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  1. UNWTO Annual Report 2014

    In 2014, tourism continued to be a key driver of the global economic recovery, and a vital contributor to job creation, poverty alleviation, environmental protection and multicultural peace and understanding across the globe. Download the 2014 UNWTO Annual Report to learn more about what we did to promote and advance tourism's contribution to ...

  2. UNWTO Annual Report 2014

    UNWTO Annual Report 2014. Published: June 2015 Pages: 88. eISBN: 978-92-844-1690-5. Abstract: In 2014 tourism continued to be a key driver of the global economic recovery and a vital contributor to job creation, poverty alleviation, environmental protection and multicultural peace and understanding accross the globe.

  3. UNWTO Tourism Highlights, 2014 Edition

    UNWTO Tourism Highlights, 2014 Edition. About UNWTO. • International tourist arrivals (overnight visitors) grew by 5% worldwide. in 2013, reaching a record 1087 million arrivals, after topping the. 1 billion mark in 2012. • Asia and the Pacifi c recorded the strongest growth with a 6% increase.

  4. PDF Tourism Sector Performance

    TOURISM SECTOR PERFORMANCE Q4 2014 REPORT TOURISM 1 RECEIPTS TOURISM RECEIPTS BY MAJOR COMPONENTS, TOP 10 MARKETS, JANUARY TO DECEMBER 2014 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% SHOPPING ACCOMMODATION FOOD & BEVERAGE OTHER TR COMPONENTS Source: Expenditure is estimated from Overseas Visitors Survey - Other TR components include ...

  5. PDF Travel & Tourism

    The sector for Travel & Tourism in 2014 is also very positive, with Total Travel & Tourism GDP growth forecast to reach 4.3%. Much of this growth is being driven by higher consumer spending as the ...

  6. Economic Impact Research

    WTTC's latest annual research shows: In 2023, the Travel & Tourism sector contributed 9.1% to the global GDP; an increase of 23.2% from 2022 and only 4.1% below the 2019 level. In 2023, there were 27 million new jobs, representing a 9.1% increase compared to 2022, and only 1.4% below the 2019 level.

  7. PDF Tourism Sector Performance

    Tourism receiPTs Tourism secTor Performance Q2 2014 RepoRt 1 india s$329m Excluding expenditure on Sightseeing, Entertainment & Gaming (SEG), Indonesia (S$695 million), China (S$554 million) and India (S$329 million) were the top three TR generating markets in Q2 2014, and made up 38 per cent of TR excluding SEG. Of the top ten markets, Hong Kong

  8. International Tourism Highlights

    Tourism has seen continued expansion over time, despite occasional shocks, demonstrating the sector's strength and resilience International tourist arrivals (million) and tourism receipts (USD billion) Source: World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), July 2019. 7.0 5.2 5.4 4.4 Arrivals (% change) Receipts (% change, real terms)

  9. Tourism's Importance for Growth Highlighted in World Economic ...

    10 Nov 2023. Tourism has again been identified as a key driver of economic recovery and growth in a new report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). With UNWTO data pointing to a return to 95% of pre-pandemic tourist numbers by the end of the year in the best case scenario, the IMF report outlines the positive impact the sector's rapid ...

  10. OECD Tourism Trends and Policies 2014

    The report highlights key tourism policy developments, focuses on issues that rank high on the policy agenda in the field of tourism and provides a broad overview and interpretation of tourism trends in the OECD area and beyond. The 2014 edition focuses on tourism and growth, and covers 48 countries. Tourism Trends and Policies is an ...

  11. Future of tourism: Tech, staff, and customers

    As travel resumes and builds momentum, it's becoming clear that tourism is resilient—there is an enduring desire to travel. Against all odds, international tourism rebounded in 2022: visitor numbers to Europe and the Middle East climbed to around 80 percent of 2019 levels, and the Americas recovered about 65 percent of prepandemic visitors 1 "Tourism set to return to pre-pandemic levels ...

  12. World Economic Impact Report

    Discover the direct and total economic contribution that the Travel & Tourism sector brings to the World economy in this comprehensive report. ... • Charts comparing data across every year from 2014 to 2024 • Detailed data tables for the years 2018-2023 plus forecasts for 2024 and the decade to 2034 .

  13. PDF Tourism Sector Performance

    SECTOR PERFORMANCE TOURISM RECEIPTS TOURISM SECTOR PERFORMANCE Q3 2014 REPORT Q3 2014 REPORT 1 AUSTRALIA S$329m Excluding expenditure on Sightseeing, Entertainment & Gaming (SEG), China (S$754 million), Indonesia (S$643 million) and Australia (S$329 million) were the top three TR generating markets in Q3 2014, and made up 37 per cent of TR ...

