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Mumsnet First Look review: Bugaboo Bee 6

Bugaboo’s latest addition is the Bugaboo Bee 6. We took an early look at it to see what all the buzz was about.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Dec 4, 2023

bugaboo bee 6 pushchair

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Providing a comfy ride around urban landscapes since 2007, the Bugaboo Bee is still going strong, and improving with each new incarnation. Our MNHQ parent tester took a first look at the new Bugaboo Bee 6 to find out what was new, and how this model compares with other lightweight buggies designed for town – and city- living.

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Who’s it for?

This is very much a buggy for babies about town. Like all the Bugaboos that came before, it’s perfect for city life. The small, lightweight frame is easy to pick up and carry if you need to, and the Bee 6 manoeuvres without problems onto buses, trains and tubes, and up pavement edges.

And it’s not only when out and about that the Bee 6 impresses. It has clearly been designed with city homes in mind too. The frame fits easily into narrow hallways, folds down swiftly with one hand and, once folded, stands upright – but discreetly so it doesn’t take up too much space. It also fits neatly into the boot of a small car. Our tester’s bijou Ford Fiesta housed it with no problem and the tight fold really makes a difference.

The carrycot makes the Bee 6 suitable from birth. Children then transfer to the seat once able to sit unaided and can stay happily in that for up to four years. You could also add Bugaboo’s wheeled board for a toddler to sit or stand behind, making it a travel system that should see you through the early years of family life.

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What’s new for the Bugaboo Bee 6?

Lots of little changes that add up to a much comfier, more high-end ride, for both parent and baby are the most noticeable differences with the Bee 6 compared to the Bugaboo 5 .

The super-tight turning circle is still there – handy for narrow corners and weaving in and out of tight spots – but the wheels are slightly bigger now, at seven inches, to offer a smoother ride on any bumpy bits of pavement.

The seat is made from a more breathable and plusher feeling fabric, and the back of the seat now has ventilation holes so your baby stays cooler in warm weather. The handlebar grip has more of an upmarket soft leather feel than before, and this same fabric is used on the new belly bar, something we always felt Bugaboos were missing and a welcome addition.

What baby doesn’t like to grip onto a bumper bar, after all? This one has a clever design that lifts so it doesn’t need to be removed to fold the buggy. We liked that the carrycot sits a little higher than it used to on the frame, so your baby will be closer to you. The adaptors are really simple to put on and the carrycot itself is much easier to click on and off the frame than in previous models.

There are also some changes to the iconic hood. There’s now a ‘peekaboo window’ in the top so that when your baby is facing away from you, you can check on her more easily. It also allows more air to flow into the seat or bassinet.

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Let’s talk about money

The Bugaboo Bee 6 starts from £599, which is certainly pricey, but Bugaboo has always been at the top end of the travel system market price-wise, and you can see what you’re paying for in that smart engineering, lightweight chassis and manoeuvrability. So it’s a fair price in many ways.

The Bee is built to last, so if this is your first baby and you’re planning for more, expect it to see you through. Bugaboos also tend to hold their value really well so you should be able to sell it for a fair price and recoup some of the original outlay.

What’s worth remembering is that that £599 only buys you the chassis and seat combo, which is only recommended for use from around six months, or till when your baby can sit up. To make it fully suitable from birth, you need to spend £779 to get the chassis, seat and carrycot combination. The carrycot allows your baby to lie completely flat and also doubles as a napping space, but comes at an additional expense. For the extra £180 you’d be hard pushed to buy a decent lie-flat pram to take you up to six months.

The Bugaboo Bee 6 has a two-year warranty, which you can extend to three years just by registering your buggy within three months of purchase. Generally, Bugaboo tends to be very helpful about repairing or replacing if you have any issues.

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At first glance

It’s immediately clear that all the smart Bugaboo features are still there, and improved upon with each version. The Bee 6 positively oozes out of the box with its soft grips, sleek all-black wheels, which are just a touch bigger than before, and invitingly squidgy seat and bassinet. We were excited to see that the best of Bugaboo is still there and also that they’ve made some pretty cool changes. For example, we loved the bold colours and smooth curves.

While putting the Bee 6 together is pretty intuitive, the instructions aren’t exactly comprehensive. The reassuringly thick instruction booklet you get with it covers 21 languages and the assembly instructions are all picture-based in the back. If you quite enjoy the challenge of an Ikea flatpack, you’ll be fine with this, but if not just look up one of the many YouTube videos first, which will take you through it.

We decided we shouldn’t cheat so did the whole thing sans instructions or video and actually, it’s hard to go wrong. It took around an hour to put everything together fresh from the box and get it all working – which is pretty good going for a pushchair .

Once you’ve got to grips with it, the Bugaboo Bee 6 couldn’t be easier to use. The seat is much easier to click onto the chassis than it used to be, and you’ll hear a click to tell you you’ve done it properly. The carrycot is similarly easy, with a soft and squidgy surround that zips on to the base. We liked the fact that when releasing it from the chassis, you can depress the buttons and let go of them to carefully lift the carrycot by the handles. So many buggies require the physicality of an octopus to press buttons and lift all in one movement – not this one.

It’s also very easy to fold up and down once in use. You need to take the carrycot off the chassis first of course, but in six months plus mode, you can simply fold up the belly bar and collapse the buggy with the seat unit still in place. There’s a knack to it, but you can definitely manage it with a baby in one arm.

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Stand-out features

Bugaboo Bees have always been prized by city dwelling parents for their amazing turning circle, and the Bee 6’s is the best yet. You can still turn the buggy 360 degrees on the spot with one hand, but the slightly bigger, puncture-proof wheels make for a super-smooth ride now and are virtually indestructible.

The hood, which attaches to both the carrycot and the seat, is super stylish and really easy to pull forward and push back. We love the new mesh window in the top, which improves air circulation around your baby but also is really useful for checking in on them while you’re on the move.

