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10+ best travel insurance for usa from india (expert reviews).

So, you’re almost ready to trade your daily dose of masala chai for a steaming Starbucks, eh? Planning that dream journey from India to the sprawling horizons of Uncle Sam’s land, are we?

Now, while you’re dreaming about gazing at the Grand Canyon or shopping in New York City, there’s a little (big) thing you might be forgetting – travel insurance .

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

Travel insurance is as confusing as trying to assemble furniture with instructions that might as well be written in hieroglyphics. You may even think of it as that uninvited party guest, crashing your travel budget .

But pause for a moment! What if I told you that the right travel insurance could actually be your unsung superhero, swooping in to save the day in case of unexpected events?

From minor inconveniences like delayed luggage (who needs clean clothes, right?) to more serious issues like medical emergencies (ouch!), the right travel insurance can make all the difference.

And guess what? You’ve hit the jackpot!

After years of world exploration, policy deep-dives, and countless trial and error, we’ve put together a list of the very best travel insurances for all you eager-beavers planning a USA escapade from India.

In this all-in-one guide, we’re about to unleash more than 10 fantastic travel insurance options, each put under our microscope and reviewed by our experts who’ve seen it all and lived to tell the tale.

With clear analysis, handy tips, and a no-nonsense verdict for each, we guarantee this won’t be another yawn-fest insurance guide.

So, strap in, grab your masala chai (or Starbucks if you’re practicing already), and prepare for a deep dive into the world of travel insurance. Together, we’ll find that one policy that’ll be your travel buddy throughout your American adventure.

Ready to give your dream trip an extra layer of security and peace of mind? Let’s roll!

Get ready, because every scroll is a step closer to discovering that perfect travel insurance plan for your upcoming USA extravaganza. Let the fun begin!

In this article…

What is the best health insurance for visitors to USA from India? 

So, let me break it down for you.

Firstly, if you’re planning to bring your aged parents along, I’d recommend looking into insurance plans like Atlas America, which offers coverage for individuals aged 70 and above.

For young folks, I’d recommend the Patriot America plan or the Visitors Care plan. These plans cover basic necessities and aren’t too expensive . 

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, I’d suggest going for a plan that covers them. Atlas America is one such plan. It covers pre-existing medical conditions up to a certain limit.

Be prepared to pay a bit more for such plans, though.

Now, if you’re worried about your budget, check out the cheapest health insurance plans from companies like IMG, Tokio Marine or Seven Corners. These are great for short trips and cover all the basics.

But, if you’re willing to splurge, you can consider plans like Liaison Majestic, that offer comprehensive coverage. 

If you’re planning a long trip, it’s best to get a plan that covers you for the entire duration. Atlas America and Patriot America offer comprehensive coverage for long-term visits.

Remember, it’s always better to be prepared beforehand than to regret it later.

So, choose the insurance plan that works best for you and have a happy and safe trip! 

Recommended Plans ⭐⭐⭐⭐  Atlas America 100% Coverage, Comprehensive plan ⭐⭐⭐  Safe Travels USA 100% Coverage, Comprehensive plan ⭐⭐  Patriot America Plus 100% Coverage, Comprehensive plan

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Indian Companies Offering Travel Insurance to USA from India

American companies offering travel insurance to usa from india, what is covered under travel insurance for usa.

International travel insurance for the USA typically covers the following:

1. Medical emergencies

This includes coverage for unexpected illnesses and injuries that require medical treatment . 2. Trip cancellations or interruptions

If you have to cancel your trip or cut it short due to unforeseen circumstances (such as natural disasters or sickness), your travel insurance may reimburse you for any prepaid expenses.

3. Baggage and personal effects

If your luggage or personal items get lost, stolen, or damaged during your trip, travel insurance may provide coverage for their replacement or repair.

4. Emergency evacuation

If you need to be evacuated due to a medical emergency or natural disaster, travel insurance can cover the associated expenses.

5. Accidental death and dismemberment

In the unfortunate event of accidental death or dismemberment, travel insurance can provide financial support to your beneficiaries.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance When Traveling from India to USA?

“But why?”, you might ask, wondering if this is another scheme to drain your hard-earned travel budget. Well, my friend, let me paint you a picture.

Imagine you’re at the majestic Grand Canyon, clicking a storm of photos to flood your Instagram feed.

Suddenly, you lose your footing and twist an ankle. Ouch!

Without travel insurance, that twisted ankle could become a massive pain in your…wallet.

The USA’s healthcare system is one of the most expensive globally, with a simple visit to the doctor’s office potentially costing hundreds of dollars.

Now, wouldn’t it be nicer if you could focus on getting better instead of worrying about medical bills? That’s where travel insurance steps in!

Or, let’s say you’re strolling through New York City, thrilled about the shopping spree you’re about to embark upon. But oh no! Your wallet’s been stolen, along with your credit cards and cash.

Well, guess what?

A good travel insurance policy can provide coverage for stolen possessions, helping you to get back on track without a massive hit to your travel fund.

But wait , it’s not just about medical mishaps or stolen wallets.

What if you need to cancel your trip last-minute due to an emergency back home, or you miss your flight because of a delay in your connecting flight from Delhi to Mumbai?

Yup, you guessed it, travel insurance can cover those unexpected expenses too!

So, why do you need travel insurance from India to the USA? It’s simple, really. Travel insurance provides that crucial peace of mind that lets you enjoy the adventure and handle the curveballs that life might throw at you. 

After all, wouldn’t you rather be calculating how many souvenirs you can fit into your suitcase, rather than the potential medical bills or replacement costs for lost belongings?

We thought so too.

So, before you take that leap across the pond, make sure you’ve got your trusty travel insurance by your side. 

For more details on the benefits of travel insurance , don’t forget to check out our comprehensive guide on  Travel Insurance Benefits to make an informed decision. 

When Can Travel Insurance for the USA be Helpful?

There are a few scenarios where travel insurance for the USA can be a real lifesaver.

Think of it as your trusty travel sidekick, standing by your side, ready to jump into action when things don’t go according to plan. But when exactly can travel insurance be beneficial?

Let’s delve into some scenarios where having travel insurance can make all the difference.

1. Trip Cancellations:

Imagine planning your dream trip to the USA, right down to the last detail, only to have to cancel due to an unexpected emergency.

Non-refundable bookings for flights , hotels, or tours can result in a significant financial loss. Fortunately, travel insurance can help recover these costs.

For instance, if you have to cancel your trip due to a family member’s illness, your travel insurance would cover the non-refundable expenses, minimizing your financial loss.

2. Medical Emergencies:

The cost of healthcare in the USA can be quite high. If you were to fall sick or have an accident during your trip, the medical expenses could create a significant dent in your budget.

That’s where travel insurance comes in.

For example, if you contract food poisoning from trying out a new cuisine or sprain your ankle during a hike in Yosemite National Park, your travel insurance will cover the medical costs, saving you from unexpected expenditures.

3. Baggage Loss or Delay:

Losing your luggage or experiencing a delay in receiving it can be a major inconvenience. It could mean being without your essentials and needing to purchase replacements.

Travel insurance can help in such situations. If your baggage is delayed for more than a specific period (typically 12-24 hours), your insurance policy can reimburse you for the purchase of essential items like toiletries and clothing.

In the case of lost luggage, you’ll be compensated for the loss up to the maximum limit specified in your policy.

4. Flight Delays or Cancellations:

Flight delays or cancellations can disrupt your travel plans significantly. For example, if you’ve planned a tour of the Grand Canyon but your flight gets delayed due to bad weather, causing you to miss the tour, your travel insurance can cover the cost of the tour.

Similarly, if your flight gets canceled and you need to book a last-minute hotel for the night, your travel insurance would cover these unexpected costs.

5. Legal Assistance:

In an unfamiliar country, legal troubles can be quite daunting. If you’re involved in a legal issue, your travel insurance policy can help by providing coverage for legal expenses and advice.

This could be in a situation where you accidentally damage someone’s property or in a traffic violation.

In conclusion, having travel insurance can significantly reduce the financial risk associated with travel uncertainties. It’s like having a safety net, providing you peace of mind to enjoy your journey fully.

To find the best insurance suited to your needs, check out our expert reviews on the  Best Travel Insurance for USA from India .

Remember, your adventures should be filled with joy and excitement, not worries and stress.

Please note that the situations mentioned are for illustrative purposes and actual coverage depends on the specifics of your insurance policy. Always read your policy carefully to understand what is and isn’t covered.

Is it Mandatory to Get Travel Insurance in the USA?

While there are countries like Schengen countries where travel insurance is compulsory for visa approval, in the case of the USA, it’s a different story.

The United States government does not mandate travel insurance for visitors.

When you’re applying for a visa to the USA, there’s no requirement listed by the U.S. Department of State to have travel insurance.

So, technically, you could travel to the USA without any travel insurance.

However, it’s strongly recommended to have one. Why?

Because the cost of healthcare in the USA is one of the highest in the world.

According to data from the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) , an emergency room visit’s median cost can go up to $1,389, and that’s without factoring in any additional treatment or hospitalization.

A serious accident or illness could result in medical bills amounting to tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.

Furthermore, travel insurance provides coverage beyond just medical emergencies. It covers you for instances like trip cancellation, lost luggage, and flight delays.

Such unforeseen circumstances can arise, disrupting your plans and potentially causing substantial financial loss. Having travel insurance helps mitigate these risks, providing you with a financial safety net.

While it’s not legally mandatory , certain tour operators or travel agencies may require you to have travel insurance as part of their booking conditions.

So it’s always best to check the conditions before making any reservations.

In conclusion, while travel insurance is not compulsory for travel to the USA, it’s strongly recommended due to the high healthcare costs and potential for other unforeseen expenses.

It’s about ensuring that you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind, knowing that you’re financially protected against any unexpected incidents.

To understand more about the benefits of travel insurance and how to choose one that suits your needs, do refer to our in-depth guide on the Best Travel Insurance for USA from India .

And remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

What is the Cost for Travel Insurance for USA from India?

When it comes to the cost of travel insurance for the USA from India, there is a range of options available, tailored to fit various budgets and needs.

It’s essential to remember that cost is just one factor in your decision; the level of coverage is just as, if not more, critical.

Travel insurance premiums are influenced by factors like the length of your trip, your age, any pre-existing medical conditions, the type of coverage you choose, and sometimes even your destination in the USA.

Let’s look at some hypothetical scenarios to help you better understand how these factors can affect the cost of your travel insurance.

Scenario 1: Basic Coverage

Suppose you are a 30-year-old planning a two-week vacation to the USA and decide to go for a basic travel insurance plan.

Such a plan typically covers only emergency medical expenses and perhaps some additional benefits like emergency evacuation . You’re looking at an approximate premium starting from $40-$50.

Scenario 2: Comprehensive Coverage

Now, let’s say you’re the same 30-year-old, but this time, you opt for a more comprehensive plan.

Comprehensive plans often include coverage for trip cancellations, trip interruption, baggage loss or delay, in addition to emergency medical expenses. For such extensive coverage, your premium could range anywhere from $80-$100.

Scenario 3: Pre-existing Condition Coverage

Now, if you’re a 60-year-old traveler with a pre-existing condition, such as diabetes or hypertension, and looking for coverage that includes these conditions, your premium would be significantly higher due to the increased medical risk.

You might be looking at costs around $150-$200 or even more, depending on the severity of your condition.

Scenario 4: Adventure Sports Coverage

Suppose you are an adventure enthusiast and plan to indulge in activities like skiing, bungee jumping, or scuba diving.

In that case, you might want to consider a plan that provides coverage for adventure sports, which typically come with a higher premium due to the inherent risk involved. Depending on the specific activities covered, the premium could range from $100-$150.

In conclusion, the cost of travel insurance for the USA from India varies widely depending on your specific requirements and risk factors.

It’s crucial to assess your needs, understand what each plan offers, and choose accordingly. After all, peace of mind while travelling is priceless.

To get more details on the cost and coverage details of various travel insurance plans, have a look at our expert reviews on the Best Travel Insurance for USA from India .

Please note: The above prices are indicative and can vary based on the insurance company and specific policy terms. Always read the policy document carefully to understand the coverages and exclusions.

Buy Travel Insurance For USA From Indian Companies or Online

The question of whether to buy travel insurance for the USA from an Indian company or online can depend on your preferences, needs, and comfort level with digital platforms. Both options come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Buying from Indian Insurance Companies:

Let’s take the example of an established Indian insurance company. A physical office presence can offer you a sense of security and trust.

You can walk into an office, speak to an insurance advisor face-to-face, clarify your doubts, and get guidance on the best plan for you. For many, especially those less comfortable with technology, this can be a huge benefit.


  • Personalized service: Face-to-face interaction can provide personalized service. You can explain your specific needs and get recommendations accordingly.
  • Paperwork Assistance: They can also help you navigate the sometimes complex world of insurance paperwork.


  • Limited Choices: Physical companies may have limited offerings compared to what’s available online. This could mean you may not get a policy best suited for your needs.
  • Higher Costs: Traditional insurance companies often have higher operational costs, which may reflect in their premium rates.

Scenario: Suppose you’re a 50-year-old man planning to visit your son in the USA. You’re not tech-savvy and prefer in-person assistance for understanding the insurance plans. You decide to go with a renowned Indian insurance company with a local branch office. The advisor there recommends a plan which costs INR 8000 ($110) for your 1-month stay.

However, the plan doesn’t cover trip cancellations and delay, something you would have preferred given the unpredictability of your work schedule.

Buying Travel Insurance Online:

On the other hand, buying travel insurance online offers a host of advantages, the primary one being convenience. You can compare and purchase policies at the click of a button, without leaving the comfort of your home.

  • Wide Variety: Online platforms allow you to compare a wide range of policies from different companies, helping you to find the one that best fits your needs.
  • Lower Costs: Online companies often have lower operational costs, leading to competitive premium rates.
  • Convenience: You can purchase a policy anytime, anywhere, making it a hassle-free process.
  • Impersonal: It can feel impersonal as most of the process is automated.
  • Confusing: With such a vast array of options, choosing the right policy can be overwhelming.

Scenario: Suppose you’re a 30-year-old software engineer planning to visit the USA for a tech conference . You’re comfortable with digital platforms and decide to purchase your travel insurance online.

After comparing several plans, you opt for a comprehensive plan covering emergency medical expenses, trip cancellations, and delay for INR 5000 ($70) for your 1-week trip.

In conclusion, whether you choose to buy from an Indian insurance company or online depends on your comfort level, your understanding of insurance plans, and your specific requirements.

Always make sure to read the policy document thoroughly and understand the coverage and exclusions before purchasing.

Buying Travel Insurance from American Companies Vs. Indian Companies: A Comparison

When planning a trip to the USA from India, one critical decision is where to buy your travel insurance: from an American company or an Indian one? Each has its own advantages and drawbacks, which we’ll explore below. 

Buying from American Insurance Companies:

Purchasing travel insurance from American companies can come with benefits that cater specifically to travelers in the USA. 

  • Localized Services: American companies have a better understanding of their own country’s medical costs and local emergency services, which can result in more precise coverage amounts.
  • Easy Claim Process: In case of a medical emergency, American insurance companies often have a direct billing agreement with hospitals in the USA, which means the hospital bills them directly, sparing you out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Comprehensive Plans: They often provide more comprehensive coverage options, including trip interruption, baggage delay, acute onset of pre-existing conditions , etc.
  • Cost: Premiums from American insurance companies can be significantly higher compared to Indian insurance companies.
  • Purchase Process: Buying insurance from an American company might be a bit more complex for an Indian traveler, given the differences in systems and processes.

Example Scenario: Let’s say you are a 45-year-old Indian woman traveling to the USA for a six-month stay. You decide to go with an American insurance company.

Your insurance policy, which covers high medical expenses, trip cancellation, and baggage delay, costs around $300.

In case of a medical emergency, the hospital directly sends the bill to your insurance company, leaving you worry-free.

Purchasing travel insurance from an Indian company offers advantages that can be appealing to Indian travelers.

  • Cost-effective: Indian insurance companies usually offer lower premiums compared to American counterparts.
  • Familiarity: Buying insurance from an Indian company means dealing with familiar systems, language, and customer service, which can simplify the purchase process.
  • Reimbursement Basis: Most Indian insurance companies operate on a reimbursement basis. This means in case of a medical emergency, you’ll need to pay out-of-pocket first, and then the company will reimburse the expenses.
  • Coverage: Some Indian companies might not offer as comprehensive coverage as American companies. 

Example Scenario: Now, if you’re a 30-year-old man planning to attend a two-week conference in the USA, you might prefer to buy insurance from an Indian company due to lower premiums.

You choose a policy costing INR 2000 ($30), covering basic medical emergencies. In case of any medical exigency, you’ll need to pay upfront and then claim reimbursement.

In conclusion, the decision between an American and Indian insurance company will depend on factors like your budget, the coverage you need, your comfort with the claims process, and the length of your stay. 

To better understand different travel insurance plans, you can refer to our comprehensive guide on Best Travel Insurance for USA from India .

Disclaimer: The above scenarios are fictional and provided for illustrative purposes. Actual costs and coverage may vary.

Key Features to Look for in a Good Travel Insurance Policy for Indians Visiting the USA

Navigating the plethora of travel insurance options can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re planning a trip from India to the USA.

However, understanding the key features to look for can make the process smoother and more effective. Here are some essential factors to consider when choosing the best travel insurance policy for your trip to USA from India:

1. Comprehensive Medical Coverage: Given the high healthcare costs in the USA, it’s crucial that your travel insurance offers comprehensive medical coverage. This includes outpatient, inpatient, and surgical treatments, ambulance services, and even dental emergencies.

2. Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage: If you have a pre-existing health condition, check whether the policy covers any acute onset or sudden recurrence. This article can help you understand more about health insurance plans that cover pre-existing conditions.

3. Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation: In severe cases, you might require immediate medical evacuation or repatriation. An ideal travel insurance policy should cover the costs associated with these situations.

4. Personal Liability and Legal Expenses: This feature covers legal costs in case you’re held legally liable for causing injury to a third party or damaging their property. It’s a useful feature to have, given the high legal expenses in the USA.

5. Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage: Losing your luggage or personal belongings can be stressful. An ideal travel insurance policy should cover lost, stolen, or damaged personal effects and baggage.

6. Trip Cancellation and Interruption Coverage: Unforeseen circumstances may force you to cancel or interrupt your trip. A good policy will reimburse you for the non-refundable expenses in such cases.

7. 24/7 Customer Support: When you’re in a different time zone, having access to 24/7 customer support can be a lifesaver. Make sure your policy includes round-the-clock customer service.

8. Direct Billing vs. Reimbursement: As discussed in our comparison of [American and Indian insurance companies , the process of claim settlement is crucial. Check whether the company operates on a direct billing or reimbursement basis.

9. Ease of Purchase and Renewability: The process of buying and renewing the policy should be straightforward and convenient. Online purchase and renewability are highly desirable features.

10. Policy Cost: Finally, compare the policy’s cost with the coverage provided. Sometimes, cheaper policies might not offer comprehensive coverage, and pricier ones may include benefits you don’t need.

These key features can guide you in choosing the right travel insurance policy for your trip to the USA. Always remember to read the policy document carefully to understand the coverage limits, exclusions, and terms and conditions.

Disclaimer: This article provides general advice, and individual needs may vary. Always consult with an insurance expert or the provider directly to understand what policy would best suit your specific requirements.

What are the Travel Documents Required While Travelling from India to the USA?

Journeying from the diverse landscapes of India to the broad horizons of the USA can be a thrilling adventure. However, it can also feel like you’re gearing up for a mission if you’re not well-prepared with the right documents .

Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive checklist of all the travel documents you’ll need when jet-setting from India to the USA.

Buckle up, because we’re about to deep-dive into the world of passports, visas , and everything in between!

1. Passport:

Your passport is your primary ticket to international travel. Ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the USA. For Indian citizens, there are two types of passports – a 36-page regular passport or a 60-page jumbo passport.

If you’re a frequent traveler or planning a long stay, opt for the jumbo passport for extra visa pages. Check out the difference between the 36-page and 60-page Indian passports for more detailed insights. 

As an Indian citizen , you’ll need a valid US visa , unless you are eligible for visa exemption or traveling under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), which unfortunately, doesn’t apply to Indian citizens as of the time of writing.

The type of visa you’ll need depends on the purpose of your visit. You might need a B2 visa for tourism, an F1 visa for studying, or an H1B visa for work. Each of these visas has a different application process and requirements, which you can check out on our dedicated Visa Page ).

3. Visa Interview Confirmation:

Once you’ve applied for your visa, you’ll be given an interview appointment at a US embassy or consulate . Keep a printout of this confirmation handy, as you might need to present it at the embassy or consulate.

4. I-94 Form:

The I-94 Form is a record of your arrival and departure in the US. This document is usually filled out on the plane and given to immigration officers when you land. It’s a crucial document that proves your legal entry into the country.

5. Visa Supporting Documents:

Carry all the supporting documents you used during your visa application process. These documents could include bank statements, employment letters, invitation letters from US contacts, travel itinerary, and more. Always carry originals and copies of these documents.

6. Medical and Travel Insurance:

Remember, healthcare in the US can be tremendously expensive. It’s advisable to have medical and travel insurance that covers unexpected medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost baggage, and more.

For more insights on this, refer to our article on the  Best Travel Insurance Plans for Visitors to the USA from India .

7. Prescriptions and Medical Documents:

If you’re carrying prescription medication, ensure that you have a letter from your doctor explaining your condition, the medication you’re on, and contact information for verification.

Always carry medication in the original packaging to avoid any issues at customs.

8. Proof of Accommodation and Travel Itinerary:

Proof of accommodation (hotel bookings, invitation letter if staying with friends or family) and your travel itinerary are essential to show that you’ve planned

 your stay and have a place to live during your visit.

9. Financial Proof:

Carrying proof of your financial ability to support your travel and stay is essential.

This proof can include bank statements, income tax returns, pay slips, or a letter of support from a sponsor if someone else is financing your trip.

