The Best Travel Organizers for Every Type of Trip

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Packing for a trip requires organization. And there's no better way to keep toiletries, makeup, digital gear, jewelry, and other small travel essentials safe during transit than with the right bag. Whether you're headed on a two-week vacation or a short weekend getaway, durable travel bags, pouches, and cases will always come in handy. We've rounded up a comprehensive list of the best travel organizers for every type of traveler, whether you need a sturdy cosmetic case for makeup products or a smart tech kit for cords and chargers. Below, our tried-and-true travel organizers, from waterproof pouches to essential packing cubes.

Dopp kits for women

Dopp kits for men, makeup bags, packing cubes, jewelry cases, hanging toiletry bags, water-resistant pouches.

Every traveler needs a go-to Dopp kit that will keep small toiletries like contact solution, moisturizer, and sunscreen organized in one place. These roomy and reliable bags also ensure your clothes and other personal items will be protected against any accidental leaks while traveling. The best Dopp kits for women offer enough space for your essentials while still being compact enough to fit in an already-stuffed carry-on or weekender .

travel organizer bags purse

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There are plenty of great Dopp kits for men on the market—Dagne Dover, Herschel, Rains, and Bagsmart make some of our favorite travel-friendly (and budget-friendly) bags. These options make skincare and grooming products easy to find and easy to pack in your suitcase. No matter where you're headed on your next getaway, a trusty Dopp kit is essential. (Any of these sleek bags would also make a great gift for the travel-loving man in your life, too.)

travel organizer bags purse

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We've all been there: You're sitting in a small, cramped seat in economy hopelessly searching for your iPhone charger in your under-seat bag. The solution to never-ending bag searching and tangled cords: A smart tech organizer that keeps all of your digital gear neat and tidy. These organizers are a true game changer when it comes packing cords, portable chargers, AirPods, and any other tech essentials you're toting around.

Bellroy Tech Kit

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I've ruined a few tote bags by throwing a lipstick or loose powder inside and hoping for the best. You can't always be gentle with your personal item or carry-on while in transit, so a durable cosmetic bag helps protect your makeup products and everything around it. If you want to make getting ready in a hotel bathroom even speedier, opt for a clear cosmetic case or the Lay-n-Go drawstring bag that makes finding all of your products easier than ever.

travel organizer bags purse

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If you're not already using packing cubes, let this be your sign to start. Our editors swear by packing cubes to keep clothes organized and compressed—meaning you can fit a whole lot more in your suitcase with these. Packing cubes also help you separate clean clothes from dirty ones and help protect special items like dresses and suits from any spilled liquids in your carry-on. Paravel and Calpak make some of our favorite packing cubes, but we also love the more budget-friendly options you can find on Amazon from Bagail and Alameda.

travel organizer bags purse

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The last thing you need upon arriving to your destination is to find all of your necklaces and bracelets tangled. Or worse, discover that you lost a special (or expensive) piece of jewelry while in transit. A sturdy jewelry case ensures your favorite pieces will be safe and protected from being squashed or broken. And if you're in need of a thoughtful gift , a well-made and sleek jewelry case will be much appreciated.

Mark & Graham Small Cravel Jewelry Case

Toiletries can quickly create a cluttered bathroom counter. The next time you stay at a hotel or Airbnb, consider placing a hanging toiletry bag on the back of the bathroom door. It will help you see all of your products at a glance and limits the need to unpack and repack at the end of your trip. Use these to store anything from skincare and beauty products to jewelry and hair tools .

Image may contain: Bag, Handbag, Accessories, Purse, and Accessory

Sometimes, you need a water-resistant pouch or an extra bag, just in case . Options like the Aloha Collection pouches and Baggu set can hold wet bathing suits, dirty clothes, or sand-filled beach items, making it safe to toss them back in your tote or backpack . These types of bags can also keep your phone and other electronics safe if you're lounging by the pool.

A bag.

The Packable Life

16 Travel Organizers to Keep Your Luggage & Bags Tidy

Ditty bag, packing cube, and toiletries kit laid out across a tile floor

The best travel organizers eliminate clutter, bring order to your life, and make packing a cinch.

If you aim to keep your travel gear organized on the go, you made it to the right place. After all, when you’re dialed in, you won’t panic nearly as much over your passport’s whereabouts.

But there’s more to it than safeguarding government-issued documents. Packing cubes, ditty bags, toiletry kits, laundry bags, jewelry organizers, and more each help you maximize your space and ensure you bring what you need and know exactly where to find it.

With that in mind, we looked at all the most trusted brands in the travel organizer space, like Eagle Creek, Nomatic, Osprey, and more to help you pack with intention.

So, if you’re ready to streamline your life on the go, the best travel organizers for your luggage and otherwise are just a scroll away.

Best Travel Organizer Gear

  • Best Overall: Eagle Creek
  • Ultralight Cube Set: Osprey
  • Cubes on a Budget: Suited Nomad
  • Best Overall: UltraLite Sacks
  • RFIDsafe Travel Organization: Pacsafe
  • Drawstring Bags on a Budget: Outdoor Products
  • Best Padded Pouch: Minaal
  • Best for Photography Gear: Peak Design
  • Waterproof Laptop Case: AquaQuest
  • Best Overall: Nomatic
  • On a Budget: BAGSMART
  • Portable Makeup Bag: Relavel
  • Mesh Laundry Bag: Nomatic
  • Lightweight Shoe Bag: pack all
  • Velvety Jewelry Case: Benevolence LA
  • Underwear/Bra Bag: Toplive
  • Factors We Considered When Picking Products
  • Final Thoughts: Best Travel Organizer Gear

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are one of the most efficient tools to organize clothing before, during, and after any big adventure. With just a few cubes, your backpack goes from a place of anarchy and dissonance to one of order and harmony.

Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but by packing well and coordinating clothing to specific cubes, you’ll find your pants, underwear, and that favorite shirt in record time.

Best Overall Packing Cubes Eagle Creek

Three black Eagle Creek brand packing cubes

MSRP : $40 Dimensions : 14″ x 10″ x 3″

Shaped like a pair of laptop cases, Eagle Creek’s pack-it compression cubes expand to fit all your clothing and then zip down tight to make them compact and manageable.

But compression alone isn’t what differentiates Eagle Creek’s cubes from the rest.

Rather, this set completely unzips along the perimeter of the cube for full access to its interior, making packing and unpacking your clothes a snap.

Pros : Durable, lightweight, well constructed, mesh front makes seeing contents easy Cons : Zipper can get stuck when compressing Best for : Travelers who want to make their clothing more compact and manageable

Ultralight Cube Set Osprey

Three lime green Osprey brand ultralight packing cubes

MSRP : $42 Dimensions :  Small (1L) :  7.5″ x 5″ x 2″, Medium (2L) : 10″ x 7″ x 2″, Large (5L) : 14″ x 10″ x 2″

Compared with the Eagle Creek clothing organizers above, you won’t find compression zippers on this ultralight set.

But for minimalist travelers, compression might not be necessary, and the extra materials used to make it work may weigh you down a bit.

On the other hand, Osprey’s Ultralight cube set weighs just 6.3 ounces for the entire three-pack.

Pros : Durable, smushes down next to nothing when not in use Cons : Small for some, top access might make retrieving items at the bottom an annoyance Best for : Backpackers, minimalist travelers, and hikers who don’t want to tote around empty weight

Cubes on a Budget Suited Nomad

Three black and green Suited Nomad brand packing cubes

MSRP : $35 Dimensions :  Medium : 11″ x 8″ x 4″, Large : 15″ x 11″ x 4″

Buying little bags to fit into your bigger bag might seem silly at first. Maybe that’s your rationale behind not wanting to overspend on packing cubes.

And if you’re on a budget, I get it. But just because you don’t have money to throw around on packing cubes doesn’t mean you can’t get a high-quality set.

SuitedNomad’s travel organizer bags are made of tremendously durable materials with reinforced seams that can handle everyday use and frequent compression. Plus, because they come in a three-pack, you score more storage space for fewer cash than Eagle Creek.

Pros : Lightweight, well made, zippers feel sturdy and robust, double zipper compression saves space Cons : Don’t fully unzip, making clothing retrieval difficult at times Best for : Travelers looking to get a good deal on three good-sized bags

Ditty Bags for Odds ‘N’ Ends

Small bags and pouches, also called ditty bags , help keep small personal items like toiletries, first aid supplies, and repair tools organized and ready to grab at a moment’s notice.

So, instead of rummaging through your backpack looking for that small thingamajig that always seems to get lost, you’ll always know exactly where to find it since you dutifully placed it in your ditty bag.

Best Overall Ditty UltraLite Sacks

Ultralight DCF ditty bag for travel and backpacking

MSRP : $19 to $26 Dimensions :  Regular : 9″ x 4″ x 2″, Large : 10″ x 4″ x 3″, XL : 13.5″ x 5″ x 4″

You’ll never know that the best ditty bag on the market is in your pack until you jam some of your travel essentials inside of it and hit the road.

Weighing in at just 29 grams for the highest-volume ditty of the bunch, all your miscellaneous items will remain firmly in one place without adding extra heft.

And because it’s made of high-quality materials like Challenge ULTRA, the Zippered Cube won’t break down in the middle of an adventure.

Pro Tip : Grab a couple of UltraLite Sacks’ zippered pouches and ultralight wallets to add internal organization to your ditty.

Pros : Exceptionally strong yet lightweight, waterproof YKK zipper keeps your battery-powered items safe, comes in nine colors/patterns, easy to reach in and retrieve stuff Cons : Some might consider it pricey for a simple pouch Best for : Backpackers, hikers, and travelers who value lightweight yet durable materials

RFIDsafe Travel Organization Pacsafe Gadget Pouch

Secure Pacsafe travel gadget pouch

MSRP : $119.95 Dimensions : 5.9″ x 10.6″ x 3.5″

In the digital age, travelers have more small objects to corral than ever before.

Plus, many items like passports and credit cards use RFID technology to simplify identification and payment. But that convenience comes at the cost of security. A bad actor could steal your personal information with the right tools, and you’d never know it.

Stop that thief dead in their tracks while keeping your cords, wireless earbuds, and external battery packs in order with Pacsafe’s Gadget pouch. Not only will you gain peace of mind, but you’ll always know where to find your AirPods.

Pros : Made from seven plastic bottles to mitigate plastic waste, water-repellent fabric keeps your gadgets safe, RFID blocking keeps skimmers from stealing your info Cons : Expensive Best for : Digital nomads who seek security and organization

Minimalist Drawstring Set on a Budget Outdoor Products

Three drawstring ditty bags

MSRP : $14 Dimensions : Small (1 L) : 4″ x 9″ x 4″, Medium (5 L) : 5″ x 11″ x 5″, Large (6 L) : 6″ x 13″ x 6″

Ditty bags don’t have to be all flash and pizzazz like the Pacsafe Gadget Pouch.

Sometimes you need a basic stuff sack to cram your necessities into. Thankfully, Outdoor Products’ three-pack of color-coded drawstring bags wrangle all your gear without fuss.

And because a set is made up of three sizes, you’ll have a bag for items as small as a comb to as big as camp kitchenware.