The flexibility of the Bee 6 is really impressive. It now comes with baby car seat adaptors for the Bugaboo car seat. If you’re in and out of the car a lot, it’s really useful to just be able to click the seat onto the chassis.

We also want to give a massive high five to the new release buttons for the bassinet: it now sits a little higher on the chassis, saving new parents’ aching backs, and, once depressed, the release buttons stay released briefly so you have both hands free to lift the carrycot clear. When you’ve just arrived at your destination and your baby’s asleep, it’s a massive bonus to be able to carry them inside while they continue to sleep. The carrycot is super comfy too so most babies will be happy to nod off in there.

The seat unit is now even easier to remove. We always thought the design of the seat was pretty nifty, but on older models it was a slight struggle to wiggle on and off. That unit now slides off in seconds when you need it to. All in all, we think these changes allow you to get a lot more from your buggy, making it so much easier to switch units and fold or unfold.

Key features

Puncture-proof wheels, now a little larger, and with independent four-wheel suspension for a smoother ride

Front wheels swivel 360 degrees for an effortless turning circle but can be easily fixed to a forward-only position when needed

Spacious basket under the chassis to store shopping or baby changing bag

One-hand fold to collapse chassis, with seat attached

Seat unit with ventilation at the back for comfort and a softer, squishier seat fabric. The seat adjusts both at the back and on the base to grow with your child. There are three seat positions: upright, reclined and almost lie-flat, which can be adjusted with a handle on the back of the seat if your child nods off

Five point harness, with four straps that can each be clicked into place separately, making it much easier to put on, and one button to release all four straps together

Revolving belly bar for added reassurance, which folds with the seat unit

Easily adjustable handlebar, making it easy for each parent to push comfortably and swap over as needed

Car seat and carrycot converters included

Carrycot with soft, comfortable base and sides that easily attach and detach from the chassis

The canopy attaches to both the seat and carrycot, and pushes back with ease to allow your baby to see more. A peekaboo mesh window allows you to look in on your baby without disturbing them and adds vital ventilation, keeping them cool in warm weather

Raincover, which unfolds and attaches to the seat or bassinet

Compact fold with integrated stand to allow the buggy to remain freestanding when folded

Lightweight frame – the buggy weighs just 20.7lb (9.38kg)

Suitable from birth to four years

Verdict (for now)

This is the perfect pushchair for town and city dwellers. It pushes easily over grass, so it’s fine for the park, but probably wouldn’t stand up to very rough terrains. However, up and down kerbs, on and off public transport and in and out of narrow hallways, the Bugaboo Bee 6 is a dream. If your house, car or life is bijou in any way, it’s the solution you’re looking for. Because it’s so compact and lightweight, you’ll never need another buggy. This will see you right through from newborn up to pre-school days, with most of the add-ons included and plenty more available so you can customise it to your lifestyle.

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bugaboo bee travel

Bugaboo Bee5 Stroller review

bugaboo bee travel

  • Magda Ibrahim

In a nutshell

The fourth generation of the incredibly popular buggy that’s a celeb favourite and ideal for city dwelling families short on space.

What we tested

  • Beautifully designed, robust, compact and reasonably light with exceptional manoeuvrability, grows with your child, multiple customisable options.
  • Pricey, accessories can add up, can be hard to get up kerbs with a larger child on board.

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bugaboo bee travel

It’s more than 10 years since Bugaboo launched its first Bee – the compact, lightweight pushchair from the Dutch company that has become a household name and celeb favourite with its range of luxury buggies and accessories.

The Bee5 is the latest version of the cute but robust urban buggy (the last incarnation was the Bee3 but Bugaboo avoided the number 4 as the phrase has negative connotations in Chinese) that has had a number of tweaks to make it even better.

At a starting price of £499, the Bee5 is definitely a luxury lightweight, priced above the iCandy Raspberry (£460).

So what’s the difference between the Bugaboo Bee5 and the Bee3?

There are around 100 new parts to the Bee5, including improved front wheels, that are more stable with a better swivel.

It’s 200g heavier and 5cm longer, the height remains the same, at 92cm, but the basket can now hold up to 22 litres (4kg).

Apart from that, so far as I can gather, the main changes to the Bee5 are on the style side. It’s now got way more customisable options than before – so you can really pimp your baby’s ride.

From the leatherette handlebar, to the new dark red wheel caps (or buggy alloys as I like to call them), and an incredible 6 luxurious and classy seat fabrics and 11 sun hood choices, the style has gone to the next level.

Of course you can still get the bright and sunny classic yellow Bee hood and the plain black seat fabric, but new options include a range of very chic mélange fabrics, as well as gorgeous patterns.

And sleep-deprived parents everywhere will jump for joy that Bugaboo has finally added nobbles (AKA “integrated attachment points”) to the frame for slotting on a cup holder – in 3 possible places! Yippee!

bugaboo bee travel

First impressions of the Bugaboo Bee 5?

If you can have love at first sight with a pushchair, then I am like Hugh Grant falling for Andie MacDowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

I must admit I have always been a fan of the Bugaboo Bee – the Bee+ was the first pushchair I chose for my son, who’s now 5, and I used the same buggy three years later with my newborn daughter, before trying out the Bee3 with her.

So I do have Bee form – I love its cute but robust look, and the fact that while it’s designed for the city, I could take it pretty much anywhere I wanted to roam.

But the Bee5 is that extra bit special. It’s kind of grown up now, and the new chic styling is all good in my book.

How does the Bee 5 compare to the other lightweight buggies you’ve used?

What I really love about the Bee5 is that although it is compact and lightweight (though nowhere near as dainty as these top 10 light as a feather buggies under 6kg ), it packs a real punch in terms of its features.

bugaboo bee travel

It feels way sturdier than cheaper alternatives like the Mothercare XSS stroller (£139) and the GB Qbit+ (£250)

And major competitor iCandy never really put a dent in the Bee’s popularity with its compact and lightweight Raspberry (£460).

I have to admit, I do love it way more than my regular Maclaren Techno XT umbrella-fold pushchair – it’s just so much more stylish – but it is not one for leaving in the chaos of the tiny nursery buggy storage shed!

