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  1. Breakdown Cover with car hire

    If you need repairs when you break down, Onward Travel will help keep you on the move. Find out more about your options. x. The AA FREE - In Google Play! ... If you're new to the AA, you can add Onward Travel to your cover when you buy online. To add to your existing AA cover, call us on 0343 316 4444 to get a quote and update your ...

  2. Understand how our breakdown cover works

    Our breakdown cover gives you peace of mind that you'll be able to get help if you break down. Your roadside assistance will always include: 24/7 cover for breakdowns over 1/4 mile from home. a tow to a nearby garage if we can't fix your vehicle at the roadside. unlimited call-outs.

  3. What is Proof of Onward Travel? [What to Do & NOT Do + My Horror Story]

    Option 1: Buy a return or onward ticket in advance. Sorry Spontaneous Sally, but the best way to make sure you don't run into trouble is to simply have your onward travel sorted. And beyond just booking it, make sure you have solid PROOF too. A paper copy of a bus, train or plane ticket would probably be easiest to have and show off, but make ...

  4. Family Breakdown Cover

    The AA is the largest UK breakdown provider, with over 2,700 patrols compared to around 1,750 patrols for the second-largest provider in the UK. Source: AA Annual Report 2023 (2,700 patrols) and RAC Class A Prospectus 2023 (1,750 patrols). ... Our family cover applies to any vehicle you or your family travel in, whether as passengers or drivers ...

  5. Onward Travel Breakdown Cover

    Onward Travel is usually an add-on for your breakdown cover. It helps you stay mobile if your vehicle needs a repair in a garage after a breakdown. Onward Travel is available to buy as an add-on with all our cover levels. When upgrading, we'll provide you with a hire car for up to 3 days (age and licence restrictions apply).

  6. American Airlines

    Earn 50,000 bonus miles. Plus, first checked bag is free on domestic American Airlines itineraries. Terms apply. Book low fares to destinations around the world and find the latest deals on airline tickets, hotels, car rentals and vacations at As an AAdantage member you earn miles on every trip and everyday spend.

  7. Onward Travel Solutions

    Since launching Onward Travel Solutions in 2006, our mission has always been to provide UK airport transfers and exceptional service at affordable prices. Our ongoing investment in people, technology, innovation and automation has allowed us to seamlessly and efficiently connect travellers and transfer companies; all backed up by fantastic 24/7 ...

  8. How To Provide Proof Of Onward Travel (For One-Way Flights)

    3: Book With Your Airline Miles. If you are a travel-hacking whiz and have accumulated a ton of points or miles on your travel rewards credit cards, you can use those points to book a one-way return flight and then cancel it later. Most of the time you'll find that your points or miles are refunded right away, making it a no-brainer.

  9. How to Provide Proof of Onward Travel: 9 Options

    Buying a ticket and canceling it is a perfectly legal and free way to provide proof of onward travel. The ticket you have to show the airline and immigration officer is valid and paid for, even though you plan to cancel it. You don't have to lie to anyone. Buying and canceling the ticket doesn't break any rules.

  10. American Airlines

    A world of possibilities is within your reach. Back to Home | Book flight | Flight status.

  11. Onward Travel Breakdown Cover

    Onward travel cover can be used if your broken-down car has to be taken to a garage and the repairs will take some time. If your car can't be fixed on the same day, your provider will offer you the option of using your onward travel cover. You'll have the choice of continuing your journey using a hire car or alternative transport.

  12. Breakdown cover guide

    With Onward Travel, you'll get extra support so you can finish your journey. Your breakdown provider will help arrange a hire car for a few days, or a train or bus if you'd rather take public transport. ... 3 AA Staff list, January 2019, actual figure is 2,974. 4 All AA Attended Breakdowns, January 2018 - December 2018 (Relay Specific) ...

  13. Proof of Onward Travel

    Proof of onward travel is a legal requirement in some countries and it's the responsibility of the airline flying you into said country to check you have onward travel arrangements. You can also be asked for proof of onward travel by the immigration officers at your destination airport. Without proof of onward travel you could be stuck in the ...

  14. Booking AA Award travel on Etihad / EY (master thread July 2017 onwards

    Booking AA Award travel on Etihad / EY - [2015-17 ARCHIVE] NOTE: From AUH to the USA you will receive full USCBP Pre-Clearance in Abu Dhabi and will arrive in the USA as a domestic flight. However, AA and at least some other airlines (AS) will still demand International to Domestic MCT be met for ticketing purposes.

  15. Checked bag policy − Travel information − American Airlines

    Travel within / between the U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands - 1st checked bag fee is $40 ($35 if you pay online) and the 2nd checked bag fee is $45. Travel to / from Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and Guyana - 1st checked bag fee is $35 and the 2nd checked bag fee is $45. All bag fees are non-refundable and apply per ...

  16. American Airlines Vacations

    When you book with American Airlines Vacations you can take advantage of flexibility and unparalleled benefits among vacation providers, such as: 100% bulk air. 24-hour hold, exclusive for travel agents. Low deposit option, another travel agent exclusive. Exclusively for AAdvantage members.

  17. Compare AA vs Green Flag Breakdown Cover

    Onwards Travel - if your vehicle needs repairs that stop your journey, ... The AA has been rated the best major breakdown service provider for 2 years according to the Brand and Market Tracker study 6 and a recent report showed consumers rated the AA as the most trusted and recommended brand out of the ones included in the survey. 7.

  18. Nakhabino Map

    map to travel: Nakhabino. Notable Places in the Area. Nakhabino. Railway station Photo: Wikimedia, CC BY 4.0. Nakhabino is a railway station of Line D2 of the Moscow Central Diameters in Moscow Oblast.

  19. Nakhabino

    46744000056. Website. www .nahabino-adm .ru. Nakhabino ( Russian: Нахабино) is an urban locality (a work settlement) in Krasnogorsky District in Moscow Oblast, Russia. It is the largest settlement in Russia which does not have city or town status. Population: 36,456 ( 2010 Census); [2] 28,217 ( 2002 Census); [6] 18,958 ( 1989 Census).

  20. Travel deals and offers − Plan travel − American Airlines

    Travel deals and offers Vacation packages. Plan your getaway. Earn miles and save on vacation packages. Book now Opens another site in a new window that may not meet accessibility guidelines. A more rewarding vacation. Redeem miles for your next vacation package. Book now ...

  21. Krasnogorsk

    Krasnogorsk. Krasnogorsk is a small city in West Moscow Oblast best known for its 18 hole golf course, the Moscow Country Club Resort, where Moscow's finest come to play. But even with out the allure of 18 holes, the city is worth a visit for its two large classical estates, one of which (Arkhangelskoye) is one of the finest in Moscow Oblast .

  22. National recovery

    Get nationwide breakdown recovery when you add National Recovery to your AA roadside cover. Call us on 0343 316 4444 to find out more. x. The AA FREE - In Google Play! ... Onward Travel means we'll arrange car hire, public transport or a hotel room if you break down and we can't repair your vehicle right away.

  23. Moscow Oblast

    Moscow Oblast ( Russian: Моско́вская о́бласть, Moskovskaya oblast) is a federal subject of Russia. It is located in western Russia, and it completely surrounds Moscow. The oblast has no capital, and oblast officials reside in Moscow or in other cities within the oblast. [1] As of 2015, the oblast has a population of 7,231,068 ...