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17 Top Attractions & Things to do in Kenya

Last updated on February 5, 2024 by Alex Schultz - 16 Comments

One of the best places to go on safari in the world, Kenya is renowned for its rich wildlife and innumerable nature reserves. While most people come to see the Big 5, pearly white beaches and historic Swahili settlements line its stunning coast.

Located in East Africa alongside the Indian Ocean, it has long been one of the most popular countries to visit on the continent. Incredibly diverse, its national parks encompass everything from mountains and deserts to wetlands, plains, and lakes. They host an abundance of wildlife with the Maasai Mara and its wildebeest migration being the most famous of the lot.

The wildlife safaris have been the top tourist attractions in Kenya for decades. Other things to do include trekking Mount Kenya, ballooning over the Masai Mara and snorkeling in Malindi on the Indian Ocean coast. This makes for a nice change after days spent looking for elephants, giraffes and lions.

In this post, we'll cover:

17. Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha

A lovely day trip destination or a quiet weekend away, Lake Naivasha lies only two hours’ drive from Nairobi. Although often overlooked in favor of the nearby Lake Nakuru and its famous flamingos, it too is known for its bountiful birdlife and beautiful scenery.

Part of the Great Rift Valley, the shallow freshwater lake’s name actually means ‘rough water’ in the Maasai language. Other than a sizeable population of hippos, it is home to around 400 bird species. These include not just egrets and African fish eagles but cormorants, pelicans, and kingfishers too. Big buffaloes and towering giraffes can also be spotted along its shores.

To see as many animals and birds as possible, lots of people take scenic boat trips out on the lake. You can also stay overnight at the comfy lodges that look out over its sparkling surface.

16. Karen Blixen Museum

Karen Blixen Museum

Lying on the southwestern outskirts of the capital, not far from Nairobi National Park, is the brilliant Karen Blixen Museum. Her former home provides an interesting look at the life of the Out of Africa author in Kenya.

From 1917 to 1931, the renowned Danish writer lived in a bungalow-style farmhouse at the foot of the Ngong Hills. Her famous memoir recounts what living on the coffee plantation was like. It also explores Kenya’s rich culture and colonial rule in British East Africa.

Now a historic house museum, its rooms are full of period pieces and original artifacts owned by the author. Surrounded by lush, green grounds, it makes for a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the centre of Nairobi.

15. Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park

One of Kenya’s oldest and largest national parks, Tsavo East is situated in the southeast, on the way to the coast from Nairobi. A great choice if you’re wondering where to go on safari, it boasts loads of awesome wildlife.

Once the hunting grounds of the Waliangulu and Kamba tribes, its sprawling savanna and semi-arid grasslands have been protected since 1948. As well as the Big 5, you can also spy huge hippopotami and camouflaged crocodiles alongside the Galana River. Overhead, crowned cranes and sacred ibis flap about beneath the park’s bright blue skies.

Constantly in contact with other guides, your driver will somehow get you up close to every animal imaginable. Thanks to them, we saw a family of elephants enjoying a red dust bath right beside the jeep. Although often seen throughout the park, this scene was still one of our favorite memories from our time in Kenya.

14. Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West National Park

Much more mountainous and swampy than its nearby namesake, Tsavo West lies just across a river and the A109 from the neighboring national park. Due to its more varied scenery and specially protected rhino sanctuary, it is slightly more popular to visit.

Also named after the Tsavo River, its rugged reaches are dotted by dramatic black lava flows and volcanic cones. Some exciting rock climbing can also be had up its craggy cliff faces. Here too, you’ll find the marvelous Mzima Springs where you can see hippos, crocs, and turtles.

This time, the highlight of our safari was seeing an incredibly rare eastern black rhinoceros. It stopped in the middle of the road before staring at us for what seemed like an eternity before slowly plodding back into the bush.

13. Fort Jesus, Mombasa

Fort Jesus

The coastal city’s main tourist attraction, the formidable Fort Jesus watches over the Old Port from Mombasa island. A fascinating place, it has some seriously impressive architecture and an extensive collection of artifacts for visitors to enjoy.

Built between 1593 and 1596, the crumbling old fort marks the first time a European power exerted its influence over trade in the Indian Ocean. An outstanding example of Portuguese Renaissance architecture, it is roughly square in shape with four bulwarks at its corners. Local Swahili people are thought however to have provided most of the labour, materials, and expert masonry techniques.

While we enjoyed seeing the fort and learning about its past, we preferred getting lost in the Old Town outside. Full of life, its traditional Swahili buildings house little local restaurants and souvenir shops selling masks, textiles, and jewellery.

12. Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park

Unlike most of the country’s parks, Aberdare is more known for its scenic hikes and waterfalls than its abundant wildlife. Certain to delight nature lovers, it is nestled amongst the Central Highlands on the way from Nairobi to Nakuru.

Established back in 1950, it protects part of the Aberdare Mountains that range from 2,000 to 4,000 metres in height. Covering its vast valleys and the lower slopes of its prominent peaks are rivers, forests, and even some waterfalls. A large population of eastern black rhinos and elephants also live amongst these diverse landscapes.

Some of the best hikes are to Mount Satima’s summit or along the challenging yet rewarding Elephant Hills trail. Not to be missed are the stunning Chania and Karuru falls, both of which make for some epic photos and viewing hidden away amidst the verdant forest.

11. Diani Beach

Diani Beach

If after all the safaris and sightseeing you just want to relax and unwind, then the idyllic Diani Beach is definitely the place to go. Set just south of Mombasa, all its wide, white sands are a treat to lounge on lazily. Here you can also enjoy a wealth of fun watersports.

Stretching around seventeen kilometers in length, the relaxing resort area lies alongside the twinkling Indian Ocean. Dotted up and down the palm tree-fringed beach are countless luxury hotels and resorts. Many offer all-inclusive packages and can arrange safari trips for guests.

Besides being one of the best beaches we’ve been to (it really does look breathtaking), there are loads of things to do to try. Kite surfing and jet skiing are both super fun while scuba diving and snorkeling highlight its rich marine life. You can also take sightseeing cruises along the coast or quad-biking trips around the nearby villages.

10. Hell’s Gate National Park

Hell's Gate National Park

For those after an active holiday, Hell’s Gate National Park is a good bet thanks to its excellent hiking, biking, and rock climbing. Its relatively close proximity to Nairobi and cheaper entrance fees also mean that plenty of people head here.

Lying just to the south of Lake Navaisha, it is named after a narrow gap in the park’s colossal cliffs. Asides from the slender gorge’s ruddy red rocks, there are also a couple of long-extinct volcanoes to explore. Some of the most arresting formations to photo are those created long ago by cooling molten lava.

As very few predators reside within this part of the Great Rift Valley, many visitors hike or bike about the park. While visiting its hot springs and Maasai Cultural Centre, keep an eye out for the local wildlife. Other than African buffaloes and elands, you can sometimes see hyenas, baboons, and ostriches amidst the undergrowth.

9. Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park

The only nature reserve of its kind in the world, Nairobi National Park literally lies right on the doorstep of the country’s capital. Seeing its skyline as you look at lions, elephants, and giraffes is a surreal feeling that needs to be experienced.

Set aside in the forties to protect the region’s dwindling wildlife, it mainly consists of endless open grass plains. Here and there though, you’ll find pockets of forests along rivers and small rocky gorges scattered about. Living in the park are everything from gazelles and cheetahs to crocodiles, jackals, and common eland.

While we did do several safaris in Kenya, we are still happy we went here. Its diverse wildlife and delightfully different views made the visit quite special. After all, there aren’t many cities in the world where wildebeest and zebra migrations take place almost right through it.

8. Lamu Island

Lamu Island

One of the best places in East Africa to experience traditional Swahili culture is the lovely little Lamu Island. Located along Kenya’s northeastern coastline, it is a very relaxing spot that feels like you’ve traveled back in time.

Part of the attractive archipelago of the same name, Lamu is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in the nation. Founded in the twelfth century, the labyrinthe-like streets of its Old Town are lined by charming coral stone buildings and quiet inner courtyards.

More peaceful and better preserved than Zanzibar’s Stone Town, it is known for its intricately carved wooden doors and cute donkeys. After seeing its museum and fort, you can relax on its white sandy beaches or explore some other nearby villages. Many people also take tranquil dhow boat trips about the archipelago.

7. Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya

The second-highest peak in Africa after Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya towers 5,199 meters above the plains, valleys, and forests below. Now protected as a national park, it generally takes four or five arduous days to reach its soaring summit. Climbing the summit is probably one of the most difficult and rewarding things to do in Kenya.

Formed around three million years ago, the enormous, extinct stratovolcano is actually where the country’s name came from. One of its main symbols and sights, its slopes are very heavily eroded while ice caps coat its upper reaches.

The mighty mount has three separate peaks for avid adventurers to summit with Batian being the loftiest of the lot. Although Nelion is the toughest of the three, Lenana’s unpredictableness can pose a problem. After braving the steep climb and challenging weather conditions though, spectacular views greet you at the top.


Another popular place to head if you’re after some sun, sea, and sand is Malindi. Located along the Indian Ocean, it has lots of fantastic beaches, hotels, and nature parks for you to stop by.

Long a hub for Italian tourists, its string of pearly white beaches is actually where Vasca da Gama landed in 1498. Still standing in the same spot overlooking the ocean is the coral pillar he erected all those years ago. For more historic sites, you can explore the Gede Ruins which protect the crumbling remains of a twelfth-century Swahili town.

Most holidaymakers however come to Malindi for its beaches. Bordered by twinkling turquoise waters, their sweeping white sands make for quite the sight. The ocean does sometimes turn a murky brown color though around the mouth of the Sabaki River.

5. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

If you’re after an unforgettable (and adorable!) animal encounter, then you just have to visit the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. At their sanctuary on the outskirts of Nairobi, you can watch baby elephants feed, play, and frolic about together.

Since being founded back in 1977, it has rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of orphaned and injured elephants. At their center, young ones are first hand-reared until the age of two or three by their keepers. Later on, they are sent to Tsavo East before eventually being released back into the wild.

Each day, a certain number of guests can visit the orphanage and see the elephants. As you can imagine, watching them play football and roll around in the mud is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

4. Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru

One of the most iconic sights in all of Africa is the vast flock of bright pink flamingos that live in Lake Nakuru. Instantly recognizable, they make for some fabulous photos with white rhinos and Rothschild’s giraffes also regularly spied nearby.

Stretching almost endlessly away into the distance, its reflective waters lie within the Great Rift Valley. Now a national park, it protects over 450 bird species alongside a handful of lions, cheetahs and leopards. At times, more than a million of the fantastic flamingos flock here due to its abundant algae.

While the rhinos and flamingos are the main attraction, there is plenty more to see along its scenic lakeshore. Zebra and waterbucks often water here while sizable pythons slowly slither their way about its dense woodlands.

3. Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park

Thanks to its huge herds of elephants and ample wildlife, Amboseli National Park is routinely ranked among the best places to go on safari. Lying almost on the border with neighboring Tanzania, its savannas, woods, and wetlands really are a treat to explore.

Meaning ‘salty, dusty place’ in the Maa language, its unique habitats have been recognized as a nature park since 1908. While some parts are incredibly arid, the areas around its swamps almost create an oasis. Here life flourishes, with 1,600 free-ranging elephants reckoned to live in Amboseli at the last count.

Besides trying to spot the Big 5, you can learn all about local Maasai culture at the traditional Muteleu village nearby. On top of this, the silhouette of Mount Kilimanjaro blotting out the sky on the horizon only adds to the park’s already considerable appeal.

2. Samburu National Reserve

Samburu National Reserve

Even more wild and remote is the incredible Samburu National Reserve to the north of Mount Kenya. Due to the long distances from Nai, it sees much fewer visitors than other parks. This and its staggeringly diverse landscapes mean large numbers of lots of animals live here.

Located almost slap bang in the center of the country, it is mostly dry and dusty though rivers and forests can be found here and there. It is this wide variety of vegetation and the winding Ewaso Ngi’ro River that attract all the animals.

Asides from your standard lions, cheetahs, and leopards, the park is particularly known for its dry-country fauna. These include the East African oryx as well as generuk, Grevy’s zebras, and reticulated giraffes. While it takes some getting to, Samburu is well worth it for the different animals and scenery you see.

1. Masai Mara

Masai Mara

Renowned around the world, the Masai Mara is one of Kenya’s, and the continent’s, most famous safari destinations. The highlight of our time in East Africa, it boasts exceptional populations of lions and leopards, cheetahs, and elephants, alongside countless others.

Named in honor of the Maasai, its open grasslands and seasonal riverlets merge with the Serengeti to the south. Each year, the park’s plains host the Great Migration; an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon like no other. This is when millions of wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles migrate en masse as predators try to pick them off.

Seeing them all seemingly move as one is an unbelievable experience that will certainly leave you feeling small. Outside of this tumultuous time, visitors can still easily see all of the Big 5 roaming about the park. Crocs and hippos can also be spotted along the Mara and Talek rivers as long-crested eagles and African pygmy falcons swoop about overhead.

Map of Things to do in Kenya

Kenya Map

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October 30, 2014 at 5:50 pm

Kenya is absolutely an amazing country, its so beautiful, breathtaking and eccentric. What has made Kenya so special is the diverse wildlife, the beaches, the Kenyan Mountain and off course its pleasant weather. One important thing about Kenyan people I have found out, I think Kenyan people in general are humble and absolute genuine. God have blessed them all. I really love Kenya the country itself and the wonderful people. I’m actually studying Travel & Tourism. I’m really looking forward to see it. Hazjar Iraqi

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October 7, 2014 at 10:31 pm

Kenya is indeed a spectacular and breathtaking place to visit in the Heart of Africa. We love you, and wish you a safe journey and good health as you plan for a visit. You will definitely experience the hospitality and warmth more than you expected. Proud to be a Kenyan Soldier. I love my country, and together we can make this world a better sustainable world. God Bless Kenya, God bless you!!

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August 28, 2014 at 2:14 am

KENYA,is a great country and beautiful one having the most spetacular sceneries in the world and its peaceful nature ………..if you visit malindi ,maasai mara and mt kenya you may think you are in another universe of its own because you cant believe what you see….,i love kenya

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August 21, 2014 at 6:02 am

Having been in the travel industry for about 8 yrs now,i believe Kenya is among the top travel destinations…it offers quite a variety of destinations from just day trips ,short trips and definately the long safaris which gives you an opportunity to learn much about kenya.

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May 8, 2014 at 6:02 am

Kenya is like a mini earth.from snow in the mt.kenya peak,tropical forests in nyanza,vast deserts in the northern frontier..the list so proud to be kenyan

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April 1, 2014 at 2:08 am

kenya is spetacular#studied tour guide and i love my job

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It’s true that Kenya has most attractive animals and plants to see.

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Kenya is the best country I’ve been to great fun.

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November 22, 2013 at 3:43 am

i couldnt have been born in a better country.kenya is a beautiful place to a proud kenyan

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October 31, 2013 at 2:28 am

even though we are losing our wildlife at a devastating rate i have always been hopeful that the time has come for us to implement the new wildlife policies and save our wildlife hence continue enjoying the flow of the revenue. it is and it has been my prayer to conserve the nature of our nation

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October 22, 2013 at 7:52 am

kenya is one of the best places to go in a lifetime, the variety of animals in their natural habitats and the beautiful beaches attract a lot of tourists from all over the world. Beholding the wildebeest migration in Masai mara and Serengeti should be in everybody’s to-do list

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I am studying tour guiding and cannot wait to visit the fascinating wild Kenya.

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I am studying tour guide I can’t wait to go on practice

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May 14, 2013 at 9:44 pm

kenya is my country and i love it very much. my dream is to be become a tour guide to guide you to these beautiful resource in kenya

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October 16, 2012 at 6:43 am

My friends and I are planning to come to kenya next year (2013), can’t wait.

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September 20, 2012 at 5:03 am

Traveling to Kenya, especially the Masia Mara is one of my dreams. Earlier this year I was fortunate to travel most of Namibia. So, that dream realized. Next will definitely be Kenya. We must do these things before nothing is left.

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The Top 25 Tourist Attractions in Kenya

main tourist attractions in kenya

Kenya offers a fantastic safari destination to enjoy a diversity of incredible and iconic African wildlife. Here we list some of the 25 best attractions and things to do in Kenya with links to different tours, accommodation, and some travel bloggers who have visited the areas to give you their own opinions.

Game Safari on the Masai Mara

The Masai Mara is a wildlife-filled savanna habitat contiguous with Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. There is a fantastic variety of animals to see on your safari and some of the icons you can find roaming the Masai Mara include giraffes walking the plains, elephants at waterholes or sometimes investigating your camp, the occasional rhino standing its ground, hyenas scouting for food, hippos and crocodiles in the waterways, and lions resting in the shade.

These are then joined once a year by millions of wildebeest accompanied by zebra and antelope, which cross from the dry grass in Tanzania to the lush green savanna of the Masai Mara.

Game drives on the Masai Mara are a must-do activity for your visit to Kenya. And our recommendation to make the most of your visit is the Mara Bushtops Camp .

Nestled in its own secluded conservancy, the Mara Bushtops Camp offers you exclusive Masai Mara encounters minus the crowds. This award-winning luxury camp blends luxury with sustainability, harnessing eco-friendly practices and helps to support local Maasai communities, including direct support for local schools and from guest donations. The camp fosters enduring partnerships with Maasai communities, jointly safeguarding this remarkable conservancy.

The camp has been featured in Forbes, Conde Nast Traveler and National Geographic. And it certainly deserves the attention.

You can check availability for your travel dates and learn more about the safari by sending your request direct to the Mara Bushtops Camp using the tour bubble below.

The Bushtops Mara Camp, Kenya

The Mara Bushtops Safari Camp

The Mara Bushtops Camp is where luxury meets the wild. Nestled in its own private paradise, the luxury camp offers ...

Includes: all meals, 2 daily game drives or full day game drives with picnic lunch, accommodation, sun downer and night game drive, walking safari accompanied by an armed ranger, all non alcoholic drinks, beers, house wines, selected house spirits. | 3, 4, 5 days+

Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Masai Mara

Hot Air Balloon, Mara Bushtops Camp

As a fantastic draw to Kenya, you can enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara to see some truly remarkable wildlife spectacles from a very unique perspective. Enjoy a stay at the Mara Bushtops Camp offering this incredible activity.

The luxurious Mara Bushtops Camp is situated in a private Masai Mara conservancy offering you an exclusive experience with more privacy while at camp and while on safari.

In addition to fantastic game drives to find elephants, rhinos, giraffes and many other animals, one of the best activity options is the hot air balloon ride for incredible memories of this iconic region.

Float over the Masai Mara on a before-dawn hot air balloon ride. The flames from the burners inflate the craft and light the morning’s darkness, with the crew preparing the balloon for your adventure. The balloon rises with daybreak as the first glimpses of sunlight illuminate the savanna. You will then be on your adventure in the suspended basked beneath the balloon with your camera poised for some fantastic images.

The flight over the Mara lasts around 60 minutes and we will drift where the wind takes us. There will be many opportunities for photographs or filming a unique angle on the animals. In keeping with true hot air ballooning tradition, your flight then ends with a champagne breakfast, which will be cooked where we land followed by a transfer back to your comfortable camp.

To check availability for your travel dates, send your request to the Mara Bushtops Camp using the tour bubble below.

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park, Kenya

The main tourist attraction in Nairobi, the Nairobi National Park is unique as the only national park within a city boundary. From the edge of the city, you can even see giraffes in the distance. The wide open grasslands of the national park are backed by the city’s buildings and you can find a wide variety of iconic wildlife living here, such as lions, giraffes, cheetah, hyenas, buffalo, and a diversity of birdlife.

A historically important protected area, this was Kenya’s first national park and is just 7 km south of the city. You can see the Ivory Burning Monument where the Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi made a statement for conservation by burning 12 tons of ivory at the site back in 1989. This was during a time when hunting of large animals in East Africa was at an all time high.

Although a small national park at 117 square kilometers (28,963 acres), many animals call the park home and it’s the destination of choice for a great many migrating herbivores. The park is also home to one of Kenya’s healthiest rhino populations.

The park joins to a conservation corridor for the Athi-Kapiti plains towards the south of the park making is such a draw for wildlife. In addition to the iconic larger animals, there are a number of others to be found here including ostriches, baboons, gazelles, eland, impala, and a very high diversity of birds. Including migrants, there are around 500 different bird species found within the park boundaries making it a great place for birders.

The park includes a rhinoceros sanctuary, which was originally set up in 1963, which has become one of the most successful in Kenya. The Nairobi National Park is, therefore, one of the only places where visitors have an almost certain chance of seeing black rhinoceros in their natural habitat.

For the best experience of Nairobi National Park, we recommend the Ololo Safari Lodge positioned with beautiful national park views. Head out on safaris from the lodge to enjoy incredible wildlife viewing then return to the luxurious comfort of the lodge and delicious meals.

To learn more and check availability for your travel dates, send the Ololo Safari Lodge a message using the tour bubble below.

The Ololo Safari Lodge, Nairobi, Kenya

The Ololo Safari Lodge

The Ololo Safari Lodge offers you a very comfortable base to experience the Nairobi National Park’s incredible wildlife and scenery. ...

Includes: airport transfers, full breakfasts, 2-course lunches, 3-course dinners, soft drinks, house wine, house beer, selected spirits, 2 daily Nairobi National Park game drives, guided walks to Anselm & Kitengela Hot Glass, guided farm tours. | 3, 4, 5 days+

Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park - Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya

Positioned in the Rift Valley, Amboseli National Park is just southeast of Nairobi and is the second most popular protected area in Kenya after the Masai Mara National Reserve. One of the best places to see wild elephants, the Amboseli National Park is a world famous protected area among wildlife lovers and safari goers. The park covers 39,206 hectares and is located across the Kenya-Tanzania border. The park is world famous for how easy it is to see wild African elephants, but there is a lot more to see here. The park provides great opportunities to see different iconic African animals, including the elephants, buffalo, impala, kudu, wild dogs, lions, cheetahs, wildebeest, hyena, zebra, and giraffes. Not only mammals, Amboseli is home to around 400 different species of birds, including kingfishers, raptors, and pelicans.

In addition to incredible wildlife safaris, the park provides a great cultural experience where you can meet some of the Maasai and visit a traditional village. Of course, this is also a fantastic place to see the world-famous Mount Kilimanjaro. As the world’s highest free-standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro is the jewel in the park and makes a fantastic backdrop while on safari, which is actually located just across the border in Tanzania.

The habitats to enjoy in the park include savanna grasslands, wetlands, and woods. The scenery of the park is incredible and although the mountain itself can be obscured with could cover, the mountain often reveals itself at dawn and dusk. You will have some fantastic wildlife experiences within the park and you can choose to explore the park on game drives, horseback rides, and walking safaris. There are a number of fantastic lodges in the park, including some very comfortable luxury options.

Some travel bloggers who visited the Amboseli National Park are Seattle from and Helen from .

Tsavo East National Park & Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo National Park - Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya

When taken together, this is one of the largest national parks in Kenya and the Tsavo East National Park is one of the oldest in the country. The park is named after the Tsavo River, which flows through the protected area. The park was split because of the railway that links Nairobi with Mombasa, which means you will have fantastic views on the train journey and opportunities for seeing different wild animals.

