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An Arabian adventure with fabulous sunsets, dinner around the campfire and starry desert skies! Enjoy a lifetime experience as you step back in time during this camel trek in Jordan. Visits Mount Nebo, Dead Sea and Petra and enjoy the peaceful deserts of Humaima, Disi and Wadi Rum.

Tour itinerary

DAY 01 - Arrival: Arrival to Amman Airport and transfer on to the hotel. Rest of the day at leisure (per your arrival time). Overnight Amman. meals: none

DAY 02 - Madaba / Mt Nebo / Dead Sea: After breakfast drive to Mt. Nebo, the place where Prophet Moses gazed at the promised land before he died and his alleged burial place. Visit the old monastery and overlook the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea and parts of Israel. Proceed to Madaba, where the famous mosaic 6th century map of Palestine in St. George's church can be found. Afterward to the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea, where you have leisure time and the chance to float on water. Continue to Petra. meals: breakfast included

DAY 03 - Discover Petra: Today start the visit of the rock city Petra, Jordan's most famous attraction and one of the New Seven Wonders. A local guide will give you a short introduction of this unique place and walks with you via the Siq, a narrow gorge, to the most beautiful monument, the Treasury. From here you explore the area by yourself, taking you to the Street of Facades, the Royal Tombs or climbing up the more than 800 stairs to the Monastery El Deir with amazing views to Wadi Araba. meals: breakfast included

DAY 04 - Camel Trek, Humaima / Kharazah: In the early morning we drive to Humaima to start the camel trek, an authentic and eco-friendly way to explore the unique and timeless area. The Arabian camels have only a single hump, and since thousands of years the companions of Bedouins. The guide will give you an introduction of the riding technique and after a short while you will be able to handle your camel by yourself. This first ride takes us via Humaima, an area with Nabatean, Roman and Abbasid remains to the rock bridges of Jabal Kharazah. Dinner & overnight in camp. meals: breakfast, lunch & dinner included

DAY 05 - Camel Trek, Disi: After breakfast make our way to the area called Disi. In comparison to Wadi Rum the area is flatter, you will have amazing views and pass astonishing rock formations. Enjoy the landscape, and the leisurely pace of your camel. Bivouac in Disi. meals: breakfast, lunch & dinner included

DAY 06 - Camel Trek, Wadi Rum: Today reach the majestic desert landscape of Wadi Rum, featured by rugged mountains, coloured sand dunes, Nabatean and Thamudic rock inscriptions. The protected area is famous for Lawrence of Arabia during the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire and describes the beauty of Wadi Rum in a book. Ride to Barrah, a spectacular canyon with high cliffs and some rock inscriptions. Dinner & overnight at camp. meals: breakfast, lunch & dinner included

DAY 07 - Return to Amman: After breakfast leave the silent desert and return (4hrs drive) to the busy capital Amman. The rest of the day is free to do some shopping, visit the historical sites in the downtown area or relax in a café. Overnight in Amman. meals: breakfast included

DAY 08 - Departure: Breakfast, check-out and as per your international flight departure time meet for transfer to Amman Airport.

What's included?

  • 04 nights hotel accommodation with breakfasts
  • 03 nights at camp with breakfasts, lunches & dinners
  • A/C transport with English speaking driver
  • 03 day camel trekking with Bedouin guide
  • English speaking guide in Petra, around 2.5hrs
  • Main entrance fees to mentioned sites
  • 700m horse ride in Petra from the main gate
  • Taxes & handling services
  • Best time is September through May
  • Riding ability not required
  • Riding days: start 08:00 till noon / noon to 14:00 for break / continue 14:00 till evening
  • Bring comfortable clothes, sunglasses, sun block, windproof jacket, torch, warmer clothes for cooler nights, scarf as protection against sun and wind, backpack or similar for camel trek days, sleeping bag, towel, first aid kit (for headaches, colds etc.)
  • Support vehicle take care of your unnecessary luggage and the camping gear

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Feel free to ask our professional travel planners any questions you might have so far. Receive reply as quickly as possible (max. 24 hours).

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camel tour jordan

  • Day Tours (no overnight)
  • ½ Day/1 Night
  • 1 Day/1 Night
  • 2 Days/ 2 Nights
  • 3 Days/ 3 Nights
  • Bedouin Camp
  • Under the Stars
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Camel Tour

  • Wifi Available
  • Jan 18’ - Dec 21’
  • Min Age: No
  • Pickup: Our office in Wadi Rum Village


Embark on an unforgettable desert adventure with our captivating camel tour! Discover the awe-inspiring beauty of the arid landscapes as you journey deep into the heart of the desert aboard these remarkable creatures.

Known for their unique adaptations, camels are perfectly suited to traverse the challenging terrain, making them the ultimate desert companions. Camels, with their specially designed feet, effortlessly navigate the sandy dunes without ever getting stuck. Their large, sturdy hooves are perfectly adapted to distribute weight and provide stability, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride for our guests. Even in the midst of sandstorms, these resilient animals remain steadfast, allowing you to explore the desert with peace of mind.

You'll witness the incredible bond between man and beast as our skilled handlers navigate through the vast expanses of sand, unveiling the secrets of the desert along the way.

Join us on our captivating camel tour and experience the enchantment of the desert like never before. You'll be immersed in the rich history, fascinating wildlife, and mesmerizing landscapes that define this extraordinary ecosystem. Whether you seek a thrilling adventure or a tranquil escape, our camel tour promises an unforgettable journey through the untamed beauty of the desert.

Book your camel tour today and let us take you on an extraordinary expedition, leaving footprints of memories that will last a lifetime. Discover the desert's hidden treasures and create an unforgettable experience with our renowned camel tour.

The camels we use in our tours are owned by other families from the village. Renting them is their main source of income. The camels are calm, kid-friendly, and well-trained. Please keep in mind that camels move slowly so you will only be able to visit 3-4 sites per day. Please also note that your camel guide may speak very little English.

Located halfway up an imposing mountain, Lawrence's Spring serves as a crucial water source for the Bedouins' livestock. Adventurers can bask in the awe-inspiring view of the desert plain from beneath a fig tree at the spring's summit. Alternatively, explore the foot of the mountain, where ancient Nabatean rock inscriptions offer glimpses into a forgotten past, and mingle with camels congregating around the watering hole. Lawrence's Spring captivates with its natural beauty, historical significance, and vibrant desert atmosphere.

Nestled within Jebel Khazali, the Khazali Canyon boasts awe-inspiring sheer cliffs that soar above the desert sands, rivalling the height of the Empire State Building. This natural wonder, shaped by millennia of elemental forces, offers a cool haven tucked between colossal monolithic rocks. Imagine Bedouin tents dotting the landscape, families finding respite, savouring tea, and children engrossed in play. The canyon walls bear witness to ancient history, adorned with an array of Nabatean, Islamic (Kufic), and Thamudic inscriptions, as well as petroglyph rock drawings, preserving tales from civilizations long past.

The nearby crimson sand dunes provide an exhilarating playground for those seeking adventure. While ascending can be a challenging endeavour, the effort is undoubtedly worth it as a breathtaking vista of shifting sand hues awaits. Take in the mesmerizing display before opting for an exciting descent—whether it's a thrilling run or a playful roll down the slope, the choice is yours. Unleash your inner explorer and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the red sand dunes.