Pros : Inexpensive, lightweight, simple, lifetime warranty Cons : Lose storage space at the top due to drawstring Best for : Campers and hikers who want to keep their areas and backpacks organized without spending a bunch of money

Padded Organizers for Tech & Electronics

Remote work in faraway lands represents freedom. But you can’t work without a laptop, cell phone, and the cords and accessories that accompany them.

Some of you may also need to bring a camera along for the ride.

If you want to protect your investments, padded organizers work like a charm, so we rounded up the best ones just for you.

Padded Pouch for Delicate Electronics Minaal Tech Toolcase

Zip-up travel pouch for electronics and tech items

MSRP : $49 Dimensions : 7.9″ x 5.9″ x 2.0″

If you’re like me and you stuff chargers, cables, and earbuds haphazardly throughout your backpack and promptly forget where you put them, you need the Tech Toolcase from Minaal.

This case safely stores everything that makes your gadgets work, so you’ll never wonder precisely where you wedged that laptop charger or external battery.

Ultimately, it’s a great tool to help keep your gear organized, charged, and at the ready so you’re never caught off guard while boarding a plane.

Pros : Made from very durable and strong 150D Bean Chaff, EVA foam protective walls handle bumps and drops well, moveable dividers ensure your gear fits Cons : Price may scare some off Best for : Travelers who need to retrieve all their tech gear in an instant and put it away just as fast

Made for Photography Gear Peak Design Camera Cube

Padded Peak Design camera cube for luggage

MSRP :  Small : $50, Medium : $70, Large : $90 Dimensions : Small : 12.6″ x 6.3″ x 6.7″, Medium : 12.6″ x 12.6″ x 6.7″, Large : 12.6″ x 18.1″ x 6.7″

Traveling with a camera presents several challenges, with the chief concern resting on how to protect the darn thing.

I’ve packed my camera and lenses into a traditional camera bag, an oddly shaped padded case, and loosely into my backpack. Problems arose from all three. Carrying around separate bags and cases makes travel cumbersome, and letting your camera jostle freely in a backpack hardly inspires confidence.

That’s where Peak Design’s Camera Cube comes in. With three available sizes, you’ll have the space you need for all your photography, videography, and drone equipment. It’s just a matter of accounting for your gear and choosing the correct size.

Pros : Fits in any Peak Design Travel Bag, weatherproof recycled 400D nylon canvas shell protects your sensitive electronics from water, foam lining absorbs bumps and drops, durable material stands up to rigorous use Cons : Odd sizing, smaller cube doesn’t fit in smaller backpacks Best for : Travelers who use Peak Design products already, those with the need for a full-sized photography backpack

Padded Waterproof Laptop Case AquaQuest

Waterproof padded laptop case

MSRP : $50 Dimensions : Sizes available to fit 11″ to 17″ laptops

Arguably, the most important piece of tech in any traveler’s bag is their laptop. But laptops have one glaring weakness: water.

Because rain, snow, and water balloons can strike at a moment’s notice, you need the assurance of a 100% waterproof sleeve that will stand up to rain, snow, and flying latex.

For those who don’t want to risk it, AquaQuest’s Storm sleeve will protect your investment from summertime storms in the city, random April dustings in the high country, and errant tosses from Steve.

Pros : Padded inner sleeve provides additional protection, sizes available to fit most laptops, provides peace of mind in inclement weather Cons : Sizing issues for some laptops Best for : Travelers who know water is in the forecast, anxious types (like me) who can’t afford to replace their laptop

Travel-Friendly Toiletries Bags

Reaching into your backpack only to pull out a shampoo-covered hand sucks. It’s happened to me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s happened to you.

End such annoyances with one of our favorite toiletry bags on the market. While they can’t prevent all spills — you’ll want to tighten down those soap bottle lids — you can at least confine your mess to a standalone bag.

Our Top Pick Nomatic

Zip up hanging toiletries bag

MSRP :  Small : $55, Regular : $75 Dimensions :  Small : 10.5″ x 5″ x 1.7″, Regular : 10.5″ x 5″ x 3.1″

Well-thought-out design, quality materials, and sizing choices make for the best organizers you can buy.

With Nomatic’s Toiletry Bag 2.0, you get all three. Featuring a dedicated toothbrush pocket, optional hanger, and see-through internal windows, Nomatic put a lot of thought into their bag.

And with waterproof materials and zippers, water should never leak in, and contact solution should never leak out.

Pros : Cleans out easily, zippers positioned so items won’t fall out when the bag is hung, moveable inner wall accommodates larger items Cons : A bit pricey Best for : Travelers who demand durable products that make sense, minimalists who value every square inch of their bags

Best on a Budget BAGSMART

Zip up travel pouch for odds and ends

MSRP :  Medium : $20, Large : $23 Dimensions :  Medium : 9.4″ x 6.3″ x 4.6″, Large : 11.8″ x 7″ x 5.9″

Keeping your gels, goops, toothpaste, and other essential toiletries organized doesn’t mean you have to spend more than 20 bucks.

BAGSMART’s dopp kit for men and women enables travelers to keep all their most crucial bathroom goods safe and secure while on a budget.

Plus, water-resistant materials ensure that clean-up times are minimal when a spill occurs.

Pros : Lots of storage for everything you need, comes in two sizes, inexpensive, works great for on the road and at home, centerpiece unzips for full access Cons : Some quality control issues Best for : Travelers who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg toting their bathroom essentials

Makeup Case Relavel Cosmetic Case

Relavel Cosmetic Case makeup bag for travel

MSRP : $30 to $80 Dimensions :  Small : 10.3″ x 9″ x 3.6″, Medium : 13.4″ x 9″ x 4.7″, Large : 16.5″ x 12″ x 5.5″, XL : 16.5″ x 7.3″ x 12.6″

Makeup comes in all different sizes and containers, which makes it challenging to pack. Plus, there’s always the threat of leakage.

Never fear; with Relavel’s Cosmetic Case, even the most oddly shaped products will fit snugly and securely, thanks to the case’s removable inner dividers.

And with four different sizes to choose from, you can carry everyday go-to items or size up depending on the number of items you need to bring along.

Pros : Water-resistant material keeps liquids in or out, made of durable Oxford fabric, brush compartment in the top of bag keeps them dry, handle for easy carrying, removable frame gives the bag more utility Cons : A tad heavy Best for : Travelers who don’t mind a little extra heft as long as it means they can bring whatever they want

Other Miscellaneous Organizers

By now, you’ve noticed there’s an organizer for just about anything you might need during your travels. But perhaps you need a more niche product — something for a specific purpose that we haven’t covered so far.

You’ll find it here.

Breathable Mesh Laundry Bag Nomatic

Nomatic brand mesh laundry bag

MSRP : $30 Dimensions : 11.5″ x 6″ x 1.5″

Finding a place for your dirty laundry can be a hassle.

Maybe you put it in a plastic grocery bag, find an unused packing cube to stash it in for a few days, or just let it hang loose in the corner of the room. I’ve tried all three to varying levels of success.

That’s why Nomatic’s Laundry Bag is so convenient. With a hanging strap, you can elevate your clothes off the floor and make it look like you give a damn for once.

Pros : Extremely packable and compact with a collapsible wire frame, breathable mesh enables wet or sweaty clothes to dry, makes laundry day a breeze keeping dirty clothes separate Cons : Could be bigger Best for : Travelers who are sick and tired of wondering what to do with their dirty laundry

Lightweight Shoe Bag pack all

pack all brand zip up shoe bag for luggage

MSRP : $25 Dimensions :  Regular : 15.7″ x 8.7″, Large : 17.7″ x 9.8″

Like laundry, another item that can quickly become an annoyance while traveling is your shoes.

If you’re the type who likes to get in long walks or strenuous workouts, bringing a pair of sneakers enables you to get that sweat you’re after. But putting loose shoes in with your clothing isn’t exactly the most hygienic practice.

Enter the Shoe Bag from pack all. With a shoe bag, you can isolate your shoes from the rest of your clothing and stop worrying about what you may or may not have stepped in on the way to the gym.

Pros : Lightweight, water-resistant, traps smelly shoe odors inside, comes in two sizes to accommodate most shoes Cons : Handle can tear off Best for : Keeping your shoes away from your tee-shirts

Velvety Jewelry Case Benevolence LA

Benevolence LA blue velvet jewelry case

MSRP : $25 Dimensions : 3.75″ x 3.75″

Every five seconds, a traveler loses a precious family heirloom.

Okay, that’s a made-up statistic, but it feels plausible, right?

Don’t become a statistic, real or imagined, with a compact jewelry case that’ll fit just about anywhere you can think of. It’s how Grandma would want you to protect the family jewels.

Pros : Velvet finish feels good in the hand, each purchase supports Water Mission, keeps your necklaces from knotting up Cons : Very small, but perfect for travel Best for : Organizing jewelry and keeping it in one spot

Discrete Underwear Bag Toplive

Toplive travel bag for underwear and bras

MSRP : $21 Dimensions : 11″ x 6.3″ x 4.95″

I don’t know the first thing about traveling with bras, but I imagine their odd shape and the fact they can get crushed make them difficult to pack.

Thankfully, you can wrangle all your underwear, bras included, into a convenient case from Toplive.

With space for up to five bras, eight pairs of underwear, and a bunch of socks, you can centralize your undergarment packing situation.

Pros : Great as an all-around bag for toiletries and underwear, waterproof compartment keeps your dry stuff dry Cons : Some durability concerns, underwear pockets not big Best for : Keeping your bras safe from the rest of your bag

Factors We Considered for Travel Organization

Green ULTRA grid bag full of beard oil, moisturizer, glasses, deodorant, and other toiletries

Choosing an organizer is more than grabbing a random bag and jamming your stuff inside. If that were the case, using one wouldn’t make sense. You’d just pile your stuff in a backpack and move along.

To help you better organize, we considered several key factors to help you find organizational bliss.

Travel demands durable yet lightweight materials like the ULTRA you’ll find in the UltraLite Sacks Zippered Cube. That’s why we picked products that use quality fabrics and materials that stand up to frequent use.

Ease of Use

Enough can go wrong while traveling; you don’t need your organizers to become another pain point.

So, we made sure to include products that are intuitive and simple to use. Because if they’re not straightforward, you won’t use them.

For the best example of an easy-to-use product, check out Nomatic’s Toiletry Bag. Its zippers are oriented, so your gear won’t ever fall out, even while hanging.

Padding & Protection

If you’re a remote worker, you know just how important your devices are. Without them, you’ll have a rough time financing your next adventure.

That’s why we included products like Minaal’s Tech Toolcase to ensure your gear remains operational when you need it most.

Dimensions, Weight & Packability

Nobody wants to carry extra weight on their back if they don’t have to. Plus, packability ensures you take up as little space as necessary in the vessel you carry your stuff in.

So, for this list, we included the dimensions for every product. If it’s too heavy or won’t fit in the bag you already own, why bother?

Water Resistance

You never know when a storm will hit and threaten your gear. Plus, toiletries are notoriously leaky.

