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Jun 6, 2024 • 6 min read

Shave ice is a summery treat served with colorful syrupy toppings and sold at shave ice shops across the islands of Hawaii. You won't want to miss it.

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Jun 6, 2024 • 5 min read

tourist guide review

Jun 6, 2024 • 8 min read

Patan Temple,Patan Durbar Square is situated at the centre of Lalitpur ,Nepal. It is one of the three Durbar Squares in the Kathmandu Valley, all of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Jun 6, 2024 • 7 min read

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Jun 5, 2024 • 8 min read

Asian man hiking near trees in landscape

Jun 5, 2024 • 7 min read

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Jun 5, 2024 • 11 min read

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Jun 5, 2024 • 5 min read

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Jun 5, 2024 • 10 min read

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11 BEST Travel Guides for 2024 [Websites & Guidebooks]

* This article contains affiliate links, which help run this site at no extra cost to you.

TL;DR: The two best travel guides are Rick Steves for first time travelers—especially anyone going to Europe—and Bradt Guides for off-the-beaten-path destinations and “Slow Travel.” Both are reliable, will give you ideas for what to do, and help you plan the best trip.

The way we travel has changed drastically in my lifetime. Information is more readily available in the digital age, a massive plus for traveling. 

Everyone, including myself, wants to make the most of every trip abroad. That’s why I love reading travel guide books or online guides. 

Some of these guide books help you get off the beaten path. Others give information on tours you can take on your own to learn the history of a certain destination you’re visiting. 

But which are the best?

After years of reading and doing research, I have found the best travel guides for you to use when planning your next trip abroad!

Note: this article contains affiliate links, which help run this site at no extra cost to you so I can keep providing free travel advice and tips.

A smiling brown-haired woman wearing sunglasses and a backpack slung over her shoulder, holding an example of one of the best travel guides in the form of an open book, with an out of focus city square behind her.

Here’s a quick look at our recommendations

  • DK Eyewitness
  • Bradt Guides
  • Rick Steves
  • Lonely Planet
  • Blue Guides
  • Footprint Guides
  • Frommer Guides
  • Tripadvisor
  • Rough Guides
  • Moon Travel Guides
  • Insight Guides

Table of Contents

#1 DK Eyewitness

Screenshot of a search result page showing a selection of DK Eyewitness books.

DK Eyewitness is one of the best travel guide books on the market today. But they offer more than just travel information. 

After publishing books for over 45 years, DK Eyewitness Books cover everything from travel, science, history, pop culture, and children’s topics.

Their travel guides give the information you desperately need for travel– such as maps, itineraries, accommodations, where to eat, and more! 

I also love how easy their visuals are to look at. I sometimes get lost in their maps and start imagining myself there (I’m a big daydreamer if you can’t tell!).

DK Eyewitness Travel guide books might not be the most in-depth on a particular location, but they help with travel inspiration. 

If you want more information, DK Eyewitness has a podcast called ‘Where to Go,’ which is another excellent way to get your travel information on the go!

  • 100+ destinations
  • Heavy on history
  • It has both outdoor and city guides
  • Amazing visuals
  • Not as in-depth as other guides

#2 Bradt Guides

Screenshot of a search result page showing a selection of Bradt Guides Books.

A Bradt travel guide is perfect if you’re interested in visiting countries that are less traveled to— written by experienced travelers with fantastic insider tips. 

Bradt travel guide books has a reputation as the “World’s leading independent travel publisher.” They are also the best India travel guide company.

Some unique destinations include Iraq, Sri Lanka, Galapagos Islands, and Grenada. But don’t worry. Bradt Guides also has a British series for those interested! 

Lately, I’ve been striving to travel like a local. Bradt has a ‘Slow Travel’ guidebook series, which I love using these days because it helps me travel like a local. 

The trip ideas are great in detail but might not be for your preferred country to visit. 

Bradt Guides prides itself on being the most comprehensive on the market. Their authors give cultural insights and expressions of interest and knowledge.

You can support Bradt’s Guides even further by subscribing to their Patreon! Here you can pay monthly for a specific tier and earn different things like one free e-book a month.

  • More off-the-beaten-path destinations
  • Slow travel series
  • Has a Patreon page
  • Unique style of travel not for everyone

#3 Rick Steves

Screenshot of a search result page showing a selection of Rick Steves Books.

Rick Steves books are the guide books your mom hands you when traveling to your dream destination in Europe. And that’s a good thing! They’re trusted by many for a reason.

These travel guide books are always up-to-date, thanks to Rick Steves’ research partners. 

Rick’s books will have you feeling like you’re on guided tours! He ensures you’ll have some fantastic cultural experiences. 

I love Europe, but there are many other cultures throughout the world that I’m even more interested in. So, since Rick Steves’ guidebooks are primarily Europe-focused, I’m not as drawn to them.

Also, traveling in Europe long-term can get expensive. His books cater to a more wealthy crowd. 

Pick any European country, and you will have high-quality content on that destination. Rick has visited Europe countless times, and other travel websites can’t compete. 

Rick’s bestseller is his Italy guide, which isn’t surprising. In that guide, he goes over the best places to eat and sleep and how to beat the crowds. 

It’s a good idea to grab a Rick Steves’ book simply for the detailed maps.

  • Best guides for Europe
  • It gives in-depth information for solo tours
  • Perfect for a beginner traveler.
  • Catered to upper and middle-class travelers

#4 Lonely Planet

Screenshot of a search result page showing a selection of Lonely Planet Books.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Lonely Planet , as they’ve been a dominant force in the travel scene for quite some time now. Their goal is to make travel planning easy, and they’ve succeeded!  

I loved using Lonely Planet books when I first started traveling. These books helped me up my game as a budget traveler. 

Lonely Planet dominates the internet with a wealth of online resources. While the information they offer online is easy to access, it can be vague. 

You can subscribe to Lonely Planet on their website for free. I’ve done this, but I’ve found that there tends to be some destinations/articles that are low in detail. 

Considering Lonely Planet’s sheer amount of content, it’s not too surprising that they sometimes gloss over details. 

Their claim to fame is their numerous experts located worldwide. These experts cover adventure travel, family holidays, food and drink, and much more. 

Plus, a Lonely Planet magazine is an amazing coffee table piece, am I right?

  • Backpacker friendly
  • An extensive collection of guides for the entire world
  • Free information is available
  • Some of their content is outdated or not detailed

#5 Blue Guides

Screenshot of a search result page showing a selection of Blue Guides Books.

If you love the art and history of Italy, then Blue Guides is for you! People often plagiarize Blue Guide books due to the amount of accurate information each book has. 

With over 14 books on Italy alone, you won’t find more detailed information on a particular destination than with Blue Guides– they deliver it all! 

Italy was the first country that I visited outside of the United States, and I’m so glad that I had a Blue Guide book with me. 

Their award-winning maps and exceptional attention to detail made it feel like I was on a private tour! 

Be aware: there aren’t a lot of online articles from Blue Guides or many countries to choose from, which could be an issue if you like to visit more unusual locations.

Blue Guides’ first publication date was in the early 1900s, so it’s undoubtedly a top guidebook for a travel junkie!

  • Helps travelers understand art and history
  • Multiple guides on Italy
  • Extremely thorough in their research
  • Not a lot of destinations

#6 Footprint Guides

Screenshot of a search result page showing a selection of Footprint Guides Books.

Footprint Guides is the go-to source for Latin American travel tips for all budgets! My love for this region of the world has only grown since I started using their books.

Even if Latin America isn’t one of your top destinations, they do offer other print books. All Footprint Guides are written by experts who have lived in that destination. 

Unfortunately, for North American travelers looking to plan a dream road trip, you won’t find much helpful information here, as their focus is decidedly on the south. 

Alongside their practical information, Footprint adds a layer of imagination to their guidebooks, giving them an edge that makes them one of the best travel guide series available today!

  • Wide range of budgets
  • Specializes in Latin America
  • Practical information
  • Not much content on the United States

#7 Frommer Guides

Frommer Guides

Does traveling on $5 per day sound appealing to you? Arthur Frommer thought so when he set out to create his Frommer travel guides . 

Alongside some of the best guidebooks, Frommer also offers other forms of information, including podcasts, online articles, and hotel deals!

I love using Frommer guides on road trips because they help me in many different situations. 

I usually like to have a podcast for when I’m driving , a guidebook on specific destinations while I’m in a hotel room, and online sources when on the go. 

Having Frommer guides in all their varied forms is essential since each one typically doesn’t go into heavy detail. 

If purchasing travel guide books doesn’t interest you, then keeping up to date with Frommer’s online travel guides is the way to go.

  • Many styles of information are available
  • Updates information frequently
  • Offer hotel deals
  • It covers only the main details

#8 Tripadvisor

Screenshot of the of the Tripadvisor website homepage.

Tripadvisor is an online source that most travelers have heard about. It’s unique on this list of travel guides because you interact with other travelers!

If you’re looking for help with trip planning, look no further than the Tripadvisor forum . Here you can talk with fellow travelers about your upcoming trip! 

When I have a specific question that needs answering, I always check Tripadvisor first. They have information on most countries, but some info on the forums can be outdated. 

Tripadvisor is great because it’s free! But they’re more than just a review and forum-based platform; you can also book different travel deals and tours through their website.

Sometimes the sheer amount of information can be overwhelming to click through.  If that sounds relatable, you might want to purchase some guidebooks instead. 

Tripadvisor started the wave of online travel planning. They’re worth browsing, even if you just want to write down a few travel tips!

  • Multiple reviews from other travelers
  • Travel deals available
  • Forum can be out of date
  • The massive amount of information can be overwhelming

#9 Rough Guides

Screenshot of a search result page showing a selection of Rough Guides Books.

Rough Guides has grown into a leader in the travel industry with its amazing travel guidebooks and online travel guides. 

What I love about these books is their authenticity. Their recommendations from locals helped to grow them into who they are today.

It all started with their Greece travel guide, and it quickly blew up. Demand increased for more and more Rough Guide content; they released a guidebook series for people who were eager for more. In 2017, Rough Guides expanded even further.

Today Rough Guides are more than just a travel guide company that sells books. They offer tours, custom-made itineraries, and more! I love using their website when planning my next trip. 

These custom-made itineraries and tours are expensive but for a reason. Rough Guides’ experts are located worldwide to give you the best travel experience ever. 

Rough Guides best selling guides offer a ton of background information and local tips, making them worth the high price!

  • Detailed itineraries
  • Personal recommendations from locals
  • An extensive list of countries
  • High prices for tours and custom itineraries

#10 Moon Travel Guides

Screenshot of a search result page showing a selection of Moon Travel Guides Books.

Moon Guides are my favorite guidebooks for traveling around the United States. Planning that perfect road trip is challenging but Moon Guides makes it easier.

Moon’s travel guidebooks are all about traveling sustainably. I’ve used them countless times in the Americas and have found them super helpful.

But Moon Guides don’t focus on the Americas only– they also offer some of the best travel guides for Japan in particular.