There are a few different natural attractions in the park, such as the Yatta Plateau, which is the world’s longest lava flow at 290 km. You can also enjoy the Lugard Falls, which is a series of white water rapids on the Galana River. But the main attraction is the wildlife and you can see many of the African icons, such as the park’s famous Tsavo lions that lack the usual lion mane. Other animals to see include cheetah, buffalo, African hunting dog, elephants, duiker, gazelle, hyena, leopards, and a variety of others.

In addition to the fantastic mammal sightings in the park, you can enjoy 500 different birds including kingfishers, hornbills, kestrels, buzzards, and ostriches.

Tsavo East National Park This is the largest of the park sections and contains the flattest ground. The section contains the Yatta Plateau and Lugard Falls. Because of the flatter area and lack of vegetation, it’s often easier to spot more wildlife in this section.

Tsavo West National Park This section of the park contains more fascinating geography and is more mountainous. The area also contains more swamps and lakes, which makes it the favored section for bird watchers, but also for seeing some of the big game animals, such as elephants, rhino, hippo, lions, and leopards.

There are some fantastic lodges to enjoy in both the Tsavo East National Park & Tsavo West National Park to make the most of your stay and to enjoy safaris to see the animals. Many of the lodges have a waterhole close-by, which means the wildlife comes to you.

Visit Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria, Kenya

Lake Victoria is the world’s largest tropical lake and is the jewel in the Great Rift Valley region. The lake then feeds the Nile River, which was one of the world’s longest and most historically significant rivers. The lake itself is shared by Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania and plays an important role in each country.

Named after Queen Victoria, the lake is only exceeded in size by Lake Superior and is a marvel to behold when standing on the lake shore. The lake area is home to a number of birds and contains around 200 different fish, including economically important species for the surrounding regions, such as the Tilapia. However, the wildlife here is quite sparse compared with nearby lakes, such as Lake Nakuru which we will mention next. You can, however, combine both these experiences on the same tour. Lake Victoria is the preferred place for relaxation and contains some beautiful islands where you enjoy tours around the lake to observe different birds and beautiful scenery.

Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Lake Nakuru is one the most popular lakes of the Great Rift Valley and is protected in the Lake Nakuru National Park. The picturesque Lake Nakuru and national park is well known for abundant flamingos, rhino and fantastic scenery.

There are different lodges near the lake that offer excellent tours. You will begin your excursion to Lake Nakuru after an early breakfast and will enjoy a drive to the Great Rift Valley. Although this is one of Kenya’s smallest national parks, many visitors regard it as one of the most attractive. The lake itself draws many different animals, such as the great and lesser flamingos, which are the stars of the area, but also a large number of rhino.

In addition to the flamingos and many other birds, the other animals to see in the area include warthogs, baboons, hippos, and of course the rhinos. The word Nakuru itself means ‘dusty place’ in the local Maasai language and the park was established in 1961 and originally only included the lake itself, but now incorporates some of the surrounding savanna habitat. Some lucky visitors even see the area’s population of tree-climbing lions and there are about 50 individuals that roam the park.

Mombasa & Mombasa Island

Beachside, Mombasa - Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya

Mombasa island is on Kenya’s coast and located east from Nairobi through the Tsavo National Park if coming by railway, although you can also find the international airport on the island along with the city of Mombasa. The city itself is the second largest in Kenya after Nairobi and offers a warmer climate. From Mombasa, you have access to Kenya’s coastal areas and fantastic beaches.

The world famous Kenyan coastline is fringed with palm trees and dotted with comfortable accommodation options. This provides a fantastic and contrasting place to relax after your Kenyan safari. You can enjoy attractive scenery, historical attractions, beautiful beaches, and diverse coral reefs.

As Mombasa is a very busy port city, you can expect a bit of hustle and bustle but usually it’s still with a relaxed vibe. It’s one of the oldest settlements in East Africa and makes a fascinating place to absorb the continent’s history. Although there aren’t many defined tourist attractions in the city, one of the must-visit areas is Fort Jesus and the Old Town.

Fort Jesus is a Unesco World Heritage Site and one of eastern Africa’s oldest European buildings. With 2.5 metre (8 ft) thick stone walls, the fortress was built to be indestructible and became the focus of control for many power struggles on the east African coast. Later, the fort became a prison used by the British and was then converted to a museum, which now houses different artifacts to showcase the history of Mombasa and the regional culture.

Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs National Reserves

Samburu National Reserve - Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya

Just north of Mount Kenya in a more arid part of Kenya, the three national reserves of Samburu, Shaba, and Buffalo Springs all border each other and are often regarded as the same protected area. The area includes woodland, a large amount of bushland, and grassland home to many different African icons, such as zebra, giraffe, bush elephants, oryx, buffalo, Masai lions, leopards, cheetah, and hyena. The rivers are then home to hippos and crocodiles. There are around 400 different birds to find in the area making it a great place for birders and there are even Somali ostriches commonly found within the reserves.

The Shaba reserve is particularly good for fantastic scenery surrounding the Shaba Hill volcano and contains grassland and woodlands. The waterholes here are often visited by zebra and this particular section was the focus of the book and film Born Free and the movie Out of Africa making it a very popular tourist destination. Shaba is a bit greener than the Samburu area and doesn’t see as many giraffes or Grant’s Zebra. You can find warthogs, gazelles, kudu, oryx, and the larger prides of Masai lions, which are the stars of this section. Because of its arid nature, this is some of the best places in Kenya to see cheetah and ostrich.

The wildlife here doesn’t match the impressive nature of southern parks, such as the Masai Mara, Amboseli and Tsavo protected areas but still makes a fascinating visit surrounded by beautiful scenery.

The Shaba National Reserve is located at the eastern side of the total protected area with the Samburu Reserve to the west. Buffalo Springs National Reserve is then at the south west of the area just south of the river. Popularly, all off these sections are often combined under the umbrella of the Samburu protected area and despite being different reserves, you only need to pay one entrance fee to enjoy game drives that cross the sections.

Mombasa Marine National Park

Kenya Beach - Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya

The Mombasa Marine National park is a protected area of coastal water, including the coastal mangroves and Indian Ocean territorial waters. It contains different coral reefs with an abundance of animal life, which covers around 200 km² (49,400 acres). The park is very close to the tourist hubs and makes a fantastic trip for some excellent snorkeling and diving experiences.

This area and other Kenyan reefs are ranked as one of the world’s top dive sites along with the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The park’s water at the surface is usually warm and stays between 25°C and 31°C adding to its attraction, which combines with the coconut palms, blue waters, and golden sandy beaches. People enjoy a range of activities in the area, including snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, and water skiing.

Visit Nairobi

Fruit Market, Nairobi - Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya

Kenya’s capital and largest city, Nairobi is the base for many tourists visiting Kenya for their African safari experience on the Masai Mara or other protected area. As the city’s main tourist attractions, there is even the Nairobi National Park within the city boundary, which we will mention next in a bit more detail.

Nairobi was initially established as a rail depot by the British and grew to become the country’s capital. This is now a vibrant and culture-filled city with fantastic restaurants and attractions, including the national museum, orphanages for various animals, the nearby national park, and some fascinating buildings.

For safety concerns, you should have your wits about you in the city as like any city in impoverished areas, crime can be an issue and we recommend that you avoid walking around at night. But if you pay attention to your surroundings and stay sensible, you can have a fantastic few days here before or after your safari.

The Nairobi National Museum is an interesting place to visit to learn about Kenya’s natural and cultural history and there are many different anthropological items on display. You can also visit the museum’s botanical garden and restaurants to enjoy a few hours in the city center.

There are some great shopping areas, such as the Masai market to haggle over different crafts and souvenirs. There are also a few art galleries to visit, cultural centers, tea and coffee houses, and a butterfly house.

A travel blogger who visited Nairbobi is Mark from .

You can enjoy guided tours of Nairobi as well as the wildlife-rich Nairobi National Park by enjoying a stay at the very comfortable Ololo Safari Lodge.

The Ruins of Gedi

Kenya’s most incredible cultural and historical attraction, the ruins are located in the village of Gedi, which is in turn near the town of Malindi. The ruins are the remains of a Swahili town that thrived sometime between the 13th and 17th centuries.

Mysteriously, there are no records of the town aside from the evidence of its existence unearthed over a ten year period between 1948 and 1958 showing a population of Muslim inhabitants that were involved in world trade. Excavators found a Ming vase from China, a lamp from India, and even beads from Italy. The excavation showed that the town reached around 2500 people, and as dedication to this previously unknown town, a museum was constructed to showcase the artifacts and to pay homage to the inhabitants.

Hidden in the forest and strangely unknown to Portuguese traders at the time, Gedi sits on the coast and backs into the forest. Baobabs and magnificent buttress-rooted trees dot the area and the ruins of the site include a mosque, stone built houses, and a palace. These structures give some indication to the people who inhabited the town. Not only do the buildings give insight into the people, but also the town’s technological advancement for the time. The houses contained flush toilets and the bathrooms had drains with gutters even lining the town’s streets. Wells were used to provide water for the inhabitants and the material to build the houses was sourced from the nearby coral reef.

The Giraffe Center

Giraffe Manor - Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya

Another must-visit attraction to see, the center cares for different Rothschild giraffes as part of a breeding program to help restock national parks and aid the conservation of giraffe populations. Happily, the sanctuary has had high success and is now a major tourist attraction in Nairobi.

Thanks to the founders who established the breeding sanctuary back in 1979, the center has provided many breeding pairs of giraffes to several protected areas in Kenya. As well as the breeding pairs, young calves born at the sanctuary are also introduced into the parks.

The main draw of the center for visitors is the raised observation platform where people can feed the giraffes. To add a little diversity, the center is also inhabited by a number of warthogs that live happily with their larger long-necked friends. Visitors can even stay at the Giraffe Manor to enjoy an immersive giraffe-experience for your stay in Nairobi.

The Giraffe center is about 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) from Nairobi center and makes the perfect activity if you find yourself in Nairobi for a few days before or after your African safari.

Not only actively involved in Kenya’s conservation programs, the sanctuary also has different education programs for Kenyan schoolchildren as part of the community outreach program. Visitors can hear about the work the center is doing in the auditorium to enjoy talks about giraffe conservation and the center’s various programs, such as the annual environmental competition for local children.

As an additional surprise, the center contains a 95 acre nature sanctuary, which is composed of both Ngong and Ololua forest, including the Gogo River. You can enjoy a trail walk through the forest to see different monkeys, warthogs, and antelope. Of course, the center also includes a tea house with wonderful views of the giraffes to enjoy a light meal and drink.

Some travel bloggers who visited the Giraffe Center are Deepa & Jayant from and Nicola from .

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Maasai - Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an example of a successful protected area of community conservation. Located in northern Kenya, the 62,000 acre (250 km2) area can be enjoyed on guided game drives to see a range of wildlife, including lions, zebra, leopards, elephants, cheetah, buffalo, and both white and black rhino. The conservancy’s birdlife is also fantastic for keen bird watchers and you can spot about 350 different species within the conservancy

As well as the game drives, you can also enjoy fascinating wildlife walks in the sanctuary led by our highly trained wildlife guides to spot some fantastic animals and plants. It’s the walking safaris that the conservancy prides itself on.

While out in the conservancy, you can enjoy the wildlife blinds that were set up to improve your wildlife watching and photography opportunities to see elephants, waterbuck, and other animals drinking from the marsh.

Hell’s Gate National Park

Zebra - Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya

Hell’s Gate National Park is famous for its steam geysers and geology. The area also has some fascinating wildlife and is well known for the many great areas to see birds of prey, such as the raptors. You can hike down the gorge to see the hot springs and if you choose to visit from Loldia House, you can enjoy a guided walk with one of the resident naturalist guides.

Just south of Lake Naivasha, Hell’s Gate National Park was named after a narrow passage in the cliffs, which was once a waterway that fed early humans in the Rift Valley.

The protected area is a great place to see spectacular scenery with some incredible natural features. This is also a great place to enjoy a variety of activities, including mountain biking, rock climbing, and visiting the natural hot pools.

The red cliffs and grasslands provide a fantastic backdrop while you walk among the different wildlife, such as herds of zebra, antelope, and gazelles. Although the large predators here are rarely seen, some visitors do get lucky and you have chance opportunities to see lions, leopards, and cheetah. In addition to the large mammals, there are around 100 different birds you can see in Hell’s Gate including the rare bearded vulture, as the reserve provides one of the country’s remaining strongholds for the species.

The park also contains the Olkaria Geothermal Plant, which is hoped to provide around half of the country’s energy needs by sustainable energy. The plant doesn’t affect the area’s beauty and the minimal environmental impact will be considerably outweighed by saving the country needing more damaging energy sources.

Haller Park

Located in Mombasa on Kenya’s coastline, Haller Park was a chance foundation that started when Dr. Rene Haller noticed some millipedes feeding on dry casuarina needles in a quarry area. He decided to introduce hundreds of these red legged millipedes with the idea that they may re-engineer the forest.

Haller Park now provides homes for a variety of animals and plants, but also functions as a relaxation destination for visitors. It took around 10 years before significant changes occurred and after 20 years the humus layer had a depth of 10 cm.

The animals that seem to have taken particularly well in the newly reformed habitat and have been playing important roles in succession are different birds, insects, and vervet monkeys. Some larger mammals were then introduced by Haller to provide different functions, such as eland and oryx.

The park is a fantastic place to visit for a glimpse at the potential of conservation and restoration, but also is popular with animal lovers in its own right. The park is now home to giraffes, hippos, Cape buffalo, zebra, and over 160 different birds. The park reached fame thanks to a 130 year old tortoise named Mzee adopting an orphaned hippopotamus named Owen.

The birds in the park include pelicans, cranes, and weaver birds. There are areas to ride your bicycle and walking trails that wind through the different gardens, reptile park, crocodile pens, and butterfly house.

Arabuko Sokoke National Park

The Arabuko Sokoke National Park is a coastal protected area of forest about 100 km north of Mombasa and contains a lot of endemic species, including different mammals, birds, and plants. The forest here is regarded as one of the best preserved in the country and protects a few different forest types, which are each home to their different communities.

The endemic species that live in the park include a number of birds such as the Sokoke pipit, Amani sunbird, and spotted ground thrush. There are also different shrews and duiker. As well as these endemic animals, you can find elephants, baboons, vervet monkeys, and others.

The Arabuko-Sokoke Forest itself extends beyond the park and is the largest remaining tract of native coastal forest in East Africa. You can access the area from the small town of Watamu, which is just 10 km from the forest. You can enjoy a visitor information center at the Gede Forest Station and will then have access to a number of trails around the forest.

Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha, Kenya

Just northwest of Nairobi and southeast of Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha is the highest lake in the Great Rift Valley and offers a fantastic place to observe some of the 400 different birds in the region. You can spot various animals on game drives and river cruises, such as the hippos and different birds.

Enjoy cruises on the lake to spot cormorants, pelicans, herons, kingfishers, and eagles. The other birds include jacanas, egrets, bee-eaters, and storks. You will then see the millions of greater and lesser flamingos at the lake edges.

With a surface area of 139 km², when standing on one side of the lake you cannot even see the other other. The name Naivasha is derived from a word in the the Maasai language meaning rough water as sudden storms can occur on the lake.

In addition to being a great lake for tourists, this is the only economically important inland lake in Kenya with horticulture and floriculture businesses. Because it’s such a great area for these industries, the balance is starting to be thrown. Kenya supplies a lot of the flowers used by Europe and much of this industry is around the lake. There are some changes to the lake, which have started to mobilize conversation groups. For instance, the flamingos should really only visit salt lakes such as the nearby Lake Nakuru and their presence indicates some major changes.

Visit Lamu Old Town

Lamu, Kenya

Nestled on the enchanting island of Lamu, off the East African coast, lies a treasure that has stood the test of time — Lamu Old Town. This remarkable enclave is a living testament to the region’s rich history and cultural heritage. As the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa, Lamu Old Town exudes an air of authenticity that transports visitors to a bygone era.

The town’s architecture, built with the resilient coral stone and mangrove timber, is a harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication. Its structural forms are adorned with inner courtyards, intricate verandas, and ornate wooden doors, each telling a story of craftsmanship and artistry. Lamu’s legacy stretches back centuries, having played a pivotal role in trade, culture, and education. Its legacy as a center of Islamic and Swahili studies is unrivaled, hosting renowned religious festivals and cultural gatherings since the 19th century.

Lamu’s allure is more than its stunning architecture and history—it’s the convergence of cultures that have woven together over 700 years. The town’s streets, a labyrinthine web, echo Arab traditions of urban development, leading explorers through an intricate tapestry of alleys and passages. As you approach from the sea, the stone buildings along the waterfront create a captivating tableau, punctuated by arched arcades and open verandas.

Bomas of Kenya

Clearly a very tourist-focused affair but still an enjoyable day out, the attraction offers a miniature version of Kenya. The bomas are located just 10 km from Nairobi center close to the famous Nairobi National Park. You will enjoy a glimpse of different Kenyan cultures from all across the country to give you a grounding in the country’s identity. Because of this, it’s a must-visit attraction for any visitor.

The Bomas of Kenya show the country’s culture through the different group’s music, dances, crafts and ways they live. The word ‘bomas’ itself is a Swahili word for home and each ‘bomas’ shows the culture of a particular traditional group. The houses themselves are styled in a traditional African manner in an ancestral fashion.

See the items and houses on display themselves, but also the shows of traditional dances and acrobatic displays. These are shown each day at certain times, which differ between weekdays and weekends.

Located near the main gate of Nairobi National Park, the dances and shows are adapted from the 16 major tribal groups that live across Kenya, including Embu drumming, Kalenjin warrior dances, and Swahili taarab music.

The area was founded by the Kenyan government as a way to preserve and promote ethnic identities, while also providing a tourist attraction as a way to educate visitors about Kenya’s cultural identity.

Diani Beach

Diani Beach is Kenya’s main beach destination and is about 30 kilometres (19 miles) south of Mombasa. The beach itself is 10 kilometres (6 miles) long and the beach waters are perfect for paddling.

The water is crystal clear, warm, shallow and turquoise blue with palm trees and other vegetation dotting the coast. The sand itself is then soft and white creating the postcard-perfect beach everyone dreams of. The beach itself is the main attraction and its white sands are popular for relaxation and also various activities, such as kite boarding. The beach is very attractive for surfers and you can also explore the coral reefs, which are only 10 minutes by boat away. For land-based activities, you can enjoy spotting the colobus monkeys in the nearby forests.

Along the coast you can find comfortable hotels, top shopping centers, and high-class restaurants. The area attracts a diverse crowd and has accommodation, restaurants, and things to do to suit each visitor. Enjoy some of the best hotels in Kenya with fantastic ocean views or choose a budget backpacking tree house to enjoy a day of kitesurfing and other activities.

The Jambo Kenya Deluxe (Nairobi – Mombasa)

The train journey connecting Nairobi and Mombasa is one of the world’s best journeys by rail. Step back into the 1950s as you board the train to enjoy classical comfort on a historical journey. Enjoy a three-course dinner service and a cooked breakfast on the overnight train journey as you pass through some fantastic areas of Kenya. See impressive scenery, enjoy passing local communities to see normal Kenyan life, and as the main attraction, pass through the middle of the impressive Tsavo National Park to spot different iconic African wildlife.

Mount Kenya

The mountain that named a country, Mount Kenya is Kenya’s highest mountain and the second largest in Africa after Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountain is about 150 kilometers northwest of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. Over 10,000 people visit the park each year to see the site.

The mountain formed around 3 million years ago and the highest peak is named Batian at 5,199 meters high. Around 715 km2 around the mountain has been protected in the UNESCO World Heritage listed Mount Kenya National Park.

The reason for the protection was to conserve the area’s biodiversity, increase tourism to the area, and to protect the scenic beauty of the mountain and surrounding habitats.

There are a total of three major peaks in the central area and 12 remaining glaciers lay on the mountains, which are all receding. The habitats included in the park contain a number of animals, such as elephants, buffalo, zebra, and rhino.

Kenyan food is delicious and as usual with African cuisine usually means barbecued meat, but there are diversity of dishes with a range of flavors. The staple food for many Kenyans living inland is a carbohydrate rich cornmeal bread called ugali, which is often served with a stew or vegetables. However, there are a range of others flavors, snacks, and dishes on offers.

Visit Lake Bogoria

Lake Bogoria - Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya

A very scenic and attractive area to visit, Lake Bogoria is a salt lake in a volcanic region of Kenya and is a little south of the Rift Valley. Because of the water, the lake is very attractive for lesser flamingos and the area was turned into the Lake Bogoria National Reserve. Here you will find one of the world’s largest populations of lesser flamingos and it makes an excellent day trip.

The lake is quite shallow and is famous for its hot springs and geysers due to its location in a volcanic area. The geysers erupt to about 5 meters high making for quite a spectacle and at one location around the lake you can find 10 in the same area, which means the lake is home to the highest concentration of true geysers in the whole of Africa.

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12 Best Things to Do in Kenya

main tourist attractions in kenya

Perceived by many as the original safari destination , Kenya is still one of the best choices for a classic African experience. Lion prides range across the vast open spaces of the Maasai Mara, while wildebeest and zebra arrive by the millions for the annual Great Migration and in some places, pastoralist Maasai and Samburu tribespeople continue to live as they have done for thousands of years. There's a lot more to this country than its popular game reserves , however, as Nairobi offers multi-faceted culture while the Swahili Coast sports historic towns and picture-perfect beaches. Here’s a look at 12 of Kenya 's top attractions, all places you should check out on your next trip.

Spend Some Time in Nairobi

Verónica Paradinas Duro / Getty Images

Most visitors to Kenya will find themselves flying into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi . Instead of continuing your journey right away, consider spending a night or two in the capital. From museums, wildlife experiences, and crafts markets during the day to a rollicking nightlife and foodie scene at night, there's plenty to keep you busy for a few days before (or after) a safari adventure, especially in and around the affluent suburb of Karen, home of the city's central business district.

It's easy to get around town via taxi or by taking Kenya Bus or a traditional matatu minivan. Visit the Nairobi National Museum and the Nairobi Gallery to learn more about the city's thriving history, art, and culture. Spot wild lions and black rhinos at Nairobi National Park , watch rescued baby elephants being fed at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage, and come face-to-face with rehabilitated Rothschild's giraffes at the Giraffe Center . Out of Africa fans will love the Karen Blixen Museum , located in the author's own home at the foot of the Ngong Hills.

Enjoy Kenya's Coast and Marine National Parks

Antonio Zanghì / Getty Images

Balance some time in the bush with seaside relaxation along the white-sand beaches of Kenya's idyllic central coast. Malindi is a lively option, as an established resort destination with upscale hotels, restaurants, and bars, while neighboring Watamu charms with its rural atmosphere and protected palm-fringed shores. 

Popular beach town activities include sunset dhow cruises, scuba diving, snorkeling, and deep-sea fishing. It's just a five-hour train ride or a one-hour flight from Nairobi to Mombasa, then a two-hour drive up the coast, or you can fly one hour straight into Malindi from Nairobi. Watamu Marine National Park & Reserve is a great place to see green turtles living among its coral gardens as well as the humpback whales that pass through the area from July to October.