That’s why we included products like AquaQuest’s Storm laptop case to protect your laptop from sudden downpours and Relavel’s Cosmetic Case to keep liquids from leaking into your luggage.

The most crucial factor for many of us comes down to price, which is why for every category of product you’ll find on this list, we include a range of costs.

Organization isn’t a privilege reserved for the traveler with the most money; it’s a tool for all.

Final Thoughts: Best Travel Organizers

Woman packing her luggage and putting things into her toiletries kit

Thanks for taking a look at the best travel organizers on the market today.

By keeping your travel gear organized on the go, you’re one step closer to getting the most out of the space you have.

So, whether you were looking for packing cubes, ditty bags, toiletry kits, laundry bags, jewelry organizers, or anything else, we did our best to nudge you one step closer to organizational nirvana.

Be sure to check back in for all the best minimalist travel and ultralight gear you can find, not just the best travel organizers for your luggage. Until next time, safe travels.

Last Updated on June 6, 2024

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Ryan Squires

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Home » Gear » What is the Best Travel Organiser – EPIC Rundown 2024

What is the Best Travel Organiser – EPIC Rundown 2024

After a few years of staying home and travelling only in our minds, borders are finally opening up for travel. There’s nothing better than setting off on an adventure, whether you’re crossing the ocean to a different continent or heading off on a backpacking trip around your home state. That being said, if you’re a seasoned traveller, you’ll know that a lot of preparation and packing goes into a trip, and it’s super important you have your possessions organised before you leave.

There are two types of packers in this world, the organised packer, and the chaotic packer. We’ve all indulged in a bit of last-minute messy packing in our time, chucking everything into a backpack unfolded and in a disorganised manner. But truly, there’s nothing worse than finding yourself at the check-in counter without knowing where your passport is or sitting on the flight wondering if you forgot to pack your toothbrush. Luckily, these experiences can only help teach us to be more organised in the future.

The easiest way to keep organised on your travels is by using a bunch of travel organiser bags, packs, and wallets to keep all your things in neat order. This way, there’s a place for everything, and you can visually see if something is missing from your packing list.

Not only do travel organisers make your life much easier when you’re packing and unpacking, but they also help you keep track of your possessions while you’re out and about on your adventure.

In this post, we’re going to highlight some of the best travel organisers for a range of adventures, from backpacks to electronics organisers, to make-up bags, to toiletry bags and everything in between. Whether you’re heading off for a local camping trip or are embarking on a worldwide adventure, there are a bunch of travel organisers on the market that will make your packing and unpacking duties less stressful.

Quick Answers – Stay Organised On Your Travels

No time to read the full article? Take a look at our pick of the top eight travel organizers for a variety of occasions and types of travellers:

#1 Best Organised Backpack – Tropicfeel Shell Backpack

  • #2 Best Clothes Organiser – Nomatic Packing Cubes  

#3 Best Electronics Organiser – WANDRD Tech Pouch

  • #4 Digital Nomad Organiser- Nomad Organisers From Harber London

#5 Best Toiletry Organiser – Nomatic Hanging Toiletry Bag 2.0

#6 best travel document organiser – harber london super slim passport wallet, #7 best organised carry on – monarc settra duffel backpack.

  • #8 Best Jewellery Organiser – Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Organizer

About The Best Travel Organisers

The very best travel organisers in the world today, some more great ways to stay organised, final thoughts on the best travel organisers.

You’ll need different travel organisers depending on where you’re travelling to, how long you’re going for, and the type of trip you are taking. We don’t necessarily suggest you buy all of these organisers for one trip, but rather think about what will be most practical for you and your travel style. For example, a backpacking trip around Costa Rica will require you to pack very differently than if you were visiting Paris for Fashion Week.

The best travel organisers on the market are designed well-using quality materials and zippers. For many people, the whole point of packing well is to fit as much as you possibly can into a small space. For this reason, a good travel organiser should have practical storage compartments with optimised internal storage space for whatever they are designed to store. Some organisers even have customisable compartments, allowing you to design the internal storage space yourself.

travel organizer bags purse

If you’re travelling by plane or planning to lug your bag around by hand, you’ll also need to consider the bag’s weight. There’s no use being ultra-organised if you rock up to the airport with overweight luggage! 

Price is also an important consideration, and you don’t want to end up spending an arm and a leg on travel organisers before you even embark on your journey. Most of the time, the highest quality products are the most expensive, but this doesn’t mean you won’t find practical and stylish travel organisers for a low price. Sometimes, it’s worth investing in a super high-quality bag if you plan on using it enough.

The Broke Backpacker is supported by you . Clicking through our links may earn us a small affiliate commission, and that's what allows us to keep producing free content 🙂 Learn more .

Shell Backpack By Tropicfeel with open organization bag inside wardrobe

Tropicfeel Shell Backpack

  • > Wardrobe system
  • > 3-in-1 adjustable and adaptable design

Nomatic Packing Cube

Nomatic Packing Cubes

  • > Small and compact
  • > Zippered compression system

Wandrd Tech Bag

WANDRD Tech Pouch

  • > Comes in three sizes
  • > Mesh organization pockets

Harber London Nomad Organiser for iPad Pro 12 9

Nomad Organisers From Harber London

  • > $286 – $430
  • > Made from protective and durable leather
  • > Come with security fasteners

Nomatic Toiletry Bag 2

Nomatic Hanging Toiletry Bag 2.0

  • > Comes in small and regular sizes
  • > Minimalistic style and slim profile

Harber London Super Slim Passport Wallet

Harber London Super Slim Passport Wallet

  • > Simple and ultra-sleek leather document pouch
  • > Made from a soft wool lining

Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack

Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack

  • > Includes five accessory bags
  • > Super functional and spacious

Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Organizer

Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Organizer

  • > Includes five different pocket zones
  • > Folds up to the size of a small wallet

We’ve put together a list of the top thirteen travel organisers on the market in 2024. Pick and choose as you wish, considering the type of trip you are taking as well as your travel style while you browse:

travel organizer bags purse

REI is one of America’s biggest and most-loved outdoor gear retailers.

Now, for just $30, get a lifetime membership that entitles you to 10% OFF on most items, access to their trade-in scheme and discount rentals .

Shell Backpack By Tropicfeel

Tropicfeel created the Shell Backpack for the most versatile travellers. Whether you’re going on an adventurous camping trip or just a weekend away, this is the ultimate modern-day travel backpack and, without a doubt, one of the best travel organisers on the market.

While it’s called the Shell Backpack, this is much more than your ordinary shell. The main feature of the Tropicfeel Shell is its wardrobe system. This allows you to carefully organise your folded clothing into an easy-access foldable wardrobe and compress it into a tight space using the built-in compression system. With this practical technology, you’ll be able to fit in an additional 20% of clothing.

This 3-in-1 adjustable and adaptable design allows you to shift between a 22l and a 40l backpack. Expand it when you’re settled in your hostel, and contract it when you’re moving around.

The entire bag opens like a clamshell, meaning you can forget about digging your hand deep into the bag to unsuccessfully fish something out. 

It also offers space to buy additional detachable accessories (such as a tech pouch, camera cube, and toiletry bag), which can be connected to the bag using magnetic Fidlock technology. This is ideal if you need a little extra space. Talking about space – there’s also a 6l expandable kangaroo pocket at the base of the bag, which is excellent for overflow items.

Of course, fitting so much into a small bag is bound to increase its weight. Luckily, Tropicfeel has thought of everything and has created a super durable and ergonomic backpack that is ultra-comfortable even when packed at full capacity. This is owing to the ergonomic back panel made from foam for lumbar support, as well as the adjustable and cushioned straps, hidden hip belt, and dual handle.

On top of all this, the Shell is weatherproof and built using sustainable fabrics and recycled materials. What more could you possibly ask for?

#2 Best Clothes Organiser – Nomatic Packing Cubes

Nomatic Packing Cube

A packing cube can be one of the most useful products and the best travel organisers for your clothes. They’re small and compact and can fit into wheeled suitcases as well as backpacks. 

Packing cubes are ideal for trips where you plan to move around every few nights. Without having to unpack and repack your suitcase at each destination, you can easily decompartmentalise the contents of your case without unfolding your clothes or losing track of anything along the way.

Nomatic has a range of three packing cubes (small, medium, and large) for different sized cases, all differing in thickness. They’re built using durable materials, including high-quality zippers, and are lightweight enough not to make much of a difference to your overall bag weight.

Each packing cube is designed with a zippered compression system to help you pack 50% more than you otherwise would. The see-through mesh allows you to see what you’ve packed, making it easy to find what you’re looking for without having to open up each pack. 

Want a matching bag to put it in? Check out our review of the epic Nomatic flagship backpack , also be sure to check out the Nomatic Messenger bag for keeping your passport and wallet safe.

Wandrd Tech Bag

One of the most frustrating things you can do is forget a charger cable in a wall socket during your travels. Not only are cables, cords, and plugs super pricey, but it’s also impractical not to have your device chargers on hand. Whether you work in the film or tech industry or you’re going on a short or a long trip, these pouches have been thoughtfully designed using high-quality materials for all sorts of travellers.

The best travel organisers for electronics are also designed to keep your cables in good condition, reducing the possibility of them being bent at funky angles and breaking. We’ve all had a dodgy aux cable that just ruins the vibe!

To make your life a little bit easier, WANDRD has designed the ultimate tech pouch to stash your devices and electronic accessories. The pouch comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large), each of which has a unique webbing lock and clip system on the back panel, allowing you to connect two or three bags together depending on how much tech equipment you’re carrying. These tech bags have mesh organisation pockets, as well as pen loops and cord pass-through holes.

For added convenience, the tech bags can also attach to two of WANDRD’s most popular backpacks. However, if you aren’t lucky enough to be kitted out with this brand’s backpacks, you can also use the detachable carry straps to attach your tech organisers to any other bag. They might look small, but you’ll be surprised at how much you can fit into these bags!

Fancy having a look at the WANDRD backpacks? Check out the WANDRD PRVKE 31 if you’re after an epic backpack, or check out the WANDRD PRVKE Lite if you want something smaller. Also, check out the WANDRD Detour Hip Pack for a smaller pack you could also use as an organiser.

#4 Digital Nomad Organiser – Nomad Organisers From Harber London

Harber London Nomad Organiser for iPad Pro 12 9

Harber London is known for creating quality leather products that are practical for a range of activities and uses. Suppose you’re a digital nomad exploring the world while working. In this case, you’ll want to have all your digital devices, notebooks, and stationery packed together in an organised and safe place at all times.

Harber’s broad range can carry different sized devices from iPhones to iPads to personal laptops, all bundled together with your cables, earphones, papers, and more. Made from protective and durable leather, each of Harber’s products comes in four different professional colours.

From their smallest digital nomad organiser to their biggest, each organiser comes with a range of practical sleeves, pockets, clips, and rings to hold everything you might need. Loops and rings are ideal for keeping your keys in one place, as well as organising your electronic cables so that they don’t bend and get damaged. 

You can even use the organiser as a wallet, with card pouches and zipper pockets added to keep your cards and cash safe. You also won’t have to worry about your laptop slipping out, as the bags come with security fasteners to keep them safely in place. One big zipper then closes the entire bag ensuring nothing will slide out, and no outside spillage will get in.