Exactly how light is the Bugaboo Bee5?

The Bee5 is 8.9kg with the seat unit. Like I said, it’s not the lightest on the market, but I found it light enough to carry up and down stairs when needed (even with a little one on board), and I can easily carry it with one hand when it’s folded.

To me, it doesn’t feel like a ‘lightweight’ buggy in terms of its durability: the chassis is very strong and well put together, and the seat unit is very robust.

How compact is the Bee5 when folded and unfolded?

When unfolded, the Bee5 measures in at 53cm across the front from wheel to wheel (and 45cm across the back wheels), by 90cm in length (front of wheel to back of rear wheel), and from 98-105cm in height, depending whether the seat backrest is extended or not.

It’s basically pretty compact, but not in the same league as a pushchair like the GB Pockit or Babyzen Yoyo, although for me, it’s got a lot more substance to it than either of those buggies.

The Bee5 measures 90 x 46.5 x 32cm when folded.

What do you think of the fold system?

Like all Bugaboo pushchairs (well, all pushchairs full stop) there is a definite knack to folding the Bee5, but once you get it then it becomes second nature.

On each side of the handlebar frame is a white, rectangular shaped catch with a protruding lip at the bottom and a small black button in the middle.

To fold it with two hands you have to;

  • Put your thumbs on the black buttons on each side
  • Curl your first finger under the lip
  • You then push in both black buttons simultaneously
  • Keeping the buttons pushed in, pull up with your first fingers, this releases the frame and it folds in on itself

I discovered while using the Bee5 that you can actually do this one-handed, by releasing one side first, then the other side. Bugaboo, this is a revelation, I love it!

Trust me, it does get really easy over time, but when I had my first child I remember thinking I would have to drive back from an outing with my 2011 Bee+ upright in the back of the car (it was the same fold system).

It also folds down in one piece with the seat attached – a big plus point for me.

How easy is it to store?

Super easy. Not only does it fold pretty compactly, but it is freestanding on its side, so can be slotted discreetly into narrow hallways, or even under beds!

How is the Bugaboo Bee5 when travelling on public transport?

bugaboo bee travel

I tested out the Bee5 on several train and bus journeys and found it really easy to use. Its manoeuvrability really comes into its own here, as I could easily get it up bus gangways. It turns on a sixpence, so getting it around the inevitable protruding bell poles and seat edges was a doddle.

It slotted into small spaces on the train so nicely that I didn’t feel like I was blocking other passengers.

The main thing I would say to watch out for is that when the wheels are set to swivel, it can be a bit tougher getting up onto a train if there’s a large gap from the platform, as they tend to move! But this is a minor downside of having such great manoeuvrability.

Would you be able to take the Bugaboo Bee5 away on holiday, and how do you think it would fare?

Yes – you could definitely take the Bee5 on holiday, although it is not compact enough to fit in an aircraft overhead locker so would need to be checked in, or taken to the aircraft door.

It’s really nippy, so ideal for a city break, and features like the UPF 50+ protection sun hood mean it’s great for a holiday in the sun. Because it’s got a very comfortable lie flat recline, it is also great for naps while you enjoy a relaxing lunch (well, that’s the dream anyway).

Is it affordable for what it is?

At £499 for the chassis, and seat unit with sun canopy, it is at the upper end of the lightweight urban pushchair market – and you are clearly paying something of a premium for this luxury brand.

But saying that, this is an incredibly high quality buggy that grows with your little one and could last you 3 years – and there’s such a strong resale market that you are likely to be able to recoup hundreds of pounds of the initial outlay.

I personally do think it’s worth the money, if your budget can stretch to it, as a buggy is probably the most critical bit of baby kit and it is likely to get a lot of use.

What do you think of the seat unit size?

bugaboo bee travel

One of my favourite parts of the Bugaboo Bee5 is the seat. I absolutely love the clever thinking behind the independently extendable seat backrest and seat base. It means the pushchair really can grow with your child – and also that it can be personalised to fit, especially if you have a tall toddler.

It’s a very good size anyway, and has a comfortable padded fabric, so the fact it extends is a bonus.

How many recline positions are there on the Bugaboo Bee5?

The Bugaboo Bee5 seat reclines into 3 positions: upright, snooze and lie flat. It’s a simple one-handed mechanism that involves using your thumb and fingers to squeeze two catches at the back of the seat together. This releases the recline, and you can move the seat into the position you want until it clicks into place.

What age child can use the Bugaboo Bee5?

The Bugaboo Bee5 can be used from newborn, with the bassinet, to 3 years. The seat unit can be used to 17kg when it’s used in world facing (outward facing) mode, and up to 15kg when used parent facing.

Is the Bugaboo Bee5 suitable for newborns?

Yes, it can be used from newborn up to 6 months (or 9kg) with the Bugaboo Bee5 carrycot/ bassinet.

It has to be bought in parts – the carrycot base is £100, and the carrycot fabric is £115, so £215 altogether.

It is a really good quality, hard bottomed carrycot, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the Bee5 does have a very good lie-flat recline, which can be combined with the soft and cosy cocoon (£79.95) to create a comfy spot also suitable for a newborn to 6 months.

The cocoon is like a micro version of a carrycot, and straps in with the harness, so your baby is really secure. I used the cocoon with both my babies from newborn, and found it really useful.

What do you think of the height of the buggy?

One of the noticeable features on the Bugaboo Bee5 is that the seat is set low on the chassis – at 50cm from the ground. I’ve never found it a problem (but I am 5ft 3ins), but if you are particularly tall or have back problems, then bending down to interact with your little one may not be ideal.

How high is the seat unit on the frame?

The seat unit is 50cm from the ground and while it does seem low compared to buggies like the iCandy Peach 3 or Stokke Xplory, in reality it is only a few centimetres different from the Bugaboo Cameleon. I found it really easy to interact with my baby in the Bee 3, so the height didn’t affect that.

