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Camogli Italy: colorful town on Italian coast

10 day Italy itinerary for families: Italy trip ideas you and your kids will love

10 day Italy itinerary for families with kids: nine ideas for spending 10 fantastic days in Italy with kids, perfect for first-time visitors .

Out of all the Italy travel guides for families on this website, this collection of itineraries has been the hardest to write.

Not for lack of will or ideas but rather, for the very opposite reason!

A 10 day Italy itinerary for families is one of the most requested pieces of travel advice I see on my ‘Italy with kids’ travel group on Facebook.

It is also, however, one of the hardest pieces of travel advice to give as there are literally uncountable ways to plan 10 fantastic days in Italy with kids .

kids waiting to board boat

How old are your kids? Are you happy to rent a car? What season are you going? What town are you flying into? What are your interests? Do you have must-see? Have you been before? How fast do you want to travel?

Each of these questions opens a new scenario; however, over time, I have noticed some requests and desires to come up more often than others.

I can see places like Rome, Venice, Tuscany’s rolling hills, the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii and Cinque Terre come up over and over again.

I also see families with a remarkable willingness to travel pretty extensively during their stay, to see as much as possible in the time they have.

So today, I tried to take stock of all of this and I am sharing some suggested 10 day Italy itinerary for families that I believe make sense and can help you plan your own.

I hope they can be useful you start planning and any questions you may have, ask them in the group!

I know I speak for everyone there: we’d love to help!

If you want even more help or you have any questions, please in my FREE Facebook group about traveling to Italy with kids: I will be happy to have you there and the tips from me and the other members are FREE!

How I made these 10-day Italy itineraries for families

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When drafting these itineraries, I took into account the following:

  • The desire of most first time visitors to cover a lot of ground to make the most of their time
  • The most common areas first time visitors wish to see during their trip
  • Places most enjoyable with kids / for kids
  • Actual connections between places: If I recommend a day trip from A to B by train, this is becasue a train connection is avaiable (at the time of writing at least), they are not just ‘for inspiration’
  • Practical travel time between places, so you are not on the go all the time
  • The need for families with small kids to minimize the number of accommodation changes
  • Down time for kids / possible jet lag on arrival: in most cases (not all), I have not foreseen driving on arrival.

Small girl jumping for joy in Tuscany with rolling hills backdrop and traditional stone house

If you find these itineraries too tiring, do not despair.

There are plenty of slower ways to visit Italy.

Each of the area mentioned in this article, for instance, can easily be your home for ten full days and offer endless opportunities for fun and relaxation.

Italy does slow travel remarkably well!

If you want to learn more about a specific area, you can find additional info as follows:

  • Check our list of best places to visit in Italy with kids
  • Read our area guides (use the search bar on the website menu or use the links below)
  • Ask in our group for advice.

two kids in front of Rome Colosseum

You can use these family itineraries in Italy in several ways.

If you find one you like, you can follow our exact schedule – at the end of this article, you find specific guides to each city/area to help you plan the details

You can use any of these as a basis to craft your own .

In this case, I highly recommend you resist the temptation to cram in a lot more – these itineraries are pretty full-on, so if we haven’t added an extra stop, chances are it would be too much.

That said, each family is different so if you have the energy to do more, that is sure possible!

For each main city, I have written down some of the most important landmarks you can see each day: this is just to give a sense of what you can do with the time available.

You will find complete city guides for families at the end of this post or you can use these quick links:

Venice with kids | Florence with kids | Rome with kids | Milan with kids

10 days in Italy with kids -itinerary ideas

This is a good 10-day itinerary for families in Italy to see the most famous cities and the famous rolling hills of Tuscany.

Good to know! You can see this detailed itinerary (with exact info on what to do each day) here >> Venice, Florence and Rome itinerary for families.

family tour italy

Day 1 – Arrival in Venice, settle, short stroll (option of scavenger hunt tour for kids) and dinner

Day 2 – Venice San Marco area, glasswork workshop for kids, family rowing class

Day 3 – Train to Florence (2.5h), settle and stroll

Day 4 – Florence Duomo, Oltrarno, Piazzale Michelangelo: option of kids-centered tour

Day 5 – Day trip to San Gimignano (bus) or Lucca or Pisa (train) or a day in the country with a cooking class

Day 6 – Morning in Florence (Uffizi), afternoon train to Rome (1.5h), settle and dinner

Day 7 – Rome Colosseum – option of kids’ tours with a scavenger hunt

Day 8 – City center stroll Castel Sant’Angelo, pasta-making class with a local

Day 9 – Vatican City and Borghese Gardens

DAy 10 – Fee morning/shopping/ and departure day

Our family in Venice

This itinerary mixes train and car travel and it is perfect if you want to see Italy’s main art cities and some downtime in the Tuscany countryside.

family tour italy

Day 1 – Arrival in Venice, settle, short stroll and dinner

Day 2 – Venice San Marco and city center

Day 3 – Venice Santa Maria Formosa (option of kids treasure hunt) and Burano/Murano (option of kids glasswork workshop)

Day 4 – Car to Tuscany, option of lunch in Ferrara, settle in agriturismo (3-4h by car depending on exact agriturismo chosen)

Day 5 – Half day agriturismo, option of half day San Gimignano. Option of kids activity in agriturismo

Day 6 – Half day agriturismo, option of half day san Siena. Option of kids activity in agriturismo

Day 7 – Drop car in Florence, option Florence city center walk, train to Rome (1.5h) OR drive to Rome

Day 8 – Rome Colosseum, Forum and Trevi Fountain – option of family tours

Day 9 – Vatican and Piazza Navona – option of family tours

Day 10 – Pantheon stroll and fly back

vineyard in Tuscany with hilltop town as a backdrop

This itinerary covers areas in parts of Italy pretty far from each other. It caters mostly to people who have both Venice and Amalfi Coast on their wish list.

family tour italy

Day 3 – Day 3 – Venice Santa Maria Formosa (option of kids treasure hunt) and Burano/Murano (option of kids glasswork workshop)

Day 4 – Train to Florence (2.5h), settle and stroll

Day 5 – Florence Duomo, Oltrarno, Piazzale Michelangelo – option of kids treasure hunt tour

Day 6 – Day trip to San Gimignano (bus) or Lucca. Option to cycle on Lucca’s city walls.