Not only are these the best travel organisers for digital nomads, but they can even be used by office workers for everyday use.

Want something smaller? Check out the best travel purses instead.

Nomatic Toiletry Bag 2

If there’s one product on this list that you likely already have, we’d guess it was a toiletry bag. They’re a common product that helps us keep all our toiletries in one place, but they’re also super useful in case one of your products buckles under cabin pressure and explodes or leaks. If we packed our toiletries in and amongst our clothing, we would all land up with shampoo-drenched t-shirts.

The Nomatic Hanging Toiletry Bag is one of the best travel organizers in the business because of its hanging straps and internal organisational layout. Have you ever arrived at a hotel or hostel to realise the bathroom has no counter space to lay out all your things? Well, simply attach this bag to a hanger, the shower pole, or the door handle in your bathroom for easy access to your toiletries at any time.

This bag comes in small and regular sizes and is designed with a minimalistic style and slim profile, making it easy to pack into your suitcase or backpack. The bags are built using durable waterproof materials to ensure any leaks are contained (both from internal spills and outdoor weather!)

The Hanging Toiletry Bag is made up of a bunch of mesh compartments, making it easy to compartmentalize your products and see what is where at all times. There is even a dedicated toothbrush holder where you can stash your toothbrush and keep it clean.

Want to know more? We’ve only gone and done a full review of the Nomatic Toiletry Bag !

Harber London Super Slim Passport Wallet

We’ve all felt our hearts sink when we think we’ve misplaced a passport, card, or money while travelling, so keeping your travel documents safe is a top priority for any global traveller. Harber London has designed a simple and ultra-sleek leather document pouch to keep your passport, travel cards, and cash safe and in one place. 

The ultimate goal of this passport wallet is to eliminate bulky pockets. Without this nifty wallet, you’ll have to store your passports separately from your cards and money, making for an uncomfortably chunky pocket.

The organiser can hold between one and two passports, many boarding passes and receipts, and up to four cards. The interior is made from a soft wool lining, which helps prevent your documents from getting scratched or damaged along your journey.

Need a wallet? Check out this list of best travel wallets to see if something suits your style.

travel organizer bags purse

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Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack

If you’re looking for the best travel organiser to take with you as carry-on luggage , look no further. The Monarc Settra duffel is basically six bags in one, making it one of the most versatile bags on our list.

This dual function bag can be used as either a duffel bag or a backpack and is TSA-approved for carrying with you in an aeroplane cabin. The Settra comes in a grey or a black colour and includes five accessory bags that seamlessly fit into them. 

Firstly, there’s a large and a medium compression pack to store your clothing. Secondly, the bag includes a laundry pack which can double as a fashionable tote bag for daily use. You can even use this bag for groceries!

Third, there’s a super practical camera cube with adjustable and removable section dividers. Design your own camera pack interior depending on the model camera you have, or remove the dividers entirely and use the cube for something else!

Fourth, you can make use of the tech pack to store all your devices, cords and cables, drives, journals, and pens. This section is even large enough to store an iPad Mini. There’s also a laptop pocket in the main bag which is large enough to store a 17-inch laptop.

Comfort is key when you’re backpacking, and while other duffel backpacks are typically less comfortable than traditional backpacks, the Monarc Settra has air mesh padding at the back to provide comfort and breathability.

Not only is it super functional and spacious, but it’s also made using 50 recycled plastic bottles and water-resistant fabric that is ethically sewn. Labelled the world’s first certified plastic negative bag, you can rest assured you’re doing your part for the planet when buying this bag. If recycled, eco-friendly products are important to you, we definitely suggest you check out one of our favorite Earth-conscious boot brands, Vivobarefoot.

Looking for something similar? Check out our guide to the best duffel bags .

#8 Best Jewelry Organiser – Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Organizer

Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Organizer

Small jewellery pieces are some of the easiest items to lose track of, so it’s important to store all your jewellery in one safe place when you’re travelling. Bagsmart has created an organized foldable jewellery case to keep all your rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and watches together.

The compact polyester bag includes five different pocket zones; two lockable tubes to store all your rings, a panel to safely clip your earrings onto, perfectly sized bangle and bracelet compartments, a watch pocket, and separate clips and pouches to keep your necklaces from getting tangled together.

This compact bag folds up to the size of a small wallet and is the best travel organiser for jewellery for a quick business trip and other adventures. If you own valuable jewellery, you’ll want to keep your valuables close to you at all times, and this organizer is conveniently small enough to keep in your handbag.

#9 A Good Travel Journal – Drifter Leather Journal

Drifter Leather Journal

Journals are one of the best things you can take with you on your travels. Aside from being practical whenever you need to write something down, they’re also great for documenting your experiences along your journey. 

The Drifter Leather Journal is the perfect travel companion for any trip. It comes in two different colours and is made from 100% leather with handmade artisan paper. A snap button closure makes it easy to keep all your thoughts and writings protected from being bent and torn.

The journal comes with 210 blank pages and can be refilled once you’ve gone through all the pages. It’s the perfect gift for someone about to embark on an exciting journey!

Check out the best travel journals for some more options.

#10 The Best Travel Laundry Bag – Nomatic Mesh Laundry Bag

Mesh Laundry Bag Nomatic

Every true backpacker will know the importance of having a laundry bag on their travels. Without one, it’s easy to end up with a mish-mash collection of dirty, clean, and unfolded clothing all mixed up together. 

The Nomatic Mesh Laundry Bag is designed with breathable mesh with a wireframe to help keep its shape. It also has a practical hanging strap so you can hand it in a closet or the bathroom instead of on a questionably dirty hostel floor.

Perfect for stashing in your backpack, the bag is collapsible and compact. In fact, it’s designed to fit perfectly into the shoe compartment of Nomatic’s travel bag. 

#11 The Best Sling Pack – WANDRD Roam 9L Sling

WANDRD Roam 9L Sling

There’s nothing more useful than a practical sling bag, whether you’re using it to carry your everyday goodies or safely protect your camera equipment. WANDRD’s Roam 9L Sling comes in either 13-inch or 16-inch sizes with a colour option of black or tan. 

This camera/everyday bag is as beautiful as it is practical. While it looks compact, you’ll be surprised by how much you can squeeze into this bag. As a matter of fact, it even fits a 16-inch laptop.

As the best travel organiser sling pack on the market, the Roam Sling boasts a five-point adjustment system that can comfortably fit a bunch of different body types. Wear it over one shoulder, wear it around your waist; the choice is yours! Conveniently, the bag’s back panel (which sits directly against your body) is made from a technical air mesh material, offering maximum breathability even in hot weather.

Ideal for photographers and camera lovers, the bag features removable and adjustable dividers to customise the bag to fit your specific camera model. It even has an expandable water bottle and/or tripod pocket underneath the bag.

Of course, this nifty sling bag includes other practical features, including a key clip, tightening straps and buckles, and three separate handles. Perfect for all weather conditions, it is made using waterproof material to keep your possessions protected from the elements.

Looking for more options? Check out our guide to the best travel slings on the market.

#12 The Best Medication Box to Stay Organised – Combination Medicine Box

travel organizer bags purse

An avid traveller knows all too well how important it is to be prepared for anything. This is why it’s always necessary to take a first aid kit with you wherever you travel. Even if you never end up using it, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your physical health.

This Combination Medicine Box isn’t just one of the top travel organizers for your medication, it’s also a nifty piece of equipment to keep on hand wherever you live. The box is made from a light but sturdy aluminium metal with a plastic lid and includes a safety lock to keep children from digging around. The clear cover is useful for seeing what’s inside without having to unlock the box.

This box has six different removable compartments that can store syrups, pill tubs, plasters, gauze, and other first-aid equipment. Great for taking along with you on your travels, the box is small, lightweight, and compact. In fact, it could even double as a cosmetic or toiletry box.

looking for something similar? Check out the best travel first aid kits for your trip!

travel organizer bags purse

Now, you  could spend a fat chunk of $$$ on the WRONG present for someone. Wrong size hiking boots, wrong fit backpack, wrong shape sleeping bag… As any adventurer will tell you, gear is a personal choice.

So give the adventurer in your life the gift of convenience: buy them an REI Co-op gift card!  REI is The Broke Backpacker’s retailer of choice for ALL things outdoors, and an REI gift card is the perfect present you can buy from them. And then you won’t have to keep the receipt. 😉

#13 The Best Make-Up Organizer – Chomeiu Travel Make-Up Case

Chomeiu Travel Make Up Case

This portable make-up case was built for professional make-up artists and enthusiasts. It has more than enough space to store and organise all your best products. However, it’s also compact enough to fit into a suitcase, making it one of the best travel organisers for an on-the-go artist or to take to a festival.

The internal dividers are entirely adjustable and customizable so that you can design your ideal partitions according to the make-up you own. The case opens out like a zippered suitcase, with adequate storage space for brushes on the underside of the lid flap. 

Your brushes will be kept fixed in one position with the help of carefully designed elasticated pouches and a protective flap to cover the bristles, which means they will be kept in top condition for as long as you use this case.

The case is made using a durable and waterproof material, so you won’t have to worry about your prized make-up brushes getting wet. This also makes it super easy to clean, and any professional make-up artist will understand the importance of this!

The Chomeiu Travel Make-Up Case comes with a sturdy and comfortable handle to help you transport your goodies with ease. In fact, it’s a super multi-functional product that can also be used as a toiletry bag or a tech bag.

travel organizer bags purse

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There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination and realising you’ve forgotten an essential charger cable or outfit for your holiday. A good travel organiser can make all the difference in your travel experience by allowing you to keep track of your possessions when you pack, during your travels and when you unpack. 

That being said, there are endless travel organisers on the market, suitable for a range of needs and personal styles. A general Google can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused, so it’s important that you know what you want from your travel organizer before you look into buying one. The best travel organisers for you depend on your destination, bag weight limit, and the type of trip you’re taking. 

Aside from the weight, size, and practical aspects of a travel organiser, you’ll need to consider the price and quality of the product. In our opinion, it’s always better to invest in the best quality product that you can afford at the time, so it won’t break or fail you during your trip. This way, you’ll be splurging now to save later.

Preparation is vital when you’re travelling, and being underprepared or disorganised can lead to a whole lot worse than having to buy some new toiletries. So, we hope this list of the top thirteen travel organisers has helped you clarify the type of organiser you think you need.

travel organizer bags purse

Aiden Freeborn

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Travel Fashion Girl

Discover the Best Purse Organizer for Your In-Flight Personal Item

Best Suitcases , Handbags , LUGGAGE

travel organizer bags purse

Support TFG by using the links in our articles to shop. We receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) so we can continue to create helpful free content. We earn from qualifying purchases made to the featured retailers. Thank you, we appreciate your support!

Have you heard of a purse organizer insert? This may remind you of something you once saw in a 90s talk show but the truth is they’re awesome for travel! Keep reading to discover the best purse organizer for your in-flight personal item or travel bag!

