italian cruise ship ports

Cruise ship in Venice || creative commons photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbera

Italy is a popular stop for cruise ships, either with all-Italy itineraries or as part of a Mediterranean cruise. The major ports of call in Italy are listed below, with a little information about the city and links to official cruise terminal websites (where available).

Ancona is in the Marche region on the eastern coast of Italy, on the Adriatic Sea. The city has ancient Roman and ancient Greek ruins, as well as a hilltop cathedral.

Ancona Port Authority

Bari is Puglia ‘s largest city, and the region’s most important port city. The historic center includes many churches worth visiting, as well as a 12th century castle, and if the weather is nice you’ll want to head for the beach. Many cruise ships stop in Bari, including Costa, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and P&O.

Bari & Levante Port Authority


Rome isn’t a port city, but it’s on many cruise itineraries. Civitavecchia is Rome’s cruise port, about 50 miles from Rome. It takes about 1-1.5 hours to get from the cruise terminal into the historic center, but transport is easy with a train station in Civitavecchia. Try to get on a faster train if you have limited time in port. As you can imagine, every major cruise company includes Civitavecchia on itineraries.

Rome Cruise Terminal

The busiest freight port in Italy is Genoa, and this busy port in Liguria is also a common starting- or ending-point for Mediterranean cruises. The city has a beautiful – and UNESCO-listed – historic center, and the waterfront is also home to Europe’s largest aquarium.

Genoa Port Authority

Florence is often a cruise stop, but – like Rome – the city is inland. Livorno is Florence’s cruise port, located 57 miles from the Tuscan capital and just under 15 miles from Pisa . Livorno itself has a 16th century canal surrounding its historic center.

Livorno Port Authority

Messina sits at the tip of Sicily that’s nearest to mainland Italy, and so is the main port connecting the island with the rest of the country. Ferries are constantly in motion back and forth, but larger cruise ships use Messina as the port of call to get to nearby Taormina (32 miles away) and Mt. Etna (66 miles away).

Messina Port Authority

Naples is a major port city for Italy, but most cruise visitors use Naples as the jumping-off point for shore excursions to the nearby Amalfi Coast , Sorrento, islands like Capri, or the excavations of Pompeii. Naples itself has plenty to offer the intrepid traveler, though (it’s one of my favorite cities), especially the excellent collection at the National Archaeological Museum.

Naples Port Authority

The port of Palermo on the northern side of Sicily gives you easy access to the western part of the island. It’s one of the main connections from mainland Italy to Sicily, with regular ships from Naples, Genoa, and Livorno.

Palermo Port Authority

The tiny town of Portofino is a gem on the Italian Riviera , but its harbor is so small that the bigger cruise ships can’t get in. Some ships will ferry passengers in to Portofino on smaller boats, others will dock in nearby Santa Margherita Ligure and offer shore excursions to Portofino.

Portofino Marina


Just south of the Cinque Terre is the Ligurian town of Portovenere, where the harbor is also small enough that the large cruise ships can’t get close enough to dock. Again, you’ll be ferried to town on a smaller boat, or the ship will divert to a larger port nearby and you’ll have an option for a shore excursion to Portovenere.

La Spezia & Portovenere Port Authority

Trieste has long been an important regional port city, although it hasn’t always been part of Italy. The Slovenian border isn’t far away, so if your cruise itinerary includes a stop in Trieste your shore excursions could venture into a couple different countries.

Trieste Port Authority

Despite Venice ‘s fragility, it’s been a popular cruise port for decades (and yes, it could be argued that so much cruise traffic is partly responsible for the city’s fragility). There has been recent talk of building a new cruise terminal island away from the main Venetian islands, which would probably be a good thing. For the time being, the cruise terminal is right in the heart of the historic city, a few steps from the train station.

Venice Cruise Terminal

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italian cruise ship ports


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Guide to the Best Cruise Ports in Italy

By: Author Wandermust Mummy

Guide to the Best Cruise Ports in Italy

Are you looking for the best cruise ports in Italy? In this guide, we will round up the best cruise ports in Italy, alongside all the relevant information you need to know such as the best things to do in each Italian cruise port and how to get there.

Important Note : This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

Any long time reader of the blog will know that I love cruising and perhaps my favorite place to cruise is Italy ! It really has something for everyone from history, food and culture to beaches. It is also great if you are cruising with small children as Italians generally love kids and is any easy place to go on a babymoon cruise  too.

So without further ado here is our port by port ultimate guide: 

Table of Contents

Best Cruise Ports in Italy

Bari cruise port.

Although Bari might not be as well known as other Italian cities such as Rome and Florence, it is actually the largest city in the region on Puglia, the heel of Italy. It is also a very popular stop on many cruise itineraries especially those on All Italian cruises or those doing a cruises that also take in Montenegro, and the Greek Islands (usually departing from Venice).

italian cruise ship ports

Bari Cruise port details: 

One of the things that I love about Bari Cruise post it that Bari is accessible from the Bari Cruise Port by foot.

In fact it is only a short walk from where most cruises dock to get to historic town centre – be warned it can be a bit industrial on arrival however. 

Things to Do Near Bari Cruise Port?

As Bari city is itself walkable from the port, it is quite a popular port to not go on a guided cruise excursion.

The short walk into Bari will take you to the historic centre which has in its centre a beautiful templar Cathedral.

Also the region of Puglia is home to the Slow Food Movement and you will get some absolutely amazing eats in the city.

The region of Puglia is famous for its olive oil and is a must try. Other than that you must try the regional speciality of Orchiette which is a very unique pasta dish that you really only get in Puglia. 

If you want to explore Bari, but would prefer to do an organised excursion I would certainly consider looking into something that takes in a food or culinary aspect such as the  Bari Street Food Tour

Shore Excursions from Bari Cruise Port

But if you want to do a shore excursion or head further afield from Bari Cruise port then some things you may wish to consider:

  • Visit the Truli Houses of  Alberobello . Alberobello is a beautiful and picturesque town and is a must for any visit to Puglia. Truli Houses are a unique architecture of the Puglia region and a must for any Italy bucket list .
  • Polignano – a beautiful beach town with a famous cave restaurant. 
  • Matera – a beautiful hilltop city that is famed for being the setting for the James Bond Film No Time to Die as the city with Vespa’s grave.

CRUISEPORTSITALY ” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”> For more information on Bari Shore Excursions click here. 

Civitavecchia Cruise Port – the cruise port for Rome 

italian cruise ship ports

You will find that many cruises around the Mediterranean will start, finish or at least visit the cruise port of Rome Civitavecchia. However the thing you need to know is that Rome is not a coastal city. Civitavecchia is the closest port to Rome but is not itself ion Rome. 

Whether you are starting, ending or just doing an excursion from Civitavecchia, it is worth pointing out that the port is actually relatively accessible and easy to get. 

While it is a very industrial port, you will have to get a bus to and from the port entrance to the ship, the town of Civitavecchia is very close and the train station (providing you don’t have too much luggage with you) is actually very walkable – and we have done this. 

The port is accessible by foot however there are few attractions in Civitavecchia itself.

Excursions from Civitavecchia Cruise Port

So what are the best excursions to take from Civitavecchia either through your ship or organised separately?

Well the cruise port of Civitavecchia has few attractions that warrant mentioning here. THErefore if you don’t want a ship you will be traveling from Civitavecchia. The main excursions people will take from Civitavecchia is obviously a day trip to  Rome .

Rome has some much on offer that I would recommend doing a tour on your own so you can pick exactly what you want to do. While there is a train station in Civitavecchia, the times and frequency can be temperamental so this one may be worth doing through the cruise ship. 

Some highlights of Rome obviously include: 

  • the Vatican City
  • The Colosseum 
  • Pantheon  

Just be sure that if you are visiting any religious sites on your excursions that you know what the Italian church dress code is. 

CRUISEPORTSITALY ” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”> For more information on Civitavecchia Shore Excursions click here. 

Genoa Cruise Port 

Genoa Cruise Port - Best Cruise Ports in Italy

Genoa Cruise Port – Best Cruise Ports in Italy

Genoa Cruise port details: 

If you are traveling on a Costa or MSC Cruise you will often find that Genoa is a point of disembarkation and embarkation.

Genoa (or Genova, as it’s also known) is surely one of Italy’s most underrated city destinations. This buzzing port city was one of Europe’s great seafaring superpowers and is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus (and pesto). There’s an embarrassment of riches here, but amazingly it’s relatively tourist-free.

One of the great things about the Genoa Cruise port is that the e port is located near to the redeveloped Old Port Area so is within easy walking distance providing you don’t have too much luggage with you. 

Note: if you have questions about how to pack for cruise travel be sure to check out our cruise packing guides: 

  • Cruise Embarkation Day Packing List
  • How to pack for a world cruise

Best Things to Do Near Genoa Cruise Port

If you want to explore the area of Genoa near the port this is completely possible to do on your own. Head first to the redeveloped Old Port area for Genoa’s main tourist attractions, as well as plenty of curiosities.

Walk along the promenade and you’ll come across pirate ships, museums, cafes, and a panoramic lift, but families should make a beeline for the Aquarium. It’s is the biggest in Europe, and it’s got sharks.

Grown-ups might be more interested in exploring Genoa’s architectural and gastronomic highlights. The old town area is a tangle of narrow medieval streets ripe for exploring.

San Lorenzo is the must-see church, and the UNESCO World Heritage site Strade Nuove is comprised of no less than 42 Renaissance and Baroque palaces!

Or if you just want to take a relaxing day by the sea then head to Boccadasse, the fisherman’s village, or catch the train out along the coast to one of the Italian Riviera’s many colourful towns. The famous Cinque Terre is just 1hr 40 minutes on the train.

Best Cruise Excursions from Genoa

However if you want to do something further afield than Genoa old town, you may want to consider booking a cruise excursions or organising your own. 

The best cruise shore excursions from Genoa include:

  • Day Trip to Portofino
  • Day Trip to Cinque Terre (although if your cruise also take in La Spezia this is much closer)

What to Eat in Genoa Cruise Port

The wider region of Liguria is famous for the quality of its olive oil, focaccia, and basil. There’s an Eataly outpost to keep foodies happy.

Written by The Mediterranean Traveller

CRUISEPORTSITALY ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> For more information on Genoa Shore Excursions click here. 

La Spezia Cruise Port

La Spezia is the main cruise port for the Cinque Terre Region.

italian cruise ship ports

What to do In La Spezia Cruise Port By Greta’s Travels :

La Spezia is quickly becoming one of the most popular cruise ports in Italy, thanks to its strategic location close to  Cinque Terre .

Cinque Terre is a National Park made up by the five towns of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore (hence the name  Cinque   Terre , or “Five Lands”) and is famous for the stunning hike with views over the sea that connects them.

What to Do in La Spezia If you Don’t want to Visit Cinque Terre

Livorno cruise port.

Livorno town is reached by a cheap shuttle bus for those not wanting to take an excursion.

Livorno itself is a quaint town with many canals and a decent aquarium for those cruising with toddlers or babies , but most people use Livorno as a jumping off port for other more famous Tuscan cities.

Excursions From Livorno

Fortress in Livorno Italy Cruise Port

Fortress in Livorno Italy Cruise Port

The three main attractions from Livorno are:

The towns of Lucca and San Gimignano are also accessible from Livorno.  

Most cruise ships will organize cruise excursions to all  tof these places but are also doable by train providing you leave yourself enough time and you have a long enough port day (this differs by cruise so do be sure to check your cruise itinerary).

Florence for me is the biggest draw offering the most rounded experience. Here you can see David, the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio and have some amazing food. 

If it is your first time in Tuscany then Florence would definitely metope pick for a shore excursions. 

CRUISEPORTSITALY ” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”> For more information on Livorno Shore Excursions click here. 

Messina Cruise Port

Messina cruise port, or Terminal Crociere di Messina as it is otherwise known is the biggest cruise port in Sicily.

One of the great things about the Messina cruise port is that it is located very close to town and very easy to do on your own without the need of a shore excursion.

The town itself is very pretty to walk around and has many attractions such as several important churches, a lighthouse and beautiful fountain.

Excursions from Messina Cruise Port

italian cruise ship ports

However if you would love to explore Sicily beyond Messina then there are lots of options.

However for me there is one place anyone day tripping from Messina should visit and that is Taormina.

Fans of the White Lotus series will be familiar with Taormina as the setting for season two of the show.

Taormina is a beautiful hillside town with Roman ruins, amazing food – try the local gelato, and local wines. It is really the quaintest Italian town to walk around and is a draw for many celebrities. 

However the other place that is very popular to visit from Messina is the famed Mount Etna. Most tours to Mount Etna will take you up towards the top of the Mountain, allow you to see the Silvestri Craters and take in the stunning views of the island. Some also include a trip to one of the many local vineyards. 

CRUISEPORTSITALY ” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”> For more information on Messina Shore Excursions click here. 

Naples Cruise Port

View of Pompeii

View of Pompeii

Naples Cruise Port is located centrally meaning it is very easy to access the city of Naples itself by foot. There is also a hop on hop off bus stop, located close to the terminal which is another great way to explore the area on your own without the need for a shore excursion. 

Excursions From Naples Cruise Port

Naples is actually one of my favorite Italian Cruise Ports as although Naples is not my favorite city, it is the gateway to so many amazing sites.

Pompeii, Herculaneum, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, and of course the island of Capri are all great choices for excursions and can be easily organized through the ship or independently.

And the one thing I love about all of these places is actually how close they are to Naples. In many of the other Italy cruise ports – I am looking at you Rome, there are long coach journeys involved in getting to your destination. Naples by comparison has all the excursions relatively close by. 

However I will note that if you are going to Naples in the summer, and plan to head down to the Amalfi Coast the traffic can be crazy. For this reason you may prefer a ship organised tour. 

And of course after any tour, the only way to finish your day in Naples is with  a proper Neopolitan Pizza – need I say more!

CRUISEPORTSITALY ” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”> Click here to view Naples Shore Excursions.

Palermo Cruise Port

Palermo Cruise Port, Italy Cruise Ports

Palermo Cruise Port, Italy Cruise Ports

Palermo is a harbour side city so it’s easy to jump right off your cruise ship and explore on foot.

Any day in Palermo should start at the Cathedral of Palermo which is a fusion of Western, Islamic and Byzantine architecture. Tours of the Cathedral’s tombs, crypts and its roof terraces are available either onsite (€7 per person) or through your ship’s excursion team. When we were in port we opted to look around the main Cathedral, which is free, and then watch the world go by from a neighbouring cafe with gelato in hand.

Alongside the Cathedral the the ornate Palazzo dei Normanni museum, which has a beautiful central courtyard, and Palermo Archaeological Museum are also walkable from the cruise terminal.

Fans of the Godfather films will also not want to miss a tour of Italy’s largest Opera House The Teattro Massimo which was featured in scenes from the third movie.

If you enjoy testing local produce then Palermo also has daily food markets.  

Best Shore Excursions from Palermo Cruise Port?

Most people tend to stick to Palermo based shore excursions when in Palermo cruise port

Written by TinBox Traveller

Venice Cruise Port

View from Cruise Ship leaving Venice Cruise Port

View from Cruise Ship leaving Venice Cruise Port

Venice Cruise port details

Venice is one of the more confusing ports to embark from due to the fact there are several ports and lots of confusing and contradictory information information about curses in Venice – mainly because of the recent cruise ship ban. 

There are actually three difference places in Venice that cruises can dock in which are:

  • Stazzione Marittima
  • San Basilio
  • Riva dei Sette Martiri

Be sure to check exactly which your location your ship leaves from. 

Bacino  Della  Stazione  Marittima in Venice has several piers at the port so find out which you are docked at and leave yourself plenty of time for embarkation. If you are cruising on a large ship this is the most likely embarkation day point. 

The San Basilio port usually has the smaller ships, river cruises and ferries that connect Venice to Croatia 

Riva dei Sette Martiri is where historically ships would dock and it is in walking distance to the St Marks Square but this is not a common embarkation anymore. Today this is used exclusively for yachts instead of cruise ships. 

Venice Airport to Cruise Port

You can get a taxi from Marco Polo Airport to the cruise terminal. It takes around 20 minutes and should cost no more than 40 Euros. The budget option is to take the airport bus. For those willing to splash more cash you can take a water taxi and get a scenic view of Venice. This however is the most costly method at around 100 Euros a trip.

If you are traveling to Venice’s other airport Treviso the best option is likely to be to take th airport bus.

Is the Venice cruise port accessible by foot? 

Venice is a pedestrianized city which means that it is a great city to explore by foot. Otherwise take the vaporetti and tour the city by boat. There really is no need to get a shore excursion around Venice if you don’t want to.

What to do near Venice Cruise Port

Basically, the cruise port is near to everything amazing in Venice. Obviously the most popular tourist sites in Venice are Piazza San Marco, the Doge’s Palace and the Rialto Bridge! We also love just taking a Vaporetti around the city or perhaps one not visit one of Venice’s other island such as Murano or Burano. They are so colorful and make for amazing photographs.

What to Eat in Venice Cruise Port

Venice has some amazing food and so many feature regional staples such as rice and seafood!. The regional specialities are risotto, in particularly seafood risottos.

Why not consider taking a food tour to get to know the food better.

If you want coffee and cake, remember in Venice you pay a premium to sit while Venetians opt to stand at the bar.

CRUISEPORTSITALY ” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>For more information on shore excursions in Venice click here. 

FAQs about Italy Cruise Ports?

Where do cruises leave from in italy.

Cruises leave Italy from a variety of places. However the most common ports in Italy for embarkation include:

  • Genoa – for those cruising with MSC
  • Rome Civitavecchia – commonly a embarkation day port for Royal Caribbean and Norwegian.
  • Venice – for cruises that visit Italy and the Greek Islands this is a common embarkation point. 

What cruise port is at the Amalfi Coast?

Do cruise ships stop in positano italy, what is your favorite italian cruise port.

Don’t fancy a cruise – check out this 10 day Italian itinerary for land!