I’ve learned to use these books more for research instead of bringing them on my travels– they don’t always hold up with how rugged traveling can get for me.

Moon’s detailed maps are so good in their guidebooks that I fill my phone library with them. They are easy to read and use, which is what I think makes a good map. 

The best travel tips are from locals, and that’s what Moon’s travel guidebooks bring. They don’t have a fancy touring app or anything, but they don’t need it. 

If you want one of the best travel guides for families, then there’s no better choice than making Moon Guides your tour guide when traveling. 

Find your dream destination, get travel inspiration from their maps, and book that plane ticket.

  • Emphasis on the Americas and the Pacific
  • Easy-to-understand maps
  • Many pages of information solely for hotels/accommodations
  • Guidebooks aren’t durable

#11 Insight Guides

Screenshot of a search result page showing a selection of Insight Guides Books.

Insight is one of the best travel guidebooks on the market for a reason. The beautiful photographs in these travel guidebooks will have you daydreaming for days.

Insight guides are perfect for those history buffs out there like me. They combine great information with also some off-the-beaten-track activities. 

Insight has produced over 200 guidebooks and language books. Their books provide information on nearly any country you can think of (besides Mexico).

I love their books because they also have a mini-series.

During the Covid years, I was in the mood to read a lot. I picked a different destination each week and bought a new e-book. 

I could do this because they only cost five to ten dollars! Most of the best travel guidebooks are double this.   

Besides its guidebook series, Insight offers a handmade trip planned by experts to the destination of your choice. What more could you ask for?!

  • Multiple countries in each continent
  • Has language guides
  • Sells hand-picked vacation packages put together by locals
  • Offers mini versions of guides to sell for cheap
  • No Mexico guide

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Travel Guide

A man wearing a red and black checkered shirt reading an open guide book holds hands with woman in a black and white striped tank top, jeans, and a wide-brimmed hat while walking down a European-looking cobblestone street.

What to Look for in Travel Guides

Is the information up to date.

Picking the best travel guidebooks can be an overwhelming process. But the most important thing to watch out for is making sure the information is up-to-date.

Compared to online sources, guidebook information tends not to get updated as quickly for obvious reasons. 

You don’t want a travel guide taking you to a restaurant that doesn’t exist anymore, do you? No. You want to get off the beaten track but not THAT off that it gets you lost.

Pick Locally-Based Travel Guides

My ideal travel style is meeting locals, living, and eating like a local. I have the best travel experiences when I dive deep into the culture.

The best information about a destination comes from locals. When you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, wouldn’t you want to consult someone who has lived there for many years?

When you rely on locals’ recommendations, you’ll truly have an experience of a lifetime. 

Know What Type of Traveler You Are

A young woman in a peach tank top and sunglasses holds a travel guide book under one arm, and checks her phone.

This next tip can be difficult for some, and it can change from year to year. I have gone from being a true budget traveler to somewhere in the middle. 

I used to love history (I still do) and would base my travels around that. Now I seek adventure activities. 

Different types of guides will focus on different things, such as budget travel, adventure, expensive tours, food, or history. 

Finding the travel guide that fits your style will be more beneficial in the long run.

Know Which Destination You Want to Visit the Most

The best world travel guidebooks are often better for certain locations than others. For example, Rick Steves has a reputation for being the best travel guide for Europe and, specifically, the best travel guide for Italy. 

So, choose your travel guide based on which one specializes in the area you’re curious about.

Other Helpful Travel Guides

Travel is a huge industry which means there are more guides than you could ever possibly use. 

If you prefer your travel content in video form, one of the best travel guide Youtube channels is Ryan Shirley . 

His videos showcase the top places to visit in different countries with some of the best drone shots you’ll ever see. 

FAQs About Travel Guides

A woman with short brown hair wearing a black and white striped tank top squints as she opens a Lonely Planet book on Myanmar in front of a blurred background.

Should You Even Buy a Travel Guide?

A travel guide has its place. It may seem outdated to use one, but you can find some of the best information in them. 

Some guides take years to make and are very specific in the details they write for certain locations. The maps tend to be better and easier to read in these types of guides as well.  

Which is better: Lonely Planet or Rough Guide?

It depends on the style of travel you prefer. I prefer budget travel and tend to take fewer tours, so I like Lonely Planet. Rough Guide also has amazing tours if you’re interested in those.

What is the difference between Fodor’s and Frommer’s travel guides?

Frommer travel guides are excellent for those who want an easy read. Fodor is typically the better choice if you want more details about your activities. 

Fodor also has one of the best travel guides for Ireland, so check out Fodor if that’s your destination.

Is it better to travel with a tour guide or alone with a travel guide?

The answer differs from person to person! If you want your trip planned, then a tour guide is perfect. Going alone with a travel guide is nice because you can go at your own pace. 

Do people still buy travel guides?

Absolutely! There’s something different about having a travel guidebook to look at rather than scrolling through a website. 

Rick Steves and Bradt are my favorite travel guides.


Phillip Anderson Profile Pic

Phillip Anderson

Phillip Anderson is a freelance travel writer, personal trainer, and adventure enthusiast. With years of travel experience under his belt, Phillip is an expert in finding the best deals through travel apps and websites. He knows how to find cheap domestic and international flights, like a flight to Peru for as low as $350.

When looking for cheap accommodations, Phillip combines his knowledge of websites like Airbnb, & Hostelworld with more unique sites like TrustedHousesitters, for even more savings. Whether it’s flights, accommodations, or local experiences, he teaches travelers to make informed decisions, ensuring their adventures are both memorable and economical. For more from Phillip, check out his website,

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“A Tourist’s Guide to Love” is as harmless as its blandly forgettable title would suggest. It’s not quite a Movie to Fold Laundry To, because the scenery is quite lovely, so you’ll actually want to pay attention. But it is a pleasant escape if you’re seeking lazy Saturday afternoon viewing.

Rachael Leigh Cook brings her perky rom-com presence to this made-for-Netflix movie, which checks all the boxes you’d expect from such a slick and glossy example of the genre. Slapstick comedy, fish-out-of-water gags, wacky supporting characters, copious shopping montages, a love triangle, a secret to be revealed and a last-minute dash to say “I love you”—they’re all there, but this time they’re set against the backdrop of present-day Vietnam, which gives “A Tourist’s Guide to Love” an unusual feeling of novelty.

Director Steven K. Tsuchida , a TV veteran, was also behind 2021’s “ Resort to Love ,” another Netflix romantic comedy set in a picturesque vacation destination. This is pure formula, but the leads have such a sweet chemistry with each other, and the locations are so enticing, that you may as well just surrender.

Cook stars as Amanda Riley, an uptight, Los Angeles-based travel agent living a safe and predictable existence with her boring accountant boyfriend, John ( Ben Feldman ). Amanda’s boss (and apparently only friend), Mona ( Missi Pyle ), insists John is going to propose to her. Instead, he tells her he’s taking a job in Ohio and putting their relationship on hold. (Julia Shiplett makes the most of a brief supporting role as Amanda’s unimpressed manicurist.)

Stunned, Amanda agrees to Mona’s suggestion that she travel to Vietnam undercover to scope out a local tour company with the possibility of her firm buying it. This is also her chance to eat-pray-love her way out of heartache. Plus, she’ll be there for the annual Tet celebration, which just happens to be all about renewal. Would any of this actually happen in real life? No. Would a spoiled hotel heiress actually hit her head on a tree at a ski resort, suffer amnesia and fall for the hunky, widowed dad who owns a charming bed and breakfast? Probably not. We don’t watch these kinds of movies for realism.

And so Type-A Amanda becomes part of a tour group led by the handsome and soulful Sinh ( Scott Ly ) and his effervescent cousin, Anh (Quinn Truc Tran). Screenwriter Eirene Tran Donohue tries somewhat to flesh out the motley assemblage of fellow travelers, but she saddles them with awkward small talk, and no one is terribly interesting. The inordinately prepared Amanda insists on adhering to the itinerary because she wants to get the most out of her covert mission, but the easygoing Sinh takes a more spontaneous approach which—spoiler!—Amanda eventually learns to enjoy. Sinh also happens to have just the right profound thing to say for every occasion, which speaks to the flux in which Amanda finds herself. (Example: “A tourist wants to escape life. A traveler wants to experience it.”) Again, these are familiar types, but Cook’s likability softens her character’s pushy, impatient traits, and the charismatic Ly’s understated delivery makes Sinh’s platitudes less cheesy than they might sound.

Working with cinematographer Jon Keng and featuring plenty of shimmering aerial shots, Tsuchida makes every stop along the way seem vibrant and appealing, from the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City to the beaches of Da Nang to the verdant hills of Sinh’s home village. “Doing nothing feels very weird,” Amanda admits while lounging under an umbrella by the sea, and truer words were never spoken.

“A Tourist’s Guide to Love” is essentially a travelogue with a plot, but you might actually find yourself caring about whether these two attractive-but-extremely-different people end up falling for each other in the end.

On Netflix now.

Christy Lemire

Christy Lemire

Christy Lemire is a longtime film critic who has written for since 2013. Before that, she was the film critic for The Associated Press for nearly 15 years and co-hosted the public television series "Ebert Presents At the Movies" opposite Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, with Roger Ebert serving as managing editor. Read her answers to our Movie Love Questionnaire here .

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A Tourist's Guide to Love movie poster

A Tourist's Guide to Love (2023)

Rachael Leigh Cook as Amanda Riley

Scott Ly as Sinh Thach

Missi Pyle as Mona

Ben Feldman as John

Glynn Sweet as Brian Conway

Alexa Povah as Maya Conway

Jacqueline Correa as Sam Gonville

Nondumiso Tembe as Dom Fisher

Thanh Trúc as Anh

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  • Eirene Donohue


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  • Jina Hyojin An
  • Shirley Song

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How to write a review for a tour guide?

How to write a review for a tour guide

Introduction to Writing Reviews for Tour Guides

Imagine you’ve just returned from an unforgettable trip , thanks to a phenomenal tour guide who managed to make every moment memorable. Writing a review for them is not just a way to express your gratitude, but it also helps other travelers make informed decisions. But how do you put your experience into words? How do you convey the essence of your journey to someone who wasn’t there? That’s where the art of writing comprehensive reviews comes in.

Writing a review for a tour guide is not about merely praising or criticizing. It’s about giving detailed feedback, outlining the pros and cons, and providing useful information to future travelers. It’s about sharing your travel experiences in a way that is both informative and engaging.

In this article, you will learn how to write a comprehensive and well-structured review for your tour guide. From understanding the importance of writing reviews to knowing what elements to include, this guide will take you through everything step by step. With these insights, you’ll be able to craft a review that paints a vivid picture of your travel experience.

Get the most out of your stay by booking a Rio de Janeiro private tour when visiting Brazil.