10. Emergency Contact Information:

Always keep a list of emergency contact information, including the contact details of the nearest Indian Embassy or Consulate in the US, friends or relatives living in the country, and emergency helpline numbers.

Preparation is key to a smooth journey from India to the USA. Ensuring you have all the required documents in place will save you from unnecessary stress and help make your trip a memorable one.

For additional travel tips, head over to our comprehensive USA Travel Tips section. Happy travels!

Note: This information is accurate at the time of writing. However, travel requirements can change rapidly, so it’s crucial to stay updated by checking the latest information on official government websites.

Which is the Best Time to Visit the USA?

1. Spring (March to May):

Spring is a delightful time to visit the USA, with mild temperatures, fewer crowds, and nature in full bloom. It’s a fantastic time to visit national parks like Yellowstone and cities such as New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco.

However, this is also the season when allergies, particularly pollen allergies, are at their peak. Ensure your Travel Insurance covers any health issues you might encounter during your trip.

2. Summer (June to August):

Summer is peak tourist season in the USA. Attractions are crowded, and prices are usually higher, but you’ll get to experience popular events like Independence Day celebrations on July 4th.

If you’re planning to visit regions like Arizona or Texas, be prepared for high temperatures. Ensure your travel insurance covers conditions related to heat, such as heatstroke or dehydration.

3. Fall (September to November):

Fall in the USA is a spectacular sight, especially in regions like New England, where you can witness stunning fall foliage. The temperatures are cooler, and the summer crowds have thinned out.

However, keep in mind that this is also hurricane season for some parts of the USA. An apt Travel Insurance can cover any trip cancellations or delays due to severe weather conditions.

4. Winter (December to February):

Winter in the USA means snow in many parts, making it a great time for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

But if you’re not a fan of cold weather, regions like Florida or California offer milder winters.

It’s also the season of Christmas and New Year celebrations. However, winter can bring severe weather conditions like snowstorms or blizzards.

nsuring your travel insurance covers such instances can bring peace of mind during your winter travels.

In the end, the best time to visit the USA depends on your preferences and the regions you’re planning to explore.

And regardless of the season, ensure you’re equipped with a suitable travel insurance plan to cover any unexpected surprises during your adventure.

Check out our expert review on the Best Travel Insurance for USA from India to make an informed decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it mandatory to have travel insurance while visiting the USA from India?

While it’s not legally required, it’s highly recommended due to the high cost of healthcare in the USA. Not having travel insurance can result in significant out-of-pocket expenses in case of a medical emergency.

What is the best travel insurance for USA from India?

The “best” policy depends on individual needs and circumstances. However, factors such as comprehensive medical coverage, pre-existing condition coverage, emergency evacuation and repatriation, baggage loss, and trip cancellation coverage are important to consider.

What is the cost of travel insurance for USA from India?

The cost of travel insurance varies based on factors like the traveler’s age, trip duration, coverage selected, and whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Costs can range from $50 to several hundreds of dollars.

Does travel insurance from India cover COVID-19 related expenses in the USA?

Many insurance companies have started offering coverage for COVID-19 related medical expenses. However, you should check this specifically before buying a policy.

Should I buy travel insurance from an Indian company or an American company?

Each has its pros and cons. Indian companies usually offer lower premiums, while American companies may provide a smoother claim process and comprehensive coverage. Check out our article comparing the two  here .

Does travel insurance cover trip cancellation?

Yes, many travel insurance policies provide coverage for trip cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, injury, or death of the traveler or a close family member.

What if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Some insurance policies cover acute onset or sudden recurrence of pre-existing conditions. Always check this aspect before purchasing a policy.

Can I renew my travel insurance policy if my stay in the USA gets extended?

Most insurance companies allow policy extension or renewal , but you should confirm this at the time of purchase.

Does travel insurance cover baggage loss?

Yes, most travel insurance policies cover lost, stolen, or damaged baggage and personal belongings.

What is the claim process for travel insurance?

The claim process differs from one insurance company to another. Some companies work on a reimbursement basis, where you pay upfront and then file a claim for reimbursement, while others may have direct billing agreements with healthcare providers.

Can I use my Indian health insurance in USA?

While some Indian health insurance providers offer international coverage, it’s typically limited and may not cover all the potential costs in the USA, due to the higher cost of healthcare.

Additionally, claim settlement may be more complicated. It’s recommended to purchase a dedicated travel insurance policy that provides comprehensive coverage for your stay in the USA.

Always check your policy details or consult with your insurance provider for specific information.

Key Takeaways

  • Travel Insurance is Essential: Travel insurance isn’t mandatory when visiting the USA from India, but it’s highly recommended due to high medical costs in the USA. It provides coverage for unexpected incidents like medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost luggage, and more.
  • Choose Wisely: Selecting the right insurance depends on individual needs. Important considerations include coverage for pre-existing conditions, claim settlement process, cost, and extent of coverage.
  • Cost Varies: The cost of travel insurance varies based on factors like age, trip duration, selected coverage, and pre-existing conditions.
  • Purchase Source Matters: Buying insurance from Indian companies can be cheaper, but American companies often provide a smoother claim process and comprehensive coverage.
  • COVID-19 Coverage: Amid the ongoing pandemic, ensure your chosen insurance policy provides coverage for COVID-19 related medical expenses.
  • Document Requirement: Be aware of the essential travel documents required for travel from India to the USA.
  • Best Time to Visit the USA: Timing your visit during the shoulder seasons (spring and fall) can result in a more pleasant trip and potentially lower insurance premiums.
  • Key Features: Look for essential features in a travel insurance policy such as comprehensive medical coverage, emergency evacuation and repatriation, coverage for lost/damaged baggage, and trip cancellation coverage.

Remember, travel insurance is your safety net when you are thousands of miles away from home. Don’t underestimate its importance. Happy and safe travels!

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Hi, I am travelling to USA on visitor visa and plan to stay for 5 months. I am confused as to where I have to buy travel insurance. Whether from India or from USA. If from USA how do I get it. I am 58 years old. If from India , which one is good. Can I ask my relative in USA to get it on my behalf. Please mail in detail. Thank you.

It’s not mandatory Anu but good to get because medical care is super-expensive in USA. Why take risk? And I don’t recommend buying from India as most of those products are just good on paper. You can buy it online. Here are some good travel insurance plans for you .

Hope it helps.

Hi…my name is friend will be sponsoring me on a visitor Visa…. Putting aside his status of living or eligibility to sponsor me what other or how much amount does he have to pay??

Thanks for doing this Mani. Great research and findings! I am buying a travel insurance for my parents and this helped a lot.

Thanks Ashwin.

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Travel Insurance For USA From India

Travel insurance for usa.

Travel Insurance for the USA should be one of your primary considerations when travelling from India.

The United States of America (USA) is one of the most visited countries across the globe. With its wide expanse covering a majority of the North American continent, the USA has varied landscapes, cultures, and experiences that attract visitors from different parts of the world. From some of the world’s most treasured historical monuments to iconic global landmarks, the USA has no dearth of diverse destinations. Whether it is the semi-Arctic terrain of Alaska in the North or the serene beaches of Florida and Hawaii in the South, the USA has something to offer to all ilks of travellers.

Visiting the USA ought to be on your bucket list and you must secure this unique journey with travel insurance for the USA.

The main benefits of a travel insurance USA plan :

  • Travel assistance
  • Cover against personal liability
  • Cover for accident and sickness
  • Assistance for loss or delay pertaining to baggage
  • Hijack cover
  • Automatic extension of your travel insurance USA plan for 60 days in the event of hospitalisation abroad

Expert's Guide to USA Visa

Places to visit in usa, travel insurance for usa from india.

In order to have a stress-free and memorable trip to the USA, you must ensure that adequate planning and advanced bookings are in place, including a viable travel insurance plan for the USA. However, irrespective of the level of planning you engage in, there may be unforeseen circumstances that can derail your plans. The recent Covid-19 pandemic, for instance, has brought the entire world and international travel to an indefinite standstill, with most countries having limited inbound flights and stringent entry restrictions.

It is, therefore, critical to purchase suitable travel insurance for USA visitors and ensure that you are financially protected against any unanticipated events during your visit to the USA. Your travel insurance USA plan will serve as a protective shield and enable you to enjoy your vacation sans worry. You can compare travel insurance plans to pick the one that suits you the most, in terms of coverage amount & premium.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance from India to the USA?

Since life has no dearth of uncertainties, it is important to be as prepared as possible for any eventualities. Therefore, if you are planning to travel to the USA, you should consider buying travel insurance for your USA trip. A travel insurance USA policy will assist you if you are faced with any adverse circumstances during your stay in the USA. For instance, if you fall sick before or during the trip or lose your baggage at any of the airports you pass through your journey, a travel health insurance policy for the USA would be handy. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in an online Travel Insurance policy for the USA and financially safeguard your trip against any untoward incidents that can potentially ruin your trip. With our wide range of plans for visitor insurance in the USA, you can plan for a hassle-free trip to the USA.

Some of the benefits included in the Tata AIG travel insurance USA plan have been discussed below.

Journey Cover Cover for flight delays and cancellations, hotel booking cancellations, and loss of passport

Baggage Cover Compensation on the loss or delay of check-in baggage

Medical Coverage 1.Covid-19 cover to cover the costs associated with testing Covid positive during the trip 2.Travel medical insurance to the USA to provide you financial support if you fall sick or meet with an accident during the trip

Other benefits of travel insurance USA policies 1.The option to pay in Indian Rupees and get coverage in United States Dollars 2.Affordable travel insurance USA policies with a premium as low as ₹60.32 per day 3.Instant purchase of online travel insurance for the USA without extensive health check-ups

For Additional Information If you are a Student Traveling to the USA for your Studies, check our Student Travel Insurance If you are traveling for a Leisure or Business Trip, check our International Travel Insurance

USA Visa and Entry Information

Non-immigrant Visas : Indian nationals travelling to the USA can apply for various types of visas under the umbrella of a non-immigrant visa. Here are some of the major types of non-immigrant US visas Indian citizens can apply for.

B1/B2 Visa : If you are visiting the USA for a temporary stay with a business-related objective, you ought to apply for a B1 visa. If, however, the reason behind your temporary visit to the United States of America is personal, a B2 visa is the right category of visa for you. The aforementioned visa is for travel objectives such as tourism, medical treatment, visit with family or friends, etc.

F1 and M1 Student Visa : Applicants who have been accepted to educational institutions in the United States of America are eligible to apply for a student visa for their academic programme. The aforementioned visa can, in certain cases, also be granted for practical training in specific fields.

H-1 B Work Visa : The H1-B visa is granted to foreigners employed in the USA. Sponsored by the employers, the aforementioned visa is usually valid for a three-year term that can be extended for a further three years. Non-US citizens are permitted to bring their families to the USA under the aforementioned visa but the process of visa approval is extremely stringent.

H-2 B Work Visa : Unskilled non-US workers hired to work in the USA are eligible to apply for an H2-B visa that is required to be sponsored by their US-based employer.

J-1 and Q-1 Exchange Visitor Visas : A J-1 visa accommodates individuals travelling to the USA for pre-approved exchange programmes. The aforementioned category of visitors includes students, business trainees, research scholars, and government-assigned visitors.

Immigrant Visas : Individuals who wish to immigrate to the USA on a permanent basis can apply for an immigrant visa to the country. The aforementioned visa usually needs to be sponsored by an employer or a permanent resident of the USA who is a relative of the applicant. However, persons with exceptional abilities and skills, including investors and some specific categories of immigrants, can apply for this visa themselves.

Entry information for Indian citizens

Covid Guidelines : In the wake of the ongoing global pandemic, most non-immigrant travel to the USA has been suspended. Only student visas are still being granted on a limited basis.

According to the US embassy in India, students with an I-20 programme beginning after August 1st, 2021 can apply for a student visa to the USA and travel there 30 days prior to the beginning of their respective programmes without requiring a national interest exception.

The aforementioned rule also applies to students who wish to travel to the USA to continue their ongoing academic enrolments at US institutions. It is advisable to have medical insurance for visitors to the USA.

USA Visa application process

You can apply for a visa to the USA by following the steps mentioned below.

Determine the type of visa you wish to apply for. For non-immigrant visas, you can refer to the 'Common Non-Immigrant Visas' guidelines.

Fill the electronic application form (Form DS-160) to apply for a non-immigrant visa to the USA.

Make the payment of your visa application fee.

Create a profile and retain your receipt number to schedule your visa appointment.

Schedule an appointment with the US Embassy or consulates in India within 48 hours of submitting your DS-160 form online.

Be on time for your appointment and carry the relevant identification documents and credentials.

After the second visa interview, your application shall either be accepted or declined by the immigration authorities.

US Embassy and consulates in India : The US Embassy in India is located in New Delhi and the consulates are located in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

How to request expedited visa appointments

If you qualify to travel to the USA under the ‘national interest exception’, you can request an expedition of your visa appointment here.

Travel Documents Required while Travelling from India to the USA

It is advisable to buy health insurance for visitors to the USA. There are also several other essential travel documents that are required for travelling to the USA from India. The aforementioned documents have been listed below.

  • A valid Indian passport (valid for a minimum of six months from the date of arriving in the USA)
  • A pre-approved visa
  • A letter detailing the reason for your visit to the USA
  • Confirmed travel tickets
  • Prescription for specific medications, if necessary
  • USA travel health insurance, including Covid-19 coverage.
  • The particulars of the people with whom you will stay in the USA along with their addresses
  • The applicable financial documents
  • The proof of the funds you are carrying to the USA

USA Travel: Safety and Precautionary Measures to be Undertaken

  • Keep your passport safe at all times.
  • Protect your belongings, especially when you are in crowded places and tourist hotspots.
  • Use official commercial means of transport and avoid seeking private help.
  • Respect the country’s laws and regulations.
  • Avoid travelling to unfamiliar or remote areas, particularly during the night.
  • Do not participate in any unlawful activities.
  • Do not violate public decorum through your words, actions, or a combination of the two.
  • Choose from the best travel insurance for the USA to financially secure yourself against any unanticipated events.

Covid-19 specific guidelines:

  • Wear a mask over your nose and mouth, particularly while using public transport.
  • Practise social distancing.
  • Monitor yourself for Covid-19 symptoms and self-isolate and get tested if you develop any of the symptoms.

The Indian Embassy in the USA

The Indian Embassy in the United States of America is located at the following address.

Chancery-I, 2107 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C., United States of America.

Present Ambassador : Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu

Working Hours : Monday to Friday, 09:30 AM - 06:00 PM EST

Consular Services Timings : Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Contact details of the embassy :

Website : Embassy of India, Washington D.C., United States of America

Telephone number : (202) 939-7000

Fax number : (202) 265-4351

For Visa-related queries : Telephone: (202) 939 9888

Email : [email protected]

For queries regarding passport and miscellaneous services: Telephone : (202) 939 9864

Email: [email protected]

International airports in the USA

There are several major international airports in the United States of America, some of which are as follows.

  • John F Kennedy International Airport, New York City (JFK)
  • Washington Dulles International Airport, Washington D.C. (IAD)
  • San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco (SFO)
  • ‘OHare International Airport, Chicago (ORD)
  • Salt Lake City International Airport, Utah (SLC)

Currency and Foreign Exchange

The currency of the United States of America is the United States Dollar (USD), which is commonly referred to as the US Dollar and represented by the $ sign. It is advisable to carry a sufficient amount of USD before embarking on your trip to the USA.

The exchange rate of the United States Dollar ($) with respect to the Indian National Rupee (₹) fluctuates on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to monitor the applicable exchange rate before travelling to the USA.

USA Tourist Places

The USA has no dearth of tourist attractions, ranging from beaches to mountains, museums to amusement parks, movie studios to art galleries. Whether you are a scholar or an adventure seeker, the country has a lot to offer you. Here are some of the destinations you must not miss whilst visiting the USA.

New York City : No visit to the USA is complete without visiting New York City. Considered to be amongst the centres of modern civilisation and innovation, the big apple is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world, including the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Broadway, the Rockefeller Plaza, and the world-renowned Times Square. The city also houses Wall Street and 5th avenue, thereby simultaneously being the financial and fashion capital of the world.

Washington D.C .: The national capital of the United States of America is a cultural and financial epicentre and home to the U.S. Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, and the Smithsonian. Adorned with museums and historic universities alike, the city has roots in history, branches in the present workings of the international power structure, and forces that play a significant part in shaping the future of the world.

The Grand Canyon : The Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world and a tourist hotspot. Averaging ten miles across and a mile in-depth, the canyon has vast and seemingly endless expanses that unequivocally capture nature’s might and engender awe and reverence amongst visitors. The Grand Canyon is a day’s trip away from Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Los Angeles : Home to Beverly Hills and Hollywood, the city of angels is a cultural and cinematic force to be reckoned with. Los Angeles is regarded as the heart of California and the US movie industry. The city is adorned with picturesque beaches and incredible vistas. While in LA, you must also visit La Brea Tar Pits which contains fossils of prehistoric animals.

Las Vegas : Las Vegas is widely considered more of an experience than a tangible point on the global map. With its world-famous casinos, sound and light shows, musical theatre performances, and diverse entertainment options, Vegas has been a tourist favourite for decades. And, as popularly quoted, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”

And, to enjoy all these places completely and explore the US with peace of mind, it is crucial to get a travel insurance USA plan from Tata AIG. To know more, check our guide on the places to visit in USA

Best Time to Visit the USA

The best time to visit the United States of America is either March to May (spring) or late September to late October (autumn). During spring, most parts of the country have mild and pleasant temperatures, thereby making it the ideal time to visit the nation. Since the summer months of May to September usually witness the highest footfalls from international tourists to the USA, it is advisable to plan your trip to this diverse country during spring or fall.

Visit the USA today and safeguard your international journey with online travel insurance for the USA from TATA AIG Insurance. With our wide range of travel insurance plans, you can select the best travel insurance for the USA for yourself. We also offer insurance for parents visiting the USA. Visit our website to know more about USA travel insurance costs and benefits.

Information last updated June 20. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How can i get a travel insurance usa plan.


To buy travel insurance for the USA, you must visit our website and select international travel insurance. On the aforementioned page, you must enter the required personal information and choose the extent of the coverage, including the following factors.

  • Medical coverage
  • Baggage coverage

After customising your travel insurance for the USA plan, you need to proceed with the payment to complete the purchase. Your travel insurance USA policy will be issued immediately and available in your email inbox.

How much should I pay for a travel insurance USA plan?

The cost of your travel insurance USA plan is contingent upon the duration of your stay and several other important factors. Therefore, it is critical to have an adequate sum assured in your travel insurance for the USA plan to ensure that you have sufficient protection during the course of the trip. If you are travelling with your family, you must opt for a higher sum assured to provide them adequate coverage.

Is it mandatory to buy a medical travel insurance USA plan?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a valid travel medical insurance USA plan. Buying the aforementioned policy can help you financially safeguard your trip.

Other Destinations


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Travel Insurance for USA from India – Buyer’s Guide

Written and researched by Michael Kays (Travel Insurance Expert) | Fact Checked by Danya Kristen (Insurance Agent).

So, you’ve decided to embark on an epic adventure from India to the land of stars, stripes, and supersized everything – the USA! As you prepare for your journey, one question likely lingers in your mind: “Do I really need travel insurance?”

In this article, we’ll dive headfirst into the world of travel insurance, peppered with humor and a dash of NRI spice, to help you weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision.

Travel insurance is one of the most important things to have when traveling, especially if you’re going to be visiting a country like the United States.

There are many different types of travel insurance, and it can be confusing to know which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you choose the best travel insurance from India to USA for your next trip.

In this article...

Why You Need Travel Insurance for Your Trip to the USA

When planning a trip from India to the United States, it’s important to consider purchasing travel insurance.

There are many reasons why travel insurance is a good idea, including the high cost of medical care in the U.S., the risk of being injured or becoming ill while traveling, and the possibility of losing money if your trip is canceled or interrupted.

Medical care in the United States is very expensive, even if you have health insurance at home. If you become injured or ill while on your trip, travel insurance can help cover the cost of medical treatment. Even if you don’t end up needing medical care, travel insurance can provide peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in case of an emergency.

The risk of being injured or becoming ill while traveling is always present, no matter where you’re going. If you’re planning a trip to the U.S., travel insurance can help cover the cost of medical treatment if you’re injured or become sick while on your trip.

There’s also the possibility that your trip will be canceled or interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances beyond your control. If this happens, travel insurance can reimburse you for non-refundable trip expenses, like airfare and hotel reservations. Travel insurance can also provide coverage if your luggage is lost or stolen.

If you’re an international traveler to the U.S., it’s important to compare travel insurance options that are available for visitors from other countries. If you’re not eligible for regular traveler’s insurance, some companies offer coverage specifically for international travelers.

Recommended Plans

✅  Atlas America

Up to $2,000,000 of Overall Maximum Coverage, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Medical coverage for eligible expenses related to COVID-19, Trip Interruption & Travel Delay.

✅  Safe Travels Comprehensive

Coverage for in-patient and out-patient medical accidents up to $1 Million, Coverage of acute episodes of pre-existing conditions, Coverage from 5 days to 364 days (about 12 months).

✅  Patriot America Platinum

Up to $8,000,000 limits, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Coinsurance for treatment received in the U.S. (100% within PPO Network), Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions covered.

Issues faced by visitors from India in USA

There are a number of issues faced by Indian visitors to the USA. One of the main issues is the high cost of living in the USA. This can be a shock for many Indians who are used to a much lower cost of living in their own country. Another issue is the difficulty in getting around in the USA.

The public transport system is not as developed as in India, and this can make it difficult for visitors to get around. Additionally, the culture shock of being in a completely different country can be overwhelming for some visitors.

Finally, the language barrier can be a problem for many Indians who do not speak English fluently. ( Source )

There are a number of health risks also that visitors to the USA face. These include:

The risk of contracting a disease from a mosquito or other insect bite.

Diseases such as Zika virus, West Nile virus, and Lyme disease are all present in the USA.

The risk of contracting a foodborne illness.

This is particularly a risk if you eat food that has not been properly cooked or that has been left out in the sun for too long.

The risk of being injured in a car accident.