Saturday 6th of April 2019

This is a great guide for cruisers. I wish I had had this when I did my Mediterranean Cruise. Also, totally agree about Naples. You BETTER have pizza.

Harmony, Momma To Go

Saturday 23rd of June 2018

First of all I love Italy - second of all I had no idea there were so many cruise ports! I need a mediteranea cruise in my life!

Thursday 21st of June 2018

WOW! These photos are amazing and what great information for your fellow cruisers! I've actually never been on a cruise, but have visited a few of these cities. Many others are on my list... #citytripping

Elizabeth (Wander Mum)

I’m so impressed with all your cruise trips. I’ve never done a cruise, can you believe it? I’ve been to loads of these places in Italy though! It is such a diverse country. I’d never get bored of exploring Italy. Thanks for linking #citytripping

California Globetrotter

Tuesday 19th of June 2018

Seems like doing a cruise and hitting up the best of the best is a great way to explore Italy! Would love to do a Mediterranean cruise one day! #CityTripping

Italy Ports of Call: Where Cruise Ships Stop in Italy

italian cruise ship ports

  • Ancona – The port city of Ancona is on the Adriatic Sea on the east coast of Italy, in the Marche region. Cruise ships from both the Costa Crociere Group and MSC Group regularly stop in Ancona, although it’s not a major port of call for most Mediterranean cruises. Right in Ancona there is evidence of both Roman and Greek settlements, and there is a hilltop cathedral in the city. The official Ancona cruise terminal website is here .
  • Bari – Bari is a major city in the southern Italian region of Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot. It’s a big enough city that there’s plenty to do if it’s a stop on your cruise, even without leaving the area. Bari itself has an old section that’s nice to explore, several churches, and a castle that dates from the 12th century. But the main draw in this part of Italy isn’t the city: it’s the beach. The official Bari cruise terminal website is here . Search for Bari hostels if you need to stay the night
  • Civitavecchia – The city of Civitavecchia may not be on your Italy to-do list, but this is the cruise port used for trips into Rome. You’ll find all the details you need to know in my article Rome Cruise Terminal: Where it Is and How to Get There .
  • Genoa – Genoa’s port ranks at the top of the list in Italy when it comes to the amount of freight that comes in and out every year, but it’s also a popular port for cruise ships as well. In fact, Genoa is often the starting or ending point for an Italy cruise or a Mediterranean cruise, so rather than looking for shore excursions from Genoa you might just be looking for things to do in the city before or after your cruise. The historic center is beautiful, and along with a selection of pretty churches Genoa is also home to Europe’s largest aquarium. The official Genoa cruise terminal website is here . Search for Genoa hotels and Genoa hostels if you need to stay the night
  • Livorno – As is the case with Civitavecchia listed above, the primary destinations people whose cruises stop in Livorno are headed for are inland – places like Florence and Pisa. But Livorno itself is perfectly lovely, if you want to spend your day there instead of taking a shore excursion into Tuscany a bit further (or if you have multiple days in port). The historic part of the city is ringed by a 16th century canal, and although the original cathedral dated to the late 1500s it was mostly rebuilt after WWII. The official Livorno cruise terminal website is here .
  • Messina – The Sicilian port of Messina is the busiest in terms of passenger traffic, partly because of ferries back and forth from mainland Italy to the island of Sicily; but it’s also the port Mediterranean cruises use for shore excursions to Taormina and Mt. Etna. The official Messina cruise terminal website is here .
  • Naples – Naples is home to one of Italy’s largest ports, although most people visiting the area for short periods head straight for the islands, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, or make day trips to Pompeii or Herculaneum rather than seeing the sights in Naples itself. Depending on how long you have in port, a day spent touring Naples is a great option (along with all those other great day trip options). The official Naples cruise terminal website is here . Search for Naples hotels if you need to stay the night
  • Palermo – While Messina is typically the Sicilian port of call for visits to the eastern parts of the island, the western side of Sicily is more easily reached when cruises stop in Palermo. It’s one of Sicily’s major cities, and has many notable churches and historic sights, so it’s well worth spending time right in Palermo if the shore excursions don’t interest you. The official Palermo cruise terminal website is here . Search for Palermo hotels and Palermo hostels if you need to stay the night
  • Portofino – Just down the coast from Genoa is the small resort town of Portofino. While massive cruise ships can’t get in close to Portofino, it’s still a relatively popular port of call. If the ship you’re on can’t get into the harbor, you’ll be ferried from the ship onto the land. There are similar towns dotting the coast around Portofino, most of which are picturesque and expensive.
  • Portovenere – Portovenere is another small town along the Ligurian coast where the big cruise ships can’t get into the harbor, so if Portovenere is on your itinerary you’ll be ferried to the land from your ship. Portovenere is down the coast from the Cinque Terre, so a shore excursion to those five villages may be on your to-do list. Otherwise, the town of Portovenere itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (as are the Cinque Terre), with several churches and a castle to visit.
  • Trieste – The city of Trieste is so close to the border it’s almost in Slovenia, which means that shore excursions could technically take place in two different countries if you were so inclined. Trieste itself is a pretty port city, with a beautiful main square, a hilltop castle, and a cathedral worth visiting. It’s also famously home to Italy’s illy coffee company, so be sure to have a cup before you leave. The official Trieste cruise terminal website is here . Search for Trieste hotels and Trieste hostels if you need to stay the night
  • Venice – Venice has its own cruise terminal, despite not being a big city. It is, after all, a city built upon and surrounded by water. You’ll find all the details you need to know in my article Venice Cruise Terminal: Where it Is and How to Get There . Search for Venice hotels and Venice hostels if you need to stay the night

>> This post on the Walks of Italy blog lists how to get from three of Italy’s cruise ports (Civitavecchia, Livorno, & Naples) to the places you want to see nearby. photo from the Naples cruise terminal website

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Independent Quest: Maps and Guides for Travelers ™

Venice (Italy) Cruise Port Essential Guide

  • At The Pier   ❯
  • To Do • See   ❯
  • Shopping   ❯
  • Restaurants   ❯
  • Facts   ❯
  • Home   ❯
  • Menu  ❯

Photo of Gondola on the Canal Grande close to Venice cruise port

Venice overview for cruise passengers: where ships dock, what to do, top attractions, and shore excursions; dining and shopping.

By: Editor-in-Chief Date: February 26, 2021

Venice is one of the most visited cruise ports in Italy and Europe. Built upon 117 separate islands and held together by wooden beamed structures below water, Venice is as strong today as it was when first inhabited over 1500 years ago.

The maze of tiny cobbled streets and courtyards, where you bump into history around every corner, seems to go on forever. Not surprisingly, Venice remains a city that all cruise passengers must have on their bucket list.

  • Where is Venice

Where cruise ships dock

  • Things to do in Venice
  • Top attractions
  • Shore excursions (Shorex)
  • Lunch and quick bites

Shops and shopping

There is so much to do and see in Venice that cruises calling at the port for one day will force passengers to choose carefully. The good news is that most cruise lines stay at least two days in Venice, allowing more time to explore this unique city.

Venice is both a port of call and a homeport in Italy for cruises in the eastern Mediterranean. However, the overwhelming majority of cruise ships dock in Venice to embark and disembark passengers.

Embarking and disembarking in Venice

Cruise passengers embarking in Venice cruise port, especially those traveling from the US or Canada, should fly at least one day ahead. Arrive in Venice before noon and stay in a hotel overnight to fully enjoy the city.

If you are disembarking a cruise in Venice, you should also consider staying an extra day to explore the city, although you should have in mind that hotels tend to be very expensive but worth every penny.

Where is Venice and the cruise port

Venice is on the northern tip of the Adriatic sea, formed by the Italian peninsula on the west and coasts of Croatia, Albania, and Greece on the east side. Trieste and Ravenna are another two cruise ports nearby and also visited by cruise ships to explore Venice. Trieste is 68 miles (110 km) to the east, and Ravenna is 66 miles (107 km) to the south.

The cruise port is inside the Venetian Lagoon, on the west side of the city. For over one century, cruise ships have been sailing in and out of the lagoon, offering spectacular vistas of Venice but damaging the wooden structure underwater. There have been many complaints by residents and, sooner or later, there will be inevitable restrictions on cruising.

There are 2 cruise terminals in Venice where ships may dock:

  • Venezia Terminal Passeggeri
  • San Basilico

With very few exceptions, all cruise ships dock at the Venice Passenger Terminal. This main cruise terminal is in an area connected to the mainland by road and train. It has excellent access for all cruisers embarking or disembarking in Venice.

Photo Cruise Port in Venice.

Cruise Port, Venice

Photo: Public Domain

The terminal also has good connections to the historical center - namely by Vaporetto or Water Taxi -, and is less than 3/4 of a mile (1 km) from Piazzale Roma. This large square is the primary transportation hub of Venice. Within walking distance of the Piazzale Roma, there are quite a few impressive highlights.

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Things to do on a cruise to Venice

Whatever you want to do and see in Venice, be aware that the historical city is exclusively pedestrian. So, make sure you wear comfortable footwear.

Photo of Gondolas in Venice.

Photo © IQCruising

To visit the top attractions, you will always walk a lot. And there are many highlights and different areas to explore on foot in Venice. Inevitably, you need to choose carefully what you want to do, which sites to visit, and which to skip. Here are the top things for cruise passengers to do in Venice:

  • Visit the highlights around St Mark
  • Enjoy top museums and art galleries
  • Visit churches with stuning art
  • Walk around the Jewish Ghetto
  • Explore Murano and Burano
  • Take a Gondola Ride
  • Discover Verona
  • Go on a tour to Padua
  • Enjoy beach time in the Lido
  • Go on a shopping spree
  • Lunch al fresco in a secluded piazza

Top attractions in Venice cruise port

St Mark Square is, undoubtedly, the top highlight of Venice. Besides the fact that this is one of the most beautiful squares in the World, here you will find some other highlights: Saint Mark's Basilica (Basilica di San Marco), the Bell Tower (Campanile), the Clock Tower (not to be confused with the previous one), the Correr Museum.

Photo of St. Mark's Square in Venice.

St. Mark's Square, Venice

Photo ©

The magnificent Doge's Palace and the famous Bridge of Sighs (Ponte de Sospiri) are literally around the corner. In St Mark Square, the cruise passenger will also find three famous cafe-restaurants: the Cafe Florian, the Ristorante Quadri, and the Cafe Lavena.

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Landmarks beyond St Mark's square

But there is much more to see in Venice beyond the Piazza San Marco. The Rialto Bridge is an iconic landmark - and the walk from San Marco to Rialto a must-do.

The Teatro La Fenice , the Jewish Ghetto (and Museum), the Arsenale, the Riva degli Schiavoni (Waterfront Promenade), the Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo, the Ca' D'Oro , are among the top landmarks to enjoy. Finally, visiting Venice would never be complete without a tour to Murano, Burano, or the Lido.

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Churches and Museums

Once upon a time, Venice became famous for being a magnet for some of the most famous artists ever gathered in the world. Their masterworks are on display in the countless churches of Venice. And in excellent museums. A look inside churches is always an eye-opening experience as, in most cases, the exuberant interiors do not match the humble exteriors.

The Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari and the Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo are two examples of modest facades with exuberant interiors.

Amongst the many art exhibits, the Galleria dell’ Accademia and the Scuola Grande di San Rocco are two must-see museums. Museums like Peggy Guggenheim Collection , the Ca’ Rezzonico, or the Museum of Naval History should also be on your to-do list.

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Cruise shore excursions and tours

Obviously, all cruise lines visiting Venice offer many and diverse shore excursions of the city and other destinations close by. Royal Caribbean offers 11 shore excursions , and Norwegian Cruise Line has available 9 shore tours .

Celebrity Cruises offer as many 8 shore explorations , Holland America lists 25 cruise excursions and Princess has available 18 excursions in Venice cruise port.

The upper-premium cruise lines like Oceania and Viking visit Venice cruise port on many itineraries. Oceania Cruises organizes 23 shore excursions in Venice. Although most luxury cruise lines include shore excursions with the cruise fare, Regent, Seabourn and Silversea offer unique and diverse explorations ashore in Venice. Regent lists 27 excursions , and Seabourn has 12 excursions .

Dining, quick bites, and local cuisine

One thing cruise passengers must-do in Venice is to have lunch, a quick bite, or at least grab a snack as you explore the city. The cruise terminals are too far from top attractions and to walk back to the cruise ship for lunch is a waste of precious time.

Yet, be aware that Venice is famous for not having as good restaurants as you would expect. There are, obviously, excellent restaurants in the city. But you have to be in the know to find the best gourmet cuisine. However, there are lots of places to have a quick bite or grab a snack. And the settings are unbeatable.

Photo of Cafe Florian in Venice.

Whether it's by a canal, under an arcade, on a side street, or an off-the-beaten-track square, the cruise visitor will stumble upon great scenic choices. You may want to follow your instinctive nose (if you have one) or read our review of the best places to have lunch, a quick bite, and learn about the local cuisine.

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Very few people live in Venice (population rounds fewer than 40,000), which means that most shops the cruise passenger will come across target the 20 million tourists that visit the city every year. However, this doesn't mean that shops are tourist traps but that most are very high quality.

In Venice, you will find boutiques with all the high fashion designers ranging from famous Italian names like Salvatore Ferragamo to international brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or Tiffany.

Photo of Murano Glass Shop in Venice.

Murano Glass Shop, Venice

Cruise passengers looking to buy a nice souvenir to take a bit of Venice home should look for handcrafted glass made in nearby Murano. There are shops all over Venice with beautiful glass designs. You will also find art galleries with famous contemporary artists. Like most in Venice, even souvenir stores are of exceptional quality.

Photo of Carnival Costume Shop in Venice.

Carnival Costume Shop, Venice

Some of these shops are just a delight to look at, in particular, the stores selling Carnival costumes and masks.

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By Durant Imboden

  • Also see: Venice for Cruisers

V enice, Italy used to be the largest cruise port in the Eastern Mediterranean, thanks in part to its long history as a maritime republic and shipbuilding colossus. That changed in 2021, when the Italian government responded to political pressures by banning all but the smallest passenger ships from central Venice .

Today, a "Venice" cruise embarkation, disembarkation, or port call could take place at any number of small cities and industrial areas along the northern Adriatic coast between Trieste and Ravenna.

In this article, we'll show maps and give brief descriptions of these port locations. Read your cruise documentation carefully and confirm your ship's exact location with the cruise line if you're uncertain about where your ship will be berthed.

CroisiEurope's MICHELANGELO near the San Basilio cruise pier in Venice, Italy.

ABOVE: A river vessel, CroisiEurope's Michelangelo , cruises from the San Basilio pier in Venice's historic center.

Note: Even though medium-size and large ships are often moored far from central Venice, the cruise lines may use central Venice's cruise terminals as check-in and arrival points. If that's the case with your cruise, you'll be taken to or from your ship by shuttle bus. (However, if the pier is a couple of hours away--in Ravenna or Trieste, for example--you may need to book a paid transfer with your cruise line or get to the port on your own.)

Below are maps and brief descriptions of the ports that are now being used for cruises that begin, end, or include a port call in "Venice."

Venice, Marghera, & Fusina

In the map above, you can see three locations inside the Venetian Lagoon:

Venice's Marittima cruise basin and San Basilio/Santa Marta cruise terminal (at the edge of Venice's historic center, near the right side of the map).

The industrial port of Marghera , on the Venetian mainland (about a 15-minute ride by taxi or shuttle bus from Venice's Piazzale Roma ).

Fusina , to the south of Marghera, which serves the Anek car ferries to Greece but is also has facilities for cruise ships.

In most cases,  check-in and other formalities for larger ships are handled at terminals in the Marittima basin, with shuttle buses whisking passengers to and from the piers.

Small ships (typically below 25,000 GRT), including river vessels from Uniworld and CroisiEurope, continue to moor at either the Marittima basin or the adjacent San Basilio/Santa Marta piers in central Venice.

The town of Chioggia (pop. 50,000) lies at the southern end of the Venetian Lagoon, alongside one of the lagoon's three inlets from the Adriatic Sea. Chioggia has been nicknamed "Little Venice" because its old town has canals like its larger neighbor to the north.

Chioggia welcomes river vessels (Uniworld and CroisiEurope) and a hotel barge, La Bella Vita . In the wake of Italy's 2021 embargo on most cruise ships in Venice, Chioggia has also served a handful of oceangoing vessels. Ships normally tie up at a pier in the northwest corner of Chioggia's Centro Storico or old town (see map).

Chioggia is slightly more than an hour from Venice by car, taxi, coach, or  bus. If you don't mind schlepping your luggage or hiring a cab from the end of the line to the pier, you might try ArrivaVeneto's frequent and reasonably priced bus service to Chioggia Sottamarina from Venice's Piazzale Roma , the Venezia Mestre train station, and Venice Marco Polo Airport .

Ravenna (pop. 160,000) is best known for its Byzantine mosaics , which date back to the 5th and 6th Centuries. However, the city does have a port on its northern outskirts, and a new cruise terminal is becoming the Eastern Mediterranean hub for Royal Caribbean and its subsidiary, Celebrity Cruises.

From Venice, a cruise transfer by bus or private car takes about 2-1/2 hours. (There's no direct train, although you can get from Venezia Santa Lucia railroad station to central Ravenna with a change of trains in Ferrara.)

In the map above, you can see the port to the northeast of the city. Cruise ships moor at the Porto Corsini, just inside the port entrance from the Adriatic Sea. Click here for advice on transportation between downtown Ravenna and the pier.

Monfalcone is northeast of Venice on the way to Trieste (see below), about an hour and a half from Venice by bus, car, or train. The town is mostly known for shipbuilding and other heavy industries, but MSC Cruises occasionally uses Monfalcone as a turnaround port.

On the map, you'll see the cruise quay just inside the port entrance.

Trieste is a major international port at the far northeastern corner of the Adriatic, close to Italy's border with Slovenia. It was an important city in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and still has a Central European vibe.