Why Writing a Comprehensive Tour Guide Review Matters

Before learning how to write a review, it’s important to understand why writing a comprehensive tour guide review matters. The first and foremost reason is that it helps future travelers. Your review offers them a glimpse into what they can expect from a particular tour guide and helps them make informed decisions.

In addition, your review also assists the tour guide. Constructive feedback can help them improve their services, and positive reviews can boost their business. This is particularly important for freelance guides or those working with small tour companies, where every review can make a significant difference.

Lastly, writing comprehensive tour guide reviews contributes to the overall travel community. It promotes transparency and honesty, and encourages high standards of service within the travel industry. Your review, therefore, has the power to influence not just individual experiences, but the industry as a whole.

How to Start Your Tour Guide Review

Now that you understand the importance of writing a review, let’s delve into how to start your tour guide review. The beginning of your review sets the tone for the rest of your writing, so it’s important to kick off with a bang. Start by providing an overview of your overall experience. Was it exceptional, good, average, or below average?

Following the introduction, briefly describe the tour. Mention the destination, the duration, and the main attractions covered. This gives readers a context to understand the rest of your review.

The next step is to introduce your tour guide. Write about their personality, their style of guiding, and the first impression they made. A good introduction is crucial as it piques the reader’s interest and encourages them to read further.

Key Elements to Include in Your Tour Guide Review

The body of your review should contain key elements that provide a comprehensive understanding of your experience. Start with the guide’s knowledge and expertise. Did they know the area well? Were they able to answer your questions satisfactorily?

Next, discuss the guide’s communication skills. Were they clear and articulate, or did you struggle to understand them? Also, consider their interpersonal skills. Did they interact well with the group? Did they handle any issues or conflicts effectively?

Lastly, talk about the tour’s organization and logistics. Was the tour well planned? Were there any hitches? By covering these key elements, you provide future travelers with a well-rounded understanding of what to expect from the tour guide.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write a Review for a Tour Guide

Writing a review may seem daunting, but by following a step-by-step guide, it becomes a much simpler task. Start by jotting down your initial thoughts and feelings about the tour. This helps you capture the essence of your experience.

Next, organize these thoughts into the key elements discussed in the previous section. Once you’ve done this, start elaborating on each point, providing as much detail as possible.

After you’ve fleshed out your thoughts, it’s time to start writing. Begin with a catchy introduction, followed by a detailed body, and conclude with your final thoughts and overall rating. Remember to be honest, detailed, and balanced in your review.

Tips for Writing an Impactful Tour Guide Review

To write an impactful tour guide review, it’s essential to keep your readers in mind. Use a clear and friendly tone that’s easy to understand. Make your review engaging by including anecdotes or interesting facts from your tour.

Be honest and balanced in your review. While it’s important to highlight the positive aspects, don’t shy away from mentioning areas that need improvement. However, be constructive and respectful in your criticism.

Lastly, proofread your review before posting it. Correct any grammatical errors and make sure that your review is coherent and easy to read. A well-written review not only impacts the reader’s decision but also reflects positively on you as a reviewer.

Examples of Well-Written Tour Guide Reviews

To give you a better understanding, here are a couple of examples of well-written tour guide reviews. Notice how they provide a clear picture of the experience, covering all key aspects like the guide’s knowledge, communication skills, and the organization of the tour.

“Our tour guide, John, was simply fantastic. He was knowledgeable and passionate about the city’s history. He answered all our questions with patience and added interesting anecdotes that brought the tour to life. The tour was well-organized, and even though it rained slightly, John was prepared with umbrellas for everyone. A truly memorable experience!”

“We were disappointed with our tour guide, Maria. While she was friendly, her lack of knowledge about the local culture was evident. She struggled to answer our questions and often resorted to generic responses. The tour also lacked organization, with last-minute changes and delays. We hope Maria improves her skills for future tours.”

Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Tour Guide Review

When writing a tour guide review, there are certain dos and don’ts to keep in mind. Do be specific and detailed in your review. Don’t use vague phrases that don’t provide useful information. Do be honest and fair in your assessment. Don’t exaggerate or downplay your experience.

Do write a balanced review, highlighting both the positives and negatives. Don’t focus exclusively on one aspect. Do use a respectful and constructive tone, even when criticizing. Don’t resort to personal attacks or rude language.

Encouraging Others to Write Reviews for Tour Guides

As someone who understands the importance of reviews, you can play a role in encouraging others to write reviews for their tour guides. Share your review writing process with them and emphasize the impact their feedback can have. You can also lead by example, consistently writing and sharing your own detailed and helpful reviews.

Conclusion: The Power of a Comprehensive Review for Your Tour Guide

Writing a comprehensive review for your tour guide is not just about sharing your experience. It’s about contributing to a larger community of travelers. Your words have the power to shape future travel experiences and influence the standards of the tourism industry.

Mastering the art of writing a comprehensive tour guide review requires understanding its importance, knowing what elements to include, and following a step-by-step guide. With practice and careful attention to detail, you can craft impactful reviews that not only express your experiences but also assist others in their travel planning. So the next time you return from a fantastic tour, remember to share your experience through a comprehensive review. It’s your way of saying thanks and giving back to the travel community.

How to write a good tour review?

Crafting a great tour review involves being honest, detailed, and balanced. Emphasize what you loved, like the engaging guide or stunning sights, but don’t shy away from any letdowns. Remember, your feedback helps future travelers and the tour company improve.

Is it legal to write a bad review?

Absolutely, as long as your review is honest and based on your personal experience. Freedom of speech allows you to air your grievances, provided it doesn’t involve false accusations or defamation. Be factual, fair, and respectful while expressing dissatisfaction.

How to write the perfect review?

Writing the perfect review involves balance. Discuss both positives and negatives of your experience. Use specific examples and personal anecdotes to give your review a unique touch. Be concise, clear, and, above all, genuine.

What makes an excellent tour guide?

An excellent tour guide is knowledgeable , engaging, and personable. They should have a deep understanding of the area’s history and culture, be able to answer questions, create a welcoming atmosphere, and have a knack for storytelling that brings the place to life.

How to write a review on TripAdvisor?

To write a TripAdvisor review, you’ll need to log in, find the location or service you want to review, and click ‘Write a Review.’ Be specific, honest, and provide useful information for future travelers. Rating different aspects like service, value, and atmosphere can also help.

Should you give feedback directly to the guide?

Yes, providing feedback directly to the tour guide can be beneficial. It gives them a chance to address any issues immediately or improve their service. However, it’s also important to write a public review to share your experience with other travelers.

Watch these videos about tour guides

Tour guide at work.

Tour guide self-presentation

Suggested companies

Tourist israel, america israel tours.

tourist guide review

Tourist Guide Israel   Reviews

In the Tour Agency category

Visit this website

Company activity See all

Your profile picture

Write a review

Reviews 4.0.

Most relevant

A beautiful day in Jerusalem

Udi was a wonderful source of information on our journey through Jerusalem. He was on time, made us feel comfortable and welcomed. Udi supported us ahead of time by recommending a hotel to stay at, and designed a day tour specific to our requests. He was enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the history and culture of the country. Our visit to Yad Vashem and the Old City was enriched by his explanations. Udi made us want to return to the region to hire him again and show us more of this beautiful country.

Date of experience : September 29, 2023

Great Israel Tour Guide

Udi toured my daughter and her husband for 5 1/2 days and was nothing but accommodating. My daughter sprained her ankle and he ordered a scooter for her to tour in Jerusalem and helped my son-in-law literally lift her around areas where the scooter did not go. He was able to tour them to every place they had checked on a personal interest list and then some. Reliable, friendly, and experienced tour guide.

Date of experience : February 10, 2023

Reply from Tourist Guide Israel

Thank you Dava, I did the best considering the circumstances and it turned out great :-) Hope to see you and your family back here in Israel!

Our First Trip to Israel

Fantastic, friendly, and knowledgeable!! Our family wanted an authentic experience for our first trip to Israel. We especially wanted a private guide who could provide an educational insight into the history of Israel, as well as to tailor our experiences based on our preferences. We spent some time deciding, and Udi was our first choice. We were definitely not disappointed!! Udi prepared a 3-day itinerary that perfectly matched what we wanted, and also a lot more over and beyond. Udi is a not only knowledgeable, but is also a great storyteller and provides an unbiased description of the region. His warm demeanor and helpfulness was also appreciated. His depth of caring came through when he made suggestions regarding how to commemorate my mother who passed from COVID, and who had always wanted to go to Israel but was not able to. Thanks to Udi, our family enjoyed memorable experiences that can be narratives that we share. Looking forward to our next experience with Udi in Israel!!

Date of experience : June 04, 2023

Kelly, thank you so much for your kind words! I am so glad that I was able to provide you with an unforgettable experience and we look forward to having you back in Israel soon!

tourist guide review

How to Pick the Best Travel Guide Books

' src=

Ann-Marie Cahill

Ann-Marie Cahill will read anything and everything. From novels to trading cards to the inside of CD covers (they’re still a thing, right?). A good day is when her kids bring notes home from school. A bad day is when she has to pry a book from her kids’ hands. And then realizes where they get it from. The only thing Ann-Marie loves more than reading is travelling. She has expensive hobbies.

View All posts by Ann-Marie Cahill

Travel. I love it. I live it. I breathe it . In my view, it all starts with the rush of exhilaration when I choose the magical destination for my next trip…only to come crashing down when I have to choose a damn travel guide to start my research. Because you don’t want to be lugging around every travel guide. You need to narrow it down to the best travel guide books. And I mean, really narrow it down. 

I hate that part.

We’re not talking the travel-inspiring books . We’re talking the more practical side of travel planning. And seriously, there are so many travel guides on the market, it is a nightmare of global proportions to choose only one. Add to that how q uickly the information can date, and you are left wondering if this really is such a good idea.

The thing is, each travel guide has its pros and cons. Some are perfect for the USA, some have a better understanding of the winding roads of New Zealand. There are guides perfect for your architectural adventures through Rome while others take you on a culinary tour of Paris. But unless you have nine months to read up on every travel guide, it’s really hard to know which is the best travel guide books. 

How to pick out the best travel guide books, along with 11 of our personal favorites. book lists | travel guides | how to pick a travel guide | best travel guide books

So I did the hard work for you. I narrowed it down to 11 of the best travel guide books and the reasons why (just so you know I didn’t simply accept whichever book was left on the library shelf). And how did I choose the best? Well, I read each of their editions for a city or country I am already VERY familiar with. Now, usually, we would only be reading travel guides of places we want to learn more about, right? What better way to ‘test’ a travel guide than to see if they know it as well as a local!

Before you start buying up on guidebooks, here are a few tips to help you choose your own:

The Best Travel Guide Books

Lonely planet guide.

best travel guide books

Great for: Big picture travel across a whole country for most regions but especially Oceania, Asia, and the “Shoestring” range. New Zealand is the best ever.

Not so great : They need to update their South America collection. The most recent edition for Ecuador was lacking in detail and encouragement to try new things, especially for the Galapagos Islands. Really felt like at least two of the white male writers phoned it in from their NY base.

best travel guide books

Great for: The best highlights of any city, especially in Europe (e.g.  Paris ). 