Best Purse Organizer

Written By: Niki Landry

Table Of Contents

Since I was introduced to packing cubes a few years ago my luggage organizational game has been strong. The cubes help me to compartmentalize my backpack or wheeled luggage in a way that makes packing and unpacking at my location a breeze.

My in flight personal item, which is usually a large zippered shoulder bag, is another story. It’s a complete mess!

I’ve struggled to find a way to keep the items easily accessible and organized but always seem to end up with small items rolling around at the bottom of the bag. In a continued effort to pack more efficiently, my attention has been focused on the best way to get my personal item as organized as my luggage.

I’ve compiled a list below, which will hopefully help you find the best purse organizer for your bag:


Longchamp Large Le Pliage Tote

Your Personal Item

Most travelers have two carry on items for the plane, this can of course change depending on the airlines bag policy.

One bag (your carry-on ) is usually stowed in the overhead bin, and contains clothing, most toiletries, and shoes. The second bag (your personal item ) is the item you place under the seat, and it holds the items that get you through the flight.

These types of bags vary, but popular options are a weekender , large tote , backpack , or duffel bag . Personally, I rotate my Longchamp tote , a leather weekender, or my Osprey daypack depending on the trip.

Not sure what’s a personal item? Find out how to choose the best one for you !


Compass Rose Packing Cubes

Cubes and Pouches

I usually have little issue with my backpack because it comes with organizational pockets and compartments but it can be difficult to swing around front and access my items while in transit, although, that’s another issue entirely.

The other shoulder bags are my frequent flyers and their large open interiors are great for fitting lots of items, but leave a lot to be desired in terms of pockets. I’m always fumbling around at the bottom for the one thing that I need.

This can be especially frustrating on travel days, when crowded airports and tight time schedules can increase stress.

To try and remedy the issue, I’ve used packing cubes and zippered pouches to hold my small personal items but they aren’t as accessible as I would like. One-handed access is ideal and unzipping these small pouches can be difficult with one hand.


Pack All Zipper Pouch 

Besides using packing cubes, I decided to try organizational pouches because so many TFG readers say they’re fab. They can be the perfect little seatmate to help me organize important documents, electronic gear, or even make up for a longer flight. 

Like the one pictured above, I just designate a zippered section for certain items and know which compartment to access—it’s saved me so much stress!


BAGSMART Small Organizer Bag

Or maybe for something a little jazzier looking, I have my eye on the BAGSMART organizer . It’s perfect to fit things like a phone, earbuds, small cords, and compact makeup items, and it’s also water-resistant!


Periea Handbag Organizer Insert

Purse Inserts

Bag inserts were really popular a decade ago, but it’s not something I had ever tried personally. When I came across one recently, they seemed like the perfect solution to my handbag organizational issues.

They easily slip into your bag and have all of the zippered pouches and pockets to keep your electronics, important items, and flight essentials tucked away and secure. As a bonus, they also protect the interior lining of your shoulder bag, which is great for those designer pieces.

The best purse organizer will vary depending on various factors:

Depending on the size of your bag will dictate the size of your purse organizer insert, but I’ve compiled a few to get you started.

Check the interior dimensions of your bag and the dimensions of the insert carefully to ensure that they will fit properly. I also recommend ordering a few to see which one works best for your needs.

Take a look at these travel cord organizer options to make using and packing your devices and their cords easier!


Vercord Handbag Purse Organizer Insert

Also, check the weight of the organizers.

After being filled shoulder bags can get quite heavy, especially if you have a laptop inside. Don’t add to the weight with a bulky insert.

The same goes for structure . Purse organizer inserts come in both structured and unstructured options, so choose what works best for your bag. A collapsible bag may benefit from a more structured insert and vice versa.


ETTP Felt Bag Purse Organizer

Ultimately, a purse insert should have good size options, be lightweight enough, and be versatile so you can organize as your trip progresses, as even buying extra little things like makeup locally can add up to weight in your bag! 

You’ll want to look your best when you travel! Read my travel tips to Pack Light Stylishly !


Customizable Organizer

Another option is to go the custom insert route. Shops on Etsy will create custom bag organizers to your specifications.

These will cost a little more, but can be ideal for the traveler who is devoted to a specific cabin bag, but can’t seem to find an insert to fit or meet her organizational needs.


Travelon Anti-Theft Tailored Convertible Crossbody Clutch

 Wristlets and Clutches

Another idea is to use a small clutch for double duty—first as a purse organizer and then as a sightseeing bag or evening purse for a night on the town in my destination.


Humble Chic Vegan Leather Wristlet

The main thing to remember is a wristlet won’t be as large as a purse insert but it can be combined with pouches or packing cubes (that also do double duty). A clutch can not only hold ID but also a phone, or makeup and if it has anti-theft features, even better! The beauty of using items for double duty is nothing goes to waste and that stops me from overpacking my personal item. Everything has a place and all my organizational needs are taken care of!

Here are our readers top picks of the best wristlets for travel !

 What do you think’s the best purse organizer? Share what you use in the comments below!

For more travel purses or bags, please read:

  • Cross Body Purses: The Best Travel Shoulder Bags for Women
  • Travel Day Bag: Should I Use a Purse or a Backpack to Sightsee?
  • Best Day Pack that Makes Sightseeing a Breeze 
  • Best Travel Bags with Trolley Sleeve



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travel organizer bags purse

Author Bio: Niki is an interior designer and artist from Louisiana. In addition to her design work, she writes for local and online publications sharing her experiences and passion for travel. Niki is currently adding stamps to her passport while building her design practice, Niki Landry Designs .


Michelle C

Thank you for this post — I struggle with purse organization and switching bags often!

Marsha Leigh

I would like to know which one fits the longchamp le pliage large tote please.

Belinda Oakes

I could do with one of these just for travelling to work & back!


Hi Belinda, so pleased you found this article helpful! Happy travels! ?

Mairi McCubbin

Is it just me, or do a lot if these links not work? All the Amazon ones just go to the front daily page of Amazon, not to the item.

For the first photo, only the Cole Haan works. 2nd photo, only the middle, green one works. 3rd: only the Cloversac works 4th: both work.

Thinking it over, it’s the Amazon ones that don’t work. It’s been this way with most articles for a few weeks now, but was fine before. Is it my settings, or the links that are the problem? Mairi

Hi Mairi, thank you for making us aware of this, I will look into this for you. Also sometimes this happens when an item is not available outside the US and it’s challenging to dictate how Amazon deals with global USA requests. Sorry for any inconvenience 🙁


Would love to see which one you chose and how you use it. =)


That would be a great idea for an upcoming post! Stay tuned! Thanks for the suggestion Emily!


Love totesavvy!! You should definitely check it out!

Thanks for the recommendation Naomi! I’ll have to look into them! Happy travels!


I use the Tintamar VIP ‘The Original’ bag organiser, I have two, in cream and black. They hold a lot, have loads of pockets and also make a great toiletry or make up bag. I bought mine at London Heathrow Airport years ago.

Thanks for sharing Paula! Looks like a great product, thank you for the recommendation! Happy travels!

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travel organizer bags purse

travel organizer bags purse

Moms: 12 Clever Travel Bags For Easy Packing & Organizing

P acking efficiently and staying organized is one of the biggest challenges to traveling with kids. The best travel bags for moms and kids are durable, well-designed and washable. They make it easy to pack and stay organized during your trip.

No one needs all the suitcases, carry-on luggage, totes and organizers I have here. But you’ll probably want at least one.

I chose luggage and bags that my readers love, that are a good value and that are designed to both be practical and look good. If none of these bags suit you, their best features can help you know what to look for in your own choices.

Try these  other travel essentials :

The Best Tech for Travel: 18 Gadgets That Go Wherever You Do

6 Essential Packing Lists for Families

The Best Vacation Planning Check List

The Best Duffle Bag for Families:

I really like this  Bago weekender duffle and it’s been very popular with my readers since I posted it here. It’s roomy, waterproof and folds up flat for storage. 

It comes in a dozen colors. And it has a side zipper compartment that’s meant for shoes. But it can also keep dirty baby and toddler clothes separate from your clean ones if you are at that stage of parenting. 

Two zippered pockets keep small items handy.

You can choose from 40, 60 or 80-liter sizes. The smallest one is a great mini-weekender when you’re going away without the kids. 

The 60-liter works for a family weekend getaway. The largest one is ideal for longer getaways and ski trips where you’re packing for yourself and one or more kids in a single bag.

The Best Big Suitcase:

One of my resourceful readers turned me onto the very clever  Thule Subterra dual duffle Bag that’s 2 bags in one. 

The bottom is a large structured duffle on wheels with a telescoping handle. Then you add an unstructured duffle on top and secure it with compression straps to minimize the space it takes up. 

You can use either one on its own; both are water-resistant. And it comes with a strap that you can use to attach a backpack, laptop bag or diaper bag to as you’re schlepping through the airport.

Use the top bag for shoes and gear or to separate your kids stuff from yours, or for your dirty laundry. There are so many ways to organize better with this.

Best Weekend or Carry-On Bag: 

I usually run the other way when I see luggage sets for sale. But a few of my readers are choosing these weekenders and I can totally see the appeal of this  Ibfun matching three-piece set .

The deep and wide tote has a separate shoe compartment on the bottom and a small outside pocket. There are faux-leather handles and a shoulder strap.

But the really fun part is that it comes with a matching purse that is the exact size of cross-body bag that I like when I’m traveling. And having my suitcase and purse match makes me feel very cosmopolitan. 

There’s a second smaller bag that can serve as an evening wristlet or a make-up bag. Choose between nine solid colors and patterns.

Pair Every Travel Bag With Packing Cubes

Packing cubes  are handy no matter how long your trip is. Regardless of the size bag you’re packing, they allow you to fit more and keep you organized. So you aren’t always searching the bottom of the bag for the thing you want. 

They also keep your shoes away from your clothes if you don’t have an outside shoe pocket.

I gave my daughter a set of packing cubes to use when she did a summer-abroad trip. I thought for sure they would come back empty, with the clothes in a heap on top of them. But no! They kept her organized throughout the trip. And she had the smallest suitcase in the group!

The Best Travel Organizer for Families That Fly

I love anything that keeps me organized without taking up a lot of space or being complicated to use. Like this  Valante Premium Family Travel Document Wallet , that a few of my readers have recommended.

It has space for your several passports, plane tickets, reservations and receipts. And it lets you keep some cash, a credit card, pens and your phone in one place. It seems like it would be while you’re going through the airport. 

The Best Airplane Organizer for Moms & Dads

I hate putting things in the seat-back pocket on airplanes because I worry I’m going to leave something behind when I deplane. But I often wind up doing it anyway because I can’t hold everything I (or my kid) might need during the flight in my lap. 

So I feel like this  SoMine Commuter Essentials Organizer  was made for me.

It has a stiff back that tucks into the seat-back pocket on an airplane (or car or train), providing an organized dashboard for all those small items you might want.

It has seven pockets for a book or eReader, glasses, phone, charger, snack, ear buds, maybe stickers, colored pencils and small activity books for young kids. Plus, it has two loops where you can keep cords organized and even hang headphones.

When you get where you’re going the whole kit is slim enough to pop into a tote bag or carry-on suitcase.

