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Volendam Review

volendam boat trip

When it launched in 1999, Volendam had the highest passenger capacity in Holland America's fleet, carrying some 1,432 passengers at double occupancy. And, in a move that seems quaint now, it proved its modernity by being the first ship in the fleet to boast a dedicated internet center.

Volendam has come a long way since then -- attested by the dozens of plaques along a Deck 4 corridor, picked up from ports around the world. Through the years, dry docks added many improvements, and a late 2017 dry dock will bring more upgrades, including completing the refurbishment of every cabin bathroom.

Jazzy refurbs aside, Volendam is a classic, old-school cruise ship, which still maintains the tradition of dress-up nights. You won't find climbing walls, ziplines or other bells and whistles offered by the new mega-ships. Instead there are cooking demonstrations via America's Test Kitchen, trivia contests, tech classes and some of the best location experts at sea. You might say that Volendam is the perfect "Goldilocks ship" -- big enough to offer plenty of activities and enrichment, but not so big that you get lost in the crowd.

The ship's service is phenomenal, a hallmark of Holland America. Wait staff and cabin stewards are primarily Indonesian and Filipino; most officers are European, with many coming from Holland. Restaurant staff provide polished service, yet also have a sense of humor. You'll be greeted by every crew member you pass, whether a cabin steward or a painter.

Bottom Line

Fellow passengers.

It would be difficult to find a more loyal group of individuals than those hearty Mariners, past passengers of Holland America Line. Volendam enjoys a particularly high ratio of repeat cruisers, many of whom have been onboard so often they feel at home with the staff and crew. Many stay for long periods, as well, often combining two or more itineraries, for cruises as long as five months.

Most passengers are "of an age," typically older than 55, and while most are couples, there is also a fair number of friends sharing quarters and a few singles, too.

Holland America's prime customers are from North America. On the ship's Asian itineraries, you can also expect a large number of Australians onboard, as well as a smaller group of Asian passengers. On any itinerary, there's likely to be a smattering of Europeans -- particularly Dutch, due to the line's link with Holland. All ship announcements, however, are made in English.

Holland America Volendam Dress Code

Daytime dress on Volendam is resort casual, and goes even more casual in Alaska, where standard port-day clothes include jeans, hiking boots and sweatshirts. However, beachwear, distressed jeans and men's tank tops are never permitted in the fine-dining restaurants.

Evening dress ranges from smart-casual to very dressy. Informal nights tend toward country-club casual, with women in slacks or skirts and nice tops and men in collared or button-down shirts and khakis. You can wear neat jeans in the fine-dining restaurants on informal nights, but shorts are never allowed at dinner. This is a traditional ship, so there are typically two "gala nights" on seven-night cruises and three on 10-night cruises. On gala nights, men are required (at minimum) to wear collared shirts and slacks in the fine-dining venues; jackets and ties are recommended. We even spotted some men in tuxedos (you can rent them onboard, so step it up, guys!). Dresses, skirts and slacks are all appropriate gala attire for women, who tend to go more glam than the men. Cocktail dresses are common, and there will be a few who go all-out in long gowns. This is definitely the time to show off your sequins and statement jewelry!

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many 10+ Cruises

Great Destinations…So so ship

few 6-10 Cruises

Classy but a bit underwhelming at points

couple 2-5 Cruises

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volendam boat trip

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Hidden Holland

Volendam and Marken Day Trip Trap Or Fun?

Last Updated: April 22, 2024

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Gerrit Vandenberg

Gerrit shares his love for the Netherlands from his home near Amsterdam, helping thousands plan unforgettable trips to the lowlands. Discover his inspiring journey "From a critical health scare to celebrating Holland's charms" . If you want to send Gerrit a quick message, you can contact him here .

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Gerrit profile image.

Hi, I'm Gerrit

I enjoy sharing useful tips about the beauty of this county.

Do you wonder if a day trip to Volendam and Marken is a good idea?

I loved my recent day in Volendam and Marken, and today I’ll tell you exactly where to go to have a more authentic experience , even if you’re on a tour.

But first, I must confess: as a local, I found Volendam and Marken overly touristy, synonymous with rushed bus tours and tourist traps.

Typically, I recommend more authentic fishing towns like Spakenburg. However, a private tour client asked about these villages, prompting me to revisit my ideas.

Tour companies and travel guides heavily promote visiting Volendam , Marken , Edam , or the Zaanse Schans due to their proximity to Amsterdam. Hence their popularity.

So recently, I went for an extensive new visit. A great benefit of living here and being a local is that I can go, explore, and fact-check whenever I want.

And was it touristy ?

Oh yes. It still was. Full tour buses , umbrellas, big name tags, and headsets were all present. 

I also had fun. A lot of fun. And sometimes doing a touristy thing is just what you need. We don’t always have to be “local.” And it was just as popular with Dutch tourists as with foreigners. 

It’s easy to get to , and it’s a great way to see something of the Dutch countryside. Now, especially in Volendam, you do need to be able to filter through the tourist marketing, but it is a picturesque village near Amsterdam .

If you’re after windmills, the Zaanse Schans is a better choice.

Getting here by public transport or on a guided tour is super easy. I’ll cover both options in this extended article on how to get from Amsterdam to Volendam , with all the necessary links for a successful day.

Are you short on time? Here are my two recommendations for getting there.

Get there on your own: Take metro 52/bus 316 between Amsterdam and Volendam. And Metro 52/bus 315 to and from Marken. I recommend the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket as your travel ticket. But I talk more about different ticket options later.

The best all-in guided group tour: I recommend this small group all-in-day tour that covers many different places. Including the highlights and a good lunch!

Or travel with me personally, and book a Windmills and Countryside Private Tour .

Gerrit at the Volendam harbor.

Table of Contents

When you explore Volendam and Marken (in the Broek in Waterland region), you’ll catch a glimpse of the old Dutch world, like how it was 100 years ago when the Zuiderzee was still an open sea and not a lake (The Markermeer), and Marken was an island still.

You’ll learn about a time when people still made a living off the water and when life was rough, with nature often being brute force.

Enjoy enchanting wooden houses, traditional attire , cheese, fish, and freshly baked stroopwafels. Just a ferry ride away is Marken , a distinctly different place worth a stroll. It’s smaller than Volendam but a place I counted as a highlight of my day. Let’s dive into it.

My 15 Favorite Things To Do in Volendam and Marken

1. a traditional volendam costume photos.

Fotograaf de Boer in Volendam. All celebrities have their photo's taken here.

A traditional clothing photo of you is one of the top things to do when visiting Volendam. I would go as far as to say a must.

I am ashamed to admit that I have never done this. So it was time to do it. You’ll find many photographers on the boulevard offering this service. I chose Fotograaf de Boer.

I have a few good reasons for that. 1. They’re the best known . All celebrities, local and international, have their photo taken here. Just look in the window display and all around the store. You’ll see social proof 🙋‍♂️ 2. Another benefit are their different backgrounds for the photo (fireplace, at the harbor, or in front of local green-colored houses).

The living room setting in front of the fireplace is the most popular one and the one I choose. But you can pick another one. Something the others don’t offer, many do the harbor only, and I find that one boring.

The experience might – let me rephrase that: will – feel a bit touristy , but trust me, it’s all good fun, and you’ll end up with a unique keepsake . Just embrace the moment, strike a pose, voila!

After the photoshoot, you’re offered different photo sizes (of course, at different prices). But I advise the basic package of two small photos (5″x7″ or 13x18cm) that is always included and take the USB stick offer for just a few euro more. 

If you go for the photo only, they will pick the best photo for you, and that’s it. But with the USB stick offer, you get all photos and have them digitized. It was excellent, and I’m happy I took the USB stick .

Curious about my photo with Herman? This is the result (I wish we had done it sooner):

Herman and Gerrit photoshoot in traditional custom Volendam.

TIP: prices at the counter are higher than when you book your session with my link below. For two persons, you’re saving over €7 compared to the at-the-door price. Quick win, right?

Book a time slot ahead of time because they do sell out. They’ll always have room to fit you in at the door, but you’ll pay more.

PS: you do not need to book the USB stick in advance. You’re offered it when you collect your photos. So don’t worry if you can find it on the booking page.

2. The Volendam Museum (And The Cigar Bands House)

Volendam Museum entrance.

The Volendam Museum was, without a doubt, and unexpectedly, my favorite stop of the day. I have a national museum pass, so I always make it a point to visit local museums when I go somewhere. But this is worth paying for, and it’s inexpensive.

With smaller museums like this one, it can be hit or miss . They can either take you by surprise or are incredibly dull. This museum took me by surprise.

I was greeted warmly by a local volunteer and handed an information sheet (available in English too). The first section consisted of real-life local life scenes , which were realistic and charmingly arranged. They showed homely life, public life at the cafe, and working settings. 

It was a great way to bring the past to life and offered plenty of photo opportunities. One of the displays was marked as a photo spot. You can see the snap I took there below!

Gerrit inside the Volendams Museum.

There is also a small area of  traditional clothing from different villages around the former sea and a ‘movie’ room.  I sat there for a while and watched a slideshow of beautiful local paintings on the large TV screens. I wasn’t expecting that.

Adding to the museum’s homely atmosphere is the offer of a free cup of coffee or tea in the movie room.

But the highlight of my visit ?

The Sigarenbandjeshuisje or the Cigar Bands House . It’s a museum inside a museum. 

Cigar band house inside Museum Volendam.

What are Cigar bands ? They’re those paper wrappers around cigars. Well, somebody built complete mosaics out of them, from the map of the Netherlands to the Empire State Building in New York. The number of hours that must have gone into that. Unbelievable! 