Not so great: Personal local touch, or if you plan to stay in one place for longer than a week at a time.

best travel guide books

Recently, they have been changed their focus to a more budget-friendly approach, but I don’t think it is coming through with their local writers.

Great for: Mainstream Travel with an upmarket touch, especially Western Europe (see Frommer’s Europe ).

Not so great: “One block over” travel, stepping away from the regular, e.g. the Melbourne guide did little to entice me into exploring the city’s famous laneways of culture, coffee, and bookshops.

DK Eyewitness

best travel guide books

Great for : visually inspiring your holidays. Beautiful for places like Rome or London. Great guide for Italy . 

Not so great: Day-to-day travel details. Once I stepped out of the Vatican Museum, it was pretty much useless.

Rick Steves

best travel guide books

Great for: First-timers travellers visiting one of the major cities of the world, like London or  Paris

Not so great: Anyone looking for a little more depth, e.g. do not use for Venice—that’s a city you need to be lost in at least once.

Rough Guides

best travel guide books

Great for : Historic or off-the-beaten-track adventures, like SE Asia, NZ, South America

Not so great: Big cities or glossy photos for visual cues. It was of no help in Kuala Lumpur.

Bradt Guides

best travel guide books

Good for: Cultural highlights of countries and regions, especially Macedonia .

Not so great : Asia. The Borneo guide was lacking in details about the various cultures and land issues for the locals.

Blue Guides

best travel guide books

Great for : Book Riot, history and literary buffs, that big cultural holiday you were taking through the Romantic History of Europe. The Blue Guide: Greece (The Mainland) is especially lovely to read!

Not so great: The rave scene in Berlin. Not really the Blue Guide style.

Footprint Travel Guides

tourist guide review

Great for : transport. Really useful in busy, stretched out places like Bangkok and Thailand

Not so great : Budget details.

Insight Guides

best travel guide books

Great for: Giving you an idea in your mind of where you want to go. The Insight Guides Turkey  is especially memorable

Not so great: Actual travel. Don’t rely on these books to get you around a city like Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

This is… by Miroslava Saska

best travel guide books

As always, I’m open to suggestion and we LOVE suggestions here at Book Riot. So, if I have missed your favourite, please tell us all about it in the comments. Or if you are looking for a suggestion for your dream destination, ask us!

Bon Voyage!

[Ed.’s Note: This article originally incorrectly stated that The Insight Guides is produced by the Discovery Channel; they’re produced by APA Publications, which is not affiliated with the Discovery Channel.]

tourist guide review

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A Line of Book-Lovers a Mile Long

Flightdeck Powered by Pilot logo

GetYourGuide Review [2024]: Are they legit? My thoughts

GetYourGuide Review [2024]: Are they legit? My thoughts

GetYourGuide sets out to help travelers find highly rated tours and itineraries to popular destinations around the world. But is it legit, and does it hold up to its claims? I checked them out to find out. Explore my review and avoid booking until you find out what I know.

tourist guide review

They say you don’t get rich by earning, but by traveling. The world is like a round canvas that serves you with colorful stories. The story changes at every turn, with unknown alleys, changing faces, and shifting cultures.

However, I find it all looks dreamy until reality hits you with the complicated planning of trips. Most of us give up on the idea of a trip because searching for all the details, including accommodations, tour guides, and transportation, is very stressful.

That’s when I turned to a travel agency that would guide me on what to see and how to see the place the best. The Pilot team has reviewed similar services like G Adventures and Viator , but how about GetYourGuide?

That's what I'm getting into today!

GetYourGuide gives you the right kind of travel experience with its efficient touring solutions considering your needs. Here is my GetYourGuide review to help you choose the unmissable things in your travel destination. I'll talk about what I like and what I don't like about GetYourGuide.

Let's get into it...

GetYourGuide Logo

What Is GetYourGuide?

GetYourGuide is an online tour-organizing company that thrives globally and operates from Germany. It stepped into the scene in 2009 with 4 enthusiastic classmates Johannes Reck, Tao Tao, Tobias Rein, and Martin Sieber.

The squad started off as local guides and, within a decade, expanded to what the company is now.

You can reach out to GetYourGuide through its official website or mobile app for Android and iOS. You can check the right time to travel to your favorite destination, what are the fun things to see, and what places you cannot miss. GetYourGuide has you covered.

The company also serves you with mobile ticketing, discounts, and offers on flight bookings, hotel bookings, and an easy cancellation process.

GetYourGuide .com homepage

How Does GetYourGuide Work?

Now you might ask how do I join my guide via GetYourGuide or how it works. Well, I found it works in a pretty simplified manner:

  • Check if your desired destination is in the places where GetYourGuide has its services.
  • Register through their website or download the GetYourGuide app.
  • Specify your travel destination and dates. Also, enter other specifications, like your interests and what kind of places you wish to visit. Remember that GetYourGuide offers simplified filter options like activities, cuisines, outdoors, local sightseeing, nightlife, rentals, etc. You can choose according to your preference.
  • Book your activities in advance by selecting from their list.
  • Go to checkout, where you must fill in your name, email ID, and credit card details. You'll also enter any GetYourGuide coupon and GetYourGuide promo code to get fun discounts.

What Destinations Does GetYourGuide Cover?

GetYourGuide covers pretty much all the top destinations in the world. This includes places like New York City in the States, Bali in Indonesia, and Paris in France.

I've highlighted a few of the popular countries here:

  • From North America , GetYourGuide covers: United States, Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, Jamaica, Panama.
  • From South America , GetYourGuide covers: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador
  • From Europe , GetYourGuide covers: Italy, Germany, Poland, France, Russia, United Kingdom
  • From Africa , GetYourGuide covers: South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe
  • From Asia , GetYourGuide covers: Japan, India, China, Qatar, Singapore, United Arab Emirates
  • From Oceania , GetYourGuide covers: Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Samoa, Fiji.

GetYourGuide top destinations New York city

What's Great About GetYourGuide

So I enjoy that GetYourGuide touts comprehensive features with additional perks and benefits. Here are just a few points to showcase the benefits:

  • A Wide Range of Activities : GetYourGuide includes more than 50,000 tours and activities worldwide. It also provides attraction tickets, city tours, food and cultural experiences, and many more. There's always something to do.
  • User-Friendly Interface : GetYourGuide makes your booking experience so much more enjoyable. It takes me no time to find and book tours with a user-friendly and streamlined interface.
  • Check the Customer Reviews : I'm the type of person that needs to know what the reviews say. These reviews help me understand people's previous experiences with bookings and activity tours.
  • Get the Tickets on Your Mobile : Once you book your tickets, you can directly get them on your mobile instead of getting your tickets printed. Paper-free, baby!
  • No Booking Fee : I love this! You have to pay the cost of your tours and activities, but that's it. GetYourGuide doesn’t charge any booking fees.
  • Free Cancellation : If you change your plan, GetYourGuide offers free cancellation without any hustle. But the offer is valid up to 24 hours before the event, so you still have to be on your best planning behavior.

What’s Not So Great About GetYourGuide

I've talked about what's excellent about GetYourGuide, but nothing's without flaws. I've combed through GetYourGuide reviews, so you wouldn't have to.

Let's discuss some of the problems with GetYourGuide.

  • One Location and Multiple Tours : GetYourGuide can showcase one tourist attraction multiple times. It happens mainly because various suppliers offer various touring options and prices for one tourist attraction. Even though it’s a good thing because you can choose from multiple options, it can also confuse people.
  • Confusion in Meeting Point : Sometimes, the meeting point can get confusing. However, it's not GetYourGuide’s fault since the tour organizer didn’t explain the description correctly.
  • Many Options for Tours and Sights : Since GetYourGuide offers multiple tours and activities for any city, people often get confused. For people who only want to do the must-do things, GetYourGuide is not a suitable option.
  • Not Useful for Asian Tours and Sightseeing : GetYourGuide works fine for European sightseeing. But for Asian tours and activities, it's not that useful. It happens mainly because, unlike most Asian tours, European tours require pre-booking.

GetYourGuide guided tours

GetYourGuide Reviews

As I mentioned earlier, I have to know what those reviews say. So, what exactly are people saying about GetYourGuide?

There are many mixed reviews online about the company, ranging from a horrible experience on Tripadvisor to one of the best tour companies around. Great, a mixed bag, haha.

Let's talk about the bad stuff first. Previous customers who had a poor experience with GetYourGuide recommend reading all of the fine print before booking. Others have commented that scheduled tours are canceled at the last minute, which would surely spoil your trip.

Hasn't been my experience, but I agree this would be a big bummer for my trip.

However, most of the reviews on Trustpilot tend to skew positive as reviewers mention how knowledgeable and professional the local experts at GetYourGuide are.

What's also great is how easy it is to book tours with banging deals and no hidden fees. People also seem to be rather content with the customer service, mentioning that GetYourGuide is reliable.

Is GetYourGuide Legit?

That would be most peoples' biggest concern, and it was also my first question... "Is GetYourGuide Legit?"

The short answer is yes , GetYourGuide is definitely legit! You're getting experts that know what they're talking about and decent transparency about the operation.

Is GetYourGuide Worth It?

This is the most challenging question to answer because each traveler is unique. If you're headed to Europe, I've found GetYourGuide to be worthwhile.

While its range of activities, zero booking fees, and operation in many countries, the company provides an excellent incentive for budget travelers. That being said, if cost isn't an option, it may be worth more research into local companies.

Certainly, I recommend you exercise caution and read the terms and conditions before you book the tickets. GetYourGuide specifies that it holds no liability for any third-party errors.

Also, if the tour description is confusing, turn around! The reviews show that these have underwhelmed many travelers.

Remember, each booking requires your valid email ID and proper credit card information. You must fulfill their age criteria of 18 years and above.

Generally, the legitimacy of GetYourGuide is entirely dependent on individual experiences and activities. Absolutely, worth a try if you find something that sounds amazing.

My Rating: 3.7/5

  • Free, flexible cancellation policy
  • Variety of activities
  • No booking fees
  • Mobile-friendly tickets
  • Numerous poorly described tours
  • Great only in European Countries
  • Confusing tour logistics

General GetYourGuide FAQs

Does getyourguide offer price guarantee.

Yes! In their commitment to ensuring you always get the best value for your money, GetYourGuide has a Best Price Matching policy.

Have you found the exact same activity you've booked via GetYourGuide on another online platform for a lower price? Well, you're in for a treat!

GetYourGuide will refund the difference between what you paid and the lower price you found, provided that certain conditions are met. The conditions you must meet are as follows:

  • The activity needs to be identical in terms of conditions, like the date, city, and number of participants.
  • The services offered in the activity must be the same.
  • It should be bookable with the same supplier.

To take advantage of this fantastic offer, you only need to send GetYourGuide the link or a screenshot of the cheaper offer. After they verify that the offer is cheaper, the customer service team will refund the difference, which could even be in the form of a voucher.