Day 7 – Train Florence to Salerno (3.5h) and ferry to Amalfi coast town (30+ mins, depending on exact town chosen)

Day 8 – Slow day on Amalfi coast – option of ferry tour / family walk between towns

Day 9 – Slow day on Amalfi Coast

Day 10 – Transport back to Naples (duration depends on specific town chosen) and fly back

This itinerary also works by swapping Florence and San Gimignano/Lucca with Rome.

view of amalfi town from the sea

This is a lovely itinerary for families who want to mix Rome with country and coastal areas.

family tour italy

Day 1 – Arrival in Rome, settle and dinner

Day 2 – Rome Colosseum, Forum and Trevi Fountain – option of kids’ tours

Day 3 – Vatican and Piazza Navona – option of kids’ tours

Day 4 – Car to Siena area (2h+, depending on exact location) and dinner in agriturismo

Day 5 – Half day agriturismo, half day San Gimignano. Option of kids’ activity in agriturismo

Day 6 – Half day agriturismo, half day Siena. Option of kids’ activity in agriturismo

Day 7 – Car + train to Cinque Terre (3.5h approx).  Settle and stroll. Night in Cinque Terre

Day 8 – Full day in Cinque Terre – village sightseeing, playground, beach in Monterosso

Day 9 – Cinque Terre to or Milan by train (3h), explore

Day 10 – Stroll in Milan and fly back  

Top tip! If you need to fly in and out of the same airport, you can also take the train back to Rome and spend the last day in the city. As an option, you could also plan a stop in Pisa on the way between La Spezia and Rome (makes sure you purchase train tickets accordingly if interested in this solution)

A great family itinerary to slow down in the countryside and in Italy’s super relaxing hot springs.

family tour italy

Day 2 – Golf cart tour or city center stroll

Day 3 – Rome Colosseum, Forum and Trevi Fountain – option of kid-friendly tours

Day 4 – Vatican and Piazza Navona – option of kid friendly tours

Day 5 – Car to Montepulciano (2h), day and dinner in agriturismo

Day 6 – Half day agriturismo, half day Pienza Option of activity in agriturismo

Day 7 – Day trip to Siena

Day 8 – Day trip to San Quirico d’orcia and Bagno Vignoni. Option of thermal baths.

Day 9 – Drive to Rome (2h) via Pitigliano and Saturnia. Option of free hot springs.

Day 10 – Night in Rome and fly back

This 10 day itinerary in Italy is perfect if the Amalfi Coast and its wonderful nature and towns are on your wishlist.

family tour italy

Day 2 – City center stroll, option of golf cart tour

Day 3 – Rome Colosseum, Forum and Trevi Fountain – option of kids’ tours

Day 4 – Vatican and Piazza Navona – option of kids’ tours

Day 5 – Train to Sorrento (2.5h) and settle

Day 6 – Slow day in Sorrento

Day 7 – Day trip to Pompeii

Day 8 – Day trip to Capri

Day 9 – Day trip to Amalfi coast town of choice

Day 10 – Transport to Naples airport (1h) and fly home

Top Tip: if you have already seen Rome, you can easily swap it with Naples. This will reduce travel time, allow you to see a stunning city (Naples is so underrated!) and visit additional islands such as Procida .

Colorful houses of Procida island from the sea

This itinerary is ideal for families with kids who love to be active outdoors and enjoy a mic of nature, village exploring and theme parks.

family tour italy

Day 1 – Arrival in Venice

Day 2 – One day In Venice San Marco/City center

Day 3 – One more day in Venice: option of a treasure hunt for kids then visit to Burano/Murano (option of kids’ glasswork workshop)

Day 4 – Train to Verona (1.5h), explore Verona stay the night

Day 5 – Train/bus to Lake Garda (30mins or more, depending on exact location)

Day 6 – Lake Garda (Sirmione, Desenzano)

Day 7 – Lake Garda (Adventure park, Gardaland)

Day 8 – Lake garda lake cruise

Day 9 – Train to Venice (1.5h or more depending on starting point)

Day 10 – Explore Venice Option of Accademia, mask painting workshop, maze visit)  and fly back

Riva del Garda

This itinerary is specific for mountain lovers and lovers of the outdoors.

family tour italy

Day 2 – One day In Venice San Marco

Day 3 – One day in Venice and Burano

Day 4 – Car to San Candido (3h)

Day 5 – Local exploration

Day 6 – Lake Braies

Day 7 – Three peaks of Lavaredo

Day 8 – Lake Dobbiaco

Day 9 – Car back to Venice (3h)

Day 10 – Explore Venice  and fly back

Lake Braies Dolomites

This itinerary is perfect for families who want don’t mind driving and want to mix visits to small villages, Unesco sites and time on the coast.

family tour italy

Day 1 – Arrival in Naples, car to Trani (2.5h)

Day 2 – Trani vist and playground, visit to UNESCO Castel del Monte

Day 3 – Car to Alberobello (1.5h), explore Alberobello and Locorotondo , option to sleep in Alberobello’s trullo

Day 4 – Day trip to Martina Franca , the ‘white city’ 

Day 5 – Drive to Matera (1h), settle and stroll the top part of the city.