Cruise ships aren't newcomers to Trieste, but the number of ships has increased after the banning of large cruise vessels from Venice.

Trieste is roughly 165 km or 100 miles from Venice, but getting there is easy:

Fast trains from Venezia Santa Lucia take just over two hours to reach Trieste's central station.

Flixbus offers several connections per day from Venice, Mestre, and Venice Marco Polo Airport. Travel time is about 2-1/2 hours.

From the train or bus station, you can walk or hire a taxi to the cruise pier, which is located on the downtown waterfront near the Piazza Unità d'Italia.

About the author:

Durant Imboden photo.

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Cagliari Sardinia Cruise Port Guide, Things to Do, Excursions

Cagliari old town

Welcome to Cagliari cruise port (Sardinia, Italy)! (Post updated: January 2024)

Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily) that has played a major commercial role for over 2.500 years due to its favorable strategic position in the central part of the Mediterranean. Nestled along the island’s south coast, the port of Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia and one of the largest seaports in Italy. In this article, read about:

  • Cagliari cruise port (Cagliari cruise terminal, getting around)
  • Top 13 things to do in Cagliari cruise port & Cagliari shore excursions

Visit also our cruise port guides to Rome (Civitavecchia) , Naples , Livorno , La Spezia ,  Barcelona , Palma de Mallorca , Marseille

Cagliari Cruise Port

Cagliari is the main cruise port on the island of Sardinia and a very busy one due to its ferry connection to the mainland (Civitavecchia, Naples) and Sicily (Palermo). The port also features one of the largest container terminals in the Mediterranean and highly developed port facilities and infrastructure.

Cagliari cruise terminal is located 800 meters or a 15-minute walk from downtown. Cruise ships dock at Molo Rinascita and the port authorities normally provide a complimentary shuttle bus to the roundabout at Piazza Matteotti, the square from where you can walk into the old town of Cagliari. The town is hilly, so get ready to walk uphill and wear comfortable footwear.

The port of Cagliari consists of two docks measuring 480 and 450 meters in length that can accommodate the world’s largest cruise liners. Next to the terminal, you’ll find a Guest Information Center (GIC) kiosk where you can get all the necessary information on train/bus timetables, city attractions, etc. Here, you can also purchase Cagliari souvenirs, rent a bike/car, book tours and get city maps.

Port of Cagliari, Sardinia

Helpful info & links :

  • The currency in Italy is EURO (€). Local currency and credit cards are widely accepted.
  • The best way to get around Cagliari is on foot, however, you should be able to walk on hilly and uneven surfaces involving lots of staircases.
  • Cagliari bus station (known as Stazione ARST) is adjacent to the Cagliari railway station and both are located at Piazza Matteotti. For buses, find more information on the ARST website , and for train timetables and fares, check out
  • Cagliari also has a two-line metro system known as MetroCagliari . The trains depart from Piazza Repubblica and the two lines serve the town of Cagliari and a part of its metropolitan area. Find more info at
  • City Tour Open Bus provides sightseeing tours of Cagliari. The buses depart from Piazza Yenne, located 550 m from Piazza Matteotti, at the end of the notable Largo Carlo Felice avenue. Check out the timetables and fares on the official webpage
  • Poetto Beach is the most famous beach located a 15-minute drive from Cagliari cruise port. Local operators (including City Tour Open Bus) provide round-trip transportation to the beach for the price of approximately 10€ per person. You’ll see many of these operators at Piazza Matteotti and around the port area. Keep this price in mind as the cruise lines normally offer transfer options to the beach at a higher price.
  • Taxis are available at the cruise terminal.
  • Cagliari Elmas Airport (Aeroporto di Cagliari-Elmas) is Cagliari’s international airport located 8.5 km/5 miles (a 15-minute drive) northwest of the port of Cagliari. Book a private transfer to/from Cagliari cruise port
  • Shopping in Cagliari is the best in the old town area which starts at Piazza Matteotti. It is centered around Largo Carlo Felice Avenue, Via Giuseppe Manno, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Via Alghero, Via Roma (this street lines up the waterfront), and others. This is where you’ll find the majority of hotels, cafes and eateries as well.
  • Cagliari enjoys the Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot, humid summers. For useful cruise packing tips, check out my article What to Pack for a Cruise – Top 55 Cruise Essentials
  • Explore the best Cagliari tours and activities
  • Check out the best hotels in Cagliari  

Cagliari Town Hall

Top 13 Things to Do in the Port of Cagliari

Before I share the best things to do in Cagliari, I invite you to grab your copy of the “ Mediterranean Cruise Port Guide” , the most comprehensive guide to 45 Mediterranean cruise ports (including Cagliari) , packed with practical information, expert tips & unforgettable experiences! (PDF format/200 pages)


1. Castello District (Old Town)

Quartiere Castello, Cagliari’s historic district, preserves the most important remains of the Middle Ages. With its impressive walls and towers, Castello (or “the upper castle”) lies on top of a hill overlooking the Gulf of Cagliari. Two of the most striking towers include an early 14th-century limestone Torre di San Pancrazio  and the  Torre dell’Elefante , typical examples of Pisan military architecture.

In this historic quarter, at a stone’s throw from Torre dell’Elefante, you’ll come across the spectacular Bastione di Saint Remy with its staircase leading to Terrazza Umberto I , a vast plaza with outstanding city and sea views.

Quartiere Castello (Castello District), Cagliari

Castello is a must-see place in Cagliari if you are looking for an authentic local experience. You can wander around its narrow streets, admire colorful facades, indulge in Italian gelato, or visit other Castello landmarks including:

  • Cagliari Cathedral (known as Duomo of Cagliari and Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta e Santa Cecilia ) – With its elegant Neo-Romanesque façade, the cathedral originally dates from the 13th century and is the seat of the archbishop of Cagliari.
  • Royal Palace (Palazzo Regio) – Also known as Viceregio (Viceroyal palace), the 14th-century opulent palace is a former royal residence that nowadays hosts exhibitions, concerts and public visits.
  • Antico Palazzo di Città – Another beautiful palace housing a museum featuring temporary exhibitions.
  • Palazzo Arcivescovile
  • Church of Saint Lucia ‘in Castello’

Explore Castello District tours and activities

2. Bastione Saint Remy

The iconic Saint Remy Bastion is one of the most majestic monumental structures in Cagliari located in the heart of Castello District, within a short walking distance from the port. Built in the Classic style between 1896 and 1902 on the site of the old city bastions, the imposing structure nowadays consists of an ornate limestone arch with pillars, a wide terrace known as Umberto I Terrace, and an exhibition space for cultural events. From the terrace, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the city and port.

Check out Bastione Saint Remy tours and activities

San Remy Bastion, Cagliari

3. Museo Archeologico Nazionale

The National Archeological Museum is the most important Cagliari museum as it holds an impressive archaeological collection with over 4.000 artifacts telling Sardinia’s long 7000-years-old history. In this fantastic archeological complex, you’ll discover Punic, Greek and Roman artifacts, relics, coins, jewelry, pottery, statues and other archeological findings from different parts of the island.

The National Museum of Archaeology is located north of the Castello district, a 20-minute walk from the port of Cagliari (1.3 km/0.80 miles).

Check out Museo Archeologico Nazionale tours and activities

4. Roman Amphitheatre of Cagliari

Only 650 meters northwest of Museo Archeologico Nazionale, you’ll come across another impressive archeological site – the ruins of the 2nd-century AD Roman amphitheater half-carved in the rock, while the rest was built in local white limestone. The amphitheater could house up to 8.000 spectators and used to host gladiator contests, cultural performances and even public executions.

Today, the amphitheater hosts concerts and a variety of performances and is open for visits. It takes a 20-minute walk to get to the Roman Amphitheatre from the port. 

Explore Roman Amphitheatre tours and activities

5. San Benedetto Market

Mercato di San Benedetto is one of the liveliest, busiest and most colorful areas in Cagliari. If you want to feel the local vibe, delight in local specialties and shop for fresh produce, the San Benedetto market has it all! It is the largest indoor food market in Italy, offering practically everything, from all kinds of cheese, fish, meat, to veggies, fruits and wines. The market is located in the San Benedetto district, 2 km/1.2 miles (a 30-minute walk or a 10-minute drive) northeast of the port Cagliari.

  • Explore San Benedetto Market tours and activities
  • Check out Cagliari food and wine tours

6. Santuario di Bonaria

Santuario di Nostra Signora di Bonaria, also known as The Shrine of Our Lady of Bonaria , is a part of the larger 14th-century complex that includes the Basilica of Our Lady of Bonaria, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Bonaria and the monastery.

Located on the top of the hill, the Sanctuary boasts an elegant white facade and is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is known for holding a revered, wooden statue of the Virgin Mary, the Patroness of Sardinia, created in the 14th century. Next to the basilica, you’ll find the Monumental Cemetery of Bonaria and an open-air art gallery.

Santuario di Bonaria is located 1.8 km/1.1 miles (a 25-minute walk or less than a 10-minute drive) southeast of the port of Cagliari, along the waterfront and Marina di Bonaria-Su Siccu.

Check out Santuario di Bonaria tours and activities

7. Basilica di San Saturnino

The Palaeo-Christian Basilica of San Saturnino is dedicated to Saturninus of Cagliari, the patron saint of the city, a martyr killed under Diocletian’s reign. The basilica is the island’s oldest paleo-Christian sanctuary dating from the 5th century and is known for its controversial and thousand-year history. It is located a 10-minute walk from Nostra Signora di Bonaria and a 20-minute walk from Piazza Matteotti.

8. Parco di Monte Urpinu

Surrounded by lush mountains and rolling hills, some of Cagliari’s green areas have been transformed into public parks including Parco di Monte Urpinu, the most popular city park. The park is situated on a hilltop overlooking the city, a 15-minute drive northeast of the Cagliari cruise port.

It is a quiet, peaceful place ideal for those looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of the historic center. Within the park, you’ll find wildlife species including foxes and various bird varieties and for those of you who like hiking, you can take one of a few challenging trails up. Parco di Monte Urpinu also offers magnificent panoramic views of the city to one side and the saline lakes and Poetto beach to the other.

Cagliari panorama

9. Botanical Garden

Orto Botanico di Cagliari is located near the Castello District, at the bottom of the Roman Amphitheater, about a 15-minute walk from Piazza Matteotti. This wonderful green oasis is home to an enormous variety of trees, plants and rare species from all over the world. Spanning over 5 hectares within the University of Cagliari grounds, the gardens also include ancient Phoenician and Roman cisterns, now fertile breeding zones for water lilies and papyrus.

10. Poetto Beach

Cagliari’s most famous beach is located 7 km/4.3 miles or a 15-minute drive east of the cruise port. The long stretch of beautiful sandy beach is lined with lively seafront bars and eateries and dotted with sunbeds and umbrellas that you can rent for an ultimate beach experience.

Cruise lines normally offer round-trip beach transfers to Poetto Beach, however, these can be quite expensive. Instead, outside the cruise terminal, you’ll find many operators and taxis offering transfers for less money (around 10€ round trip). In case you’re traveling in a group of 3 or 4, sharing a taxi is the most convenient and the cheapest option.

Check out Poetto Beach tours and activities

Poetto Beach, Cagliari

11. Parco Naturale Molentargius Saline

Molentargius – Saline Regional Park is located near Poetto Beach, less than a 10-minute drive from the port. The vast natural park extends across 1.600 hectares and is a wetland with fresh and saltwater ponds that were once used to harvest salt. Nowadays it is home to a wealth of birdlife including flamingoes, who feed and breed on the huge lakes.

Check out Molentargius – Saline park tours and activities

12. Su Nuraxi di Barumini

Su Nuraxi di Barumini is Sardinia’s UNESCO World Heritage Site located approximately 63 km/40 miles (a 50-minute drive) north of Cagliari port. Developed on the island of Sardinia, “nuraghi” were a special type of defensive fortification dating back to the Bronze Age, more precisely to the 2nd millennium BC. This fascinating prehistoric archeological site consists of a network of circular defensive towers in the form of truncated cones built of dressed stone, with corbel-vaulted internal chambers. The best way to visit Su Nuraxi di Barumini is on a guided tour, due to the distance from the port.

Explore Su Nuraxi di Barumini tours and activities

13. Archeological Site of Nora

Last but not least, the ancient city of Nora was one of the largest metropolia on the island located at Capo di Pula, about 37 km/23 miles (a 35-minute drive) southwest of Cagliari port.

The site was the first Phoenician city in Sardinia dating from the 8 th century BC and was later fully developed under the Punic rule in the 4 th century BC. In 238 BC, Nora was conquered by the Romans who contributed to the development of the infrastructure of the city by building villas, baths, temples and neighborhoods only a few meters away from the sea.

Nowadays, visitors can take a glimpse of Nora’s ancient splendor on a guided tour and enjoy the breathtaking panorama with the iconic Torre del Coltellazzo in the background.

Check out Nora Archaeological Area tours and activities

Capo di Pula and Torre del Coltellazzo, Cagliari

Visit also our cruise port guides to Rome (Civitavecchia) , Naples , Livorno , La Spezia , Malaga , Barcelona , Palma de Mallorca , Marseille , Cannes , Ajaccio (Corsica) , Ibiza , Taormina (Messina)

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your Mediterranean cruise experience with our “Mediterranean Cruise Port Guide”- your ultimate companion to discovering the region’s hidden treasures and creating unforgettable memories; click below to purchase your copy today and embark on the voyage of a lifetime!

This article may contain affiliate / compensated links. For full information, please see my  disclaimer  here.

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Cruise Trail

Port of Ravenna, Italy – the essential guide

The essential guide to the Port of Ravenna, Italy.

The Italian port of Ravenna – Porto Corsini – is now home to many cruise ships that used to start their cruise itineraries to the Mediterranean or the Greek Isles from the ports in Venice.

Venice is known as a floating city. Much has been reported about rising water levels and the ancient streets at risk of crumbling. Therefore, congestion in port traffic has resulted in some cruise ships being banned from docking in Venice.

And that has given Ravennas port, Porto Corsini, time to shine.

Previously unfamiliar to cruise guests, Ravenna recently gained much attention when the port authority awarded Royal Caribbean a contract to build a brand new terminal there.

The plan is that the new cruise port terminal will be in operation from 2024.

Until then, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises are using the existing terminals in Ravenna to dock their ships bound for the Mediterranean, the Greek Isles, and beyond.

The port’s name is Port Corsini, located about 15km northeast of Ravenna city center.

Quick navigation

Visit Venice before your cruise from Ravenna

You must check which ports to head to with your cruise line before booking your flight and transport arrangements. Have you booked a cruise from Venice , or are you now leaving from Ravenna? Most cruise guests are eager to spend time in Venice before they transfer to Ravenna.

And so you should. Find out about visiting Venice, where to stay, and what to do on our Venice information page .

The good news is that getting to Ravenna from Venice is not difficult but allow travel time. Of course, there will be a transport cost; you should plan for this in your vacation budget. We list a few different options at different price points in this article.

Historic and charming Ravenna

Ravenna, located in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, is a beautiful, historic city 150 km south of Venice on the Adriatic Sea. It takes about 2.5 to 3 hours to travel from Venice.

Proudly home to eight UNESCO World Heritage monuments, Ravenna is a treasure trove to explore. It is famous for its stunning Early Christian and Byzantine mosaics. And the historical center of Ravenna is a charming maze of tiny streets packed with museums, parks, cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. Shop the main streets of Via Cavour, Via Diaz, and Via Cairoli to find small artisan shops, local wines, and food.

Ravenna is the old capital of the Roman Empire, and to appreciate the history of your surroundings, it is worth booking a guided tour before you leave home. Or you can contact the official tourism board for more information and prices here .

With 35 km of coastline along the Adriatic seas, Ravenna’s best beaches and lidos include Papeete Beach and Lido Adriano, but they are at least 30 minutes by car from the city.

How to get there

The best way to get to Ravenna from Venice is by train. If you are staying on Venice island, purchase tickets from Venezia S. Lucia train station to Ravenna , changing trains at Ferrara or Bologna.

Trenitalia and Italotreno are the primary train operators in Italy. They have high-speed trains connecting you to major cities and numerous regional trains.

We recommend that you search, compare, and book train tickets in Italy before you leave home. Omio, which offers train tickets with both these carriers, is an easy-to-navigate price comparison website in English. It provides all available options for your journey and allows you to compare prices to ensure you get the best deal. And bookings can be made in your local currency. Just change the currency on the upper right corner of the website if you need to.

Alternatively, you can book tickets directly with Trenitalia or Italotreno on their website for about three months within your travel date.

You can also wait until you get there to purchase train tickets directly at the train station. The cost of a single journey between Venice Island and Ravenna for an adult is around 25 euros per person. However, note that we recommend booking before you leave home if you want a specific train time and a guaranteed seat onboard.

Outside the train station in Ravenna, taxis take you to the port. The price is about 21 euros, and the journey is about 15 minutes (longer if the traffic is heavy). If it’s a national holiday or an evening/night journey, the price will be around 26 euros. If you are staying at a hotel in the city, the train station is very central, and some hotels are within walking distance.

Where to stay in Ravenna

We recommend at least one hotel night in Ravenna before your cruise starts to ensure you do not miss your embarkation time. Ideally, you will arrive in time to spend at least one day in Ravenna before your cruise.

If you plan to book hotels in Ravenna, here are our top 3 choices:

Palazzo Bezzi Ravenna

Situated on Via de Roma in the historic heart of Ravenna, Hotel Palazzo Bezzi is an elegant 4-star hotel with nicely designed rooms, an excellent restaurant, and a large roof terrace. Choose between standard, superior, and executive-class rooms. Or a junior suite that offers an additional sofabed if you are more than two guests traveling together. This intimate hotel has only 32 rooms, so book early if you visit in peak season to avoid disappointment.

Hotel NH Ravenna

Another great NH hotel in the NH chain of hotels you find across Europe. This cosmopolitan hotel is a great choice between the historic district and Ravenna railway station.