It's important to note that offers that are part of loyalty or trust programs aren't eligible for this price match. Keep an eye out for special deals and discount promotions from GetYourGuide, which are always clearly marked.

Is This Platform Good for Last Minute Tickets?

Yes, GetYourGuide can be a good platform for booking last-minute tickets. Many tours and activities offer availability up to the last minute.

Please note that this can vary based on the specific kind of tour or activity, and availability can change quickly.

Can I Change My Booking?

Changes to your booking can often be made, but it depends on the specific terms and conditions of the tour or activity you've booked.

What Happens If the Operator Cancels a Tour or Activity I've Booked?

If the operator cancels a tour or activity, GetYourGuide will typically offer a full refund or try to reschedule your booking, depending on your preference.

How Will I Receive My Tickets?

After booking with GetYourGuide, you'll typically receive a confirmation email with a voucher or ticket that you can print or show on your mobile device.

What Should I Do if I Have Issues With a Tour or Activity I booked Through GetYourGuide?

If you have any problems with a booking, you should contact GetYourGuide's customer service. They can help resolve issues or answer any questions you have.

What Are Alternatives to GetYourGuide?

There are many other platforms offering similar services to GetYourGuide. Some of the popular ones include Viator, Klook, Expedia, and Airbnb Experiences.

Plan Your Trip With Pilot!

After reading this review, you might consider GetYourGuide booking some of your upcoming excursions. Whatever platform you use, you'll want a plan to keep your travels organized, and Pilot is here to help with that!

Pilot - A Social Trip Planner - Banner

Disclosure : Pilot is supported by our community. We may earn a small commission fee with affiliate links on our website. All reviews and recommendations are independent and do not reflect the official view of Pilot.

Mousumi Gharami Blog

Satisfy your wanderlust

Get Pilot. The travel planner that takes fun and convenience to a whole other level. Try it out yourself.

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What to Buy in Japan: 13 Souvenirs You’ll Actually Want!

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tourist guide review

Welcome to Iceland

Welcome to Iceland

Select starting location

Select dates

Add travelers

Top things to do in Iceland

Book your complete trip with the best companies only

Visit a Live Volcano

Visit a Live Volcano

Visit the Blue Lagoon

Visit the Blue Lagoon

Go on a Road Trip

Go on a Road Trip

Do the Golden Circle

Do the Golden Circle

See the Glacier Lagoon

See the Glacier Lagoon

South Coast Tours

South Coast Tours

Find the Northern Lights

Find the Northern Lights

Explore an Ice Cave

Explore an Ice Cave

Best travel plans in iceland.

Book an optimized itinerary for a perfect vacation in Iceland

10-Day Self-Drive Tour of the Complete Ring Road of Iceland with Top Attractions & Snaefellsnes

Unforgettable 6-day summer vacation package with jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, 8-day best of iceland summer ring road package, amazing 5-day summer vacation package in iceland with jokulsarlon glacier lagoon & golden circle, top tours in iceland.

Discover all the best tours and tickets in Iceland

Inside the Volcano Thrihnukagigur Tour with Transfer from Reykjavik

Snorkeling tour between continents in silfra with free underwater photos & snacks, the katla ice cave tour, skaftafell glacier hiking tour on vatnajokull, family-run husavík whale watching tour, 1-hour zodiac boat tour of jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, best ice cave tour in vatnajokull glacier starting from jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, small-group golden circle minibus tour from reykjavik with bruarfoss waterfall & kerid crater, top attractions in iceland.

Explore all the places that you can visit in Iceland

Jökulsárlón is one of Iceland's most popular and unique attractions

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Long-exposure photo of Gullfoss waterfall on a cloudy day


Enjoy the soothing warm water in Iceland's most famous attraction, the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

The mighty Skógafoss waterfall


Skaftafell Nature Preserve can be found in Öræfasveit, the western region of Austur-Skaftafellssýsla in Iceland.

Best travel tips for Iceland

Find all your essential travel information for Iceland

18 Things To Do & Places to Visit In Iceland

18 Things To Do & Places to Visit In Iceland

Best Attractions by the Ring Road of Iceland

Best Attractions by the Ring Road of Iceland

The Top 10 Best Tours in Iceland: Popular and Unique Excursions

The Top 10 Best Tours in Iceland: Popular and Unique Excursions

The 30 Best Hot Springs and Geothermal Pools in Iceland

The 30 Best Hot Springs and Geothermal Pools in Iceland

Northern Lights in Iceland - When & Where To See the Aurora

Northern Lights in Iceland - When & Where To See the Aurora

Waterfalls in Iceland

Waterfalls in Iceland

Travel community.

Join the largest travel community in Iceland

Guide to Iceland - Ice Cave 2 (1).jpg

Local companies

Local specialists.jpg

Local specialists

Local bloggers.jpg

Local bloggers

Travel bloggers.jpg

Travel bloggers

Photos of iceland.

See Iceland through the eyes of Iurie Belegurschi

Iceland is one of the most actively volcanic countries in the world

Download Iceland’s biggest travel marketplace to your phone to manage your entire trip in one place

Scan this QR code with your phone camera and press the link that appears to add Iceland’s biggest travel marketplace into your pocket. Enter your phone number or email address to receive an SMS or email with the download link.

  • Latvia - you might fall in love with it
  • Suggested by travel experts
  • Interesting facts
  • Riga in pictures
  • Latvia in pictures
  • Promotional videos
  • Where is Latvia
  • Warm and wonderful experience in Baltics
  • Slow-travel and "Rāmi" meaning
  • Our mission and motivation
  • Quality guarantee
  • Meet our guides
  • What we offer
  • Tours in Riga
  • Day trips from Riga
  • Tour packages in Riga, Latvia and Baltics
  • Soviet adventure tours
  • Hotel reservations
  • Memorable experience for all food lovers
  • Food tours in Riga
  • Food tours in Latvia
  • For wellbeing of your body, mind and soul
  • Yoga holidays in Baltics
  • Feel-good & wellness tours
  • Spiritual travel tours
  • Healing authentic sauna rituals
  • Baltic countries- the cradle of other European nations
  • Our experience
  • Book or request more information
  • Customer reviews

Excellent customer reviews

We love what we do, we are professionals and we treat our guests like dear friends. That is why our tours and travel experiences in Riga, Latvia and the Baltics are rated as EXCELLENT by the most reviewers.

Colin • June 2020 • Tripadvisor

I found Raami Travel through a web search for tour guides in Riga and contacted several local guides regarding a full day (8 – 9 hours) private tour for two. Liga from Raami Travel was quick to respond and seemed to have a better appreciation of what we were trying to achieve than the other companies, and the price was similar or better. Liga put together a full itinerary (which she communicated to us prior) including the Old Town, Art Nouveau district, and some street art and ended up at the Markets. Liga met us at our apartment on the edge of the Old Town for the tour, which was run at our own pace (I like to stop a lot for photos) and was mostly walking but with a short taxi ride (additional cost but only a few euros) to and from the street art, to save time. Liga obviously provided a running commentary during the tour but also gave us an interesting insight into the recent history of Latvia and life post communism, as well as providing tips on other things to see and places to eat in Riga. Highly recommended.

Would totally recommend Liga's tour of the food market! Our travel guide Liga was really nice and personalized our tour regarding our expectations. We tasted a lot of really delicious traditional food and she showed us many "secret" tips, regular tourists might not now about. 10/10 would recommend

Small group, comprehensive introduction of cultural, history, architecture, food and so on. It is a best way to understand this country, city and people.

We did our own walking tour in Riga. Great city with lots of things to see, including Churches, vendors cafes.. Lots to buy at fairly reasonable prices. Streets are all cobblestone which can cause problems if you have walking difficulties--just watch every step! We did the tour while on a cruise. You can walk to town without a problem and see everything within a few hours. Of course if you want to visit many of the Churches, then you should take a private tour! We have seen so many churches, that for now the outside is the main thing.

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A Tourist's Guide to Love

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Watch A Tourist's Guide to Love with a subscription on Netflix.

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Audience reviews, cast & crew.

Steven K. Tsuchida

Rachael Leigh Cook

Amanda Riley

Ben Feldman

Andrew Barth Feldman

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‘A Tourist’s Guide to Love’ Review: A Wearyingly Familiar Trip

Rachael Leigh Cook stars in this bland rom-com as a travel executive exploring Vietnam and getting over a breakup.

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A man and woman, seated in a pedicab on a busy street, turn to face each other, each reaching a hand toward the other. Directly behind them is a man in a green-and-white shirt and black hat, and in the background are many other people on motorcycles.

By Elisabeth Vincentelli

The first thing we learn about Amanda (Rachael Leigh Cook) in “A Tourist’s Guide to Love” is that she works for a high-end agency called Tourista World Travel. But nobody in this Netflix film even comments on the fact that “turista” is slang for vacation-wrecking diarrhea. That puzzling choice and its utter lack of consequences are the only surprise in Steven Tsuchida’s film, a rom-com that so scrupulously fulfills every cliché of the genre, it might as well have been devised by ChatGPT.

Amanda is dispatched to Vietnam to check out a small tour company that Tourista is considering buying to develop its market in the area. The assignment is also a good distraction: She was recently dumped by her dull accountant boyfriend, John (Ben Feldman). Going undercover as a regular tourist, albeit an extremely well-prepared one, she’s immediately drawn to the floppy-haired guide, Sinh (Scott Ly). He is the kind of dreamboat who has both abs and sensitivity, and can show Amanda not just his country’s beauty, but how to enjoy life.

Sinh eventually doffs his shirt at the beach and emerges from the water in resplendent slow motion, because the clichés here are as tightly packed in as tchotchkes in a traveler’s suitcase: Amanda is a perky American Type A; village elders are cute as buttons and wise as Yoda; street food is tantalizing; jaded Westerners rediscover themselves as they ditch their phones and bask in a rural experience made only sweeter by the knowledge that it’s temporary. The soundtrack’s catchy Vietnamese songs provide the only fizz in this otherwise flat concoction.

A Tourist’s Guide to Love Not rated. Running time: 1 hour 34 minutes. Watch on Netflix.

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‘A Tourist’s Guide to Love’ Review: Rachael Leigh Cook Gets a Heart-Stamped Passport in a Conventional but Charming Rom-Com

A spontaneous trip to Vietnam offers a world of wonder and possibilities for a workaholic woman and her tender-hearted tour guide in this cute Netflix release.

By Courtney Howard

Courtney Howard

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A Tourist's Guide to Love. (L to R) Rachael Leigh Cook as Amanda and Scott Ly as Sinh in A Tourist's Guide to Love. Cr. Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix © 2022

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Director Steven K. Tsuchida and screenwriter Eirene Tran Donohue take care to incorporate the sights and sounds of Vietnam into the narrative, and the film is most buoyant when capturing the country’s beauty. Interstitial montages are crafted with prospective explorers in mind, featuring scenery saturated with color and warm light. From Amanda’s compact car surrounded by scooters (a baptism by traffic) in Ho Chi Minh City to more intimate locations like Sinh’s family village in Thon Chang, elegantly constructed sequences show our heroine swept away, immersed lush landscapes and cultural traditions.

