of the best Instagram travel photographers working today.

#48 @truthslinger

There’s an edginess to Mutua Matheka that I really enjoy. With the intense use of primary colors, the likes of which reminds me of arthouse directors like Nicolas Winding Refn, and sometimes harsh lighting, Mutua creates some very visceral photos. For those looking for something more stylized than the other travel photographers, this guy runs one of the best travel Instagrams for you.

#49 @jonathan_irish

Jonathan is a Nat Geo photographer who does a bit of everything and does it all well, of course. Chases through the Savannah? Check. Epic mountains? Check. Underwater selfies? Check. Check.

To those who like to see a bit of variation in their favorite travel Instagram profiles, Johnathan is one of the best that you can find.

#50 @priyanka_onmycanvas

A solo woman traveler from India, Priyanka is an inspirational traveler breaking down barriers with her stories, and beautiful, raw photos. I have a special place in my heart for solo travelers who travel to adventurous places like Pakistan and India (her home country). She has a way of showing you the authentic people and places in a country, not just the cookie-cutter versions of travel.

Priyanka’s uses HDR and saturates her photos, but her work still remains genuine and artistic. She has a good eye and captures emotion in her photos.

best travel instagram photos

And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links . That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!

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Swedish Nomad

50 Best Travel Instagrammers for daily Inspiration

By: Author Swedish Nomad

Posted on Last updated: December 19, 2019

Categories Travel Inspiration

Home / Travel Inspiration / 50 Best Travel Instagrammers for daily Inspiration

50 Best Travel Instagrammers for daily Inspiration

There are a lot of travel Instagram accounts out there and finding beautiful destinations via Instagram has never been easier. 

Since I’m pretty active myself on Instagram and have been for the last few years, I’ve been lucky enough to connect with some of the best travel Instagrammers in the world.

How the best travel Instagrammers were chosen

There are so many good travel Instagram accounts out there, so of course, this list could be a lot longer. I have handpicked the best travel Instagrammers by the following criteria:

  • They have High-quality photos
  • They are posting travel content on a regular basis
  • They have unique ways of showing the world
  • They are real travel influencers
  • They have beautiful feeds that are highly curated
  • They have great engagement
  • They show the best destinations around the world
  • They inspire people to follow their dreams

Please note that these travel Instagram accounts aren’t ranked in any particular order, they are all equally deserving of their place on this list. 

1. @Theblondeabroad

In my opinion the #1 female travel blogger in the world. Kiersten has been traveling for a long time and continues to inspire people to travel and discover our beautiful world through videos, articles and amazing photography.

View this post on Instagram Jungle Cruisin’ ?? ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Shot on @fujifilmx_us XT2 | Edited with @tbapresets | #naturalselection #botswana #junglecruise #fujifilmx_us A post shared by Kiki | The Blonde Abroad (@theblondeabroad) on Feb 17, 2018 at 12:11pm PST

2. @Jordhammond

It was this photo that caught my eye the first time, and it’s a true classic. If you follow Jordhammond, you can always be sure to get amazing scenery and landscapes in the best light.

Occasionally you can also see @sophiapope as a model in his photos, who btw has a pretty stunning Instagram feed herself.

View this post on Instagram Q&A time! Ask me anything you like. I’ll be putting up the most frequently asked questions on my soon-to-be launched website! ? A post shared by JORD | TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY (@jordhammond) on Dec 15, 2017 at 6:02am PST

3. @Chelseakauai

If you didn’t think about visiting Hawaii before, Chelseakauai’s Instagram account will definitely make you wanna go. Besides amazing photos from Hawaii, she also shares fantastic images from other places, like this one with the penguins in South Africa.

View this post on Instagram If you’re a penguin, I’m a penguin!! ?? Cape Town I miss you already :) Have any of you been to Afrika Burn?! Thinking about coming back for it next month and would love any insights/tips!? #squadgoals #capetown #southafrica @livetheadventure A post shared by Chelsea Y.✨? Hawaii + Travel (@chelseakauai) on Mar 20, 2018 at 9:30pm PDT

4. @Nomadasaurus

This adventure couple is running one of the biggest Australian travel blogs, and if you crave adventure and want to see unexplored places, Nomadasaurus is one of the best Instagram accounts to follow!

  Ett inlägg delat av Alesha & Jarryd (@nomadasaurus) 6 Maj 2017 kl. 5:17 PDT

5. Pilotmaria

If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a pilot, follow Maria. She often answers questions by readers about airplanes and flying.

            Visa det här inlägget på Instagram                         Ett inlägg delat av Maria Pettersson?‍✈️Pilot (@pilotmaria) 27 Nov 2019 kl. 8:17 PST

6. @Professionaltraveler

Catarina Mello is another inspiring Female travel Instagrammer who travels the world full-time. She often shares personal captions and goes to some of the most beautiful places in the world. 

            Visa det här inlägget på Instagram                         Ett inlägg delat av Catarina Mello | TRAVEL | SF (@professionaltraveler) 26 Nov 2019 kl. 12:48 PST

7. @Sennarelax

Dreaming of Switzerland and fantastic scenery? Senai is one of the best travel Instagrammers and always posting amazing travel photos.

View this post on Instagram My favorite summer shot ? What do you think guys ? Let me know… Comment with "?" (Obwald ~ Switzerland ??) Have a nice weekend ?? A post shared by Senna Relax (Senai I.) (@sennarelax) on Mar 9, 2018 at 12:01pm PST

An Australian girl with a sense of adventure. I love the colors in her edits, and you can always count on wanderlust content from Hayley.

  Ett inlägg delat av Hαуℓeу αndersen ❥ (@haylsa) 24 Feb 2018 kl. 1:33 PST

9. Mikecleggphoto

I’ve been following Mike for a long time, and he consistently posts beautiful cityscapes. 

            Visa det här inlägget på Instagram                         Ett inlägg delat av Mike – Travel & Destinations (@mikecleggphoto) 17 Okt 2019 kl. 1:11 PDT

10. @Lostleblanc

Originally a Youtuber, but with 262 000 followers on Instagram and stunning photos, he also has one of the best male travel Instagram accounts to follow! And if you haven’t seen his videos before, do yourself a favor and check out his YouTube channel.

View this post on Instagram We woke up to catch sunrise at the volcano but the entire sky was covered in clouds. We only had 1 hour before our flight was taking off but we waited just a little longer and that made all the difference ? Pc: @jamiebaskerville A post shared by Christian LeBlanc (@lostleblanc) on Nov 23, 2017 at 5:47pm PST

11. @Worldwanderlust

Brooke Saward is one of the most successful travel bloggers, so of course, she has a lot of travel inspiration to offer.

View this post on Instagram Still my favourite view in Paris & it never gets old ? spent the day with friends from home, showing them my fave city, eating macarons & more eating of macarons. ???? snapped by @the.greenwoods A post shared by WORLD OF WANDERLUST (@worldwanderlust) on May 17, 2017 at 1:32pm PDT

12. @Girleatworld

If you enjoy food and want to get daily travel inspiration, Mel sure does have an interesting way to showcase food and various destinations.

            Visa det här inlägget på Instagram                         Ett inlägg delat av ❤️ Mel’s Food & Travel log (@girleatworld) 30 Sep 2018 kl. 9:51 PDT

13. @Pilotmadeleine

Want to see the most dreamy hotels around the world? Madeleine is one of the best travel Instagrammers in the luxury niche. 

View this post on Instagram Missing this place ? Tag the person you‘d like to stay here with ? @iqbalgran A post shared by TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE BLOGGER (@pilotmadeleine) on Feb 11, 2018 at 8:21am PST

14. @Everchanginghorizon

Quin is an inspiring adventure traveler that will take you to some of the most amazing places. 

            Visa det här inlägget på Instagram                         Ett inlägg delat av Quin (@everchanginghorizon) 22 Okt 2019 kl. 9:05 PDT

15. @Eljackson & @Hilvees

This couple is traveling the world together and they always post inspiring travel content on their channels.

View this post on Instagram You don't get to see these kind of cities every day… A post shared by Samuel Taipale (@eljackson) on Jul 29, 2017 at 12:54pm PDT
View this post on Instagram Oh hi there buffalo! ✌??He walked to the tree and stared at us for like 2 minutes, then casually continued on. @souloftanzania #sponsored A post shared by Hildegunn Taipale (@hilvees) on Jan 29, 2018 at 12:51pm PST

16. @Lennart

Member of the @Germanroamers and a talented photographer. If you want to see beautiful landscapes, Lennart Pagel is one of the best Instagram accounts to follow!

View this post on Instagram No need for a driveway. Why would you ever want to leave this place? A post shared by Lennart Pagel | ?Germany (@lennart) on Feb 22, 2018 at 9:48am PST

17. @Saltinourhair

Salt in Our Hair is a dutch travel duo named Nick and Hannah. They continue to create inspiring travel content year after year. Occasionally, they also post beautiful travel videos.  

  Ett inlägg delat av HANNAH & NICK ☼ TRAVEL COUPLE (@saltinourhair) 5 Feb 2018 kl. 7:21 PST

18. @Thetravelpro

Mikki Tenazas is another luxury traveler who shares incredible photos from all over the world. He has visited some of the coolest resorts and always posts high-quality content. 

            Visa det här inlägget på Instagram                         Ett inlägg delat av Mikki Tenazas (@thetravelpro) 13 Nov 2019 kl. 10:19 PST

19. @Taramilktea

If you want to find cute and photogenic Instagram locations, Tara Milk Tea has been to all of them.

View this post on Instagram K y o t o ⚡️have you been here? Swipe ?? for the video ⛩ A post shared by Tara Milk Tea (@taramilktea) on Mar 12, 2018 at 1:07am PDT

20. @Migrationology

Food is an important part of traveling, and this guy is the #1 food blogger/vlogger. So if you want to regularly see videos of Mark Wiens trying food around the world, go check out his Instagram account.

View this post on Instagram Tlacoyo with blue corn and squash blossoms, one of my favorite Mexico City street food snack! #MexicanFood #MexicoCity A post shared by Mark Wiens (@migrationology) on Mar 18, 2018 at 6:53am PDT

21. @Explorersaurus_

One of the most followed travel couples in the world at the moment, and they continue to create new and creative travel content on a daily basis. They also post a lot on their Instagram stories and Raquel and Miguel always post thoughtful captions as well.

            Visa det här inlägget på Instagram                         Ett inlägg delat av RAQUEL & MIGUEL (@explorerssaurus_) 6 Dec 2019 kl. 10:22 PST

22. @Adventuresoflilnicki

If you want to see obscure places that most tourists will never visit, you should follow the Adventures of Lil Nicki. 

View this post on Instagram Socotra sunrise featuring @gabbok17 ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #socotra #socotraisland #yemen #middleeast A post shared by Nicole ❁ Travel & Adventure (@adventuresoflilnicki) on Jul 13, 2019 at 11:47am PDT

23. @Xkflyaway

Another travel couple who’s crushing it with beautiful and dreamy couple photos!

  Ett inlägg delat av X+K Flyaway | Xavier & Katie (@xkflyaway) 14 Mar 2018 kl. 1:03 PDT

24. @Marinacomes

Marina Comes is a Spanish Travel Instagrammer that I’ve been following for several years, and she continues to post interesting travel photos from all over the world. What’s even more fantastic is that she does it all with an iPhone. 

            Visa det här inlägget på Instagram                         Ett inlägg delat av MARINA COMES (@marinacomes) 4 Dec 2019 kl. 10:14 PST

25. @ThePlanetD

One of the best travel bloggers out there, and a great source of travel inspiration on Instagram as well. I love their IG stories, and you can always count on professional and beautiful photography from Dave and Deb’s travels.

  Ett inlägg delat av Dave & Deb?ThePlanetD (@theplanetd) 15 Nov 2017 kl. 9:07 PST

26. @Followmeawaytravel

Follow Me Away is a talented travel couple named Victoria and Terrence, where Victoria is the main person behind the account and Terrence being the photographer and her partner. 

            Visa det här inlägget på Instagram                         Ett inlägg delat av Victoria Yore + TJ Drysdale (@followmeawaytravel) 24 Nov 2019 kl. 9:35 PST

27. @Sassychris1

Want to see luxury hotels around the world and beautiful places? Christina Tan is often on the go, and she’s also a nice person in real life (we met her recently in Stockholm).

  Ett inlägg delat av Christina Tan (@sassychris1) 22 Feb 2018 kl. 1:56 PST

28. @Bemytravelmuse

Another top travel blogger that posts great content on Instagram. What I really like is her personal captions.

  Ett inlägg delat av Kristin Addis (@bemytravelmuse) 24 Feb 2018 kl. 7:46 PST

29. @Expertvagabond

The #1 Adventure travel blogger out there. Matthew Karsten is a professional photographer as well, so you can always count on quality content. What sets him apart is the fact that he shows the adventure, and takes you to places you didn’t even know existed.

View this post on Instagram Off on a new adventure! Tomorrow I leave for Russia, leading a photo expedition into the snowy wilds of Kamchatka. I’ll try to post a few updates, but much of the trip is off-the-grid. •••• For now, here’s a shot from Joshua Tree National Park in CA. ? ———————— #VisitCalifornia #JoshuaTree #adventureawaits #desertlife A post shared by Matt Karsten | Expert Vagabond (@expertvagabond) on Mar 15, 2018 at 5:58am PDT

30. @Anna.everywhere

Anna has been a travel influencer for quite some time, and recently also got married to @expertvagabond. They have been to some cool places together, but they also travel apart, and Anna is always posting lovely photos from her travels.

  Ett inlägg delat av Anna Karsten ? Travel & Style (@anna.everywhere) 20 Mar 2018 kl. 4:04 PDT

31. @lamochiladesara

Sara Caballero is a travel Instagrammer from Spain and she always finds cool spots and beautiful places.

View this post on Instagram En mi resumen de 2019 no puede faltar otro lugar que he añadido a mi lista este año… el Castillo de #butron en Vizcaya ? • Es de peli total, lo que no sé si película de princesas, o de miedo, no lo tengo claro ? ¿Por cuál votas? ? • Lo conocí en agosto y lo pillamos con tiempazo, para un día que no llueve en #euskadi, tuve suerte ? (Es broma, que no se ofenda nadie del País Vasco que a mi me encanta ?) • Siempre lo digo, me gusta irme lejos y perderme por el mundo, pero también me encanta hacer turismo nacional ❤ ## #euskadi #paisvasco #basquecountry #gipuzkoa #castillo #spain #igersspain #ok_spain #bilbao #donosti #donostia #sansebastian #vitoria #igerspain #españa #viajera #turismo #travelgirls #monument #viajar #femmetravel #nomade #europa #ok_europe #bestplace #viajar A post shared by Sara Caballero (@lamochiladesara) on Dec 11, 2019 at 12:18pm PST

32. @Nyclovesnyc

New York is one of the most popular cities in the world and Noel from nyclovesnyc shares amazing photos from all over New York City. 

View this post on Instagram Caught between the moon and New York City. Midtown Manhattan, New York City A post shared by Noel Y. C. (@nyclovesnyc) on Sep 16, 2019 at 9:06am PDT

33. @Cbezerraphotos

Another talented photographer that you should follow on Instagram for beautiful landscapes and scenery.

  Ett inlägg delat av Claudio Bezerra – ???? (@cbezerraphotos) 4 Mar 2018 kl. 7:02 PST

34. @Muradosmann

You’ve probably already seen or heard of this IG account, but it’s too good to be left out. Muradosmann created the #followmeto together with Nataly Osmann, and together they have inspired thousands, if not millions to do the same.

View this post on Instagram #followmeto Sheikh Zayed Mosque with @natalyosmann. Bucket list check ✔️- for us it is definitely 8th wonder of the world. What is your top 3 bucket list? #InAbuDhabi @visitabudhabi A post shared by MURAD OSMANN (@muradosmann) on Dec 14, 2017 at 9:10am PST

35. @Joaoleitaoviagens

Want to see lesser-known places? Joao Leitao is the author of Nomad Revelations, and also post interesting photos on IG. I really like the cultural aspects and feeling of exploring unknown places while scrolling his feed.

View this post on Instagram Amazing Flame Towers in Baku. I'm totally in love ♥️ with #Azerbaijan! #photography #architecture A post shared by NOMAD REVELATIONS?TRAVEL BLOG (@joaoleitaoviagens) on Jan 16, 2018 at 7:48am PST

36. @Doyoutravel & @Gypsealust

Jack Morris is a talented photographer and has created one of the most influential travel Instagram accounts. Together with his girlfriend @Gypsealust, he creates some magical content from their travels.

  Ett inlägg delat av JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel) 2 Mar 2018 kl. 3:32 PST

She travels together with @doyoutravel and creates some of the best travel content out there.

View this post on Instagram Machu Picchu was everything I dreamt & more ??? A post shared by Lauren Bullen?Travel + Bali (@gypsea_lust) on Mar 12, 2018 at 9:55am PDT

37. Finduslost

One of the dreamy travel couple accounts you should follow on Instagram. They are also very nice in real life (We met Selena in Holland, and both of them in London).

View this post on Instagram • italian dinner for ✌?✨? I rounded up our favorite romantic European destinations on the blog today.. the best part – they’re all budget-friendly! (Link in our profile) A post shared by Selena Taylor | TRAVEL (@finduslost) on Feb 1, 2018 at 8:23am PST

38. @Tourdelust

A content creator and travel blogger that posts dreamy and girly photos from around the world.

View this post on Instagram Found the prettiest view of Fontvieille ? A quick 10 minute drive from @fairmontmonaco and checking off a new country off my list! #FairmontMoments @travelmindset ?? – Wearing @tularosalabel from @revolve – #TDLFrance #monaco #visitmonaco #montecarlo #fontvieille #wearetravelgirls #neverstopexploring #beautifuldestinations #roamtheplanet #sheisnotlost #thisismonaco #cotedazur #mymonaco #monacolife A post shared by Christine Tran Ferguson • NYC (@tourdelust) on Mar 13, 2018 at 10:19am PDT

39. @Dorpell

Dreaming of Italy? Dorpell is the man to follow! His street and landscape photography is fantastic.

  Ett inlägg delat av DORIAN PELLUMBI (@dorpell) 9 Dec 2017 kl. 4:29 PST

40. @Reneeroaming

Another female adventure who will spark that wanderlust inside you.

  Ett inlägg delat av R e n e e H a h n e l (@reneeroaming) 21 Dec 2017 kl. 9:58 PST

41. @Michutravel

Dreaming of Paradise? This travel Instagrammer will make you wanna book a trip to the Maldives asap. 