If you plan to book train tickets , the hotel is a short 5-minute walk away. Expect a 4-star standard and excellent, friendly concierge service. We recommend that you sign up for the NH Rewards Program. Signing up is free, and you can earn points for every night you stay at an NH Hotel. The more points you have, the more significant the discounts and free upgrades.

Exclusive Hotel Residence La Reunion

This private hotel opened its doors to guests in 2003 and offers well-priced suites with fully equipped kitchens. The high standard of accommodation is perfect for families who want to self-cater but enjoy a hotel’s convenience.

Include breakfast in your booking, and enjoy the hotel’s organically grown local produce. You are right in the city’s heart and within walking distance of the UNESCO Byzantine Monuments.

Airports close to Ravenna

If you prefer to skip visiting Venice and fly straight to Ravenna, the closest airports are Rimini (60km) and Bologna International (80km). Book a private transfer from the airport to your hotel in Ravenna in advance for a seamless door-to-door journey.

Alternatively, you can hop into a taxi at one of the official taxis outside the arrival terminal. The journey time is around 1hr and 20 minutes and will cost you about 150-180 euros.

How to get from Bologna Airport to central Ravenna by train

A cost-effective way to travel from Bologna Airport to central Ravenna is by train. You must first get the airport shuttle train ( Marconi Express ) or a taxi to Bologna central train station, 6km from the airport.

Marconi Express tickets from Bologne Airport to Bologne can be purchased in advance using your credit card on their website. Alternatively, if you have a contactless credit card, you can just touch your card on the validator machine at the station and touch the same card again as you exit. It automatically calculates the price of your fare.

Note that if you buy tickets there using your contactless credit card, you must each use your own credit card. You cannot touch the same card for the whole family. There is a helpful video  here  to watch which shows you how it works.

From the central Bologna train station, you can book a direct train to Ravenna . The journey time by train is a little over one hour and costs around 8 euros per person.

How to get from Rimini Airport to central Ravenna by train

If flying into Rimini airport, take a taxi to the main train station first. From there, you can book a direct train to Ravenna . Journey time is just under one hour, and a one-way ticket costs around 5 euros per person.

How to get to the port of Ravenna from the historical center

Once you are checked into your hotel, ask the hotel concierge to arrange a taxi to take you from your hotel to the port on the morning of your cruise.

The journey time is around 20 minutes. Check your cruise ticket, but you will most likely be starting your cruise from the cruise terminal in Porto Corsini. Porto Corsini is a small seaside resort located about 15km from the center of Ravenna.

Check the price with the concierge and confirm this with your driver before you leave the hotel. Remember you have your cruise luggage , so the quickest and easiest route from A to B makes sense.

If you prefer to arrange a taxi yourself, you will find the number of the local taxi company in Ravenna on their website .

Private Transfer

A private car costs around 50 euros to take you from Ravenna center to the port. Book before you leave home. You can search and book the option that suits you best before by comparing prices with a trusted supplier such as Omio or a local transfer service such as Scaioli .

Local Buses and Shuttlebuses

There are local buses from the central train station in Ravenna to Porto Corsini. Take bus number 90 from Via Maroncelli, near the train station. The ticket is available at Punto Bus, outside the station on the right (current price € 2,10).

The bus takes between 20 to 30 minutes to get to the port. Click here for the current schedule. The bus stop closest to the cruise port is the Porto Corsini Traghetto stop.

In addition, between the 14th of May and to 22nd of October, shuttle buses and minivans run from the center of Ravenna to Port Corsini. See Ravenna’s tourism website for departure times, dates, and booking information. The journey time is about 50 minutes and costs 20 euros per person.

Are you renting a car during your trip to Italy and want to drive to the port?

Porto Corsini has no guarded nor dedicated parking areas, only free parking on the street. Ravenna tourist information instead lists places where you can park your car in garages here . To get to the cruise terminal from the parking garages, use a taxi (tel. +39 0544 33888).

Note! Always check carefully regarding the pick-up and drop-off of your rental car, as many car rental offices are closed on Sundays.

Here are the answers to the most common questions about Ravenna! If you cannot find the help you are looking for, email us at [email protected]!

How far is Ravenna from the cruise port?

Central Ravenna is approximately 13 km from the cruise port, Port Corsini. It takes about 15 minutes from the cruise port to reach central Ravenna in a taxi and 30 minutes using a local bus.

Which port does Royal Caribbean use in Ravenna?

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines uses Port Corsini (Porto Corsini). As cruise lines can change itineraries at any time, we always advise that you check your cruise ticket for the exact name of the port for your departure.

Is Ravenna Cruise Port in Venice?

No, Ravenna Cruise Port is not in Venice. Ravenna is a separate town located about 2.5 hours south of Venice. The cruise port is actually located 11km outside of Ravenna and is called Port Corsini.

How long is the transfer from Venice to Ravenna cruise port?

The transfer time from Venice to Ravenna cruise port is around 3 hours by road. If you take the train, the journey takes under 3 hours. Be prepared to change trains once during the journey, often in Ferrera. You can take the train from Venice island, the train station’s name is Venice Santa Lucia, to central Ravenna. From central Ravenna, there are buses and taxis to the cruise port.

Is there a boat transfer from Venice to Ravenna?

There is no boat transfer that can take you from Venice to Ravenna.

Does Royal Caribbean have a shuttle bus transfer from the airport in Venice to the port?

Royal Caribbean offer a shuttle bus transfer from Marco Polo Airport in Venice to the port near Ravenna. Note there are no bathrooms onboard the bus. However, they stop during the 3-hour journey for a comfort break. The total travel time often ends up being closer to 3.5 hours. Expect to pay around USD $ 45 per person for a transfer. Book your transfer with Royal Caribbean in advance by calling Air2Sea at Royal Caribbean using the number local to your region on their website.

Royal Caribbean only offers a transfer from the airport to the cruise port if you book flights with them arriving the same day as the cruise departs. This may change, so always check with the cruise line.

Are you ending your cruise in Ravenna?

Read our One Day in Ravenna article for more information and tips about getting from the port to central Ravenna after your cruise, where to store your luggage, what to see and do, or where to get a rental car. And if you have more questions, you are welcome to email us at [email protected].

italian cruise ship ports

Meet the author: Sarah has created and booked hundreds of travel itineraries for thousands of customers during a career in the travel industry that spans 20 years. Having worked hand in hand with cruise lines, hotels, airlines and tour operators worldwide, she offers inspiring & detailed insights in the world of travel and tourism.

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30 thoughts on “Port of Ravenna, Italy – the essential guide”

Hi Sarah, thank you for the comprehensive explanation about the cruise on porto corsini port. We will be disembarking my trip with royal Caribbean on June 15, at Porto Corsini according the schedule at 6am. We plan to go straight to Rome on that day. Knowing that it is a long journey to rome from ravenna, (also need 2 train change), we prefer to book the ticket as early as possible from ravenna train station otherwise we will be arriving very late in Rome.. Can you suggest us what time should we choose the train departing from Ravenna (to be save that we can catch the train after disembark from the ship and finding a taxi to ravenna train station), but still early enough so that we can arrive in Rome earlier. Thanks so much in advance.

Thank you for your inquiry! I would probably look for a train ticket to depart around 9 am. June is peak season, and it will be busy at the port.

Book a flexible train ticket, so if you do arrive at the station early, you may be able to travel earlier, assuming there is an earlier train. Check the schedule when booking your train ticket, as you travel on a Saturday so train times vary. There is a journey that combines a regional train, one change in Bologna, followed by the fast train (Frecciarossa) direct to Rome, which you may be able to book. It would cut down your travel time quite significantly and get you into Rome quicker.

I hope this is helpful, and wish you a wonderful cruise vacation!

We will be taking post-cruise RC transportation from Ravenna to Venice in June and I have been unable to ascertain a more specific drop off point other than the Venice city Center. Can you provide any more detail as to the usual drop off location in Venice?

Thank you for contacting us. We apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiry. Cruise lines usually drop off passengers at either Piazzale Roma or Tronchetto, both located in Venice. Piazzale Roma is at the entrance to the historic Venice island where you can easily find buses, coaches, and taxis for onward journeys. It is also within walking distance from the train station Santa Lucia. You can search for “Piazzale Roma Venice” and then the name of your hotel or airport on Google maps to locate the exact location.

Tronchetto is a small island in close proximity. If your bus drops you here, you can purchase a ticket from the machine for the people mover, an above-ground rail system that takes only four minutes to reach Pizzale Roma for just a couple of euros.

I hope this information is helpful to you and wish you a fantastic cruise vacation.

We were due to sail into Ravenna on Royal Caribbean on 24th September but were diverted into Trieste supposedly due to bad weather which resulted in us having to take a 4 hour coach journey at 3am. However the Marella cruise ship docked successfully in Ravenna. I wondered if you had any insight into why Royal decided to divert and Marella went ahead?

Thank you for contacting us at CruiseTrail.

Unfortunately it is difficult to get exact reasons from the cruise line as to why they made an itinerary change at short notice, and another cruise ship was able to go ahead and dock.

We recommend that you contact your cruise line and also your insurance company to see if any form of compensation is offered for the change.

I understand how frustrating it must have been to have to endure a long coach journey in the middle of the night. Explain to Royal how this affected your travel plans, and if they are prepared to offer a voucher or discount for a future sailing.

After sending you my initial comments, I clicked on more links and found the answers to my questions regarding my cruise ending at Porto Corsini and ways to travel to Venice afterwards. I’ve decided to take a taxi from Porto Corsini to the main railway station in Ravenna then buy a train ticket to Venezia Mestre. I have one question for you….I’ll buy the train ticket in advance but if I arrive at the railway station in time to catch an earlier train to Venezia Mestre, will it be possible for me to exchange my ticket for the earlier train provided that seats are available? Your website has a wealth of information for your readers which is so much appreciated! Thank you!

Many thanks for contacting us at CruiseTrail. Firstly, I apologize for the late reply, your comment had slipped by us and I missed answering you promptly.

Your plans sound good. Regarding the purchase of regional train tickets, they are good to use if you want to take a train following the time booked, according the the terms of Trenitalia, which you can read here . Click on the section called “The regional electronic ticket”.

I hope you have a great cruise vacation and good luck with your train journey to Venezia Mestre. Bear in mind the Mestre is on the mainland, and Santa Lucia train station is on Venice island itself. So depending where your hotel is located, do disembark at the correct station.

Your article is very informative! My Celebrity Cruises ends at Port Corsini and I plan to visit Venice for a few days before departing Venice Marco Polo airport. I understand the most economical way to travel to Venice is by train.

Celebrity Cruises offer a Ravenna Rail Station transfer from Port Corsini departing at 7am. It drops us off at Piazza Luigi Carlo Farini 13, Ravenna. I assume that Piazza Luigi Carlo Farini is located close to the rail station. The duration says 3 hrs but I thought you mentioned the journey time would only take about 50 minutes.

Departure times from Ravenna Rail Station to Venice are at 08:44, 09:44, 10:44, etc. Which departure time do you suggest I should reserve? Thanks in advance!

Hi we are party of 8 joining a cruise in Ravenna Corsini Cruise port 17Aug boarding 18Aug departure at 5pm

we would like to go to Venice on 18Aug to leave corsini terminal between 6-6:30 AM so we can be back by 3:30PM to the ship is this doable? any recommendation for round trip transportation? corsini cruise port-venice-corsini cruise port? any idea how much it will cost? any tour operator who offers half day city tour to Venice from Ravenna? any help or assistance from you will be greatly appreciated. thanks

Hi Jay, and many thanks for contacting us at CruiseTrail! How exciting you have a Mediterranean cruise to look forward to soon! Many standard tours for day trips to Venice require at least 10 hours. The journey time each way is around 3 hours, depending on traffic. You will have very limited time to explore Venice once there, and I would be very concerned about making it back to the ship on time. I would doubt that an independent tour company would or could guarantee to get you back to your ship on time. Have you contacted your cruise line to ask if they offer a shore excursion to Venice you can join? That way, they would have to get you and all other passengers back to the ship on time. If the cruise line does not offer a shore excursion, I strongly advise you to visit Venice BEFORE embarking on your cruise or after you have returned from your cruise. To stay some nights at a hotel and enjoy the city stress-free is a much nicer way to experience Venice as it can be extremely crowded this time of year, so it takes much longer to get around. I wish you a fantastic cruise vacation!

Hello! Does royal carribean have an own shuttle between Marco polo and Cruise terminal? Cost for that? Do you know? Thanks

Hello Karin!

Thank you for your question! Royal Caribbean do offer shuttle bus transfers between Marco Polo airport and the cruise terminal. The latest information we have received from the cruise line is that you need to book the shuttle bus on the phone with them if you have booked your cruise directly with them. If you booked your cruise using a travel agent, then your travel agent will need to book the shuttle bus for you.

Expect to pay from around $50 per person, prices are subject to change. The journey time is between 2 to 3 hours depending on time of day and traffic.

Ensure that you receive updated cruise documents with your shuttle bus booking included on the documents, together with instructions on where to go upon arrival to find your shuttle bus.

Good luck with your booking and have a great cruise vacation!

We have booked a transfer from the train station to the port. Can you advise the closest parking area to the station, as we will be leaving our car for the i Ravenna for the duration of the cruise.

Hello Mary and thank you for contacting us.

We have received information from the tourism board in Ravenna regarding parking.

Unfortunately there isn’t a private parking garage in Porto Corsini, but you can park your car in one of those in Ravenna.

There closest garages in Via Maroncelli near the the train station are:

Garage Mariani Garage Navoni Garage La Torre

There is also some more information here with address and contact telephone numbers:

We hope this information is of help to you and wish you a wonderful cruise vacation.

Thanks Sarah.. after reading your Ravenna article I am more excited to visit the city, how ever I am little bit confused and need help. I will be landing in Bologna around 1600 hrs 16 July and my plan is to travel straight to Ravenna, stay one night in Ravenna and take the cruise in the evening from Porto Corsini. But I am having difficulty to find the way to travel to Ravenna….I am getting mixed and confusing information about the train from Bologna to Ravenna. I hope you will be able to help me?

Hello! Thank you for contacting us at Cruise Trail! How exciting that you have an upcoming cruise from Ravenna!

The journey from Bologna airport to central Ravenna is best done in two stages: 1) travel from the airport to Bologna central station 2) travel from Bologna central station to Ravenna

To get from Bologna airport to Bologna central train station, you can take a taxi (the journey is about 6 km), or you can take the Marconi Express train which goes from the airport and is clearly signposted. Buy a ticket for the Marconi Express at the ticket machines.

Once you reach Bologna central train station, check the information board for the track number of your train to Ravenna.

There are trains every hour from Bologna central train station to central Ravenna until the late evening. We recommend that you purchase a ticket in advance from Omio and choose the time that suits you best.

We hope this information helps you and wish you a fantastic cruise vacation!

Hello, Thank you for your excellent article. So informative. I do have a question if possible? How long would the local bus take from Ravenna to the port. We wouldn’t be meeting the cruise on a Sunday, would be a Thursday. You have mentioned above a bus no:90 from the train station @€2, however would it take forever to get there in this one? Again, thank you for such good information. Hayley

Hello Hayley!

Thank you for contacting us at CruiseTrail! We think the local bus is a great way to reach the port, but it will take longer than a taxi so be sure to plan well so you check in for your cruise in good time. The journey is around 20 to 30 minutes and the latest bus timetable for the route from central Ravenna to Port Corsini is linked in our article above under “Local Buses and Shuttle Buses”. Please note travel times may vary depending on traffic and timetables may change depending on National holidays etc. We recommend that you also have the contact telephone number to the local taxi service (linked in our article under “Taxi”) should you have an transportation problems.

I hope this information helps! We wish you a fantastic cruise vacation!

Hi, We are arriving in Venice 3 days before our cruise in September and thinking about renting a car at the airport then leisurely driving down to Ravenna. Is there any car rental office at Port Corsini where we can drop off a car or do we have to do it downtown and transfer? (Was looking at and did not see if that was possible)

Hi Joseph! Thank you for contacting us! There is an Avis, Europcar and Hertz in Ravenna, and other more locals car rental companies, however we do not know of any close to the port. You will need to return the car to the same rental company as you use in Venice, so do check with them if they have a depot in Ravenna and they will provide address details to you for drop off. I recommend that you also enquire if there is an additional “one-way” fee to pay on top of the rental cost, as you are picking up from one location and dropping off at another. From the train station, there are taxis available to take you to the cruise port. I hope this answers your question – enjoy your vacation!

Hello, I plan on booking a private group transfer after our cruise on Explorer Of The Seas at Ravenna. What would you recommend for a pick-up time?

Thank you for your message. Often cruise ships are scheduled to arrive quite early into Ravenna port, around 6am. You can see the estimated time on your cruise itinerary. If weather conditions (such as fog, not unusual around this region) affect the docking then it could be a little later. I would certainly do the following: 1. Check with the cruise line for advice before booking, but I would probably arrange a pick-up time around 9.30am (assuming you do not have a planned flight/train time). 2. Talk to your transfer company to find out their recommendation, as they will most likely be used to meeting disembarking passengers at the cruise port. 3. Ask your transfer company for a contact phone number to your driver, they sometimes use WhatsApp to stay in touch with passengers in case of delay. Also check that you will not incur any waiting charges if you are delayed. 4. Once you are onboard, speak to guest services and inform them of your plans, so you can request the disembarkation time that suits you. You may find it quicker to take your luggage yourselves off the ship, rather than have the cruise line handle this for you.

Good luck! I hope you enjoy your cruise vacation!

thanks for your detailed information, now i would like to know the safety if taking a taxi or train from the airport to the hotel and then from the hotel to the port also can you give other option for the hotel you recommend a lesser in price.

Thank you for contacting us! As with all forms of public transport, be aware of your belongings when traveling. We recommend that you only accept taxi rides from the official taxis and not from anyone approaching you at the airport. Italy is generally considered a safe destination, and I have never felt unsafe. Beyond that, it isn’t possible to offer any assurances.