Day 6 – Matera: walk around Sasso Caveoso, visit to Casa Grotta, visit Santa Maria de Idris rupestrian church

Day 7 – Matera: visit to the city National museum, walks around Sasso Barisano, stop at Miniature Sassi

Day 8 – Drive to Paestum (2.5h), visit to Paestum archaeological site , then Rome (3.5h) or Naples (1.5h)

Day 9 – One day in Rome (Ex. Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain) or Naples (Ex. Lungomare and Castel dell’Ovo and Naples archaeological museum/ Subterranean Naples and San Gregorio Armeno).

Day 10 – Explore city and fly back

alberobello street with trulli

Family Guide to Venice with kids

Family guide to Florence with kids

Family guide to Rome with kids

Family guide to Tuscany with kids

Family guide to Cinque Terre with kids

Family guide to Amalfi Coast with kids

Family guide to the Dolomites with kids

Family guide to Lake Garda with kids

Family guide to Puglia with kids

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for spending ten days in Italy with kids and they helped you kickstart your vacation planning. Safe travels!

Planning a trip to Italy? Don’t forget to also check out our 100+ Italy travel tips and our guide to planning a first trip to Italy !

Image of Italy coastal town with colorful houses and overlay text: itinerary ideas. 10 day Italy itinerary for families with kids

Marta Correale

Marta Correale is an Italian mama of two. Born and raised in Rome, Marta has a passion for travel and especially enjoys showing off Italy to her kids, who are growing up to love it as much as she does! A classics graduate, teacher of Italian as a second language and family travel blogger, Marta launched Mama Loves Italy as a way to inspire, support and help curious visitors to make the most of a trip to Italy and learn about Italian culture on the way.

family tour italy

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Take a high-speed ferry to the Isle of Capri; travel up to Anacapri in a private convertible & take in the views on a chairlift ride


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Tauck Bridges' family trip to Italy serves up a multi-course feast of history, art, scenery and culinary treats…it's an unforgettable journey from Rome to the Amalfi Coast to savor together. 

When in Rome… go to gladiator school! Our family-friendly tour of Italy brings Roman history into focus as you visit ancient ruins, learn gladiator skills and wander underground catacombs. You'll also tour the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel after hours. Pompeii reveals its mysteries as you walk its ancient streets and excavated buildings. And how sweet it is to see Sorrento, where you'll take a pizza-making class on a family farm… hop aboard a high-speed ferry to the enchanting Isle of Capri for further exploration via convertible and funicular… and break for gelato !

Convertible Car Ride, Capri

Tauck exclusive – after hours at the vatican museums with your family, exploring the vatican museums with your family – and no crowds.

Founded by Pope Julius II in the early 1500s, the Vatican Museums display classical and religious works of art collected by the popes throughout the centuries. Combined with the Sistine Chapel, they're visited by around six million people a year, ranking among the most-visited art museums in the world. On your Tauck Bridges Exclusive, after-hours, guided visit, you and your family can explore the Candelabra Gallery, the Map Gallery, the Tapestries, and the Sistine Chapel… all without the usual crowds. So you'll be able to take your time to contemplate the inspirational treasures before you – including the spectacular biblical frescoes on the ceiling, which took Michelangelo four years to paint, standing on a scaffold... and changed the course of western art.

Ancient Pompeii... frozen in time

Back to 1st-century pompeii.

Pompeii was a prosperous Roman city with a population of approximately 27,000 souls until August 24, 79 AD – the fateful date when Mount Vesuvius erupted and completely buried it and its inhabitants under a blanket of volcanic ash. And there it sat until its discovery by an architect more than 1,500 years later. It would be another 150 years before some of the world's earliest archaeologists began excavating the site in the 1740s, slowly revealing a city frozen in time. Today, as you walk with a local guide among the remains of Pompeii's buildings and streets – still an active archaeological site – you'll get a firsthand glimpse of what life might have been like in the Roman Empire during the 1st century AD.

Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa

Days 1, 2 and 3

An urban resort in Rome's heart

At Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa, you and your family will be enveloped in elegance and inspired by beauty throughout your stay. Set in the heart of Rome just a short walk from Via Veneto, this luxurious grand hotel is surrounded by botanical gardens with a gorgeous view overlooking Villa Borghese park. Over the years, it has hosted the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, actors like Woody Allen and Anthony Hopkins, and many other celebrities, sports legends and world leaders. But its commitment is to treat each and every guest – including you and your family – like a star, a king, or a queen. The Eternal City offers incredible experiences that are even more delightful when shared with loved ones. And there is no more ideal place from which to enjoy Rome's unforgettable moments with those you love the most than Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa.

I think it was a special family vacation because they had a lot of activities for us to do together!

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  • Email Address*
  • Traveler's Phone Number(s)*
  • Emergency Contact Information: Please provide the name and phone number  of a relative or friend (not travelling with you) whom we could contact during the tour in the unlikely event of an emergency
  • Interest in purchasing a travel protection plan (US and Canada)
  • Interest in extending your trip by staying in a Tauck recommended hotel before your trip begins or after it ends
  • Interest in our specially negotiated airfares

* Required Fields

Deposits & Final Payment

Deposits and fees for the optional Protection Plan or Cancel Fee Waiver [CFW] coverage are due at time of booking.