Our journey leads us to a magnificent rock bridge, inviting you to scale its breathtaking and entirely natural formations. Though climbing entails some risks, particularly due to certain steep sections, the sandstone structure poses no major challenges, granting most adventurers an immensely enjoyable experience. Amidst the vast desert stretching endlessly into the horizon, seize this remarkable photo moment—stand atop the stone bridge, arms outstretched, and let your smile mirror the boundless expanse surrounding you. A wondrous opportunity awaits for unforgettable memories to be captured.

Concluding the tour, our camp awaits, offering a serene setting to unwind and indulge in an authentic Bedouin dinner. As the sun rises, savour a delightful breakfast at the camp before bidding farewell to the enchanting Wadi Rum village, carrying cherished memories of an unforgettable experience.

Prices of the Camel Tour

6-10 Adults

The 1-day camel tour can start any time before noon, according to your preference. Please note that your camel guide may speak very little English and may be quite young.

Yes, camel tours in Wadi Rum are suitable for beginners and inexperienced riders. Our experienced guides will provide instructions and ensure your safety throughout the journey.

It is recommended to wear comfortable and lightweight clothing, suitable for the desert environment. Don't forget to bring a hat, sunscreen, and closed-toe shoes for added protection.

While there are no strict age restrictions, it is advisable for participants to be physically fit and capable of sitting on a camel for an extended period. Children should be accompanied by adults.

Absolutely! You are encouraged to bring your camera or phone to capture the breathtaking views and create lasting memories during the camel tour.

Our professional guides will assist you in getting comfortable with the camel before the tour begins. If you still feel uneasy, alternative arrangements can be made, such as a vehicle tour.

Yes, camel tours are available year-round in Wadi Rum. However, it is advisable to check weather conditions and make reservations in advance, especially during peak seasons.

Yes, there are designated rest stops during the camel tour where you can stretch your legs, take photos, and enjoy the serenity of the desert surroundings.

Yes, we can customise your camel tour. You can discuss your preferences and requirements with us ahead of time or when completing your booking form for a personalised experience.

Absolutely! Our experienced guides will share fascinating insights about camels, their behavior, and their role in the desert ecosystem. You'll have the opportunity to interact with these gentle creatures and even learn how to handle them.

Yes, private camel tours can be arranged for a more personalised and intimate experience. Whether you're travelling solo, with a partner, or in a small group, a private camel tour allows you to tailor the itinerary and pace to your preferences.

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Locally owned family business, all tours are inside wadi rum protected area, you will be in a small group, eco-friendly, you might also like....

Um Adaami - Climbing

150 JOD / 2 persons

4x4 Wild Desert Expedition

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Wadi Rum camel ride - 1 day and 1 night

Home » Wadi Rum Tours » Wadi Rum camel ride 1 day and 1 night

1 day and 1 night Wadi Rum camel ride characteristics

  • 1 full day + 1 overnight stay
  • check-in: 9.30 AM
  • check-out: 8 AM
  • moderate-challenging level
  • max 6 persons on a shared ride
  • daily departures
  • add-ons: extra overnight stay

Short description​

Important to know.

  • Please be aware that camel riding for a whole day is a physical challenge. Untrained riders often experience the discomfort of moderate to severe muscle aches in their upper legs, buttocks, or back. If this is a concern, we recommend considering one of our alternative tours and including a shorter, one or two-hour camel ride to still enjoy the experience of camel riding.
  • Children under the age of 7 are not allowed to participate in a full-day camel ride.
  • Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that most camel handlers speak limited English. However, rest assured that our team members at the office and camp are well-versed in English and ready to provide you with any necessary assistance and answers to your questions.

Table of Contents

Wadi rum sites included in this ride.

  • Wadi Um Ishrin
  • Red sand dune
  • Anfishiyyeh
  • Lawrence house
  • Little bridge
  • Khazali canyon

You can check out the detailed itinerary provided below for pictures of all the sites.

The detailed Wadi Rum camel ride itinerary

Day 1 - meeting point and start time.

We will meet up at our office in Rum village for the check-in at 9.30 AM. We will have some delicious Bedouin tea and chat about our plans for the day and night. Once we finish the check-in, you will have a little bit of time for any final preparations. At 10 AM, we will set out into the stunning desert landscape for a day full of adventures.

Day 1 - In the morning

Before embarking on our desert adventure, you will be given a quick tutorial on how to mount and ride a camel. We will begin our journey from Rum village and make our way to the breathtaking Wadi Um Ishrin. As we venture through the magnificent landscape, we eventually reach the Al-Hasany dune. Here, we will pause our camel ride, allowing you to stretch your legs by climbing atop the dune. You can revel in the panoramic view before going back down. Once we are ready to continue, we will mount our camels, continuing towards Anfishiyyeh – an imposing rock wall adorned with ancient Thamudic and Nabatean engravings and drawings. We will take time to appreciate the incredible history and beauty of this location.

Day 1 - Lunchtime

We venture further into the desert until we reach a tranquil and picturesque spot where we pause for a lunch break. Your camel handler will provide you with a packed lunch. After the meal, you can rest or stroll to explore the surroundings at your own pace.

During the winter season, our daylight hours are limited, which means we will continue our journey right after lunch. Conversely, we have a prolonged break in the summer season to avoid the scorching midday heat.

Day 1 - In the afternoon

Our afternoon begins with the ride to Lawrence house. You can explore the ruin of the house and climb up the rock formation behind it for awesome views of the surrounding landscape. Next up, we will head to Little bridge. You can climb the bridge and marvel at the breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding valley. Finally, we ride to Khazali canyon, home to a unique collection of ancient inscriptions and refreshing waterholes. As today’s adventure comes to a close, we will head to our camp, arriving around 6 PM or, if the sunset is earlier, at sunset time, which you can check on the website timeanddate.com .

Day 1 - The overnight stay

W e offer two choices for your overnight accommodation: a tent at our camp or outdoor sleeping near our camp.

When you arrive at our camp,  you will get a brief introduction to the camp’s layout and operations, and we will show you to your tent or the outdoor sleeping area near the camp.

We serve a traditional Bedouin dinner. After dinner, you are free to do what you please. Usually, our guests and guides sit together, and you can learn about Bedouin life, chat with others, or just marvel at the billions of stars and enjoy the peaceful desert silence.

Day 2 - In the morning

Make sure not to miss the chance to witness the magnificent sunrise.  Feel free to inquire about places to view the sunrise and its timings. We are always happy to assist you.

Breakfast is served at 7 AM, after which we pack up and head back to Rum village. You will arrive at our office between 8 and 8.30 AM for check-out. We bid you farewell and wish you a safe journey ahead.

Prices of the Wadi Rum camel ride​

If you are a group of five or more people, please  contact us  for a price quote. We are happy to assist you.

Included and excluded

  • a Bedouin camel handler for the whole day camel ride
  • the camels (one camel per person and one for your guide)
  • packed lunch, dinner and breakfast
  • drinks (tea and bottled water throughout the day)
  • the overnight stay at our camp, Wadi Rum Base Camp (sleeping in a tent or outdoors)
  • the entrance fee for Wadi Rum (to pay at the visitor center - if you travel with the Jordan Pass entrance is for free)
  • tip for the camel handler and cook (at your courtesy)

Additional price information for the Wadi Rum camel ride

  • The prices stated above are applicable for our shared camel rides. The price that you will be charged depends on the number of individuals in your booking. If you are a group of five or more people, please contact us for a price quote.
  • Our rides have guaranteed departures when two or more travelers sign up. And our maximum group size is six persons. Further, we can also accommodate larger groups. Contact us for pricing information.

Add-ons for the Wadi Rum camel ride

Overnight stay at our camp.