First, this was a separate “museum.” Now, the exhibition merged with the Volendam Museum . This was my favorite part. Again how could you find the patience?

P.S: A Little Cigar Band Trivia: The Tale of Elizabeth Bas

One fun tidbit about the Cigar Bands House is the frequent depiction of Elizabeth Bas, one of the Netherlands’ famous cigar brands in its time. She was the face of a cigar brand but had nothing to do with it.

She was a known 17th-century figure because she was a portrait in the Rijksmuseum . For a long time, people thought it was painted by Rembrandt (it wasn’t, but by one of his talented students). You can see the portrait of Elizabeth Bas online or at the real Rijksmuseum , where it still hangs today.

PS II: I’ve seen incorrect information about the opening hours on other blogs. The museum is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm. This museum is included in the I amsterdam card .

3. Cheese Factory Volendam: A Quick Stop for Cheese Lovers

Cheeses for sale at the Cheese Factory in Volendam.

Visit the cheese factory is something most visitors do. But do know that it’s more a shop than a production site. However, it does have a nice-looking area dedicated to demonstrating the traditional cheese-making process, and it’s free to enter . 

The staff are knowledgeable and give insights into how Dutch cheese is made , making it an interesting, albeit brief, experience. I’ve seen worse.

Another significant benefit is that they sell Reypenaer cheese here, not “fake” Dutch brands. Reypenaer is an authentic Dutch brand available around the country. This is a refreshing change from the more tourist-focused brand Henri Willig that dominates many other similar shops and is available only in tourist areas—making them less the real deal for me.

Want to take home some cheese? Get the triangular blocks of Reypenaer cheese. Those are authentic. This town has many souvenirs, but this is an authentic Traditional Dutch souvenir you can enjoy when you return home.

I love the matured dark yellow version . It’s so flavorful. As for the round cheeses in the nets are unbranded and have flavors that are NOT typically Dutch, contrary to the sign, like pesto or chili. You can pass on those .

4.De Dijk of Volendam: The Most Famous Street of Volendam


This stretch of Volendam offers a scenic view of the harbor . It’s lined with colorful houses and shops.

But let’s not sugarcoat it too much. This is as touristy as it gets. This is not where locals will shop, and authenticity left long ago. Think the Fisherman’s Wharf District, but then Dutch, and maybe a tad less tasteful.

But braving the crowd for the waterfront sights and photo opportunities is still worth it. You will spot a few classic boats in the harbor, like the traditional “Kwaks” and “Botter” boats.

Another fun stop is the “Oude Mannen Huisje ” or “ The Old Men’s House ” speakeasy. It’s just a room on the Dyke, it’s hard to miss, with large windows and some chairs and a table inside. This is where the old men of the village meet and tell their stories . It’s closed to the public, but you can quickly peek inside and take a photo.

5. Have Lunch at Cafe “De Lunch”

Lunch at Restaurant de Lunch in Volendam. I took the Kibbeling.

When it’s time for something to eat in Volendam, I recommend “Restaurant De Lunch.” Which is a well-known restaurant at “The Dyke” and is often considered a good place for fried fish . Kibbeling is the best known in the Netherlands.

I was hesitant because this place also accepts many different tour group operators. These places are usually mediocre at best.

…But it looked very inviting, the prices were reasonable, and I read good reviews, so I wanted to try it. And I was happily surprised . The Kibbeling was fresh, not overly spiced, and the portion was large. We had an excellent table at the front overlooking the street. 

Service was speedy and efficient (don’t expect a leisurely experience, then want to move tables fast), but we were never rushed. 

I get no referral fee for this. Still, I would like to recommend them to you .

PS : Remember to have a look inside . The decor is traditional and a lot of fun!

6. Enjoy a Walk in the “Doolhof” – A True Maze of Small Streets

A tourist taking a photo of the Doolhof area in Volendam.

The Doolhof area is the oldest part of the Volendam Centrum (Center of Volendam). A little hard to find if you’re unfamiliar because it’s not well-signposted.

Most likely intended to keep most of the tourists out since it’s a residential area first and foremost.

You’re in for a treat and some great photo opportunities when you visit. But be mindful of the residents, be quiet and respectful so that it can stay an accessible place for a truly authentic local experience. 

The Doolhof area is an excellent break from the hustle and bustle of the touristy area on the Dyke. 

How to find it?

Just walk along the Dyke until you pass the Cheese store I mentioned above, then take a left where possible on the Dyke and walk down. This is the area. There is no route once inside. Just wander around . You should spend 15-20 minutes here. It’s too small to get lost. But use Google Maps if needed.

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7. Eat Fish Like Dutch Kibbeling Or Eel in Volendam

The Dutch will tell you they will only leave Volendam after they eat some fish , even though the fishing days of Volendam are long gone. People still come to this place for their favorite fish.

The two most popular options are a Paling Sandwich . A simple bread roll with smoked Eel (Paling in Dutch) in it. Or Kibbeling , a fried battered white fish that everybody loves.  

Feeling more exotic?

Try a  raw herring . You can eat it year-round, but summertime is best when new batches arrive, and the fish is at its most fatty and delicious flavor. The flavor is distinct , but I love it. When the fresh batches come around, like a few weeks ago, I always buy one immediately. 

Where to get your fish fix ?

Many places in town sell them. I recommend Cafe “De Lunch” (where they also have a to-go window). Or go to the large and popular fish store at the beginning of “The Dyke” called “ De Viswinkel en Traiteur .”

PS : I’ve seen recommendations online for the Eel Museum. But that has been closed for years. Unfortunately, blog posts on the web often don’t get updated properly as they should. One smokehouse still does private tours for ten or more people.

8. Woltjes Stroopwafels & Museum

The Woltje Stroopwafel Museum and Experience in Volendam.

I don’t know how I feel about recommending this. To me, it’s so touristy, too much so.

The stroopwafels with toppings at the counter might look good on Instagram or TikTok, but they are far from authentic waffles.

And museum… well, that is a big word here. So why did I add it to the list?

For a few euros, you can participate in a “ Stroopwafel making demonstration ” and taste a fresh, hot one that’s the real deal (without toppings). Now that is worth the price. 

Reviews are not always great on this tour, and that is because the tour’s description is a bit suggestive that you get to have a helping hand in the baking process. That is not true. They demonstrate, and you eat.

There is a true story of how the waffle concept was taken from its original place – Gouda – and brought to Volendam, where a local baker gave its twist to the cookie at this bakery. The “museum” part tells that story. 

A visit won’t be the highlight of your day, but it will be a fun and tasty break!

PS : they offer a store-wide discount with the tour price but take that one with a grain of salt. You’ll likely be able to buy similar (or better) products at local supermarkets at lower prices.

My local’s tip: The most important thing to look for when buying pre-made stroopwafels here or elsewhere is that they are made with real butter , not margarine. That’s the secret to the good ones. Just look at the ingredients label.

9. Stop at “Praathuisje”

This little room has a huge social function in the local community; this is where the elderly men of the village come together and chat with each other.

10. Take The Marken Express Ferry From Volendam to Marken

The Marken Express ferry between Volendam and Marken.

After all this fun in Volendam, it’s time to take the 30-minute ferry ride to the former island community of Marken across the water on the Volendam Marken Express from the Volendam harbor. The journey to reach Marken is a treat, with photo-worthy panoramic views of the IJsselmeer Lake.

Once you arrive in Marken, you’ll be greeted by its quaint harbor , the typical historic wooden houses , and a tranquil atmosphere (you’ll see cows grazing behind them).

The story of Marken is one of hardship because of the rough sea and how isolated it once was (hard to imagine that today). Marken used to be an island . Its people shared the same fishing industry with Volendam but were otherwise very opposite.

For one example, Volendam was Catholic, while Marken was Protestant. Traditional clothing was also distinctly different.

Boats run frequently every 30 minutes. The boat description tells you there is live commentary on the boat, but I only heard the radio playing when I traveled on it.

But still, that’s ok. I loved sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air and the views . On my trip, it started to rain a bit. Thankfully, I could go inside, where there was a small cafe.

Arriving on the ferry between Volendam and Marken.

If you have a (rental) bike, you can take your bike onboard for a small surcharge. Making it possible to book a one-way ticket and cycle back from Marken via the Dyke. For the rest of us, a discounted return ticket is available.

If you want to save time, you can buy a one-way ticket and take the bus back to Amsterdam from either side.

The boat ride is also included in the “ I amsterdam Card “, so that is a quick save if you already have it. When you don’t, you can buy your Ferry ticket below.

11. Marken Church

The Marken Church on the inside with the typical miniature ships.

The Grote Kerk, or Marken Church , is an excellent spot for a quick visit while in the village of Marken. 

It was built relatively recently, in the early 1900s. Immediately you feel this is a protestant church and not a catholic one.

What I loved about it was when I visited where the miniature boats hanging from the ceiling in many places. You could tell this was a village that lived with Fishing life. 

It’s free to enter and open during the day. Don’t feel hesitant about going in. Often there is a keeper available sitting in the back. Don’t hesitate to ask him or her questions if you have them.

If you enjoyed your visit, leaving a small tip at the exit is much appreciated but optional.

12.  Marken Museum

Colorful traditional clothing at the Marken Museum.

Another great find I want to mention is the Marken Museum . Not as great as the Volendam Museum and much smaller, even though the Volendam Museum was already small. But it is still worth 20-30 minutes of your time.

You’ll be warmly welcomed by local volunteers who have learned to ask you if you want to watch the introduction movie . I said yes, it only takes 8 minutes and does give you a good inside on the island’s history . It’s available in Dutch or English; they’ll play it just for you. 