Located at the bottom-right corner of the country near the border with Tanzania, Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Park & Reserve is also worth a visit, with the chance to see endemic sea life like dolphins, sea turtles, whales, coral reef systems, and more than 250 species of fish, making it a prime spot for snorkeling and diving. Bird watching is also popular here, as migratory birds use the area to nest in large colonies.

Take a Hike in Hell's Gate National Park

Nigel Pavitt / Getty Images 

Situated about three hours northwest of Nairobi, Hell's Gate National Park is unlike any other place in Kenya. Part of the Great Rift Valley, the area is a center of geothermal activity, boasting a mix of soaring cliffs, plunging gorges, and immense rock pillars. Plumes of escaping steam and swimmable thermal springs only add to the sense of drama here. 

Unlike the country's other national parks, Hell's Gate allows walking safaris and has designated trails just for hiking and mountain biking. Sites like Fischer's Tower are popular among rock climbers while birders flock to the Mervyn Carnelley Raptor Hide to see nesting birds of prey in the wild, including Egyptian vultures and the majestic Verreaux's eagle.

Witness the Great Migration

Piper Mackay / Getty Images

Every year, millions of wildebeest, zebra, and antelope make their way from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. While their exact movements are dictated by the rains, the herds typically enter the country in August and spend September and November grazing on its lush southern plains.

The Great Migration (and the Mara River crossing in particular) is one of the world's most iconic natural spectacles. The area is also home to the Big Five (elephant, lion, leopard, black rhinoceros, African buffalo) and known for its robust predator sightings. To make sure you get front-row seats to all the action, consider staying in a mobile camp like Enaidura or Nkorombo .

Visit Both Sides of Tsavo National Park

Alberto Ghizzi Panizza / Getty Images

In the far southeastern part of Kenya is Tsavo National Park, which makes up Kenya's largest protected wildlife area and is split into two distinct sections: Tsavo East and Tsavo West . Though the safari experience in each park is quite different, both sides offer a chance to spot the Big Five and 600 species of birds. 

Tsavo East is known for its picturesque red dust plains, intersected by the beautiful Galana River, which attracts diverse wildlife, including large elephant herds. This park is also home to the world's longest lava flow, the Yatta Plateau. Tsavo West, on the other hand, is wetter, greener, and even more scenic—be sure to visit Mzima Springs—although the animals living here can be harder to spot.

Discover Swahili History on Lamu Island

Nigel Pavitt / Getty Images

Head to northern Lamu Island to immerse yourself in Kenya's Swahili culture. The UNESCO World Heritage site of Old Town has been continually inhabited for more than 700 years and is the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa. Visit landmarks like Lamu Fort (which now houses the fascinating Lamu Museum) or wander through labyrinthine streets admiring the traditional coral stone and mangrove timber houses. 

The Arabic, Persian, European, and Indian architectural influences you’ll see are a testament to Lamu Island's rich trading history. There are no motorized vehicles on the island, just donkey carts and dhows offering beach trips, snorkeling tours, and other touristic activities like swimming with dolphins.

Photograph Flamingoes at Lake Nakuru National Park

mantaphoto / Getty Images

Located in central Kenya, Lake Nakuru National Park is situated on the floor of the Great Rift Valley. It’s perhaps best known for its vast soda lake, which takes up approximately a third of the park's total area and attracts hundreds of thousands of greater and lesser flamingoes who come to mate, raise their young, and feed on the lake's algae. 

Although pollution has caused the flamingoes to migrate elsewhere in past years, recent clean-up efforts have seen many of them return to the area. Flamingoes aside, Lake Nakuru National Park is a birding hotspot, with more than 450 different avian species calling it home. You’ll also be able to see lions, leopards, and white rhinos, while its spectacular euphorbia forest is the largest in Africa.

Trek to the Top of Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is Africa's second tallest mountain and the inspiration for the country's modern name . Those who wish to climb it can choose between three peaks: Batian (17,057 feet/5,199 meters), Nelion (17,021 feet/5,188 meters), and Point Lenana (16,355 feet/4,985 meters). 

While the first two peaks require technical equipment and training, it's possible for amateur trekkers to reach the summit at Point Lenana. Mount Kenya's slopes are cloaked in forest and moorland, which gives way to layers of rock, ice, and snow. The best time to climb is during the drier months of January to February or from July to October. Whenever you go, be sure to book with a reputable operator like Go to Mount Kenya .

Search for Elephants at Amboseli National Park

oversnap / Getty Images 

If seeing large herds of elephants up close is at the top of your Kenya wish list, visit Amboseli National Park . Located in the southern part of the country, the reserve is known for amazing elephant sightings set against the dramatic backdrop of snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro , which is visible across the Tanzanian border. The best time to visit is from June to October.

A diverse array of habitats also makes the park a hotspot for other animal and bird species. Keep an eye out for all three big cats, the endangered African wild dog, and more than 600 different types of birds. Maasai villages situated around the edge of Amboseli National Park offer opportunities for insightful cultural visits.

Admire the Desolate Beauty of Lake Turkana

Also known as the Jade Sea because of its pale green color, Lake Turkana is the largest permanent desert lake on the planet and a great off-the-beaten-track spot for those who appreciate stark beauty. 

The barren shores and saline waters also happen to house the world's largest concentration of Nile crocodiles, who breed in Central Island National Park among a vivid landscape that includes three active volcanoes. Hippos and large flocks of flamingoes can also be seen here, though the park’s main attraction is its lunar scenery. Lake Turkana also has great anthropological importance as the discovery site of some of the earliest hominid fossils ever found.

Book a Stay on a Kenyan Conservancy

Daryl Balfour / Getty Images 

For a more exclusive safari experience, book a stay on one of Kenya's famous conservancies—like Recommended conservancies include Lewa , Loisaba , and Ol Pejeta —or tracts of land owned by Indigenous communities that are rented by eco-tourism companies and operated as private game reserves. 

Choosing this type of accommodation comes with many benefits. Firstly, you can rest assured knowing your money is directly benefiting the local community, which helps to reduce conflict between traditional landowners and native wildlife, thereby promoting conservation. Secondly, conservancies aren't restricted by the same rules as national parks so they can offer special perks like night drives and walking safaris.

Explore the Cultures and Landscapes of Northern Kenya

Bartosz Hadyniak / Getty Images

Kenya's most iconic game reserves may be located in the south, but it's well worth venturing north to check out Samburu , Shaba, and Buffalo Springs National Reserves. Located virtually next door to one another among an arid landscape dotted with granite outcrops and twisted acacias, the three National Reserves straddle the banks of the life-giving Ewaso Ng’iro River. The unique habitat is home to equally unique wildlife, including the desert-adapted gerenuk and oryx antelopes, the endangered Grévy's zebra, and the reticulated giraffe, which is also endangered. 

Animals are not the only attraction here, as this area is home to the semi-nomadic, pastoralist Samburu Indigenous people. Cultural tours here provide fascinating insights into their way of life.

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Must-see attractions in Kenya

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Zebras in a field at Nairobi National Park with Nairobi city in the background.

Nairobi National Park

Welcome to Kenya’s most accessible yet incongruous safari experience. Set on the city’s southern outskirts, Nairobi National Park (at 117 sq km, one of…

Entrance of Nairobi National Museum.

National Museum

Kenya’s wonderful National Museum, housed in an imposing building amid lush, leafy grounds just outside the centre, has a good range of cultural and…

main tourist attractions in kenya

Giraffe Centre

This centre, which protects the highly endangered Rothschild’s giraffe, combines serious conservation with enjoyable activities. You can observe, hand…

The Lamu Museum in Lamu, Kenya.

Lamu Museum

Lamu Island

The best museum in town (and the second best in Kenya) is housed in a grand Swahili warehouse on the waterfront. This is as good a gateway as you’ll get…

Galana River, Tsavo East National Park, Kenya.

Galana River

Running through the heart of the park and marking the northernmost point in the park that most visitors are allowed to visit, the Galana River, which…

Mzima Springs, Tsavo West National Park, Kenya.

Mzima Springs

Tsavo West National Park

Mzima Springs is an oasis of green in the west of the park that produces an incredible 250 million litres of fresh water a day. The springs, whose source…

Landscape in Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary in Kenya.

Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary

At the base of Ngulia Hills, this 90-sq-km area is surrounded by a 1m-high electric fence and provides a measure of security for around 80 of the park's…

Wild zebras in Tsavo West National Park, Kenya.

Welcome to the wilderness. Tsavo West is one of Kenya’s larger national parks (9065 sq km), covering a huge variety of landscapes from swamps, natural…

The Karen Blixen house

Karen Blixen's House & Museum

If you loved Out of Africa, you'll love this museum in the farmhouse where author Karen Blixen lived between 1914 and 1931. She left after a series of…

Wasini Island and Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park, Kenya.

Kisite Marine National Park

Wasini Island

Off the south coast of Wasini, this gorgeous marine park, which also incorporates the Mpunguti Marine National Reserve and the two tiny Penguti islands,…

Elephants in Tsavo East National Park in Kenya.

Tsavo East National Park

Kenya’s largest national park, Tsavo East has an undeniable wild and primordial charm and is a terrific wildlife-watching destination. Although one of…

A bench with a view in Shimba Hills National Reserve, Kenya.

Shimba Hills National Reserve

South Coast

This park is among the easiest to visit in Kenya, within spitting distance of Diani Beach, with numerous driving routes and a couple of hiking trails. Its…

Shela beach in Lamu, Kenya.

Shela Beach

Most people are here for the beach – a 12km-long, wide sweep of pristine white sand where you’re guaranteed an isolated spot (at least if you’re…

main tourist attractions in kenya

Kanderi Swamp

Around 10km from Voi Gate, the lovely area of green known as Kanderi Swamp is home to a resident pride of lions, and elephants also congregate near here;…

Bio-Ken Snake Farm & Laboratory

This humble-looking place is one of the world's most renowned snake research centres. Bio-Ken specialises in antivenin research and acts as an emergency…

Ngulia Hills

Rising more than 600m above the valley floor and to a height of over 1800m above sea level, this jagged ridgeline ranks among the prettiest of all Tsavo…

Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary

This sanctuary is a good example of community-based conservation, with local people acting as stakeholders in the project. It was opened in October 1995…

Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary

The innovative community-run Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary covers 657 sq km and was formed from three community-owned ranches in 1996, but only opened…

Karunguru Coffee Estate

This estate has been cultivating coffee since 1928, and its five-hour tours (which must be pre-booked) are outstanding, taking in an explanation of the…

Kaya Kinondo

Diani Beach

This forest, sacred to the Digo people, is the only one of the area's sacred forests that's open to visitors. Visiting this small grove is a nature walk,…

Jumba la Mtwana

These Swahili ruins, just north of Mtwapa Creek, have as much archaeological grandeur as the more famous Gede ruins. Jumba la Mtwana means ‘Big House of…

Marafa Depression

One of the more intriguing sights inland from the north Kenyan coast is Hell’s Kitchen or Nyari (‘the place broken by itself’). About 30km northeast of…

main tourist attractions in kenya

Kazuri Beads & Pottery Centre

An interesting diversion in Karen, this craft centre was started by an English expat in 1975 as a place where single mothers could learn a marketable…

Shetani Lava Flows

About 4km west of the Chyulu gate of Tsavo West National Park, on the road to Amboseli, are the spectacular Shetani lava flows. ‘Shetani’ means ‘devil’ in…

Lake Naivasha

Stippled with sisal, yellow fever trees and candelabra euphorbia, this is the former home of the late Joy Adamson of Born Free fame. She bought the house…

Haller Park

This lovely wildlife sanctuary, part of the Baobab Adventure complex, includes a fish farm and reptile park. Guided walks around the park last about 1½…

Vuma Cliffs

Just outside the village of Takaungu, you fly on the back of a motorbike down dirt roads, past spiky fields of sisal and giant baobabs towering above…

Colobus Conservation Centre

Notice the monkeys clambering on rope ladders over the road? The 'colobridges' are the work of the Colobus Conservation Centre, which aims to protect the…

Takwa Ruins

Lamu Archipelago

What sets these ruins, the remains of a city that existed between the 15th and 17th centuries, apart from other archaeological sites on the coast? Quiet…

This extensive collection of 13th- to 17th-century coral palaces, mosques and town houses – some of Kenya's most important Swahili ruins – lies quietly in…

Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve

This 420-sq-km tract of natural forest – the largest indigenous coastal forest remaining in East Africa – is most famous as the home of the golden-rumped…

Watamu Turtle Watch

This excellent organisation protects the approximately 50 hawksbill and green turtles that lay their eggs on Watamu Beach. The centre provides much-needed…

Endangered Species Enclosure

Laikipia Plateau

This 283-hectare drive-through enclosure next to the Morani Information Centre is home to the last three remaining northern white rhinos (one male and two…

Crescent Island

This private island sanctuary can be reached by boat, or by driving across the narrow, swampy causeway from Sanctuary Farm. It's one of the few places in…

Go-Down Arts Centre

The Go-Down Arts Centre, a converted warehouse in Industrial Area, contains 10 separate studios and is a hub for Nairobi's burgeoning arts scene, bringing…

Kisumu Main Market

Kisumu’s main market is one of Kenya’s most animated markets and certainly one of its largest – it spills out onto the surrounding roads. If you’re…

Maasai tribesmen in the Maasai Mara National Park. Kenya. Africa.

Masai Mara National Reserve

The world-renowned Masai Mara National Reserve needs little in the way of introduction. Its tawny, wildlife-stuffed savannahs are familiar to anyone who…

Not Kenya... but still worth the visit

Burchell zebras

main tourist attractions in kenya

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Places to Visit in Kenya

  • Places To Visit

Kenya Tourist Places

Here are some best places to visit in kenya:.

1620315054 shutterstock 1048470175

Tourist places in Nairobi that are worth visiting are National Museum, Railway Museum, Giraffe Centre, Karen Blixen, Karura Forest, David Sheldrick Trust Elephant Orphan Centre, Ngong Hills, Blue Sky Tours in Diamond Plaza, Nairobi Arboretum, Panari Sky Centre, Bomas of Kenya, Uhuru Garden, GP Karting, Village Market, Mamba Village, Paintball Fury Limited, Maasai Ostrich Farm, Paradise Lost, August Memorial Park, Kenya National Archives, KICC, Art Centres and Nairobi National Park. Kenya’s largest city and capital, Nairobi implores diversity in romance and puts forward exalted adventure. The city transformed from a meek camp for the railway employees in the year 1899 to the capital named British East Africa by the year 1907. Today, the rich retrospective history and tribal culture and lifestyle are brought to life through its excellent and knowledgeable museums. In particular, the museum named Karen Blixen Museum is one of the biggest hits – not only the African fans come to praise and appreciate the museum but also people from all over the world visit the museum to view the namesake Danish author who with drudgeries toiled on the coffee farmstead in the midst of the beautiful Ngong Hills. Even in such a scampering city like Nairobi, wildlife is a colossal draw. Being a cosmopolitan capital, Nairobi is the only city in the globe that brags a safari park within its frontiers.

The travelers can relish a classic African wildlife escapade at the Nairobi National Park which is a fifteen-minute jaunt from the skyscrapers of the megalopolis. Animals like buffalo, giraffe, rhinoceros, zebra, cheetah, lion and wildebeest meander under the sun-soaked grassy plain in the tropical or subtropical region neighboring meager trees. Here animal lovers too get a chance to clasp, cuddle and embrace the baby elephants and yoke with the giraffes at the spectacular animal sanctuary located nearby. However, with a fabulous and spectacular national park located at the doorstep of the wildlife centric charismatic attractions, Nairobi maddens on, jars and counterpoints on the beautiful and glorious natural beauty. The polarising outlook and character of Nairobi assure rapturing ecstasy to the city. Also, the gateway to the world-class and popular Kenya’s safari parks, Nairobi attracts gripping seekers of adventure for over a century.

Rfhvt2mjky6gn8il66wdxtzi1n5h 1481609134 640px giraffe centre worker feeding giraffe

Best of South Africa

 South Africa Tour Packages

Samburu County is a game reserve situated on the banks of River Ewaso Ng’iro, in the former Rift Valley province, in northern Kenya. It stretches from the south of Lake Turkana to River Ewaso Ng’iro in the north. The beauty of Samburu County lies primarily in its two picturesque mountains, namely Ololokwe and Koigotor. Since the River Ewaso Ng’iro flows through the reserve, this area thrives with a variety of wild animals and greenery that consists of vegetation such as thorn trees, riverine forests, acacia trees and lush green grasslands. The major tourist attractions in Samburu County are the Shaba National Reserve, which is the home to the elephant, antelope, leopard, lion, zebra, oryx, monkey, buffalo and giraffes. The Reteti Elephant Sanctuary is the best place to watch elephant babies thrive in their natural environment. Some other attractions are the Walk with Maa Tours and Safaris, Turkana Safaris and the Elephant Watch camp and Safaris, etc. There are several interesting activities that you can do when you are in Samburu. This includes overnight tours, multi-day tours, hiking, nature and wildlife tours, rock climbing, safaris, eco-tours, sporting events and much more that you can enjoy with your loved ones. The weather is generally hot and dry with much cooler nights. The temperature varies between 34 degrees Celsius during the day to 15 degrees Celsius during the night, which makes it relatively pleasant throughout the year and ideal for travelling.


Best of Africa

1574511823 shutterstock 108443474

One important thing that you need to know about Nakuru is that it lies in vicinity to the most prominent destinations of the world including Kenya’s capital Nairobi and Masai Mara. In addition to this, the attractive district is also home to the Menangai Crater which is the second largest volcanic crater of the world.

Speed through Nakuru on your way to the lakes and you might be astonished as to why anyone would wish to stay here? On the first impression, the fourth largest city of Kenya is provincial and grim that does not have much to offer besides an agreeable refuel. However, you must stick around a little longer and be assured to fall in love with it. 

Nakuru is a burgeoning city that is fast evolving. Over the years, it has been extending around the edges in order to adopt some of the superior aspects of Nairobi bereft of the crime, stress and the traffic.

If you don’t wish to fork out to overnight at Nakuru Lake, the city definitely makes a great base for exploration of the parks and surrounds. Since, the weather in Nakuru is favourable throughout, tourists can plan a visit any time of the year. 

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Best of Nairobi

 Places to Visit in Nairobi, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Eldoret is one of the fastest growing towns of Kenya. Nestled south of the Cherangani Hills in the verdant landscape, it is one of African paradises where everything you see has the touch of natural beauty still unadulterated by the intruding modernity. Being the bureaucratic center of Uasin Gishu District of the Rift Valley Province, makes it an even more preferable place as you can find modern amenities, lodgings and more to ensure that your stay is more worthwhile. 

Presently, Eldoret is a thriving service town sprawling Kenya Uganda highway. It is also the principal economic hub of the western Kenya but the travellers only have a little to see and even less to do here. One striking highlight however is the Doinyo Lessos Creameries Cheese Factory where you can stock up 20 different varieties of cheese. 

The name of the town comes from Maasai word ‘eldore’ which means stony river. You can also spot an exact parallel in the very source of this inspiration, River Sosiani. The cultural influences present are variable. After all the, Sirikwa, Nandi and Maasai people have called this place home over a period of offering times. 

Dsx3ahpvlmbkkep26k7z0pk3x6ff 1481609184 mount elgon wagagai

Best of Zambia

 Things to Do in Zambia 2024

Kakamega is a town that is located in the western Kenya. It lies about 30 km north of the Equator. The town is densely population and is the headquarters of the Kakamega County.

Located 50 km north of Kisumu that is the third largest city of Kenya as well as a port city lying on the Lake Victoria, the average elevation of Kakamega is 1,535 metres.

Kakamega county is the 2nd most populous county after Nairobi. It has 9 constituencies in totality – ikolomani, Matungu, Lugari, Butere, Khwisero, Mumias East, Malava, Shinyalu and Lurambi, all of which have a flavour that deserves to be experienced and felt.     

The town was so named because the world Kakamega translates (in Kiluhyah which is a local dialect here) roughly to pinch. This is used to describe how the colonists of Europe would eat their staple food, ugail.

To be true, there is no certain reason as to why you should stay in this agricultural town however if you come here late in the day, Kakamega can be a convenient place to sleep over and stock up some supplies before you head to the tourist attractions as well as nearby attractions of the Kakamega. 


Best of Zimbabwe

1615812124 shutterstock 666352093

Meru is a city in the Meru County of Kenya. It is situated in the Eastern Highlands of Kenya and serves as the headquarters of Meru County. Located at an elevation, Meru is a thriving urban centre that is also home to several rivers, mountains and other natural elements. The beauty of Meru is highlighted with thirteen rivers and many mountain-fed streams spread all over the terrain. The rivers are home to crocodiles and hippos and numerous species of fishes and marine animals. Lush green vegetations and woodlands on the slopes of the Nyambeni Mountain Range are some of the most attractive natural features of this city. Some of the popular tourist attractions are the famous parks such as the Lolldaiga Main Gate, Mount Kenya National Park, Ngare Ngare Forest, Buffalo Springs National Reserve and Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy – which is also a zoo. You can also visit the campgrounds of Samburu Trails. Meru has a unique and distinctive cuisine that you can sample in popular eateries such as the. Royal Prince, a restaurant and a bar serving delicious fried delicacies. Another popular place that is frequented by tourists and locals alike is the Legends Restaurant, which serves some delicious local dishes and snacks like beef stew with ugali and samosas. Other attractions include the Nakumatt Supermarket where you can buy souvenirs from your tour and the famous Meru National Museum where you can get an insight into local history. Meru experiences dry, hot and arid weather conditions throughout the year. The temperatures remain fairly the same all year round. The average temperature ranges from 32 degrees Celsius during the day and 17 degrees Celsius during the night.


Best of Namibia

1620315255 shutterstock 1499708630

Mombasa is situated in south-east Kenya along the Indian Ocean. It is a beautiful coastal city that is known as the blue and white city. It is also the oldest city in the country, with a rich and vibrant cultural history. The enthralling city of Mombasa is known for its exceptional natural beauty. This city is famous for its pristine beaches, turquoise blue sea, coral reefs and thick vegetation of lush green palms. The rainforests are home to a large number of magnificent birds and animals, native to Africa. While exploring the city of Mombasa, you must visit the amazing Diani Beach, the Haller Park, the Shimba Hills National Reserve, the Nyali Beach, Mombasa Island, Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary and the famous Mombasa Marine National Park, which are some of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Apart from the tourist attractions and natural beauty, you can also indulge in adventure activities in Mombasa including an illuminating full-day tour of Mombasa, a 2 -Day Safari in Taita Hills from Mombasa, exploring the Tsavo National Park from Mombasa, climbing Mount Kenya, infinite treks, hikes, safaris and more. Since Kenya primarily experiences a tropical climate, the weather in Mombasa generally remains hot and humid throughout the year. The summers are hot with occasional rain and the winters are comparatively cooler, windy and dry with clear skies.