The USA has a high rate of motor vehicle accidents, so it is important to be cautious when driving.

The risk of being a victim of crime.

The USA has a high crime rate, so it is important to be aware of your surroundings and to take precautions when traveling in unfamiliar areas.

The risk of being exposed to hazardous materials.

The USA has a number of industries that use hazardous materials, so it is important to be aware of the risks of exposure and to take precautions when necessary.

What does travel insurance cover?

Some health risks that travel health insurance may cover when visiting the USA include:

  • Medical expenses in the event of an accident or illness
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation
  • Coverage for lost or stolen baggage
  • Trip cancellation or interruption
  • Missed connection coverage
  • 24/7 access to a team of medical and travel professionals

Insurance for Indian visitors in USA

Best Travel Insurance from India to USA

There are many travel insurance companies in India that offer insurance for travel to the USA. Some of the best travel insurance companies in India that offer insurance for travel to the USA are Bajaj Allianz , HDFC Ergo, ICICI Lombard, and Reliance General Insurance.

There are many different types of travel insurance available in the United States, and it can be difficult to determine which one is the best for your needs.

Some factors to consider include the type of trip you are taking, the length of your trip, and the activities you will be participating in while on your trip. It is also important to consider whether you need comprehensive coverage or just basic protection.

One of the best ways to find the best travel insurance for your needs is to compare different policies and companies. There are a number of websites that allow you to do this, and they will often provide you with quotes from multiple insurers. This can help you to get a good idea of the prices and coverage options that are available.

When you are looking at different policies, it is important to read the fine print carefully. Some policies may exclude certain activities or destinations, and you need to make sure that you are aware of these exclusions before you purchase a policy. You should also be aware of any deductibles that apply, as this can impact the overall cost of the policy.

Once you have compared different policies and companies, you should select the one that offers the best coverage for your needs at the most affordable price.

There are many travel insurance plans available for visitors to the USA, but some of the best include:

Safe Travels USA Cost Saver Review

Safe Travels USA Cost Saver

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Reviews

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive

Patriot Platinum Reviews

Patriot Platinum


Visitors Care

Patriot International Reviews

Patriot International

Patriot America Reviews

Patriot America

Patriot America Plus Reviews

Patriot America Plus

Atlas America Reviews

Atlas America

Additionally, you might also consider these plans.

  • Travelex Insurance Services TravelSafe
  • Allianz Global Assistance Classic
  • Generali Global Assistance Basic
  • AXA Schengen
  • Beazley Blue
  • Cigna Global Explorer
  • GeoBlue Voyager Choice
  • HTH Worldwide TravelGap Explorer
  • iTravelInsured LX
  • John Hancock Travel Protection Essential
  • MH Ross Travel Protector Basic

1. Do your research

There are many factors to consider when researching travel insurance. Some important things to think about include:

-What type of coverage do you need? -How much coverage do you need? -What is your budget? -What is the policy excess?

Some other things to keep in mind when researching travel insurance include reading the policy terms and conditions carefully, understanding what is and is not covered by the policy, and find out if there are any exclusions.

It is also a good idea to get quotes from a few different insurers to compare coverages and prices.

2. Consider your needs

When considering travel insurance, it is important to think about what kind of coverage you need. Do you need medical coverage? Do you need coverage for lost luggage? Do you need trip cancellation insurance?

Once you know what kind of coverage you need, you can compare different policies to find the one that best meets your needs. Be sure to read the fine print so that you understand what is and is not covered by your policy.

3. Compare policies and prices

When you are buying travel insurance, it is important to compare policies and prices in order to get the best coverage for your needs. There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a policy, and by comparing policies you can be sure to find the one that best meets your needs. In addition, by shopping around for travel insurance, you can be sure to get the best price possible.

4. Read the fine print

When you are buying travel insurance, it is important to read the fine print so that you know what is and is not covered. For example, some policies may not cover you if you have to cancel your trip due to a medical emergency. Others may only cover you for a certain amount of money if you lose your luggage.

It is also important to know what exclusions there are in your policy. For example, some policies may not cover you if you are participating in an adventure activity such as bungee jumping.

Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions of your policy before you buy it. That way, you can be sure that you are getting the coverage you need.

5. Check reviews

When you are buying travel insurance, it is important to check the reviews to see what other people’s experiences have been. This can help you decide if the company is reputable and if the policy is right for you. It is also a good way to find out if there have been any problems with claims or customer service.

6. Determine coverage for preexisting conditions

When considering travel insurance, it is important to determine if your policy will cover preexisting conditions. A preexisting condition is any medical condition that you have before buying a policy. Many policies exclude coverage for preexisting conditions, so it is important to read the fine print and understand the limitations of your policy. If you have a preexisting condition, you may still be able to get coverage by purchasing a policy that includes a waiver for preexisting conditions.

7. Find out what’s not covered

When you are buying travel insurance, it is important to find out what is not covered in the policy. This can help you to avoid any surprises when you need to make a claim. For example, many policies will not cover you for lost or stolen items, so if this is a concern for you, you will need to find a policy that does cover this.

8. Compare deductibles

When you are buying travel insurance, it is important to compare deductibles. The deductible is the amount of money you will have to pay out of pocket before your insurance policy kicks in. A higher deductible means that you will have to pay more out of pocket if something happens, but it also means that your premiums will be lower. You should consider how much you are willing to pay out of pocket and how much coverage you need when you are comparing deductibles.

9. Consider your trip length

When you are buying travel insurance, it is important to consider the length of your trip. This is because the length of your trip will affect the type and amount of coverage you need. For example, if you are going on a long trip, you will need more coverage than if you are going on a short trip.

What to Look for When Buying Travel Insurance

When you are buying travel insurance, there are a few things you should look for in order to get the best coverage for your needs. First, you should make sure that the policy covers medical expenses in the event that you become ill or injured while on your trip. It is also important to check what the policy covers in terms of lost or stolen luggage, as well as cancellations or delays.

You should also make sure that the policy covers any activities you plan to do on your trips, such as hiking or skiing. Finally, it is a good idea to read the fine print of the policy to make sure you understand all of the exclusions and limitations.

Benefits of Travel Insurance when traveling from India to USA

If you’re planning a trip from India to USA, you may need to purchase visitors medical insurance. This type of insurance is different from regular health insurance and is designed to cover medical expenses while you’re traveling. Short-term health insurance may also be an option if you’re only planning to be away for a short period of time.

There are many benefits to having travel insurance when traveling from India to the USA. Travel insurance can cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost or stolen luggage, and other unforeseen expenses. It can give you peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected while traveling.

How to Make Sure You’re Covered by Travel Insurance

When you’re planning a trip, it’s important to make sure you’re covered by travel insurance in case of any emergencies. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right policy:

  • Make sure you understand what is and isn’t covered by your policy. Some policies only cover certain types of emergencies, so it’s important to know what you’re covered for.
  • Choose a policy with a reputable company. There are many travel insurance companies out there, so make sure you choose one that is reputable and has a good track record.
  • Make sure you read the fine print. Many policies have exclusions and limitations, so it’s important to read through the policy carefully to make sure you understand what’s covered.
  • Get quotes from multiple companies. Once you know what you’re looking for, get quotes from several different companies to compare prices.
  • Buy your policy early. Some policies have a waiting period before they go into effect, so it’s important to buy your policy well in advance of your trip.

Following these tips will help you make sure you’re covered by travel insurance in case of an emergency.

Why buying travel insurance from USA is better

There are a few reasons why buying travel insurance from USA is better than buying travel insurance from Indian companies. One reason is that the insurance companies in USA are more experienced and have been in business for longer.

This means that they are more likely to be able to provide better coverage and assistance if you need it. Another reason is that insurance companies in USA are subject to stricter regulations than those in India. This means that they have to meet higher standards in terms of the cover they provide and the service they offer.

Finally, buying travel insurance from a US company usually gives you access to a wider range of benefits and assistance services than you would get from an Indian company.

No matter where you’re traveling, be sure to purchase travel insurance. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and you never know when an emergency might occur. If you’re planning a trip to the USA from India, be sure to read this guide to choosing the best travel insurance for your needs.

Healthcare costs in India are much lower than in developed countries, making it a popular destination for medical tourism. However, Indian insurance providers generally do not cover international patients, so it is important to purchase travel insurance before traveling to USA from India.

If you’re an Indian citizen traveling abroad , you should know that your regular health insurance policy probably won’t cover you in the event of a medical emergency.

That’s why it’s a good idea to purchase travel insurance, which will cover medical emergencies as well as other travel-related problems like lost luggage or trip cancellation. There are many different travel insurance plans available, so be sure to compare a few before choosing one that’s right for you.

If you are an Indian origin traveling internationally, it is important to have travel medical insurance in case of any emergencies. Travel medical insurance can help cover the cost of medical treatment and evacuation if you need it while you are traveling.

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us travel insurance from india cost

Travelling From India to the US? Here Are 3 Health Insurances to Know in 2024

Byron Mühlberg, writer at

Byron Mühlberg

Monito's Managing Editor, Byron has spent several years writing extensively about financial- and migration-related topics.

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Whether you're travelling to the USA to visit friends or family there, or just as a tourist eager to see the famous Times Square, Grand Canyon, or Golden Gate Park, before arriving from India, it's crucial to consider your travel insurance options And while travelling to the US can be an accessible, it's worth remembering that out-the-pocket healthcare costs are the most expensive in the world, so it's not just a good idea, but essential, to arrive in the country with travel health insurance under your belt.

Luckily, online global insurances (known as 'insurtechs') specialize in cost-savvy travel insurance to the US and other countries worldwide. Our list below explores the four services we believe provide the best deals for young adventurers, everyday holidaymakers looking for comprehensive but affordable coverage, and longer-term expats alike.

US Insurance Profile

Here are a few of the many factors influencing the scope and cost of travel insurances for the US:

Best Travel Insurances for the US

  • 01. Should I get travel insurance for the US? scroll down
  • 02. Best medical coverage: VisitorsCoverage scroll down
  • 03. Best trip insurance: Insured Nomads scroll down
  • 04. Best mix for youth and digitial nomads: SafetyWing scroll down
  • 05. FAQ about travel insurance from India to the US scroll down

Is Travel Insurance Mandatory From India to the US?

No, travel insurance is not mandatory for travel to, or through, the United States of America from India.

However, regardless of whether or not it's legally required, it's always a good idea to take our health insurance before you travel — whether to the US or anywhere else. For what's usually an affordable cost , taking out travel insurance will mitigate most or all of the risk of financial damage if you run into any unexpected troubles during your trip abroad. Take a look at the top five reasons to get travel insurance to learn more.

With that said, here are the top three travel insurances for the USA from India:

VisitorsCoverage: Best Medical Coverage

Among the internet's best-known insurance platforms,  VisitorsCoverage  is a pioneering Silicon Valley insurtech company that offers comprehensive medical coverage for visitors from India travelling to the USA. It lets you choose between various plans tailored to meet the specific needs of your trip to the US, including coverage for emergencies, doctor's visits, and other medical-related expenses. With its easy online purchase process and 24/7 live chat support, VisitorsCoverage is a reliable and convenient option if you want good value and peace of mind while travelling abroad.

Get a quote ❯

  • Coverage 9.0
  • Quality of Service 9.0
  • Pricing 7.6
  • Credibility 9.5

VisitorsCoverage offers a large variety of policies, and depending on your needs and preferences, you'll need to compare and explore their full catalogue of plans for yourself. However, we've chosen a few highlights for their travel insurance for the US:

  • Policy names: Varies
  • Medical coverage: Very good. Includes coverage for doctor and hospital visits, pre-existing conditions, repatriation, mental health-related conditions, and many others.
  • Trip coverage: Excellent - but only available for US residents.
  • Customer support: FAQ, live chat and phone support
  • Pricing range: USD 25 to USD 150 /person /month
  • Insurance underwriter: Lloyd's, Petersen, and others
  • Best for: Value for money and overall medical coverage

Insured Nomads: Best Trip Coverage

Insured Nomads is another good travel insurance provider for the US, especially if you're adventurous or frequently on the go and are looking for solid trip insurance from India with some coverage for medical incidents too. With Insured Nomads, you can choose the level of protection that best suits your needs and enjoy a wide range of benefits, including 24/7 assistance, coverage for risky activities and adventure sports, and the ability to add or remove coverage as needed. In addition, Insured Nomads has a reputation for providing fast and efficient claims service, making it an excellent choice if you want peace of mind while exploring the world.

Get a quote ❯

  • Coverage 7.8
  • Quality of Service 8.5
  • Pricing 7.4
  • Credibility 8.8

Insured Nomads offers three travel insurance policies depending on your needs and preferences. We go through them below:

  • Policy names: World Explorer, World Explorer Multi, World Explorer Guardian
  • Medical coverage: Good. Includes coverage for doctor and hospital visits, pre-existing conditions, repatriation, and many others.
  • Trip coverage: Good. Includes coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, lost or stolen luggage (with limits), adventure and sports activities, and many others.
  • Customer support: FAQ, live chat, phone support
  • Pricing range: USD 80 to USD 420 /person /month
  • Insurance underwriter: David Shield Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Best for: Adventure seekers wanting comprehensive trip insurance

SafetyWing: Best Combination For Youth

SafetyWing is a good insurance option for young people or digital nomads from India because it offers flexible but comprehensive coverage at a famously affordable price. With SafetyWing, you can enjoy peace of mind in the USA knowing you're covered for unexpected medical expenses, trip cancellations, lost or stolen luggage, and more. In addition, SafetyWing's user-friendly website lets you manage your policy, file a claim, and access 24/7 assistance from anywhere in the world, and, unlike VisitorsCoverage, you can even purchase a policy retroactively (e.g. during a holiday)!

Get a quote ❯

  • Coverage 7.0
  • Quality of Service 8.0
  • Pricing 6.3
  • Credibility 7.3

SafetyWing offers two travel insurance policies depending on your needs and preferences, which we've highlighted below:

  • Policy names: Nomad Insurance, Remote Health
  • Medical coverage: Decent. Includes coverage for doctor and hospital visits, repatriation, and many others.
  • Trip coverage: Decent. Includes attractive coverage for lost or stolen belongings, adventure and sports activities, transport cancellation, and many others.
  • Pricing range: USD 45 to USD 160 /person /month
  • Insurance underwriter: Tokyo Marine HCC
  • Best for: Digital nomads, youth, long-term travelling

Compare For Yourself

In this post, we explored three travel insurance providers you should consider for your next trip to the US from India. That being said, there are many more providers out there, some of which might make even more sense for you depending on your travel needs and preferences. To compare the top providers on the market, run a search on Monto's travel insurance comparison engine below 👇

Find travel insurance for you:

How do they compare.

Interested to see how VisitorsCoverage, SafetyWing, and Insured Nomads compare as travel insurances to the US? Take a look at the side-by-side chart below:

Data correct as of 14/02/2023

FAQ About Travel Insurance from India to the US

Travel insurance typically covers trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost or stolen luggage, travel delay, and emergency evacuation. Some travel insurance packages also cover medical-related incidents too. However, remember that the exact coverage depends on the insurance policy.

No, travel insurance is not mandatory for travel to the USA. However, regardless of whether or not it's legally required, it's always a good idea to take our health insurance before you travel to the US. For what's usually an affordable cost, taking out travel insurance will mitigate most or all of the risk of financial damage if you run into any unexpected troubles during your trip abroad.

Yes, medical travel insurance is almost always worth it, and we recommend taking out travel insurance whenever visiting a foreign country. Taking out travel insurance will mitigate some or all of the risk of covering those costs yourself in case you need medical attention during your stay. In general, we recommend VisitorsCoverage to visitors worldwide because it offers excellent value for money and well-rounded travel and medical benefits in its large catalogue of plans.

Health insurance doesn't cover normal holiday expenses, such as coverage for missed flights and hotels, but in case you run into medical trouble while abroad, it may cover some or all of your doctor or hospital expenses while overseas. However, not all health insurance providers and plans offer coverage to customers while abroad, and that's why it's generally best to take out travel insurance whenever you travel.

Although there's overlap, health and travel insurance are not exactly the same. Health insurance covers some or all of the cost of medical expenses (e.g. emergency treatment, doctor's visits, etc.) while travel insurance covers non-medical costs that are commonly associated with travelling (e.g. coverage for missed flights, stolen or lost personal belongings, etc.).

The cost of travel insurance depends on several factors, such as the length of the trip, the destination, the age of the insured, and the level of coverage desired. On average, travel insurance can cost anywhere between 3% and 10% of the total cost of the trip.

A single-trip travel insurance policy covers a specific trip, while an annual one covers multiple trips taken within a one-year period. An annual policy may be more cost-effective for frequent tourists.

Yes, you can sometimes purchase travel insurance after starting your trip, but it is best to buy it before the trip begins to ensure maximum coverage. If you do need to buy insurance after you've started your trip, we recommend VisitorsCoverage , which offers a wide catalogue of online trip and medical insurance policies, most of which can be booked with immediate effect. Check out our guide to buying travel insurance late to learn more.

Yes, you can most certainly purchase travel insurance for a trip that has already been booked, although we recommend purchasing insurance as soon as possible aftwerwards to ensure all coverage is in place before your journey begins. Check out our guide to buying travel insurance late to learn more.

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The wing of a commercial aircraft in the clouds during a flight.

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See our recommendations for travel insurance to other countries worldwide:

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USA Travel Insurance

Please note that this policy is not applicable for more than 90 days on an immigrant visa. Kindly ensure your travel duration is 90 days or less.

Please note that this policy is not applicable for more than 180 days on a non-immigrant visa. Kindly ensure your travel duration is 180 days or less.

List of USA and Canada Countries

  • France Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland
  • Austria Germany Greece Hungary Iceland
  • Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg
  • Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal
  • Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland

List of European Union Member States These are not Schengen States but with similar travel insurance requirements.

List of schengen countries, list of european union member states these are not schengen states but with similar travel insurance requirements. our schegen travel insurance covers these countries., list of asia countries.

  • Afghanistan Armenia Bahrain Bangladesh Bhutan
  • Brunei Cambodia China Cyprus Indonesia
  • Iraq Israel Japan Jordan
  • Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon Malaysia
  • Maldives Mongolia Nepal
  • Oman Pakistan Palestine Philippines Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka
  • Taiwan Tajikistan Thailand Timor-Leste Turkmenistan
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) Uzbekistan Vietnam Yemen
  • Rest of the World
  • Russia Turkey Azerbaijan Georgia Kazakhstan

Travel Scope

Please select age group.


List of Schengen States

List of asian countries, non schengen european union states covered under icici schengen travel insurance.

  • USA or Canada

Single Trip

Extend policy, travel insurance, in which age group do you fall, what would be the maximum duration of your trips, when do you depart from india for your first trip.

*All the travelling members are Indian residents and will be travelling from India

  • I agree to the Terms and Conditions Please accept terms & conditions

us travel insurance from india cost

  • To manage your WhatsApp preferences click here

Select Travel scope

Where are you travelling to done, planning to visit multiple countries in a single trip.

  • Up to 70 years
  • 71 and above

How many people are travelling?

Total travellers.

Sorry, we can’t go ahead.

Travel Safe to the USA – A Melting Pot of Cultures

ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance policies are tailored to suit specific demographics; for example, the Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan caters to the needs of senior citizens. Similarly, the Gold Multi Trip Travel Insurance for frequent travellers provides hassle-free travel opportunities for a specified duration.

Our travel insurance policy covers you against medical and non-medical emergencies whether you are travelling for business or leisure. What's more, it is easily available online and offers coverage with no medical tests up to 85 years of age!

The United States of America (USA), a 'melting pot' of cultures from around the world, is famous for its wide range of popular tourist destinations. With millions of tourists flocking here to experience a bit of 'The American Dream', it is a coveted wish in the bucket list of many avid travellers.

It is always prudent to opt for overseas travel insurance as it takes care of any unforeseen expenses and travel-related emergencies while helping you explore an unfamiliar country. If you run into any problem without a travel insurance, it can dent your finances substantially as medical costs in the USA are very high, and disrupt your travel plans.

It doesn't matter whether you are a solitary business traveller who frequents USA or a travel freak who enjoys new adventures with your family and friends. ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance offers a variety of value-added benefits that help you make any trip the experience of a lifetime.

Benefits of our Travel Insurance in USA

Cashless Hospitalisation Worldwide

Cashless Hospitalisation Worldwide

Coverage for Total Loss of Checked-in Baggage

Coverage for Total Loss of Checked-in Baggage

Emergency Hotel Extension

Emergency Hotel Extension

Daily Allowance in Case of Hospitalisation

Daily Allowance in Case of Hospitalisation

No Medical Tests up to 85 Years of Age

No Medical Tests up to 85 Years of Age

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Reimbursement

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Reimbursement

Emergency Cash Advance (for instances such as theft, burglary, etc.)

Emergency Cash Advance (for instances such as theft, burglary, etc.)

Things to Do in USA

Comprising 50 scenic states, America has no dearth of tourist hotspots. From the bustling hub of New York City to the rustic beauty of Rocky Mountains, it offers the best of both worlds. The following are some of the most note-worthy destinations to visit:

This lively five-block intersection manages to lure in tourists from around the world. Take in the glittering lights, mega-stores, street performers and cafés that litter this vibrant place that makes it one of the most-visited places in the USA.

Located in the centre of Manhattan, the 843 acres of paths, lawns, lakes and gardens make it an ideal place to admire the serenity of nature. You can ride a bike, take a walk, run or even ride in a horse-drawn carriage!

Enjoy the bustling night life at this five-mile strip that is adorned with a number of modern architectural wonders. For the gourmet-lovers, it is an ideal fine-dine destination.

Revel in the grandiosity of the Grand Central Terminal. Its architectural beauty attracts close to 10,000 tourists every day.

Indulge the child in you by paying a visit to the original Disneyland Theme Park.

These are just some of the names off a long list of destinations. Places like the Golden Gate Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Hollywood, Great Smoky Mountains, the Grand Canyon and many more offer unique travelling experiences.

