What is the translation of "excursion" in French?

"excursion" in french, excursion {noun}.

  • volume_up excursion

excursive {adj.}

  • volume_up digressif

excursion ticket {noun}

  • volume_up billet d'excursion

excursion train {noun}

  • volume_up train spécial

a three-day excursion [example]

  • volume_up une excursion de trois jours

"excursion" in English

  • sightseeing trip
  • volume_up go on an excursion
  • go on a bus trip
  • go on a coach trip
  • volume_up on tour
  • volume_up boat trip
  • volume_up bus tour


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excursive {adjective}

Excursion {feminine}, excursionner [ excursionnant|excursionné ] {intransitive verb}, en excursion [example], excursion en bateau {feminine}, excursion en autocar {feminine}, context sentences, english french contextual examples of "excursion" in french.

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Monolingual examples

English how to use "excursion" in a sentence, english how to use "excursive" in a sentence, english how to use "excursion ticket" in a sentence, english how to use "excursion train" in a sentence, english how to use "digressif" in a sentence, english how to use "digressive" in a sentence, english how to use "train spécial" in a sentence, collocations, "cultural excursion" in french.

  • volume_up Excursion culturelle

"excursion include" in French

  • volume_up Excursion inclus
  • volume_up excursion comprennent

"excursion trip" in French

  • volume_up voyage d'excursion

Synonyms (English) for "excursion":

  • pleasure trip

Synonyms (French) for "excursion":


  • excruciatingly difficult
  • excruciatingly funny
  • excruciatingly long
  • excruciatingly painful
  • excruciatingly slow
  • excruciation
  • exculpation
  • exculpatory
  • exculpatory evidence
  • excursion include
  • excursion ticket
  • excursion train
  • excursion trip
  • excursionist

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Translation of "excursion" into French

excursion, randonnée, sortie are the top translations of "excursion" into French. Sample translated sentence: A travel agent will arrange an excursion to Andalusia for you. ↔ Un agent de voyage va vous organiser une excursion en Andalousie.

A brief recreational trip; a journey out of the usual way [..]

English-French dictionary

brief recreational trip [..]

A travel agent will arrange an excursion to Andalusia for you.

Un agent de voyage va vous organiser une excursion en Andalousie.

For the passionately fond of mountain excursions !

Les adeptes de randonnées vont faire le plein d'air pur !

Michael is closely surveilled, like all our inmates, especially on our excursions .

Michael est très surveillé, comme tous nos détenus, surtout durant nos sorties .

Less frequent translations

  • pique-nique
  • voyage scolaire
  • course totale d'une vibration
  • excursion de puissance
  • excursion de puissance du réacteur
  • excursion nucléaire
  • rallye randonnée
  • sortie scolaire
  • superficie brûlée en trop

Show algorithmically generated translations

Automatic translations of " excursion " into French

Images with "excursion", phrases similar to "excursion" with translations into french.

  • extravehicular excursion unit unité de sortie extra-véhiculaire · unité de sortie extravéhiculaire
  • total excursion
  • a three-day excursion une excursion de trois jours
  • runway excursion sortie de piste
  • Transports Schiocchet Excursions Transports Schiocchet Excursions
  • round trip excursion fare tarif d'excursion aller et retour · tarif excursion aller et retour
  • purchase excursion fare pex
  • temperature excursion

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▾ dictionary (french), excursion noun, feminine ( plural: excursions f ) —, excursion n ( plural: excursions ), trip n ( plural: trips ), field trip n, excursion touristique f —, excursion en mer f —, excursion scolaire f —, excursion maritime f —, petite excursion f —, excursion en voiture f —, excursion d'un jour f —, excursion de groupe f —, excursion en famille f —, excursion en camping f —, notes d'excursion pl f —, excursion de classe f —, ▸ dictionary (english), excursion noun ( plural: excursions ) —, excursion f (often used) ( plural: excursions f ), runway excursion n —, small excursion n —, group excursion n —, great excursion n —, sightseeing excursion n —, maritime excursion n —, family excursion n —, annual excursion n —, excursion train n —, ▸ external sources (english), ▾ external sources (french).