  Ett inlägg delat av 。Michelle。Chu。 (@michutravel) 26 Feb 2018 kl. 5:16 PST

42. @Jeremyaustiin

Beautiful luxury hotels and stunning aerials are what you can expect from Jeremy, who in my opinion runs of the best travel Instagram accounts in the luxury niche.

View this post on Instagram Getting out of bed isn’t that hard at @gili.lankanfushi ? A post shared by JEREMY AUSTIN (@jeremyaustiin) on Feb 22, 2018 at 5:38am PST

43. @Danielkordan

Daniel Kordan is a talented Landscape Photographer who shares beautiful photos from all over the world. Scrolling through his feed will give you some serious wanderlust.

            Visa det här inlägget på Instagram                         Ett inlägg delat av Daniel Kordan (@danielkordan) 10 Dec 2019 kl. 9:41 PST

44. @Nodestinations

Chris and Danika have been to some of the most luxurious hotels around the world and some fantastic destinations. They used to travel full-time before getting a baby and settling down in Amsterdam. 

However, they still travel a lot, and their son is joining their adventures around the world. And they are lovely in real life too (we met them in Holland).

View this post on Instagram ⚬ Sparkling nights in Prague A big thank you to the @the_emblem_hotel for making our time in this magical city so special! Tag someone you'd like to see Prague with… A post shared by Chris, Danika & Axel (@nodestinations) on Oct 30, 2017 at 11:18am PDT

45. @I_am_aileen

This Filipina has created one of the most popular travel blogs out there, and she also posts inspiring content on Instagram from her adventures around the world.

View this post on Instagram Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all — Tag someone who needs more adventure in their life! ?✌? – – – Komodo Islands, Indonesia ?? #wonderfulindonesia A post shared by Aileen Adalid (@i_am_aileen) on Jan 31, 2018 at 8:15pm PST

46. @Handluggageonly

Another popular travel blogger duo that also gives a lot of travel inspiration through their Instagram feed. 

View this post on Instagram So excited to be back home in England (London, to be precise) and even more so to be off exploring even more of England (once I’m done with like a month’s worth of laundry after our Canadian road trip ?). Apparently, it’s England tourism week this week too which makes it feel so apt to be off exploring the English countryside (*it also means there’s a whole lotta travel/food/drinks bargains to be had across England. Hopefully, with many-a sticky toffee pudding! ?? Or salted caramel anything…) A post shared by Hand Luggage Only (@handluggageonly) on Mar 21, 2018 at 4:02pm PDT

47. @Howfarfromhome

A full-time traveling couple posting great content from around the world.

View this post on Instagram Jaipur // India For some time now we’ve wanted to try a colour-blocked geometric couple shot…and then we stumbled across this ancient step-well from the 9th Century, and BOOM ? Opportune time for such a shot. What do you guys think?? —————————————————- For those that know already, we tweaked the colour of the step-well to this pretty hue of pink. We’ll be sharing another post soon with the real shade ? #wediditforart #inspirationleadstoexperimentation —————————————————- #howfarfromhome #hffhinindia #destinationdiscoveries #theluxurycollection #jaipur #india #pannameenakakund A post shared by CHANEL + STEVO – TRAVEL STORY (@howfarfromhome) on Mar 11, 2018 at 8:40am PDT

48. @Zeebalife

Zeebalife is run by the talented content creator Claudia Padgett who travels the world. Sometimes her son and husband will join her as well, and they are a lovely family to follow. 

View this post on Instagram Twirling and dancing in the worlds first underwater restaurant with the hubs ✔️ At @conrad_maldives with @tjdcomms ✨ . Is this place on your bucket list ? With who would you go ? ??? A post shared by CLAUDIA PADGETT (@zeebalife) on Feb 20, 2018 at 5:29am PST

49. @Wanderreds

Alvaro Rojas became the youngest Spaniard to travel the world and visit all 193 countries. It’s a great travel Instagram account to follow if you want to see content from countries that are more obscure. 

View this post on Instagram My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next. What's YOUR favorite movie quote? A post shared by Alvaro Rojas (@wanderreds) on Feb 1, 2018 at 9:46am PST

50. @Christineabroad

Christine is my lovely girlfriend and travel partner. So, I might be a bit biased since I’m the one taking her photos. But she has been to some really cool places and keeps inspiring people through her Instagram and travel blog.

View this post on Instagram Let's get to know each other! ? ⠀ Do you have any fun/random facts about yourself? ⠀ ? Here are 10 Random Facts about me: ⠀ ★ I used to worked as a cashier at a supermarket before I followed my dream as a full-time traveler. ⠀ ★ I’m 23, turning 24 this year! ⠀ ★ When traveling the world there are three things that I miss about home; My Family, Swedish Tacos, and Swedish Loose Candy. ⠀ ★ Alex and I met on the island Rhodes in Greece about 6 years ago. We've been together for 5 years this summer! ♡ ⠀ ★ When sitting on a bus/train/flight, I ALWAYS fall asleep. I don’t really know why haha. ⠀ ★ I’ve got some weird skin disease which makes my skin really itchy. I’ve had it since 2013 and the worst areas are my scalp, chest, neck, and some parts of my arms. I’m having a really hard time traveling with it since it gets worse when I change climates too often. It itches 24/7 and sometimes I wake up with wounds from scratching in my sleep. But I love traveling, so it’s not going to stop me! ⠀ ★ Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies, and The 100 is my favorite TV-series. ⠀ ★ One of my biggest dreams is to travel to Antartica. ⠀ ★ I love to cook & bake! ⠀ ★ As soon as I get back home or to the hotel (while traveling), I take of my bra and put on sweatpants. A post shared by Christine | Travel Blogger ?? (@christineabroad) on Jan 26, 2018 at 6:35am PST

Bonus tips – @Swedishnomad

My own account has been featured in several lists of the best travel Instagrammers before, and my goal is to inspire people to travel more, better and longer.

So, if you aren’t already following me over there, I hope to see you on Instagram so that I can show you the beauty that our world has to offer!

  Ett inlägg delat av ALEX – SWEDISH NOMAD ?? ?? ?? (@swedishnomad) 20 Feb 2018 kl. 7:21 PST

How to find more travel Instagram accounts

Look for suggested users.

When you follow any of the Instagram accounts above, you will also see suggested users that are similar to the one you just followed. That’s a great start to finding more talented Instagrammers.

Search popular hashtags

Another way of finding great travel Instagrammers is to search popular hashtags related to travel. You can then see the top posts and you will surely find some travel inspiration. To make it easier for you, I have listed some popular travel hashtags below.

  • #Wanderlust
  • #Beautifuldestinations
  • #Forbestravelguide
  • #Wearetravelgirls
  • #Dametraveler
  • #IamATraveler

Check who the travel bloggers and influencers follow

You can always find great Instagram accounts by looking through who the most popular travel bloggers and influencers are following.

You can also check out some of the most popular feature accounts

If you want to find new Instagrammers on a regular basis without too much effort searching, I can recommend you to follow some of the biggest feature accounts on IG. They post other people’s content and normally post different people’s work each day.

Just make sure to give some love for the content creators at times as well. A big reason how to travel influencers can produce quality content is thanks to their followers and media reach.

Below are some of the best travel Instagram accounts that feature other people’s travel photos.

  • @Beautifuldestinations
  • @Forbestravelguide
  • @CNtraveler
  • @Travelandleisure
  • @Culturetrip

15 Scandinavian Travel Instagrammers

In no particular order, here are 15 Scandinavian travel Instagram accounts that I think that you should follow for daily inspiration. 

  • @Christineabroad
  • @Swedishnomad
  • @Adventurousmiriam
  • @Juliehoejrup
  • @Pilotmaria
  • @Mathildahogbergs
  • @Swedishadventurer
  • @Fjordsandbeaches
  • @VagabondsofSweden
  • @Swedishmarcus
  • @Tellustotravel

Summary of the best travel Instagram accounts

As already mentioned, there are literally thousands of amazing travel Instagrammers out there posting great travel photos. And there are so many ways to measure quality and level of inspiration, but I believe that these 50 travel Instagram accounts are a great start if you want to get daily travel inspiration. 

Most of these Instagrammers travel full-time or at least several months a year. No matter if you want to go to winter destinations, paradise islands, luxury hotels, natural wonders, quaint towns or just some really beautiful places, you can be sure to find it while browsing through their feeds.

Best travel instagrammers

How many of these travel Instagram accounts do you already follow? Let me know in the comment section below!

Elizabeth Higgins

Saturday 30th of June 2018

Very nice list of travel accounts we can follow, Alex! Thanks for also providing some popular hashtags we can search to find useful content and insightful photos. Some of these profiles, I have already followed and I sure will be following the rest. Each of the photos look stunning!

Fátima Brandão e Frazão

Monday 30th of April 2018

I really like João Leitão's instsgram. I followed him a long time ago and I love it.

Ana Catarina Portugal

Sunday 29th of April 2018

Very nice selection!!!

Juliana Moreti

Great Instagram accounts! Congrats Joao Leitao to be in this list! You deserve it!

Congratulations @JOAOLEITAOVIAGENS! You really influence us to think our travels outside the box and to push our boundaries! So deserved!

The 22 Best Instagram Travel Accounts To Inspire You

instagram travel accounts to follow

Instagram is simple, it’s visual and it creates a quick emotional impact! It’s also a great way to discover new places around the world. No wonder I’m always seeking the best Instagram travel accounts to follow!

Even though I despise the direction Instagram is going, with self-proclaimed influencers spreading like wildfire ( beautypreneurs is a thing now…) I confess I do spend a significant amount of time there .

Sometimes double tapping cat videos. Sometimes stalking my friends. But I’m especially interested in new travel inspiration. And now I’m sharing them with you (the travel content, not the cats).

Best Instagram Travel Accounts to Follow >>

For this list, I tried to avoid hollow influencers who only use travel as a way of getting new backdrops for their own photos. The world needs valuable content, interesting things to learn and see and especially people who truly love to travel.

With no particular order, these are my favorite Instagram travel bloggers to feed your wanderlust (list updated May 2019). They are travel bloggers, Youtube stars, journalists or simple amateurs sharing real, honest, and interesting content.

Let’s get inspired!

1 @paulodelvalle

Paulo’s was one of the first accounts I followed in Instagram. He’s a Brazilian travel photographer, but mostly a storyteller. His amazing photos in the most varied landscapes inspired me to follow my own wanderlust dream.

Estou muito impressionado com a beleza dos templos e santuários japoneses. Cada um mais bonito que o outro! 😍 I’m really impressed with the beauty of the japanese temples and shrines. Each one prettier than the other! 😍 Tokyo, Japan. 🇯🇵 w/ @marlonduque A post shared by Paulo del Valle (@paulodelvalle) on Jan 3, 2016 at 6:11am PST

2 @youngadventuress

Liz is one of my favorite travel bloggers out there and Young Adventuress is a BIG SUCCESS in the travel blog world. What I particularly enjoy about her is how down-to-earth and unpretentious she is.

Her gallery in Instagram has bits and bobs from everywhere in the world, but mostly from the awe-inspiring New Zealand outdoors.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Liz Carlson☀️Young Adventuress (@youngadventuress) on May 26, 2019 at 2:08am PDT

3 @treyratcliff

What I like the most about Trey’s body of work is that he’s not afraid of color. In fact, he’s all about color!

You can sneak peek his travel photography blog , displaying more of his amazing pictures.

View this post on Instagram Beautiful gondolas from above… the water looks almost Caribbean when the sun hits it directly from certain angles! #Venice #Gondola #Gondolas #DJI #Quad #Quadcopter #Phantom3 #Italy #Carnevale A post shared by Trey Ratcliff (@treyratcliff) on Feb 13, 2016 at 11:46pm PST

4 @Tourist2Townie

I’ve been a follower of Gareth’s videos on Tourist2Townie’s Youtube channel for quite some time. I’ve always been a fan of the very down-to-earth and humble way he approaches travel, still managing to be informative and truly helpful.

His his Instagram “is secondary” (his words, not mine), but still very much worth it if you ask me.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Gareth Leonard (@tourist2townie) on Apr 10, 2019 at 7:17am PDT

5 @danielkordan

Daniel is a landscape photographer who shoots STUNNING pictures in remote places like Japan , Russia or Norway .

I have to confess I think this is one of the most inspiring Instagram accounts I’ve EVER come across. After all, 1M followers can’t be wrong.

View this post on Instagram Northern aurora at Lofoten islands. Vertorama (vertical panorama) of 2 horizontal photos. DanielKordan.com #Lofoten #northernlights #Norway #Fredvang A post shared by Daniel Kordan (@danielkordan) on Feb 21, 2016 at 8:15am PST

6 @bemytravelmuse

I found Kristin’s Instagram very recently and made an impact on me. It’s one of those accounts you can’t stop scrolling down.

Once a former investment banker in the corporate world, Kristin is a now a travel writer exploring the world full-time. You can follow her on her blog too. Judging by her gallery, I’d say she chose the right path!

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kristin Addis (@bemytravelmuse) on Apr 25, 2019 at 8:47am PDT

I’m going to be honest: I don’t know much about whoever is behind this account. In fact, I know nothing.

All I know is that the pictures here are breathtaking and make me want to go places. Apart from the visual element,there are also several inspiring descriptions. So Andy , whoever you are, you are awesome!

View this post on Instagram Look up get up and don't ever give up. Really excited that we just launched a program for @feedbacknation called "The Limelight" where we will be featuring artists who submit their story/photos I'm currently taking over @canon_photos for my latest trip to New York. Thank you guys so much for this amazing opportunity. A post shared by Andy To (@andyto) on Jan 27, 2016 at 9:43pm PST

8 @bueno_bonito_barat0_travelblog

A journalist with very itchy feet. Sarah did all of Central and South America by bus and she’s now focused on Europe.

On her blog she writes in Spanish mainly, but her pictures on Instagram speak by themselves!

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sarah Yáñez-Richards 🌎 📷 (@bueno_bonito_barat0_travelblog) on Jan 14, 2016 at 6:41am PST

9 @AlexStrohl

What I like about Alex’s gallery is how impactful his pictures can be. A photographer keen on the more remote destinations, he is able to translate the wilderness of incredible nature landscapes directly into his shots.

Alex is one of my top favorite Instagrammers out there, so I strongly suggest take a peek at his account. His photos will surely wow you!

View this post on Instagram Waking up on the shores of Lake McDonald, Montana.. #stayandwander A post shared by Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl) on Jan 25, 2016 at 9:11pm PST

10 @kristarossow

More than being just another National Geographic photographer, Krista has the amazing ability of telling a story. She’s in this list because of in-depth descriptions of her photos, which make the captures really come alive . With such an interesting gallery, she makes it so easy to travel along with her!

View this post on Instagram It was so normal in Myanmar to pass groups of young monks or nuns on the street or in temples….I even got cut off in traffic by monks on motor scooters! On my last night in Mandalay, I had just left the Sandamuni Pagoda when I came across these young Buddhist nuns draped in pink. I climbed Mandalay Hill into the sunset and who knows where they ended up. It is amazing how such disparate lives can pass in a flash…and how we smile at each other in our shared humanity. Thank you, Myanmar, for being friendly, welcoming, beautiful, and mysterious. I’ll be back and I hope that whatever changes as the country is opened to the world, that it doesn’t take the joy from the spirit of the beautiful Myanmar people. // #FujifilmX_US @FujifilmX_US @bhphoto #mywinteraway #FujifilmXT1 #Fujifilm @NatGeoCreative @NatGeoTravel A post shared by Krista Rossow (@kristarossow) on Mar 5, 2016 at 8:32pm PST

11 @breathewithus

Hugo and Cristina are a portuguese couple on a quest to explore the world’s best cultural and nature destinations. I’d say so far they are doing a great job!

Their website and Instagram are packed with useful tips and inspiring experiences. The Iceland collection is my favorite!

View this post on Instagram Road trip in Iceland? Don't forget to add the Snæfellsnes peninsula to your itinerary for landscapes and beautiful churches like this one near Hellissandur. A post shared by Breathe With Us (@breathewus) on Jul 15, 2015 at 3:40am PDT

12 @migrationology

Mark Wiens travels with a purpose: to eat food. Sounds like a great life purpose to me. Based in Bangkok , he combines his travels with indulging in the local foods and ingredients. The result is a colorful and yummy Instagram feed: a delight for foodies.

I have a problem with this guy’s feed though. I always get hungry!

View this post on Instagram This dim sum meal in Hong Kong was one of the 11 Best Meals I Ate in 2015! Check out the full list of 11 best meals on migrationology.com now! A post shared by Mark Wiens (@migrationology) on Dec 29, 2015 at 6:50pm PST

13 @theblondeabroad

Kiersten Rich is another example of a well-succeeded corporate woman who left everything for travel. And she really means it: she’s already got more than 40 countries ticked off her bucket list.

Her Instagram account is not all about travel, it’s also packed with lifestyle tips and experiences. The recent photos she took in Indonesia are quite awesome!


15 @theplanetd

Another heavy weights of the travel blogosphere. Dave and Deb have travelled to more than 100 countries in all 7 continents and Planet D is an authentic bible of the best travel advice and tips all around the world.

Their Instagram account is filled with incredible pictures taken in a huge variety of places. This one in Canada is one of my favorites.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dave & Deb🔹ThePlanetD (@theplanetd) on Feb 4, 2019 at 7:00am PST

16 @girleatworld

I love everything about this profile. The concept, the name, the composition of the photos, and specially the tagline Eating my way around the world .

Originally from Hong Kong , Melissa Hie started this project because she felt awkward asking strangers to take pictures of her. So she started taking food selfies! On her Instagram you can find a bag of dutch fries in Amsterdam a corn bread in Indonesia , or this koulouri in Greece . I’m hooked!

View this post on Instagram A post shared by ❤️ Mel's Food & Travel log (@girleatworld) on Oct 21, 2018 at 5:56pm PDT

17 @jackharries

Jackson is the real deal. During his gap year in England , he started a documentary series in YouTube about his personal life and travels. This series eventually made him famous in the online world with MILLIONS of followers on his Instagram account.

Apart from being a filmmaker and producer, he’s now a climate change activist and a very interesting personality to follow.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jack Harries (@jackharries) on Aug 3, 2018 at 5:18am PDT

18 @jonathan_irish

Jonathan is a professional travel photographer, who used to be part of the National Geographic staff. In 2016, he was on a quest to visit all of the 59 U.S. National Parks during the centennial of the National Park Service.