Regarding transportation from Ravenna to the port, there are various options to choose from, such as shuttle buses, local buses, private transfers, and taxis. More information can be found on our Ravenna page , including a link to booking a shuttle bus.

Regarding hotel accommodation, there are many hotels to choose from in Ravenna. Prices will depend on the type of room you choose and when you travel. We recommend that you compare prices for all the hotels in Ravenna that have availability for your date of travel using our travel partner where you can compare prices and read more about the hotel on their website to choose the best one to suit your needs.

We hope this helps you with your booking of transport and hotels in Ravenna and wish you a wonderful stay!

Would be nice if this site gave information about if you are arriving in the port instead of departing from the port.

Many thanks for your feedback. This article indeed focuses on information for travelers departing from the port of Ravenna on a cruise.

You will find the information you are looking for in another of our articles entitled: How to spend one day in Ravenna ( ).

Here you find information on how to get from the port to central Ravenna, where to store your luggage, sightseeing tips for the day, and even hotel suggestions if you want to stay in Ravenna.

In saying that, we should have linked to this page so you could easily find this information. We have now done this.

Many thanks for your feedback. It is comments like this that ensure we keep improving our website.

very helpful and informative

We had sailed from Venice in 2016 and found it so convenient. So when we booked a RCL from Venice we did so because of convenience. My husband is now handicapped, so you can imagine our surprise when we found out that Ravenna is 3 hrs. from Venice. RCL did not make this clear at all. Venice (Ravenna), Italy. We though Ravenna was the Pier we would leave from. RCL did not make clear that they would have a shuttle bus leaving that morning to Ravenna. We found out on a blog! We had planned to rent a car and drive to Lake Como and then leave from Milan, only learning to find out that the Car Rental Offices are closed on Sundays.

hi , i also booked a cruise with Royal Caribbean and thought Ravenna was the pier!! Thank god i stumbled across this article and figured it out. But what shuttle are you talking about? We are staying in Venice 2 nights then decided to go to Ravenna on a train and spend the night there before the cruise. But is there a bus shuttle that we can get?

Hello! Thank you for contacting us at CruiseTrail! Between the 14th of May until the 22nd of October, each Sunday a shuttle bus runs from the center of Ravenna to Port Corsini. For departure times and booking information, please refer to the section above with the headline Local Buses and Shuttlebuses . The journey time is about 50 minutes and costs from 20 euros per person. You can book your seat online and choose the date, time, and place of departure when you book. 

If you need to get to the port on any other day of the week, there are local buses that run from the train station to the port; Using the same link, you can find more information and a pdf of bus times.

If you prefer the quickest route from Ravenna to the port, I recommend asking your hotel to book you a taxi, which will take about 20 minutes. You should expect to pay around 30 – 40 euros, but please confirm the price with the taxi company or hotel before you confirm your booking and then again when you start your journey. If you are two people or more, this may be worth doing as you can share the cost. We hope this information is of help to you and wish you a great cruise vacation!

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A cruise to Italy is filled with exciting destinations, each with its own style and vibe. Discover Italy onboard the Best Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships.

Italy Rome Couple Holding Hands by Historical Building and Fountain


Before boarding the  best cruises from Rome , explore the ancient streets once trodden by gladiators and great artists alike. Kick off your dreamiest cruise yet by feasting on pasta, pizza and local wines.

Italy Amalfi Coast Family Enjoying the Beach


Cruise to the warm, crystal-clear waters of the  Amalfi Coast , Greece, Spain and France. Relax on the world's most unique beaches, explore ancient historical architecture and indulge in favorite local dishes.

WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO Italy Cruises Insider

The best time to go to Italy depends on your preferences as a traveler. While summer is better for days at the beach and nights dining al fresco, winter boasts lighter crowds and lower prices. The "shoulder" seasons of spring and autumn, meanwhile, provide the best of both worlds.

Italy's weather is likewise good year-round, certainly among the best in Europe. Winters here are relatively mild, with rarely more than a light snow once or twice a season. Summer temperatures can get up into the '90s, but thanks to the climate, you can have a sunny, mild day here any time of the year.

Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy Roman Forum

Traveler’s Bucket List: Italian Architecture and Art

Original Italian Gelato

Planning A Food Vacation As You Travel To Italy

Bring along a dictionary or download Italian in your phone's translation app. In spite of its popularity as a travel destination, English isn't commonly spoken, particularly in the south.

Mind your valuables: Pickpocketers crowd Italy's popular tourist areas.

Pick 2 to 3 activities per day, max. Part of enjoying Italy is living at the local pace, and Italians are never in much of a hurry.


Italian cuisine is popular all over the world, but you've never really eaten it until you've had it in Italy. From familiar favorites like pizza and pasta, to a delightful variety of Italian meats and finishing touches like bitter espresso and sweet gelato, food is an essential part of the Italy travel experience.

Naples, Italy Margherita Pizza


As its name suggests, Dal Presidente Pizza in Naples is famous because President Bill Clinton enjoyed its pizza during a visit. Whether you choose a simple margherita (mozzarella and tomato) or a complex capricciosa (the heat cooks the raw egg on top of it), Neapolitan pizza is sure to get your vote.

Italy Authentic Pasta Dish


Pasta in Italy will change your life, whether you choose egg-and-bacon carbonara or pasta primavera, which pairs farfalle with fresh seasonal vegetables. No matter where in the country you are, choose a place that makes its pasta fresh — and one where patrons speak more Italian than English.

Original Italian Gelato


Gelato is not just "Italian ice cream." It uses more milk and fewer eggs (zero, in fact) than ice cream, but that's just the start of why it's essential to Italian dining. Try classic flavors like rich stracciatella (milk flavor with chocolate shavings) and fruity amarena, which tastes like cherries.


Want to learn more about the best Italy cruise ports? Visit Civitavecchia to explore the port of Rome, bustling Naples and the yacht-filled Isle of Capri. Venice is more than just canals and gondolas, while La Spezia is an ideal entry point to both Florence's Renaissance-era art and Pisa's Leaning Tower.

Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy Aerial View

Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy

Venice, Italy Grand Canal

Venice, Italy

Bologna (Ravenna), Italy Piazza Maggiore

Bologna (Ravenna), Italy

Amalfi Coast (Salerno), Italy Homes Lining A Lush Mountain

Amalfi Coast (Salerno), Italy

Sardinia (Cagliari), Italy, View Of City From Sea

Sardinia (Cagliari), Italy

Sicily (Messina), Italy, Cityscape

Sicily (Messina), Italy

Sicily (Catania), Italy, Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolo l'Arena

Sicily (Catania), Italy

Genoa, Italy, Boccadasse district

Genoa, Italy

Sicily (Palermo), Italy, Panoramic view

Sicily (Palermo), Italy

La Spezia Portovenere Cliffs

Florence / Pisa (La Spezia), Italy

Florence - Pisa, Italy Aerial View

Florence / Pisa (Livorno), Italy

Italy Naples Positano Couple Jumping in Ocean

Naples / Capri, Italy

Portofino, Italy Sea Coast Houses

Portofino, Italy

Italy, Sicily Marine Preserve

Sicily (Siracusa), Italy

Florence Italy Ponte Veccio

Florence / Pisa (Carrara), Italy

Santa Margherita Ligure - beautiful coastal town in Liguria, popular luxury resort

Santa Margherita, Italy

Landmarks and beautiful places (cities) of northern Italy - elegant Trieste town

Trieste, Italy

The main square in Ravenna in Italy

Ravenna (Venice), Italy

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Venice Italy Cruise Port Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Wondering about the venice italy cruise port.

You’ve come to the right place! As a travel advisor, who specializes in cruise travel, I have taken many hours of courses on cruise ports, and have booked numerous clients on cruises with stops at the Venice Italy Cruise Port.

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A vacation is supposed to be fun! Let me handle all of the planning and work, so you can just sit back and enjoy your vacation!

Nestled within the Venetian Lagoon is Venice, an Italian city famed for its numerous scenic canals and beautiful historical architecture. It’s one of the most romantic cities in the world and a popular destination for cruisers.

In this article, I will delve into everything you need to know about Venice Cruise Port including tips and recommendations for shore excursions.

Where is Venice Cruise Port Located?

The official Cruise Port of Venice, also known as Terminal Venezia Passeggeri, is located to the west of the historic city, 4 km south of the causeway that links historical Venice to the mainland.

The cruise terminal consists of two parts: the Stazione Marittima cruise terminal which houses the largest cruise ships and the San Basilio cruise terminal.

However, as of 2021, the Italian government has placed a ban on large cruise ships which weigh over 25,000 tonnes, docking inside the Venetian Lagoon. Only smaller ships below this weight can dock in the official Venice Cruise Port.

Large cruise ships are being rerouted and instructed to dock in the industrial port of Marghera which is on the mainland, just below the causeway to Venice.

However, some large cruise ships are now stopping in Ravenna Cruise Port (a 2- hour drive south of Venice) and cruisers are journeying by bus to Venice.

Despite cruise ships docking in Marghera industrial port, cruise passengers will still be shuttled to and from the main Venice Cruise Port for both logistical health and safety reasons, as Marghera does not have the infrastructure to act as an official cruise port.

As the majority of cruise ships will be docking in Marghera industrial port, this will be the focus of our article rather than Ravenna Cruise Port.

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Getting Around Venice from the Cruise Port

Although your cruise ship will dock at Marghera industrial port, shuttle services will likely be provided by your cruise liner from the passenger terminals to the official Venice Cruise Port.

This could be via bus or private water taxi.

If shuttle services are not available, Marghera Port is conveniently located beside a train station. It’s a quick 7-minute train journey from this station to Santa Lucia station, nestled in the heart of Venice. Trains are frequent, several journeying each hour, and cost €2,90 per person each way.

Another way to reach Venice from the cruise port is via bus. The bus stop in Marghera is right beside the train station. The journey takes 8 minutes and will drop you at Venice Piazzale Roma . You can book a day pass online in advance of your visit.

There are also water buses available that travel between Venice and the cruise port. This service is offered by ACTV. If you wish to travel by water bus, then I’d recommend booking your day pass online in advance.

Private water taxis are also available. They’re significantly more expensive than the waterbuses (around €90) but you will have the boat all to yourself.

Alternatively, it’s an 8-minute taxi ride to journey from Marghera Cruise Port to the center of Venice.

Are There Free Shuttles From Venice Cruise Port?

Your cruise liner should offer you a free shuttle service to and from the cruise ship in Marghera to Venice Cruise Port which is on the edge of Venice.

I’d recommend checking with your cruise ship in advance to clarify if they offer this service.

If your cruise ship doesn’t offer this service, trains, buses, and water buses are all available between Marghera and Venice.

✅ You can book a private water taxi from Venice to the cruise port here

Can You Walk into Venice from Your Cruise Ship?

It’s very easy to walk into Venice from Venice Cruise Port (which is where your cruise liner should drop you) as it is perched on the edge of the city. It will take just a few minutes for you to be engulfed by the beautiful city.

If your cruise liner doesn’t offer a shuttle service to Venice Cruise Port, Marghera Port (where your cruise ship will be based) is too far away from Venice for you to easily walk into the city.

It’s located on the other side of a lengthy causeway which, although does have a pavement, isn’t convenient.

It would take over an hour to walk from the cruise terminal into Venice, and that doesn’t include all the further walking you will then complete around the city.

I’d recommend taking public transport or a taxi instead.

Are there Taxis Available from Venice Cruise Port?

Yes, you can grab a taxi from Venice Cruise Port which you can take to Venice Marco Polo Airport.

A taxi isn’t necessary to journey between Venice Cruise Port and Venice City as the cruise port is so close to the city and the city doesn’t have any roads for motor vehicles beyond Piazzale Roma.

✅ Book a shuttle from Venice to the airport

Best Shore Excursions from the Venice Cruise Port

There are a number of fantastic things to see and do during your time in Venice. Below are some of my favorite Venice shore excursions.

1. Gondola Ride

By far one of the most popular and unique ways to view Venice is by gondola . These charming small boats without a motor are able to navigate down quiet canals, allowing you the opportunity to soak up the fantastic architecture from the comfort of your traditional boat.

Being one of the more popular activities in Venice, there are a host of gondola tours available, from private to small group tours. Your excursion can be booked in advance online or you can just turn up on the day.

➡️ Book ahead for this top rated Gondola Ride

2. Basilica San Marco (St. Mark’s Basilica)

Nestled in the heart of St. Mark’s Square is a magnificent cathedral called St. Mark’s Basilica. It’s one of the most famous and iconic landmarks in the city, as well as a prime example of Byzantine architecture.

The cathedral is incredible to marvel at from afar. It’s also worth paying a visit inside. In order to beat the queues, I’d recommend booking a tour which includes skip-the-line tickets, such as this one .

If you’d like to visit several of Venice’s key attractions then it may be worth booking a walking tour that visits St Mark’s Basilica as well as other magnificent sights.

➡️ This is a great skip the line tour !

3. Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square)

No visit to Venice would be complete without soaking up the vast historical monuments which call St Mark’s Square home. As well as housing the majestic St. Mark’s Basilica, this vast square is also the refuge of St Mark’s Campanile, a 16th-century cathedral tower.

The corner of Doge’s Palace is also visible from this beautiful square.

Within the square, you can find a number of cafes and restaurants, the perfect place to enjoy a coffee or some lunch whilst enjoying fantastic views of the square.

4. Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace)

Doge’s Palace is a magnificent palace located in St. Mark’s Square. It served as the residence of the Doge, the chief magistrate and ruler of the Venetian Republic, as well as the seat of the government for close to 1000 years.

Today this historically significant landmark is a museum. You can visit Doge’s Palace along with the neighboring St Mark’s Basilica as part of a skip-the-line walking tour.

➡️ See Doges Palace, St Marks and a Gondola Ride with this incredible tour!

5. Food & Wine Walking Tour

Italy is a country renowned for its delicious cuisine and locally-produced wines. One of the best ways to try the local dishes is to take a food and wine tour.

This food and wine tour has exceptional online reviews and specializes in allowing you to sample Venetian appetizers known as Cicchetti.

Alternatively, this tour allows you to sample some lovely sweet treats such as traditional Venetian cookies and homemade gelato.

6. Rialto Bridge

Spanning the Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge is the oldest and most renowned bridge in the city. Designed by Antonio da Ponte, it features a single stone arch that spans the Grand Canal, supported by two inclined ramps on either side.

Rialto Bridge can be viewed either from the water on a boat tour or you can walk over the top of it. The bridge is so large that it even houses shops! Alternatively, you can admire the bridge from the streets on either side of the canal.

7. Teatro la Fenice (Opera House)

Teatro La Fenice is an internationally renowned opera house that’s nestled in the heart of Venice. It’s in fact considered one of the most prestigious and historic theaters in the world. The original opera house sadly burnt down in 1996 and has since been rebuilt.

Teatro la Fenice is an active opera theater. You can book tickets to view operas that are performed there. If you would like to view a performance, I’d recommend booking in advance as tickets can quickly sell out.

Even if you don’t plan on viewing an opera, Teatro La Fenice is still worth viewing from the exterior.

8. Grand Canal

The largest canal in Venice, the 4-kilometer (1.5 mile) Grand Canal cuts through the city of Venice and houses some of the city’s most beautiful buildings.

With barely any walkways beside the canal, the best way to view it and absorb the colorful atmosphere is to take to the water.

This wide waterway is a little too big for gondola rides to take you the whole way but there are plenty of other boat tours available, which journey down this long and majestic canal, passing under the canal’s 4 bridges, including the famous Rialto Bridge.

Getting From Venice Airport to the Cruise Port

There are a number of ways to journey from Venice Marco Polo Airport to Venice Cruise Port.

The quickest and easiest way to journey to the Venice cruise terminal is via water taxi . Being located right on the water, taxi boats are conveniently available just outside the airport. Although this is the quickest way to reach the cruise terminal, it’s also the most expensive way.

You can alternatively take a land taxi between Venice Marco Polo Airport and Venice Cruise Port. The journey is typically between 15 and 20 minutes in length.

Finally, you can journey by bus to Piazzale Roma which is just a short walk away from the cruise terminal.

Places to Stay Near Venice Cruise Port

There are a number of fabulous hotels that are located in Venice’s city center, just a stone’s throw away from the cruise terminal.

Cinqueteste Luxury Home is one of the best-reviewed hotels in the area. It’s a 25-minute walk from St. Mark’s Square and a 20-minute walk from Venice Cruise Port. The hotel is perched right on the canal so if you choose a canal-facing room you will have exceptional views.

Another fantastic option is Hotel Cipriani , a luxurious hotel on an island to the south of the main city which looks across the waterway to Doge’s Palace.

Hotel Moresco is one of the closer hotels to the cruise port, only a 20-minute walk from it. It’s a charming boutique hotel and rooms are dressed in a combination of 19th-century and modern design.

Venice Quick Facts

Best time to visit venice.

The best time to visit Venice in terms of weather is between May and October .

Venice is an extremely popular city and so during the holiday season, you will no doubt be contending with crowds.

In order to get the best balance between beating the crowds and having lovely weather, May, September, and October are the best times to visit.

What kind of currency is used in Venice?

The currency accepted in Venice is the Euro. It was previously the Italian Lira, but is no longer in circulation.

Cruise Liners that Visit Venice Cruise Port

As of the 2021 changes to Venice Cruise Port, which doesn’t allow large cruise ships to dock in the port, a reduced number of cruise liners now dock in Venice at Marghera industrial port.

Some of the cruise ships that still stop in Venice are:

  • ● MSC Cruises
  • ● Norwegian Cruise Line
  • ● Silversea Cruises
  • ● Seabourne
  • ● Azamara Cruises
  • ● Fred Olsen
  • ● Viking Ocean

Other cruise ships such as Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises now dock in nearby cities such as Ravenna.

Venice Cruise Port FAQS

Where do the cruise ships dock in venice.