N5geiiju37q0vmam2w71tloyytzl shutterstock 1470136334

Traversing three hours west of Nairobi, this crumbling provincial town which is also the capital of the Mara region. It is the final proper centre prior to the vast grasslands of the Masai Mara. It is a surprising and friendly hassle free place that offers few travellers with a reason to stop and unwind. A lot of people roll on in, browse the curio shops when the driver refuels before you begin rolling on out again.

Situated west of Nairobi, it has very well been capable of supporting the economy of Kenya in the south west of the country along the Great Rift Valley. It is the district capital of the Narok County which also stands as the principal centre of commerce in the district. With a population of some 40,000 people that largely comprises of Maasai people, Narok is still as pristine as ever. 

The Maasai, natives of the Narok district regard Narok as the Enkare Narok which has been named after the river which passes through the Narok town. It is a beautifully town that definitely deserves a visit when you have taken a trip to Kenya. 

D1ti8rsaxk8jfu2ygegwgmqp73ix 1620315397 shutterstock 136561616

Thika is indeed one of the most discernible names to have emerged from the colonial Kenya all accredited to the articulate memoir which is Elspeth Huxley’s, ‘The Flame Trees of Thika.’ These days, in the growing modern city, you’ll actually be hard pressed to locate a tree let alone a flame tree. However, you still have an opportunity to indulge in the tiny nostalgia before you finally get back on the highway and continue further on the way.

The two children of the Aberdare Range, Thika and Chania finally unite 2 km north of the town where they plunge over a rocky, tree-lined cliff. This scene is elegantly appreciated from the porch of the Blue Post Hotel with a book in one hand and a stiff drink in the other.

With its history that outdates the town itself, the Blue Post still withholds a faint aroma of the colonial for those who wish to linger on here overnight. Undoubtedly, it was the principal location opposite the waterfalls of Thika which used to attract its original proprietors in the year 1908. At present, the grounds along with the children’s play area attract a number of Kenyan couple who intent on tying a knot in their polyester glory. When done with Thika, you can also visit the nearby destinations including Nyeri, Sagana, Embu and Nairobi. 

1620315325 shutterstock 543512989

Kitale is a beautiful agricultural town that is located in the Western Kenya. It lies some 380 kilometres from Nairobi which is the capital of Kenya. The town lies between Mount Elgon and Cherengani Hills. The significant cash crops which are grown in Kitale include seed maize, sunflower, Pyrethrum, tea, seed beans and coffee. 

Kitale is an administrative center of the Trans Nzoia District. It lies in the Rift Valley Province. Founded by the while settlers in the year 1908, Kitale is one of most prominent attractions in Africa. A branch line of the Uganda Railway leading you to the town from the Eldoret reached the town in the year 1926 with an object of promoting growth in the town.

Agriculturally rich, Kitale is a friendly market town that has a couple of interesting museums along with a bustling market. Shopping indeed is one of the principal activity to be enjoyed here. This market makes for an ideal base when you wish to explore the Saiwa Swamp National Parks and Mt Elgon. Kitale also serves as a quintessential take off point for tourists who wish to take a trip up to the western side of the Lake Turkana. 

F55hf4b3xc9a0lzbxcj86w5dykui 1481609210 treasures of africa museum

Kisumu is nestled on the sloping shore Winam Gulf of the Lake Victoria. It may be the third largest town of Kenya but its relaxed atmosphere is way different from that of Mombasa and Nairobi. Until the year 1977, the port happened to be one of busiest in Kenya. In the same year because of the political squabbling the port sat virtually idle for some 2 decades. Post that there was a decline set in which led to the collapse of the East African Community. The EAC was initially established by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania so as to come up with a common market within this region.  Recently there has been an increase in the cooperation as well as the revival of the EAC that also includes Burundi and Rwanda. This in 2000 has also helped establish Kisumu as one international shipment point for the products of petroleum. Surprisingly the lake doesn’t play any part in this. So, despite the lake having been the life and blood for the inception of the Kisumu, the city still rests with its back to the water. None the less, the fortune of Kisumu is on a rise once again. This has led to a reduction in the impact of the water hyacinth. Hopefully, in the years to come Lake Victoria will again begin contributing to the economy of the Kisumu. So, play an active role in boosting the economy of Kisumu by making a visit to the town. 

Tu783b7ilhvh5s52c9waofmz1kb0 1481609196 white hippopotamus

Other Attractions

Maasai mara national reserve.

Maasai Mara National Reserve

Maasai Mara is one of the most incredible game reserve of the world. Nestled on the border of Tanzania, Mara is the northern extension of the Serengeti. It makes for the wildlife corridor between the two countries Tanzania and Kenya.

Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor

Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria

Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha

Samburu National Reserve

Samburu National Reserve

Diani Beach

Diani Beach

The Great Rift Valley

The Great Rift Valley

Uhuru Gardens

Uhuru Gardens

Lamu Island

 Lamu Island

Wasini Island

Wasini Island

Mount Longonot

Mount Longonot

Hells Gate National Park

Hells Gate National Park

Tsavo National Park

Tsavo National Park

Mzima Springs

Mzima Springs

Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru

Fourteen Falls

Fourteen Falls

Shaba National Reserve

Shaba National Reserve

Shaba National Reserves is known for its rich wildlife and unique variety of birds making this national reserve so popular worldwide. Tourists coming here can spot some rare species of animals, including Reticulated giraffes, Grevy's zebra, Beisa oryx, the Somali ostrich, and the Gerenuk. Apart from these species that are exclusive to this region, you can also spot a few common wildlife creatures, including Elephant, black rhino, lion, leopard, cheetah, buffalo and hyena. If bird spotting is your game then try spotting the group of helmeted and vulturine guinea fowl during the daytime near the river Ewaso Ng'iro, when they are in search of water to quench their thirst. If you're lucky enough you can also spot marabou storks flying over the blues or see thousands of sandgrouses and doves on the tree or on the lands. Location- It lies to the north of the Ewaso Ng'iro River Entry Fee- US$45-120 depending on the age group.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Nursery

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Nursery

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park

Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park

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main tourist attractions in kenya

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Things to Do in Kenya – Top 10 Tourist Attractions

Things to Do in Kenya – Top 10 Tourist Attractions

Philip is an acclaimed travel writer and author of many guidebooks, including the Bradt guides to Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa.

Kenya is one of Africa's most varied travel destinations. The main draw is going on safari in world-class parks such as the Masai Mara National Reserve, but this equatorial East African country boasts many other compelling attractions. Popular things to see in Kenya include the idyllic beaches, offshore reefs and old Swahili settlements that line the Indian Ocean coastline. Other Kenya tourist attractions include the opportunity to gaze at the snowcapped peaks of Africa’s two tallest mountains.

Friendly, well organized and enormously scenic, Kenya offers everything you could ask of a tropical African holiday destination. Here is our author's selection of the top 10 things to do in Kenya.

Catch the World’s Largest Wildebeest Migration in the Masai Mara

Wildebeest leap of faith into the Mara River

The Masai Mara is Kenya's most popular safari destination. Few parks are more reliable when it comes to seeing lion, leopard , cheetah and other carnivores. Elephants and buffalo are common, and lucky visitors might hit the Big Five jackpot with a rare sighting of a black rhino . Wildlife viewing is great throughout the year, but peaks over August to October, when hundreds of thousands of migrating wildebeest stream across the border with Tanzania . Watching these wildebeest cross the Mara River en masse is one of the most amazing things to see in Kenya.

Masai Mara Tours

Step Back in Time at Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus, Mombasa

Mombasa’s Fort Jesus was built by the Portuguese in 1593 and would go on to change hands several times over the centuries. A Unesco World Heritage Site, it is most imposing from the seaward side, where the turreted walls rise 16m/52ft above the old harbor. The interior incorporates an excellent site museum and a cartoon-like 17th-century fresco painted by an anonymous Portuguese sailor.

Mombasa Tours

Climb Majestic Mt Kenya

Sunrise Over The Mountain

Kenya shares its name with Africa’s second-highest mountain, an extinct volcano whose equator-straddling glacial peaks rise to 5,199m/17,057ft. The multi-day climb to the snowline isn’t for everyone, but it will top many hikers’ wish lists of what to do in Kenya. The ascent passes through montane (mountain) forests alive with elephants and monkeys, and a chilly Afro-alpine moorland zone dotted with otherworldly giant lobelias. You summit at Point Lenana, the highest non-technical peak at 4,985m/16,355ft.

Mt Kenya Climbing Tours

Enjoy Flamingos & Other Dazzling Birds at the Rift Valley Lakes

Pink flamingos at Lake Nakuru

The beautiful lakes that stud the Rift Valley northwest of Nairobi are renowned for their impressive birdlife. More than a million flamingos sometimes congregate on Lakes Nakuru or Bogoria , tinting the shallows pink. Even when flamingos are scarce, you can expect to see an impressive range of other tropical birds, from heavyweight pelicans and storks to colorful lovebirds and bee-eaters.

Lake Nakuru Tours

Snorkel the Coral Gardens of Watamu

Clown fish at Watamu Beach in Kenya

Watamu, on the Indian Ocean coastline about 100km/60mi north of Mombasa, stands at the north end of a shallow bay punctuated with weird mushroom-shaped coral islets. It is one of the few beaches I know where you can simply wade out with snorkel and flippers, and find yourself exploring calm coral gardens swirling with colorful reef fish. Non-swimmers can enjoy the submarine action in a glass-bottomed boat.

Watamu Tours

Take an Exclusive Private Safari in Laikipia Plateau

Grevy's Zebra at Laikipia Plateau in Kenya

Laikipia differs from most other major safari destinations in that it comprises a mosaic of like-minded private reserves and community conservancies. Most lodges here operate on an all-inclusive basis; depending on which you visit, guided activities might include standard game drives, night drives, bush walks, horseback excursions or camelback safaris. Wildlife viewing is superb and includes all the Big Five, as well as African wild dog. Laikipia is an important stronghold for the localized Grevy's zebra, which is larger and has narrower stripes than other zebras, and the striking reticulated giraffe.

Laikipia Tours

Take a Walk on the Wild Side at Hell’s Gate & Mt Longonot

Canyon at Hell's Gate National Park in Kenya at sunrise

The tectonic forces that shaped the Great Rift Valley also molded Hell’s Gate, a scenic national park studded with volcanic plugs and hot springs. Visiting Hell’s Gate National Park ranks among my top things to do in Kenya, because it’s the only park where you can walk or cycle unguided through big-game territory. Buffalo, giraffe and a variety of antelope are resident, but big cats also pass through on occasion. The skyline is dominated by Mt Longonot, a nearby volcano whose gaping caldera, which last erupted in the 1860s, is 90 minutes’ hike from the base.

Hell's Gate Tours

Wander Through the Labyrinthine Alleys of Lamu’s Old Town

Coast view at Lamu's Old Town in Kenya

Island-bound Lamu is my favorite town in East Africa. Established in medieval times, it blossomed in the 17th to 18th centuries as a trading port and center of Swahili art and scholarship. Today it’s something of a backwater, and too remote to attract much mainstream tourism, but the timeworn alleys of the old town retain a compelling Swahili cultural and architectural identity.

Admire Snowcapped Mt Kilimanjaro From the Plains of Amboseli

Elephants in front of Mount Kilimanjaro

Amboseli National Park ranks among the most popular of Kenya tourist attractions. This national park is renowned for its plentiful elephants, which are often seen wading in the swamps. Buffalo, giraffe, hippo and wildebeest are common, and you might encounter big cats. Amboseli’s crowning glory is the dramatic backdrop provided by the world's tallest freestanding mountain, which towers 5km/3mi above the plains below. One of the most amazing things to see in Kenya is Kilimanjaro’s snowcapped peak emerge from the clouds above Amboseli, a phenomenon that most often occurs at dusk or dawn.

Amboseli Tours

Chill Out on Idyllic Diani Beach

Hammock hanging between the trees at Diani Beach, Kenya

Fine white sand. Swaying coconut palms. Turquoise waters protected by a coral reef. A selection of classy upmarket resort hotels. Yes, lovely Diani Beach, 33km/20mi south of Mombasa, ticks all the boxes when it comes to tropical beach escapes. As a bonus, the surrounding forests support plenty of monkeys, and it makes a great base for a day safari to underrated Shimba Hills National Reserve .

Diani Beach Tours

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25+ Top-Rated tourist attractions in Kenya You Must See

Kenya is famous for its magical safaris and the luxurious boutique hotel where you can feed giraffes through the windows. These are only two of the top-rated tourist attractions in Kenya that most people want to experience.

In this article, we’ll go over 20+ magical tourist attractions all over Kenya that you must add to your Kenya bucket list . Kenya is rich in wildlife, unique geography, and rich in culture from the local tribes.

Let’s dive right into the list!!

1. Maasai Mara National Park

The Mara or Maasai Mara as it’s commonly referred to, is the leading tourist attraction in Kenya. It has put Kenya on the map as a must-visit safari destination in Africa. The park located in Narok County borders Tanzania Serengeti to the south.

Throughout the year wildebeest and many other animals migrate to and from Mara in search of greener pastures. The peak season on the Kenyan side is from July to September. At this time visitors can witness thousands of wildebeest crossing over to Maasai Mara from Serengeti.

Besides this beautiful phenomenon, the park itself is a wonder to behold. Explore the vast savannah grasslands and spot the top five as well as many other wild animals.

Maasai Mara National Park is also home to over 10 safari resorts ranging from budget camping to the most luxurious safari camps and resorts you can imagine.

In addition to witnessing the Great Migration, you will love going on safaris, hot air balloon tours over Mara, nature, and delicious meals among many other activities available.

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31+ Things to Do in Kenya Other Than Safari

2. Wildebeest Migration in the Mara

As mentioned above, many tourists are drawn to Kenya to witness this annual migration in the Mara.

Hundreds of wildebeest have to cross over the crocodile-infested Mara River to the Kenyan side. In addition to this, there are other predators such as lions in the nearby bushes waiting for the unsuspecting members of the herds.

The wildebeest have to make a choice to either try and cross the river or remain on the Tanzanian side and risk starving to death in the coming months.

If you hope to catch the action, be prepared for early morning or evening safaris. This is the best time to spot many other animals as well.

3. Girraffe Manor Hotel

Another top-rated attraction and unique place to visit in Kenya. The luxurious boutique hotel is located in the posh Karen neighborhood in Nairobi. A few minutes drive away from the city center.

Tourists are attracted to this hotel as you get to interact with the Rothschild’s giraffes found roaming the compounds. You can feed them from the windows in the dining area after breakfast. Capture the very Instagram-able moments with your loved ones and the adorable giraffes.

The hotel dates back to the colonial period in Kenya. It was first used as a hunting lodge for the elite in the 1930s, then became a conservation haven for the endangered Rothschild’s giraffes in the 70s. Today it’s one of the most iconic boutique hotels in the world and a dream destination for couples as well as singles.

To experience the magical breakfasts and spectacular surroundings by the slopes of the Ngong hills, you’ll have to book your stay here. Unfortunately, the hotel doesn’t offer any day tours or buffets.

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4. Mt. Kenya

The highest peak in Kenya and the second highest in Africa attracts adventurous tourists annually. Summit Mt. Kenya with friends and locals. If you are on a mission to summit some of the highest peaks in the world or Mt. Kilimanjaro, this is a good hike to add to your list.

Visitors looking for shorter hikes can also do the shorter Mt. Kenya summits organized by different tour companies in Kenya. As you hike up you will encounter different types of vegetation, changes in temperature, and withness beautiful views on your way up.

In addition, there are over 6 lakes and up to 18 tarns on Mount Kenya with beautiful turquoise blue waters.

5. Maasai Community

The Maasai community in Kenya has preserved its culture over the years and still practices many traditional ways of life. If you have been to the Mara, you’ve definitely come across a Maasai on your trip.

Many tourists are fascinated by their way of life, their beautiful and colorful jewelry as well as their dressing style. At the Maasai village near Maasai Mara, you can get some souvenirs ranging from beaded jewelry to the Maasai shukas.

If you hope to explore the Maasai culture in depth, a good place to learn about their culture is in Kajiado or Narok counties. Your guide can help organize a home tour with one of the locals willing to let you in their home.

6. Lamu Island

This coastal town is rich in ancient Swahili traditions and culture. On different Lamu islands, such as Pate Island, you will find ancient ruins of the Swahili settlements dating back to the 13th century.

Lamu Island is also rich in history and one of the oldest Swahili settlements still inhabited to date. Discover the different influences that defined and shaped Lamu Old Town. European, Arabian, Indian, Portuguese, and even Chinese influences are evident in Lamu.

In addition, Lamu is home to beautiful beaches, resorts and old Swahili mansions converted into hotels. Experience a relaxing beach holiday on these peaceful islands as you sip on some cold drinks.

If you have been to Stone Town in Tanzania, you will spot a lot of resemblance in Lamu, especially in the architecture. Lamu is however chill and slow, unlike Stone Town that’s always buzzing with activities.

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7. Hells Gate National Park

Looking for a unique safari experience in Kenya? Head down to Hells Gate in Naivasha.

Here you can cycle through the park, and meet antelopes, giraffes and other wildlife grazing on the fields right next to the cycling trails. Don’t worry, no predators are found in the cycling part of the park.

Hells Gate has a protected area where all the dangerous animals are found. On this part, you can explore it in your personal car or on a 4 by 4.

In addition, you can also go rock climbing, explore the obsidian caves or trek the Gorges. Hells Gate upper landscape inspired the movie Lion King , while the gorges provided the shooting set for The Cradle of Life .

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8. Diani Beach

This top-rated beach in Kenya and Africa has super soft white sandy beaches stretching over 12 km along the Indian Ocean. Here you can relax by the beach, engage in water sports, go kite surfing, sky diving, and scuba diving among many others.

If looking for a beachfront hotel or resort, you will find some of the most luxurious options along Diani Beach. Tourists on a budget can also enjoy the beach as it’s free and very close to most accommodations within Diani.

9. Watamu and its Beaches

Watamu is another popular tourist attraction in coastal Kenya. Unlike many other coastal towns, it’s very chill with less populated beaches.

Stay at the Watamu tree house for utmost relaxation and tranquility or one of the many beach resorts and hotels. Explore the Mida Creek, the Watamu marine park, or the Arabuko Sokoke forest.

Its strategic location allows visitors to explore the larger Malindi town and many archaeological and historical sites such as the Gede Ruins. If you love green turtles, you will fall in love with the beaches and marine life found in Watamu.

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10. Arabuko Sokoke National Park

Home to the last coastal forest here in Kenya. The Arabuko Sokoke Fores t Reserve stretches from Mombasa to Tanzania. It’s home to some very unique and indigenous wild animals like the  Sokoke bushy-tailed mongoose  and  Aders’s duiker .

Here you will find unique wildlife not found in any other Kenyan parks. In addition, the forest is home to endemic mangroves, birds, and plants. Any tourists interested in unique and interesting birds, plants, and ancient Swahili traditions, will absolutely love this reserve.

If you love bird watching, this is a bird-watching haven, don’t forget your binoculars!

11. Mombasa and its Beaches

Mombasa is one of the richest coastal towns in terms of culture and diversity. Mombasa Old Town was strategically located making it a major trading center during the ancient Indian Ocean Trade.

As a result, the town has influences from different groups including Arabs, Omanis, Indians, Europeans, Portugues, and Swahili. This is seen in the architecture, cuisine, and people in this region.

Looking for rich cuisine then you should visit and try the foods in Mombasa. Night street foods are something everyone should try at least once. One moment you’ll be eating a snack and think you are in India. Next, you’ll be tasting another dish and think you are somewhere in the middle east.

Local snacks are equally delicious including the popular mango snacks known as achari.

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9 Reasons To Visit Mombasa

12. Fort Jesus

Located in Mombasa Old Town, Fort Jesus is rich in history dating back to the 16th century. Built by the Portuguese to help them control the Indian Ocean trade, the fort would later on captured by different groups all interested in controlling the luxurious trade.

At one point, when the British captured the fort, it was used to hold slaves later on sold during the trade.

History lovers will absolutely love exploring and discovering the secrets held by this fort.

Pro Tip : Hire a guide at Fort Jesus and they can also take you around the Old Town.

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13. Malindi and its Beaches

Kenyan coastal towns are all amazing and unique, if you want to explore the region in depth don’t limit yourself to the ones listed here.

Malindi is a very popular destination, especially for European tourists. Here you will find very many Italian settlers probably explaining why European tourists love the place.

If looking for some authentic Italian-style pasta or dishes, Malindi is the place to be. Most Italian settlers and investors have set up restaurants and hotels here to cater to the visitors and locals looking for an Italian experience.

As you indulge in amazing cuisines, don’t forget to explore the beaches and creeks found in Malindi. In addition, spare some time to visit Marafa Hells Kitchen in Malindi. An interesting canyon with an interesting tale of how it was formed (best explored in the evening or morning.

14. Giraffe Center

If you hope to interact with some Rothschild’s giraffes but don’t have the budget for Giraffe Manor, this is the budget option.

Giraffe Center is located a few meters from the luxurious Giraffe Manor Hotel and offers day tours. Visit around 9.30 am if you hate crowds and want to beat the hot sun.

Here you can feed the giraffes from the high platforms built around the reserve. Take beautiful pictures and enjoy nature. (Feeding pallets are available at an additional fee from the entrance fee).

If you are in Nairobi looking for something to do on a weekend or on a lazy afternoon, head down to the giraffe center. If you have young kids, they will love this place and you don’t have to break the bank.

15. Nairobi

Did you know you can experience Kenya by just touring Nairobi. In Nairobi, you can go on a safari at the Nairobi National Park , have a fun day at the park, experience different cultures, taste different local dishes, buy souvenirs, go glamping, stay at a unique hotel, and discover Kenya’s history among many other things.

The only thing not available in Nairobi are beaches and the countryside nature and scenery. If you are in Nairobi for a day or two there’s a lot to do and see.

Explore the CBD, visit the local markets, and buy souvenirs at an affordable price. Most visitors only limit their time in Nairobi to one small section and miss out on other interesting things.

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19+ Nairobi Travel Tips To Know Before Travel

Did you know there are over 65 Lakes in Kenya? Some of the most popular lakes among tourists include; Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, and Lake Baringo.

Over 8 lakes are found within the Great Rift Valley escarpment. A popular tourist destination region in Kenya as many resorts and attractions are also found in this region. Take time and visit lakes in this area.

17. Lake Nakuru

One of the most visited lakes in Kenya and it’s easy to see why. It’s the second-largest lake with flamingos here in Kenya, it’s within the Lake Nakuru National Park and surrounded by hundreds of resorts and lodges.

Enjoy boat rides on the lake, beautiful flamingoes floating around, and the scenery.

18. Lake Naivasha

This freshwater lake is also popular due to its strategic location. Along the shores of Lake Naivasha, you’ll find hundreds of camping sites, hotels, and luxurious resorts.

In addition it’s only a short bike ride away from Hells Gate national park, a few kilometers to Mt. Longonot , and along the way to Maasai Mara. Visitors love this as they can stop over here and visit some popular destinations on their way to Mara.

19. Lake Turkana

This beautiful lake in Turkana County doesn’t receive as much attention as it should. Most likely due to its location, it’s found in Turkana county a very hot region northeast of Kenya.