The deposit amount is $600 per person

Final Payments:

Final Payment is due to Tauck  60  days before departure for lands trips, and  120  days before departure for cruises and rail journeys. If your deposit was made by credit card, final payment will be automatic unless you opted out at time of booking. Bookings without full payment at this time may be subject to cancellation without notice. Failure to make payment will be a considered a cancellation by the guest and all applicable cancellation fees will apply.

Travel Protection Plan

Effective for plans purchased as of July 1, 2021:

Tauck's Guest Protection

Tauck's Guest Protection provides you with cancellation protection before your journey begins as well as insurance benefits while you are traveling. Guest Protection includes the following:

Cancellation Waiver – Provided by Tauck:

Under Tauck's Cancellation Fee Waiver you can cancel your tour for ANY REASON up to the day before departure and receive a money-back refund (except in Extreme Circumstances*) on the land tour cost, based on your original method of payment.

*Extreme Circumstances:  In the event of an act of God, war (whether declared or undeclared), terrorism, accident, natural disaster, outbreak of disease, or other event or circumstance beyond our control that contributes to or results in cancellation rates above our historical cancellation rates in the absence of such event or occurrence, Tauck reserves the right to issue a credit to you in lieu of a money-back refund, applicable to a future Tauck journey.

Travel Insurance Benefits – Underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company.

  • Trip Cancellation –  If you must cancel your tour due to a covered reason, the plan provides coverage for the amount you paid for your travel arrangements. Since the non-insurance cancellation waiver takes care of the land package cancellation fees already, this benefit reimburses the airfare cancellation charges up to the value of your original airfare purchase.
  • Trip Interruption –  If you have to interrupt your tour for covered reasons, the plan provides reimbursement to catch up to your tour or return home.
  • Travel Delay –  Provides reimbursement for missed, prepaid travel arrangements if you are delayed by a common carrier, natural disaster, unannounced strike, or other reasons as cited in the plan.
  • Medical Expense –  Reimburses covered medical expenses incurred in the event you become injured or sick during your trip. 
  • Baggage / Personal Effects Protection –  Provides reimbursement in the event your luggage or personal effects are, lost, stolen, damaged or delayed during your trip.
  • Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services –  Provided by Carefree Travel Assistance; 24-hour emergency telephone assistance hotline for medical and travel related problems.

The cost of Tauck's Guest Protection is: $449  per person

This protection provides insurance coverage that applies only during the covered trip. You may have coverage from other sources that provides you with similar benefits but may be subject to different restrictions depending upon your other coverages. You may wish to compare the terms of this policy with your existing life, health, home and automobile policies. If you have any questions about your current coverage, call your insurer, insurance agent or broker.

This optional Guest Protection must be requested at time of booking and fee must be included with initial payment. Fees are based on costs as of July 1, 2021, and are subject to change. Details will be provided with written confirmation of your tour reservation. Guest Protection does not protect travel agent commissions. Reimbursements will be made according to original method of payment. The amount of any refund shall be reduced by any recoveries obtained by you from any third parties.

The Guest Protection plan waives cancellation fees outlined below, provided we are notified of cancellation before your tour departs. Tour cancellation fees are waived regardless of reason, without written notice, and Tauck will refund land tour cost.

To obtain your state-specific Certificate of Insurance that contains the complete terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the certificate, visit .

If You Have To Cancel

If you cancel within 10 days of initial deposit Within the first 10 days after you place your initial deposit, you may cancel your reservation for any reason with no cancellation fees. If you cancel more than 10 days after initial deposit Regardless of reason, cancellations result in costly charges from our travel and hotel providers covering penalties and fees incurred by canceling confirmed bookings. These fees vary from tour to tour. Therefore, the following fees apply.

Cancellation Fees with Tauck's Guest Protection Plan:

Loss of Guest Protection fee, per person 

Cancellation Fees without Tauck's Guest Protection Plan :

60 days or more before departure = $600 per person

59-8 days before departure = $900 per person

7-1 days before departure = $1500 per person

Time of cancellation will be when notice is received in our Wilton Woods, CT office.

In the event of an unforeseen circumstance beyond our control, Tauck reserves the right to amend the cancellation terms outlined herein.

Note:  All Guests, regardless of residency, who book a Tauck journey have the option of purchasing the Cancellation Waiver provided by Tauck in the event they need to cancel their trip after making their reservations. Tauck's Guest Protection, which includes both the Cancellation Fee Waiver and the Travel Insurance Benefits and Assistance Services described above, is not available to residents of Puerto Rico.

Travel Terms and Conditions

Click here  to find Tauck's Travel Terms & Conditions.

Travel Requirements For This Tour

Air Information and Luggage Restrictions

AIRFARE: Airfare to and from this destination is not included in the journey cost. If purchasing your air elsewhere, it is very important to provide us with your confirmed arriving and departing flight information no later than 3 weeks before your arrival date. Flight information can be submitted to Tauck (or verified, if you've already provided it) in the My Account section of

TAUCK AIRPORT TRANSFERS are included at the start and end of the journey between the airport and the Tauck hotel. Airport transfers are available for any pre tour or post tour hotel stays immediately consecutive to the tour, providing flight information is received in the Tauck office no later than three weeks in advance. Details on locating your transfer upon arrival to the tour start city will be included in your final documents.