View this post on Instagram Starry, starry night. We setup our @rei tent on a cold, clear evening in the Smokies and watched the stars roll by. Even though it was just past a full moon, the stars were brilliant. On to the next park ! The Great Smoky Mountains National Park (7 of 59) Shot with FUJIFILM X-T1 and XF16mm F1.4 lens #59in52 #onassignment #findyourpark @natgeo @natgeocreative @natgeotravel @fujifilmUS @fujifilmx_us #fujifilmx_us #myfujifilm #myinstax #X-T1 @instax @usinterior @nationalparkservice @airstream_inc @goparks @reallyrightstuff #ad A post shared by Jonathan Irish (@jonathan_irish) on Mar 4, 2016 at 7:45am PST

19 @calsnape

Vancouver-based Callum Snape is the photographer I aim to be one day. Stunning landscapes, elegant editing, unexpected results. Follow especially if you’re into dreamy arctic backgrounds.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Callum Snape (@calsnape) on Apr 18, 2019 at 8:48pm PDT

20 @lovedeathtravel

Despite the daunting name, don’t worry, this account is only about love and travel.

The list of places featured in this gallery is huge, each one more beautiful than the other. I love how he enriches his already-stunning pictures with inspiring lyrics in his descriptions.

View this post on Instagram "And when the cold wind blows we'll wake up on the other side/ Where the sunlight sounds like moonlight in our ears.." [Akron/Family] • Set-up the cables because I'm coming for ya Half Dome. See you at the top. • ↯ Tunnel View Yosemite National Park #NPS100 #findyourpark A post shared by ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀BEN (@lovedeathtravel) on Aug 5, 2016 at 11:11am PDT

21 @uncornered_market

Uncornered Market is a travel project founded by Daniel and Audrey, a relentless couple who have visited more than 90 countries.

Besides their top-notch travel photography and insights into theyr daily wanderlust, I love how they describe themselves: a “husband-and-wife storytelling team”.

View this post on Instagram Palm Tree Point, Port Douglas. I'm a big fan of the well-timed appearance of a sailboat. If you grab just the right shady spot of choice at Rex Smeal Park, you get to watch them here off the Queensland coast all day long. Australia #lazysunday A post shared by Daniel Noll & Audrey Scott (@uncornered_market) on Jan 24, 2016 at 4:30pm PST

22 @johnnywharris

Mostly known for his Vox’s videos – including my all-time favorite Vox Borders project – Johnny Harris is a self-made videographer with huge skills.

On his Instagram account he shares some extras of the fantastic content he’s able to create.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Johnny Harris (@johnnywharris) on Sep 24, 2018 at 5:56pm PDT

EXTRA: ME! (@bruno_mb)

In a shameful act of self-promotion, I had to squeeze myself in! It feels damn good to even be featured in the same list as these amazing list of Instagrammers!

My account is still a little fish in a world of travel sharks out there. My first photos in Instagram were taken in 2012 with a crappy camera phone (#throwbackshame). I like to think that I’ve improved by now. And I hope I can continue to get better every shutter at a time!

View this post on Instagram A post shared by BRUN🌎 (@bruno_mb) on Jun 25, 2019 at 9:03am PDT

Other inspiring Instagram travel accounts to follow:

  • Beautiful Destinations
  • Lonely Planet Traveller
  • National Geographic
  • National Geographic Travel

Let’s connect!

Impossible not to feel spirited after scrolling such beautiful pictures, right?

If you are on Instagram let’s connect and make sure you follow these amazing bunch of travellers too!

What are the best Instagram travel accounts out there?

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Forbes Travel Guide Stories

30 Top Travel Instagram Posts Of 2022 By Forbes Travel Guide Editor Jennifer Kester

January 13, 2023

Get a peek at some of our most popular Instagram posts of last year.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to travel, we have a list that will fill you with inspiration. We compiled 2022’s most popular Instagram posts on @ForbesTravelGuide , and the winners span worldwide from Miami Beach to the Maldives.

Ines Fiorini, a Liguria, Italy-based photographer and travel influencer who goes by @Pinkines , captured the No. 1 video of Casa Angelina , a striking getaway carved into the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. Fiorini called the 39-room boutique hotel a “dream.” It’s places like these that prompt her to pick up her camera and shoot. “Beauty, different cultures, curiosity, memories, telling a story: these are some of things that inspire me,” she says.

Scroll for the full list of our top-performing posts. For the opportunity to be featured on our feed — and maybe next year’s top posts list — share your travel photos and videos with us by adding the hashtag #ForbesTravelGuide to your own Instagram captions.

1. Casa Angelina , Amalfi Coast

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Forbes Travel Guide (@forbestravelguide)

3. The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands

4. Villa d’Este, Lago di Como

5. Bellagio, Italy

6. The St. Regis Venice

7. Colmar, France

8. Strasbourg, France

9. Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa

10. Hamburg, Germany

11. Mandarin Oriental, New York

12. Puglia, Italy

13. Colorado

14. Amalfi Coast

15. Switzerland

17. Lake Como

18. Ritz Paris

19. Lake Como

20. Colmar, France

21. The Maldives

22. Faena Hotel Miami Beach

23. Mykonos , Greece

24. Esperanza, Auberge Resorts Collection , Los Cabos

25. Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

26. Airelles Gordes, La Bastide

27. Bora Bora

28. Bulgari Resort Bali

29. Marina Bay Sands , Singapore

30. Lake Como

best travel instagram photos

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Best Travel Instagram Accounts

Best Travel Instagram Accounts by NomadInMe.

Here is NomadInMe’s 30 best travel instagram accounts to follow for 2021. We have picked our absolute favourite travel photographers on Instagram for the year ahead. From established, successful Instagram accounts to up and coming travel pro’s. Be sure to follow the links to their accounts and follow to see more of this great content. Here is your chance to be inspired to travel, after a year of lock down!

Joseph Linder


best travel instagram photos

Joseph Linder is a travel and destination wedding photographer, currently based in Grand Cayman. He has a very unique style of photography, with a lot of his travel photos being themed around nature.

Joseph Linder has been taking photos for 10 years, professionally 5. Starting with landscape photography and then surf photography. Now moving into wedding and portrait photography full time. Over the years he has gained various features and editorials. Including Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Abroad’s 2020 featured Cayman Islands wedding photographer. More recently Editors choice Caribbean wedding photographer. 500px editors choice award. Guest photographer for the boom surf report capturing images of up and coming surf talent and editorials for surf brands such as Excel. As well as Forbes, Shinesty and more. Now settled in Grand Cayman focusing on People, Weddings and promoting local businesses. In the Cayman Islands Joseph is top pick amoung many of the islands concierge. As well as preffered vendour for Grand Cayman Villas and Condos, Where To Stay and other luxury travel planners.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/josephlinderphotography/?hl=en Web – https://www.josephlinderphotography.com/

Maxi & Emily


best travel instagram photos

We are Max and Em, two creatives who create travel content for our brand Lets Escape Together.  We have a passion for travelling and documenting our travels. We specialise in capturing photography and video for ourselves and clients. Lets Escape Together was created in 2017 with a passion for documenting our travels. In the beginning what started from posting the odd photo and video to Youtube and Instagram, has now evolved into traveling the world creating content for companies and brands alike. As a travel couple escaping the daily grind and traveling to different destinations, the name Lets Escape Together suited us perfectly. Through sharing our content we aim to inspire others with the same passion to see the world for how beautiful it is. Connecting people with our lens to new cultures, landscapes and people inspires us to keep doing what we love.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ letsescapetogether /?hl=en Web – https://letsescapetogether.com/about-us/


best travel instagram photos

I’m a Hawaii-based creative and deeply curious human here practicing courage. I come from a small island in the Pacific and I’m still not quite sure how I got to live a life bigger than I ever dreamed of. For the last 3 years I’ve been hiking, diving, surfing, slacklining, and photographing my way through 53 countries and counting. I’m proud to be supported by some of my favorite brands like Canon USA, Adobe, and give preference to creating content for companies doing good.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/chelseakauai/?hl=en Web – https://chelsea-kauai.com/

Sam Johnson

best travel instagram photos

My passion for photography was something that I also had when I was a child. I would find different ways to get a free version of Photoshop on my old Toshiba computer and edit all the random photos that I would take. As I moved into college, I let that passion grow distant. This is one of the biggest things I wish I could go back and reverse. I let it go because I was trying to fit a mold. Go to college, get a degree and start a career. That is what was preached to me. I didn’t see photography or digital creation as a career at the time.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/nomadict/?hl=en Web – https://nomadict.org/

Asa Steinars


best travel instagram photos

I’m Ása Steinars, an adventure photographer and videographer from Iceland. Growing up in the north, surrounded by extreme landscapes and forever changing weather has given me a tight bond to nature and its forces. This you can clearly see in my photography. I work as full time content creator and creative consultant, helping brands promote products, launch campaigns and position themselves online.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/asasteinars/?hl=en Web – https://asasteinars.co/

Olivier Wong

best travel instagram photos

I am Olivier Wong, a photographer specialized in landscape, urban and travel photography based in Paris, France. Born and raised in Reunion Island, I started photography when I settled in Paris in 2013 to work as an engineer. My passion for photography grew over the years as I wandered in the capital city and traveled around the world. Even if Paris is my main source of inspiration, discovering new places, immersing myself in local culture and capturing unique moments from my perspective have consistently fascinated me. My goal is to document my travels through my photographs as I think that every picture has a story to tell.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/wonguy974/?hl=en Web – https://wonguy.com/about


best travel instagram photos

I’m a travel and landscape photographer based out of San Francisco, California. I photograph people and products as well and would love to work with you. I guess you could say i’ve had a few obsessions in my lifetime. First it was skateboarding, then music and now photography. I’ve always been into artistic expression of some form, but it wasn’t until photography found me later in life did I realize my true passion.

From traveling, meeting other creative minds, overcoming challenges working with companies and brands to bring a vision to life, the possibilities and excitement are endless.  Follow me on my journey as I make my dreams become a reality and share it with the world. 

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/jude_allen/?hl=en Web – https://www.judeallenphotography.com/

Álvaro Herrero


best travel instagram photos

My name is Álvaro Herrero and I was born in Spain. For as long as I can remember, I´ve always had a fascination with nature in all of its forms. I was barely five years old when my grandfather gave me a pair of fins, a mask and a snorkel and since then, I have not separated from the sea. I started experimenting with photography when I was eight years old using my father´s old camera. When I was thirteen, my father gave me my first SLR camera, a Nikon F70. From that moment, photography has not stopped being my passion.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mekanphotography/?hl=en Web – https://www.alvaroherrerophotography.com/

Shane Keena


best travel instagram photos

My work, both photographic and sculptural has always drawn on the natural world for influence. I’ve been drawn to making images for years and in the past ten years focusing on wildlife photography with an emphasis on marine mammals and other ocean dwelling creatures. I was the staff photographer for the global citizen science organization Earthwatch for their “Whales and Dolphins under the California Sun” and have done freelance work for the University of Redlands I have also done photo work for Dana Wharf Whale Watch in Dana Point, CA. My work has been featured numerous times for NatGeo’s Your Shot, been published in multiple scientific publications, and been a featured photographer in the book “Amazing Photography” published by Xposer.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/smkeenaphotography/?hl=en Web – https://www.shanekeenaphotography.com/

Kierra Summer


best travel instagram photos

Kierra is an Alberta based commercial photographer with a passion for photography and travel. An adventurer at heart, she aspires to tell stories through her own unique lens by capturing her experiences on camera and sharing it to the world.

Her creativity and drive has acquired international clientele including Princess Cruises, Pure Michigan, Save Lands, Live Nayad, Villa Honegg, and more. Since 2019, Kierra has travelled internationally as a freelancer, photographing and filming for tourism boards, creative agencies, brands, hotels, and personal clients around the world.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kierra_summer/ Web – https://www.kierrasummer.com/

Martina Gebarovska


best travel instagram photos

I am Martina Gebarovska, an adventuress, outdoor lover and wedding and elopement photographer based in the Canadian Rockies. I love taking everyday moments and turning them into art. Let’s go on an adventure! I love shooting adventure elopements and intimate weddings at the top of a mountain, beside a turquoise lake or in the lush forest…

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/martinagebarovska/ Web – https://www.martinagebarovska.com/

James Rushforth


best travel instagram photos

James Rushforth is an experienced and professional climber, mountaineer, skier and travel writer. An acclaimed photographer and four times published author who has worked with distinguished publishing houses Rockfax, Cicerone Press and FotoVue; James is amongst the world’s most awarded photographers and was named Photographer of the Year at the International Photography Awards, British Guild of Travel Writers and Digital Splash Awards during 2018. His work has been published in numerous magazines and national newspapers including National Geographic, The Times, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph. James also writes tutorials and blog posts for a number of popular media platforms such as Viewbug and 500px and has appeared as a judge in several global competitions

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/james.rushforth/ Web – https://www.jamesrushforth.com/about

Julia Wimmerlin


best travel instagram photos

I am a Ukrainian-born photographer currently living in La Côte region in Switzerland. After I left my native Kiev, I lived in France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Japan, the Philippines, Spain and Hong Kong. I have degrees in Economics and Marketing that helped me to have a successful international marketing career for 15 years which I happily changed for photography in 2014. Being nearly totally self-taught I rely a lot on my advertising and marketing experience when constructing an image.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/juliawimmerlin/ Web – https://www.juliawimmerlin.com/index

Steve Woods


best travel instagram photos

Steve is a British adventure and wildlife photographer, based in Vancouver, Canada. His aim is to photograph the natural world to show people how beautiful and awe-inspiring it is in order to highlight the danger we are inflicting on the very ecosystems we revere so much.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/steve_woods_photography/ Web – https://stevewoodsphotography.com/

best travel instagram photos

My name is Nash and I love creating epic content for brands and influencers. My goal is to help you attract your perfect audience, engage with them through high quality media, and ultimately get you the results you are after! Oh also, did I mention I live in Hawaii? I have worked with some of the top brands, artists, and influencers in the world, and would love to talk with you about how we can make your vision come to life. But first, why don’t you take a look at some of my work 🙂

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/nashhagen/ Web – https://www.nashhagen.com/

Jake Guzman

best travel instagram photos

Jake Guzman, age 24 is a full time travel photographer, digital media Influencer and adventurer based in Seattle, Washington. He specializes in outdoor, travel, automotive and lifestyle photography. 

​Although Jake has a deep love for the Pacific Northwest, he has a proclivity to travel and is always up to capture new and exciting locations throughout the world. He’s currently been to over 15 different countries and almost every state in the USA. Growing up, Jake was a highly awarded/recognized fine art student with a love for the outdoors. Longing for something new, he decided to pick up a camera and has since found a way to combine his two passions into a new medium. His work has since collected an audience of 200,000 highly engaged people collectively throughout all his social media platforms and is continuing to grow everyday! 

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/jguzmannn/ Web – https://www.jakepguzman.com/


best travel instagram photos

At age 25 – I quit my job, packed up my belongings in my Nissan Juke, and left Michigan where I have lived my whole life up until now. Two months later, car camping across 11 states, I ended up in Washington. What was supposed to be 3 months in Washington turned into 3 years. Washington will always have a piece of my heart, but my restless soul needed to move on to what was next.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/miss.rover/ Web – http://www.missrover.com/

Paige Tingey


best travel instagram photos

I’m originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. I got a dance degree in college and then started working in the tech space which is how I ended up in San Francisco. I have been doing photography and art for only about a year and a half! I’m always looking for new ways to develop myself creatively.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/paige_tingey/ Web – https://www.paigetingeyphotography.com/

best travel instagram photos

Hey! My name’s Cody and I’m a photographer currently residing in the SF Bay Area (California). Over the past 2 years, I’ve been very passionate about traveling and exploring as much of the World as possible. Capturing my adventures and experiences along the way through photography and video, and meeting so many awesome people. I Grew up in New Jersey, but never picked up a camera until I moved to Philadelphia. As I continued to learn the art of photography, I gained more and more interest each day, to where that was all I wanted to do (there went my golf game). Eight months ago, my good friend and I moved from Philly to Cali, and we haven’t looked back since.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/codyconk/ Web – https://www.codyconk.com/

Emmett Sparling


best travel instagram photos

From Lexus to Samsung, Indonesia Tourism to Corona Extra, top brands from around the world hire me to capture their vision in a unique way with both photography and video. I specialize in engaging storytelling and creating social media campaigns to help these brands reach the largest audiences possible. I come from a background in fashion photography which gives me experience with portraits, lifestyle and product shoots, as well as the travel/adventure content I share every day on my Instagram.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/emmett_sparling/ Web – https://www.emmettsparling.com/

Kait Vanhoff


best travel instagram photos

Hi there! I’m Kait, a travel and adventure storyteller currently living in Salt Lake City, UT. The purpose of my site and Instagram is to inspire people to live intentionally, put value on experiences rather than possessions, and most importantly to live fully and authentically in this big beautiful world!