Cruise ships to Venice now must dock in Marghera industrial port, on the mainland, across the lagoon from Venice. This is a result of a 2021 ban on large cruise ships from docking in Venice.

Cruise passengers however will be shuttled by their cruise liner to and from the official Venice Cruise Port which is right next to the city of Venice.

Why is Venice closed to cruise ships?

The reason for closing Venice to cruise ships is to preserve the Venetian lagoon. Venice had been put on the UNESCO World Heritage’s blacklist as a Heritage Site in danger and the large numbers of cruise ships that visit the fragile city were listed as part of the reason for this.

How long does it take to get from the Venice cruise terminal to the airport?

It takes between 15 and 20 minutes to journey between Venice Cruise Port and Marco Polo Airport via taxi. Journeying by water taxi boat takes a similar amount of time.

Final Thoughts on the Venice Cruise Port

Venice is a very beautiful city that’s unlike anywhere else in the world. Famed for its picturesque canals lined by historic buildings, a day spent in this Italian city is never anything short of magical.

The new regulations for cruise liners do make a cruise visit to Venice a little more complicated than it used to be. Different cruise liners now dock at different cruise ports so it’s important you check with your cruise line exactly where you will be docking and if a free shuttle service to Venice city center is included.

If you need any help at all planning your European Cruise, please reach out ! I help at no additional cost to you!

Cruise Resources

These are my tried and true, favorite cruise-planning helpers:

➡️ Cruise Critic – for reviews, deck plans, and cabin choices

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➡️ Travel Insurance Master – Because, yes, you do need insurance

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Wondering about the Venice Italy Cruise Port? You’ve come to the right place! As a travel advisor, who specializes in cruise travel, I have taken many hours of courses on cruise ports, and have booked numerous clients on cruises with stops at the Venice Italy Cruise Port. Nestled within the Venetian Lagoon is Venice, an...

8 best Italy cruises for a Mediterranean vacation

Donna Heiderstadt

You don't have to search all that hard to find the best Italy cruises — most leading cruise lines offer dozens of itineraries that visit Italian ports, often in conjunction with neighboring countries France, Greece and Croatia.

The reason? Italy has it all: coastlines on both the Mediterranean and the Adriatic, historic port cities (Rome, Venice and Naples among them) and spectacular islands (including Sicily, Sardinia, Capri and Elba).

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Plus, with a cruise season that runs from early April through late October (and even year-round for a few cruise lines), Italy offers something for everyone. Travel here to find an alluring mix of impeccably preserved historic sites, renowned regional cuisines and natural wonders waiting to be discovered.

Here are eight of the best Italy cruises for every type of traveler.

Best Italy cruises for cultural immersion: Azamara

italian cruise ship ports

Azamara pioneered the concept of single-country itineraries, which allow for greater cultural immersion and even overnight stays in select ports. The cruise line's 11-night voyage in October 2024 is one of its most comprehensive.

The sailing begins in Monte Carlo, Monaco, and ends in Rome (Civitavecchia), with visits to seven more Italian ports and Tunis, Tunisia. You'll explore Genoa, Livorno (overnight for Florence/Pisa), Porto Santo Stefano (on the Tuscan coast), Cagliari (on Sardinia), Trapani (on Sicily), Amalfi and Sorrento.

This voyage is aboard the 684-passenger Azamara Onward, one of the cruise line's four virtually identical ships. (All are former Renaissance R-class ships built in the early 2000s and renovated over the past several years.) The vessels' intimate size and Azamara's focus on cultural experiences and shore excursions emphasizing history and food (including cooking classes and market tours) make for an immersive cruise itinerary.

Other Italy-Intensive voyages in 2023 and 2024 include the following: a 10-night voyage in October 2023 aboard Azamara Quest, a 10-night voyage in April 2024 aboard Azamara Pursuit, and a seven-night voyage in May 2024 aboard Azamara Quest.

Best Italy cruises for small-ship lovers: Windstar Cruises

italian cruise ship ports

It's rare to find a cruise itinerary so fully focused on one specific region of Italy, but Windstar Cruises ' small ships — three classic sailing yachts and three all-suite motor yachts, which accommodate 148 to 342 guests — allow it to offer cruises to less-frequented ports.

Windstar's 10-day Sicilian Splendors , aboard its 342-passenger sailing yacht Wind Surf, is available on multiple dates in 2023, 2024 and 2025. The ship will cruise round-trip from Rome and call on six Italian ports: Catania (for Mount Etna), Porto Empedocle (for the ancient ruins at Agrigento) and Trapani (for its signature colored salts and Marsala wines), all in Sicily; the island of Lipari (the largest of seven Aeolian Islands); and Sorrento and Amalfi on the stunning Amalfi Coast. The cruise also visits the neighboring islands of Malta and Gozo.

Five-masted Wind Surf is the world's largest sailing ship. It manages to be intimate without feeling claustrophobic, although it is worth noting that none of its staterooms or suites has a balcony. There is, however, ample deck space for relaxation, with a pool and two hot tubs, as well as inviting alfresco bars and dining areas.

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Indoors, the ship's restaurants and social spaces, such as the Veranda Restaurant, Stella Bistro and the Compass Rose Bar, are light-filled, with elegant neutral decor refreshed in 2019.

Musical entertainment takes place in the Wind Surf Lounge and Compass Rose Bar, and Windstar's excellent dining program reflects an ongoing partnership with the James Beard Foundation. In select tender ports, passengers can enjoy a watersports platform and take out sea kayaks and stand-up paddleboards.

Best Italy cruises for onboard pampering: Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

italian cruise ship ports

If enjoying yacht-style indulgence as you explore Southern Italy is on your cruise wish list, consider the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection's 10-night Rome to Valletta itinerary in May 2024. This cruise visits scenic hot spots such as Sorrento and Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast, history-rich Siracusa in Sicily and three ports (Gallipoli, Taranto and Otranto) in lesser-known Puglia, located on the heel of boot-shaped Italy, before passengers disembark in Malta.

Ritz-Carlton, which entered the cruise realm in 2021 with its 298-passenger luxury yacht, Evrima , offers an all-inclusive "yachting lifestyle" experience. This leisurely sailing features overnights in Sorrento and Taranto and two sea days with ample ways to enjoy onboard pampering. The ship's spacious suites are designed with a contemporary residential feel and range in size from 300 square feet with an 81-square-foot terrace to 1,091 square feet with a 635-square-foot terrace.

Evrima also offers nine bars and dining venues featuring menus created to reflect the ports visited. For culinary indulgence, guests can book a table at S.E.A., a specialty dining experience designed by Chef Sven Elverfeld of Aqua, the Michelin three-starred restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton in Wolfsburg, Germany.

The ship also features chicly designed spaces for relaxing and socializing, such as the Pool House lounge overlooking an aft infinity pool, a second pool located next to the alfresco restaurant Mistral, a panoramic Observation Lounge and a full-service Ritz-Carlton Spa.

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Best Italy cruises for foodies: Silversea Cruises

italian cruise ship ports

The three newest ships in the Silversea Cruises fleet — Silver Moon, Silver Dawn and 2023's first-in-class Silver Nova — all feature the cruise line's immersive culinary program known as S.A.L.T. (Sea and Land Taste). When Silversea's next ship, the 728-passenger Silver Ray, debuts in 2024, it will also take its guests on culinary-focused journeys — among them an 11-day Rome to Venice itinerary in June 2024.

The itinerary includes calls on seven ports in Italy: Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Palermo, Siracusa, Trieste and Venice. The sailing also visits ports in Malta, Montenegro and Croatia.

Silversea's sailings blend food-centric excursions — such as a visit to a family farm for a tasting of fresh cheese, salami and olive oil in Sorrento — with the onboard S.A.L.T. program to make sampling local cuisine a natural part of the cruise experience. The day-to-day menus at S.A.L.T. Kitchen are all inspired by the ports visited. The Terrain menu focuses on that day's port while the Voyage menu draws from the best flavors of the entire itinerary.

Passengers aboard Silver Ray should definitely pack an appetite — in addition to S.A.L.T. Kitchen, the ship features seven other restaurants. They are La Dame for haute French cuisine, Atlantide for signature fine dining (think caviar and lobster), Kaiseki for Japanese sushi and teppanyaki (as well as pan-Asian dishes), Silver Note for tapas-style dining and live music, The Grill for casual burgers and salads, La Terrazza for handmade pasta and other Italian specialties, and Spaccanapoli for thin-crusted Naples-style pizza. With 11 nights aboard, there's time to sample all of them.

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Best Italy cruises for families: Norwegian Cruise Line

italian cruise ship ports

If an Italy adventure with the entire family sounds like the perfect cruise vacation in 2024, Norwegian Cruise Line 's new Norwegian Viva, launching in August 2023 as the sister ship to 2022's Norwegian Prima, is an ideal playground for guests of all ages.

The most Italy-focused itinerary? The 10-day Mediterranean: Italy, Greece & Croatia cruise (offered aboard 3,099-guest Viva in late June and late September 2024) calls on six ports in Italy — Rome, Livorno, Naples, Messina, Siracusa and Trieste — as well as the islands of Corfu and Malta; Koper, Slovenia; and Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia.

This itinerary is rich in history and culture, including the ancient landmarks of Rome, the archeological wonders of Pompeii and the Leaning Tower of Pisa near Livorno, plus the beauty and culinary treats (sweet cannoli and savory arancini) of Sicily, where Viva makes two port calls. Though the cruise ends in Trieste, the wonders of Venice are just 90 minutes away, so adding a few extra nights to explore its colorful, canal-laced islands is a must.

Onboard Viva, you'll enjoy more than a dozen dining options (five of them complimentary, including the casual and family-friendly Indulge Food Hall), 16 bars and lounges and all the fun activities/entertainment (including a production of the Broadway hit "Beetlejuice: The Musical") that the line offers.

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Top amenities include the three-deck Viva Speedway for exhilarating go-kart racing, three thrilling slides (two of them 10-story corkscrew dry slides and one tidal-wave-style waterslide), virtual-reality gaming in the Galaxy Pavilion, tech-enhanced minigolf and more. Also, Viva's generous outside deck space — especially Deck 8's Ocean Boulevard with its lively Indulge Outdoor Lounge and sleek Infinity Beach pools — is ideal for scenic cruising in the Mediterranean and Adriatic.

Best Italy cruises for couples: Oceania Cruises

italian cruise ship ports

The sophisticated onboard ambiance and a romantic itinerary are a lovely combination, and couples can enjoy both on the 12-night Mediterranean Tapestry sailing offered in June 2024 aboard Oceania Cruises ' newest vessel, Oceania Vista.

The 1,200-passenger ship, which debuted in May 2023, will visit four top ports in Italy — Venice/Trieste in Northern Italy, Taormina in Sicily, Amalfi/Positano in Southern Italy and Civitavecchia for a day in Rome.

Beyond Italy, this itinerary offers a sampling of scenic locales in six other Adriatic and Mediterranean countries with a possible pre-cruise stay in Venice. You'll visit Korcula and Split in Croatia; Kotor, Montenegro; Igoumanitsa and Katakolon in Greece; Ajaccio, Corsica; Monte Carlo, Monaco; Marseille, France; and Barcelona, Spain.

Oceania caters to couples seeking an upscale cruise experience with a culinary focus. Onboard Vista, the atmosphere is sleek and polished, with interior decor awash in elegant neutrals of varying patterns and textures, all woven together into a soothing mosaic (in some cases, literally, as tiled vignettes are used throughout the ship). Vista's bars and lounges, especially the Martini Bar and the Grand Lounge, are so chic you'll want to get dressed up every night to enjoy one of the craft cocktails on their newly enhanced menus.

All specialty dining is included in the cruise fare, and stand-out meals at Polo Grill (for an excellent steakhouse menu), Toscana (for authentic Italian, including recipes by Vista's godmother Giada De Laurentiis) and Red Ginger (for flavorful pan-Asian) are just a reservation away. Two new eateries, Aquamar Kitchen and Ember, serve wellness-focused cuisine and casual American comfort food, respectively, and an expanded Culinary Arts Center lets guests who love to cook take hands-on classes.

Best of all, Vista is an all-balcony ship, so every stateroom features access to fresh air (French Veranda Staterooms don't have an outdoor sitting area, however). Veranda Staterooms and Concierge Level Veranda Staterooms offer a spacious 290 square feet of indoor space — and some of the best standard bathrooms at sea with roomy walk-in showers and ample storage.

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Best Italy cruises for travelers on a budget: Royal Caribbean

italian cruise ship ports

To score a budget cruise fare in the Mediterranean, it helps to look for sailings aboard a cruise line's older ships. If Italy is your main focus for a future cruise, it's hard to beat the seven-night Western Mediterranean itinerary in September 2024 aboard Royal Caribbean 's Voyager of the Seas.

It visits five Italian ports: Venice/Ravenna, Messina in Sicily, Naples, Rome and Livorno (for Florence and Pisa). The ship also calls on Marseille and Barcelona. Voyager's Italy-focused cruise is a jam-packed itinerary with just one sea day.

Ideal for both couples and multi-generational families, the 3,600-passenger Voyager of the Seas (which debuted in 1999 and was last refurbished in 2019) features seven restaurants (including three complimentary dining venues and specialty restaurant favorites Chops Grille and Giovanni's Table) and eight bars/lounges.

The ship has been "amped-up" so guests can enjoy features found on Royal Caribbean's newer ships: Perfect Storm waterslides, FlowRider simulated surfing, Battle for Planet Z laser tag, Voyager Dunes minigolf, Studio B ice-skating shows and reimagined spaces for kids and teens.

Nights aboard Voyager of the Seas will be filled with complimentary entertainment options: production shows in the Royal Theater, pub performances by guest entertainers and bands, game-show competitions, pool parties, outdoor movie nights and a '70s disco party.

Best Italy cruises for adults-only ambiance: Viking

italian cruise ship ports

Is Venice at the top of your wish list? Does an adults-only cruise on a ship with serene, Scandinavian-inspired interior decor and complimentary wine or beer with lunch and dinner sound ideal?

If so, check out Viking 's 15-night Italy, the Adriatic and Greece itinerary , which sails from Athens to Rome and visits six Italian ports — Venice/Chioggia, Bari, Crotone, Messina, Naples and Rome — with three days spent in Venice. As a bonus, you'll also visit ports in Greece (Katakolon and Corfu), Croatia (Dubrovnik, Split and Sibenik) and Montenegro (Kotor).

Offered on multiple dates in fall 2023, 2024 and 2025, this itinerary is chock full of port experiences; there are no sea days, and a total of 13 cities are visited. Viking includes one free guided shore excursion in each port, usually a panoramic bus tour or historic walking tour. Use that as an overview and then explore on your own or book one of the cruise line's longer or more specialized excursions. Onboard guest speakers also offer insight into the ports visited and the cultural landscape.

The cruise line's nine ocean ships are all identical and accommodate 930 passengers, most of whom are couples over age 55. Onboard dining is available in eight restaurants, including the main venue, The Restaurant and the buffet-style World Cafe, the casual Pool Grill and the Norwegian-focused Mamsen's. Guests can also reserve dinner at two specialty restaurants (at no extra charge): Manfredi's for Italian cuisine and The Chef's Table for multi-course, wine-paired menus that rotate throughout the cruise.

Afternoon tea is served in the elegant Wintergarden. The Aquavit Terrace overlooking the aft infinity pool is a sunny spot to enjoy alfresco dining.

If you're willing to come back early from port, Viking's ocean ships offer plenty of ways to relax on board. All passengers enjoy complimentary access to the ship's thermal suite in the LivNordic Spa. It features a thalassotherapy pool, steam room, sauna and snow room. The Main Pool has a retractable roof and can be enjoyed no matter what the weather. However, if you want to live it up at night, note that the ship does not have an onboard casino.

Bottom line

The best Italy cruises offer access to some of the country's most-loved cities, as well as a chance to explore some of its sunny islands and lesser-known coastal ports. No matter the itinerary, you're guaranteed to enjoy the splendid landscapes, treasured antiquities and, of course, the incredible gelato.

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Home » Italy Cruises

Home » Italy Cruises

Royal Caribbean logo mediterranean cruises

Italy Cruises

italy tour cruise adriatic

Many travelers interested in Italy cruises call and ask, “can you beat the price on my Italian cruise?”  The answer is “Most Likely… Yes.” Shop around for the best Italy cruise price and then bring the lowest price you can find to Certainly can match the price of any Italy cruise. But our value is much more than just offering the best price on Italy cruises. saves you money in several other ways: trip insurance, shore excursions and sightseeing tips on how to avoid taking costly excursions, monitoring your Italy cruise booking for new sales and discounts that may be applied, guiding you to free berths and better deals in the market…. none of which a cruise line agent will tell you about.

Plus, provides Italy cruise port transfers, which are significantly less expensive than booking through the cruise line.

Sail to Italy’s great cities’ ports on an all-inclusive Italian cruise vacation. Explore the magnificent scenery and glorious history along Italy’s Mediterranean ports including Florence, Genoa, Naples, Sorrento, Rome. Cruise to Italy’s Adriatic ports including Venice, Bari, Ancona, Ravenna. Journey through Italian culture, life, and history while exploring the Amalfi Coast, the Italian Rivieria, the Dalmatian Coast, Bari, Capri, Cinque Terre, Florence, Genoa, Naples, Portofino, Ravenna, Rimini, Rome, Sicily, Sorrento, and Venice on board the best cruises to Italian ports. Do it all stress- and worry-free with

Book your Italian cruise vacation package with confidence. guarantees the lowest price on all cruises around Italy. Our expertise comes for free. Browse our hand-selected Italy cruise itineraries  that focus on visiting primarily the Italian ports . Each Italian cruise may be packaged with airfare and hotel accommodations. Plus every Italy cruise vacation package includes exclusive free amenities. Our Italy cruise deals beat booking directly through the cruise line every time. Combine the best value with these unforgettable Italy cruise itineraries for a memorable all-inclusive around Italy cruise vacation.  