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excursion in french means

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excursion in french means

Meaning of "excursion" in the French dictionary

Pronunciation of excursion in french, grammatical category of excursion, what does excursion mean in french, definition of excursion in the french dictionary.

La définition de excursion dans le dictionnaire est irruption guerrière en territoire ennemi. Mouvement d'un élément hors de sa position de repos. Digression.


French words that begin like excursion, french words that end like excursion, synonyms and antonyms of excursion in the french dictionary of synonyms, synonyms of «excursion» in french, french words relating to «excursion», translation of «excursion» into 25 languages.

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Examples of use in the french literature, quotes and news about excursion, 10 french books relating to «excursion», 10 news items which include the term «excursion».


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excursion meaning in French

excursion in french means

excursion  excursion

excursion in french means

excursion =  excursion

Pronunciation  =  🔊 bb1.onclick = function(){ if(responsivevoice.isplaying()){ responsivevoice.cancel(); }else{ responsivevoice.speak("excursion", "uk english female"); } }; excursion, pronunciation in french  =  excursion, excursion  in french : excursion, part of speech :  noun  , definition in english : a short journey or trip, especially one taken as a leisure activity. , definition in  french : un court trajet ou un voyage, en particulier celui pris comme activité de loisir., examples in english :.

  • I am planning for an excursion.

Examples in French :

  • Je prévois une excursion.

Synonyms of excursion

Antonyms of excursion, about english french dictionary, about english language.

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Another Super Bowl bet emerges: Can Taylor Swift make it from her Tokyo show in time?

Rachel Treisman

excursion in french means

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift celebrate after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game at M&T Bank Stadium in Maryland on Sunday. Patrick Smith/Getty Images hide caption

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift celebrate after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game at M&T Bank Stadium in Maryland on Sunday.

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night, winning the AFC championship and securing a spot in the Super Bowl . They'll battle the San Francisco 49ers next month, hoping for a repeat of their 2020 victory .

The game is, as always, a big deal for fans of football, memorable TV commercials and elaborate halftime shows. And this year, another fandom is joining in full force: Swifties.

As has been well established, history-making global superstar Taylor Swift is dating history-making Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Her attendance at his games throughout the season has sent NFL ticket sales, TV ratings and Kelce jersey demand soaring , converted scores of new football fans and rankled some rivals along the way.

The Kansas City Chiefs will play the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs will play the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl

Swift has been a visible presence on TV screens and social media memes all season, whether she's cheering Kelce on from his VIP box with an array of family members and celebrity friends, leaving Arrowhead Stadium hand-in-hand with him or simply enjoying a snack .

Travis and Taylor ❤️ pic.twitter.com/9FlGKczWd4 — NFL (@NFL) January 28, 2024

She was on the field to celebrate the Chiefs' win on Sunday, where her embrace of Kelce and interaction with coach Andy Reid made headlines of their own.

"Taylor Swift still managed to be one of the biggest storylines from that game despite not being on the field," Nora Princiotti, a staff writer at The Ringer (and a Swiftie) told NPR's All Things Considered .

Naturally, Swift fans were quick to wonder: Will she be in the stands at the Super Bowl too?

The answer is surprisingly complicated because Swift has stadiums of her own to fill.

A Thanksgiving guest's guide to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Pop Culture

A thanksgiving guest's guide to taylor swift and travis kelce.

Swift resumes the international leg of her record-breaking Eras Tour just days before the big game. She is scheduled to wrap up the last of four performances at the Tokyo Dome on Saturday, Feb. 10 — the night before the Super Bowl kicks off in Las Vegas, at 6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 pm PT.

Experts say the answer is theoretically yes. And it won't take a time machine, just a private jet. Luckily, Swift reportedly owns two .

"This is a typical international flight and the turnaround is not very tight," says Kevin O'Leary, the president and CEO of Jet Advisors , a Massachusetts-based aircraft acquisition, brokerage and research firm.

Warning: Things are about to get nerdy.

How exactly Swift can "Come Back ... Be Here"

Swift's show is scheduled to open at 6 p.m. local time and generally runs about three hours and 15 minutes. O'Leary — who is not a Swiftie but holds a PhD in aviation operations — predicts a punctual start.