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kaitvanhoff/ Web – http://kaitvanhoff.com/

Caroline Foster


best travel instagram photos

Forgoing a night of sleep for a three-hour nap in a car to capture the perfect sunrise photo is a regular day on the job for Caroline Foster. As the creative force behind  the @wilderness_addict Instagram account , Foster combined her passions for photography and the great outdoors and turned them into a wildly popular Instagram page with 279,000 followers, as of publication. The New Zealand native admits it’s not always easy, but Foster sure makes hours-long hikes to snap the perfect photo sound like a dream job.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/wilderness_addict/ Web – https://www.elitedaily.com/p/caroline-fosters-wilderness_addict-instagram-account-is-a-wanderlust-dream-22955472


best travel instagram photos

I travel and take photos for a living. I’ve been attacked by a Yak, hiked volcanoes, bathed elephants, played basketball with monks, and travelled to over 40 countries in two years… and that’s kinda normal for me! I’m all about experiencing life to the fullest and telling stories, which ends up making my life crazier than it really needs to be (but SO worth it). I am a 24-year-old freelance photographer and videographer from Ontario, Canada. Ever since my first trip abroad, I have fallen in love with capturing emotions through my lens and experiencing different cultures around the world.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/lifewithelliott/ Web – https://www.lifewithelliott.com/

Eric Rubens

best travel instagram photos

I’m a Southern California based photographer/videographer who enjoys traveling the world. I’ve built an audience of over 470,000 followers on my Instagram channel @erubes1 along with hundreds of thousands of followers across my other social channels. I love traveling this beautiful world, meeting new people, and the experience of living every day like it’s your last! I’m a member of Sony’s Alpha Imaging Collective and work closely with their team on camera products and launches. Available for travel, lifestyle, portrait, or general consulting.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/erubes1/ Web – http://www.ericrubensphotography.com/

Jose Mostajo


best travel instagram photos

My name is Jose Mostajo. I’m a Peruvian travel and adventure photographer living in the US. After finishing college with a degree in Exercise Science and spending four years as a touring musician, I found a passion for photography. Seeing the world and documenting the sights, hikes, and cultures, is something that has inspired me like nothing else ever could.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/josemostajo/ Web – https://www.josemostajo.com/

Derek Madrigal

best travel instagram photos

My name is Derek Madrigal and I am a Southern California native that focuses on travel, lifestyle and landscape photography. Although I know I will always have much to learn in the creative space, I am expanding my photography skillset by adding drone/aerial stills, advancing my post-processing techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop, and I will be introducing video soon! So stay tuned 🙂

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/wyaderek/ Web – https://www.derekmedia.com/

Matthew Perks


best travel instagram photos

Perkspective Photography believes that photography is an essential practice: it captures powerful memories, creates change, and keeps a unique record of the ever-evolving human experience. Perkspective Photography believes that artwork is the critical finish for any interior space and that photographic prints deliver a transformative quality that is unparalleled.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/perkspectivephotography/ Web – https://www.perkspectivephotography.com/

Ryan Lee Banks


best travel instagram photos

Ryan is a professional photographer hailing from the county of Kent, UK. In 2018, Ryan left the country on an adventure to travel across Asia and Oceania with his camera, before returning back home at the beginning of 2020. It was at this time, Ryan launched his business, Ryan Lee Banks Photography, ready to utilise the skills he had developed over the years and share his talents with those around him.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ryanleebanks/ Web – https://www.ryanleebanks.com/

Luca Renner


best travel instagram photos

Luca Renner is a freelance photographer from Munich, Germany. He tries to discover new places near and far as often as possible. He particularly likes to travel in rough and natural landscapes and documents them with his camera. He constantly creates new perspectives and loves to share his trips with new people. The most important thing for him when photographing is to convey emotions through his pictures and videos. You are welcome to book him for any photographic work in the field of outdoor, lifestyle, automotive, hotel, restaurant and many other areas.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/lucarennerphotography/ Web – https://lucarennerphotography.com/

best travel instagram photos

I am Jess Bonde, an adventure, travel and lifestyle photographer hailing from the pristine lands of Tasmania. From a young age I was lucky enough to be continually immersed in the outdoors. As life rolled on I discovered photography was the perfect medium to showcase my love of nature, my adventures, and share how awesome our natural environment is. 

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/wildbonde/ Web – https://www.wildbonde.com/

If you follow an influencer or photographer that you think deserves a spot on the Best Instagram Travel accounts article, share in the comments bellow!

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best travel instagram photos

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best travel instagram photos

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The 25 Best Travel Instagram Accounts

Images by Instagrammer @samhorine

  • All Regions
  • Australia & South Pacific
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  • Central & South America
  • Middle East & Africa
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  • Washington, D.C.
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  • Cruise Inspiration
  • Best Places to Go 2024

25 of the Best Instagram Accounts to Follow For Some Serious Travel Inspiration

Warning: Looking at these photos may cause intense wanderlust.

Sky, Beauty, Sea, Coast, Photography, Shore, Dress, Grass, Sitting, Tree,

Maybe you're the type of traveler that will hop on a plane to explore the tulip fields of Amsterdam. Or maybe a scenic train ride through New England is more your speed.

Whatever you fancy, these influencer's accounts will feed your wanderlust and help you discover new places to visit. Happy following—and traveling.

Sara, @worldsofwander

When Sara isn't working her hair and makeup magic on clients like Pitbull, she's wondering the globe and sharing colorful places like the desert in Dubai.

Emilie, @helloemilie

If you are solely on IG to find mesmerizing landscape pictures, Emilie feed is filled with them. She makes an appearance in her photos every now and then but the focus is always on the background view.

Lucy, @absolutelylucy

Having traveling to over 36 countries, according to her Instagram bio , Lucy's IG features gorgeous water-front adventures across the globe.

Stephanie, @atwbeauty

As the IG handle suggests , makeup artist Stephanie Flor's combines travel and beauty in one. Whether she's doing makeup in Morocco or just enjoying the Indian sun, Flor's feed is one to watch.

Julie, @julieknailsnyc

Looking for cool nail inspiration from a celebrity nail artist while also getting a peek at some fabulous places around the world? Follow Julie's page because she combines amazing nail art with picturesque destinations.

Mollie, @wheresmollie

Based on her feed, Mollie loves to be one with nature. It's no wonder that she has set up her own tour groups with trips in the UK, Europe and more.

Sunita, @sunitav_

If you're looking for gorgeous pictures of a black girl living her best life, check out Sunita's page . With her gorgeous smile on full display, based on her Instagram, she loves to find gorgeous landscapes in places like Qatar and even California.

Ashlee, @willdrinkfortravel

A self proclaimed cocktail enthusiast, Ashlee loves to incorporate fun cocktails into her travels. From the looks of her Instagram, she is never one to pass up a good drink pic.

Gloria, @glographics

According to her Instagram bio , Gloria has been to over 70 countries across six continents. She's been everyone from the Sahara Desert in Morocco to the beaches of Jamaica, and her IG is full of adventures that might inspire you to book your next ticket.

Hermon & Heroda, @being_her

Eritrean and Ethiopian twins Hermon and Heroda describe their fashion and travel blog as being "about deaf twins with one lifestyle and two different personalities." You'll see that displayed on their social media channels with beautiful portraits of their journeys to places like Greece, with stories that will make you smile—and possibly give you a little style inspo, too.

Lee, @spiritedpursuit

As a self-taught photographer, Lee makes a living out of traveling the world and sharing her cultural experiences. On any given day on Instagram, you'll see her walking down the colorful streets of international destinations like Cape Town, South Africa or enjoying the views of deep bays on Padar Island in Indonesia.

Xochilth, @xochilthmartinez

Originally from Nicaragua, Xochilth's feed features her enjoying a glass of wine in Cinque Terre, Italy and enjoying the view of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Israel. Fun fact: She always travels with a Nicaraguan flag and poses with it during her travels to display her pride for her native country.

Jen, @thesocialgirltraveler

As a travel blogger, Jen visits different places around the world and documents her experiences for others to see. The solo traveler's bucket list moments have included has hiking the mountains of Nepal and making it to the top of Machu Picchu. So far, according to her Instagram bio, she's been to 44 countries and counting.

Olivia, @ochristine

Living with lupus, Olivia knows "what it feels like to burn out and wish for an escape," according to her bio . If you want to see places like the Stonehenge or the streets of Bath, England, get ready to lust over Olivia's IG.

Ana, @chasingwildgusts

Ana was born in Brazil but grew up in Florida and has always wanted to travel, according to her blog . Now she spends time posing in front of the Rhine Falls in Switzerland and scuba diving to replant coral fragments in Key Largo, Florida.

Jakiya, @travelingfro

After quitting her corporate marketing job in 2016, Jakiya gave into her wanderlust and travels the world full time. Since then, she's been to places like Javea, Spain and Xochimilco, Mexico. "I was looking for clarity in my life, needing to find the most extreme solution that would get me out of the corporate world and make me happy. The simple answer, for me, was traveling," she told us for a story about her journey.

Becky, @beckyvandijk

As the founder and editor of female travel site We Are Travel Girls , Becky makes a living from sharing her international adventures like going on safari in Sri Lanka or getting ready to dive into a waterfall in Indonesia.

Tara, @taramilktea

While completing her college degree at the University of New South Wales in England, Tara spent her free time traveling to places like Lake Tekapo in New Zealand and exploring the Miracle Garden in Dubai.

Murad, @muradosmann

Considered one of the top three 2017 travel influencers by Forbes , Murad's feed is filled with photos of him and his wife Nataly visiting places like the Louvre Museum in Paris and the abandoned village of Gamsutl in Russia—all while letting her lead the way.

Alvaro, @wanderreds

On a mission to become the youngest Spaniard to visit every country in the world, Alvaro has already been to 138 countries, according to his Instagram bio . Oh, and he's only 29. Casual.

Lauren, @girlgoneabroad

After quitting her 9-5 job, Lauren decided to teach in Thailand and stayed there for two years, according to her blog . She left for Europe and has continued to travel ever since. On her feed, you'll see photos of the stunning views in Dubrovnik, Croatia and the beautiful beaches of Portugal.

Christina, @jetsetchristina

Having visited 57 countries and counting, according to her blog , Christina is all about showing the world how to travel with luxury. Warning: Just one look at her photos in places like French Polynesia and Bali, and you'll be itching to book your next trip.

Brenna, @thisbatteredsuitcase

Having traveled to almost 100 countries, Brenna spends her time writing about and showcasing her worldwide adventures in places like Namibia and Austria.

Luca & Alessandro, @the_globbers

Since 2016, couple Luca and Alessandro have been traveling full time. The stylish duo can be seen basking in the views of Verona, Italy and s giraffes up close in South Africa.

Oneika, @oneikatrveller

A host on the Travel Channel web series Big City, Little Budget and One Bag and You're Out , Oneika has made it her business to travel. Having been to over 100 countries across six continents, her feed features gorgeous photos of hot air balloons in the air in Cappadocia, Turkey and breathtaking waterfalls in Iceland.

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The Travel Photographers You Should Be Following On Instagram

Uproxx authors

Last Updated: February 5th

Instagram has helped level the travel industry playing field. We can all go out and score evocative photos , then post them on our feeds. Still, there are a plenty of brave adventurers out there who’ve thrown off the cubicle yoke and devoted their lives to making art while traveling. They’re celebrating the world while giving us a window into all those enticing places that are over the hills and far away .

We decided to round up some of the best travel photographers on Instagram right now. We whittled a monstrous list down to thirty-five stellar sets of eyes, all of whom capture this world in a thrilling way.

ANDREEA ROSIANU – 4.3k Followers

best travel instagram photos

We have to be honest and note Andreea Rosianu isn’t a professional travel photographer. She actually makes dolls for a living. But perhaps, it is her innate creativity and whimsy that makes her travel photos so likely to please viewers on a deep level and leave them with a smile on their face.

Her photographs don’t stick to the standard vistas a lot of camera-toting travelers capture so well. Instead, her images use muted palettes punctuated with bright colors. And if she is in a shot, she’s usually posing like she is having the most fun humanly possible. Her photos not only make you wish you were there, you wish you could be her. She’s like human Prozac.

THOMAS QUAN – 4.8k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Thomas Quan is a digital creative with seven years experience working in advertising, so he has done all kinds of brand building with big-name corporations. But we are more interested in the way that he uses his skills to capture landscapes from across the globe.

Quan’s eye makes for perfect compositions, whether they are aerial views of a serpentine line of boats in Lago Di Braies, geishas chortling in Kyoto, or a grass-roofed cottage in Iceland. It’s hard not to be enchanted by the moments he captures. His work is deffo travel inspo, but each image also serves as a narrative aside that leaves you making up the rest of the story in your head.

JODY MACDONALD – 115k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Jody MacDonald lives a life of adventure that most of us could only dream of. She spends years at sea , exploring the hidden corners of the planet — para-sailing, surfing, and taking photos of the places few dare to go.

MacDonald’s photos are windows into the wider world, one that remains a mystery to many of us. Her eye on humanity transports us to each locale she visits and gives us someone to talk to when we arrive. MacDonald’s photography is real, unfiltered, and full of love for humanity.

THREE IF BY SEA – 71.7K Followers

best travel instagram photos

Okay, fine. This is a little bit of a cheat. Instead of one photog, we’re actually highlighting three bros — Nainoa, Makana, and Kapono . But their shared view of the world is so grand, and their photos are so very evocative, that it would be a crying shame not to highlight them.

Hawaii, the state that the trio behind @ThreeIfBySea call home, has obviously been loved by photographers for decades. But Nainoa, Makana, and Kapono see it through the eyes of local boys who’ve gone on to see the wider world and returned to share their unique viewpoints. Their images give you an idea of the size and scope of Hawaii’s wonders and are always filled with a sense of joy.

KRYSTLE WRIGHT – 74.4k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Krystle Wright takes photos of amazing people performing amazing feats in amazing places. To do this, you kind of have to be willing to take amazing risks with a camera. It all adds up to something… well… amazing .

Wright’s eye and eagerness for adventure has made her one of the world’s best adventure photographers. Her feed is full of globetrotting adrenaline rushes. Her photos have the dual function of getting you amped for your day and getting you excited about hitting the road.

RICHARD l’ANSON – 40.7k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Richard l’Anson brings a vibrant slice of humanity to every shot. His work is a technicolor transportation to a land of bright colors and new traditions, all pulsating with life.

The world l’Anson gives us on Instagram is awash in motley hues, bathed in golden light, and anchored in the diverse lives of his subjects. l’Anson gives you a heavy dose that leaves you wanting more and more until you finally decide you have to go out into the world and see those wonderous sites for yourself.

TIFFANY NGUYEN – 341k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Tiffany Nguyen is a dentist from LA. When she’s not at work, she likes to travel and take photos of her surroundings. And wow — she’s great at it.

Nguyen’s work is a warm hug on a cold night. Tungsten bathes icy mountain towns. Water acts as nature’s mirror for mammoth craggy peaks. The most drastically beautiful parts of the world light up this Instagram feed. If Nguyen’s photos don’t inspire you to hit the road, then nothing will.

STEPHEN DUPONT – 9.7k Followers

best travel instagram photos

There’s a rawness to Stephen Dupont’s photography. It evokes the complexity of humanity and this world in ways that you may not always be comfortable with — but you still want to be there somehow. It’s a dark world full of people just trying to get by alongside one another.

Dupont’s work isn’t about showing you the happy, shining people of the world. It’s about the grit beneath the surface. It’s the unpolished planet. It’s where the people who toil in the polished resorts of the Instagram influencers feeds actually work, live, love, and die.

DANIEL KORDAN – 966k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Daniel Kordan brings a warmth and whimsy to his travel photography that makes him truly stand above the crowd. His photos are washed in a haze, which somehow makes them feel more visceral.

Kordan’s photos blend the wonders of the natural world, humanity, and location into a cohesive whole. Each photo is like a postcard from another time and place that you can’t quite pin down; but, you know you have to go there.

SAM EVANS – 196k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Sam Evans lives an enviable life. He trots all over the globe, taking photos of this beautiful, wild world. It’s a pretty dope gig. Evans’ photography is majestic. There’s a real sense of the grand scale of the planet.

Following Evans’ Instagram feed is a delight for the senses. Evans’ photos will draw you into the wonders of crystal clear reefs and snow-capped peaks. There are amazing beaches and mystical cities on the horizon. More than anything, Evans’ feed is an affirmation that all that saving for the perfect trip is 100-percent worth it.

MATIKA WILBUR – 3.8k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Matika Wilbur travels North America capturing moments with the continent’s indigenous population. Wilbur’s photography is a glimpse into the modern life of an ancient people. It’s a window into daily life in Indian Country.

As Wilbur travels the 562 Indian reservations across America, she captures an honest insight into one of the most misunderstood and underrepresented groups of Americans. Her feed is a part travelogue and part ethnography of the beauty of Native America. Following Wilbur’s feed is a peak into an America rarely seen.

DAVID THOMPSON – 37.8k Followers

best travel instagram photos

David Thompson’s eye for the natural world is second to none. Thompson’s Instagram feed is a beautiful glimpse into the natural lines, curves, and colors of this planet. This a true nature-lovers feed — with precisely composed shots of some of the wildest corners of the globe.

Relishing the beauty of nature is the best reason to follow Thompson. He’ll draw you in and the next thing you’ll know, you’ll be looking up flights to Bolivia or New Mexico to see each wonder for yourself, which is probably why he was featured by Nikon as part of their #Nikon100 event .

JERAD ARMIJO – 19.5k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Jerad Armijo is a landscape expert who throws some amazing work up on his Instagram feed. Armijo’s photography transports you to a far-flung, nearly-magical land with every picture.

Following his feed offers a chance for relaxation and fantasy (pirate caves and hidden beaches), spiked with dreams of adventure. There’s a real sense of space in Armijo’s photography that transports you. And, he was also acknowledged by Nikon as a member of the #Nikon100 on Instagram.

MINA YOUNG LEE – 46.1k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Mina Young Lee speaks to us because she is a woman who moved to Southern California, picked up a professional grade camera, and made a life for herself. We show up to her feed for the great images of her in exotic locations with her boyfriend and her dog, but we also walk away appreciative of the messages in her captions. She details the work she does to reach locations and emphasizes both her power to succeed and everyone else’s.

This isn’t a photographer focusing solely on her beauty in a series of exotic locales. Lee isn’t always standing serenely looking into the distance. Sometimes, she is hauling a 65-pound dog on her back as she hikes steep falls, or she’s preparing to make a 20-mile trek with a sprained ankle. She’s a badass.

SAM REBUYACO – 4.6k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Sam Rebuyaco’s photography is a gateway drug for wanderlust. There’s a definite #blessed vibe to all the photos. But they still draw you into a unique view of the world, through Rebuyaco’s keen eye. It’s bright, engaging, and will drive you to see more of this wondrous planet of ours.

Rebuyaco’s travels around the globe score high on the inspirational-scale. There’s a certain simple beauty to her photography that engages you and draws you towards setting out and seeing the world for yourself.

BRIAN CHORSKI – 10.6k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Brian Chorski is winnowing out a niche as a top destination lifestyle photographer, and he is doing it with shots abroad and in his home, San Francisco. One thing he does exceedingly well is to reveal sides of destinations that you won’t see anywhere else. Even if he’s hitting the most popular monuments and locales on Instagram, he’s always finding unique angles.

Followers will come to love his aesthetic, which involves a moody color palette and a fair amount of exposure. In some shots, the sun burnishes the edge of rocks in bright copper tones. In others, the fog settles atop trees and gives things a touch of Tolkien. But, throughout, it’s modern and emotionally charged.

JOHN BILDERBACK – 1.9k Followers

best travel instagram photos

John Bilderback has been following the epic and historical journey of the Hokule’a — a ‘waʻa kaulua,’ or double hauled Polynesian voyage vessel — around the globe. Following Bilderback’s Instagram is worth it for that alone. But there’s so much more from the iconic photographer at play on his feed.

Bilderback has been a premiere surf photographer for over 20 years and peppers his Instagram feed with wicked surf photography, life in the Pacific, and a travelogue of the Hokele’a’s journey. This is an essential follow for the adventurous ocean lover.

LAURENCE NORAH – 45.4k Followers

best travel instagram photos

We love people who drop their 9-to-5, snatch up a camera, and create a career for themselves. And we worship Nat Geo’s photography. So, of course, we are so down with Laurence Norah, a corporate man turned Nat Geo snapping, award-winning travel photographer. Inspired by his father’s tales of moving to Australia and doing odd jobs for a couple years, Norah, left an eight-year career in software development and management consultancy to begin a career with a Canon digital SLR that his parents had given him.

