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Experience Italy differently. Enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences and uncover local secrets when our friends across the country open their doors to you. Here’s just a sample of the rich experiences you can expect.

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“Uffizi Gallery in Florence is a world class museum with an incredible renaissance art collection. Enjoy a guided tour with a Local Specialist to make the experience more memorable, especially when in front of Botticelli’s stunning ‘Birth of Venus’ painting”

Pino, Travel Director

See Michelangelo's frescoed ceiling in the Sistine Chapel

One of the most important structures of the Catholic faith, the Vatican City’s Sistine Chapel is a must-see on a tour of Italy. Though the chapel walls have witnessed centuries of worship, it’s the renaissance ceiling paintings of Michelangelo that will leave you in awe.

Visit the glamorous Isle of Capri

Enjoy the classic Italian summer in Italy’s picture-perfect Gulf of Naples. Famed for its crystal grottos, dramatic coastlines and endless glamour, our trips to Italy are complete with a day of freedom spent under a striped umbrella, watching sailboats pass by.

Cruise your way through Venice

The charm found in the canals of Venice is nothing short of irresistible. Admire gothic palaces and postcard bridges whilst adrift in a gondola, gaining an understanding of life in a city that floats. Exploring a city by foot will never be the same after a trip to Venice.

Journey to the well-preserved ruins of Pompeii

An unfathomable history lesson is found in the archaeological ruins of Pompeii. Buried and preserved by the ash of a volcano eruption in the year 79, in this Italian town you will discover the progressive life of early Roman times as you walk within the parameters of an open-air time capsule of life on Earth.

Go shopping in Italy's fashion capital Milan

Armani, Gucci, Prada and Versace. These are some of the prestigious fashion brands that call the Italian city of Milan home. In between yearning through boutiques and department stores, stop to sample the city’s delicacies like breaded veal cutlet and ossobuco.

Our top 5 things to do in Italy

It's the moments of quiet stillness that take your breath away on a Trafalgar tour through Italy. Sitting in the calm halls of the Vatican. Floating on the canals of Venice. Standing beside the ruins of Pompeii.

Uffizi Gallery

The Tuscan capital is home to Uffizi Gallery, where the brushworks of art’s true masters are found. Names like Raffaello, Leonardo, and Michelangelo dress Uffizi’s grand pink walls, whilst internal courtyards leading to the Arno River will show you the building’s architectural brilliance.

Vatican Museums

A collection of Christian artwork that spans centuries and stirs the soul is found in Rome’s Vatican Museums. From the intricate ceiling by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel to the detailed Pope portraits from the 16th century to today, you will be lost for words once inside this blessed museum complex.

Doge's Palace

Home to the leader of Venice from its opening in 1340, Doge’s Palace summarizes the sparkle of this city. An opulent example of Venetian Gothic architecture and home to numerous historical works, this museum is a must when you visit Venice.

Best museums in Italy

The epicenter of the Catholic faith and the birthplace of art’s most renowned masters. Our guided tours of Italy will take you to the many museums found here, whether in the Sistine Chapel, by the canals of Venice or in the grand galleries of Tuscany.

The authentic carbonara experience will take place in Rome, covered in salty Pecorino Romano cheese. A simple dish inspiring heart-warming meal times, this pasta will connect you with Italy’s rich culinary customs - an impressive evolution from its supposed heritage as a coal-miner’s meal.

Pollo alla Cacciatora

Literally translating to ‘hunter’ in Italian, cacciatore offers an appreciation for Italy’s meals of days gone by. Typically a preparation of rabbit or chicken, it’s the simmering tomato stew that makes this dish so mouthwatering. Satisfy a genuine hunger and consume with hand-ripped bread.

Italy tours are best served with an oversized slice of tiramisu. Cementing this country's obsession with espresso, this cake of layered biscuits soaked in coffee is the perfect after hours pick-me-up before an evening stroll through the charming streets.

Best food in Italy

A date with Italian food will likely start and end with a slice of pizza. But it’s the menu items that we share with you in between that will take your appreciation to new heights; think cacciatore and Carbonara with a slice of tiramisu in between.

What to pack for Italy

People packing for a tour

A classic linen outfit

The Italians are famous for their equal parts glamorous and effortless dress sense. Look the part with a few ensembles featuring classic linens in navy and white.

A blank journal

With the wealth of inspiration tucked into every corner of Italy, you might find yourself compelled to write down notes or memories. At the very least to remember the traditional Italian recipes you learn.

With such a large expanse of space to explore, on some days, long journeys are unavoidable. The scenery will provide plenty of visual entertainment, while headphones can be used to listen to some local music or enjoy podcasts about Italian history, culture and politics when you're not enjoying the storytelling from your Travel Director.

A small blanket

When exploring the soul-stirring setting of Tuscany, a picnic may call. Come prepared with a small blanket to cover in wine and cheese.

Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes

A classic memoir that brought the romance of Tuscany to the world, there’s no better time to read this book than when venturing through the country yourself.

Pack for sustainable travel

Consider your environmental impact when you next take a trip and go single-use-plastic-free by packing a reusable water bottle, a steel straw, your own shopping bags and reusable toiletry bottles.

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10 Best Bus Tours in Italy to Book Today

By: Author Values Bus Tour

Posted on Last updated: June 19, 2024

If you desire an exciting and informative way to sightsee in Italy, consider taking a bus tour. Countless tours are available, so you can find one that fits your interests and budget. Here are the best bus tours in Italy you need to know.

Experience Italy at its finest by taking a tour with one of the best bus tours. From exploring cosmopolitan cities to admiring incredible panoramas, you can get the most out of your Italian vacation on a guided tour. Take in the cultural experience around the country, from absolutely crucial to experience Rome to the serene Amalfi Coast, uncover some of the world’s most significant artworks, and learn about the region’s unique histories from experienced guides.

Vatican City Aerial View

With accommodating diverse desires, an extraordinary trip and delightful attractions await you in Italy. Read on to learn more about our recommended top bus tours in Italy!

A bus tour of Italy is an efficient and convenient way to explore the country, with guided tours providing insight into the culture and history. Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, Milan, and Venice are popular destinations for Italian bus tours, offering unique attractions and activities.

Bus tours offer a unique perspective on Italian culture and history and can be a great way to see some of the country’s most famous landmarks. Plus, they’re a great way to meet other travelers!

Table of Contents

Types Of Bus Tours Available In Italy

When it comes to bus tours, Italy has a lot to offer. From historic cities to stunning coastal towns, they cater to multiple tastes. Here are the best bus tours available in Italy.

Colosseum and Skyline

This tour takes you through the Eternal City, with stops at all the major sights, including the Colosseum , Vatican City, and St. Peter’s Basilica . Rome is one of Italy’s most popular destinations and a crucial visit for any traveler. Home to the Eternal City, Rome is a dynamic capital with places abundant in historical significance, bastions of culture, and magnificent monuments.

The city has countless attractions, including the Colosseum, the Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, and the Trevi Fountain. Other popular attractions include the Roman Forum, Piazza Navona, and the Spanish Steps.

For those looking to explore further, there are many day trips from Rome to other destinations in Italy and Europe. These include the Accademia Gallery in Florence, the Italian Lakes, and the Italian Riviera.