He says Swift could feasibly fly out of either of Tokyo's main airports: Haneda, which is roughly a 30-minute drive from the Tokyo Dome but requires special permission, and Narita, which is about an hour's drive.

"There will be some logistics [and] clearances before the flight will be allowed to depart," O'Leary wrote. "With either airport the flight should be able to depart Japan within 2 hours of the end of [the] concert."

Deepfakes exploiting Taylor Swift images exemplify a scourge with little oversight

Deepfakes exploiting Taylor Swift images exemplify a scourge with little oversight

That puts her potential departure time around 11:30 Saturday night local time, or 6:30 Saturday morning Vegas time.

O'Leary's calculations also assume Swift would be flying in her Dassault Falcon 7X (which has a slightly longer range than her Dassault Falcon 900, according to The Athletic ). He says the jet should be able to fly the 4,821 nautical miles to Harry Reid International Airport (KLAS) in 10 to 12 hours.

There are always possible complications, from weather disruptions to the expected challenge of securing a landing slot at the airport, due to enhanced safety procedures in anticipation of high traffic that weekend.

Real relationship aside, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are 100% in a PR relationship

It's Been a Minute

Real relationship aside, taylor swift and travis kelce are 100% in a pr relationship.

But if all goes according to plan, Swift would arrive in Vegas sometime between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. PT on Saturday, Feb. 10, thanks to the time change (see this decades-old West Wing clip for an eerily timely — no pun intended — explanation).

That would leave Swift with plenty of time to rest before the game, though O'Leary says she could do so on the plane.

"The aircraft would typically have berthing seats for 4-5 passengers, so the passengers would be able to lay flat, similar to an international business class seat," he explains.

Swift knows private jet travel "All Too Well"

The journey would cost around $45,000, O'Leary estimates. It would generate more than 87,000 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2), according to a calculator from Paramount Business Jets .

But O'Leary says the Falcon 7X is one of the most fuel-efficient jets in the industry, burning 23% less fuel than the category average.

Swift is no stranger to private jet travel: She has logged days' worth of flights crisscrossing the globe for her Eras Tour shows and Kelce's games in recent months and repeatedly faced criticism for the emissions those flights generate.

Private jet travel is one of the most carbon-intensive things a person can do

"Taylor Swift's Jets," a since-deleted Instagram account that monitors her flights, posted in December that her trips generated 138 tons of CO2 emissions in just the prior three months. A spokesperson for Swift has said that she purchased "more than double the carbon credits needed to offset all tour travel" before the Eras tour started in March 2023.

Fans flying commercial may also notice a subtle nod to Swift (and Kelce) on some of the domestic flights headed to the Super Bowl.

Both American and United Airlines have added flights between Kansas City and Las Vegas in advance of the Super Bowl, with fitting flight numbers: 1989 (Swift's birth year and the title of one of her albums) and 87 (Kelce's jersey number).

Yes way! We also have flights UA 2287 and UA 1587 😉 https://t.co/cGEPrIiRFQ — United Airlines (@united) January 29, 2024

Swift will be rooting for "Red (Taylor's Version)"

The question of Swift's travel timelines has caused a bit of a frenzy, albeit for different reasons.

Former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy fanned a conspiracy theory about the Super Bowl being rigged to potentially give Swift — who drove a surge in voter registration with a single Instagram post last year — an even better platform to endorse President Biden, hypothetically.

Other reactions were more celebratory. People flooded social media with time travel jokes and jubilant "Traylor" (or Tayvis, or Swelce) videos. Late-night hosts speculated enthusiastically on air about Swift's plans.

Several fans treated for hypothermia at the fourth-coldest game in NFL history

Several fans treated for hypothermia at the fourth-coldest game in NFL history

Fans were quick to draw comparisons to High School Musical , in which the romantic leads' championship basketball game, academic decathlon and theater audition are all scheduled at the same time. (Vanessa Hudgens, who starred in the movie, endorsed the theory as "hilarious.")

Some of the Swift-related questions will likely translate into Super Bowl bets , not only about whether she'll make it to Allegiant Stadium but what she might do there: appear on screen, be accompanied by other celebrities, get engaged, etc.