If you are looking for a very unique experience in Kenya, this is one destination to consider. The beautiful rocky beaches of Lake Turkana are a sight to behold. The best way to get there is to fly in. Plan with a local tour company to sort out your accommodation and transfers while there.

20. Lake Bogoria

Home to the largest flamingo population in Kenya. Lake Bogoria unfortunately doesn’t receive much attention as well. The beautiful lake found in the Great Rift Valley region is surrounded by Tugen Hills formed from volcanic action.

A very picturesque destination not only to see flamingoes but also to experience the hot springs within the lake. ( PS : You can boil an egg in the hot springs 🙂

The lake is within a National park so expect to spot wildlife on your way to the lake.

21: Lake Alice

The highest lake on Mount Kenya. Visitors hiking Mt. Kenya get to see this beautiful 48 acres of this crater lake at 3400 m above sea level.

The turquoise blue waters of the lake, and the surrounding peaks of Mt. Kenya providing a natural backdrop present a perfect picture spot.

22. Amboseli National Park

Imagine waking up to the snow caps of Mount Kilimanjaro in your front yard. Yes, at Amboseli National Park you get to wake up to this beautiful sight.

Amboseli is located very close to Maasai Mara but has a higher population of elephants compared to any other park in Kenya. If you love elephants or are looking for a budget safari with amazing views compared to Maasai Mara, this is the place to be.

Accommodation options within the park can be quite expensive compared to those just outside the park. I highly recommend the camps outside the park for the best views of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

23. The Aberdares

The Aberdare range is a mountainous range stretching over 160 km across 5 counties in the central Kenya region. The range rises 3,500 m above sea level with the highest point Lesatima  standing tall at 4,001 m.

The Aberdares are accessible through different counties for those wishing to hike to one of its peaks. The Aberdare Ranges are a protected area meaning a park entry fee is charged and a guide is assigned to your group.

Due to its vastness and the thick forest cover, solo hiking is discouraged. It’s easy to get lost in the forest or you could wander into the routes with wildlife, always pay for the ranger to guide you.

Camping grounds are available for those doing longer hikes but you have to bring your supplies.

Near the Range are resorts for those looking for a destination away from the noise and hope to connect with nature.

24. Shaba National Reserve, Samburu

Located on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River is this magical reserve in the middle of a very dry region in Kenya. The top attractions here are Buffalo Springs , Sarara Singing Wells , big cats , and the Samburu community .

Witness a beautiful practice by Sarara Singing Wells where locals sing traditional songs as they get water for their herds. The Samburu community just like the Maasai has a rich culture and still practices and preserves many practices and traditions.

This region mostly offers luxury tented safari resorts. The reserve is in a remote area so booking is usually on full board.

While at the reserve, the resorts can organize tours to the local market where Samburu women sell their handmade jewelry among other souvenirs.

Kenya is rich in tourist destinations from its magical and popular safaris to historical sites to beautiful beaches and mountains. If this is your first time in the country you can’t run out of places to visit.

Whether you travel for history, food, beaches, resorts, or culture, Kenya has a place for everyone to explore. If you’ve been to Kenya before and didn’t know where to go, I hope this list points you in the right direction to your next destination.

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Secret Africa

Top 10 tourist attractions in Kenya

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya

Kenya is regarded as one of the world’s most pristine African safari destinations. Home to some of the best – if not the best – parks, conservancies and game reserves in Africa, people travel to Kenya from all around the globe to experience one of the most unique African adventures. Kenya is known for its unspoiled and varied landscapes, remarkable conservation initiatives, high concentration of game, exceptional sightings, and a sensational diversity of wildlife. From the renowned African Big 5 to wildlife species that can only be found in this part of the world, it’s no surprise Kenya has been dubbed one of Africa’s top wildlife and safari destinations.

Boasting and endless variety of things to do and experience, here are the top 10 tourist attractions in Kenya.

#1 Masai Mara National Reserve

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Masai Mara National park

The world-renowned Masai Mara National Reserve is undoubtedly one of Kenya’s most remarkable reserves and safari destinations as well as the country’s most sought-after tourist attraction. The Masai Mara is a northern extension of Tanzania’s Serengeti, and is the site of the annual Great Wildebeest Migration which takes place from late July through to early October during which millions of wildebeest and thousands of zebra migrate from the Serengeti in Tanzania. The Masai Mara’s Great Migration is regarded as one of the greatest wildlife spectacles and natural wonders to witness first-hand. By far the most anticipated part of this journey is the dramatic Mara River crossings that occur between July and September as the animals enter Kenya.

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Masai Mara National park

Along with millions of wildebeest and huge herds of zebra, antelopes and other grazers, this jaw-dropping spectacle is a magnet for predators. There is no better place to witness lion, leopard, and cheetah in double-quick time, helped by the open terrain and the cats’ ease around vehicles. The Masai Mara National Reserve is therefore one of the best places in Africa for big cat sightings.

#2 Amboseli National Park

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Kenya. Located close to the Tanzania border at the northern base of Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, Amboseli National Park is renowned for being the best place in Africa to get up-close to one of Africa’s largest members of the Big 5, elephants.

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Amboseli National Park

While Amboseli is considered relatively small, especially when compared to some of Kenya’s other reserves and parks such as the famous Masai Mara National Park, it remains a long-standing highlight of Kenya’s safari circuit. Well known for its high density of elephants, the Amboseli National Park forms the unfenced core of an 8,000 km2 ecosystem that includes large tracts of Maasai community land both in Kenya and across the border in Tanzania.

#3 Mount Kenya and Aberdares Mountains

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Mount Kenya

Elephants drinking water with Mount Kenya in the background

Rising to 5,199m / 17,057ft high, Mount Kenya is the largest mountain in Kenya and the second tallest in Africa, topped only by the famous Kilimanjaro. Linked to the more westerly 3,999m Aberdare Range by an elevated grassy saddle, these two massifs represent extremes of geological antiquity. Both Mount Kenya and the Aberdares are protected within a national park. The two mountains collectively support most of the country’s surviving Afro-montane forest and Afro-alpine moorland and share many ecological affinities. These two iconic Kenyan attractions are host to an exceptional diversity of fauna, as well as all the beloved members of the African Big 5, alongside more localised forest species such as Sykes monkey, black‑and‑white colobus, Harvey’s red duiker, mountain antelope, and giant forest hogs.

Top 10 sights to see in kenya - Aberdares Mountains

African Buffalo in the Aberdare Mountains in Kenya

Mount Kenya is essentially an extinct stratovolcano that erupted into existence approximately three million years ago when the East African Rift (part of the Great Rift Valley) opened up. Today Mount Kenya’s upper slopes are dominated by glaciers and rugged snowy peaks, and its lower slopes are covered in African rosewood trees and stunning forests of bamboo. The mountain runoff also provides water to millions of people in and around the area. Mount Kenya is therefore not only one of the top tourist attractions in Kenya, but one of the most beautiful places to visit too.

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya’s upper slopes are dominated by glaciers and rugged snowy peaks

Keen travellers and avid adventurers eagerly hoping to summit Mount Kenya can either hike to Point Lenana, one of the three peaks, by taking the world’s highest via ferrata route, or opt to climb Batian Peak, the highest point on the mountain – however, this route requires skill and experience of technical climbing.

#4 Samburu National Reserve

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Samburu National Reserve

Located in northern Kenya, Samburu National Reserve is regarded as one of the best wildlife and safari destinations in the country. Due to the Uaso Nyiro River that runs through it and the mixture of forest and grassland vegetation, Samburu National Reserve is known to attract a prolific and vast diversity of wildlife and birdlife. Within the reserve you’ll encounter lion, cheetah, leopard, elephants, buffalo, hippos, and countless other wildlife species, as well as over 450 species of birds. If you’re lucky, you may be fortunate enough to spot some of Kenya and Samburu National Park’s rare and remarkable sub-species such as the Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, East African oryx, packs of endangered wild dogs, and the gerenuk (long-necked antelope). Not to mention large numbers of Nile crocodile that call the Uaso Nyiro River their home.

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Samburu National Reserve

This region of Kenya is also home to the Samburu people, distinctive tribes people famed for their many strands of brightly colored beaded jewellery.

#5 Lake Nakuru National Park

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is not only one of Kenya’s top tourist attractions to see and destinations to visit, but a true bird lover’s paradise. It is home to a vast number of bird species, most notably huge flocks of flamingos, with more than a million pink flamingos flocking to the shores of Lake Nakuru. Often called the greatest bird spectacle on earth, the flamingos are undoubtedly one of Kenya’s top attractions. Lake Nakuru is one of Kenya’s Rift Valley lakes, and the vast diversity of birds are attracted to the high levels of algae in the water. In addition to millions of flamingos, the beautiful African fish eagle, Verreaux’s eagle, pelicans, cormorants, the Goliath heron and hammerkops can frequently be spotted around the lake.

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Lake Nakuru National Park

Along with Lake Nakuru’s prolific birdlife, Lake Nakuru National Park is known for its incredible sightings of white and black rhinos, lions, cheetahs, warthogs, giraffes, zebra, hippos, ostriches, and other wildlife species throughout the park.

#6 Tsavo National Park

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo National Park is divided into Tsavo West and Tsavo East. Together, Tsavo’s two national parks make up the largest national park and protected wildlife sanctuary in Kenya. Located approximately10 hours’ drive from Nairobi, Tsavo National Park is more remote than Kenya’s other safari parks. This makes Tsavo perfect for those looking to experience a slightly off-the-beaten-track African safari adventure.

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park

Extending over 21,812 km2, Tsavo National Park boasts a vast diversity of landscapes to explore as Tsavo West and Tsavo East are quite different in character. Tsavo West is known for its spectacular scenery with a rolling volcanic landscape, jagged black outcrops, solidified lava flows and tangled acacia woodlands overshadowed by Kilimanjaro on the southwest horizon. The larger and less developed Tsavo East has more open savannah than its western counterpart. The red-earth plains of Tsavo East also have stronger affiliations with the semi-arid badlands of northern Kenya, despite being alleviated by the presence of the perennial Galana River.

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Tsavo National Park

Being the largest conservation area and protected wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya, Tsavo National Park protects significant populations of wildlife and the African Big 5. Both parks boast an unrestricted wilderness atmosphere that will appeal to both first-time and repeat safari-goers. Tsavo National Park is home to a remarkable diversity of wildlife and birdlife. From all the members of the renowned Big 5, elephants, rhino, lion, leopard, and buffalo, to incredible sightings of giraffe, cheetah, serval cat species, oryx, gazelle, antelope, stripped hyena, impala, and over 500 species of birds – Tsavo will definitely not disappoint.

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Tsavo National Park

The sight of elephants spraying the blue waters of the Galana River on themselves is one Tsavo National Park highlight you’ll cherish forever. Tsavo East is also home to two iconic trees, the baobab and the doum palm.

#7 Hell’s Gate National Park

Hell’s Gate National Park is undoubtedly one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Kenya. Once a tributary of a prehistoric lake that fed early humans in the Rift Valley, Hell’s Gate National Park is a tiny park named after a narrow break in the cliffs. Regarded as one of Kenya’s hidden gems, Hell’s Gate National Park is known for its steep cliffs, dramatic scenery, gorges, and basalt columns.

While it may be one of Kenya’s smaller national parks, it is home to an incredible variety of wildlife, including lion, leopards, cheetahs and so much more. Besides Hell’s Gate National Park’s vast scenery, landscapes, and wildlife, it is unique among Kenya’s wildlife parks and safari destinations as you are allowed to walk or cycle through the park without a guide present – This gives you the opportunity to tick a thrilling adventure off your African safari bucket-list.

#8 Rift Valley Lakes

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Rift Valley Lakes

Kenya’s Rift Valley is located northwest of Nairobi. It boasts sheer basaltic cliffs, and a classic East African landscape of open savannah, studded with jagged volcanic outcrops and surrounded with beautiful lakes.

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru in Kenya

The Rift Valley and its surrounding lakes (Rift Valley Lakes) are world-renowned for its vast and prolific birdlife. The most sought-after attraction and main attention-grabber for birding enthusiasts from across the world are undoubtedly the million-strong flocks of flamingos that frequently amass at saline lakes Nakuru and Bogoria. In addition to the lakes of Nakuru and Bogoria, the freshwater lakes of Naivasha and Baringo are not only two of the most beautiful lakes and must-visit spots for sensational bird sightings, but top contenders for the title and accolade of ‘top general birding hotspot outside the national park system’.

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Lake Bogoria

Flocks of flamingos at Lake Bogoria in Kenya

While large mammals are less abundant in Kenya’s Rift Valley than the likes of larger national parks such as the Masai Mara and Amboseli National Park, it still offers visitors incredible wildlife sightings. In addition to marvelling at the millions of magnificent flamingos that frequently amass at Lake Bogoria and Lake Nakuru, Lake Nakuru National Park is regarded as one of the best places and safari destinations in East Africa to find both black and white rhino.

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Nakuru National Park

To top it off, Hell’s Gate National Park, Crescent Island, and Green Crater Lake Sanctuary offers visitors, and avid safari and wildlife lovers the exciting opportunity to see large wildlife species on foot in their natural habitat.

#9 Nairobi National Park

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is regarded as one of the attractions in Kenya. Located a mere 10 minutes’ drive from the center of Nairobi, Nairobi National Park is undoubtedly one of Kenya’s most accessible and popular national parks to visit, with only a fence separating the park’s prolific wildlife from the metropolis. Despite being relatively smaller than some of Kenya’s other sought-after and sizeable national parks, Nairobi National Park boasts a vast and varied wildlife population, promising spectacular wildlife sightings and encounters.

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Nairobi National Park

To add some extra anticipation and excitement to your Nairobi National Park wildlife experience, thousands of migrating wildebeest and zebra can be seen gathering in the park during the dry season. The Nairobi National Park is also one of Kenya’s most successful rhino sanctuaries.

#10 Laikipia Plateau & Conservancy

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Laikipia

Once dominated by livestock ranches in the colonial era, the immense Laikipia Plateau has since been transformed into one of East Africa’s finest and most exclusive wildlife destinations. Overseen by the non-profit Laikipia Wildlife Foundation, the several dozen private and community-owned sanctuaries of the vast Laikipia Plateau now function as Kenya’s second largest wildlife sanctuary and conservancy, encompassing 9,500km2 in total, after Tsavo National Park.

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Laikipia

In addition to its exclusivity, remarkable conservation status and size, the Laikipia Plateau is home to an incredibly diverse wildlife population. As the plateau is transitional to the central highlands and northern deserts, it provides an important stronghold for wildlife rarities such as the endangered African wild dog, Grevy’s zebra, and black rhino. It also supports various dry-country wildlife species such as the greater and lesser kudu, gerenuk, reticulated giraffe, and Beisa oryx, along with substantial populations of leopard, lion, and cheetah.

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Laikipia

Lioness in the plains of Ol Pejeta Conservancy

There are a number of extraordinary sanctuaries and conservancies located within Laikipia Plateau. Ol Pejeta Conservancy, a Big Five conservancy found in the foothills of Mount Kenya, is one of the prime sanctuaries of Laikipia Plateau. Ol Pejeta Conservancy is renowned for its exceptional conservation initiatives. Its highlights include the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa; a population of southern white rhino; a refuge for the last two northern white rhinos left in the world (Ol Pejeta Conservancy is where the last male northern white rhino, Sudan, died in 2018; the last females of the sub-species still live at Ol Pejeta and are protected around the clock). The Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary can also be found in the Laikipia Conservancy.

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - Laikipia

Baby Black rhino in Ol Pejeta Conservancy kenya

The Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary houses orphaned and abandoned chimpanzees as well as chimpanzees rescued from the black market.

Top 10 sights to see in Kenya - The Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Ol Pejeta Conservancy

The Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Ol Pejeta Conservancy Kenya

Visiting Laikipia Plateau and its incredible sanctuaries and conservancies, especially Ol Pejeta Conservancy, is not only one of the top 10 things to do in Kenya, as well as one of Kenya’s top attractions, but a great destination to learn more about the relationship between people and wildlife and the various challenges faced in the conservation industry.

Visitors and wildlife lovers will also have the opportunity to enjoy a range of exciting experiences such as lion tracking, exhilarating bush walks, and thrilling night drives and safaris.

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main tourist attractions in kenya

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main tourist attractions in kenya

12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Nairobi

Written by Karen Hastings Updated Dec 26, 2023 We may earn a commission from affiliate links ( )

Nairobi, Kenya's capital and largest city, has long been the gateway to some of Africa's best adventures. But this vibrant metropolis has plenty of exciting things to do before you head out on safari.

Nairobi's rich history and tribal culture is brought to life in its excellent museums. The Karen Blixen Museum is a big hit — especially with fans of the Out of Africa book and film, who come to see where the namesake Danish author toiled on her coffee farm in the beautiful Ngong Hills.

Even in such a bustling city, wildlife is a huge draw. Nairobi is one of the only cities in the world with a safari park in its borders. A mere 15-minute drive from the skyscrapers of the city center, you can enjoy a classic African wildlife experience at Nairobi National Park . Lion, cheetah, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, rhinoceros, and buffalo roam the sun-soaked savanna here, and animal lovers can cuddle baby elephants and connect with giraffes at the excellent animal sanctuaries nearby.

Nairobi is also the gateway to the world-famous safari parks , which have captivated adventure seekers for more than a century. Discover the top places to visit in this cosmopolitan capital with our list of the top attractions in Nairobi.

See also: Where to Stay in Nairobi

1. Nairobi National Park

2. david sheldrick wildlife trust, 3. giraffe centre, 4. karura forest reserve, 5. karen blixen museum, 6. nairobi national museum, 7. bomas of kenya, 8. kazuri beads factory tour, 9. kenyatta international conference centre, 10. ngong hills, 11. railway museum, 12. national archives, where to stay in nairobi for sightseeing, tips and tours: how to make the most of your visit to nairobi, nairobi, kenya - climate chart.

Nairobi National Park

Kenya's first national park, Nairobi National Park lies only seven kilometers from the skyscrapers of Nairobi's city center. A haven for wildlife, the park is also a rhino sanctuary, which protects more than 50 of these critically endangered creatures.

In addition to the rhinos, you can see lions, gazelles, buffaloes, warthogs, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, and ostriches, and more than 400 species of birds have been recorded in the wetlands.

Nairobi National Park is also a famous ivory burning site. In 1989, President Moi ignited 12 tons of elephant tusks and rhino horns here, boosting the country's conservation image on the world stage. Today, a monument marks this historic site.

The Nairobi Safari Walk is a popular attraction, offering animal lovers the chance to spot wildlife on foot, and walking trails weave around the area known as Hippo Pools .

At the park's main gate, you can bond with orphaned baby elephants and rhinos at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust .

Address: Langata Road, Nairobi

Official site:

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

At the main gates of Nairobi National Park , this orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program is a must-see for animal lovers. Daphne Sheldrick founded the project in 1977 in memory of her late husband David, a former warden at Tsavo East National Park.

The center cares for young abandoned elephants and rhinos and works to release the animals back into the wild. You can watch these lovable creatures up close as they frolic in the mud and drink from giant baby bottles. Best of all, your entrance fee helps support the project's conservation efforts.

If you want to help even more, consider adopting an orphaned elephant, rhino, or giraffe - you'll receive regular updates on their progress long after you leave.

Address: Mbagathi Road, Nairobi

Official site:

Giraffe Centre

At the Giraffe Centre, on the edge of Nairobi National Park , visitors can come face to face with endangered Rothschild's giraffes. This non-profit center lies on the grounds of the plush guesthouse, Giraffe Manor , and its main mission is to provide conservation education for children.

The visitor center displays information about these graceful creatures, and a raised platform allows you to feed them at eye level with specially prepared pellets.

This is one of the most unusual things to do around Nairobi, especially with children - photo ops with wet, gray giraffe tongues slurping little faces are priceless.

After communing with these long-lashed beauties, you can enjoy a 1.5-kilometer self-guided forest walk in the adjacent nature reserve.

Lily Lake in Karura Forest Reserve

Are you craving some solitude near the city? You're in luck. The beautiful Karura Forest is a cool, shady oasis just a few kilometers from the city center.

This lush green space is actually one of the largest urban forests in the world , and you'll discover all kinds of things to see and do here. Hike to a multi-tiered 15-meter waterfall. Enjoy a picnic in the gardens. Watch monkeys clamber through the trees, or just sit quietly by Lily Lake and soak up the tranquility. Bike riding is also popular along the well-marked red-clay trails.

Wildlife also thrives here. Besides monkeys, you might also see duiker (small antelope), butterflies, and many species of birds. After all your forest adventures, sit back and relax with a snack and a drink at the open-sided river café.

Karen Blixen Museum

One of Nairobi's top tourist attractions, the Karen Blixen Museum, at the foot of the Ngong Hills, is the former home of the famous namesake Out of Africa author. Karen Blixen, also known by her pen name, Isak Dinesen, lived in the house from 1917 to 1931, where she ran a coffee plantation.

Today, you can tour the well-preserved colonial farmhouse, a kitchen in a separate building, a coffee-drying plant in the woodland, and an agricultural college on the grounds.

Furniture that belonged to Karen Blixen and her husband is on display, as well as photographs and books owned by Karen and her lover, Denys Finch Hatton. Enthusiastic guides bring the story of Karen Blixen and colonial Kenya to life.

Address: Karen Road, Nairobi

Official site:

Nairobi National Museum

The National Museum in Nairobi is an educational way to spend a few hours on a city stopover. The museum displays diverse cultural and natural history exhibits including more than 900 stuffed birds and mammals, fossils from Lake Turkana, ethnic displays from various Kenyan tribal groups, and exhibits of local art.

In the Geology Gallery, you can explore an impressive collection of rocks and minerals and learn about tectonic plates and the life cycle of a volcano. The Hominid Vault contains a collection of prehistoric bones and fossils, including the preserved fossil of an elephant.

At the museum, visitors can purchase combination tickets, which include entrance to the adjacent Snake Park with live specimens of Kenya's most common reptiles.

If you're looking for a dose of nature on your Nairobi trip, save time to stroll around the tranquil botanical gardens here after your visit.

Address: Museum Hill Road, Nairobi

Bomas of Kenya

About 10 kilometers from Nairobi, Bomas of Kenya is a living museum celebrating the colorful tribes of Kenya. This is a great place to learn about the lifestyle, art, music, crafts, and culture of each tribe.

The complex encompasses a recreated traditional village with homesteads or bomas, each one reflecting the culture of a major ethnic group. Every afternoon, a team performs traditional dances and songs in the large theater. Audience participation makes the performances even more enjoyable.

Location: Forest Edge Road, off Langata Road, Mageso Chember

Official site:

Kazuri Beads Factory Tour

Looking for some unique souvenirs and gifts for family and friends? The Kazuri Beads Factory is a great place to shop. Best of all, you're helping disadvantaged local women at the same time.

Kazuri means "small and beautiful" in Swahili, and these shiny, brightly colored beads surely fit the bill.

Join a free factory tour and see how local women, including many single mothers, make the beads and other pottery items from scratch. After the tour, you can purchase some to take with you, knowing you are purchasing from a World Fair Trade Organization member. Prices are relatively reasonable.