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2. Florence

Florence Cityscape

See the best of Florence on this tour , which takes in sights like the Duomo, the Palazzo Vecchio, and the Ponte Vecchio. Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, and it’s an excellent destination for a bus tour. Located in Northern Italy, Florence is known for its incredible architecture and sights.

A guided tour of Florence will take you to some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, including the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Baptistery of St. John, and the Piazzale Michelangelo. Additionally, you can visit the Uffizi Gallery and Palazzo Vecchio. Florence is also home to the Accademia Gallery, where you can see Michelangelo’s famous statue of David.

No visit to Florence is complete without a trip to the city’s famous cafes. Cafe Florian, frequented by Casanova, is an excellent spot for coffee and some people-watching. And in case you desire a unique experience, you can take a gondola ride down the Arno River and enjoy the incredible panoramas.

On your tour of Florence, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the city’s many small towns and villages. There are plenty of places to discover from San Gimignano to the Italian Lakes. And, of course, you’ll have the chance to sample some of the city’s delicious cuisine.

No matter what you choose to do, you’ll don’t forget to have a memorable experience in Florence. With its stunning architecture, iconic sights, and delicious food, Florence is the perfect destination for an Italian bus tour.

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Venice Canal

Discover Venice’s canals and bridges on this tour , which also visits St. Mark’s Square and the Doge’s Palace. Venice is a city full of iconic landmarks and breathtaking views. The city is full of sights to explore, from the iconic St. Mark’s Basilica and the Campanile di San Marco to the Accademia Gallery and the Uffizi Gallery. And for a genuinely unique experience, take a gondola ride along the city’s canals.

Venice has a thing to offer everyone from the Doge’s Palace to the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore. On a tour of Venice, you can explore the city’s winding streets, admire its charming architecture, visit famous museums and art galleries, or take in the beautiful views of the Venetian Lagoon.

With its proximity to other popular destinations in Italy, such as Rome, Florence, Tuscany, and the Amalfi Coast, Venice makes an excellent starting point for a tour of Italy.

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6. Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Scenery

This tour takes in the highlights of the Amalfi Coast, including the towns of Positano and Ravello. The Amalfi Coast is a popular tourist destination, offering incredible panoramas and numerous activities. Situated in the southern part of Italy, the Amalfi Coast is renowned for its picturesque towns and villages, stunning beaches, and stunning coastal views.

Visitors can explore Sorrento’s beautiful avenues and the ruins of Pompeii, cruise around the Italian Riviera, or take in the view from Mt. Vesuvius. Along the coast, visitors can also explore the charming towns of Ravello and Amalfi and the beautiful gardens of Villa Cimbrone.

From the Amalfi Coast, visitors can take a day trip to the nearby Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage site that offers fantastic views and a range of activities. Visitors can also take a day trip to the Italian Lakes, such as Lake Maggiore, to explore Verona’s ancient ruins and the best of northern Italy.

With so many things to explore and enjoy, the Amalfi Coast is the perfect destination for a bus tour in Italy. From the fantastic panoramas to the dynamic culture, the Amalfi Coast offers everyone a thing to offer. Irrespective of your search for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, a bus tour of the Amalfi Coast will provide you with a unique experience you’ll never forget.

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Swimming in Taormina, Sicily

Sicily is a destination that combines both historical and natural attractions. On this tour, discover the culture and history of Sicily with visits to its ancient sites, such as Mt. Etna, one of the world’s most remarkable active volcanoes; the Greek ruins at Agrigento; and the Baroque architecture of Syracuse.

You will also have free time to explore the local cities and taste signature Sicilian dishes like caponata or arancini. Enjoy a memorable adventure in Sicily – book your bus tour today !

Tuscany is home to many beautiful and historical places, including Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Montepulciano, Montalcino, Pienza, Pitigliano, Arezzo, and Cortona. Tuscany has diverse desires despite your search for a relaxing picnic in the countryside or exploring the many museums, galleries, and churches.

Pisa is most iconic for its Leaning Tower, a marble bell tower built over 800 years ago. The tower leans at an angle of about 4 degrees and is the third-oldest structure in the city. The Baptistery is next to it, another historical monument with an intricate dome. It’s the perfect place to take a photo and capture the unique beauty of Pisa.

Tuscany is also well-known for its excellent wine and its local wineries. The area is home to some of Italy’s best wines, such as Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino. Visitors can take tours of the local wineries, go wine tasting, and explore the vineyards. From the charming back streets of Pisa to the ancient ruins of Rome, there are plenty of opportunities to explore Tuscany’s culture.

Stone lion at the Basilica di San Francesco di Paola in Piazza del Plebiscito, Naples

Naples is an excellent destination for those exploring Italy’s culture and history. This bustling port city is located on the Bay of Naples and is the largest city in southern Italy. Its rich history is evident in its architecture, from its majestic castles to its narrow alleys.

Visitors to Naples can explore the city’s many ancient monuments, such as the Castel dell’Ovo, the Galleria Borbonica, and the Catacombe di San Gennaro. The town also boasts an array of magnificent churches, such as the San Gennaro, the San Domenico Maggiore, and the Basilica San Lorenzo.

In addition, Naples is home to the famous Pompeii archaeological site, where visitors can explore the remains of the city destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The town also offers a range of guided tours, such as the one to explore Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel, and the surrounding area.

Naples is a great jumping-off point for trips to the Amalfi Coast, the Italian Lakes, the Italian Riviera, Lake Maggiore, and the Cinque Terre for those looking to explore the beauty of the nearby countryside. From its historical sights to its beautiful old town, Naples will surely provide a memorable encounter.

9. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre coastal view

Cinque Terre is a stunning region of Italy located on the Ligurian coast. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its dynamic colors, incredible panoramas, and charming villages. It comprises five villages: Monterosso al Mare, Corniglia, Vernazza, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. All towns are connected by a spectacular trail system, allowing visitors to explore the entire region on foot.

The Cinque Terre National Park is crucial, offering fantastic views of the Mediterranean Sea and lush green hillsides. It is additionally home to numerous ancient ruins and fantastic architecture.

The Rialto Bridge Market is another popular destination, offering an array of fresh ingredients, crafts, and souvenirs. Visitors can find everything from handmade jewelry to traditional Italian linens, perfect for creating a classic look for any outfit. Additionally, the region is home to numerous beaches, lakes, and other attractions, making it the ideal spot for a relaxing getaway.

From the fantastic panoramas of the Cinque Terre National Park to the bustling Rialto Bridge Market, Cinque Terre is a crucial destination for any traveler exploring Italy.

Milan is a dynamic city with a rich history and culture, making it a popular tourist destination. From ancient Roman ruins to the modern Italian fashion scene, Milan has something to offer everyone. The Duomo di Milano is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and a crucial visit for visitors.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a beautiful shopping arcade, while Il Cenacolo is a mesmerizing painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Castello Sforzesco is a crucial castle to visit, and Piazza del Duomo is a beautiful square with an impressive fountain.

Villa Necchi Campiglio and the Scala Theater Museum are worth visiting for art and culture. Tourists can also take a day trip to explore the surrounding area, such as Lake Maggiore, the Italian Lakes, or the Northern Italian countryside. Milan has accommodated diverse desires to enjoy, from the Duomo di Milano to the Scala Theater Museum.

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What to Expect During a Bus Tour of Italy

A bus tour of Italy is a great way to explore the country and see the sights. Bus tours allow travelers to make the most of their time and money, as they can quickly and easily visit multiple cities and attractions in one trip. Bus tours of Italy cover a wide range of destinations, from the bustling streets of Rome to the rolling hills of Tuscany and the beautiful coastline of the Amalfi Coast.