For those who prefer a more relaxed start to their exploration of Wadi Rum or those who are traveling from further away places such as Madaba or Amman, an overnight stay before the tour is available. The check-in is at sunset.

The cost for this extra overnight stay is 30 JOD per person, and single travelers pay 40 JOD. Included are the transfer from our office to our camp, dinner, breakfast, drinks, and the overnight stay.

What our guests say about the Wadi Rum camel ride

Do you want to read other reviews? You find many more reviews on our Tripadvisor account page and on Google .

Helpful information

Our collection of informative resources is quite comprehensive, covering various topics. The subjects we address include:

  • booking conditions
  • booking and payment
  • reaching and departing Wadi Rum
  • luggage handling
  • checklist what to bring
  • what to wear
  • Wadi Rum weather
  • Wadi Rum desert map
  • Wadi Rum desert sites

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“Eid, Ali and his family were wonderful hosts. We’ll never forget our time in magical Wadi Rum. Hope we can return soon!” – Joanna Padalak (Denmark)

camel tour jordan

Join us and experience an amazing c amel trek in Wadi Rum!

On our adventurous camel treks, we will show you some of Wadi Rum’s best-kept secrets and least-visited sites. O ur tours include narrow canyons, sand dunes, natural rock arches and many picturesque spots and views. We will also take you away from the crowds, where all you will hear is the silence of the desert.

Our tours begin at around 9.30 am or as soon as you arrive at the Wadi Rum Village. You will have tea at our family house before we embark on our camel trek. Although we have pre-selected for you the best itinerary, our routes are completely flexible depending on your own tastes and desires.

All tours besides our half-day tour include meals, plenty of water, tea, English-speaking guides, and sleeping equipment for overnight trips. It would be good to bring a torch, warm clothing during winter, sunscreen, and a hat.  

Short Camel Ride: 

1-hour camel ride, 2-hour camel ride, 3-hour camel ride – they can be arranged during the jeep tours..

camel tour

Camel Trekking Tours:

1/2 day camel trek.

  • camel introduction and basic riding, mount and depart instructions
  • Lawrence’s Spring, a water hole used since Nabatean times
  • Khazali Canyon, is a beautiful canyon with ancient inscriptions
  • Small Arch, climbing takes only a minute, nice view
  • back to Wadi Rum Village

1 Day & 1 Night Camel Trek

On this tour, you get a good experience of ancient desert life and how Bedouins used to travel in ancient times, You will also get to stay at our Bedouin camp overnight. Here you can relax, sit around the fire while watching the stars, and listen to traditional Bedouin music. You will visit the most stunning natural rock bridges and picturesque canyons. You will also enjoy lunch in the open desert and a big buffet dinner at the camp

  • Camel introduction and basic riding, mount and depart instructions
  • Lawrence’s Spring , a water hole used since Nabatean times
  • Khazali Canyon , is a beautiful canyon with ancient inscriptions
  • find a nice spot to have lunch and a cup of tea
  • Small Arch, climbing only takes a minute, nice view
  • Lawrence House
  • Arrive at camp, time to relax before dinner and sleep in tents or under the stars

2 Days & 1 Night Camel Trek

On this tour, you will reach deeper into the desert and get to do more walking and scrambling. You will visit more scenic places on the second day. The night you will also spend at our Bedouin camp with a buffet dinner, stargazing, and music around the fire.

  • arrive at camp, time to relax before dinner and sleep in tents or under the stars
  • Buffet breakfast and departure
  • cross by the Araqa area, passing some huge canyons and sand dunes with the camels
  • Anfishieh inscriptions
  • lunch at a picturesque spot
  • big sand dunes
  • Nabatean map
  • back to the village at around 3 pm

3 Days & 2 Nights Camel Trek

We highly recommend this tour as you will be able to develop a true feeling for desert life and how Bedouins used to travel in ancient times. You will develop a different sensation of time and space away from civilization. You will get to do a big share of scrambling and walking as well. Cross through several canyons and pass over huge sand dunes. The second night you will get to sleep out in the open desert. We will choose a picturesque spot to set camp and continue the next morning exactly from where we left off the day before. Watch the sunset, and after a delicious dinner cooked over the fire, you can watch the stars and enjoy the silence.

  • pass Rip Alfla area
  • Mushroom Stone
  • Jabal Muharraq
  • Abu Jdadah area
  • Burrah canyon
  • arrive at a nice spot to spend the night under the stars
  • leave Burrah Canyon
  • cross Msalgah area
  • lunch at a beautiful spot
  • back to the village

camel tour jordan

for prices for short rides contact us

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cave, camp and tours


Embark a camel to experience the ancient mode of transport of the desert and enjoy the views over the desert planes. We have a full day camel tour in which you stop at some famous sights of Wadi Rum and shorter camel rides. Click on the tours for more information. Please note that camel rides of 2 hours or shorter are only available in combination with another tour with us.

A camel tour in Wadi Rum


90 JD / per person (1 person)

60 JD / per person (2 persons)

50 JD / per person (3-4 persons)

45 JD / per person (5-6 persons)

* including lunch

explore Wadi Rum from the back of a camel

A camel solo tour in Wadi Rum


35 JD / per person

take  camel ride from our camp to Wadi Rum village

A camel group tour in Wadi Rum


20 JD / per person

slow down your pace and enjoy the landscape

A camel solo tour in Wadi Rum


15 JD / per person

embark a camel and feel like a true Bedouin

All camel tours are perfect in combination with an overnight stay in the desert.  If you have any questions regarding our tours, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Welcome2Jordan Logo

Where to Ride a Camel in Jordan

Camels have been used by nomadic and Bedouin people for generations. Their ability to walk long hours, store water in their humps and cope with high temperatures made them the perfect working animals for desert peoples. While camels in Jordan still serve as a means of transport and food (camel milk) for the Bedouins, riding camels has also become a popular activity for tourists.

Camels in Jordan

There are various species of camels across the world. About 95% of all camels worldwide are the so-called Camelus Dromedarius , also referred to as dromedaries. Jordan’s camels all belong to the dromedary species, which means they are one-humped camels. Today, there are no longer any wild camels in Jordan. Although you might spot a camel along the highway in some regions, these are domesticated animals that will eventually return to their owners. Camels are at home in the desert regions, thus the southern regions of Jordan.

Camel Riding in Petra

Camel riding is possible in multiple locations across the country. Petra is home to a major Bedouin tribe, owning a large livestock including many horses, goats and camels. Heading to the Treasury of ancient Petra, you will see various camels, often decorated with typical Bedouin fabrics. These make a great photo motive, especially with one of Jordan’s highlights, the Treasury of Petra, in the background. Therefore, if you are interested in getting the experience to sit on a camel and have a great photo motive, Petra is a great place to do so.

Camel Riding in Wadi Rum

If you are looking for the authentic experience of a camel safari , you should definitely head to Wadi Rum . Wadi Rum is Jordan’s largest wadi, consisting of a huge sand and rock desert of 720 km² (278 mi²). Embark on a camel ride with local Bedouin guides to get a unique and authentic camel riding experience in the desert landscapes. Camel tours are available in various lengths. You can choose from a camel ride of an hour, half a day, a full day or even multiple days.

camel tour jordan

Kitty Ramasamy

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Privacy overview.

Wadi Rum Escape

Camel riding: a bucket list experience!

If you want to try camel riding in Jordan during your trip there are two clear options: Petra or Wadi Rum.  Short rides are offered to tourists in Petra and make a nice photo opportunity. But if you want a longer trek, the real bedouin way, you’ll want to plan this experience in the majestic desert of Wadi Rum.  Full day tours with a local bedouin guide are a great way to see some of the highlights inside the protected area.