The Best Laptop+ bag for Moms:

Readers have also been buying this  Borealis Laptop Tote from Northface  to use as a carry-on because it’s as practical and made well as you would expect from the North Face. 

It also folds flat when it’s empty and becomes a backpack in a cinch.

It’s water-repellent, zips closed on top, stays upright, and has a padded pouch for your laptop. 

An external zippered pocket keeps phone and money easy to reach. There’s a deep water-bottle pocket and has plenty of room inside for “mom” stuff like sunhats, snacks, a small diaper-changing kit, sunscreen, extra jackets and a small toy or two. 

There are rip cords for attaching a windbreaker or hat that you want to keep handy, or for items that are too bulky, sandy or wet to put inside.

Use it for the beach, picnics or even a roomy shoulder bag around town. 

Best Large Crossbody Bag:

I generally don’t like large crossbod

y bags; it’s too easy to throw too much stuff in and weigh myself down with them. But I can appreciate why my readers like them, especially when traveling.

This  Travelon Anti-theft messenger-style bag  is my favorite of the ones they’re buying these days. 

In addition to a deep main pocket, it has a magnetic fold-over front pocket and a discreet zippered pocket on the back. Plus snug side pockets for a slim water bottle and sunglasses.

Better still, it’s designed with anti-theft RFID blockers for extra security away from home.

Best Small Crossbody Bag:

I feel like I’m constantly searching for that bag that’s compact but still holds all the basic items I need to get through my day. My closet is filled with my failed attempts.

This  Bostanton faux-leather purse could be a winner though. The broad, patterned adjustable strap is unique and makes the purse stand out a bit.

It has two external zippered pockets for easy access to phone and keys, an inside zippered pocket to keep my sunglasses from getting scratched and a small pocket that keeps lipstick handy. 

The deep main pocket hold a wallet and the other small random things I seem to carry around (doesn’t everyone carry a reusable straw these days?). 

It comes in 17 colors, including some nice two-tones. And the price is great for the quality.

Best Toiletry Bag for Adults:

My readers seem to love toiletry organizer bags that they can hang. This  bag from Venture 4th  is only one of several they’ve been snatching up lately. 

It’s large, which makes it ideal for women who like to carry toiletries and make-up in one bag but don’t necessarily want them jumbled together.

You’ll find room for sunscreen, medication and vitamins, too.

All nine pockets are mesh or clear, which means you can see everything you packed. There’s no fumbling for those small items that always fall to the bottom. 

The hook swivels, allowing you to hang it whoever you want, which is a nice touch. It comes in fun patterns as well as the practical solid colors. 

Best Toiletry Bag for Kids:

When your kids start packing for themselves — which they can do around age 7 or so with some guidance — don’t forget to give them their own wash bag.

This  hanging toiletry organizer  is deep and has plenty of pockets for sunscreen, toothbrush and toothpaste, plus the retainer case and face-wash they might need as middle school rolls around. 

There’s room for any other small items they might travel with, too, like vitamins or medication, a flashlight or even small pieces of jewelry.

It comes in dinosaurs, fairies and unicorns, too, but I think most kids will get the most mileage out of the sea creatures. It’s the least little-kiddish and I think it will take them longer to outgrow it.

This article may contain affiliate links that Microsoft and/or the publisher may receive a commission from if you buy a product or service through those links.

12 of the Best Travel Bags for Moms (+ Kids)

All Luggage and Accessories

  • Rolling Luggage
  • Passport Covers
  • Travel Cases
  • Toilet Pouches
  • Travel Accessories

travel organizer bags purse

Horizons Never End

Starring Fei Fei Sun, the Horizons Never End campaign is an ode to the spirit of travel and the Maison's trunk-making heritage through a series of signature and timeless creations, illustrating infinite freedom.

travel organizer bags purse

Keepall Bandoulière 55

travel organizer bags purse

Keepall Bandoulière 50

travel organizer bags purse

Passport Cover

travel organizer bags purse

Cosmetic Pouch

travel organizer bags purse

Nice Vanity

travel organizer bags purse

Toilet Pouch

travel organizer bags purse

Keepall Bandoulière 45

travel organizer bags purse

Pochette Cosmétique PM

travel organizer bags purse

Trio Toilet Pouch

travel organizer bags purse

7 Best Travel Toiletry Bags, Tested By Women's Health Experts

Travel pros approve, too!

best toiletry travel bags

Best Travel Toiletry Bags

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Best Overall

Pavilia hanging toiletry bag.

Roll-Up Travel Toiletries Kit

Best Roll-Up Travel Toiletry Bag

Lululemon roll-up travel toiletries kit.

Kanken Toiletry Bag

Best Durable Bag

Fjallraven kanken toiletry bag.

Some travel bags are smaller, with a simple interior, and others are larger with more pockets. What you decide to invest in comes down to how long you'll be traveling for and whether or not you like to travel light or heavy. Regardless of your preferences, just know that there are plenty of options out there for you. In fact, Women's Health editors tested and rounded up seven of their favorite picks to help you decide on the best one for you. Before you shop though, here are a few things to keep in mind.

What to consider

The goal is to find something that will fit all your personal care items without taking up a ton of space, being mindful that TSA rules will also limit the sizes of these products. "TSA’s 3-1-1 rule states that all liquids must be in containers that are 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters or less and fit inside one clear, quart-sized, resealable bag," says travel expert and blogger at The Smart Travel Guide Peggy Carlaw. "The trick to packing a toiletry bag is decanting your own products into small containers or purchasing travel-sized containers." This hack will save you space while lowering your bag weight. Once you do this, choose a bag that's big enough to hold the amount of containers and makeup you're traveling with.

Finding a bag that fits within your budget is the priority. That said, certain materials are more travel-friendly than others. Carlaw recommends a bag made from either nylon or polyester. "These are long-lasting, lightweight, water-resistant, and easy to clean," she says. "Cotton and some other fabrics are not waterproof, hard to keep clean, and not sturdy enough to protect their contents," she adds.


While this feature is optional, having a water-resistant bag will ensure that everything else in your suitcase will stay dry if any of your toiletries spill out or leak during travel. At the same time, if your luggage gets wet or clothes get damp, all the items in your toiletry bag (like powders, medications, and electronics) will stay dry. This is especially helpful if you're traveling somewhere where the humidity is high, Carlaw says.

How 'Women's Health' selected

For the past year, Women’s Health editors, including associate health and wellness editor Tianna Soto and lifestyle commerce editor Jasmine Gomez , tested the bestselling, most popular, and top-rated travel toiletry bags. Our team consulted one travel expert and evaluated bags based on size, fabric material, ease of use, and more to narrow down the seven best travel toiletry bags for a wide range of needs and preferences.

Below, check out the seven best travel toiletry bags, tested by Women's Health editors.

After testing several travel toiletry bags over the past few weeks, our best overall pick is this hanging toiletry bag from Pavilia. For starters, it hits all the callouts that our expert recommends—clear plastic pockets, a water-resistant shell, and polyester material.

The hook at the top makes it easy to see and access your items without having to take them all out, or having to dig through each pocket. Editors also like that this bag has a budget-friendly price of $24, which is a total steal compared to some of the more pricier options on this list.

Women's Health health editor Tianna Soto appreciates that this bag comes with eight pockets that fit all of her self-care products. For her, it makes organizing a breeze, and it folds up without taking up too much space in her luggage. However, she notes that if you over-pack it too often, there's a chance that the zipper can get stuck. Additionally, it might not be the best choice if you value your privacy while traveling with company. "If you’re sharing a hotel room with someone and don’t want everyone to see what you have in there, you may not love the clear pockets," she says.

Read more: Best Travel Coffee Mugs

If you swear by all things Lululemon, you'll be thrilled to know they have a toiletry bag that's perfect for your next trip. It comes with three main pockets that can be easily folded up. Unlike some other options on this list, this bag is closed using a security buckle, ensuring that your belongings won't fall out during travel.

WH lifestyle and commerce editor Jasmine Gomez is a big fan of this bag because of its waterproof-material and mesh pocket, which she says makes room for some items that need more breathability (think: makeup sponges and toothbrushes).

She also likes that it provides easy access to her products. "I love that it rolls out vertically with a hook at the top, making it easy to access what I need without having to dig through an entire bag," she says. One thing to keep in mind is that there isn't an added layer of protection for whatever is inside, aside from the pockets. So keeping this in your backpack or in a hardshell suitcase might be best.

When it comes to durability, this toiletry bag from Fjallraven is our top pick, especially if you're a frequent flyer. We like that the fabric feels sturdy, and it's on the thicker side, so it can easily stand up against frequent use or bumpy trips. The dark color makes any dirt or marks less noticeable, too. It comes with two spacious compartments that can fit anything from makeup to skincare or haircare. Because the pockets inside aren't clear like some of the other bags on this list, you might have to dig around in different sections to find what you're looking for, though.

Still, this option is well worth your dime, according to WH associate news editor Charlotte Walsh. "I typically have to pack two separate bags—one for my makeup and the other for shower products—but with this, I can fit it all in one!" she says. She also appreciates the waxed fabric liner inside, which serves as a barrier in case anything spills.

Victoria's Secret Travel Toiletry Bag

Travel Toiletry Bag

A personal favorite of WH beauty editors, this toiletry bag from Victoria's Secret has deep pockets that are perfect for those who prefer the perks of a roll-up bag with the structure of something more durable. It comes with two main compartments and one smaller one that sits closest to the hanging hook. While this bag isn't water-resistant, we appreciate that the clear pockets make it easy to find your belongings.

"It's easy to see everything that's in the bag without having to spread everything out on the sink and make a mess," says WH senior beauty editor Danielle Jackson. She adds that this bag eliminates the need to bring two toiletry bags with her since the pockets are extra spacious.

Mark & Graham Clear Coated Cosmetic Train Case

Clear Coated Cosmetic Train Case

Feel like a splurge? You will adore this customizable toiletry bag from Mark & Graham. While this is the most expensive option on our round up, the variety of prints to choose from, in addition to its durability and deep double pockets, make it worth every penny.

Its rectangular shape allows for a smooth packing process, as it can easily fit into the corner of a small suitcase or duffel. It also has a handle on top that provides "easy access when you're digging around in your bag after a late-night or early-morning arrival," says WH features editor Currie Engel. "[The bag] makes me feel like an incredibly put-together person even on my most hectic and chaotic trips." If you're not shopping for yourself, this bag also makes for a great gift for your jet-setting bestie or family member.

Herschel Milan Toiletry Bag

Milan Toiletry Bag

The most stylish option on this list, this toiletry bag from Herschel is great for quick weekend getaways. It's on the smaller side and made from vegan leather. The bag comes with an expandable internal and rear storage sleeve, and it's available in six colors and two sizes. It's worth noting that while this bag is fashion-forward, it doesn't have clear pockets and isn't big enough to guarantee that all your travel must-haves can be stored away.

Ultimately, it will securely store whatever you do travel with, though. WH executive digital director Amanda Woerner, who has been using hers for years, is a fan of this bag for its overall quality. "Herschel toiletry bags hold a ton of makeup and skincare products, and despite the fact that various tinted moisturizers, face washes, and who knows what else, have spilled inside there for years, it's still in great shape," she says.