The film doesn’t allot much time to the supporting players on tour with Amanda, but they’re meaningfully used. A subplot in which Sam (Jacqueline Correa), her wife Dom (Nondumiso Tembe) and their teen daughter Robin (Morgan Dudley) rekindle their familial bond counters the heteronormativity of the central romance. While long-time marrieds/first-time honeymooners Brian (Glynn Sweet) and Maya (Alexa Povah) recede into the background, the arc of awkward college-bound vlogger Alex (Andrew Barth Feldman) makes a big impact in a short time. Perhaps it’s an idealized portrait, but it’s refreshing to see tourists not depicted as bumbling buffoons, disturbing landmarks or mocking rituals for comic purposes.

There’s a light feminist streak here, as both Amanda and Sinh save each other from despair at various points, while a callback that sees Amanda navigating chaotic city traffic as a pedestrian — thus showcasing her evolving confidence — is well-handled. However, the female characters’ relationships with each other are woeful. From Amanda’s nail technician to Sinh’s grandma, their primary topic of conversation usually revolves around a man. It also doesn’t help that Amanda spends very little time working on herself before jumping into another romance. Her goal should be independence, not codependence.

That said, Cook and Ly share sparkling repartee, best glimpsed in their walk-and-talks and seated chats. Their chemistry builds from well-earned, character-building moments, as they bonding over the Hoi An lanterns they float on the river, or detour to My Son Sanctuary. Cook makes Amanda an easy heroine to root for, suffused with strength, humor and vulnerability, while Ly radiates wit and tenderness, especially when digging into Sinh’s deeper layers. He also embraces the obligatory beefcake shot with verve, emerging from the ocean during their day at the beach in a gender-flipped play on Ursula Andress’ famous entrance in “Dr. No.”

Reviewed online, April 18, 2023. Running time: 94 MIN.

  • Production: A Netflix release of a Muse Entertainment, Head First, Ben’s Sister Production. Producers: Rachael Leigh Cook, Joel S. Rice. Executive producers: Jim Head, Lydia Storie, Steven K. Tsuchida.
  • Crew: Director: Steven K. Tsuchida. Screenplay: Eirene Tran Donohue Camera: Jon Keng. Editor: Lauren Connelly. Music: Jina Hyojin An, Shirley Song.
  • With: Rachael Leigh Cook, Scott Ly, Ben Feldman, Missi Pyle, Quinn Trúc Trán, Glynn Sweet, Alexa Povah, Jacqueline Correa, Nondumiso Tembe, Morgan Dudley, Andrew Barth Feldman.

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A tourist's guide to love review: a simple yet endearing & insightful romance.


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2024 survival thriller with 92% rotten tomatoes score becomes global netflix hit, “i should be in therapy”: why kevin costner made a multi-movie western saga after years of no studio interest.

A Tourist’s Guide to Love follows an ambitious, straight-laced woman who has recently exited a dead-end relationship, and takes a vacation that will have her discovering what it truly means to be adventurous and to be in love. A Tourist’s Guide To Love is precisely what one might expect, and there is nothing wrong with that. Audiences can collectively hem and haw about the lack of creativity or ingenuity in these cookie-cutter romances that Netflix keeps producing, but the results tend to be the same. If one is familiar with the recent Victoria Justice-led The Perfect Match , one will sense some familiarity within the story. If one has seen Love, Guaranteed, then Rachael Leigh Cook’s performance will feel consistent. However, Netflix has one thing over Hallmark: The streamer's exuberant budgets and jet-setting productions. A Tourist's Guide to Love is not remarkable, but its simplicity and familiarity are comfortable and, most importantly, entertaining.

Rachael Leigh Cook returns to the Netflix romance world with A Tourist's Guide to Love . Here, she plays Amanda Reilly, an ambitious travel executive who decides to go undercover to scope out a potential new tourist company to buy after an awkward falling out with her longtime boyfriend. The unforeseen trip sends her to Vietnam just in time for the Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebration Tét. There she meets Sinh (Scott Ly), the tour guide who will change everything for Amanda. He is a free spirit who cares deeply for his country, family, and business. For a few blissful days, Amanda and Sinh will discover unconventional ways to be a tourist and experience life together.

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Steven Tsuchida helms this project after his last Netflix outing, Resort to Love . Tsuchida and cinematographer Jon Keng relish in the on-location shoot, bringing the audience to Vietnam and not some proxy for the vibrant nation. As Sinh espouses wisdom about how to experience touring another country, the audience is gifted with visuals that support his claims that Vietnam is so much more than what is often depicted in Hollywood. Screenwriter Eirene Tran Donohue lays the foundation for a joyful, celebratory adventure through Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hội An, Hanoi and Hà Giang are beautifully captured on camera, with sweeping landscape shots and intimate on-the-ground shooting. Amanda is in good company, and the audience will be utterly enraptured by what Vietnam brings to the screen. Being in the country and experiencing the traditions and customs of the Vietnamese people is the crucial detail here, making A Tourist's Guide to Love a must-watch for that reason alone.

While the script is a bit ham-fisted when portraying the core relationship, A Tourist’s Guide to Love ultimately succeeds at what it sets out to do — make the audience fall in love with Scott Ly. Similar to Netflix’s first gay romance, Single All the Way , where viewers were introduced to Philemon Chambers, this film is a star-making vehicle for Ly. The actor is dazzling and charismatic. Sinh is an exuberant character who cares deeply for his nation, its people, and everything in between. Ly plays him sincerely, evolving the character beyond a one-dimensional love interest. Ly’s chemistry with Cook is palpable, and the two portray Sinh and Amanda’s whirlwind romance very well. The build to their inevitable first kiss is utterly swoon-worthy, primarily due to Ly’s ability to convey Sinh’s deep admiration and attraction to Amanda. Ly’s delivery of “Kiss me” is just the cherry on top of an impressive performance.

A Tourist's Guide to Love is predictable and sometimes too involved with presenting Vietnam as a desirable travel location. However, Amanda and Sinh’s connection and bond are shown clearly and early enough that the romance blooms quickly between them and feels right and justified. The actors have great chemistry and possess a certain quality that makes them likable. While the ensemble cast adds a layer of texture to the experience, they are underused; but they are a delight, offering more sweetness to an already delectable dessert.

A Tourist’s Guide to Love is an experience worth having. One can’t help but feel swept away. About her trip to Vietnam, Amanda experiences her happiness with the tour guided by Sinh, saying, “I felt like I was truly in the middle of it all, you know?” That question is directed at someone who wouldn’t understand, but the audience shares the same sentiment.

A Tourist’s Guide to Love is now available to stream on Netflix. The film is 94 minutes long and rated TV-PG.

Our Rating:

  • 3 star movies
  • A Tourist’s Guide to Love (2023)

tourist guide review

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COLMAR TRAVEL GUIDE 2025: Unforgettable French Charm on a Budget

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COLMAR TRAVEL GUIDE 2025: Unforgettable French Charm on a Budget Kindle Edition

  • Strolling through charming Christmas markets overflowing with unique treasures.
  • Sipping on a glass of exquisite Alsatian wine in a cozy wine cellar.
  • Experiencing the magic of a fairytale come to life in the heart of Colmar.
  • Capturing breathtaking photos against a backdrop of colorful architecture.
  • Creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Print length 87 pages
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How to Get the Best Car Insurance

Ryan Brady

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For a lot of people, buying car insurance is like buying sliced bread. It’s not the most exciting purchase, and the options all seem similar. So thrifty shoppers might simply reach for the cheapest thing on the shelf. But like cheap bread, cheap car insurance may leave you wishing you spent a little more on quality.

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Car insurance premiums are stretching to record-breaking heights [0] U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS . Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) . Accessed May 21, 2024. View all sources , and almost half of U.S. consumers shopped for a new car insurance policy in the past year, according to an April 2024 report by J.D. Power [0] J.D. Power . Half of Auto Insurance Customers Currently Shopping for New Policies, J.D. Power Finds . Accessed May 21, 2024. View all sources . The best car insurance companies offer competitive rates and a variety of potential discounts.

It’s not hard to get car insurance quotes online from many companies. Make sure you compare the same coverage options throughout the quote-gathering process. And don’t forget to look for car insurance discounts, like breaks for being a good driver, paying your premium in full or driving a new car.

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Assess your needs. Before buying car insurance, take a moment to reflect on what’s important to you and your family. For example, maybe you prioritize affordability and a well-polished mobile app, but don’t need accident forgiveness .  

Consider small insurers. There are lots of small insurance companies you’ve probably never heard of. These regional insurers may provide lower rates and better customer service than the big companies you see advertised on TV.

Work with an independent agent. While it may be easy to get quotes yourself, independent car insurance agents and brokers can streamline the process. These experts vet companies and compile quotes from small and large insurers on your behalf. Independent agents and brokers can especially come in handy if you have a less-than-perfect driving record and can’t find insurance on your own.

Do your research. Search online for recent mentions of a company in the news before buying a policy, recommends DeLong. If you find a company has lots of recent lawsuits against it, you may want to think twice about signing on the dotted line. “And if they've had to pay out settlements, that's an even bigger red flag,” DeLong says.

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tourist guide review

Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard review: Complimentary Admirals Club membership

Benji Stawski

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Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard overview

The Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite Mastercard® (see rates and fees ) is best for American Airlines flyers who value lounge access. It provides a full Admirals Club membership, as well as several other benefits that make flying American Airlines more enjoyable. These include a free checked bag, priority check-in, airport screening and boarding privileges, and a boost toward elite status. Card Rating*: ⭐⭐⭐

* Card Rating is based on the opinion of TPG's editors and is not influenced by the card issuer.

While many credit cards offer airport lounge access , the types of lounges each card gets you into can vary greatly. There's only one cobranded credit card that includes complimentary access to the American Airlines Admirals Club lounges: the Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard.

The card's annual fee is $595, which might seem steep but is still much less expensive than an Admirals Club membership (currently $850 for new members).

To be approved for the card, a credit score of 670 or higher is recommended.

This card underwent major (mostly negative) changes in mid-2023, and TPG senior editorial director Nick Ewen wasn't thrilled with them .

Let's review all the benefits of this American Airlines cobranded card to help you decide whether to carry — or keep — it in your wallet.

Citi /  AAdvantage Executive World Elite pros and cons

Citi /  aadvantage executive world elite welcome offer.

The Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard is currently offering 100,000 bonus miles after spending $10,000 within the first three months of account opening. This bonus is worth $1,700, based on TPG's most recent valuations .

tourist guide review

The highest offer we've seen on this card in the past is 100,000 bonus points, so for those who missed this high sign-up bonus the first time, it's time to jump on this best-ever offer.

Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite benefits

What sets this card apart from the competition is that it provides complimentary Admirals Club access . The primary cardholder receives a full Admirals Club membership, which allows you and your immediate family or two traveling companions access to the club when you have a same-day boarding pass for American or one of its partners. Your credit card will be tied to your AAdvantage account number, so you don't have to carry it to get club access.

Admirals Club membership ordinarily costs between $700 and $850, depending on your status level with American . That means the annual fee covers the lounge access — without all the other benefits factored in.

tourist guide review

You can add up to 10 authorized users . They cost an additional $175 annual fee for the first three authorized users and $175 for each authorized user thereafter. Each authorized user receives Admirals Club access for themselves and up to two traveling companions. Just be aware that authorized users only get Admirals Club access, as opposed to a full Admirals Club membership .

There are three statement credits available:

  • Up to $120 back on eligible Avis or Budget car rentals every calendar year
  • Up to $120 back on eligible Grubhub purchases (up to a $10 statement credit on each monthly billing statement)
  • Up to $120 in Lyft credits ($10 Lyft credit each month), but you have to take three eligible rides each month first to receive this credit

Here are some other valuable perks the card offers:

  • Enhanced airport experience: You and up to eight travelers on the same reservation will get priority check-in (where available), airport screening (where available) and boarding privileges. You can even check in at any business-class check-in position (or first-class check-in when business class is not available), regardless of the class of service in which you're traveling.
  • First checked bag free on domestic itineraries: On domestic itineraries flown by American Airlines or any regional subsidiary, the first checked bag for you and up to eight traveling companions on the same reservation is free. The flight must be marketed, sold and operated by American to qualify for the free checked bag.
  • 25% off eligible inflight purchases: This essentially means 25% off inflight food and beverages when you pay for them with the card (not including inflight Wi-Fi).
  • Global Entry/TSA PreCheck fee statement credit : Get an up-to-$100 statement credit when paying the Global Entry fee with the card or when enrolling in TSA PreCheck ($100). You'll receive the credit once every four years. Because you also receive TSA PreCheck when enrolling for Global Entry, there's no real reason you should ever just enroll in PreCheck.

tourist guide review

This card removed travel protections a few years back but has reintroduced trip cancellation and interruption, trip delay, and lost baggage protections, as well as car rental insurance coverage.

Finally, there are no foreign transaction fees , making this card a good choice when traveling abroad.

Earning miles on the Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite

With the Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard , you'll earn 4 miles per dollar on eligible American Airlines purchases. Then, if you spend $150,000 on purchases in a calendar year, you'll earn a boosted rate of 5 miles per dollar spent on American purchases for the remainder of the calendar year.

You'll also earn 10 miles per dollar spent on eligible car rentals and hotels booked through American's car rental and hotel booking sites , respectively.

And you'll earn 1 mile per dollar spent on all other eligible purchases.

tourist guide review

Cardholders earn a bonus of 10,000 Loyalty Points after reaching 50,000 Loyalty Points in a status qualification year. They will receive another bonus of 10,000 Loyalty Points after reaching 90,000 Loyalty Points in a status qualification year.

You will receive the bonuses regardless of how you earn the Loyalty Points. For example, you could earn 50,000 Loyalty Points by buying American Airlines tickets and shopping through the AAdvantage portal and get the 10,000 bonus just by holding the card.

Redeeming miles on the Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite

The lowest round-trip tickets in the U.S. tend to start at 7,500 miles one-way for flights less than 500 miles long.

Web specials previously offered include domestic cross-country flights for 5,000 miles each way in economy or 15,000 miles each way in first class, flights to Europe from 9,000 miles each way and flights to Brazil from 15,000 miles each way .

Alternatively, you could get a ton of value by redeeming your AAdvantage miles for premium-cabin awards on partner airlines , including Cathay Pacific, Etihad and Qatar Airways .

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TPG managing editor for credit cards Matt Moffitt and credit cards writer Danyal Ahmed 's favorite way of redeeming AAdvantage miles is to book business-class flights on Etihad or Qatar Airways to the Middle East, India and Africa.

Which cards compete with the Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite?

American is not a transfer partner of any of the major points programs except Bilt Rewards , so the biggest competitors of this card are mostly other cobranded American Airlines cards, but you can also get tons of value from a more general premium card.

  • If you want a lower annual fee: The Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard is a solid mid-level credit card that offers elite-status-like benefits, all for a lower annual fee of $99. For more information, read our full review of the Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select .
  • If you're not an avid AA flyer: It could make more sense to stick to a premium travel rewards card such as The Platinum Card® from American Express, which allows you to earn 5 points per dollar on flights (when booked directly with the airline or Amex Travel on up to $500,000 on these purchases per calendar year, then 1 point per dollar) and take advantage of myriad airline transfer partners. For more information, read our full review of the Amex Platinum .
  • If you're a business owner: The Citi® / AAdvantage Business™ World Elite Mastercard® (see rates and fees ) is an entry-level cobranded business card that offers elitelike benefits and bonus-earning potential in business categories. The low annual fee of $99 is waived the first year and the main cardholder earns Loyalty Points from their purchases and employees cards. For more information, read our full review of the Citi / AAdvantage Business World Elite Mastercard .

For additional options, check out our full list of premium travel cards .

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The information for the Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select card has been collected independently by The Points Guy. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

Is the Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite worth it?

Since an Admirals Club membership starts at $700 each year, the Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard should catch the eye of any frequent American flyer's attention. If you want Admirals Club access and to boost your AA mileage balance with a sign-up bonus (while also easing elite status requirements), this card might be a good fit. However, you might want to look elsewhere if you're looking for a card that will give you a better return on your spending .

Bottom line

With full Admirals Club membership and several other American Airlines benefits, the Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite is best for AA flyers who can maximize its lounge access. If that's you, then the card could definitely be a fit. Crunch the numbers to ensure you get value out of the card in the first year and beyond.

Apply here: Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard

Q&A on Trump’s Criminal Conviction

By Robert Farley , D'Angelo Gore , Lori Robertson and Eugene Kiely

Posted on May 31, 2024

Este artículo estará disponible en español en El Tiempo Latino .

Donald Trump became the first U.S. president, current or former, to be convicted of a criminal offense when a 12-person jury in New York on May 30 found him guilty on 34 felony counts of business fraud as part of an illegal scheme to influence the 2016 election by making payments to suppress a sordid tale of sex with a porn star.

The unprecedented conviction raises questions about what’s next for the 77-year-old man who is in line to become the Republican Party’s nominee for president in 2024.

In remarks at Trump Tower a day after his conviction, Trump called the United States “ a corrupt country ” and declared that he would be “ appealing this scam .”

(Trump also repeated many of the false, misleading and unsupported claims he has made about the judge, the judge’s rulings, the district attorney and other issues related to the trial. For more about Trump’s talking points, see our May 30 article, “ Trump’s Repeated Claims on His New York Hush Money Trial .” He also repeated false and unsubstantiated claims on other issues, such as taxes and migrants .)

Here, we answer some of the questions raised by the former president’s conviction:

What are the next steps in the case? What punishment could Trump face? Will he go to prison? Can Trump vote in the 2024 election? Can a felon run for president, hold office? Can Trump pardon himself on this conviction, if he wins?

What are the next steps in the case?

Sentencing and an appeal are up next in this case.

Sentencing by Justice Juan Merchan is scheduled for July 11. Before that date, a probation officer or someone in that department will interview Trump, and potentially others involved in the case or connected to Trump, and prepare  a pre-sentence report  for the judge. The report includes the personal history and criminal record of the defendant, and it recommends what sentence the defendant should receive, according to the New York State Unified Court System.

“The pre-sentence interview is a chance for the defendant to try to make a good impression and explain why he or she deserves a lighter punishment,” the state court system explains.

Trump’s lawyers have to wait until after the sentencing to appeal the conviction. First, Trump’s lawyers will file motions before the judge “in a couple weeks” saying why they found the trial to be “unfair,” Trump’s defense attorney Todd Blanche  told CNN  hours after the guilty verdict.

tourist guide review

Cheryl Bader , a clinical associate professor of law at Fordham University School of Law, said these motions are typical when a defendant is convicted. The defense attorneys will ask the judge to overturn the jury’s conviction. “It’s rarely, rarely granted, and I don’t think there’s a chance that will happen in this case,” she told us in a phone interview.

Blanche told CNN that if the motions aren’t successful, “then as soon as we can appeal, we will. And the process in New York is there’s a sentencing, and then — and then we appeal from there.”

Bader, a former assistant U.S. attorney for the District of New Jersey, walked us through the appeals process. “The case is considered completed at sentencing,” she said. “At that point, his lawyers file a notice of appeal … letting the court know that he intends to appeal.”

At that point, they will also request a “stay” on the sentence, meaning a pause on imposing the sentence while the case is being appealed.

This appeal goes to the  Appellate Division, First Judicial Department  in Manhattan. The appeals court doesn’t retry the case. “They’re not going to substitute their judgment on the facts for the jury’s judgment,” Bader explained. Instead, “they’re looking for where there was error that would have led to an improper prosecution or an unfair trial.”

The appeals process would take several months to a year, she said. After the notice of appeal is given, the record of the case is gathered, including trial transcripts, the indictment, pretrial motions, evidentiary rulings, jury selection and instructions, and more. Trump could also appeal the sentencing. The lawyers need to write their arguments for all of the issues they’re objecting to, and that takes time, Bader said.

And then the appeals court needs to consider the case and write a decision on it.

If Trump ultimately isn’t successful at the appellate level, he can appeal to the highest court in New York state, which is called the  Court of Appeals . But the court decides whether or not it takes the case.

After such an appeal to the highest state court, the case would be over — unless Trump tries to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. But there has to be a U.S. constitutional issue for that. “I don’t see one,” Bader said, but perhaps Trump’s lawyers would try to make an argument.

What punishment could Trump face? Will he go to prison?

Whether Trump is sentenced to any time in prison is up to the judge.

Each of the 34 counts of  falsifying business records in the first degree , a class E felony, carries a maximum sentence of up to  four years in prison . The judge could decide to impose the sentences consecutively or simultaneously. However, under New York law,  20 years  is the maximum prison time that Trump could get — not 187 years, as Trump  falsely claimed  in his May 31 remarks.

Norman Eisen , a CNN legal analyst and a senior fellow in governance studies for the Brookings Institution, said that “in the most serious” cases of business records falsification in New York that he studied, “a sentence of imprisonment was routinely imposed.” Trump’s case “is the most serious one in NY history,”  he wrote  on X, predicting that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin “Bragg will likely ask for incarceration & Merchan will consider it.”

tourist guide review

While possible, Bader, with Fordham’s School of Law, told us she doesn’t think incarceration will happen.

For a first-time convicted felon, with a low-level, nonviolent felony and a person of advanced age, “under any circumstance like that, there’d be a relatively low chance of incarceration,” she said.