Guided tours are ideal for first-time tourists to experience the best of Italian culture and history. Tour guides provide detailed information about the destinations and monuments along the way, offering insight and expertise that cannot be found in guidebooks. Travelers can also sample authentic flavors, learn about the area’s history and customs, and purchase local souvenirs.

For those who prefer to take a self-guided tour, there are many options. Many companies offer special offers and discounts on packages, including transportation and accommodations. Tour operators also provide pre-planned itineraries, allowing travelers to customize their experience and visit the destinations they want to see.

You’ll be able to see the sights, enjoy the food, and learn about the culture and history of Italy. The tour will also include stops at the country’s most famous landmarks, such as the Colosseum, the Vatican Museum , and St. Mark’s Square. The tour guide will be able to provide you with information about each stop on the itinerary and answer any questions you may have.

No matter which type of tour is chosen, travelers can experience the best of Italy on a bus tour. A bus tour of Italy is the perfect way to see the country without worrying about renting a car or dealing with public transportation. The tour will take you to all the major cities, including Rome, Florence, and Venice, as well as some smaller towns and villages.

The Benefits Of Taking A Bus Tour In Italy

A bus tour in Italy is an excellent way to see the country’s many sights and attractions. Bus tours typically include stops at popular tourist destinations and lesser-known spots off the beaten path.

This tour is also a great way to meet other travelers and learn about their experiences in Italy. In addition, bus tours typically offer educational activities and opportunities to learn about the local culture and history. Consequently, taking a bus tour in Italy is an ideal way to immerse oneself in the country’s rich culture and history.

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How To Choose The Right Bus Tour For You?

When choosing a bus tour in Italy, there are a few things to consider. First, decide what type of tour you are looking for. Are you interested in a food and wine tour, or do you want to learn about the history and culture of the country?

Plenty of tours are available, so don’t forget to choose one that aligns with your interests. Second, consider the size of the group. Smaller groups often provide a more intimate experience, while larger groups can be more economical.

Third, look at the itinerary to see what sights will be included on the tour. Remember that some tours only visit major cities, while others include stops at smaller towns and villages.

Finally, check reviews to understand what other travelers have thought about the tour. By taking all of these factors into account, you can be sure to choose a bus tour that is right for you.

Exploring Italy through a bus tour is an ideal way to immerse yourself in the culture and history of this beautiful country. With many exciting destinations, a guided or self-guided bus tour suits every traveler’s needs. From the bustling metropolis of Rome to the stunning Amalfi Coast, each location has its unique charm waiting to be explored. Besides, taking a bus tour can make your trip even more efficient, allowing easy access to attractions and points of interest at a discounted price.

Ultimately, no matter which tours you take, you can rest assured that you will experience an unforgettable journey filled with Italian art and culture, beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine, exquisite architecture, and warm hospitality. With so much to see and do, you may want to book an extended stay after your bus tour to extend your exploration and genuinely enjoy the best of Italy.

Consider taking one of the many bus tours when searching for a unique way to see Italy. These guided trips provide an overview of some of the country’s most famous attractions, and they’re perfect for visitors who want to see as much as possible in a short amount of time. Bus tours are available throughout Italy, so no matter where you’re based, there’s sure to be one that fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to see italy in 10 days.

If you’re eager to make the most of your trip to Italy in just ten days, spend two days in Rome, two days in Umbria and Perugia, and three days in Tuscany. Then, spend two days at Lake Como before flying home from Milan. This will help you experience this beautiful country’s sights, history, and culture.

What is a bus tour guide?

A bus tour guide is an engaging professional who welcomes guests and provides insight into the sites they visit. They serve as a knowledgeable source of information, guiding groups through an enjoyable experience with interesting stories and facts about each destination.

Is there a hop-on, hop-off in Rome?

Yes, a hop-hop-off tour is available in Rome. With our hop-on, hop-off bus tours, you can explore all the fantastic city’s notable landmarks and create unforgettable memories. Discover the beauty of Rome with our hop-on, hop-off bus tours. Enjoy the convenience of hopping on and off at any stop.

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Bus tours in Italy

Welcome to OsaBus bus tours in Italy. Our designed coach tours in Italy offer you the key to unlocking this beautiful country’s hidden treasures. Whether you’re seeking a small group family tour, or a group of friends eager to explore, our tours are designed to cater to all your travel desires.

Check out our ready made bus tour packages or request a custom made private small group bus tour.

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Looking for a bus tour for your group? Our large charter bus selection is one of the best in Italy. We know how important comfort is. That’s why we offer roomy buses on all our bus tours in Italy.

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Minibus tours in Italy

Need a bus tour for a small group? Family trip in Italy or a smaller shared group traveling around Italy, we got you covered.

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Private and Individualy built group tours by bus or a samll van. Luxury or economy chauffeur driven minivan tours in Italy. Extra small group bus trips in Italy and in other parts of Europe.

Ready to go Packages

We offer many different bus tour packages: all-inclusive , custom made, private as well as shared group bus tours. Ask for more information.

Hotels included

All our packages include accomodation, which in most cases is a centrally located 4 star Hotel. For private bus tours we can adjust the accommodation per customer requirements.

Everything else

Our tours also include tour guides and group leaders. Additionally on a request basis we can help you with everything else, flight booking, custom itinerary development and much more.

What are the options for bus tours in Italy?

Family trips (4 people and above).

Our bus tour in Italy is perfect for families looking to create cherished memories together. With a minimum requirement of just 4 people, families can explore the wonders of Italy in a comfortable and engaging environment. Guides ensure that both adults and children have an enriching experience, catering to the interests of all family members.

Small group tours (Up to 16 People)

Our small group tours in Italy, accommodating up to 16 people, can be tailor-made just for you or you can choose from our ready to go coach trip package deals in Italy. These small group bus tours allow for flexibility, spontaneous stops, and a deeper connection with the destination, making your journey through Italy truly unique.

Large group tours (Up to 55 People)

Our Italy bus tours cater to the needs of larger groups as well, accommodating up to 55 people and even bigger if needed per customer requirements. With our spacious coaches, comfortable seating, and knowledgeable guides, large groups can travel together seamlessly. Check out our ready to go bus tour packages in Italy.

What to expect on a bus tour around Italy

Prepare for an unforgettable bus journey through the most captivating regions of Italy.

With our local guides, you’ll unravel the mysteries of iconic landmarks, indulge in gourmet delights throughout the entire coach trip in Italy. Expect seamless travel, delightful cultural encounters, and memories that will last a lifetime.