This is a great tour to combine with a visit to the Karen Blixen Museum , as the factory lies right nearby. It's also one of the top free things to do in Nairobi, although it's hard to leave here without buying some of these beautiful beads.

Address: Mbagathi Ridge, Karen, Nairobi

Kenyatta International Conference Centre

Named for the Republic's First President, Jomo Kenyatta, the distinctive cylindrical Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC) offers breathtaking 360-degree views from its rooftop viewing deck.

The building is an internationally acclaimed venue for conferences, meetings, and exhibitions, and it's an eye-catching landmark in the city. Though not the tallest building in Kenya, it dominates the skyline with a 28-story tower overlooking a large amphitheater. Its pale terra-cotta façade recalls the color of traditional African huts, and the central plenary hall resembles the ancient Roman Senate.

Zoom up to the rooftop viewing platform to take photos of the sprawling city below, and you can also enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants.

Address: Harambee Avenue, Nairobi

View of the Ngong Hills

"Ngong" means "knuckles" in Maasai, a fitting name since these beautiful pointed green hills resemble the back of a fist facing the sky. They are a popular place to visit close to Nairobi and provide a welcome respite from the city heat.

The Ngong Hills are the peaks of a ridge overlooking the Great Rift Valley, and many white settlers established their farms here in the early colonial days. Half-timbered houses and flowering gardens remain, but seem more suited to southern England than Africa.

Several walking trails traverse the hills, offering beautiful views of the valleys below. Wildlife is also visible in the area. Buffalo, gazelles, giraffes, bushbuck, the occasional klipspringer, and troupes of baboons are often glimpsed grazing along the roadside.

If you're an Out of Africa fan and you're looking for other places to visit in the Ngong Hills, stop by the grave of Denys Finch Hatton, the lover of famous Danish author, Karen Blixen. It lies on the eastern slopes, graced by an obelisk and garden.

Address: Great Rift Valley, Mageso Chember, Nairobi

Railway Museum

The Railway Museum in Nairobi celebrates the rich history of the railroad in Kenya and its impact on the nation's development. Among the museum's fascinating collections are train and ship models, photographs from the original construction of the Uganda Railway, railway magazines, maps and drawings, and a silver service set used on overnight trains to Mombasa.

A collection of steam locomotives and rolling stock are also on display, including a model of the MV Liemba, built by the Germans and still in use along Lake Tanganyika.

A favorite exhibit is the carriage used during the hunt for the Maneater of Kima in 1900. Captain Charles Ryall, a colonial officer, positioned himself in the carriage to shoot a man-eating lion; unfortunately he fell asleep and was dragged out the window by the lion.

Address: Uhuru Road, Nairobi

National Archives

You'll find a little bit of everything about Kenya at this museum. Housed in the old Bank of India building, the National Archives spotlights Kenyan tribal culture, as well as the country's art, history, and politics.

Paintings and artifacts from the collection of Joseph Murumbi, one of Africa's most famous collectors, dominate the exhibits. The main floor gallery displays historical documents and a collection of photographs.

The second floor houses more art, a display of postage stamps, and the National Archives reading room, which is used for personal and professional projects.

Along with the Nairobi National Museum, this is one of the top places to visit in Nairobi on a budget, and it will broaden your understanding of Kenya's rich history and culture.

Address: Moi Avenue, Nairobi

Travelers visiting Nairobi for the first time have two main areas where they can base themselves for prime sightseeing opportunities: To feel the pulse of this vibrant city and have easy access to its restaurants, shops, and museums, the city center makes a great base.

Those who prefer a more peaceful experience in the countryside should consider staying in the affluent suburb of Karen, home to some of Nairobi's most luxurious hotels, as well as the Karen Blixen Museum. Here are some highly rated hotels in these areas:

  • Luxury Hotels: Overlooking the Ngong Hills in the suburb of Karen, the plantation-style Hemingways Nairobi exudes colonial elegance, with four-poster beds, personal butler service, and a pampering day spa. In the heart of the city, Fairmont The Norfolk is a more affordable luxury option that feels like an elegant oasis, with lush gardens, a heated pool, and day spa. It lies within walking distance of the National Museums of Kenya, as well as many restaurants and shops. Behind well-guarded gates, 10 minutes by car to Wilson Airport and 16 minutes to the international airport, The Boma Nairobi makes a fine pre- or post-safari base. It's close to the city center and offers a spa and health club.
  • Mid-Range Hotels: Within walking distance of the National Museum of Kenya, the elegant Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi is at the high end of the mid-range options, and the Sarova Stanley , in the heart of the city, is Nairobi's oldest luxury hotel, with relatively affordable rates. Also in the city center, the InterContinental Nairobi is a popular base for those who prefer a large chain hotel.
  • Budget Hotels: A little farther out from the city center but within walking distance to popular shopping malls, Progressive Park Hotel offers great value for longer stays, with its studio rooms and apartments. The Kenya Comfort Hotel has basic budget rooms in a convenient location close to city center sights.
  • Wildlife Day Trip Adventures: Feed giraffes and get up close with baby elephants on the full-day David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Center Tour . Animal lovers can learn more about these lovable creatures and the center's valiant efforts to protect this vulnerable species. The tour also includes a visit to the Karen Blixen Museum and the Kazuri Beads factory.
  • Safari Adventure and Wildlife Tour : If you want to add a safari experience to the wildlife sanctuary visits, the Giraffe Center, Elephant Orphanage, and Nairobi National Park Day Tour adds a three-hour game drive through Nairobi National Park, where you can spot animals such as lions, rhinos, zebras, and buffalo. Both tours include transport, guides, hotel pickup and drop-off, and admission to all the parks.
  • Hell's Gate and Lake Naivasha Trip : If you prefer a more active wildlife experience, the Hells Gate and Lake Naivasha Day Trip is a great choice. This full-day excursion includes a two-hour bike tour through the park to spot wildlife such as zebras, elands, and gazelles and a one-hour hike through the park's rugged gorges, with a stop at a Maasai village . For an additional fee, you can enjoy a cruise on Lake Naivasha to spot hippos and birdlife.
  • Three-Day Safari: Explore one of the world's most famous game reserves and the site of the Great Migration on the three-day Maasai Mara Guided Safari from Nairobi . Expert guides take you on game drives to see some of the park's diverse wildlife, including lion, leopard, cheetah, and buffalo. At night, you will sleep in semi-luxury tents in the wilderness. An optional add-on to Lake Nakuru National Park is also available.

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Places to Visit in Kenya : Besides the wildlife adventures and colonial history of Nairobi, other things to do in Kenya including basking on beautiful beaches and snorkeling along coral reefs. Southeast of Nairobi, you'll find plenty of things to do in Mombasa as well. Stroll around its atmospheric Old Town, visit wildlife sanctuaries, or dive a wreck in Mombasa Marine National Park.


Places to Visit in Tanzania : South of Kenya, Dar es Salaam is Tanzania's largest city and lies a short boat ride from the beautiful tropical islands of Bongoyo and Mbudya. And if taking the safari of a lifetime is your mission, Tanzania is home to some of the most magnificent game reserves in the world, including Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

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More on Kenya

Kenya Travel Guide

Mission Africa Safaris

Things to do in Kenya

Known for her amazing tourism destinations and producing some of the fastest runners in the world, the Republic of Kenya is one fascinating country. Kenya covers an area of about 224,081 square miles and is bordered by Uganda to the West, South Sudan to the northwest, Somali to the East, Ethiopia to the North, Tanzania to south and the Indian ocean to the southeast. The country gets its name from the second highest mountain in Africa – Mount Kenya.

Kenya has a population of about 50 million people and is made up of about 47 counties – each led by an elected governor. The capital is Nairobi but the Mombasa is the oldest city. Other newer cities include Nakuru, Kisumu and Eldoret. Kenya is the second largest country in East Africa. The Great East African Rift Valley divides the country into two creating mountains and other amazing physical features. A large part of the country is semi-arid but the country has hundreds of rivers and lakes including the second largest fresh water lake in the world – Lake Victoria. Other important landmarks include Mount Kenya and of course the Indian Ocean.

Things to see in kenya

Tourist attractions in Kenya

Thing to see and do in Kenya

Watch Movie from 7D Cinemas: The movie business in Nairobi has been thriving for decades but is now organized to the highest standards. Some of the high-end movie houses and cinemas offer 7D movie experiences. 7D incorporates special effects with the movie in order to allow people see and feel every sound. It’s like listening to a revealing high-end music system where you can hear every song just as the artist intended it to be. For the best 7D cinema experience, you should go to the Thika Road Mall.

What to see in Kenya

Karen Blixen Museum and the Ngong Hills: Karen Blixen is the woman whose story is told in the colonial time love story and movie Out of Africa. Her other names were Isak Dinesen and she was from Denmark. During the colonial times in Kenya, many European opened up farms and built houses around the Ngong hills which is very close to Nairobi. Karen left Denmark and did the same. She bought a 4,500-acre farm at the foot of the Ngong hills where she grew coffee and other cash crops. She managed the farm from 1913 to 1931 when she returned to Denmark.

Best tourist attractions to visit in Kenya

The Great Rift Valley: The Great Rift Valley is one of the most amazing geological wonders of the world. It passes through many countries in Africa and Asia leaving behind amazing features like volcanoes, escarpments, lakes, underground forests and so much more. The Great Rift Valley covers a large part of Kenya and it would take a number of days to explore it fully. If there is little time on your side, you can explore a few of its features like the Ngong Hills, Hell’s Gate National Park or Lake Nakuru. Lake Nakuru sits on the floor of the rift valley and attracts many birders to Kenya each year.

Incredible places to visit in Kenya

Chyulu Hills:   The Chyulu hills are one of the youngest volcanic mountains in the world – 500 years is the estimation. They are found in the southeastern part of the country and are 1,000 kilometers long (and 7,178 feet above sea level). A key attraction of the Hills is the Leviathan Cave which holds one of the longest lava tubes in the world. While visiting the Chyulu Hills, tourist can also take part in horse riding, rock climbing and hiking. The hills are home to creatures like steenbok, lions, giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, bush pigs and black rhinos among others.

Attractions in Kenya

The Central Highlands: The Central highlands are found on the eastern arm of the Rift Valley which also includes Mount Kenya and the Aberdare National Parks. Areas around the central Highlands of Kenya are the most densely populated and for this reason are considered the heartland of the country. The area has good climate all year round and fertile soils that support agriculture in both large and small scale. The British colonial administrators settled here and set up large farms which still exist to this day.

Best Kenya tourist attractions

The Crying Stones in Kakamega: If you are traveling along the Kisimu – Kakamega road, this is one place you should stop by. Kakamega is situated in the western part of the country. The stones are actually huge monuments which balance themselves on columns of rock. Water flows from a gap in the middle and resembles tears. The natives in the area consider the tears a sign of upcoming good harvest.

Kakamega Forest Reserve: Kakamega forest was once part of a great rain forest that covered most of East and Central Africa. Climate change and human encroachment reduced the size of the forest living behind remnants (islands of forest) with most of it now in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The part left in Kakamega is home to unique creatures that cannot be found anywhere in Kenya. These creatures were left isolated in Kakamega after the forest stretch leading to Central Africa was cut off. The forest is home to 400 species of birds, cobras, de Brazza’s monkeys, pangolins, pottos, squirrels, vipers, giant hedgehogs and bush pigs. Other spectacular attractions include waterfalls, rocks, rare giant trees that are believed to be over 100-year-old. The Entrance fee to the forest is about $25 for adults.

Bungee Jumping: Because there is so much that Kenya has to offer, most tourists are not aware that they can actually do Bungee jumping while in Kenya. Bungee jumping in Kenya is an adrenaline raising activity in which a rope is tied to the leg or waist before one dives in a free fall towards the flowing Sagana river. Unlike Bungee jumping in Uganda , the one in Kenya is divided into two major jumps.

Attractions to visit in Kenya

Eldoret: Eldoret is small town situated close to the border with Uganda and at the edge of the rift valley. Bill gates visits the town frequently to follow up on programs funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It possible to sleep in the same hotel and go to all the places visited by the American Billionaire while supervising projects in the area. Bill Gates stays at the Naiberi River Campsite & Resort while in town.

Where to visit in Kenya

Siawa Swamp National Park: This is the smallest national park in Kenya and is found in Kakamega. The park made up of forest and swamps with several viewing platforms for observation. Siawa Swamp National Park is the best place for spotting the Sitatunga (swamp) antelope and small primates like the white-bearded De Brazza’s monkey. Birders will be impressed with the variety of species on offer including the bright purple Ross’s turaco.

Tourism spots in Kenya

Manda Island: Manda Island is part of the Lamu Archipelago. It was first discovered as early as the 9 th century by Persian and Arabic traders.  Like most of the islands in the Indian ocean, it has secluded white sandy beaches, tropical vegetation and amazing scenery. Tourists find the island waters excellent for snorkeling and swimming. While visiting the island, tourists can also checkout artifacts (glass, ceramics and pottery) dating back to the 9 th century. The island can only be reached by air or boat.

What to see while in Kenya

Siyu: Siyu is a town found in Pate Island which is within the Lamu archipelago. Settlements in the island begun as early as the 15 th century and was made up on mostly indigenous Kenyans at the time. In fact, there was a time when the Siyu had over 300,000 residents. The residents resisted Omani Arab invasions and remained one of the few prominent islands not to be conquered by foreigners. The key attractions in the island are the fort, Swahili relics, ancient tombs and beautiful beaches.

Best things to see and do in Kenya

Kigio Wildlife Conservancy: This Conservancy is located between Naivasha and Nakuru in Kenya. It lies on 3,500 acres of land containing Leleshwa shrubs, euphorbia and riverine woodlands. The key attractions in Kigio Wildlife Conservancy apart from the amazing scenery are the wildlife including buffalo, impala, hyenas, hippos, gazelles, eland and over 210 species of birds. To prevent poaching and avoid conflicts with humans living outside the facility, management has installed an electric fence to cover parts not protected by the Malewa River.

Touring Kenya

Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park: Ol Donyo (Mountain of buffalo) Sabuk National Park is also one of the hidden gems of the country. It is made up of the Ol Donyo Sabuk Mountain and the vast savanna surrounding it. A key attractions of the park is the Mountain whose highest peak is 2,148 meters high but visitors will be surprised by the scenery and wildlife. Over 250 buffaloes roam the forested slopes of the mountain. The parks also offer amazing views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. Other wildlife in the park include impala, duikers, colobus monkeys, baboons, bushbuck and countless birds.

best places to see in Kenya

Lake Victoria: If you are visiting the city of Kisumu, you should take time and visit Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is the largest fresh water lake in Africa and second in the world by surface area. It sits on an area covering 23,146 square miles. Lake Victoria is shared by Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. The Lake is excellent for a variety of water sports including tilapia and giant Nile Perch fishing. The lake is also home to creatures like African clawless otter, African helmeted turtles, bohor reedbuck, giant otter shrew, marsh mongoose, mud turtles, Nile crocodiles, hippos, sitatunga, spotted-necked otter and waterbuck.

Top activities in Kenya

Climbing Mount Elgon: Mount Elgon is one of the highest mountains in the country and stands out for having the largest volcanic caldera in the world. Mount Elgon is found at the border between Uganda and Kenya. Climbing Mount Elgon is indeed one of the amazing things to do while in Kenya.

Tourism in Kenya

Mount Kenya National Park: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is Kenya’s highest mountain (over 17,000 feet). Mount Kenya is found in the eastern part of the East African Rift Valley. It was formed as a result of volcanic activity and has three peaks – Lenana, Nelion and Batian. Batian is the highest peaks but the second highest Nelion is the hardest to climb. There are several routes that can be used to reach the top including the Sirimon route in Nanyuki and the Naromoru route. Hikers to the top of the mountain are rewarded with beautiful scenery consisting of lakes, springs, glaciers, alpine forests, bamboo forests and clear views of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. There is also the wildlife to look out for like hyenas, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, colobus monkeys and tree hyrax among others.

The best places to visit in Kenya

Nyama Choma: Nyama Choma in Kenya refers to a specific kind of roasted goat’s meat. It is so common and such a delicacy that you can find it in roadside restaurants all around the country. For the best experience, you need to visit the local goat butcher, order for a kilo or two of meat and then wait for it to be roasted. As you wait, you can take a sip of one of the local beer brands.

Things to do on a Kenya safari

Whitewater rafting in River Tana: White water rafting in River Tana is one of the popular and adventurous activities to do in Kenya. The river has three lower grade rapids which offer an amazing day of adrenaline rush for both seasoned and first-time rafters. Apart from rafting, one can also indulge in other water spots like kayaking, fishing and birding. The rapids are separates by calm and tranquil sections which allows participants rest and enjoy the natural beauty of the lake.

Village of Obama’s Father: The small village of Kogelo has slowly become a tourist destination because it is the birth place of Barack Obama’s father. People in Kogelo depend on agriculture and fishing on a small scale. The sleepy village now welcomes both foreign and local tourists who are interested in tracing the routes of the first black American president. Kogelo village offers a chance for a fascinating encounter with the Luo people of Kenya. One can also choose to explore the unique terrain, lakes, birds and forests in the village.

Activities and attractions in Kenya

Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park: This park is found in Wasini and Shimoni Island – southern coast of Kenya. The park consists of 4 islands connected by coral reefs. The key attractions in the park are dolphins, humpback whales, Moral eel, Green sea turtles, Snappers, Angelfish and groupers. The best time to see these sea creatures are in the months between August to October. Kisite-Mpunguti is excellent for bird watching snorkeling and a variety of other water spots.

Eat Local and Continental dishes from the local restaurants: Kenyans are great cooks and love their food. The reason for their expertise is attributed to Swahili and Arab influences from the islands. Expect more spices than usual especially in the islands. The most popular local foods are chapatti, ugali and Mukimo which are mixed with beef or chicken stew. If local food is not your thing, you can visit any of the top restaurants for Mexican, Chinese, Brazilian, Italian and Ethiopian dishes.

Important Information while visiting Kenya

As a foreigner, you will be required to have a Visa before entering the country either from the border crossings or through the airport. Visas can be got from the airport and border crossings. If you are planning to visit other East African countries, you might want to consider acquiring the East African Tourist Visa . The East African Tourist Visa allows tourists to visit Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda for a specific period of time. You can check out the information about the East African Tourist Visa or apply for it here .

Apart from the Visa, you might be required to show proof that you have been vaccinated against certain diseases. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is almost mandatory for any traveler who is older than one year. Other important (not compulsory) inoculations are those against, tetanus, hepatitis and polio. To avoid catching malaria while on your vacation, it is advisable that you take anti-malarial drugs.

The national currency in Kenya is the shilling. A credit card is important but you need to move with some of the local currency in cash. Most local purchases, activities and park entrances are paid for in cash. You may also want to move with dollars to pay for some activities and also for any tips. The dollars must be printed from 2009 to avoid rejection. Most ATM’s in the county accept international cards but will only dispense the local currency.

How do I get around the country? There are several ways in which to get your way around Kenya. You can rent a car for the whole duration of your trip, use the public buses for long distance travel or the more convenient motorcycles within the city. Most tourists who go to Kenya hire the sources of a good tour operator with knowledge about all the national parks and reserves. It is more expensive but will save you a lot.

When is the best time to visit Kenya? Kenya can be visited all year round but if you are planning to do a safari, then the best time is between January to March and June to October. The climate is mild around this time and most of the country is dry. It is an excellent period to go for a safari because the animals are easier to spot as they gather around the remaining waterholes. If you have never witnessed the great animal migration in the Masai Mara, then you should visit between September to October.

Top thing to see and do in Kenya

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Short Uganda Tours

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  • 2 Days Bwindi Gorilla Tour
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  • 5 Day Uganda Wildlife Safari

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Home » Tourism » Attractions » 10 Major Tourist Attractions in Kenya

10 Major Tourist Attractions in Kenya

main tourist attractions in kenya

Kenya has various Major tourist attractions. When the name Kenya is mentioned, you immediately start thinking of your next holiday destination.

Being a prime tourist destination has made Kenya famous.

Its tropical climate, wildlife and very friendly citizens are just some of the things that leave you excited about travelling to Kenya.

If you come to think of it, Kenya might be the only place in the world that oozes the spirit of romance and adventure.

In this article, we take a look at the major tourist attractions in Kenya.

By the time you finish this read, your adventurous spirit will be awakened, and all you will want to do is visit Kenya to experience all this goodness.

1. Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara (Masai Mara) is in the South-Western part of Kenya.

Together with the Serengeti of Tanzania, they form one of the most diverse, unbelievable and most remarkable ecosystems in the world today.

In Maa language the name Mara means mottled. The reserve is named after the red-cloaked Maasai people who live and graze their animals in the sanctuary.

The spectacular annual migration of wildlife is the icing of the cake. Here millions of wild beasts, zebras and Thompsons gazelles cross the Mara River.

Other animals found in Masai Mara are the cheetah, lion, and leopards. The time to visit is December through to February.

Though you are welcome any other time of the year since the weather is accommodating.

2. Amboseli National Park

The Amboseli National Park is in Kajiado County. It is another spectacular tourist attraction in Kenya.

The name Amboseli means salty dust in Masai language. To get the best view of a heard of elephants, Make plans to visit the Amboseli.

While in the park you will also get to see the lions cheetah gazelle, impala, eland waterbuck and more than 600 species of birds.

In this place, there is no room for boredom why? Because you get the rare chance to explore the five habitats.

From the Savanna, woodlands, sulfur springs and wetlands. Also, you meet and interact with your hosts the Maasai people who live within and around the park.

3. Tsavo National Park

Located near Voi in Taita Taveta county, Tsavo is Kenya’s most significant national park.

It’s divided into two parts, the Tsavo east and Tsavo west.

It is estimated to cover four per cent of Kenya’s total area.

The park has waterfalls, rivers, Volcanic hills, a massive lava flow Mudunda rock, Yatta Plateau and wildlife.

Examples of the wildlife you are likely to find in Tsavo are the elephant, hippos, crocodiles, and birds of prey.

4. Samburu, Buffalo Springs, and Shaba National reserves

The Samburu, Buffalo, Shaba Reserves are on the palm-lined banks of Ewaso Nyiro River.

The place is a parched region in the remote Northern part of Kenya.

It is at the Shaba Reserve that Joy and George Adamson raised Elsa the lioness, made famous in the Born Free movie.

Wildlife in the three Reserves depends on the water from the river for their livelihood.

Due to the dryness, most of the wildlife has adapted to stay for long periods without water.

Some of the animals that can adapt to dry conditions are Grevy’s Zebras, gerenuks, and Somali Ostriches.

It’s only in this place that you will get the rare view of the long-necked antelope that stands on two rear feet to reach up to the fresh shoot on top of the trees.

5. Lake Nakuru National Park

Located in Nakuru Town, the Nakuru National park makes it to the list of major tourist attractions in Kenya.

The most beautiful thing to see here is the millions of pink Flamingos that call Lake Nakuru home.

Also, there are more than 450 species of birds, making it an excellent place for bird watching.

Other wildlife that inhabits this place are lions leopards waterbucks, pythons and white Rhinos.

6. Lamu Island

The old town od Lamu is another tourist attraction found ib=n the coastlines of the Indian Ocean.