Embassy Information

It is useful to know the locations of the Indian Embassy and Consulates of any country that you visit. This information helps in the case of events like passport loss or theft. Here are the Indian Embassy and Consulate locations in the United States of America:

List of International Airports in USA

Visa procedure.

To apply for non-immigrant or travelling visa, first determine your visa type by reading Common Non-immigrant Visas (A guideline that explains the qualifications and applicable items.) Choose the suitable Visa Type. Next, complete the Non-immigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form.

Once you have determined the correct visa type and completed the DS-160, you must pay the visa fee. After remitting the visa fee, create a profile and keep your receipt number to book your visa appointment. Login to your profile and schedule an appointment with Visa Application Centre and US Embassy or Consulate. You will need to carry the required credentials and proof of identity.

Here are the locations of the US Embassy and Consulates in India:

List of Well-known Indian Restaurants in USA

Offering a mouth-watering range of desi delicacies, these are some of the most popular Indian-themed restaurants in USA:

Customer Reviews


Nitya Arora

Since I travel back and forth from Mumbai to Chicago for business meetings I needed the most comprehensive travel insurance. My boss suggested ICICI Lombard travel insurance policy as they offer a variety of value added services. So I read through the policy and was quite impressed with the list of benefits. Needless to say, my travels are much more relaxed now that I have an insurance cover.


Joseph Fernandes

I'm used to travelling solo and had recently gone to visit New York City, which was at the top of my bucket list. But my trip came to halt when I got into a traffic accident. This could have gotten me into a financial fix, but my ICICI Lombard travel insurance came to the rescue. They paid for my hospitalisation expenses and also gave me a daily allowance for additional expenses. Though there were a few minor injuries I could enjoy the rest of the trip as planned.


International Travel Insurance

ICICI Lombard also offers insurance for the below products

Buy Two Wheeler Insurance

Two Wheeler Insurance

Buy Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Buy Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Buy Home Insurance

Home Insurance

us travel insurance from india cost

Blog Outline

Home > Blog > Travel > Insurance > Travel Insurance for USA from India: A Complete Guide


Travel Insurance to the USA from India: A Complete Guide

Picture of Shishira & Navneeth

30sec Snapshot

Travel insurance for the USA offers a safety net against unforeseen incidents, encompassing medical costs, trip disruptions, and misplaced luggage. It grants travellers peace of mind by guaranteeing support in emergencies and unanticipated situations while in the United States. Policies can differ, so it’s crucial to examine the specifics of coverage, such as medical evacuation, trip interruptions, and policy limitations.

Also, read more on the requirements for a USA student visa.

Scenarios Where Travel Insurance Would've Benefited

Just imagine…

Scenario 1: While travelling in the USA, you experience severe abdominal pain and are rushed to the nearest hospital. The medical expenses for the emergency surgery and subsequent hospital stay were exorbitant, causing financial strain on you.

Scenario 2: You are on a business trip to the USA and encounter unexpected flight cancellations due to adverse weather conditions. Due to this, you had to purchase new flight tickets at short notice, incurring substantial additional expenses and disrupting his travel budget.

Scenario 3: You arrive in the USA only to discover her checked baggage hasn’t arrived. As your belongings included essential items and valuables, you had to incur additional costs to replace your lost items, causing inconvenience and unexpected expenses.

Key Benefits of Travel Insurance to the USA from India

So, why is travel insurance important ? Though it is not mandatory, your future self will thank you for choosing this in case of major emergencies. Here are some benefits of travel insurance:

Factors to Consider When Investing in USA Travel Insurance

Now that you have understood the purpose of travel insurance let us get to the factors that can help you select the best US visitor insurance from India for your trip. 

1. Trip duration

It is essential to assess the duration of your visit to the USA, as specific travel insurances for USA trips have limitations regarding your travel length. Additionally, ask the provider about how long the travel insurance is valid.

2. Destination

When determining the destinations you intend to travel to in the United States, it is essential to consider that some regions may pose elevated risks, such as increased susceptibility to natural disasters or political turbulence. As a result, it may be prudent to obtain extra coverage.

3. Activities planned

For individuals with planned adventurous activities such as skiing or extreme sports, their policy must include appropriate coverage. Get insurance that has flexible travel insurance validity for better benefits.

us travel insurance from india cost

4. Medical Conditions

Hospitalisation, emergency medical expenses, repatriation.

Note: Many travel insurance policies categorise global coverage into two distinct areas: “USA and Canada” on one hand and “Rest of the world” on the other. This distinction is primarily driven by the exceptionally high cost of medical treatment in both the United States and Canada, thereby rendering even minor hospital visits financially burdensome. This particularly resonates with the situation faced by an average Indian traveller.

us travel insurance from india cost

In a Nutshell

  • Trip Duration: Check policy limitations on travel duration.
  • Destination: Assess risks and add extra coverage if needed.
  • Activities: Ensure coverage of adventurous activities.
  • Medical Conditions: Disclose pre-existing conditions and secure medical coverage.
  • Budget: Explore affordable options for travel insurance.

How to Choose the Right Policy?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy the right travel insurance for the USA:

Step 1: Assess Your Needs

  • Determine the purpose of your trip and the specific activities you plan to engage in.
  • Calculate the potential expenses you want covered, such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost baggage.
  • Consider the duration of your stay in the USA and whether you need coverage for any pre-trip or post-trip extensions.
  • If you have pre-existing medical conditions, take note of them and assess whether the insurance should cover them.

Step 2: Research and Compare Policies

  • Explore various travel insurance providers and their policies. Check with reputable insurance companies.
  • Read and compare the terms and conditions, coverage limits, and exclusions of different policies.
  • Pay attention to policy inclusions, such as medical coverage, trip interruption, and emergency assistance services.
  • Consider any additional benefits that may be relevant to your trip, such as coverage for lost travel documents or personal liability.
  • Assess the cost of the policies and compare them against your budget.

Step 3: Make an Informed Choice

  • Choose a policy that aligns with your needs, offering adequate coverage for potential risks.
  • Ensure the policy complies with visa requirements, if applicable, and review the claim process.
  • Select the appropriate coverage type, whether it’s for an individual, family, or group.
  • Contact the insurance provider or use their online platform to purchase the chosen policy.
  • Keep a copy of your insurance policy and emergency contact information for easy access during your trip.

5 Best Indian Travel Insurances for USA

In no specific order, here are some reputed insurance companies offering USA travel insurance from India. Their policies provide the best travel insurance USA-bound tourists can find.

  • Care Insurance International Travel 
  • Tata AIG Travel Guard
  • Go Digit Insurance
  • Universal Sompo Travel Worldwide

Don’t leave your USA trip to chance. Safeguard your journey with travel insurance.

us travel insurance from india cost

How to Make an Insurance Claim

Step 1: review your policy.

Begin by carefully reviewing your insurance policy. This step is crucial to understand the coverage details, limitations, and the specific circumstances under which you can make a claim. Different insurance policies may cover different aspects, so knowing your policy’s terms is fundamental.

Step 2: Notify Your Insurance Provider

In the event of an incident that requires an insurance claim, promptly notify your insurance provider. Many policies have specific timeframes within which you must report the incident to be eligible for a claim. Ensure that you provide them with all relevant information, including the date, time, location, and a description of the incident.

Step 3: Gather Claim-Related Documentation

Collect all relevant documents and evidence related to the incident that led to the claim. This may include police reports, photographs, medical records, repair estimates, or any other pertinent documentation. Thoroughly documenting the incident strengthens your claim.

Step 4: Complete Claim Forms

Your insurance provider will likely require you to complete specific claim forms. These forms typically require you to provide detailed information about the incident, your personal details, and the extent of your loss or damage.

Step 5: Submit Documentation and Forms

Compile the gathered documentation and the completed claim forms and submit them to your insurance company. Ensure that all the information is accurate and comprehensive to facilitate the processing of your claim.

Step 6: Wait for Claim Assessment

After you have submitted your claim, the insurance company will conduct a thorough assessment. This may involve evaluating the documents, conducting interviews, or consulting with experts to determine the validity of the claim.

Step 7: Claim Approval or Denial

The insurance company will inform you of the status of your claim. If approved, you will receive details about the settlement or reimbursement. In the event of a denial, you will be provided with reasons for the decision.

Step 8: Follow Up and Inquire>

If you have questions or need further clarification regarding your claim, don’t hesitate to follow up with your insurance provider. Effective communication can help resolve any issues or concerns that may arise during the process.

Step 9: Maintain records of all claim-related documents for your records.

It’s crucial to keep copies of all documents related to your claim for your personal records. This includes all correspondence with your insurance provider, claim forms, and any other relevant paperwork. These records can be valuable for reference and documentation in the future, if necessary.

Key Takeaways

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel medical insurance for USA is essential for parents visiting from India due to the high cost of healthcare and the increased likelihood of older travellers needing medical treatment.

Yes, you can purchase travel insurance for the USA even if you are already in the country. While it’s often recommended to obtain travel insurance before your trip begins, some insurance providers may offer coverage to individuals who are already in the USA. 

If you’re considering when to buy travel insurance for a USA trip , the simple answer is “as early as you can.” Ideally, you’ll purchase coverage 15 days before your trip to protect you from unfortunate events. There are many options to choose from and also the availability of cheap travel insurance for the USA.  

The USA travel insurance cost will be influenced by several factors, such as the length of the trip, the age of the traveller, the number of travellers, and the coverage options selected. 

While travel insurance for a USA trip is not mandatory for visiting the United States, it is entirely up to the individual to decide whether or not to obtain coverage. Even if not mandated, it is strongly recommended for travellers to secure a suitable travel insurance plan when exploring the United States.

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us travel insurance from india cost

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  • Global travel destinations

Best medical insurance for visitors to USA from India

Compare and buy travel insurance, travel insurance to usa from india, best travel insurance from india to usa.

Namaste ! Over 1.7 million Indians traveled to the US in 2019 alone. Thanks to the Covid pandemic, there was a shortage of staff in US consulates in India, resulting in a huge backlog for issuing US visas for Indians. Hence the numbers of Indians visiting the US had dropped between 2020 to 2023. The number of Indians traveling to the US is however expected to increase significantly from 2024 onwards as US authorities are streamlining the process of issuing visas, along with establishing new consulates in India.

travel insurance for US

Along with tourists there are students, professionals, parents and family members of Indians in the US who undertake this journey. The nearly Five million strong highly educated and affluent Indian-American community retains close ties with India and we often have Indian-Americans buying the best visitor insurance for their parents visiting USA.

The US government has a rule for buying travel insurance for Indian visitors to USA and making it mandatory for all prospective immigrants. While this proposed rule has come under legal scrutiny in US courts, we hear from customers that US consulates are insisting that Indian visitors applying for US Immigrant visas have proper US health insurance.

We are getting customer calls indicating that proof of the USA travel insurance for Indians is required for other visas as well. The best travel insurance for USA from India that we offers works well for both US visitors and immigrants and is proof of adequate health insurance in the USA.

Given the high cost of US health care coupled with the fact that most parents visiting from India are elderly, have to undertake a very long journey and are outside familiar Indian weather, it is imperative that they are insured by the best visitors travel insurance for USA from India.

It is recommended to buy the best medical insurance for visitors to USA from India as opposed to travel insurance in India since US hospitals are familiar with US insurance providers and it is easier for direct billing. In fact, simply having US travel insurance which work with US PPO networks, will reduce the hospital bills significantly.

There are also more US insurance plan options which are better designed for older travelers . Some of which are popular medical insurance for US visitors from India covering pre-existing conditions . Indian travelers can compare health insurance for visitors in USA from India on American Visitor Insurance. We list the best travel insurance to USA from India based on the travel insurance cost and coverage benefits for your specific requirements enabling you to buy the best health insurance for visiting USA from India.

Advantage of US visitors insurance over Indian travel insurance

  • Lower medical costs due to PPO network with US hospitals.
  • Local customer support for claims and during hospitalization.
  • Direct billing easier and widely accepted by US healthcare facilities.
  • More comprehensive visitors insurance options for all age groups.
  • Pre-existing condition travel insurance for Indian parents visiting usa available.

Purchasing US travel insurance provides coverage that is custom designed for the US healthcare system. Local US healthcare knowledge and network ties are hugely beneficial while navigating the US healthcare landscape. An US-based medical insurance for visitors to usa from India integrates seamlessly with local healthcare providers and will be advantageous for your expenses. Most US travel insurance plans have a network of healthcare providers (PPO network) within the US. This network facilitates a significantly lower billing for hospitalization costs as well as manage the direct billing arrangements and provides easier access to medical services.

It is much easier dealing with a US-based insurance provider as they offer the advantage of easier communication due to language and time zone proximity. US-based travel medical insurance for usa from India providers have a better understanding of US laws and regulations governing insurance simplifying the claims processes. US travel insurance plans provide comprehensive global assistance services, 24/7 support including emergency medical evacuation. Visitor health insurance from US providers also offer specialized coverage that cater to specific needs of Indian travelers, such as coverage for pre-existing medical conditions or for extending the trip and renewal of an existing policy.

What does visitors medical insurance cover?

Us travel insurance for indian visitors.

This US travel insurance for Indians information can guide Indian travelers in understanding the processes and terms as well as the financial support that it offers.

1. Common US Healthcare travel insurance terms

Deductible is the amount that insured Indian tourists need to pay for coverage before the travel insurance actually starts to pay for the healthcare services. The Deductible has to be paid along with the co-pay or coinsurance. Indians visitors need to pay the medical fees up to the amount of deductible and along with coinsurance and co-pay.

For example if the deductible amount is $500 then the travelers need to pay up to $500, it is only after this amount is paid that the insurance plan stays paying. The Deductible is introduced to prevent frivolous claims.

Coinsurance is similar to co-pay in domestic US health insurance. Here the insured needs to pay a percentage of the total cost of the medical fee instead of paying a fixed amount. If you have 10% of coinsurance that the insured will have to pay 10% of the total cost of the bill .Co-insurance is paid on top of the Deductible. Typical Co-insurance ranges from 10% to 20%. The higher the co-insurance, the lower will be the cost of travel insurance.

Travelers from India can review the insurance glossary for travel to the USA to understand other terms and also check our US travel insurance guide for easy understanding.

Riders – Riders are additional benefits that a traveler can purchase within the insurance policy. These are benefits that are usually not covered under the standard insurance policy. Depending on the need of the traveler, customers can add rider benefits at an additional cost while buying the policy.

Copay or copayment is the fixed amount that the insured will have to pay for the medical service availed. The amounts would usually differ depending on the service availed.

Network and Out of Network - In US most hospitals have PPO networks. In the PPO network there are selected doctors and hospitals that have a working agreement with the insurance providers who charge the insurance provider directly and work out cheaper for Indian travelers. If the insurance provider is in the network they will provide a list of in network facilities so that the insured finds it easy to use the provider who can offer services.

Out of network insurance is literally when the customer goes to a healthcare facility outside of the covered network provider. In this situation, the insured will have to pay for the treatment themselves and then file a claim, this process might be confusing and sometimes out of network doctors and hospitals are more expensive and may even not be covered.

2. Visitor insurance with pre-existing conditions coverage

Pre-existing condition is a medical ailment that existed before the start of the travel insurance cover. Acute onset of a pre-existing condition is a sudden relapse of the pre-existing condition without advance warning which requires medical attention within 24 hours.

Travelers from India with pre-existing conditions always find it hard to buy travel health insurance. There are various conditions that are considered as pre-existing diseases but some of common ailments in this category are Asthma, heart related issues, high blood pressure, kidney disease, cancer, diabetes etc. Typically all insurance providers have their terms and conditions for the pre-existing condition coverage provided. Indian Travelers can buy a travel insurance policy without a medical check, however most insurance providers only provide coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions. With the pre-existing condition there is a "look back" period of 60-180 days to determine the claim. Most insurance providers offer travel insurance for acute onset of pre-existing conditions with fixed or limited coverage

If any of the Indian visitors has one of these conditions it’s very important for them to buy a policy that includes the illnesses in the coverage and to be aware of the terms of pre-existing condition coverage.

3. Affordable visitor insurance for US visitors from India above 70 years of age

Senior Citizens who are 70 years of age are vulnerable to illness and are at high risk for travel sickness and injuries. While most insurance providers refuse or severely reduce coverage for travelers who are 70 years, there are a US insurance providers who insure older traveler’s. IMG in their Patriot America Plus Insurance offers coverage for up to $50K - $1M and World Trips in their Atlas America Insurance offers $50K - $2M coverage.

4. Pre-approvals for medical treatment and Hospital Visits

Pre-approval commonly known as pre-authorization is a sanction provided by the insurance provider to obtain the medical treatment and hospital visits. The healthcare service workers like network providers, hospitals or doctor’s offices often choose to inform the insurance provider and get a pre-approval. In a case where the insured is using an out-network provider the insured will need to notify the insurance provider to get pre approval or pay and then apply for a reimbursement.

In situations like an admission at the hospital for overnight stay, Major Surgery, Prescription of expensive drugs, Medical appointment to a behavioural, physical, speech or occupational therapist for treatment all of this would typically require pre-approvals from the insurance provider.

5. Renewability and Deductible in an extended /renewed Travel insurance

Not all travel insurance plans are renewable, so check on the renewability of the travel insurance plan. Most travel insurance plans can be extended based on the traveler’s requirement. When the policy is extended, the deductible is usually reset.

6. Multi-trip travel insurance

Regular or frequent travelers visiting the US can buy the annual multi-trip travel insurance plan. Here the traveler is insured for a whole year from the start of the plan, but each trip is limited to a certain length of stay outside the home country and are required to have a domestic health insurance.

Extending the visitor visa for Indians while in the US

Even though the Covid pandemic seems to be over, many Indian visitors on a temporary tourist visa are forced to extend their stay in the US for different reasons. These travelers have to extend or renew their visa status in order to stay longer in the US. The following is the procedure to extend the US short term visa:

  • The visitor should complete the I-539 form for extension of a Non-Immigrant Visa.
  • Indians should submit a letter stating the reason with detailed explanation for extension.
  • Visitors should submit a copy of form I-94 that that he/she received on entry into the US.
  • Visitors should provide documentary evidence that the extended stay is temporary along with the booked return tickets.
  • Indians provide proof that the stay is completely taken care and he/she are financially covered and will not be a public charge in the United States.
  • Visitors should confirm that if the applicant has received any state benefits after 11-Feburary-2020; they need to be supported with proof of documents separately. The applicant should not have accessed any monetary state benefits or supplementary income from state post this period.

Pay the required renewal fees

Pay $370 filling fees +$85 for biometric fees depending on the petition at the USCIS.

Visa extension processing

The USCIS will issue a receipt with 13-digit case number on submission of the extension application. The Indian visitor should provide this case number to check the status of the application and its processing times (customer service number helpline number is: 1-800-375-5283).

Student insurance for Indian students in the US

There are over One hundred and eighty thousand Indian students currently in the United States. Most of the Indian students come for a graduate program with only about 10% of the students being Undergraduate students.

There are about 30% of Indian students who are currently in the Optional Practical Training (OPT) status. India is the second largest source of the international students to the US after China. Most of the Indian students focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) programs. Business degrees are also highly regarded by Indian students.

Indian students in the US should ensure that they have proper student medical insurance. While most Universities offer student insurance, these university insurance plans are quite expensive. We offer more affordable student health insurance plan for OPT Indian student with comparable coverage.

Indian students can also buy the OPT student insurance options that we provide which are very affordable compared to University options.

H1B visa health insurance for Indian professionals in USA

A large number of Indian computer engineers and software developers work in the United States on the H1B visa. The United States of America being the global leader in research, science and technology attracts Information Technology talent from around the world and in particular from India given India’s large technically savvy labor force.

As a result, every year thousands of Indian techies migrate to the US for employment and to start a new chapter of their life. The US is also a magnet for entrepreneurs who are willing to innovate and work hard to translate ideas into products and services and to create new companies for the same.

Most of these skilled professionals come to the US on the H-1B visas. More than half of all Indian immigrants to the US finally secure their Green Cards through employment. While the Trump administration had made it difficult to get a new H1B visa or to renew existing H1B visas, the Biden administration is easing on those restrictions. Given all these changes going on with the visa process Indians who are planning to immigrate to the US should anticipate uncertainties and be well prepared for them.

One of the additional stresses that H1B visa holders face is that of their healthcare. US healthcare while excellent is also very expensive. It is in this context that it is very important for Indian H1B visa holders to buy good health insurance in the US, especially so given the Covid pandemic. At American Visitor Insurance, H1B visa holders can compare several top US insurance companies offering short term health insurance which works ideally for H1B visa holders.

These short term H1B visa health insurance plans are flexible in that they can be purchased only for the duration of one’s requirements. If the H1B visa holder gets domestic US health insurance through his employer, he can discontinue the temporary health insurance purchased here. Indian technology professionals can compare different H1B visa insurance options and buy the plan that works best for their budget and specific needs.

Travel health insurance for Indian parents visiting USA

India and the US has been witnessing a stronger political, economic and cultural connection in the 21st century. This has involved in a large number of Indians traveling to the US on work thanks to India’s dynamic technology sector and many outsourcing companies. Many of these Indians have now settled in the US and today the Indian American population in the US is 4 million strong.

This large Indian American community retains strong ties with family members in India and it is natural to have parents and relatives travel to the US to meet their children. Traveling to the USA is naturally exciting for parents are seeing their children and grandchildren. However despite much planning, travel may not turn out to be as comfortable as planned.

During travel older travelers will be exposed to strenuous long hours of travel, change in weather conditions and food which eventually may lead to a medical emergency. Given the pandemic, even though the worst seems to be behind us, Covid is still causing health problems, especially for senior citizens. It is therefore very important for Indian parents to take full precautions while traveling to the US. Due to the older age of parents, health and stress-free travel is crucial.

To avoid any such emergencies buying good US parents travel insurance is necessary as this will cover them for unforeseen medical situations that can leave them with a financial loss and nightmare in the US.

Best visitors insurance for parents from India with pre existing conditions

Indian travel health insurance usa.

Most of the US visitors insurance plans for parents provide coverage for "Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions". Travel health insurance for USA basically provides coverage in the event of an existing medical ailment becoming life threatening and needing emergency medical care. Indian Travel insurance USA coverage will usually have exclusions for coverage of gradual or slow worsening of the existing ailment.