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Taste of Italy (ITT25) 2025

  • Tour Rome’s top sights with a local guide
  • Free days in Rome and Venice
  • Option to visit the Vatican City
  • See the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • A Coach Tour of Italy
  • Lasting for 7 Days
  • Prices Starting From £126 per day

Northern Italy including Cinque Terre

The Italian Riviera meets Italy’s beautiful Lake District on a gourmet-filled encounter with the north and its many treasures. All you need to do is live the high life on this most epic of Northern It...   read more»

Contiki Tours

  • Lasting for 8 Days
  • Prices Starting From £244 per day

London to Rome Highlights

Short on time, but big on appetite to see all the highlights from London to Rome? This 8 day journey including Italy’s iconic Venice, Florence and Rome is the perfect fit for you. You’ll see the Eiffe...   read more»

Contiki Tours

  • A Coach Tour of England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Vat...
  • Prices Starting From £191 per day

European Traveller

Stroll through streets filled with romance, history and adventure as you travel Europe. Feed your imagination as you explore ancient Rome, watch master craftsmen create treasures in Venice and admire ...   read more»

italy tour bus

Taste of Italy (ITT) 2024

  • Prices Starting From £100 per day

Highlights of Sicily

Enjoy an in-depth encounter with spirited Sicily on this ramble 'down south', which includes some quality time in Rome and a visit to the feisty city of Naples. Take a drive to Mount Etna, Europe’s la...   read more»

  • A Coach Tour of Italy, Vatican City
  • Lasting for 9 Days
  • Prices Starting From £128 per day

Colours of Sicily

Vibrant palette of colours come alive on your tour of Sicily. Sip local wine on the slopes of Mount Etna, wander the chic streets of Taormina and meet the locals in colourful town and villages. Top it...   read more»

  • Prices Starting From £192 per day

Best of the Italian Lakes

Discover the Italians’ favourite holiday haunts on this irresistible Italian Lakes trip. Linger over a sweet gelato?on the shores of Lake Maggiore, sample authentic balsamic vinegar in Modena, then ea...   read more»

  • Prices Starting From £253 per day

Great Italian Cities

Rome, Florence and Venice are the stars of the show on the most incredible of Italy trips. This unforgettable trio features visits to food markets, ancient Roman ruins and the artistry of great master...   read more»

  • Lasting for 10 Days
  • Prices Starting From £235 per day

Best of Italy and Greece

Admire the art and architecture of Rome and the rich cultural heritage of Florence. Visit the monasteries of Meteora and see the site of the most important oracle in the classical world.   read more»

  • A Coach Tour of Italy, Vatican City, Greece
  • Prices Starting From £320 per day

Italian Discovery

All the iconic Italian cities and some lesser-known treasures like Turin and Ferrara are yours to discover during an epic 10 days in Italy. Learn why Rome was once the centre of western civilisation, ...   read more»

  • Prices Starting From £284 per day

Contrasts of Italy

All aboard this exhilarating journey by high-speed train through Italy’s iconic cities of Rome, Florence and Venice. During your 10 days in Italy, conjure up gladiators and chariots in Rome, shop unti...   read more»

  • Prices Starting From £292 per day

Southern Italy and Sicily

The sun-kissed south and Sicily are the star attractions on this mesmerising southern Italy trip from Rome to Palermo. Taste local Sicilian wine on the slopes of snow-capped Mount Etna, learn about th...   read more»

  • Prices Starting From £268 per day

Highlights of Southern Italy and Sicily (ITS) 10 days

  • 'Rome by night' tour of the Italian capital
  • See Mt Vesuvius and explore the ruins of ancient Pompeii, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Prices Starting From £107 per day

Rome to Amsterdam (EX2L)

  • Walking tour of Rome with a local guide
  • Opportunity to visit Jungfraujoch in the Swiss Alps
  • Cruise the Rhine Valley in Germany and the canals of Amsterdam
  • A Coach Tour of Italy, Vatican City, Switzerland, German...
  • Prices Starting From £90 per day

Europe Jewel (EJ)

  • Local guided walking tours of Prague, Florence, Vienna and Ljubljana
  • Cruise Amsterdam’s canals and sail along the Rhine River in Germany
  • Discover Venice and Budapest
  • A Coach Tour of The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic...
  • Lasting for 14 Days
  • Prices Starting From £96 per day

7-10 Day Coach Tours of Italy

Your coach tour of italy.

You will begin and then depart in either Rome or Milan, or Venice. Italy itself will unwrap your senses in a way you will not expect. You will be entranced by the magic of Venice, with the winding canals and majestic architecture that will make you want to return again and again. In your guided Tour you will visit the Doge's Palace and stroll through St. Mark's Square, perhaps enjoy a coffee at Cafe Florian as Casanova once frequented. The Market at the Rialto Bridge will be a feast for your eyes and nose as the freshest ingredients of the day are on display.

Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?

The beautiful city of Verona will enthral you with its ambiance of romance as it is the setting for Romeo and Juliet, as Juliet's balcony is located here. Look out for Juliet's statue and she may give you luck. As you wander through the streets, you will see the Roman Arena, Piazza delle Erbe, and the Ponte Pietra. Your escorted Tour may take you to Pisa, the city known for its iconic Leaning Tower. Next to the Tower is the Baptistery, which you can tour and be astounded by the acoustics which are demonstrated daily by amateur singers. There is simply a charm of its own on the back streets of Pisa.

The bustling yet peaceful city of Florence will delight you with the picturesque Piazzas, the Arno, and the terracotta tiled Duomo. On your guided vacation, take in the sights of the Ponte Vecchio, the Basilica of Santa Croce, and the Accademia Gallery to behold the statue of David. Rome is the most famous Italian city of all and the capital of Italy. All roads truly do lead there as do most of the tours. See the Colosseum, Forum, Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain on your guided sightseeing tour. With most tours you will be supplied with headphones so that you can hear the guide clearly. 

Three Coins in a Fountain

Most tours spend a couple of nights in Rome so you will have the opportunity to see all the historical sights floodlit which brings an extra magic to your visit. Heading south from Rome you may take the opportunity to see Pompeii. Sitting in the shadow of Mt Vesuvius you’ll learn about the 79 AD eruption which destroyed the Roman cities of both Pompeii and Herculaneum. The magnificent Amalfi Coast will take your breath away as you meander along the coast line viewing the towering cliffs as houses seem to grow out of the mountains. Perhaps you will visit Positano, a quaint cliffside village. Finally let us not forget two more major regions that you can visit in less than 10 days. The Italian Lakes of Maggiore, Lugano, Como and Garda all have their own characters and are simply stunning. Fans of Island life may wish to visit Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean. A prominent landmark is Mt Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe. 7-10 days in Italy will leave a lasting impression and you will be yearning for another visit. Perhaps a longer one, which you can find in our other section of  Italy tours 11-30 days which also include visits to other European countries.

Important Things To Know About Bus Tours Of Italy

Lake Como Italy Tour

Taking a bus tour in Italy is a wonderful way to see the sights and meet new travel companions. Bus tours are a popular option for families, expats, couples and solo travelers who want to pack in a lot of sights without having to worry about planning all the travel arrangements.

However, bus tours aren’t suited to everyone; in fact, some travelers avoid them entirely! Even so, it’s worth taking a few moments to consider the pros and cons before you decide whether or not to book your place on a bus tour of Italy.

I have written another article about sightseeing Italy by bus that also includes a brief review of the some of the best bus tour companies that offer tours in Italy. That article has information on how you can go about picking the right tour and tour company that best suits your needs.

The Advantages Of Sightseeing Italy By Tour Bus.

Great advantages of sightseeing Italy by tour bus. In my view, you should seriously consider touring Italy by bus if you are visiting Italy for the first time. Ideally during your first visit, you should take a bus tour and plan something separately. During my first visit to Italy almost 20 years ago, I took a Trafalgar bus tour of Northern Italy and then visited Rome by myself.

A bus tour will help you experience Italy from a higher level, which is not a bad thing. You can get into the details in your later visits.