Followers of this Instagram account will get to accompany Norah as he travels the world. One day, it’s sunset in France and another is street art from Aberdeen or the world’s best beach in Seychelles. Every image is rich and vibrant and full of the exact recipe needed to cook up some wanderlust proper.

MAX LOWE – 100k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Max Lowe’s eye captures a beautiful world full of enrapturing sites, people, and life. Lowe’s photography takes you from the towering skyscrapers of megacities to the deepest canyons on earth.

This is comprehensive travel photography at its best. There’s great surf photography, nature, animals, people, and moments of life strewn throughout the feed that’ll draw you in and tempt you onto the open road.

ERRIN CASANO – 93.6k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Errin Casano has spent the last few years taking spectacular photos of gorgeous locales while on break from university. During that time, she developed a crew called All About Adventures and a following online. And, now, she gets to work with brands like Eddie Bauer. As such, her photos function in multiple ways: They inspire travel, delight viewers, showcase an adventure crew in action, and play a role in marketing (which is part of the game, obviously).

Followers of Casano’s account can expect shots from South Dakota, Vancouver, and Bali to be posted in succession. It’s a reminder of the beauty that exists near all of us and that there’s plenty of fun out in the natural world.

LAUREN RANDOLPH – 224k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Lauren Randolph’s travel photography turns the lens on the people she encounters across the globe. The breathtaking vistas are there, along with the beaches and canyons. Each place is punctuated by a local who lives a life in that spot.

Randolph’s eye on the human aspect of travel is a unique and engaging way to see the world. It’s a fantastic window into the reality of travel that feels visceral. After all, it’s the people we meet along the road that have the greatest impact on our travels.

KAREN NG – 51.1k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Karen Ng’s compositions are a blend of light, geometry, and life. Each photo has a uniformity that creates a curated vision of the world, where lines dominate an over-exposed world.

Ng’s feed is a must follow for the wholly unique look at the world. You’ll be treated to a look at the Far East in a way that’s almost ethereal and a little overwhelming at the same time — much like real travel.

GIANLUCA FELLINI – 6.6k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Gianluca Fellini’s feed is a bit of an outlier. Fellini posts scenes in threes, so you have to live through Fellini’s feed three photos at a time — where each triptych transports you to a person and place that’s new and enticing.

Granted the three photo trick on Instagram may be a bit off-putting at first. Allow it to draw you in and take you somewhere new. You won’t be disappointed.

DR. ANDREW PEACOCK – 13.2k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Some people seduce us with the images they post on Instagram, and some people do it by living amazing lives that we want to emulate. Dr. Andrew Peacock does both. He is an award-winning photographer, which is amazing by itself. But, he’s also an outdoor athlete and expedition doctor who accompanies travelers on their adventures and keeps them healthy. Who doesn’t want to be that guy or enjoy his photos?

Followers get quintessentially gorgeous travel shots of mountain ranges and penguins and glaciers, but they are lushly composed, bordering on unbelievable. It makes you want to pick up and hit the road just so you can see what the good doctor has seen.

ATESSA FARMAN – 1.2k Followers

best travel instagram photos

A student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Atessa Farman only uses analog film in her work, so the aesthetic is very different than the meticulously processed images you see in a typical travel photographer’s ‘Gram. Plus, her blend of female figure studies and awe-inspiring vistas is a heady combo of the miraculous ways nature works — in all its forms.

Followers can check out a lot of pics of her friends frolicking in Thailand, attendees at music festivals, and a lot of shots from Australia, where her partner on the website Sydney to Santa Cruz lives. And, they are all 35 mm goodness.

SARAH BYDEN – 18.9k Followers

best travel instagram photos

You know we are all about that vanlife, so it’s no surprise that we are smitten with images of Byden and her partner making their way around Australia like the vagabonds we wish we could be. It’s especially appealing as snow falls in The States to check out two smiling people in bathing suits jumping into ocean water and sunning themselves in natural hot springs.

An Instagram follow of this vanliving traveler does mean your feed will be ripe with bathing beauty shots, as well as a lot of shots showing what it’s like to live on the road. If you are interested in Australia, this account is a great window into the country and all of its natural beauty, including the outback. If you don’t get a real desire to book a flight, we will be shocked.

TRAVIS BURKE – 830k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Do we love a person who lives in a van, or do we LOVE them? Travis Burke is just such a dude and he specializes in awesome shots of national parks — whose lakes, mountains, and trails become magical through his lens. And, since Burke is a surfer, skateboarder, scuba diver, and tightrope walker, you can bet he makes a flipping fantastic subject in these gorgeous natural settings.

Because really: Who doesn’t love a well-composed shot of a man walking thousands of feet over the Yosemite Valley on a wire?

Followers will see not only the natural beauty of our park system but also the many, many stupid cool activities you can do in them. As the man himself note on one of his pics: “Pack up a car, drive for a few hours, and I guarantee you can find new adventures and truly incredible landscapes. Get out there!”

ADAM DAVIS – 21.9k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Adam Davis is a master of the light. The talented photographer’s Instagram account is chock full of images that make you acutely aware of the power of the sun. Whether it’s light is beaming from behind the peaks of mountains or illuminating the sands of a dune, illumination serves to highlight further the beauty of nature. And, this man knows nature.

Followers can expect things like long exposure shots from Iowa, brilliant blankets of stars over mountains in Colorado, and filter-free shots of Bryce Canyon National Park. Occasionally wildlife and human subjects work their way into the images, but the real focus is on stunning natural landscapes. In addition to earlier photographers, David is also a member of the amazing crew Nikon gathered for the #Nikon100.

NATHAN SZWARC – 16.9k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Based in Knoxville, Nathan Szwarc loves to travel, and he has developed a signature sense of color that makes the images he takes feel wholly unique. Growing up in East Tennessee and North Carolina, Szwarc spent a lot of time outdoors and developed an aversion to what he sees as the monotonous green tone of spring and summer — so he desaturates a lot of the green in his images, rendering some real contrast, rather than the overblown saturation many Instagrammers prefer.

Followers will really enjoy seeing Szwarc’s approach to color at play in recent shots from Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest, some of the greenest places ever. And, shout out to another photographer who made it onto the #Nikon100 list on Instagram.

JOSEPH WATROUS – 171k Followers

best travel instagram photos

A teaching professional, Joseph Watrous offers one-on-one photo workshops in the Pacific Northwest. And, that means people in that region are very, very lucky — because the dude knows his stuff. In his mind, mother nature is the true artist. And Watrous is simply exploring nature with his camera because he truly loves it and finds photography to be an extension of that experience. The reverence with which he views the outdoors is clear in his images.

Watrous account is a great place to see images from throughout his backyard in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. But, it’s also a nice hub for tying the beauty of nature to some philosophical truths about living a full life, something he encourages with his captions. Plus, he frequently lists his gear and settings along with images to help guide fellow photographers. And, he is another #Nikon100 photographer .

BALDEMAR FIERRO – 1.4k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Baldemar Fierro spends far more time on his art than he spends promoting it. That’s fine with us, e found his work early and have stayed mega fans — asking his advice often and hiring him every chance we get .

Fierro’s feed is moody and thoughtful. There’s little desire to show pretty people in pretty places. Instead, he focuses on evocative details and odd angles. This isn’t the feed for you if you want more oversaturated beach vibes — instead, it’s art-focused and will help you see the world in a whole new way.

PATRICK MUELLER – 2.9k Followers

best travel instagram photos

A Lord of the Rings reference in his handle and a love for epic vistas? Yes, we’re so here for @ohtombombadil — the account of nature photog Patrick Mueller .

This feed is full of lush, large-scale nature scenes. Though Mueller isn’t overly manipulative with Photoshop, his images do often seem as cheery and in-love-with-the-world as his upbeat, wonder-filled captions. This is a great follow who wants to be reminded that there is beauty in our natural world and that beauty isn’t simply relegated to idyllic beaches.

HAYLEY ANDERSON – 259k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Haylen Anderson’s feed is full of lush images, with a very particular palette and aesthetic. The vibe definitely works for her — she’s got 259K followers and her Lightroom presets are for sale on her page.

Sometimes we all head to Instagram looking for a little travel envy and this account certainly provides it. The images, devoid of crowds and full of warmth, are a call to action. We don’t just want to travel to the same spots Hayley visits, we want to travel like her: Approaching the world with an airy lightness and an appreciation of simple joys.

CODY DREW DUNCAN – 40.8k Followers

best travel instagram photos

We’re mega-stans of Cody Drew Duncan . His images all have a feel of, “How’d he find that?” With a dose of “How do I get there?”

Do these pictures look like the pages of Kinfolk magazine, where everyone wears Navajo blankets wrapped around their shoulders and cool hats on their heads? Yes, indeed. But it’s a world we want to be inside — which is especially easy because Duncan’s imagery is so very transportive.

RYAN RESATKA – 322k Followers

best travel instagram photos

Lots of photogs can nail beaches and crystalline water, but it’s nice to finish up with an artist who focuses on the earthy tones of the planet’s cooler climes. Ryan Resataka is definitely one of Instagram’s photography cool kids, but his images feel like a major departure from the typical beach photos of the Madlives and the Philippines.

Follow this feed for colder colors and images of hidden nooks and crannies. You’ll leave wanting to explore our nation better, and see it through a new lens. Since Resatka often shares images of skaters rolling along lonely landscapes, you may also end up motivated to get yourself a board.

Nostalgix’s Ultimate Guide To Vancouver: Where To Eat, Sleep, Party, And Play


50+ instagram accounts that will feature your epic travel photos.

Getting featured on a big travel Instagram account is a great way to get more eyes on your travel photos and helps you gain more followers.  These feature accounts  definitely helped me grow my following on @onechelofanadventure . So here is a list of the Best Travel Instagram Accounts to tag and to get featured:

Travel Instagram Accounts That Feature Travel Photos

I originally wrote this post in 2016, but have updated for 2020. And of course, feel free to tag me too  — I love seeing all your photos and always try to like and comment on photos I am tagged in!


tag #IamATraveler or #CNTraveler 

Cn traveler instagram account feature


tag @beautifuldestinations or #beautifuldestinations

best travel instagram photos


tag @ beautifulhotels or #beautifulhotels

beautifulhotels IG


follow and #traveldudes to be featured

Instagram Accounts That Feature Travel photos-


Tag @Travelbloggeres and #amtb

Instagram Accounts That Feature Travel photos- travelbloggers


Hashtag #Femmetravel to be featured — Women only

best travel instagram photos


#wearetravelgirls to be featured

Instagram Accounts That Feature Travel photos-3


#bestvacations to be featured 

Instagram Accounts That Feature Travel photos-best vacations


#dametraveler or tag in photo to be featured — women only

best travel instagram photos

#igshotz to be featured 

Instagram Accounts That Feature Travel photos-igshotz

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Follow and #travelandlife to be featured

Instagram Accounts That Feature Travel photos- travelandlife


tag #worldplaces to be featured

Instagram Accounts That Feature Travel photos- world palces


#TLPicks for a chance to be featured on the T+L account

Instagram Accounts That Feature Travel photos-travelandliesure


#darlingescapes for feature — women only

best travel instagram photos


Tag @travelanddestinations for feature

Instagram Accounts That Feature Travel photos- travelanddestinations


The Best Instagram Hashtags for Travel Photos


#TravelAwesome to be featured

Instagram Accounts That Feature Travel photos-4


tag #sheisnotlost for female travellers

best travel instagram photos


#travellershouts to be featured

Instagram Accounts That Feature Travel photos-travelershouts


Hashtag #Backpackerstory or share your story on their Facebook page

Instagram Accounts That Feature Travel photos-backpackerstory


#passionpassport to be featured

best travel instagram photos


Tag your pics with #lonelyplanet or #mylpguide for a chance to be featured!

best travel instagram photos



#radgirlslife or #radgirltravel to be featured — women only

Instagram Accounts That Feature Travel photos-radgirls


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32 thoughts on “ 50+ instagram accounts that will feature your epic travel photos ”.

Thanks for sharing.You put a lot of effort into writing this! We would love to read another article about a list of travel bloggers to follow on Instagram too! Enjoy your trip to OZ! You will love it! Next year we are taking a year off and we will probably spend 6 months in South America then we will probably go to Europe. We cannot wait to go! Keep up the good work! Patrick and Cecile from http://www.travel4lifeblog.com

Yeah it did take a while haha! Yes I am loving Australia, it’s wonderful 🙂 your trip sounds amazing!!

I’ve just made a new predictive text list with all of these hashtags! You’ve saved me so much time! Thank you! On a side note I feature one travel photo each Tuesday from my followers who use the hashtag #maketimetoseetheworld on the Insta account & blog of the same name 🙂

SO glad I could help 🙂 thanks for sharing that hashtag, I will definitely add that to my list!

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This is awesome 😀

Thank you! Glad it could help 🙂

wow, just gonna bookmark all your posts about instagram​ lol

haha! I still go through them before I post myself 🙂

Thanks for sharing this u saved a lot of time 🙂

Hey! Another great account I found to repost is @earthpano is you have any landscapes that are instaworthy!

Oooh that’s good to know! Thank you!

Great list! I use a lot of the already but good to find out more to mix and match!

Awesome 🙂 Glad you found it useful!

This is a very valuable list with accounts I didn’t know about. Thanks a lot for putting in the effort!

Glad you found it helpful 🙂

I Can be mistaken but most of these accounts charge to feature.

Hi Laura! I know quite a few of these on here do not charge for features. Some might, but many just feature amazing content!

Don’t forget about @blueridgemoments !

That is a good one! I will have to add it, thanks!

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Thanks a lot for this helpful information. We’ll try them out

Awesome list Chelsea! Fyi – It looks like @exploreshareinspire has transformed into an account with risque content. I opened the link up on my work machine and quickly exited out as it was not what I thought it was.

Oh my goodness! Thank you for letting me know — taking that one off right now! I do need to go through and double check all these. It has been a while since I’ve done that, so thank you!

Thanks for the list. It’s very helpful.

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28 Up-And-Coming Travel Instagrammers You Need To Follow

Hostelworld Blog | Posted on September 29, 2017 |

Language Specific Image

We all know the feeling – scrolling through a travel Instagram account just green with envy and blue with wanderlust. Nothing beats that feeling of immersing yourself in stunning travel pics, so we’ve sought out 28 of the BEST up and coming travel Instagram accounts that you need to follow now – like – RIGHT NOW.

These Instagrammers all have around 50k or fewer followers, with pictures that are just WOW. So whether you’re looking for beaches and crystal clear waters, or rugged countryside and camping, we apologise in advance for the wanderlust that will invariably occur… Take a look at our fave 28 up-and-coming travel Instagrammers you need to follow.

1. girlgoneabroad

Travel Instagram - girlgoneabroad

Lauren focuses on solo female travel – she has been EVERYWHERE and has the pics to prove it!

Followers: 8.5k

Favourite travel memory: I was recently solo travelling in Peru, and took a day trip from Cusco to Rainbow Mountain. I was so nervous for the high altitude hike, finishing off at an elevation of just over 17,000 feet, but I managed to make it on foot instead of taking the horses they offer along the way. It was challenging, rewarding, and the views of Rainbow Mountain itself were absolutely stunning.

Favourite destination: I can’t pick just one country, but I absolutely loved Southeast Asia. Thailand has a special place in my heart, having lived there for 2 years, and countries like the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia are just incredible (and cheap!).

2. lovelyforliving

Travel Instagram - lovelyforliving

Yvonne, 28, from Germany, just returned from a round the world trip – her New Zealand pics are particularly awe-inspiring!

Followers: 3k

Favourite travel memory: Realising that overcoming your own fears is the best moment ever. Jumping in the sea to swim with a whale shark, jumping out of a plane or hiking in the mountains for three days – priceless.

Favourite destination: Since I did an exchange year, which made the country part of me, it will always be New Zealand. Open minded, friendly people, breath-taking countryside and countless memories.

3. jetsetchristina

Travel Instagram - jetsetchristina

Luxury travel blogger Christina has been to 55 countries. Think tanned skin, beaches, and crystal clear water – you’ll want to book a trip to paradise ASAP.

Followers: 31k

Favourite travel memory: If I could combine a few of my favourite travel memories into one perfect day, it would be waking up to a seaside breakfast on the cliffs of Bali, snorkelling in Brazil, walking with lions in Mauritius, hiking Cinque Terre in Italy, soaking up the sun in Saint Tropez, sipping on painkillers at Soggy Dollar bar in the BVI, having dinner in the Eiffel Tower, and dancing all night in the Gili Islands.

Favourite destination: Cape Town and Italy. Cape Town, South Africa blew me away. It has everything. A vibrant African, British and Dutch influenced culture, majestic landscapes at the edge of the Atlantic and Indian oceans, wildlife like no other place in the world, unbelievable beaches (some with penguins roaming around), and an incredible wine country. Italy is pure magic. It’s no question why it’s the world’s most popular tourist destination. Italy is so perfect that it doesn’t even feel real. Walking in Venice feels like you’re walking in a dream. Boating in Lake Como feels like you’ve swapped lives with George Clooney. Jumping off the rocks of the Amalfi Coast feels like you’re diving head first into the best day of your life. Listening to accordions play “that’s amore” feels like you’re starring in an old Hollywood romance. Walking the streets of the Vatican feels like you’re living in a Renaissance painting. And drinking wine in Tuscany feels a little like falling in love.

4. heartmybackpack

Silvia chose Norway as her country after travelling the world and focuses on solo female travel, with beautifully themed feed from snowy mountains to colourful cities to beaches.

Followers: 52.3k

Favourite travel memory: I loved hitchhiking along the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan. The landscape is stunning, and the people there were just so kind. One of the days my friends and I caught a ride with a truck driver who drove us for about 10 hours, stopping in each village we drove through to pick up local delicacies like pears and bags of boiled meat for us to try.

Favourite destination: It’s so hard to choose! I’ve fallen in love with most every country I’ve travelled through, but I guess Norway will always hold the top spot in my heart, as this is the place I’ve chosen to call my home. But I also really love Central Asia, the Caucasus, Iran, and Siberia.

5. saltyluxe

Travel Instagram - saltyluxe

Sarah focuses on adventure and solo female travel – think soft filters, palm trees, and oodles of wanderlust.

Followers: 37.6k

Favourite travel memory: Cruising the Californian coast in our vintage Kombi Van. We were on the road for 6 weeks, met the most amazing people & experienced scenery that blew us away like Joshua tree National Park, Big Sur, Yosemite & the surf coast of San Diego! We still laugh about our time spent in our trusty van, sleeping out the front of peoples mansions in Malibu, mechanical breakdowns in the desert & no showers for a week. This to me is real travel, rich in memories & good vibes to cherish forever!