INF is one of the few companies which offers USA travel insurance plans for parents from India with full coverage for pre-existing ailments. INF visitors insurance for parents with pre-existing conditions offers coverage for any in-patient, out-patient, urgent care, specialist, doctor visits, anything related to pre-existing conditions.

The INF plans treat the pre-existing conditions like any new sicknesses. Prescription Medications are also covered when prescribed for a recent medical incident caused by a pre-existing condition. However, maintenance medications like Lipitor are not covered under this plan. This also means INF will not have exclusions that are typical in 'acute onset of pre-existing conditions'. Some of the common pre-existing condition exclusions are:

  • A limit on the coverage for certain adverse medical events like a myocardial infraction, heart attack or other Cardiac events.
  • A limit on the number of occurrences within the insured period.
  • Explicit exclusions for certain ailments like Urinary Tract infections, Kidney infections or Bladder infections.

This also explains why 'Full pre-existing conditions coverage' is more expensive than coverage only for 'acute onset of pre-existing conditions'. However, please note the INF does not support medical tourism, where patients buy this insurance simply to get medical treatment for an existing ailment.

The Full pre-existing conditions coverage plans treat any issue related to a pre-existing condition like a New Accident and Sickness, subject to the policy maximum and deductible limits. This explains why 'Full pre-existing conditions visitor insurance coverage' plans are more expensive than coverage only for 'acute onset of pre-existing conditions'

In short the answer is Yes. INF insurance will cover any pre-existing conditions ranging from blood pressure, diabetes, kidney complications and arthritis. All of these issues are all covered by the INF Premier & INF Elite best parents travel insurance for pre existing conditions .

Different types of US Visitors travel insurance

Fixed benefit travel insurance.

A fixed benefit or scheduled benefits travel insurance plan is the cheapest US travel insurance plan, however this is because the Fixed benefit travel insurance have a fixed limit of coverage for different medical benefits. Fixed benefit international travel medical insurance works well for small ailments but can be inadequate for more serious medical conditions involving hospitalisation.

Comprehensive travel insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance provide full coverage for medical expenses up to the policy medical maximum limit. As opposed to fixed benefit international travel medical insurance there are no coverage limits for each benefit. It is much more expensive when compared to fixed benefit plans but also provides significantly superior coverage especially in case of a serious medical emergency or hospitalisation.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Compare and buy best US Single trip insurance for travel within the US and overseas

Single Trip vs MultiTrip Travel Insurance

Compare Single trip vs multi trip insurance plans offered by US insurers.

Steps to buy US visitor travel insurance online

  1: finding the best health insurance for foreigners.

Complete the travel insurance quote request form by providing details of the traveller and insurance requirements.

  2: Compare the different travel insurance options

Compare the price and the benefits of the different travel insurance options to identify what fits your needs best.

  3: Buy the US travel health insurance that you like best

Purchase the plan that fits your needs and budget best by using a credit card and completing the online application.

  4: Review insurance plan documents received by email

Review the international travel health insurance policy for coverage details and relevant contact numbers

us visitors insurance online

Factors to buy best travel medical insurance USA

Age of the traveler.

The cost of medical insurance for travelers is directly proportional to the age of the traveler. The older the traveler and greater will be the cost of the visitors health insurance.

Type of US travel health insurance

Comprehensive insurance provides exhaustive coverage but is more expensive than fixed benefit insurance which has a specified limit for each treatment.

Medical maximum coverage

The price of visitors insurance is directly dependent on the maximum medical coverage and inversely proportional to the deductible of the plan chosen.

Region of coverage

Travel insurance depends on the coverage region. The cost for visitor insurance for the United States is most expensive when compared to Europe or Asia.

Duration of travel insurance

The cost of trip insurance directly depends on the length of travel. The longer the duration of visitor medical insurance required, the higher will be the cost.

Any add on benefits

Additional add-on benefits to the basic insurance for tourist plan like adventure sports coverage, coverage for pre-existing conditions… will add to the overall cost.

Factors for best travel insurance for visitors to USA from India

  • Pre-existing condition coverage , especially for older travelers.
  • Cancellation options if they return early.
  • Renewable, if the stay is extended.
  • Fixed vs comprehensive plans as price varies hugely.
  • Deductible and Coinsurance in visitor insurance
  • Network of hospitals and doctors

Medical insurance indian visitors to USA

Find best US travel insurance from India

There many India to US travel insurance available for Indians from top reputed insurance providers. Based on the travelers coverage requirements there are two types of plans, fixed benefit and comprehensive visitors insurance .

Fixed benefit insurance are cheaper and offer limited coverage while comprehensive plans are expensive and offer exhaustive coverage. The best health insurance for visitors to USA are Patriot America Plus by International Medical Group, Atlas America from WorldTrips, Safe Travels USA Comprehensive from Trawick International, Travel Medical Choice plan from Seven Corners, INF Safe traveler USA plans from INF all of which have excellent coverage.

Indian Americans and the need for visitors insurance

Visitors health insurance for USA offered here are customized to the needs of international tourists visiting USA and Canada and work very well for parents visiting from India. Travelers can buy the best travel insurance online for USA from India for their specific needs based on the cost, different coverage benefits and deductible options.

Tourist Visa Documentation

  • A valid passport.
  • One passport sized photo ( color and not older than 6 months).
  • Form DS-160: Confirmation page with CEAC bar code.
  • Receipt of Visa Fee.
  • Documents to show purpose of visit and non immigrant intent.
  • Documents to show sponsorship (if sponsored) or self sponsored applicants can show evidence of financial resources through property, employment or profession.

US Tourist Visa Fees

Types of Visa: B, C-1, D, F, I, J, M, TN/TD,T & U Fee: $160.00 Types of Visa: H, L, O, P, Q & R Fees: $190.00 Note: The visa fees paid is non refundable even if your application is rejected.

List of some prominent visa types and their nature

Usa visa health insurance, visitor visa health insurance usa.

USA B1 visa health Insurance for temporary business visitor.

US B2 visitors visa health insurance for tourists.

F2 visa medical insurance for dependents of F1 visa.

F1 visa health insurance for international students in USA.

J1 visa insurance for exchange scholars in educational/cultural exchange programs.

Health insurance for US green card holders.

Health insurance for fiancé(e) who marry U.S. citizens.

H1B visa insurance for skilled foreign workers in specialty occupations.

Travel insurance for tourists in USA, tourist insurance USA.

H4 visa insurance for dependents of H-1B, H-1C, H-2A, H-2B, and H-3 visa holders.

Tips for Indians booking air tickets

  • Keep flight connections to a minimum: If there are 3 to 4 flight connections involved, it can be stressful for parents. The connection time should be less than 3 hours because waiting for longer hours in the airport can strain elders in the absence of airline accommodation.
  • Try to use a single airline: In a bigger airport, different airlines can operate from different terminals. Reaching terminals of different airlines inolves longer distances and parents may have to use trains, buses, walking, escalators, elevators... within the airport

Domestic and International Air ticketing

  • Customs and Immigration: While booking the air ticket make sure that the immigration and customs formalities happen in the final destination. Children can assist parents at the airport in case of problems in immigration or customs.
  • Where to book air tickets: Use experienced travel agents in India who book air tickets to America who are familiar with the needs of seniors.

Travel insurance India - FAQ's

01. why is travel insurance for usa so expensive.

There is no denying that travel insurance to USA is unfortunately very expensive. The main reason for this is simply because the cost of healthcare in the USA is very expensive and the travel insurance USA costs are directly related to the healthcare costs.

One more factor for some USA travel insurance plans to be very expensive is that there are specially designed travel insurance for USA plans available for older travelers, with higher medical coverage as well as some plans with coverage for pre-existing ailments.

02. Which travel insurance is best for USA from India? Which is the best insurance for visitors in USA?

There are several different visitor insurance USA from India options which vary quite significantly in price and benefits. The best insurance for visitors in USA will vary from customer to customer. While some travelers will consider the cheapest insurance as the best travel insurance, others will want comprehensive coverage and are willing to pay more for the best travel medical insurance for USA.

Our compare travel insurance to USA facility allows travelers review several visitor insurance USA from India options in one screen based on price as well as coverage benefits. The travelers can find the best travel insurance India to USA based on their unique needs.

03. Is travel medical insurance required for US tourist visa? Is travel insurance mandatory for India to USA?

As of now, travel insurance is not mandatory for visitors from India to the USA. However, it is strongly recommended to have travel insurance when traveling to the USA, as healthcare costs are high, and any medical emergency or unexpected event can result in significant financial losses.

04. Can a visitor get health insurance in USA?

Yes, visitors can get short term travel health insurance in USA. Reputed US insurance providers have designed travel health insurance products specifically for visitors and tourists in the USA. We provide a compare travel insurance to USA facility that allows travelers compare travel insurance India to USA options based on price as well as coverage benefits.

Travelers can find the best US travel insurance from India to USA based on their specific needs.

05. Does Indian travel insurance work in the USA?

While there are different Indian travel insurance plans for the USA, very often US hospitals or healthcare facilities do not recognize international insurance plans and will insist of paying for the healthcare treatment and getting the bill reimbursed from the insurance provider. Getting reimbursed from the Indian insurance provider can be bureaucratic and take a lot of time and effort. To add to this, very often the reimbursed will be made only in India to an Indian bank account. This can be difficult since the payment has to be made in the United States.

06. What are the reasons to choose our services for travel insurance from India to the USA?

American Visitor Insurance is a US based travel insurance provider offering a range of US visitors insurance plans for visitors to the USA from India. Here are some reasons why you may choose American Visitor Insurance for your travel insurance needs:

  • Wider range of plans : American Visitor Insurance offers the widest range of plans to choose, so travelers can find a plan that suits your specific needs and budget. The plans cover a range of benefits, including medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation.
  • Easy to purchase : Customers can buy a travel insurance policy online on the American Visitor Insurance with ease. Our online application process is user-friendly and straightforward, and you can purchase a policy in just a few minutes.
  • Customer service : Provides excellent customer service and support with licensed travel insurance agents 7 days a week. The licensed and experienced representatives are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Best pricing : Travelers will not be able to buy a travel insurance plan offered on American Visitor Insurance at a lower price anywhere.

07. Why do you need travel insurance for USA from India?

If you are planning a trip to the USA from India, it is extremely important to have the best travel insurance to protect yourself from unexpected events. Here are some reasons why you need travel insurance for the USA from India:

  • Medical emergencies : Healthcare costs in the USA are extremely high, and a medical emergency can quickly become expensive. Travel insurance can help cover the cost of medical expenses, including hospitalization, doctor visits, and emergency medical evacuation.
  • Lost or stolen baggage : Travel insurance can help cover the cost of lost or stolen baggage, including the value of the items inside your luggage.
  • Travel delays : If your flight is delayed or cancelled, travel insurance can help cover the cost of additional expenses such as accommodation, meals, and transportation.
  • 24/7 support : Many travel insurance plans offer 24/7 support and assistance, so you can get help when you need it.

08. How much medical insurance do I need while traveling?

Depending on the plan you choose, coverage for travel insurance can range from $25K to $8 million. Medical expenses in the USA are notoriously high, making it difficult to estimate the exact amount of coverage required. Our agents can advise you on the most suitable plan based on factors such as the nature of your treatment, age, and duration of your trip. For a brief visit with no pre-existing conditions, a policy with coverage of $50K may suffice. However, in the event of hospitalization due to a severe medical condition, a policy with higher coverage limits may be necessary.

09. Does Indian health insurance work in USA, or do I need US visitors insurance?

In most cases, Indian domestic health insurance policies do not provide coverage in the USA as Indian health insurance policies are designed to provide coverage within India. For traveling to the USA, you will need to buy travel medical insurance that provides coverage outside India specifically for your trip to the USA. It is essential to ensure that your travel insurance provides adequate coverage for medical emergencies, accidents, and other unexpected events that may occur while you are in the USA. Customers can compare and buy US visitors health insurance online on American Visitor Insurance.

10. What type of travel insurance for Indian parents visiting usa should I buy?

When traveling to the US, there are different types of travel medical insurance for usa from India to consider, depending on your specific needs. US insurance providers on American Visitor Insurance offer different travel insurance options for different visas, such as tourism, business, employment, study, and family reunification. When traveling to the US on any of these visas, buying the best medical insurance for visitors to usa from India is strongly recommended given the high cost of US healthcare.

Some visa types like the J1 visa require the visa holder to have mandatory health insurance. It's important to ensure that the chosen insurance plan complies with any visa-specific requirements and provides adequate healthcare coverage for all medical expenses during your stay. Keep in mind that U.S. immigration policies may change, so it is important to check the latest information on the official US government website when applying for a U.S. visa.

11. Will insurance for parents visiting usa from India cover everything?

Travel insurance for parents visiting usa from India vary widely, and while they provide coverage for many situations. It is therefore important to compare plans on American Visitor Insurance to understand what the travel insurance plan covers. Travel insurance to usa from India typically include a set of benefits, exclusions, and limitations, and it's essential to carefully read the policy terms and conditions to understand what is covered and what is not.

Common Inclusions in travel insurance from India to usa for senior citizens:

  • Medical Expenses: Coverage for medical expenses incurred due to illness or injury during the trip.
  • Travel Delay: Reimbursement for additional expenses incurred due to travel delays.
  • Lost or Delayed Baggage: Coverage for lost, stolen, or delayed baggage and personal belongings.
  • Emergency Evacuation: Coverage for the cost of emergency evacuation to the nearest adequate medical facility.

Common Exclusions in the best medical insurance for visitors to usa from India:

  • High-Risk Activities: Some policies may not cover injuries or incidents related to high-risk activities such as extreme sports or certain adventure activities.
  • War and Terrorism: Acts of war or terrorism may be excluded from coverage in some policies.
  • Intentional Acts: Injuries or damages resulting from intentional or reckless behavior may not be covered.
  • Losses Due to Alcohol or Drug Use: Incidents related to the use of alcohol or illegal drugs may not be covered.

12. When to buy best medical insurance for parents visiting usa from India?

The best time to buy US visitor insurance for parents from India is as soon as you confirm your travel details. Buying travel insurance for usa from India depends on factors, including the type of coverage you need, the nature of your trip, and the specific terms of the insurance policy.

Buying visitors travel insurance early, shortly after booking your trip, is strongly advisable. This ensures that you have coverage for unforeseen events that might occur before your departure. Some policies have waiting periods or exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and coverage is often more comprehensive when purchased early.

USA travel insurance from India

Travel insurance for nris traveling overseas, embassy of india in united states, indian embassy in washington.

2107, Massachusetts Avenue, NW, 20008, Washington, USA

Phone +1-202-9397000

Fax +1-202-2654351

Email [email protected] [email protected]

India Consulate in Texas

4300 Scotland Street, 77007, Houston, Texas, United States

Phone +1-713-6262148

Fax +1-713-6262450

Email [email protected]

India Embassy

India consulate in new york.

3 East 64th Street, NY 10021, New York, United States

Phone +1-212-7740600

Fax +1-212-8613788

Email [email protected]

India Consulate in Illinois

455 North Cityfront, Plaza Drive, Suite 850, 60611, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Phone +1-312-5950405 +1-312-5950410

Fax +1-312-5950416 +1-312-5950418

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India Consulate in California

540 Arguello Boulevard, CA 94118, San Francisco, California, United States

Phone +1-415-6680662 +1-415-6680683

Fax +1-415-6689764 +1-415-6682073

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India Consulate in Atlanta

5549 Glenridge Drive NE, GA-30342, Atlanta, United States

Phone +1-404-9635902

Email [email protected]

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Find out the best insurance for your budget and needs

How does travel insurance work?

Claims process for expenses due to injury or sickness

How to buy travel insurance?

Travel insurance glossary, travel insurance for specific groups, compare travel insurance plans, travel insurance india to usa information.

Travel medical insurance USA resources International travel insurance resources for USA visa holders.

Factors for travel insurance USA online Factors for the best travel insurance to USA.

Types of USA tourist insurance online Different types of tourist insurance for USA.

USA Vacation insurance claims procedure Trip insurance claims process for getting medical care.

Overseas travel insurance for US residents

Find the best us visitor insurance coverage - blogs and articles, affordable travel insurance online.

Fixed benefit or scheduled benefit plans are the most affordable international travel insurance plans.

Best international travel insurance

International travel insurance plans covering pre-existing conditions which many older travelers look for.

Compare US travel insurance online

Compare quotes online for best travel insurance online, Fixed vs comprehensive travel insurance USA.

Advantages of buying travel insurance online

Compare and buy the best travel medical insurance plans online.

Buy cheap travel insurance

There are many cheap international insurance plans also known as visitor insurance plans.

Coinsurance & Deductible - How visitor travel insurance works.

Best International travel insurance

Travel insurance - pre-existing conditions coverage.

Compare and buy best pre-existing plans

International travel insurance resources

Compare and buy international travel insurance USA

Travel insurance for India from the USA

India travel insurance from usa.

India, officially known as the Republic of India, is a country located in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by land area and the second-most populous country in the world, with over 1.40 billion people. India shares its borders with Pakistan to the northwest, China and Nepal to the north, Bhutan to the northeast, and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east. It is also surrounded by the Indian Ocean on the south. The capital city of India is New Delhi. India has two official languages at the national level: Hindi and English. However, there are several other recognized regional languages spoken across different states. India has one of the world's fastest-growing major economies. It is classified as a newly industrialized country and is known for its service sector, manufacturing industries, and agricultural sector. Information technology, pharmaceuticals, textiles, automotive, and tourism are among the prominent industries in the country.

There are many US travelers to India, a good number of whom have family of friends in the country. India’s healthcare infrastructure varies dramatically across the country.

Most Indian metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai boast of excellent healthcare infrastructure, the same is not true outside the big cities. Also, the healthcare in the good hospitals is not cheap. It is prudent to buy good travel insurance which can provide help in navigating through India’s healthcare infrastructure both in terms of identifying good healthcare as well as paying for it along with insuring trip costs and baggage loss or delay.

Travel insurance for India

India - general information, popular states in india.

Delhi destination

Popular cities in India

Ahmedabad destination

Popular wildlife destinations in India

Jim Corbett National Park travel insurance

Jim Corbett National Park

Kanha Tiger Reserve Travel insurance

Kanha Tiger Reserve

Ranthambore National Park travel insurance

Ranthambore National Park

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Schengen visa insurance requirements

  • Medical coverage of at least 30,000 Euros travel insurance for schengen coverage (about $50,000 USD)
  • A repatriation benefit.
  • An emergency medical evacuation benefit.

Do you need Schengen visa insurance for Senior Citizens?

Popular outbound destination among indian travelers, us visitors insurance providers.

You can find reliable US insurance providers like International Medical Group(IMG), Seven Corners, WorldTrips, Global Underwriters, Travel Insure, GeoBlue, HTH Worldwide and INF insurance.

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Travel Insurance India

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India is a country known for its colorful festivals, delicious food, and fascinating history. From the towering mountains of the Himalayas to the sandy beaches of Goa, there's so much to explore. But when you're traveling to India, it's essential to make sure you're prepared for the unexpected.

Before you set off on your adventure, here's everything you need to know about travel insurance for India, so you can stay safe and enjoy every moment of your Indian journey!  

What should your Travel insurance cover for a trip to India?   

How does travel insurance for india work.

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How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost for India?

Our suggested axa travel protection plan.

  • What types of medical coverage does AXA Travel Protection plans offer?

Are There Any COVID-19 Restrictions for Travelers to India?

  • Traveling with pre-existing Medical Conditions? 

What should your travel insurance cover for a trip to India?

At a minimum, your travel insurance should cover trip cancellation, trip interruption and emergency medical expenses. When it comes to international travel, the US Department of State outlines key components that should be included in your travel insurance coverage. AXA Travel Protection plans are designed with these minimum recommended coverages in mind.  

  • Medical Coverage   – The top priority is making sure your health is in order. With AXA Travel Protection, you can have access to quality healthcare during your trip overseas in the event of unexpected medical emergencies.    
  • Trip Cancellation & Interruptions  – Assistance against unexpected trip disruptions can dampen the mood, AXA Travel Protection offers coverage against unforeseen events.   
  • Emergency Evacuations and Repatriation   – In situations where transportation is dire, AXA Travel Protection offers provisions for emergency evacuation and repatriation.   
  • Coverage for Personal Belongings  – AXA offers coverage for your belongings with assistance against lost or delayed baggage.   
  • Optional Cancel for Any Reason  – For added flexibility, AXA offers optional Cancel for Any Reason coverage, allowing you to cancel your trip for non-traditional reasons.  Exclusive to Platinum Plan holders. 

In just a few seconds, you can get a free quote and purchase the best travel insurance for India.

Picture yourself trekking through the lush forests of Kerala, enjoying the serene beauty of nature and the chirping of exotic birds. Suddenly, you accidentally step on a hidden rock and sprain your ankle. With travel insurance, you're covered for unexpected medical emergencies, even in India's most remote areas.

If things take a turn for the worse, AXA is available to assist you in devising a strategic plan.

Here’s how travelers can benefit from an AXA Travel Protection Plan:  

Medical Benefits: 

  • Emergency Medical Expenses: Should you fall ill or have an accident during your trip, your policy may offer coverage for medical expenses, including hospital stays and doctor's fees. 
  • Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation: In case of a serious medical emergency, your policy may include provisions for evacuation to the nearest appropriate medical facility or repatriation. 
  • Non-Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation : In non-medical crises (e.g., political unrest), your policy may cover evacuation or repatriation, subject to policy terms. 

Baggage Benefits: 

  • Luggage Delay: If the airline delays your checked baggage, your policy might offer reimbursement for essential items like clothing and toiletries. 
  • Lost or Stolen Luggage: In the unfortunate event of permanent loss or theft of your luggage, your policy may offer reimbursement for its value, assisting you in replacing your belongings. 