Sportsbook Review notes that most legal, regulated U.S. sportsbooks "don't generally offer these types of markets, but it's likely they'll try to capitalize on the extra attention Swift brings to the 2024 Super Bowl."

A match made in fandom: Travis, Taylor and the weirdness of celebrity relationships

Pop Culture Happy Hour

A match made in fandom: travis, taylor and the weirdness of celebrity relationships.

Swift isn't just bringing the NFL more viewers, but a whole new — and decidedly more feminine — demographic of fans, Princiotti noted.

"The NFL for years and years has been trying to court women and court more women fans, and to be frank, they haven't always been very good at it," she added. "And they have sort of stumbled into this hyper-influencer who's doing a lot of that work for them really well."

A Swift Super Bowl appearance would all but guarantee a huge boost in ratings, with Poynter reporting that it has the chance to become the most-viewed U.S.-based telecast of all time (even if she's only seen in brief glimpses, which a recent New York Times analysis confirmed has so far been the case).

The star-studded event will also feature pregame performances by Reba McEntire, Post Malone and Andra Day, Tiesto as the first-ever " in-game DJ " and a halftime show headlined by Usher. Swift has reportedly turned that gig down twice.

  • super bowl 58
  • travis kelce
  • Taylor Swift
  • Kansas City Chiefs

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English translation of 'la tour'

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When Going Off Message Is the Message

Reneé Rapp has been going off-script on the press circuit for “Mean Girls.” Maybe she lacks media training — and maybe that’s the point.

Reneé Rapp, wearing a black suit dress with a light-pink corset layered over top, poses for photographers on a hot-pink carpet against a backdrop that says “Mean Girls.”

By Emma Madden

On her press tour for the new adaptation of “Mean Girls,” Reneé Rapp has called out the owner of a bus touring company owner by name, described herself as “ ageist ” against millennial women, praised Megan Thee Stallion’s butt and used an interview as an opportunity to shoot her shot with Rachel McAdams, the original Regina George, whose shoes Ms. Rapp stepped into for her latest role . She also said that she might not want Ms. McAdams to see the new take on the character and suggested that she was weary of the franchise.

“I’m tired of wearing pink,” Ms. Rapp told an interviewer . “I’ve had it, I’m good on it. I don’t want to do it anymore.”

“She’s not staying within the established safe boundaries of what’s the right thing to say, and that’s why her fans are identifying with her and gravitating to her — it’s very refreshing,” said Bill McGowan, founder and chief executive of Clarity Media Group, who conducted the Kardashians’ first media training session. “I mean, think about it — in some ways unhinged has become the new authentic.”

In the world of celebrity today, lawlessness and “unhinged” personalities reign supreme. Ms. Rapp is carving out her stardom in the mold of Julia Fox or even the disgraced politician George Santos , who both appear to be hyper-aware of their own presentation as well as willfully shambolic, treating press appearances as opportunities to go off-script. The more shocking, the better.

It’s a departure from what fans have come to expect from their favorite stars, many of whom have been coached to delicately dodge difficult questions and stick to positive messaging about their films and projects. In a meta move, Ms. Rapp appeared in an “S.N.L.” sketch last week that included a quip about her being sentenced to “40 hours of court-ordered media training.”

But among her supporters, “keep Reneé Rapp away from media training” has become a common refrain . So-called media training was once an industry secret. “23 years ago, we were the ones whispering off in the sides, telling stars what to say,” Mr. McGowan said. Today, however, an increasingly media literate generation may see it as antagonistic to star power, dulling a celebrity’s personality.

Now, stars who appear fundamentally untrained, who disrupt the norms of press appearances, and who leave their interviewer and co-stars shocked, as Ms. Rapp has done, may reap their own kinds of rewards, experts say: internet virality, or an ‘it girl’ moment.

Nya Étienne, 22, a digital strategist and journalist, said that Ms. Rapp’s delivery may appeal in particular to members of Gen Z, who have come to form deeper attachments to celebrities in an increasingly atomized world.

“These are people who spend hours online meticulously studying clips of celebrities, and when they see them acting like ‘real people,’ they feel a little bit less alone,” she said, adding: “These online communities thrive off shared cultural moments and understandings.”