“On the other hand, I could see the prosecutor arguing that here’s a man who has shown disrespect for the court system and the rule of law and has violated the court’s orders on numerous occasions. He is not remorseful. And that in order to promote general deterrence, he needs to be punished,” she said in describing a possible argument from the prosecutor.

Bader said any incarceration sentence “would be only a token amount of time to make the point that Trump is not above the law.” Other sentencing possibilities include probation or a “conditional discharge” with conditions other than incarceration or probation.

The “simplest” option might be for the judge to fine Trump, she said.

Can Trump vote in the 2024 election?

Yes, Trump can vote as long as he is not in jail on Election Day, which this year is on Nov. 5.

Trump owns homes in New York and Florida, but in 2019 he changed his primary residence to Florida. However, Florida law does not apply in Trump’s case because he was convicted in New York. Instead, New York law applies.

“If you were convicted outside Florida, your voting rights are governed by the state where you were convicted,” as the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida explains on its website.

In 2021, New York state enacted a law that “restores the right to vote for a person convicted of a felony upon release from incarceration, regardless of if they are on parole or have a term of post-release supervision,” the New York State Board of Elections says . “If a convicted felon is not incarcerated, they are eligible to register to vote.”

Can a felon run for president, hold office?

Yes. According to Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution, there are three qualifications to serve as president: He or she must be at least 35 years old upon taking office, a U.S. resident for at least 14 years and a “natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States.”

“These qualifications are understood to be exclusive,” Josh Chafetz , a Georgetown University law professor, told us last year when we were writing about Trump’s federal indictment related to allegations of mishandling sensitive classified documents after he left office. “Anyone can be president so long as they meet the constitutional qualifications and do not trigger any constitutional disqualifications.”

“Someone can run for president while under indictment or even having been convicted and serving prison time,” said Chafetz, who pointed to the example of Eugene V. Debs, the late labor leader, who, in 1920, ran for president from prison on the Socialist Party ticket and got almost 1 million votes.

There is an exception to that rule. The Constitution says in Section 3 of the 14th Amendment that no U.S. officeholder, including the president, can serve if they are convicted of “engag[ing] in insurrection or rebellion” against the U.S. — something Trump has not been charged with either in this case or the three others he faces.

Six Colorado voters successfully sued in state court to prevent Trump from appearing on that state’s ballot, citing the constitutional amendment barring insurrectionists from holding federal office. But the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the state ruling, “[b]ecause the Constitution makes Congress, rather than the States, responsible for enforcing Section 3 against federal officeholders and candidates.”

Can Trump pardon himself on this conviction, if he wins?

The short answer is no.

Trump was convicted in New York for offenses in violation of state law. Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution states that a president has the “[p]ower to grant reprieves and pardons for offences against the United States.” According to Constitution Annotated , a government-sanctioned record of the interpretations of the Constitution, that means the power extends to “federal crimes but not state or civil wrongs.”

In a case decided in 1925, Ex parte Grossman , the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed that interpretation, writing that the Constitution’s language specifying presidential pardon power for offenses “against the United States” was “presumably to make clear that the pardon of the President was to operate upon offenses against the United States as distinguished from offenses against the States.”

The New York governor has the power to pardon Trump for his conviction of crimes under state law. That’s currently Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat. After the verdict, Republican Rep. Nick LaLota called on Hochul “to immediately announce her intention to pardon President Trump and pre-emptively commute any sentence. To not do so is to allow America to become a banana republic.” Hochul released a statement on May 30 saying, “Today’s verdict reaffirms that no one is above the law.”

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Chase Freedom Unlimited benefits guide

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Key takeaways

  • The Chase Freedom Unlimited® offers a variety of rewards categories, including 5 percent cash back on travel, 3 percent on dining and drugstore purchases and 1.5 percent on all other purchases.
  • In addition to cash back rewards, the card also features an intro APR offer, travel benefits and purchase protection.
  • The Freedom Unlimited can be paired with other Chase Ultimate Rewards cards to maximize rewards and transfer points to travel partners for added value.

The Chase Freedom Unlimited® is one of the top no-annual-fee cash back credit cards on the market today — and for a good reason. It started out as a flat-rate cash back credit card offering 1.5 percent cash back on each purchase, but today, with the addition of boosted rewards categories, you can earn as much as 5 percent cash back on certain purchases.

The perks don’t stop at earning cash back rewards. To really maximize the value of a Chase Freedom Unlimited card, read on to learn about all of the card’s benefits.

Chase Freedom Unlimited rewards and sign-up bonus

To start, the Chase Freedom Unlimited offers:

  • 5 percent cash back on travel purchased through Chase Travel
  • 5 percent back on Lyft purchases (through March 31, 2025)
  • 3 percent back on dining and drugstore purchases
  • 1.5 percent cash back on all non-category purchases

The sign-up bonus, also called a welcome bonus , can boosts earning even more. New cardholders earn and extra 1.5 percent on all purchases up to $20,000 spent in the first year. That means you could earn an additional $300 cash back if you max out the spending during your first year as a cardholder.

Importantly, although the Chase Freedom Unlimited is advertised as a cash back credit card , it technically earns Rewards points that can be redeemed at a 1:1 ratio for cash back or, for maximum value, combined with Ultimate Rewards you earn with a premium Chase card.

Chase Freedom Unlimited intro APR benefits

The Freedom Unlimited is an especially good choice for financing a large purchase or paying off existing credit card debt without paying additional money in interest.

It offers an introductory 0 percent annual percentage rate (APR) for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers, followed by a variable APR between 20.49 percent and 29.24 percent. While this isn’t the longest zero-interest offer on the market, the card’s solid rewards rates and added perks will continue to bring you value long after your debt or purchase is paid off, which earns this card a spot among the best balance transfer cards .

There is a balance transfer fee if you go the debt payoff route: $5 or 3 percent of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater. This fee is valid for the first 60 days of card ownership, after which it jumps to 5 percent or $5, whichever is greater.

Chase Freedom Unlimited travel benefits

The market is full of luxury rewards cards for travel enthusiasts, and while the Freedom Unlimited isn’t quite geared toward premium travel perks there’s still plenty to like for those who take the occasional trip. The card’s travel benefits include:

Auto rental insurance

If you’re renting a car, you can get rental car insurance against theft or collision damage if you pay with your card. This coverage is secondary to your own car insurance, so if you need it, you’ll need to file a claim with your own car insurance first.

Trip cancellation and interruption insurance

Another nice perk is trip cancellation and interruption insurance . With this benefit, if your trip is canceled or cut short because you got sick or caught in a snowstorm, for example, you can be reimbursed for up to $1,500 per person (max of four people) and $6,000 per trip against fares and tickets you’ve already paid.

Travel and emergency assistance services

Ever run into a problem while you’re traveling or commuting? You can call Chase’s Benefit Administrator for emergency help, as well as for medical and legal referrals. Note, you will have to pay for the costs of these services, but access to help is free.

Chase Freedom Unlimited purchase and fraud benefits

It’s frustrating to have an expensive purchase break or get stolen not long after you bought it. Thankfully, the Freedom Unlimited offers purchase protection and extended warranty protection, both of which can help you recover from these sorts of unfortunate events. Further, you’ll stay protected against fraud with Chase’s zero liability fraud protection.

Purchase protection

If your purchase is stolen or damaged within 120 days of buying it, you can be reimbursed for up to $500 per claim ($50,000 per account) with Chase’s purchase protection perk.

Extended warranty protection

If your purchase had a warranty with it, you might be eligible for an extended warranty through Chase. This one’s a little tricky, though, as it only applies to U.S. manufacturers’ warranties of three years or less. But if your item is eligible, Chase will give you an additional year of warranty on that item.

For example, if you used your card to buy a $300 Fitbit that originally came with a one-year warranty and it dies after 18 months, you may be able to get reimbursed with Chase’s extended warranty benefit.

Zero liability protection

If any unauthorized purchases are made with your Freedom Unlimited card or account information, Chase won’t hold you responsible.

Chase Freedom Unlimited entertainment benefits

If you’re a foodie — whether you enjoy ordering takeout or getting groceries delivered for a special dinner at home — be sure to take advantage of these Freedom Unlimited perks:

Free DashPass membership

With the Freedom Unlimited, you’ll get a complimentary three-month DoorDash DashPass membership, after which you’ll be automatically enrolled for an additional nine months at 50 percent off (if you choose to keep the service). This membership gets you access to unlimited deliveries with a $0 delivery fee on orders over $12 along with reduced service fees, but you’ll need to activate the perk by Dec. 31, 2024.

Free Instacart+ membership and statement credits

Similar to the DoorDash benefit, you’ll receive three complimentary months of Instacart+ membership, then be automatically enrolled for an annual membership (should you choose to keep it). Instacart+ membership gets you unlimited deliveries with a $0 delivery fee and reduced service fees. To use this benefit, you’ll need to enroll by July 31, 2024.

After enrollment, you can get up to $10 in quarterly statement credits when you make eligible purchases through Instacart with your card (through July 31, 2024).

Maximizing your Chase Freedom Unlimited benefits

There’s a lot to love when it comes to the Chase Freedom Unlimited, and it can bring you even more value if you pair it with a premium Chase credit card .

One of the best ways to boost your rewards is to pair Freedom Unlimited with another card in the Chase Ultimate Rewards product suite, because you can transfer your points between Chase cards.

For example, your points are worth 25 percent more with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card when you redeem toward Ultimate Rewards travel and a whopping 50 percent more toward Ultimate Rewards travel with the Chase Sapphire Reserve® . These cards come with annual fees , though, so you’ll need to decide if applying is worth the increased redemption value.

For the best possible value, you’ll want to transfer your points to a travel partner. According to Bankrate’s latest valuations , Chase Ultimate Rewards are worth about 2.0 cents each when transferred to a high-value Chase travel partner . You can only transfer your Freedom Unlimited points, though, if you also hold a premium Chase card, such as one of the Sapphires or the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card . Combine your Freedom Unlimited points under one of those cards to pursue the most redemption value.

Additionally, boosted rewards from the welcome bonus can also be quite useful to you, especially since it lines up with the intro APR offer on purchases. You can earn rewards on big purchases and take advantage of the intro APR period to pay off your balance interest-free for the first 15 months (20.49 percent to 29.24 percent APR applies after the intro period). Remember, you won’t earn rewards on balance transfers.

The bottom line

While it’s one of the best cash back cards on the market, Chase Freedom Unlimited’s benefits may be enough to pique the interest of occasional travelers, too — especially if you already own (or are looking to own) a Chase Sapphire travel card. And if you’re hoping to finance a large purchase that you can pay off within a low-interest introductory period, pay off existing credit card debt or take advantage of additional travel and purchase protections, even better.

Either way, as long as you pay your bills responsibly and on time, Chase Freedom Unlimited can help you reach your financial goals.

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Straightforward cash back makes the Chase Freedom Unlimited an easy winner for me

Chase Freedom Flex vs. Chase Freedom Unlimited

Is the Chase Freedom Unlimited worth it?

Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card Review


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