AIRLINES and CHECKED LUGGAGE: Due to space limitations during your Tauck journey, we ask that you please limit your checked luggage to one average-size suitcase per person. Besides complying with the Tauck restriction noted above, you should also be sure to research and comply with all airline baggage restrictions relating to your flights to and from your Tauck journey. Airlines have become much more strict in enforcing size and weight limits in recent years, and are free to revise luggage policies without notice. Researching and complying with airline luggage restrictions is the responsibility of the guest, and Tauck cannot be held responsible for any costs or disruptions to travel caused by the failure to research and comply with airline policies. PLEASE NOTE that if you are booked on a tour that includes on-tour flights, the checked luggage weight restrictions for these flights may be lower than the weight restrictions for your international flights.

Checked Luggage – General

Due to space restrictions, we ask that you please limit your checked luggage to one suitcase per person weighing no more than 50 pounds (23 kg) and with overall dimensions (length + width + height) not exceeding 62 inches (158 cm).

Besides complying with the Tauck restriction noted above, you should also be sure to research and comply with all airline baggage restrictions relating to your flights to and from your Tauck journey. Airlines have become much more strict in enforcing size and weight limits in recent years, and luggage exceeding airline standards for size or weight may result in expensive overage fees or other consequences.

Airlines are free to revise luggage policies without notice, and certain airlines have different baggage allowances for different classes of service. Researching and complying with airline luggage restrictions is the responsibility of the guest, and Tauck cannot be held responsible for any costs or disruptions to travel caused by the failure to research and comply with airline policies.

Tauck luggage tags will be provided by your Tauck Director on Day 1 of your itinerary. Please do not attach a Tauck luggage tag to any carry-on items, as the Tauck tags designate luggage that is to be handled and transferred by ground operators and hotel staff during your journey.

Although oversize bags and wheeled, carry-on luggage are popular for airline travel, they are often not convenient or appropriate for motor coach travel or for many on-tour flights. Most modern sightseeing motor coaches offer limited space for numerous or larger items. Space under seats or in the overhead rack is typically small, and designed to accommodate items like coats, hats, purses, and small camera bags, etc.

For your day-to-day travel while on tour, we recommend that you limit your hand luggage to a small, soft-sided carry-on piece, and that you bring only those items you need handy during the day such as make-up, medications, cameras, film, etc. Items too large to fit under the motor coach seat or on the overhead rack must be stored in the luggage bays beneath the motor coach, and may be inaccessible during daytime travel.

Health, Safety and Mobility


Please check with your health insurance provider to determine whether you are covered while traveling. If you will not be covered under your current policy, we strongly suggest that you arrange for adequate coverage while on tour.

Please advise your Tauck Director on tour if you or the children traveling with you have any serious allergies. Also, adults may want to bring along children's aspirin or medicines as a precaution, as access to these may be limited.

If you have a medical condition that might limit your participation in activities, please consult your physician for pre-departure health advice and notify us as soon as possible, if you have not already done so. We will advise your Tauck Director accordingly.

If you are a resident of the U.S. traveling internationally, no vaccinations are currently required for travel to Italy. For complete vaccination and inoculation information, contact your physician, the public health service in your area, or the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia. The Travelers' Health Section of the CDC operates a 24-hour "Travelers' Health Hotline" at 800-232-4636 (toll-free in the U.S.). You may also log on to the CDC website by clicking here .

If you are a resident of another country traveling internationally, please check with an embassy or consulate of Italy to determine what vaccination(s) may be required for your travel.


The restaurants, hotels, caterers and numerous other partners we work with all do their best to accommodate special dietary requests from Tauck guests. However, given the diverse nature of those food providers (from small wineries to grand hotels to world-famous restaurants in more than 70 countries worldwide), some of our partners are better able than others to accommodate such requests. We therefore cannot guarantee that all dietary requests can be accommodated at every meal. Also, please note that where dietary requests can be accommodated, choices will frequently be limited.

To enjoy this tour, you should be in good health and able to walk reasonable distances, often over uneven surfaces. Some of the most memorable sightseeing can only be accomplished on foot. The amount of walking you do, however, is at your discretion. Italy is home to innumerable historic buildings and sites, some dating from antiquity. Therefore, roads, walkways and architecture will present difficulties for some guests with physical limitations. You will encounter cobblestone streets, narrow passageways, and some steep and winding staircases.

In addition, coach travel along the many "Yellow Roads" on this tour are very windy and may cause you some discomfort if you are prone to motion sickness. If you are, we advise bringing motion sickness remedies or medication with you.

PLEASE NOTE:  We regret that this Tauck itinerary cannot accommodate wheelchairs or motorized scooters.  Likewise, we regret that we're unable to provide individual assistance to guests with walking difficulties or other personal needs.  The responsibility of the Tauck Director who accompanies your trip is to ensure that the larger group enjoys a relaxing and informative journey, and he or she cannot be relied upon to provide ongoing individual assistance to any one guest.  Guests requiring such individualized assistance must be accompanied by an able-bodied companion who can provide it.

Reading List

We have compiled a reading list of recommended books to give you more information about the destinations you will be traveling to on your upcoming journey!

You can view the reading list  here.

The weather in Italy is temperate and unpredictable. Generally, spring and fall average high temperatures range from 55 to 75 °F (13 to 24 °C) and summer high temperatures range from 75 to 85 °F (24 to 29 °C). Rain falls seasonally in Rome and Sorrento, where summers are dryer than winters.

To read about current weather conditions, we suggest you log on to by clicking here .