After that, the displays go into much detail about the  local traditional clothing and its origin. Because the colorful clothing is what Marken is known for. The museum is not included in the I amsterdam city card, but for the little amount they charge, it’s worth paying for and supporting this tiny museum!

13. Take A Stroll Through The Distinct Marken Neighborhoods

Iconic neighborhoods in Marken.

What makes the houses in Marken most characteristic are the wooden houses on stilts . Even older are the so-called “yards,” artificial elevations where people live and protect themselves against the water.

Marken is divided into several tiny hamlets . Originally they were separate from each other. In the 20th century, the hamlets around the harbor and the church merged. These are the Havenbuurt, the Kerkbuurt, and the Kets. 

What makes a stroll so worthwhile is that the different areas are still distinctly recognizable, even though it’s just a small area to explore. 

I promise there will be plenty of photo spots , and you’ll thank me for venturing just outside the harbor to see all of this. At least, I hope you do.

PS : another trivial piece of information, but did you know the bridges in this town are called after the names of Dutch Queens , like Wilhelmina, Beatrix, Juliana, and Maxima?

Can you find them?

14. Marken View House

Right across the landing of the Volendam Marken ferry, you’ll find a “small museum house.” It’s called the “ Marken View House ” because it was designed to look like an old original House in Marken from 100 years ago .

It has a price tag to enter, but everybody on the boat will receive a free ticket . If you didn’t, ask for it on the ferry. I think the adjoining shop and restaurant is the main sponsor.

But still fun to peek inside . 

Here you can see the furniture of the time and how people from Marken lived these days. 

I recommend visiting at the end of your visit to Marken . Everybody coming off your boat will go straight to the entrance since they got a free ticket, but the house is tiny!!!

Let them do so when you explore the harbor first in pace. Then later, you can go back and have a much more relaxed experience. Just ensure you don’t get there simultaneously with the next arrival 😉.

15. Have a Drink At The Marken Harbor

Enjoying a break at the Marken harbor.

The last thing I recommend on this day is to take a break . Sit down, and relax at one of the few charming restaurants in the harbor before you take the boat back.

When the weather is good, take a seat on one of the cozy outside terraces of restaurant “ De Taanketel ” or “ Café – Restaurant Land en Zeezicht (LEZZ).” They’re right next to each other and offer similar quality. If the weather is not in your favor, both have cozy indoor areas too!

Another place to take a break is Taverne de Visscher , the oldest still operating restaurant on Marken.

My feets thanked me when we let ourselves fall into a chair on the restaurant’s (De Taanketel) outside terrace overlooking the harbor . A great benefit was also we could see our boat coming in, so we knew when we needed to pay and head back to the landing for the ride back to Volendam .

PS : a bonus suggestion would be to see the beautiful old Marken lighthouse in the town of Marken called “ Paard van Marken ,” which means the Horse of Marken. But it’s a 35-minute walk, or you need a bike. For most visitors, it’s a little bit too much out of the way, but I want to ensure you know it exists.

Gerrit Amsterdam Backdrop 280x280.

Classic Countryside

The Zaanse Schans Windmills The Netherlands.

The all-time classic is Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Marken, and Edam. As a private tour instead of a tour bus. Including hidden gems.

  • Meet at your accommodation
  • Pre-tour call included
  • Duration: 10-12 hours
  • The classic Dutch Countryside

Delft and Kinderdijk

Kinderdijk windmills with boat.

This day is truly Dutch. From Delft’s rich history to the iconic windmills. All experienced from the comfort of a private car.

  • Unesco Dutch Windmills

Delft and Bruges (B)

Gorgeous view in Bruges, Belgium.

Enjoy Vermeer’s Delft and then the romantic medieval city of Bruges in Belgium. This is a long day but a fantastic experience.

  • Duration: 14-16 hours
  • Visit Delft and Bruges

Miller Family from Texas on the Tulip and Giethoorn tour with Gerrit.

Gerrit!!! Thank you for making our “Flower Day” so special. We enjoyed our time with you so much! Best wishes to you and Herman during your upcoming move!🌷🌷

– The Miller Family. Austin, Texas

How to Get to Volendam and Marken?

That is easy. You can get there by bus (public transportation), with a guided tour, by bike, or by car.

In my post: 4 Efficient Ways on How to Get from Amsterdam to Volendam 🧭 I explain each of the four options. Including which bus line to take, how often they run, where to get tickets, is it safe? For tours, I make three recommendations and explain the differences. I’ve included a bicycle route and the best way to rent one plus more.

Frequently Asked Questions Volendam And Marken

How much time do you spend in volendam.

To do everything I recommended in this article, you need 6-7 hours to do them comfortably. But of course, you can pick and choose. As a minimum, allow 3-4 hours for your visit to this area, and be aware that it will be a stretch to include Marken for stays under 5 hours. It’s best to stick to Volendam only when you’re short on time.

What are the key attractions to visit in Volendam and Marken?

The main attractions in Volendam are a traditional photo shoot, the Volendam Museum, eating Fish, and taking the boat to the former island of Marken. At Marken, I would say a visit to the church and a stroll to the town are both essential. To get all 15 tips read the full article.

Is it easy to navigate around Volendam and Marken?

Volendam and Marken are small, making them easy to navigate on foot. Especially in Marken, it’s almost impossible to get lost. And in Volendam, it’s almost impossible, too, as long as you stay in the area of “The Dyke”, the harbor, and the streets behind it. The walking route to the museum (6-7 minutes) is signposted. If you’re in doubt, ask kindly; locals are generally willing to help if you need help. If you arrive by bus exit at the Centrum stop.

When is the best time to visit Volendam and Marken?

Both villages are great to visit year-round. These places are so popular that they’re always open. Of course, the weather is not always great. We’re not in the tropics, which is true all year round. However, some times are better than others.

I would recommend visiting in Spring or Summer if you have the chance. But if you’re here in Winter because you read my article on Netherlands winters (a great time to come), I would not be deterred from taking a day trip to Volendam and Marken. Just dress warmly! Especially if you go on the water.

Where is Volendam, Netherlands?

Volendam is 13 miles or 20 kilometers north of Amsterdam. By road, you take the N247 north. From Amsterdam Central Station, take metro 52 to the “Noord” station (last stop). From there bus 316 takes you directly to Volendam. Do you need the latitude & longitude coordinates of Volendam? They are: 52.49386938479307, 5.075113166733636.

Where is Marken, Netherlands

Marken is 13 miles or 20 kilometers north of Amsterdam—the same distance as Volendam. By road, you first take the N247 north. Then at Monnickendam, the N518 to Marken. By transit from Amsterdam Central Station, take metro 52 to the “Noord” station (last stop) and then bus 315 to Marken. Do you need the latitude & longitude coordinates of Marken? They are: 52.45904520657749, 5.106292740333424

Is Volendam worth visiting?

Many tourist wonder if Volendam is worth visiting and I understand. It’s a popular tourist destination in the Netherlands for a reason. But then it’s also so touristy.

The picturesque village lies on the shores of the IJsselmeer. With its well-preserved wooden houses, and small harbor Volendam exudes an old-world charm that is appealing to both domestic and international tourists.

But it also became very touristy over time, especially now with the many tour buses that come to the village every day. And with the buses the many shops catering to them.

When you decide to come here, you have to take that into account. Personally I still think there is reason enough to come, for the photoshoot, a raw herring, or the boat tour to Marken.

Conclusion: Is Volendam worth your time?

I would now say yes. I had a wonderful day visiting both Volendam and Marken recently. It’s touristy. Would it be better without it? I’m sure. Is it still fun? Absolutely. Volendam is such an easy trip from Amsterdam that I see why it’s such a draw for most visitors.

If you’re looking for a more authentic experience, I would opt for a day tour to Amersfoort . My hometown, and combine it with a visit to Spakenburg in the afternoon. A far less touristy former “ Zuiderzee ” fishing village with a stunning museum harbor that is much better than the one in Volendam.

A visit to Volendam and Marken is a great way to spend a day. Spending the nights is a good idea if you also want to visit more nearby villages like Edam, sample Edam cheese, explore the cheese market and visit the Edam museum. You can take the bus to get there the next day and take a direct bus all the way back to Amsterdam. (Edam is included in the suggested bus tours.

But no matter what you choose, I always encourage you to travel outside of Amsterdam to see a little more of life in the Netherlands.

  • How to Get from Amsterdam to Volendam
  • 3 Open Air Museums Netherlands
  • 50 Traditional Dutch Foods
  • 16 Fun Facts About The Netherlands And Its People

Find A Place To Stay In Volendam

Find accommodation in Volendam for the lowest prices on your favorite platform. What's great about this map is that it shows both Hotels , as VRBO rentals (like AirBNB but with lower costs).

Update your (intended) travel dates for accurate prices . TIP: Zoom out on the map (-) in the bottom right corner. This will show more options and availability.

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Boat front

Boat tickets

The ferry between two world famous fishing villages

Sail along from Volendam to Marken (and/or vice versa) on the Markermeer

Enjoy the views

Discover the Netherlands' most famous fishing villages

Ticket information

  • You will receive your confirmation directly in your mailbox
  • Redeem the tickets at the ticket booth in Volendam (Haven 39) or Marken (Havenbuurt 19) with your confirmation email
  • Tickets cannot be cancelled
  • All prices quoted include VAT

Sailing and opening hours

  • The Marken Express sails daily
  • The boat departs every 45 minutes
  • Check the current sailing times here
  • Departure times can change

Child tickets

  • The boat trip is free for children up to 3 years old
  • Children aged 4-11 pay the special child rate

Bicycle or Scooter along

  • You can bring your bike or scooter aboard for a fee. Buy a bike ticket or scooter ticket per bike/scooter.