Tour Buses Are A Great Way To See A Lot In A Short Time.

If it’s your first time in Italy then it can be difficult to figure out how to fit in all the top attractions in a short vacation. For instance, it’s not easy to arrange all the transport, accommodation and timetables to get around the country while stopping off at all the major attractions along the way.

By reserving your place on a guided tour you’ll be taken from place to place without needing to worry about public transport, unreliable timetables and booking your accommodation. This will allow you to sit back, relax and take in the sites along the way without the stress of making your own plans and bookings.

You’ll Have A Guide On A Bus Tour.

One of the main advantages of joining a bus tour in Italy is that you’ll be able to benefit from the guide’s historical and cultural knowledge of the sites you visit. Guides on the best tours are multilingual and will be able to give you and the other guests a commentary on the background and facts relating to all the sites you visit.

On some tours, the bus driver doubles as a guide but in other cases, there is a designated driver and a separate guide. Ideally, you should select a tour that has both a guide and a driver to get the most out of the experience. This means you’ll always have the guide’s narration to complement the attractions you’re seeing around you and be able to ask any questions you have, even while you’re on the road.

Having a guide to show you around the country adds a wonderful element to your time in Italy; in a sense, it’s like watching a live-action documentary! Your guide will also ensure that you don’t get lost or waste time trying to find your way from place to place during the tour.

Remember, your guide will be an absolute expert on all things Italy so they can really be a valuable resource that allows you to deeply immerse yourself in the sites and attractions that you’re visiting.

Entrance Fees And Tickets Are Included In The Price.

When you book a bus tour the cost of the package will almost always include the entrance fees and tickets for the attractions on the itinerary. In some cases, the package will also include the price of meals on the tour. This makes it much easier to budget your trip to Italy in the knowledge that all your tickets are prepaid in advance.

Another benefit of prepaying your tickets and entrance fees in advance is that large tour operators can get significant discounts on the prices because they bring so much custom to the attraction. These costs are often passed on to you or taken into account of in the overall price of the package. That’s why it can actually work out cheaper to take a guided bus tour than it would otherwise have been to arrange it all yourself.

Bus Tours Of Italy Are Less Stressful.

Joining a bus tour is a far less stressful way to see Italy than arranging it all yourself! Not only will you have a driver who knows the roads and routes to take but you won’t have to worry about making bookings or buying tickets during the tour. As well as tickets and entrance fees, your transport is provided and often your accommodation is included in the package too.

This means you can sit back and enjoy the ride while stopping off at all the most important attractions along the way. In the evening you can concentrate on relaxing and appreciate the hotel and its surroundings without losing sleep about arranging the next day’s itinerary.

Most tours also include a certain amount of free time in the itinerary; so you’ll still have a chance to do some exploring on your own. Even so, having the basic itinerary laid out in advance really can take the stress out of your vacation.

You’ll See All The Top Attractions.

Group bus tours are carefully designed to have a comprehensive itinerary that incorporates all the top sites and attractions in a given area. The tour organizers work hard to plan itineraries that will show you everything you came to Italy to see; and often, because they plan the tours so meticulously, you’ll also see a few things you wouldn’t have thought of including in your own itinerary!

You Won’t Need To Drive.

Driving in Italy can be very difficult, particularly if you haven’t got a lot of experience of driving in the country. Not only are Italian drivers famously dangerous and often reckless, but it’s hard to navigate the small winding roads in historic locations and find parking spots at night.

Renting a car in Italy can be expensive when you include insurance and the fuel in the cost. Allowing the tour operator to manage all this on your behalf will certainly work out cheaper and, as an added benefit, you’ll have a driver who knows the rules of the road to handle getting you from place to place.

Making Friends And Meeting Travel Companions.

A fun aspect of joining a bus tour is that you’ll have the opportunity to meet new friends during your time in Italy. There are many different types of tours that cater to different age groups and interests so if you find the right one you’ll be visiting the sites in Italy with a group of people who could all become potential friends.

This can be a major advantage if you’re traveling alone but it’s always nice to meet new people, even if you’re traveling as a couple or a family.

Traveling With A Bus Tour Is Safer Than Going On Your Own.

While it’s true to say that Italy is a very safe country to visit and you shouldn’t expect to run into any problems, traveling with a tour group is a safer option than going solo.

This is especially true for first travelers or anyone who doesn’t have the confidence yet to head out and explore a new country on their own. Traveling with a group will mean that you won’t get lost and will always have people around if something were to go wrong.

For instance, if you had an accident and needed medical treatment then your guide would instantly call the appropriate emergency services to make sure that you got the best help available. Your guide will also be able to steer the group away from potential pickpockets, who often target tourists, and generally ensure that everything goes smoothly during the trip.

Not Knowing Italian Is Not A Major Issue.

In Italy’s main cosmopolitan cities like Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence, almost everyone speaks at least a little English or understands English. But once you get out to more rural parts of the country, the language barrier can be a real issue.

When you’re on a tour, your guide will be able to communicate with the hotel staff, restaurants and anyone else who doesn’t speak English on your behalf. They can even help you make your onward travel arrangements if you’re having trouble finding someone who can speak English.

NOTE: Some of these bus tours can be multilingual which can be a little problematic. Every communication that the guide makes will be made in multiple languages (example English, French and German) and not just in English which would be ideal if you are from the United States.

There’s a Huge Variety Of Tours On Offer.

No matter what type of things you want to see, the size of the group or the demographics of the other tourists, you can find the perfect tour for you and your family. There are short weekend bus tours and longer, several week tours that really cover a huge amount of territory!

Equally, there are tours that have packed itineraries and others that give you more free time to explore on your own. Some tours include accommodation and meals while others will expect you to pay for dinner yourself on top of the price of the package.

Some tours are primarily cultural while other tours have stop-offs where you can take part in activities such as white water rafting, hiking, cycling and swimming in the sea!

The Disadvantages Of Sightseeing Italy By Bus Tour.

There are several major disadvantages of sightseeing Italy by bus that you should be aware of. One of the issues with sightseeing Italy by bus is that you do not know who your fellow passengers are until the start of the tour. They might be in a different wavelength than you.

Group Tours Can Be Expensive.

Some of the high-end bus tours can be extremely expensive and may leave you wondering whether it was really worth it! If you’re an experienced traveler and aren’t worried about making your own arrangements for your vacation in Italy then it might be better to travel under your own steam instead of joining a bus tour.

You Can’t Choose Your Itinerary.

Most of the major tour operators have fairly similar itineraries that rarely include anything that’s off the beaten track. This means that if you want to see some of the lesser known parts of Italy you’d be disappointed if you took a bus tour.

Of course, you will probably want to see some of the major attractions such as the Sistine Chapel and the Leaning Tower of Pisa but there are thousands of incredible churches, museums and historic towns that are hardly ever visited by the average tourist.

In other situations, you might want to spend more time in a particular museum or city than the schedule of the tour allows for. Therefore, unless you’re willing to have your vacation planned out for you it’s probably better to make your own arrangements.

You Might Not Have Enough Free Time.

Tour operators are keen to incorporate as much as they can into their itineraries which has its upsides but it also means that you might not get enough free time to explore on your own. So if you’re the type of traveler who likes to follow their feet and see where it takes you then a tour with a regimented itinerary really won’t be for you!

Bus Tours Visit A Lot Of Predetermined Shops.