Pre-Departure Travel Benefits: 

  • Trip Cancellation: You may be eligible for reimbursement if you cancel your trip due to a sudden illness or injury. 
  • COVID-19 Travel Insurance: Coverage is available for trip cancellation and medical expenses related to COVID-19, subject to policy terms and conditions. 
  • Trip Delay: If your flight faces delays due to unforeseen circumstances, you may have coverage for additional expenses such as meals and accommodations. 

Post-Departure Travel Benefits

  • Trip Interruption: In case of an unexpected event, you could be eligible for reimbursement for the unused portion of your trip.
  • Missed Connection: If you miss a connecting flight due to delays or cancellations, this coverage may help with expenses like rebooking fees and accommodations.

Additional Optional Travel Benefits 

  • Rental Car (Collision Damage Waiver): Exclusive to Gold & Platinum plan policy holders, this optional benefit gives travelers extra coverage on their rental car against damage and theft. 
  • Cancel for Any Reason: Exclusive to Platinum plan policy holders; this optional benefit gives travelers more flexibility to cancel their trip for any reason outside of their standard policy. 
  • Loss Skier Days : Exclusive to Platinum plan policy holders, this optional benefit offers reimbursement to mitigate some costs associated with pre-paid ski tickets that you or your traveling companion cannot use due to specified slope closures. 
  • Loss Golf Days: Exclusive to Platinum plan policy holders, this optional benefit offers reimbursement to mitigate the expenses linked to prepaid golf arrangements that you or your travel companion are unable to utilize due to specified golf closures.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for India?

India is a diverse and dynamic country, where travelers may encounter unexpected challenges. While travel insurance may not be a requirement for visiting India, it's highly recommended.

Why? There are several reasons:  

Medical Emergencies : Access to quality healthcare varies across India, and medical expenses can quickly add up in case of emergencies. With coverage for emergency medical expenses, travelers can seek necessary medical treatment without worrying about expensive costs.  

Lost Baggage: Airlines sometimes mishandle baggage, and the last thing you want is to be without your essentials in an unfamiliar place. Travel insurance offers to cover the cost of replacing necessary items, allowing you to continue.  

Lost or Stolen Luggage: India's bustling cities and crowded tourist attractions can increase the risk of theft or loss of belongings. Having coverage for lost or stolen luggage may offer financial assistance for replacing essential items.

In general, travel insurance costs about 3 – 10% of your total prepaid and non-refundable trip expenses. The cost of travel insurance depends on two factors for AXA Travel Protection plans:  

Total Trip cost: The total amount of non-prepaid and non-refundable costs you have already paid for your upcoming trip. This includes prepaid excursions, plane tickets, cruise costs, etc.

Age: L ike any other insurance type, the correlation is rooted in increased health risks associated with older individuals. It's important to note that this doesn't make travel insurance unattainable for older individuals.  

With AXA Travel Protection, travelers to India will be offered three tiers of insurance: Silver ,  Gold , and  Platinum . Each provides varying levels of coverage to cater to individual's preferences and travel needs.  

AXA presents travelers with three travel plans – the Silver Plan ,  Gold Plan , and  Platinum Plan , each offering different levels of coverage to suit individual needs. Given that Indian hospitals often do not accept U.S. health insurance or Medicare, we genuinely recommend travelers to consider purchasing any of these plans, particularly for the crucial coverage they offer for emergency accident and sickness medical expenses.  

The Platinum Plan is your go-to choice if you're looking for extra coverage for India’s experience. "Cancel for Any Reason" offers greater flexibility for those unexpected twists in your travel plans and the "Rental Car (Collision Damage Waiver)" offers assistance when you're out exploring India's stunning landscapes in a rental car.  

What types of medical coverage do AXA Travel Protection plans offer?

AXA covers three types of medical expenses:

Emergency medical: Can cover unexpected events like broken bones, burns, sudden illnesses, and allergic reactions that require immediate medical attention.

Emergency evacuation and repatriation: Can cover your immediate transportation home in the event of an accidental injury or illness.

Non-medical emergency evacuation and repatriation: Can cover evacuation assistance when you must leave a place urgently due to non-medical reasons, such as natural disasters or civil unrest.  

No. Travelers entering India do not need to undergo COVID-19 testing or show proof of vaccination.  

Traveling with pre-existing Medical Conditions?

Traveling with preexisting medical conditions can complicate your plans, but with AXA Travel Protection, we're here to support you during your trip. Our Gold and  Platinum Plans  offer coverage for preexisting medical conditions. The Platinum plan is our highest-offered choice for travelers who want our highest coverage limits and optional add-ons,

What does this mean for you? If you've got a medical condition that's been hanging around, you can qualify for coverage under our Gold Plan , and  Platinum Plan with a preexisting medical condition, so long as it’s within 14 days of placing your initial trip deposit and in our 60 day look back period. We're here to make sure you travel with ease, no matter your health situation.

1.Can you buy travel insurance after booking a flight?

You can buy travel insurance even after your flight is booked.  

2.When should I buy Travel Insurance to India?

It's advisable to purchase travel insurance for your trip as soon as you have made your initial trip deposit (prepaid and non-refundable trip costs.) AXA Travel Protection offers coverage as soon as you purchase your protection plan. We can give coverage against unforeseen events before you leave for your trip. Additionally, our policies offer coverage for preexisting medical conditions and Cancel for Any Reason if you purchase your protection within 14-days of making your initial trip deposit.  

3.Do Americans need travel insurance in India?

While travel insurance isn't required for US citizens visiting India, it's strongly advised. Having travel insurance for your trip to India ensures you're well-covered for any unexpected travel or health emergencies that may arise.  

4.What is needed to visit India from the USA?

U.S. citizens must have a valid passport and either a valid Indian visa or an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card to enter or leave India. If visiting as tourists for less than 60 days, U.S. citizens can apply for an eVisa at least four days before arrival.  

5.What happens if a tourist gets sick in India?

If you become sick in India, travelers with AXA Travel Protection can contact the AXA Assistance hotline 855-327-1442. Contact information is typically provided within the insurance documentation. Please ensure to read through your policy details and information.

Disclaimer: It is important to note that Destination articles are for editorial purposes only and are not intended to replace the advice of a qualified professional. Specifics of travel coverage for your destination will depend on the plan selected, the date of purchase, and the state of residency. Customers are advised to carefully review the terms and conditions of their policy. Contact AXA Travel Insurance if you have any questions.  AXA Assistance USA, Inc.© 2023 All Rights Reserved.  

AXA already looks after millions of people around the world

With our travel insurance we can take great care of you too

Get AXA Travel Insurance and travel worry free!

us travel insurance from india cost

Travel Assistance Wherever, Whenever

Speak with one of our licensed representatives or our 24/7 multilingual insurance advisors to find the coverage you need for your next trip.

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Do I need travel insurance to visit India?

How much does travel insurance for india cost, what does travel insurance for india cover, what isn’t covered by travel insurance for india, tips for getting the best india travel insurance, india travel information & requirements, faq: india travel insurance, related topics.

Travel Insurance for India: U.S. Visitor Requirements & Quotes

Imogen Sharma

  • You must have a visa and a valid passport to visit India .
  • Although travel insurance isn’t required, it’s advisable to at least purchase travel medical and medical evacuation coverage because India won’t accept your U.S. health insurance .
  • More comprehensive policies can also cover other travel mishaps , such as trip cancellations and delays, lost baggage and car rentals.
  • According to our research, our top picks for travel insurance for India come from Seven Corners, Tin Leg, and AXA Assistance USA ( skip ahead to view these plans ).
  • Costs for travel insurance vary, but you can typically find basic medical coverage for less than $1 per day .
  • To view multiple plans at once and find the best coverage to suit your needs, try using an online comparison tool .

Our top picks for the best india travel insurance

  • Seven Corners: Best Value for Robust Coverage & Medical Emergencies
  • Tin Leg: Best Rated Overall
  • AXA Assistance USA: Best for Budget Friendly Travelers

Our top picks for travel insurance for India

Seven corners.

Tin Leg

AXA Assistance USA

India does not require tourists to have travel insurance . However, traveling in India can come with a significant amount of risk. A travel insurance policy covers medical care and medical evacuation, so you can move around the country with peace of mind. If you become injured or sick, you won’t be saddled with an expensive medical bill.

Travel insurance also protects you from other unexpected circumstances that could affect your trip. If a natural disaster forces you to cancel or a political protest disrupts your plans, your policy can help reduce the financial impact. 

It can also help you prepare for other risks, such as those discussed below.

Risk of pickpockets and tourist scams

Pickpockets and petty thieves run rampant in India, often targeting unsuspecting tourists. They operate in crowded tourist destinations, such as airports and famous sites like the Taj Mahal.

Tourist scams are another common occurrence in India. Scammers try to lure travelers with false promises, only to extort them for money or put them in dangerous situations. In other cases, criminals drug visitors before robbing them. Travel insurance with coverage for personal items can help pay to replace stolen items.

Risk of canceled day trips or tours

Tours and day trips are a popular way to see sights in India. Since many operators have little to no oversight, they may cancel these excursions at the last minute without reimbursing you. Certain travel insurance policies can reduce the risk of financial loss by covering nonrefundable costs for interrupted or canceled tours.

Risk of political demonstrations 

Political demonstrations in India can be large and disruptive. In some cases, they affect airlines, train lines and major roadways. When a demonstration arises before or during your trip, you may have a hard time reaching your destination. In some cases, widespread protests make it too dangerous for foreigners to visit the affected areas. A travel insurance policy can help you recover the costs of canceling the trip, rebooking flights, or making unexpected hotel stays.

Risk of severe weather conditions

Many parts of India experience severe weather at various times throughout the year. In southern India, the monsoon season often brings severe flooding; the northern part of the country sees intense dust storms. Dangerous heat waves are possible across most of the country. While you can’t predict serious weather events, you can use insurance to prevent significant financial losses if storms affect your trip.

Best Value for Robust Coverage & Medical Emergencies

Why we like it.

  • Offers coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Cancellation & Interruption coverage standard
  • Covers action sports & equipment
  • Cancel for any reason not included standard
  • Must meet waiver for pre-existing conditions to be covered

Best Rated Overall

  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • Cancelation & interruption coverage
  • Offers hurricane and weather coverage

Best for Budget Friendly Travelers

Our official sales figures over the past year show that our customers paid an average of $136.70 for travel insurance to India.

We found that travel insurance for a trip to India can cost as little as $1 per day for the most fundamental medical and medical evacuation coverage. A more comprehensive plan that covers trip cancellations and interruptions will cost around $7 to $11 per day.

To give you a better idea of how much travel insurance costs for a trip to India, we requested quotes from four leading travel insurance providers.

We used these details for all of our quotes:

  • Age : 35 years old
  • Destination : India
  • Trip Length : 7 days
  • Trip cost : $2,000
  • Date: September 2024

You can see our quotes for basic travel insurance in the table below. Prices range from less than $1 per day to $6 per day .

Example Where Plan Doesn’t Reimburse the Full Trip Cost

Our quotes for policies that include trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage are in the following table. Prices range from around $7 to $11 per day .

Example Where Plan Does Reimburse the Full Trip Cost

It’s important to note that the cost of India travel insurance is different for everyone. 

Providers base your policy premium on factors such as:

  • Trip duration
  • Cost of the trip
  • Current health insurance
  • Elapsed time between policy purchase and first trip deposit

As with any type of insurance, every plan offers different types and levels of coverage.

We break down some of the most common coverage types below.

Trip cancellation insurance

Trip cancellation coverage helps you recover prepaid, nonrefundable trip costs if you have to cancel your plans. Travel to India is expensive, especially if you’re booking popular hotels and tours. If you fall ill a week before your flight and you’re too sick to travel, insurance can ensure that you don’t lose money in the process.

Trip delay insurance

This type of insurance covers the extra expenses that arise if your India trip is held up due to circumstances beyond your control. If your connecting flight from Amsterdam to New Delhi is pushed to the next day, insurance can cover a last-minute hotel booking and taxis to and from the airport. Keep your receipts, and you might also be able to get reimbursed for meals and nonrefundable hotel stays in your final destination.

Trip interruption insurance

Trip interruption coverage kicks in if unexpected circumstances require you to cut your vacation short. As long as the reason for the interruption is covered, the policy will typically refund the non-refundable costs of the rest of the trip . It might also cover the flight back to the U.S.

Travel medical insurance

If you get hurt or fall ill while you’re exploring India — a possibility, given the country’s inconsistent safety regulations — travel medical insurance covers the costs. In most cases, you’ll need to pay the healthcare bills first and file a claim for reimbursement. Some plans will work directly with the medical provider to settle bills if you need hospitalization after an accident or a bout of dengue fever.

Medical evacuation insurance

Medical evacuation coverage pays for your transportation in case of a medical emergency. It’s critical for trips to India — healthcare facilities aren’t always available away from major cities. That means if you’re injured while trekking in the Himalayas or cruising in Kerala, you may need to be transported a long distance by air to get to a hospital. When the situation is serious enough, a medical flight back to the United States may be necessary.

These services are expensive, but evacuation coverage can take care of the bill. Make sure you choose a policy with a high limit when traveling to India, particularly if you’re planning an adventurous itinerary to rural parts of the country.

Insurance for personal items

Personal item coverage helps you pay for damaged, lost or stolen belongings. Given the risk of theft and pickpocketing in India, this type of insurance is essential. Limits can vary considerably between policies; you may need to shop around to find adequate coverage if you’re packing computers, phones and cameras.

Rental car coverage

This type of insurance pays for damage to your rental car. It’s usually offered as an add-on for an extra fee, but don’t skip it if you’re renting a car in India — road conditions and driving safety are well below U.S. standards in many areas.

Every travel insurance policy comes with exclusions, which are things the plan will not cover. For example, if your policy excludes preexisting medical conditions , it won’t pay cancellation costs if you have to cancel due to a chronic health condition.  

Standard travel insurance exclusions are:

  • Pregnancy (except for complications)
  • Anxiety and mental health
  • Routine medical or dental procedures
  • High-risk activities
  • Extreme sports and professional sports
  • Trips that go against medical advice
  • Storms that have already been named
  • Illegal activities

It’s also important to note that your policy might refuse to cover anything for which you don’t have the appropriate documentation. If you need to seek medical care, or you plan to file a claim for trip cancellation or interruption, call the provider immediately to ask about documentation requirements.

A wide range of providers offer travel insurance to India. 

These tips can help you select a plan that provides ample coverage and peace of mind:

Research your destinations.

If you’re traveling to rural parts of India, make sure your insurance policy includes a high limit for medical evacuation. That way, you’re less likely to incur high bills for medical flights.

Check emergency procedures.

Some providers deny medical claims if you fail to call the emergency assistance line before seeking help. That’s not always possible in areas of India that don’t have cell service.

Consider how you’re traveling around India.

Travel insurance policies don’t apply to every mode of transportation. If your plans include hitching a ride or renting a motorcycle in India, make sure it’s covered in case of an accident.

Examine the risk level of activities.

Read the policy exclusions carefully to ensure that your intended activities are covered.

Buy a policy as soon as possible.

By buying as soon as you book the trip, you’ll be protected for longer. Coverage usually starts from the purchase date.

Are there COVID-19 restrictions for U.S. tourists?

No, as of February 13, 2023, there are no COVID-19 restrictions for U.S. tourists.

Do I need a visa or passport to travel to India?

You need both a visa and a passport to travel to India . You can apply for an eVisa online. If you’re approved, you can travel in India for up to 60 days. Make sure to apply at least four days before you’re scheduled to arrive. To stay longer, you must apply for a standard tourist visa at the nearest Indian consulate or embassy.

Before you apply, check the expiration date on your passport . The document must be valid for at least six months after the application date. Indian immigration officials require two blank pages to accommodate visas and stamps.

Is it safe to visit India?

India can be a safe destination for savvy tourists — however, you must exercise a great deal of caution . Petty crime is common, as are scams. Female travelers must be especially careful as there have been many reports of sexual assault and violence against women, including tourists. The U.S. Department of State advises women to dress according to local custom and avoid traveling alone in India. 

There is also a chance of terrorism and civil unrest throughout India, particularly in the northeastern states, central and eastern India and areas near the Pakistan border.

Can a US citizen buy health insurance in India?

As a citizen of the US traveling to India, it is far more beneficial for you to purchase a travel insurance policy before you leave for your vacation. Doing so prepares you for early unforeseen circumstances such as delayed flights or canceled bookings. NRIs (non-resident Indians) may be able to purchase health insurance in India. Still, as U.S. travel insurance companies are fully regulated, you are far safer securing your coverage within the states.

Can I use my U.S. health insurance in India?

No, you cannot use most standard U.S. health insurance policies in India.

Can a U.S. citizen buy travel insurance in India?

A few insurance providers allow you to purchase travel insurance after you’ve started your trip in India. However, you may be subject to higher fees or a waiting period before you can make a claim.

Is it better to buy travel insurance from India or U.S.A.?

It’s best to buy travel insurance for India while you’re still in the United States. You can buy it from a domestic or international provider — just make sure the company is reputable and that the policy applies to American travelers.

Imogen Sharma

Imogen Sharma is an experienced writer, specializing in business, culture, and financial guidance for young adults. She has contributed to articles for Varo Bank , Lendzi , MoneyTips and Indeed , providing invaluable insights into budgeting, financial planning, and lines of credit.

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Prior to her writing career, Imogen honed her financial acumen in management roles, excelling in P&L analysis, budgeting and HR. During her tenure at Smith & Wollensky in London, her strategic contributions contributed to a 2% increase in EBITDA over a year, demonstrating her ability to drive financial performance and organizational success.

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us travel insurance from india cost

Travel Insurance For a Trip to India (2024)

Travel insurance protects your trip expenses and offers you financial peace of mind. See how to get covered and what travel insurance costs for a trip to India.

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Nicole Leigh West Photo

Nicole Leigh West is an experienced lifestyle journalist and writer for publications including Wanderlust, TripSavvy and Vacations & Travel. Along with roaming the globe and penning fiction novels, Nicole works for World Words as a sub-editor and writer.

Tori Addison Photo

Tori Addison is an editor who has worked in the digital marketing industry for over five years. Her experience includes communications and marketing work in the nonprofit, governmental and academic sectors. A journalist by trade, she started her career covering politics and news in New York’s Hudson Valley. Her work included coverage of local and state budgets, federal financial regulations and health care legislation.

From sightseeing in Mumbai to hiking the Himalayas, travel insurance can protect your investments on your vacation to India. Travel insurance for India can help cover you financially if your trip gets canceled, you incur medical expenses abroad or an airline loses your baggage.

No one wants to call off overseas travel, but sometimes the unexpected happens and interrupts your plans. Read on to learn about policy terms, costs and information about traveling to India.

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Compare India Travel Insurance Companies

Use the table below to compare the best travel insurance companies for a trip to India:

Why Trust MarketWatch Guides

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Companies Reviewed

Quotes Collected

Rating Factors

Do I Need Travel Insurance for India?

Travel insurance plans are not required to visit India. However, travel insurance can protect you from losing nonrefundable costs if your trip gets interrupted or you experience a health emergency. Most U.S. health insurance plans do not cover medical expenses overseas, like if you require hospitalization or emergent care. But you can add protection by purchasing a travel insurance policy with emergency medical coverage.

It’s important to check policy documents regarding participation in activities such as adventure sports and motorbike riding, which insurance may not cover. However, even if you’re simply exploring Delhi, heat exhaustion or minor incidents may require medical treatment you can cover by filing a travel insurance claim.

Travel insurance can reimburse some or all prepaid costs for trip delays or cancellations. So you won’t have to rely on airline policies to recoup losses if your flight to India is delayed or canceled for reasons outside your control. A policy can also cover a delay of checked-in baggage and lost or stolen belongings.

Cancel for Any Reason Coverage

Most travel insurance providers offer cancel for any reason (CFAR) coverage , which covers nonrefundable trip costs without limits on why you need to cancel.

Standard travel insurance coverage includes cancellation for predetermined reasons, including the death of a family member or a personal accident or illness. But CFAR coverage allows you to cancel plans for reasons outside your policy. So if you cancel your trip to India to go to Canada or Thailand instead, your insurance company is more likely to reimburse travel costs if you have CFAR coverage.

CFAR is subject to rules that vary among different travel insurance providers. Rules may include exclusions and time limits, such as a requirement to cancel within 48 or 72 hours of your vacation start date. It is typically offered as a policy add-on, which may increase your insurance premium.

Gear Theft Protection

Travel insurance also offers coverage for valuable items and expensive equipment so you can travel to India with added peace of mind. Gear theft protection is useful if you’re traveling with valuables such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Professional cameras and video equipment
  • Adventure sports gear

Check your international travel insurance plan for inclusions, exclusions and the sum insured. Certain travel policies may not cover everything, like the full cost of stolen valuables after your deductible. Generally, reimbursement includes items that are damaged, lost or stolen through common carriers such as airlines or tour organizations. Many travelers leave items at home or locked in hotel rooms if they are too valuable to lose.

Medical Emergency Insurance and Emergency Medical Evacuation

According to the U.S. Department of State , the quality of medical care in India varies depending on your location. You may have an easier time finding medical care in more populated cities versus rural areas. But regardless of your location, travel medical insurance can cover health emergencies and help you avoid significant medical costs.

Policies may vary regarding coverage of pre-existing diseases or medical conditions. Standard medical coverage typically includes:

  • Hospital fees
  • Operating room charges and anesthesia
  • Dental emergencies
  • Lab tests and X-rays
  • Accidental death and dismemberment

Most travel health insurance plans include emergency medical evacuation and repatriation if local medical care isn’t available or you need to fly back to your home country.

Rental Car Protection

Many people choose to explore India via a guided tour or with private drivers due to traffic conditions, specifically in big cities. The country requires that rental car companies provide third-party personal liability insurance to cover deaths, injuries or property damage while using rented vehicles. However, companies may offer you the option to purchase additional rental car coverage.