Beis The Cosmetic Pouch Set

The Cosmetic Pouch Set

Some people prefer to have one bag, while others don't mind two. Whether it be for organizational purposes or for having two bags to use individually, you can't go wrong with this matching set from Beis. These are not water-resistant nor do they have clear pockets, but editors like that they're compact enough to fit in small suitcases, and that you're essentially getting two bags for the price of one. Plus, they're a sleek and stylish option for travel.

"I love the matching neutral color, and the bigger size means that I can still squeeze in some of my full-size products," says Walsh. She notes that one downside to the rounded shape of the bags is that you lose some of the extra space that you may get from a square pouch.


Meet the experts

  • Peggy Carlaw is a travel expert and blogger at The Smart Travel Guide .

shape, rectangle

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Headshot of Sabrina Talbert

Sabrina is an editorial assistant for Women’s Health. When she’s not writing, you can find her running, training in mixed martial arts, or reading.

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travel organizer bags purse

3-Pack: Travel Tote Collapsible Purse/Cosmetic Organizers by Two Elephants

Do you find yourself searching for your keys, phone, wallet or other essentials that seem to always get lost in your purse? The collapsible purse organizer is specially designed for people who have lots to fit in their purse and want to be able to access everything easily.

Customer Favorite

A product’s star rating is based on a Machine Learning model instead of a raw data average. This model takes into account various factors used to improve the confidence in our star ratings.

Great for an easy grab and go bag.

I really like the space this has in the main pocket, large enough for my oversized wallet and my iPad mini. Very easy to find other things and very accessible. The only thing that I didn’t like was the handle being so short, I think they could have made it just a little longer, but still a great bag! I can even use it in some other purses.

Very handy for purse, suitecase and car

I like the many pockets in this. I plan on using them for travel and for changing purses. I might even use 1 in the car. Very well thought out and useful product.

Great set. Fast shipping and great prices from MorningSave. My purse is now organized so I know where things are. Zippered pockets for keys, charging cord for phone, papers, cards, money, small brush, Kleenex, etc. Middle pocket for cell phone or iPad. Front pockets for easy to get to lotion, hand sanitizer, sunglasses or whatever. It is well made, and the zipper is heavy duty so it will not break. I might give the other organizers away or use them to organize my home office or bedroom vanity. They can even be used for crafting or kids’ items at home or on the go. I’m so glad I purchased these organizers.

  • The bag is organized so you don’t have to be
  • Allow you to take the purse hanger in and out of your purse
  • Easily switch purses and never leave something behind again
  • Simply collapse the organizer to a smaller size by using the buttons located on each side
  • Two zipper pockets on each side
  • Middle section where you can place larger items (like an iPad or a book)
  • Pockets in the front and back allow you to reach for smaller items
  • Strong enough to sustain possible external damages


  • Materials: Cotton and polyester
  • Dimensions: 11.25" x 6.7" x 3.9"
  • Wipe with a hot damp cloth
  • Hang to dry

What’s Included?

  • 3x Travel Tote Collapsible Purse/Cosmetic Organizers

Available States


Estimated Delivery Date

Monday, Jul 15 - Tuesday, Jul 16

Looks good, but terrible crinkling sound from plastic material

I had high hopes for this product, and it looks good/useful, but I can’t use it. The crinkling sound of the plastic is weirdly loud. Not a functional product for me. It’s going back.

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2-Pack: Amore Paris Retinol 2.5% High Potency Anti-Aging Moisturizer

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Lior Multifunctional Crossbody Sling Bag

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Hakol Retro Inspired Game Console with 620 Pre-Loaded Games

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Aduro U-Stream 51'' Selfie Stick with Extendable Tripod with Bluetooth Remote

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6-Pack: Unisex Ankle Compression Socks

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3-Pack: Buckle-Free Adjustable Stretch Belts

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5-Pack: Heavy Duty Braided iPhone Lightning Cable Charger Cords

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Niss & Niflaot "Always Remember You are Braver Than You Believe" Necklace

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Ciana Stainless Steel Magnetic Measuring Spoons Set

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2-Pack: Ciana Passport and Vaccine Card Holder

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2-Pack: Electric Dental Plaque Remover by Two Elephants

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Diamond Muse 1/10 Carat TW Prong Set Round-Cut Genuine Diamond Stud Earrings

travel organizer bags purse

MKF Collection Aubrey Vegan Leather Multi-Compartment Satchel Handbag

travel organizer bags purse

LifePro Legra Hand Massager with Vibration & Heat Therapy

travel organizer bags purse

Bright Whites Gel Teeth Whitening Kit

travel organizer bags purse

6-Pack: XTF Breast Cancer Awareness Crew Length Everyday Wear Compression Socks

travel organizer bags purse

Pick-your-2-Pack: Niss & Nifloat 10K White Gold Plated Initial Necklaces

travel organizer bags purse

Niss & Niflaot 10 Carat TW Cubic Zirconia Emerald Cut Eternity Band Ring​

travel organizer bags purse

Ciana Pocket Credit Card Holder with Wristlet Bracelet Keychain

travel organizer bags purse

Savvy Cie 18K Gold Emerald Cut Birthstone by Month Necklace In Box

travel organizer bags purse

Luxury Home 4-Piece 1800 Series Rayon from Bamboo-Blend Sheet Set

travel organizer bags purse

Easy Avocado Slicer and Perfect Cubing Tool (1-Pack or 2-Pack) by Two Elephants

travel organizer bags purse

Amore Paris 31-Day Monthly Pill and Vitamin Organizer with Large Removable Pods

travel organizer bags purse

Aduro 4-Piece Kids Technology Bundle

travel organizer bags purse

Amore Paris Aromatherapy 100% Pure Therapeutic 16-Piece Essential-Oils

travel organizer bags purse

MKF Collection Mala Phone Wallet Crossbody Bag

travel organizer bags purse

MKF Collection 2-Piece Wandy Vegan Leather Hobo & Wallet Set

travel organizer bags purse

Tech Theory Fireplace Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

travel organizer bags purse

Amazon Basics 7-Piece Bed-In-A-Bag Reversible Comforter Set

travel organizer bags purse

2-Pack: Clog-Free Kitchen Sink Strainer by Two Elephants

travel organizer bags purse

Niss & Niflaot Jewelry 18K Gold Plated Micro Pave Diamond Heart Necklace

travel organizer bags purse

Amore Paris 3-Piece Ultimate Beard Care And Grooming Kit

travel organizer bags purse

Luxury Home 6-Piece Luxurious Ultra Soft Microfiber Sheet Set

travel organizer bags purse

Cheer Collection 8-Piece Marshmallow Roasting Stick Set with Bag

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Savvy Cie 1 1/2 Carat TW Three Stone Moissanite Necklace

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Cortex Beauty Infrared 2" Professional Hot Blowout Brush

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2-Pack: Thera Rx Portable Pill Case Weekly Travel Pill Organizer

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Early Amazon Prime Day Deals 2024: Shop the Best Travel Deals for Easy Breezy Trips

Make your next trip stress-free with these travel essentials -- that are also on sale..

Shop Amazon Prime Day Early Travel Deals

We independently selected these products because we love them, and we think you might like them at these prices. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time .

Sound the alarm, Amazon Prime Day is only 2 weeks away. You might be shopping for beauty or fashion , but what I’m most excited about are the travel deals . Anything that makes zipping through an airport, train station, or bus terminal easier, is high on my list. And whether you’re planning a trip or just want to be prepared for hitting the road , these price tags will make you want to stock up STAT. 

To get you started, we’ve rounded up the best sales on luggage , packing cubes , portable chargers , and more, that are worth shopping before the official Prime Day – including discounts up to 78% off. But, there’s no time to waste. Jump on these early Amazon Prime Day deals to save you money on the best travel gear. Bon Voyage!

Travel Deals Travel Inspira Luggage Scale

There's nothing worse than checking in your luggage at the airport and finding out that you have to pay overweight baggage fees. This handy luggage scale removes that worry, for just $7. It's also backed by over 20,000 5-star Amazon reviews, where fans rave that it's "accurate" and "invaluable."

Ausion Fanny Pack

The price of this fanny pack made me do a double take. Wear it around your waist or as a crossbody, and you've got all your essentials close at hand (perfect for running around a cruise ship or a foreign city). It's available in over 30 colors and prints and the straps are easily adjustable.

U.S. Traveler Rio Lightweight Carry-On Suitcase Set

This chic luggage set includes a carry-on-friendly rolling suitcase for all your clothes, shoes, and toiletries, plus an over-the-shoulder bag for your wallet, phone, tablet, and more. And best of all, the bag includes a strap that easily fits over the handle of the suitcase so you can roll through the airport in style.

Loveledi Portable Charger Power Bank- 2 Pack

Priced at 78% off, you simply must add this portable charger 2-pack to your cart. They can fully recharge themselves in just 5 hours and give you hours of fast charging. There are USB, USB-C, and micro USB ports, and these power banks can save you trying to hunt down an outlet when you're on the go.

Queboom Travel Makeup Bag

When I travel, I usually stuff all my makeup and toiletries into a plastic bag. Don't be like me, get this convenient case . It's waterproof with separate compartments, so all your brushes, compacts, and lipsticks are organized and safe, plus it's only $6. And since it measures 6.7 x 9 inches, it easily fits into a carry-on or checked luggage.

M Muchengbao Travel Pill Organizers- Set of 4

If you're traveling with any kind of vitamins, pills, or medication, you'll want these handy organizers in your bag. You get 4 in the set and they include compartments and stickers so you can keep everything organized for when you need it. They can also be convenient for jewelry or any other small items you're packing on your trip.

BAGAIL Packing Cubes, Set of 8

Packing a bag is soooo much simpler with these packing cubes . They allow you to sort your clothes, keep them organized in your suitcase, and make it easier to pick out what you'll wear on your trip. This set comes with 8 items of different sizes, including a makeup bag and shoe bag. Don't forget to clip the coupon here for 20% off.

What is Prime Day? 

Prime Day is an exclusive event with Amazon deals for Prime members. In recent years, it has been extended from a one-day sale to a two-day sale, highlighting deals across all categories including  fashion ,  beauty ,  tech , and  home products .

When is Prime Day?

Amazon's  Prime Day 2024  runs from July 16- July 17, 2024. This 48-hour sale begins at midnight PT on July 16 and ends at 11:59 PM PT on July 17. This year shoppers will be able to find extensive discounts on products ranging from  summer fashion  and  premium beauty  to the  newest electronics  and  home essentials . There are early deals leading up to the sale, so it's wise to check for pre-Prime Day offers as well.

What is on sale for Prime Day 2024?

Amazon customers can  shop deals  on seasonal items including summer fashion, travel, viral beauty products, outdoor furniture, back-to-school essentials, cleaning and organization products, and Amazon devices. 

Where can I find the best Prime Day deals?

You can find curated deals from  E! Insider Shop  throughout the sale. Our dedicated team of shopping experts will help you save time and money, organizing the must-have deals in one convenient place for easy shopping. New deals will drop throughout the sale. You can also shop Amazon's Prime Day deals  here .  