There’s no question that camels have been prized by bedouin for centuries.  You can see the petroglyphs of camels that abound in Wadi Rum, showing their importance to the nomadic lifestyle.  These are beloved and valuable animals that are well-cared for and carefully trained to accept riders. Lonely Planet travel guide recommends camel rides as an eco-friendly way to explore the desert of Wadi Rum.

The Ships of the Desert

During your visit to Wadi Rum you may see camels roaming freely in the desert, but they are not “wild.”  The bedouin owners often allow them to move about unsheperded, and know where they tend to go. You may even spot a group of camels who are being raised to compete in camel races that take place throughout the region.  A prize racing camel brings a hefty price. Usually the races in and around Wadi Rum are an event for the locals and not promoted to tourists.  

bedouin in wadi rum with their camels

Jordan Travel Camel Tours in Wadi Rum

Have a look at our visual story to learn more about camel ride and tour opportunities with us at Wadi Rum Escape.

Jordan Travel Camel Tours in Wadi Rum

Some options for camel riding tours


2 camels ready for the tour


A one day shared tour with lunch, ending at sunset.

sand dune with mountains in the distance

Jeep, Hike and Camel Tour

A combination tour with overnight stays included .

camel tour jordan

Jeep & Camel Tour

A 2 day combination guided tour with overnight.

Hike to Jabal Burdah Rock Arch

Wadi rum – sleeping under the stars.

  • Desert Marathon 2022 special offer
  • Eco-Friendly Traveling in Wadi Rum Jordan
  • Camel Riding in Jordan

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Wadi Rum Camel Experiences

Camels were used for millennia as the primary form of transport linking Asia to Europe through the Middle East. In the past centuries shipping and trains have superseded this traditional form of transport. If you want to get a feel for how our world was linked and the mode of transport all intercontinental commerce used until recent times, Wadi Rum is the perfect location to experience this. Wadi Rum landscapes are iconic representations of the arabian peninsula as the junction of the three old world continents, and the are provides a safe, tourist friendly opportunity to gain an understanding of the region. Additionally the area which has received UNESCO World Heritage Listing for its natural beauty is one of the most memorable and picturesque landscapes to undertake this experience.

For multiday tours an additional camel is required for luggage and other equipment.

Camel transport is so significant in the imagery of trans asian trading routes, Lawrence of Arabia’s WW1 rebellion, and Nomadic lifestyle on the Arabian peninsula that it is number 3 on our list of best things to do in Wadi Rum!


Camel Journey – Village to Camp

This is a one way journey available in both directions and creates a powerful experience of setting off with your camel into the desert, the serenity of the valley where the camp is located provides a perfect constrast to the busy spring on the edge of the village. Travelling either from the busy oasis surrounded by the camels and their handlers ad venturing into the gradually more isolated desert until you reach the camp or inversely setting off from the quiet valley where the camp is located and making your way back towards the busier spring.

We highly recommend this as the best experience for our guests who want to experience travelling by camel, and feel that it provides a much more authentic experience than the alternate round trip options. 

The tour does not include site visits and is intended to provide an experience of travelling through the arabian desert.

The journey between the camp and the oasis alongside the village is between 2 and 3 hours.

Includes camel and guide. 

Price from JOD40 p/p

Short Camel Rides

We offer customised short rides on camel back that allow guests to incorporate a camel ride into a limited time in Wadi Rum.

It is important to note that camels travel slowly and are not an efficient way of seeing the landmarks of the protected area on a regular tourist itineary. These camel rides are rather intended to be a supplementary experience to a 4×4 tour which allows guests to visit the landmarks that are spread across the large Protected Area.

1 hour from JOD15 p/p

2 hours from JOD25 p/p

Half Day from JOD40 p/p

*tours of half day or less do not include meals

Full Day Camel Tour

Camels travel slowly, they are extremely efficient at travelling long distrances, however they move in a slow methodic way and therefore only cover short distances in a day. Muslims from the North-West of Africa travelled months round trip to complete the Haj with their camel caravans. We recommend to our guests 4×4 tours to efficiently see a large number of attractions during a short visit to Wadi Rum, however if you are comfortable to see fewer locations and cover less distance we have tours that offer camel back sightseeing in the protected area for 1 or more days

The 1 day tour incorporates a variety of landmark stops that are nearby on the journey between the camp and the village and are accessible by camel within this timeframe:

  • Lawrence Spring (a year round water source in the valley)
  • Khazali Canyon (including pre-christ Nabatean rock art)
  • Red Sand Dune
  • Khor al Ajram rock arch (natural rock bridge)

Includes: c amels, saddle and riding equipment, lunch and  local Bedouin camel handler and guide.

Options:  This can be packaged with accommodation and other tours

Price from JOD60 p/p

*minimum 2 people

*price includes a simple packed lunch, guests have the option to upgrade to a traditional Qalih campfire cooked lunch for an additional JOD5 p/p

Multi-day Camel Tour

We offer customised multi-day camel tours for days ranging from 2 to 5 days. These itineraries that travel through the Wadi Rum Protected Area visit major attractions along their routes and on the longer journeys stay with the still nomadic herding families living within the Protected Area. The primary objective of these experiences is to provide an opportunity for guests to travel back in time and experience the lifestyle that was prevelant in the region up until the previous century.

These are amazingly unique experiences for guests to travel through the desert on camelback for several days and experience the one time commonplace transport of the Middle East and Central Asia. Each day will revolve around the preparation of the group for transport. Mornings will begin with breakfast followed by preparation and loading of the camels, the group will ride until the heat of the day will force an intermission where camels will be rested and rehydrated while the bedouin and guests will likewise rest, share tea, social and take lunch until the peak heat of the day passes.

Following this the second half of the travel will continue, until dusk where camp will be prepared each night. Various locations and experiences will form the itinerary and depend on the length of the journey but these experiences are primarily intended to allow guests to gain an understanding and appreciation for the camel caravans that were integral to world trade for the past millenia. 

  • Camping and sleeping equipment
  • C amels, saddle and riding equipment
  • L ocal Bedouin camel handler and guide

Price from JOD70* per riding day p/p

plus JOD30* per overnight p/p

*minimum 2 people required for multiday tours

Arabian Nights » Tours & Experiences » Camel Tours

Hecktic Travels

Making Friends with the Genus Camelus

Word by Dalene Heck / Photography by Pete Heck

So, my first encounter with camels while in Morocco didn’t go so well .

I was hissed at. I saw teeth in a growly, show-offy kinda way.

But I wasn’t discouraged. I wanted another chance to change my experience and outlook, to hopefully smooth things over between myself and the genus Camelus. Pete and I were set to ride again, this time in the majestic Wadi Rum of southwest Jordan.

Dalene in desert

I was more prepared to face my Jordanian camel, after being surprisingly scorned by his Moroccan cousin. I looked the part – wrapped up in traditional head gear and all. I’m guessing I even sweated off five pounds the previous day as we made our way through Petra , so my new camel couldn’t complain too much about the burden of my load.

He didn’t complain, he didn’t seem to pay me mind at all and was completely indifferent to my presence. He and I were in a caravan of many – a troop of four humans and an entire family of the camelid persuasion. We rode upon the big daddy, his son, and two of his “lady friends”, while a pair of wee four month-old babes followed us the entire way. We headed off into the Valley of the Moon   for tea and to watch the dramatic desert sun set.