Is the Bugaboo Bee5 frame strong?

Absolutely. Although the Bee5 is designed as an urban buggy, I also tried it out on some more challenging terrain and the frame can take pretty much anything that’s thrown at it (within reason). The curved chassis means there aren’t many parts that need to bend and fold, which gives it great strength and durability.

I know from experience that my Bee+ lasted for a full three years with no damage to the chassis itself, and I would expect the Bee5 to fare just as well.

If you register the Bee5 online, Bugaboo offers a 3 year warranty.

What do you think of handle? Look at the height, flexibility, manoeuvrability?

I love the fact there are 10 possible handlebar positions, ranging from 90cm to 108cm, so there really is a height to suit most parents.

The new leatherette options are great, and a big improvement on the foam, which I must admit I did find difficult to clean on previous Bugaboo Bee models, and liable to splitting.

The best part is the shape and design of the single handlebar makes it super easy to steer with one hand.

How comfortable does the Bugaboo Bee5 feel for your little one?

My daughter is two and knows exactly what she likes and dislikes, so the proof was really in the pudding when she immediately wanted to jump in and have a ride.

When we are at home I keep the Bee5 unfolded in our spare room, and my daughter can often be found having climbed into it for a little lie down with her cuddly bunny and comfort blanket. Suffice to say, I think it’s pretty comfy for her!

bugaboo bee travel

How is interacting with your little one when in the buggy?

Great. The buggy has a very open feel to it, which makes it easy to see and speak to my daughter when she’s in it. The slight negative is that there’s no peekaboo window in the hood, so you do have to pop your head around if the seat is in the world-facing position.

What do you think of the hood? Can it be used as sun protection?

The hood is large with two panels, plus it has a zipped third panel that extends the hood so that it virtually covers your child completely. It has UPF 50+ sun protection, so it does the job of keeping off the glare when the sun comes out. I like that it’s made with a soft fabric and wire frame as it means no noisy opening and closing when your little one is snoozing. Plus it’s machine washable at 30C, so you can keep it looking smart.

What are the basket and storage pockets like on the Bugaboo Bee5?

bugaboo bee travel

Considering this is a compact buggy, the basket is a decent size. It is wide, deep and has an elasticated mesh inner pocket for any small bits. It has a 22l capacity, with a maximum weight of 4kg. In real money, this translates to a couple of bags of shopping if you pack it right! I really like that it is easy to access whether you have the seat in parent-facing or world-facing mode.

How easy is it to push, do the wheels lock and swivel positions make a difference?

It is lovely and smooth to push – especially on paved surfaces, and can zigzag, pivot and reverse with ease. There’s really no resistance and the suspension on the wheels makes it feel light even when you push over small bumps or raised kerbs.

I found the lock on the wheels useful when I wanted to use it on rougher ground, as it means that you don’t get the wheels turning when you hit a stone, and it helps to go through gravel and across grass.

The only slight issue I had was going up higher kerbs when I had my 2 and a half year old seated world-facing. I think the distribution of weight in that position makes it more tricky to lift the front end of the buggy up over the kerb – it needs a bit more oomph in pushing down on the handlebar to lift the front.

The Bee5 is so manoeuvrable though, that getting through doorways, and holding open playground gates while you get inside, is so stress-free.

How does the Bugaboo Bee5 ride on different surfaces?

I tested out the Bee5 on everything from streets and gravel paths to grass and stony ground, and found its nemesis is cobbled streets.

Unfortunately, the super manoeuvrable wheels work against it when faced with cobbles but, other than that, I was impressed with how it handled.

Naturally, the Bee5 is most at home on city streets, and you can really get up some pace as it feels so light and responsive to push – even with one hand.

I also found it smooth to push along grass when taking a short cut across the park, and my long walks along the river path were no problem for the Bee5.

What do you think of the tyres – does their small size affect how it pushes?

The tyres are 6 inch foam-filled rubber tyres, and the front wheels can be either locked in place, or swivel for manoeuvring about.

There is suspension on all the wheels and I think it does make a difference to the smoothness of the ride. Because the wheels are small, you do feel more lumps and bumps in the road than you would with a pneumatic all-terrain tyre. But the suspension helps with this, and I found I could drive them up bumps and kerbs of around 3-4cm with no problem. The small size actually helps with manoeuvrability when whizzing about town – very helpful in crowded high streets, shops and supermarkets.

Tell us about the brakes.

The brake is a foot brake in the centre of the frame, which I found really easy to flick on or off – even when wearing pumps or flip flops!

Does it fit in the boot of your car?

bugaboo bee travel

We have a VW Golf and the Bee5 fits neatly inside the boot, with plenty of space for our other paraphernalia. We had a couple of longer trips away, and could easily fit the Bee5, a suitcase and other bags for a weekend away for four of us. I can even fit two of the buggies in the boot if I go out for the day with a friend.

There’s a special Track version available for the Bee5 - what’s it like and how is it different?

The limited edition Bee5 Track is available from March 2019 as part of the Track collection to mark Bugaboo’s 20 anniversary.

The collection, which is also available for the Bugaboo Fox model from birth in the UK, features an attractive petrol blue hue to the fabrics. It also has some great detailing such as the stitching on the soft jersey hood lining.

But best of all, it comes with a peekaboo window in the hood, so that you can interact or check on your little one when they are world-facing with the hood down.

bugaboo bee travel

We love this feature, as it is something we often miss with the Bugaboos. We did check with the brand whether this might become a permanent fixture, but for now there are no plans to offer this on the standard edition.

bugaboo bee travel

The Bee5 Track edition costs from £629, and the collection is available from 1st March. Check Bugaboo for more details.

Is the Bugaboo Bee5 travel system compatible?

Yes it is. The Bee5 can be used with adapters (£30) to fit a range of popular car seats from Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, and Britax.

Is it easy to clean the Bugaboo Bee5?