Wheelchair accessible

Toilet on board

During a visit to Volendam or Marken, crossing the lake is a must-do activity. With an enjoyable boat trip with the Volendam-Marken Express, you have the opportunity to visit two unique villages in one day. You will be surprised by how different Volendam and Marken are, considering that they are only a few kilometres apart. The houses are different, the people are different and even their religions are different, for ‘Volendammers’ are Catholic and ‘Markers’ are Protestant.

During the 30 minute boat trip, you will get a lot of information about Volendam and Marken and their differences. Meanwhile you can enjoy amazing views across the water, of the old sailboats and authentic harbours. And don’t forget to bring your bike with you, so you can explore the wider area around these unique cities.

Bike on board

Bike ticket

Scooter on board

Scooter ticket

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  • Daily housekeeping
  • Complimentary 24-hour room service
  • Elemis Aromapure soap, lotion, shampoo
  • Luxurious bathrobes
  • Hair dryers, makeup mirrors
  • Generous storage
  • Fresh fruit upon request
  • Ice service
  • TV with On Demand movies, programming

Two lower beds convertible to one queen-size bed—our signature Mariner's Dream™ bed with plush Euro-Top mattresses, premium massage shower heads and a host of amenities are featured in these comfortable staterooms.

These expansive staterooms include include two lower beds convertible to one queen-size bed—our Signature Mariner's Dream™ bed with plush Euro-Top mattresses, premium massage shower heads, a host of amenities and an ocean view.

Sliding glass doors (mirrored for privacy) open onto our Promenade deck from this comfortable stateroom, which includes two lower beds convertible to one queen-size bed—our Signature Mariner's Dream™ bed with plush Euro-Top mattresses, premium massage shower heads and other amenities.

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With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a private verandah, these spacious suites are flooded with light. They feature a large sitting area and two lower beds convertible to one king-size bed—our signature Mariner's Dream™ bed with plush Euro-Top mattresses. The bathroom comes with a dual-sink vanity, full-size whirlpool bath and shower, plus additional shower stall. Amenities include use of the exclusive Neptune Lounge, a private concierge and an array of complimentary services.

Your Ship: Volendam

Volendam boasts regal spaces adorned with floral fabrics, botanical tapestries, and eye-catching flower arrangements. This refined ship is perfectly sized for creating an intimate atmosphere while bringing you closer to the wondrous land-, sea-, and cityscapes that await. Relax with a treatment at our award-winning Spa & Salon. Or dine in one of our fine restaurants.

  • 1,432 Guests
  • 781 ft. Length
  • 105.8 ft. Width

Dining & Onboard Activities

Each day on board offers delicious dining options, world-class entertainment and enriching activities.

Pinnacle Grill

The ultimate steakhouse at sea, with an exceptional menu of Prime steaks, seafood and wine.

Pinnacle Grill is the ultimate steakhouse at sea, where an exceptional menu and impeccable service make for one of finest meals you’ll ever have. The refined menu features a selection of 28-day wet-aged USDA Prime steaks — meticulously chosen to guarantee the finest quality — as well as classic steakhouse dishes and innovative recipes from James Beard Award-winning chef and Culinary Council® member, David Burke. Every dish is exquisitely prepared, beautifully plated and complemented by a vast collection of award-winning wines. Here, your meal is an event unto itself, a celebration of fine dining and a triumph of flavor.

*Meals at Pinnacle Grill are half price for kids 12 years old or under, or free when they order from the kids’ menu.

Canaletto is a relaxed setting with authentic Italian cuisine that is best enjoyed when shared.

In Italy, there’s nothing more important than coming together to celebrate the joy of great food. This is the inspiration for our onboard Italian restaurant, Canaletto. Enjoy amazing Italian classics like braised chicken cacciatore al forno, branzino ai ferri or garlic shrimp ravioli. And for dessert: tiramisù, cannoli alla Siciliana, gelato, and more. Including pasta made fresh daily. Buon Appetito!

Meals at Canaletto are half price for kids 12 years old or under, or free when they order from the kids’ menu.

Lido Market

A casual, modern marketplace, Lido Market offers the widest range of food options on board for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a late-night snack.

Explore a world of intriguing culinary possibilities in the Lido Market. Steps from the Lido pool, this modern marketplace includes a curated selection of delicious options that you can grab on the go or have made to order: Breadboard, with freshly baked breads and pastries; Wild Harvest, offering a bountiful selection of hearty salads; Homestead, serving up comfort classics; Distant Lands, featuring global cuisine; Sweet Spot, for ice cream creations and desserts; Roasting Pan, hand-carved meats, fish and other hearty entrees; Perk, freshly brewed beverages and chilled juices; Quench, premium coffee, beer, wine, and soda available for purchase; Rise, savory quiches, croissants and sandwiches, and more.

This casual poolside grill serves up the best burgers at sea, Nathan’s Famous gourmet hot dogs, golden French fries and more.

Dive-In offers a variety of casual culinary classics, using the highest quality ingredients. Enjoy a burger, grilled to perfection and served on a toasted brioche with our own trade-marked secret sauce. Savor a succulent Nathan’s Famous gourmet hot dog with golden French fries. Or choose a grilled chicken breast sandwich or juicy portabella mushroom stack. Dive-In is the perfect spot to dine poolside on the best burgers at sea.

24-Hour Room Service

Enjoy breakfast in bed or an early dinner on your verandah — entrées and more are available whenever you wish.

Sleep in and have breakfast delivered. Enjoy an early dinner on your verandah before an evening excursion. Order a salad, sandwich or entrée any time. Room Service is only a phone call away. All selections are included in your cruise fare unless otherwise noted on the in-room menu.

Morimoto By Sea (Pop-Up)

Masaharu Morimoto, our Fresh Fish Ambassador brings his innovative style to Morimoto by Sea, a specialty restaurant on board Nieuw Amsterdam and a pop-up dining experience on the rest of the fleet.

Chef Masaharu Morimoto, our Global Fresh Fish Ambassador brings his innovative style to Morimoto by Sea, a pop-up dining experience that will take over Tamarind or Pinnacle Grill at least once per cruise. The pop-up’s menu features artfully presented dishes, exclusive alcoholic beverages, and tantalizing desserts. Nieuw Amsterdam offers our full Morimoto by Sea restaurant.

The Dining Room

Our flagship dining experience is a welcoming and sophisticated setting for an exquisite breakfast, lunch or superb multicourse dinner.

For an elegant breakfast, leisurely lunch or unforgettable multi-course dinner, The Dining Room is your destination. For dinner, choose from classics such as Boneless Lamb Loin en Croute, Rosemary Roasted Chicken, as well as regionally inspired cuisine and artfully prepared vegetarian dishes. 

Crow's Nest


Enjoy cocktails and sunsets in this lounge, featuring panoramic views.

Holland America Line offers you a wide selection of lounges onboard. The panoramic view takes center stage in The Crow's Nest at the top of the ship, where you can relax just about any time of day and enjoy your favorite drink.

Explorer's Lounge

Elegant and refined, stop by for a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail.

The Explorer’s Lounge is an elegant and refined space to enjoy a glass of wine, a cocktail, or your favorite liqueur.

Enjoy a mix of three specialty bars: Champagne, Martinis, Spirits and Ales.

Holland America Line offers you a wide selection of lounges and gathering places onboard. Explore Mix for Champagne, Martinis, and Spirits and Ales.

Enjoy cocktails and ocean views while listening to live music.

Holland America Line offers you a wide selection of lounges. This popular bar is at the top of the atrium and is the perfect locale for cocktails and dancing.

Sea View Bar

Enjoy your favorite poolside drink while soaking up the sun and taking in panoramic views from the comfort of our deck lounge chairs. 

World Stage


World Stage features innovative cruise ship shows and a two-story LED screen that creates a vivid wraparound display.

World Stage, the largest theater on board is home to a variety of performances day and night. Our exclusive EXC® Talk lecture series features captivating regional stories told by local experts and narrated by your Cruise & Travel Director. In the evenings, Step One Dance Company, vocal sensation Cantaré, BBC Earth in Concert and more take the stage.  Koningsdam, Nieuw Statendam  and  Rotterdam  bring the World Stage experience to the next level by surrounding you in spectacular sight and sound with a two-story, panoramic LED screen.

Onboard Shopping

Enjoy a wide variety of duty-free shopping onboard.

Enjoy a wide variety of duty-free shopping in such signature shops as The Vault, Diamonds and Gemstones by Merabella, which offers the best diamonds at sea, brought to you by Effy.

Fitness Center

Take a class in our professionally staffed Fitness Center.

Stop by the professionally staffed Fitness Center equipped with the latest cardio and weight machines. Try one of our classes on indoor cycling, Pilates and more or work out at your own pace. You can also head out for fresh air and exercise on deck, where you'll find basketball and volleyball courts, and two refreshing pools (available on select ships). Some classes may have a nominal fee.

Holland America Line Navigator

Personalize your cruise experience with our free mobile-friendly tool.

Personalize your cruise experience once you’re on the ship with our free mobile-friendly tool. Plan your daily activities, browse and purchase shore excursions, view restaurant menus, make dining reservations, check your account balance and more. 

Casino Action

The Casino offers games for all levels.

Your Holland America Line ship’s Casino offers a wide array of gaming options. Whether you prefer slot machines or want to try your hand at blackjack or poker, our dealers and staff are available to provide complimentary instruction — and we offer many engaging tournament options. The Casino is only open at sea.