I was grateful to have no lingering camel-issues, I wanted nothing to distract me from this :

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Our convoy was a silently smooth ride led by a friendly Bedouin whose playful nature with his beloved camels was so endearing to watch. There was the odd traffic jam when the baby camels would run up to be near their mothers, sometimes almost tangling in the lead ropes that held us all together. Other times they followed at a distance, or playfully chased each other beside us, their frolicking fuzzy bodies casting long shadows on the bright orange of the desert.

Baby camels, Wadi Rum, Jordan

After an hour of riding we stopped, and I helped our guide gather dry branches to make a fire so that we could enjoy a cup of tea while we watched the final moments of the descending sun. Although delicious, the heat of the tea was too much for me, and I refused a second cup. “ La shokran (no thank you), ” I said, in my feeble Arabic.

His response was well beyond my comprehension, but he said it with a large toothy grin on his face. “He said that you are sweet as honey,” Muhammad translated. I smiled (and most probably blushed) gratefully in return.

Bedouin guide, Wadi Rum, Jordan

As the sun’s rays weakened behind the jagged rocks in the distance, we packed up to begin our ride back to camp. My camel, who had been banished away from the others for causing trouble amongst them, watched me carefully as I approached. I reached out to him, and he let me gently stroke his cheek, even leaning into it for a deeper rub.

Had I made a new friend? Probably not, everybody’s got an itch that needs scratching every once in awhile.

But I’ll take it.

Camel, Wadi Rum, Jordan


Here’s a short video of our time in spectacular Wadi Rum:


Our adventure in Wadi Rum was arranged by Visit Jordan . As always, the opinions we express are our own.

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I found your blog a few weeks ago and have enjoyed reading it. Gorgeous pictures. I think Jordan just made it’s way onto my “must see” list!

Welcome Adrienne! Jordan should definitely be on your list! 🙂

I decided not to ride a camel but now I wish I had 🙁

Wha? A camel ride is a must at some point! It’s not the smoothest ride, but it’s pretty fun for a short while at least.

Beautiful photos as usual! Riding a camel is always interesting no matter how many times you have done it. They are just strange creatures, but so cute!

They are amazing creatures! It’s incredible what they can do, and I like them even more when they don’t hiss at me.

That last pic is awesome. He looks like he is posing. 🙂

I’ve always liked camels. I begged my mom to let me ride at the zoo. Every. Single. Time. So I was thrilled when Tim told me we’d be doing a camel trek through Wadi Rum.

After our 3 hour ride, raw skin from our pants rubbing, and the scars a year later, we came to the conclusion that long haul camel riding is not for us. 😉

Haha! Well, at least you did it! 🙂

Beautiful pics. Loved your video & those little ones are so sweet. I bet they’d love some green,green grass from home.

The Bedouin man with us said that those branches they were eating are like dessert for them and they loved it!

I don’t know who decided that camels would make a good animal to ride on, but they should seriously be committed to an institution somewhere. Riding on those animals doesn’t look even the least bit comfortable. I mean, I suppose it’s better than walking, but not by much.

It may not be the comfiest ride, but it is pretty smooth! And fun to be up that high!

I almost had my hand bit off by a camel at a petting zoo. His name was Ollie. It was awesome… 🙂

Oh, and great post too! Hoping to get to Jordan and various other parts of Northern Africa soon!

Ollie was probably just hungry! 🙂

I was a bit scared before riding a camel (especvially getting on and off!) but ended up absolutely LOVING it. The only down side is the potential slobber but I urge everyone to try a camel ride. Fantastic photos too!

Haha! Never had an issue with the slobber ourselves…getting up and down is a bit tricky though!

I love your amazing gift for pulling your readers right into your adventures with you, and the video made it even easier to share in. Great post and amazing photos as always – such rich colous and textures – especially like the camels legs over the rippling sands 🙂

Thanks so much Hannah, that’s my favorite photo as well!

just found your blog,must i admire what you did to travel the world,very few can make that decision,i look forward to see the travels through your eyes and share your experiences.am still wondering how you made such good friends with your camel…or maybe it saw you sweet as honey as its owner 🙂

Thanks Joy! Maybe that was the secret. 🙂

Best post on your site, no question. You can only go down from here. Or you can keep writing posts on camels and keep going up 🙂

We’ve peaked? Dammit! Oh well, had to happen sometime. 🙂

Awwww…. “frolicking fuzzy” baby camels. They look so sweet and loveable!

They were my favorite part of the trip. 🙂

That is some epic camely goodness – great photos as always 😀

As an aside, if you ever want an insight into the mind of the camel, I can recommend Terry Pratchetts book “Pyramids”. It explains a lot 😉

I will definitely check out that book. Thanks Laurence!

Totally awesome photos. Those camels are massive posers! I rode one in Dubai and found it pretty unnerving how much they wobble. I also drank its milk immediately after milking. I wouldn’t advise that!

Thanks Arianwen. I’ve heard that camel milk is quite tasty, although, now I’ve heard not immediately after milking 😉

While in Spain for a study abroad program, we took a day trip to Tangier. At the beginning of the day our guide told us we would stop to ride camels, which of course excited us. But when we arrived, it turned out “ride” really meant “sit on for just long enough for your friend to snap a picture.” They were still cool to see though. I’m glad you had a better time with this one than the previous time. Amazing photos!

Thanks Ali and Dalene was quite pleased that she made a friend this time.

It must surely have been one great experience to be on a joyride on one of those beautiful lovely camels. These camels seem a bit different to those I have seen here in India though, these are much more furry… A beautiful post:)

I can’t find enough ways to love this post! It must have been an incredible experience.

Baby camels are beyond adorable!!!

And that last photo… wow. Looks like an awesome experience!

They were adorable, always racing to get in front, then falling behind because they were playing or eating. So cute. Thanks Amanda!

I’ve seen a lot of posts about riding camels and by far, you guys have the most beautiful photos.

Glad you were able to have a non-spitting, non-grumpy camel this time. 🙂

Wow, thanks Cheryl! I’m happy I had a happier camel too! 🙂

I so wish I could have been there with my camera. What an adventure!!! Great photos, too.

The babies are adorable – so fluffy! But when I managed to tear myself away, I fell in love with the next picture. Really great shot, guys!

Thanks so much Emily!

LOVE these pictures! The one of the camel baring its teeth made me laugh – and not ever want to anger a camel!

Thanks Gina, that photo makes me laugh every time.

As usual your pics are beautiful and the camel article halarious. Love reading your blog! We rode camels in Australia and the one behind my husband kept biting him in rear-end. Probably because we had just eaten camel at a coctail/tasting before the ride (I think he smelled it on us). Did you have any reservations or fear about being in Jordan with all the turmoil in the middle east right now? I would really love to go, but with anti-american sentiment so high, I’m a little apprehensive. Did you experience any problems with that?

Hi Susan, we had absolutely no reservations or fear about going to Jordan. We knew there were troubles in some of the neighboring countries, and we asked our guide if any of these conflicts had spilled over into Jordan. The answer was simply “no”. In fact Jordan is a country where many people come to for refuge.

And we certainly did not feel any Anti-American sentiment. We are often mistaken as Americans and we were welcomed wherever we went. The people are some of the warmest folks we have met. Now it is up to us to spread this word and to try and break down any hesitation people have for visiting this area of the world.

Mm stunning shots. I’ve always wanted to do the Lawrence of Arabia thing in Wadi Rum. I have leftover camel issues after an experience in India but I’m nearly ready to give it another go.