When you’re on a bus tour you tend to visit a lot of shops where you have products pushed on you by the vendors. This can get a little annoying, especially if the items on sale aren’t interesting to you. You also won’t get the chance to explore the more genuine Italian stores where you can often find much cheaper and higher quality arts and crafts and other accessories, such as leatherware, on offer.

You Won’t Have An Authentic Experience.

It’s impossible to have a truly authentic experience of Italy while traveling with a bus tour. You won’t have time or the opportunity to meet with and connect with local Italians as you’re herded from one tourist hotspot to another.

If you do want to have a more authentic experience in Italy but would still like to have a guide to show you around then you can book onto a private or very small group tour. This way you’ll get the best of both worlds but on a larger, standard bus tour you’ll only see the most touristy parts of the country.

For example, almost anyone who has travelled to Tuscany would have heard of San Gimigiano. The reason being it is one of the key stops in the tourist trail for a very long time. But very few would have heard of Volterra (my base in Italy), which is only about 25 kilometers away from San Gimigiano. The same can be said of Siena (which is extremely popular) and Montepulciano (which is must less popular).

You Can’t Choose Your Own Pace.

Everyone has their own preferred pace when they’re visiting another country. Some people like to go at a super slow pace and take in every detail while others prefer to move at a much faster pace so they can fit more into their short time abroad.

For some travelers, this is a make-or-break aspect of a vacation so it’s something you should consider carefully before booking onto a bus tour.

Sightseeing In Italy By Bus Tour.

Taking a bus tour of Italy is a wonderful way to see all the main cities and the most famous monuments, museums and churches. However, as with everything in life, there are pros and cons that you need to take into account.

For some people, a bus tour is an ideal way to explore a new country while for others it’s too restrictive and doesn’t give them the scope to discover the more authentic side of the country.

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Tour Operator for group bus tours in Italy

Visit all of mesmerizing italy with our group bus tours.

Italy is a travel destination that people from all over the world cannot get enough of. The idyllic landscapes, the rich history, the chic people and the delicious local cuisine offer so many different and unique experiences that make travelers feel that no amount of time is enough to take this beautiful country in fully. This statement becomes even more impressive if you take into account the fact that Italy is a small country. Going to major Italian cities, like Rome and Florence, and picturesque villages, such as Alberobello and Manarola, by bus is the most cost-effective way to explore as much of the country as possible. The Travelway bus tours in Italy guarantee the most excellently planned travel itineraries no matter the number of days a group can afford to stay there. Besides getting to see as much of the Italian countryside, urban settings and natural landscapes as possible, our group bus tours focus on making everyone feel comfortable and safe. We hire modern buses with large capacity that will transport passengers to any Italian destination safely, whether that is a fantastic tourist spot or an excellent hotel. The ultimate goal of the whole travel itinerary is that travelers feel content and excited at the end of every single day in Italy.

Why you should let a Tour Operator arrange your Group Bus Tour in Italy

A way to ensure that any group will have a relaxing and fun time in Italy is by following the careful and detailed travel itinerary that an experienced tour operator has planned in advance. Travelers will not have to worry about researching and deciding which Italian spot they must visit and which they can afford to skip. The tour operator is responsible for coming up with the best route they should follow in order to explore as much as possible in the limited time they have in Italy. Additionally, they organize visits to museums and fun outdoor activities that will make visitors appreciate the whole country even more. They also book new or renovated buses that allow passengers to travel in absolute comfort as they are safely transported from one spot to another. Although comfort, safety and high-quality services are the three key factors to all our travel options , affordability is always taken into consideration so that everyone can enjoy the awesome experience of going on a group bus tour.

Benefits of a Group Bus Tour in Italy

  • Explore many different areas in the country
  • Luxurious buses
  • Thorough travel itinerary organized in advanced
  • Priority access to museums and archeological or cultural sites
  • Insights into the history and culture of Italy
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Support is provided throughout the tour

A Group Bus Tour in Italy is the ultimate travel experience

Travelers can be certain that they will have the time of their lives in Italy if they book a group bus tour organized by an experienced tour operator company like Travelway. We plan a complete and fun travel itinerary for a multi-day trip, which consists of both typical and unique activities in must-visit areas around Italy. Traveling in absolute comfort and luxury makes the whole experience even more extraordinary. The unconditional support to the needs of every single traveler will make them feel free to enjoy the Italian travel experience.

What our clients say

Awesome – you are so good to work with – I wish I had more groups to Athens – I think we will do an advertising campaign just for Athens

I would like to let you know about the exceptional work your tour manager T. did with our group for our study abroad from … University. He was willing to help us with advice in any way and was very cordial and hospitable the entire trip. We have never had a guide so helpful. The students all commented on how positive their experience was partially because of T. He was a wonderful guide and made our study abroad very memorable.

Have you recovered yet from our 400 pax?!?!?! I cannot thank you enough for taking care of all of our customers!

While I know there would have been a few challenging pax the majority had a wonderful time!

First of all, we would like to thank you for the great service that we had during our tour in Istanbul. In light of this, we would like an estimate for a Marian Pilgrimage to be held in October 2020.

Kostas, I can’t thank you enough for the smooth transfer of my travelers and the wonderful tour with N. Everyone LOVED her! The professional manner of your people was so welcome and they couldn’t have been nicer to us. I will definitely call your company for my tours next year. So glad you’re a worldwide company!

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Fully Guided Tours & Trips in Italy

  • Sicily Fully Guided
  • Tuscany Fully Guided
  • Amalfi Coast Fully Guided
  • Puglia Fully Guided
  • Sardinia Fully Guided

250+ Fully Guided tour packages in Italy with 12,314 reviews

Sicilian Secrets - Tour of Sicily 8 days Tour

Explorer Family Coach / Bus Sightseeing Historical +2

Sicilian Secrets - Tour of Sicily 8 days

"Managed to fit in a lot over the 6 days." Vivien, traveled in June 2024

Sicilian Secrets - Tour of Sicily 10 days from Palermo Tour

Sicilian Secrets - Tour of Sicily 10 days from Palermo

"The hotel in Agrigento was amazing. I was very happy with the tour." Gregory, traveled in August 2023

Amalfi Coast Experience Tour

Explorer Sightseeing Historical Christmas & New Year +2

Amalfi Coast Experience

"We had such a great time. Veronica was so lovely and very welcoming." Paige, traveled in June 2023
  • €100 deposit on some dates

Small Group Sicily Food & Wine Tour (Maximum 8 Guests) Tour

Food & Culinary Family Wine tasting +1

Small Group Sicily Food & Wine Tour (Maximum 8 Guests)

"No complaints. Would happily recommend." Donna, traveled in June 2024
  • 10% deposit on some dates

Mamma Mia! - 13 Days/12 Nights Tour

In-depth Cultural Active Explorer Christmas & New Year +2

Mamma Mia! - 13 Days/12 Nights

"Italy is a dream! And the people you meet along the way, I don't regret booking this tour and yes the beginning wasn't as I had hoped but the events after made up for it 💯." Oziel, traveled in April 2023

Private Tour of Sicily: Highlights Tour

Explorer Family Sightseeing Historical +1

Private Tour of Sicily: Highlights

"Sicily is a wonderful place blessed with natural beauty, a rich culture and history." Mark, traveled in October 2022