Pickleball at Sea

Enjoy complimentary lessons, tournaments, and courts with amazing top-deck views.

Play the fastest-growing sport in the U.S. with Holland America Line, the exclusive cruise line partner of the Professional Pickleball Association. All our cruise ships feature pickleball courts with amazing top-deck views. The equipment and courts are available for a match anytime, so long as the weather allows. Frequent pickler? Join a pickleball tournament at sea and put your dink shot to the test. Hesitant amateur? Learn the basics at complimentary beginner’s lessons, starting in spring 2023. Commemorative starter kits will soon be available in our retail shops — purchase as gifts for avid players or as souvenirs, so that you can always look back on your pickleball cruise memories.

Kids ages 3 to 17 can enjoy an array of activities. Registration required for children under 13.

Holland America Line's youth activities program, Kids Club, offers an array of entertaining events for kids and teens ages 3-17, supervised by a full-time, professionally trained staff. They'll have an opportunity to join other kids their age for arts and crafts, sports, video game competitions, scavenger hunts, challenging team games and themed parties. Note: Kids Club is not offered on cruises of 25-days or longer, including all Legendary and Grand Voyages. We will offer a selection of children’s activities throughout these longer voyages for any children who may be onboard.

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ms Volendam

ms Volendam cruise ship

Cruise line Holland America

  • Boston (Massachusetts)
  • Montreal (Quebec Canada)
  • Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades, Florida)
  • San Diego (California)

ms Volendam current position

ms Volendam current location is at coordinates 46.81494 N / -71.19958 W cruising en route to CACHA -> CAQUE. The AIS position was reported 3 minutes ago.

Current itinerary of ms Volendam

ms Volendam current cruise is 7 days, one-way from Boston to Montreal . The itinerary starts on 06 Jul, 2024 and ends on 13 Jul, 2024 .

Specifications of ms Volendam

  •   Itineraries
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ms Volendam Itineraries

Ms volendam review, review of ms volendam.

The 1999-built MS Volendam cruise ship is the 2nd Rotterdam/R-class Holland America liner, with sistership ms Zaandam (fleetmate), and also ms Rotterdam (now Fred Olsen Borealis)  and ms Amsterdam (now Fred Olsen Bolette) .

The vessel (IMO number 9156515) is currently Netherlands- flagged (MMSI 245968000) and registered in Rotterdam .

History - construction and ownership

Holland America Line (HAL) is a Seattle -based cruise company owned by Carnival Corporation (shipowner). Between 1873-1989, HAL was a Dutch cargo and passenger shipping company operating regular Transatlantic crossings between Holland and the Americas. HAL was founded in 1873 as "Dutch-American Steamship Company" headquartered in Rotterdam Netherlands . In 1989, HAL was acquired by Carnival Corporation for around EUR 530 million. Among the company's assets are the Westmark hotel chain (Alaska-Yukon), Worldwide Shore Services (warehouses-logistics) and Half Moon Cay (Caribbean private island).

Holland America MS Volendam cruise ship

When the 1500-passenger ship Volendam (named after the Dutch city Edam-Volendam ) debuted in 1999, she had the fleet's highest capacity and the first to have a dedicated Internet center (with 8x satellite-connected computer stations). Going back on the Colonial past of its Dutch roots, HAL has made it a practice during the years to hire Indonesian crew, touting their amiability and efficiency. There had been some solicitude about visa renewals for the Indonesians, but those problems seem to have straightened themselves out. Service staff are mainly Indonesian and Filipino. Most of the officers are European, mainly from Holland. There is one notable difference aboard Volendam, and this is the manner in which the crew members welcome and accommodate cruisers with physical challenges. Careful and genuinely caring, crew members help the passengers in wheelchairs and those with predicament walking when required, and there is never a sense of impatience or rushing. There are thirty wheelchairs onboard for passenger use.

Decks and Cabins

MS Volendam staterooms (716 total, in 26 grades) include 197 Suites, no Balconies, 383 Oceanviews, 21 Lanai, 136 Inside cabins. Most staterooms are sized 175-255 ft2 / 16-24 m2). Around 30% of all accommodations have step-out balconies. Wheelchair-accessible rooms are 23. The largest accommodations are the Pinnacle Suites (940 ft2 / 87 m2, with terrace sized 190 ft2 / 18 m2).

The boat has 10 passenger decks , of which 5 are with cabins.

Implemented fleetwide in 2019, "Club Orange" program provides exclusive amenities to Suite passengers booked in categories Neptune and Pinnacle. Bonus perks by this program include:

  • priority services (check-in, disembarkation, tendering, dining reservations)
  • 24-hour concierge service (assistance, information, reservations)
  • exclusive dining venue (serving complimentary Pinnacle Grill breakfast and Dining Room dinner, plus exclusive dishes)
  • dedicated Concierge Desk (Guest Services and Tours)
  • room service (a la carte breakfast menu with complimentary gourmet dishes - including smoked salmon, steak and eggs)
  • sparkling wine (embarkation day), Club Orange tote bag, premium bathrobes (cabin use, available for monogramming and purchasing).
  • Club Orange Restaurant is part of the Main Dining Room (designed as separate VIP dining section).

Shipboard dining options - Food and Drinks

Dining options on ms Volendam are plentiful and range from early morning continental breakfast to Indonesian-themed midnight buffet. Apart from regular restaurant service, hungry guests will also find afternoon tea, 24-hour room service and a pizza/hot dog/hamburger/taco/fajita station near the Lido pool (it's self-serve, from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Special diets, from diabetic to Kosher and low-carb, are easily accommodated, but advance notice is required. The 2-story Rotterdam Restaurant (ship's Main Dining Room), is located aft and surrounded with windows. It serves open-seating breakfast and lunch and features plenty of small tables for passengers who prefer to dine a deux. MS Rotterdam also provides a 22-dish, vegetarian menu for lunch and dinner, consisting of salads, soups, entrees and appetizers. Options include dishes like Vietnamese vegetable spring rolls, portobello mushroom and chipotle quesadillas, spicy lentil and garbanzo salad.

Follows the complete list of ms Volendam restaurants and food bars.

  • Pinnacle Grill (84-seat reservations-only seafood/steakhouse restaurant with fine wines selection; free for passengers under 12 yo). The venue transforms into “An Evening at le Cirque” once per cruise via a partnership with NYC “Le Cirque” French restaurant.
  • Rotterdam Restaurant (792-seat, aft Dining Room; features open seating Breakfast and Lunch, two Dinner options – 2 fixed seatings or “Any Time” dining between 5:15 p.m. - 9 p.m. 
  • King’s Room (Rotterdam restaurant annexe, reservations-only; for private dining)
  • Terrace Grill (fast food pool bar; complimentary)
  • Lido Restaurant (394-seat complimentary buffet restaurant; offers self-service Breakfast 6:00 a.m. -11 a.m., Lunch 11:30 p.m. - 2 p.m., Afternoon Tea, and Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.)
  • Canaletto Restaurant (Lido Restaurant annexe; operates as an Italian restaurant for Dinner, reservations required).

Shipboard entertainment options - Fun and Sport

The entertainment on ms Volendam is quite diverse, with nightly shows in the 574-seat, 2-tiered Frans Hals lounge (featuring HAL's Dancing With the Stars at Sea - guests volunteer to be partnered with dancers from ship's production staff and perform during the final show on the last night of sailing). Frans Hals is also the setting for the Marriage Game and a magician show. Instead of Broadway-style production shows, Volendam's dancers and singers put together a series of country and pop song revues. A perennial favourite of Holland America Line is the crew show, featuring folkloric presentations from the countries of these hard workers. Other amenities include: complimentary 24-Hour Room-Service, Supervised Kids Program ("Club Hal"), cruise ship weddings, Internet/WiFi Access, Laundry/Self-Serve Laundromats.

Holland America MS Volendam cruise ship

Follows the complete list of ms Volendam lounges, clubs and other entertainment venues for kids, teens and adults.

  • Atrium (3-deck high midship open-floor area with live performances)
  • Promenade Deck, Walking Track (jogging is not permitted)
  • Frans Hals Lounge (574-seat theatre/main show lounge; also serves Holland America’s enrichment program (via a partnership with BBC Earth)
  • Queen’s Room (34-seat meeting room; hosts digital workshops via Microsoft partnership, computer classes, social networks, blogging, photo editing)
  • Photo Gallery & Shop; Art Gallery
  • Wine Tasting Bar, Gourmet Shops (bottles available for purchasing, wine sampling)
  • Wajang Theatre & Culinary Arts Centre (124-seat cinema; offers culinary classes and cooking shows presented in demonstration kitchens)
  • Atrium Terrace with boutiques; Atrium Shops (boutiques for duty-free tobaccos and liquor, perfumes, watches, clothing, HAL logo merchandise, souvenirs); Marabella Luxury Shop
  • Ocean Bar (104-seat Atrium bar and lounge, with dance floor and stage for live performances)
  • Casino (served by Casino Bar)
  • Piano bar (84-seat)
  • Hudson Room (50-seat meeting room; used as Cards Room)
  • Explorations Cafe (65-seat speciality coffee bar and patisserie; also serves as ship’s Library and Online Centre/Internet computers room)
  • Explorer’s Lounge & Bar (94-seat lounge with bar; classical concert performances)
  • Neptune Lounge (22-seat club venue for Deluxe Suite and Pinnacle guests only)
  • Fitness Center (gym with separate Aerobics Room); 2 jacuzzis
  • Greenhouse Spa & Salon; Lido Pool area, served by Lido Bar and Terrace Grill; Sea View Pool area served by Sea View Bar
  • Crow’s Nest (220-seat observation lounge; bar and dance floor; becomes disco at night)
  • Tennis Court; Basketball Court; Shuffleboard
  • Club HAL (kids lounge, complimentary youth programming)
  • The Loft (teens club lounge area, with Video Games Arcade, computers, PlayStations; teen disco)
  • The Oasis (40-seat teen-only outdoor area)

Since 2023, all HAL ships have pickleball courts (installed on the top deck) operated via an exclusive partnership with PPA-Professional Pickleball Association. HAL also offers complimentary beginner lessons (led by onboard instructors), sells branded pickleball starter kits (at the ship's retail shops) and Play Pickleball tutorial videos are included in the cabin TV programming.