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family tour italy

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Italy Family Vacation Packages

Home > Italy Tours > Family Trips in Italy

family tour italy

There couldn’t be a better destination for our Italy family vacation packages. They offer activities and scenery that will excite each member of the family, no matter what their age. And, Italy has been welcoming tourists for centuries, making it an accommodating destination for a comfortable and safe family getaway. Italians are known for their family-oriented culture, which makes the people and places extremely accommodating to families from abroad. Italy is full of family-friendly destinations, such as Rome,  Florence ,  Venice , Tuscany and the  Amalfi Coast  so scroll down for which ones are best for your next trip.

ITaly Family Vacation Packages

Sicily and the Aeolian islands

12-Day Enchanting Sicily and Aeolian Splendor: A Grand Tour of Sicilian Highlights and Island Wonders

Siena skyline

8-Day Tuscan Elegance: An Immersive Journey

family tour italy

7-Day Odyssey by High-Speed Train

family tour italy

8-Day Pedal Through Puglia: A Casual Matera to Lecce Bike Tour

family tour italy

7-Day Sicily Tour

family tour italy

8-Day Amalfi Coast, Sorrento & the Region of Puglia

family tour italy

6-Day Puglia Region Tour

family tour italy

15-Day Rome Tuscany, Amalfi Coast Cinque Terre and Italy’s Boot

family tour italy

Sorrento Lemon Grove Tour and Tasting 🍋

collection of Sicily ceramics on wood table

8-Day Enchanting Western Sicily: A Luxury Journey Through History and Beauty

map of Eastern Sicily

8-Day Sicilian Elegance: A Luxury Journey Through The Timeless Wonders of Eastern Sicily

family tour italy

8-Day Milan & Lake Como Explorer: Fly & Drive Adventure

ruins of taormina

8-Day Sicilian Delights: Culture & Cuisine Group Tour

Florence panoramic view

9-Day Rome, Florence, Venice: The Big 3 Small Group Tour

Sicily Ruins

8-Day Odyssey of Unforgettable Beauty, Culture, and Flavor Discovering the Soul of Sicily

Cinque Terre Many Colours

8-Day Rome, Florence & Cinque Terre Italian Tapestry

Rome Trevi Fountain

7-Day Odyssey From Rome’s Eternal Grandeur to Sorrento’s Sunlit Splendor

Milanese sights

12-Day Italian Odyssey by Train North to South Through Culture, Culinary and Coastlines

The Amalfi Coas

10-Day Italian Journey by Train: Discover Italy with Italy4Real

family tour italy

7-Day Northern Lakes and Cities Tour

family tour italy

8-Day Small Group Sicily Foodie Tour

family tour italy

🌟Discover Venice and Its Enchanting Islands by Private Boat🌟

family tour italy

Private Venice walking tour with a Local Guide

family tour italy

Venetian Cicchetti and Wine Tasting Experience

family tour italy

An Evening Electric Bike Ride Through Tuscany

family tour italy

Italy Cruise and Wine on the Tiber River

family tour italy

The Best of Italy and Paris Custom Tour

family tour italy

The Aeolian Islands Tour

Agrigento Temple Valley

A 10-Day Journey Through Sicily with Rem at Italy4Real – Memories of a Lifetime

family tour italy

Rome to Pompeii Day Trip

family tour italy

Scale an Active Volcano – Mount Etna Tours

family tour italy

The Scala and Last Supper

family tour italy

Leonardo Da Vinci: Milan Tour Including Ticket to ‘The Last Supper’

family tour italy

Tour Rome by Foot with a Local Guide

family tour italy

A Discovery of Florence by Foot

family tour italy

Guided Vespa Tour of Rome: Explore

family tour italy

Eating Your Way Across the City of Milan

family tour italy

Cooking Class in a Florentine Home

family tour italy

Fantastic Cooking Classes in Rome: Fresh Market Experience

family tour italy

Day Trip To Pisa Tour From Tuscany: A Journey

family tour italy

Cycling Through The Trulli Villages Of Puglia

family tour italy

Bologna’s History, Food and Wine Walking Tour

family tour italy

Astonishing Experience To Pompeii

family tour italy


family tour italy

Agrigento Tour: The Valley of The Temples

A Mesmerizing Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and St. Peters

family tour italy

8-Day Sicily Wines & Foods Tour

family tour italy

8-Day Customized Rome, Florence & Venice

family tour italy

8-Day Foodie Tour of Rome, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento & The Region of Apulia

family tour italy

8-Day Italian Alps, Matterhorn Views & Northern Italian Lakes

Wine and Cheese

8-Day Foodie Tour of Northern Italy

family tour italy

8 Day Rome, Amalfi Coast Custom Tour

family tour italy

7-Day Wine Food Tour of Tuscany from Rome

family tour italy

7-Day Tuscany Tour

family tour italy

7-Day Emilia Romagna Foodie Tour

family tour italy

7-Day Back Roads of Northern Italy

family tour italy

5-Day Piedmont Region & Lake Maggiore (Add-On)

family tour italy

15-Day Magnificent Tour of Italy

family tour italy

11-Day Rome, Amalfi Coast and the Boot of Italy


family in Italy

“The best gifts in life are experiences…”

… and by utilizing Italy4Real expertise you will have a lifetime of memories. I can’t recommend Italy4Real enough. We are repeat customers!