Extremely! One of the updated details of the Bee5 is that the seat fabric is detachable and machine washable at 30C, as well as the sun canopy. The chassis can be cleaned with a soft towel and lukewarm water, while the handlebar can be spruced up with liquid soap and warm water. The harness is cleaned with a damp cloth.

What’s in the box?

bugaboo bee travel

  • Seat fabric (sold separately - £59.95)
  • Chassis with wheels and underseat basket
  • Wheel caps (sold separately - £16.95)
  • Handlebar grips

Additional extras:

You can get every accessory imaginable if you want:

  • cup holder (£16.95)
  • spare leather-look handle covers (£24.95)
  • changeable wheel caps (£16.95)
  • smartphone holder (£17)
  • footmuff (£94.95)
  • parasol (£34.95)
  • transport bag (£69.95)
  • buggy board (£90)

Is it easy/hard to build the Bugaboo Bee5?

It’s pretty easy to build the Bee5 as it comes virtually readymade, with just the sun canopy to add the wire frame to, and the wheels to out on. Bugaboo has lots of helpful videos online showing how the various parts work. The instruction manual is written in loads of different languages, but the picture diagrams are fairly useful.

It’s quite intuitive and, like with all Bugaboos, most of the parts that can be moved/changed are helpfully coloured white.

Who would the product be most useful for?

The Bee5 would be most useful for city-dwelling families short on space who want a stylish, versatile pushchair that can be used for nipping about town, getting about on public transport, and is travel system compatible.

What is included in the price of the Bugaboo Bee 5?

The basic price for the buggy with seat unit is £499, but if you want to use it from newborn then you do have to buy either the cocoon (£79.95) or the bassinet (£215 to include base and fabric), so it’s a minimum £578.95 to use it from day one.

You don’t need to buy any other accessories, unless you want to create a travel system, in which case there are car seat adapters for £34.95 (plus the cost of a compatible Group 0+ car seat).

It is expensive, there’s no denying it – but the Bee5 is such high quality that you do get what you pay for and there is a very buoyant resale market.

MadeForMums verdict:

The Bee5 takes all the good bits of the previous versions – compact, lightweight, robust, super manoeuvrable – and packages them up with the buggy equivalent of a luxurious big bow.

The new customisable options give it a fresh look, without detracting from the features that make me unreservedly recommend this pushchair to new parents or seasoned mums and dads living a hectic urban lifestyle.

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bugaboo bee travel

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bugaboo bee travel

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bugaboo bee travel

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bugaboo bee travel

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Citrus Champagne Moscow Mule

Citrus Champagne Moscow Mule


  • Crushed ice
  • 2 ounces (¼ cup) vodka
  • Juice from ½  Bee Sweet Citrus Navel Oranges
  • 4 ounces (½ cup) ginger beer
  • Champagne float
  • For the garnish: orange wheel/wedge, fresh mint


  • Add ice to a copper Moscow Mule Mug
  • Add in the vodka, orange juice and ginger beer. Stir.
  • Pour champagne on top and add an orange garnish and fresh mint. Enjoy!

Cake Pops

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Thursday Briefing

War in Sudan caused the world’s largest displacement crisis.

Daniel E. Slotnik

By Daniel E. Slotnik

Women and children at a child malnutrition center in Sudan.

War has pushed Sudan toward the abyss

My colleague Declan Walsh and the photographer Ivor Prickett spent three weeks in Sudan, where few foreign reporters have had access in the past year. Since conflict erupted there in April 2023, millions of people have been displaced, and a looming famine threatens the lives of hundreds of thousands of children.

Khartoum, the capital and one of the largest cities in Africa, has been reduced to a charred battleground. A feud between two generals has dragged Sudan into civil war and turned the city into ground zero for one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters.

As many as 150,000 people have died since the start of the fighting, according to U.S. estimates. Nine million have been forced from their homes, making Sudan home to the largest displacement crisis on earth, the United Nations says. Another genocide now threatens Darfur, the region that became synonymous with war crimes two decades ago.

The U.N. warns that famine could kill more than 220,000 children in the coming months. If unchecked, it could rival the Ethiopian famine of the 1980s.

On the ground: In a hushed famine ward, starving babies fight for life. Every few days, one of them dies. Artillery shells soar over the Nile, smashing into hospitals and houses. The state TV station was used as a torture chamber.

What’s next: Peace talks led by the U.S. have stalled. The Sudanese state is collapsing, threatening to drag a fragile region down with it. Experts say it is only a matter of time before one of its neighbors — like Chad, Eritrea or South Sudan — gets sucked in.

Israel tried to influence U.S. opinion

Israel organized and paid for a campaign last year that used fake social media accounts and news sites to urge U.S. lawmakers to support the war in Gaza, a Times investigation found. The secretive effort signals how far Israel was willing to go to sway American opinion.

The campaign began in October and remains active on X. At its peak, it used hundreds of fake accounts that posed as real Americans to post pro-Israel comments. Even though the U.S. has long been one of Israel’s staunchest allies, the war in Gaza has been unpopular with many Americans, who have called for President Biden to withdraw support for Israel in the face of mounting civilian deaths.

Details: The campaign didn’t have a widespread impact, Meta and OpenAI said last week. X didn’t respond to a request for comment.

The C.I.A. director held talks in Qatar, but Israel and Hamas appeared to remain far apart on the latest cease-fire proposal.

Israel said it had launched a new operation in central Gaza , where health workers reported that dozens of people had been killed.

Global heat will continue to break records, U.N. said

Earth is already experiencing some of its highest temperatures in 100,000 years. Yet the U.N. weather agency announced today that there was a nearly 90 percent chance that the planet would set yet another record for its warmest year by 2028 .

The chances are almost as great that, between now and then, the average global temperature will be 1.5 degrees Celsius, or 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit, higher than it was at the dawn of the industrial age — the level that countries set out to avoid under the 2015 Paris Agreement.


India: Rahul Gandhi and his party, the Indian National Congress, are set for a comeback after their strong showing in the elections .

Space: Two NASA astronauts finally headed to orbit yesterday in Boeing’s Starliner capsule, after two previous launch attempts were called off.