Still, some argue that even this “ stars, they’re just like us ” relatability can be manufactured, especially through an evolving school of media training.

“Back in the day, it was all about taking three key messages, grinding them into some kind of indistinguishable, bland pulp that nobody could possibly remember,” Mr. McGowan said. He said media training had shifted its focus, preaching memorability over safe messaging. “Media training should be about creating memorable, provocative, interesting things to say and stories to tell,” he said.

Before the practice transformed the industry, stars like Parker Posey and Norm Macdonald were early pioneers of a certain unpredictable style of interview, drawing laughter from audiences with their eccentric, out-of-pocket anecdotes and casual disregard for the interview format. In the 2010s, it was a style of media performance that became closely associated with white female millennials like Lena Dunham and Jennifer Lawrence, both of whom earned reputations for being quirky and offbeat (though sometimes it backfired ).

“The idea of media training is existentially repulsive to me,” Ms. Dunham said to the singer Lorde in an interview with Dazed in 2015 . “I would rather step in my own vomit 800 times and track it all over the world and get in trouble than sit in an office and have someone explain to me how I’m supposed to talk about things.”

Glenn Kinsey, a media trainer with 33 years of experience, said that while he has always encouraged authenticity in his practice, it’s a style of training that has only recently become popular among celebrities.

“Certainly in the past few years, it’s really been blowing up, because my thing is getting them to be themselves and to look like they’ve had no training,” he said. “Ultimately, the more raw, the more real, the more imperfect — in many ways, the better.”

One can only imagine the carnage that will ensue if Ms. Rapp undergoes her 40 hours of court-ordered media training.

‘Mean Girls’ Is Back

A new film adaptation of the broadway musical, which was itself an adaptation of the 2004 movie about a girl trying to fit in with the popular crowd in high school, hit theaters on jan. 12..

R eview:  Still puffily padded but no longer particularly tart, this shape-shifting classic about the girls you love to hate retains its ingratiating charms, our critic writes about the new movie .

Comparing Notes:   A New York Times critic and a culture report discuss how the world has changed  since the original “Mean Girls” movie and what the new version has to say to audiences today.

Tina Fey Interview :  With a new version of Regina George and the Plastics in theaters, the writer-producer reflected  on how different generations have reacted over the years.

When Mean Girls Grow Up:  Two decades ago, the author Rosalind Wiseman defined teen-girl dynamics and inspired Fey’s cult classic movie. Now she helps the adult women who can’t escape high school .

The New (Home-Schooled) Kid in Class:  As our critic knows, missing out on the shared experience of school is deeply strange. It’s something Hollywood rarely acknowledges, except in these films .

A Secret Movie Musical:  With “Mean Girls,” “Wonka” and “The Color Purple,” why have studios spent much of their marketing budget downplaying and disguising their movie musicals ?

The Film’s Style:  Some people have roasted the outfits in the new “Mean Girls,” but there were reasons the Plastics got a Gen Z spin, the movie’s costume designer told us .

Birdies or receptions? Guide to WM Phoenix Open, Super Bowl cross-sport props

Golfbet News

(PGA TOUR/Getty Images)

(PGA TOUR/Getty Images)

Change Text Size

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – It’s officially Super Bowl week, which means that bettors of every shape and size have dozens of prop bets to pore over as the Kansas City Chiefs get set to take on the San Francisco 49ers. Among them, are a few that touch upon the performances of some of golf’s biggest names at the WM Phoenix Open.

Oddsmakers at DraftKings Sportsbook have created several “cross-sport” props that tie the results this week at TPC Scottsdale to the results Sunday evening in Las Vegas between the Chiefs and the 49ers. Some of these specialty markets focus on outcomes from Thursday’s opening round on the Stadium Course, while other markets won’t be decided until Sunday’s final round.

For example, which will be higher on Sunday: the number of birdies made by the eventual WM Phoenix Open tournament winner, or receptions by San Francisco wide receiver Deebo Samuel? What about Max Homa’s opening-round score against Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce receiving yards?