- Tammy Evans

tour group at colosseum in Rome

“The entire experience was EXACTLY what we hoped for and so much more”

This was the most amazing trip of our entire lives. Nothing compares to it. The care and detail and attention given to us the entire way through our France and England travel was amazing. Everything from the travel guides, accommodation hosts and even the drivers selected for us. Our trip planner at the travel company understood exactly our desires and wishes for our family vacation. We wanted to immerse our young children in our first time abroad into the cultures of the countries and villages we stayed. She carefully selected our hosts and guides. She worked with them so that they understood what we were looking for and each one delivered beyond all expectations. We were treated likes friends and family. We saw people and parts of the world we never wanted to leave. It felt like we made true friends and companions that we still discuss and talk about like we’ve known them forever even 6 months after our travel. I strongly recommend Italy4Real and Travel4Real for anyone that wants to experience a tailored made vacation they can never forget. If you value the time and money you’ll spend on your travels, then choose this travel agency as an investment because you will return with memories that may very well be one of the best highlights of your life.

- DJ Snyder

tour group photo behind bus

“On a scale of 1-10, Italy4Real is a 20!”

Rem Malloy from Italy4Real planned this sister’s trip (4 of us) and it was incredible. Not only was the accommodations, food, and sights superb, the fact that Rem was so connected to his vendors and clients made it go flawlessly. Even at the end when our flights were cancelled due to a transportation strike, he was right there with his representative to help sort things out quickly. It was my sister’s first time to Italy and they all gave the trip a 10 plus ( with one of them giving it a score of 20!) We would highly recommend Italy4Real …in fact I did for a friend and they also had an amazing time and are re booking with Rem for next year. Ciao!

- Shirley – 2023

family tour italy

Get in Touch

If you can't find what you want here, or just have some specific questions about your vacation in Italy, our team of travel specialists are ready to help.

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family tour italy

Italy Family Vacation Package Highlights

Planning a Italy family vacation package takes quite a lot of time, attention to detail and understanding of the destination so that each member of the family has a great time. Getting each family member on the same page can be quite difficult. When planning your trip to Italy; make sure you sit down with each of your family members early on; and get their feedback on what they would like to see and do so that you have a bit of information on what each person likes and expects for their trip. Next, work with one of our Travel Experts to find the right solution for your family and budget. No matter if one person wants to take a  cooking class in Rome  and another wants to take a  walking tour through Venice with a local guide ; we will have a solution for everyone.

family tour italy

Best Spot for Babies

Families with babies tend to gravitate towards South Sardinia because of the baby-friendly beaches. The waters here are quite calm and the beaches are sandy instead of rocky, making a nice, safe place for babies to enjoy the coastline. The hotels in this area are used to accommodating babies as well, so you will be sure to find a  coastal Italy vacation that works for your family.

family tour italy

Best Spot for Toddlers

Aside from the natural beauty of  Tuscany , this particular spot is great for toddlers. It’s a medieval town that is surrounded by historic walls and is mostly free of traffic. It’s spacious so that the children can play, and there are plenty of cafes and restaurants to stop off at for a meal. Lucca is mostly flat, making it easy for the kids to walk and for you to push a buggy. Toddlers will love to play at nearby Pinocchio Park too.

family tour italy

Best Spot for Grade School-Aged Children

Grade school-aged kids will love the adventures that await them in  Sicily . There are family attractions everywhere, including puppet theatres, ice cream shops, swimming, castles, and fun rides. Hotels here will be more than happy to accommodate families, as will the restaurants and cafes.

family tour italy

Best Spot for Teens

Full of history and architecture,  Rome  is a great spot for teens to see their history lessons in action. They’ll be able to fill their days with pizza, pasta, and gelato, while Instagramming some of the most famous attractions in the world. Plus, there is plenty of shopping so that they can impress their friends with souvenirs when they get back home.

family tour italy

Best Spot for Multiple Ages

This famous region of Italy really has it all. There is a natural beauty, wide-open spaces, and relaxing atmosphere that the older generation will love. Also, Tuscany is filled with incredible dining experiences,  wine tastings , and nightlife that parents or young adults may crave. For the teens, there are cooking classes, bicycle trails, and plenty of outdoor adventures. And, for the kids, there are parks, a general sense of quiet and safety, and plenty of accommodating hotels.

family tour italy

Tips for Traveling to Italy with Children

  • Many shops and restaurants in Italy are closed from 1 pm until 4 pm. Make sure that you pack some snacks or get the kids fed before the restaurants and cafes shut down.
  • Bring nice clothes for the kids . Italian families take pride in their clothing and the way they look. Make sure to bring some nice outfits along with the more casual ones.
  • Learn a few key phrases in Italian so that you avoid misunderstandings. If your children have any allergies or special needs, make sure to figure out how to convey that in the local language.
  • Pack any essentials like baby food, diapers, and formula. While you can get these things in Italy, they may be more expensive and you might not find the kind that you usually use.
  • Plan as much as possible. Make sure to work out the accommodation, transportation, and the itinerary of activities before you leave for Italy. Traveling can be hectic and it will be better for the kids if you keep your trip running smoothly.
  • Write down the name and address of your hotel as well as your phone number and put it in the pocket or backpack of each of your children. If you somehow get separated, your kids can give the information to someone so that they can find you.

Family Trips in Italy Tips on Our Blog

Noto Sicily

The Best Foods in Sicily That You Need to Try

family tour italy

The 9 Best Places to Visit in Sicily

sicily Taormina

The 7 Best Things to Do in Sicily

Family trip to Italy

Tips For Planning a Family Vacation to Italy

family tour italy

A Guide to the Best Beaches in Italy

family tour italy

14 Unforgettable Things to Do in Tuscany

Let Us Design Your Dream Trip

Global Highlights logo

  • South Korea
  • Indonesia (Bali)
  • Central Asia
  • African Safari
  • South Africa
  • Itinerary Ideas
  • How to Plan a Family Trip to Italy 2024

Planning a family trip to Italy involves a meticulous approach to ensure an enjoyable experience for all members. Here's a comprehensive guide to crafting an unforgettable family adventure in Italy.