The Italian Dream Tour

Explorer Family Historical Christmas & New Year +1

The Italian Dream

"The hotel were nice and our transportation to those cities was great." Scherrie, traveled in September 2023

Classical Italy Tour

Classical Italy

"We saw so much of Italy during this relatively short tour. I'd have preferred hotels a little closer to the city(s)." Kathryn, traveled in April 2024

Italy from North to South Tour

In-depth Cultural Family Explorer Coach / Bus Christmas & New Year +3

Italy from North to South

"Loved the sights and the food. Our visit was wonderful!" Lourdes, traveled in September 2023

Italian Discovery Tour

In-depth Cultural Family Christmas & New Year +1

Italian Discovery

"We did the Italian Discovery Tour and generally felt the company did a great job. The hotels also were wonderful." William, traveled in August 2023

What people love about Fully Guided Tours in Italy

It was very well organized, Placido was a great guide and I enjoyed it. The pace was just right, and the itinerary was good. The only thing I found misleading was the extra charges for some activities, entrance fees and city taxes. It would be better if they were all listed as additional fees, apx 150 EUR extra per person.
Good guides and good hotel and meals. Didn't expect my initial group of 30 to swell to 45 a few days later. Such a large number made visiting sites difficult. Didn't have listening devices for the first 3 days. Couldn't hear guides very well. Didn't expect to have to pay entrance fees. Web site should make that clear. Loved the selection of sited we visited.
The accommodation was a bit too small but wasn’t as big a deal as we were out for most of the day. Overall, it was an amazing experience and a great way to make new friends!

Regions in Italy

  • South Italy (331)
  • Northern Italy (142)
  • Central Italy (135)
  • Sicily (132)
  • Tuscany (80)
  • Campania (78)
  • Amalfi Coast (75)
  • Puglia (64)
  • Apulia (53)
  • Prosecco (51)
  • Veneto (39)
  • Italian Alps (33)
  • Italian Lakes District (33)
  • The Dolomites (24)
  • Lombardy (21)
  • Lazio, Marche & Abruzzo (21)

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  • Fully Guided
  • Italy Travel Guide | All You Need to Know
  • Itinerary Ideas for 10 Days in Italy, 2022-2023
  • Best 7 Day Italy Itineraries 2024/2025 (with Reviews)
  • Discover the Best Italy Vacation Packages 2024/2025
  • What is the best time to visit Italy in 2024/2025?

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italy tour bus

I spent nearly a month traveling through Italy. Here are 8 things I'll do differently when I go back.

  • We visited Italy for 25 days this past summer, and there are things we'd do differently next time. 
  • We'd only stay in a few places, learn more Italian, and buy comfy shoe inserts.
  • I'd skip bus tours and Airbnbs and explore more small places next time. 

We'd stay in 2 or 3 places, tops

Across our 25 days, we stayed in seven different places, which let us see the best of Venice, the Dolomites, Lake Como, Cinque Terre, Florence, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast.

But every four days or so, we had to pack up, board a train (or brave a rental car), and travel to our next location.

For a first-time trip, I stand by this choice. But now that we've been and hit all the bucket-list items, I look forward to a return trip where we stay in two, maybe three, spots and really soak in the local culture .

If I had to choose, I'd definitely spend more time in Cinque Terre or the Amalfi Coast, and I could spend months in some of the small towns we visited between Rome and Florence and be thrilled. 

Small towns would take priority over more famous ones

Some of our best memories were our days in Orvieto, Bracciano, and Civita di Bagnoregio, all charming towns between Rome and Florence . Wandering the streets, sampling the food, exploring a castle, and just observing the culture was so relaxing.

We visited a few other small towns in Tuscany during day trips from Florence, but most of our days were spent in the larger, sprawling cities you've more likely heard of.

Although those cities were full of adventure, great food, beautiful architecture, and even nightlife, I found myself drawn to those smaller towns — and I can't wait to go back and explore more.

Bus tours will not be on our itinerary ...

We took two guided bus tours — one to Tuscan towns and one to wine tastings — but we felt the experiences were rushed, overpriced, and spent mostly on the bus.

For instance, when we visited Siena on a tour bus, we only had an hour to see the city. But we had a half day of exploring when we drove to Orvieto and a full day of exploring when we took the train to Bracciano.

Going on your own can be scary and stressful, but there's lots more adventure that way, too. 

... and neither would Airbnbs

We mostly stayed in hotels and agriturismos ( farmhouse stays ) during our trip, with just one Airbnb, but that wasn't the original plan. When we booked the trip earlier this year, our itinerary featured mostly Airbnbs.

However, hosts kept canceling our bookings with little explanation. One said he needed to cancel our reservation and ask us to book again at a higher price.

After multiple cancellations — and plenty of frustration — we decided it would be easier to just stick with hotels , for the most part. (We held onto one Airbnb because we loved the location and wanted access to its washing machine.)

Going forward, we plan to stick to formal lodging when traveling internationally. Back home in the US, we'll still rely on a mix of hotels and Airbnbs.

We'd wander farther south

Our trip started in Venice, and then we went a little north. Eventually, we made our way down to Florence and Rome, then the Amalfi Coast. But then we went back up to the Roman airport and headed home.

Italy's a massive country, and we completely missed the actual "toe" and "heel" of its boot shape. Most notably, we didn't make it to Sicily , which I've read is a trip on its own. We intend to go back someday just to explore this region.

Better-fitting shoes and inserts for them would be essential 

My husband and I are avid hikers, and we packed some of the best hiking boots REI has to offer. But we only wore those when hiking in the Italian Dolomites and the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast.

The rest of the time, we walked in tennis shoes. And we walked a lot .

When you're touring Italy's cities and small villages, it's easy to walk 10 to 15 miles a day. Doing so took a toll on my feet. By the end of the trip, my tennis shoes were down for the count, and I had blisters all over my feet. 

When we go back, I will definitely be packing shoe inserts — and some better-fitting sneakers.

We'd learn more Italian

Although we certainly got by with English, our Italian cheat sheet, the little we learned from Duolingo, and Google Translate, I definitely wish I had learned more Italian before the trip.

I don't foresee ever being able to have a full-on conversation with a local, but I would at least like to make an attempt. After all, I'm in their country — I'd love to try to speak their language .

We'll be wearing plenty of linen clothing next time 

Linen shirts, shorts, and pants are all the rage in Italy, and it's clear why: They're cool and comfortable on hot Italian days. 

We each bought a pair of linen shorts about halfway through our trip, and they were a huge improvement from the khakis we'd been wearing. Linen is much lighter and more breathable, which was great on long days of walking around cities and hopping on and off hot buses and trains. 

Close to the end of the trip, I splurged on linen shirts as well. How I wish I would've worn those shirts every day.

The beautiful thing about not having all the best experiences on our first trip to Italy is that we have a reason to go back

My husband and I have plenty of other trips abroad on our horizon, but I know we'll return to Italy to relive some of our favorite memories and make some new ones. 

That's the thing to remember about a trip to Italy — or anywhere, really. Just understand that you can't possibly see it all on any single trip, and there will always be things you'd do differently if you could.

I spent nearly a month traveling through Italy. Here are 8 things I'll do differently when I go back.