Depending on the type of car insurance and coverage you choose, premium plans may include the following:

  • Collision damage waiver and theft protection
  • Tire and windshield protection
  • Roadside protection
  • Personal effects coverage

As a separate safeguard, a standard travel insurance policy generally includes rental vehicle coverage to reimburse you for stolen or damaged cars. Some policies may offer this coverage as a policy add-on, which costs extra.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Trip cancellation insurance covers nonrefundable trip costs (like your flight or hotel) if your trip to India gets canceled unexpectedly. Coverage extends to the insured person or policyholder for a limited number of reasons, including:

  • Death of family members
  • Hospitalization or serious illness
  • Severe weather conditions preventing departure
  • Jury or military duty
  • Domestic or international terrorism (such as a hijack at air or sea)

Opt for CFAR coverage for more general cancellations, like a compassionate visit to someone in the hospital, concerns about pre-existing conditions or simply changing your mind. Note that your policy may not cover cancellations due to certain natural disasters (such as flash flooding in India) if you travel after a known event.

How Much Does India Travel Insurance Cost?

The cost of India travel insurance largely depends on your trip details and personal risk factors. For example, a senior citizen who requires a regular check-up for pre-existing medical conditions may pay more for a policy, whereas student travel insurance is generally the cheapest.

Plan options may include single-trip travel insurance for a one-time visit to India. Or if you’re traveling from Schengen countries to Australia and then onto India, you might find multi-trip travel insurance more cost-effective. In this example, a U.S. citizen would not need a Schengen visa to travel between countries but would require a tourist visa to enter India .

We requested quotes from ten travel insurance companies for their most affordable plan for a trip to India. The below quotes are for a 30-year-old traveler from Florida, traveling to India for ten days in September 2024, with a total trip cost of $4,000. Policies include coverage for cancellations, interruptions, delays, medical care and evacuation.

 These quotes were collected in April 2024 for a trip in September 2024.

Keep in mind that your cost may vary depending on your personal details and trip duration or end date. If you are on a budget, check out our picks for cheap travel insurance options .

How Do I Get Travel Insurance for India?

When planning your vacation to India, check your credit cards and health insurance as you may already have some forms of coverage. Some credit card companies extend certain travel coverages, and private health insurance may extend to emergencies abroad. You can also buy travel insurance directly through your airline when purchasing flight tickets.

If you decide to purchase travel insurance, take your time to shop around and compare plans. It’s important to check your policy wording for coverage exclusions so you are not surprised during the claims process. For example, policies may include varying coverages for lost baggage , which can affect how much you receive in a claim settlement.

The right travel insurance policy for you should take into account your personal needs. If you plan to hike or participate in sporting activities, look for coverage that includes medical emergencies and sporting gear. Or find a trip plan with optional CFAR coverage if unexpected trip interruptions are a concern.

us travel insurance from india cost

India Safety Tips

Below are travel and safety tips to help you enjoy a hassle-free Indian vacation.

Crime and Safety

The India Travel Advisory from the U.S. Department of State is at a Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution. According to the State Department, the level is in place due to growing crime across tourist destinations, along with possible terrorist attacks. Check updated information for certain areas with Level 4: Do Not Travel advice.

It’s recommended to avoid demonstrations and always follow instructions from local authorities. Be aware of your surroundings in big crowds and guard your belongings from pickpockets. Take note of local media concerning breaking events and adjust your plans accordingly.

Day Trips, Tours and Excursions

From seeing the Taj Mahal to learning how to cook Indian food, tours are a fantastic way to see the country. Some international travel insurance policies can safeguard you from financial loss related to travel excursions — like cruise insurance from Nationwide.

Always book tours and day trips through reputable companies. Seek advice from hotel concierges and trusted travel agents. For more information, visit India’s official tourism website .

India currently does not have any rules or restrictions regarding COVID-19 and U.S. travelers. However, the situation is subject to change. Visit the Indian government’s Bureau of Immigration for up-to-date information.

Is Travel Insurance for an India Vacation Worth It?

Travel insurance is not mandatory for a vacation to India. However, it can help you recoup finances due to potential baggage loss, stolen valuables, canceled flights and more. Travel insurance can also cover medical expenses if you experience an emergency abroad. Other reasons why travel insurance is worth it include peace of mind in knowing you have coverage on your trip to India, whether it be for sporting equipment, a delayed flight or a trip to urgent care.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Insurance in India

How can i claim flight compensation.

Travel insurance is the best protection against canceled flights to India. Most U.S. airlines will only compensate you if the company is at fault for cancellations or delays. But even then, restrictions apply.

Do I need travel insurance to fly to India?

Travel insurance is not required to fly to or enter India. But a policy is recommended to cover trip cancellation and potential medical expenses. It can also cover the loss of passports and other important documents, stolen or damaged valuables and sporting gear.

What does travel insurance for India cover?

Travel insurance covers a variety of unexpected events and risks, including medical emergencies, flight cancellations or delays, lost luggage and stolen valuables. Different types of travel insurance plans may also include coverage for sporting equipment and rental car damage.

Do all credit cards include travel insurance?

Not all credit cards offer travel insurance. But travel rewards cards may offer a level of travel insurance. Check your policy documents for coverage details. You can also use travel cards to earn rewards points if you prefer to travel cashless.

If you have feedback or questions about this article, please email the MarketWatch Guides team at  editors@marketwatchguides. com .

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us travel insurance from india cost

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Travel insurance

Our travel insurance ratings methodology

Heidi Gollub

Kara McGinley

Kara McGinley

“Verified by an expert” means that this article has been thoroughly reviewed and evaluated for accuracy.

Jennifer Lobb

Jennifer Lobb

Published 8:40 a.m. UTC May 24, 2024

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Featured Image

AlSimonov, Getty Images

How we rate travel insurance 

We evaluated 1,855 travel insurance coverage details and rated 39 travel insurance companies by weighting key factors of top travel insurance plans and scoring the following details.

We analyzed 567 rates to determine the average cost of travel insurance plans, both with and without a “cancel for any reason” upgrade. The traveler profiles we used are based on various traveler profiles, destinations and trip costs.

  • $3,000, 8-day trip to Mexico for two travelers age 30.
  • $3,000, 8-day trip to Mexico for two travelers age 70.
  • $6,000, 17-day trip to Italy for two travelers age 40.
  • $6,000, 17-day trip to Italy for two travelers age 65.
  • $15,000, 17-day trip to Italy for four travelers ages 40, 40, 10 and 7.
  • $15,000, 17-day trip to France for four travelers ages 40, 40, 10 and 7.
  • $15,000, 17-day trip to the U.K. for four travelers ages 40, 40, 10 and 7. 

>> Why this is important: While the cost of travel insurance will vary based on your personal trip details, you want a fairly priced travel insurance plan that includes adequate coverage for the benefits that are important to you. 

Emergency medical coverage

We scored each travel insurance plan based on the emergency medical coverage limit. Travel insurance policies with emergency medical expense benefits of $250,000 or more per person received the highest score.

>> Why this is important: Your U.S. health insurance may not cover you when you travel out of the country. This coverage can cover doctor bills, X-rays and hospital stays if you’re ill or injured abroad. It’s best to have primary coverage with this benefit, which means you won’t have to first file a claim with your health insurance company before filing a travel insurance claim. 

Medical evacuation coverage

Emergency medical evacuation coverage pays to transport you to the nearest adequate treatment center. We gave travel insurance policies with emergency medical evacuation benefits of $500,000 or more per person the highest score.

>> Why this is important: Emergency medical evacuation can cost tens of thousands of dollars, or more if you need to be transported back to the U.S. from the other side of the globe. You’ll want a high coverage limit, especially if you are planning to travel on a boat or to a remote location. 

Pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver

We gave full points to travel insurance policies that cover pre-existing medical conditions if certain conditions are met. These conditions often include buying your policy within a certain number of days after your first trip deposit, being medically able to travel at the time you buy your travel insurance and insuring the full value of your trip.

>> Why this is important: If you don’t qualify for this waiver, or buy a policy that doesn’t offer one, your pre-existing conditions will not be covered by your travel insurance plan. This could include any condition for which you’ve received treatment in recent months, such as asthma.

Missed connections coverage

Not all travel insurance plans offer coverage for expenses you incur after missing a connecting flight. We gave plans with missed connection benefits of $1,000 per person or more full points. 

>> Why this is important: If a delayed flight causes you to miss a connection and your cruise leaves without you, you could be out a lot of money. This benefit is often limited to cruises and tours but some plans offer more expansive coverage. 

“Cancel for any reason” (CFAR) upgrade

CFAR is an optional upgrade that raises the price of your travel insurance but gives you the option to cancel for a reason not listed in your policy. Some CFAR coverage upgrades only reimburse up to 50% of your trip expenses. We gave points to travel insurance plans with CFAR coverage that reimburses up to 75%.

>> Why this is important: If you’re going to spend the extra money for CFAR coverage, you want a plan that reimburses up to 75% of your prepaid, nonrefundable trip expenses. 

Travel delay required waiting time

Travel delay benefits kick in after a certain waiting period. We gave points to travel insurance policies with travel delay benefits that kick in after a delay of six hours or less.

>> Why this is important: If your connecting flight is delayed and you need to spend extra money, such as on buying dinner at the airport, you want a short waiting period.

Cancel for work reasons

We gave travel insurance plans that allow you to cancel your trip for work reasons points. 

>> Why this is important: Being asked by your boss to stay and work instead of traveling may not be within your control. Watch out for fine print with this benefit though. You might need to have been employed with your current company for a number of years in order to qualify.

Hurricane and severe weather waiting period

Travel insurance plans with a required waiting period of 12 hours or less for hurricane and severe weather coverage received points.

>> Why this is important: If severe weather disrupts your trip, you won’t want to have to wait more than 12 hours for your benefits to apply. 

Our star ratings explained

Our best travel insurance star ratings are determined by weights assigned to the key factors above. Each travel insurance plan is scored and its total score out of 100 determines its star rating. Top scores earn 5 stars. 


  • Best travel insurance companies .
  • Best cruise travel insurance .
  • Best senior travel insurance .
  • Best “cancel for any reason” travel insurance .
  • Best COVID travel insurance .

Best travel insurance methodology

The best travel insurance companies bundle several types of valuable coverage together for a reasonable price. We rated travel insurance plans based on important benefits, coverage levels and cost. 

Best travel insurance ranking factors

  • Cost: 40 points.
  • Emergency medical coverage: 10 points.
  • Medical evacuation coverage: 10 points.
  • Pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver: 10 points.
  • Missed connection coverage: 10 points.
  • “Cancel for any reason” upgrade: 5 points.
  • Travel delay waiting period: 5 points.
  • Cancel for work reasons covered: 5 points.
  • Hurricane and severe weather waiting period: 5 points.
See the results of our analysis in our rating of the best travel insurance .

Best cruise travel insurance methodology

The best cruise travel insurance covers COVID-related cancellation and medical expenses, offers missed connection coverage and has high levels of emergency medical and medical evacuation coverage. 

Best cruise travel insurance ranking factors

  • Cost: 50 points.
  • Medical evacuation coverage: 10 points. 
  • Missed connection coverage: 15 points. 
  • CFAR reimbursement level: 5 points.
  • Trip interruption coverage: 5 points.
  • Pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver: 5 points.
See the results of our analysis in our rating of the best cruise travel insurance .

Best senior travel insurance methodology

The best senior travel insurance has high levels of emergency medical and evacuation benefits as well as a pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver. All plans we considered also offer an optional “cancel for any reason” upgrade. 

Best senior travel insurance ranking factors

  • Emergency medical coverage: 15 points.
  • Medical evacuation coverage: 15 points. 
  • Pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver: 20 points. 
See the results of our analysis in our rating of the best senior travel insurance .

Best “cancel for any reason” travel insurance methodology

The best “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) travel insurance offers a high reimbursement percentage for a good price. 

Best CFAR travel insurance ranking factors

  • Cost: 80 points.
  • CFAR reimbursement level: 20 points. 
See the results of our analysis in our rating of the best “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) travel insurance .

Best COVID travel insurance methodology

The best COVID travel insurance gives you the flexibility and medical coverage you need if you get COVID-19 during your trip. 

Best COVID travel insurance ranking factors

  • Cost: 70 points.
  • "Interruption for any reason" upgrade: 10 points.
See the results of our analysis in our rating of the best COVID travel insurance .

How we collect data

Our insurance editors collect travel insurance data by requesting quotes for seven unique traveler profiles for each plan in our analysis. We then review sample travel insurance policies and document details on each plan’s coverages, benefit levels and optional add-ons. We also document notable exclusions from coverage. 

Our data undergoes three levels of fact-checking to ensure accuracy. We refresh this data annually, and our ratings are updated then. 

USA TODAY Blueprint’s editorial standards

Our goal as insurance editors is to provide an unbiased analysis of insurance products on the market and break down the pros and cons of each for readers. 

For insurance ratings, we collect thousands of data points to evaluate by assigning weights to the most important factors. These weights determine each product’s score out of 100, which translates to a star rating. Top-scoring insurance products get 5 stars. 

Our ratings are designed to let rigorous methodology determine the winners so all star ratings are data-based. Advertisers never influence our editorial content.

Blueprint is an independent publisher and comparison service, not an investment advisor. The information provided is for educational purposes only and we encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding specific financial decisions. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Blueprint has an advertiser disclosure policy . The opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the Blueprint editorial staff alone. Blueprint adheres to strict editorial integrity standards. The information is accurate as of the publish date, but always check the provider’s website for the most current information.

Heidi Gollub

Heidi Gollub is the USA TODAY Blueprint managing editor of insurance. She was previously lead editor of insurance at Forbes Advisor and led the insurance team at U.S. News & World Report as assistant managing editor of 360 Reviews. Heidi has an MBA from Emporia State University and is a licensed property and casualty insurance expert.

Kara McGinley is deputy editor of insurance at USA TODAY Blueprint and a licensed home insurance expert. Previously, she was a senior editor at Policygenius, where she specialized in homeowners and renters insurance. Her work and insights have been featured in MSN, Lifehacker, Kiplinger, PropertyCasualty360 and more.

Jennifer Lobb is deputy editor at USA TODAY Blueprint and is an experienced insurance and personal finance writer. Jennifer served as an insurance staff writer and editor at U.S. News and World Report and deputy editor of insurance at Forbes Advisor. She also spent several years covering finance and insurance for various financial media sites, including LendingTree and Investopedia. For nearly a decade, she’s helped consumers make educated decisions about the products that protect their finances, families and homes.

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10 worst US airports for flight cancellations last week

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Cheapest travel insurance of May 2024

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Airfare at major airports is up 29% since 2021

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USI Affinity travel insurance review 2024

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Trawick International travel insurance review 2024

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Travel insurance for Canada

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Travelex travel insurance review 2024

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Best travel insurance companies of May 2024

Best travel insurance companies of May 2024

Travel insurance Amy Fontinelle

Best travel insurance for a Disney World vacation in 2024

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World Nomads travel insurance review 2024

World Nomads travel insurance review 2024

us travel insurance from india cost

Cover your travels: What every US tourist needs to know about insurance

us travel insurance from india cost

By getting the right coverage, visitors can protect themselves from financial losses and enjoy their travels with less worry.

Traveling is an exciting adventure that offers unique experiences and memories to last a lifetime. However, unexpected events such as illness, accidents, or logistical complications can quickly turn a dream vacation into a stressful ordeal. To mitigate these risks, it is crucial for US tourists to understand the importance of travel insurance. This article provides a comprehensive guide on what every US tourist should know about travel insurance, ensuring a safe and smooth journey.

Understanding travel insurance

Travel insurance is designed to cover the financial risks and losses that might occur while traveling, such as trip interruptions, lost baggage, medical emergencies, and other unexpected circumstances. There are several types of coverage available and choosing the right one can depend on the nature of your trip, destination, and health conditions.

Reasons to consider travel insurance coverage

Trip interruption: This coverage reimburses the cost of a one-way economy air and/or ground transportation ticket if the insured person’s trip is interrupted due to the covered reasons as mentioned in the policy.

Medical emergencies: While many health insurance plans offer limited coverage overseas, travel medical insurance provides comprehensive coverage for illnesses or injuries that occur outside of your home country. This is particularly important for destinations with high medical costs, such as the United States, where tourists can face hefty bills in the absence of adequate coverage.

Emergency medical evacuation: This covers the cost of transporting you to the nearest equipped medical facility in case of a medical emergency in a remote location where immediate medical care may not be available. It is crucial for those adventure seekers traveling or hiking to remote or unstable areas.

Baggage and personal items loss: This insurance helps to replace the cost of your belongings up to a specified amount mentioned in the policy if they are lost, stolen, or damaged beyond use in a common carrier during the trip.

A ccidental death and dismemberment: Although morbid to consider, this coverage provides a lump sum to the beneficiaries in the event of the policyholder’s death or offer an amount to the policyholder in case of a severe injury resulting in loss of limb or eyesight while traveling.

Choosing the right insurance provider

Selecting a reputable insurance provider is as critical as choosing the insurance type. Look for companies that offer 24/7 customer support, comprehensive coverage options, and positive reviews from other travelers. Ensure that the provider is licensed and has a good standing in the industry.

How to purchase travel insurance

Travel insurance can be purchased directly from an insurance provider, through a travel agent, or via a travel booking site. It is advisable to purchase insurance right after booking your travel arrangements to maximize your coverage period, especially for trip-related benefits.

Tips for US tourists

Understand the exclusions: All insurance policies have exclusions. Common exclusions include pre-existing medical conditions , injuries caused by high-risk activities, and events related to alcohol or drug use. Make sure to read the fine print and understand what is not covered.

Keep documentation: In the event of a claim, having proper documentation is essential. Keep receipts, detailed reports from medical professionals, and any related paperwork to streamline the claims process.

Consider the duration and drequency of travel: Frequent travelers might find that annual or multi-trip insurance policies are more cost-effective than single-trip policies. Assess your travel habits to choose the most suitable option.

Check for travel advisories: Before traveling, check if there are any travel advisories for your destination. Some insurance policies may not cover travel to countries with travel warnings.

Travel insurance is an essential part of planning for international travel, providing peace of mind and security during unpredictable situations. By understanding the types of coverage and choosing a suitable provider, US tourists can protect themselves from significant financial losses and enjoy their travels with less worry. Remember, the best travel insurance policy is one that fits your specific travel needs and gives you the confidence to explore the world safely.

(Chiranth Nataraj, a contributing writer to the American Bazaar, is the founder of  Visitor Guard .)

Demystifying US visitor insurance: Common myths debunked

Bringing parents to the US from India for a visit? Here are the 5 things you should consider

Why is visitor health insurance recommended for travel to the US?

Traveling to the US? Here’s why you shouldn’t skimp on travel insurance!

What does visitor insurance cover?

Indian travelers to US must get visitor insurance with Covid-19 cover

Chiranth Nataraj, a contributing writer to the American Bazaar, is the founder of Visitor Guard. He has more than two decades worth of experience in developing insurance and technology solutions.

Keep Reading

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us travel insurance from india cost

The American Bazaar is a publication of American Bazaar, Inc., based in Germantown, MD.

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Us travel insurance market to secure valuation of usd 21.15 billion by 2032 at a cagr of 18.14% cagr from 2024 to 2032: astute analytica.

The U.S. travel insurance market is experiencing a surge in demand, with Americans increasingly valuing financial and medical protection while abroad. Sales are nearing $4.79 billion annually, driven by concerns over safety, health coverage, and the rising popularity of international travel.

New Delhi, May 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The  US travel Insurance market is projected to attain a market valuation of US$ 21.15 billion by 2032 from $4.79 billion in 2023 at a CAGR of 18.14% during the forecast period 2024–2032.

The travel insurance market in the United States is experiencing a robust period of growth. Annually, Americans are investing nearly $4 billion in travel insurance, a testament to the rising concern over travel-related risks. This heightened sense of caution is reflected in the fact that nearly half of Americans report increased anxiety about traveling, yet a resilient spirit prevails as most indicate that their travel plans remain unaffected. As per Astute Analytica, the landscape of travel is punctuated by uncertainties, with one in six Americans experiencing disruptions due to illness or natural disasters. Despite these challenges, the average American is embarking on 2.4 trips, predominantly within the domestic sphere. The coverage net of travel insurance is widening, with more than 148 million individuals now under its umbrella, marking a near 15% surge in sales. When selecting international destinations, safety and security concerns are prioritized over health issues, indicating a shift in the traveler's mindset.

Download Free Sample Copy @

The financial commitment to travel insurance is on an upward trajectory, with expenditures surpassing $1.3 billion. The demographics of those seeking insurance reveal that higher income and education levels are influential factors, with a threefold increase in demand observed. In the past year, approximately 80% of US adults have traveled for non-business purposes, with the majority of insured travelers (56%) spending $1,000 or less on their trips. The primary motivator for 35% of insured travelers is the fear of flight delays or reservation changes, highlighting the desire for assurance against logistical uncertainties.

Consumer Behavior with Demographic Analysis Paints A Promising Picture of US Travel Insurance Market

Interestingly, 38% of travelers have opted for insurance coverage, with the average policy cost ranging between $80 and $160 for a $2,000 trip. The preferred method of purchase is through travel providers, as evidenced by 55% of insured travelers. The practical use of travel insurance market is not uncommon, with 18% of policyholders filing a claim. Additionally, credit card travel insurance features are utilized by a third of respondents, offering a convenient alternative to traditional insurance products. Despite these trends, a significant 62% of travelers have not purchased travel insurance, though 68% express a willingness to consider it for future trips. The year 2023 saw Americans spend nearly $4.79 billion on various travel protection services, with online channels accounting for more than half of this consumer expenditure. The coverage landscape expanded to protect around 77 million people through over 49.3 million plans, marking a 17% increase from 2019. The majority of these plans, approximately 89%, were for trip cancellation/interruption packages, underscoring the importance of this coverage type.

Medical evacuation insurance, which represents about 6.3% of sold plans, covers the significant costs associated with emergency transport due to medical crises. The 'Cancel for any reason' (CFAR) coverage, although it can increase the insurance cost by nearly 50%, remains a popular add-on for its flexibility. The single-trip insurance segment is particularly dominant, claiming a 77.49% market share.

Senior citizens are a key demographic, contributing a substantial revenue, while the business travel insurance segment also holds a significant market share.