MS Volendam itinerary program is based on Caribbean voyages out of homeport Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades) Florida USA .

Holland America is among the few companies that offer partial Panama Canal cruises  that combine popular Caribbean islands with Panama's Gatun Lake . The itinerary's "Panama Canal" segment includes passing through the Gatun Locks and scenic cruising in the Gatun Lake.

Next table shows HAL's "Panama Canal Sunfarer" itinerary (11-day roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale).

Volendam's schedule 2022 was planned to restart in January with the 74-day World Cruise (Grand South America and Antarctica Voyage) leaving roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale. The program also included European itineraries (Baltic and Mediterranean) leaving, respectively, from homeports Rotterdam (Holland) and Venice (Italy).

However, due to the Coronavirus crisis, the ship was initially paused for 2+ years (March 2020 thru May 2022) and "World Cruise 2022" was canceled. Operations were scheduled to restart on May 15, 2022, with Europe-Baltic itineraries (from Rotterdam Holland ), followed by a mini-Mediterranean season from Venice Italy (fall), Caribbean and South America (from Fort Lauderdale) and in 2023 - Alaska (7-day from Vancouver BC Canada ). However, after HAL chartered Volendam for 5 months (May thru September 2022) to serve as a hotel ship for Ukrainian refugees, the ship's restart was postponed for Sept 24th (Holy Land roundtrip from Venice).

For 2025 HAL scheduled its ever-first "Pole-to-Pole" Grand World Voyage (on Volendam) leaving roundtrip from Port Everglades on January 25th. The 133-day itinerary visits 68 ports in 28 countries (5 continents). Destinations include a full Panama Canal transit, South America/Amazon River, Iceland and Greenland, the European Arctic (North Cape), Antarctica, Australia.

Photos of ms Volendam

Holland America MS Volendam cruise ship

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HAL-Holland America unveils 4 new 'Legendary Voyages' for 2025-2026

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HAL-Holland America more than halfway through installing SpaceX's Starlink Internet across its fleet

HAL-Holland America more than halfway through installing SpaceX's Starlink Internet across its fleet

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HAL-Holland America Line is set to introduce a 42-day cruise exploring the Atlantic Ocean and various destinations across Europe and the Middle East...

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Named after Volendam Holland (small town in North Holland), Volendam is HAL-Holland America's 2nd R-class liner, with sisterships Amsterdam (Fred Olsen Bolette) , Rotterdam (Fred Olsen Borealis) , Zaandam . Volendam's Inaugural Cruise/Maiden Voyage was on November 12, 1999. The boat's Godmother was Christine Marie Evert (aka Chris Evert Lloyd) - 1954-born professional tennis player.

The liner's interior design theme is flowers - fresh flowers and all kinds of floral motifs can be found throughout its public areas (fabrics, tapestries, huge vases) and also in staterooms. In its Atrium area, HAL cruise ship Volendam has a 3-story high multicolored glass sculpture (by L.Vistosi). This HAL ship's art collection includes pre-Columbian artifacts and also authentic Renaissance fountains from Italy.

2013 was when the Volendam ship for the first time included in its itinerary program Kangaroo Island, Australia - the country's 3rd largest island (after Tasmania and Melville ).

In late-January 2021, HAL opened for booking three World Cruises leaving roundtrip from Florida USA - two on Zaandam (Africa Voyage 2022 and World Voyage 2022) and one on Volendam (South America and Antarctica 2023).

Early-booking promo bonuses include prepaid gratuities, unlimited luggage delivery (to/from Fort Lauderdale only, Suites-only), welcome gifts (1x bottle of sparkling wine), 1x complimentary shore excursion, Signature Internet Package (4000 minutes pp), in-cabin minibar drinks (4x bottles/suites-only), complimentary laundry-dry cleaning-pressing (Suites-only). Guests who paid in full by June 1st (the voyage's year) also received 3% discount pricing on the fare.

Grand World Voyage 2026

In February 2024 was announced MS Volendam's Grand World Voyage 2026.

The 132-night/133-day itinerary (spanning all 7 continents) has a westbound route (leaving roundtrip from Port Everglades/Fort Lauderdale on January 4th, 2026), groups 47 destinations/ports in 39 countries (including 9 overnight port calls and 5 late-night departures), and reaches as far south as Antarctica and as far north as Oslo Norway.

The voyage's highlights also include cruising the Gironde Estuary and exploring Bordeaux (in France), navigation along South America's East Coast, crossing the equator to Antarctica, a 4-day Antarctic Experience, scenic cruising of Patagonia/Chilean Fjords, exploring Easter Island and Pitcairn Island UK, the South Pacific islands, Transpacific crossing to Australia, Red Sea and Suez Canal transit, visiting destinations in Europe (Mediterranean and Northern Sea) before the westbound Transatlantic crossing back to the USA.

Early bookings of the full/133-day World Voyage received as perks up to US$2000  in OBC/onboard credit per person, a 3% pay-in-full discount, a free Wi-Fi Surf package, a US$500 air credit per person (if the flight is booked through Flight Ease) plus complimentary roundtrip airport transfers (to and from Fort Lauderdale Airport), complimentary luggage delivery service, prepaid crew gratuities, free laundry services (for select cabin categories).

Grand Voyage 2026 was also available in several smaller segments, including 62-days (Fort Lauderdale to Sydney), 37 days (Fort Lauderdale to San Antonio), 42 days (San Antonio to Singapore), 71 days (Sydney to Fort Lauderdale), 29 days (Singapore to Lisbon) and 25 days (Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale).

Grand World Voyage 2025 (Pole-to-Pole)

In April 2023 was announced HAL's first "Pole-to-Pole" World Voyage (on Volendam) leaving roundtrip from Port Everglades on January 25th (2025).

Curiously, the pole-to-pole voyage runs simultaneously with MS Zuiderdam 's "Grand World Voyage 2025" (124-day itinerary), both are roundtrips from Florida USA (Port Everglades/Fort Lauderdale) and both depart in January 2025.

Volendam's 133-day "Pole-to-Pole Grand Voyage 2025" visits 68 ports (28 countries/5 continents). The south-north-south route features a Panama Canal transit, navigation along South America's west coast to Antarctica and the Falklands, then up and along South America's east coast (Argentina and Brazil/including cruising on Amazon River). Follows a Transatlantic crossing to Africa, northbound to Europe and up to Norway's Nordkapp/North Cape and the Norwegian Fjords, then westbound (crossing again the Atlantic Ocean) and via Iceland and Greenland back to North America/USA.

To book the unique itineraries customers were required to contact HAL's World Cruise Reservations Desk or a travel agent, starting from April 20th (2023). Customers with a deposited Future Cruise Request got priority booking confirmation before these voyages which were officially open to the public on May 24th (2023).

Grand Voyage 2024 (Australia and New Zealand)

In Sept 2022 HAL announced the 94-day "Grand Australia and New Zealand Voyage 2024" ( San Diego CA USA roundtrip on MS Volendam) departing on January 3, 2024.

The 3-month-long Australian expedition features 43x total call ports, two Transpacific crossings (via Hawaii), visiting Indonesia's Komodo Island , cruising the Great Barrier Reef (2x days), 4x overnight port stays ( Fremantle-Perth , Sydney NSW , Auckland NZ , Papeete Tahiti ), 2x late-evening departures (Brisbane QLD, Honolulu Hawaii), cruising NZ's Fiordland NP (Milford Sound), 16x South Pacific island visits.

GRAND VOYAGE 2024 includes two shorter itinerary segments available for booking - 58-day San Diego to Sydney NSW (USA-Australia), and the return 36-day Sydney to San Diego (Australia-USA).

All full 94-day itinerary bookings made by June 1, 2023, receive 3% savings (off the cruise-only fare) and amenities valued at up to US$4770 per person.

Grand Voyage 2023 (South America and Antarctica)

MS Volendam's 74-day Around South America cruise departs on January 3, 2023, roundtrip from Florida USA ( Fort Lauderdale ). The itinerary visits 16 countries (a total of 34 ports) including in the Caribbean (Caymans, Costa Rica, Panama, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bahamas). Special destinations include the Galapagos Islands , Antarctica , Falklands UK , Chilean Fjords-Patagonia , Magellan Strait (passage).

The voyage offers 5 overnight port stays - in Panama City (Port Fuerte Amador), Manaus, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires (2-nights) and Callao-Lima (2-nights).

Full "Grand South America and Antarctica" early bookings (made by June 1st/2021 or 2022) received up to USD 4070 pp in OBC (onboard credit) ranging from $500 (oceanview cabins) to $1000 (Pinnacle Suite).

Grand Voyage 2022 (South America and Antarctica/canceled)

The next table shows the planned for 2021 "Around South America and Antarctica" itinerary (74 days) leaving roundtrip from Florida USA. However, this voyage was canceled as the ship's pause was extended thru May 2022.