Favourite destination: Belize (no doubt in my mind the best place I’ve ever been!) I could talk about this endlessly!

6. thisbatteredsuitcase

Travel Instagram - thisbatteredsuitcase

Canadian Brenna has been to 93 countries – she focuses on solo female travel with bright bold colours and an endless diversity of locations – you’ll never get bored scrolling through her feed.

Followers: 15.3k

Favourite travel memory: I’ve been very fortunate to have made some incredible memories over 11 years of travelling, but one of my favourites is also one of my most recent. Although I travel solo most of the time, I recently travelled around East Africa with my mother for six weeks. Visiting that part of the world had been my number one travel dream since I was a little girl, and we were lucky enough to see lions, cheetahs, rhinos, giraffes, leopards, and more. I’ll never forget how to felt to be surrounded by a hundred elephants as they grazed in Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park, especially with my mum by my side. It was one of the most special moments of my life so far.

Favourite destination : Picking one favourite destination is always going to be a difficult task, but the fact that I keep wanting to go back to Italy must mean something. I’ve been about a dozen times now and I never seem to run out of places I want to go, things I want to do, and food I want to eat! I love how geographically diverse the country is – from mountains to cities to the sea – as well as how deep-rooted the history and culture are. Not only that, I’ve always had an amazing time with the people I meet while there. And really, any country where it’s acceptable (or maybe expected) for me to eat pasta and drink wine all day is always going to come out on top.

7. earthexpedition

 Travel Instagram - earthexpedition

Owen is an adventure and nature junkie – his account is rife with mountains and hiking and will make you want to get out into the wild.

Followers: 10.2k

Favourite travel memory: Spending the afternoon climbing the glacier above Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal, and listening to avalanches in the area.

Favourite destination: Sailing the Cayes of Belize, catching fresh lobster, and camping on a tiny private island.

8. wearekingingit

Travel Instagram - wearekingingit

Craig & Aimee are an adorable vlogger couple who play with unusual perspectives and shots…Insta heaven!

Followers: 7.5k

Favourite travel memory: Swimming with whale sharks on the Philippines – it was breath taking, it was scary and it was the most exciting time of our travels to date.

Favourite destination: Definitely Iceland, you can’t compare it to anywhere on earth, it has waterfalls, geysers, mountains lakes and whales!

9. explorista

Travel Instagram - explorista

Milou says she is “scared of everything but doesn’t let it stop her”. She showcases gorgeous city shots that make travel seem a possibility closer to home.

Followers: 5.9k

Favourite travel memory: One of my favourite travel memories was when I surprised my parents by popping up in California. They had been in the US on a road trip for two weeks, and were going to California to meet family who lives there. What they didn’t know is that I booked a flight, got on a train, traveled for over 24 hours, and was waiting behind the wall in the kitchen to surprise them when they showed up. I still smile when I think about the look on my dads face when I tapped on his shoulder and he turned around.

Favourite destination: London! I was lucky enough to live there for seven months and I just keep going back. I’ll take any excuse! It’s the place in the world where I feel most at home. London has anything you could ever want, whether you are in the mood for a party, some great food or a visit to some world class museums… it’s all there. And the vibe is just so vibrant and accepting that it was very easy for me to blend right in. I’m really hoping I’ll have another stint there in the future.

10. the_globbers

Travel Instagram - the_globbers

Gay travel couple Luca and Ale’s feed is filled with gorgeous filters in some of the world’s most stunning places, all shot with a fantastic camera.

Followers: 30.1k

Favourite travel memory: Climbing the Poem Mountain to see Halong Bay from the top. One of the most exciting adventures we took during our 7 month journey around SEA.

Favourite destination: Bali. Something about this destination gives us a feeling of great peace, freedom and serenity that is very hard to find here in Western countries. That’s why we choose Bali as our home now.

11. florabaker

British writer and traveller Flora explores solo female and off-the-beaten track travel, including visiting Syria.

Followers: 11.4k

Favourite travel memory: It’s hard to pinpoint, as it changes with each destination! But a recent fave was when I was walking through Longyearbyen (in Svalbard, Arctic Norway) last summer. It was past midnight but the sun was still shining bright: I was walking down the centre of the empty main road, keeping a vague eye out for rogue polar bears, and suddenly couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be in such an inaccessible and surreal place. That feeling of happiness and ‘right’ness is definitely a memory to hold onto.

Favourite destination: Has to be Colombia. It’s such a beautiful and diverse country, but the best part for me is how generous and friendly the people are – after my first visit I made such immediate close friendships with Colombians that I ended up returning at least three times over the course of the next year!

Koby is a photographer, so as expected, her shots are AMAZING. We won’t lie, the envy is strong on this one!

Followers: 53.7k

Favourite travel memory: Looking forward to free bowls of guacamole, salsa & corn chips every time you sit down to eat in Mexico! Is it just me or is food one of the best parts of travelling?!

Favourite destination: Cuba was a highlight, such a challenge & cultural experience especially having had no Spanish lessons! Having a lot of the tourist attractions and scenes all to yourself, with such a beautiful variety of countryside, beach & city! Plus who doesn’t love a pink convertible?!

13. pausethemoment

Travel Instagram - pausethemoment

Ryan showcases beautiful bright beach pics, perfect for a rainy afternoon when you wish you were somewhere balmy.

Followers: 27k

Favourite travel memory: Each year I join a Greek Island voyage with a company called Sun Fun You and we cruise around the lesser known Greek Islands in the east on a custom built Turkish gulet. It has been the highlight of my year since 2015.

Favourite destination: Mexico (I call it my home base and I simply can’t get enough of it).

14. offthepath

Travel Instagram - offthepath

We are IN LOVE – adventure traveller Sebastian showcases STUNNING nature and cities with his girlfriend that makes for addictive scrolling.

Followers: 32.5k

Favourite travel memory : 2 day canoeing trip down Athabasca River in Alberta and camping on a deserted island while hearing bears and wolves in the distance. Such a crazy adventure!

Favourite destination: South Africa – so much to see, affordable and beautiful.

15. tourist2townie

Travel Instagram - tourist2townie

Gareth likes to travel slowly and deeply to understand the people & cultures of a country – it definitely reflects in his stunning snaps.

Followers: 26.5k

Favourite travel memory: I lived in Brazil for a year around 2014, and my primary goal was to somehow, some way find a job at the World Cup. Long story short, I managed to join an Australian tour company, shooting daily videos over the course of 21 days during the tournament and was able to attend five World Cup matches. It was a dream come true.

Favourite destination: While it is fresh in my mind, my most recent “Travel Deeper” adventure in Japan was as eye-opening as it was life-changing. Culture, food, intrigue – Japan is an explorer’s paradise.

16. everysteph

Travel Instagram - everysteph

Italian Stefania likes green, responsible and fashionable travel and finds beauty in every place, be it a tiny street or a coffee shop.

Followers: 21.2k

Favourite travel memory: Aaah so hard to choose! My recent favourite one is when I took a mountain flight in Nepal and flew over Mt. Everest. I felt goosebumps and I felt so small in front of the magnificence of the nature.

Favourite destination: Thailand – people are so friendly, the non-touristy islands still idyllic, and I feel just at home there!

17. adventuresofsophh

Travel Instagram - adventuresofsophh

Sophie has one of the fewest followings in our list but is one of our faves. You can’t help but ‘like’ all her shots – every pic is simply gorgeous and makes you think ‘I HAVE to be there’.

Followers: 2.2k

Favourite travel memory: Would take me back to the first solo trip I did to Thailand back in 2014 when I was 19. I had just arrived in Bangkok after a long flight full of turbulence and was planning on catching a train straight to Chiang Mai. After getting to the Bangkok train station at 11pm, I was told that there were no tickets left for the next train, leaving me stuck by myself, completely clueless in the middle of the night in a foreign place. I made the decision to catch a taxi into Bangkok city, where I spent the next hour walking around the streets with my backpack trying to find a spare bed. At 1am, I found a hostel, where I spent that night in complete awe of what had just happened. Although it was one of the scariest memories I’ve had travelling, it was the moment that I realised just how capable I am of achieving things on my own, and that feeling is something that cannot be beaten.

Favourite destination: Slovenia captured all of my senses and definitely filled a gap in my heart. From the exquisite scenery to the friendly faces, there wasn’t a time spent in Slovenia where I was looking for more or was unsatisfied with my decisions. I also loved that there was a lack of tourists, especially when compared to the surrounding Mediterranean countries.

18. oneworldjustgo

Travel Instagram - oneworldjustgo

WOW is all we can say – Tanya makes travelling look as glamorous and beautiful as it can be – the ultimate indulgent Instagram.

Followers: 36.2k

Favourite travel memory: Walking around Grand Canyon at sunrise and being the only ones there.

Favourite destination: Italy!

19. aga_amatteroftaste

Travel Instagram - aga_amatteroftaste

Aga veers away from traditional insta shots of herself, and instead focuses on food, animals, and unique perspectives – perfect if you’re tired of classic beach shots.

Followers: 5k

Favourite travel memory: Being invited by Sri Lankan fishermen (we were on a beach walk & it was very spontaneous) to help them pull a giant fish net from the ocean. It’s a tremendously hard job that lasts about an hour and takes a village (literally!). Learning that they do it 3 times a day was very humbling.

Favourite destination: Hands down Japan – I love everything about it, from the people and food to the culture, rural areas and big cities.

20. christianlongnecker

Travel Instagram - christianlongnecker

Christian’s shots are seriously epic – adventurous, breathtaking and picturesque all at once.

Followers: 15.9k

Favourite travel memory: Went on a 18 day road trip going from NY to La. Best memory of that trip was the unreal and surreal feeling bombing this hill at monument valley on my Penny skateboard during one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. It was me and three other people and we luckily had the entire place to ourselves.

Favourite destination: All time top favourite is Kauai Hawaii – one of the prettiest landscapes I’ve ever seen, in my opinion better than Bali, Aus, Europe, and North America. Absolutely stunning on the NaPali Coast!

21. alongdustyroads

Travel Instagram - alongdustyroads

Brits Andrew and Emily are a travel couple whose pics explore the culture of each country and new ways of seeing things, with great diversity to satisfy every traveller.

Followers: 24.1k

Favourite travel memory: We travelled Latin America for two years and, from that trip alone, we have travel memories to last a lifetime! The fun part is trying to create a new favourite memory on all the adventures which are yet to happen.

Favourite destination: Mexico vs. Colombia. If food is to be the tie-breaker, then Mexico wins.

22. wewanderasia

Travel Instagram - wewanderasia

Hugo & Noemie, from Canada and the Netherlands, showcase perfect pics that reflect the true beauty in this world, using different angles and objects to really tell a story.

Favourite travel memory: We haven’t got one certain favourite travel memory as we’ve seen so many amazing things, for us the feeling of being together on a scooter somewhere on the edge of the world is truly our favourite memory – again and again – as it makes us feel more free than anything else in this world

Favourite travel destination: Sri Lanka

23. sophiepiearcey

Travel Instagram - sophiepiearcey

UK-born Sophie currently resides in NZ and you literally won’t be able to stop liking every single one of her pics – her love for NZ is apparent, and the pics she has to show for it are something else.

Followers: 2.3k

Favourite travel memory: Hiking Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka for sunrise.

Favourite destination: Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand.

24. lisawikander

Travel Instagram - lisawikander

Swedish Lisa’s vibrant, Go Pro-esque shots are bursting with life – some of her pics will leave you speechless!

Followers: 7.6k

Favourite travel memory: Watching the sunrise over the Guatemalan jungle from the top of a Mayan temple in Tikal.

Favourite destination: Hard to say. But Australia will always be a favourite!

25. mattwildmedia

Travel Instagram - mattwildmedia

UK-based Matt’s huge variety of big, sweeping drone landscapes will make the world feel enormous and make you want to explore it ASAP!

Followers: 5.4k

Favourite destination: Singapore

Favourite travel memory: Spending a month in Vanuatu, in the South Pacific. From perfect reefs to untouched jungle. Swimming in crystal clear blue lagoons, experiencing local kava ceremonies, land diving and volcanoes.

26. thesweetwanderlust

Travel Instagram - thesweetwanderlust

Brittany combines travel and dessert to form beautifully colourful shots – this account will make you filled with wanderlust (and hunger).

Followers: 13.2k

Favourite travel memory: In August 2015, I quit a career in marketing, sold everything I owned, and left Texas on a one way flight to Spain. One month later, I was volunteering at a vineyard in Tuscany, staying in a villa, eating real Italian food and drinking Italian wine from the vineyard. The experience of working with my hands and stepping into a new role, if only for 2 weeks was an incredible and life changing experience.

Favourite destination: Picking a favourite destination is impossible, but I loved the 7 months I spent in New Zealand bungy jumping, helihiking, swimming with dolphins and enjoying the gorgeous scenery!

27. twins_that_travel

Travel Instagram - twins_that_travel

British twins Claire and Laura showcase the cosiest of pics as well as stunning countryside – it’ll make you feel like you don’t need to travel halfway across the world to see beautiful destinations.

Followers: 56.8k

Favourite travel memory: Searching for fairies on the Isle of Skye amongst their pink and purple waterfalls.

Favourite destination: Although we’re identical twins, our tastes are very different when it comes to travel. Laura’s favourite countries are Sweden and Norway for their landscapes, mountains and cosy evenings. Claire’s favourite countries are Spain and Italy for their bustling cities, nightlight and balmy evenings.

28. globetrottergirls

Travel Instagram - globetrottergirls

Dani’s fascinating, gritty shots aren’t all picture postcard perfect, but that’s what makes them so good – she gives a real insight into the culture of each place she visits.

Followers: 20.8k

My favourite travel memory: My favourite travel memory? It’s hard to pick only one after 7.5 years of full-time travel but one trip that stands out is my trip to Cuba earlier this year. The country is fascinating, some of the towns feel like they’re stuck in a time warp, and while it was initially frustrating not to have internet access because of how limited it is by the government, in the end I embraced the involuntary digital detox, because it allowed me to be more present during the trip, to take it all in, instead of wasting time on Facebook or trying to get the perfect Instagram shot. What I loved about Cuba was how friendly the people were, how colourful the towns were, how life takes place in the streets instead of behind closed doors and windows, and the simplicity of life there. The beaches were divine and the scenery was spectacular – I highly recommend visiting Cuba.

Favourite destination: I always say that I have several favourite destinations – which include Italy, Guatemala and Cambodia – but the one country I keep going back to is Mexico, so I guess that’s my No 1 destination! I love the pristine beaches on the Caribbean coast, the Spanish-colonial towns, the diverse landscapes which range from desert in the north to jungles in the south, with plenty of mountains and volcanoes in between, I love the people and the food, of course! I don’t think I’ll ever tire of visiting Mexico and finding new gems there. As for cities, my absolute favourite city in the world is New York City.

Any more smaller travel Instagram accounts you LOVE? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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15 Ridiculously Easy Travel Instagram Photo Ideas and Poses

By Helene Sula

Instagram is everyone's favorite photo app but, it's also my most cherished tool to drive traffic to my blog, make money, and make real connections. I attended a travel blog conference recently and two things were discussed: social media is important now more than ever and so are the messages that you post. Instagram is one of the TOP drivers of traffic to my blog. And I also find that I spend more time on it than any other app. Instagram is a visual platform that lets you bridge the gap between words, videos, and images all in one. It's not always easy to know what to shoot, how and what will work for your account. So I've got 15 travel Instagram photo ideas and poses that will help you master the perfect shot every time.

The key to nailing Instagram is developing a theme or aesthetic that you love and makes you happy. I have a whole post detailing just how to do that! One of the key ways to grow your Instagram is to share beautiful images that align with your passions and goals. But right now, let's focus on some pictures and poses so you can create your perfect ‘gram. I advise having some “stock” photos if you have nothing to post, so you can always have something to share. After all, as far as Instagram goes, consistency is key.

So let's beat the Instagrammer's block together and share some photo ideas for Instagram that will always work.

1. What's in my hand

This one never seems to fail. Hold up your hand in a pretty background and BOOM, you've got a great picture. My personal favorite thing to hold is gelato, like this picture in Venice, Italy. Make it work with where you are, for example, fries in Belgium, a pretzel in Germany, a crepe in France, etc. This is a popular Instagram photo idea but it's eaasy to change up and suit your needs, no matter where you are.

A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on Apr 4, 2017 at 11:55am PDT

Shot in Venice, Italy.

2. Hold onto your hats

I love having a central point to look at in images. I read recently that photos that have a theme that you can look at directly give your eye something to focus on, and make for a better viewer experience. Not to get too involved here on the psychology of our images, but having a hat in the photo creates a great travel photo and pulls in our focus. Whether it's on your head or in your hand, this is a fun idea for an Instagram pose.

A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on Sep 5, 2017 at 6:08am PDT  

Hat found here, can be customized! ( Similar )

3. Sitting pretty

I like to play with where I am in the frame of the shot. Sometimes it's my whole body, other times it's only half of me, or a close up of my face. A good way to do that is to also sit down, so you can give the viewer a chance to see what's all around you. I often find my head might be blocking the mountains, or in this case, the rows of colorful buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark.

A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on Sep 19, 2017 at 4:45pm PDT

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4. Sideways glance

I love seeing someone's face in a photo, but I think a side profile works well, too. It helps your eye follow along with what I'm looking at, while still showing you emotions on my face. I also find this to be a flattering angle for Instagram photos, like this one taken in Sofia, Bulgaria .

A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on Jun 2, 2017 at 4:13pm PDT

5. Where I'm headed flatlay

I ALWAYS find it interesting to see what people pack in their suitcase. I claim to be a fairly expert travel packer and pride myself on always carrying on. This is a great way to also introduce the start of a new trip and let people know where you're headed off to next.

A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on Dec 12, 2016 at 1:43pm PST

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6. Grab a pal

Whether you're with a significant other or a friend, it's always a good idea to shake up your images. A theme does NOT mean that every photo should look the exact same. Boring!! Having another person in the picture helps give more perspective to your photo and makes an image more fun. It's also a great way to introduce someone on Instagram.

A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on Aug 13, 2017 at 10:00am PDT

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7. Looking away

I love the looking away pose because it gives the Instagram viewer a chance to literally be in your shoes. Like they too are looking out on the horizon, the pretty city, or the sea. One of the best things you can do for your Instagram is let people be part of your story. I think this type of photo does just that.

A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on Jun 21, 2017 at 6:20am PDT

Picture taken in the mountains of Wilder Kaiser, Austria .