Lamu is Kenya’s oldest town packed with a rich history dating back to the 12th century.

The UNESCO World Heritage has sophisticated streets with buildings that show the trading history.

A mixture of the Arab, Europe, and Indian architectural features is evident, with a distinct Swahili technique.

A visit to Lamu feels like reliving the past. Donkeys are the mode of transport in this town and therefore seeing a vehicle is rare.

The main attractions are the Lamu Museum, Lamu Fort, The Donkey Sanctuary.

Also, you get to bask in the islands white sand beaches or sip the Arabic coffee in the local cafes.

7. Lake Naivasha

If you love bird watching, then Lake Naivasha is the place to visit. Known as a haven for birders Lake Naivasha is located at the highest point of the great rift valley.

The best means to view wildlife is by boat. Some of the over 400 bird species include the African fish Eagles.

Also, there are hippos, Zebra, buffalo, eland and colobus monkeys.

On the southerly side of the lake is Hells gate and Elsamere Conservation which was home to Late Joy Adamson Author od Born Free and her husband George.

The capital city of Kenya is, no doubt a spectacle in its self. Nairobi is renowned for its fascinating colonial history.

Before becoming the capital of Kenya, it was ones the capital of British East Africa.

While in Nairobi, you can visit the Nairobi National Museum to have a glimpse of Kenya’s rich history, culture, nature and contemporary art.

Also, you can visit the Karen Blixen Museum, which was home to the famous Danish author of the book Out of Africa.

As for wildlife, you will be welcome to visit the Nairobi National Park where you can see the black rhino sanctuary and many other wild animals.

9. Nairobi National Park and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

It is 15 minutes drive away from the Nairobi city centre you are bound to see a tired pride of lions or graceful giraffe strutting on the golden grass of the Nairobi National park.

If you are to visit Nairobi, then a tour of the wildlife-rich national park should be on your bucket list of things to do.

Some of the wildlife that calls this national park home are leopards, buffalo, zebras, hippos, elephant, cheetah and the world’s endangered species at the parks rhino sanctuary.

Also, the Nairobi safari walk gives you a rare chance to see the wild animals on foot.

While there why not take a peek at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and have a glimpse of the rehabilitated orphaned elephants.

And also the giraffe centre so you can have the opportunity to feed them with your bare hands.

10. Hell’s Gate National Park

The Hells gate national park is a climber’s hot spot. It is one of the parks that allows you to explore on foot or bicycle.

As a hiker, Hellgate offers you a fantastic opportunity to see the red cliffs of Hellgate Gorge, the two extinct volcanoes, obsidian caves and the sharp rock called Fischer’s Tower.

You also get to see hot springs, geysers producing steam from the earth.

With all these spectacular sights there is also wildlife like the ostrich, gazelles, hartebeest, and baboons. Additionally, it offers breeding grounds for the eagle and vultures.

The first Geothermal station is located at Hells gate national park too.

Visit the Oloor Karia Maasai Cultural Center to experience the rich Maasai culture. Hear them sing, dance and display their jewellery.

Final Thoughts on Major Tourist Attractions in Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful country. And, is blessed with unique natural resources.

Also, with the over 42 tribes that call Kenya home, you are bound to experience culture like never before.

What’s more, the Kenyan People are known all over the world as very friendly. So, feel welcome to wine dine and tour this beautiful country.

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Exploring the Wonders of Kenya: A Comprehensive Guide to the Country’s Main Tourist Attractions”

Points of tourist attractions in Kenya are unlimited and have plenty to offer both the locals and international travelers. Before, Kenyans did not have that much interest in exploring and wanting to learn more about the beautiful spots in the country. In part, this was due to the high costs associated with tourism and lack of knowledge. However, as the government continues to push brand Kenya and encourage both domestic and international tourism, the trend may be a thing of the past. Also, decentralization of governance has enabled tourists to learn more about the different treasures in the counties. Now, you do not have to worry about the costs as tourism in Kenya is relatively affordable; there is a package for everyone. For all of you who fancy visiting Kenya, stick around as we tell you about some tourism spots you should add to your bucket list.

main tourist attractions in kenya

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Main tourist attractions in Kenya

READ ALSO: Family holiday destinations in Kenya

Our pleasure is to acquaint you with the best places to visit in Kenya ahead of your planned travel Kenya. Whatever your location in the country, there is always enough in the environs for pleasure almost at no cost. Spare a moment or two and explore some of the features in your area that you take for granted; the waterfalls, serene landscape, hills, mountains, impressive gardens, and so much more.

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

Kenya destinations offer a diversity of impressive features making our country a global center of exploration. As a result, we have carefully compiled a list of 25 favorite Kenya tourism places that register high inflow of tourists all-round the year.

Top holiday destinations in Kenya

1.mount kenya.

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

History has it that the mountain named our sovereign country considering its enormous height and a magnificent view of the country. The mountain ranks second as the highest in Africa, after Mount Kilimanjaro which sits in Tanzania. Mount Kenya is among high rated global tourist attractions destinations for nature enthusiasts.

main tourist attractions in kenya

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Located in central Kenya, Mount Kenya is about one hundred and fifty kilometers away from Nairobi City. The site registers over ten thousand tourists annually. The mountain is highly protected to favor biodiversity and the tourism industry. The scene offers overwhelming beauty with the highest peak, Batian, about 5,199 meters high. Apart from the daring landscape and volcanic experiences, Mount Kenya harbors a rich habitat comprising of animals such as buffalos, rhinos, elephants, and Zebra among other exotic species. Mountaineering is another thrilling experience guaranteed the next time you visit Mt. Kenya, to mention the least.

2. Lake Victoria

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

Tour Kenya and get to view the dazzling Lake Victoria which lies at the verge of the Kenyan, Ugandan, and Tanzanian borders. The Rift Valley lake holds legacy as the largest tropical lake in the world feeding the Nile, globally recognized for its length, with sufficient waters. The great lake named after Queen Victoria has an impressive view giving its visitors a feel of nature Kenya.

main tourist attractions in kenya

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Visiting Lake Victoria is an experience worth the vacation or holiday. Firstly, the vast waters offer a meditative feeling accompanied by biodiversity. The lake is a natural habitat for most plants, birds, and animal species. The lake houses hundreds of fish species some of which are economically essential to the local community living across the waters.

Lake Victoria is a perfect destination if you are seeking to relax and gain further insights about the environment. While at Lake Victoria, you will pleasure visiting different islands, melodious birds, and interaction with the natural habitat. Some other crucial experiences include the Luo culture, ancient villages, and reckoned historical sites in Kenya that include rock art.

3. Hell’s Gate National Park

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

Geology and steam geysers are probably the center of fun at this famous park. Besides, the area has a fascinating habitat dominated by unique plant species and animals. While at Hell’s Gate, you will be sure to see the raptors, birds of prey. Moreover, the park has hot springs down the gorge. Alternatively, you can visit Loldia House to learn more about Hell’s Gate through a guided naturalist walk in the park.

main tourist attractions in kenya

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Hell’s Gate is named after a narrow passage meandering in the cliff that formerly supplied early inhabitants of the Rift Valley with water. The place is secured, assuring visitors a sense of safety while gaining sight of different natural features. The area is serene for tourists to enjoy involving activities such as rock climbing, exploring natural hot pools, and mountain biking. Similarly, the grassland and red cliff are habitats to over one hundred rare species of birds. Within the dam also is Olkaria Geothermal Plant, a leading power supplier in the country.

4. The Jambo Kenya Deluxe

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

So far, the rail connecting Nairobi and Mombasa offers excellent rail traveling experience. The train offers the 1950's feel of transport while entertaining those on board with comfort enough for such a historical journey. The overnight journey lets passengers enjoy three-course dining services and breakfast delicacies while catching sight of Kenya points of interest along the way.

main tourist attractions in kenya

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One thing I love about the journey is a first-hand view of normal Kenyan life while passing by the local communities. The tour also takes you through the heart of Tsavo National Park enabling you to gain a more unobstructed view of the wildlife therein. Making the ride to and from Mombasa give travelers coming from Nairobi an excellent opportunity to learn more about the country from the comfort of their cabins.

5. The Ruins of Gedi

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

The Ruins of Gedi comprise Kenya’s historical and cultural attraction point. In essence, the ruins formed after a fallen Swahili town which thrived in the early 13th Century phasing out at around the 17th century. There are several things to do in Malindi at the ruins of Gedi, given it sits right in the coastal region. Scientists proved the existence of the town about six decades ago indicating traces of ancient Muslim inhabitants who mainly engaged in global commercial activities in the city. Ruins of Gedi supported an approximate of 2,500 people, most of whom were merchants. Some of the scenery ruins include a mosque, a palace, and stone-constructed houses.

main tourist attractions in kenya

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The area dominantly features magnificent buttress root trees and baobab. The remains sufficiently bring out the technological capability that ancient settlers and traders attained. Interestingly, Gedi inhabitants had bathrooms and flush toilets for their use. They also exploited nearby coral reefs for construction materials and dug wells for water. It is hard to figure out how modernized people from the 17th century were until you visit the ruins of Gedi in its original village. In 1948, the ruins were secured as a national park exceedingly gaining status as a tourist attraction center. The site now supports guenon monkeys which commonly interact with tourists.

6. Haller Park

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

Blank of ideas on things to do in Mombasa? Visit Haller Park which is located along the coastline. The park was started by Dr. Rene Haller who had the idea of re-engineering the forest by introducing more millipedes. Haller Park is an excellent destination serving a meditative function for its rich biodiversity and a gentle breeze. Haller’s project took about ten years to yield significant results with humus reaching to a depth of about 10 cm.

main tourist attractions in kenya

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The park is preferred equally for its Vervet monkeys, beautiful insects, and colorful birds. Haller introduced animals such as oryx and eland to serve particular functions. Other animals present in the park include the hippos, zebras, cape buffaloes and giraffes.

Some of the common species of birds at Haller park include pelicans, weaver birds, and cranes. Visitors often find pleasure taking long walks across the forest while riding bicycles, gaining a view of the gardens, crocodile pens, butterfly houses, and reptiles.

7. Maasai Mara Game Safari

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

Maasai Mara has plentiful wildlife which moves freely to and from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. While on tour, you will have an excellent chance to explore nature in the savannah habitat. The safari guarantees an elephant view at waterholes, freely roaming giraffes, standing rhinos, crocodile, and hippos in water bodies, feeding hyenas, and restful lions. A herd of other wildlife including zebras, wildebeest, and antelopes arrive in the park from Tanzania’s dry grassland every year.

main tourist attractions in kenya

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Maasai Mara is superb considering a range of camps facilitated by culturally and environmentally conscious operators. Some of the best-rated camps which offer a good sighting and photography of animals are Governor's Camp and the IL Moran Camp.

Governors’ Camp is a favorite for family vacations considering its family-styled designs. Governors’ Private Camp is another choice for tourists conscious of privacy and comfort while on tour. Luxury comes with Moran Camp, an executive pick for high society tourists. Moran Camp grants you a chance to try the hot air balloon all day long. Fancy, huh!

From these camps, you will undoubtedly experience the open savanna habitats on a hot air balloon flight. The savanna-based airstrip is reckoned for fast transport and soft landing.

8. Amboseli National Park

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

Amboseli is another transcend national park highly protected against human encroachment. The park is categorically desirable for its closure when it comes to wildlife and exotic life. One thing about Amboseli is its excellent view of wild elephants, kudu, impala, buffalo, lions, giraffes, and zebras. Covering about forty thousand hectares, Amboseli is located at the border between Kenya and Tanzania. Important to note is that Amboseli houses more than four hundred distinct bird species that include pelicans, raptors, and kingfishers.

main tourist attractions in kenya

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Amboseli allows tourists to interact with the local Masai community and get to learn more about their culture and traditions. The latter is crucial given rich cultural practices embraced by the community. Far from Masai culture, you will get a peak-view of Mount Kilimanjaro located across the Tanzanian border. Apart from the free-standing mountain, Amboseli has unmatched woodlands, wetlands, and grasslands. There are several ways by which tourists maneuver through the park including walking safaris, horse-backs, and game drives. Luxury is not left behind given comfortable lodges, modern hotels, and resorts.

9. Lake Nakuru

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

Lake Nakuru is among the most executive places to visit in Nakuru, a dominant town located in the country. The lake is highly protected in the Lake Nakuru National Park sustaining its natural flavor in the Rift Valley. Lake Nakuru is famous for its flamingos , bright sceneries, and rhinos, among others.

main tourist attractions in kenya

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However small in size, Lake Nakuru is a modern tourist destination, mostly attractive for its cool climate and accessibility. Besides flamingos, visiting Lake Nakuru is desirable considering animal diversity including baboons, warthogs, rhinos, and hippos. “Nakuru” is a Masai name implying 'dusty'. Lake Nakuru guarantees delicacies and ample relaxation points.

10. Samburu, Shaba, and Buffalo Springs National Reserves

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

Samburu is an arid part of the country found at the northern part of Mt. Kenya. The Samburu trio national reserves include Shaba, Samburu, and Buffalo Springs, adjacently located eloping into one. The area has an extensive cover of grassland and bushland accommodating different species of African animals such as lions, giraffes, and lions. The rivers cutting through the park are home to hippos and crocodiles which roam freely in the vicinity.

The three-park trio contains over four hundred different species of birds including the Somali ostriches. Top in the list is Shaba Reserve with the excellent scenery of the reserve. The park reckons for its volcanic hill, woodland, and grasslands. The zebras regularly visit the park waterholes, a phenomenal experience carefully featured in sections of the movies such as Out of Africa and the film Born Free. The former concentration of the park earned it extreme popularity attracting both local and international tourists.

main tourist attractions in kenya

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Shaba is greener than any of the parks thus sees lesser giraffes all year round. The park dominates with Maasai lions, warthogs, kudu, oryx, and gazelles. The arid nature of Shaba makes it a perfect place to gain sight of ostriches and cheetahs.

11. Tsavo East National Park & Tsavo West National Park

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

Named after its river, Tsavo is arguably one of the oldest and largest parks in the country. The Nairobi-Mombasa railway split the park to Tsavo East and Tsavo West. Some of the tourist points within the park include Yatta plateau, famous as the most extended lava flow covering 290 kilometers of ground distance. Galana River also results in a series of water rapids called Lugard Falls.

12. Mombasa Marine National Park

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

Mombasa Marine National Park is protected highly among other coastal waters such as Indian Ocean territorial waters and the coastal mangroves. The park harbors varied coral reefs with abundance in wildlife covering about fifty thousand acres. From the park, tourists have a great chance to access leisurely experiences such as diving and snorkeling.

main tourist attractions in kenya

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13. Nairobi County

Nairobi County is a tourist hub for many tourists visiting the region. The city’s strategic location makes it a convenient center for tourists visiting Masai Mara and other secured places across the country. Nairobi National Park sits in the town alongside other fascinating gardens and forests. The city has plenty to offer given its urban experience, national museum, restaurants, and orphanages.

14. Giraffe Center

The center cares for varied Rothschild giraffes under a restocking program. The programs of breeding the giraffes serve to conserve and sustain the giraffe population. The sanctuary has registered exceeding success, emerging top among the trending tourist attraction sites in the country. Apart from giraffe species protection, the sanctuary offers educational programs and community outreach to create awareness of its prime agenda.

15. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

UNESCO successfully mans the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy as a world heritage site. Found in northern Kenya, Lewa covers about 62,000 acres of land and is home to a range of wildlife such as leopards, cheetah, zebra and over three hundred and fifty unique species of birds.

main tourist attractions in kenya

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16. Arabuko Sokoke National Park

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

Arabuko is a forested coastal protected area in the northern part of Mombasa. The park contains several endemic species in the category of mammals, plants, and birds. Visiting Arabuko offers tourists with a unique touch of nature, therefore it is a must visit location.

17. Lake Naivasha

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

Located in the northwest of Nairobi in Nakuru County, Lake Naivasha is a rich habitat for animals, plants, birds, and insects. Loldian house sits at the edge of the lake offering visitors with a worthwhile experience. Places to visit in Naivasha come in multiples and provide an endless touch of nature.

18. Bomas of Kenya

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

The site at Bomas is enjoyable, giving a fresh experience of the entire country. Bomas of Kenya is about 10 kilometers away from the Nairobi city center. One element that thrills most visitors is a glimpse of Kenyan cultures practiced by different tribes in this tourist village. Houses here are traditionally styled to showcase our national identity and practices.

main tourist attractions in kenya

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19. Diani Beach

Tourist attractions in Mombasa

The 10 km long beach is located about thirty kilometers south of Mombasa City, offering great waters for paddling. The vegetation dotted coast contains warm, shallow, and crystal-clear water, granting tourists with several things to do in Kenya coastline.

20. Lake Bogoria

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

The salt lake is attractive for its flamingos and vast waters that offer a soothing breeze. Visit the lake to experience hot springs, a high concentration of natural geysers.

21. Loldia House

Loldia house sits on a 6,500-acre land at Lake Naivasha and offers peaceful accommodation for vacation and holiday outings. The point has a guided excursion to let tourists explore the entirety of the area.

22. Mombasa and its islands

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

Mombasa is primarily identified with Swahili culture and offers the tourist a warm climate during winter. Fantastic beaches and islands have much to offer on your next visit.

main tourist attractions in kenya

15 most beautiful countries in Africa to visit in 2022

23. Hot air balloon rides at Maasai Mara

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

A hot air balloon ride over Masai Mara offers the tourist a unique view of the park. Besides, Governors Camp provides both comfort and fun.

24. Nairobi National Park

Main tourist attractions in Kenya

A visit to the Nairobi National Park is an experience you should claim in your next vacation for its abundance of animal, plant, insects, and bird species. The park also offers excellent hospitality services .

25. Thomson's Falls

Thomson’s falls are among the favorite waterfalls in Kenya found in Nyahururu. These falls are admirable for extended heights and meditative value.

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With this knowledge, you can begin planning for your next adventure.

  • Good news! Kenya emerges as 3rd most preferred tourist destination for RICH people globally
  • Domestic holiday packages in Kenya
  • Top 6 Places to Visit in Nairobi
  • List of travel agencies and tour companies in Kenya
  • 4 awesome places you must visit in Kenya before you die


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The Best in Kenya

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The Best 10 Tourist Attraction Sites in Kenya


Kenya is one of the most popular tourist destinations globally. The land carries beautiful natural sceneries full of wonders. The spirit of romance and adventure reveals itself from the coastal to the western region. But which are the best tourist attraction sites for domestic and international tourists?

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Tourist Attraction Sites in Kenya

1. maasai mara.

Maasai Mara is a cultural tourist attraction site in Kenya. It beholds the Maasai community’s beauty through their dressing and living mode.

Get a chance to see the traditional housing and eat the delicious Maasai goat meat.

The most popular tourist destination also hosts the annual wildebeest migration. Tourists flood the place from July to September to testify to this amusing event.

2. Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya

For mountain climbing enthusiasts, this is your world. The Batian, Nelion, and Lenana peaks allow you a full mountain climbing experience. As you enjoy the experience, you also have a view of glaciers, lakes, and mineral springs.

Another place to visit in Mt. Kenya is the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club. The luxurious environment allows you to play golf and tennis and do trout fishing.

3. Lamu Island

This is one of the best places to visit in Kenya. The Lamu old town brings out the historical nature of Kenya.

It is the oldest inhabited settlement in Kenya. It shows the beauty of Arabian, Indian and European architecture in its buildings.

The Lamu Museum is a place of refreshment. The Swahili culture is evident at this attraction site. After having an experience with the historical features, you can jump into one of the beaches and sunbathe in the natural white sand.

4. Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru is one of Kenya’s most beautiful tourist attractions, yet full of mysteries. The pink flamingos in the lake make the place charming. Your eyes remain glued on the alluring Rift valley soda lake.

L. Nakuru hosts the largest euphorbia candelabrum forest in Africa. The tall, good-looking trees give a cool breeze as you enjoy the serenity of the lake. The experience is just a lifetime memory.

5. Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha

If you enjoy watching birds fly, land and feed, this is an exciting place for you and your family.

 You can visit the Hell’s Gate in the southern part of Lake Naivasha. In this attractive place, have an exciting climbing experience on the red cliffs and the two unique volcanoes.

6.  Nairobi National Museum

The National Museum is one of the best places to visit in Nairobi. The educational center on Kenya’s history is a good stopover when you pop into Nairobi. More than 900 cultural and natural history exhibits are found here.

You can’t afford to miss visiting the snake park located inside the museum. All kinds of popular reptiles are hosted here. The place exhibits the beauty of snakes and crocodiles.

7. Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus is a special trademark of Mombasa city. The 16th-century feature is a dwelling place for souvenir shops, ancient Swahili, and traditional markets.

It is one of the charming features in Mombasa Old Town. It is listed as one of the UNESCO historical heritage centres.

From Fort Jesus, one can see any ship approaching from the Indian Ocean. The feature also tells more about the number of slaves who lost their lives through torture, hunger, and disease as they waited for transportation.

8. Kit-Mikayi

Kit-Mikayi is also one of the best places to visit while in Kenya. The ancient rocks glam the environment with wonder. If you love geography, it is a good place to learn about the formation of rocks.

The structural nature of the stone reflects the cultural polygamous family of the Luo community. Its arrangement is also evidence of the nuclear family of the Luos. The feature is 120m in height.

9. Chaka Ranch

Chaka Ranch

Chaka Ranch has the widest and largest collection of bikes and buggies in Kenya. The place is easily accessible from Nairobi as it is only a two-hour drive.

10. Bomas of Kenya

The cultural attraction site in Kenya brings together all the tribes across every county. Bomas of Kenya offers you a chance to learn how different tribes in Kenya dress, sing, and dance.

The style of housing portrayed by the facility gives testimony to the different housing methods of Kenyan communities. It is a great place to learn about the culture of each tribe in Kenya.

Kenya has a lot to offer as one of the best tourist destinations in Africa. It leaves millions of tourists yearning to come back again and again. Don’t be left behind for lifetime memories.  



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main tourist attractions in kenya

Luxury Safaris

  • Active Adventure
  • Mountaineering
  • Beach Getaways
  • Gorilla Trekking

Guide to Major Tourist attractions in Kenya

main tourist attractions in kenya

Kenya is scenery that moves the soul, from endless savannah to palm-fringed Indian coastline beaded with dreamy white beaches, majestic snow-capped mountains, to vast lakes formed by the Great Rift Valley. All this defines part of the major tourist attractions in Kenya.

It is a land where ancient rustic ways of life gel delicately with a booming modern economy. The tribal cultures of the Maasai, Swahili and Turkana peoples beautifully speak to the birth of a continent. Kenya pioneered conservation with tourism to sustainably preserve endangered species, including the black rhino.

Kenya is the epicentre of the annual Great Migration, one of nature’s most stirring spectacles. It is safari sunsets and paradise beaches, historic cities and colourful villages. Kenya is where you come to answer the call of the wild.

On your way in or out of Kenya, experience the exciting urban subcultural scene in Nairobi composed of colourfully pimped commuter taxis called matatus . Create timeless memories by attending creative arts festivals, raiding craft markets or exploring the nightlife in the Kenyan capital and other major tourist attractions in Kenya.