Gorgeous photos! I’ve always wanted to ride a camel. Not sure when that day is going to come or where it’s going to be, but this post is giving me some ideas… so little time, so many experiences to be had!

Thanks Ashley. I agree with you that there is so little time, we often say we are the slowest travelers in the world, and we have so many experiences left that we want to do. If only they can make a life “pause” button… I hope the day comes when you can ride a camel. It is a lot of fun being up so high in the desert.

I love camel riding…. and I just love the cute little babies!

  • Pingback: Postcards from Jordan - Our Favorite Photos | Hecktic Travels

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Camel Riding in Petra & Wadi Rum

Camel Riding in Petra & Wadi Rum  07

Camel riding is a traditional way of moving for Bedouin. It is a very quiet and leisurely way for you to discover our desert. You will feel like you are being transported back in time. The trip with your local Bedouin will be just the duration you need, from one hour up to four or five days  including sleepung under the stars with 4x4 vehicle assistance if needed.

Camel Ride in Wadi Rum & Petra is optional for 15 JD / $ 21 USD per camel per hour. You don’t need to book it in advance and can be arranged upon arrival to Petra or Wadi Rum.

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Excellent, honest company during virus crisis "for a private tour with guide to Petra. We were already in Dubai when USA requested citizens come home immediately or be quarantined in Europe. We were touring Middle East and ending in Amsterdam. Of course, plane tickets had to change and we returned home. JHT was so kind to return our deposit without our requesting. That is sign of excellent company. Andrea and staff helped us immensely plan our tour. Thanks again and we are planning for next year and definitely we will do a ditto of this years plan but with extra days! Thanks again and Inshallah next year!" MoghaniALABAMA, TripAdvsior.com
Holiday "We had an amazing trip! We felt relaxed a looked after. Thank you to our driver Romi Badarneh. He was not only a driver, he also took care of us, made us feel welcomed and happy. He did above and beyond to ensure that we are feeling comfortable. We would recommend to travel to Jordan with this company. Ask for Romi" Gitana, TripAdvisor.com
Wadi Rum-Petra-Amman-Dead sea "We were really excited with our choice to book the in land activities with Jordan Horizon Tours. We were a company from 5 friends from Greece and Romi the driver made our trip excellent. Romi made us feel safe through our road trip and he deserves special thanks. You have to choose him if you decide visit Jordan. His driving skills are great, we had interesting conversation through travelling and he find us exceptional traditional spots for shopping and to try Jordan traditional cuisine. Generally it is a high standard company and the can create your schedule as you wish. We met Wadi rum, Petra, Dead Sea and Amman in 3 days!!! Thank you very much! A must go experience!!" John (the_Locophysio), TripAdvsior.com
Perfect Tour "Thank you to Andrea at Classic Wadi Rum Tours for contracting Jordan Horizons Tour! Our border crossing from Eilat - Aqaba was very quick and easy with a guide. Our driver Faed was great - he took us to Wadi Rum, then Petra, then to Amman. Having a private driver/tour not only saved us time, but he got us quickly through checkpoints, ordered us food, bought us tickets, and connected us with local tour guides (in Wadi Rum & Petra). Kimd Ahlgren, Tripadvisor.com
Wonderful experience "Excellent arrangement of the trip, very professional and kind driver, high quality of the local guide in Petra (speaking surprisingly good Italian!) and of the lunch (delicious!). Absolutely wonderful jeep tour of the Wadi Rum with an amazing guide. Last but not least, great customer care from the booking via email to the absolutely wonderful before and after our trip, always careful and supportive. We will surely ask JHT to organise the trip. Highly recommended!!" Claudia R, TripAdvsior.com
Excellent experience! Would recommend to everyone. "Jordan Horizons set the bar high from the start. Their professionalism is unmatched. Andrea helped us to organize a custom tour for our short stay in Jordan (4 days) at the last minute because our cruise ended up getting cancelled. Hisham (our driver) met us at the airport and took care of us very well for our entire stay. He was super friendly and informative, provided us with water, coffee and tea throughout our journey. He took excellent photos of us, and pointed out views/monuments throughout our trip which helped us capture our valuable memories. Mymapstoexplore, TripAdvisor.com
Petra and Wadi Rum Private Tour from Aqaba Port "This was a day we looked forward to and the company, guide, and drivers did not let us down. We were a party of 4 and had planned a day to see both Petra and Wadi Rum. Making reservations online was very easy and the company was very responsive to all of my questions prior to scheduling the day long tour. We were met right as the instructions said at the port and met our driver Youssef who drove us to Petra. He was very good about telling us about his country and things we saw along the way. Mary L., TripAdvisor.com
Blown away by the hospitality and kindness of Jordanians "This trip has been very unique and exceeded our expectations in different ways. From vast landscapes to a narrow siqs, from beautiful sunsets to a beautiful night skies, from deep valleys to high mountains and from cities to a local Bedouin camps, everything was mesmerising. Both Hisham and Suleiman are our friends now and we are happy to have come across these two beautiful souls. Inshallah we will meet soon again." Ronald D., favthemes.com


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Jordan Tracks is a Jordanian excursion agency and Bedouin camp, specialised in desert activities such as trekking, jeep excursions, and camel rides. Officially licensed, Jordan Tracks exists since 2005 in the heart of the Wadi Rum protected area. It was created by two desert brothers, Saleem and Salem Ali, bedouins from the Zalabiah tribe. Our own traditional bedouin camp is settled in the Protected area of the desert and offers all the comfort and peace needed, while respecting the natural landscape.We also specialise in handling the complete organisation of tours throughout Jordan, taking care of your travel, accommodation and a great itinerary from arrival through departure. Thanks to our experience, we offer you a selection of private sightseeing tours and small group themed holidays including wonderful desert adventures such as camel trekking, hiking and scrambling.“If you have already imagined your trip: coming to Jordan for your honeymoon, indulging yourself at the luxury resorts of the Dead Sea, snorkeling or diving in the Red Sea, or if you have special interests… just tell us your wishes and we will be happy to build with you your perfect holiday in Jordan.”


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All Private Jeep tours: Eilat

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Join us into the Sinai desert

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Camel tours in Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Trips in Eilat Mts, the Negev desert, Egypt, Sinai and the Jordanian deserts

"The waste places of the earth, the barren deserts, the tracts forsaken of and given over to loneliness, have a peculiar attraction of their own. The weird solitude, the great silence, the grim desolation, are the very things with which every desert wanderer falls in love." The Desert / John C. Van Dyke 1901

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Video  of camel tour in the sand stone area of Sinai These itineraries are part of a wider selection of tours. All of our tours can be adjusted to suit individual requirements. Read what our clients had to say about their desert experience with us.