Top Italy Cruises to Italian Ports

Below are the top cruises around Italy. When you find a cruise you like contact directly . We guarantee the lowest price, free amenities, shore excursions, on board credits, and with cruise around Italy we include complimentary port transfers in Venice and Rome.

Italy Tours with Mediterranean Cruise

cruise to italy

These all-inclusive vacation packages combine the best Italy land tours with a cruise around Italy. Sail from Rome or Venice before or after your land tour. The packages with airfare are priced from New York City. Browse our all-inclusive Italy tours with Mediterranean cruise vacation packages.

Cruises Around Italy


Rome’s cruise port Civitavecchia and Venice cruise port are among the largest cruise ports in the Mediterranean. From either port you may enjoy a cruise around Italy. The cruise itinerary include many of  Italy’s ports  of call. Click here for top picks for a cruise around Italy .

Italy Cruises from Rome

cruise to rome italy

Cruise from Rome to the Western Mediterranean hot spots. The Rome cruise all-inclusive vacation packages visit Naples, Barcelona, Florence, the Italian Riviera, the French Riviera, and Sicily. Or sail around Italy from Rome to the Greek Isles, Turkey, the Dalmatian Coast, and Venice. Click to find the best cruises from Rome .

Italy Cruises from Venice

Cruise from Venice down the Adriatic sea to the Dalmatian Coast. Sail the Eastern Mediterranean cruise itineraries to the Greek Isles. Visit the archaeology sites in Greece and Turkey. Cruise around Italy from Venice to the Western Med Sea ports Rome and Barcelona. These Venice cruise all-inclusive vacation packages are the best value in Venice cruises.  Click to find the best cruises from Venice .

Cruises to Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Dalmatian Coast


A very popular Italy cruise itinerary is to embark Venice to sail to the Dalmatian Coast.  Cruising around Italy from Venice to Rome and Barcelona is also a popular itinerary. Ports of call in Sicily and along the Amalfi Coast are popular Italy cruise vacation destinations. Browse our hand picked Dalmatian Coast cruises .

Italy River Cruises

italy river cruises

Italy’s Po River is the only river cruise offered through Italy.  The Po river separates northern Italy from central Italy.  It runs through the region of Emilia Romagna to Venice. Along the way the rich Italian culture, history and art are your Italy river cruise ports of call. For click Italy River Cruises .

Cruises Lines that Cruise Around Italy

Review the Italy cruises from all the cruise lines that sail around the Mediterranean.  Browse, compare, and review popular Italy cruises operated by:

  • Holland Cruise Lines
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines NCL
  • Princess Cruise Lines
  • Royal Caribbean

Best Deals on Italy Cruises

Remember, not only will get you the best deal on new Italy cruise bookings, but includes free extras when you transfer your existing Italy cruise booking to us as well. Complimentary insurance, free shore excursions, discounts, free on board cash, and more could be yours just for letting us handle your existing booking! Give us a call or send us an email …we’ll be glad to help you get the most value for your  Italian cruise . Italy cruise tour vacation packages are the best value, guaranteed. We offer the widest selection of all inclusive Italy cruise packages with airfare and port transfers at the lowest price.

Our direct relationships on the ground with drivers, guides, and tour operators in all the Italian ports of call guarantee our travelers save hundreds of dollars on transfers and shore excursions alone.

All-inclusive cruise vacation packages include:

  • Round trip Italy airfare
  • Italy port transfers
  • Exclusive complimentary shore excursions
  • Private ship board cocktail parties
  • On board concierge services
  • Free on board spending cash

These exclusive free amenities and savings from are available to guests on select Italian cruises that embark Rome, Venice, Barcelona and other Mediterranean ports.

Why are’s prices the lowest and its free amenities more generous than offered by the cruise lines and other travel agencies?

There is no other certified Italy travel agency with more Mediterranean cruise guests than Our enormous size gives us tremendous pricing leverage on Italian cruises. Our long-standing relationships translates to lower prices, more free amenities and upgrades, airfare credits, exclusive Mediterranean cruise with airfare packages, and better on board customer service for our Italian cruise travelers.

Our top producer status with all of the cruise lines that operate in Italy allows us to offer you the lowest price. Plus, we are Italy travel experts.  Therefore, when we package transfers and hotels our Italy cruise tour vacation package prices are unbeatable. All of our guests including families, couples with new born baby, honeymooners, anniversaries, graduations, family reunions, and groups receive the best price Italy cruise tour vacation package guaranteed.

And our certified Italy cruise travel agents can take care of anything else you may desire along your Italy cruise vacation.

In short, offers top notch all inclusive Italy cruise vacation packages at the lowest price.

For the best deal on your Mediterranean cruise around Italy call 800-227-1577 or click the links.

Italy Pre-Cruise and Post-Cruise Packages

Add a few nights in Rome or Venice before or after your cruise. Check out our pre-cruise Italy vacation packages and post-cruise Italy vacation packages .

Our all inclusive Italy cruise vacation packages with airfare include:

  • Centrally located hotels,
  • Transfers between airport, cruise port, and hotel
  • Day tours such as the Vatican Museum, Ancient Roman Forum, Venice Tours

Why Cruise from Italy?

Italy’s great “cities of art,” Venice, Rome and Florence, have attracted visitors for centuries, but Italy has much more for the art lover to discover. Every region of Italy and just about every town offers a rich cultural tradition and history to explore and enjoy. And what better way to travel through Italy stress free than on a cruise around Italy. Explore the mosaics of Ravenna, the hidden gems of Palermo, the history of Cagliari, the Etruscan tombs of Tarquinia, and much more.

Italy is a peninsula surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea. There are various gulfs and islands to visit. Between Venice and Rome travel through Italy visiting the many other cruise ports of call along the Italic peninsula. Depending on which cruise line and itinerary you choose for your Mediterranean Italian cruise you’ll visit between three and eight or even nine Italian ports. You may also sail from Italy to the Greek Isles, French Rivera, The Holy Lands, and the Dalmatian Coast.

The two primary cruise ports in Italy are Venice and Rome. Venice cruise port is located on the Adriatic Sea. Rome cruise port is Civitavecchia. It is located in the Mediterranean sea. Most Italian cruises either embark or disembark in one of these ports. There are many other Italian ports of call. For a full list of Italian cruise ports click here .

Many cruise lines cruise to Italy’s ports of call. Some cruise lines embark in Italy’s primary ports Venice and Rome. Many other cruises include ports of call in Italy when embarking from other Mediterranean ports such as Barcelona. Click here for list of cruuise lines that cruise to Italian ports .

Most Italy cruises are from 7 to 12 days.

The spring months April and May and fall months September and October are beautiful times for an Italian cruise. The days are cool and crowds lighter than summer which makes sightseeing easier. The summer brings hot days to go with the sightseeing. Most cruise lines do not operate during December, January, and February.

Shop around, then for the best deal on your Italy cruise book with us 800-227-1577


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Shore Excursions in Italy

Shore Excursions in Italy

Best tours and activities for Shore Excursions in Italy

Full day Tour to Capri and Anacapri from Naples, with pick-up and lunch included

Full day Tour to Capri and Anacapri from Naples, with pick-up and lunch included

Private Tour from Naples or Sorrento to Pompeii and Herculaneum in a day

Private Tour from Naples or Sorrento to Pompeii and Herculaneum in a day

Private Tour around the best of Saint Marks Sestiere in Venice

Private Tour around the best of Saint Mark's Sestiere in Venice

Small group day Trip to Capri, Pompeii and Sorrento from Naples

Small group day Trip to Capri, Pompeii and Sorrento from Naples

Private tour departing from Venice to the Dolomites

Private tour departing from Venice to the Dolomites

Private Guided Tour of Genoa food market and cooking class of Pesto

Private Guided Tour of Genoa food market and cooking class of Pesto

Shore excursion by boat from La Spezia port to visit Cinque Terre

Shore excursion by boat from La Spezia port to visit Cinque Terre

Private tour and hiking in Portofino Natural Park, with lunch included

Private tour and hiking in Portofino Natural Park, with lunch included

Private Tour of Palmaria Island and Portovenere from Portovenere

Private Tour of Palmaria Island and Portovenere from Portovenere

Private Excursion from Naples or Sorrento to Pompeii, Positano and Sorrento

Private Excursion from Naples or Sorrento to Pompeii, Positano and Sorrento

Private Excursion from Catania to Mount Etna and Taormina

Private Excursion from Catania to Mount Etna and Taormina

Private Tour from the port of Livorno to Siena, San Gimignano and Chianti

Private Tour from the port of Livorno to Siena, San Gimignano and Chianti

Create your tailor-made itinerary in Italy!

Create your tailor-made itinerary in Italy!

Shore Excursions in Livorno

Shore Excursions in Livorno

Shore Excursions to Rome

Shore Excursions to Rome

Shore Excursions Naples and Sorrento

Shore Excursions Naples and Sorrento

Shore Excursions in Palermo

Shore Excursions in Palermo

Shore Excursions in Bari

Shore Excursions in Bari

Shore Excursions in La Spezia

Shore Excursions in La Spezia

Shore Excursions in Venice

Shore Excursions in Venice

Live a unique experience in Italy, making the best out of your time with our shore excursions. Are you planning to do a cruise in Italy, and your ship will dock at one of the main Italian cruise ports, like Livorno , Civitavecchia , Naples , Palermo , La Spezia or Venice ? Do not miss the best attractions of each place, and choose our shore excursions! Private tours and group tours depart from every italian cruise port, and each one of them is organized with the greatest care, to make sure you will enjoy a wonderful day on Italian mainland. Discover the attractions of the most beautiful Italian cities, accompanied by our english speaking drivers and our licensed tour guides, who will accompany you with the best comfort from the dock to discover the main locations. Depending on your preferences and on the time at your disposal, we will bring you to Florence from Livorno cruise port for a walk on the Ponte Vecchio , to Rome from Civitavecchia cruise port to discover the Vatican or the Colosseum , to Pompeii from Naples cruise port to admire the excavations, or among Venice canals. Our shore excursions will take you to the best attractions of Italy! These are just some of the 100% Italian experiences we have arranged, all including pick-up and return at the dock where you disembark. Choose the one that is right for you! Rely on professionals to make your cruise in Italy unforgettable, and choose our shore excursions! You also have the opportunity to personalize your shore day trip in Italy, based on your special requests: contact us to receive a customized travel plan .

Tours and excursions from Italy cruise ports

Reviews for shore excursions in italy, this tour was much more than we expected, it was perfect, rome | excursion from civitavecchia port to discover panoramic rome, incredible amount of touring in a short amount of time., venice | private tour of st. mark's basilica and doge’s palace in venice, excelente servicio., naples & amalfi coast | shore excursion from naples or sorrento to amalfi, ravello and positano, italy best tours & excursions.

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The 7 Best Cruises for Experiencing Italy’s Scenic and Culinary Bounty

The best italy cruises bring travelers off the beaten path to explore some of the mediterranean country’s less-visited treasures..

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A pink building and a rocky coastline in Tonnara di Scopello on the island of Sicily

Visiting Sicily is a must on any Italy sailing.

Courtesy of Flo/Unsplash

When it comes to Italy cruises, your best bet is to go with a small-ship sailing. Big ships tend to do the tried and true— Rome , Venice , Florence , Naples—not that there’s anything wrong with seeing the Colosseum, St. Mark’s Square, Michelangelo’s David , and the ruins of Pompeii . But on the best cruises around Italy, there’s opportunity to go deeper and at a slower pace.

You’ll often still be able to check off major marquee attractions, while at the same time admiring the pastel-colored villages and hairpin roadways along the Amalfi Coast, the unspoiled landscapes of Puglia, the drama of Sicily, or the dreamy Ligurian coast. In addition to visiting off-the-beaten-path places, small ships tend to linger in ports, with the best itineraries including late evening or overnight stays. That way, there’s time to sample the dining scene—key for cruisers like me who like to try the local pasta dish in every town.

The best time for an Italy cruise

The main season for Italy cruises is April to October, coinciding with weather that increases the allure of beaches and outdoor attractions, even if visiting ancient ruins in the heat of summer may require some fortitude.

Where Italy cruises sail

Aerial view of the Amalfi town of Positano, with small sailing boats on the sea

Some small-ship sailings stop in the Amalfi town of Positano.

Courtesy of Dimitry/Unsplash

Amalfi Coast

Along the famed Amalfi Coast , ships visit Sorrento, overlooking the bay of Naples, and colorful Amalfi, dramatically backed by steep cliffs. Some itineraries also including the strikingly beautiful Positano. Smaller yacht vessels may sail directly to the fancy island of Capri (otherwise there will be a shore excursion, as with the larger ships). Among other shore choices in this region is a visit to ancient Pompeii.

Italy cruise itineraries often land at several ports on Sicily, and some itineraries circumnavigate the island. Each port has its own allure, including the city scene in Palermo; Syracuse, which showcases ancient attractions from when it was a prominent Greek city; Taormina, with its impressive hilltop location and Greek theater; and Lipari, which has a charming, tiny island ambience. In addition to striking landscapes, attractions include Roman and Greek ancient historic sights and views of Mount Etna, plus filming locations featured in The Godfather movies and in Season 2 of the HBO series The White Lotus . If while cruising Sicily your ship ventures to Stromboli, with its famous volcano, it will be from a safe distance—and if you’re lucky, in the dark when you can witness the lava flowing.

Increasingly popular on the cruise map are destinations in Puglia , a region of olive groves and national parks. Small ships call in the city of Lecce and town of Gallipoli, with their impressive baroque architecture; Taranto, a bustling port city with a history dating back to the Spartans and known for its fresh seafood restaurants; the town of Otranto, where a chapel in the cathedral displays skulls of martyrs from a 15th-century Ottoman siege; and the scenic fishing town of Monopoli, with its beaches and castles.

Adriatic Coast and Sardinia

Small ships also visit Italy’s Adriatic Coast, including the historic Ancona, which has Roman ruins and beaches. Additional islands might appear on an Italy cruise itinerary, too, such as Sardinia, where the wild landscape affords hiking opportunities with views, and you can wander among medieval sights in the historic port city of Cagliari.

The best Italy cruises for every type of traveler

View of the sea through the windows in a stateroom on Ponant’s 184-passenger "Le Bougainville."

Book an Italy cruise with Abercrombie & Kent and this will be your view when sailing on Ponant’s 184-passenger Le Bougainville.

Courtesy of Nicolas Matheus/Ponant

Abercrombie & Kent

  • Itinerary : Hidden Treasures From Florence to Venice
  • Best for : Classic Italy cruise experience
  • Number of days : 11
  • Starting cost : $14,885 per person (including two hotel nights in Florence)

Luxury tour company Abercrombie & Kent carefully curates its cruise itineraries with local guides on shore and with destination experts onboard. A&K has partnered with French line Ponant for a September Italy cruise on Ponant’s diesel-electric ship Le Bougainville . This trip explores Florence, Rome, and Venice, stopping along the way on the islands of Sardinia and Sicily, and in Bari (the capitol of Puglia) and Ancona. Added bonus: a day on the French island of Corsica, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. The experience is limited to 148 guests, who can sip drinks with views in the ship’s underwater lounge.

Plate of seafood, including clams and mussels, over risotto, served in a restaurant in Positano

Indulge in Italy’s iconic cuisine on a foodie-focused sailing with Atlas Ocean Voyages.

Photo by Shutterstock

Atlas Ocean Voyages

  • Itinerary : Valletta to Rome
  • Best for : food lovers
  • Number of days : 8
  • Starting cost : $3,499 per person

Atlas Ocean Voyages, with its elegant small expedition ships, switches the focus from penguin-spotting in Antarctica to summer expedition cruises in Europe, including what the Portuguese-owned line calls “epicurean expeditions.” On the 196-passenger World Traveller , one such expedition from between Malta and Rome adds the food angle to exploration of Sicily and the Amalfi Coast, with overnights in Positano, the dramatically positioned cliffside town with its labyrinth of staircases, and on the island of Capri. An expedition team will lead culinary explorations on the ship and ashore, such as visiting local markets and specialty tastings, culinary presentations, cooking demonstrations, and sampling wine.

The Trevi Fountain in Rome

On this Azamara journey, combine coastal cruising with some time in Rome.

Courtesy of Michele Bitetto/Unsplash

Azamara Cruises

  • Itinerary : Italy Intensive Voyage
  • Best for: More affordable Italy sailing
  • Number of days : 10
  • Starting cost : $2,320 per person

Sailing round-trip from Venice on the upscale 684-passenger Azamara Pursuit , this “ Italy Intensive Voyage ,” which sets sail in June 2024, takes passengers to Bologna, where optional excursions include a visit to the Ferrari Museum, and the historic Adriatic port city of Ancona, before cruising over to Kotor, Montenegro, with its impressive fjord approach and UNESCO-recognized Old Town. Heading south, you’ll stop by Taranto in Puglia and Sicily’s Giardini Naxos (near Taormina) and Palermo, before lingering in Amalfi, Sorrento, and Capri. There’s the bonus of a day in Rome (accessible from the port of Civitavecchia). It’s a packed itinerary and a great price.

Infinity pool with empty lounge chairs on an outdoor deck on an Emerald Cruises super yacht

Not a bad way to take in the views of Italy on an Emerald Cruises super yacht

Courtesy of Pompei Luca/Emerald Cruises

Emerald Cruises

  • Itinerary : Highlights of Southern Italy
  • Best for : Intimate yacht experience
  • Number of days : 7
  • Starting cost : $6,120 per person

Cruising with thousands or even hundreds of people is one thing; cruising around southern Italy on a luxury super yacht is something else completely. Sail on Emerald Cruises’ 100-passenger Emerald Sakara from Civitavecchia to Dubrovnik , daydreaming in a designer daybed at the infinity pool when you’re not on shore exploring Sicily, the Amalfi Coast, Calabria (from the port city of Crotone) and Puglia. In Sorrento, an included guided tour of the city focuses on gelato. In Sicily’s Giardini Naxos, an optional excursion involves river tubing.