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  1. 10 Best Coach / Bus Tours in Italy

    Find the best Italy Coach / Bus tours with TourRadar. Choose from 203 holiday packages with 6674 real tour reviews. Book now and save with! Shop 2,500 operators. 4.5 stars on (6,220 reviews) 24/7 customer support. Deals of the Week Vibrant North Africa Up to 50% OFF. Deals end: 2d 17h 29m 48s. 0.

  2. THE 10 BEST Italy Bus Tours (w/Prices)

    A: The best Bus Tours in Italy according to Viator travelers are: Pompeii, Amalfi Coast and Positano Day Trip from Rome. Tuscany Region Day Trip from Rome with Lunch & Wine Tasting. Tuscany Day Trip from Florence: Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa and Lunch at a Winery.

  3. THE 10 BEST Italy Bus Tours (with Prices)

    9. Amalfi Coast Day Trip from Sorrento: Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. 487. Full-day Tours. 8-9 hours. The UNESCO-listed Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful shorelines in Italy, seducing travelers with sun-drenched waters…. Free cancellation. Recommended by 99% of travelers.

  4. Italy Tour Packages & Italy Travel Guide

    Visit the glamorous Isle of Capri. Enjoy the classic Italian summer in Italy's picture-perfect Gulf of Naples. Famed for its crystal grottos, dramatic coastlines and endless glamour, our trips to Italy are complete with a day of freedom spent under a striped umbrella, watching sailboats pass by.

  5. 10 Best Luxury Coach / Bus Tours in Italy

    Rome and Tuscan Highlights (9 Days) Marie Elena Miller 29 May, 2024. 5. Wonderful Tour. Locations were beautiful. Best of Italy (Classic, Summer, 11 Days) Alex Dudas 8 Jun, 2022. 4. Would say expected some historical info, but got other details that sufficed.

  6. 10 Best Italy Tours & Trips 2024/2025

    Browse the best tours in Italy with 13,096 reviews visiting places like Rome and Florence. All Major Brands. Biggest selection. Best Prices. Shop 2,500 operators. 4.5 stars on ... a 40 person, full-bus tour. Additionally, there are Spanish language tours by the same company using the same routes. This means the schedule and activities are ...

  7. The Best of Italy Tour

    Best of Italy in 17 Days Tour. from $5,595 per person + air. Single Supplement $775. See Dates & Prices. The Rick Steves Best of Italy tour is exactly that — the very best. Starting in timeless Venice, this tour treats you to Italy's must-see destinations: beautiful Lake Como, Renaissance Florence, St. Francis' Assisi, and eternal Rome.

  8. 10 Best Bus Tours in Italy to Book Today (of 2024)

    A bus tour of Italy is an efficient and convenient way to explore the country, with guided tours providing insight into the culture and history. Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, Milan, and Venice are popular destinations for Italian bus tours, offering unique attractions and activities. ...

  9. TOP Bus Tours in Italy

    Our bus tour in Italy is perfect for families looking to create cherished memories together. With a minimum requirement of just 4 people, families can explore the wonders of Italy in a comfortable and engaging environment. Guides ensure that both adults and children have an enriching experience, catering to the interests of all family members.

  10. THE TOP 10 Italy Bus Tours (w/Prices)

    Discover the famous beauty of one of Italy's most iconic shorelines with this full-day tour of the Amalfi Coast from Sorrento. Travel in an air-conditioned mini-coach along spectacular coastal roads, stopping to visit the region's three most popular and beautiful villages—Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello.

  11. Italy Tours

    Discover the legendary beauty of Italy -- from the art of Michelangelo to the artful cuisine of Naples and Sicily to the ancient ruins of Rome. Glide along the canals of Venice and gaze upon the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. Stroll the stylish avenues of Milan and sip wine below the Duomo in Florence. Explore Italy's iconic architecture, artworks ...

  12. Italy Coach Tours

    Explore the best coach tours to Italy. Choose from 160 unique tour itineraries with 345 past traveller reviews from 15 leading tour operators. May and June are the most popular months to join a coach tour to Italy with 3,454 departures starting between June 2024 and October 2026.

  13. Coach Tours of Italy 7 to 10 days

    Visit the monasteries of Meteora and see the site of the most important oracle in the classical world. read more». A Coach Tour of Italy, Vatican City, Greece. Lasting for 10 Days. Prices Starting From £320 per day. From £3,195. Add to Wishlist View Large Map More Info.

  14. Guided Bus Tours In Italy

    The Best of Italy tour is great value for money, costing just under $2500 per head, and is suitable for families, couples and elderly travelers. Starting in Rome, the tour takes you to Pompei, Sorrento, Isle of Capri, Assisi, Verona, Venice, Milan, Lake Como and San Gimigiano. The tour finishes back in Rome after 13 days of sightseeing ...

  15. Important Things To Know About Bus Tours Of Italy

    The Advantages Of Sightseeing Italy By Tour Bus. Great advantages of sightseeing Italy by tour bus. In my view, you should seriously consider touring Italy by bus if you are visiting Italy for the first time. Ideally during your first visit, you should take a bus tour and plan something separately. During my first visit to Italy almost 20 years ...

  16. Group Bus Tours in Italy

    A Group Bus Tour in Italy is the ultimate travel experience. Travelers can be certain that they will have the time of their lives in Italy if they book a group bus tour organized by an experienced tour operator company like Travelway. We plan a complete and fun travel itinerary for a multi-day trip, which consists of both typical and unique ...

  17. Discover the Best of Italy Tour with Globus

    FLORENCE Guided sightseeing includes Michelangelo's masterpiece, David, at the Academy of Fine Arts, Giotto's Bell Tower, the Baptistry's heavy bronze "Gates of Paradise," and Signoria Square. Taste a traditional gelato. Free time this afternoon. 81 mi / 130 km.

  18. 10 Best Fully Guided Tours in Italy 2024/2025

    Find the right Italy Fully Guided tour for you with TourRadar. Choose from 811 trips with 12314 customer reviews. Book now and save with! Shop 2,500 operators. 4.5 stars on ... Explorer Family Coach / Bus Historical Christmas & New Year +2 Discover Italy 3.5 (12 traveler reviews)

  19. I spent nearly a month traveling through Italy. Here are 8 things I'll

    I'd skip bus tours and Airbnbs and explore more small places next time. We'd stay in 2 or 3 places, tops. ... When you're touring Italy's cities and small villages, it's easy to walk 10 to 15 ...

  20. Elektrostal Map

    Elektrostal is a city in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 58 kilometers east of Moscow. Elektrostal has about 158,000 residents. Mapcarta, the open map.

  21. Elektrostal

    LiAZ-5256 bus. Elektrostal is linked by Elektrichka suburban electric trains to Moscow's Kursky Rail Terminal with a travel time of 1 hour and 20 minutes. Long distance buses link Elektrostal to Noginsk, Moscow and other nearby towns. Local public transport includes buses. Sports Indoor practice ice rink named after A. Ionov.

  22. The 10 Best Things to Do in Elektrostal

    Small guided day tour from Bath (Max 14 persons) Out to Sea - Split Boat Party with Blue Lagoon Swim Stop Ferry from Nice to Monaco Horse Show Giant's Causeway Tour from Belfast - Luxury Bus + Causeway Entry Cruise to Spinalonga, Kolokytha Bay&Agios Nikolaos.Lunch included 900-Meter Ziplining in Dubrovnik

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    Lyubertsy Tourism: Tripadvisor has 1,975 reviews of Lyubertsy Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Lyubertsy resource.