Here's a look at some of the notable cross-sport markets in play this week that offer a unique approach to the action, with some of the matchups not decided until both trophies get lifted on Sunday:

  • Either Scottie Scheffler to be the First Round Leader OR George Kittle (49ers) to score the first touchdown: Yes +600
  • Repeat Winners? Either Scottie Scheffler to win WM Phoenix Open OR Chiefs to win Super Bowl: Yes -140
  • Jordan Spieth Round 4 total birdies (-105) vs. total made field goals (+155) (Tie +500)
  • Justin Thomas Round 1 score (-130) vs. Rashee Rice receiving yards (+105) (Tie +3000)
  • Justin Thomas Round 4 total birdies (-200) vs. total San Francisco 49ers touchdowns (+275) (Tie +600)
  • Max Homa Round 1 score (+105) vs. Travis Kelce receiving yards (-130) (Tie +3000)
  • Scottie Scheffler Round 1 score (-110) vs. Isiah Pacheco rushing yards (-110) ( Tie +3000)
  • Scottie Scheffler Round 4 total birdies (+190) vs. total touchdowns scored (-145) (Tie +650)
  • Total Round 4 birdies made by the winner of the WM Phoenix Open (+110) vs. Deebo Samuel receptions (+120) (Tie +600)

Note: Should a golfer in a matchup tied to final-round performance miss the cut, the wager in question would be refunded.

The PGA TOUR is committed to protecting our fans. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, the National Council on Problem Gambling operates a confidential toll-free hotline that you can reach by phone or text at 1-800-522-4700.

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Meaning of excursion in English

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  • break-journey
  • circumnavigation

excursion | Intermediate English

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excursion in french means

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Taylor Swift fans in Tokyo share why she means so much to them

excursion in french means

TOKYO — Fifty-five thousand fans packed inside the Tokyo Dome for night one of the 2024 Eras Tour. Each fan had a different journey, but they all have one thing in common: an adoration for Taylor Swift. Every era was on display from "Junior Jewels" T-shirts to velvet green "Willow" cloaks to the supportive father sporting a "Swift Dad" tee.

As they piled into the arena, they shared their stories. Among them was a Japanese fan who learned English by listening to Swift's songs, an American influencer who has been to six tour stops and 3,000 Chinese Swifties who held a 50-foot banner.

Taylor Swift teaches English

"I've been her biggest fan for 10 years," Mao Oishi said, "and it's my first time to see her."

Oishi held a carabiner with hundreds of friendship bracelets that took her more than a month to make. When I asked her what she would say to Swift if given the chance, she took a moment, covered her mouth in surprise at the idea and replied, "The biggest reason why I speak English is because of her. Because of her songs, now I am able to speak English."

Her favorite song is "This Is Me Trying" from "Folklore."

Chris Olsen is 'repping' all black

TikTok star Chris Olsen jetted from the Grammys where he watched Swift announce her 11th album, "The Tortured Poets Department," to Japan with one of his best friends, Mae Hurtig. The two work black, head-to-toe, because they're in their "Reputation" era.

"Every time you hear a Taylor song, you hear something new," Hurtig said. "Her lyrics are just that rich. I'm excited to go in, listen to the setlist that I've heard a billion times and discover something new."

Hurtig and Olsen went to the Los Angeles show that was taped for the Eras Tour film. Olsen then went to Argentina and heard her sing, "Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me." And now he's watching the tour kickoff in Japan.

"The crowd always gives different energies," Olsen said. "The Tokyo crowd already seems amazing."

3,000 Chinese Swifties fly to Japan

Outside of the Tokyo Dome about 100 fans with the Swiftie LuoSifen Group SN held a banner that read, "We will stand by you forever. Please don’t have Chinese Swifties waiting on you."

"We want her to come to China," Tang Jun Yu said. "She is with me a lot. When I feel sad, I listen to her and I cheer up."

Around 3,000 members of the group made the trip and had white towels with black letters that said, "Chinese Swifties will always be your A-Team."

Swift continues her Japan leg for three more nights. Her next tour stop is Melbourne, Australia.

Follow Bryan West, the USA TODAY Network's Taylor Swift reporter, on  Instagram ,  TikTok  and  X as @BryanWestTV .


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