New York: The governor shelved a congestion pricing plan in New York City — which would have been the first of its kind in the U.S. — weeks before it was to go into effect.

Germany: A municipal candidate for a far-right party was slashed with a box cutter , raising fears about violence before the E.U. elections.

Military: U.S. and allied intelligence officials warned former fighter pilots not to train Chinese military personnel after a report that Beijing was trying harder to recruit them as instructors.

Russia: President Vladimir Putin warned that Moscow could reciprocate against Western nations that supply Ukraine with weapons to attack Russian territory.

Lebanon: A gunman who opened fire on the U.S. Embassy was shot and captured by the country’s security forces.

Amanda Knox: The American former college student was convicted of slander in a case related to the 2007 killing of her housemate in Italy, for which she was exonerated. She will not serve more jail time.

Ukraine: Officials ordered rolling power outages after Russian attacks weakened the country’s electrical grid, raising concerns about winter, when energy use increases.

France: Three weeks after armed assailants killed two prison guards and freed an inmate, the attackers are still on the run .

Europe: Leaders are worried that the continent can’t keep up with the productivity of the U.S. and China.

Britain: Collectors are lining up for the first bank notes depicting King Charles III .


Today is the 80th anniversary of D-Day, when the Allied forces invaded Normandy during World War II. Many of the remaining veterans are making what is likely to be their last visit to the beaches of northern France. They number fewer than 200. Their average age is about 100.

One of those is Bill Becker, 98, who was a top-turret gunner on an American aircraft. “ I made it ,” he said, with a tired smile.


Getting married, Harry Potter-style: This wedding season, an owl could deliver the rings before you say “I do.”

A different August for Paris: Millions of visitors are expected for the Olympics, so many restaurant and shop owners are skipping their annual vacations to stay open.

Secret recipes: A cookbook saved this writer during her divorce .


Assessing the contenders: Italy’s Euro 2024 squad guide .

Novak Djokovic’s knee injury: What his withdrawal means for the French Open .

Contract extension signed: Sergio Pérez signs on with Red Bull Formula 1 until 2026.


Saudi arabia courts tourists.

In the past few years, Saudi Arabia’s royal family has spent lavishly to improve the country’s reputation overseas — and reduce its economic dependence on oil. That has included an $800 billion investment in tourism.

But what is it like to travel through a country that was long off-limits to most Westerners? Can the Saudi government persuade would-be visitors to look past — or reconsider — its longstanding associations with religious extremism, ultraconservatism and human rights abuses?

To see the changes for himself, Stephen Hiltner, a journalist for our Travel section, photographed his monthlong trip across the kingdom. Read about his journey and see his pictures.


Cook: For a vegetarian shawarma , this dish substitutes spiced lamb with portobello mushrooms.

Read: In “ Catland ,” Kathryn Hughes tries to explain our obsession with felines.

Protect: Spray sunscreen is convenient. But does it work ?

Play the Spelling Bee . And here are today’s Mini Crossword and Wordle . You can find all our puzzles here .

That’s all for today. See you tomorrow. — Dan

You can reach Dan and the team at [email protected] .

Daniel E. Slotnik is a general assignment reporter on the Metro desk and a 2020 New York Times reporting fellow. More about Daniel E. Slotnik

bugaboo bee travel

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bugaboo bee travel

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bugaboo bee travel

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Bugaboo Butterfly - 1 Second Fold Ultra-Compact Stroller - Lightweight & Compact - Great for Travel (Desert Taupe)

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Bugaboo Butterfly - 1 Second Fold Ultra-Compact Stroller - Lightweight & Compact - Great for Travel (Desert Taupe)

Purchase options and add-ons, about this item.

  • One-second fold without adjusting anything & easy air unfold lets gravity do the rest
  • Ultra compact fold (IATA-compatible) to store in luggage overhead compartments, car trunks or corridors
  • Comfortable seat inlay and large backrest to support toddlers up to 48.50 lbs
  • Four-panel sun canopy with extendable breezy panel and UPF 50+ protection to keep your baby cool and protected
  • Advanced 4-wheel suspension with an extremely maneuverable design ensures one hand push & smooth strolls

Frequently bought together

Bugaboo Butterfly - 1 Second Fold Ultra-Compact Stroller - Lightweight & Compact - Great for Travel (Desert Taupe)

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MAMAZING Lightweight Baby Stroller, Ultra Compact & Airplane-Friendly Travel Stroller, One-Handed Folding Stroller for Toddle

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Product Description


The smart and easy 1-second fold system

offers a true fold & go experience, requiring only one hand.

Designed for portability

at just 15.4 pounds, it offers multiple carrying options, making it effortless to bring along using the integrated carry strap or leg rest.


4-wheel suspension & extra-large underseat basket (17.6 pounds).

Large and super comfortable seat

(up to 48.5 pounds). Almost fully flat one-hand recline for quality nap time.

One Hand Push

easy to control with one hand


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Unfolding the Bugaboo travel pram (Demo) Dad Review

Chris Allen from OodleLife

bugaboo bee travel

My honest review if this is worth it

Heather Grguras

bugaboo bee travel

Must see review on the Bugaboo Butterfly Stroller

Neptune's Honest Reviews

bugaboo bee travel

Bugaboo Butterfly - 1 Second Fold Ultra-Compact Stroller

Bugaboo Inc

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Bugaboo Butterfly = How to Assemble

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Customers say

Customers like the ease of opening and collapse of the stroller. They say it folds in with one hand and is easy to set up and break down. They also appreciate the beautiful appearance and smooth ride. Customers also mention that it's easy to use and convenient. They mention that the strollers is great for quick trips and travel.

AI-generated from the text of customer reviews

Customers are satisfied with the weight of the stroller. For example, they mention it's very compact, light to carry on the plane, and portable. Some say it fits in the overhead bin. Overall, most are happy with the purchase and recommend it to others.