Sea Cloud sailing ship with three masts and numerous sails; two Zodiacs in the water around the ship

Visit Italy with Lindblad on the storied Sea Cloud ship, with the wind in your sails.

Courtesy of Sea Cloud

Lindblad Expeditions

  • Itinerary: Mediterranean Gems: Southern Italy and Sicily Aboard Sea Cloud
  • Best for : Historic ship experience
  • Starting cost : $18,602 per person

Passengers will immerse themselves in history as soon as they set foot on the 58-passenger Sea Cloud tall ship, built in 1931 for socialite Marjorie Merriweather Post and finance tycoon E.F. Hutton, and decorated with period antiques. Lindblad Expeditions is operating the vessel on several Mediterranean journeys in 2024, including this Southern Italy and Sicily sailing . There will be a Lindblad–National Geographic–certified photo instructor to help guests get perfect photos of the ship’s iconic sails and of the enchanting sights on an off-the-beaten-path itinerary to Puglia, Sicily, and the Amalfi Coast, sailing from Dubrovnik to Naples. Highlights include a private lunch at Castello degli Schiavi, an 18th-century castle used as a filming location in The Godfather movies.

The dining room in a Grand Suite on the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection's "Evrima" yacht

Imagine opening a great bottle of Italian wine in your personal dining room in the Grand Suite on the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection’s Evrima .

Courtesy of Francisco Jose Martinez Mendez/Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

  • Itinerary : Rome (Civitavecchia) to Valletta
  • Best for : Luxury experience
  • Starting cost : $10,600 per person

You can be sure that the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is going to deliver high-end resort cruising, and that’s certainly the case on the 298-passenger Evrima , where Moët & Chandon will flow freely as guests sail from Rome to Malta . Itinerary creativity is another bonus, as you explore the Amalfi Coast, Puglia, and Syracuse, the ship lingering in several ports so that you can go out on the town, with overnights in both Sorrento, where there is time to visit the emerald waters of the Grotta dello Smeraldo, and Taranto, with its white beaches and dolphin-spotting.

Dramatic cliffs line the shoreline on the island of Ponza

This Star Clippers cruise includes a bonus stop on the scenic island of Ponza.

Courtesy of Ferhat Deniz/Unsplash

Star Clippers

  • Itinerary : Amalfi & Sicily
  • Best for : Value
  • Starting cost : $1,930 per person

Star Clippers’ Amalfi and Sicily itinerary on the 166-passenger Star Flyer sailing ship is the perfect combination of going with the wind and hitting key sights. The itinerary is round trip from Civitavecchia (near Rome), making this cruise a convenient and affordable add-on to your own exploration of Italy’s “Eternal City.” Set sail for Sicily (Messina and Lipari) and visit the Amalfi Coast (Sorrento and Amalfi). There’s the bonus of a port call in picturesque Ponza, an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea and very much not on the typical tourist path. When sailing, take in the breezes on the bowsprit.

Family Beach Fire.jpg

  • CruiseMapper
  • Cruise Ports
  • Mediterranean - Black Sea Cruise Ports

Giardini Naxos-Taormina (Sicily Italy)

Cruise port schedule, live map, terminals, news.

Giardini Naxos-Taormina cruise port

Region Mediterranean - Black Sea

Local Time 2024-01-28 07:30

Port Giardini Naxos-Taormina cruise ship schedule shows timetable calendars of all arrival and departure dates by month. The port's schedule lists all ships (in links) with cruises going to or leaving from Giardini Naxos-Taormina, Sicily Italy. To see the full itineraries (ports of call dates and arrival / departure times) and their lowest rates – just follow the corresponding ship-link.

Giardini-Naxos (cruise port to Taormina) is a port town located on Sicily Island's northeastern coast, in Gulf of Catania (Mediterranean Sea). The town covers a total area of 13 km2 (5 ml2) and has population around 11,000. Travel time between Giardini-Naxos and Taormina is around 20 min (via road A18 / E45).

Giardini-Naxos (Sicily, Italy) cruise port

Port's strategic position has attracted many occupants, including Romans, Phoenicians, Greeks. During the 6th century BC, Greeks were the first to settle here, creating a grand theatre in a glamarous position. The theatre was remodeled by the Romans, who controlled Sicily by the middle of the 3rd century BC. Taormina prospered in trade during the Middle Ages, and in addition to a pair of magnificent palaces, many elaborate public buildings and mansions were erected in the heart of the city. Remember to visit these historic sites and shop along the cobblestoned streets of Corso Umberto. Don't miss the opportunity to take the cable car down to the sea. If you prefer swimming then take to the beaches of Naxos di Giardino, only 8 km away.

Giardini Naxos-Taormina cruise terminal

Cruise ships to Giardini-Naxos (Sicily) anchor in the bay and their passengers are transported via the ship's tender boats to the pier Porto Scaro Nuovo (on the waterfront). Shuttle buses then transport them from the dock to Taormina. Regular public buses to Taormina are also available. Travel time Giardini-Naxos to Taormina is 20 min (via road A18 / E45).

Windstar's cruise ship Star Legend to showcase new Mediterranean routes in 2025

Windstar's cruise ship Star Legend to showcase new Mediterranean routes in 2025

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SeaDream Yacht Club unveils 2026 Mediterranean voyages with new ports and longer (14-day) itineraries

SeaDream Yacht Club unveils 2026 Mediterranean voyages with new ports and longer (14-day...

SeaDream Yacht Club has unveiled its 2026 Mediterranean voyages, featuring 7 new ports of call and the introduction of the first-ever 14-day in-depth...

Star Clippers unveils “Grand Voyages” to exotic ports in the Mediterranean

Star Clippers unveils “Grand Voyages” to exotic ports in the Mediterranean

For those seeking an extensive and effortlessly curated vacation experience, Star Clippers offers a series of "Grand Voyages" ranging from 13 to 19...

Ponant launches Northern Hemisphere Summer 2024 program

Ponant launches Northern Hemisphere Summer 2024 program

Ponant launched its Northern Hemisphere Summer 2024 program. Highlights include Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Atlantic. 50 new...

Silversea's new gourmet dining experiences for European Grand Voyage 2022

Silversea's new gourmet dining experiences for European Grand Voyage 2022

The ultra-premium travel company Silversea Cruises introduced a S.A.L.T.-inspired festive feast to showcase 3 of the most appetising culinary...

Reservations open for Crystal Esprit cruises in 2023 through early 2024

Reservations open for Crystal Esprit cruises in 2023 through early 2024

Crystal Yacht Cruises opened reservations for its boutique yacht Crystal Esprit 2023 and early 2024 itineraries. The 6-, 7-, and 8-night voyages...

Crystal Yacht Cruises announces preview of Crystal Esprit complete deployment

Crystal Yacht Cruises announces preview of Crystal Esprit complete deployment

Crystal Yacht Cruises announced a preview of the complete deployment for its all-suite, 62-passenger yacht Crystal Esprit for 2023 to the first...

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Giardini Naxos-Taormina - user reviews and comments

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Italy Cruises

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Unforgettable Luxury Cruises to Italy

Experience the joys of la dolce vita on one of our award-winning cruises to Italy. This spectacular destination has a bounty of treasures waiting to be discovered, from mouthwatering cuisine to magnificent archaeological sites and some of the world’s greatest art treasures.

Our Mediterranean cruises visit Italy’s most beautiful destinations. Dive into the azure ocean off the island of Sardinia and marvel at the grandeur of Mount Etna in Sicily. Drift along the romantic canals of Venice from a port stop in Ravenna. Explore the Colosseum and the Vatican in Rome. Gaze at dreamy villages in gelato colors spilling over the lemon-fragranced hillsides of the Amalfi Coast.

Embark on exciting shore excursions that include in-depth city tours, wine tastings, cooking classes, and more. There’s no shortage of beauty and wonder awaiting you on a luxury Italy cruise with Celebrity Cruises.

Italy Cruise Highlights

Fantastic cuisine.

One of the highlights of cruising to Italy is sampling all of the culinary delights of the region. Sip on glasses of Chianti, Barolo, and Pinot Grigio. Try Tuscan specialties like bistecca alla Fiorentina and grab a slice of authentic Neapolitan pizza in Naples. Buy a box of biscotti in Sicily and order a plate of bucatini or gnocchi in Rome. Finish off your meal with a creamy gelato and a reinvigorating shot of espresso.

Famous Landmarks

You’ll find magnificent landmarks everywhere during your cruise to Italy. In Rome, explore the Colosseum, where gladiators once battled, and throw a coin into the baroque Trevi Fountain to ensure your return to the city. In Florence, admire the perfection of Michelangelo’s David. Take a photo at the astonishing Leaning Tower of Pisa and admire the dappled sunlight and azure water inside Capri’s famed Blue Grotto. While in Venice, be dazzled by the exquisite mosaics inside St. Mark’s Basilica.

The Amalfi Coast

Soak in the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, where mountains plunge straight into the sparkling Mediterranean and pastel-colored townhouses and fragrant citrus groves cling to the hillsides. Visit the picturesque cliffside towns of Positano, Ravello, and Sorrento and savor a lunch of fresh seafood and crisp white wine in a beachfront restaurant. Sail to the fabled island of Capri, famed for its dramatic scenery and lavish villas, and sip limoncello while people watching in the chic Piazzetta.

Featured Italy Cruise Ports

Ravenna (venice).

The beautiful city of Ravenna reflects its one-time status as capital of the western Roman empire. Ancient churches and baptistries throughout the center, all protected by UNESCO, are adorned with exquisite early Christian mosaics. From Ravenna, visit the enchanting city of Venice, famed for its canals, grand waterfront palaces, ancient bridges, and art, from the masterpieces inside the Doge’s Palace to the contemporary Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

Rome (Civitavecchia)

History lovers and cultural connoisseurs will experience a feast for the senses in Rome, Italy’s elegant capital. Step back in time inside the Colosseum, an ancient amphitheater that dates back to the first century. Marvel at the heavenly frescoes of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel inside the Vatican, and the vastness of St. Peter’s Basilica. Sip your morning cappuccino on gorgeous Piazza Navona against a soundtrack of splashing fountains and browse the designer shops on Via del Corso.

The seaside village of Portofino is one of Italy’s most glamorous destinations. Stroll around its winding streets lined with colorful buildings and admire the megayachts bobbing in the pretty harbor. Wander up the hill through the pinewoods beside the town to Castello Brown, a historic fort with dazzling views, or step inside enticing boutiques around the Piazzetta. This alluring square is the perfect spot for homemade gelato or a refreshing Aperol spritz cocktail in the sunshine.

Italy Cruise Itineraries

The Italy cruise season begins in May and lasts until October. Itineraries range from seven to twelve nights and depart from Ravenna (Venice), Rome, Athens and Barcelona. Most of our itineraries include one or two nights at sea and at least six different port stops in each sailing. Depending on your Italy cruise itinerary, you’ll sail around the country while also visiting ports in either Spain, France, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, and beyond, allowing you to explore Italy as well as other top destinations in Europe.


Why cruise to italy with celebrity cruises.

Experience the wonders of Italy while aboard one of our award-winning ships. Find out why we’ve been voted the best cruise line in Europe for 13 years in a row as you enjoy unparalleled service, stay in elegantly designed staterooms and suites, dine on world-class cuisine, and stop in spectacular port destinations along the way.

You’ll have access to non-stop entertainment, both on board and ashore. Sign up for exciting shore excursions that include everything from family-friendly outings to culinary tours. Watch show-stopping performances at the onboard theater, or unwind in our state-of-the-art spa. Spend a night out at one of our world-class specialty restaurants, and finish off the evening by dancing under the stars in a chic lounge in the middle of the sea. 

View All Italy Cruises

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Where do cruise ships leave from in Trieste Italy?


Cruise ships leave from the Trieste cruise port, which is conveniently located right near the main square of Trieste, the famous Piazza Unità d’Italia.

What is the address of the Trieste port?

The address of the Trieste port is Molo dei Bersaglieri, 3, 34123 Trieste TS, Italy.

How do I get to Port of Trieste?

There are several transportation options available if you need to get to the Port of Trieste from Treviso Airport. You can take a bus, catch a train, or opt for a private transfer service.

How do I get from Marco Polo Airport to Trieste cruise port?

To get from Marco Polo Airport to the Trieste cruise port, you have several transportation options. You can take a bus, a train, or book a private transfer service.

How far is Trieste airport to Trieste cruise port?

The distance between Trieste Airport and the Port of Trieste is 28 kilometers.

How far is the Trieste cruise port from the town?

The Trieste cruise port is located right next to the Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, so it’s easy to walk from the ship to major sites in the town. The port is approximately a 20-minute walk from the tram line terminus in Piazza Oberdan.

How much is a taxi from Trieste Airport to city Centre?

The cost of a taxi from Trieste Airport to the city center can range from 50€ to 80€, depending on the company, time of day, and number of passengers.

How much does a water taxi cost from Marco Polo Airport to Venice?

A water taxi from Marco Polo Airport to Venice city center costs approximately between €105 and €135. The price from Venezia Santa Lucia railway station and Piazzale Roma to the city center is between €65 and €100.

How far is train station from cruise port in Trieste Italy?

The train station is approximately 1 kilometer away from the Trieste cruise port.

Is there a water taxi from Venice to Trieste?

Yes, there are water taxi services available from Venice to Trieste. You can book a private transfer that combines travel by land and sea.

Do cruise ships dock in Trieste?

Yes, cruise ships dock at the Trieste cruise port, which is conveniently located next to the Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia. Passengers can easily explore the city and its major sites from the port.

What is the name of the cruise port in Trieste Italy?

The cruise port in Trieste Italy is called Trieste Terminal Passeggeri.

Where is port Trieste?

The port of Trieste is located in the Adriatic Sea in Trieste, Italy. It is the most important commercial port of Italy, with a trade volume of 62 million tonnes.

Where do cruise ships leave from?

Cruise ships leave from various ports around the world. Some of the popular departure ports include Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York City, and Trieste.

Does Trieste have a train station?

Yes, Trieste has a train station called Trieste Centrale. It services many trains and buses to assist passengers from all over the world.

How much time do you need in Trieste?

To truly experience Trieste, it is recommended to spend at least three days in the city. This will give you enough time to explore the major sites and take day trips to nearby attractions.

How long is the train journey from Trieste to Venice?

The train journey from Trieste to Venice takes approximately 1 hour and 32 minutes. The distance covered is approximately 116 kilometers.

Do you need cash for water taxi in Venice?

Yes, it is recommended to have cash when using a water taxi in Venice. While you can buy tickets on the boat, having cash available will make the process smoother.

Are Venice water taxis cash only?

Yes, all private water taxis in Venice operate on a cash basis only. Credit cards are not accepted.

Is Venice water taxi worth it?

Taking a water taxi in Venice can be a fun experience, but it can also be expensive. The cost of water taxi rides can add up, especially if you need to take multiple trips. Consider your budget before deciding if it is worth it for you.

What is the closest airport to Venice Trieste cruise port?

The closest airport to the Venice Trieste cruise port is Trieste Airport, which is located approximately 29.6 kilometers away. Other nearby airports include Ljubljana Airport, Venice Airport, Venice Treviso Airport, and Zagreb Airport.

How to get a taxi at Trieste Airport?

At Trieste Airport, official airport taxi service is available from 08:00 to 00:00. You can take a taxi from the taxi rank at the airport or order one by phone. It is also possible to book a Trieste airport transfer in advance.

How do I get from Trieste Airport to the city?

To get from Trieste Airport to the city, you can take a regional train from “Trieste Airport” to “Trieste Centrale” (main railway station). The trains run approximately every 15 minutes, and tickets can be purchased online or at the automatic vending machines on the train platform. Both credit cards and cash are accepted.

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    Date: February 26, 2021 Venice is one of the most visited cruise ports in Italy and Europe. Built upon 117 separate islands and held together by wooden beamed structures below water, Venice is as strong today as it was when first inhabited over 1500 years ago.

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    If you cruise ship arrives at Statzione Marittima cruise port. Here are your options: 1. TAXI: The easiest way but also one of the most costly is a taxi. Taxi are available at the port or by calling tel. +39 040 307730. Note you cannot book a taxi in advance. There is a flat rate from Trieste cruise port to Trieste airport at 60€.

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    January 15, 2024 by Sarah The Italian port of Ravenna - Porto Corsini - is now home to many cruise ships that used to start their cruise itineraries to the Mediterranean or the Greek Isles from the ports in Venice. Why? Venice is known as a floating city. Much has been reported about rising water levels and the ancient streets at risk of crumbling.

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    From gazing upward at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, to combing through the dozens of timeless works that make Florence's Uffizi Gallery famous (including "The Birth of Venus"), Italy's artistic heritage is as impressive in the big picture as it is in the finer details. LIVE FOREVER IN ETERNAL CITIES

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    Venice Italy Cruise Port. 1. Gondola Ride. By far one of the most popular and unique ways to view Venice is by gondola. These charming small boats without a motor are able to navigate down quiet ...

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    The ship will cruise round-trip from Rome and call on six Italian ports: Catania (for Mount Etna), Porto Empedocle (for the ancient ruins at Agrigento) and Trapani (for its signature colored salts and Marsala wines), all in Sicily; the island of Lipari (the largest of seven Aeolian Islands); and Sorrento and Amalfi on the stunning Amalfi Coast.

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    Experience the wonders of Italy while aboard one of our award-winning ships. Find out why we've been voted the best cruise line in Europe for 13 years in a row as you enjoy unparalleled service, stay in elegantly designed staterooms and suites, dine on world-class cuisine, and stop in spectacular port destinations along the way.

  25. Where do cruise ships leave from in Trieste Italy?

    Cruise ships leave from the Trieste cruise port, which is conveniently located right near the main square of Trieste, the famous Piazza Unità d'Italia. What is the address of the Trieste port? The address of the Trieste port is Molo dei Bersaglieri, 3, 34123 Trieste TS, Italy.

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