8. Caught in the act

Think of this as a behind the scenes or more “real life” photo of what you're doing while traveling. I really was devouring pasta in Italy and wanted to share this with my followers. It makes for a fun photo that you can easily caption for Instagram.

A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on May 24, 2017 at 7:20am PDT

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9. Into the light

Many will tell you it's counter-intuitive to shoot INTO the light, but sometimes it can work. I love a good lens flare in a photo and I think it can make for a really unique shot. I think sunset is the best time of day to capture the light and colors. I love the way it makes images look and adds a fun alternative.

A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on Dec 10, 2016 at 7:44am PST

10. Magical monuments

Of course, don't forget about the main attractions. Sure, many people have photos of the Eiffel tower, but you have your own taste and way that you want to share. Instead of shooting this picture dead on, I shot it with the carousel taking up half the frame. You will have your own unique spin on it, your own style of editing, and so it will differ from the others. Don't forget to change up your view.

A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on May 3, 2017 at 10:15am PDT

Shot in Paris, France.

11. Out my window

Giving viewers a more intimate view of your hotel or lodging helps them see the benefits of where to stay or what you're looking at outside. Maybe it's raining and you want to show the current weather, or you've got a beautiful view, or you love the little nook you've found.

A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on Aug 4, 2017 at 6:19am PDT

Shot in Canal House, Amsterdam, The Netherlands .

12. Rooftop outlook

One of my essentials when traveling is to get up high. This is the best way to survey a city and get that Instagram shot! When I was in Munich, Germany we headed up the New Town Hall to really get a feel for the city.

A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on Jan 3, 2017 at 1:02pm PST

13. Hidden alleyways

I love seeing a different view of a city by heading off-the-beaten-path for some pictures. You'll usually find it's less crowded (so you can take more pictures without 100s of people in them!) and unique architecture.

A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on Apr 29, 2017 at 7:11am PDT

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14. Walk this way

A good walking photo let's the viewer come along for the trip. It's in motion and so gives the picture more movement. Which is usually what I'm doing while traveling: go-go-go!

A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on Jul 3, 2017 at 11:58am PDT

Shot in Vienna, Austria .

15. Resident expert

I am particularly fond of the houses and buildings when traveling. It gives you a sense of the architecture, how old a city is, and what they are all about. It usually makes for a colorful backdrop or a neatly lined photo on Instagram. Like these colorful buildings in Innsbruck, Austria .

A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on Jan 6, 2017 at 11:24am PST

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So there you have it! 15 ricidulously easy travel (or whatever you like) photo ideas for Instagram. I hope this makes taking photos easier for you whenever you're in a pinch. What even more travel inspiration and Instagram photo ideas? Follow me on Instagram! I'm @heleneinbetween and I update daily with where I'm headed in Europe!

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Helene Sula

I believe that one trip can change your life. It did for me. I'm a self proclaimed home body that quit her job, moved abroad, and more often than not, lives out of a carry-on bag. If I'm not traveling, I'm most likely re-reading Harry Potter or watching "Midnight in Paris" while snuggling my dogs. I'm a digital marketing expert who turned my love of travel into a full-time career. And I help others do it too.

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Tips from the Pros – Best Apps for Your Instagram Travel Photos

I had framed it as a  “rookie wanting to pitch with the All-Stars” when I first explored professional travel bloggers. 

You mean people actually make a career out of traveling? Wait what? How?

I was serious about learning more. I interviewed ten very popular and respected travel bloggers for “How to Blog Like An Expert” Part 1 and Part 2 .

I made the decision to do this whole travel blogging thing full-time in June, and launched this site in July.

I have to learn photography. I am shamelessly and overtly obsessed with travel photography. This is not a secret. 

I’ll be meeting with print journalist Flash Parker  for a lesson next week. Wish me luck!

However, capturing people and places – capturing an entire story within a still moment – is an art and a skill. Let’s be honest guys, a blog takes up a whole lotta work and time. With so many demands on the blogger agenda, I won’t become a photographer over night.

Insert “crying” emoji.

Fortunately, there’s this medium called Instagram which allows us to post photos at a portion of their size. *Cheeky cheeky,* there’s no reason for me not to improve my photos when they’re thumb-sized, especially when there are numerous apps which can easily boost an Instagram photo’s quality.

So I did what I think anyone should do when committed to self-improvement:

I reached out to some of the pros.

Originally, I thought that if I reached out to ten people for their suggestions, I would get feedback on ten new apps to try. I shouldn’t have been surprised that most professional Instagrammers use the same apps.

Here it is fellow travelers, the Instagram apps used by the pros:

1. Lauren Bath, @laurenepbath

Favorite app: snapseed.

The first thing that I do to any RAW image from my Nikon D800 is to open it in “Bridge” and make some adjustments to the RAW file. I then open it up into Photoshop and do some light editing here. After I’ve processed my files in Photoshop, I sync them through to Dropbox to retrieve on my mobile phone. From here, I always use Snapseed. A mobile phone has a different monitor to a computer, so I use Snapseed to pick up the colors, contrast, and sharpening – – and ready it is for an Instagram! Finally, I open my image in Instagram, and use the filters provided to finish my shot off. I prefer Mayfair, but also often use Rise, Hudson and Valencia. This may seem like a lot of work for an Instagram upload, but the work I do in Photoshop is to prepare the image to also be saved for my tourism clients in high resolution and for Facebook.  

TravelBreak.net - Best apps for Instagram travel photos

2. Cara Lleyellyn, @Llewllewtoo

Favorite apps: snapseed, vscocam, afterlight.

I use the VSCO (Visual Supply Co) application for all of my initial photo editing. The filters are stunning, myriad, and easy to adjust within the app. My feed’s aesthetic is a combination of bright and faded—with buttery, almost matte-looking shadows—which I achieve primarily with the F2 and M5 filters. I hardly ever use the filters at full power, usually opting to scale them back a few notches for a more subtle affect. Since the majority of my images include people, the last step I do in VSCO is adjusting the skin tone (a great free download option) to counteract the blanching affect of the filter After I get the tones and colors where I want them, I export the image and open it with the Afterlight app. I’ve found that Afterlight has the best shadow options—perfect for really pulling out the matte black that I love so much. I often straighten, crop square, and tweak the brightness/contrast here as well.

TravelBreak.net - Best apps for Instagram travel photos

3.  Putri Anindya  @puanindya 

Favorite apps: snapseed and vsco cam.

My favorite photo editing apps are Anapseed and VSCOcam. Bonus, they’re free! I always do the basic edit in Snapseed then apply some gorgeous presets in VSCOcam. I love snapseed because it’s easy to operate; it’s like photoshop in your mobile phone. So many great features for adjusting a picture. I love Snapseed’s Selective Adjust . It’s just awesome. The character of my photography is often defined by its mood. I love moody pictures. VSCOcam helps me set the mood. Vscocam presets are beautiful – – the result is just like it came out from Lightroom! I have all the VSCOcam presets. I always try each one,  but usually end up sticking to  G1, M5, M3, or HB.

TravelBreak.net - Best apps for Instagram travel photos

4.  Sierra Fox @LilFoxx

Favorite apps: vscocam, snapseed, and skrwt.

My favorite editing app for the iPhone is VSCOcam, hands down. Not only does this app allow you to make adjustments to the image (such as brightness or contrast), it also has a large range of filters that bring your photos to the next level. It can give your photos a crisp, minimal blogger feel with the S and N filters, or a film-like vibe with the F or E filters. This app is seriously magic. I usually edit my photos first in Snapseed. Here is where I adjust the shadows and contrast,  and use Selective Adjust to edit only small parts or details of a photograph. Then I take the photo into VSCOcam to add filters and make any further needed adjustments (usually temperature, brightness, or highlights). I loved VSCOcam so much that I bought almost all of the filter packages that they offer (which is worth the few dollars!). Over time, I have developed an eye for what filter will look good on a picture, but I have a few favorites that are my go-tos (F, C, S, M, E, & N). I try those out and then usually make a few adjustments here or there in the tools section of the app. Another app that is great for traveling and taking pictures of architecture or structures is SKRWT.This app can be difficult to learn, but helps to perfect the perspective on an image. Sometimes, especially on the iPhone, when you take a photograph of a building it can appear warped because the lens is made for a wide angle (so that it can get more of what you see into the photo). This app helps to straighten the pictures back out to what they look like in person.

5. Matthias Barker,  @matthiasjbarker

My favorite photo editing app is Snapseed all the way. I love the control that it gives you with your exposer, contrast, and structure. You can really control the depth of your photo and draw people in with your edit. To me, it is the most organic and intuitive app on the market.

TravelBreak.net - Best apps for Instagram travel photos

6.  Daniel Taipale,  @dansmoe

Favorite apps: vsco cam.

I have always loved film photos. Nowadays, when I shoot most of my photos in digital, I still want them to have  a finished film look. VSCO CAM is an app for the iPhone that gives my photos this beautiful film look. The app is very advanced: I love how I can organize the tools and presets to my own order. This makes the app fast to use;  it works the way I want. You can’t make your photos look too processed with the app, it just gives them nice clean faded look.

TravelBreak.net - Best apps for Instagram travel photos

7. Alex Spatari,  @spatari

My all time favourite editing app is VSCO Cam. I discovered it about a year ago and since then I use it almost for all of my pics. The best thing about it is its flexibility, it has a lot of different options which gives you much space for really great post-processing. And of course the filters! All of them have this amazing old film feeling and at the same time the shot doesn’t look over-processed with them. The other things I like about this app is how you can organise your library and keep there only the best photos from your phone. Plus it’s awesome how the creators of VSCO managed to create the whole community around this app, I would say it has even became a lifestyle already. You should check their curated Grid, it has some really great shots on it!   Regarding new options from Instagram. I like some features it has, sometimes I add additional highlights or make the shadows lighter and that’s probably it. I think these and other features were realised really well and for those who think that VSCO is too complicated for them, Instagram editing features give them a lot of possibilities for post-processing.

TravelBreak.net - Best apps for Instagram travel photos

8. Ashley Lewis,  @ash

You want me to pick one photo app? That’s just impossible! These days there are just TOO many photo editing apps on the market. I couldn’t pick just one, but I can tell you about the two I use the most and why. First app in my roster has to be Snapseed by Google. I use Snapseed right at the start of my post process. I use the ‘Tune Image’ set of tools to clean up the saturation, contrast, lighten shadows and adjust the white balance. I then add some clarity to secure the details and preserve sharpness. Second on my list is VSCO. If you don’t know about VSCO, then you are definitely missing out on one of the best tools on the market to date (FACT!). I use VSCO as an alternative to the Instagram filter set. My favourite presets are the F (Mellow / Fade), T (Faded & Moody) and K (Analog Classic) filter sets. It’s hard to explain, but they add that little bit extra to the photo, wether it’s fade, saturation or tonal adjustments. For me, these filter sets really just add that final magic and polish to my photos.

9.  Michael Lax, @michaellaxphoto

My favorite photo editing app is definitely Snapseed. It offers basic editing tools, but also has some advanced features similar to Photoshop. One of the tools I use most in Snapseed is the Selective Adjust tool which allows me to pick a specific area of the photo and only apply edits to that area. For example, your camera will often expose for the sky during sunset which leaves your foreground looking too dark; this is where the Selective Adjust tool comes in handy. You can lighten up the shadows in the foreground without touching the beautifully exposed sky.

TravelBreak.net - Best apps for Instagram travel photos

10. Christian Becerra, @throughthetinylens

Favorite Apps: Snapseed and VSCO CAM I have two favorite editing apps and they are pretty much the only ones I use. The first one is called Snapseed (free in the AppStore). I’ve been using this app since I started using Instagram. The Selective Adjustment tool is fantastic! It lets you fine-tune certain parts of the photo. I really recommend this app to anyone, it has a lot of tools and is very easy to use. The second one is VSCO CAM (free in the AppStore). I usually only use this app to add a filter to my photo after doing all my fine tuning in Snapseed. I normally don’t like to go overboard with the filters, I use them halfway and that’s it. My favorite filters are the A, C, N, S and B filters.

TravelBreak.net - Best apps for Instagram travel photos

Closing thoughts:

Clearly, I’m going to go download Snapseed, SKRWT,  and VSCO CAM.  I have After Light and regularly use Instasizer. That means my Instagram looks more like a scrapbook than an assortment of neatly organized squares. I might end up squaring out. Who knows. You can connect with me on personal travels on @StephBeTravel or #TravelBreak for a chance to be featured on @TravelBreak. Best of luck with your own photos, may you inspire people to travel via your hand-held device!

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best travel instagram photos

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150 Best Travel Photography Hashtags to Grow Your Instagram Account

Up your travel photography hashtags game! Use our list of the best Instagram hashtags for travel photography as well as our posting tips for how to grow on Instagram to maximize your exposure and grow your Instagram following. Perfect if you want to learn how to become a travel influencer or travel instagrammer! how to get more instagram followers | instagram travel photography hashtags | how to build instagram following #travelphotography #travelinstagram #travelinfluencer #instagramfollowers

Time to up your Insta game! If you’re looking for the best travel photography hashtags, you’ve found the place. Here we’ll dish out the best Instagram hashtags for travel photography that we used to grow our Travel Instagram account from 5k to 50k followers in just a few months.

We’ll break down the top travelling photography hashtags for these categories:

  • General Travel
  • Women’s Travel
  • Food Travel
  • Outdoor Travel

We’ll also teach you how to optimize your hashtags for travel photography so that you can get the most from your posts and grow your Instagram following. (Or you can just skip ahead to our Instagram travel photography hashtag list ).

Without further ado, let’s become experts on travel photography hashtags to grow our Instagram following!

Up your travel photography hashtags game with the best Instagram hashtags for travel photography!

See when your users are most active through Instagram Insights

How many hashtags should i use, switch up your travelling photography hashtags, audit posts to see which travel photography hashtags work for you, should you put hashtags in the caption or comments, instagram profile bio, hashtags 1-15, hashtags 16-30, need more travel help, like this post, you might also appreciate…, share this:, optimize your travel photography hashtags strategy.

To get the most from your travel photography Instagram posts and grow your Instagram followers, you shouldn’t just throw up a shot and copy & paste any random set of hashtags for travel photography.

If you already know about all this, feel free to skip ahead to our travel photography hashtags !

I mean sure, you can try it, but in our experience, there’s a lot more thought that goes into having the best travel photography hashtags game.

Here are our tips for optimizing your travel photography hashtags strategy. That way, you too can get the most exposure for your travel Instagram posts, and grow your Instagram following.

Post When Your Users Are Most Active

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one’s online to see your Instagram post of it, did it even happen?

Giggles aside, you get the point.

It doesn’t matter if you have the most slammin’ travel shot there ever was and used the top hashtags for travel photography known to humankind, if you’re not also making sure your people are online to see it.

Your goal is to post your content, with your best travel photography hashtags, at the times when users are most active. This is when users are most likely to engage with your posts.

The more users that engage with your post early on, the more people the Instagram algorithm will show your post to.

How do you know when to post?

If you have a creator or business account (and if you plan on being serious about your Instagram travel photography, you should) your Instagram account analytics will help you out. Learn how to set up a creator or business account.

How to view Instagram insights to optimize your travel photography Instagram posts

  • Head to your profile on the mobile app
  • Tap the Insights button
  • Tap “Total Followers”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and find “Most Active Times”

If you converted your profile to a creator or business account recently, these analytics will only show insights for content posted after you converted.

Most active times for posting your travel photography to Instagram

In case you’re not able to access your Instagram analytics, a general rule  is that users are most active on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from the hours of 10 am to 2 pm.

READ MORE |   30 Photos That Prove the South Korea Autumn Just Won at Life

You can use up to 30 hashtags on each post.

We use all 30 travel photography hashtags on every post, except Reels posts.

For Reels, we recommend 15 or less hashtags to better directly target your traffic. However, you may use up to 30 hashtags on Reels as well.

We will group our travel photography hashtags below to make it easier for you to select the number of hashtags you want.

Instagram doesn’t like seeing repetitive behavior. When it sees too much repetitive behavior, the Instagram algorithm might construe you for a bot. Therefore too much use of the same, identical hashtags on every, single post for a prolonged period of time may lead to a shadowban. You do  not want that.

To avoid this, be sure to vary your traveling photography hashtags on each post.

A good general practice is to select 15 or so of the best hashtags for travel photography on a post. Then add your own additional hashtags specific to the post.

We’ve divided our travel photography hashtags below into groups of 15, allowing you to easily mix and match, and add your own hashtags as you need.

Additional travel photography hashtags you could use are:

place-specific hashtags

  • referring to the city, state, or country
  • e.g. #californiadreaming

content-specific hashtags

  • referring to the actions, place or subjects
  • e.g. #hikingaddict , # beachvibes , # beardedhiker

When used properly, Instagram can function as a market research travel photography app to show you what works, and what doesn’t.

A periodic auditing of your posts can give you tons of information to help you grow your Instagram account. You can perform an audit by using the Instagram Insights feature we discussed earlier.

Every once in a while (we do it once a month), go through your posts and make note of:

  • the engagement ( number of comments and likes )
  • and reach ( how many users saw the post )

View insights for Instagram post to optimize your travel Instagram

To see these analytics, simply go to the post you want to study, and tap “View insights” on the bottom left corner of the post.

If you notice some posts have a greater reach than others, make note of the travel photography hashtags you used.

If you continue to see the same hashtags correlating with your posts with the highest reach, those are the best travel photography hashtags that work for you to grow your Instagram following.

Starting a travel blog?| Learn how to drive traffic to your travel blog .

For Instagram optimization, it doesn’t really matter where the hashtags go.

However, we do recommend placing your travel photography hashtags in the comments for regular photo & video posts, as it keeps them neater.

Be sure to add 5 periods, each on their own line, to ensure the hashtags are hidden behind a “read more” tag, and don’t clutter up your comment section.




For Reels posts, we recommend adding your hashtags directly in the caption.

Traveling with a laptop?| Check out our review for this travel laptop case .

Maximize Conversions: First Impressions Matter

Last but not least, to truly optimize your travelling photography hashtags game, you should be mindful of your Instagram profile and feed.

The whole reason to optimize your posts and find the top hashtags for travel photography is to lead people to your posts to like and comment, and hopefully to your profile to follow you.

In order to maximize these conversions and gain more followers, you shouldn’t neglect your:

  • Instagram profile bio

These are the most important factors for making a first impression on potential followers.

Your Top 9 is your collection of 9 most recent posts, and one of the first things potential followers see. It is often the deciding factor on whether or not someone chooses to follow you.

Be mindful to always have your Top 9 be as enticing as can be, and representative of the kind of travel photography users can expect from you.

Here is our current Top 9, as an example.