Key Findings in US travel Insurance Market

Rise of Individual Travel Insurance in the United States, Contribute Over 77% Market Revenue: Factors Driving Demand

In recent years, the United States travel Insurance market has witnessed a significant shift in the travel insurance landscape, with a notable increase in the demand for individual travel insurance policies compared to group travel insurance. This trend can be attributed to a confluence of factors that have reshaped the way Americans travel and perceive the importance of travel protection. One of the primary drivers behind this shift is the growing popularity of solo travel. A recent survey by revealed that 40% of global Baby Boomers have embarked on a solo trip in the last year, with 21% planning to do so in the future. This trend, coupled with the rise of business travel, which often requires personalized coverage tailored to specific travel needs, has significantly contributed to the demand for individual travel insurance policies. The Global Business Travel Association projected that U.S. business travel spending would reach $347.5 billion in 2022, further underscoring the importance of individual travel insurance in this segment.

Another key factor behind this growth of the travel Insurance market is the desire for customization and flexibility in travel insurance coverage. A survey by Squaremouth indicated that 70% of travelers prefer policies that can be tailored to their specific needs, such as "Cancel For Any Reason" coverage. Individual travel insurance policies often offer more comprehensive coverage for international travel, including international health insurance, which is less commonly found in group policies. This is particularly relevant given the 6% increase in international travel by U.S. residents in 2019, as reported by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The convenience of purchasing individual travel insurance through online booking platforms has also played a significant role in driving demand in the travel Insurance market. Statista reports that 82% of travel bookings in 2018 were made without human interaction, with many platforms offering the option to add individual travel insurance at the point of sale. This ease of access, combined with growing consumer awareness about the risks of travel interruptions, as suggested by the U.S. Travel Insurance Association (USTiA), has led to more travelers proactively seeking out individual insurance products.

Age-specific coverage needs have also contributed to the rise in individual travel insurance demand. The senior segment of travelers, which is growing, often requires more comprehensive medical coverage. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that older travelers have travel insurance, as Medicare may not provide coverage outside the U.S. Similarly, the adventure travel sector, which is growing at a rate of 65% year over year according to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, has seen an increase in travelers seeking individual policies that cover specific activities that may not be included in standard group policies.

Securing Peace of Mind: The Rising Tide of Comprehensive Travel Insurance in the US, to Continue Dominating with Over 30.51% Market Share

The demand for comprehensive travel insurance market in the United States has surged, with a AAA Travel survey indicating that 31% of U.S. travelers are more likely to purchase travel insurance in the wake of the pandemic. This heightened awareness has translated into a robust increase in travel insurance sales, with AAA noting a double-digit year-over-year growth. The primary driver behind this surge is the travelers' need for financial security, with 69% of them identifying the ability to cancel a trip and receive a refund as the most important benefit of travel insurance. In response to the pandemic, insurance providers have expanded their offerings to include coverage for COVID-19-related losses, previously excluded under many policies. This has been a significant factor in the increased uptake of travel insurance. Moreover, 60% of Americans now see the benefit of consulting travel agents, who often advocate for comprehensive travel insurance as part of the travel planning process.

The study of the travel Insurance market further reveal that 38% of Americans are likely to purchase travel insurance for future international travel, with 88% emphasizing the importance of getting their money back if they cancel their trip. AAA's travel insurance sales have seen a more than 20% increase year-to-date, with insured trips costing about 18% more than the previous year, suggesting that travelers are investing in more expensive trips and seeking to protect those investments.

The practicalities of travel also play a role in the growing demand for insurance. Airlines mishandled over 22 million bags in 2017, and most U.S. health insurance policies do not cover international travel, highlighting the need for separate travel insurance to cover medical expenses and potential medical evacuation costs. The travel insurance sector experienced a 30% increase in the total value of claims paid out to policyholders in 2023, with payouts averaging $1,900 per claim. Trip cancellation claims accounted for 25% of all claims, with an average payout of around $5,000, while emergency medical claims represented 24% of the total, with an average payout of $1,456.24. The highest payout for "Cancel For Any Reason" (CFAR) claims reached over $25,000, illustrating the substantial financial risks that comprehensive travel insurance can help travelers avoid.

Inquire more about this report @

The Surging Demand for Travel Insurance with Medical Coverage in the U.S. Control Over  52.60% Market Share

The demand for travel insurance market with medical coverage is skyrocketing across the United States, as savvy Americans recognize the critical importance of safeguarding their health and finances during their adventures abroad. At the forefront is the need for protection against the staggering costs of medical treatment overseas, where emergency medical and evacuation coverage can save travelers from financial ruin in the face of unexpected health crises. Travel medical insurance is a non-negotiable necessity for those with pre-existing conditions or those embarking on thrilling adventure activities, as it provides a vital safety net against the costs of unforeseen injuries or illnesses that can strike at any moment during a trip. Industry experts universally recommend a policy with a minimum of $50,000 in emergency medical coverage and $100,000 in medical evacuation coverage for international journeys.

Another driving force behind the surging demand for travel medical insurance in the US travel insurance market is the glaring limitations of domestic health insurance policies, such as Medicare and Medicaid, which leave travelers exposed to the full brunt of medical costs outside the U.S. Even private health care plans often fall short in providing adequate coverage across different countries, making supplemental travel insurance an absolute must. Without this crucial protection, Americans could find themselves saddled with crippling out-of-pocket medical expenses that can quickly turn a dream vacation into a financial nightmare. Travel medical insurance is ingeniously designed to bridge these gaps, empowering travelers to prioritize their immediate medical needs without the looming specter of financial stress. It offers a comprehensive safety net that encompasses everything from broken bones and heart attacks to emergency dental procedures, and can even facilitate seamless communication with medical personnel in foreign countries.

Some destinations in the travel Insurance market have recognized the paramount importance of travel medical insurance, going so far as to require proof of coverage as a condition of entry. With policies typically ranging from a mere $40 to $80, travel medical insurance represents an incredibly affordable way for Americans to shield themselves from the financial devastation of unexpected medical expenses while exploring the world. As the perils of global travel become increasingly apparent, and with the growing recognition of the shortcomings of domestic health insurance policies, the demand for all-encompassing travel insurance that includes robust medical coverage is poised to continue its relentless upward trajectory. Don't let unexpected health emergencies derail your travel plans or drain your bank account – invest in the peace of mind that comes with top-notch travel insurance with medical coverage.

US Travel Insurance Market Key Players

Allianz Global Assistance

American Express Company

American International Group, Inc.

Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company

Generali Global Assistance

HTH Travel Insurance

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Seven Corners Inc.

Travelex Insurance Services Inc.

Other Prominent Players

Key Segmentation:

Individual Insurance

Single Trip Insurance

Multi Trip Insurance

Group Insurance

By Risk Coverage

Medical Cover

Emergency Accidental Treatment & Evacuation

Emergency Medical Treatment & Evacuation

Personal Accident

Accidental Death & Disability

Emergency Dental Treatment

Smooth Transit Covers

Trip Cancellations

Common Carrier Delay

Delay of Checked-In Baggage

Flexible Trip

Loss of Passport

Emergency Cash

Emergency Trip Extension

Trip Abandonment

Personal Liability & Bail Bond

By Tripe Type

Medical Travel

Corporate Travel

Student Travel

Leisure Travel

Comprehensive Travel

By Destination


By Distribution Channel

Insurance Aggregators

Insurance Brokers

Insurance Companies

Insurance Intermediaries

By End User

Travel Bloggers

Tourist Guides

Family Travelers

Business Travelers

Group Travelers

Senior Citizens

Explore Research Methodology @

About Astute Analytica

Astute Analytica is a global analytics and advisory company which has built a solid reputation in a short period, thanks to the tangible outcomes we have delivered to our clients. We pride ourselves in generating unparalleled, in depth and uncannily accurate estimates and projections for our very demanding clients spread across different verticals. We have a long list of satisfied and repeat clients from a wide spectrum including technology, healthcare, chemicals, semiconductors, FMCG, and many more. These happy customers come to us from all across the Globe. They are able to make well calibrated decisions and leverage highly lucrative opportunities while surmounting the fierce challenges all because we analyze for them the complex business environment, segment wise existing and emerging possibilities, technology formations, growth estimates, and even the strategic choices available. In short, a complete package. All this is possible because we have a highly qualified, competent, and experienced team of professionals comprising of business analysts, economists, consultants, and technology experts. In our list of priorities, you-our patron-come at the top. You can be sure of best cost-effective, value-added package from us, should you decide to engage with us.

Contact Us: Astute Analytica Phone: +1-888 429 6757 (US Toll Free); +91-0120- 4483891 (Rest of the World) For Sales Enquiries:  [email protected] Website: LinkedIn  |  Twitter  |  YouTube

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Foreign university insurance, overseas student travel policies or both: How to take your pick

Study abroad: overseas student travel insurance is a must to make sure any sudden hospitalisation costs are covered. your university abroad might not accept overseas student travel insurance covers sold by indian insurance companies. but having one as a top-up cover helps..

Student overseas travel insurance

Choose the right insurance cover to ensure hassle-free stay in your destination country

For Indian students bound overseas, April and May are the two crucial months. This is when their preparations to fly out of the country to pursue their studies in August or September take definitive shape.

While parents and students would have had all the important boxes ticked – destination country, stream, course, university, finances and so on – you will have to make a critical decision at the time of completing formalities: buying insurance.

Most universities make it mandatory for students to have adequate health insurance cover, but even in cases where they don’t, it is in your interest to be insured. And, you will have to choose between buying a policy from the university-partnered local insurance company or a specialised overseas student travel insurance plan from an Indian insurer before you fly out.

What university-recommended plans offer

Education consultants say it is better to go for a medical insurance policy provided by the local insurance companies your university has tied up with. “The authorities are aware of which hospital to take you to in case you fall ill or have an accident. The claim will be settled on a cashless basis, with no questions asked. There will be no delays or uncertainties regarding whether or not the ailment is covered under the policy or if cashless facility is available,” says Rohan Ganeriwala, Co-founder and Director, Collegify, an education counselling firm.

Related stories

Transit rent not subject to TDS: Bombay HC

While university-supported insurance policies may be 10-15 percent more expensive compared to Indian student policies, depending on the course and arrangement with local insurers, Ganeriwala says they offer peace of mind, which is their primary purpose.

“The deductibles – the amount you have to meet out of your pockets before the insurer’s responsibility is triggered – could be higher in the case of Indian insurance policies if you get treated at non-network hospitals or clinics. This will not be the case with local insurer-provided covers. We have never had claim-related complaints from such students,” he adds.

The cost of protecting

Indian student travel policies as add-ons?

Indian insurance companies, on the other hand, say that despite offering comprehensive coverage under their student travel policies, universities abroad often insist on students buying insurance from their partner insurers.

“The biggest challenge that we have faced over the years is educating parents about the importance of student travel covers. Universities overseas make it mandatory to buy insurance from their partner companies as they have their own interests in mind. They keep changing requirements every year so that any of the home country insurers are not able to easily meet them. However, post-COVID , many parents are realising the importance of having a parallel insurance (in the form of student travel policy purchased in India) in place,” says Jaydeep Deorukhar, Vice-President and National Sales Head, Tata-AIG General Insurance.

It is one of the Indian non-life insurance companies which, over the last few months, have revamped their plans in response to demands from universities, particularly in the United States, such as higher sums insured and medical evacuation coverage.

Also read:  Overseas student travel insurance policies to get bigger and better. Here’s how

Indian insurers like Tata-AIG and Royal Sundaram have now decided to offer coverage of up to $1 million, up from maximum sum insured of $7.5 lakh earlier.  Insurance officials say it is not possible to price risks involved in offering an unlimited sum insured, which some universities had demanded.

Due to universities’ stance, the approach on promoting these covers has also changed. “We tell them that they can buy overseas student travel policy as a parallel cover that will complement the university insurance. They are, after all, spending lakhs as education expenses. Paying Rs 20,000 more for a student travel policy won’t pinch, given the additional benefits it offers,” says Deorukhar.

Manas Kapoor, Business Head, Travel Insurance,, says that several parents often do not opt for overseas student travel plans from Indian insurers. This is because they would have already shelled out huge sums for buying university-recommended insurance covers and secondly, the education consultants’ community does not promote overseas travel plans. “Education counsellors often recommended covers provided by the universities. Also, for a student travelling to study in, say the United Kingdom, NHS registration is mandatory. They have to pay Rs 1-1.2 lakh to enrol into the scheme for a year. So, they are reluctant to spend more on student travel policies,” he says.

Is additional cover worth your while?

Insurers and intermediaries say that an overseas student travel policy offers several covers that a university insurance will not. “For instance, study interruption, trip cancellations, flight delays,  injuries sustained while participating in sports competitions, coverage for bail bond (if it is a bailable offence), loss of passport, baggage or laptop while travelling outside the state where the university is located or from India to the destination country and so on,” says Deorukhar.

According to Kapoor, university insurance covers come with restrictions. “These are pure medical policies. Also, they will offer protection only so long as the student stays within the campus or the state. If a student were to go on a vacation and meet with an accident, the university insurance will not come into play, a but a student travel policy will. An overseas student travel policy will also make good the loss of tuition fee if a student happens to miss a semester due to hospitalisation,” he says. Likewise, under the compassionate visit benefit, if a student were to fall sick and parents have to visit, the cost of parents’ travel will be reimbursed by student travel policies.

Ganeriwala, however, believes that the primary purpose of such a policy is to take care of medical expenses, and on this count, university-supported covers are superior to overseas student insurance plans.

Kapoor recommends buying student travel policies as add-ons even if your university refuses to waive off the requirement of buying the insurance cover through its local insurance partners. “The cost will be less than 1 percent of your tuition fee. For instance, a student travelling to the US can buy a $100,000 cover for an annual premium of around Rs 20,000,” he says.

Do note that student travel policies come with certain exclusions, much like leisure or business travel covers. "For instance, claims related to, say, accidents when the insured was under the influence of alcohol, war-like situations, planned treatment and so on will not be covered," says Kapoor.

Also read: Why buying student travel insurance plan is necessary for children studying abroad

Preeti Kulkarni

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  1. 10 Best Travel Insurance For USA From India

    So, choose the insurance plan that works best for you and have a happy and safe trip! Recommended Plans. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Atlas America 100% Coverage, Comprehensive plan ⭐⭐⭐ Safe Travels USA 100% Coverage, Comprehensive plan ⭐⭐ Patriot America Plus 100% Coverage, Comprehensive plan. Compare Plans.

  2. Best Travel Insurance for Visiting the USA

    For a monthlong stay in the U.S., the lowest-priced visitors insurance policy was around $75 (Trawick International Safe Travels USA Cost Saver) and the highest was about $180 (WorldTrips Atlas ...

  3. Travel Insurance For USA From India

    2.Travel medical insurance to the USA to provide you financial support if you fall sick or meet with an accident during the trip. Other benefits of travel insurance USA policies. 1.The option to pay in Indian Rupees and get coverage in United States Dollars. 2.Affordable travel insurance USA policies with a premium as low as ₹60.32 per day.

  4. Best Travel Medical Insurance For Visitors To The USA Of 2024

    The Best Travel Medical Insurance for Visitors to the USA. Atlas America - Best Overall. Patriot America Lite - Best for Cost. Patriot America Plus - Great for Trip Interruption Insurance ...

  5. Travel Insurance for USA from India

    Here are a few travel insurance for usa from India cost in 2024. Insurance Plans Plan Medical Limit Deductible Plan Cost* 1: Visitors Care: $25,000: $100: $27.28: 2: Safe Travels Elite: $25,000: $0: $33.48: 3: ... When you travel to the US from India, the expense of health care multiplies, especially if you have a chronic-diseases or a pre ...

  6. Travel Insurance for USA from India

    When planning a trip from India to the United States, it's important to consider purchasing travel insurance. There are many reasons why travel insurance is a good idea, including the high cost of medical care in the U.S., the risk of being injured or becoming ill while traveling, and the possibility of losing money if your trip is canceled ...

  7. Find the Best Travel Insurance for the US from India

    02. Best medical coverage: VisitorsCoverage. 03. Best trip insurance: Insured Nomads. 04. Best mix for youth and digitial nomads: SafetyWing. 05. FAQ about travel insurance from India to the US. VisitorsCoverage gives you the best combination of value and coverage.

  8. Best Travel Insurance for USA from India Online 2024

    Benefits of our Travel Insurance in USA. Cashless Hospitalisation Worldwide. Coverage for Total Loss of Checked-in Baggage. Emergency Hotel Extension. Daily Allowance in Case of Hospitalisation. No Medical Tests up to 85 Years of Age.

  9. Travel Insurance for USA from India: A Complete Guide

    Get yourself good travel medical insurance for USA travel - healthcare expenditure in the United States totalled $4.3 trillion (as of 2021) - this means an average medical bill of approximately $12,900 (INR 10,72,000) per individual. In contrast, India's average healthcare cost per person is INR 38,822.

  10. Visitor insurance from India to usa, best travel insurance from India

    1. Common US Healthcare travel insurance terms. Deductible is the amount that insured Indian tourists need to pay for coverage before the travel insurance actually starts to pay for the healthcare services. The Deductible has to be paid along with the co-pay or coinsurance. Indians visitors need to pay the medical fees up to the amount of deductible and along with coinsurance and co-pay.

  11. Travel Insurance for USA: Buy at Affordable Prices

    How much does US travel health insurance cost? For one adult travelling from India to the USA for 7 days, a $50,000 travel insurance plan starts at just ₹671 (excluding GST). [As of December 2023, this is how much it will cost].

  12. Travel Insurance For Parents Visiting The U.S.

    The typical cost of travel medical insurance is between around INR 16,610 and INR 33,221, according to VisitorsCoverage. Travel insurance for parents visiting the U.S. will vary in cost depending ...

  13. Travel Insurance: USA To India Trip

    Purchase a Robust Travel Insurance Plan for India Travel ... This flexibility to cancel adds about 40% to your travel insurance cost. Reimbursement under CFAR is generally for 50% or 75% of your ...

  14. Travel Insurance for USA from India

    Buy Travel Insurance for USA from India online - HDFC ERGO offers USA travel insurance plans that cover medical emergencies. ... Travel Insurance For USA (United States of America) ... OPD treatment, and Road Ambulance costs. It also reimburses expenses incurred on Emergency Medical Evacuation, Medical Repatriation and Repatriation of mortal ...

  15. USA Travel Insurance, Travel Insurance for USA from India

    Travel Insurance offered by Care Health Insurance is a budget-friendly plan to suit all the insured's needs. Our travel medical premium for the USA starts from as low as Rs. 822* for a single traveller on a 7-day trip. For instance, if you are travelling from India to the USA for 7 Days, a one-time visit, the approximate premium cost of your ...

  16. Travel Insurance for USA

    Ans: The cost of travel insurance for the USA from India depends on \factors like your age, trip duration, coverage, etc. However, most travel insurance companies have USA travel insurance at different premiums. Following are USA travel insurance cost for varying plans for a 15-day trip*: Individual (30 years): INR 698

  17. Travel Insurance for India

    If you become sick in India, travelers with AXA Travel Protection can contact the AXA Assistance hotline 855-327-1442. Contact information is typically provided within the insurance documentation. Please ensure to read through your policy details and information.

  18. 11 Best Travel Insurance Companies in May 2024

    Best travel insurance category. Company winner. Best overall. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection. Best for emergency medical coverage. Allianz Global Assistance. Best for travelers with pre ...

  19. India Travel Insurance: Quotes & Requirements for U.S. Visitors

    Silver. $69. $2k / $2k. $25k / $100k. It's important to note that the cost of India travel insurance is different for everyone. Providers base your policy premium on factors such as: Age. Trip ...

  20. Travel Insurance for India

    Investing in visitor insurance is the best way to ensure you are protecting yourself from expensive medical costs. India visitor insurance for United States travel offers coverage for unforeseen medical expenses but can also have benefits for other travel-related concerns.

  21. Travel Insurance For a Trip to India (2024)

    The below quotes are for a 30-year-old traveler from Florida, traveling to India for ten days in September 2024, with a total trip cost of $4,000. Policies include coverage for cancellations ...

  22. InsureMyTrip Travel Insurance Review 2024

    The average travel insurance plan costs 4-8% of your total trip cost. Like your flight tickets, hotels, etc., prices fluctuate depending on your location, time of year, and more. The best way to ...

  23. Our Travel Insurance Ratings Methodology

    We evaluated 1,855 travel insurance coverage details and rated 39 travel insurance companies by weighting key factors of top travel insurance plans and scoring the following details. Cost

  24. How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost?

    For travel in the United States, the average premium is $91 to $419. Travel insurance protects against delayed baggage, trip cancellation, and more. The average travel insurance premium this week ...

  25. In-Depth Berkshire Hathaway Travel Insurance Review

    Get quotes. compare policies and rates with SquareMouth Travel Insurance. Insider's Rating 4.33/5. Perks. Covers up to 100% of trip cancellation costs, a minimum of up to $750 in luggage losses ...

  26. Best Travel Insurance Plans To Buy In India 2024

    Best Travel Insurance Plans In India 2024. Select Region. United States. United Kingdom. Germany. India. Australia. Italy. Canada. ... Our ratings take into account a product's cost, features ...

  27. What every US tourist needs to know about insurance

    Travel insurance is designed to cover the financial risks and losses that might occur while traveling, such as trip interruptions, lost baggage, medical emergencies, and other unexpected ...

  28. US Travel Insurance Market to Secure Valuation of USD 21.15 Billion By

    New Delhi, May 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The US travel Insurance market is projected to attain a market valuation of US$ 21.15 billion by 2032 from $4.79 billion in 2023 at a CAGR of 18.14% ...

  29. Comprehensive Review of ITravelInsured Travel Insurance

    iTravelInsured Travel LX: $1,270.92. Quotes for this trip cost between 3.4% and 6.4%, within and below the average cost of travel insurance. A 65-year-old couple looking to escape New Jersey for ...

  30. Foreign university insurance, overseas student travel policies or both

    In any case, you ought to buy a travel insurance policy for covering risks during your journey from India to your destination country. Deorukhar recommends a cover of $500,000-750,000.