Content Preview

  • 1. Choose Where to Go
  • 2. Decide How Long to Stay
  • 3. Weather Tips for Families
  • 4. Accommodation Tips
  • 6. How to Travel around Italy

1. Choose Where to Go in Italy for Your Family

We've picked these five family-friendly destinations as recommendations for you. These are top picks for families' first trips to Italy.

Rome is an indispensable destination for both adults and children to explore the historical and cultural heritage of Italy and even Europe.

Particularly for teenagers, it's like witnessing a segment of their history books coming to life. There, they could more intimately experience the allure of Roman culture right before their eyes, such as walking through the ruins of the ancient Colosseum, allowing them to imagine the spectacular scenes of two millennia ago and learn about the courage and skill of the gladiators.

You and your kids could also take a food tour to taste Italian ice cream (gelato), Italian pizza, and other local food.

Discover real reviews of Highlights Travel Family 's best-rated service across trusted platforms.

2) Florence

As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is also an essential destination. In the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery, your children could see famous works from their art or history classes, such as the statue of David. The professional and interesting explanations by your guide would enable you to learn more about the stories behind these works.

Taking a cooking class would also be an interesting experience for your family. If your child loves nature, you could also experience truffle hunting in the countryside around Florence.

Venice is like a Disney water-themed park for children. Take a gondola (a Venetian-style pointy punt) ride and enjoy shuttling along the canals.

Explore Rialto Market, where you could get a feel for local Venice. There are all kinds of interesting gadgets and food inside.

Take a boat trip to Murano, an island famous for its glass-making heritage. Witness glass-blowing demonstrations and perhaps even try making a small glass souvenir.

4) Amalfi Coast

If you want some outdoor adventures with your kids, the Amalfi Coast is a good option. There, you could explore beautiful seaside towns with colorful houses, go hiking, and go kayaking.

If you are looking for a family beach vacation in Italy, then go to Sicily. There, you could relax in a town at the foot of a volcano, watch an ancient Sicilian puppet show with your children, and have fun at the warmest beaches and in the sea.

If you're adventurous, try to hike Europe's highest active volcano. If you are lucky, you could see a small volcano erupting during the climb.

2. Decide How Long to Travel in Italy to Satisfy Your Family

A week is a basic minimum time for a family trip to Italy, covering Rome, Florence, and Venice. For a relaxed pace, 9–10 days is more suitable.

If you want to include some beach time or outdoor activities, 10 – 12 days are recommended.

Suggested 1-Week Family Itinerary

  • Day 1: Rome, arrival and relaxation
  • Days 2–3: Rome (visit landmarks like the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain, etc)
  • Day 4: Rome to Venice by a high-speed train
  • Days 5–6: Venice (city sightseeing with a family boat ride, island hopping)
  • Day 7: Departure

Feel free to contact us to obtain a tailor-made itinerary and quote for your family trip to Italy. All of our tours are fully customizable.

3. Weather Tips for a Family Trip in Italy

Summer is often the time for families to travel, due to children's summer school vacations.

Of June, July, and August, June is the best choice because of the cooler weather and relatively smaller crowds.

July and August are the high season months in Italy, and it is hot in these months. If you are traveling during this time, the following tips may be helpful:

1. Be sure to book your tickets to attractions and museums in advance. Otherwise, it is very likely that you would be waiting in long lines, which would be unbearable for adults, not to mention children. On our tour, we will arrange skip-the-line tickets for you in advance.

2. In the morning or 2 hours before an attraction closes may be the best time of day when there are relatively fewer visitors. Visiting at these times could avoid both the crowds and the heat.

3. On a hot afternoon, letting the kids enjoy playing in the hotel pool could be a better option than visiting attractions under the hot sun.

You could learn more about Italy travel and weather on Best Times to Visit Italy .

4. How to Choose Family-Friendly Hotels in Italy

When choosing the area for accommodation, most of the attractions in Italian cities are typically concentrated in the city center or historical areas. These areas are recommended for family accommodation for convenient transportation, more dining options, and shopping and entertainment.

When choosing rooms, usually a family suite is a more common choice. There are also some hotels that could include extra beds for an additional charge.

In summer, booking a hotel with a pool is one way to release your kids' energy.

We could assist in selecting the right hotel for you based on your preferences. Feel free to contact us .

5. Consider Your Budget for a Family Tour in Italy

A family of four embarking on a 1-week tour of Italy could expect expenses ranging between 11,000 and 14,000 USD. Children under 10 years old might benefit from a travel discount of 30–50%.

The price is based on a comfortable private family tour, including a private car service, private guide service, train/flight tickets within Italy, 4-star hotels, tickets for attractions, and full-day itineraries.

You could learn more by reading our article: How Much Does a Trip to Italy Cost?

6. Recommended Ways to Travel Around Italy

There are two recommended ways to travel around Italy: by train and private transfers.

High-speed trains are the main way for many tourists and locals to get around Italy. Usually, the journey between adjacent major cities takes 1–2 hours.

The train experience could be part of the travel experience. But taking care of your kids and luggage at the same time could be a challenge.

We recommend booking a Prima seat (first-class seat) so that you would have more luggage space and the cabin environment would be better.

A hassle-free way to travel is by private transfer, taking your family directly from your hotel to your next destination. During the drive, you could enjoy the scenery along the road, ask questions of our knowledgeable driver, and stop and rest as you like.

All transportation within Italy would be included in our private tour service, whichever way of traveling you prefer.

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