Prices started from USD 9600 per person with double occupancy.



7 Best Things to See in Volendam Fishing Village

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Volendam is the Netherlands best-known fishing village that attracts visitors from around the globe. The village is located on the Markermeer lake, in the Dutch province of North Holland . Only 20 kilometers from Amsterdam , Volendam is a popular destination for day trip, often in combination with Zaanse Schans .

In this article, we’ll share with you the best things to see in Volendam, along with our travel tips.

What is Volendam?

Volendam is known as the most popular fishing village in the Netherlands. The village features colorful houses , a beautiful harbor and plenty of activities for solo-travelers and families alike.

Volendam used to have direct access to the North Sea. However, in the 14 th century, neighboring town Edam constructed a shorter canal with an independent harbor. That’s when the need for Volendam harbor’s disappeared. The old harbor was then dammed up and reclaimed for land. That explains the name Volendam , which translates to filled dam .

After the land was reclaimed, many local fishermen settled in the area. Today, Volendam is the country’s most iconic fishing village that attracts visitors from around the globe.

What to See and Do in Volendam

Despite being a village, there are quite some things to experience in Volendam. The good thing is that all those activities and sights are close to each other which means you can perfectly combine them during a (half) day trip.

1. Walk along The Dyke

Volendam Dyke

The highlight of Volendam is the Dyke (De Dijk). It’s a boulevard alongside the lake Markermeer , just a few minutes off the city center.

The Dyke is lined with many souvenir shops and restaurants. If you’re familiar with Dutch culture, you’ll know that Dutch people are all about gezelligheid (conviviality). When the sun is us, locals and international visitors stroll along the Dyke and enjoy having a drink or food (often fresh fish) in one of the many restaurants’ terraces. The ambiance truly adds to Volendam’s unique charm!

Even if you don’t like crowds, walking up and down the length of the dike is a must-do. The harbor is full of old fishing vessels, and freshwater fishing still takes place at IJsselmeer lake.

2. Eat Fresh Fish

Dutch fish

If you like fish and would like to eat typical Dutch food , you should definitely eat freshly-caught fish in one of the restaurants in Volendam. Local specialities are kibbeling (battered, deep-fried cod), paling (eel) or herring . If you happen to be in Volendam in June, you’re in luck as this is when Hollandse Nieuwe (New Dutch herring) season opens. At this time, you’ll get freshly-caught herring that the Dutch usually eat raw with onions and pickles.

Not in the mood for fish? Then you should head over to one of the pastry shops along the Dyke where you’ll get fresh stroopwafels (thin waffles with caramel filling), waffles (a type of cake, similar to pancake) or poffertjes (small pancakes).

3. Experience Volendam

Experience Volendam

One of the best things to do in Volendam is Experience Volendam , located off the Dyke.

Experience Volendam consists of a virtual reality experience. During the 30-minute show you’ll get to know how Volendam was during its heyday in the 18th century. It’s a modern experience using virtual reality but with a computer-generated host dressed in an original Volendammer costume! If you have time, we definitely recommend doing the VR experience as it allows you to understand the importance and history of Volendam much better.

4. Photo in Traditional Clothing

Photo Experience Volendam

Our personal highlights in Volendam was the photo experience. You’ll get to wear traditional clothing (different local customs for men and women) and are photographed in front of a scenic fishing background. Depending on the package you choose, you can take home one or two print outs, and you’ll also receive a digital copy of your photo(s). A truly unique souvenir from your trip to Volendam!

As you walk along the Dyke, you’ll find multiple shops providing the photo experience. We walked into several of them and found quite a difference in quality. The clothing, background and photo quality isn’t the same everywhere. The most popular place for the photo in traditional clothing is Experience Volendam.

Our Tip: If you’d like to do the show and the photo experience, we recommend the Photo in Traditional Clothing and Experience Volendam ticket combo to get the best price.

5. Halve Maen

Halve Maen Volendam

If you are interested in naval history, visit the VOC-ship called Halve Maen (Half Moon). As its name suggest, the ship ressembles the shape of a half moon. The ship on site is a replica of the ship that used to sail to Manhattan Island in the 17th century.

You can visit the ship for a fee of €5 (tickets have to be purchased on site). It’s a great way to learn about the time when the Dutch ruled the seas and traveled worldwide engaged in trade.

If you don’t want to enter the ship, it will certainly catch your eyes anyway as you explore Volendam. It’s located at the Volendam harbor along the Dyke.

Our Tip : Walk around the harbor (past the Halve Maen ship) to enjoy a great view of the ship and the lively Dyke.

6. Cheese Factory Volendam

Dutch cheese making

Continuing on the Dyke, you’ll get to the Cheese Factory. If you’re in the mood for some cheese-tasting and shopping, you can’t go wrong with visiting Cheese Factory Volendam. At the museum, you’ll learn about cheese in general and the processes involved in manufacturing Dutch Gouda cheese in particular. A short 10-min cheese demonstration is also held throughout the day.

Entrance, cheese tasting and the cheese demonstrations are free of charge, so it’s definitely worth a visit.

If you love cheese and would like to learn more about traditional cheese making, we recommend a visit to the famous cheese market in Alkmaar .

5. Het Doolhof-Oude Kom

Het Doolhof Oude Kom Volendam

Het Doolhof-Oude Kom is the oldest part of Volendam. This is where you’ll see ancient houses and narrow streets. It’s located a little off the main part of Volendam.

What’s unique about this place is that the houses were built without any street pattern. And this streetscape naturalness is one of the reasons popular painters such as Picasso and Renoir stayed at Volendam and considered it a ‘retreat’ in the late 19 th century.

By the way, you’ll see a mini version of the Het Doolhof Oude Kom at Volendam Museum.

6. Volendams Museum

Sigarrenbandjeshuis Volendam

Volendams Museum is a small but beautiful museum situated in the city center of Volendam, a 2-minute walk from the lovely Dyke.

At the Volendams Museum, you’ll get an insight into how Volendammers lived in the late 19 th century up to the first 50 years of the 20th century. Volendam was popular for fishing and art throughout the past centuries and that’s what you’re going to experience here. The museum features numerous paintings by local artists and portraits the life of past generations. If you’ve done the Volendam photo experience, you’ll recognize the typical customs here.

One of the coolest things in this museum are the sigarenbandjes or sigarenbandjeshuisje . This artwork conists of a large room with mosaics made of cigar bands. These moscais show some truly impressive portraits of famous monuments (national and international), placed on its walls and ceiling. The project started in 1947 and consists of a remarkable 11 million cigar bands.

7. Palingsoundmuseum

Palingsoundmuseum Volendam

Are you into music? Then you might like the Palingsoundmuseum. The small museum hosts 100 years’ worth of Volendam music history. Why is the place called Palingsoundmuseum or Eel Sound Museum ? Pavilion Smit-Bokkum is a 160-year-old smokehouse popular for smoking locally caught fish and eel (paling). Over the years, the ‘smooth sound’ of the music in the region simply got related to eel, and so Palingsoundmuseum seemed like the logical name to give the music museum!

The museum is located at the Pavilion Smit-Bokkum, near the Marinapark. If you’re in the area, it’s worth a short visit. If you aren’t interested in music history or short in time, you can skip this one.

How to Get to Volendam

Public transport.

From Amsterdam, just take Bus 316 (Volendam-Edam) , which departs every 15 minutes from the Amsterdam/CS IJzijde bus station located just behind the Amsterdam Centraal train station. Note that you have to go a level up behind platforms 14 and 15 to get there.

The Netherlands has amazing bike and cycling routes! Are you visiting Volendam from Amsterdam? Then you can totally cycle here! The route is around 20 kilometers and takes about 1 hour to complete. You’ll come across small towns and a windmill or two as well.

If you’re traveling by car, it’s just a 30-minute drive from Amsterdam taking the N247 route. We recommend that you set a car park as your destination, and then explore Volendam by foot.

Parking in Volendam

There are several options for parking in Volendam. The good news is that you’ll find free parking in Volendam which is not always the case in the Netherlands.

  • On-street parking : Depending on the zone, you’ll find 30-minute free parking or 4-hour free parking. It’s the best option if you visit Volendam for just half a day.
  • Marinapark Volendam : If you don’t mind walking, then there are many free parking spaces outside the city center. The biggest is the Marina Park , located behind Roompot Marinapark , which holds up to 300 cars. The walk to the city center (the Dyke) is about 10 minutes.
  • Parking garages : If you intend to stay the whole day and would like to have your car parked at a central location, you’ll find several parking garages in Volendam. The most central car park in Volendam is the Parkeergarage Centrum Volendam . It’s located right in the city center, a few minutes walk from the Dijk. Parking is €1 for the first hour or €9 for a day pass (as of 2022).

How to Get Around in Volendam

The charm of Volendam rests in its harbor and its old-style fishing village, which is characterized by authentic fishermen’s houses. As such, the best way to explore Volendam is by walking around the village.

As Volendam is a fishing village, you can’t go wrong with a boat tour. Try the Volendam Marken Express , a 30-minute boat ride to the small peninsula Marken. Enjoy the beautiful coastline of the former Zuiderzee area while learning about its history and development with an audio guide in English and Dutch. Note that you can get a roundtrip ticket to Marken or just get a one-way ticket, explore Marken and move on with the rest of your Dutch tour.

Planning on roaming around Volendam? You don’t need a ticket to visit Volendam and walk its scenic streets. However, attractions such as boat tours and entry to museums do require a ticket. If you have the I amsterdam City Card , then note that some attractions are already included in that card, so do check it out to avoid extra costs!