  14. Travel and Tourism

    Travel and Tourism Satellite Account for 2018-2022 The travel and tourism industry—as measured by the real output of goods and services sold directly to visitors—increased 21.0 percent in 2022 after increasing 53.6 percent in 2021, according to the most recent statistics from BEA's Travel and Tourism Sate

  15. PDF Travel & Tourism

    2 WTTC Travel & Tourism Economic Impact 2014 Defining the economic contribution of Travel & Tourism Travel & Tourism is an important economic activity in most countries around the world. As well as its direct economic impact, the industry has significant indirect and induced impacts. The UN Statistics Division-approved Tourism Satellite

  16. Travel and tourism in the U.S.

    Domestic leisure travelers have historically accounted for the majority of travel spending. In 2022, the total direct travel spending of domestic leisure travelers in the U.S. amounted to 718 ...

  17. PDF Opportunities For Employment in Tourism Sector: an Analysis

    Employment opportunities in Tourism sector: Tourism sector is important factor in creating employment generation. If we consider employment generation in 2011, the sectors' direct contribution worked out to be 5% and the total effects- direct and indirect together- to stand at 7.5% in the country's total employment pie. Respective figures might

  18. Tourism Statistics

    Tourism Statistics. Get the latest and most up-to-date tourism statistics for all the countries and regions around the world. Data on inbound, domestic and outbound tourism is available, as well as on tourism industries, employment and complementary indicators. All statistical tables available are displayed and can be accessed individually ...

  19. Guide on EU funding for the tourism sector (2014-2020)

    A "Guide on EU Funding for the Tourism Sector" has therefore been prepared by the Commission in 2014 and is regularly updated. This Annex provides more examples of funded projects in maritime and coastal tourism, with greater details, as announced in the above-mentioned Strategy. View more.

  20. COVID-19 and reimagining the tourism economy

    Tourism made up 10 percent of global GDP in 2019 and was worth almost $9 trillion, 1 See "Economic impact reports," World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), making the sector nearly three times larger than agriculture. However, the tourism value chain of suppliers and intermediaries has always been fragmented, with limited coordination among the small and medium-size enterprises ...

  21. Tourism-Led Inclusive Growth in Emerging and Developing Economies: A

    The development of the tourism sector can be instrumental in fostering inclusive growth in the agriculture sector, which will have a broader opportunity in terms of increased supply of products to the tourism and allied sectors (Cahyadi et al., 2018). This leads to an understanding that the supply chain linkages between tourism and agriculture ...

  22. How we make travel and tourism inclusive and sustainable

    The travel and tourism sector's potential for advancing socio-economic prosperity is particularly impactful through the support of micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises. The global travel sector forecast is in and it's sunny skies ahead. Through March 2024, consumer spending on travel remains strong, and passenger traffic has soared.

  23. International Tourism Highlights

    As such, international tourism can generate a tourism trade surplus when receipts exceed expenditure, or a deficit (vice versa) in the travel balance of countries. In 2019, the United States of America had the world's largest travel surplus with USD 62 billion, resulting from tourism receipts of USD 214 billion and expenditure of USD 152 billion.

  24. PDF Tourism Sector Performance

    Tourism secTor Performance Q4 2013 RepoRt ... 1 All Tourism Receipts estimates are correct as of April 2014. TOURISM SECTOR PERFORMANCE Q4 2013 REPORT INTERNATIONAL VISITOR ARRIVALS, JANUARY TO DECEMBER 2013 JAN-DEC 2013: 15.6 MILLION (+7% VS JAN-DEC 2012) VISITOR DAYS: 53.7 MILLION DAYS (+5%)

  25. Ministers Safeguard Tourism Sector's Role as Driver of Economic Growth

    Tourism ministers from the APEC member economies are coordinating their policies in a bid to make the industry more accessible, inclusive and sustainable. Meeting in Urubamba—a town within the Sacred Valley of the Incas—in Cusco, tourism ministers confronted the changing face of tourism: price increases and inflation pressures, extreme ...

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    • 2014. Abeloff's Clinical Oncology (Sixth Edition) Book • 2020. Abernathy's Surgical Secrets (Sixth Edition) Book • 2009. ... Accounting and Finance for the International Hospitality Industry. Book • 1998. Accounting and Financial Management. Developments in the international hospitality industry. Book • 2006. Accounting Forum.