Eilat Mts. And The Southern Negev 4 Days Camel Tour DAY 1: Arriving at the small village of Shaharut we are welcomed by the locals in their huge Arabian tent known as 'The Khan' (a lodging tent for desert travelers), it is laden with mattresses and carpets for oriental comfort and enjoys what are probably the most breathtaking views in the whole of the Negev. Here we enjoy desert hospitality while final preparations for our tour take place; we are introduced to our camels and by sunset enjoy a short camel tour along the cliffs of the Arava (rift valley). Returning to The Khan by dusk we enjoy our evening meal and a briefing on the upcoming tour days before settling for an Arabian night on the mattresses of The Khan. DAY 2: Following breakfast we pack our belongings and equipment into our saddle bags and board our camels. We set off from Shaharut along a picturesque camel track that takes us through the wadis of Isaron, Zugan, G'dera and Tse'alla. Following sunset we reach the Well of Milhan - (an ancient well restored during the British mandate). Here we set up camp for the night under the desert skies. Approx. 15 km is covered on this day and camp is 650m above sea level. DAY 3: From Milhan well we continue south to Mt. Berekh which, at 850m above sea level, is the highest in the area. We walk through Metek Creek where we find colorful rocks of gypsum crystals. This route takes to Mt. Berekh's fantastic views over the famous Timna Valley, site of the world's first copper mines. We continue until we reach Mt. Bosmat where we set up camp. Approx. 12km covered on this day and camp is 800m above sea level. DAY 4: From Mt. Bosmat we head to Wadi Eteq and the Eteq Canyon. Year round rock pools within the canyon make this area a popular spot for wildlife. The more adventurous participants can, with the aid of the ropes and ladders fitted to the canyons walls, explore the hidden beauty of the Eteq canyon. From here our camel voyage continues up the Eteq Ascent to the Negev Plateau. Here we enjoy our final rest-stop that marks the end of our tour, from here we head for the main road and are met by the vehicles that will take us us back to civilization.

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Sinai 7 Days Camel Tour Focused in Eastern and Central Sinai. Difficulty level - from easy to difficult, according to request. Assisted by friendly Bedouin camel handlers we board our 'Ships of the Desert' and in the true spirit of desert exploration we begin our adventure into the depths of the Eastern Sinai. During this desert voyage we explore sandstone canyons, ride over majestic sand dunes and leisurely tread ancient camel routes. We visit Bedouins in their camps and 'hermit' Bedouins who for decades have chosen a solitary existence deep in the heart of the desert. We visit the Rock of Inscriptions (some of which are 2000 years old) and Nawamis, an ancient tribal cemetery (4000BC). We enjoy the remarkable views from the summits of the beautiful Sandstone Mountains including Jabal Matamir and Jabal Birga. In the enchanting oasis of Ein Hudra and Ein um Ahmed we rest by the water and stroll through the shady orchards. The tour includes two days exploring Mt. Guna whose ever-changing views and incredible dawns and sunsets make it one of the most picturesque mountain routes in the whole of Sinai. This tour combines leisurely camel riding with walking and plenty of breaks for you, your camel and our tea worshiping Bedouin friends. We camp under the starry desert skies and/or enjoy the warm Bedouin hospitality in their camps. Customers' review about the Sinai camel tour    Hi Ellen . Here are my comments about our 5 days camel trip to the Sinai.  Let me also say that Desert Eco Tours did a marvelous job of organizing what is a very complicated trip internationally and politically and culturally.  I'm very impressed, by the vision and execution.  Is there any way I can send a letter of thanks to Rashid and Amer? It's impossible  to adequately describe our amazing 5-day camel trip through the sandstone area of the Sinai.  The trip far exceeded my expectations, which were quite high.  I wanted a deep and authentic experience of this desert and I got that and so much more.  We slept under the stars, ate delicious melons and stews and bread freshly baked in the coals of the fire, drank tea and talked around the fire, and rode and led and helped round up the three sweet camels, each of which had an amusing  personality all its own.   Truly, every moment of those 5 days was exhilarating.  I was awestruck, on every level, by the silence, the vastness and variety and majestic beauty of the landscape, the clarity of the air, the intense blue of the sky, the long history it bears witness to,  the astounding display of stars every night, and the warmth. gentleness, humor, graciousness, and expertise of our Bedouin guides.  Rashid and Amer guided us to a different area every day, each one more beautiful than the last--and not once did we see a vehicle or even another human being after we left the Bedouin community at the ancient habitation of Ein Hudra. What made the trip as relaxing as it was stimulating was that we knew we were in the best of hands; we could not have had better guides for this area or better hosts anywhere.  As we traveled and ate together, Rashid and Amer taught us about the Sinai's medicinal and other plants, its animals and birds, its history, and the ways of its people.  They were gracefully attentive to every nuance of our needs and comfort and safety and enjoyment, while respecting our privacy.  My only regret is that I could not stay longer than 5 days.  I would happily have traveled with Rashid and Amer for 2 weeks or more.  As soon as I can, I will return to the Sinai to explore more of its eternal beauty and freedom of the heart with Rashid, Amer, and their camels. Mariam Lane Potter, November 2010, Sinai 5 days camels Images from our Sinai camel tours

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Camel tours in Wadi Rum- Jordan

Jordan- Wadi Rum 4 Days Camel Tour Difficulty level - from easy to difficult, according to request. Exploring the whole region of the legendary Wadi Rum upon the most ancient and by far the most enchanting mode of desert transport, the camel. With its leisurely pace and gentle swing this great creature carries its rider and load over sand and mountain, through canyons and wadis, whilst barely seeming to notice their presence. Despite ungrounded stigmas to the contrary, the camel is in fact a quiet placid animal (although occasionally stubborn) whose harmonious relationship with its handler often lasts for a lifetime. In this region particularly, camels have for thousands of years been living with the Nomadic Bedouin and are entirely domesticated. Escorted by its Bedouin handler (who will show you how to ride your camel properly and comfortably), your camel will carry you on the desert voyage of a lifetime, through this mystical and magnificent land. Where, since ancient times, its rare visitors have witnessed in awe, its timeless and splendid wonder. During this voyage you will meet with local Nomadic Bedouin and witness their unique way of life. You will walk through desert valleys and canyons, rarely explored since the dawning of time and visit the stunning Nabatean City of Petra. Our evenings and nights are spent around a campfire under the astonishingly clear skies laden with millions of brilliant stars which, since legends began, make the desert nights the most magical of all.

Touring the Sinai Desert: Camel trips

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Camel tours in Wadi Rum- Jordan

Camels in Wadi Rum- Jordan

Sinai's Camel tour

Sinai's Camel tour

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Camel tour in the Negev desert

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The High Range of Sinai desert

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  1. Best time for Camel Safari in Jordan 2023

    camel tour jordan

  2. The Middle East, Jordan, Petra, camel tour Stock Photo

    camel tour jordan

  3. Best time for Camel Safari in Jordan 2023

    camel tour jordan

  4. Camel tours in Jordan Stock Photo

    camel tour jordan

  5. Camel Riding in Petra & Wadi Rum

    camel tour jordan

  6. A Camel Trek in Wadi Rum, Jordan

    camel tour jordan


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  2. Camel Ride

  3. Wadi Rum in Jordan

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  1. THE TOP 10 Jordan Camel Rides (UPDATED 2023)

    THE TOP 10 Jordan Camel Rides (UPDATED 2023) Home Things to do in Jordan Jordan Tours Outdoor Activities Nature and Wildlife Tours Camel Rides Questions? +1 (702) 648-5873 Top Jordan Camel Rides Camel Rides Tours, Sightseeing & Cruises Tours by Duration Sightseeing Tours Private Sightseeing Tours How to Get Around Outdoor Activities Bus Tours

  2. Camel Safari Tour Jordan

    Camel Safari Tour Jordan JD1010 - 08 days / 07 nights Overview An Arabian adventure with fabulous sunsets, dinner around the campfire and starry desert skies! Enjoy a lifetime experience as you step back in time during this camel trek in Jordan. Visits Mount Nebo, Dead Sea and Petra and enjoy the peaceful deserts of Humaima, Disi and Wadi Rum.

  3. Wadi Rum Camel rides

    Camels at Wadi Rum We offer four camel ride options. The shorter rides make a great addition to a jeep or hiking tour, giving a slow-paced view of the desert, just as people have experienced for thousands of years in this part of the world. The camels in Wadi Rum are well-treated and they have gentle natures.