Volendam attractions that are included in the I amsterdam City Card:

  • Volendams Museum (regular price €5 as of 2022)
  • Volendam-Marken Boat Cruise (regular price €10. Can be purchased individually here Volendam – Marken Boat Tour )
  • Bike rental (free 24-hour bike rental at Haven 45 Volendam)

Tickets that you’ll need to buy indivually:

  • Tickets for Experience Volendam (VR experience only)
  • Tickets for Experience Volendam + Photo in Traditional Clothing (Combi Ticket)

Additional Travel Tips for Volendam

We’ve received quite a few questions about Volendam in recent years. To give you additional travel tips, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions from our readers, and our answers.

Volendam or Zaanse Schans?

Volendam and Zaanse Schans are popular destinations for a daytrip from Amsterdam. But don’t worry that you’ll have the same experience. If Zaanse Schans is all about windmills, Volendam is an all-out fishing village. If you have time, you should definitely visit both places.

If you had to pick one, we would go for Zaanse Schans. Unless you have already been or planning to visit Kinderdijk . In that case, we’d recommend you visit Volendam.

What are the best museums to visit in Volendam?

Sigarrenbandjeshuis Volendam

Despite being a village, there are several interesting museums in Volendam that are absolutely worth visiting. The best ones are Volendam Museum, Palingsoundmuseum and The Cheese Factory, If you’re short in time, you can just pick one of them. If you have a full day in Volendam or the weather is bad, museum hopping is a great activity.

How much time in Volendam?

Halve Maen Volendam

Most people just make a day trip to Volendam. However, since it’s also the perfect place to jumpstart a trip to nearby Marken and Edam, most people stay longer and make Volendam their ‘base’ for these additional trips.

Accommodations in Volendam

Many travelers visit Volendam as part of a daytrip from Amsterdam, keeping their hotel in Amsterdam for the duration of their stay in the region. That’s a safe option if it’s your first time in the Netherlands and you want to mainly explore Amsterdam.

If you’d like to get out of Amsterdam and explore the Dutch countryside, you could spend a night in Volendam, and extend your trip to the beautiful Markermeer Lake.

There are various hotels in Volendam to choose from. These are our favorite hotels in Volendam:

  • Van der Valk Hotel Volendam : Located off the city center. It’s a beautiful 4-star hotel with spacious and comfortable rooms and a large indoor pool. Our highlight at Van der Valk Volendam was the lake right behind the hotel and the beautiful nature all around. Note that this hotel is about 5-minute drive from the center. It’s a great place if you’re looking for a quiet setting and don’t mind a short drive.
  • Hotel Spaander is another popular Volendam hotel. It’s been welcoming guests since 1881, and one of its rooms (Kamer 1 or Room 1) is still decorated in its original 19 th century style. What we liked about Hotel Spaander is very central location. The hotel is located at De Dijk, very close to all main attractions in Volendam. It’s a great choice for travelers looking for a comfortable hotel at the best location.
  • Marinapark is a great option if you’re looking for a unique place to stay. Marinapark is a vacation park which is especially popular with families or groups (not the best option for solo-travelers). There are both holiday homes as well as several houseboats. During our last visit, we stayed at one of the houseboats which is a great option for couples and families. What we loved the most here is the beautiful view from the modern houseboat. The feeling you’ll get when waking up in the morning is truly unforgettable. The accommodation features a swimming pool and playground for children which makes it great when traveling with kids. In terms of location, Marinapark Volendam is close to the main sights in Volendam. It’s only a few minutes walk from the harbor.

In the Area

Looking for nearby places to visit? Check out the following destinations:

  • Zaanse Schans (windmills)

Questions or Feedback?

Have you already been to Volendam or planning to visit soon? We’d love to hear from you! Share your experience or any questions you might have in the comment section down the page.

About Kitty & Yogesh

Hoi! We’re Kitty and Yogesh, expats in the Netherlands. HollandDreams is a blog dedicated to traveling and living in the Netherlands. Together with our beagle dog Pépa, we travel across the country to explore exciting destinations and gather useful tips for travelers and expats.

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  • Top attractions

Volendam, also known as “The Pearl of the Zuiderzee” is a fishing village founded in the fourteenth century , located 20km northeast of Amsterdam, between Edam and Marken.

Volendam has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Netherlands, and this small town depends on both fishing and tourism .

What to do in Volendam?

Volendam does not stand out for any particular landmark, instead what draws thousands of visitors to this small town every year is the town ’s pretty architecture and well-looked-after streets . The best things to do is to walk along its promenade , discover its quaint shops and city center and have a drink at one of its cafés.

One of the most characteristic things about Volendam is its traditional costumes , sometimes still worn by its inhabitants.

If you want to take a curious souvenir with you from Volendam, head to one of the town’s photography shops where you can try on the costumes and get your picture taken.

There are various typical Dutch cheese farms that also sell wooden clogs on the way to Volendam from Amsterdam. Stop to see how the cheese and clogs are made and enjoy a free tasting of delicious traditional cheese.

A great day-trip

Unless you’re only staying in Amsterdam for a weekend, we highly recommend spending a full day or half-day at Volendam . This little town is extremely pleasant and only twenty minutes away by car.

A great option is to combine a visit to Volendam and Marken . You can get to both places by bus (with the right ticket) or cross from one village to the other by boat.

  • Ferry to Volendam to Marken

How to get to Volendam?

The easiest ways to get to Volendam are:

  • Book  a day trip: the easiest way to visit Volendam and other local sights, for € 35 ( US$ 37.50) you can  book a day trip from Amsterdam online
  • Coach : If you prefer to take public transport to Volendam, a bus ticket costs € 7 ( US$ 7.50)  and is valid for the whole day . The ticket is also valid to visit Marken and other nearby villages. All the buses depart from Amsterdam Central Station and stop several times before getting to Volendam.
  • Hire a car : If you want to explore Holland by car and visit several cities, you can easily  hire a car in Amsterdam.

Volendam, promenade

20km to the northeast of central Amsterdam.

Nearby places

Marken (4.4 km) NEMO Science Museum (17.3 km) Amsterdam Central Station (17.5 km) Our Lord in the Attic Museum (17.8 km) Dutch Resistance Museum (17.9 km)

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    The trip from Volendam to Marken and back was amazing. The boat is super. The coffee (restaurant on board) on the boat gazing at the sea was amazing too. Plan on leaving a little bit more time at Market to walk around. Plan to reach Volendam earlier itself so one gets enough time to walk around Volendam too.

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    Volendam: Guided Cruise on Gouwzee Lake + 1 free drink. Enjoy the Volendam area best way possible jumping on an exclusive, culturally historic lake cruise on the Gouwzee. During this 50-minute boat tours, we will be highlighting the rich history of Volendam and its surrounding fishing harbors on the IJsselmeer coast more than ever before.

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    ms Volendam cruise ship itinerary, 2024-2025-2026 itineraries (homeports, dates, prices), cruise tracker (ship location now/current position tracking), review, news ... 11 days, round-trip Canada New England Circle Newfoundland Montreal ... The boat has 10 passenger decks, of which 5 are with cabins.

  17. Volendam Reviews from Travelers

    Sail date: Jun 01, 2024 / Traveled as: Couple. Ship: Volendam. Really loved seeing all these beautiful and so very different cities along this trip. We really liked this selection of ports more than any other cruise line doing the same area. Loved all the ports very much. And especially enjoyed the size of the ship Volendam. Perfect for seniors.

  18. Volendam-Marken Express

    The boat trip is a unique experience of a separate part of the Netherlands, it takes about 30 minutes. After this you can visit Volendam or Marken. The return trip is every 30/45 minutes. It is possible to bring a bicycle, check our website for the prices. How to use the Volendam Marken Express with your City Card

  19. Volendam: 7 Best Sights & Our Travel Tips • HollandDreams

    Volendam is the Netherlands best-known fishing village that attracts visitors from around the globe. The village is located on the Markermeer lake, in the Dutch province of North Holland.Only 20 kilometers from Amsterdam, Volendam is a popular destination for day trip, often in combination with Zaanse Schans.. In this article, we'll share with you the best things to see in Volendam, along ...

  20. Volendam

    Share. Sean O wrote a review Jul 2. 2 contributions. Worst Cruise and Cruise line Ever! My family and I recently completed the Holland America (Volendam) cruise from Montreal to Boston. This was our 7th cruise, but first with Holland America (HAL). Never again. This was the worst cruise we have ever taken. We had issues with every nearly every ...

  21. Volendam

    The easiest ways to get to Volendam are: Book a day trip: the easiest way to visit Volendam and other local sights, for € 35 ( US$ 37.80) you can book a day trip from Amsterdam online. Coach: If you prefer to take public transport to Volendam, a bus ticket costs € 7 ( US$ 7.60) and is valid for the whole day.

  22. Marken, Volendam and Edam: Private Full-Day Tour

    This tour includes a boat trip from Marken to Volendam; in the winter months, or if the weather is bad, the boat trip will be replaced with a local bus ride between the two villages. ... Volendam, & Marken due to the Marken Express (boat trip). This tour can only be operated in groups of maximum 20 persons. If your group is larger, we will ...

  23. Volendam and Marken: Visit in a Day Trip from Amsterdam

    The tours are held in various languages. Additionally, buy a delicious, tasty cheese to take home or snack from! ... The ferry departs every 30 to 45 minutes, from 11:00 AM from Volendam until the last boat at 5:00 PM from Marken. Get your ferry tickets here. Marken. Marken is a tiny village with colorful wooden houses, drawbridges, and ...