"...The bottom basket is a great size and holds everything you need. Handling is comfortable and easy...." Read more

"...] Nice ride, high quality travel stroller which folds nicely and is very light and perfect for travel...." Read more

"I love how luxurious this feels. It is easy to open with only one hand. Light , but not flimsy or rickety. In fact it feels very sturdy...." Read more

"...I did a lot of research and I’m so glad I went with this one. It’s compact , attractive, lightweight, has a large sunshade and a decent sized storage...." Read more

Customers like the stroller's ease of opening. They mention that it's easy to fold, and it collapses with one hand. Some appreciate the generous canopy.

"...It's comfortable for travel as it folds easily and fits anywhere...." Read more

"I love how luxurious this feels. It is easy to open with only one hand . Light, but not flimsy or rickety. In fact it feels very sturdy...." Read more

"...The wheels worked well, lots of room for him to grow and easy to collapse . We tested it out on our spring break trip and it saved so much car space...." Read more

Customers find the stroller versatile and easy to use for any travel. They say it's great for quick trips and travel, with a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry. Customers also say it is very practical and convenient.

" Nice ride , high quality travel stroller which folds nicely and is very light and perfect for travel...." Read more

"...Same at the airport. Perfect for travel ! Will forever recommend to my friends and anyone who asks for the best travel stroller...." Read more

"...other than that, this is a really good , convenient, and comfortable stroller for baby." Read more

"...This by far is the best stroller ever !!!!..." Read more

Customers are satisfied with the quality of the stroller. They mention that it is well-designed, sturdy, and has a high-quality feel and look.

"Nice ride, high quality travel stroller which folds nicely and is very light and perfect for travel...." Read more

"...It is holding up very well. Still feels sturdy . We traveled to the Disney parks and it was a bliss going through the crowd. Same at the airport...." Read more

"...PRO’s - well made , excellent materials, lightweight, generous canopy & easy to fold..." Read more

" Good quality but can’t carry it on the plane...." Read more

Customers find the stroller easy to use. They say it's less cumbersome, convenient, and comfortable. They also mention that the car seat adapter is easy to add to the strollers.

"...It much less cumbersome and takes a lot less space." Read more

"...It was easy to put together as only the seat padding was needed to put through straps, so it came assembled in the box...." Read more

"...other than that, this is a really good, convenient , and comfortable stroller for baby." Read more

"Loving it so far! It’s very easy to use and fold" Read more

Customers like the smoothness of the stroller. They say the wheels roll smoothly, it steers like a dream, and it has easy maneuverability.

"...'s the same with this because I really do like it and the wheels are smooth and controlled .Update 6/19..." Read more

"... Steers like a dream and the grandkids love it. Works for the 6 month old and the tall 3 year old with minimal adjustment...." Read more

"...This by far is the best stroller ever!!!! The wheels roll so smooth , I also love the harness it has 5 of them my 2 year escapes all the time from my..." Read more

"...Super easy to fold up and store, rolls really well too almost as if it were floating. Love it!" Read more

Customers are satisfied with the appearance of the stroller. They mention that it's beautiful, stunning, and well designed. They also appreciate the large sunshade and the thoughtful design. Overall, customers recommend this stroller for toddlers and kids 2 and up.

"...It’s compact, attractive , lightweight, has a large sunshade and a decent sized storage...." Read more

"...keeping the stroller because I need it for travel, but definitely looks very chic and is light weight...." Read more

"...Nuna trvl is definitely right there with it. It’s beautiful and I would have loved it as the wheels are definitely a little better than the bugaboo..." Read more

"...Also, I got green and the color is beautiful - someone stopped me on the street to ask me about it." Read more

Customers like the value of the stroller. They say it's worth the price, and a reasonable travel stroller that does the job perfectly. Some mention that it gets used to, but it'll be worth it to figure out.

"...interested in the babyzen yoyo2 but went with this one because it was cheaper , included a foot rest, and was REALLY only one hand/one sec fold...." Read more

"...This stroller is worth every penny " Read more

"I did like this stroller, but it's just too pricey . Also, it mostly did work for convince but sometimes has trouble folding it with one hand...." Read more

"...I have to say this is worth every dollar . It truely is a one handed open and close...." Read more

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bugaboo bee travel

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bugaboo bee travel

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  5. Bugaboo Bee 6 Newborn Travel System with Cybex Cloud Z2

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  6. Bugaboo Bee 5 travel system

    bugaboo bee travel


  1. Bugaboo Bee 6

    The new Bugaboo Dragonfly. The Bugaboo Bee 6 is retired. Say hi to the new Bugaboo Dragonfly. Rediscover the streets with the Bugaboo Bee 6 urban stroller. Compact, comfortable and easy to drive, it's perfect for city living. Click to explore more.

  2. Bugaboo Bee 6 Stroller

    Bugaboo Bee 6 Stroller - Lightweight, Compact and Easy to Fold Stroller for Travel and City Life. Easy to Steer. The Most Popular Lightweight Stroller - Black/Lemon Yellow . Visit the Bugaboo Store. 4.2 4.2 out of 5 stars 25 ratings | Search this page . 1 sustainability certification .

  3. Bugaboo Bee 6 carrycot and seat pushchair

    Bee 6 in short. Bugaboo Bee 6 is our original city stroller - a great compact companion to let you discover the city with your co-pilot. Enjoy a smooth and easy ride, whether you're heading for groceries or taking a walk in the park. Top features. Compact and lightweight design to easily navigate busy city sidewalks.

  4. Bugaboo Bee 6 Stroller

    Bugaboo Bee 6 Stroller - Lightweight, Compact and Easy to Fold Stroller for Travel and City Life. Easy to Steer. The Most Popular Lightweight Stroller - Black. Recommendations. Joovy Kooper RS Single Stroller with Snack Tray, Lightweight Travel Stroller, Black. dummy.

  5. Bugaboo Bee 6 Stroller

    Bugaboo Bee 6 Stroller - Lightweight, Compact and Easy to Fold Stroller for Travel and City Life. Easy to Steer. The Most Popular Lightweight Stroller - Grey Mélange. Share: Found a lower price? Let us know. Although we can't match every price reported, we'll use your feedback to ensure that our prices remain competitive.