Major Tourist attractions in Kenya

main tourist attractions in kenya

Wildlife Safari drives

Wildlife Safari drives through the Masaai Mara and other parks. Game drives are the gold standard of watching the big game at the peak of the Great Migration.

main tourist attractions in kenya

Classic Safari Experiences

Kenya is the king of classic safari experiences unique only to Kenya. Marvel at the beauty of guided game drives through Nairobi national part located minutes from the hub of the Kenyan capital.

main tourist attractions in kenya

Mountain Hikes

Hike up the Mountain trails of iconic ranges and bike around the slopes of volcanic mountains.

main tourist attractions in kenya

Community Excursions

Immerse in authentic Maasai and Kikuyu community excursions to experience the true rustic life without civilisation’s contamination, including homestays. Contribute to the conservation of tour sites

Beach Gateaways

Beach Holidays

Beach holidays in the Marine towns Mombasa, Lamu and Malindi are lined with five-star resorts along sunny white sand beaches at Diani

Luxury Safaris Horse Ride

Luxury Safaris, Rhino conservancies, lion conservancies, the giraffe centre, the elephant orphanage, chimpanzee sanctuary and other conservation initiatives offer tourists a chance to feed animals and even touch them. Retire to rest at top tier resorts and lodging

Best time to visit

Any month of the year is good for a Kenya safari holiday, as spectacular wildlife viewing at major tourist attractions in Kenya is available at all times. While Kenya doesn’t have a defined summer or winter due to its proximity to the equator, it has a wet and dry season, which might impact activities.

Kenya’s dry season runs from June to October, and the climate is relatively cooler then; 23°C/73°F at higher altitudes, such as the Masai Mara, and 28°C/82°F at lower altitudes, such as the coastal areas.

The dry season is the best time for wildlife viewing in Kenya, with the wildebeest normally arriving in the Maasai Mara from late July and remaining until October. Many popular parks and other major tourist attractions in Kenya are crowded during this period, as the bushes are less dense, enhancing visibility and accessibility. The weather is also more pleasant. Expect clear, sunny skies, chilly mornings and lower levels of humidity. It’s advisable to pack some warm clothing.

The wet season in Kenya normally runs from November to May. Daytime temperatures range typically between 24°C/75°F and 27°C/81°F, but at lower altitudes, they hover around 30°C/86°F.

The humidity can be intense between December and April, especially on the coast. Higher altitude destinations might necessitate the wearing of warm clothing. Some parks and accommodations close up during the heavier rains.

Not all is gloom and doom around this time; the landscape is much greener and more attractive, there are many migratory bird species around, and one gets to see plenty of cute newborn animals. It’s also worth noting that accommodation rates and flights are noticeably lower at most major tourist attractions in Kenya.

The Premium Plan

Choice of accommodation: gorilla safari lodge.

main tourist attractions in kenya

Gorilla Safari Lodge is a private and secluded upmarket lodge with spectacular views of the Bwindi rainforest and located close to the Gorilla Trekking starting point. The lodge consists of spacious chalets, the main lodge area with a restaurant, and a bar overlooking the Bwindi rainforest and a gift shop. It also has free WIFI available at the main lodge area.

Room description:

These are chalets, each consisting of a spacious room, a private terrace, and en-suite bathroom. They are beautifully decorated and nicely lit with great views of the Bwindi rainforest. Each room is fitted with large comfortable beds, plush linen, mosquito net wrapping around the bed, lounge furniture, and a fireplace. The bathrooms have flush toilets and showers with hot and cold running water.

Meals are all included; 2 breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners. The restaurant offers 3-course meals of local and international specialties.

Spacious and nicely-decorated rooms

Great location

Spectacular views of Bwindi rainforest

Elaborate meals and variety of choices

Spacious restaurant

No WIFI in the rooms

What is the price?

Prices are based on double room occupancy. You can upgrade to a single room for $106 per person.

Available Extensions to your 3 days Gorilla Trekking Safari to Bwindi

  • One night extension to Ishasha for a safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park - $510 per person
  • Two nights extension to Ishasha for a safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park - $965 per person
  • One night extension to Lake Bunyonyi including canoeing excursion - $239 per person
  • Two nights extension to Lake Bunyonyi including canoe trekking - $418 per person
  • One night extension to Lake Mburo National Park for safari - $415 per person
  • Two nights extension to Lake Mburo National Park for safari - $799 per person
  • Two nights extension to Lake Mburo National Park for safari including a 4-hour Horseback Safari and Bush Breakfast - $934 per person
  • One day extension of the Gorilla Trekking Safari including 1 Gorilla permit - $1,066 per person

The Medium Plan

Choice of accommodation: rushaga gorilla camp.

main tourist attractions in kenya

Rushaga Gorilla Camp is a mid-range mountain lodge located in the south-eastern part of the park near one of the four gorilla trekking starting points known as Rushaga. The lodge has excellent panoramic views of the Bwindi forest and is a 5 minutes' walk to the gorilla trekking starting point. It also has a restaurant that offers a full English breakfast, an a la carte lunch menu, and a choice of 3 set meals for dinner. You can also access free WIFI at the main lounge and restaurant area of the lodge.

These are spacious cottages with large comfortable beds and linen, lounge furniture, and a private terrace looking towards the Bwindi rainforest. All rooms have a spacious private bathroom with flush toilets, solar-powered hot showers, a sink, and a dressing countertop and mirror.

Your stay includes two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners. The meals are all made from western or intercontinental cuisine.

Relatively good price

Spacious rooms

Views of the Bwindi rainforest

Not nicely decorated

The linen is comfortable but not plush

Limited food items at the restaurant

Prices are based on double room occupancy. You can upgrade to a single room for $146 per person.

  • One night extension to Ishasha for a safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park - $290 per person
  • Two nights extension to Ishasha for a safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park - $527 per person
  • One night extension to Lake Mburo National Park for safari - $279 per person
  • Two nights extension to Lake Mburo National Park for safari - $527 per person
  • One day extension of the Gorilla Trekking Safari including 1 Gorilla permit - $913 per person

The Basic Plan

Choice of accommodation:  gorilla valley lodge.

main tourist attractions in kenya

Gorilla Valley Lodge is a small, low-budget lodge located in the south-eastern part of the park near one of the four gorilla trekking starting points known as Rushaga. The lodge has a small restaurant that offers a basic continental breakfast and a few options of international cuisine for lunch and dinner.

Room Description

These are clean and modestly furnished brick and motor rooms consisting of a comfortable bed, linen, towels, and en-suite bathrooms. The bathrooms have solar-powered hot water showers and flush toilets. The rooms also have lighting, power plugs, and mosquito nets over the beds.

Only breakfast and dinner are included in the basic plan. You can order lunch daily at the restaurant.

Affordable and comfortable rooms

Good location

Basic facilities

Small rooms

Limited meal options

Limited views

No internet access

If there are no rooms available at the time of your booking. We will provide a suitable replacement.

Prices are based on double room occupancy. You can upgrade to a single room for $89 per person .

  • One night extension to Ishasha for a safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park - $234 per person
  • Two nights extension to Ishasha for a safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park - $415 per person
  • One night extension to Lake Bunyonyi including canoeing excursion - $169 per person
  • Two nights extension to Lake Bunyonyi including canoe trekking - $278 per person
  • One night extension to Lake Mburo National Park for safari - $212 per person
  • Two nights extension to Lake Mburo National Park for safari - $392 per person

Choice of Accommodation: Paraa Safari Lodge

main tourist attractions in kenya

Paraa Safari Lodge is an upmarket lodge with the refinements of a 3-star hotel, located in the center of the park looking over the Nile river. Facilities include spacious rooms, a restaurant, a bar, a pool with a bar, and a gift shop.

Paraa safari lodge boasts the best location in the park and offers the conveniences of being so close to the jetty for your boat safari on the Nile river, and close to the game viewing areas of the park. No lodge offers more conveniences for your 3 Days Murchison Falls Safari than Paraa Safari Lodge.

The rooms are nicely lit, decorated with plush linen, and towels. All rooms have a private bathroom with hot showers and a hairdryer. The rooms have a coffee bar, a reading table, refrigerator, complimentary bottled water, and a private balcony.

Meals are all included; two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners. The restaurant offers three-course meals of local and international specialties.

Spacious and comfortable rooms

WIFI available in all rooms

Great location for game drives and boat safari

The standard rooms have a ceiling fan, but no air-conditioning. You can upgrade to a deluxe room for $35 per person per room.

Note: If there are no rooms available at the time of your booking, we will recommend a suitable replacement.

Choice of Accommodation: Pakuba Safari Lodge

main tourist attractions in kenya

Pakuba Safari Lodge is a mid-range lodge, located on the northern side of the park facing the Albert Nile. The facilities include a restaurant, terraced room blocks and a swimming pool.

The lodge is in an excellent location for game drives and with nicely furnished rooms, offering you better value for your money compared to other mid-range accommodations, making Pakuba the ideal lodge for your 3 Days Murchison Falls Safari.

All rooms have a private bathroom with solar-powered hot showers, a reading table, a closet, and a private terrace. The rooms are all air-conditioned.

This plan is inclusive of all meals. The price includes two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners during your stay. The meals are all made from western or intercontinental cuisine.

Reasonably priced.

Excellent location for game drives

Comfortable rooms with air-conditioning

WIFI at the main lobby and at the restaurant

The lodge is a 45 mins drive from the Paraa jetty, where the boat safari begins and ends.

Rooms lack a coffee or tea bar and Hair dryer.

Choice of Accommodation: Red Chili Rest Camp

main tourist attractions in kenya

Red Chilli Rest Camp is a low-budget camp located in the center of the park on the southern side of the Nile, only 500 meters from the ferry crossing point. You stay in brick and motor, African thatched houses locally known as bandas.

The camp also has a restaurant that offers an a la carte breakfast and lunch menu, and a choice of 3 set meals for dinner. The combination of a great location and a right level of comfort makes Red Chilli Rest Camp the ideal budget accommodation for your 3 Days Murchison Falls Safari.

The bandas all include a double bed or two twin beds with linen and a mosquito net. A few bandas have private bathrooms, but most uses shared bathrooms. All the bandas have lighting, power plugs, and a fan. There’s a limited number of Ensuite bandas. The camp has shared toilets and bathroom stalls with hot water available.

The basic plan includes breakfast. You can buy lunch and dinner every day at the restaurant.

It’s inexpensive and safe.

Even though Red Chilli Rest Camp’s location is better than other budget accommodations, it’s not the best for game viewing. It takes about 30 minutes, including crossing the Nile on a ferry to get to the wildlife. The ferry has set crossing times, and these can limit the amount of time you spend viewing the animals. All the other low-budget camps have the same challenge. None is close to the wildlife.

Electricity is only available at set times of the day, except lights are always on. The set times are from 7 am to 9 am, 11 am to 2 pm, and 5 pm to 10 pm. Outside these hours, guests charge appliances such as phones and camera batteries at the restaurant.

Price Scale

Prices are based on double room occupancy. You can upgrade to a single room for $89 per person.

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No need to travel abroad as Kenya launches new initiatives to attract tourists

The Kenyan government has launched a groundbreaking initiative known as the "West Africa Roadshow", which aims to promote the richness and diversity of the country's travel destinations following a significant change in its visa policy .

No need to travel abroad as Kenya launches new initiatives to attract tourists

  • The Kenyan government has launched the "West Africa Roadshow" to promote the richness and diversity of the country's travel destinations.
  • The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) revealed that its target is boosting tourist arrivals from West Africa by promoting business and leisure travel.
  • KTB and Kenya Airways are leading over 15 travel trade companies for in-market activations scheduled for Feb. 5-9 in various cities of Nigeria and Ghana.

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As part of this visionary endeavour, the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), the country's marketing agency, revealed that its target is boosting tourist arrivals from West Africa by promoting business and leisure travel.

Acting KTB Chief Executive Officer John Chirchir emphasised the significance of this "West Africa Roadshow" program during a meeting marking the beginning of a series of roadshows in Nigeria and Ghana.

Chirchir highlighted the integral role of the West African market in the strategy to attract tourists, with Nigeria (6%) and Ghana (48%) showing the biggest improvements among Kenya's potential markets in tourist arrivals in 2023.

With ambitious aspirations, KTB and Kenya Airways are leading over 15 travel trade companies for in-market activations scheduled for Feb. 5-9 in various cities of Nigeria and Ghana, expecting to attract over 400 trade partners.

Chirchir also expressed optimism that the Kenyan traders would engage in business meetings and direct interactions with potential travellers from Lagos, Abuja and Accra.

He noted that regular flights between African cities , ease in travel restrictions, and the Electronic Travel Authorization will make it easier for visitors to access Kenya.

Speaking passionately during the meeting, Consaga Khisa, chairperson of the West Africa Roadshow, underscored the rationale behind prioritising domestic travel and the importance of partnerships between KTB and the private sector in improving tourism arrivals in Kenya.

"The roadshows will provide an opportunity for the Kenyan trade to engage with about 400 West African travel agents and tour operators, showcase products and service offerings, and forge new partnerships to drive growth," Khisa said.

Reports from Kenya's Tourism Research Institute showed that arrivals from Africa accounted for 651,152 visitors, or 40.7 per cent, of total arrivals from January to October 2023. In the competitive landscape of African tourism, neighbouring countries like Rwanda, Benin, The Gambia, and Seychelles have eliminated all visa requirements for African travellers to attract visitors.


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10 African countries with the highest population at the start of 2024

10 African countries with the highest population at the start of 2024

TECNO's AFCON Viewing Party

Goal by goal: TECNO's spectacular AFCON semi-final bash sets Ojo square ablaze

Nairobi, Kenya - A gateway to East Africa, and a hub for business and innovation.

48% of Kenyans are feeling financially stressed, new Old Mutual Group survey finds

Malawi lifts visa restrictions for 79 countries to boost tourism.

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Iceland volcano at it again with a third eruption in as many months

Updated on: February 8, 2024 / 4:54 AM EST / AP

Grindavik, Iceland  — A volcano in southwest Iceland erupted for the third time since December on Thursday, sending jets of lava into the sky and triggering the evacuation of the Blue Lagoon spa, one of the island nation's biggest tourist attractions. The eruption began at about 1 a.m. Eastern time along a nearly two-mile fissure northeast of Mount Sundhnukur, the Icelandic Meteorological Office said.

The event is taking place about 2½ miles northeast of Grindavik, a coastal town of 3,800 people that was evacuated before a previous eruption on Dec. 18 .

The Icelandic Meteorological Office said lava was flowing to the west and there was no immediate threat to Grindavik or to a major power plant in the area. Civil defense officials said no one was believed to be in the town at the time of the eruption, Icelandic national broadcaster RUV reported.

A volcano erupts on Reykjanes Peninsula

"They weren't meant to be, and we don't know about any," Víðir Reynisson, the head of Iceland's Civil Defense, told Icelandic national broadcaster RUV.

The nearby Blue Lagoon thermal spa was closed when the eruption began and all the guests were safely evacuated, RUV said.

The Icelandic Met Office warned earlier this week of a possible eruption after monitoring a buildup of subsurface magma for the past three weeks. The amount of magma or semi-molten rock that had accumulated was similar to the amount released during an eruption in January .

Iceland Volcano

Hundreds of small earthquakes had been measured in the area since last Friday, capped by a burst of intense seismic activity about a half-hour before the latest eruption began.

Dramatic video from Iceland's coast guard shows fountains of lava soaring more than 165 feet into the darkened skies. A plume of vapor rose about 1½ miles above the volcano.

This is the third eruption since December of a volcanic system on the Reykjanes Peninsula, which is home to Keflavik, Iceland's main airport. There was no disruption reported to the airport on Thursday.

Iceland, which sits above a volcanic hot spot in the North Atlantic, averages an eruption every four to five years. The most disruptive in recent times was the 2010 eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano , which spewed huge clouds of ash into the atmosphere and led to widespread airspace closures over Europe.

Grindavik, about 30 miles southwest of Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, was evacuated in November when the Svartsengi volcanic system awakened after almost 800 years with a series of earthquakes that opened large cracks in the earth between the town and Sylingarfell, a small mountain to the north.

The volcano eventually erupted on Dec. 18, sending lava flowing away from Grindavik. A second eruption that began on Jan. 14 sent lava towards the town. Defensive walls that had been bolstered since the first eruption stopped some of the flow, but several buildings were consumed by the semi-molten flow.

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King Charles seen going to church for first time since cancer diagnosis

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Dozens of Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes in Rafah


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    1. Maasai Mara National Reserve 2. Amboseli National Reserve 3. Tsavo National Park 4. Samburu, Buffalo Springs, and Shaba National Reserves 5. Lake Nakuru National Park 6. Lamu Island 7. Lake Naivasha 8. Nairobi 9. Nairobi National Park 10. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Nursery

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    Meera Dattani Matt Phillips Nov 23, 2023 • 8 min read Here's how to experience the best of Kenya's vibrant culture and incredible wildlife © Ayzenstayn / Getty Images Despite having a coastline of beautiful beaches perfect for lazing on, visitors to Kenya rarely sit still - the country simply has too many exciting things to do.

  7. Best Things to Do in Kenya

    Visit the Nairobi National Museum and the Nairobi Gallery to learn more about the city's thriving history, art, and culture.

  8. 20 best things to do in Kenya

    Soak up sea, sun & sand at Diani: Diani is a beach experience known for its white sand, blue waters and plus restaurants. Kenya Tourism Board Soak up sea, sun & sand at Diani: Diani beach has...

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  10. 40 Places to Visit in Kenya, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

    Tourist places in Nairobi that are worth visiting are National Museum, Railway Museum, Giraffe Centre, Karen Blixen, Karura Forest, David Sheldrick Trust Elephant Orphan Centre, Ngong Hills, Blue Sky Tours in Diamond Plaza, Nairobi Arboretum, Panari Sky Centre, Bomas of Kenya, Uhuru Garden, GP Karting, Village Market, Mamba Village, Paintball Fu...

  11. Things to Do in Kenya

    Lake Nakuru Tours Snorkel the Coral Gardens of Watamu

  12. Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Kenya (With Photos)

    10. Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs National Reserves. Located in northeastern Kenya, the Samburu, Shaba, and Buffalo Springs National Reserves are three wildlife-rich parks that border one another. They are home to a wide range of animals such as leopards, elephants, zebras, and giraffes. A large population of birds has also been reported ...

  13. 25+ Top-Rated tourist attractions in Kenya You Must See

    1. Maasai Mara National Park. The Mara or Maasai Mara as it's commonly referred to, is the leading tourist attraction in Kenya. It has put Kenya on the map as a must-visit safari destination in Africa. The park located in Narok County borders Tanzania Serengeti to the south.. Throughout the year wildebeest and many other animals migrate to and from Mara in search of greener pastures.

  14. 15 Best Places to Visit in Kenya

    1. Nairobi City 2. Nairobi National Park 3. Aberdares National Park 4. Amboseli National Park 5. Naivasha 6. Nakuru City 7. Masai Mara (One of the Best Places to Visit in Kenya for Safari) 8. Kisumu City 9. Mombasa City 10. Diani Beach 11. Malindi 12. Lamu (One of the Best Places to Visit in Kenya for History) 13. Meru 14. Mount Kenya 15.

  15. Places to Visit in Kenya

    Places to Visit in Kenya Explore popular experiences See what other travellers like to do, based on ratings and number of bookings. Day Trips (430) Bus Tours (1,444) Extreme Sports (1,554) Private Sightseeing Tours (1,502) Multi-day Tours (1,508) Rail Tours (19) Full-day Tours (402) Half-day Tours (337) City Tours (73) 4WD Tours (1,457)

  16. Top 10 tourist attractions in Kenya

    Hell's Gate National Park is undoubtedly one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Kenya. Once a tributary of a prehistoric lake that fed early humans in the Rift Valley, Hell's Gate National Park is a tiny park named after a narrow break in the cliffs. Regarded as one of Kenya's hidden gems, Hell's Gate National Park is known for its ...

  17. 12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Nairobi

    1. Nairobi National Park 2. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 3. Giraffe Centre 4. Karura Forest Reserve 5. Karen Blixen Museum 6. Nairobi National Museum 7. Bomas of Kenya 8. Kazuri Beads Factory Tour 9. Kenyatta International Conference Centre 10. Ngong Hills 11. Railway Museum 12. National Archives

  18. THE 10 BEST Things to Do in Kenya

    Top Things to Do in Kenya - Kenya Attractions Things to Do in Kenya Explore popular experiences See what other travellers like to do, based on ratings and number of bookings. Day Trips (432) Bus Tours (1,461) Extreme Sports (1,567) Private Sightseeing Tours (1,517) Multi-day Tours (1,526) Rail Tours (19) Full-day Tours (406) Half-day Tours (339)

  19. Tourist Attractions in Kenya

    The key tourist attractions in Nairobi are the Nairobi National Park, the Karen Blixen Museum, The Giraffe Center, The Bomas of Kenya and the Nairobi National Museum. The Nairobi National Museum is where you can stop to learn about the history and culture of the people of Kenya. The Karen Blixen Museum was the home of the renowned Danish ...

  20. 10 Major Tourist Attractions in Kenya

    6. Lamu Island. The old town od Lamu is another tourist attraction found ib=n the coastlines of the Indian Ocean. Lamu is Kenya's oldest town packed with a rich history dating back to the 12th century. The UNESCO World Heritage has sophisticated streets with buildings that show the trading history.

  21. "Unveiling Kenya's Beauty: A Detailed Guide to the Main Tourist Sites"

    Facts and lifehacks Exploring the Wonders of Kenya: A Comprehensive Guide to the Country's Main Tourist Attractions" Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at 8:49 AM by Jackline Wangare Points of tourist attractions in Kenya are unlimited and have plenty to offer both the locals and international travelers.

  22. The Best 10 Tourist Attraction Sites in Kenya

    Mt. Kenya Safari Halt Hotel. Bomas of Kenya. Kenya's tribal music, culture, crafts & arts. Weston Hotel. Nairobi Tamarind Tree Hotel Royal Tulip Canaan Nairobi. List of Tourist Attraction Sites in Kenya. 1. Maasai Mara. Maasai Mara is a cultural tourist attraction site in Kenya.

  23. Guide to Major Tourist attractions in Kenya

    All this defines part of the major tourist attractions in Kenya. It is a land where ancient rustic ways of life gel delicately with a booming modern economy. The tribal cultures of the Maasai, Swahili and Turkana peoples beautifully speak to the birth of a continent. Kenya pioneered conservation with tourism to sustainably preserve endangered ...

  24. No need to travel abroad! Kenya launches new initiatives to attract

    Reports from Kenya's Tourism Research Institute showed that arrivals from Africa accounted for 651,152 visitors, or 40.7 per cent, of total arrivals from January to October 2023. In the competitive landscape of African tourism, neighbouring countries like Rwanda, Benin, The Gambia, and Seychelles have eliminated all visa requirements for ...

  25. Iceland volcano at it again with a third eruption in as many months

    Eruption from Iceland volcano could last for months 01:37. Iceland, which sits above a volcanic hot spot in the North Atlantic, averages an eruption every four to five years.