  4. Camel Tours & Treks Wadi Rum

    Camel Tours & Treks Wadi Rum | A Nomad Experience — Wadi Rum Desert Eyes Feel like a real nomad by riding camels across Wadi Rum Desert. We offer a range of Camel Tours, Multi-day Treks, and Sunrise and Sunset Camel Tours. Book your Camel Tour in Wadi Rum today.

  5. Camel safari tours in Jordan

    Most people associate camels in Jordan with a quick camel ride around the great Rose City of Petra which is part of a somewhat commercial caravan. However, by taking a camel safari for a few days into the heart of Wadi Rum, the country's southern desert, you get a feel of not only the sustenance it carries on its back, but also its vast heritage.

  6. Sunrise Camel Tour in Wadi Rum

    The sunrise tour duration is approx. 2 hours and 15 minutes. Camel guides are from Wadi Rum and speak a little English (although not as proficiently as our 4x4 or trekking guides). This tour operates from March to November when the weather is comfortable for camel riding. We can arrange taxi transfers to and from Wadi Rum Rest House.

  7. Full Day Camel Tour

    5 - 6 people: 85 JD per person. Package Inclusions: - Full Day Camel Tour as per itinerary. - 1 Night Accommodation at our Desert Camp in a brand new deluxe tent (private bathroom, sunset view) - 5 places visited. - Meals & drinks: lunch cooked in desert, dinner and breakfast, Bedouin tea and bottled water. - 4×4 Transfer to Wadi ...

  8. Unforgettable Camel Tours: Experience the Majesty of the Desert

    محمية وادي رم، Wadi Rum Village, Jordan - View Meeting Point on Map Wifi Available. Jan 18' - Dec 21' ... Book your camel tour today and let us take you on an extraordinary expedition, leaving footprints of memories that will last a lifetime. Discover the desert's hidden treasures and create an unforgettable experience with our ...

  9. Wadi Rum camel ride 1 day and 1 night • Wadi Rum Nomads

    1 full day + 1 overnight stay check-in: 9.30 AM check-out: 8 AM moderate-challenging level max 6 persons on a shared ride daily departures add-ons: extra overnight stay Short description Riding a camel through Wadi Rum is an authentic and immersive experience that allows you to embrace Bedouin life.

  10. Private Camel Ride Sunset View at Wadi Rum 2023

    Aqaba, Jordan. Full Day Jeep Tour (Traditional Lunch) Wadi Rum Desert Highlights. 1. from $65.00. Price varies by group size. Aqaba, Jordan. Glass-Bottom Boat 2-hours Tour and Coral-Reef Viewing from Aqaba. 78. from $30.00.

  11. Experience Camel Treks in Wadi Rum desert with Wild Wadi Rum

    1 Day & 1 Night Camel Trek. On this tour, you get a good experience of ancient desert life and how Bedouins used to travel in ancient times, You will also get to stay at our Bedouin camp overnight. Here you can relax, sit around the fire while watching the stars, and listen to traditional Bedouin music. You will visit the most stunning natural ...

  12. Camel Tours and Rides in the desert

    Read more All camel tours are perfect in combination with an overnight stay in the desert. If you have any questions regarding our tours, please don't hesitate to contact us. A camel ride is one of the best ways to experience the ancient Bedouin life in Wadi Rum. Book a full day tour or a shorter camel ride of 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours.

  13. Where to Ride a Camel in Jordan • Welcome2Jordan

    Wadi Rum is Jordan's largest wadi, consisting of a huge sand and rock desert of 720 km² (278 mi²). Embark on a camel ride with local Bedouin guides to get a unique and authentic camel riding experience in the desert landscapes. Camel tours are available in various lengths. You can choose from a camel ride of an hour, half a day, a full day ...

  14. Camel Riding in Jordan

    If you want to try camel riding in Jordan during your trip there are two clear options: Petra or Wadi Rum. Short rides are offered to tourists in Petra and make a nice photo opportunity. But if you want a longer trek, the real bedouin way, you'll want to plan this experience in the majestic desert of Wadi Rum.

  15. THE TOP 10 Amman Camel Rides (UPDATED 2023)

    A: The best Camel Rides in Amman according to Viator travelers are: Madaba, Mount Nebo, and Dead Sea from Amman with Lunch. Private Walking Tour in Amman With Local. 2-Day Tour: Petra, Wadi Rum, and Dead Sea from Amman. 3-Day Private Tour from Amman: Petra, Wadi Rum, Dana, Aqaba, and Dead Sea. 3-Night Private Jordan Golden Triangle Tour: Petra ...

  16. Camel Tours • Arabian Nights • Best Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp!

    Camel Journey - Village to Camp This is a one way journey available in both directions and creates a powerful experience of setting off with your camel into the desert, the serenity of the valley where the camp is located provides a perfect constrast to the busy spring on the edge of the village.

  17. A Camel Trek in Wadi Rum, Jordan

    Making friends with camels on our trek through Wadi Rum, Jordan.

  18. Camel Riding in Petra & Wadi Rum

    The trip with your local Bedouin will be just the duration you need, from one hour up to four or five days including sleepung under the stars with 4x4 vehicle assistance if needed. Camel Ride in Wadi Rum & Petra is optional for 15 JD / $ 21 USD per camel per hour. You don't need to book it in advance and can be arranged upon arrival to Petra ...

  19. Jordan Tracks

    Jordan Tracks is a Jordanian excursion agency and Bedouin camp, specialised in desert activities such as trekking, jeep excursions, and camel rides. Officially licensed, Jordan Tracks exists since 2005 in the heart of the Wadi Rum protected area. It was created by two desert brothers, Saleem and Salem Ali, bedouins from the Zalabiah tribe.

  20. The BEST Aqaba Camel riding tours 2023

    1. Amman: Petra, Wadi Rum, and Dead Sea 2-Day Tour. Explore some of Jordan's most spectacular sites on a 2-day, private tour from Amman. Day 1: Amman - Petra Depart Amman and travel south to Petra. Founded by the Nabateans, Petra is considered one of the wonders of the world.

  21. Camel safari tours in Jordan

    Most people associate camels in Jordan with a quick camel ride around the great Rose City of Petra which is part of a somewhat commercial caravan. However, by taking a camel safari for a few days into the heart of Wadi Rum, the country's southern desert, you get a feel of not only the sustenance it carries on its back, but also its vast heritage.

  22. Camel Tours FAQ

    We recommend wearing a warm layer of clothing on our Sunrise Camel Tour and Sunset Camel Tour. View fullsize. View fullsize . Wadi Rum Desert Eyes . Wadi Rum Village , Wadi Rum Village, Aqaba Governorate, , Jordan. 962 790706307 [email protected]. Hours. Mon All Day. Tue All Day. Wed All Day. Thu All Day . Fri All Day. Sat All Day. Sun ...

  23. Desert Eco Tours

    Camel tours in Wadi Rum- Jordan. Jordan- Wadi Rum 4 Days Camel Tour Difficulty level - from easy to difficult, according to request. Exploring the whole region of the legendary Wadi Rum upon the most ancient and by far the most enchanting mode of desert transport, the camel. With its leisurely pace and gentle swing this great creature carries ...

  24. Watch Camel Quest

    Camel Quest. 2023 | Maturity Rating: 10+ | Reality TV. Embarking on a journey across Saudi Arabia, two friends delve into the nuances of camel culture, aspiring to participate in a celebrated camel festival. Starring: Omar Almaeena, Safwan Modir.