  6. Bugaboo Bee6 Complete Stroller

    With 1,500 tests in safety and compliance, it's no surprise Bugaboo's are designed to last a decade and then some. The Bee 6 Complete stroller was named: "Best Urban Travel Stroller" (Fatherly) "Best Travel Stroller" (ThePointsGuy) "Best Travel Stroller for Hot Weather" (Motherly) Travel confidently. Explore fearlessly. With a Bugaboo.

  7. Bugaboo Bee 6 Review

    Providing a comfy ride around urban landscapes since 2007, the Bugaboo Bee is still going strong, and improving with each new incarnation. Our MNHQ parent tester took a first look at the new Bugaboo Bee 6 to find out what was new, and how this model compares with other lightweight buggies designed for town - and city- living. Buy now from ...

  8. Bugaboo Bee 6 review

    Bugaboo's latest version of its Bee pushchair is every bit as gorgeous and stylish as should be expected from the iconic brand. Designed for city use, the buggy is lightweight, folds up small, and can be augmented with a variety of additional accessories to make life easier for the parent on the go. ... Travel system compatible: Yes ...

  9. Bugaboo Bee3 Review

    The Bugaboo Bee3 is an attractive and lightweight stroller made by high-end stroller manufacturer Bugaboo. This stroller has a nice recline and a variety of seating options, and the smaller footprint makes it easier to move in small spaces. The Bee3 maneuvers well compared to a lot of the competition, and offers outstanding performance when ...

  10. Bugaboo Bee 5 Stroller Review

    The Bugaboo Bee5 seat reclines into 3 positions: upright, snooze and lie flat. It's a simple one-handed mechanism that involves using your thumb and fingers to squeeze two catches at the back of the seat together. This releases the recline, and you can move the seat into the position you want until it clicks into place.

  11. Bugaboo Bee5 Review

    The Bugaboo Bee5 is a quality full-size stroller with a sleek look and urban prowess. It features a one-handed fold, non-rethread harness adjustment, and larger canopy, but the storage bin max allowance is only 8.8 lbs which is unlikely to hold both baby supplies and potential groceries. While the Bugaboo Bee5 scored better than average overall ...

  12. Bugaboo Comfort Transport Bag

    Reliable Protection: With its durable construction, protective padding, and water-repellent exterior, the Bugaboo stroller travel bag shields your stroller from scratches, dents & damage caused by baggage handling during travel! ... Product Code: S000620001 Bugaboo Ant Bugaboo Bee (2007 model) Bugaboo Bee (2010 model) Bugaboo Bee 3 Bugaboo Bee ...

  13. Bee Tours

    Business and Leisure Travel. A leisure trip is a trip made to outside the usual environment for the main purpose of entertainment, holiday, recreation, relaxation, hobby, etc. View. EDUCATION. BEE-EDUCATION gives a 100% guarantee on education abroad. ... e-mail: [email protected] Mob: +994514222252

  14. Citrus Champagne Moscow Mule

    2 ounces (¼ cup) vodka. Juice from ½ Bee Sweet Citrus Navel Oranges. 4 ounces (½ cup) ginger beer. Champagne float. For the garnish: orange wheel/wedge, fresh mint. Directions: Add ice to a copper Moscow Mule Mug. Add in the vodka, orange juice and ginger beer. Stir. Pour champagne on top and add an orange garnish and fresh mint.

  15. Amazon.com : Bugaboo Compact Transport Bag, Black : Baby

    Bugaboo Compact Travel Bag . The Bugaboo Compact Transport Bag is a lightweight and practical solution for travelling with your Bugaboo Bee. When not in use, this handy transport bag folds up into a small size, to fit into the underseat basket of your stroller.Made with durable materials, it was designed to protect your stroller from dirt, scratches and water damage.

  16. The Beehive

    The Beehive, Moscow, Pennsylvania. 1,464 likes · 62 talking about this · 29 were here. Home decor, gifts, & the Beehive Boutique full of trendy pieces. Women's apparel plus jewelry & more!

  17. Moscow Bee Co.

    Moscow Bee Co., Moscow, Idaho. 359 likes · 1 was here. The Moscow Bee Co. practices foundationless beekeeping and selects breeder queens with winter...

  18. Bugaboo Butterfly Travel System Bundle

    Bugaboo Butterfly Travel System Bundle. In stock. $807.95. Stroller Types. Bugaboo Butterfly Travel System Bundle Be ready from day one with the ultimate travel system. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Learn more. Select your bundle.

  19. Thursday Briefing

    If unchecked, it could rival the Ethiopian famine of the 1980s. On the ground: In a hushed famine ward, starving babies fight for life. Every few days, one of them dies. Artillery shells soar over ...

  20. Bugaboo Comfort Transport Bag

    Traveling with a Stroller Has Never Been Easier! The Bugaboo Comfort Transport Bag proves that traveling with your stroller doesn't have to be a burden! With a wheeled, self-standing design as well as handles and padded shoulder straps for multiple carrying options, you are sure to breeze through any airport. Inside the transport bag, thoughtfully positioned protective padding guards against ...

  21. Bugaboo strollers and more

    Bugaboo Bee 6. Bugaboo Lynx. Bugaboo Ant. By product type. Best-selling accessories. Organizers and bags. Cup holders and trays. Seat liners. Sun canopies. Footmuffs. ... If you love to travel, the one-second fold Bugaboo Butterfly is vacation-ready in no time. If conquering terrains ticks the boxes, glide over surfaces with the Bugaboo Fox 5. ...

  22. Amazon.com : Bugaboo Butterfly

    It's also travel certified (IATA compatible) and can fit into overhead compartments in most airlines and train travel. GROWING TODDLER - Designed specifically with growing babies in mind (Up to 50 lbs). The Bugaboo Butterfly features an extra spacious seat with high backrest and extra padded inlay.