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime  is a subscription service that provides a variety of benefits to its subscribers. Shoppers get free and fast shipping with options for two-day, one-day, and same-day shipping speeds on eligible items shipped by Amazon. Additionally, there are exclusive lightning deals and additional discounts on select items. Members gain access to  Prime Video , Amazon's streaming service. Subscribers can stream ad-free songs through  Amazon Music . Prime members can get grocery deliveries from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market, depending on the location.

Do you need to be an Amazon Prime member to shop the Prime Day 2024 sale?

Yes, you have to be a Prime member to get the Amazon discounts on  Prime Day . Amazon Prime Day is an event that is exclusive for Prime members, with discounts tailored specifically for them. You can start  a free 30-day trial  to take advantage of Prime Day 2024 discounts.

How much is a Prime membership?

An Amazon Prime membership costs $14.99 per month or you can pay $139 per year.  Join now  for a 30-day free trial to experience the membership's extensive benefits for yourself, which include free shipping, fast shipping, and access to grocery delivery, ad-free music, and streaming services. 

How much is Amazon shipping?

Amazon shipping costs depend on the items ordered and shipping location. Thankfully, shipping on your order is  free (and fast) if you sign up for a Prime membership. Prime members get two-day, one-day, and same-day shipping options. Amazon also offers expedited shipping options on select purchases, which provide faster delivery times at an additional cost.  Join now  for a 30-day free trial.  

Looking for more early Amazon Prime Day sales? Then check out these bedding and linen deals.

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Elektrostal, visit elektrostal, check elektrostal hotel availability, popular places to visit.

  • Electrostal History and Art Museum

You can spend time exploring the galleries in Electrostal History and Art Museum in Elektrostal. Take in the museums while you're in the area.

  • Cities near Elektrostal

Photo by Ksander

  • Places of interest
  • Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
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travel organizer bags purse

Best Sellers in Travel Packing Organizers

Veken 8 Set Packing Cubes for Suitcases, Travel Essentials for Carry on, Luggage Organizer Bags Set for Travel Accessories in

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BLISSFORD Compression Packing Cubes Travel, Packing Cubes for Carry on Suitcase, Suitcase Organizer Bags Set, Compression Bag

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These 10 Stylish Tote Bags Are Roomy Enough to Use As Carry-ons — and They Start at Just $19

Amazon, Samsonite, Béis, and Away have genius, lightweight bags that still fit under the plane seat.

travel organizer bags purse

Travel + Leisure / Pamela Jew

I’m a full-time traveler, and I’ll let you in on a secret: Tote bags are the best type of carry-on. Last summer, I bought a gold one in Cascais, Portugal, that changed the game, allowing me to carry an array of things like my laptop, change of clothing, and an umbrella in addition to my keys and wallet. On any given day, I still had space left for an impromptu supermarket run or an impulse buy.

Why ditch the bulky carry-on luggage for a tote? For starters, totes are easy to carry — it’s even in the name! Most are pretty lightweight with flat straps that stay put, so they’re comfortable, too. They hold a deceptive amount, and they’re usually pretty wide, so they distribute the weight evenly (your back will thank you). Style-wise, tote bags keep things casual yet cool. Add extras like compartments, expandability, anti-theft features, and waterproofing, and you’ve got the makings of a great piece of luggage that prevents you from overpacking, whether you’re flying for business or pleasure.

So in honor of my trusty tote bag, I’ve rounded up the best options out there right now starting at just $19, from a stylish Béis weekender to a flight-attendant approved, three-in-one Cyureay Convertible Tote Backpack . The standard Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) size for carry-on luggage is 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches, and all 10 of the standout tote bags below obey the size limits yet hold an extraordinary amount of stuff securely. With carry-on totes this cool, your ticket may say “economy,” but your style will broadcast “frequent flier.”

Samsonite Foldaway Packable Tote Sling Bag

You expect a lot from Samsonite, and this tote bag delivers. It’s packed with pockets that can hold small electronics like tablets, e-readers, headphones, and earbuds. The main compartment comfortably holds in-flight essentials like a light sweater, sleep mask, and toiletries, plus any souvenirs you pick up along the way. The nylon-polyester tote has thick, sturdy straps so it’s comfy to carry, but here’s the best part: When not in use, the lightweight tote folds down to fit a compact pouch. Just stick it in your suitcase so it won’t get lost!

“It will hold a weekend’s worth of clothes for when you want to fly but don’t want to pay for a carry-on,” one fan wrote, adding that it “is a good, big size but the material is thin…so it doesn’t seem like a carry-on, though it can hold just as much stuff.”

To buy: , $26

Fit + Fresh Metro Tote

This multitasker is business on one side and party on the other. The insulated half of this tote bag is lined with BPA-free PEVA, 5-mm thick interior padding and 300D polyester, so you can stash all your favorite snacks, hot foods, and cold drinks for a long flight ahead and keep them at the optimal temperature for a full day. The other side is spacious enough for a laptop, magazines, compression socks, an extra outfit, and whatever else you need to work or relax in-flight. The lightweight tote has heat-welded seams so it won’t leak, and it wipes clean easily.

“This tote is perfect for anyone who wants to keep a cool drink/sweaty water bottle away from important documents,” wrote one wise reviewer. “There are two completely separate compartments, so you won’t worry about spillage from the insulated side to the non-insulated side. It’s truly a game-changer.”

To buy: , $21 (originally $30)

Béis The Mini Weekender

Color me smitten: It’s a tote bag that’s also a weekender! Imagine a tote bag you can use as your personal item, carry-on, and only piece of luggage: This Béis bag is it. In addition to a spacious main compartment, is has the all-important laptop sleeve (easy to access when you’re going through airport security) and a zippered bottom compartment for your shoes or toiletries (or snacks). It also has a passthrough that attaches to your suitcase handle, making it efficient in every way we can think of. Your only problem will be choosing which cool color you like best.

“High quality, very sturdy, and fits loads,” one Béis customer said of their Mini Weekender. “[I] will be using it for years to come.”

To buy: , $88

Bagsmart Large Tote Bag

This roomy carry-on tote takes packing space to the next level — not only can it store your clothes, work supplies, personal electronics, and other travel essentials, but it also has space for a yoga mat, too. (Anyone who’s ever tried to fly with one knows how impossibly awkward and cumbersome that can be without the right gear.) This large tote bag saves the day with a brilliant fixed buckle made just for the job, so you can attach your mat to the top with no fuss. It also has a side pocket that fits your water bottle and a front pocket for easy access to things like your phone or passport.

“The shoulder straps are comfortable, and the bag is easy to carry....not too heavy when full,” wrote a happy customer.

To buy: , $30 (originally $43)

Away F.A.R Tote 45L

This spacious tote by Away was built to be a carry-on. Made of recycled materials with an abrasion- and weather-resistant finish, it will safely store clothing, shoes, electronics, and more and keep them safe and dry in any condition. It also has some stealth storage, including a hidden exterior pocket for easy access to your passport or phone, an interior mesh pocket for smaller valuables like earbuds or jewelry, and an interior webbing loop to keep your keys secure. Thanks to a trolley sleeve, you can easily attach it to your luggage handle and zip to your gate. Choose from five colors, including the popular orange.

“I like to keep my hiking gear separate from other clothing so this bag is ideal for that — hiking shoes, bladder backpack, poles, leggings, shirts, hats, electrolytes and granola bars, first aid kit etc,” wrote a savvy shopper.

To buy: , $98 (originally $140)

Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Tote Bag

Attention, light packers: this is the only tote bag you’ll want to fly with. Thanks to a front pocket with RFID protection, which blocks thieves from remotely scanning your credit cards, passport and other important documents, you’re free to focus on more pressing airport matters like exchanging your money for foreign currency or finding a public charging station for your phone. The tote has other safety features, too, like a front pocket with a locking zipper and a key clip with an LED light.

“I purchased this bag for a recent trip to Brazil and it was great; it held everything I needed and gave me an added sense of security,” wrote one savvy shopper. They added that the “zippers locked, and I could dress the bag up with pretty scarves or leave it plain depending on the situation.” 

To buy: , $90

Cyureay Convertible Tote Bag/Backpack

This tote bag is an impressive three bags in one: in addition to a rugged tote, it converts into a backpack and crossbody — how’s that for versatility? It’s made of durable, scratch- and water-resistant nylon with a padded, reinforced shoulder strap for comfort while you wait in never-ending airport lines. Speaking of, this tote also has a built-in USB port for charging up your phone. It’s got you covered on all fronts, with the spaciousness to hold a large laptop as well as many compartments, including an anti-theft pocket in the back.

“As a flight attendant, I need one multipurpose bag, and this is it,” One shopper wrote , adding that they tried at least 19 others. “It has a luggage strap, handles, backpack option, and long handle. I’ve washed it and thrown it around endlessly. It’s a real winner in my book.”

To buy: , $30

Baggallini Any Day Tote with RFID Phone Wristlet

Lightweight and water-resistant, this nylon tote has pockets galore, and most of them are hidden inside where valuable things stay safe and out of reach. External zippered pockets keep things like your passport and wallet handy, though. It’s easy to carry and maneuver this bag thanks to an adjustable strap and a sleeve that lets you slide the bag right over your suitcase handles. The cherry on top is the matching anti-theft wristlet, which is armed with RFID technology to prevent your cards and ID from being scanned by would-be thieves.

“This bag was everything and a bag of chips. This helped so much for our travel over to Europe,” wrote a five-star reviewer. “Even the flight attendant stated that she had the same bag and loves it. I am so happy to have this. Plus, the extra security of RFID made it a no-brainer.”

To buy: , $80 (originally $118)

Orshawer Carry-On Tote Bag

This lightweight tote bag is just $19 but is more efficient for travel than plenty of tote bags 10 times that price. The waterproof and rip-resistant bag has lots of space for up to five days’ worth of clothes, cosmetics and more, but it’s the compartments that really make this one a winner. Internal pockets are specifically designed to let you separate dry and wet belongings, and a hidden pocket on the bag’s luggage sleeve conceals important items where you least expect it. When you’re not using it, just fold the tote up into its compact case and stow it in your luggage.

“It’s bigger than expected but can easily be reduced to a smaller size. I was shocked at how much it held and still fit under the airplane seat,” wrote a fan.

To buy: , $19

Kenneth Cole Reaction Chelsea Quilted Chevron

Getting through airport security with a laptop in your carry-on can be daunting, but this well-designed tote makes it easy. That’s because its laptop compartment opens out, making it a cinch to slip the device in and out without holding up the line, and the compartment even hides spots and sleeves for valuables like your tablet, phone, passport, and even your toothbrush and toothpaste. This bag actually has pockets galore, both zipped and unzipped, including a zippered front pocket for things you need at the ready. A trolley strap in the back just completes the convenience of this beloved bag.

“This bag is classy and great for traveling,” one reviewer wrote, saying they even “like it so much better than the Tumi I was originally shopping for. [It has] great pockets and protection for [my] computer and iPad.” They concluded that it “looks professional and [is] very sturdy.”

To buy: , $80

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travel organizer bags purse

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