Optimize your top 9 along with your strategy for the best travel photography hashtags

Users care about one of two things (sometimes both): story and style.

Aim to fulfill at least one of these.

Focusing on style means focusing on image quality. If you focus on style, choose your best images, use a decent camera, or even a drone. Refer to our guides for the best budget travel cameras and how to travel with a drone .

Make sure your feed is cohesive and beautiful.

Otherwise, you might choose to focus on story.

Use your image and caption to tell a compelling thought, share a memory, convey your personality in a way that makes people want to be friends with you. Be relatable and authentic. Just be yo damn self, ok?

The best posts will be mindful of both story and style.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by RENNY + BENNY 🌏 Explorers (@televisionofnomads)

Your Instagram profile bio is also important for converting potential followers into followers.

Make your bio descriptive and informative. A potential follower should be able to get a clear sense of who you are and what they can expect from you just by looking at your bio.

Here’s our current bio, as an example.

Don't forget to optimize your Instagram profile bio when selecting the best Instagram hashtags for travel photography

Our slogan, “Your life, Your terms,” is first, as almost all of our content is about living life in a way that serves you and your needs.

Next is a little tagline about ourselves: “Living a whimsical life ’round the globe.” This conveys that our content is about both travel and  lifestyle .

We have our location, as a lot of our recent content will be coming out of LA and Joshua Tree.

We have our contact info, and finally, a link to our travel blog with a recent post of ours.

A potential follower can get a clear sense of our vibe and our content, and make their decision whether or not to follow us based on that impression.

READ MORE | Instagram-Worthy Reasons to Visit Italy

Best Instagram Hashtags for Travel Photography

Alright, alright, you’ve been patient and have learned everything you need to know to optimize your posts and travel photography hashtags to grow your Instagram account.

Now here are the best Instagram hashtags for travel photography you’ve been waiting for!

We’ve grouped the hashtags into the following categories:

  • General Travel Photography
  • Women Travel
  • Outdoors Travel

And within each section, the hashtags are grouped into blocks of 15, so you can easily mix and match hashtags based on your needs.

As we discussed earlier, the best Instagram hashtags for travel photography practice is to  vary your hashtags regularly, rather than using the same 30 hashtags on every single post.

So feel free to grab 15 from one category and adding your own more specific hashtags, or mixing and matching hashtags from our other categories.

Be sure to bookmark and Pin this page, so you can refer back to it as you need!

Here are our best hashtags for travel photography:


























Best Travel Photography Hashtags for Couples































Best Hashtags for Travel Photography for Women






























best hashtags for food travel photography

Don’t miss our very Instagramable LA Foodie Guide

Best Instagram Hashtags for Food Travel


























Best Hashtags for Outdoors Travel Photography





























Best Hashtags for Travel Photography: Final Thoughts

This guide has everything you need to get your posts out into the world and make them as successful as can be. The Instagram algorithm is always changing, but these tips and hashtags will always be helpful, no matter what happens to the algorithm (or “algo,” as the cool kids call it).

If you’d like to follow our own Instagram journey , we’d absolutely love to have you.

Let us know your thoughts, if you found this guide helpful at all, and if you have any more suggestions for the best Instagram hashtags for travel photography!

You can also follow us on Facebook , TikTok , Twitter , Pinterest , even Tumblr .

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What travel photography hashtags did we miss?

Share in a comment below!

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'  data-srcset=

Lauren West

With sugar, spice, and everything…SAUCY, Lauren (AKA Renny) has been zigging and zagging ‘round the globe since she was 2. A self-taught photographer and UCLA-trained travel writer, Renny is armed and ready with a camera and notepad in hand to document the world, one piece of content at a time.

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2 kentucky moms say they were drugged, raped by bahamas resort staffers; cruise never told them about travel warning until after assault.

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Thanks for contacting us. We've received your submission.

Two moms from Kentucky are speaking out after they were allegedly drugged and raped in the Bahamas Sunday after the US issued a travel warning for the vacation hotspot.

Longtime friends Amber Shearer and Dongayla Dobson said their first kid-free vacation ended with a traumatic, broad-daylight assault when they decided to go to the beach after the Carnival cruise ship they were on docked at the island country.

Now they’re warning other women.

The moms were relaxing on a Grand Bahama beach when a resort staffer offered them a two-for-one drink deal, they told NewsNation’s “Cuomo.”

They accepted and took photos with the tropical drinks — one in a pineapple and the other in a coconut.

But they soon felt like the drinks were much stronger than expected.

Amber Shearer (left) and Dongayla Dobson (right) said the drinks they were given by staffers were much stronger than expected.

Even their loved ones back home grew concerned when the women sent back videos where they seemed to be highly intoxicated just 15 minutes after their first sips, Dobson told the station.

“Less than a few [sips] into the second drink, we knew something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong,” Shearer said.

They went to look for seashells to bring back to their kids when a male resort staffer offered to show them the best spot to find shells.

The two woman's loved ones back home were highly concerned when they sent videos of them being highly intoxicated from the drinks.

But the next thing Shearer could recall was waking up while she was being assaulted by a uniformed male resort staffer.

“I came to in the process of my rape,” she told NewsNation, breaking down.

Bahamian authorities and other staffers at the resort were able to immediately identify the two men accused of the noon assault through surveillance footage.

A bruise is pictured on one of the victim's legs

One of the attackers had only been employed by the resort for about a week, according to Shearer.

Royal Bahamas police arrested two men, a 40-year-old of South Bahamia and a 54-year-old of Eight Mile Rock, in connection to the sexual assault, the department said in a news release.

Police are continuing to investigate, but the women say their allegations weren’t properly handled and that the local cops did not administer proper rape test kits despite their pleas.

Authorities and staffers at the resort tracked down the two men accused of assaulting the women through surveillance footage.

Back on the cruise ship, the moms received the results of their toxicology tests — which showed they had a plethora of drugs in their systems, including benzodiazepines.

They also had almost no alcohol in their bodies and had bruising up and down their legs, Kentucky NBC affiliate station Lex18 reported .

“To see the things that showed up on my [toxicology] screen was just traumatizing all over again,” Dobson said.

Now back in Kentucky, the women have hired a lawyer to get justice and are receiving medical care — including $4,000 in HIV prevention medication, according to the local station.

The mothers are also angry with Carnival — which they say failed to tell them about the US State Department travel advisory for the Bahamas until after their horrific assault.

The State Department issued a level 2 advisory on Jan. 26, just over a week before the two American women were allegedly raped.

When Amber Shearer (left) and Dongayla Dobson (right) received their toxicology tests -- it showed they had a plethora of drugs in their systems and barely any alcohol in their bodies.

The advisory advises US travelers to “exercise increased caution” when visiting the Bahamas due to crime and gang-on-gang violence that have resulted in 18 murders in January alone.

Five days before the moms were assaulted, Bahamian Prime Minister Philip Davis insisted that the country was a “safe” destination for tourists.

“The incidents described in the January 2024 US Embassy crime alert do not reflect general safety in The Bahamas, a country of sixteen (16) tourism destinations, and many more islands,” he said.

Carnival said it is cooperating with Bahamian police in their investigation.

“While ashore in Freeport, Bahamas on an independent shore excursion, two guests on Carnival Elation reported to Bahamian police that they were sexually assaulted at a local beach,” a spokesperson for the cruise line said in a statement to The Post.

“Our onboard Care Team provided support for the two guests as they sailed back to Jacksonville. Bahamian police are investigating the matter and Carnival is providing our full cooperation.”

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Amber Shearer (left) and Dongayla Dobson (right) said the drinks they were given by staffers were much stronger than expected.


best travel instagram photos

2 Kentucky women say they were drugged, raped by Bahamas resort staffers, suspects arrested

best travel instagram photos

Police in the Bahamas this week arrested two people on sexual assault charges after two American women on a Carnival cruise said they were drugged and raped while in the country.

The report comes on the heels of the United States Department of State issuing a travel advisory for the Bahamas − a popular for cruises and spring break vacations.

A "quick response" by officers in Grand Bahama , the northernmost island of the Bahamas in the Atlantic Ocean, resulted in the arrest of a 54-year-old man of Eight Mile Rock and a 40-year-old man of South Bahamia after they allegedly sexually assaulted two women on Sunday, the Royal Bahamas Police Force reported.

According to a preliminary report from the department, the attacks took place shortly after noon on Sunday while two females visited a beach in Central Grand Bahama.

The women, two mothers from Kentucky who identified themselves as Amber Shearer and Dongayla Dobson, told News Nation 's Chris Cuomo they were "relaxing on a Grand Bahama beach" when a resort employee allegedly gave them drinks spiked with a cocktail of drugs including benzodiazepines.

"They were given drinks – a coconut and pineapple drink − spiked with a series of drug and narcotics," the women's Miami-based attorney, Nicholas Gerson told USA TODAY Thursday. "They became inebriated and were both taken away and raped."

At the time of the reported attacks, Gerson said his clients, both 31, were unaware of the recent travel warning and "not aware of any warnings given by Carnival."

When reached by phone on Thursday, Dobson's husband told USA TODAY he and his wife live in Lancaster, Kentucky, a small city about 35-miles south of Lexington.

He also said his wife and Shearer are childhood friends who both grew up in Danville, Kentucky, a town about 10 miles west of Lancaster and deferred additional questions to his wife's lawyer.

'A two-for-one drink deal'

Gerson said on the day of the alleged assaults, his clients went on an excursion called "Pirate's Cove Beach Getaway" and were taken to the island by a shuttle arranged by Carnival.

There, the attorney said, a resort staffer offered them a two-for-one drink deal, and after taking just a few sips, they realized something was off with the beverage.

Dobson told Cuomo the friends went to look for seashells for their children with "a male resort employee" and the next thing she remembered "was waking up while she was being assaulted by a uniformed male resort staffer."

“I came to in the process of my rape,” Dobson told Cuomo. “I want people to be safe... Two’s not enough." She said they "thought as best friends … that we could protect each other and to be safe."

That wasn't enough, she said.

Shortly after the reported rapes, both women told Cuomo, local authorities and other staff at the resort were able to identify the men accused of sexually assaulting the women through video surveillance.

The women took toxicology tests when they returned to the ship and reported the rapes, Gerson said

Toxicology results, he said, found little if no alcohol in his clients' systems, but the women tested positive for benzos and other drugs including cocaine.

Rape settlement: Teen worker raped by McDonald's manager receives $4.4 million

'Support for the two guests'

Carnival released the following statement to USA TODAY on Thursday:

"While ashore in Freeport, Bahamas on an independent shore excursion, two guests on Carnival Elation reported to Bahamian police that they were sexually assaulted at a local beach. Our onboard Care Team provided support for the two guests as they sailed back to Jacksonville. Bahamian police are investigating the matter and Carnival is providing our full cooperation."

As of Thursdays police had not released the names of the men they arrested.

The department's daily crime report log posted online showed the case remained open and under investigation.

A spokesperson for Pirate's Cove shared a statement with USA TODAY late Thursday afternoon that said managers took swift action as soon as the incident was reported and the business is cooperating with investigators.

"We regret that our guests experienced this incident, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to aid police in the collection of evidence in response to these allegations, including providing Police access to video from the sixteen cameras around the beach facility where the assault of the two guests allegedly occurred," the statement read. "Accusations of any kind are always thoroughly investigated by Pirates Cove management and, when warranted, the organization calls in local authorities.

Level 2 travel advisory

Last month, the Department of State issued a  Level 2 travel advisory  for the Bahamas.

The advisory, posted on Jan. 26, warns travelers to "exercise increased caution" because of crime on the islands of New Providence including Grand Bahama, Nassau, and Freeport.

A security alert posted by the  U.S. Embassy in the Bahamas  on Jan. 24 also reported that 18 murders have taken place in Nassau since the start of the year.

The alert warns that murders have occurred at all hours including in broad daylight on the streets.

"Retaliatory gang violence has been the primary motive in 2024 murders," the embassy wrote.

Gerson said Carnival did not warn his clients about the travel advisory.

"The cruise line has a legal obligation to warn their passengers about danger they may know about and it applies to places passengers are visiting or expected to visit," Gerson said.

Contributing: Gabe Hauari

Natalie Neysa Alund is a senior reporter for USA TODAY. Reach her at [email protected] and follow her on X @nataliealund.

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Every Photo of Taylor Swift at the 2024 Super Bowl

After playing four nights of shows in Tokyo, the pop icon flew to Las Vegas to root for her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and the Kansas City Chiefs, in the 2024 Super Bowl

best travel instagram photos

Ezra Shaw/Getty

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and Taylor Swift is "Ready for It."

After playing four consecutive nights on her Eras Tour in Tokyo , Swift has arrived in Las Vegas for the 2024 Super Bowl . The 14-time Grammy winner is back in the stands to cheer on her boyfriend Travis Kelce and his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, as they battle the San Francisco 49ers for a championship ring.

Once again, the singer is in good company, sharing a suite with friends like Ice Spice and Blake Lively . Swift's also watching with her parents, Andrea and Scott Swift , and Kelce's loved ones, too. His brother Jason , sister-in-law Kylie and parents, Ed and Donna Kelce , are all spending game day with the "Cruel Summer" singer.

See all the best photos of Taylor Swift at Allegiant Stadium for this year's Super Bowl.

Emotional Rollercoaster

Christopher Polk/Billboard via Getty

The first quarter was packed with action, and Swift's squad kept up with every play. The girls — including Swift's friend Ashley Avignone (second from left) — hardly hid their reactions and excitement.

Head in the Game


Donna Kelce watched the game from over Swift's shoulders, with her son Jason standing in his red and yellow overalls (top right).

High Spirits

Rob Carr/Getty

At one point, Swift lifted up pal Blake Lively with a hug.

Fans on Their Feet

The popstar's longtime friends, Miles and Keleigh Teller — both of whom costarred in her "I Bet You Think About Me" music video — stepped out during the latter half of the game.

Music's Greatest

Ethan Miller/Getty

Lana Del Rey  joined Swift's game day entourage as well, and the two warmly greeted each other in the stands.

Sideline Talk

Del Rey featured on a song from Swift's 2022 album Midnights , which took home the coveted Grammy award for album of the year one week prior.

Connecting in the Crowd

Paul McCartney met up with his friend Taylor Swift in her suite and got acquainted with Kelce's dad, Ed .

Play by Play

Super Bowl LVIII marked Ice Spice 's first time at a football game with Swift.

Pre-Game Chat

Anthony Behar/Sipa USA

Ahead of kickoff, Swift hung out in a box with Ice Spice, with whom she collaborated on a remix of "Karma."

Above the Field

The pair were also joined by music producer RIOTUSA in their box suite above the field.

Game Day 'Fits

Swift looked chic in a black top accessorized with gold jewelry, including a #87 necklace in homage to Kelce's jersey.

Swift brought her bestie Blake Lively to watch the biggest sporting event of the year. While the "Anti-Hero" singer opted to wear sultry black, the actress wore her team spirit on her sleeve in a red and white track suit.

Classic Red Lip

The songstress has been painting her lips crimson since long before she sparked up a romance with the tight end. But since she started attending Chiefs games, football fans have been seeing way more of Swift's signature makeup look matching the players' jerseys.

Friendly Faces

Swift made a new friend in Shaquille O'Neal at the game. The NBA legend snapped and shared a photo with the "Blank Space" singer and Jamie Salter, the founder of Authentic Brands Group.

In his Instagram caption, O'Neal said he and Salter gifted Swift a luxury bag designer by Judith Leiber, one of the brands managed by Authentic Brands Group.

They did it! Swift and her friends went wild as the Chiefs won the Super Bowl in overtime.

It's a Celebration

Swift and Kelce found each other on the field and celebrated with a kiss.

Their Own World

Despite the chaos, the couple shared a quiet moment on the field.

Sweet Nothings

Mics caught Swift congratulating her boyfriend, calling the whole game "unbelievable."

Winning Pair

Tim Nwachukwu/Getty

Following the presentation of the Vince Lombardi trophy, the stars made their way off the field.

Arms Length


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The Top Places to Travel in 2024

Posted: February 14, 2024 | Last updated: February 14, 2024

AFAR reveals our annual list of the best travel destinations to visit in 2024, along with why you'll want to add them to your travel plans this upcoming year. Get a preview of what's on the where to go list for 2024 in this video, then head over to afar.com to see the full list: https://rebrand.ly/383ef57 ---- CONNECT WITH AFAR Afar.com is a digital and print magazine that publishes travel tips, guides, news, and stories: https://www.afar.com Get updates on the latest articles, travel news, and more from AFAR by signing up for the AFAR newsletter: https://afar.com/newsletters Follow AFAR on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AfarMedia Follow AFAR on Twitter: https://twitter.com/afarmedia Follow AFAR on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/afarmedia Follow AFAR on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/afarmedia ---- CREDITS Claudia Cardia - Video Editor Chloe Arrojado - Associate Editor, Destinations Jessie Beck - AFAR Producer Elizabeth See - Designer Sarika Bansal - Editorial Director Michelle Heimerman - Photo Editor Supriya Kalidas - Creative Director MUSIC "Blue Sky" by Lofi Sunday feat. TBabz FOOTAGE / PHOTOGRAPHY iStock -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "If You're Not Doing This, You Might Be Missing Out on Free Travel" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKjnsEP9xww -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Paramore Canceling Remaining US Tour Because Of Singer Hayley Williams Illness

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Used car display at a dealership. With supply issues, used and preowned cars are in high demand.

6 Cars That Are Plummeting in Value

This combo image shows President Joe Biden, left, Jan. 5, 2024 and Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump, right, Jan. 19, 2024.

Trump or Biden? Americans aren't worried about the other guy – we're worried about either.

best travel instagram photos

"They didn't like my extracurriculars" - Jason Williams explains why he got dismissed from Florida after just 20 games

Opinion: Jon Stewart’s return perpetuates ugly partisan politics

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    So I've got 15 travel Instagram photo ideas and poses that will help you master the perfect shot every time. ... Like they too are looking out on the horizon, the pretty city, or the sea. One of the best things you can do for your Instagram is let people be part of your story. I think this type of photo does just that. A post shared by Helene ...

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    Oneika Traveller. Oneika Raymond 's personality is front and center in all of her photos, which are often framed a little differently than other travel bloggers'. The Oneika Traveller account belongs to Oneika Raymond, a well-known travel industry leader who hosts two different shows on the Travel Channel.

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    Favorite Apps: Snapseed, VSCOcam, Afterlight. I use the VSCO (Visual Supply Co) application for all of my initial photo editing. The filters are stunning, myriad, and easy to adjust within the app. My feed's aesthetic is a combination of bright and faded—with buttery, almost matte-looking shadows—which I achieve primarily with the F2 and ...

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